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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 142039918832.png - (13.48KB , 1000x800 , 0.png )
617885 No. 617885 ID: 0eaf76

S.P.a.C.E, Specialized Patrol and Conducted Exploration, represents the elite force that maintains peace and stability throughout the known galaxy. It's the largest existing line of defense that exists to this very day. Beings from all over dream to join S.P.a.C.E and create a name for themselves to last throughout the millenniums. Will your efforts lead you to stand above the masses, or will you sizzle out like all the rest?
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No. 617886 ID: 0eaf76
File 142039921068.png - (13.12KB , 1000x800 , 1.png )

No. 617887 ID: 42443a

No. 617896 ID: 7d7f93

No. 617899 ID: d3be40

Neither (Gender is not male or female, but something else)
No. 617901 ID: dadb8f

No. 617903 ID: 4f2104

gender: plant (both)
No. 617905 ID: a79844

No. 617906 ID: 69d482

i have to agree with "neither"
No. 617913 ID: 0eaf76
File 142040194425.png - (7.88KB , 1000x800 , 2.png )

No. 617914 ID: 2ec61a

human, we will become ultra kirk.
No. 617918 ID: 687279

No. 617922 ID: c0c685

No. 617926 ID: dadb8f

No. 617928 ID: a79844

No. 617929 ID: 69ea4e

human! Let's go Kirk all the way!
No. 617930 ID: 42443a

No. 617935 ID: 51b39c

Mammalian, if you please.
No. 617936 ID: 69d482

No. 617941 ID: 76e97b

No. 617943 ID: 311774

No. 617946 ID: 25d6ea

No. 617955 ID: ecd0ab

Reptile plant. Plant reptile.
No. 617957 ID: d3be40

No. 617963 ID: 25d6ea

be a human
No. 617964 ID: 25d6ea

A british HUMAN!
No. 617984 ID: 6a2930

No. 618125 ID: 0eaf76
File 142042820557.png - (7.34KB , 1000x800 , 3.png )

No. 618127 ID: c0c685


Drass Liskin
No. 618128 ID: d3be40

No. 618129 ID: 687279

No. 618165 ID: 82c018

No. 618167 ID: 7d7f93

Kraconious Vonferdinaned-Delapsian Zephoshexeed the fifth
No. 618187 ID: 6a2930

Sheldrake Paxton
No. 618189 ID: 0eaf76
File 142043653252.png - (9.89KB , 1000x800 , 4.png )

No. 618190 ID: 7d7f93

No. 618194 ID: 6a2930

Actually, scratch that.

Paxton Sheldrake works better.
No. 618196 ID: 6a2930

Damn, too late.

Okay, Diplomat first preference, strategist second.
No. 618198 ID: 42443a

No. 618199 ID: b8ceae

No. 618202 ID: a79844

No. 618209 ID: 0eaf76
File 142043895321.png - (12.56KB , 1000x800 , 5.png )

No. 618210 ID: 0eaf76
File 142043895967.png - (176.65KB , 1000x800 , 6.png )

Ahh! What a great thing to wake up to! First day after S.P.a.C.E academy graduation and you've already been promoted to a captain! Perhaps a low-ranking one...but it's still a step ahead of the rest. You're a young Reptiran male, with great potential, and a knack for getting along with folks! You have plenty of friends and plenty of skill, as well! Perhaps you don't have the strongest muscles, but you have sharp reflexes and a good eye for knowing what people want.

You're currently in your room. Your roommate went out last night to celebrate and has not come back since...which isn't surprising. What should you get to first?
No. 618211 ID: 42443a

>diplomacy / relations captain
So we're lizard Picard, then. Okay. Makes sense with the baldness and all.

>What should you get to first?
Go over the information for your deployment. What do you know about the vessel you're being assigned? Does she have a crew? Can you read the crew's personnel records and files? Do you need to start working on selecting candidates for your own crew? Can you start reading the ship's logs of previous missions?

Have you been given a specific mission for your command?
No. 618215 ID: 6a2930

Picard's nice, but I'm sorta hoping we can use our people skills to read and play people Sherlock/Loki style, or like Moist Von Lipwig from Discworld. Not necessarily immoral, but devious and shrewd. To that end, let's enquire upon our mission details and ship compliment, with a focus on the people we will be meeting and interacting with. See if we can get a read of everyone before we meet them.
No. 618217 ID: 0eaf76
File 142044206696.png - (153.99KB , 1000x800 , 7.png )

[What do you know about this VESSEL?]

Oof! Yep, you still have that chip in your head. Almost every S.P.a.C.E member has a special chip implanted in their brain. It's supposed to aid in decision making. It shoots tiny...er...voices into your head, in the form of suggesting thoughts. You have to admit, the idea of having voices literally in your head is a bit strange, but you quickly get used to it.

Now let's see...the vessel, assuming it's the standard grade Moon Cruise ship...the specs are as followed:

-Room for two crew members.
-A 30 Unit tank for fuel.
-A bathroom.
-A food storage pantry.
-One plasma blaster attached to the front.
-An auto-pilot feature.

It's not advanced enough for hyperdrive, which makes you a bit bummed...but a ship upgrade in the later future isn't impossible. Since you just became a captain, you don't have any crewmates. It's just you. The Moon Cruise can be operated by one person, though. In terms of your 'special mission', you have no information regarding the details. The message instructed you to see the Mission Control desk, which is on the 5th floor of this building. Currently you are sitting in the basement.

It's also important to note that you are a bit hungry as well.
No. 618220 ID: ea0ad9

>Room for two crew members.
That part was at least on the datapad, but since some strands of "thought" simply skim it over, I suppose that's a good thing to mention.
>In terms of your 'special mission', you have no information regarding the details.
Five credits says it's to fetch a person assigned to you as your first crew member, who will end up being your roommate.
>It's also important to note that you are a bit hungry as well.
Ah, I seem to have lost the map (was I even given one...?). Are there any cafeterias along the way up? Perhaps visiting one for a small breakfast is in order. Can't captain a vessel on an empty stomach, after all.
No. 618222 ID: 42443a

>chip in your head.
So... lizard Locutus then.

>only two crew
>no crewmates
Man, tiny ship. You're less a captain than a pilot at this point. Oh well, a ship is still cool, even without anyone to command.

Well, time to get a meal then. Go for a good one, before your supplies are limited to what you have on board and keeps well.
No. 618240 ID: 4ab748

Well then, let's grab ourselves a meal and then get to Mission Control.
No. 618247 ID: 6cb462

Grab your secret Lucky Ducky before you do anything. It has helped you throughout the years in the S.P.a.C.E academy to become captain with its good luck (and cute squeaks).
No. 618256 ID: 5e00ee

Dammit I wanted a lizard Spock. Anyway, rub testicles on roomates pillow, realise chip in your head is faulty.
No. 618258 ID: ecd0ab

I disagree with the meal thing. Better to get used to the ship meals and use it as motivation to get a better ship. With a cook.

But yeah, go see mission control.
No. 618261 ID: 7d7f93

Grab the duck
No. 618268 ID: 0f3813

Come on now you got a ship and are the cap n stuff I think you could act a bit more... "dandy" about this whole ordeal you earned that much.
For now.
Now go for a snack, IN STYLE.
No. 618289 ID: 01c67a

whose picture is that? the Supreme Overlord?
No. 618294 ID: 687279

Three people, one bathroom? Could be awkward.

Just go straight to Mission Control.
No. 618311 ID: ea0ad9

I'm pretty sure the captain takes up one of the two crew slots... Meaning that it's only two people.
No. 618375 ID: 0eaf76
File 142050612440.png - (253.63KB , 1000x800 , 8.png )

[Go to the cafeteria and eat food, but first grab your rubber duck.]

That's a good idea. You can't explore the farthest reaches of space on an empty stomach, and carrying your lucky duck around can't hurt, right? You take that and leave the room. Everyone seems to be sleeping still...either that or they're already at breakfast. But you're aware that a lot of drinking and celebrating went on last night, so everyone having a hangover would be a safer bet.

[Do you own a map?]

No, you don't really need a map at this point. You know this place like the back of your claw. After several months of training and preparation, getting around is fairly easy. You head down the long hallway until you locate the main elevator. There's already someone waiting for it to come down, too...it's Murphy! You...don't know her very well. You're sure she has something against you as well, but you're not sure what. Murphy is infamous for being short-tempered and a bit on-edge. Everyone naturally avoids her...it's a bit sad. You should try and start up some friendly conversation, at least. "Murphy! Good morning! I didn't expect you to be up this early..."
No. 618376 ID: 0eaf76
File 142050613315.png - (183.27KB , 1000x800 , 9.png )

She turns to you, a sort of disappointed look on her face. "...Is there something you want from me?" You're taken off guard by the sheer icyness of her tone. It caused a sudden chill to run through your neck.
No. 618377 ID: 6cb462

"Nah, your just saying hi. How have you been these days?"

continue being optimistic and carefree, despite what she says.
No. 618381 ID: 687279

Maybe you could ask why she doesn't seem to like you.
No. 618389 ID: ea0ad9

>You're sure she has something against you as well, but you're not sure what.
>Murphy is infamous for being short-tempered and a bit on-edge.
It's nothing against you, then, unless you're always attempting to start a conversation. How did she fare on her tests, though? Might also be jealous, if you did better, or envious if somebody came close to her.
No. 618390 ID: 6cb462

If it is jealousy that she didn't make it as a captain while you did, it could be because of her cold attitude with everyone.

She needs to learn that crew members, especially captains, have to be respectful and friendly to their colleagues in order to build trust. Don't tell her that (unless she asks).
No. 618434 ID: 42443a

>...Is there something you want from me?
No. Just greeting you in passing. We're stuck waiting for the elevator, anyways.

What is Murphey? Is she a Mammalian?
No. 618472 ID: 27c0e0

Rub testicles on bitch's face, realise chip in your head is faulty.
No. 618692 ID: 0eaf76
File 142065770758.png - (268.27KB , 1000x800 , 10.png )

[Rub your testicles on her face.]

Woah, woah what was that? Is this thing broken? Ahh, jeez.

[She is clearly jealous of you!]

Jealous? About you being a captain? You just recieved the message this morning! No one else knows! At least...you don't think anyone else knows. "Murphy...why do dislike me?" She raises an eyebrow, a bit confused from the looks of it. "What? I don't dislike you. I simply do not like to participate in mindless babble on my way to breakfast. To be quite honest, though, you aren't someone who deserves my respect." Ouch. You feel a biting sting in your stomach. Is this what a burn feels like? You reply with a hurt expression. "Jeez, no need to be so harsh!" Murphy just snorts, turning back to face the elevator. It lets out a dinging sound before opening up to allow you and Murphy inside. The ride up to breakfast was quiet and kinda uncomfortable. You hear the muted melody of monotonous elevator music playing from the speakers installed in the ceiling. Once you reach the 3rd floor, you both get off and go separate ways. "Have a great day, Murphy!" She just waves her arm at you. Even from outside the dining hall, you can smell the strong odor of space food! It smells like the chefs are cooking up something good, too! Entering the cafeteria, you notice how barren it really is. There's only a handful of persons scattered amongst the rows of tables. Only the cooks seemed to be truly awake. You pass through the line to grab a tray, taking a seat near the back. On the menu today? Avary Egg and cooked sausages. With a carton of fresh milk of course. Not bad!
No. 618693 ID: 0eaf76
File 142065771305.png - (243.80KB , 1000x800 , 11.png )

"Drass! You're awake!" You turn your head to see who could have called you. It was Tava. A Mandrake woman. She's kind, careful, gentle, everything that a flower would represent.

"Tava, hey. You don't seem hungover at all, hehe."

"Oh, I didn't celebrate with alcohol, heh. I just had a quiet get-together with a few people."

"Of course, of course. Hey, you still planning on becoming a nurse?"

"Why yes! Now that we're graduated I can finally start looking for a crew to join..." It's a shame I can't recruit S.P.a.C.E members onto my ship...she's a wonderful medic. She knows medicine inside and out, like no one I've ever seen!

"I hope you find somewhere to go, you're a great woman!" Tava waves at the air, a blush showing up on her face.

"Oh stop it, Drass! You know compliments make me embarrassed...oh, did you get anything in your e-mail? I already have a few requests to train some new medical students...I'm not sure if I should accept, but if I got e-mails surely you got some?" The e-mail you recieved said not to publicly announce it...but they never quite mentioned a punishment. What harm could there be in telling a close friend? Should you confide in Tava?
No. 618694 ID: fe4bfc

I know a few people who have ruined promising careers by ignoring the no disclosure policies on there new job offers.

Just because you graduated does not mean they are not testing and watching you. Every action you take as a new captain will decide how well your career goes.

So either tell her you have not got anything definitive yet or nothing you can talk about. I would just say that you have not got anything but are hopeful. Keeps it out of the conversation and is easier to avoid.
No. 618695 ID: 7d7f93

Don't do it, because for all we know they can be listening. Little tip:walls have ears. So don't mess up at the "first" day.
No. 618696 ID: bb78f2

Uuuuhh dude I have to test out what the highlights mean man. Are they keywords? Is this like Wasteland 2?

>can't recruit S.P.a.C.E members
Why is it highlighted through my view scope translation!
No. 618701 ID: 0eaf76
File 142066123568.png - (134.23KB , 1000x800 , 12.png )

[What do the highlighted words mean?]

Highlighted words? What is it talking about?

[...Initiating chip database...searching "highlighted words"...]

Woah. Is it communicating with itself? You were told that your chip might be...self-aware? Whatever that means. At least that's what other S.P.a.C.E members said.

[...Highlighted words indicate important details that should be taken into heavy consideration and/or terms that can be elaborated upon through definitive information...]

Definitive information? So...you have some sort of database in your head? That's kind of useful.

[...Regarding information, certain information cannot be disclosed until the knowledge is discovered on your own...]

So information that you have learned in my lifetime...so...photographic memory? Is that it? How handy!
No. 618707 ID: 6cb462

your email is classified information, captain Drass. It could be detrimental to discuss. Just tell her that you don't have anything worth mentioning at the moment.

Also, she should consider training those medical students. It will look really good on her resume, and be a learning experience!
No. 618718 ID: 687279

Tell her you got a message but you're not supposed to talk about it. No need to lie.
No. 618719 ID: bb78f2

>can't recruit S.P.a.C.E members
No. 618725 ID: ea0ad9

>It's a shame I can't recruit S.P.a.C.E members onto my ship...she's a wonderful medic. She knows medicine inside and out, like no one I've ever seen!
You cannot recruit them, yourself, no... But perhaps you can file a request. Something to look into!
>The e-mail you recieved said not to publicly announce it...but they never quite mentioned a punishment. What harm could there be in telling a close friend? Should you confide in Tava?
Mention the email, not the details. "Due to protocall and conduct, please do not publicly disclose the matters of your unique selection." You can say you got an email, but not the position you were given.
No. 618726 ID: ea0ad9

Lemme know if you want me to not use highlights myself, Orion.
No. 618739 ID: e3cf88

"I could tell you, but I'd have to drug you first so you wouldn't remember."
No. 618749 ID: 01745f

"I couldn't say." *wink*
No. 618860 ID: f5baae

We already know why. As a captain we were ordered to not recruit S.P.A.C.E members onto our crew. It was in the memo!

Confide in her.
>Dart head to the left, and to the right, tell Tava "Hey, can I tell you a secret?" Do the head darting thing again. "Hey, lean closer, nobody else can hear..." And then say really really quietly... "I'm a captain. Don't tell nobody"
No. 618861 ID: 7d7f93

Don't do it
No. 618864 ID: 69ab8d

>You were told that your chip might be...self-aware? Whatever that means.
It means we're no dummies, dummy!

>what say
Assuming you trust her, the correct answer here might be to tell her you didn't receive anything you can talk about.

Which technically doesn't tell her what you're not supposed to tell her, but does let her know you did receive a message. You're all Starfleet S.P.a.C.E., she should understand that sometimes you have orders you're not supposed to discus.

Although there is a difference between a public announcement (telling anyone and everyone) and confiding in someone you can trust.

>highlighted words / phrases could have important details or pending elaboration
I wonder if that means you can recruit S.P.a.C.E. members for your crew, you just aren't aware of the specific circumstances that would allow it. Maybe there are hoops you need to jump through, or technicalities you need to be aware of to apply.

I wonder what the difference between blue and red is? Let's test a few...

[Elaborate: "Moon Cruise", "lucky duck", "Murphy", "can't recruit S.P.a.C.E members"]
No. 618872 ID: b0b069

tell her you got an email with good career news that you aren't allowed to disclose publicly but it involves S.P.a.C.E.
No. 618908 ID: 6cb462

If you go the route of hinting you got a job as captain, and she guesses you got a job captain, say she is wrong (just in case).
No. 618939 ID: 0eaf76
File 142076086088.png - (235.53KB , 1000x800 , 13.png )

[Do not reveal secret, but hint at an email.]

"I did get an email, but they asked that I keep it a secret. I hope you don't mind me not saying..." Tava expressed a look of disappointment, but she nodded in understanding. "I don't mind. Best not to test your luck. S.P.a.C.E has a tendency to get kinda serious about matters like that." You place a hand on her arm and give her a reassuring smile. "Hey! I think you should go train those students, though. It'd look great on a resume and it sounds really fun!" She angled her head, frowning. "I'm not sure. I don't think I'd make a great teacher...I barely know what I'm doing now, hehe. But thank you for supporting me.” Tava never had a whole lot of confidence in herself. She performs at the top of her class and has been praised by almost every head officer in the force, in some form or another. ”Hey, I'm gonna go fetch some food, okay? Wait right there!" Tava took her leave and you now sat in your own company yet again, left to contemplate over a few things.

[Elaborate the difference between red and blue text.]


[Red text is used to highlight important terms or details that should be noted and remembered. Blue text is the chip’s inner dialogue.]

[Define the term, “can’t recruit S.P.a.C.E members”]


[The act of recruiting S.P.a.C.E members is heavily discouraged due to code of conduct. S.P.a.C.E believes in the harmony of all forms of life in the galaxy. Therefore, the force actively works to include as many as possible. Newly promoted captains, as such, have been excluded from the option of taking in their own peers and comrades.]

They told you that basically from Day 1 of training. S.P.a.C.E is a harmonious defense force. Plenty of the crewmembers on famous teams today didn’t even train in S.P.a.C.E at all, but rather, under the control of their own captains. It may not be the most reliable way of expanding, but so far it hasn’t failed.

[Define “Murphy”]

[Retrieving statistics on S.P.a.C.E member RP4030…]

[Murphy, Rank D, Strategist, Reptiran, Female, No current crew.]

Oh? The chip contains data of all S.P.a.C.E members as well. While a bit over-the-top, this is certainly a good method to size up other people or even just find small details of information.

[Define term, “lucky duck”.]


[Lucky duck, rubber duck kept with person since infanthood.]

Yep! Your Mother gave you that duck. You’re surprised it’s in such clean condition, even today. You hate the idea of anybody else touching it.

[Define term “Moon Cruise”]

[Retrieving data from Space Vessel Database…]

[Moon Cruise, Class-1 vessel, capacity of 2 persons, main function: basic transportation.]

Looking at things now, it appears as though it may take Tava a while to get back. More people are beginning to show up. Should you stay here or see if you can socialize with a few other people while you wait?
No. 618947 ID: 8f3b8c

dragon dude looks lonely.
No. 618957 ID: b00646

When you have some free time, Look up on getting a larger ship with basic crew.

Also, check if we can take up a S.P.a.C.E. member as a travel partner instead of a crew
No. 618962 ID: 88960e

She asked you to wait, so wait.
No. 618963 ID: b7dcb5

Friends are always good. Even if we can't have him join our crew, he still might be able to save us should we get in trouble and he's nearby or something.
Go talk to that dragon yo.
No. 618980 ID: ea0ad9

Waiting at or around the table is still waiting... Nothing about that says "Don't talk to anybody else."
>[The act of recruiting S.P.a.C.E members is heavily discouraged due to code of conduct. S.P.a.C.E believes in the harmony of all forms of life in the galaxy. Therefore, the force actively works to include as many as possible. Newly promoted captains, as such, have been excluded from the option of taking in their own peers and comrades.]
Hmm, that does make sense. Perhaps you shouldn't file a request to recruit Tava, then. Based on what mission you are given, however, you should be able to request "Somebody" who's skills would help you out, just nobody by name. For example, if you're tasked to go scouting, a strategist may be helpful. Ferrying medical cargo, a medic would be. The odds of getting anybody specific are quite low, but you can at least fill the position based on the job, right?
No. 618985 ID: 6cb462

You were asked to wait, but I'm not opposed to talking to other people. perhaps where you are sitting, try signalling someone over to sit with you! (don't mention the email to them)
No. 618994 ID: f5baae

>Wait right here!
This is what she told us to do, so let's do it. If we move it will seem rude, and our diplomatically proficient captain surely knows this all too well.
No. 619051 ID: 69ab8d

>chips in their heads and captains apparently recruit people from where-ever, as they go
We're the Borg, aren't we.

>more compulsive lookups
[Elaborate: "hyperdrive", "Mandrake", "harmonious defense force", "famous teams"]
No. 619059 ID: 7aa8c3

search for term "asshole war monkeys"
No. 619067 ID: be839b

Search for species "human"
No. 619073 ID: 9a8629

well if we're searching for things that interest us whether it's relevant or not, I'm gonna go with "interspecies breeding mechanics"
No. 619078 ID: ea0ad9

Guys, guys! Let's not overload our host here.
Important terms I'm seeing:
"harmonious defense force", "famous teams," and "interspecies breeding mechanics."
Three terms shouldn't be too much of an overload, but before that third one goes through:
Notice: Gathering data on interspecies breeding mechanics.
Juuust so he doesn't flip his lid.
No. 619106 ID: df6309

Do a shrch for the humorus defence foorce
No. 619978 ID: 0eaf76
File 142112119470.png - (266.83KB , 1000x800 , 14.png )

[Tava asked you to stay put.]

You suppose that was true. To quell your interest you wave sheepishly at the Reptiran sitting alone at the table near you. He raised his scaly head, golden irises staring at you curiously, inquiring as to your reason for calling to his attention. Perhaps he didn't quite interpret that as a greeting. You try once more, putting on a warm smile and waggling your fingers. This time he responds with a much warmer expression.

Good to know that your charisma hasn't worn away from S.P.a.C.E training yet! Those rigorous days of workouts and conditioning caused a sort of decline in your social skills, though most S.P.a.C.E members still held you in good favor. The Reptiran stood from his spot and relocated to the seat across from you. He didn’t utter any words, but simply began to eat. You figure silent company was better than no company. You know better than to force a quiet individual to speak unwillingly with awkward conversation. Perhaps while you wait for Tava you can do a bit more pondering with this fancy chip of yours.

[Define "Mandrake"]

[Retrieving data from the Galactic Species Archive...]

[Mandrake, Classification: Plant form, mutated botanical life form evolving into a humanoid figure. Susceptible to fire, preference to sunlight.]

[Define “harmonious defense force”]

[Retrieving information…]

[Related to: S.P.a.C.E. Aim to preserve peace and harmony through the connections of unknown life forms. Belief that solely interacting with known companions prevents the branching of social networking.]

Ah, yes. It may seem a bit romanticized, but S.P.a.C.E holds a firm belief that in order to protect and maintain peace throughout the galaxy, getting to know different people from different solar systems is important. What better way to befriend someone than by having them join your crew? Travelling through countless adventures as trusted crewmates? Only captains of Rank B and above are allowed to recruit from S.P.a.C.E...assuming you are starting at the lowest rank, that would be Rank E

[Define “famous teams”]

[Searching...results pending…]

[In order of popularity, VENUS and The Stargazers top the list. See also, WormHole or Deep Space Cadets.]

No. 619979 ID: 0eaf76
File 142112120592.png - (244.03KB , 1000x800 , 15.png )

Famous teams? Yes, those are all names of incredible Elite teams. VENUS, the all-female S.P.a.C.E crew. Fierce, fearless and fertile! The crew that every young S.P.a.C.E woman would love to join. And the Stargazers! Who could forget! They singlehandedly saved the Revron Sector from imploding on itself when a rift was created! One of the best! WormHole and the Deep Space Cadets are famous exploration teams! They venture to the farthest reaches of space to explore and retrieve important information. How cool!

[Define “interspecies breeding mechanics”]


[ERROR: 404 Not Found. Please use terms only presented in the current situation.]

You suppose you cannot search terms outside of what your chip can currently see...which is a bit of a handicap. It’s still a handy device.

“Ahh! I love Avary Egg. It’s always well-cooked when the chefs make it.” Tava slid down beside you, waving to the Reptiran. “What are your plans for the day, Drass? I know a lot of people are going to go job hunting...but there have been rumors going around...of people already being promoted to captains! This early on! Can you believe it? They must be good enough to impress the general, at least…”
No. 619984 ID: 9ddf68

eh, the message you got earlier today did say you shouldn't go around telling people you made captain, plus you could come off as bragging if you do start going around telling people and no one likes a bragger. But eh still it's something to talk about, I have to say though why isn't there an officer school for S.P.a.C.E? I mean the military structure that I'm familiar with usually have have there officers/captains tried to be officers/captains right off the bat.
No. 620016 ID: 6cb462

Continue to not spill beans about you becoming a captain. Tell a white lie and let her know you are going to check into that job request you received. Also ask if the people who became captain was anyone she or you knew.
No. 620021 ID: 687279

[define rift]

You could say something like "Wow, whoever spilled the beans must be in trouble now."
No. 620027 ID: 6cb462


I think if Drass said that, Tava may ask how he would know that spilling the beans will get those people in trouble, thus figuring out that Drass has become captain as well. Especially since Drass mentioned his job request told him not to talk about his promotion to captain, which would be bad.
No. 620030 ID: 311774

Obviously our plans include asking this cute reptiran across from us out on a date.
Swerve right the hell around that question. We don't wanna get in trouble.
No. 620066 ID: bfa142

We all missed one. Define term [mother].
Also I'm serious about searching for the term "asshole war monkeys".
No. 620076 ID: 27c0e0

Also more information the VENUS please.
No. 620082 ID: f5baae

"Woah, Impressive! Do you know who got promoted to captains?"

Know your rivals. Even if they try to prevent you from buying video games.
No. 620087 ID: ea0ad9

>"Woah, Impressive! Do you know who got promoted to captains?"
You can also ask if she thinks they were told through messages, or if they won't find out until they report in. Give a chuckle, and follow that you hope you make the cut. Lack of mass emails and all.
No. 621976 ID: b58dc5
File 142212580380.png - (189.61KB , 1000x800 , 16.png )

[Feign surprise! Do not hint that you are a captain.]

Right. You try your best to act surprised, expanding your face to emulate shock. “Really?! Do you know who got promoted?” Tava lifted her head in thought, eyes shifting about along the ceiling. “Hmm...I’m not sure...I just know I saw new graduates boarding Moon Cruises...that apparently belonged to them! Only captains get their own ship...there’s no other way you can get one, at least not legally.” Hmm, does that mean you need to get your ship in secret? The message said nothing about other people finding out, just that you can’t publicly announce it. If you’re accidentally found out, then that’s not an announcement. You continue to eat alongside Tava, discussing mundane topics.

[Define “rift”...]
[RIFT, tear in interdimensional fabric, causing blackhole, and in some cases, wormholes.]

Rifts are a big problem. They don’t happen very often, but when they do, they’re catastrophic. Ripping apart entire planets, even solar systems if they’re left to fester. The process of actually closing a rift is unknown to you, but several S.P.a.C.E squads have died trying.

[Define “mother”...]
[Retrieving memories…]
[Mother, birth-giver, parent, often feminine. Mother in reference to Drass…]
[Obra Liskin. Rank B Navigator. Belongs to Team Nova.]

Your Mother? Ahh yes, she was a S.P.a.C.E cadet in her younger days as well. She runs a hospital now...but back then, people knew and respected her. They still probably do, at least, the people that remember her.

[Define “VENUS”]
[Rank S, Exploration squad, members include: Sorena, Askala, and Niri.]

No. 621977 ID: b58dc5
File 142212582489.png - (198.41KB , 1000x800 , 17.png )

The silent Reptiran in front of you raised a hand, sheepishly smiling as a sort of apology. “Excuse me...but, are you planning on heading to the Mission Control desk after breakfast?” You nod. “I believe we all are planning on going there.” Was your reply. He pursed his lips together, looking a bit embarrassed. “Of course...well i-if...if you happen to find anything concerning someone named Elrin...pl-please show me, okay?” You direct your attention to him, turning your body. “Who’s that?” He droops his head in a sorrowful way, lips squirming, struggling to get words out. “She’s my sister...she has been missing for a while now…I know I’m not experienced enough to find her now, but perhaps I can find a crew to take it on for me.”
No. 621979 ID: d90668

Tell him that you will keep a eye out for her. Get his contact info and find out what she looks like. If you run across her you can get in touch.
No. 621980 ID: 9ddf68

ouch, well we can promise to at least keep an eye out for the guy. Might help though if he gave us his name and some why to contact him. That way if we do find anything we can let him know.
No. 621981 ID: 6cb462

define Elrin,

Then, introduce yourself and ask the Reptiran the following questions:
1. What is his name
2. Ask if you could exchange contact information with him so that you can reach him once you find out anything about his sister.
3. Ask where was the last place anyone has seen her.
4. Ask if he had sent his concerns with the general, or any of the higher ups.

Afterwards, I think it is about time to see mission control, yeah?
No. 621982 ID: ea0ad9

You'll need his name to contact him if you learn anything... But yeah, keeping an ear out is easy enough.
No. 621989 ID: df6309

>Sorena, Askala, and Niri
Do you have any pictures, specifically of them in "compromising positions"?

Seriously though, if others have already gotten the ships maybe you're getting something special like a prototype ship or secret suicide mission.
No. 622008 ID: 311774

Produce a deerstalker cap and pipe and begin inquiring into the mysterious disappearance of this cutie's sister.
No. 622213 ID: 6cb462

Be sure to introduce Tava to the Reptiran as well. I think personality wise, this Reptiran and Tava would make a cute couple.
No. 622226 ID: bb78f2

I wonder if we should set up an automatic define term function for any that pop up.

Perhaps a brief define, then on ones we want elaborated more on we'll actually ask for it?
No. 622309 ID: ccf56e

Seems excessive. I dont particularly need definitions for Planet or Main Elevator to do my job
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