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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 141976153414.jpg - (226.58KB , 1000x1000 , It Begins.jpg )
616179 No. 616179 ID: 59295a

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No. 616181 ID: 59295a
File 141976167239.jpg - (81.58KB , 1000x1000 , Inseminoid 2.jpg )

No. 616182 ID: 59295a
File 141976174083.jpg - (83.47KB , 1000x1000 , Inseminoid 3.jpg )

ZZZZ... ZZZZ... zzz...
No. 616203 ID: 59295a

No. 616205 ID: 945fb0

No. 616208 ID: ecd0ab

stop being a rock and be something more interesting
No. 616214 ID: 2ec61a

sprout tentacles
No. 616217 ID: 878f10

No. 616227 ID: 13c4a5

I think it is time for a snack, find a bagel.
No. 616235 ID: dd4ed3

Just hit the snooze button. When it's really time to get up, someone will find you.
No. 616240 ID: 2f4b71

Await arrival of the USGS.
No. 616241 ID: db83ac

Run away, little girl!
No. 616243 ID: 59295a
File 141979515085.jpg - (217.07KB , 1000x1000 , Awaken.jpg )






So beautiful...

<Name this lecherous fool.>
No. 616245 ID: 01f35a

No. 616247 ID: 337362

Morgoth Minifridge
No. 616248 ID: 2ec61a

No. 616249 ID: 2bb845

No. 616252 ID: 20afaf

No. 616254 ID: 0f3813

No. 616255 ID: 5d2f8c

Barghest? Depends on how shapeshifter-y you are.
No. 616256 ID: 01f35a

No. 616257 ID: 4f21cb

No. 616265 ID: b46742

Seconding Chad.
No. 616269 ID: 330ce5

Mogorath the conqueror!!!
No. 616270 ID: db83ac

No. 616300 ID: 666604

No. 616301 ID: 59295a
File 141981082389.jpg - (154.40KB , 1000x1000 , Inseminoid 5.jpg )



:inseminoidblush: "Y-Yes... yessss~ I am MOGORATH THE CONQUEROR, and I will- wait... what IS that divine creature?"

:inseminoidblush: "I feeeeel so hot~ "

:voices: "..."

<NOTE: Inseminoids can conceive offspring with any large female vertebrate, assuming the conditions are correct. There are only male Inseminoids... >

:deerblush: *munch munch*
No. 616303 ID: d90668

Woo the deer.
No. 616304 ID: 2ec61a

examine it first to make sure it has everything proper. seems to have food source already, anything else your offspring will need?
No. 616305 ID: 76e97b

What uh, are the correct conditions?
Introduce yourself to the deer.
No. 616306 ID: 52b3b0

Ignore the lusty quadruped!
Seek out higher mammaloids for copulsulation!
No. 616307 ID: db83ac

You won't earn any favors with high command if you do not ensure that your firstborn is the dominant species of the local hegemony. This species does not look like a highborn of any status, and its conception will likely ire the majority of the upper classes in your empire, who are observing your efforts.

... Are they gone yet?

Translation: @#$% THE DEER!

No. 616310 ID: 59295a
File 141981538244.jpg - (168.50KB , 1000x1000 , Inseminoid 5.jpg )


:inseminoidblush: *lunges* "SKREEEEEEEEEE~"

:deerblush: "meeeeh?"
No. 616312 ID: dd4ed3

...wait, the deer still has its spots. That means it's immature.

You can't put your young in an immature host!
No. 616316 ID: 330ce5

Practice makes perfect, besides I doudt that we can stop him now. Mogorath, conqurer that young creature!
No. 616324 ID: db83ac

Thanks for the heads-up.

Yeah, inseminating a prepubescent may cause serious birth defects. You may want to consider just capturing her for now.
No. 616327 ID: 33565b

Hmm, perhaps we should find a male of its species to examine their mating rituals so we can properly woo it?
No. 616328 ID: 687279

Spray jizz all over that tiny deer.
No. 616360 ID: 01f35a

May want to stop right there as we know the local fauna.
No. 616387 ID: f5baae

Halt! If the other voice is correct about the deer's spots, then this isn't a good idea.

>somehow transfer lunging velocity into the air to get onto a tree. Look for potential prime females.
No. 616416 ID: a2f9bc

Kiss her, you fool!
No. 616417 ID: 01f35a

Don't do it.
No. 616436 ID: 59295a
File 141986210070.jpg - (156.70KB , 1000x1000 , Inseminoid 6.jpg )


:inseminoidblush: *SKREEEEEEEEEE~ <3*

Mogorath leaps fourth, constricting the young,
virginal cervidae within his girthy, throbbing,

Her form is dainty, and struggles futilely
against Mogorath's amourous advances.

There is no hopes of escape. The first of seed
will, and shall be sown on this day.

Hail the Gene Father!

:deerblush: *M-MEEEEEH!? MEH m-MEH!!* "Aaahn!? Ah! AAAAAHN!"


<( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)>
No. 616439 ID: 537edb


Hang on, we're not sure exactly how their biology works. Better pound that other hole, too, the tight one, just to make sure you've got her properly inseminated.
No. 616441 ID: 5d2f8c

Good lord.
I don't know what I expected at the start, but it wasn't this.

Just um finish up I guess.
No. 616444 ID: e6e219

Well good job on that one then.

So calmed down a bit after your first time? Should probably take stock of our surroundings and see what other life forms live around here.
No. 616445 ID: 59295a
File 141986864384.gif - (322.16KB , 1000x1000 , Inseminoid-6.gif )

<Congratulations, the first of your seed has been sown. The
resulting creature, once fully grown, will become the first of
your "lieutenants".
That is, if your species recognized militaristic, hierarchical
constructs. Instead whatever semblance of "rank" stems
entirely out of instinct, but out of simplicities sake we'll
refer to this little, unborn babe as a "lieutenant".

Don't worry about his well-being. Young beastial class
inseminoids match the genetic predisposition of their mother
species, rendering them, at least harmonally
indistinguishable from their respective local fauna, and as such
will be taken care of as if they were genuine offspring.

His gestation, and maturation cycle should be short, until

then lets bide our time... >

:inseminoidblush: "Phew! How invigorating~ "

The deer shakely leaps off in the forest, satisfied. Only to resume normal deer activities.
No. 616462 ID: db83ac

Wait, have there EVER been female or transgender Inseminoids? The occasional mutant from billions of matings?

Right, look around and find a good place to nest. Or base. Or whatever you guys do for shelter.
No. 616463 ID: 687279

Alright, immediate urges taken care of, evaluate your own personal survival. Do you need water, food, or shelter? What supplies do you have in the pod?
No. 616464 ID: 2ec61a

can you defend yourself if a male finds you copulating with their mate?
No. 616466 ID: 33565b

Well our work is never done, find more females. We must grow our brood quickly for the glory of the gene father!!
No. 616489 ID: 68bbc5

Yes, what is your combat ability?
Seems you have a good grasp of lunging and grappling. Any other skills or powers of note?
No. 616516 ID: 59295a
File 141989120301.jpg - (51.29KB , 700x700 , Inseminoid 7.jpg )


"Hah! You're humor is unfounded, our genome is INFALLIBLE! HAIL THE GENE FATHER!
But, yes, I do believe we need to establish a base of operations... to nest the more advanced sapient species."

"My body houses organic compartments, filled with enough nutritious ichor to sustain myself for a few more days. However, once we've secured a appropriate dwelling, I can take in surrounding biomatter to break down into an organic composite, a capable building material for construction of simple ichorous vats -- something fit to support a growing brood."

"This inchoate form leaves much to be desired -- my body is soft and spongy, but my extremities are capable of constricting. Without support, any direct confrontation against any real opposition may end in my demise. Other than that, my secretions have aphrodisiac effects, which lose potency when exposed to air for any considerable amount of time."

"Now the real question is: what do we have to work with on this fertile~ planet?"
No. 616543 ID: d90668

Well go stealth it up and look around.

As for your body are you stuck in this form or can you upgrade things? Or are you reliant on your offspring for defense?
No. 616548 ID: 2ec61a

slither up a tree and look around.
No. 616549 ID: f5baae

Well, on this planet we have lots of things, but you probably want to stick to mammals, as they are very sizable creatures and are often very capable hosts, with some of the mammalian family hosting the most dangerous predators known to man... Hey? Why don't we find one of those?

Of course, if you wanted sapient animals.. Well, there are always homo sapiens, which are humans. You'll know when you see one, just be careful. They are very powerful beings when they work together. So if you capture one you'll need to make sure they stay quiet to their peers. However any offspring could probably enter this cooperation among humans, don't you think?

Also on second thought maybe the trees were a bad idea to look over the lands from as you could probably only see canopies, maybe we should just keep going until we get into a clearing or something, then we could probably make a decision on where to go next.
No. 616550 ID: 687279

Without tools or strength you probably won't be able to use raw resources to build anything for your initial shelter, so... I guess we have to scout around and find more things to INSEMINATE so that our first batch of workers is enough to get things going.

If Lieutenants have capabilities that develop based on the host body, that means you should probably fuck a large bird at some point. Get an aerial scout. Inseminate other small easy to handle animals while you're at it. Avoid pack hunters or large predators until we've got some muscle.
No. 616562 ID: db83ac

You'll want to discover the local ecosystem, and any sentient civilizations on the planet.

Find and stalk a sentient being. Threaten a female with insemination (if male, threaten to castrate instead) unless they describe everything they know. Please allow them to leave unharmed if they co-operate, as you will likely need high PR to interact peacefully with the local sentients. Failure to do so may be met with excessive xenophobic force.
No. 616581 ID: 330ce5

Mogorath scale the largest tree and look over your surroundings. Stay hidden and out of sight, some of the creatures on this planet can be quiet hostile.
No. 616591 ID: 33565b

Now you are capable of breeding with any large vertebrate female as we learned earlier. So what is the minimum size we're talking here? Also good thing you landed in a forest, the trees should provide ample biomass for construction and should be relatively secluded from any intelligent life.
No. 616602 ID: 2ec61a

an which way is the nearest sentient being?
No. 616624 ID: 53688c

I'd recommend avoiding all sentient beings until we can at least get a foothold on this planet.

This is a good plan. Seek out fast, effective scouts first so we can get a lay of the land.
Knowing is a large percentage of the battle!
No. 616841 ID: 59295a
File 141997346178.gif - (154.03KB , 700x700 , Inseminoid-8.gif )




"Perhaps we should gauge our surroundings..."

*MOGORATH scales one of the taller trees*

"Hmmm... This seems to be a fine vantage point."

MOGORATH notices SMALL SETTLEMENT, a CRAGGY OUTCROP, and something he is unfamiliar with, that is far into the distance.


"Stay your voracious lustfulness, brethren. Forget my earlier passions, I was but born, and the stimulus of this world... overtook me~ For now we have no need for urgency, let us remain pragmatic in our approaches."


<Note: Think the size of a larger, medium breed of dog.>


"Indeed, this is far from my complete form! As my brood grows, so shall I evolve to become a POWERFUL being, befit to RULE(seed)! HAIL THE GENE FATHER!"


"This seems to be an effective course of action... this way we could await for my Lieutenant's arrival, while constructing our nest. Then again, a little scouting~ may not hurt. Who knows, we may find another lesser creature to... seduce~ But, lets remain aware of the behavioural patterns these sapiens may exhibit -- we have yet to understand their day to day activities. "
No. 616853 ID: 2ec61a

turn around and examine the mountain you are on. a cave would be a good starting point.
No. 616860 ID: 330ce5

You should set up a base, that way if things turn messy you have somewhere safe to return to.
No. 616861 ID: 687279

Let's check out the crags for a possible base site.
No. 616871 ID: 53688c

The crags seem like a good place to create a safe base of operations, since it probably won't have too much sentient traffic.

The settlement should be avoided for now, and the mysterious structure can be investigated when we get some scouting brood.
No. 616879 ID: 2ec61a

and yeah, hamlets bascally need to be taken all at once, because they are small enough that someone will notice someone else missing in under a day.
No. 616880 ID: 687279

It might be worth it to ambush someone as they're walking alone in the forest, but you can't let them go afterwards. At least, not without wiping their memory somehow.
No. 616966 ID: d1a9b3

Hold on a second. First off. What will be done about the males of the various species? This will be important regarding how we take the settlement.
No. 616987 ID: db83ac

There is a clear line of progression. It would be somewhat suspicious if the civilians on this planet were expecting an alien conqueror to @#$% his way to victory - this particular area almost seems like it was groomed for an invader.

But they probably didn't so you're probably fine. Set up a base in the Crags, mate with some animals there and evolve. Wait until you have a squad of sons to fight alongside you, then attack the Hamlet. Kill or dominate as many civilians as you can until they surrender. Finally, attack ??? which is probably a capital of some sort. Depose the ruling party and set up a good ruling system, get the people to accept your dictatorship.

Then @#$% the ^&*( out of every consenting unmarried female sentient whore within 100 miles. Or whatever it is you want to do with your little empire.

You ever think about slowing down, taking over a single country before taking over the world? Might be even more fun than just getting all the insemination over with as quickly as possible.
No. 617004 ID: 33565b

Actually we should just impregnate a member of the royal family without anyone knowing so one of our subordinates will be the leader following orders from his squiddad instead of a squid monster trying to rule a kingdom, most sapients are a bit speciesist and wouldn't let someone not of their race rule them. Thankfully our children are supposed to resemble their mothers species so they won't have that problem.
No. 617098 ID: 59295a
File 142006630185.jpg - (61.17KB , 700x700 , Inseminoid 9.jpg )



MOGORATH examines the mountain further up behind him, but cannot see past the canopy.


"Their organic components will be dissolved into a slurry -- simpler constituents necessary for ichor, and the material to construct fine foundations for our structures. They serve no other purpose.

As for their counterparts, they will act as surrogates for procreation; detained and nurtured within breeding chambers, so that they may forever bolster our ranks!"


"Lets consider these tactics once we have a clear target~."


"Right... a sturdy, defensible formation. A suitable location for a our initial stronghold."

MOGORATH begins his trek towards the crags...

<Note: The notion of "consent" is lost upon the inseminoids.>
No. 617103 ID: dd4ed3

>[Other males] serve no other purpose.
Really? I see a big flaw in your plan.

If inseminoids and their offspring are always male, your species cannot survive without other species. You need females of other species to carry your young.

But if you exterminate all the males of a species, the species cannot propagate. Your supply of females will dwindle, and die out, incapable of producing more females. Even if you cheat and somehow artificially extend the lifespan of the available females, you will suffer loses to attrition and accidents over time, you leave yourself an obvious weak spot to be targeted by enemies, and you have stagnated genetic diversity, weakening your seed over generations.

In sort, you need a breeding population of host species to maintain their population and provide genetic diversity, otherwise you cannot use the host species to create inseminiods indefinitely.
No. 617108 ID: 9dd1ee

Perhaps the way things have been done in the past must be reconsidered

Break your bio programming Mogorath, innovation is the only way to survive
No. 617109 ID: 2ec61a

i say, we cross that bridge when we come to it. for now, we build!
No. 617110 ID: db83ac

You ever wonder what your empire is for? Say that your civilization takes over the entire universe. Then what? What is your overreaching, near-impossible goal?

Are there any rival inseminoids who will also breed on your planet and dominate you for supremacy? Do you take hold of the planet once you conquer it or does some other form of government happen? What if the inseminoids are being controlled to conquer the universe and then hand it over unquestioningly?

For that matter, how do you assert the supposed "genetic superiority of the Gene-Father" when LITERALLY EVERY OTHER FEMALE IN THE UNIVERSE is a higher target for your species' procreation than your own?! Do you even know your empire's history, or has that been conveniently misplaced in your pre-programming?

There's a lot of potential that is wasted from bigotry and pride. You called that deer a "divine creature" based on its unique characteristics. Think about it.

In any case, do you have any natural skills or abilities that allow for building shelter and/or defenses?
No. 617155 ID: d1a9b3

We might be jumping the gun here. If we have an empire without having a serious problem without having any males for bolstering the count of females, then we should have something to deal with it... Right? I mean there's a few ways it can work, like if part of our fluids heavily bolstered the life-span of the females, or if any females possibly born from our breeding were the mothers species instead of our own.
No. 617197 ID: bd55f0

>Get the magical rape alien to leave some dudes alive to plot rebellion
Like hell.
I assume our progeny will be able to find you at the crags? Also, availability of hosts there?
No. 617214 ID: dd4ed3

Plot rebellion? Their entire reason for living would be to mate with as many females as they're allowed to produce more females. I don't think it's possible for an inseminoid to imagine a male objecting to those conditions.
No. 617220 ID: 330ce5

we don't have time to contemplate life right now! Once Mogorath has secured a base then he will have all the time in the galaxy to wander his thoughts.
Base first, life analysis later.
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