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File 141961321922.png - (636.78KB , 530x561 , town.png )
615583 No. 615583 ID: 170ec0

Standing in whiterun, gwen finds herself feeling refreshed and confident, sporting a new hairstyle in the traditional khajiit style.

It is still rather early in the morning and the stores are only just starting to open, you ponder whether to spend a few hours sampling the wares on offer in a trading city or to head right to the jarl and give him the artifact he requested.
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No. 615584 ID: bb78f2

Maybe get some lunch in the tavern.
Gotta be hungry, right? You did just get here and traveled a bit. MMmmmmm, get some nice chicken.
No. 615585 ID: db83ac

This isn't the game, she might lose the artifact to a pickpocket. Give the Jarl the artifact, and he'll probably tell you to come back after he's done strategizing. Then improve your skills at the markets - use the gold to hire a trainer.

Be sure to give charity and be nice to the kids, and ask the blacksmith if he's willing to give a one-time discount in exchange for labor. Buy some armor. Then, find a hunting store and purchase a powerful bow for later. Finally, buy some healing and magicka potions, as well as some recipes for crafting potions.

Also, that haircut doesn't suit you. Just wait for your hair to grow back.
No. 615586 ID: 9ddf68

well maybe grab an some decent food from the inn and head on back to whiterun. Maybe see about giving that new sword of yours a few swings along the way so you can get use to it.
No. 615591 ID: 2ec61a

>pickpocket a slab
they manage that they EARNED it.
No. 615608 ID: 742b4a

Better shop first. Maybe see if you can get some arrows enchanted? Or more steel arrows since they're better than iron.

(handing in the tablet triggers the dragon)
No. 615643 ID: 170ec0

Your shopping options are

The drunken Huntsman, Fletcher
The Warmaiden, Smithy
Goldenthread, Tailors
Honeysuckle Bakery.
The bent Quill, Bookstore
Dragon's Hoard, Jewelers
Branded back's, Tattoo, piercing and body paint
Belthors general goods
Arcadia's Couldon, potions galore
The bannered Mare, local tavern
Market stalls.
No. 615646 ID: 742b4a

Drunken Huntsman, stock up on high quality arrows. Then, general store, see if there are any magical rings for sale.
No. 615665 ID: db83ac

1. The Drunken Huntsman: Buy the best bow you can.
2. The Warmaiden: Buy or craft some armor. I suggest you buy leather and craft basic leather armor to increase your skill in smithing.
3. Arcadia's Cauldron: Buy two healing potions and one magicka potion, as well as some recipes and crafting ingredients to make your own health/magicka potions.
4. Honeysuckle Bakery: Buy some cooked food for the road. This isn't the game, so hunger is a real issue.
5. Farengar in Dragonsreach should have some things to sell, also. After returning the artifact, buy a few soul gems (smallest only) and some spell books, including soul trap. You might want to augment some of your low-level equipment so that you get an edge in combat. You can just sell it off later.

You may want to buy a horse later, but possibly after you have enough money to buy two.
No. 615673 ID: 5f402f

Restock on potions. You spent at least one.

We already have a good bow, and we just bought armor last town.
No. 615847 ID: fee736

>Branded back's, Tattoo, piercing and body paint

Ooooh. We'll have to remember thid; maybe get one for each dragon we kill? Do her piercings have any signifigance to Gwen?

Otherwise, well, dragons; fliers with breath weapons, you might not want to face them but they're back and it's best to be prepared. A light but sturdy shield, or enchantmented item(s) or potions of elemental resistances on it would be good; ideally not just one kind of element. General magic resistance is more versatile but weaker for the price, yet maybe more practical. A ward spell could also serve.

That also means better arrows might be a good investment, but they can get expensive in a hurry. Sinking money into expendables is always a gamble.

We already have one of the best bows in the game.

Starting on the road to proficency in enchanting or alchemy could be a good investment; both produce useful, practical items that can also be sold for a good profit, and against tougher opponents poison can be a great equaliser. Just knowing what parts of which flowers to pick as you travel can also net some decent coin or crafting material for little time or effort.

Travel rations are something we can think about when we're heading out again; maybe maintain enough for a day or three, but just as hunger is real, so is weight, so we don't want to weigh ourselves down with more than we'll likely need. Do we have any food on us from our last resupply? We only left Whiterun a day ago.

Oh, and grab a sweetroll at the bakery; you must have had breakfast at Riverrun, but it's seen a bit of a hike, and sweetrolls are traditional.
No. 619570 ID: cc8ddd
File 142101499993.png - (550.72KB , 824x562 , mdkitty.png )

You indulge in a brief shopping spree, buying three healing potions, three breton loaves, three apples, some jerky, a sweetroll, 51 steel arrows and a pair of leather gloves.

You also buy some leather strips and squares from the black smith, and after a few minuets with a needle and thread you have fixed up your armor, increasing its protective capabilities and earning you rank 16 Smithing.

Restocked you head to the jarls palace.

Total money spent 460
No. 619587 ID: 687279

UGH we have like 20 healing potions now guys. We don't need any more!
No. 619591 ID: cc8ddd
File 142101840641.png - (3.14MB , 815x1704 , dkitty.png )

[[Ugh i hate the art in this one, went all over the place. just gonna toss it out and move on to the next scene's]]

Heading to the court wizards lab, you find him in conversation with a woman in leather armor, her face shrouded in a hood.

"..Some time after the dragon war, if it is genuine i can cross reference it with the names in other, older texts." Farengar says, waving his arms in a "Maybe" gesture

The woman dosent look up from the book she is reading as she addresses him "Its a good thing you where already researching this, my employer is in need of tangible answers as soon as they can get them, if the sightings prove genuine then the whole province is in peril.."

"You need not fear" Farengar says "The jarls himself has taken a interest in this and given me free reign to pursue this over all other duties. I must admit i am more then a little hopeful of being able to study a live dragon up close some day, it would be tremendously valuable.. "He pauses as he spots you "Ah youve returned? Do you have the stone?"

"I certainly do" you say as you fish the large block of stone from you pack and deposit it on the desk. Farengar eagerly examines it, tracing his fingers over the symbols and letters on the stone "Well it seems like your a cut above the brutes the jarl normally sends my way, ill get right to work translating it but for now lets.."

He gets no further before the jarls housecarl rushes into the room.

"Farengar! Come at once a dragon has been sighted!" She glares at you "You too khajiit, Follow me!"

She leads the two of you upstairs to where the jarl is talking to a nervous looking guard.
The jarl looks concerned but unafraid as he talks "Iraleth tells me you came from the western tower yes?"
"Yes my lord." The man is obviously shaken, as he lapses into silence, still holding his salute.
After a moment Iraleth speaks up "Well, tell the jarl what you told me!"
"Oh, uh.. we saw a dragon coming in from the south, it was fast, faster then anything id ever seen!"
"What did it do? is it attacking the tower?"
"No it was circling like a vulture when i was sent out, ive never ran so fast in my whole life, i felt sure it would swoop after me.."

The jarl pats the mans shoulder reassuringly.

"Good work son, get to the barracks and rest, you earned it, well take things form here"

The guard hurries off, relief steaming from him like vapor as the jarl turns to you and irealth

"Irealeth, assemble some men and head to the tower."
"Already gave the order sir. Were assembling at the main gate."
"Farengar, gather all the protective magic you can, if that thing heads here i want you to protect the people."
"Yes jarl balgruuff"

As the Housecarl and mage hurry off, the jarl turns to you, a stern look in his eye "No time to stand on ceremony, i need you to go with Iraleth, you survived helgen so you already know more about dragons then anyone here, and comeing out the barrow unhurt shows your a warrior of note so i want you there to aid her. This is not a death or glory mission im sending you on, if the beast is to strong then run back and warn us."

He pauses for a moment, looking you over before replying.

"I have not forgotten the services you have already performed for the Hold. As a reward i have ordered Avenicii to permit you buyers rights for property and land in the hold, Also i wish you to have these boots of Lifting from my own personal armory"

Gained Hide boots of Lifting.
No. 619595 ID: 687279

Sweet, more carrying capacity. May as well change into them, it's not like leather does much against dragons anyway.

Let's go kill us a dragon! Aim for the eyes.
No. 619602 ID: 9ddf68

...well this isn't how I thought my day would start off as. Well we did buy a lot of health potions, and we have a good amount of arrows with us, AND we're not going alone... Yeah I think we could give this a try. If all else fails the jarl himself gave us permission to run away like a scared little child so there's always that option.
No. 619608 ID: d3be40

Hopefully you can convince the Jarl to send out multiple squads of his soldiers, instead of five warriors and an outsider.

Dragons are serious business. You may have the means to hit them, but they fly fast and dodge faster. I suggest you borrow an exceptionally good bow, spend the rest of your money on bows and arrows. If you can harvest the dragon's corpse, the scales and bones should cover the expenses.

Prepare yourself as best you can. If there is anything you have forgotten to do, please do it before this epic battle.
No. 619669 ID: ea0ad9

It's not a blood or glory mission, it's just to figure out what's going on, and assist an evactuation if necessary.
No. 619714 ID: 3f0c1b

What are we waiting for then? We already stocked up, let's equip our new boots and let's move!

Most of his men will be needed here in case the dragon attacks the city, five men, led by his housecarl, would be a generous amount of troops considering the circumstances.
No. 619805 ID: 69ab8d

Right. Thank the jarl, accept the boots and the mission.

Time to do some scouting. We're gonna sneak up on a dragon.
No. 620364 ID: fee736

She already has a Nordic bow, which is very good. The only ones better are Glass, Ebony, Dadric, and Dragonbone, and those are all expensive and generally hard to find; we'd be lucky to afford a glass bow if we could find one, it's base cost is 840 gold before markup, and we only haev a hair over 1000.

Now, grabbing a dozen or two of their best arrows from that archery store? That might actually be affordable.

Or we could ask the Jarl if he has a better weapon in his armoury that we could borrow for the dragon fight - in fact, let's do that. Afterall, bow and arrow is the only way to engage the beast in the air, atleast without lightning spells that we don't have. He might even let us keep it maybe if we win maybe.

As for the boots, if they're light armour and fit us(hey they're magic maybe they auto-adjust?), sure. If they're something that would hamper our mobility, maybe wait until we can have them fitted/have time to get used to them.
No. 627621 ID: 783f1e
File 142543041584.png - (3.43MB , 824x1745 , doki.png )

The boots are new and a little loose, but they fit well enough and the magic makes you feel a little lighter on your feet, so its all good in the end. However as you hurry after Iraleth you find there less sturdy grip makes you a little more prone to slipping on the stones of whiterun. Fortunately no one was watching so your reputation remains unblemished.

Ireleth pauses at the gate and addresses the guards gathered there. The men are understandably a little perturbed by the idea of going to fight a dragon, however there desire to be the first in ages to bring down one of the beasts wins out over any hesitation they have and they head out with you in tow.
No. 627624 ID: 783f1e
File 142543085192.png - (2.34MB , 824x1157 , dokidoki.png )

The journey there passes in silence, tension hanging in the air in a almost visible cloud. Soon you begin to see a smudge of smoke on the air as the tower gets closer.

The tower has been totaly demolished, fire and smoke are billowing out of it in vast plumes that darken the sky, ducking behind a near by outcrop of stone Ireleth waits for you and the soldiers to gather round.

"Well its definitely been here. Spread out, we need to figure out what happened here and where the thing came from. Be cautious it may return."

With that the group draws there weapons and begins to advance on the tower.
No. 627626 ID: bd8b82

keep an arrow ready, and watch the skies.
No. 627628 ID: d3be40

Remember, your best bet is to stick to the shadows and pelt the dragon with arrows while it hovers, looking around for prey to torment.
No. 627663 ID: ea0ad9

If there's anybody miraculously still alive in there, they would know where the dragon went. Probably worth looking inside.
No. 628153 ID: fee736

First scan for signs of activity and useful or hazardous terrain; you'll likely be fighting here so have a rough idea where you can shelter at or attack from. Be ready to take cover or DODGE if attacked suddenly, stay alert as it's probably in the sky somewhere but cold be using the tower or other terrain to hide and this might be an ambush.

And make sure you and the other soldiers maintain seperation and don't bunch up; you don't want to present an easy target - just like fighting mages, don't be fireball-bait-buddies.

Someone - you? - ought to make contact with/check for survivors while the others take cover in anticitation of an attack, in the ruins and/or surrounding terrain, whatever is most advantagous.

And mind the slippery new boots.
No. 628355 ID: 1f2a28

The top of the tower would give a sight/range advantage to any of the archers (that being the tower's purpose and all), and the smoke within suggests that whatever flamable materials were ignited were in the lower half of the tower; there may be survivors immediately below the top level, protected from strafing runs and 'through the window' fire attacks. Even if there aren't, it's probably a better idea to set up defenses around the tower than challenging a potential dragon in a relatively open field.

What with the flying and strafing and all. Oh hey, if it took the tower's high ground and laid in wait for tasty reinforcements to try and take it back, the thing could be unstoppable. Good thing they're just unstoppable killing machines and not SMART... Right?
No. 629585 ID: 9020be
File 142657858940.png - (5.42MB , 822x2907 , dovahkitty.png )

You ready your bow as the others draw there weapons and cautiusly head to the burning tower. While the other guards spread out around the ruin you head towards the entrance to see if anyone survived the assult, as you do a wounded and slightly singed guard staggers out of the smoke and calls down to you.

"No! Get back! its still here! Hroki and Tor got grabbed when they tried to make a break for it!"

He pauses, gasping for breath as he leans on the stones, before looking to the sky in horror.

"Shor save us..Here it comes again.."
No. 629587 ID: bd8b82

get behind a rock and start shooting.
No. 629588 ID: d958ad

Get near some cover, ready a shot, shoot right before it's too late to duck behind cover... then duck and cover. Keep some obstacle between you and the dragon at all times so it can't breathe fire directly on your face. Just keep pelting arrows at it. If you're feeling saucy, try to get one right in its throat, or in its eye.
No. 629661 ID: 5db52c

>Shor save us..Here it comes again..
Spread out, and take cover!

We should try taking potshots, since the nature of our bow should conceal our location.
No. 629679 ID: 945fb0

If you can shoot it in the eyes, nose, or mouth.
No. 629710 ID: d3be40

Keep track of your mana for healing, you can expect the dragon to pummel you!
No. 629776 ID: b8ceae

Aim for the knees! Then it'll become a guard.
No. 629813 ID: 534cc4

Talos, dammit.
Yes we should definitely shoot at it whenever its focused on someone else, and fire from cover, and get down when it comes your way.
No. 634184 ID: c722a5
File 142895547987.png - (4.36MB , 817x2323 , dovah1.png )

You run to cover just as the dragon reaches the tower, vaporizing a guard in a jet of searing heat.

Quickly drawing, you fire off the first arrow, watching as it thuds into the creatures shoulder. While the dragon dosent so much as flinch you are pleased to see the wound bleed as it flies past.

A guard calls out to you as you follow the dragons flight "We need that thing to land,get its attention and draw it down here!"

You hurry over to a near by wall and loose another barrage, hoping the attacks catch the things attention and draw it down
No. 634186 ID: c722a5
File 142895565505.png - (1.22MB , 817x578 , dovah3.png )

No. 634190 ID: bd8b82

shoot a ice bolt into it's mouth.
No. 634196 ID: c722a5

[[definitely, god damn my spelling =3=]]
No. 634227 ID: 296917

If it bleeds, we can kill it. Try for a shot at its neck or head. Or wing. Actually yeah, shoot at its wing first to cripple it so it can't fly anymore. Then you can try to aim for spots where its more likely to bleed profusely from. Then run away and hide while it bleeds to death.
No. 634247 ID: fee736

Keep your head down and take this moment to pick where you're going to run if the dragon advances on you, then pop up for another shot once the fire stops. The guards should be charging it, so you'll want to keep it distracted until they're close and then exploit it's distraction when they attack. A bit obious but hey.

If you're confident you can put an arrow in it's eye or down it's throat that'd be great. Otherwise, the wing joints might be a good target. Shooting it *in* the throat might also be nice - mess with it's Voice and breathing and open major blood vessels - depending on what shot the angles present you with.
No. 634250 ID: 5db52c

Stay down, sneak away from that position.

You can hurt it, but to kill, you need to win every time. You need to land an arrow and evade the flame each every time it comes for you. The dragon only needs to land a hit once to kill you.

So play it safe. Harry it.

Dinging a dragon is definitely defiant.
No. 635490 ID: b9d767

Where are the others? See if you can't get him from multiple sides. If there is enough rubble in the area you and the guards can just pop out and pepper him with attacks from whatever direction it's not looking.
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