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File 141930127441.jpg - (22.09KB , 405x468 , 1.jpg )
614136 No. 614136 ID: dff0a8

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No. 614137 ID: dff0a8
File 141930129933.jpg - (28.83KB , 466x392 , 2.jpg )

No. 614138 ID: dff0a8
File 141930132410.jpg - (13.97KB , 466x276 , 3.jpg )

"huff- huff"
No. 614139 ID: dff0a8
File 141930134364.jpg - (31.24KB , 456x281 , 4.jpg )

No. 614140 ID: dff0a8
File 141930138777.jpg - (19.27KB , 370x359 , 5.jpg )

"Ah, no... huff-huff"
No. 614141 ID: dff0a8
File 141930140509.jpg - (12.20KB , 452x294 , 6.jpg )

No. 614142 ID: dff0a8
File 141930141881.jpg - (21.36KB , 450x356 , 7.jpg )

No. 614143 ID: dff0a8
File 141930143777.jpg - (12.48KB , 467x406 , 8.jpg )

No. 614146 ID: a19cd5

Sup, creepy one-eyed bear guy?
No. 614148 ID: dff0a8
File 141930155864.jpg - (12.59KB , 449x286 , 9.jpg )

"...wh...what child walks in such cold. Are you the cradles guardian? I am no babe, do you also take grown women's souls as well?"
No. 614149 ID: dff0a8
File 141930172831.jpg - (11.29KB , 441x426 , 10.jpg )

"Not a guardian... but I watch over you seventh generation of Gaea. A gift I offer to you, Safety and warmth equals life- will you take my gift?"

No. 614150 ID: 2ec61a

a gift is a gift, accept.
No. 614152 ID: 703089

...that mask looks familiar.

No. 614153 ID: 9ddf68

uhhh, sure?
No. 614158 ID: 52ee23

Accept the gift that'll bring you either good or a beating of the ass.

(and holy shit Chirps this you better not die so soon like in bunbunfiltrator)
No. 614169 ID: 330ce5

Sure, lets take the gift.
No. 614171 ID: 5d2f8c

yes, accept the gift/curse. (very cool style for the main char)
No. 614682 ID: dff0a8
File 141939248312.jpg - (12.38KB , 458x302 , 11.jpg )

"Well... I will accept. What gift am I recieving."
No. 614684 ID: dff0a8
File 141939257011.jpg - (9.34KB , 378x313 , 12.jpg )

"This will be what saves you this day. This I do not give without recompense."
No. 614686 ID: dff0a8
File 141939274094.jpg - (13.94KB , 435x341 , 13.jpg )

"...what is [i]this[/]? I had expected food, money, or even a horse to take me to somewhere. How does this help me, and what sort of recompense do I pay even?"

"I will come to you when the time is right.
No. 614688 ID: dff0a8
File 141939281023.jpg - (14.00KB , 420x300 , 14.jpg )

"I have gone mad, Oh child of th- hwhat!?"
No. 614689 ID: dff0a8
File 141939286275.jpg - (25.74KB , 462x426 , 15.jpg )

"I have gone mad! Is this some illusion?"

No. 614694 ID: 330ce5

Wear the mask
Ride the horse
Become the ultimate badass!
No. 614718 ID: 9ddf68

... you're either already dead and this is just the last strange thoughts going through your mind as you pass over into the next life or you just walked into a whole new level of crazy. For your sanity's sake I suggest just going with it for now.
No. 614726 ID: 52ee23

Put the mask on (though it's probably cursed my friend) and ride Child Horse
No. 614764 ID: db83ac

Masks up, it's time to raid!
No. 615216 ID: dff0a8
File 141948247856.jpg - (29.04KB , 441x332 , 16.jpg )

"Well... Let's get out of here Child of the... Horse of the snow."
No. 615217 ID: dff0a8
File 141948249073.jpg - (8.79KB , 428x301 , 17.jpg )

No. 615218 ID: dff0a8
File 141948250938.jpg - (17.04KB , 453x301 , 18.jpg )

No. 615219 ID: dff0a8
File 141948260116.jpg - (12.52KB , 447x298 , 19.jpg )

Hello, Welcome To Shaudern Hamlet. What business brings you here?

"I'm only here for rest and provision."
No. 615221 ID: dff0a8
File 141948270692.jpg - (17.85KB , 437x300 , 20.jpg )

"Well if you trust me with a small bit of cash and your accompaniment I can gather you some fine provision and a perfect tavern to rest for the night!"

"Guh, I do not have time or the coin for this."
No. 615229 ID: dff0a8
File 141948306775.jpg - (19.47KB , 444x291 , 21.jpg )

"Well for a small bit of coin I can tell you where- AT THE OPPOSITE, AGAINST THE WALL THERE IS A PERFECT TAVERN WITH BARN AND BEDS. CHARITY FOR THE INFORMATION!? Well then by the gods go catch the pox you stingy swine."

> [This is just a placeholder update, you can suggest input but only the best will be considered for the next update due to an already planned next update]
No. 616518 ID: dff0a8
File 141989226457.jpg - (25.46KB , 447x341 , 22.jpg )

"Hello, It looks like you have not a rope harness for your horse. I will escort you to the tavern at the opposite wall if you don't mind."

"Like I had said to the other guy, I have not the time or coin for this-"

"Oh no, I will do it for free and I will also buy you dinner aswell."
No. 616519 ID: dff0a8
File 141989234749.jpg - (21.43KB , 454x301 , 23.jpg )

"*sigh* Young man, I will take you up on that offer if you are feeling that devilishly charitable."
No. 616522 ID: dff0a8
File 141989240458.jpg - (17.60KB , 412x401 , 24.jpg )

"Oh do not worry, madame, You and your horse are in safe hands."
No. 616523 ID: dff0a8
File 141989243067.jpg - (30.74KB , 375x249 , 25.jpg )

No. 616528 ID: dff0a8
File 141989263189.jpg - (48.20KB , 454x312 , 26.jpg )

-In the age of Vigilance, Bebelek (King of Rot) Had four sons. But in an age of strife during the Gods-war the four had killed Bebelek using his own heart to defeat him. The Four were Ragnus, Marceus, Crognas, and Peous.
No. 616531 ID: dff0a8
File 141989294522.jpg - (40.33KB , 452x269 , 27.jpg )

- But then, with the last of his power, Bebelek struck back at the disobedient sons by cursing them. One in particular, Marceus, Was chained by manacles made from bebeleks very own skin. The others of equal or lesser-
No. 616534 ID: dff0a8
File 141989300379.jpg - (22.10KB , 452x361 , 28.jpg )

"GAH, huff huff... a dream?"
No. 616535 ID: dff0a8
File 141989301558.jpg - (32.79KB , 404x327 , 29.jpg )

No. 616572 ID: c39438

his he looking at the mask? If so, Ask your friend what's interesting with the mask.
No. 616582 ID: a19cd5

So, what's the deal boss?
What's the goal here, let's get some deets.
No. 616583 ID: 330ce5

Time for small talk, ask this young man for his name.
No. 616810 ID: dd4ed3

You zoned out? How late is it now- did you ever get your meal?
No. 616812 ID: dff0a8
File 141996138160.jpg - (31.25KB , 452x375 , 30.jpg )

"Where am I."

"You're in the barn of the tavern."

"I had a horrid flash of visions just now, was that you?"

"Yes, I was supposed to rob you and leave you in the street."

"...and what made you change your mind."

"Peyo peyo"

"What...is peyo?"

"It's... hard to explain without having to use scry flashing again. This mask, I know who you got it from and I want it."
No. 616814 ID: dff0a8
File 141996153856.jpg - (15.25KB , 401x257 , 31.jpg )

"My price will be fair, if you give me the mask I will give you a power to use freely. Permanent too. Though I would not be terribly offended if you chose to keep the mask, there will be others that might offer you the same thing... but different powers. It's up to you but If you give it to me... well I'll be the best friend anyone can have in this age."

No. 616816 ID: dd4ed3

And why do you want the mask the creepy child gave me?

Why didn't he just rob it when he had the chance? Why bother asking for a trade?

Also, obviously, ask what kind of power he's offering. (Not that you're sure you believe that, even if he can do that eye trick).
No. 616819 ID: 330ce5

But wouldn't giving the mask away offend the person who gave it to us? Why do you even want the mask, if you really wanted it why take it while we were knocked out?
No. 616836 ID: 9ddf68

...we we're dying out in the middle of nowhere, then a child came to us wearing the mask and offered us a gift. With nothing to lose and a bit of suspicion that it was just a trick of the mind we agreed, then the horse came and we rode here.

Don't really feel like trading either but I do have to ask, if you planned on stealing from me why didn't you just take the mask and run if you want it so much?
No. 616848 ID: dff0a8
File 141997443672.jpg - (20.74KB , 455x394 , 32.jpg )

"If you wanted the mask, why not take it when you had the chance?"

"I would if I had the ability too, but it will run from those who don't own it."

"Well, it was given to me alongside the horse so I'm not looking to give these up."
No. 616849 ID: dff0a8
File 141997466730.jpg - (14.92KB , 427x264 , 33.jpg )

"oy, peyo peyo, what are you thinking."

"Are you talking to me?"

"no... just understand that this mask is very important to me and my acquaintances. The original owner seems to trust you with the mask and the responsibility that it entails. Please Reconsider my offer, the power is rot- it'll be small at first but will grow stronger with more use."
No. 616851 ID: dff0a8
File 141997487552.jpg - (16.40KB , 462x327 , 34.jpg )

"Well, what if I can take the responsibility?"

"If you could handle such a thing that is good, but you know not of what you need to do. Ill suited and ignorant of the task, you have nothing ahead but failure... If you don't delegate this to me and you do fail...I will kill you.Do you understand?"

No. 616856 ID: 76155a

>Do you understand?
No. You haven't explained why you want the mask, or what you're offering in return. You've just threatened me.
No. 616857 ID: 2ec61a

what's wrong with it? will our face melt off?
No. 616858 ID: 9ddf68

so you want me to give you the mask but in try to get me to willing hand it over you have tried to rob me and now you're saying you're trying to threaten me... You're not very good at bargaining are you?
No. 616859 ID: 330ce5

What are planning to do with the mask, and what are you going to do if you don't get it?
No. 616872 ID: dff0a8
File 141998188447.jpg - (18.79KB , 461x252 , 35.jpg )

"So... your face is gonna melt off?"


"All I've understood is that you like to threaten and steal."
No. 616874 ID: dff0a8
File 141998211646.jpg - (15.13KB , 452x324 , 36.jpg )

"Just give me a minute to calm down..."


"Alright, so I have a confession to make."
No. 616876 ID: dff0a8
File 141998258992.jpg - (12.94KB , 429x292 , 37.jpg )

"I get really nervous when I talk to people, and this is the first time I've spent more than a few seconds talking to someone who've I was about to rob. The mask is important and I'd rather destroy it myself than let you, with your naivete on the matter, try to do it yourself."

"...well what will you do if you don't get it?"

"Nothing really... I just wanted the mask. Not saying I know what to do with it, but since I know some magic... y'know, it's obvious that a non-magic user shouldn't have such a dangerous thing. Like, the only reason I targeted you at all is on account that your horse and the mask was giving off such magical energy I couldn't resist. Magic stuff costs alot of gold if you sell it to the right person..."

No. 616878 ID: 83cd37

Why would you want to destroy it? Just cause it's magic?

And you still haven't explained what you're offering in return. Am ability?
No. 616899 ID: 330ce5

Then why don't you just join us? Together maybe we can figure something out.
No. 616904 ID: 9ddf68

look I don't really trust you, and the fact that you said you would kill me if I gave you the mask but the mask is useless to you unless I willingly give it to you is making me a bit hesitant to just hand it over. However if you're going to follow me there isn't much I could do to stop you and if along the way I find out that YES this mask is more trouble then it's worth then I'll hand it over to you since, like you said, have a better idea how this thing works then I do. Sound fair enough to you?
No. 618327 ID: dff0a8
File 142049347834.jpg - (23.43KB , 447x311 , 38.jpg )

"Hey, I'm not interested in threats and I don't know what sort of trouble you think the mask is but why don't you come with me and fill me in on what's the deal. Be my companion for the road."

"COMPANION?! But we've just met! I don't think i can handle-"
No. 618328 ID: dff0a8
File 142049359174.jpg - (17.49KB , 441x243 , 39.jpg )

"I need someone to travel with on the road. What are you getting flustered about?"

"Oh, I thought you meant- actually nevermind what i'm saying."
No. 618329 ID: dff0a8
File 142049371780.jpg - (13.09KB , 450x210 , 40.jpg )

"Lets just get into the tavern."

"Okay, though I'd rather prefer the barn for the night than the tavern... Just bringing my stuff along."
No. 618330 ID: dff0a8
File 142049374147.jpg - (26.62KB , 446x283 , 41.jpg )

No. 618331 ID: dff0a8
File 142049388860.jpg - (21.46KB , 461x274 , 42.jpg )

"Alright, so the mask is bad. It's really bad, it would take a few days to explain why it's bad so just believe me when I say that it's bad."

"Alright, but why are you whispering"
No. 618332 ID: dff0a8
File 142049404764.jpg - (21.31KB , 443x326 , 43.jpg )

"I'm whispering because there's someo-"

No. 618333 ID: dff0a8
File 142049417713.jpg - (24.35KB , 451x354 , 44.jpg )

"Were you sleepin in the barn again? I keep tellin you not to come near my place! But here you are harassing this poor woman.
Don't worry madame, I'll toss this little tramp out."

No. 618334 ID: dff0a8
File 142049442301.jpg - (17.37KB , 404x239 , 45.jpg )

"Now hold on a second, He's traveling with me and hasn't caused me any harm (asside from a few threats). He is going to help me with something that requires a cheap mage's touch."

"Well, lady, you sure did get the cheapest around."
No. 618335 ID: dff0a8
File 142049461072.jpg - (12.51KB , 396x208 , 46.jpg )

Gahuh... hooh... well if I can order I'll take some fine steak and mi-

"I'm not takin you're coin, I be positive it ain't yours anyway.

"well screw yourself than, of all the people who I'd rather see dead."
No. 618336 ID: dff0a8
File 142049485877.jpg - (19.92KB , 445x287 , 47.jpg )

"Cabbage and sausage for both of us. I'm also looking for a cheap room since I have little coin to myself."

"I hate cabbage and sausage."

"Two cabbages and sausages, and for you madame I have a small room setup of only half price... 7 copper will be fine."

"Sounds good, Can you show us to our rooms first and bring us the food? That would be amazing!"

"Of course of course."
No. 618338 ID: dff0a8
File 142049503833.jpg - (10.81KB , 426x248 , 48.jpg )

"And here is the small room, sadly it only caters one bed but it is a very tidy place nonetheless. Blankets are in the chest by the bed."

"Thankyu very much, here's the coin- Oh, I'll need a washing bin for my clothes, it's been a long day."

"Will be right back with it in a bit."
No. 618340 ID: dff0a8
File 142049512753.jpg - (16.54KB , 450x270 , 49.jpg )

"...lookit how comfy the bed is."

"yes yes, whatever, I need to sit down."
No. 618341 ID: dff0a8
File 142049521244.jpg - (13.58KB , 456x227 , 50.jpg )

"I have returned with the wash basin, when you are done you can dispose of the water out the window."

"Oh, right by the table next to the bed is fine. Thanks."
No. 618342 ID: a19cd5

>Flounce onto bed, roll around a bit in the fluff
No. 618343 ID: dff0a8
File 142049535740.jpg - (14.82KB , 446x306 , 51.jpg )

"Anything else you need?"

"No, I think that's all right now. You've been very hospitable, I would recommend the service to people."

"Aw, that would be quaint. If you need anything at night I'll be the last room in the hall."
No. 618344 ID: dff0a8
File 142049567939.jpg - (19.52KB , 451x294 , 52.jpg )

"...feels good to sit on something that isn't ground... or hay."

"Civilized comfort, it's for those who don't have such a stigma the tavern owners don't yell out their names in spite."
No. 618345 ID: dff0a8
File 142049582517.jpg - (18.83KB , 453x319 , 53.jpg )

"Well... He doesn't have to be sore about the torches anymore, I sold them off a loooong time ago. And that bag of holding he had with the grain? Didn't need it. I'm not trying to steel from him, he just has some nice stuff sometimes."
No. 618346 ID: dff0a8
File 142049592667.jpg - (12.22KB , 443x327 , 54.jpg )

"I mean, if you were in my position or had no social skills like I do..."
No. 618347 ID: dff0a8
File 142049594916.jpg - (12.41KB , 390x242 , 55.jpg )

No. 618348 ID: dff0a8
File 142049619616.jpg - (14.65KB , 447x246 , 56.jpg )


"I'm taking my clothes off to wash them, three days in a row is not how long someone should wear the same undergarments."


"Did you notice any spare dress when you rummaged through my belongings. If you are so upset about a naked woman than stand out in the hall."
No. 618349 ID: dff0a8
File 142049623234.jpg - (11.15KB , 432x301 , 57.jpg )

No. 618350 ID: dff0a8
File 142049650850.jpg - (11.10KB , 243x209 , 58.jpg )

"What of the red face, you look as if the ghast of winter's source has taken your blood but turned into a sea of elven maidens."

"Not even close, just a long day."
No. 618354 ID: dff0a8
File 142049680486.jpg - (15.77KB , 383x297 , 59.jpg )

"Peyo, what are you doing here. Aren't you supposed to be at the spire?"

"Nay, Today I am on a righteous campaign against many wrongdoers, and supplying strangers with things they may need."

"YES, and about the objects thing... why did you give someone master's horse and the mask? You've been on his good side, you know he'll get angry."

"Not of these things, not anymore. Occupied he has been with matters of the afterlife."
No. 618355 ID: dff0a8
File 142049702532.jpg - (11.27KB , 350x230 , 60.jpg )

"You know, Master had recently taught me many new things of the power. I am now stronger than I was before, I can crumble castle walls in mere minutes with my touch."

"Well... good for you than. Since master disowned me I can only teach people the power to rot small organics. He didnt say that I had to go on a rotting spree to become that powerful."
No. 618356 ID: dff0a8
File 142049732105.jpg - (9.82KB , 267x195 , 61.jpg )

"Oh, And he had also helped me with becoming immune to the rot of my own power! I do not have to fear of losing my eyes to it anymore."

"That's... that's good for you than. some of us will have to suffer."

"Master had not trained me in the case of how to do so, so I cannot help you with making yourself immune."

"Of course, that's just dandy."
No. 618357 ID: dff0a8
File 142049753522.jpg - (20.14KB , 460x351 , 62.jpg )

"And the recent thing he had tried to teach me was how to cast a plague. Sadly that didn't come to fruition since the townspeople caught him and hung him from the gallows."

Well that's.... what. Master's dead?

I had said that he is occupied with matters of the after life.
No. 618358 ID: dff0a8
File 142049779447.jpg - (13.02KB , 338x231 , 63.jpg )

"But... he was the only one who could have taught me... he was... so I'm going to die?"

Do not think of such things, magic consequences are not what you should worry of. Why don't you join me on my campaign!
No. 618360 ID: dff0a8
File 142049809317.jpg - (10.19KB , 321x191 , 64.jpg )

I... I was gonna destroy the mask

You do not have to, it no longer is a threat to our master.

"I-it's still a threat to people.

I know you don't care about people, that's why I want you to join me. We can wipe all the others off this plane.

what, what are you talking about?
No. 618361 ID: dff0a8
File 142049828724.jpg - (13.88KB , 370x254 , 65.jpg )

Imagine, wiping all the towns of their inhabitants. Killing everyone that's ignored us, hasn't even given us bread or water. Just you and I, the only disciples of rot left in the whole plane of existence.
No. 618364 ID: dff0a8
File 142049867657.jpg - (17.13KB , 355x292 , 66.jpg )

After everyone is dead and gone, I would do the cooking and cleaning, and you could go out and take the stuff from the dead people to furnish our house. Oh, and we could become married! Yes, it would be more than fantastic if you could join me.

But you're a boy- and you shouldn't joke about killing! Master has always told us that you should never kill anything to satisfy yourself, you can threaten all you want but never kill. Killing people isn't only bad but it's very difficult for me, so don't joke around as if it's nothing."
No. 618365 ID: dff0a8
File 142049887053.jpg - (25.93KB , 330x395 , 67.jpg )

I'm not joking, Kelpie. I've already started with half of this hamlet. I want us to live a perfect little life without these mean people whether it's giving strangers cursed masks or demon horses or taking my rot to their body.

No. 618366 ID: 89b2a2

"yeah, but... then who will make stuff for us. if we kill everyone where is the food and water going to come from? And I certainly don't have time to practice magic AND grow food AND ensure we have water AND make sure the food is tasty and the clothes are comfortable."

"also it's a lot of work, plus there are probably other mages who would frown upon it."

"Also it's a dick move."
No. 618367 ID: 0f3813

Seconding, if he complains play along but stick to your original plan.
No. 618369 ID: d90668

If we kill everyone who will haul the water and fix things? Who will take care of the animals and harvest the food?

It might be fun for a bit but eventually we would have to spend most of our days just trying to survive.
No. 618462 ID: 330ce5

Chaos and destruction are nice things but not every person is unbearable. Maybe spare a handful to do cooking and cleaning. Besides who doesn't love a good butler?
No. 618545 ID: dff0a8
File 142058643838.jpg - (16.00KB , 435x263 , 68.jpg )

No. 618546 ID: dff0a8
File 142058652628.jpg - (14.25KB , 371x240 , 69.jpg )

"Killing everybody in the realm is a dick move and wouldn't benefit us at all!"
No. 618547 ID: dff0a8
File 142058678070.jpg - (18.51KB , 375x300 , 70.jpg )

"I think if we work together, we shall survive plenty fine."

"You think so? Well who's gonna grow the grain, or get the beef or clean the water. Also on top of that what about the other mages, I'm sure the great Chrestomanci might want to stop you if there's a mass genocide of the common folk."

"Than we will smite all the other mages, leaving only us with magic!"

"I don't have the time to do all this as it is... clothing, food... You don't even comprehend my limitations..."
No. 618549 ID: dff0a8
File 142058713568.jpg - (10.90KB , 279x218 , 71.jpg )

"Hold on, I just remembered something... did you kill anyone else here?"

"Only the owner and the people still in the dining area... so that leaves only the lady with the mask alive currently."

"Fantastic, so there's no one to make the cabbage and sausages that we ordered earlier."

"Would it be more comfortable if I just murdered the woman-"

"No it would not be. No more murdering!... we might go to the smithy, have you killed him yet? or any of the merchants?"

"Not as of yet, I can spare them til you have gotten your supplies and have left the hamlet..."
No. 618551 ID: dff0a8
File 142058732401.jpg - (16.21KB , 419x313 , 72.jpg )

"By screaming natters, you are doing a good job of making my short life even shorter. This is a debacle... Fuck!
No. 618552 ID: dff0a8
File 142058735609.jpg - (13.82KB , 356x294 , 73.jpg )

No. 618553 ID: dff0a8
File 142058743642.jpg - (29.40KB , 448x424 , 74.jpg )

"Kelpie... I..."

"I'm thinking right now, please... just be silent."
No. 618554 ID: dff0a8
File 142058746310.jpg - (22.30KB , 372x409 , 75.jpg )

No. 618555 ID: dff0a8
File 142058762945.jpg - (20.19KB , 422x289 , 76.jpg )

"w-wha, why are you so close, peyo..."


"Stop fooling with my hair, we have to decide whether to tell her that everyone's dead or try to make the food ourselves."

No. 618556 ID: a19cd5

>adorable cooking montage go
No. 618567 ID: d90668

Go try cooking stuff for yourself. Will show Peyo how hard life would be with everyone dead.

Also it might be fun.
No. 618602 ID: 330ce5

Acknowledge the good intention, sure they may be misguided but with a little guidance less people will die. He needs to focus on something else, a hobby or a reward to strive for. Also make the food but tell your new friend that everyone is dead, hiding the fact isn't going to help much.
No. 620262 ID: 0f3813

Pick kid burrito and go to the kitchen, let him do some cooking on his own. Also pick some supplies & money, leaving things there abandoned will do no one no good.
No. 621010 ID: dff0a8
File 142163380783.jpg - (18.79KB , 349x302 , 77.jpg )

I've decided we're making the nasty cabbage and sausages... I just need to think of a story about everyone disappearing when the need arises.

of course
No. 621012 ID: dff0a8
File 142163396910.jpg - (14.98KB , 343x198 , 78.jpg )

Alright, so lessee... ick, some of this stuff is gross. Is that a liver?
No. 621014 ID: dff0a8
File 142163404274.jpg - (14.38KB , 335x283 , 79.jpg )

Why not partake of a hearty beef stew instead, it will sustain you more during the cold-spell.
No. 621017 ID: dff0a8
File 142163413440.jpg - (15.87KB , 444x287 , 80.jpg )

beeeeeef, and potatos and onions and.... guh, my mouth is watering already

Beef stew! Lets us grab the perishables!
No. 621021 ID: dff0a8
File 142163441006.jpg - (18.62KB , 422x216 , 81.jpg )

Ooooh, this is gonna be tasty as all the hells. I cannot wait til it's done!
No. 621024 ID: dff0a8
File 142163472793.jpg - (13.31KB , 333x321 , 82.jpg )

Alright, I can't wear this while cooking. You can't wear the wrap either it's dangerous. Can you pass me the twine over there?
No. 621029 ID: dff0a8
File 142163512613.jpg - (20.03KB , 441x263 , 83.jpg )

...how long... have you had that shirt for? ...it's... is it from when you were the only student?


It sure is... inadequate in covering...
No. 621031 ID: dff0a8
File 142163534507.jpg - (9.53KB , 265x226 , 84.jpg )

Well, I hadn't seen the need to get anything else... If I keep it washed all I would need is the tall shirt that... well... it's the only thing i have from master. I'm gonna need a second eye for this endeavor- Hey, wake up you little slug.
No. 621032 ID: dff0a8
File 142163542572.jpg - (10.75KB , 261x202 , 85.jpg )

...Alright, i'll just bug you til you come out of there!
No. 621034 ID: dff0a8
File 142163548919.jpg - (21.34KB , 401x301 , 86.jpg )

No. 621035 ID: dff0a8
File 142163557889.jpg - (20.68KB , 322x296 , 87.jpg )

Okay, just face forward and you can go to sleep when i'm done.
No. 621037 ID: dff0a8
File 142163580959.jpg - (18.53KB , 279x326 , 88.jpg )

Ready, now lets get cookin.

I shall vanquish the cabbage and onions.

Good, than I'll take on the meat... been a long time since i've done this.
No. 621038 ID: dff0a8
File 142163589128.jpg - (18.03KB , 421x209 , 89.jpg )

Water and ingrediants

Wood, fire, and that's that til it boils
No. 621041 ID: dff0a8
File 142163625779.jpg - (17.79KB , 374x263 , 90.jpg )

hoof, alright go back in there.
No. 621042 ID: dff0a8
File 142163648268.jpg - (13.34KB , 359x182 , 91.jpg )

I need your guidance on something since you are more seasoned than I.

Sure, I'm a little surprised but go ahead.
No. 621046 ID: dff0a8
File 142163688040.jpg - (13.14KB , 328x293 , 92.jpg )

Well, my body is going through some... changes...

What kind of changes?

Well, it started with some hair in places there was not before... I would show you proof, but it's in a... very intimate spot... And I've become more interested in romance and intimacy with someone.
No. 621047 ID: dff0a8
File 142163715376.jpg - (14.09KB , 289x261 , 93.jpg )

That's right, you're getting to that age. Those are nothing to fear, I don't believe there is a name for it and there are no texts but it's a transition I went through aswell.
No. 621048 ID: dff0a8
File 142163741281.jpg - (10.58KB , 279x214 , 94.jpg )

It can be weird in that phase of your life, your voice will change and you become more excitable to simple things none romantic or intimate. Don't let it trick you though. I had said similar things like marriage and love to master, thinking that I wanted to be in an intimate relationship with him. It even progressed to the point where I did kiss him in a passionate way. At that point I had learned that I really only loved him like a son loves his father... he was still very important to me.
No. 621049 ID: dff0a8
File 142163763865.jpg - (13.27KB , 311x213 , 95.jpg )

And that's why you need to figure yourself out before you go on such an uneducated campaign.

I... think...
No. 621050 ID: dff0a8
File 142163777932.jpg - (16.51KB , 295x316 , 96.jpg )

Yes, in cases of my speech and knowledge I know many things but I'm still very young and naive! I thought that I could figure this out without you noticing, but now I need to affirm my feelings... I need you to kiss me... Will you kiss me kelpie?

No. 621054 ID: 9ddf68

...I think you need to go out and met some other people without killing them, I think you're only having these feelings for me because I'm one of the few people you actually know, and if I were to give you some advice I would say wait until you're older before you actually try any serious relationships when you understand these feeling better.

then give the kid a quick peck on the forehead, finish making the food and invite him to come up and eat with you. He's a good kid but that doesn't change the fact he's still a kid.
No. 621055 ID: 330ce5

If he wants a kiss he has to earn it, for now push a pie into his face. If there is no pie lightly flick him on the forehead.
No. 621056 ID: fcf717

>Will you kiss me kelpie?
Why ask. just DO IT!
No. 621057 ID: 890dfb

Tell the shota you're not a pedophile.
No. 621095 ID: a19cd5

>good kid
He just murdered several people
for no reason
Aside from that though yeah, I agree.
No. 621118 ID: 9ddf68

never said perfect or even sane. Just needs to learn right from wrong
No. 624297 ID: 324890
File 142351991596.jpg - (17.80KB , 407x264 , 97.jpg )

I... I do need to be more assertive if when I become an adult...
No. 624298 ID: 324890
File 142351992947.jpg - (17.50KB , 359x271 , 98.jpg )

No. 624299 ID: 324890
File 142351996525.jpg - (23.23KB , 333x314 , 99.jpg )

No. 624300 ID: 324890
File 142352009863.jpg - (18.82KB , 371x286 , 100.jpg )

Sorry I didn't say anything peyo, my thoughts are miles away. Don't worry, It's still young so it won't make a permanent wound when it bites you.
No. 624305 ID: 324890
File 142352045706.jpg - (18.47KB , 445x213 , 101.jpg )

w-what is this creature? And why is it larger than before?

It's called a blood dragon, it's a symbiotic dragon lives in human bodies. This one was brought upon by anthropomancy which is another story that I don't want to delve into today. As on why it's so large right now it's 'cus my blood is a little agitated by feelings.

Why is the... 'blood dragon' smelling me?

It's checking for compatible blood. Since you're trying to initiate a connection in some sort it's trying to see if you're worth inhabiting aswell, couples have to share a blood dragon.
No. 624309 ID: 324890
File 142352069755.jpg - (19.91KB , 382x218 , 102.jpg )

Oh, how do I know if it accepts me?

It will bite you, and I guess in the teachings there is a thing called a blood wedding and whatnot... I've not read too much into it.

I... yes, I want this. I'm ready little dragon, but I'm fragile so please don't kill me.
No. 624310 ID: 324890
File 142352079754.jpg - (17.42KB , 383x222 , 103.jpg )


Don't rush a dragon.

You can bite me now, I'm ready!
No. 624312 ID: 324890
File 142352088273.jpg - (16.98KB , 293x261 , 104.jpg )

Well. I guess that is that, the food looks like it's ready. We will need 3 bowls.
No. 624313 ID: 324890
File 142352100512.jpg - (29.44KB , 376x316 , 105.jpg )

three bowls... wait, I don't feel any pain.

Because it didn't bite you.

what does it mean if it doesn't bite me?
No. 624315 ID: 324890
File 142352121556.jpg - (10.86KB , 364x243 , 106.jpg )

It means you need to go out and meet people, not kill them en mass. If you want, you can come up and join us to eat. We can start making you some friends.
No. 624318 ID: 324890
File 142352161362.jpg - (9.27KB , 412x303 , 107.jpg )

You... why... this... Yes, I'm a child but I know what an insult is. I was raised by master, so I'm not an alien to being snubbed. Do you think so little of me? I'm curious about my feelings, but you... why?

No. 624323 ID: 330ce5

The dragon didn't accept you, you must make yourself stronger. That being said you can't always get what you want, we don't think little of you just not romantically.
No. 624327 ID: d90668

I have feelings for you but at the moment they are the feelings for a sibling. I care about you and enjoy your company but I have no romantic feelings for you.

Now that does not mean things could not change. But if your blood is not the right type the dragon would make any physical relationship between us "difficult" if not fatal.
No. 624334 ID: 9ddf68

I do love you kid but as a sibling. I'm telling you these things because I want through something like this and these and I'm trying to save you a lot of heartache and confusion. And sometimes... sometimes you just can't have what you want.
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