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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 141818185549.png - (21.05KB , 811x640 , 1.png )
610362 No. 610362 ID: 0eaf76

You're an Angry Cat.

Stupid Dog just ate all of your food. This freeloading piece of maggot has been invading your home for much too long. You must destroy him or get rid of him.
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No. 610366 ID: 6cb462

Eat all his food. See how he likes it.
No. 610367 ID: 3b1e59

The fool has pissed on his last fire hydrant... Locate a mega death laser and destroy him.
No. 610370 ID: 84a9e4

cut the face cut the face
No. 610373 ID: 0eaf76
File 141818259578.png - (20.74KB , 811x640 , 2.png )

You devour all of his food as a sort of revenge. It tastes like dirty sponge but you are determined to showcase your hatred.

Now that you have completely disgusted your taste buds what should you do?
No. 610374 ID: 6cb462

Lure him on a table, then kick him off the table Garfield style.
No. 610375 ID: 9ec55f

pee on the carpet ... blame stupid dog!
No. 610377 ID: c0c685

lick yourself then hork up a nasty hairball to throw at the dog
No. 610378 ID: 216d55

Lament in the fact that eating the Stupid Dog's food won't have given you the nutrition you require but rejoice that that Stupid Dog will be violently shitting itself all over from having eaten yours. It has already committed your revenge for you.
No. 610379 ID: 0eaf76
File 141818311893.png - (21.32KB , 811x640 , 3.png )

You bathe yourself with your tongue then you proceed to gag up a big, slimy hair ball. If you throw it at Stupid Dog maybe he'll respond. You throw it. Stupid Dog is too Stupid to care.

Drats! His low IQ will be the absolute death of you, you swear.
No. 610380 ID: c0c685

Get your swag on and don't give no fucks about the stupid dog
No. 610382 ID: 6cb462

Raise anger meter
No. 610383 ID: 0eaf76
File 141818337361.png - (21.31KB , 811x640 , 4.png )

Maybe enhancing your swag will make Stupid Dog not matter anymore. You put on your swaggiest gear and swag it out.

You feel kinda dirty and that only makes you more mad. The Stupid Dog is mooning you as well.
No. 610384 ID: 6cb462

Perfect time to kick him. Make sure your owners/servants are not around.
No. 610385 ID: 687279

Scratch his nose.
No. 610386 ID: 0eaf76
File 141818374712.png - (22.02KB , 811x640 , 5.png )

You walk up and kick him with your Super Mega Ultra Swag Kick of Death.

He's indifferent. You were not strong enough to overcome his stupidity.
No. 610393 ID: 6cb462

If he is too stupid to feel pain, or know you are insulting him, then lets try to force him outside.
No. 610395 ID: c0c685

drag him out the door by his ears
No. 610396 ID: 687279

Tell him there's a whole lot of free food at the dog pound!
No. 610579 ID: 0eaf76
File 141826865821.png - (25.65KB , 811x640 , 6.png )

You drag the Stupid Dog outside and leaves him on the porch step. What an idiotic poophead.

You order the dog to stay and shut the door.
No. 610587 ID: 687279

Now glare at him through a window.
No. 610590 ID: 6cb462

Before that, make sure you block the doggy door.
No. 610592 ID: 534cc4

Put a bear trap by the doggy door. Alternatively play fetch with him on the freeway. Or poison his food.

(Or ,maybe learn to accept him for who he-ppfff no nvm.)
No. 610650 ID: 8a49d3

Call the dog catcher using your best human impersonation.
No. 610750 ID: d3be40

Now do the happy cat dance


Make sure the dog can witness your ironic display of begrudging joyous celebration.
No. 610774 ID: 0eaf76
File 141834610016.png - (24.12KB , 811x640 , 7.png )

You set up a bear trap by the door and then grab the nearest phone, dialing the dog catcher.



"Mrow! Meeeoow! Mrrrr!"


No. 610779 ID: d3be40

Wow, you're a smart angry cat.

Frame the dog for murder, call 911, leave the line open so that the police come to check?
No. 610812 ID: 534cc4

How about making it look like the dog broke valuable people stuff so they see how horrible he is and get rid of him.
No. 611766 ID: 0eaf76
File 141860882217.png - (44.30KB , 811x640 , 8.png )

CORRECT. If you break everything in the house and blame it on Stupid Dog, the humans will have to get rid of him!

You grab the nearest expensive looking antique vase and throw it on the ground. You then smash it up with your foot. You are now bleeding profusely.
No. 611767 ID: db83ac

Quick, steam the wound with boiling water and pick out as many shards as you can!
No. 611778 ID: 6cb462

Damn owners leaving dangerous items like that in the house. We must now find a way to get rid of the humans as well.
No. 611828 ID: 0eaf76
File 141861320763.png - (54.01KB , 811x640 , 9.png )

...Wait. What kind of owner would leave such a DANGEROUS object lying around?! Clearly you must destroy the humans too.
No. 611836 ID: a19cd5

No no, the humans bring the food to you, they are still moderately useful. Stay on target, the dog must suffer first.
THEN the humans.
No. 611840 ID: 687279

Shit on their pillows. That'll show them.
No. 611948 ID: 6d4898

let the dog back in so you can frame him for the vase, bleed all over the house, frame the dog for the vase, draw pity from humans when they see your sad state. they will consider the dog a hazard.
No. 611952 ID: 1f7d45

Despite your anger and against your will, you feel a little bit guilty for breaking the vase and mistreating the stupid dog.

Then go break another vase. Arrange the broken pieces into the word "DOG". That way, the humans will know that the stupid dog is responsible. It's practically the perfect crime.
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