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File 141724819644.jpg - (287.50KB , 1080x1080 , page1.jpg )
606451 No. 606451 ID: 345446

You are a plant. It is dark out. You are currently burrowed in the ground; both for safety, and the soil feels cozy against your roots.

What do you do?
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No. 606452 ID: 23faf4

Utilize mysterious photosynthesis abilities.
No. 606453 ID: 6d4898

Sense deep down inside of yourself. Look deep within your plant soul. Realize you are humakin.
No. 606454 ID: df3cd4

Might as well grow! Get big and strong!
No. 606455 ID: 256d52

Check nutrients.
No. 606461 ID: 345446
File 141724925650.jpg - (392.89KB , 1080x1080 , page2.jpg )

You attempt to flatten your leaves to catch additional sunlight - however, it is currently nighttime.
You're a little hungry for some sunlight, but your thirst and health is pretty fine.
GET SWOLE accepted as first objective.
No. 606462 ID: df3cd4

Try to get bighuge through sheer force of will! If that doesn't work then figure out what you need to get PUMPED UP
No. 606463 ID: 2ec61a

spread roots mostly downward to ensure a supply of water.
No. 606464 ID: 23faf4

Further observe surroundings with eye-like plant instincts.
No. 606465 ID: 345446
File 141725014055.jpg - (321.76KB , 1080x1080 , page3.jpg )

You attempt to spread your roots down further, but you are still at an early stage in your growth.
You see dirt.
No. 606466 ID: 6d4898

'To a plant, a day is short'
-Adventure Time


>get swole immediately
No. 606467 ID: 2ec61a

i suppose you should just wait then, the sun will rise eventually.
No. 606469 ID: 256d52

Well, carry on then. Then eventually you will have learned to be patient and huge.
No. 606470 ID: 345446
File 141725093140.jpg - (280.49KB , 1080x1080 , page4.jpg )

You wait for day. After a short nap, the sun arises.
It is now early morning. The sun begins to fill your Hunger.
No. 606471 ID: 256d52

Stretch those leaves! Stretch them!
No. 606476 ID: 2ec61a

not that you have energy, work your growth, you need leaves for light and roots going down for water. and toughen your legs so you can run if a predator gets you.
No. 606478 ID: 345446
File 141725185815.jpg - (340.22KB , 1080x1080 , page5.jpg )

You pop out of hiding, giving your leaves a good stretch. You also take the time to do some basic KALEisthenics to keep you fit in case you feel like doing a few sprints.

As long as your leaves are exposed to sunlight, you'll regenerate hunger passively and contribute a tiny amount to your GROWTH meter.
No. 606482 ID: e6fcea

Check your surroundings, find something that can assist you in becoming the strongest MANdragora out there.
No. 606487 ID: 345446
File 141725380936.jpg - (517.17KB , 1080x1080 , page6.jpg )

There's a stick-like object in that poorly textured grass.

Maybe it's a stick.
No. 606489 ID: 2ec61a

lift stick, how heavy is it? if it feels rather heavy then it will be your first tool. bench press it!
No. 606493 ID: e6fcea

Retrieve and equip stick.
If heavy, follow this advice.

If light, see if your stubby arms grasp it well enough to swing it around as a weapon.
No. 606497 ID: 345446
File 141725565785.jpg - (397.71KB , 1080x1080 , page7.jpg )

You attempt to pick up the stick.
No. 606498 ID: 345446
File 141725567339.jpg - (475.40KB , 1080x1080 , page8.jpg )

No. 606499 ID: 6d4898

Are there any other mandake root children around? Are they hostile?
No. 606500 ID: 256d52

Is there anything to use that stick on? Get to it!
No. 606502 ID: 345446
File 141725689668.jpg - (393.44KB , 1080x1080 , page9.jpg )

In your attempt to find friends, or something to beat upside the head with your newly equipped stick,(or both, you stumble across some mushrooms. Easily whackable, surely.
No. 606503 ID: 345446

(or both)*
No. 606504 ID: 256d52

Can you eat mushrooms? How do you eat? Do you need to whack the mushrooms and then bury them to absorb their precious nutrients? Mushrooms are great for getting huge, surely.
No. 606506 ID: 345446
File 141725805017.jpg - (408.09KB , 1080x1080 , page10.jpg )

As a plant, you rely on sunlight, water, and ground soil nutrients for your sustenance, although you're vaguely aware of carnivorous plants outside your genus of sentient plant thing that eat other things.

You take a swing at the mushroom, and decapitate it.

Get shit on, stupid mushroom.
No. 606507 ID: e6fcea

Lightly poke one of the shrooms with your stick; don't want to whack or bite into something that could turn out to be a potential friend(or foe).

After all, you yourself just looked like some innocent leaves when you were buried over the night.
No. 606508 ID: 256d52

OK, get another mushroom, jab both onto each end of the stick and do some weightlifting.
No. 606509 ID: 345446
File 141725830580.jpg - (327.91KB , 1080x1080 , page11.jpg )

Wait...what was that noise?
No. 606511 ID: 345446
File 141725863115.jpg - (308.43KB , 1080x1080 , page12.jpg )

No. 606512 ID: 2ec61a

back up. check foe for ears.
No. 606514 ID: e6fcea

I should've been faster with my vote for caution. You reap what you sow, bud.

Take responsibility for your actions, like a MAN.
No. 606515 ID: 345446
File 141725920332.jpg - (342.82KB , 1080x1080 , page13.jpg )

Responsibility. Right. Sure.
No. 606516 ID: e6fcea

Being responsible doesn't mean you can't curl up in a fetal position and cry out apologies, in hopes of not getting smashes to bits, tho.
No. 606518 ID: 2ec61a

leg it!
No. 606521 ID: 345446

Hand is dead, will have to resume another time. I'll be back with some more pages possibly tomorrow
No. 606522 ID: e6fcea

Yeah, I'ma drop the whole responsibility shtick. Leg it to live and swole another day!
No. 606523 ID: 345446
File 141726181321.jpg - (440.05KB , 1080x1080 , part14.jpg )

You briefly consider learning how to speak to apologise to giant things with giant teeth you smack with sticks, but in the meantime haul some serious ass. In the meantime,

No. 606524 ID: 2ec61a

fire a sonic screech!
No. 606526 ID: 44f38a

FUS RO DAH! Or as the ancient ballecry goes: SUK MAH BALLS!
When it's stunned leap onto its back and plant yourself deep. Mushrooms already grow on it so this creature must be made of porous, fertile material.
No. 606559 ID: 6d4898


no, the mushrooms are clearly a part of its body!
I concur with the sonic screech idea. It might at least make the thing pass out!
No. 606648 ID: 345446
File 141730688996.jpg - (567.93KB , 1080x1080 , page15.jpg )

...You never learned how.

Your GROWTH Stage isn't high enough to have any skills beyond burrowing and basic survival, and you're pretty sure this thing can burrow too seeing as it popped out of a giant hole in the ground.

The only tool at your disposal is your stick.
No. 606649 ID: 2ec61a

throw stick at it's throat dangle!
No. 606650 ID: 256d52

Poke it in the tonsil with your stick. The plan that cannot go wrong!
No. 606651 ID: e6fcea

Fling stick over your shoulder, straight backwards, don't stop running.

Sad to see the stick go, but it is for the greater good. Also might want to consider running into a forested area if there is any, the trees might slow the big funguy down more than you.

No. 606660 ID: 345446
File 141730874347.jpg - (491.99KB , 1080x1080 , part16.jpg )

What dangly th- oh, that dangly thing.

Your mighty stick may do just the trick! You attempt to throw the stick at its obvious weakpoint, for massive damage.
No. 606662 ID: 345446
File 141730923152.jpg - (332.81KB , 1080x1080 , page17.jpg )

You throw yourself instead.
No. 606665 ID: 256d52

Wrassle that tonsil.
No. 606670 ID: 345446
File 141731081970.jpg - (506.13KB , 1080x1080 , page18.jpg )

You wrassle that bitch. The beast seems in distress.
No. 606674 ID: 9b57d3

Use your fronds to tickle the back of its mouth!
No. 606675 ID: 256d52

Can you wrassle and punch at the same time? Or bite it?
No. 606678 ID: 345446
File 141731249169.jpg - (323.15KB , 1080x1080 , page 19.jpg )

You make good use at everything at your disposal, wrassling the improvised spongy punching bag and giving it a good hook. Your leaves thrash about, giving it what for.

The beast has been dealt substantial damage!
No. 606681 ID: 256d52

Just swing back and forward on it. That'll show it who's boss
No. 606682 ID: f461c5

What is your mouth good for, other than basic emoting, if not for BITING THINGS. EAT ITS MOUTH DANGLE.
No. 606683 ID: 345446
File 141731366459.jpg - (375.85KB , 1080x1080 , page20.jpg )

In its agony and rage, the beast spits you out of its mouth, hurling you far away. Your numbly gripping appendage is spattered in the beast's internal fluids after being elbow deep in spongy beast bits.

You're alive! And so's the stick!
No. 606684 ID: c0c685

Recover the stick and prepare for a new challenge! Gather sunlight! Collect water! Time to grooooow!
No. 606685 ID: 9b57d3

Better get your distance away from the beast! It's still angry and may still try to smash you.

Then maybe go find smaller prey to piss off and pummel.
No. 606687 ID: 345446
File 141731428583.jpg - (457.91KB , 1080x1080 , page21.jpg )

Thankfully, the beast seems more interested in its own wounds than further thoughts of eating you. You sure showed him whose the bigger plant...thing.

You (kind of) defeated the beast, however, filling up your arbitrary and imaginary GROWTH meter! You've gained a GROWTH!

No. 606689 ID: 345446
File 141731459503.jpg - (265.02KB , 792x1224 , mandragoraevolutions.jpg )

You have three choices for your GROWTH.

The first option gives you an additional leaf, along with a strange green appendage atop of your head. This GROWTH will give you an additional size bonus, as well as increase your overall STRENGTH - Health, Stamina, etc. It will likely keep you wanting to stay close to soil.

The second option feels catty. You're a little more fleet of foot, but more than that, you feel drawn to the sea the more you think about it. This will increase your size minimally, in addition to being able to function above and underwater.

The third option feels...flighty. You can feel yourself grow lighter, almost as if the wind wants to sweep you off your feet and carry you to the skies. You can feel the wind calling to you the more you think on this one. It will increase your SPEED, give you a minimal size boost, and enable you to hover short distances.

Either choice feels like it will permanently alter your future.
No. 606690 ID: 345446

Either way you get a new strange addition to your head.*
No. 606691 ID: 256d52

First option. Become huge.
No. 606692 ID: c0c685

Second option! Conquer both land and sea! Become the hugest no matter where you are
No. 606693 ID: 9b57d3

Option 2.
No. 606694 ID: e6fcea

Option 1! The first objective is to GET SWOLE!
No. 606695 ID: f461c5

Normally, I would say option two, because it increases our range the most, allowing us to explore more.


No. 606697 ID: 256d52

Changed my mind. The hugest of animals are found in the ocean. Clearly it holds secrets you must discover.
No. 606726 ID: 345446
File 141731955576.jpg - (475.69KB , 1080x1080 , page22.jpg )

(3 to 2 after someone changed their vote to option 2. Sorry if you wanted option 1.)

Flex Time.
No. 606730 ID: c0c685

make the most of that flex time. Really show it off then head for the nearest body of water
No. 606745 ID: 345446
File 141732062259.jpg - (452.11KB , 1080x1080 , page23.jpg )

Ungh. Yeah. Work it. Feel it.
No. 606750 ID: 345446
File 141732078008.jpg - (412.40KB , 1080x1080 , page24.jpg )

No. 606767 ID: 9b57d3

Lick your own petal. Just to see how it tastes. DO NOT EAT IT.
No. 606771 ID: c0c685

Continue your quest by searching for a new opponent!
No. 606904 ID: 345446
File 141734634511.jpg - (387.90KB , 1080x1080 , page25.jpg )

You make an attempt at multitasking.
No. 606905 ID: 534cc4

Brace for impact!
No. 606907 ID: 345446
File 141734716186.jpg - (444.64KB , 1080x1080 , page26.jpg )

You fail at multitasking.
No. 606908 ID: 534cc4

Where did you end up?
No. 606910 ID: 345446
File 141734777725.jpg - (351.88KB , 1080x1080 , page27.jpg )

You stick the landing, like a champ.
No. 606913 ID: 345446
File 141734833384.jpg - (412.43KB , 1080x1080 , page28.jpg )

You're on a beach. Your stick is on the ground nearby as well. The salty air and cool breeze feels nice, but it could take some time to get used to the sand beneath your feet.
No. 606914 ID: 256d52

Search for crabs.
No. 606915 ID: 345446
File 141734946987.jpg - (281.17KB , 1080x1080 , page29.jpg )

You don't find anything alive, as far as you can tell, but there is something partially buried underneath the sand near the water's edge.
No. 606916 ID: 101f08

go to the root of the problem and pull it out!
No. 606919 ID: 345446
File 141735134565.jpg - (401.64KB , 1080x1080 , page30.jpg )


It's a broken shell. It must've been from a rather large creature, it's about an inch taller than you. Which, being only a few inches tall yourself, makes a difference.

It might make an effective tower shield.
No. 606921 ID: 345446

(ignoring perspective on the ITEM GET screen for the size.)
No. 606922 ID: 345446

Gonna call it a day for now, I'll be back likely tomorrow to do some more.
No. 606940 ID: 9b57d3

Retrieve your stick for the sword and board combo!
No. 607028 ID: 6d4898

Use the shell as a shovel to build a sand castle shelter. Use the stick as your flag.
No. 607157 ID: 345446
File 141739958881.jpg - (392.23KB , 1080x1080 , page31.jpg )

You use your equipment to dig a shelter. You finish it out the rest of the way with your natural born skills of burrowing. Just in time, too, nighttime will be here any moment.
No. 607174 ID: 07a835

While you still have time, dip your feet into the water a bit. See what's nearby.
No. 607218 ID: 345446
File 141740918723.jpg - (356.42KB , 1080x1080 , page32.jpg )

You step out in to the edge of the water. The salinity doesn't seem to bother you much, and the temperature is rather warm. You imagine that it'll be colder once night sets in.
No. 607219 ID: 4c5cf2

Watch sunset, then head underground before it's fully dark.
No. 607221 ID: c0c685

flex and do awesome battle poses as the sun goes down. It'll look bad ass.
No. 607223 ID: 534cc4

Since you are more attuned to water now, can you survive on the beach?
No. 607228 ID: 345446
File 141741058276.jpg - (559.65KB , 1080x1080 , page33.jpg )

You feel pretty rad.
No. 607237 ID: 345446
File 141741120360.jpg - (430.19KB , 1080x1080 , page34.jpg )

Safe in your hidey hole, you spend a moment to contemplate. Contemplation is quickly thrown out the window.

Your roots extend instinctively this deep underground - normally, the beach would do very little for you, but your newfound GROWTH seems to be making you more suitable for life around the sea. Your stick and shell shield are up above. It is dark out.
No. 607239 ID: 07a835

There is something deeper... explore the underground!
No. 607242 ID: f461c5

No. 607248 ID: 345446
File 141741207009.jpg - (318.78KB , 1080x1080 , page35.jpg )

Nope. Just a hole. Looks like there's a cave down here though. It might be worth it to fetch your gear if you plan on going spelunking.
No. 607249 ID: 07a835

No. Hide in your hole. Who do you think you are some sort of AWESOME MANDRAGORA!?
No. 607250 ID: 2ec61a

get stick. the shell can cover the hole
No. 607255 ID: 4c5cf2

Suck sweet nutrients from dat beach soil.
No. 607278 ID: f461c5


Dive into the deeps. Cover yourself in the rich mud of victory.
No. 607325 ID: 345446
File 141742340991.jpg - (513.28KB , 1080x1080 , page36.jpg )

You fetch your equipment and dive in to the hole. Foolhardy is not in your vocabulary.
Actually, nothing is in your vocabulary - you don't speak a language.

It's illuminated by some sort of natural light. Hopefully something not hard to land on. The cave is shimmering a bright blue light, and is practically coated in a watery sheen.

Water ahoy!
No. 607327 ID: 07a835

Use your shell as a sled!
No. 607328 ID: 534cc4

Its water, SURFS UP DUDE.
No. 607335 ID: 345446
File 141742491642.jpg - (359.59KB , 1080x1080 , page37.jpg )

Fuck the police. And this rock.

Man, this shell's pretty sturdy.
No. 607338 ID: 07a835

Do an ollie 360 kick-flip.
No. 607340 ID: 534cc4

Land sick tricks for the arbitrary growth meter!
No. 607341 ID: 534cc4

Also where did your hair/leaves go bro?
No. 607344 ID: 345446
File 141742612557.jpg - (372.56KB , 1080x1080 , page38.jpg )

Your attempts at being a Cool Dude with 'Tude has not worked out so well.
No. 607345 ID: 345446

(Fuck, that's what I forgot.)
No. 607347 ID: 345446
File 141742638207.jpg - (371.86KB , 1080x1080 , page37.jpg )

No. 607356 ID: 534cc4

Ah well for the second time BRACE FOR IMPACT!
No. 607431 ID: 07a835

DANG! Well you can still be cool and make up for it. Do a beautiful swan dive into the water.
No. 607449 ID: bd1075

Yo guys! What if, JUST WHAT IF, we grow a mustache! We'll be a rad looking plant-dude-thing!
No. 607455 ID: eb27db

I believe that Mandragora already has a mustache. That mostly un-moving and never opening design on their face can't be a mouth.
No. 607627 ID: 345446

(It is its mouth.)
No. 607630 ID: 345446
File 141748778629.jpg - (483.04KB , 1080x1080 , page39.jpg )

Nailed it.
No. 607633 ID: 345446
File 141748850336.jpg - (504.32KB , 1080x1080 , page40.jpg )

At the very least, you found the source of the illumination. The waterbed is coated in a network of these strange, glowing bulbs. They almost look like little lanterns.
No. 607634 ID: 07a835

Poke one experimentally with the stick. only if it doesn't move in response should you attempt to eat it.

We don't want a repeat of today's events.
No. 607644 ID: 345446
File 141749043432.jpg - (395.64KB , 1080x1080 , page41.jpg )

It doesn't seem to respond to your approach, or a few gentle rappings. After one last good poke, it detaches from its stem. Looks like the top bulb is actually some kind of seed. It's pretty light, too.

It might be simple to assume that this species of underwater plant requires creatures to carry it to spread to new areas, but life seems rather limited in this secluded pool.
No. 607645 ID: 07a835

Nom it.
No. 607653 ID: 2ec61a

take it. we shall grant it more area. and befriend this other plant.
No. 607674 ID: 3c17ca

Take this plant, it will be our most steadfast ally in this quest of hugeness. Your second in command, leading the stick by virtue of your nubs! The shell has proven itself competent and obedient, needing little oversight thus far.

Attach plant, or plants, to stick, for bad ass wizard staff/ light. Maybe eat a few. plant cocaine?
No. 609412 ID: 345446
File 141786176848.jpg - (475.79KB , 1080x1080 , page42.jpg )

You take the seed pod. It might be good to come up for a name for this bioluminescent seed at some point if you plan on making it a stalwart, silent companion. Maybe name its species.

It attaches its tendrils like vines to your stick, accepting you as its carrier. Otherwise, it shows no sign of life besides soft pulsing.

Since it's detached from its base, it can only be used for light for a short period of time - but some light is better than no light after all.
No. 609413 ID: 345446
File 141786183102.jpg - (336.30KB , 1080x1080 , page43.jpg )

You feel a little more swole from all that cardio. Your GROWTH meter has gained quite a bit of experience, and you gain a small size boost.

Your head itches, too. That strange blue nub seems to be trying to grow.
No. 609414 ID: 534cc4

Focus on GROWWWWWTH and then look for a way out of here.
No. 609470 ID: 3c17ca

Glowitus, I name thee. Mightly companion of intermittant glowing. We must nourish you, teach you, and help you to reach your maximum potential as we walk the same path. We are fated.

we need some rocking neck and arm veins, to carry nutrients to our new swollness. Growth! We will be the Veiny beast!
No. 609574 ID: 9b35bd

Worry about that later. Now is time to sally forth and find the way to sunlight again
No. 610667 ID: 345446
File 141829978942.jpg - (419.99KB , 1080x1080 , page44.jpg )

Glowitus - A strong name. Your stick-lantern is a bit weightier, but your GROWTH levels makes it feel comfortable in your grip. The bulb seems sturdy enough to join you on your journey unimpeded.

The cave wasn't very deep at all, the exit was simple t-

The fuck is that?!
No. 610669 ID: 534cc4

Adopt your new battlecry and charge the fiend!

(New battlecry suggestions?) TOO STRONK FOR YOUUUUUUUU!!!
No. 610670 ID: 28cee3

OK, The eye looks like the only weak spot, can you jump on those rocks near him and then on his back? You'll need to stop the stinger with your shield, then stab the eye with your stick. That if you don't see weaker spots or you are not agile enough to do as I've suggested
No. 610678 ID: 345446
File 141830346752.jpg - (328.40KB , 1080x1080 , page45.jpg )

The beastial creature meets you halfway. It takes a low stance and strikes viciously, but you raise your shield in preparation. The sturdy shell blocks the assault, leaving the chitinous monster open for reciprocation!
No. 610679 ID: 345446
File 141830448077.jpg - (400.07KB , 1080x1080 , page46.jpg )

You crack it in the face with Glowitus like a makeshift flail. Fractures form on its chitin, causing the beast to reel from the blow.
No. 610680 ID: 534cc4

Power attack the dangly yellow thingy!
No. 610683 ID: 345446
File 141830742980.jpg - (338.25KB , 1080x1080 , page47.jpg )

Before you've time to initiate a combo, it stands up tall on its legs, spearing its stinger at you from between its raised limbs.
No. 610684 ID: 2ec61a

leap to the side with your shield up
No. 610687 ID: 28cee3

shield up and hit his legs!
No. 611016 ID: 3c17ca

The fool! The imbecile! It has made the classic blunder and underestimated us! With it raised up, there is maximum force on it's limbs going downward. We shall kick it's kness to the side, breaking it's legs and blocking with a shield.

Option B. Smack it where we think it's gonads are with glowitus.

Option C. Kick and break one leg, while smacking gonads with glowitus!

...gonads...just wanted to say it again.
No. 611122 ID: 345446
File 141848484444.jpg - (329.75KB , 1080x1080 , page48.jpg )

A valiant dodge! You deftly perform a combat maneuver, using the force of your body's momentum to put more power behind your strike. You take some damage from the tail's quick strikes near your shoulder, but the trade was worth it.

The scorpion-tailed crustacean is knocked off its high stance, and has a leg taken with it. It is crippled, and badly wounded!
No. 611128 ID: 3c17ca

press the advance, climb the beast, and rip off it's tail!
No. 611133 ID: e75545

Go on the defensive.
It's going to be flailing a lot now.
No. 611141 ID: 534cc4

Get in close but defend, this way you can counter when it stops thrashing.
No. 611161 ID: 345446
File 141849669774.jpg - (389.94KB , 1080x1080 , page49.jpg )

You close in with your shell raised, the creature's sharp limbs scraping and clacking madly like a spoon rapping on a lobster. Even with the sturdiness of your stalwart shield, its durability is definitely being tested. Maybe surfing on rocks with it was not the best idea, (but it was still radical, so totally worth it).
No. 611164 ID: 687279

No. 611176 ID: 534cc4

No. 611425 ID: 878f10

No. 611648 ID: 345446
File 141858522106.jpg - (335.57KB , 1080x1080 , page50.jpg )

No. 611650 ID: 345446
File 141858598059.jpg - (269.07KB , 1080x1080 , page51.jpg )

No. 611656 ID: 345446
File 141858694293.jpg - (395.65KB , 1080x1080 , page52.jpg )

You get the idea.
No. 611667 ID: 534cc4


Get some serious GROOOWWWTTHH and then loot the corpse for anything you can use. Maybe it had a small treasure trove of stuff stashed somewhere.
No. 611687 ID: 2ec61a

burrow roots into carcass
No. 612189 ID: 34e91b

Take the stinger and upgrade your stick! or maybe make yourself some some wicked exoskeleton armor!
No. 612363 ID: 345446
File 141873992911.jpg - (546.56KB , 1080x1080 , page53.jpg )

Wh-what? What is this? This power! You feel the tide and flow of time, the size of your hugeness is too much to handle! You are becoming one with the universe!
No. 612364 ID: 345446
File 141874017465.jpg - (313.22KB , 1080x1080 , page54.jpg )

Just kidding. You just got bigger.

Your head accessory has revealed itself to be a Water Lily! You've unlocked a new ability:

"Terror Shriek!" - Your GROWTH path evolves a latent ability to instill the fear of the deep unknown in your enemies. Most potent underwater, it causes the attacker to see visions of terrible sea creatures with huge teeth and crushing tentacles! Aboveground, it will make your enemies feel as if possibly thousands of seabirds are nagging them for salinated oily snacks! How horrifying!

Also, you feel pretty.
No. 612366 ID: 534cc4

Cool, totally gonna use that a lot. Any fine loot?

Let's also make use of its shell for reinforcing our gear.
No. 612367 ID: 345446
File 141874165809.jpg - (310.14KB , 1080x1080 , page55.jpg )

Burrowing your roots inside of it would probably not be healthy for you - you make use of whatever small crevasses in the rocks you can find. It won't provide much, but it'll do for the night.

It'll take you a while to make some effective weaponry and armor, but your GROWTH should make it simpler. Sadly, your previous equipment is getting too small for you. Your stick might only be good for carrying Glowitus for you now, and the shell defender is not much of a tower shield anymore.

There's a few items you can probably whip up from the beast, though.

Stinger Spear, Crab Leg Sword, Spiky Chitin Fists, Crustacean Clubber, in addition to possibly some smaller sharp objects for throwing and tool use. You can probably make one of these, and the smaller tools in a short while.

Armor: Crusty Helm, Shell Gauntlets, Crabplate, Crab Shell Defender (Round, Medium, or Tower)

You could make all of them or only a few, but it'll take more time for fitting and shaping.

Additionally, the meat may come in handy for something. You get no sustenance from meat, you are purely a nutrients-and-sunlight kinda plant, but that doesn't mean everything else is.
No. 612368 ID: a7abf7

make the tower shield, the spear and the club; then full armor set
No. 612370 ID: 345446
File 141874466091.jpg - (337.89KB , 1080x1080 , crabscorpionarmorset.jpg )

You bide your time, recuperating from your adventures with a solid feeding, your roots digging deeper in to the stone for what little bits of nourishment you can find, stepping outside from time to time to get some sun.

The endless cycles of day and night pass by, and you've finally finished the armor set. Not bad for your first try. You even got creative and used the blood as paint.

You're not too sure how you even knew how to make things - it just kind of came to you in a brief moment of clarity, like some sort of...Fey Mood.

The mood has passed, however, and you're all set to continue your journey. It's light enough to maneuver in water in, but too heavy to effectively swim.
No. 612371 ID: 3c17ca

Tower shield, and a bad ass stinger spear. we should fashion a back pack or single sling carrier bag for meat. What of glowitus, what say you glowing friend? Let us listen close and well for his wisdom is sage and esoteric. What of the cosmos little friend?
No. 612372 ID: 3c17ca

attach Glowitus to the spear. Our most steadfast ally craves battle and glory! Goodbye stick and old shield, we would remember you fondly if not for the fact that you were already forgotten.
No. 612374 ID: 8f33e0

cool, time to explore, then!
No. 612803 ID: b340a6

Time to strut your stuff!
look out, world!
No. 612875 ID: f461c5

Glowitus used to light the way.

And take of its flesh, that your enemies might be distracted by it, and not take of your flesh.
No. 612893 ID: 534cc4

Wade into the deep and hunt creatures to prove your strength!

(Also look for a good place underwater where you can store your stuff and safely sleep, maybe a spot to 'build' a home.)
No. 615572 ID: 345446
File 141960908592.jpg - (418.77KB , 1080x1080 , page56.jpg )

What say you, Glowitus? Stalwart companion, silent slayer of crustaceans?

...You're not sure what those funny stringy pictures mean, but you feel inspired by Glowitus' conviction anyway.
No. 615575 ID: 01f35a

Oh great, glowitus wants to kill. Or bathe in the blood of your enemies.
No. 615576 ID: 345446
File 141961121016.jpg - (418.68KB , 1080x1080 , page57.jpg )

You leave behind your stick and shell, their visages scarred and cracked from valiant battle. Though your time together was short, you honor your fallen comrades with a proper memorial - of themselves.

Clothed and armed in the hard, spiky flesh of your enemy, you ready for the journey in to the deep.
No. 615593 ID: 345446
File 141961641765.jpg - (597.31KB , 1080x1080 , page58.jpg )

The journey in to the depths begin! There are many creatures to best here.

A seaweed forest lays below you. The entrance is sparsely populated with the wet greenery, and is flooded with zounds of fishy swarms minding their own business, feasting on the sea plants.

Herbivorous creatures are vile monsters to all plantkind.
No. 615601 ID: 9b35bd

The crusade begins now.
Pass beyond the forest and slay those that stand before your mandragorian might.
No. 616309 ID: 3c17ca

Peace was never an option!Hear the drumbeat of your sap pounding in your not ears! They view you as food do they? Perhaps you shall nourish your roots in the rot of their carcasses! ONWARD TO WAR! Glowitus, watch our backs!
No. 624437 ID: 345446
File 142357978863.jpg - (493.33KB , 1080x1080 , page59.jpg )

(It's gonna take me a couple updates or so to get used to the style again, so please bear with me.)
A small scouting group of fish with strange face stingers approach. A peace delegate perhaps? There's an awful lot of them. You have your spear at the ready.
No. 624438 ID: dccc95

Spear in front. But don't stab unless they bite first. Fish are often curious.
No. 624440 ID: 345446
File 142358358647.jpg - (586.74KB , 1080x1080 , page60.jpg )

You test your grip on your spear with a weighted jostle of your arm as one of the fish approach. It waggles its purplish appendages at you. You waggle your purple-bluish appendage back.

It seems just as perplexed about your existence as you are of it.
No. 624442 ID: f61b8d

Wow, we are one murderous plant.

This is still somewhat foreboding, as their curiosity would naturally lead them to discover that we are food.
No. 624444 ID: dccc95

Perhaps they do not eat plant.
Touch fish.
No. 624507 ID: 82efdc

If they got those whiskers, does that make them some kind of catfish? They're more opportunistic bottom feeders than plant munchers, I think.
No. 624514 ID: d958ad

No. 624515 ID: 330ce5

If we attack one the others will get angry, avoid combat for the moment.
No. 624869 ID: 345446
File 142377508135.jpg - (526.84KB , 1080x1080 , page61.jpg )

Either idea could be true. You know nothing of these fishy felined-faced beings other than they swim.

Surely not everything in this world is a huge, murderous assh- Oh.


Your kneejerk reaction to murder freaky things is always an option. This counts as one of those times.
No. 624879 ID: d958ad

Shield bash then try to stab the inner eye.
No. 624897 ID: e5d9a4

Use that terror shriek yo
No. 624907 ID: 3c17ca

seek wisdom. GLOWITUS! HEED OUR SUMMONS AND DIRECT OUR ARM! Peace or War, it matters not!

If it be war, a mighty forward thrust into it's eye, and then rip it in half, all fucking god of war style.

If it is guided by peace...a mighty forward thrust into it's eye, and then rip it in half, all fucking god of war style.
No. 624918 ID: 189a54

But what if this is just its way of communicating? If you attack before it's clearly trying to harm you you may miss out on a chance to form an alliance with an legion of freaky sea beasts.
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