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File 141724488992.jpg - (719.95KB , 2048x1536 , image.jpg )
606437 No. 606437 ID: a81751

I'm a Ditto, and the most popular guy at the daycare. My trainer has been gone for years...leaving me here to breed with whoever I want. I can get any piece of PokeAss I want...but I'm a bit tired of it. None of the girls I breed with actually interest me. They're just pretty. When will I find the one true mate? I heard that a new Pokemon was moving in today...I wonder if they'll be anyone worth investigating.
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No. 606439 ID: 4c5cf2

You just do the girls? You do realize you're a ditto. You're agendered. You're perfectly capable of breeding the poke-dudes too, if you need to mix things up.

But if you're looking for something more than a one-off, I suppose it couldn't hurt to go meet the newcomers.
No. 606440 ID: 2ec61a

can't hurt to try.
No. 606441 ID: 98c63e

Investigate new pokemon.
No. 606448 ID: 6d4898

You have been in the daycare since a couple weeks after christmas 2000!

Since it is now the year of the snake or something, maybe someone will have left a phallicimagery snake pokemon
No. 606449 ID: b77899
File 141724731266.jpg - (790.45KB , 2048x1536 , image.jpg )


Well hey! Turns out you were right, to some degree. It's a nice-looking Dragonair! She looks confused and kinda lost...
No. 606450 ID: 6d4898

She won't want to talk to a pink pile of jelly.

Turn into a male snake pokemon.
Wait no, a female snake pokemon. You don't want her to feel threatened and hit on right off the bat.
No. 606456 ID: 256d52

What no, everyone loves jelly.

Ooze over here and introduce yourself. Offer to show her around.
No. 606457 ID: 2ec61a

introduce yourself. and ask if she heard anything from her trainer before being dropped off.
No. 606458 ID: 71f34b
File 141724880554.jpg - (841.79KB , 2048x1536 , image.jpg )


Right. Best not intimidate her on the first day. What's the girliest Pokemon you can think of? Milotic? Alright. Snakelady is a go.

I walk up to the Dragonair and greet her. "Welcome! You look a bit lost."

"Yeah...I just arrived. I don't really know anyone..." She whispers.
No. 606459 ID: 2ec61a

tell her you will be happy to show her around. and introduce her to some mons you know.
No. 606460 ID: 6d4898

Tell her you'll introduce her to some of your friends, like Nightcrawler the shiny Abra and PinkyandThebrain, the Slowking. Um, you feel like it's important she not make direct eyecontact with that one pokemon who just kind of sits behind the berry plants all day, acting like no one can hear it when he rattles the bushes. . .
No. 606472 ID: e2bcf3
File 141725106474.jpg - (858.34KB , 2048x1536 , image.jpg )

"Well I'd be happy to show you around!"

"Oh thank you...but first...is there any food around or...?"

"Yep, we have a nice berry garden over there by the fence!"

"Wonderful!" The Dragonair slithers over ahead of you. She had a nice body...not much of a butt, but then again not all Pokemon do!
No. 606477 ID: 2ec61a

say you can't help but notice her horn is chipped. it's not causing her any discomfort is it?
No. 606480 ID: 386885
File 141725238517.jpg - (706.88KB , 2048x1536 , image.jpg )

"Oh sorry to bring this up, but it seems your horn is a bit cracked...does it hurt at all? I wouldn't want you to be uncomfortable..."

Ah yes. This is why I'm so popular. My words are as smooth as a Porygon2's ass.

"Oh this is an old wound...it hurts a bit, but I'm used to it by now." She takes a bite of berry.
No. 606484 ID: e6fcea

I'd say jagged as a Porygon's ass. Not cool asking such personal things so soon after meeting.

Chit-chat, get to know the gal. And probably reveal your true self sooner rather than later; being honest isn't a bad thing. Unless past experience tells otherwise.
No. 606485 ID: 047a0e
File 141725342102.jpg - (623.35KB , 2048x1536 , image.jpg )


Ouch...alright yeah, small chit chat...

"My name's Ditto, by the way." My trainer never really gave me a nickname...

"Oh! A Ditto! Sorry for not realizing earlier...you're a very skilled Ditto. My name's Valy. My trainer left me here to evolve while they go off on their own. You?"

"My trainer left me here years ago...I barely even remember them."

"Oh dear I'm so sorry...I bet you get to meet plenty of wonderful Pokemon."

Speaking of which, a few are trying to flag me down by the pond...but I'm in the middle of a conversation...I should just ignore them.
No. 606486 ID: 2ec61a

invite her along. if they can't say it in front of her, then it isn't important.
No. 606488 ID: 6d4898

It could be Slippy the Politoad! He's a very important customer (or she? You're not sure, his voice is hella high pitched), best not keep him waiting, if its him.

Or maybe it's Tavros the Tauros? Or Creeper the Eletrode. Creeper the Electrode is the guy not to make eyecontact with, maybe? You're flustered and can't remember.
No. 606490 ID: e6fcea

Business before pleasure. Unless whoever they are want to breed, they ain't more important than getting the new blood comfortable being around here.

If they do want to breed, consider politely excusing yourself and say you got work to do, but will meet up with her later if she wants.
No. 606491 ID: 386885
File 141725444969.jpg - (721.05KB , 2048x1602 , image.jpg )


It's neither. But Slippy has been giving me weird looks..might as well introduce the new girl in town. I take Valy over to Lux and Zzz. Unfortunate name her trainer gave her...

"Hey hot stuff...can't get enough action with just us?" Lux winked at me. It was obvious they both were ready to bang at the drop of a hat.

"Why not play with me instead? We'll have a nice nap afterwards, zzz~" Zzz grinned at me, her hips swaying from side to side.

"I can leave if you want..." Offered Valy.
No. 606495 ID: e6fcea

Assert that you were trying to help Valy get her bearings around the daycare. That you as one, if not the, oldest blob around the block find it the responsible thing to do.

Might impress them to say that, unless it is bullshit that Lux and Zzz can call you out on.

Either way don't try and spoil and pamper the new girl too much, but don't let the libido of the old girls get out of hand either.
No. 606496 ID: 6d4898

Que no las dos (o tres)?

Or maybe a threesome would be too off putting for Vally, even if she just gets to watch. Not everyone is in to watching or threesomes or fourgies.
No. 606501 ID: 71f34b
File 141725611153.jpg - (687.10KB , 2048x1536 , image.jpg )

"Hey, I'd love to hang out but I gotta show the new gal around first! I'm probably the oldest one here, so it's my responsibility."

"Yeah, ok..." Lux grumbles.

LUX and ZZZ are suspicious.

VALY is somewhat endeared.

I take Valy over by the other fence. "Hey sorry about those guys. They're a bit blunt."

"Ah it's ok~ I understand. I have no idea what you actually look like, but I'm sure that plenty of Pokemon like you."

Alright, what should I show her? There's not much here but open space, a pond, a tiny playground and fence.
No. 606505 ID: 2ec61a

head down to the pond. after a while ask if she really wants to see the real you. if so then change back to normal so she can get a good look at you. then change back again.
No. 606510 ID: 44f38a

Yeah take her down to the pond and ask if she wants to go for a swim together. You could show off your true form briefly and then try to impress by turning into an agile Greninja or something.

Explain a bit about what happens around here and what you do for fun... How long does she expect she'll be staying?
No. 606513 ID: e6fcea

Might want to consider trying to smooth things over with Lux and Zzz later, once you're done showing Valy around. Wouldn't want any ill will take root and grow among the girls. Or towards you.

I concur with these folks; the pond might be something she might like. Might not hurt to ask if she'd prefer you as is or all natural. While shapeshifting is a neat trick, I am not sure about using it to show off or decieve others, unless necessary.
No. 606557 ID: 4c5cf2

I smell a flash mule.
No. 606562 ID: 3d6e79
File 141728657765.jpg - (690.05KB , 2264x1534 , image.jpg )

I'll take her over to the pond. Dragonair seem like they'd be the type to dig that sort of thing.

"Oh what a cute little pond!" Valy immediately slides in, smiling. "It's so wonderful!"

"Oh hey, before I forget, I should probably show you what I look like." I transform back into my normal self.

VALY is delighted.

"Oh you look so handsome! I'm touched that you trust me enough to reveal your true self. Can you transform into anything? What's the coolest thing you can turn into?"
No. 606563 ID: a2f9bc

No. 606564 ID: b00646

Turn into a dragonair, turn on the charm all the way up
No. 606568 ID: e6fcea

If you have it in you, turning into a ~Legendary~ would probably be pretty cool. Or if you're the "so fahnny joek" kinda guy, turn into an Ice-type. Articuno or Regice for wombo combo.

The extra cheesy option would be to turn into a Dragonite, but that feels like it'd pander a little too much, and might be taken the wrong way. If not by Valy, then perhaps by others around the daycare.
No. 606569 ID: 4ba39a
File 141728763619.jpg - (619.13KB , 2048x1536 , image.jpg )


I transform myself into a Dragonair!

VALY is amazed!

"Wow! It's like looking in a mirror...so cool!"

Hehe, she's digging it.

"By the way, how long are you gonna be staying here?" I ask.

"Until I evolve. My trainer will stop by every now and again to check on me...but until I turn into a Dragonite I'm stuck here."
No. 606572 ID: 6cb462

Transform into a Dragonite. Give her a preview of what she will become.
No. 606574 ID: 37aa84

Tell her you're surprised trainers still use this place for training purposes. Most just do the training themselves and use the day care for egg collecting.
No. 606575 ID: 986fa4
File 141729095798.jpg - (689.05KB , 2048x1670 , image.jpg )

"It's kind of surprising people use the Daycare for training purposes anymore."

"What do you mean?"

"Well...nowadays...people use the Daycare for more uh...procreative purposes!"

VALY is flustered!


"That's right~ Why don't we put this Daycare to good use!" It's Sam the Dewott! Her trainer put her here to pop out baby Oshawotts. She's got a mean libido.

"Ditch this drab Dragonair and deal a doozy with this Dewott!"
No. 606576 ID: 9b35bd

Turn into a drilbur or something and just paff her on the head condescendingly.
No. 606579 ID: e6fcea

I wouldn't try and upset the other girls just because there is a new one around you've taken a fancy for. Would just sour things unecessarily, especially if Lavy here doesn't turn out to be the girl of your dreams.

And if this keeps up you might have to excuse yourself from Lavy's company, if only to make sure you don't end up with a 'backlog' of horny 'mons that keeps piling on and on.

Perhaps now is the time to excuse yourself, let Lavy explore a little on her own, while you deal with your 'duties'.
No. 606584 ID: bb78f2

Oshawatt, can I just please be left alone for a bit so I can introduce her to the environment? You're not making a good first impression, she's going to be here for a while, so we should be getting to know each other to get along.

Tell Vary that you've actually got tons of kids because a lot of pokemon like using your ditto abilities to make more kids. Even though ditto breeding has... complications when husbandry is involved. Sometimes these complications are good, but some are also bad.
No. 606585 ID: bb78f2

Oh, hey, ditto man, you're genderless so do the dudes bug you much either? You can technically make an egg from anybody except yourself.
No. 606586 ID: 4c5cf2

Geeze, can't a guy catch a break? Honestly, you're kind of bored of sleeping with everything. Kinda nice to have someone to talk to, for once.
No. 606587 ID: 9b57d3

Tell her not to be rude to the newcomer. She's not drab, you think she's pretty. But hey, introduce them to eachother. Valy's gonna be here for a while so she should probably try to get along with the others.

At some point today you may have to excuse yourself and... attend to the needy, so to speak.
No. 606601 ID: 699beb
File 141729910857.jpg - (648.75KB , 2048x1536 , image.jpg )

"Hey, be nice. I'm not gonna just drop this conversation and breed with you."

SAM is offended.

"Ugh! I'm not gonna be nice to a pleb like her! Why are you even wasting your time on her, anyways?"

"I'll talk to you later, ok?" I try and reason with the hormonal Dewott.

"Fine, just don't expect much out of this Dragonair, she looks too pure to belong here."
No. 606602 ID: 9b57d3

Ask her if she's ever bred with anyone before.
No. 606603 ID: 4c5cf2

>Fine, just don't expect much out of this Dragonair, she looks too pure to belong here.
You're not too broken up over that. All everyone around here seems to want to do is breed. Someone with less of a one track mind is a nice change of pace.
No. 606604 ID: 37aa84

Check how Vala's reacting to that little outburst. Is there anyform you could take that others wouldn't recognize who you really were. They seem to have no trouble telling it's you but if you could just somehow truly disguise yourself you could have a more peaceful chat while showing Vala around.
No. 606605 ID: e6fcea

Keep this up and a lot of bridges will be burning in no time, Ditto.

Might be too early to straight up ask Valy if she have or is interested in the whole breeding business.

>she looks too pure to belong here
Is -everyone- around here fixated on romping all the time or something? It is one of the more desired features of a daycare I guess, but this is getting silly.
No. 606606 ID: 37aa84

Don't worry about the bridges, a few weeks from now every poke that's here will be gone and replaced with all new faces, except he'll still be here. Wow that sounds kinda depressing once I typed it out.
No. 606608 ID: 630070
File 141730061994.jpg - (779.93KB , 2048x1536 , image.jpg )


This entire Daycare isn't centered around romping, no. But for some reason that's what a majority of Pokemon do. Not all, of course. I wonder...

"Say, Valy, would you be interested in trying to breed?"

VALY is embarrassed.

"Oh...! Me? I...suppose I've always wanted to try it but I don't think anyone would like me enough to try...I don't even have limbs!"
No. 606612 ID: 256d52

That's OK, you don't either!
No. 606613 ID: 37aa84

Neither does Ekans, Arbok, Onix, Steelix, Starmie, Staryu, Seviper, Grimer, Muk, Ghastely, Milotic, or any of the various fish shaped pokemon and that's just off the top of my head.
No. 606617 ID: e6fcea

At this point, might as well go ahead and woo the fair lady. Moderation be damned. You're no doubt experienced enough to make her first time a memorable one, and being a Ditto you can be anything she'd like you to be. And currently, you got no arms just like her!

That is a bit depressing alright.
No. 606618 ID: 2aa080

Daayyymn Do all these girls see you as just a dick to ride?
No. 606622 ID: b77899
File 141730195564.jpg - (907.78KB , 2048x1536 , image.jpg )


I slide into the water next to her, coiling around her sensually.

"Hey, I don't have arms either...why not try it out? I can be whatever you want..."

"O-Oh my...I don't know...are you sure this is ok?"

VALY is hesitant.

I can smell the pheromones coming off of her though, it's clear that some part of her wants this. I can also feel the glares I'm getting from the other Pokemon...but I'll deal with them later.
No. 606623 ID: 2ec61a

"of course, but this is about what you want."
No. 606626 ID: 37aa84

Would I have asked if it wasn't?
No. 606627 ID: 9b57d3

Well, it might cause trouble if you do it now. You've been blowing off the others to talk to her, and if they feel she is in the way of their satisfaction they could make her life painful.

Why don't you put it off for a little longer? Let her think about the possibility, and next time the two of you are alone, perhaps she will be all the more eager for it, and you won't have to worry about being interrupted.
No. 606628 ID: 9dd1ee

tell he it's alright if she doesn't want too, you just keep talking, or maybe do some training
No. 606629 ID: e6fcea

I'm with this guy, naturally. Suggest that she can think it over for a while, there is no rush. And unless Valy wants to do it right now, then you might be able to deal with the other girls now.
No. 606631 ID: 4c5cf2

Don't rush her into it!

>is it okay?
Of course. If you want. *peck*
No. 606634 ID: 630070
File 141730388499.jpg - (821.95KB , 2047x1880 , image.jpg )

VALY pulls away.

"I'm...sorry but I think we should take it slow..."

"Oh, that's perfectly fine. It was merely an offer. We certainly don't have to!"

That's the first time I've ever been rejected...she's different...interesting.

"I'm going to explore a bit more. Feel free to do other things while I'm wandering!" Valy climbs out of the pond and slithers off.
No. 606635 ID: 37aa84

She rejected you and went elsewhere. Give her her space for now. So who's first to offer to help you feel better?
No. 606636 ID: 9b57d3

I think it's time to attend to your admirers, and come to some agreement about Valy. Tell them that anyone that picks on Valy will get nothing from you, and you would prefer it if your time together was uninterrupted, but she is not going to monopolize your time, so they shouldn't worry.

Or do you think there's a possibility she wants a monogamous relationship? Is there even such a thing in Daycare?
No. 606643 ID: 6d4898

Don't make this out to be some kind of competition! All pokemon are beautiful in their own way ucu
You should listen to your instincts and let them guide you to your first coupling of the day. Instincts never lie.

(I vote Zzz just cause she's the fattest) feel free to make her fatter
No. 606661 ID: 5d2f8c

(honestly I like the Eevee at the start and Zzz as the best ummm... distraction choices)

There are other males here right? Any chance that some of them might try to start something with Valy? Now might be a good time to lay a claim down. (to keep them from bothering her first of course)
No. 606696 ID: 53688c

Or just go ahead and 'distract' the males now so they'll be too tired and satisfied to bother her.
You are a ditto after all.
No. 606699 ID: 37aa84

You know I'm starting to feel a little offended that some here think that just because dittos have no true gender they all have to be bisexual. Do only people with defined genders get to have specific preferences for the gender of their sexual partners?
No. 606705 ID: 9b57d3

All Dittos mate with all genders in the game. They can even mate with other genderless pokemon. So it's not as if they're bisexual, even, more like pansexual. There's no indication sexual preference is even a thing amongst pokemon in the games, merely rules for what pairings can produce an egg.

On the other hand this particular Ditto has only expressed interest in breeding with girls. So this interpretation of the pokemon world probably includes sexual preference, and our Ditto has a thing for girls.
No. 606706 ID: 330ce5

Fly around a bit, choose a form that pleasant.
No. 606708 ID: 53688c

The assumption of pansexuality wasn't based on gender (or lack thereof) at all, but on the source material in which ditto is specifically designed for breeding with all pokemon, regardless of any other characteristics.
No. 606729 ID: 0eaf76
File 141731970269.jpg - (1.00MB , 3264x1510 , image.jpg )

Are there other males that would steal my girls? Well yeah but they always ask first. So we don't have to worry about that.

Well now that Valy's gone I can take care of other Pokemon.

Should I go find Zzz, Sam or Lux?
No. 606731 ID: a19cd5

>Go get all 3
the whole point is to get them all together, what better way?
No. 606734 ID: 37aa84

Sam was a total bitch when you turned her down so fuck her, er I mean don't fuck her I guess, I say Lux was looking mighty fine.
No. 606743 ID: 53688c

Lux seemed like she had it going on. Voting for her.

Zzz is a fine second choice, but for sure don't go with Sam.
No. 606749 ID: 9b57d3

From a utilitarian standpoint I think you should take Sam on to quiet her down, keep her from bothering you later. Lux is A-OK though.
No. 606753 ID: 0eaf76
File 141732090034.jpg - (871.54KB , 2047x1842 , image.jpg )

I guess Lux was pretty kickin'! I'll ask her if she'd like to take up the offer. I go over to Lux, as my normal form.

"Ah! Ditto...glad you could show up~"

"Yeah...I made a bit of time for you~ you still up for a bit of action today?"

"I was afraid you'd never ask!"

Lux gets down on all fours, shaking her booty at you.
No. 606758 ID: 4754ce

Tap it, clearly.
No. 606761 ID: 37aa84

Now what form do we go with. How about Ampharos?
No. 606762 ID: 9b57d3

I was not expecting this. Oh well here we go.

No. 606766 ID: 0eaf76
File 141732158012.jpg - (706.47KB , 2048x1536 , image.jpg )

And then I fucked her.

"Ah Arceus yes! Deeper! Harder! Ahhn!"


I have successfully bred with LUX!
No. 606773 ID: 37aa84

With that over with let's check out what's going on at that playground you mentioned earlier, or we could go see Zzz instead, either is fine.
No. 606777 ID: 9b57d3

That's more like what I was expecting.

How long do you think until Sam gets up in your grill again? Do you have to make an effort not to completely envelop her tiny form when you do her?

Stick around with Lux a bit and ask her how everybody's doing.
No. 606781 ID: 0eaf76
File 141732272315.jpg - (908.45KB , 2048x1536 , image.jpg )

"Ahhh that was good..." I sigh, leaning back beside Lux.

"Mmmhmm~ you're the reason I can't breed with anyone else anymore, hehe. Nobody's as good as you."

"Hmm, anything new going on in the daycare?" I peer over by the playground, watching the baby Pokemon play around.

"Not really. But if I were you l'd stay away from Druddigon over there. She just had a few eggs, doesn't want anyone near them..."
No. 606783 ID: 37aa84

Is something up with that Pichu in the back? Looks like it's running from something.
No. 606786 ID: 2ec61a

that looks like a playing tag run.
No. 606787 ID: 9b57d3

Confide in her you're getting pretty interested in Valy. She's a fighting pokemon here to evolve, does she know if there's any trick to helping other pokemon train and reach their next evolution?

Oooor maybe one of the pokemon here knows a move that can heal her horn? That'd be a nice gift.
No. 606788 ID: bb78f2

Who's the Dad?
No. 606796 ID: 0eaf76
File 141732423028.jpg - (959.29KB , 2048x1536 , image.jpg )

"Who's the Dad?"


Ahhh that fuckbucket. Chomper was basically the only other male here that could hold a candle to your record of girls bred. He's an aggressive Garchomp that doesn't take no for an answer.

"Heh, shoulda known. Oh, can I confess something, Lux?"

"Sure thing, hot stuff."

"I think...I might try and settle down with Valy, the Dragonair."

"Really? You like her that much? I hope it's not cuz she rejected you."

"No, no...she's really sweet. And I want to help her train up. Do you know how I could do that?"

"Hell, we're surrounded by Pokemon. Have her participate in a few friendly battles. That's what most people do."

"Oh...right. And about her broken horn...know anyone who can fix that?"

"I can't help you there, sorry."
No. 606799 ID: 9b57d3

>doesn't take no for an answer
Hang on, you said the other males ask you first and we didn't have to worry about Valy. Does this just mean he aggressively pursues women?

I don't suppose she knows anyone who's willing to take Sam off your hands?
No. 606801 ID: 2ec61a

keep an eye on him. don't want him forcing Valy to do something she doesn't want.
No. 606809 ID: 0eaf76
File 141732573257.jpg - (759.76KB , 2056x1535 , image.jpg )


Well, that was a lie. Most other guys do ask me first...but Chomper just takes what he wants. I have to keep him in check most of the time...

"Hey, know anyone willing to take Sam off my back?"

"Hahah, no one wants that crazy otter!"

You hear a loud crash near the playground.

"What the hell is that?" Lux grumbles.
No. 606810 ID: 2ec61a

check it out.
No. 606812 ID: 0eaf76
File 141732631818.jpg - (0.99MB , 2048x1536 , image.jpg )

"What? What is it?"

"Ohohoho~ looks like dragon lady got a little too close to a certain dragon mommy~"

Druddigon is on top of Valy, roaring.


"I didn't! I was just admiring them! I swear I didn't mean anything by it!"

No. 606813 ID: 4754ce

Intervene. Intervene now.
No. 606815 ID: b00646

Intervene, get between the two, try to distance Valy while calming down Druddigon as best you can
No. 606816 ID: 2ec61a

if she refuses to calm down then redirect her anger, provoke her and turn into something fairy type so she can't hurt you.
No. 606818 ID: 0eaf76
File 141732742126.jpg - (968.79KB , 2048x1536 , image.jpg )


Right! I gotta protect Valy! I jump in between the two, glaring at Druddigon.

"Hey! Let's all calm down now..."

"HA! Using your stupid loverboy to protect you?! YOU'RE A DRAGONAIR, FIGHT!!!"

Valy cowers behind me, shivering.

"Druddigon, she didn't mean any harm...she was just being friendly!"

"Friendly doesn't protect families...! I'LL SLAUGHTER YOU IF I CAN'T SLAUGHTER HER!"

Druddigon is initiating a battle!
No. 606819 ID: bb78f2

Unacceotable, this is a daycare! You do NOT kill pokemon here. You want the breeders to put you down and take your eggs away from you?
No. 606820 ID: 330ce5

Turn into something big, not threatening I remember so type of golem Pokémon but I can't remember its name.
No. 606821 ID: 2ec61a

become an Aromatisse. spam disarming voice.
No. 606822 ID: b00646

Go Jigglypuff, use Sing
No. 606823 ID: 0eaf76
File 141732840545.jpg - (826.55KB , 2048x1536 , image.jpg )

>Transform into Aromatisse!


>Druddigon used Slash!

"Woah! Careful there! Don't uproot the plants!"

>Use Disarming Voice!

No. 606832 ID: a19cd5

keep it up, go clefairy and sing
No. 606833 ID: 2ec61a

lead her towards the open place you battle in. hit her just to keep her attention.
No. 606840 ID: 6d4898

I don't know aromatisse's movesAHuahsuh

Maybe you can entice her to feel like cuddling instead of fighting, somehow!
No. 606845 ID: 6cb462

Man, where is the Daycare man and lady? Seems like they are not doing a good job taking care of you guys. Perhaps they are more interested in taking the pokemons' eggs to their trainers. Druddigon should be more worried about them taking her eggs than being distracted by this.

Sorry, just rambling. Sing your little heart out and put her to sleep.
No. 606846 ID: 25b17e

She's highly territorial. Just get the Dragonair to move away hand run away yourself.
No. 606902 ID: 1b0915

Does anyone else hear the battle theme in their heads right now?

Point out to her that while she's fighting you, her eggs are unguarded.
No. 607003 ID: 0eaf76
File 141737136042.jpg - (1.03MB , 2048x1536 , image.jpg )

>You transform into a Clefairy.

Before I get the chance to unleash Sing, Chomper jumps in front of me, roaring.


"Agh! But I...that foul Dragonair she--"


"N-No, sir..."

Druddigon slumped back to the nest, whimpering.

Druddigon walked over to Valy, picking her up.

"Are you alright, my dear?"

"Ah...yes I'm fine...she didn't hurt me at all I was just frightened." Valy admitted, bowing her head.
No. 607015 ID: 4754ce

That guy's a rat. Go alpha mode, don't let him woo her.
No. 607019 ID: 2ec61a

"oh ho, i see there is more to you then just some noise. thank you for the assist."
No. 607118 ID: 07a835

I think his behavior is obvious. Ask him if he really thinks he's got a chance of wooing her after that display of spousal abuse.
No. 607408 ID: 1a57d2
File 141745074065.jpg - (756.42KB , 2326x1534 , image.jpg )

"Hey! Get outta here, Chomper!" He looks at me, scowling. "What does the purple turd want today?" I puff out my cheeks. "She's not gonna hang around a brute like you!"

"Ahaha, she's fine~ I'll be able to protect her~" Valy hides her face behind her tail. "Ditto was valiant as well..."

"Aha! What did he do? He only made things worse!"
No. 607409 ID: 37aa84

Oh, how did I make things worse, by not intimidating her into doing whatever I wanted without question? To one of your mates too.
No. 607415 ID: 4ba39a
File 141745219405.jpg - (799.34KB , 2215x1534 , image.jpg )

"How did I make it worse? By not abusing my mate?" Chomper chuckled, clutching Valy close. "Abusing? Oh no no no...it's just a bit of forceful submission...needs to learn her place."

"Ah...I don't--" Valy is cut off by Chomper stroking her face with his claw.
No. 607416 ID: e6e219

Her place? And what exactly is her place? Cowering in fear from someone she should trust more than anyone? What sort of relationship is that?
No. 607418 ID: 37aa84

Tell Chopper to get his claws off her and ask Valy what it is she wants to say.
No. 607421 ID: 07a835

Ask Valy. Is that what she wants?
No. 607424 ID: 699beb
File 141745393276.jpg - (598.63KB , 2047x1826 , image.jpg )

"Her place? Someone like you should treat her with respect you know...she shouldn't have to learn anything!"

Chomper waved an uncaring claw. "Bahh, Spoinkwash." I turn to Valy, reaching out a blobby arm. "What did you want to say?"

The Dragonair shook her head, squirming out of Chomper's grip. "Oh I...I was just saying how I don't really think that you should treat Pokemon that way..." She ducked her head, trying to hide. Chomper shrugged, a stupid grin still on his face. "Oh dearie, if you were with me I'd never treat you that way. You're much prettier than she is..." Valy shoots you a look, as if she was asking for you to get her away from him.
No. 607430 ID: 37aa84

Turn into a Koffing and just dump a load of smokescreen everywhere.
No. 607437 ID: 4c5cf2

Tell Chomper he's trying to hard. Like, way too hard.
No. 607486 ID: 07a835

Tell Chomper you call dibs. Then escort her off somewhere else. Preferably somewhere that has pokemon that like sparring. She needs to get stronger!

Oh, and I have a plan for when she becomes a Dragonite and her trainer comes to pick her up. Become a Dragonite yourself, as close in appearance as possible to her. Then the trainer won't be able to tell who their pokemon is, and optimally they'd have to take BOTH of you. You can work with Valy to get your mannerisms and knowledge down perfectly so that you can fool the trainer.

Well, another alternative is for her to just never become a Dragonite. It depends on if she wants that. Pokemon can prevent their own evolution, right?
No. 607527 ID: 72f29a

What happened to that Froslass from earlier? Is she a lot of fun and Do you get on well? Beckon her over, transform yourself into another Froslass and make sure he loses track of which one you are. Then join forces to play mindgames on Chomper. Flirt, make subtle threats and see if you can turn the tables on him. Poetic revenge and all that. See how weak he really is to ice...
No. 607536 ID: 2ec61a

what level are you? you have been here forever. so probably really high. could you kick his ass if you become a garchomp yourself? if so then do it. transform and say "i challenge you to a battle, meet me in the ring"

if you aren't sure you could win as a garchomp then still challenge him.
No. 607590 ID: c3a49f

Knock over his cabbage cart
No. 607597 ID: f5baae

Make an effort to communicate that she is yours and yours alone. Of course, you're nicer than that so you're not actually serious. If this works out, just explain to Valy that you didn't mean it.
No. 607599 ID: 37aa84

Whoa their buddy, we are not some kind of monster, pocket or otherwise. What kind of unmannered ruffians would savage a man's vegetable cart.
No. 607696 ID: 6d4898

Turn into a rubberband and castrate the garchomp
No. 607704 ID: a5478c

"And if you find someone you deem prettier than her?"
No. 607757 ID: c9d5f3
File 141753643077.jpg - (659.33KB , 2189x1533 , image.jpg )

"Jeez Chomper you're trying way too hard..." Looking around I can't find that Froslass from before...but that doesn't mean I can't turn into one myself. I transform and ready an Ice Beam.

"Won't you leave us alone?"

Chomper stepped back. "Ah f-fuck it! I didn't really feel like doing nothing today...not like I wouldn't beat your blobby ass! But I have other things to take care of. I'll meet you later, sweet cheeks~" he winked at Valy before leaving.

"Phew..." Valy sighed out. "Thanks, Ditto. He makes me nervous..."
No. 607786 ID: 07a835

Tell her that he's dangerous. He doesn't take no for an answer. To be safe, she should probably stick around strong pokemon, and become strong herself. Ask if she'd like you to introduce her to some sparring partners... or maybe she can spar with you? How much fighting experience does she have, anyway?
No. 607788 ID: 4c5cf2

>Thanks, Ditto. He makes me nervous
Don't worry about. He's just got a big head, used to getting what he wants.
No. 607809 ID: 72f29a

Why don't you introduce her to some more motherly-like pokemon ladies who might get her to feel more welcome? Preferably some that would support a possible relationship between you and her.

See if you can arrange to teach her some (fighting?) moves. Ask if she is the type to prefer category contests to battles.
No. 607835 ID: 44f5ef

He's a bit of a hot head and strong so he makes everyone at least a little nervous, I'll probably be best off trying to avoid him for a day or two. Some pokemon forget they aren't in the wild anymore too, so be careful about how you approach them.
No. 607939 ID: 330ce5

Does Valy have a safe place to stay tonight, and if not can you offer her one?
No. 608117 ID: 6630c0

>Take it as a motivation for your combat training.
No. 608144 ID: 987d42
File 141762481666.jpg - (660.69KB , 2049x1535 , image.jpg )

I pull Valy off to the back of the area, calming her down as we walk. She seemed grateful for my quick actions back there.

"Don't worry about him...you'll be safe here. Do you have anywhere to sleep tonight? If not I have a small area to stay in." Valy nodded to me, smiling. "We should really teach you how to battle...why didn't you stand up?"

Valy looked off to the side, frowning. "I...I've never actually battled before. All the experience I have is from an Exp. share..."

"Huh? Really"


"Well now is as good of a time to learn as any. Here, we can find someone to train you up! Hmm...Winfred would be good for you. He's a Skarmory. Very strong."

"Oh! He sounds nice..."

I lead Valy around the Daycare, searching for the old bird. Finally, I spot him lying down near the berry garden, chatting with a few younger Pokemon.
No. 608177 ID: d15318

No. 608182 ID: 4c5cf2

Wait a tick, and listen in on the stories he's telling the youngsters. It would be rude to interrupt!
No. 608196 ID: 687279

Turn into an Audino and listen in for a moment.
No. 608249 ID: 386885
File 141763954954.jpg - (851.07KB , 2048x1536 , image.jpg )

I sit down beside one of the Pokemon, zoning into Winfred's conversation. The small Chikorita beside me raised her claw. "Mr. Winfred, is it true you went through Mt. Pyre all by yourself? Weren't there a lot of Fire Pokemon?"

The Skarmory nodded, a gentle grin on his beak. "Why yes, but type advantage doesn't mean everything you know. If you're clever enough and smart enough...you can win any battle that you set your mind to." The young Pokemon all applauded softly. "So cool!" One exclaimed.

"Ah! Ditto! Nice of you to stop by. To what do I owe the pleasure?" I point to Valy, who just sheepishly waved.

"This girl wants to learn how to battle. Figure you'd be the best candidate for the job!" The Skarmory chuckled, amused by this. "Ah! Great! The name's Winfred! And you are...?"

"Valy, sir!" She piped up, straightening her body to show respect.

"Well Ditto, would you like to spar with me for a quick battle? Warm her up, you know?"
No. 608277 ID: 37aa84

Sure, since it's just a spar don't use type advantage just battle him in a mirror match, Skarmory vs. Skarmory.
No. 608279 ID: 72f29a

Ask Valy to choose what form you should take for the battle as a lesson. Try to trade some playful, witty combat banter with Winfred and ask if he has changed his tactics since last time.

Does Winfred have any personality quirks we can play along with? Like does he like to ham up the drama or anything?
No. 608285 ID: 687279

Haha, sure! Let's show the youngsters what he meant by not worrying about type disadvantage. Transform into a Charizard, try some fire moves against him. But uh, don't embarrass him in front of everyone either.
No. 608339 ID: 0eaf76
File 141764677759.jpg - (901.02KB , 2290x1536 , image.jpg )


I change myself into a fully fledged Charizard, stepping onto the open field meant for battles. Winfred follows me out, positioning himself on the opposite side. "Ah! Predictable yet powerful choice!"

>any tips or tricks?

Winfred may not be the strongest Pokemon around but he's definitely the smartest. You can never tell what he's going to do. All I know is that he's fast and rarely hits, but hits hard.

"I'll let you take the first shot, Ditto!" Winfred announced. Valy and the children were lined up on the side lines, enthralled.
No. 608352 ID: d90668

Remember you want to help teach Valy about battling. So keep that in mind while you are fighting. Showing off your stuff is just a bonus.
No. 608357 ID: 2ec61a

open with a good old flamethrower.
No. 608362 ID: 687279

Try not to light the place on fire, but yeah. Good ol' Flamethrower.
No. 608412 ID: 37aa84

Avoid the fire moves for now. I think he's got a counter planned I'd say a ground or fighting move like Ancient Power or Focus Blast if you've got one of those for neutral damage is a good place to start.
No. 608435 ID: bb78f2

Iron Tail. I know it doesn't get it naturally, but if you CAN do it it would be funny.
No. 608466 ID: e7db7e

If we can keep this battle grounded, even for just a short while, then it will be to our advantage. Unlike him, we don't normally have wings. A fight in the sky wouldn't be to our benefit.

Aim your attack slightly above him. If he's going to dodge, then it will most likely be upwards and into the air.
No. 608558 ID: 6d4898

Watch this smart guy have a TM move that is water type or something. I say employ evasive maneuvers.
No. 608588 ID: 92817b

I say covered the entire place with dust by destroying the ground and chucking some rocks.
No. 608623 ID: 1f2a28

So Sand Attack then?
No. 608679 ID: 330ce5

Use Rock toss if you have it.
No. 608691 ID: 386885
File 141771338841.jpg - (708.84KB , 2048x1536 , image.jpg )

>You use Ancient Power!

"Aha! This is why I love battling you! I never know what to expect!"
No. 608692 ID: c9d5f3
File 141771353197.jpg - (822.82KB , 2378x1534 , image.jpg )

>Winfred dodged! Winfred dashes towards you!

"Watch out!"
No. 608694 ID: 4c5cf2

Cast fire spin, around yourself. If he's going to hit you, he'll have to smash right through it.
No. 608695 ID: 1f7df8

Roll onto your back to dodge his charge then once he's right overtop of you give him the flamethrower at pointblank.
No. 608700 ID: b77899
File 141771741717.jpg - (970.30KB , 2048x1536 , image.jpg )

>You use Fire Spin!

Flames surround my body, and I brace myself.

"Whoops!" Winfred shot straight up into the air.
No. 608701 ID: 7c65ee
File 141771744427.jpg - (839.02KB , 2048x1536 , image.jpg )

>Winfred used Swords Dance!
No. 608711 ID: 92817b

Quickly mash all the buttons, he is going to do something powerful.
No. 608714 ID: dccc95

Seismic toss him back into the ground
No. 608716 ID: 72f29a

Use Smokescreen and then transform into something tiny and electric inside the smoke and hide. He'll expect a large Charizard target so while he hunts you can use some defensive/offensive power-up moves and strike from the smoke.
No. 608736 ID: 687279

You're already encased in fire. Double down and use FLARE BLITZ!
No. 608807 ID: 330ce5

Evasive maneuvers!
No. 608821 ID: e7db7e

Smokescreen doesn't work against pokemon with Keen Eye. Wilfred will see right through it.

Though I do think it's a good idea to change forms. Transforming is our specialty, after all.
No. 609106 ID: c9d5f3
File 141779664238.jpg - (957.29KB , 1536x2048 , image.jpg )

>You fly up and use Seismic Toss!

"What ho! Uphold me!"
No. 609107 ID: 987d42
File 141779669282.jpg - (968.33KB , 2048x1536 , image.jpg )

>You throw Winfred down into the ground!
No. 609122 ID: 72f29a

Transform! Time for something different. Go electric and call down all the thunder. Show off.
No. 609125 ID: 687279

Wow, you know TM moves too? What a fearsome Ditto.

Just use Slash. This is a spar, so no need to use anything super effective on a downed opponent.
No. 609129 ID: 27fb06

>Keep distance and let him recover.
This is a spar after all, not a real battle.
>Use that time to prepare a powerful area of effect attack.
If I knew pokemon moves I'd suggest something more specific. Take care not to hit bystanders.
No. 609136 ID: 687279

Ah, you're right, we should let him get on his feet.
No. 609999 ID: 53f25f
File 141804792755.jpg - (1.11MB , 2047x1924 , image.jpg )

Since it was only a spar I decide to let Winfred take a bit of a rest. I land on the ground, planting my feet in the midst of the dust cloud. From the left of my side I see movement and immediately get into a defensive stance. Out of no where a slash crosses my stomach.

>Winfred used Night Slash!

"Ho! Don't let your guard down!" In the giant dust cloud I can't see where he is! He'll strike any moment if I'm not careful!
No. 610000 ID: 15c23b

Burn everything around you, or change in the cover of the smoke.
No. 610002 ID: 534cc4

Teansform into magnezone, fly out of smoke and use shock wave when he rushes!
No. 610008 ID: 4c5cf2

Wirlwind! Blow that smoke away!
No. 610025 ID: 687279

Use Aerial Ace!
No. 610029 ID: 6630c0

>Fly above the dust-cloud, evade
>Whirlwind to remove the cloud
No. 610080 ID: 1f2a28

Fire spin, but used defensively? Kind of like Barrier but with fire is what I'm thinking.
No. 610249 ID: 986fa4
File 141814177156.jpg - (967.86KB , 2048x1536 , image.jpg )

>You use Whirlwind!

I better clear up this dust so I can see! That way he has no where to hide...
No. 610250 ID: 699beb
File 141814183843.jpg - (672.26KB , 2048x1536 , image.jpg )

"Watch out, boy!"


>Winfred used Steel Wing!
No. 610257 ID: 15c23b

Bend back and drop like a sack of potatoes.
No. 610260 ID: 2a9886

Become shuckle. Ignore bullshit.
No. 610272 ID: 687279

Counter with Air Slash!
No. 610296 ID: 37aa84

I think it's time to pull out the big guns, fire blast.
No. 610569 ID: 0eaf76
File 141826700372.jpg - (1.20MB , 2896x1535 , image.jpg )

>You transform into a Shuckle!


"Oh! How clever!"
No. 610571 ID: 0eaf76
File 141826726413.jpg - (956.45KB , 2455x1534 , image.jpg )

"Shuckles cannot fly! Why don't you get up here!"
No. 610572 ID: 224d37

He's got a point, but let's try something different here.
He's fast, he's sneaky, and he can land powerful blows after a bit. If we go raw power we'll just get clocked. Let's try something he can't hide from, and perhaps can't outfly...Perhaps a Crobat? Like that we should be able to handle his speed and cloud tricks.
No. 610578 ID: f461c5

How fast can we change? could we conceivably fly into the air and then change mid-air, use an ability, and then change back fast enough to regain flight?

If possible, this would certainly keep him on his toes.

Otherwise, perhaps emolga would be a safe choice, for now.
No. 610580 ID: 687279

Heh heh heh... use Power Split.
No. 610601 ID: a19cd5

>Turn around
>Eat his soul
Easy win.
No. 610604 ID: 687279

That's a myth! Also this is a spar it'd be rude to eat his soul.
No. 610608 ID: 330ce5

Who cares about going up, all you need is to hit him. Couldn't you launch something at him?
No. 610635 ID: f488ee

Huh. So if we have time to react, Ditto is virtually invincible. He can shift to whatever creature gives him the typing or stats to tank the hit.

Haha, yes.
No. 610644 ID: f461c5

No. 611979 ID: b77899
File 141866126792.jpg - (560.44KB , 2048x1536 , image.jpg )

>You use Power Split!

>You raised your Attack and Sp. Attack to that of your opponent!

No. 611980 ID: 1a57d2
File 141866132207.jpg - (788.92KB , 2752x1535 , image.jpg )

>You transform into Crobat!

"Watch out, old man!"

"Have at me!"
No. 611985 ID: 534cc4

Use confuse ray!
No. 612042 ID: 687279

Oh my god Crobat has almost no moves that Skarmory doesn't resist. This is a terrible matchup.

Acrobatics seems to be a good move for us though. STAB bonus on top of 110 power since the Ditto's not holding anything. Skarmory's resistant so it drops down to 82.5 power.
Another option is Bite, which he doesn't resist. That's power 60 and could make him flinch.
Then there's Air Cutter, which is 75+STAB instead of 110+STAB, but based on Special, which Skarmory has half as much defense against.

...I'm not sure if the Crobat form still has its stats boosted by Power Split. Probably not. Skarmory's attack stats are like half what they used to be though, so this fight should be to our advantage.
No. 612268 ID: 0eaf76
File 141870659862.jpg - (851.41KB , 2203x1534 , image.jpg )

>You used Confuse Ray!

"Egads! Wh-What's going on?" Aha! Winfred was confused! Now's my chance!
No. 612274 ID: 9d8b7f

Fly right above him and turn into snorlax or a whale.
No. 612299 ID: 534cc4

Transform into Whalord (wailord?) Above his head and use body slam!
No. 612301 ID: 534cc4

Or we Could be smart and point blank fire blast him as a charizard.
No. 612302 ID: 687279

This seems somewhat unfair. Can't you engage in a real fight with him? Aerial Ace is a pretty classy move, just use that to beat him up a bit.
No. 612306 ID: f461c5

I remember something about type advantage not meaning everything?
No. 612307 ID: 534cc4

So what? It does exist and its a high damage KO move.

He is in no position to Dodge so let's end this.
No. 617762 ID: 1a57d2
File 142033812860.jpg - (648.11KB , 2048x1712 , image.jpg )

Quickly! While he's still confused! Transform!

>You transformed into a Wailord!

>You used Body Slam!

No. 617763 ID: 2f2fc2

"This murders the Winfred"
No. 617764 ID: 42443a

Well. Ditto-ing into anything sure is overpowered.
No. 617765 ID: 687279

is...is he dead? Maybe not. Normal attacks aren't very effective against steel type, after all. Get off him, prepare a Hydro Pump in case he's still got fight in him.
No. 617766 ID: 2f2fc2

supposed to spar and learn from him not kill him
No. 617767 ID: 687279

I'm saying to use it if he keeps fighting. The seismic toss didn't stop him.
No. 617780 ID: 33565b

Whoa dude we're supposed to leave him in a condition that he can teach Dragonair some stuff.
No. 617794 ID: d1a9b3

Eh, if we overdid things with Winfred we can always just switch to Audino or Chimecho or something and use Heal Pulse on him.
No. 618297 ID: 986fa4
File 142048319720.jpg - (676.63KB , 2311x1534 , image.jpg )

>You transform back to a Ditto.

"Hey, Winfred? You okay down there?" I peer over the edge of the crater. Valy slithers up next to me. "D-Did you kill him?" I shake my head. I can't see in the hole...can't imagine it could've killed him...
No. 618298 ID: 987d42
File 142048325247.jpg - (620.25KB , 2059x1535 , image.jpg )


"What a barbaric move, Ditto! Never sit on me again! It smelled of fish and sea water! Urgh!"
No. 618299 ID: 42443a

Laugh it off.

Haha, sorry, I hadn't even been in the water!
No. 618300 ID: 7d7f93

Heal him up
No. 618302 ID: 687279


Transform into a copy of him and push back against his head. "You're a tough one, old man. Keep going?"
No. 619510 ID: 0eaf76
File 142100076189.jpg - (1.00MB , 2982x2306 , image.jpg )

>You transform into Winfred!

“Heh! You’re quite the tough one, old man! Wanna keep going?” I’m still pumped up! I’m ready to go! I press heads against him, grinning. Winfred stares at me for a while before taking a step back.

“As much as I’d like to keep sparring with you...this little one should be going back home.” Winfred pulls the Whismur under his wing. “Aw! But sir! I wanna keep wa--” The Whismur is interrupted by a stern expression from Winfred. “Y-Yes, sir…”

“Thank you for the battle, Ditto! Let’s do it again sometime!” The two took their leave, with me and Valy left alone. She lowered her head to my level, an excited look on her face. “That was incredible, Ditto! I had no idea you were so strong…”
No. 619511 ID: 0eaf76
File 142100080192.jpg - (1.32MB , 3264x2296 , image.jpg )

I puff out my chest, with a heavy air of confidence. “Yep. That’s why so many Pokemon respect me around here. I’ve been here for a long time, heh~” A few Pokemon off to the side were shooting bedroom eyes at you...but you choose to ignore them, for now. Valy slithered off towards the direction of the main yard. “I’m going to see if I can find a place to hunker down for the night...you don’t have to come with if you don’t want to. It won’t take but a few minutes.” There are plenty of female suitors who would love to spend time with me, but would I rather accompany Valy?
No. 619522 ID: 6cb462

After that fight, wouldn't you want to have a break alone for a little bit? maybe reminisce on the good times you had with your trainer years ago?
No. 619528 ID: 69ab8d

Eh, go with her.
No. 619530 ID: be839b

And become the pink slime you call a body.
No. 619653 ID: 330ce5

Now is a good time to chill maybe do something relaxing, such as finding a shady tree to rest under.
No. 619782 ID: f5baae

you are totally going to follow her. She invited you, so why not?
No. 620512 ID: 4ba39a
File 142133924781.jpg - (735.61KB , 2323x1974 , image.jpg )

...Hmm, perhaps a bit of solitude would be a better choice. I’ve been dealing with Pokemon all day and I haven’t been able to get any sort of me time for myself! I locate the nearest tranquil pond and rest on the shoreline. Around this part of the daycare, few Pokemon manage to find this spot. They mostly stay in the main yard, so it’s much quieter. I suppose I should figure out if I want to take Valy’s possible companionship to a more serious level...She seems very nice, and so far she holds me in high favor! This is a good start, but I have to bond with her more if I am to win her heart…
No. 620513 ID: 699beb
File 142133926736.jpg - (530.34KB , 2552x1523 , image.jpg )

“Ditto? Are you here?” Ah! There she is now! “Yes! I’m right here, Valy. Do you need something?” Valy lowers her head, smiling nervously at me. “Oh, I just wanted to sit with you for a bit, you don’t mind, do you?” I shake my head, patting the spot beside me. “Not at all! Come, come.” The two of us sit there in quiet for a good few minutes. Valy began to splash at the water idly with her tail. “Ditto...be honest, do you think I’m pretty?”
No. 620525 ID: 330ce5

Tell her she looks more than pretty, she is beautiful.
No. 620539 ID: 687279

"nice looking" means pretty, right? Then yes. Feel free to flatter her but don't be dishonest. For instance you could tell her you wouldn't have suggested what you did if you didn't think she was pretty.
No. 620559 ID: f5baae

"Absolutely, why do you ask?"
No. 620585 ID: e2bcf3
File 142142100051.jpg - (849.36KB , 2299x2421 , image.jpg )

"Absolutely. You're beautiful! I wouldn't say that if you weren't, by the way. Definitely a gem." Nailed it. Valy ducked her head down, turning away from me. Did I offend her? "Valy?" Silent, pondering, the Dragonair sat there for a good moment before returning her gaze back to me. "Then please do not take offense if I may fall for you..."
No. 620586 ID: fb17e6

No. 620587 ID: a18f15

(Wait, what happened to her horn being broken. I'm gonna assume art error, and not that we're being tricked by another ditto or something).

>Then please do not take offense if I may fall for you
Why would that offend me?
No. 620589 ID: 330ce5

Is this an imposter? Ask if she found that place to stay yet.
No. 620590 ID: 46df9e

Actually I went back and checked and you can see her horn is unbroken as far back as >>610571
No. 620591 ID: 630070
File 142142475378.jpg - (0.97MB , 2964x2074 , image.jpg )

"Why would I be offended? Also, what happened to your horn? You figure out a way to fix it?" A rustling from the bushes caught my attention. I look over to see...Valy? "Ditto, sorry I left during the battle I had to-- uh, wh-what is this?"
No. 620592 ID: 46df9e

So someone switched out during the battle. Ask the imposter who they are.
No. 620593 ID: a18f15

Either she's got a twin, or there's another ditto here!

Poke the imposter.
No. 620595 ID: a1c4b6

Someone trying to fool me by pretending to be you.
No. 620598 ID: b77899
File 142142902425.jpg - (744.57KB , 2840x2007 , image.jpg )

"You're an imposter! Who are you?" The Dragonair transformed! Into a...Shiny Ditto?! The Pokemon twirled in a circle, giggling. "Hello! Hehe, I was hoping to hook you up with that DRAGONAIR over there...but it seems that I was caught!"
No. 620599 ID: dbe554

Hoping to hook us up...? By basically pretending to be her without us actually wooing her? Sounds more like she wanted us to hookup with HER rather then the actual dragonair.
No. 620600 ID: ea0ad9

A ditto playing matchmaker, not with herself as the match (Just a stand-in for them)? That's... Actually surprising.
(I'm saying she because they look more feminine...)
No. 620601 ID: a18f15

Wait wait wait. When did you enter the daycare? How come we didn't notice. Was ditto just oblivious to the fact it had a peer, or were you using transform to hide the whole time?

I get the feeling one of us should be offended, here.
No. 620608 ID: 46df9e

While I appreciate wanting to help someone the fact is that what you did was disrespectful to the both of us. What would be the point of us getting together if it was based on a lie?
No. 620612 ID: 330ce5

So does this ditto want us to commit to one pokemon so that they can claim the hearts of everyone else?!? Probably not, should probably ask what is up.
No. 620620 ID: 687279

Wow, ask when they arrived.
No. 620630 ID: f5baae

"Wow, you know, I think you're lying, if you would be trying to do that, don't you think it's a little strange that you went in her place? It seems you were trying to trick me to get attracted to YOU!"

"Frankly, I don't have time for your shenanigans, get out of here."

explain what happened to Valy
No. 620638 ID: 179dda

No. Too strongly worded, we don't HATE her.
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