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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 141715221128.png - (192.31KB , 1000x1000 , wisp.png )
606188 No. 606188 ID: 248d71






((There's 3 more images to this beginning so give it a minute before suggesting if you don't see them yet))
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No. 606189 ID: 248d71
File 141715231620.png - (51.50KB , 1000x1000 , 1.png )




No. 606190 ID: 248d71
File 141715235229.png - (133.36KB , 1000x1000 , 2.png )



No. 606191 ID: 248d71
File 141715253842.png - (148.87KB , 1000x1000 , 3.png )

... ?



What is this? This isn't right. This isn't right at all. This isn't how things are supposed to be.

((You can now submit commands.))
No. 606192 ID: 9ddf68

then how were thing supposed to be?
No. 606193 ID: 9b57d3

Hi! Who are you?
No. 606197 ID: db83ac

What are you? (No offense)

Because I don't think your parking meter is full anymore.
No. 606199 ID: 74b1ed

Assuming this is the afterlife I wouldn't be too shocked.
That shit is never how you want it to be.
No. 606200 ID: 248d71
File 141715474353.png - (784.08KB , 1000x1000 , 4.png )


You... You don't know. You just know this isn't right.


You... You don't know! Why don't you know that? Thinking about this hurts... You can't concentrate on it. It's like your head is full of TV static.
No. 606201 ID: 248d71
File 141715506077.png - (1.15MB , 1000x1000 , 5.png )


You're... You know this. You're a h̕͜͝,̸̢͞/̨̧̛͜͞m̛͞ų̴̴͜a̴̸͞A̷̡̧͘͡ń̡̨̛͘ ̵̡҉ǵ͠͏!̧r̷̴̕̕͟ŗ̨̀́͘r̡̀͢͡é͡ļ͜͞ you're ̶̢͢1̢́͟͡,̶̢̕̕8͝ ̵͜y͞͠e͏a͘̕á҉̸͠A̴͘͜r̡͘͞ǵ͘/̴͜s̴̷͘͘͡s͏̀ ̷́͢͏̧ò̶̸͏͝L̷̛͘͞d͝҉̛,̴̕͞ and- IT HURTS! IT HURTS SO MUCH YOU CAN'T TAKE IT. Why does it hurt so much? Why can't you remember? Your head is buzzing. Attempting to remember these things in your current state will get you nothing but pain.
No. 606202 ID: 17a829

Okay! Past bad. No past. Concentrate on the present. Where are you? What's around you? What's going on?

You can put 1/n, 2/n ... n/n in the subject line to show images are part of a long update if you want to prevent people jumping in early.
No. 606203 ID: 248d71
File 141715535388.png - (468.42KB , 1000x1000 , 6.png )

Your current stress level is blocking self-identification.


This... This isn't the afterlife. Not quite. It's... Something else, you think. But you're not dead. Not really. That is one thing you do know.

You need to calm down before you can think properly. Will you attempt to lower stress level, or increase focus level? And how will you go about it?
No. 606204 ID: 8f01e8

Attempt to lower stress by scratching itchy nose.
No. 606206 ID: 2f43ca

Try and relax by doing the following:
Deep breaths.
Petting a cat.
Picking up a hobby.
No. 606207 ID: 2ec61a

deep breathing. maybe you are having an out of body experience? like, you got cool psychic powers :O
No. 606208 ID: 17a829

Lower stress. Close your eyes. Deep breathes. Cross your arms and hug yourself. Imagine you're wearing a nice comfy sweater.
No. 606211 ID: 248d71
File 141715824037.gif - (253.69KB , 1000x1000 , 7.gif )


>Deep breathing.

You try to relax a bit. You hug yourself and curl up and focus on your breathing for a while.
Stress level goes down by 1.
No. 606213 ID: 248d71
File 141715834258.png - (296.67KB , 1000x1000 , 8.png )


You decide to look around.

It is night time. You can see the stars.
No. 606214 ID: db83ac

Improve your self-image!

Imagine what you always wanted to improve about your physical form but were unable to for reasons unknown, and your new ethereal self should change slightly towards that sense of self! That should keep you more happy and less stressed about your situation!

BUT DO NOT FORGET YOUR FACE. You don't want to lose what is left of your identity.
No. 606215 ID: 2f43ca

...what's below us?
No. 606216 ID: 248d71
File 141715869042.png - (228.04KB , 1000x1000 , 9.png )

You are very high up, away from the ground. There's something odd about that, but at the moment you can't really remember why.
You are in what appears to be a residential area in a city, and it feels vaguely familiar, but you aren't sure why or what about it. You can't see much of the city. The fuzziness in your head extends to your vision and everything after a certain distance ends up looking faded and incredibly lazily drawn. You're not sure what you should do now.
No. 606217 ID: 2f43ca

Can we move down? That fire looks worth inspecting.
No. 606220 ID: 17a829

The building you're flying away from appears to be on fire. That much isn't blurry.

Is that important? Could that be the cause of your stress and forgetfulness?

...could we help? We can fly and stuff, is there something you could do?
No. 606222 ID: 6cb462

Wait, I don't think we should go investigate that house until we lower stress. Who knows what traumatizing things could be waiting down there for her.
No. 606224 ID: 248d71
File 141716089875.png - (149.33KB , 1000x1000 , 10.png )


Well at the moment you're not really sure what you look like. If you try and think about it though, you don't really feel like you're very dissatisfied with your appearance. You're not sure what you would change.

No. 606225 ID: 248d71
File 141716092407.png - (151.64KB , 1000x1000 , 11.png )

Hmm... Maybe...?
No. 606226 ID: 248d71
File 141716101960.png - (147.46KB , 1000x1000 , 12.png )

Nah, you're good.

All this concentrating on small things has you feeling a little more clear-minded.

Focus level increased by 1.

You feel like you might be able to recall something if you concentrated on it now.
No. 606227 ID: 2f43ca

Did you just enhance knockers?

Try focusing on your name.
No. 606229 ID: 2ec61a

try to put out the fire
No. 606239 ID: 2ea1e6

Let's just try to move around. We can fly around, right? Just get used to moving here and there. Do a little flip. It might be fun and relaxing!
No. 606252 ID: 9ddf68

try moving around, see what you can do
No. 606268 ID: db83ac

The fire is scary. Want to know what's scarier? Leaving it alone while someone inside is still alive.

It might hurt if the fire is the source of your trauma, but you know you'll never forgive yourself if you leave it alone while someone is still trapped inside. Especially since you're some kind of ethereal being, which should make you extremely resistant to fire. Make sure that you can't see anyone while you approach the burning house as best you can, and then you can leave. If there's someone inside, either try to save them or find a way in your form to call for help. You know that the guilt could destroy you, even in this form.

You might start hearing voices
No. 606276 ID: 9b57d3

You almost said you were a human girl, 18 years old. Follow along those lines.
No. 606349 ID: 248d71
File 141722128989.png - (446.93KB , 1000x1000 , 13.png )


Yes... Yes that's right. It's still fuzzy, but you can remember a bit now. You are a girl, you're 18 years old. Your name is Imogene.

You haven't really been 'flying'. You've just kind of been floating in place since you became conscious. But with a bit of concentration, you do find you can direct yourself to float where you want. You float up and down and side to side a bit, testing your movements. You don't think you could do a flip though. There's something about your... 'tail' that seems like it would prevent that. You feel like you're kind of... Tethered.

Remembering things about yourself, as well as moving around and gaining control over your movements has made you feel a bit calmer and more level-headed, though.

Stress level decreases by 0.5.
Focus level increased by 0.5.

No. 606350 ID: 248d71
File 141722166520.png - (230.32KB , 1000x1000 , 14.png )

There's been something bothering you, something in the back of your mind. What is...


...Fire? What fire? Building? What-
No. 606352 ID: 248d71
File 141722204909.png - (222.10KB , 1000x1000 , 15.png )

Oh. Oh no. You are filled with a feeling of dread. This isn't good. Seeing this house burning causes panic to rise up in you, though you're still not quite sure why. You don't know what to do. Should you go down closer? You're scared.

Stress levels increase by 1. You can expend focus to counteract it. You have 1.5 focus to expend.
No. 606354 ID: 223071

>You can expend focus to counteract it.
Yes, do so. We only have so long before that fire burns out, so we should use focus to keep us calm enough to do... whatever you need to do.

>Should you go down closer?
Yes, investigate.
No. 606377 ID: 2ec61a

go go
No. 606378 ID: 3009b4

So, anyone taking bets that our wisp can't remember because she just died in said fire?
No. 606381 ID: 5b0c38

I'll bet you one focus that we did.
No. 606384 ID: db83ac

We all know how bad it would be if your body is inside that burning building.

Get going.
No. 606388 ID: 2ec61a

and do you think actually talking about it will do her stress levels any good? shut up!
No. 606420 ID: 2ea1e6

I'm pretty sure we should keep trying to do a flip. Spend 1.5 points of focus figuring out this tethered feeling. We will do a flip.
No. 606421 ID: defceb

shhh, we've got an existential crisis to locate down there. Let's go!
No. 606423 ID: 248d71
File 141724258271.png - (456.29KB , 1000x1000 , 15 and a half.png )

Before you do anything else, if you are going to expend focus to counteract your stress, how much of your focus do you want to expend? You can expend it in increments of 0.5. You have 1.5 focus total.

Warning- low or empty focus will decrease attention span and inhibit ability to concentrate on complex tasks.
No. 606431 ID: 248d71
File 141724324785.png - (121.99KB , 1000x1000 , 16.png )


Focus doesn't work like that! You're pretty sure the only thing that 'expends' focus is lowering stress. You don't need to expend it to do things. If you were gonna try and figure out how to do a flip, you wouldn't need to expend anything except time.

You're not going to do that, though. At least not right now! And you have a feeling you don't want to be untethered. Something tells you that would be bad.
No. 606432 ID: 2ec61a

only use .5, to drop stress below 9.
No. 606433 ID: db83ac

Yeah, I think this means that she is still connected to her physical body, which is why she thinks that she isn't dead yet. Disconnecting her spiritual body from her physical body - Can we get some code words for "Physical Body" and "Spiritual Body"? - would probably kill her permanently.

Imogene, you are unfocused and over-stressed. You have a tool to fix that, one that some people would sell their souls for - the power to change who you are with a mere thought. Repeatedly.

Repeatedly call yourself Imogene (Imogene the Genie, perhaps?) and slowly make yourself more beautiful with each breath. Increase your self-confidence and self-worth, and that should decrease your stress. Then concentrate on the fire, and slowly float towards the fire. You may want to re-shape your tail into that of a mythical creature you always wanted to turn into for bonus self-confidence and self-worth. Don't worry about forgetting what you look like; if you're tethered to your physical body, it should be easy to restore the shape of your spiritual body. If not, then whatever.

Do your best at searching the house, inside or outside. If you can find out where your body is, you might be able to return. If you can't bear to look into the house any further, be as loud and obnoxious as you can and call for help in as many ways as possible.

Remember: change your body to increase your self-confidence and self-worth, and then go towards the house. Try as hard as you can to find survivors, and save them. If you can't find any survivors, call for help.
No. 606438 ID: 2ec61a

great idea except she already said she doesn't want to change anything about herself.
No. 606442 ID: 2ec61a

i think we should just keep trying to get closer to the fire. no matter what.
No. 606443 ID: a19cd5

Favicon up for approval in questdis
>Expend focus point on reducing stress
No. 606445 ID: 4c5cf2

Yup, let's do this, and go down.

...and yeah, let's not start some weird campaign of self-modding. We don't know fully what's going on, or what implications that would have, yet (if the goal is to get back to ourself, for example, changing ourself might be bad). To say nothing of her stated disinterest.
No. 606446 ID: db83ac

I see your point. And raise the question of why Imogene would ever pass up on the chance to figure out what she truly wants out of life.

Most of her memory is gone, she has the power to transform her physical appearance at will, and she now has voices in her head ready to bring her back from any fantasy that she could dream up.

This may be her one chance to find out who she really is inside, what subconscious desires she has kept locked away in herself. Imogene, you may want to savor it.

But yeah, fire first, experimentation (in controlled segments) later.
No. 606447 ID: defceb

>figure out what she truly wants out of life.
We'd be more figuring out what she wants out of the after-life,don'tcha think?
No. 606492 ID: 248d71
File 141725446230.png - (805.50KB , 1000x1000 , 17.png )


0.5 focus is expended, bringing stress down by 0.5.

Feeling a little calmer, you descend towards the house, following the trailing end of your 'tail'. You don't seem to have much (or any) control over your tail. It stretches (or un-stretches) to accommodate your movements.

As you get close, you can feel the heat. You think it would probably be very uncomfortable if your senses weren't so dulled. You feel very uncomfortable in other ways.

What should you do now?
No. 606494 ID: 2ec61a

try blowing the fire out with some kind of ghost wind!

if that fails try to make the fire alarm in another house go off.
No. 606548 ID: db83ac

That is one out-of-control fire.

Get as close as you can, and look for survivors. Start in places where the fire is the weakest, and follow your tail.
No. 606553 ID: 4c5cf2

Note that your tail runs right into to fire. Focus for a moment on how odd it is that heat's not really being conducted along it to you.

Look around the street. Are there any people? A family that looks like they got out? Neighbors watching? A fire truck coming?
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