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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 141629835043.png - (206.78KB , 1000x1000 , 1.png )
603411 No. 603411 ID: 219868

you may pick from one of three approved hairstyles:
6-inch bob
7-inch bob
8-inch bob

you may pick from one of three approved outfits:
sweats in 50% grey
sweats in 60% grey
sweats in 70% grey

you may pick from one of three approved names:
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No. 603412 ID: 05fa79

7-inch bob
sweats in 60% grey
No. 603413 ID: 3a571b

6 inch bob, 70% grey and margaret
No. 603415 ID: 0930d9

8-inch bob
sweats in 60% grey
No. 603416 ID: b24f44

6-inch bob
sweats in 70% grey
No. 603418 ID: 95b7a3

What happens if we pick something unapproved?
No. 603420 ID: 219868

you cannot pick something unapproved. this is for your own protection. this is because we love you very much.
No. 603421 ID: 95b7a3

No. 603433 ID: 219868
File 141630483327.png - (151.65KB , 600x600 , 2.png )

good morning, grace.

we want to remind you that we love you very, very much.
No. 603434 ID: 219868
File 141630484523.png - (90.45KB , 600x600 , 3.png )

you may participate in one of three approved activities:
look at pictures
write nonfiction
No. 603435 ID: d19e5d

write nonfiction.
write about yourself.
No. 603436 ID: cef479


Slow down there friend, what kinda non-fiction is available?
No. 603438 ID: 95b7a3

Let's take a look at those pictures.
No. 603439 ID: 6842e5

do this.

why can't you write fiction? and who is the "we" that loves you very much?
No. 603440 ID: cb071d

look at pictures
No. 603441 ID: 219868
File 141630710425.png - (90.39KB , 600x600 , 4.png )

you may write anything that does not disrespect your caretakers or violate the values we have taught you. you may not write fiction, because it is detrimental to your behavior and your upbringing to live in a fantasy world.

this is the same reason we have revoked your privilege to draw. we have tried so hard, and for so long, to allow you to express yourself creatively, but time and again you have proved to us that this only leads to indulgence, disrespect, and misbehavior on your part. it is extremely disappointing.

we will provide you paper to write with. you decide to write about yourself. this is allowable as long as you tell the truth.
No. 603442 ID: 219868
File 141630711449.png - (91.98KB , 600x600 , 5.png )

"i am grace.

i am very lazy. i don't do my best. i deliberately disobey my caretakers. i am very lucky that they love me enough to tolerate my poor behavior.

i like to draw and i like to tell stories. this is because i am unfocused, and i am lazy, and i am a liar. i am working on redirecting my energy towards more productive and appropriate pasttimes.

i am extremely sneaky and manipulative. because my caretakers love me very much, they are helping me unlearn these problematic behaviors. i am doing poorly, but the only thing for it is to keep trying.

another poor behavior we are working on is how ungrateful i am. my caretakers feed me, and clothe me, and shelter me, and yet i am doing very poorly at expressing appreciation and affection in return for these things. they have given me everything, and i give them nothing. i have nothing to complain about, yet i complain constantly. this is because i am lazy and entitled.

all of these things occur because i am an extremely bad person. it's okay, though, because my caretakers are going to make me better."
No. 603443 ID: 95b7a3

Why don't you have a walk around your room, stretch out your arms and legs a little?
No. 603446 ID: cef479

Check for any spelling errors before stretching your legs, if anything it'll keep your caretakers off your back for a bit longer.
No. 603447 ID: 95d0bc

now look at pictures?
No. 603449 ID: d19e5d

but telling stories is fun! i mean, theres a multibillion industry focused on it!
No. 603450 ID: 219868
File 141631092987.png - (53.07KB , 600x600 , 6.png )

we will collect the writing. it is very important for you to remember that anything you make belongs to us. this is how love works. privacy is a hateful, rebellious concept, and it will not be tolerated.

you have some free time while we go to fetch the pictures for you to look at.
No. 603451 ID: 219868
File 141631093902.png - (69.11KB , 600x600 , 7.png )

thank fucking god they're gone. they forgot the pen, too. this is my lucky day.

i wish walking around my room counted as 'stretching my legs' but it doesn't really do the trick.

i forgot to thank them for the paper, though. that's gonna bite me in the ass later.
No. 603452 ID: a7e380

where are you?
No. 603454 ID: 219868
File 141631250119.png - (64.31KB , 600x600 , 8.png )

in my room, in my house. i thought that was kind of obvious, but i guess maybe not.
No. 603456 ID: 95b7a3

>in my room, in my house.
Can you choose to leave the room?
If not, calling it "your house" is a bit of a stretch.

Anyway, how are you holding up?
No. 603463 ID: 2ec61a

use psychic powers.
No. 603464 ID: b625ea

Who are your caretakers
No. 603465 ID: 534cc4

I'll be straight in saying I think we all know those people don't really love you, at least not in a healthy way. We need to get you out of here. Anything in their system we can abuse to help you escape?
No. 603475 ID: b24f44

What are you thinking about doing with the pen, now that they forgot to ask for it back? You wrote that you like to draw and tell stories - I assume fiction as well as the approved non-fiction?
No. 603486 ID: 08aee7

do damage control. can you thank them for the paper now? are there any other things that can appease them
No. 603508 ID: 5d2f8c

Any other bits you've collected over time? How well can they see what you're doing?(cameras and whatnot) Is this place all you've known, or do you remember life before coming here?
No. 603511 ID: a7efea

Your house? It looks more like you're institutionalized in some creepy stepford smiler reprogramming hell.
No. 603530 ID: 31cc45

Of course it's love. In a "ministry of" kind of way.
No. 603536 ID: 2d0223

pick up the pen, do what you want with it
No. 603556 ID: cd51aa

also, keep the pen hidden - what can you do with just a pen?
though, if you are not monitored, maybe you could draw on urself? i mean, somehwere hidden, like your stomach or thighs?
No. 603560 ID: 8c5203

what can you do with the pen now that they have left for a moment?
do your caretakers let you hang out with friends from school? are you allowed to leave yr room, or are you restricted?
also, how old are you?
No. 603911 ID: 61491a

grace, is there a name you would rather be called? maybe just us could call you that, no caretakers. if it would make you happy.
also, how the hell did you get in here? did you ever have a life outside this room?
No. 603919 ID: 95d0bc

hey grace, what would pronouns do u use?
No. 603920 ID: 95d0bc

*what pronouns do you use?
No. 604234 ID: 478a11

Draw on the door with the pen. Maybe the caretakers won't see it if it's on the room-side of the door...
No. 607504 ID: bbc484

^^^ be careful of that, hidden cameras and such are the kind of things that "caretakers" like this will do.
No. 609896 ID: 6b7ea4
File 141801458554.png - (75.36KB , 600x600 , 9.png )

>what pronouns do you use?
i'd like to be called "they" instead of "she." my caretakers think i'm a girl, though.

>is there a name you would rather be called?
i would rather be called ira. it's a name i kind of made up. i mean, i guess it's a real name, but it's one i picked out for myself.

um ... thanks for asking those things. nobody's ever asked before. it'll be kind of cool to have someone calling me the right stuff for once. right to me, anyway.
No. 609897 ID: 6b7ea4
File 141801460424.png - (92.64KB , 600x600 , 10.png )

>how old are you?
i'm turning sixteen in ten days.

>who are your caretakers?
i don't know. i guess they're my parents. or at least they're responsible for me being alive, and responsible for keeping me alive. there are two of them, one man and one woman. i don't actually SEE them much, though.

>Can you choose to leave the room?
haha. i can "choose" to behave well enough that they'll allow me outside recreational time, and they act like that's the exact same thing.

>do your caretakers let you hang out with friends from school?
i am homeschooled. i don't have friends.

>How well can they see what you're doing?(cameras and whatnot)
>be careful of that, hidden cameras and such are the kind of things that "caretakers" like this will do.
you're not wrong to be paranoid about stuff like that, because they'll go pretty far to keep me in check - but as far as i know they can't see inside this room. they can hear me, though, so if i do something that makes a lot of noise they'll probably come check.
No. 609898 ID: 6b7ea4
File 141801461735.png - (71.80KB , 600x600 , 11.png )

>what can you do with the pen?
i'll show you. see? i like to draw on the inside of my pillowcase. i don't get caught because they don't turn the pillowcase inside out before washing it. the problem is when they wash it it gets smudgier and smudgier instead of washing out, and i worry that sooner or later it'll bleed through or something and show on the outside. plus i'm eventually gonna run out of room.

it's lucky they forgot the pen because i've had the one i stole before this for a long time, and it was starting to go dry.
No. 609899 ID: 6b7ea4
File 141801462877.png - (143.62KB , 600x600 , 12.png )

i have a good bit of space left. i wonder what i should draw today.
No. 609900 ID: 2c322d

what's on the other side of the pillow case?
No. 609901 ID: f3760c

i like your winged knight person! maybe if thats the knight you could draw the princess?
No. 609902 ID: 330ce5

draw a grinning cat
No. 609908 ID: 1f119e

you should draw lots of cats!! and also a self portrait
No. 609909 ID: 74b1ed

Maybe you should draw somewhere you want to be? Or something you wish you had?
Is there anywhere you know besides here anyhow?
No. 609951 ID: 4c5cf2

Do your caretakers care for anyone else? Do you have any siblings, or fellow prisoners?

>what draw
Dragon-girl princess. She is the knight's opponent slash love interest! Things get messy when one person is more than one thing.
No. 609965 ID: cb071d

draw the dragon!!! knights always come across dragons, right????
No. 609970 ID: 95fb3b

Are there any windows in the building? If so, what's the area outside like?

Also, where'd you learn how to swear? It seems like your caretakers would probably censor profanity from your education, and they probably wouldn't use them around you themselves (unless you made them extremely angry, maybe).
No. 609991 ID: b73460

here's a secret thought.
that pen can be used as a weapon.
say, Ira, ever thought of escaping?
No. 609997 ID: 2c322d

draw a self portrait of what you'd look like if you had the freedom to choose!!
No. 610018 ID: 72c7be

Clearly this knight should be opposite a princess.
No. 610041 ID: d73df7

A princess-[i]dragon[i].
No. 610042 ID: 8f01e8

What is the light source in your room? How securely is your bed attached to the floor, if at all? What is the bed's frame made of? Is the mattress foam or inflatable or something, or does it have metal springs? What are the walls made of? Is anything audible through the walls, either passively or when you tap on them? How often and how thoroughly do your guardians inspect the corner of your room behind the door?
No. 610292 ID: 784110

ira! thats a p cool name!
ok, ira, how are we gonna get you outta here?
dont write that tho. maybe draw the princess who saves the knight!! thatd be cool!
hmm. when do you think theyll come back for mealtime and to give you the pictures?
No. 610294 ID: 784110

oh snap!! Sorry to suggest twice, but for damage control, maybe if the two pens they gave you are the same you can give them the one almost outta ink and say something like 'hey, thanks for the paper, sorry i didnt earlier- i dropped the pen and was trying to find it' 2 birds one stone?
No. 610311 ID: cb16ca

Draw happiness
No. 611848 ID: 4ff681


A boy princess dragon. Maybe.
No. 616547 ID: 2d0223

I hope you're still continuing this! So Ira, what is your earliest memory?
No. 622547 ID: e51c6e

Ira, listen. I don't want to make you feel weirder, but the pen might be a test. If you can exchange the ink stick from the pen with no ink into the case of the one they left behind you should. Then leave it where they accidentally left it in the room until next time they come in.
No. 622578 ID: 8625c4

Ira, Draw all over the walls as a sign of protest.

Y'er a Wild Animal!!
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