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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 141577339497.png - (35.62KB , 900x800 , cover.png )
601716 No. 601716 ID: 0eaf76

"We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another."

-Luciano De Crescenzo

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No. 601717 ID: 0eaf76
File 141577347486.png - (26.89KB , 900x800 , 1.png )

”--It is said that Skarvonian forces have moved into Tytos, declaring yet another invasion. Tyton forces could not hold their ground against the heavily armed forces of Skarvonia--”

The old radio in the corner of the room began to crackle with static, obscuring the words so they were no longer coherent. You sit at the bar of an old pub, a glass of light beer in your hands. You have been wandering the countryside for a while now, looking for something. Anything. It’s hard to remember why you even bothered to leave your home, but you were going on a search. It’s been 2 months now, since you last saw your family that fateful day.

Currently, you still have enough cash to get through another month or so...before you’ll have to start looking for temporary work. With the war going on, jobs were becoming difficult to find, despite the fact that more workers have been needed for the preparation. As of now, you’re travelling through the heart of Arkala, a huge territory that lies across the ocean from the other global powerhouse, Scarvonia. The Scarvonians have become increasingly greedy and has started to invade neighboring countries. Aside from Arkala, no country is even close to being large enough to stand a chance…

You put the cup to your mouth, taking a quiet sip. The bartender, a burly, crocodilian man, turns around and nods at you. “Oy, you gonna get another round of that?"
No. 601718 ID: 07a835

Maybe. Any local news?
No. 601720 ID: 9ddf68

not sure yet, heard any rumors or anything of interest around here as of late?
No. 601740 ID: 0eaf76
File 141577719016.png - (27.43KB , 900x800 , 2.png )

You wipe your nose with a finger, sniffing. “Maybe...I’m not sure. Hey, have you heard anything about these parts of town? I’m just passing through so it’d be nice to know if I need to watch out for anything…” The man stares at you cautiously, squinting. Everyone in town was pretty stand-offish, no one seemed to have much trust. “Eh, nothing much has happened here. Although there have been rumors of Scarvonian spies roamin’ these parts. Best keep your mouth tight if you wanna be smart…” Spies? This far deep into the country? You wouldn’t doubt it. The war has only really begun...but there’s still plenty of tension between Arkala and Scarvonia. Whether the spies are real or not, there’s a clear sense of paranoia in this town.
“Where you from?” The crocodile questioned, obviously just trying to kick up a conversation. “I came from Heffenburgh, a small town named Ellim.” Heffenburgh was a neighboring country to Arkala, fairly good-sized. It specialized in minerals and oil, mostly. The ground was never rich enough to support crops…

“Ehehe, Ellim’s pretty far. You must be a long-term traveller then?” You just grumble as a response. “Well I’m glad yer highness decided to stop by my pub.”

”---other news, there have been mysterious reports of ‘winged’ men attacking small towns, the majority of the cases coming from Arkalan towns. People who can supposedly ‘fly’ and use magic to destroy property. Officials believe that--kkshhhjj--new machinery was crafted--khghhhh--”

“Maybe you want to invest in a better radio.” You comment. “It’s a fine radio, the tower stations here are just shit.” The bartender growls. “Anyways, if you don’t want another drink then hit the road.”

“Not very hospitable...is this how you treat all your customers?”

The man shook his head. “No, this is how I treat strangers, though. Especially ya damn rabbits...you always got something up yer sleeve…”
No. 601741 ID: 07a835

Get another drink and ask him if he's heard of those winged people before. Also, ask about his tattoo.
No. 601750 ID: 9ddf68

depends, do you feel like moving or do you feel like sitting for a bit longer? Because if you don't want to move then get another drink, if you feel the road calling you again then might as well leave.

Also these winged people are attacking small towns they say, would you consider this town to be small? Not saying it's going to be attacked but if you're in the area you may want to look into getting some form of protection just encase you meet some less then friendly people in your travels.
No. 601770 ID: d3be40

Ask for information about any jobs that popped up. Be brisk and respectful about asking, you don't want to start a fight.
No. 601796 ID: 0eaf76
File 141583183447.png - (32.27KB , 900x800 , 3.png )

“Fine, I’ll take another round...but I have a few questions.” The crocodile rolls his eyes, grunting as he began to pour another glass. “Whatever, just don’t get snobby.” The bartender turns his back to you, his shirt torn open down the middle of his spine, where the spikes stuck out. “About those...’winged’ men on the radio, do you know anything about them?” The man snorted out a laugh, as if that was the stupidest question he’s ever heard of. “And you would consider this town to be small?”

“Them winged people...they’ve been here before. I’ve only seen one, and it was in the middle of the night, so I didn’t see real well.”
“Is it true, then? About the magic…”

“How the hell should I know? All I know is that it was flyin’ around, lookin’ for something. I didn’t bother to stop it or nothing. Didn’t wanna cause trouble. I left as fast as I could.”

“...Mmm.” You consider asking about the tattoo on his arm, but figure it’s most likely personal. If he won’t even let you stay in his bar, you doubt he’d share a private story about himself. “You know about any jobs I can get around here? I’m running a bit low on cash.”

“Humph, go figures. There ain’t no job you can find here in my pub, but if you ask around I’m sure there’s gotta be somethin’ you can do. People have been leavin’ this town...don’t know why. I guess they figure something bad’s gonna show up here, since the war is getting closer.”

“But we’re in the heart of the country, how can…” Does it have something to do with the rumors of the spies? Paranoia and fear can be a powerful weapon in the time of war. The crocodile sets a cup of beer in front of you with a sharp clink. “Thanks…” You blurt out. Lifting the cup back up, you take a long drink, exhaling after you swallow the cold alcohol.

“Slow down, or else you’ll hurt yourself~” A sultry voice calls out from your right side. Looking over, you find yourself face to face with a beautiful woman...a dangerous looking woman.
No. 601797 ID: 9ddf68

I'll be fine
No. 601850 ID: 0eaf76
File 141584262634.png - (24.72KB , 900x800 , 4.png )

“Not much of a ladies’ man are ya?” The woman leans against your shoulder, sighing. “I don’t much trust women like you.” She was quick to scowl at you. The crocodile let out a roaring laugh.

“HA! Kid’s smart! Won’t fall for your dirty tricks, Beckie!” He began to organize the cups behind the counter, giggling to himself like a small child. “Tch, whatever. I’ll just find some other poor sap to steal money off of…” She smacked you on the back, causing you to lurch forward unexpectedly. She was much stronger than she appeared. “Oh, and I heard you were looking for a job, is that true?”
No. 601857 ID: 07a835

Depends. What sort of job has she got for you? You'd prefer to avoid anything seriously illegal.
No. 601862 ID: 9ddf68

"you just said to my face that you wanted to steal money off me and now you're offering a job?"

might as well see what she has to offer so at least we can say we heard her out.
No. 601889 ID: bb78f2

Depends on the job or if it's another trick to rip us off. No offense, but, you DID just admit to tricking people to steal from them. Just, well, have to be wary.
No. 602146 ID: 0eaf76
File 141593346985.png - (28.49KB , 900x800 , 5.png )

You narrow your eyes suspiciously. "You just told me that you were going to try and steal my money..." Beckie chuckled and patted your back again. "Tch, not ME. I'm not that stupid! Employing a dumb kid like yourself...I have a friend who needs help real bad right now, if you're interested. He runs a bakery, few blocks down. He's basically the only person running the shop so he's pretty overwhelmed right now..." You trace a finger around the rim of your cup, considering this offer.

The crocodile nodded his head at you and snorted. "Eh, a good job like that ain't gonna show up every day. I'd suggest you take it."
No. 602152 ID: 07a835

Tell her you'll look into it. Check your pockets on the way out to make sure you didn't get pickpocketed.
No. 602177 ID: 9ddf68

well unless grouchy croc here is working with her it might be something worth checking out if to do nothing more then get some spare change in your pocket and somewhere to plan where you want to head next. Either way finish your drink and see if it looks legit.

One question though, if it's a good job why has no one else taken it yet?
No. 602193 ID: 0eaf76
File 141593963504.png - (45.67KB , 900x800 , 6.png )

This seemed suspicious. If he’s so desperate for help then why has no one taken the job yet? You’re aware that the demand for jobs has grown since the war started...and yet, there’s a perfectly good position waiting for someone to snatch it up and take it. “Is this job legitimate? I have a hard time believing that no one wants to take this…” You point out, turning your torso to face Beckie. Her eyes fall off to the side, mouth pursing together nervously.

“Well...you see...the baker he uh, he’s originally from Skarvonia. People don’t trust him, think he’s a spy. Of course, people still visit his bakery since it’s the only bakery this town has to offer. Have to get food somewhere, right? But...ah...no one will agree to work for him. Listen, I know you’re from Heffenburgh, so would you be willing to work for a Skarvonian? He doesn’t support them or anything…” You rotate to observe the crocodile, in case this was all just a scheme.

“I suppose I’ll go check it out.” At least this job will provide you with a bit of extra cash and a place to hunker down until you figure out where to go next. You toss a few dollar bills onto the counter, waving a hand. “Better get out there before it gets dark...it’s not safe to be out on the streets after the sun goes down.” The bartender warns, scooping up the money with one hand. On your way out the door you pat down your pockets to check if Beckie took any money...which doesn’t seem to be the case, fortunately for you.

Now you remember seeing the bakery on your way into the town. It was just down the street. The streets were surprisingly busy for such a small town. People were out and about, chatting, shopping or just out completing errands in general. The roadways were quite narrow too, making you quite hot. This town was in the middle of a sort of desert, so it was dry and hot during the day. Luckily, plenty of the buildings built tarps and roofs over their doorways to offer shade for passing townsfolk.
No. 602194 ID: 0eaf76
File 141593964538.png - (30.82KB , 900x800 , 7.png )

All of a sudden, the smell of fresh baked bread hit you hard, becoming a compass for you. You follow the scent until you reach a modest looking bakery shop. On the door, a sign reads: “Help Wanted!”. Various breads and buns are displayed in the glass window as you feel your mouth water at the sight. The freshly coated butter caught the sun’s rays in the perfect way...and the texture looked soft and squishy...you can’t remember the last time you saw bread so well-made. Hurriedly, you push open the door and step inside. The bell alerted the store’s owner to your arrival. He waved an arm, recognizable by his baker’s outfit.

“Welcome! Feel free to look around!”
No. 602199 ID: bb78f2

Well, state your interests.

Also, you're likely going to encounter a lynching eventually if you work for him and might get caught up in it. Skarvonians are probably huge targets, and odds are he'll get into trouble you might have to help him get out of with the locals. He may be the only baker, but that doesn't mean the ignorant aren't going to try and kill/hurt him and/or you for your association as his employee.
No. 602201 ID: 07a835

He doesn't look so good. Ask him if he's alright.

Buy a roll, since you want it so badly. Then breach the topic of the job opening.
No. 602205 ID: 9ddf68

tell him you're interested in the job offering and ask what you'll be expected to do. Mostly just asking to see if anything sounds fishy, it's not that I don't trust this guy, it's just that I really don't Trust Beckie and her reasoning as to why no one has taken this job, while sounding plausible, still makes me feel like there may be more to it then what she said. That and she did try to rip you off so I'm finding it still a little hard to believe she would go from scamming you to helping you so quick.
No. 602266 ID: 144fb0

What? Dude he's obviously a stoner. Look at those eyes, look at that goatee. If he wasn't baking bread he'd be out solving mysteries with a dog in a van.
No. 602299 ID: d3be40

I said I don't know!

But the main point is that this bakery could be a front.
No. 602438 ID: 2f4b71

Yep. And unfortunately, "out of towner suddenly arrives to work with 'suspicious Skarvoniam might-be-a-spy baker'" is only going to bring more heat on him, too.
No. 602527 ID: 447d8d

Are you saying the baker is baked?
No. 602754 ID: 13c4a5

You need the money he needs the help, be nice to him. As the old saying goes; beggars can't be choosers besides he looks to be a decent man and a damn good baker.
No. 603349 ID: 0eaf76
File 141628681530.png - (34.00KB , 900x800 , 8.png )

You approach the baker with careful hesitance. "Excuse me, but I heard that you're looking for work? I'm without a job, and this is the only place around that has any sort of position open..." He blinks at you, an astonished look on his face. The surrounding customers eyed him with an apprehensive glare, the entire bakery going silent. "Yes, I...am looking for employees...are you sure you're interested? Couldn't find work any where else?" You cross your arms over your chest, nodding. "Yes. I'm sure." The baker looked really...shaken up. Sleep-deprived. Paranoid. He most likely has a good reason to be cautious, since a lot of people would be after his hide. "Come to the back room, quickly." He leads you behind the counter into the kitchen area. You're positioned near the back of the room and he places a hand on your shoulder.

"I'm really glad to have some help around here." He leans forward, laughing quietly under his breath. "Are you...alright? You don't look too good..." You question. "Oh, I'm fine. I just haven't been able to get much sleep. It's terrifying. I make a lot of money here...but I have no idea when I'm gonna breathe my last breath. There's plenty of people around here that would love to cut me open." Yep. Paranoia. "Yeah...I promise I'm not up to that, though. I'm from Heffenburgh, so I don't have anything against Skarvonia. You don't need to worry." That just seemed to make him even happier, and he embraced you in a tight bro-hug. "You have no idea how much this means to me. I'll give you a nice wage, too. Don't worry. How soon can you work?"
No. 603352 ID: 07a835

No. 603396 ID: 9ddf68

as soon as you let go of me. Also what do you need help with exactly? If you need me to bake some bread you might need to train me in a little but I'm a quick study.
No. 603494 ID: 330ce5

Whenever you need me to boss. Wait a second do you even know how to bake?
No. 604533 ID: 0eaf76
File 141673144881.png - (60.27KB , 900x800 , 9.png )

"I can start working now if you want." He looks up at you with a heavy smile. "Oh thank heavens..." The baker straightened up his back, grabbing your hand to shake it firmly. "My name's Isaiah, by the way." You nod your head politely. "Am I going to have to bake much? I'm afraid I don't have much baking experience..." He waved his arm dismissively, a light chuckle escaping his mouth. "No, no, of course not. I just need you to run the front counter and deal with customers. I can do all the baking. I do it all by myself as it is!" Isaiah walks around a small counter, grabbing a bag of flour. "Oh, never caught your name by the way."

>Enter name.
No. 604538 ID: ee2c45

"Ezekiel Fendith"

Now get to work, gotta make dat cash as soon as possible
No. 604540 ID: eeddc8

Jericho Merritt
No. 604541 ID: 9ddf68

Sullivan Ramsy
No. 604542 ID: df3cd4

Elijah Brackwood
No. 604548 ID: a19cd5

Marth Rougelin
No. 604552 ID: e5e708

Meliyyo Milquetoast
No. 604554 ID: ac5f65

I'm liken' Ezekiel Blackwood
No. 604555 ID: ac5f65

or Fairwood
No. 604560 ID: f00bad

Ezekiel Blackwood sounds coolio.
No. 604568 ID: bb78f2

Bitch's call me Zeke though
So spread it around
You seriously don't want to call me Ezekiel all the time, right?
No. 604570 ID: 5d2f8c

I really like Zeke.
No. 604578 ID: 0eaf76
File 141676411049.png - (27.40KB , 900x800 , 10.png )

"Ah, sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. The name's Ezekial Blackwood. If that's too long, Zeke will do just fine." Isaiah nodded considerately, a playful smirk glued to his face. "Alright, alright. Well you can start off by taking care of the front end. The customers grab whatever bread they want, and then you weigh it on the scale. There's a chart taped to the wall that explains how much money you charge for the weight, so it shouldn't be too hard. Then you bag up their bread and send them on their way. Also, if any shelf of bread runs out of stock, come back here and poke me." Sounds like an easy enough job. It should at least nail you a decent wage for a while, until you find somewhere else to go. "Oh, and tie on this white scarf. It'll let them know you work here, and take off the jacket. You'll probably stay until the shop closes, but that won't be too long."

"Thanks, I'll get right to it." You discard your jacket onto a wooden table in the back and wrap the tiny scarf around your neck. Oddly fashionable.
No. 604579 ID: 0eaf76
File 141676411892.png - (27.49KB , 900x800 , 11.png )

Out in the shop area the crowd had died down a bit, fortunately for you. Only about 4 people were roaming about, gathering up bread. The job was self-explanatory, and was easy to catch onto. Take the bread, weigh it, charge the customer, bag the bread and let them leave. A few customers were a bit ornary about the pricing system, but they eventually shut up and handed you the money anyways. Speaking of money, it was tempting to steal money from the cash drawer...there was no way Isaiah would know, either. Just grab a few gold coins and stuff it in your pocket. Should you stay faithful? Or take a bit of pocket change?
No. 604581 ID: a19cd5

Yeah, let's not be a dick.
No. 604588 ID: 780bbd

Yeah, it would be nice if you don't stab the trusting baker in the back.
No. 604591 ID: 5d2f8c

>Or take a bit of pocket change
fuck no.

Also make sure noone leaves without paying.
No. 604601 ID: 93ad1b

Are you honestly thinking about stealing from a man that can barely sleep at night do to fear of waking up to a lynch mob? The hell is wrong with you?! Just do the job for now
No. 604608 ID: 330ce5

Man don't steal the man's money, I mean he is desperate but he didn't have to hire you. Be a good person, don't misuse the trust of others for momentary gain.
No. 604720 ID: b01a28

Stay honest.
No. 604907 ID: 311774

Echoing everyone else.
Just what kind of person are you that you'd even consider that?
No. 604925 ID: d3be40

You KNOW there's more to this new life than just a day job. Shortsighted gain is probably the stupidest thing you could do right now.

Remember to be on the lookout for opportunities and intel. Take notes on the city; its people, customs, and architecture. By next week, you should have a map telling you how to get to work from where you live, and places in the local area that you do stuff at on a regular basis. If you hear anything interesting, eavesdrop and write it down for later. If you see anything, be ready.

When you're prepared to face the city, buy some supplies and get ready to do some real work.
No. 604971 ID: 1730ba

If there is anything you have too many of right now, it sure isn't people willing to trust you.
Leave the money in the drawer.
No. 605014 ID: ce8321

Keep your good karma it's just the start of things.
No. 605040 ID: 05b54c

Don't steal his gold, steal his heart.
No. 605043 ID: 401591

yeah what is wRONG with you
No. 605340 ID: cee89f

Oh great, we're playing a braindead amoral moron -_-

Moral issues aside (because they're pretty self-explanatory and have been covered already), this is the kind of thing you do when you know you're going to be fired soon anyway. You don't steal cash from someone who JUST NOW hired you. Not only is it likely to result in your termination if you're caught, but businesses tell each other when stuff like this goes down. Nowhere in this town - possibly nowhere within a hundred miles - will hire you again.
No. 605365 ID: 0eaf76
File 141690106807.png - (26.65KB , 900x800 , 12.png )

Your better moral obligations prevent you from taking any cash. You're soft in the head...nowadays in order to survive one must be born into wealth or they must steal themselves into wealth. Come to think of it, the morals of society as a whole has been going downhill since a few years ago, when Skarvonia first declared it's invasion on the neighboring countries. Poverty rates increased, the death rate increased, even the unemployment increased. Biting down on your lip, you push the drawer back into its place, sighing. You were always a bit too nice, ever since you were a child. Over your life you've been hardened a tad by your life experiences, but overall, that heart of yours still holds a high moral standard. That may kill you one day...or it may save your life. Either way, you decided to look at this from a long-term point of view. Use this job to gather intel on the whereabouts of current events and local happenings. Since you have no obvious ethnic standing the locals won't be so hostile towards you, in fact, they may even try to convince you to join their side. Wouldn't that be something.
No. 605366 ID: 0eaf76
File 141690108103.png - (34.93KB , 900x800 , 13.png )

Throughout the day, most of the conversations included complaints about the current government officials or how 'Stephanie cheated on her husband'. But, about an hour before closing time, an interesting sentence popped up from the rack of bread.

"...Did you hear the about that ruckus last week? Apparently another one of those things showed up and tried to take off Carl."

"Really?! This is the 3rd attack in the month...maybe we should consider movin' out. Why do you think there's so many of em' here?"

"Hell if I know. Them freaky angel things...I swear the government is launchin' genetic experiments at the small towns to destroy em', one by one. It makes sense. Release the weaker links and all that."

"Yeah, yeah...I jus' hope that they aren't gonna get me. This town's gonna have to evict a curfew if it's gonna keep it's people alive."

You feel as though you should intervene...question them...act curious...something. But was it really your business? They're talking pretty loud, so it's not as if their conversation is a secret. But this topic of discussion has been common... Ever since a few months ago, these so called 'Angels of Death' have been showing up in the smaller towns. At least, that's what people call them. They aren't real angels, of course. They're most likely experimental results from tests and new technology being developed.
No. 605367 ID: 07a835

Yes, go over and ask them for more information. Do they ever recover the bodies of people the winged ones take away?
No. 605372 ID: 1730ba

I don't see any harming in going over and asking them about it.
Say you're new in town and have heard this "angels" mentioned before, and are curious about them.
If they don't want to talk, just shrug go back to work - there's nothing to lose.
No. 605388 ID: bb78f2

Are tests and such REALLY that common that people just assume them?
No. 605405 ID: ffc46f

Just simply walk up to them and ask about the Angels and if they tell you to gtfo then walk away. (Or persist)
No. 605412 ID: d3be40

Don't forget to write this conversation down.

During times of war, sides tend to balance one another - in unstable ways. Escalation and destruction results in changes to peoples' lifestyles and progress. By the time the war ends, the factions involved may be different than when they started... or dead.

This is, sadly enough, one of those situations. It looks like the government (or rather, the group of people in charge of the Reaper project) is using the war as an excuse to create city-razing assassins. You may want to form a plan with your intel so that you don't take jobs that help these psychopaths.

Well, at least it'll be a good fight. Say, do you like a challenging fight? Or would you rather stay out of the war for good?
No. 605656 ID: 0eaf76
File 141698431118.png - (32.71KB , 900x800 , 14.png )

You decide to try and get a few questions in regarding what they're talking about. Stepping out from behind the desk you approach the pair and put on a friendly, polite smile. "Hey, I'm just curious, since I'm new in town and all...but what exactly are these angels you're talking about?" The two men gave you steady glances, exchanging looks before turning to face you. "You haven't heard of em' yet? They've been all over tha' news." You don't really listen to the news, since you don't own a radio or anything to watch or listen to it with. "I'm afraid I haven't gotten the chance to really hear much of anything..." You admit, adding in a casual shrug of the shoulders. The gruffy, hyena man leaned in close, his eyes wide and erratic. "They call em' the Angels of Death. Taking away those who have sinned and whatnot...I just think it's the government tryna fuck with us!" You narrow your eyes. For some reason you doubt this...it's most likely some sort of vigilante group trying to distribute justice or something of the sort. The lizard man placed a gentle hand on your shoulder, shaking you lightly. "Better be careful, man. They strike when you're isolated...all alone...so there aren't witnesses." You furrow your brow. "Then how does anyone know about them?" They both shake their heads. "There isn't such a thing as a perfect crime, ya know? People notice when someone goes missing...investigates...so on and so forth."

"Do they ever recover the bodies from the attacks?" You inquire. The lizard shook his head shamefully. "No...they just disappear. No evidence or nothin', nothing but eye witness reports."
No. 605658 ID: 07a835

Sounds more like kidnapping than killing, then. Are all the victims criminals?
No. 605659 ID: df3cd4

Can they describe what these winged people look like in more detail?
No. 605670 ID: 311774

Do they happen in a particular part of town? At a particular time?
No. 605683 ID: 59d1b1

Make a mental note to be really careful next time you're away from other people.

Anyway, I don't know you're going to get much else from that conversation. It sounds like all they know is the same second-hand fear everyone else has heard.
No. 605758 ID: ffc46f

Welp now is the time to keep an eye behind and above you (if you are alone)
No. 606892 ID: e31d12

Agreed. Thank them and tell them to be careful. Back to work. Maybe casually bring up the topic of these "angels" and missing people to Isaiah. Maybe they're, at least in part, what's got him so paranoid.
No. 606981 ID: 0eaf76
File 141736943611.png - (40.70KB , 900x800 , 15.png )

"Have you ever seen these angels?" They both give you perplexed gazes. "O' course not! Anyone who actually sees one...they never come back alive!" How strange. It almost feels like something out of a motion picture. Angels of Death, stealing away souls that have wronged this planet. Kind of hard to believe it's actually real. In fact, you highly doubt it's actually real. "Well, thank you for your time." You bow your head and duck back out to stand behind the counter. You wonder if Isaiah knows anything about these angels. Do you think that he'd possibly even be a target? It's hard to know what types of people get targetted, but Isaiah is infamous in this town for hailing from Skarvonia...perhaps an angel has him on their hitlist.

After another hour the shop was finally prepared for closing. You swept up the floors, cleaned the cases, adjusted the scale, wiped down counters and finally checked in on Isaiah in the back kitchen. He was leaning against the wall, wiping his brow with a dirty cloth. "Ah! Zeke...good work today. It's a lot less stressful with another person to man the front counter." He pushed off of the wall and approached you, patting you on the back. "Do you have anywhere to stay tonight?" You shake your head. "There's a nice hotel just up the street. It usually has vacant rooms available for people..." Peeking out the window, you see how dark it got. The sun's rays were quickly fading under the horizon...

"Hey, Isaiah?" You turn back around, the baker gathering up his belongings. "Yeah?" He shot you a jagged smile, which was how he naturally smiled. "Do you...know anything about these winged angels on the news?" His smile slowly faded off his face, eyes going dark. "Mmm...yeah. I don't know anything about them in terms of details...all I know is that they make my life a living hell." He averted his gaze to the ground. "What? Why's that?" You inquire. "It's terrifying to walk home every night. Aren't you scared they'll take you away? Down to hell? Down to eternal damnation?" Isaiah shook his head, throwing a jacket over his back. "Just be careful, Zeke. I don't think you'll be in much danger...but you can never be too safe. Anyways, I'll see you early tomorrow." The coyote quickly shuffled out of the kitchen, pointing to a set of keys on a side table on the way out. "Lock up the shop when you leave, and bring the keys back tomorrow." And just like that he was gone and out of the store. You were only left with the smell of fresh dough and a sinking, cold feeling in your stomach.
No. 607004 ID: 9ddf68

well might as well finish up here and head over to the hotel. You got enough cash to afford a night there right?
No. 607021 ID: 0eaf76
File 141737392973.png - (34.73KB , 900x800 , 16.png )

Might as well head over to the hotel, then. You'll need a good night's sleep for tomorrow. You head out the front door, dressed in your normal clothes, and lock the door behind you. The streets were completely abandoned...it almost looked as though no one lived here at all, aside from the lights coming from the insides of houses. Up the street, you could see the large, light-up sign reading "HOTEL". You assumed that was the place that Isaiah was referring to. As you make your way towards the building, an uneasy feeling settles in your gut. The wind felt...colder, sharper...Looking up at the sky, you notice something floating down towards you. It was...a feather? You catch it with one hand, looking at it closely. It was a sleek, black feather, a bit frayed at the end. You look around nervously, quickening your pace towards the hotel. From your right side, you hear a scream, down a long, dark alleyway. Should you keep going or stop and investigate? At this point you'd much rather go into the safety of the hotel...
No. 607038 ID: 9ddf68

try to keep walking towards the hotel, then have your conscience take over and move CAREFULLY down the ally and see if it's something you can actually do to help while questioning why you had to be born and raised with such a loud since of right and wrong.
No. 607050 ID: 5d2f8c

There is probably nothing you could do to help the person screaming; but it will help you slake your curiosity on the subject of the "angels".

You get any bread before you left? (A wanderer like you should know the value of having a spare meal on hand. Also while I'm against stealing money, taking an extra roll or two is unlikely to hurt him in the long run. Especially if it is one of the ones that's started to go stale.)
No. 607058 ID: db83ac

Remember, you can yell for the guard at any time.

Do you have training in these kinds of situations? Bottleneck fights, hostage negotiation, stealth, etc.? If so, approach the situation area carefully, and be ready for any of the above three. If not, you may want to call for help. The most pathetic thing you can do is pretend that someone isn't being assaulted.

Worst-case scenario, the assaulter kills the target after discovering that he's been spotted, and proceeds to do other stuff. Even then, calling for help and slightly risking your life doing so shows bravery as a former soldier.

Best-case scenario, someone's having a good time. Whatever, the guards don't execute people for playing in the streets at night... do they?
No. 607072 ID: a19cd5

Be a big heroman
No. 607115 ID: 07a835

Go investigate, try to sneakily get an eye on what's happening. Don't get involved unless it's something you can handle.
No. 607116 ID: 0eaf76
File 141739221155.png - (52.11KB , 900x800 , 17.png )

Your better judgment says to just go to the hotel, but your strong sense of consciousness urges you to check out what's going on. Paying attention to being extra cautious, you inch around the alleyway, trying to figure out what was happening. You hear the scream get louder, and a loud crash follows close behind. "STOP! GET AWAY FROM ME!" That definitely didn't sound good. Rounding the corner, you almost gasp at what you see.

A child was standing over a bloodied and beaten woman, who was cowering for her life. The child had a lead pipe gripped in their hands, backside facing towards you. Their back was mangled with two black wings jutting from the shoulders. The woman was trying to desperately scoot backwards, but the child placed their foot on her chest, raising the pipe over their head. "PLEASE! DON'T! PLEASE!" She cried out.
No. 607128 ID: 07a835

Tackle that little shit. You're bigger, you can use the advantage of surprise to get the pipe away from him.
No. 607139 ID: 9ddf68

Grab the pipe, yell what the hell is wrong with him, ignore the wings for now. Also look around (and above you) to make sure he doesn't have friends.
No. 607151 ID: d3be40

This may make sense in context; it's possible that the injured woman is actually a career criminal who has harmed innocents before.

Or maybe the angel's hungry. Whatever.

Until you get more intel, don't assume either party is in the right. Please stealth and non-lethally take down the "angel". Then incapacitate the injured woman, and get both their sides of the story. Deal with them based on what you learn.
No. 607202 ID: 330ce5

Grab the pipe, try to avoid hurting the kid you still don't really know what is going on. Heck I know it looks very bad but you can't always judge a book by its cover. But that doesn't mean to put your guard down, you have to handle this situation carefully.
No. 607226 ID: ffc46f

Think about it because the angel could be bad, or the women has committed a crime. Just that you are a neutral party here.
No. 608574 ID: 0eaf76
File 141767024061.png - (42.89KB , 900x800 , 18.png )

You run up and grab the pipe from the boy's hands, shoving him onto the ground with a hard push. He tumbled onto the concrete and quickly flipped over, staring up at you with wide eyes. "Who are you?!" You grip the pipe, a bit of tension causing you to stiffen. "The better question is who you are. Why are you doing this?! You're...you're one of those angels aren't you! One of those angels who murder civilians in the middle of the night..." The boy frowned, adjusting himself so he was sitting up straight. "...You do know...that I'm going to have to kill you now." The woman turned over suddenly, grabbing onto your ankle desperately. "RUN!!!" She screeched. The angel boy scrambled to his feet, body slamming into your stomach, wings outstretched. You drop the pipe almost immediately, crashing into the hard ground with a gasp. "Ack!" He hit a lot harder than you expected...it took the wind right out of you.
No. 608580 ID: 687279

Grab a wing and twist.
No. 608582 ID: d3be40

Feint a jab for his eyes with your fingers, but then kick or punch his lower torso!

Or, feint a beeline for his neck in your teeth but then headbutt his jaw!

Do something feinty! ANYTHING!

Beat him unconscious. And then knock the woman unconscious, or tie her up (maybe you can have her grab the angel?). Take them both back to the bakery and be sure to tie both of them up. Then lock them up on separate floors.

That is a good pipe. You may as well keep the pipe as a base weapon. Or some kind of rolling pin.
No. 608583 ID: 92817b

Quickly, when you hit the ground give a punch to the face of your winged adversary to daze him, then catch your breath.
No. 608585 ID: 9ddf68

Grab that little bastard and headbutt him. Then when he's stunned get on top of him. You should be heavier and if you can stay on top you'll have the advantage.
No. 608589 ID: 2ec61a

grab the wings and pull them in an unnatural angle.
No. 608609 ID: cee89f

Go for the wings, screaming "EVEN ANGELS CAN FALL"

Reasoning: The wings would probably be the lightest and most fragile part of his body - if he's flying under his own power and not magic, then his bones have to be hollow enough to allow for flight. But he's also bipedal, which means his torso and legs are strong and sturdy.

His wings would be the weakest part of his body, if there is a weakest point.

As for the scream, it's part intimidation for him, part inspiration for you and part "HELP I'M BEING ATTACKED BY A MONSTER" for everyone else.
No. 608613 ID: 0eaf76
File 141767957475.png - (37.28KB , 900x800 , 19.png )

Grabbing the angel, you get a hold of his wings, trying to twist them in order to force him off of you. Strangely enough though...that didn't seem to garner any sort of reaction from the boy. You could feel a strange vibration eminating from the feathers though...as if the wings weren't connected to the boy at all. He scrambled towards the pipe, picking it up and whacked the side of your shoulder. You let out a yell of pain, clutching your arm. You hurriedly scoot backwards, trying desperately to get away. "Just hold still. I'll make your death quick." He raised the pipe above his head and dashed towards you. Squeezing your eyes shut, you freeze.

No. 608614 ID: 0eaf76
File 141767958307.png - (32.95KB , 900x800 , 20.png )


You feel nothing for a short moment. No pain. No pipe being smashed into your skull. Hesitantly, you open your eyes, to see a fair maiden. She had a flowy outfit on, with shimmering, pale hair. She was blocking the pipe with her arm, the boy pausing in confusion. Looking down at you, she smiles warmly. "Don't worry, Ezekial. I will protect you." Her arm began to glow as she elbowed the boy in the neck, sending him flying against the wall on the other side of the alley. Almost immediately she faced you and placed her hands on your cheeks. "Are you hurt?"
No. 608636 ID: f61b8d

Uh...just a little? (Y'know, unless you are. How's the arm?) Also, how's the first woman? Wanna make sure the "angel" doesn't kill her while we're distracted.
No. 608640 ID: 9ddf68

more... confused then anything... did I hit my head?
No. 608643 ID: bdd703

Thank the new person.
Check the injured women is okay.
Check the boy is still down.
Don't trust the new women completely - you don't know what's actually going on here.
No. 608657 ID: 7819f4

Ohai miss cover picture lady
With all this talk about angels... Are you our Guardian Angel?
No. 608665 ID: d3be40

You're fine, thanks! But the agent needs to focus on the angel! Meanwhile, make sure the woman is not bleeding out (unless she is the agent or has fled the scene) and then tie her up, just to be sure she's not an enemy either.

Afterwards, tell the agent if she's willing to keep the angel alive. It's possible that he is being possessed by his own wings. Either way, you want answers, right?
No. 608672 ID: 330ce5

Is the other lady ok? Probably not but after you check you should offer your new friend to talk in a more private place, maybe your hotel room.
No. 608741 ID: 687279

Aha, the lady from the title. Tell her your arm is hurt... but who is she?
No. 608770 ID: cee89f

"Are you an angel too?"

No. 610321 ID: 0eaf76
File 141817072915.png - (36.89KB , 900x800 , 21.png )

"I'm okay...my shoulder just hurts a bit, if anything..." You try and sit up straight, the maiden keeping a careful hold on you. "Are...you an angel?" You manage to ask. She stares at you, hesitantly for a moment before smiling. "Just stay put, okay?" She turns around and watches the boy push himself off of the wall. How did he survive that impact? Any normal person would've immediately passed out... "I'll distract him...can you check on the woman?" The maiden motioned towards the incapacitated woman, still curled up on the ground. Before you're able to reply to her demand, she takes off running, the boy giving chase. You scramble to your feet and rush over to the injured female. A pained groan slipped out from her mouth, her body scrunched up like some mended piece of trash. You lift her up, smearing off blood with your palm. "Ugh...j-just leave me to die..." She mutters.
No. 610322 ID: 687279

Why? Did she do something to deserve this? ...at this point it doesn't matter. Even if she wants to die, she has to at least tell someone else so you have a witness to your story.

Plus uh, yeah, you're not gonna just leave someone to bleed out like this. Ask if she can still move. If so, help her up and keep her steady so you two can get out into the open and find help.
No. 610323 ID: 2ec61a

she's hurt but not lethally. help her up.
No. 610324 ID: 9ddf68

>Ugh...j-just leave me to die...
sorry ma'am, I'm to nice of a guy to leave you alone out here and to big of an ass to respect your wishes now let's get you to a doctor.
No. 610331 ID: d81936

It looks like she's taken quite a beating.
Ask her if any bones are broken.
No. 610339 ID: 330ce5

No time for chit hat this lady needs hospital, can you carry her? Since you don't really know the area best to carry her to a house and ask for help. Also keep her talking and engaged ask her name, about family, just make sure she stay awake and feels safer.
No. 610340 ID: d3be40

"STOP BEING SUCH A SELFISH DRAMA 81+(#! I ALMOST DIED TRYING TO SAVE YOU! Least you could do is tell me why the @#$% you deserve to die, first."

Get her to the bakery. You might be able to recruit her as a squad member! Or she'll owe you big. Either way, keep her alive, and ask questions about what she did to get marked by A @#$%ING ANGEL.
No. 610341 ID: a19cd5

>Cursing like a thirteen-year-old on cawadooty
Let's not.
Supporting >>610324, seems like the best retort.
No. 610401 ID: b00646

The child appears to be someone the woman may know, perhaps a child she abandoned.
No. 610605 ID: cee89f

>"Ugh...j-just leave me to die..." She mutters."
"Sorry ma'am, I don't speak [whatever language we're currently speaking]."

If she asks how you're talking to her:
"Well I'd explain, but as I said I don't speak [language]."

"Sorry ma'am. I can't comply with that request, on account of me having an ounce of moral fiber."
No. 610610 ID: e75545

The best response to "Ugh...j-just leave me to die..." is no response.
Take her to somewhere safer.
No. 611071 ID: 0eaf76
File 141845333779.png - (32.04KB , 900x800 , 22.png )

“Sorry ma’am, I’m too polite to leave you here to die, and too much of an ass to listen to you right now.” You scoop up the bloodied woman in your arms, rushing out of the alleyway to locate the nearest medical clinic you could find. “Are you going to make it?” Looking down at the woman, it’s clear she just wanted a long nap…but she instead turned her head to stare at you, opening her mouth to speak. “I’ll be fine…” She croaks. Across the street, up a ways, you manage to locate a general clinic that stood just past the hotel you were headed to before. You burst down the door, frantically searching about for someone to help. The young lady sitting at the front desk looks up, surprised by your abrupt entrance.
“Oh dear, that woman…where did you find her?”
“She was lying in an alleyway a few blocks down…I think an angel got to her.”
“A-An angel? Oh I’m...terribly sorry, sir. But we cannot help you.”
No. 611072 ID: c9f2af

>A-An angel? Oh I’m...terribly sorry, sir. But we cannot help you.
I must have been mistaken. The angels don't leave their victims behind, do they?

This woman was injured by an unknown assailant. Help her.
No. 611073 ID: 15c23b

Oh teh noes the doctors are not keeping up with the Hippocratic oath. Now what, do far cry healing on her with bandages and whatever we can find?
No. 611074 ID: 9ddf68

ok, future note, when saying crazy things leave out the crazy like instead of saying she was hit by an angle say she was hit by a kid with a crowbar who ran off when you came to help.

But for now, it probably wasn't angels they leave nothing behind, I just heard stories and was guessing, Just please help I mean what about the Hippocratic oath thing you guys take?
No. 611075 ID: 2ec61a

wipe some of the blood off the girl you have's face and smear it on the desk. "i wonder how they track down their victims..."
No. 611094 ID: d3be40

Get an explanation. If she's doomed, then that's understandable. If it's policy not to help victims of an angel attack, drop your survivor on the table and threaten to cry foul on this clinic.
No. 611100 ID: 687279

I'm sorry, is this a place of healing or a place of cowardice?
No. 611121 ID: e75545

Get angry.
No. 611146 ID: cee89f

>“A-An angel? Oh I’m...terribly sorry, sir. But we cannot help you.”
Okay... At first I was going to say 'explanation or arson' but...

It's possible that Angels pursue their targets relentlessly, meaning that keeping her here would doom dozens of hospital patients too... But then how would she know that?

Let's go with 'Explain [why you can't do your bloody job]. NOW.'
No. 611198 ID: 0eaf76
File 141850476738.png - (29.78KB , 900x800 , 23.png )

"What do you mean when you say you can't help? This is a place of healing, not a place of cowardice! Why can't you do your job?!" The lady shakes her head calmly, a downtrodden look on her face. "Please understand, sir. If it were up to me I would offer my assistance. I am not trained in any medical field, however...I simply man the front desk. The head doctor here ordered us not to accept angel-fallen patients..." That didn't seem right...why implement a policy? "Does...that mean you get multiple patients coming in claiming they had an angel attack?" This made the woman pause, pressing her glossy lips together in a sort of tense embarrassment.

"...Y-Yes...each time they come they bear fatal wounds...and each time we must turn them away...we...can only assume they die soon afterwards..."
No. 611201 ID: 2ec61a

well then, it sounds like you want to buy some gauze. wrap up the bleeding spots best you can, then we sit here until ether dawn or the angel comes and we lead it on a merry chase that involves the doctor getting caught in the crossfire.
No. 611203 ID: c9f2af

Put injured patient down somewhere, and start digging around for medical supplies.

If the receptionist protests, tell her, last time you checked, she's not helping you, so she's not disobeying orders.
No. 611205 ID: db83ac

"Listen to me very carefully: I understand that you are a secretary, not a doctor. You are not bound, and have never been bound, by the Hippocrates oath. But if you leave this woman to die for no reason than the orders from your boss, then you don't deserve to be a part of the medicinal community - just another secretary.

You want to be more while doing less? You want to get paid more, to deserve more, to be respected more, even if you stay a secretary for the rest of your life? Then take this opportunity and HELP ME. Look at the wounds, they don't look fatal at all. The angel on duty botched the job thanks to us. I just met someone who can take the fight to the angels - I don't think she's going to side with us if we leave our wounded to die!

Your choice, ma'am! Live, or die?!"
No. 611206 ID: 687279

Tell her you want to speak to the head doctor.
No. 611218 ID: bb78f2

However, if we both agree that she was NOT attacked by an angel, then you can accept her?

Or, what happens if I would report this hospital to the police. No one's survived the path to the police to report this clearly illegal refusal of care because they were injured, however, I AM well enough to make it to the police and report this gross injustice.

Let's just make this simple and both agree she was not attacked by an angel.
I can tell you're a good person. Let's just say this was a mugging, shall we? Put that on the paperwork?
No. 611339 ID: e75545

Well, now we know why angel attacks are fatal.

There isn't any point pushing the secretary any more - there's literally nothing she can do directly. Instead fetch supplies and ask if there is anyone who could help the woman.
No. 611546 ID: cee89f

"... Well. Then I guess she just got mugged."

Don't broker any argument. We AIN'T leavin' her to die.
No. 611559 ID: 9ddf68

Then give me some damn medical supplies, if you aren't going to do shit than at least let me try something. I'm not just going to leave someone to die like some diseased animal when there's a chance they can be helped and FUCK your reasoning for not helping because I'm not going to leave unless you give me something to help her.
No. 613298 ID: 0eaf76
File 141905007686.png - (36.74KB , 900x800 , 24.png )

"Oh my god-- just give me some medical supplies then..." You hold out a hand, cradling the woman in your arms. You could feel her hands grip at your shirt, a wet mumbling coming from her mouth. The secretary rolled backwards in her chair, standing up from her seat. "I'm sorry, sir. I have been instructed not to take part in any recovery involving an angel victim." This enraged you. You set the bleeding woman on the floor and climbed onto the desk. "Then I'll just have to take what I need myself."

She flipped around and pressed her hand on a large button behind a wall, a cacophonous ringing ringing over the clinic. "I suggest you leave, before the head doctor gets out here." She muttered stingingly, cold eyes glaring at you. You shake your head, taking steps backwards. "...Why...? Why are you so insistent on this?" The secretary dropped her hand, staring at the ground. "It's in my job description."
No. 613299 ID: bb78f2

Well, fuck your job and negligence.
No. 613308 ID: cee89f

"Most people place ethics above really stupid orders that run contrary to your business' purpose. Or at least pretend to.

No. 613314 ID: 330ce5

It's all a government conspiracy!
The government angels take victims to feed the illuminati!
Jokes aside I think you should give this head doctor a piece of your mind. Maybe even convince them of doing something good.
No. 613317 ID: 9ddf68

So this is a town full of murders and cheats then? I see why the angels chose to show up here then, you all deserve each other. Who gives a damn if people are dying in the streets as long as it's not you right? Wonder how long it's going to take before you're the one laying in the street, bloodied and bruised, and everyone is just walking past you like your trash just because it's not there problem. My god and you people call yourselves doctors, you're nothing but scum who think it's they're god given right to chose who get's saved and who can just go fuck off and die depending whether or not it's convenient for you to do one over the other. You people... you animals make me sick.

Think we should just go, I think staying here to do anything whether out of spite or to help the women in your arms would only cause more problems for yourself and the women with it helping nobody. Just use your shirt or something to try and bandage the women. Also I think we should leave this town as soon as possible. Seeing how these people are reacting to anyone who has come into contact with the angels I wouldn't be surprised if they formed a lynch mob for you tomorrow simply out of fear and ignorance. Cause seriously fuck this town.
No. 613366 ID: 185cb8

Fuck your job and it's description, ma'am.

Set about taking what you need before the 'head doctor' arrives. We'll try and leave with the girl and the supplies. If he does show up, we'll punch him in the head and go.
No. 613380 ID: d3be40

"Get out of the way. I fought an angel and lived. What makes you think the SM Gerand to your right is going to stop me from rearranging your face into an Arkala Renz-Fasse?"
No. 613407 ID: 50dc8a

"If she dies, this will make you an accomplice to her murder. And I'll make sure your commitment to your job is... 'duly rewarded'."
No. 613435 ID: a19cd5

Can we not?
Look lady, I understand. We'll go elsewhere.
Remember this, though: If she dies, it's because of your inaction.
>Walk out, try to find some cloth and alcohol to make bandages and clean wounds.
No. 613437 ID: 82c018

This. Getting into a fight or giving a lengthy speech will just waste time. (And if the head doctor is in on whatever the angels are up to, he might be more prepared for a fight when he gets here than we can deal with right now.)
No. 613483 ID: 687279

There is no point to staying here if it does not help the woman. If you can't see a medkit you can quickly grab then we'd better go elsewhere in search of help.
No. 613576 ID: fba9e0

"I spit on all you represent."

And then demonstratively spit within her workplace. Leave with the woman and try to find help elsewhere. You're not going to get any here.

Make a mental note to wreak retribution upon these hypocrites one day.
No. 614110 ID: 8f01e8

"Oh! I'm so sorry, I didn't realize this was the Fraternity of Useless Chickenshit Kowards' local Union Post. We'll just be leaving now, to look for an actual hospital."

Until the medical emergency is resolved, make no further mention of angels. Anyone asks you how the injuries occurred, give them a look like they're an idiot, ignore the question, and tell them what they should be doing to help.

Head back to the bar, which will by it's very nature be open late and supplied with clean rags and disinfectant. First priority in a situation like this is to stop the bleeding, next is cleaning and bandaging the wounds. That's how people die of otherwise-minor injuries in the absence of modern medical care: any break in the skin, especially if there's a foreign object in it (even tiny shreds of clothing) festers with opportunistic infections. Sterilize and bandage no more than an hour after the trauma, the chance of that goes way down.

After that you need to worry about stuff like shock and internal bleeding, which requires actual medical training to deal with. Put her somewhere quiet, warm, and safe, have somebody (possibly yourself) watching her, providing water and so on. THEN you can set up an appointment to have a proper screaming match with whoever shat on the Hippocratic Oath.
No. 618151 ID: 0eaf76
File 142043126172.png - (51.51KB , 900x800 , 25.png )

"You...You disgust me. If this woman dies, it's on your plate." You push against the door, shooting her a final glare of disgust. "Be careful out there. Saving a woman like that could get you killed." Before she has the chance to continue, you're out the door and back out on the streets. The woman tugs on your shirt collar, shaking her head. "B-Being attacked by an angel...it's...seen as you...being a sinner. Someone condemned by God...y-you're being unholy...helping me..." You squeeze her arms, shaking your head. "I don't care. I need to get you to safety." Frantically, you search around for any sort of bar, tavern, inn or even house that could offer assistance.

"Oye! Whaddya doin' out here?! It's dark, ye gotta get inside!" Turning, you spot a man waving an arm at you. "Ack! W-What happened ta her?! She looks rotten!" The woman rolls her eyes, or attempts to. "She was attacked by an Angel...please...can you help us? I've been rejected by the doctor here..." The man scratches his chin, sighing. "Eh, I...I dunno. My house ain't that big...I ain't got a lotta supplies, neither."
No. 618153 ID: 687279

Anything will help. Just gotta get her stable, for now.
No. 618154 ID: 42443a

Sir, this woman is hurt. Will you help her, or do I keep walking?
No. 618156 ID: a19cd5

This. He's still offering to help, there's no need to be rude.
No. 618208 ID: f5baae

Yeah, I agree, we just need to stop her from dying, and being polite will help us. We might have enough time to scrape the bottom of the barrel for medical supplies.
No. 618212 ID: d3be40

This might be a trap, but seeing as how the clinic just revoked the entire Hippocratic oath because of a belief in angelic assassinations, you have a better chance with random strangers than regular civilization, given that the government is likely to execute you to keep this quiet.

Go with him. Do your best to keep the girl alive, and she'll likely become your squadmate; if you can see past the scars, she'll likely keep you close for the rest of her life for what you did for her.
No. 619392 ID: 0eaf76
File 142095534869.png - (40.97KB , 900x800 , 26.png )

Desperately, you take a step forward, clutching the woman with a secure grip. "Please, sir. Anything works. She just needs somewhere to stay..." He rubs his chin in thought. "Fine, but just this one time...come with me, quickly. We gotta get off the street...it ain't safe late at night." The man turned on his heels, rushing off down the street. You hop to following the stranger, hoping to save this woman. So many questions were still running through your head. Who was that girl back there who saved you? Who was the boy? Why were these angels even here? It all seems like something out of a fairy tale. It took no more than a few minutes to reach the stranger's home. It was a modest place, with only one floor, and a bit of a rustic feel. "Wait here in the kitchen while I fetchya some bandages and such. She'll need to be washed up right away, go grab a cloth from the sink and soak it in warm water. Quickly!" He hurried off, leaving you alone. Where are you going to put the woman? It's a bit too cluttered...and the sofa is pretty far away from the kitchen...
No. 619399 ID: c0c685


Carry her to the couch and get the cloth once she's seated. Don't make her walk. Start cleaning her as best as you can so he can bandage her properly
No. 619406 ID: d3be40

Have her lie down on the floor (keep her head as far away from the clutter as you can) and then treat her face with hot water in a towel. Do not attempt to move her further, but move the clutter so that there's less chance of it falling on her.
No. 619409 ID: 687279

Find a chair and put it in the kitchen for her to sit on. Bam, problem solved.
No. 619455 ID: f5baae

If we cannot find any surfaces for her to comfortably lie or sit down on, try to make the floor comfortable, one or two pillows will do, which can be conveniently used for seats as well!

Also, Zeke, I'm sure you already know this, but helping her may or may not carry a risk, just know that you have to get prepared in your free time. You do NOT want to end up like this lady here.

When she is all fixed up and stable, we should ask her name.
No. 619473 ID: 9ddf68

if she isn't at risk of falling down go to the sofa, take the cushions off it and bring them back her and put them on the floor and lay her on top of it.
No. 619535 ID: 69ab8d

A chair in the kitchen seems reasonable, while we're treating her wounds. Stuff in kitchens tends to be easy to clean.

If we brought her to the couch, she'd be bleeding on the couch, and maybe the carpet, and who knows what else. No reason to cause problems with our already reluctant host.
No. 619575 ID: 8f01e8

Order of operations: start the hot water running, put a cloth in the sink under it, have her lean her back against the refrigerator and brace herself on the counter. If she seems like she's not going to immediately fall down, and your host isn't back with the bandages yet, fetch a chair. If it doesn't seem like she can stand on her own at all, or after she's safely in the chair, start using the wet cloth and put a new one under the water.

Objectives with the warm wet cloth are, first of all, clean her up enough to separate mess from actual injury, and then remove dirt from the wounds. Use a gentle in-and-out blotting motion as much as possible rather than lateral wiping or scrubbing to avoid spreading contaminants around, grinding them in deeper, or aggravating the actual injuries.

Also check that bottle on top of the fridge. Might be booze strong enough for disinfectant. Real antibiotics would be preferable, but use what you've got.
No. 620060 ID: 321d85

What everybody else has said, and

hooo, boy, was that scene calculated to make us mad, because BOY HOWDY DID IT EVER!
No. 620755 ID: b58dc5
File 142154487039.png - (50.54KB , 900x800 , 27.png )

Oh, right, there ARE chairs around the table, although only 2. You grab the nearest seat and drag it towards you, easing the woman into a sitting position. "NNgh..." She groans out, tensing up in pain. "I think...I think the brat hit my back too...I can't remember anything..." With a pained expression she holds her side, grimacing at the floor. In quick motions, you quickly gather necessary supplies. A dampened cloth with hot water, a bottle of alcohol from the top of the fridge, napkins and a glass of water. "Drink up," You urge, holding the rim of the cup to her lips. Tentatively, the woman sips it down. "Th-Thank you..." She utters.

"Don't thank me yet..." You clean up the blood from her face, wiping at the cuts, causing her to flinch with each stroke. "This is going to hurt, so please try and stay quiet..." You take a thick napkin and soak a small area in alcohol. Then, you begin to wipe away at the open wounds. "Hhshh..." She hisses under her breath, holding her tongue through the stinging burns. "I got a first aid kit." The man from before entered the kitchen with a stained, white box. Inside the kit were simple medical supplies for minor injuries. Bandages, cloth, disinfectant, syringes, a tourniquet and various bottles of medicine, including aspirin and antibiotics. It took no more than 10 minutes to fully patch up the woman, the only remaining trace of injury being the blood stains on her clothing.

"...I owe my life to you..." She whispered, clutching onto the seat of the chair. "Thank you..."
No. 620760 ID: 687279

Tell her you were being foolish and almost died yourself. Ask her if she has any idea why the angel attacked her. Did she do something to attract its attention? You heard they prey on sinners...
No. 620762 ID: 9ddf68

>I owe my life to you
you don't owe me a thing miss...

anyways see if you can't get her side of the story, see why she was attacked or if it was just some random act of violence and she just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Also thank the guy for actually helping you. It's good to know there are some people who aren't fucking monsters in this town.
No. 620766 ID: a18f15

You're welcome. You don't owe me anything, though.
No. 620771 ID: 687279

Ah, hang on, let's not squander her debt. She definitely owes us a life debt, and that could be quite useful in the future.

Ask her name, and how you can contact her later if you need her help.
No. 620776 ID: 5d2f8c

She should thank the guy that owns this house. She would be a *lot* worse off if he wasn't so kind.
No. 620785 ID: d3be40

Tell her that she owes you a debt; you risked your life to save hers. You'd like her help; you likely have future encounters with angels to deal with. This should help prevent her from committing suicide.

Ask about who she is and what she could have done to get marked for death.
No. 620789 ID: bb78f2

Well, if you owe me something, do something nice for someone else. Pay it forward, I guess. I'm getting corny, I'll stop.
No. 620797 ID: f5baae

I hope we're not that kind of person, I personally don't think we should recruit murder survivors against their good conscience.

We should also do this as well.
No. 620874 ID: 00349e

Oh, interesting thought. If you actually think she's at risk of committing suicide, that might actually help. Though I might phrase it in a little less demanding of a way.

Also, yes, thank the guy. I'm a little hesitant to discuss why she was attacked, in front of him, in case he's like, "oh, great, what have I done" or something, but on the other hand, looking back, he didn't seem to raise any objections to the matter of the angel, specifically; just that he didn't have a lot to help with. Dunno; either way.
No. 621163 ID: 8f01e8

Memory loss means she might have a concussion, back pain could be spinal column damage, either of which would definitely be "needs a real doctor" problems.

Thank the man whose kitchen you borrowed, exchange contact information all around, consider ease of transport to other nearby hospitals. Don't mention angels next time.
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