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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 141559485097.png - (104.03KB , 600x457 , 01.png )
601087 No. 601087 ID: a8111b

My name is Chelsey Hall. They gave me a bottle of cheap wine this morning, but it's empty now. I've been sitting here with a sullen sort of buzz, drawing shitty doodles for strangers on the internet all day. I'm starting to feel a little stir-crazy, like I need a change of situation. Going outside is seeming like less of an insane idea for once, but I'm feeling open to other plans, too.

What to do...?
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No. 601088 ID: f99558

order a pizza...
also who are "they"?
No. 601089 ID: d3be40

Things to do today:

1) Lock the door
2) Turn off any electrical appliances that you are not using.
2a) Shut the water taps if they are running. Do you have a water filter? If so, fill it up first, and remember to shut off the tap.
3) Check your planner for today's schedule. Make sure that you have no work today.
4) Make sure that nothing is due within the next year that you haven't finished. If there is a long-term project has to be done, work for a few minutes on that project and just worry about it later.
5) Sleep in and have fun.
No. 601091 ID: 07a835

Visit your neighbors?
No. 601100 ID: a8111b
File 141559651153.png - (281.68KB , 600x1291 , 02.png )

Pizza! I wish I had pizza. Kind of hard to get a delivery without a phone or an address. Pizza, pizza...they've given me pizza before, haven't they? Frozen, with a toaster oven. Barbeque Chicken. I remember this. I'm very forgetful most of the time. When I wake up every morning I usually don't know what's going on at all. Wasn't I going to do something about that?

Oh, right. I was going to imagine different people in my head who could remember for me. Yeah, it's a dumb idea, but you try the dumb ideas when you run out of smart ones.

I go to a popular pizza joint's website and drool over the appetizing images of glistening cheese grease. Online delivery options are available, but again, I don't know what address to send them to.

My door does not lock. The only electrical appliances they gave me today are my computer and a microwave. The toilet and sink are both functioning fine.

I don't have a day planner. Wouldn't make much sense to make one anyway, there's nothing to do.

I'm considering visiting the neighbors, but I don't know whether to go out the window to the mannequins or out the door to the "real" people.
No. 601106 ID: 07a835

Wha... um... door.
No. 601122 ID: dd8e0b

Wait, obvious question. Why don't you know your address? Is this due to your memory problem, or are you being held somewhere? Who are 'they'?
No. 601149 ID: a8111b
File 141560114174.png - (326.20KB , 600x1202 , 03.png )

Door it is. I know that at least one thing out there is bound to cheer me up.

I don't know who they are. If I ever learned, I forgot. I just know they're the ones who give me food and clothes every day. Sometimes they give me little things to play with, toys or books or medicine or little machines that do weird stuff. They usually give me a computer. And they always make sure I wake up every morning safe and healthy, regardless of how I ended the day before.

I open the door and stare down the hall. The shadows seem to hang heavy inside like a black fog.

The hallway goes on forever if I don't close the door behind me.

I walk to the end of the hall, the little spotlights on the walls and ceiling popping on and off as I go, illuminating only me. Finally I get to the end, and the little glowing screen lights up at my approach.

The loading bar fills to 100%, and the lock icon changes at the same time as a small click comes from the door handle.

I shield my eyes from the sun as I open the door, because I don't want to miss the best way to start the day.

The moment the door opens, a car slams into that fucker who used to always give me the same fucking greeting every time. Boy that got old. I didn't know that would become a regular part of the day when I went out my window and moved his mannequin into the middle of the street, but I'm sure not complaining now.

I vaguely remember that being a bad idea for some reason, but I can't remember why.
No. 601150 ID: a19cd5

He's probably a tutorial guy there to help you, and this is probably a simulation.
If we can reset it so he doesn't get hit, I say do it mang
No. 601153 ID: 07a835

Oh my god. This is some Truman Show bullshit right here. Except also Groundhog Day.

So... you have a connection to the internet from wherever you are? You're sure the internet is real, and not another fabrication? Have you ever tried finding where the wires lead? Have you tried checking your IP to see what location it's in? Have you tried contacting someone via the internet to try to get you out?

I'm guessing that by "regardless of how I ended the day before" you mean that even if you die, you still wake up the next morning. How big is this fake play area? Is everyone's routine the exact same thing? Know anyone with some really crazy secrets? Any places to get weapons, or maybe a car?
No. 601174 ID: 01745f

Aside from the mannequins and to some extent your memories, what things don't reset every day? Objects in the "real" world? Conversations with people? Internet sites seen on your computer?
No. 601176 ID: a8111b
File 141560587258.png - (186.03KB , 600x776 , 04.png )

Yeah, definitely some kind of simulation. Or demon magic or something. I think that guy was a tutorial, or like a starter friend or something. Every time I came out, he would say the same thing. "Hey there! I'm Trevor, your new neighbor! What's your name?"

Whatever I told him my name was is what everybody would address me as for the rest of the day, even if it was something ridiculous. The conversations from that point on might vary in the details, but he'd always wind up asking me out. If I accepted and at least played along with the date, he'd kiss me at the end of the night and that would be it. Nothing ever really changed. It still doesn't.

I noticed since Trevor started dying at the beginning, I don't get bothered as much when I walk around the city. Nobody notices me trespassing anymore unless I pick something up or talk to someone. I have to introduce myself now if I want to interact with one of the little events, and I like it better this way. It rarely changes, but sometimes there are little updates. People's reactions get more interesting or varied, new events pop up, that sort of thing. I don't think it's happened in a while, but who knows if I'd even remember it if it did.

The city is not very big, and it's all inside a big box. I can see the corners in the ceiling, and I've been all around the walls. No way through, as far as I can see. As for things to do, there's not a lot left that I'm not already bored of. There's a weird dude with an easter basket for a hat who just sits in the sewer and spits out random phrases. I've got a routine down to steal money and car keys from the car dealership down the street. Routine to get some guns from the big store. Routines to bang a few of the hotter people around the city. I have the little events down by now. The one with the jetski is still kind of fun, or mob wife one because it has a shootout at the end. If I want to deal with anything in particular I can probably remember where to find it, if it exists. Or I know a building I can jump off if I want to end the day early. Can't reset any other way, though. The door closes as soon as I stop looking at it.

The guy in the car will get out and start crying. An ambulance will show up, pronounce him dead at the scene. The guy in the car will got to a bar and drink. He'll get drunk, but I'll only taste water from the taps. The ambulance driver and EMT will take Trevor to the morgue, go back to the hospital. Driver comes home and finds his wife cheating on him with the car salesman, unless the salesman is busy dealing with the fact that I stole everything an wrecked the place. Also goes to the bar. EMT goes to the gym after work, and I can start the routine to hook up with him there if I want to.

The car guy has started his bawling already, and I've just been standing here staring at the sky.
No. 601179 ID: dd8e0b

>what do
Have you ever made it to the edge of the box? Or tried to find a way to communicate with 'them'?

What happens if you get killed in a shootout or something?
No. 601184 ID: 07a835

I see. So you basically ruined an artificial life in exchange for getting rid of an annoying dude. I kindof want to move the mannequins around to all sorts of weird places to change how the simulation works.

Ever tried cutting into the side of the box? Or blowing it up? Or ramming something into it? Or climbing back through your window once the simulation starts and then going to the loading door a second time? Or staying out all night to see if there is a second day you're just skipping by going to sleep?
No. 601186 ID: 01745f

Have you made any mannequin-world changes other than moving tutorial guy, and if so were they persistent? I feel like moving his starting position is the one thing we have seen so far that has not been reset, so the mannequin world looks like the way to go if you want to make some changes around here.
Out of curiosity, how do days end if you don't die, date, or sleep? Do they just fade out at a scheduled time?
No. 601191 ID: 07a835

...go reassure the poor guy that was driving the car.
No. 601194 ID: a8111b
File 141561045097.png - (159.98KB , 600x776 , 05.png )

I remember my excursions around the edge, and I do remember that I have tried to get through it, but I don't remember what I did. I do remember that it looks like a gigantic TV up close.

These sorts of memory gaps aren't unusual for me. For instance, I remember deciding to mess with the mannequins other times, but I don't remember what happened when I tried. I remember deciding to stay up all night, but I don't remember what happened then. I also remember investigating finding a way back into my house through the window, but I don't remember what happened or even if I was successful. That seems easy enough to check, I think I'll go around back and take a look at it.

As far as I can tell, the only thing that doesn't reset every day is the internet. But, every time I've tried to post anything about my situation, the page 404s. Great for entertainment though.

Another weird thing to note is that, even though there's this giant black hallway I have to walk down, my house here is about the size of my one room.

Huh. The window frame is boarded up. Is that new? I...I really don't know.
No. 601195 ID: 07a835

I think the things you don't remember are times when you break something about the simulation, and they wipe your memory to hide... something. Maybe they have to enter the simulation to fix it, and they don't want you to know what they look like? They don't want you to climb back in through the window, obviously... but that's a relatively flimsy way to prevent it. Go get a crowbar and pry that shit off.

So, you can easily confirm that they don't mind you talking to the outside world but they don't want you to tell anyone you're trapped. Have you ever tried making a game out of it? See how much you can tell people about your situation before you get blocked? See if subtle hints work? Have you ever gotten really close with someone on the internet, close enough that they want to visit you? What have you been able to tell them then?
No. 601196 ID: 01745f

>But, every time I've tried to post anything about my situation, the page 404s. Great for entertainment though.
Um, with the memory gaps how do you tell the intent is not resetting? And how specific is "about my situation"? If you were to make a blog post each day containing a number one greater than the previous day's post would that qualify?

Anyway, get ye a crowbar, the weapon of heroes and slayer of planks. Also some power tools if you can in case a crowbar isn't enough.
No. 601203 ID: a8111b
File 141561395254.png - (207.58KB , 600x918 , 06.png )

I don't remember ever trying to push the boundaries of what qualifies as talking about my situation.

Car guy is indisposed and his car door is open. He doesn't acknowledge me as I pop his trunk and I don't think he sees me take his tire iron.

I pry the boards loose and take a look inside.

I'm not sure what I expected but this wasn't it.
No. 601206 ID: f99558

Is that a statue?
If not, wave your hand at her.
No. 601222 ID: d3be40

Maybe the statue was made by another player! Or not. Either way, you should probably get inside and analyze the statue. Break the window open if you have to, but don't take your eyes off of the statue!
No. 601224 ID: 7c58ae

...is that what the mannequins looks like when you mess with them? Are you seeing your mannequin?
No. 601247 ID: 07a835

There's a chisel. This is a statue. It... it looks like you. BREAK THE FUCK IN. Explore this area, find out who did this. There is a distinct possibility one of the mannequins is acting on their own...
No. 601265 ID: a8111b
File 141564609751.png - (216.63KB , 600x931 , 07.png )

It looks like a statue of me, or sort of like me. I smash the window in and climb through, careful not to step on the broken glass.

I wave my tire iron in its face, but it doesn't move.

It's not like the mannequins, those are made of wood or fiberglass or something, and they don't look like anybody. This is made of some kind of white stone and it looks like me. Kind of. More like some super feminized version of me, with a female symbol carved in the base and everything. Who the fuck would do this? It's kind of pissing me off.

The house is as small on the inside as it is on the outside; the same size as my room usually is. My bed, toilet, and sink are gone, the latter two leaving exposed and dripping pipes. The door's still there where it usually is, but something's different about it. There's a big hole in the ground by the wall where I usually sit.
No. 601267 ID: 7c58ae

Peer down the hole in the floor.

Try touching the statue of yourself. Do you feel anything? Don't move or damage it though, if it is your mannequin, you can't afford to.

Then try the door. See where this recursion leads.
No. 601279 ID: a8111b
File 141564881281.png - (318.68KB , 600x1001 , 08.png )

The hole in the floor is round and looks slick on the sides. It's large enough for me to fit inside and it curves off to one side after a short drop.

I decide not to smash the statue, even though I want to. It just feels cool to the touch.

That's what's different about the door: there's a deadbolt on the inside of this one. Well, might as well see where it leads. Back outside? Another black hallway?

As soon as I twist the handle on the lock, a shadow blocks the light through the window for just a second.
No. 601280 ID: 07a835

Okay that shadow is too suspicious, you better go look outside to see who it was.
No. 601283 ID: 2ec61a

keep weapon at the ready though.
No. 601290 ID: a8111b
File 141565361792.png - (294.44KB , 600x1412 , 09.png )

That's weird, I'd better turn ar
No. 601291 ID: a8111b
File 141565363015.png - (35.70KB , 600x243 , 10.png )

No. 601294 ID: 07a835

Do you remember that?

Go out the window this time, revisit the area you were just in.
No. 601298 ID: 88960e

Well, now we know what happens when you die, at least.

But yeah, do you remember that? (And if you don't, want us to tell you what you forgot?).
No. 601339 ID: a8111b
File 141566258808.png - (137.88KB , 600x746 , 11.png )

Hrnf. I'm awake. Remember something, I'm supposed to remember something. I'm very forgetful most of the time. When I wake up every morning I usually don't know what's going on at all. Wasn't I going to do something about that?

Oh, right. I was going to imagine different people in my head who could remember for me. Yeah, it's a dumb idea, but you try the dumb ideas when you run out of smart ones.

What was I supposed to remember? I forgot. Oh well, must not have been very important. I'll probably start drawing some shitty doodles for strangers on the internet, that usually keeps me entertained.
No. 601342 ID: 07a835

Guess what, the dumb idea worked. We remember. You went outside through the door and checked around the side of the house. You found a boarded up window, and broke in. In there, you found a statue of a woman, that looked similar to yourself. You wanted to smash it but didn't. Exits from the room were a tunnel in the floor and a door with a lock on it. You were about to go out the door when A FUCKING MOTH MONSTER CAME THROUGH THE WINDOW AND ATE YOU HOLY SHIT.

Get dressed, eat breakfast. Mentally prepare yourself for the return trip to that room. I think you're going to want weapons this time. ...is it possible for you to recruit some of the fake people to watch your back? Hire some mercenaries perhaps?

Oh, funny thing about the moth monster. There were roaches scuttling around the room, and when the moth monster showed up they all scuttled to it and crawled onto it. Like they were its children or something.
No. 601354 ID: d3be40

He's not joking.

Get dressed. First thing you do when you go outside, FIND A WEAPON. Preferably a ranged one. The enemy who killed you this time had a harpoon gun.

We'd explain what "Moth Monster" means but we don't understand WHAT s/he was, only that s/he looked like a giant moth-man.

Moths don't have... ugh, whatever. That harpoon went straight through your neck, so I don't think armor will do much good against a harpoon.

You can respawn, so just focus on experimenting during your fights, find a way to outsmart your enemies on the run. We'll tell you what works and what doesn't work.
No. 601359 ID: a8111b
File 141567032984.png - (185.41KB , 600x613 , 12.png )

I remember something! There was...like a giant demon bug thing, with...a harpoon gun? Of course, the bugs! I remember the bugs. Or, I remember that there are bugs. I don't remember when I've seen the bugs, though. This is the first time. The bugs are bad. It was out the door, in the...I'm just going to call it the simulation, for lack of a better word. I remember that I want to fight it now? Or recruit people in the simulation to help me with that. I can probably get nearly any regular people to follow me if I do some minor friendly action with them, but who would I want to go for? Police and gangsters probably won't follow me. Football team?

Some kind of statue of me was in my room here, yesterday. On the simulation side version of my room, the room that I'm in right now on the...real side? I came back in through the window...

What did they give me today? Computer's still here. Can't see anything obviously different with the mannequins out the window. Sweater and jeans, plain bra and super lacy panties. It's like they're picking clothes that fit me at random. At least it's not a skirt today, I fucking hate skirts. Mangos, bread, carrots, chicken salad in a little plastic box. Cold right now, better eat that first because I can't keep it cold all day. Pitcher of what looks like orange juice. Big kitchen knife. Pill bottle with one pill, name of drug is blacked out. No booze, godammit.

Breakfast. Dabbing globs of chicken salad on bread with the knife since they didn't give me a spoon today. Trying to decide if this is a window day, a door day, or a stay inside day.
No. 601367 ID: 07a835

Optimally what you want to do is go through the barricaded window again, and have the people following you cover it up with something. Like, get a piece of plexiglass or metal with pre-drilled holes and have them nail it in place after you're through.

Wait no, forget all that. You should play dumb. Go out through the door again today, then just go for a walk around the neighborhood. Do so fast enough that you can get back before the car accident is cleared off the road, so you can get the tire iron again. Then come back to your house and walk around it casually. Notice the window, grab the tire iron again, and this time just jump down the tunnel. New information gained and They probably won't realize you can remember things now.
No. 601371 ID: d3be40

Important fact: you have limited supplies.

Your room may reset with different items, but you may want to leave the kitchen knife there. If your supply inventory is limited, or you develop a habit of raiding your room every day, "they" might get smart with you and prevent you from grabbing weapons in your respawn room.

You can grab weapons outside, so why not? You can do better than a kitchen knife. Remember, you want to close the distance when using shorter blades - but that "Moth Monster" has REALLY good aim. You may want to fight them from a distance.
No. 601428 ID: a8111b
File 141568756559.png - (228.16KB , 600x786 , 13.png )

I feel like it's a door day today. Or maybe the imaginary memory people told me it should be? Wasn't it a door day yesterday?

I usually lay around and read webcomics, snack on my food, and watch some Youtube videos for a while before I go out, but for some reason I feel like I'm on to something today. I slather on as much of the chicken salad as I can on a slice of bread and carry it out with me, and pocket a couple of carrots. All the food I get from out there tastes like crap, but the stuff they give me every morning is usually palatable, and I want it to last me a while since I can't go back for it.

I leave the mangoes and the knife. And the pill, whatever it is. Open the door, go down the hall, emerge to that familiar screeching of tires, short scream, thump, and shatter.


I feel like I wasn't supposed to remember the things I remembered this morning, for some reason. I think I should keep it a secret from them. I'm gonna try to play it cool and not just leap for the same thing I did yesterday. Short walk down the road, then.

I take the time to consider my options. Am I really going to go for that hole as fast as I can? I consider getting some accessories, like cars, guns, or backup.
No. 601433 ID: 07a835

Get ye gun. A pistol, easy to aim. You probably won't be able to kill Them with it, but you can maybe dissuade Them from future direct confrontations.

...hey is there a place where you can do chemical analysis? They'll probably try to give you that pill again tomorrow, or the pill will still be there, so you can take it and find out what it is. Or heck, you can just take it to a pharmacy and they can look up what it is from the pill's shape and markings. Every prescription is unique in that way, you know.
No. 601437 ID: 7c58ae

>Pill bottle with one pill
Don't trust that. Seems way to suspicious. Granted, they could just give you drugged food if you really wanted, but that seems way to specific. Could it be an amnesia pill? Or something that remove us 'remembers' from you?

>Wasn't it a door day yesterday?
It was.

>I think I should keep it a secret from them.
That would be prudent. If They are involved in making sure your forget, tipping your hand would be unwise.

>I consider getting some accessories
A ranged weapon you're comfortable with? And maybe basic tools, like a flashlight or a screwdriver, if we're going exploring in the 'underside' of the simulation.
No. 601446 ID: 01745f

Lets stick with a basic weapon and tools for now, since preparations that are too specific on this run might reveal too much.

For future reference though, would we be able to acquire a land mine or something that can be converted into one? How about insecticide for those bugs?
No. 601463 ID: d3be40

Okay, think about this carefully.

Assume that "they" know that you were shot to death by a harpoon gun in the statue room. What do you think "they" would do? Well, the first thing to ask is [What the hell do "they" want with you in the first place?] and our best guess is [To study you.]. So. If you show that you still remember, they might take steps to dissuade you from exiting the simulation. However, if you are too conspicuous in avoiding the statue room, they might realize that you know but are just pretending that you do not know. Mix it up.

Your best bet is to just wander. Pretend you never remembered, and perform actions as if nothing happened. If you start getting closer to the statue room, fine. Just keep walking, keep your movement patterns random. Confuse "them"; right now, you would expect a scientist to be analyzing your pattern: do you go to the statue or not? Make it random and they lose stability in their analysis.

For now, make it look like you're wasting the day, but case the simulation. Look around. Pinpoint where to find caches of supplies (medical kits, food, weapons and ammo, barricades, safe houses, etc.). Make mental notes of where you find hidden stashes of items (open floorboards, smash locks, find stuff that is not out in the open). Take them if you would normally want to take them, make it look like you're not preparing for a raid, but don't casually leave everything shiny alone or it will look suspicious. Then, after grabbing a weapon over the course of your day, hoist your petard with a randomly selected weapon or environmental trap. Record with your dying breath how good of a weapon/trap it is.

Think of it like this: you are now connected to a special internet that only works for insane people (Unfortunately, you have been stuck in this simulation doing the same things over and over for quite a while, expecting something abnormal to happen. Look it up on the internet.). You can't post online on your apartment computer, but you can post to the new personalities that you have met inside your own head. Post now, and the "people" online can easily post back when you forget what you posted.

Oh, and remember to do something sexual if you usually do that after wandering for a whole day.
No. 601564 ID: a8111b
File 141574118714.png - (603.22KB , 600x2118 , 14.png )

And that, dear imaginary head-voices, is my routine to get a car. Plus I got a screwdriver and $1200 in petty cash.

This is the start of a pretty standard "causing mayhem" sort of day for me. It shouldn't seem suspicious to Them so far. I don't actually get caught for this by the police, either. I guess it would take more than a day for them to sort out the fire and realize they're missing a truck.

Next stop: big shop. Shopping list: shoes, a few cans of RAID, assault rifle. Not sure if I can rig up a landmine; they sure aren't going to be for sale, but I'll look for anything that might be explosive. Hmm, anything else?
No. 601566 ID: 88960e

Grand theft auto by means of arson and explosion. Nice.

>anything else?
Flashlight or headlamp or something. It might be dark on the other side of the door, or down the hole.

Actually, you should bring rope and something to tie it down with if we decide to climb down.
No. 601567 ID: 07a835

Should be a tire iron in the truck so we've got a crowbar covered...

Don't forget socks! And a flashlight.
No. 601568 ID: d3be40

...Doing great. Keep up the obfuscating stupidity.

Look, can you remind yourself that this is just a game? If you do this when you leave the simulation, you might be sentenced to death.

Smart move getting a car. Now, look for key hotspots, places you want to hole up in when the enemy forces suicide-rush you in waves, places that will become deathtraps, and a stable route from hotspot to hotspot.

On the plus side, this is still a simulation! If you want to drive your car like a maniac and start crushing people to death with a two-ton block of metal moving at 60 mph, go right the fuck ahead.

Not like the "Moth Monsters" die and don't respawn when you kill them inside their own game... right?

Wait. Maybe the "Moth Monsters" are also prisoners... Food for thought.
No. 602288 ID: dde2af

rope. always take rope when you're planning on going down strange holes.
also, need something to block the demon bug's harpoon crotch. ceramic bulletproof vest or a bigass heavy metal plate or something, idk. whatever you can find and carry and preferably keep hidden under clothes.
No. 602291 ID: 8f01e8

Have you got a standard way to steal police equipment? One of those transparent bulletproof riot shields could be all kinds of useful.
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