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File 141549726483.gif - (130.20KB , 900x900 , finally-useful2.gif )
600822 No. 600822 ID: 2f2fc2

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No. 600828 ID: d90668

So whats your story purple?
No. 600831 ID: 879a42

How's life being the ai oni monster?

If you aren't that, then tell me what you are doing.
Enquiring minds want to know.
No. 600835 ID: 2f2fc2

Quest starts in the morning after a short intro describing what's going on.
No. 601318 ID: 2f2fc2
File 141566095293.gif - (4.88KB , 500x379 , chap1-1.gif )

This is Kyle. He is definitely a tiny purple kobold. This wasn't always so, but something happened nearly a year ago that made him this way.
No. 601319 ID: 2f2fc2
File 141566095525.gif - (8.78KB , 500x379 , chap1-2.gif )

In fact, about eighty percent of the world's population had a painful transformation into different types of humanoids including both of kyle's roommates and most of the people they know. It's alright though, they seem to be getting on pretty well.
No. 601320 ID: 2f2fc2
File 141566096169.gif - (7.18KB , 500x379 , chap1-3.gif )

Kyle had trouble dealing with being tiny at first because everything around him just became that much more difficult for him to deal with. After some trimming and adjusting he managed to make his world work for him. Pretty much the world did the same for those who changed.
No. 601321 ID: 2f2fc2
File 141566096499.gif - (5.10KB , 500x379 , chap1-4.gif )

The government and businesses where he lives took full advantage of the situation instead of freaking out and exploding into chaos.

Taxes were raised to help those who were "disabled" because of this change and new products to help all the different type of mutations were pushed out in short order.
No. 601322 ID: 2f2fc2
File 141566096919.gif - (5.27KB , 500x379 , chap1-5.gif )

Kyle himself immediately filed for benefits as he could no longer reach the gas pedal of his delivery car. It made him pretty depressed about life but where he's at now is better than winding up in one of those overcrowded homes for people with "disabilities".
No. 601323 ID: 2f2fc2
File 141566097167.gif - (4.12KB , 500x379 , chap1-6.gif )

But he's used to his unfortunate life. It's not what he wanted but it could be worse. It's not like he had anything he was good at before so nothing really changed he guesses.
No. 601324 ID: 2f2fc2
File 141566097416.gif - (6.61KB , 500x379 , chap1-1to6point1.gif )

And just when things seemed to really be at the peak of horrible for him. "IT" happened again.
No. 601325 ID: 2f2fc2
File 141566097720.gif - (6.79KB , 500x379 , chap1-7.gif )

Everyone doubling over in pain at once. Like a wave of something hit them. Though his roommate Greg seemed to be unaffected.
No. 601327 ID: 2f2fc2
File 141566098149.gif - (6.49KB , 500x379 , chap1-8.gif )

No one knew what was going on as the wave of pain passed. So they all went back to their communal gaming that was going on and everything forgot about what happened.
No. 601328 ID: 2f2fc2
File 141566098637.gif - (1.64KB , 500x379 , chap1-9.gif )

Until 3 days later
No. 601329 ID: 2f2fc2
File 141566098916.gif - (7.67KB , 500x379 , chap1-10.gif )

Kyle was laying there thinking....since the lan party ended no one came out of their rooms anymore to do anything. All the socializing ground to a halt once again. He was a very very lonely bored kobold with no plans. His roommates often left him be normally, Greg was always occupied with his girlfriend and computer in his room and Skip slept more than anyone he ever knew and only was awake in the evenings when Kyle slept.

Ever since Kyle moved into this area it never seemed like he could click with anyone.

He pondered what he could do with his life a bit more when suddenly there was a loud CRASH! outside and screaming.
No. 601330 ID: 2f2fc2
File 141566099269.gif - (6.95KB , 500x379 , chap1-11.gif )

He ran over to the window to see what was going on. This excitement was something he wasn't used to.

When he peered out he thought it was a parade at first, but he played too many games to not notice what this was...a zombie apocalypse...
No. 601331 ID: 2f2fc2
File 141566099694.gif - (6.45KB , 500x379 , chap1-12.gif )

But too Kyle who played too many games and even had a slight martial history when he was younger, this was an opportunity to air the frustration of living a lonely life out.

He could go out even with his small stature maybe even more because of his more nimble physique, and go and he useful to someone. He lacked confidence in himself on a normal basis to do anything in a normal world but this was so abnormal he thought that this may be his chance to shine.
No. 601332 ID: 2f2fc2
File 141566099961.gif - (8.58KB , 500x379 , chap1-13.gif )

He quickly ran to lock all the doors and plan on how he should go out and start protecting the town from the zombie menace.
No. 601333 ID: 2f2fc2
File 141566100260.gif - (6.71KB , 500x379 , chap1-14.gif )

He decided to think long and hard about how he'd go out there. After throwing a couple of things on the table he had to pick his method of dispatching the undead. Unfortunately he only has the hands to carry one form of weapon.

1: A turkey carver: Tapping into his kobold tinkerer nature he'll start using more mechanical means to get things done. Batteries run out but can be replaced and tech can always be upgraded. The biggest problem is you're limited by what you can get your hands on.

2: Two large knives (kobold swords): Having participated in a medieval group back in the day Kyle is well trained for hand to hand. Despite this though Kyle has low stamina and while he does well against single opponents to many may overwhelm him while he's still developing his melee maneuvers.

3:??? : There's strangely something that has been there since three days ago that has just started to called out to him. It's weak and doesn't seem to be ample but who knows with enough practice.

You just have to choose a direction for him to start out in. The quest isn't officially started at this point but this would be considered a class choice and once we get Kyle established we're almost ready to go.
No. 601336 ID: 9ddf68

so our choices are the techno wizard which means we're only as limited as our supples at hand, the standard fighter, low tech and we'll probably have to rely on stealth a lot but at the very least we'll probably almost always be at full strength since all we'd need is a knife, and finally something that looks like just straight up wizard, kinda sucky at first do to no knowledge of any decent spells but with time can be a power house.

I'm going to cast my vote for the turkey carver just because we don't see tinkerers to much, failing that the ??? power.
No. 601345 ID: 53f127

I vote turkey carver
No. 601346 ID: 34e772

I will vote for the carver as well.
No. 601349 ID: bafb0f

No. 601404 ID: 2f2fc2
File 141568276629.gif - (115.23KB , 679x1133 , kobold.gif )

for OOC discussions and stats etc
No. 601453 ID: 01745f

Tech abilities go. The robot is a zombie's natural predator.
No. 601497 ID: 07a835

Once you have your shit together, check on Greg. You got hit with the pain and aren't a zombie. He didn't get hit, does that mean he's a zombie? Or have only those that died turned into zombies?
No. 601503 ID: 2f2fc2


There's important stuff to read in the OOC. Remember to check it over in quest-discussions
No. 601595 ID: 2f2fc2
File 141575010473.gif - (6.35KB , 500x379 , chap1-15.gif )

Kyle says his goodbyes to his pups and readys himself to go out into the world.
No. 601596 ID: 2f2fc2
File 141575020381.gif - (7.80KB , 500x379 , chap1-16.gif )

Kyle is ready to make a name for himself. Here he comes!
No. 601608 ID: a19cd5

>zombie murder montage
No. 601620 ID: 9ddf68

so what's your first plan of action, cause jumping head first into a hoard of zombies probably isn't the smartest thing to do, I'd suggest finding a good vantage point and see where the zombies are, then try to pick off stranglers to see how useful your weapon is and thin the numbers, or if you see someone in need try and help them. Oh and also keep an eye out for more supplies. If the world really is going to hell it's better to know where you can find things before it's life or death.
No. 601632 ID: d3be40

Please remember to ask if they are zombies.

If even one of them runs away from you, it is a good sign that you are demented and on the verge of killing civilians.

Remember to yell that you are literally going to kill them, and that this is not an act.
No. 601642 ID: 2f2fc2


you are a good man =D
No. 601803 ID: 2f2fc2
File 141583467139.gif - (5.04KB , 500x379 , chap1-17.gif )

You are in control of Skip, Kyle's sleepy roommate. Usually You're not up for doing anything besides a random computer game but right now you are just passed out in bed.

In this quest you only control Kyle's friends and family. Through them you can help Kyle by suggesting things or even getting your hands dirty. Kyle takes good care to listen to his friends and will usually go with the flow unless it's too unusual/embarrassing/dangerous, but even then there's always a chance.
No. 601818 ID: 9ddf68

get up, go to the kitchen and grab a sandwich, check in on Kyle to make sure he's doing fine. work on what to do next from there.
No. 601865 ID: 7e56e4

wake up!! the day is new and beautiful!! also you are under attack
No. 601869 ID: 2f2fc2
File 141585030502.gif - (6.08KB , 500x379 , chap1-18.gif )

Skip sleeps ALOT
No. 601878 ID: 07a835

No. 601887 ID: 9ddf68

suddenly realize you have to piss horribly and B line it to the bathroom
No. 601992 ID: 5d2f8c

Roll over and fall off the bed.
No. 602031 ID: 2f2fc2
File 141588321517.gif - (12.73KB , 500x379 , chap1-19.gif )

Skip "burrrfumbbble? mmmmhmmmuuumm" mummble mummble
No. 602035 ID: 2f2fc2
File 141588508447.gif - (5.45KB , 500x379 , chap1-20.gif )

Skip: "The fuck is going on?"
No. 602038 ID: 534cc4

Zombie Apocalypse. Get dressed.
No. 602040 ID: 5d2f8c

The start of a new day in your life. Get changed and go check on your roommates.
No. 602049 ID: 001618

why don't you look out your window and find out
No. 602070 ID: 2f2fc2
File 141590500837.gif - (8.10KB , 500x379 , chap1-21.gif )

Suddenly there's alot more noise outside.

Skip: "What is even going on?"
No. 602074 ID: 2f2fc2
File 141590793435.gif - (19.10KB , 500x379 , chap1-22.gif )

Skip peeks out the window

Up until now he thought he saw some pretty crazy shit, but that is definitely his roommate standing upon a corpse pile with what might be a chainsaw? Skip is too tired for this shit....

Kyle: "Son of a bitch!"

Looks like one of Zombies just sucker punched Kyle.
No. 602075 ID: 534cc4

Get dressed, quickly. Go get a gun or a weapon and help him. I mean seriously be a good roommate and go kill zombies.
No. 602076 ID: 5d2f8c

You seem to be taking this in stride. Go on and help the dude.
No. 602077 ID: 9ddf68

well might as well see if you can't find something to burn the bodies, I mean once you burn them they're pretty much finished and once they catch fire the fire does all the work.
No. 602938 ID: 2f2fc2
File 141617701763.gif - (9.12KB , 500x379 , chap1-23.gif )

"Shit I have to go help him. I don't know what to bring with me"

Help Skip choose something to assist him in saving Kyle
No. 602939 ID: 2f2fc2

>Also feel free to ask questions if you need to know things
No. 602940 ID: 9ddf68

so what are our options?
a snake?
A lighter and spray?
and a bat I think?
Want to go with the lighter but the snake has me curious as to what that'll do

I vote snake.
No. 602942 ID: 07a835

Yeah I don't know what most of those highlighted things are, care to name them?
No. 602944 ID: 2f2fc2


>and a bat I think?
It's a battle bat from that time he wanted to larp.

He got them on the nose

Skip doesn't know why but these are the only things he's attracted to on his way out of his room.
No. 602946 ID: 02c37a

heed the call of the pet snake!
No. 602947 ID: a19cd5

Voting snake, let's be the summoner dangit
No. 602961 ID: 07a835

No. 603030 ID: 2f2fc2
File 141619118242.gif - (90.33KB , 500x379 , chap1-24.gif )

Skip is ready for action!
No. 603032 ID: 2f2fc2
File 141619142163.gif - (6.67KB , 500x379 , chap1-25.gif )

"OY YOU get the fuck off of him!"
No. 603108 ID: 9ddf68

find the zombie that knocked your friend down and cold cock that bastard
No. 603564 ID: 2f2fc2
File 141635813314.gif - (16.01KB , 500x379 , chap1-26.gif )

>The zombie who slobberknocked your friend is still there....slobberknocking
No. 603582 ID: 07a835

How about some BURNING ASPHALT!
No. 603590 ID: 9ddf68

that might hit Kyle as well though, try concrete to mud and then charge the bastard hitting your friend. I mean you're basically a giant snake, you don't have to worry about footing, the bipedal zombie on the other hand is basically going to be on a slip and slide. That and I'm sure you weigh more then them so I'm sure you could just plow them over by throwing your weight into them if you need to make a quick getaway. Also when you turn the ground into mud make sure to slug the zombie actually hitting your friend since the other two seem just to be holding him.
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