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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 141325284983.png - (193.82KB , 700x600 , panel 1.png )
598199 No. 598199 ID: aae0cc

There's so many cute girls as my school..
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No. 598200 ID: aae0cc
File 141325290225.png - (135.42KB , 700x600 , panel 2.png )

I wish I could be as cute as them.. especially Brittany..
No. 598201 ID: aae0cc
File 141325292840.png - (55.08KB , 700x600 , panel 3.png )

Look at her amazing blonde hair... I want to be her.
No. 598202 ID: ea90d3

Pleaaaaaase, brunettes are way better.
No. 598209 ID: 8b533b

Nah, you don't wanna be her. She's got a freakishly long neck.

Plus, your hair is styled way better than hers.
No. 598212 ID: 2ec61a

fashion vampire powers activate!
No. 598214 ID: df38a3

kiss her
No. 598215 ID: 2fd516

At least you won't have to put up with blonde jokes your entire life.
No. 598239 ID: 5af684

there is only one way.
kill her and wear her skin.
No. 598240 ID: aae0cc
File 141326407565.png - (137.57KB , 700x600 , panel 4.png )

Kiss her

No, I don't wanna kiss her.. She's just so.. perfect.. She's been on my list for awhile too.
No. 598241 ID: aae0cc
File 141326411402.png - (36.75KB , 700x600 , panel 5.png )

But no matter what colour my hair is or how amazingly styled... I will never be perfect.
No. 598243 ID: 5af684

>kill her and wear her skin.
>She's been on my list for awhile too.
it begins.
No. 598244 ID: aae0cc
File 141326418789.png - (65.14KB , 700x600 , panel 7.png )

There is only one way..
No. 598245 ID: cee89f

...Well that escalated quickly.

... I suggest a carving knife, straight up under the ribcage to the heart. It'll cause the least amount of damage to the skin, and you'll need to cut the front open to put it on anyway.
No. 598246 ID: 2a5ef3

whoa hold up there hermana
there is always another way to get things done, heather
let's flip that 'kill her and wear her skin' switch when you don't have any options left

have you tried bleaching your hair to get it that beautiful blonde you enjoy?
heck, you could try out a rainbow of different colors. strawberry red looks like it'd be cute on you, especially with the bow.
doing some research to improve on things like skin and hair quality, low-key makeup techniques, color-matching your clothes?
No. 598247 ID: 8b533b

...okay. First question. Do you actually want to get away with this this, or just go out in some insane blaze of crazy glory?

One's going to take a lot more planning and prep than the other. And the longer we can keep you wrapped up in trying to keep preparations perfect, the longer anyone else goes without being skinned, and the more time someone has to notice you need serious help.
No. 598249 ID: 453dac

Eat her heart to gain cuteness.
No. 598250 ID: 915660

Well then lets get to it. Planning a perfect murder will take lot of steps in preparation. First thing you should do is become 'friends' with her, get close to her and study her inside and out...
No. 598253 ID: 436cdc

I will do everything and anything within my power to get you your flesh-suit, girly.
So, here's a starter plan for us to work off:
step one: Get into her circle of friends. This is easier than you would expect, simply find or create common ground.
Step two: Create a dependancy. This is a trickier one, but still doable. Basically, we want her to NEED us around.
Step three: Wait for the right moment. We need a time where if she goes 'missing' it won't be easily traced back to you. I'm thinking perhaps a vacation or class field trip.
Step four: Move in for the kill. We'll want her cornered, and we'll want her immobile if possible. Drugs, perhaps?

Hopefully nobody 'sabotages' this plan by taking the first step and maintaining it till the bitter end, hint hint
No. 598258 ID: 53f127

Woah woah woah. How can you be more beautiful than her if you kill her? Face it, you need her alive so that people can see the two of you side by side and say "Wow, Heather is more beautiful than Brittany."
Otherwise it's just sort of victory by default, which is not kind of victory at all.
Plus, Brittany isn't that good looking. Even if you copied her perfectly the best you could hope to be is mediocre.
No, you need to create your own paradigm if you want to be truly beautiful.
No. 598263 ID: 879a42

I agree with your idea!

Invite her for a private celebration after earning her trust in remote area and have her tell people she is going somewhere else and have an 'alibi' made up. Then drug her food and put a spike through her eye to avoid damage to the skin and de-skin her. Then lose weight and wear a skin suit of her and take her identity while making your family think you died or ran away. What do you think of my plan?
No. 598265 ID: 219868

this is gonna sound extremely mundane in the face of all these grand plans, but we should look up taxidermy when we get a chance, too, so we can learn to skin properly. what good would it be to pull this off but then ruin the prize because we have no idea what we're doing?
No. 598267 ID: aae0cc
File 141329707154.png - (91.39KB , 700x600 , panel 8.png )

Don't you miss it? The feel of the knife in your hands?
No. 598268 ID: aae0cc
File 141329709319.png - (136.74KB , 700x600 , panel 9.png )

STOP! I just want to be normal! I just want to be...
No. 598269 ID: aae0cc
File 141329711490.png - (73.22KB , 700x600 , panel 10.png )

Lets get to it!
No. 598270 ID: aae0cc
File 141329714820.png - (107.17KB , 700x600 , panel 11.png )

You're right. I need to prepare a lot even with all these plans. Especially because what happened last time.. Ahem.
look up taxidermy
Good idea, this time I wont ruin it, I'll be beautiful. Maybe I should make a list of what I'll need while I'm at it?
No. 598271 ID: cef479
File 141329805860.jpg - (50.10KB , 393x551 , what-is-borax.jpg )

We're gonna need lots of this stuff.
No. 598273 ID: 8b533b

>I just want to be normal! I just want to be...
It's worth pointing out that wrecking horrible taxidermic violence on your peers isn't normal. Would you prefer to find some way around your compulsions?

Make good use of google, so you can check for the availability of supplies, and costs. At the very least you need a set of specialized knives and a buttload of chemicals. You're also going to need the proper storage equipment for the skin, a place that would work as a workshop, a means to abduct your target without damaging the skin (drug her? Tase her?), a way to transport her (might be kind of big for you to carry easily), and a means to dispose of the rest of her body.

Plus, you're going to need some way to pay for this, or otherwise obtain what you need.

Do you plan on actually pretending to be her, in public, after this? That means you need to embark on a length surveillance mission, gathering a lot of information. You'll need recording equipment. You need to learn to imitate body language, her mannerisms, her voice. You'll need to know as much as you can about her.
No. 598275 ID: 505791

the hell are you doing?
No. 598288 ID: 33c81b

become shekelberg
No. 598336 ID: 879a42

Well I'm gonna say this, right before the day of reckoning, destroy your computer. If you leave even the slightest of traces and the police check your computer they can track your search history. I don't think its possible to remotely check your history without someone already having some type of prior access to your computer so don't worry about that.

For a list of things.
Specialized knives for cutting with precision and delicateness, like surgical tools. Tasteless knockout drugs, a sewing kit, plastic sheets for preventing evidence to be leftat the 'crime scene'. Gloves for sure, iI would say some type of plastic or rubber, cloth can leave traceable fibers. Something to cover your hair with, also something to bind the victim with. The murder weapon, I suggest a spike through the eye socket, no damage to the skin. Also think of a place both you and the victim can be that you won't be disturbed, and someplace you can access to set it up unnoticed.

For binds I reccomend zip ties, that's what they are called right? Plastic and no real way for the victim to squirm out of them, absolutely not on rope, that can be traced by fibers.

Boy howdy isn't this fun :D
By the way it isn't murder, she is helping you ascend to perfection. But you know that already.
No. 598348 ID: 53f127

Is it too late to talk you out of this?
No. 598369 ID: 61771b

>Don't you miss it? The feel of the knife in your hands?
Have you ever tried getting a part time job/volunteering in a butcher shop? Rampant bloodlust doesn't have to be a bad thing.

>this time I wont ruin it
How was it ruined before?

Get some sharp thin knives. flaying someone is very difficult. You also need to find some way to get her to trust you enough to follow you to the end point. A girl your age probably can't carry her and dragging her is both slow and could possibly damage the skin.

Did they make you take medicine after the first time things were ruined?
No. 598376 ID: 8e294c

Haha! No, that was a joke. You don't want to do that. So, hello there! Right, how does this usually work.. Do you have any problems you want solved? Problems, uh.. besides us, and problems directly caused by us?

Hoo boy. What happened last time?
No. 598412 ID: 9d1512

FYI they can totally check your search history based on google account or just your IP address. Google hangs on to all that shit, it's marketing gold for them.
No. 598419 ID: 879a42

Figures, well then don't use Google for information, or find some way to get around that. Anyway to get around that?
No. 598442 ID: 4f004c

Circumvention sites.
No. 598494 ID: 53f127

How about you talk to your parents about your feelings in a healthy way?
No. 598535 ID: 33c81b

Deep fry the insolent for they dispice us.
sear their flesh with seven herbs and spices.
carcass rotting sweet and savoury.
twisted and crushed with tyrannical cruelty.
savor the skin for it is the sweetest.
No. 598555 ID: 879a42

Heathen! Flesh and blood are the only real answers.
No. 599178 ID: 330ce5

Perfection is in the eye of the beholder, if you do not view yourself as perfect find yourself a follower. Do not enslave yourself to others for approval nor should you hastily fall into madness, but rather claim another for admiration.
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