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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 141222699563.png - (76.40KB , 600x500 , 001.png )
596763 No. 596763 ID: 925a75

He always makes me wait like this.
It's fine, I guess, I mean he's the one who has classes to go to and stuff. But, man, sometimes I just get so hungry and then I get into his special stuff in the fridge, and then he gets mad and I'm not allowed to use his Netflix account for a week....
That's not gonna happen tonight, though, he promised he'd be back in time.
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No. 596765 ID: 925a75
File 141222713336.png - (77.06KB , 600x500 , 002.png )

Ok, all I did was ask where he was!
Matt thinks he can treat me like a child just because he's the one doing graduate work and I'm not.
No. 596779 ID: 8b533b

In his defense, doing graduate work is enough to make anyone into a meanie. It kind of sucks.

Also, if you don't want to be treated like a child, maybe you shouldn't be calling people "meanies", or raiding their fridges.
No. 596781 ID: 61771b

He's bringing the grub then?
Any reason why you can't go out and get some stuff to bring home yourself?
No. 596801 ID: 219868

maybe if you go out and get the food next time, it'll be a positive display of independence, and matt will stop treating you like a kid! plus, with graduate work on his plate, i bet he'd appreciate having one less responsibility.

who is matt to you, anyway? roommate? boyfriend? sibling?
No. 596892 ID: 925a75
File 141230797383.png - (100.32KB , 600x500 , 003.png )

>Any reason why you can't go out and get some stuff to bring home yourself?

Nn, yeah, the last time I tried to get dinner by myself didn't go too well.... That was one hell of a legal battle.

>who is matt to you, anyway? roommate? boyfriend? sibling?

He's my best friend, we grew up together. He's sorta my roommate? But that's only because i got evicted last month and spend a lot of time here. Don't tell him that, he wouldn't react well to me being technically homeless. But yeah, we've known each other since we were, like, seven years old.
No. 596894 ID: 925a75
File 141230810797.png - (54.07KB , 600x500 , 004.png )

Oh, I hear his keys! Good thing too, my stomach was starting to grumble.
I wonder what we're gonna have tonight. Any suggestions?
No. 596895 ID: 219868

................... so your food source is illegal.

any plans to find a new place to stay?
No. 596901 ID: 2fd516

I'm guessing you're a cannibal then. Eat a butt.
No. 596906 ID: b987c6

make yrself something fancy - it's not your food after all, so you can treat yourself as much as you can get away with!
No. 596913 ID: 0ee153

You're a shitty friend. Probably explains a lot about your life.

Are you a cannibal or what?
No. 596942 ID: c4f9a2

Oh a vampire.

Are you the glittery kind?
No. 597561 ID: 925a75
File 141265736596.png - (86.71KB , 600x500 , 005.png )

Haha, Matt doesn't trust you guys. He thinks you're a bad influence.

>................... so your food source is illegal.

>any plans to find a new place to stay?

Ok, first of all, technically it is not illegal for us eat what we do, it's just. It's just sometimes I'm kind of a messy eater and Matt is usually the one who cleans up. And to get a new apartment I'd need a job, and we all know how fun jobs can be...

We're not cannibals, don't worry. I mean technically we're not cannibals. I guess we're vampires? That's the common name we're listed under on the Agency's rosters. But whatever, that doesn't matter! It's dinner time!

Fancy, that's a good idea. I'm thinking that one councilman who was just in that drug pay-off scandal thing, he's gonna be getting out drunk from his secretary's birthday party. I checked his Facebook. He's a dick.
No. 597562 ID: 61771b

ooh, goodie, food time.
Also so many things to comment on.
And we kinda are a bad influence; we get you to act out your ideas, right?

>Matt is usually the one who cleans up
Is he a vamp too or just a bro to help you out?

>we all know how fun jobs can be
We still do them anyways. Having cash occasionally is nice.

>Agency's rosters
The what?
No. 597563 ID: 2fd516

How is assaulting someone to drink their blood legal? I imagine that would be assault with a deadly weapon, or aggravated assault, that sort of thing. Do you have special laws allowing you to basically just drink from whoever without going to jail, because you have to do it to survive? I'm surprised there isn't a system set up where blood banks give out near-expired blood or something, or volunteers show up at "blood kitchen"s to feed vampires.

Considering you've gotten into legal trouble before, wouldn't targeting a rich man be a bad idea? He could get you tied up in court and drain your pocketbooks whether you win or lose. Also, people in power could target vampires through regulation or good old fashioned police favors.

But I mean, if you think you can get away with it, by all means let's go for the councilman.
No. 597568 ID: 01745f

>We're not cannibals, don't worry. I mean technically we're not cannibals.
So what are you if not a human with a medical condition and/or curse?
No. 597576 ID: 8b533b

>on the Agency's rosters
What agency?

>he's gonna be getting out drunk
Is drunk-blood really what you want?
No. 597604 ID: 879a42

Lol so we are spirits?
Sure let's go with that. What agency btw?
No. 597806 ID: 925a75
File 141291735731.png - (97.97KB , 600x500 , 006.png )

The ANHP, Agency for Supernatural and Non-human Protection, they are the reason I didn't go to jail for 50 years. They keep us out of public eye, and make sure people think we don't exist. They don't pay much attention to you guys because there's too many to keep track of.

Me and Matt are upir. We don't use the word vampire for some reason, Matt didn't even know that was a thing until he was 14 because his family kept that stuff away from him, they didn't want him to think people were scared of him. They are anyway, but that's because of his sparkling personality.

ANHP advocated for non-aggressive free feeding, cuz blood banks are really only successful where a lot of us are, like in L.A. or Chicago. Here in Seattle there's not that many because of the water nymph population. I've met a couple nymphs. They are fucking MEAN. And only to us, they're fine with witches and lycans and all the other groups.

Anyway, we aren't supposed to kill people, just knock them out and then leave them in a relatively safe place. I figured we could just drop the councilman in a taxi but SOMEONE doesn't wanna do that.

Maybe I should ask CeCe for her opinion.
No. 597810 ID: 2fd516

It sounds like to stay legal you have to do it without getting too rough with the victim... How come you're pale but he's not? Does he wear makeup? Who's CeCe? Yeah, ask her for ideas on where to get some blood.
No. 597881 ID: 9d1512

Ok, so how much blood do you need anyway? Does it have to be human blood?

Can you go out in the day or do you do that glittery thing in sunlight?
No. 598459 ID: 925a75
File 141340435816.png - (90.79KB , 600x500 , 007.png )

No. 598460 ID: 925a75
File 141340446192.png - (62.26KB , 600x500 , 008.png )

CeCe is... someone that lives in Matt's apartment complex. I think. I see her around a lot so I'm assuming she lives here. She gets into Matt's apartment sometimes without him knowing. It's very scary.
No. 598461 ID: 925a75
File 141340468635.png - (90.44KB , 600x500 , 009.png )

I'm pretty sure CeCe has her own list on the Agency's rosters. I once asked if they knew anything about her and the secretary almost started crying.

We don't need too much blood, a pint each mostly works. And no, Matt doesn't wear makeup. His family is from India, all of them have darker skin than me, although they are way more pale than their human relatives.
No. 598462 ID: 2fd516

Yeah that works.

Yo, CeCe. What up.
No. 598562 ID: c4f9a2

A pint is a bit under two "units" of blood. Blood banks sell whole blood to hospitals by the unit for around $300 a unit (price is higher in urban areas because demand outstrips supply of willing donors). If you got phlebotomy training from a trade school and a job with one of the blood banks as a phlebotomist you could take blood from people without them worrying about you being a supernatural being.

Since the USA doesn't allow blood banks to sell whole blood they've bought from donors (it has to be a donation, or it has to be blood product like plasma) you could probably buy the blood you need for consumption from people who are there to sell plasma. Offer them $40 a unit (same as they'd get for selling plasma) and you'll be okay. They save time (it takes hours for the blood machines to filter the plasma out and put the other blood products back in the donor) and you'll get blood for consumption. The only people who lose is the blood bank, and if you're careful they'll never know.
No. 599747 ID: 51464a

Drink blood from... other Upir? Create an infinite blood loop. Your problem is solved forever.
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