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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 141126900286.png - (81.53KB , 700x600 , 1.png )
595002 No. 595002 ID: 520fc8

(Shout-out to my friend FRACTAL whose quests and art style heavily influenced this quest. They've created quests like Loretta Quest, Sad Girls Clud, etc. Please take a look at them!)
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No. 595004 ID: 520fc8
File 141126918040.png - (71.80KB , 700x600 , 2.png )


It happened again. This is the third time in the past two weeks.
No. 595005 ID: 520fc8
File 141126918212.png - (85.69KB , 700x600 , 3.png )

I don't know who keeps doing this, but it hurts.

I'm not even out yet. How do they know I'm gay?
No. 595009 ID: d90668

They probably don't. People just like being assholes and that just happens to be a popular insult.
No. 595012 ID: 8b533b

Kids are cruel. They're savvy enough to see when an insult hurts, and use it again.
No. 595028 ID: 3c2443

Everyone is secretly an asshole of the highest order.

Most are just really bad at hiding it.
No. 595029 ID: 256d52

Lucky guess?
No. 595031 ID: 2fd516

Maybe it's because you've been gazing longingly at your best friend. Or holding hands with her in public, even if it's supposed to be a platonic gesture.
No. 595050 ID: 879a42

Are you sure no one knows? I mean maybe you did something or said something that someone picked up on without you realizing, regardless of this, they should fuck off for either trying to gay-bash you without getting to know you, or just being idiots trying to stir up shit. Fuck those people.
No. 595073 ID: 520fc8
File 141132552766.png - (122.26KB , 700x600 , 4.png )

I don't like my best friend like that. Besides she has a boyfriend! And I don't like being a affectionate in public anyway, so there's no way anyone would have saw as holding hands or anything.

There's only one girl I like and I don't stare at her very much... I think. We only have math class together so it can't be noticeable that I like her! Right?
No. 595074 ID: 520fc8
File 141132553095.png - (168.06KB , 700x600 , 5.png )

My best friend, Lin, grabs my shoulder from behind me and I shriek in surprise. She knows I don't like it when she does that! It makes me nervous. I guess she thinks it's funny, or she just forgot.

"Hey scaredy cat!" I back away from her so her hand is off me. She frowns, and pretends to be upset.

"Oh come'on don't be like that Mira! I'm just being friendly!"

"Sorry..." I know she's joking but I always feel bad for reacting like this.

"It's cool! I just wanted to ask ya if ya wanted to go to a party with me tonight!"
No. 595075 ID: 8b533b

>I just wanted to ask ya if ya wanted to go to a party with me tonight!
Well, first consideration: do you have a good reason to not go? A pile of homework, a test to study for tomorrow, parents with rules about not going out, etc?

If you don't have any reason not to go, maybe ask her where the party's going to be, or who's holding it (or why).
No. 595076 ID: db72c2

Also do you enjoy the kind of parties she goes to?
No. 595078 ID: 53ba34

yeah, sounds like the others call you gay words just because they can see you are upset when they do.
No. 595093 ID: a36601

>I guess she thinks it's funny
One of my friends used to jump every time I walked up to him because I don't make much noise. Try to believe me when I say it was very funny to see.

It seems to bother you a fair bit though; it is the surprising you or the touching you without asking part that bugs you more?
No. 595164 ID: 520fc8
File 141135520725.png - (88.98KB , 700x600 , 6.png )

I don't like being touched. Especially my back and shoulders. It feels wrong.

It's kind of weird now that I think of it. Lin doesn't usually invite me to parties with her. Her other friends don't like me much, and it's usually their parties she goes to.

"I don't know if my parents will let me go..." Lin looks annoyed when I say this.

"Who cares what they think! Sneak out if you have to."


I don't really know what to say. I don't like it when she pressures me to break rules.
No. 595166 ID: 53ba34

say you will, then don't go.
No. 595168 ID: 2c322d

i know she's your best friend, but frankly, it sounds like she's got some problems with boundaries.

tell her you'll see what you can do. i feel like starting to stand up to her cold turkey will just make things worse, especially since you aren't feeling so hot right now, but we gotta start working on being more assertive eventually.
No. 595170 ID: 3009b4

I smell a rat; I say don't go.
No. 595176 ID: 879a42

If she is acting unusual for her normal behavior then something unusual is going on. Don't go.
No. 595177 ID: 520fc8
File 141135723257.png - (126.16KB , 700x600 , 7.png )

I'd like to stand up to her. Maybe I'll get the nerve one day, but it frightens me because she's my only friend. What if she leaves me?

"I.. I'll see what I can do."

She seems pleased with that.

"Cool! I hope ya can make it, it'd be nice to see ya out of your shell for once. Maybe ya'll make some friends finally!"

She laughs and I try to smile.

"It's at Nick's house by the way! Starts at 9."
No. 595184 ID: 28b14e

Clear it with your parents if you can...but make sure to be safe. You're walking into an unknown situation. Don't get in over your head.
No. 595188 ID: 2c322d

if you're more afraid of being alone than you actually are of losing her as a friend - as in, if being alone is the main reason that idea scares you, not because you think you'd miss her as a person - then frankly, it might not be the worst thing in the world.

it probably won't hurt to go, but make sure you have a ride set up that can pick you up on short notice - someone other than lin. i'm guessing parents will be the only option for that, though.
No. 595189 ID: 8b533b

So your best friend touches you in ways that make you feel uncomfortable, and pressures you to go to parties with people you don't like?

Doesn't sound like much of a friend. Unless you're leaving something out.

>Nick's house
How do you feel about Nick?
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