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File 141031170432.png - (280.87KB , 652x656 , 202.png )
593470 No. 593470 ID: 265534

Wait... Yes... Yes, yes! I have achieved limitless arcane power, but I'll go to the academy just to humor people who don't appreciate my little green light as the ultimate form of magic.

Chapter 1 - http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/397671.html
Chapter 2 - http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/471989.html
Chapter 3 - http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/501580.html
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No. 593471 ID: 2fd516

Yes, excellent! On the way there show off your green light to random pedestrians!
No. 593472 ID: 265534
File 141031227752.png - (198.49KB , 768x642 , 203.png )

Wow. Rude.
But more importantly, I'm here, I have my little wizard robe and I need to figure out which kind of magic I want to focus on. Transmuting, Conjuring, Elementalism, Warding, Illusion, Necromancy or Healing.

I need to come up with an awesome personal magic style that makes every go 'That was awesome, she must be the best wizard.'

I guess I can just wander around and ask someone about whichever kind I'm interested in. This is less like normal school and more like... Weird people doing weird stuff. The schedules are kind of non-existent, so I can just go pester someone for learning, I guess?
No. 593473 ID: 88960e

I don't know what you were expecting. Elves are always little bitches.

Go transmutations. Good school for a kobold. Lets you do things with poisons and gasses, making weapons and traps out of other things, and maybe even body horror transformation stuff.
No. 593474 ID: 879a42

Conjuring.Binding astral beings and the occasional demon to your will is a true test of your powers.
No. 593475 ID: 9b35bd

Remake the world you want it
No. 593479 ID: 9ddf68

well she's a bitch, hey you're still sneaky right? well give her three strikes, if she keeps being a bitch you can make her life hell. right now she has 1 strike against her.

But yeah as for what to focus on, you're planning to hook back up with Ryan later right? Because if so she kinda has Elementalism down what with being part dragon (cheater), you and your brother are already good at sneaking around so unless you want to use Illusions just to show off a bit more I'd say you can probably try something else so I'd have to say... either warding or conjuring.

Warding you could use your stealth to move around lay down traps and then laugh as your foes walk into them and with Conjuring you could summon minions to distract your opponents well you can sneak around and stab them in the back. I mean who expects a wizard to cast knife.
No. 593481 ID: 53ba34

obviously you need to become so amazing and kick ... uhh... it's ass.
No. 593483 ID: 2fd516

Offensive warding. Make shields that you can move around and shove/crush people with. If that's not possible go with necromancy- wait, isn't necromancy taboo? What sort of legal necromancy do they teach here? The wussy seance kind or the almost-Healing reanimation kind? What sort of things can a Transmuter do? Can Conjuring do anything except summon elementals and shit? Like, can you conjure armor or weapons or open a temporary portal into the plane of fire to emit a huge gout of flame at your enemy?
No. 593488 ID: 8da6ad

Now, normally I would suggest going with Illusion, to maximize your sneakiness with the sneakiest kind of magic. But, you want an awesome personal style, one that makes people think you're a great wizard. Illusion is also good for that, except when people find out they're just illusions. Which will happen. Also, the thing about being an illusionist is, once word gets out you're an illusionist, it doesn't work so good. Also, there's a bit of a stigma to it, other wizards might look down on illusion as only pretending to do 'real' magic.

So let's look at our other options.

Transmutation requires you either still do things yourself once you've transformed yourself, or you have people and things with you to transform. Too dependent.

Warding is good if you want to fight other magic things, but won't attract attention by itself.

Necromancy is lame because that's where all the emo wizards who think they're being edgy go, also using a shovel is hard work.

Healing is good if you want to earn money. Everyone'll pay cash to get their owies taken away, you'll always be popular. And if some big army or something marches in and conquers the place, you'll get preferential treatment over all the rest of the poor conquered schlubs around you. Having you use it on yourself is not so great, but better than not being able to use it on yourself.

But, if I read you right, your main goal is to show off and make sure people know you're a great wizard, so you want to go for the big, flashy kinds of magic. Elementalism has the most bang and flash, but there are so many elementalists, it's diluted. When people think 'wizard' the first thing they think is 'shooting fireballs'. You don't want to fit expectations.

Conjuration, however, is also very flashy and impressive. Also, useful. No need to carry tools, just teleport them to your hands. Need someone roughed up? Summon someone to do it. Someone want to rough you up? Summon someone to take the hit for you! And it's even better for someone of your small normal stature, as the contrast with the size of the creatures you summon will make the summon look more impressive than when any bigger person does it. And you'll be able to start riding on the backs of your summoned creatures much earlier.

Conjuration is my recommendation.
No. 593493 ID: 2fe846

Conjure all the owies on your opponents! Or neat things to make traps with! There's plenty of fun trickery you can do when your magjicks can pull things out of thin air~!
No. 593494 ID: 0d8ff4

Learn Elementalism specifically so you can zap that snotty elven bitch with lightning.
No. 593506 ID: a36601

Conjuration is cool.
No. 593527 ID: 768f5b

Conjuration. Maybe you'll learn how to swipe stuff right out of people's hands without touching 'em.
No. 593544 ID: a2f9bc

Wards are cool. Good solid utility magic with valid applications to combat if used intelligently. I think it might need more wizardly tools and junk to use than average though? I dunno, I'm no wizard.
No. 593556 ID: 256d52

Transmutation. It'll be hard but it'll be worth it for the first time you turn some jerk into a chicken.
No. 593592 ID: 4a6fe7

Transmutation, so much variety. Turn enemies into something non-threatening, turning yourself into a dangerous animal and maul someone, Turn yourself into something small and unassuming for ultimate spy potential.
No. 593602 ID: 768f5b

Transmutation. Or maybe healing.

One, the other, or both, could be used to dramatically extend your lifespan. From there, you're golden.

Also, Identify bitch-elf before deciding how to deal with it. It could be a teacher, or some sort of important visitor.

None of this makes it exempt from being messed with, of course. It just effects how~
No. 593605 ID: 6a7541

Can we get some basic summaries on each type? They're self explanatory for the most part but it'd be nice to know if there's any specific limitations on any of them beyond the assumed capabilities.
No. 593608 ID: 0d8ff4

Whichever discipline you choose make sure you ALSO master whatever lets you use telekinesis. Preferably at will.

Or play the long game: Master them all. Become the (an) Avatar.
No. 593615 ID: cee89f

Mix conjuration with transmutation.

You'll be able to summon small things, then use transmutation to turn them into more powerful things that would be harder to directly summon. Conjure a wall of ice and transmute it to steel, for instance.

A bit of healing could be useful too, since as noted earlier healing is always in demand.
No. 593680 ID: b88e47

So what did you pickpocket from her?

illusion with a side of healing
No. 593705 ID: 34e4a9

You should definitely mainline transmutation. Working on things that are already there is just so much more efficient. Try to focus on permanent changes. If you can make something a little better each day and make it stay that way then you'll be able to do some legendary things eventually. It's definitely worth dabbling in the others as well. Conjuration and healing work well with transmutation. Summon things and change them or change and heal for best effect. Healing is always profitable; People are always willing to pay to make their pains go away.

Also your new secondary goal is to sex up that prejudiced elf girl as soon as possible. That soft, comfy butt is yours for the taking.
No. 593749 ID: ba8629

What kind of magic lets you turn elves into rats?

That is the kind of magic you should focus on.

Is that Transmuting? Healing?
No. 593874 ID: 95c255

You'd be best off focusing on elementalism, with some transmutation on the side.

Here's my reasoning:
To start, you have to realize that you're probably never going to beat the wizards at their own game. You have no experience, and in all likelihood you just don't have the potential to be throwing around high-level spells. So if we can't beat the wizards at their own game, we'll force them to play by our rules. From what I've seen you're probably pretty good at fighting and sneaking, so you're going to need to to exploit those advantages to their fullest potential in order to stand out.

Warding, conjuring and necromancy are all straight out. Warding is useless, conjuring is too flashy and necromancy is just an edgier version of conjuring.

Healing is a nice practical skill, but it certainly won't make you famous.

Illusion is the obvious choice, but it's not necessarily the most effective. Aside from the fact that illusion in general isn't a terribly powerful school, it also doesn't let you use your skills to their fullest potential (you already know how to stay unseen, you won't benefit much from magical assistance).

Elementalism is actually an excellent choice, despite all appearances. Used creatively it has the potential to be incredibly useful for all sorts of sneaky tactics, while still having the ability to hold your own in a direct fight. Also, 90% of all elementalists are retarded blaster mages so all you have to do to stand out is put a bit of thought into your style.

Transmutation is another good choice. Polymorph is love, polymorph is life.
No. 593927 ID: a061e6

We also need to get our big wizardy Ceremonial Ass Woopin' Stick or C.A.W.S as I like to call it.
We can use it to cast spells or bludgeon people.
No. 593976 ID: 265534
File 141065907894.png - (128.74KB , 783x663 , 204.png )

I guess I'll go find a conjuring person. I'm not exactly sure what conjuring actually does. Magic schools seem to be less like schools and more like really vague categories.

There's a crowd gathered up the hall.

"ALRIGHT, LOSERS. I see a lot of newbies wandering around in your stupid little robes with no purpose or direction, so I want all the dumbasses who want to learn magic to fry shit over here. If you're here to learn the mysteries of the universe, fuck off! I got no time for you!"

There's humans and elves gathering around, a gnome, other goblins, orcs, cyclops and I think that's an ogre. I feel small.

"Alright! My name is Atu and you're going to do what I say and learn whatever magic bullshit you want to kick ass, I'll help you as long as you keep me amused. Now if you'll all follow me, I am going to get you all started."

This seems to have some promise for that I want, on the other hand, she seems kind of insane. It's probably just a goblin thing.
No. 593977 ID: 53ba34

sounds good.
No. 593978 ID: 2fd516

As long as you keep her amused, huh? Yes, she is going to fuck with you. This is not a straightforward teacher. However, it could still be fun and you could learn things. Go ahead and try it out for a bit.
No. 593984 ID: 8b533b

Aw. I thought transmutation might actually win.

Eh, she might be good for an intro teacher, I guess. No bullshit, make magic work. Still, sounds like her kind of magic is flashy and blow-up-y. Not nearly sneaky or tricky or koboldy, enough.

>I feel small
Size don't matter much in magic. It's not about being big and strong. If fact, being small is probably a good thing. You're a smaller target. Harder to hit when something blows up.
No. 593997 ID: a0eba6

sounds like it could be interesting, plus if all she wants is to be amused then that probably means you can fuck with other students who piss you off and she'll probably laugh at them with you.
No. 594004 ID: bb78f2

Rynh paid out the ass so you could be taught in a disorganized manner by this "proffesional"?
The fuck can you get here you can't get anywhere else there's mages? The fact that a bunch just live here?
Shit, you can't make a school out of a goddamn dorm and library.
No. 594039 ID: 265534
File 141070750432.png - (154.92KB , 617x634 , 205.png )

We are all ushered into a big room with glowy crystals in it. This is starting to seem a bit more magical already.

"Alright, some of you might be thinking that you didn't pay a buttload of money to get taught magic in a disorganized manner. Well, I've been teaching here for over forty years, so if you don't like it, I can give you a very organized lesson in getting your ass kicked!"

She pauses and looks at the bunch of us for a while,
"Okay. We're going to do some basic skill evaluations. Kobold, fight the ogre! Don't worry about holding back, the crystals in here are enchanted with some crazy time/space magic, so that if anybody gets maimed or killed, it'll revert them to before they were maimed or killed. Go nuts!"

Wait, what?
No. 594040 ID: 53ba34

No. 594041 ID: b88e47

IF you do fight. Slash tendon in leg, then climb up the back of the robe and get knifing.
No. 594044 ID: 9ffae6

Cool, you're working with a safety net.
Find out what happens when you put LOTS of power into that little green light of yours, then poke Red with it.

At worst this will be a painful lesson.

.. okay, at worst your teacher lied and she wants to get the first death in the class out of the way.
No. 594047 ID: 8b533b

Wait, wait, wait. This is a test of how gullible you are. Don't believe there's some crazy magic that undoes dying or murdering someone in front of an audience until she proves it.

...of course, if you ask her to prove she can rewind death, she'll probably prove it by killing you. So ideally, you want to trick someone else into asking her to prove it.

Seconds, um, nope. You kill the fuck out of people when you want to, not when some green snot tells you to jump. You're not her kill terrier on command.
No. 594057 ID: 2fd516

...I think you better figure out how to make your little green light MUCH brighter. If you can blind the ogre then you'll stand a better chance of winning. Well that or try to turn it into a fireball.

While trying to figure out how to do something magically useful, dodge like you're trying not to get horribly maimed, because you're trying not to get horribly maimed here.
No. 594117 ID: 323980

Call her out on her bullshit.

If mass-revive spells are a thing, then why haven't they ever been used in war?
No. 594120 ID: 265534
File 141073265440.png - (152.18KB , 859x726 , 206.png )

So what if she's well over twice my height. That means she's a bigger target. I have the advantage here, right? I'm going to win this with cunning and intellect like a kobold and/or wizard.

I'm going to go out on a limb and assume she wants us to use magic. Using a knife won't really evaluate anything.

That's dumb. I'm just going to keep going, because I'm not dumb.

Little green light, go! Shine the path to victory!

... Aw, nuts.
No. 594121 ID: 9ddf68

quick dive into the group of students and see if you can't sneak behind the ogre well she tries to find you... you still got your knife on you right? Oh and also can you cast that light spell away from you or is it limited to your hand? cause if you can actually move it away from you you could throw the light away from you and if you're lucky she'll think it's you casting a spell. If not then don't bother and just try and lose her in the crowd.
No. 594122 ID: 53ba34

crawl up her robe and zap her in the tits
No. 594124 ID: 8b533b

...diving behind classmates for cover seems like a good idea, if she's going to retaliate. Let them take the fireball or whatever.

Little green lights are apparently useless. Although maybe you can use them as a distraction to set up a stab.

And I know she wants you to use magic, but hey, better to win the wrong way than get killed the right way.

>That's dumb. I'm just going to keep going, because I'm not dumb.
Uh-huh. Because this totally isn't going not dumb.
No. 594125 ID: 8b533b

...or maybe you can make things with the little green light? Stabbing someone with a glowing energy dagger might count better than one made of metal.

And pointy energy might better stab through her invisible hand defense or whatever.
No. 594126 ID: 2fd516

Alright try to put more power into it than that. Or output a large quantity of them to overwhelm your opponent's defenses.
No. 594140 ID: 01745f

Try making several of them and throwing them at the same time.
No. 594141 ID: 40935b

Feel smart yet?
No. 594144 ID: 37aa84

Can you make the green light brighter? Like bright enough to momentarily blind someone, would give you a nice opening to attack with.
No. 594202 ID: 9ffae6

Okay, it didn't connect, but it DID reveal a few things: She has some kind of big invisible hand thingy, and your little green light thing made it sorta visible?

Be ready to listen to that little voice in your brainstem that will tell you to dodge.
No. 594208 ID: 84f707

Combine the previous suggestions. Cast several lights as distractions as you dive into the other students. While she's looking for you, try to get around behind her, climb her robe, and shove an overpowered light into each eye.
No. 594275 ID: a2f9bc

Surrender. It's still a fight if you surrender, just one you've lost. Which is fine.
No. 594351 ID: ccd544

Invisible hand = telekinetic defense with magic.
No. 594536 ID: 9ffae6

Another idea: Beyond being a test, this is supposed to entertain the teacher.

I bet you'd score major points if you dragged more classmates into the demonstration.

That gnome, for instance, look large enough for cover and small enough to yank around. Its like Kobold God placed him there to take a hit for you.
No. 594909 ID: 265534
File 141123427503.png - (415.56KB , 1024x768 , 207.png )

I can make the light brighter AND pointer, probably. I just need to...

"Don't try to make it what you think is sharp, think what makes it sharp, then start thinking of that as what's sharp!" yells Atu.

That sort of makes sense I guess? There! I got it to stick out in the front! And while I was doing that, ogre made giant, flaming punching fists.

I'm starting to think this is super unfair.
No. 594912 ID: da1125


Aim your magic missile at the bra! If she loses her bra she will lose her equilibrium.
No. 594915 ID: 40935b

Make a feint for the throat, then attack her exposed stomach.
No. 594917 ID: 8b533b

Missile spam! It doesn't matter if all your little green pointy things are tiny if you're attacking with a million of 'em.
No. 594919 ID: aff57d

It's extremely risky, but you'll definitely have to get in closer to land a hit, I think.

We don't know if she can throw those things of if they just extend her reach, definitely don't want to give her a chance.
No. 594924 ID: 2fd516

"This is super unfair!"

Try to keep control of your projectile after you release it, so you can make it weave around her defenses. Or put in a secondary charge to make them burst into more projectiles when she blocks them.
No. 594925 ID: bb78f2

Ha, wow, your little magic dagger bullet is going to fucking wreck her.
It does piercing damage and can go at high speeds. Even a dull edge would be dangerous if you launched it fast enough.
She's using those fists as an extension of her body, think of fighting a giant creature and dodging her attacks. If you can get some decent aim on her, you'll actually win. I know you can dodge those hulking fists easily, you just GOTTA BELIEVE!

No. 594926 ID: cee89f

Fair is for stupid people. Like the nobility.

Go for the eyes. You'll either blind her or get her to panic.

Or she'll have magic shielding up and you'll just bounce right off.
No. 594930 ID: e3aff6

Aim attacks towards her left side; she is holding her glasses with the same hand that is controlling the magic fist, so that hand is partially occupied. If we can get her to accidentally toss her glasses that might distract her.
No. 594938 ID: 9dd1ee

do it!
clothing damage rpg!
No. 594951 ID: 53ba34

make more at the same time. throw three at the same time and she can't block all of them!
No. 594954 ID: 9ffae6

Aim for the belt buckle. Its already at critical mass, and she might trip over the robe
No. 594957 ID: 2f4b71

Engage magic fists with pointy magic. Engage ogre with regular pointy metal.
No. 594968 ID: 13cd06

aim for the bra
No. 594974 ID: 256d52

It looks like the summoned hands mimic her movements, so watch what she's doing. She can only grab with the right hand if she wants to keep holding her glasses, that's the dangerous one.

Feint at her face and move once her eyes are off you.
No. 594979 ID: 479e9d

Shoot a few at her face, she'll either block or dodge which will create an opening, then nail her in the bra or in the waste band of her pants. Then she can only fight you with one hand because she'll be to busy trying to cover herself up... Unless she's a slut of course
No. 594981 ID: ccd544

She is an ogre, one of the races that stereotypically feels complete indifference about nakedness.
Though this is an educated ogre...
No. 595040 ID: 3f0c1b

You are small, you are quick, remember to use that to your advantage and DOOOOOOOOODGE!
No. 595141 ID: a2f9bc

Starting to feel like maybe she's a planted teaching aid(e).

Anyway, you're right that it's unfair now that she's discarded the advantage invisible hands. And yeah, the hands seem to require she control them with her actual hands so she probably can't do any other magic with them out.
No. 595253 ID: 5e5e71

Yeah looks like the spell may be tied to her hands. That's a very limiting factor. She just gave you time to cast a counter.

As well as thinking sharp how about also thinking slippery kobold thoughts as well? Imagine the feeling of polished glass needles coated in hot pepper oil. Sharp, painful and making even its surroundings frictionless and greasy. Channel that feel and hit her in the feet with one or more stinging, slippery spells. It it covers her foot with magic grease and makes her flinch then she is likely to slip and fall over. If she does drop then she'll have to use both of her hands to lift those fat tits off the floor.

That's when you hit her hands with the glue spell. No hands, no spells.

If she doesn't trip straight away then just run and circle around her. She will have to turn her body around to use both of the magic gauntlets and that's not a good thing to do on unsteady feet.
No. 595965 ID: 265534
File 141177365837.png - (305.36KB , 1024x841 , 208.png )

I can manage that. Kobolds are natural do- HOLY SHIT! I meant to do that. Now I have an opportunity!

No. 595967 ID: 2fd516

Her striking fist is already up again, expect something like a backhand as she turns around. Duck low and attack low this time.
No. 595972 ID: 9ffae6

climb back up onto her shoulders and shove magic in her eyes
No. 596045 ID: 0d8ff4

Use your sharp little kobold magics to shred her clothes.
No. 596047 ID: 8b533b

Well, from her expression she felt that, at least. Your little blips do something.

But yeah, totally expect a backhand, right now. ...maybe drop flat and slide under her while shooting up?
No. 596048 ID: 9ddf68

how much damage does that spell do that you're casting? cause if it can go past the skin I say try and take out one of her achilles tendon so she can't walk or really even move anymore making her a much easier target.

If not then swing past her as she counter=attacks and keep taking shoots at her while sticking to her blind spots.
No. 596070 ID: 2f4b71

Go for the horns.
Ride the Ogre.
No. 596156 ID: 9dd1ee

climb onto her head, and when she goes to thwack you off, you jump out of the way and she'll hit herself!
No. 596187 ID: 265534
File 141187443381.png - (170.41KB , 800x833 , 209.png )

>climb onto her head, and when she goes to thwack you off, you jump out of the way and she'll hit herself!
>Ride the ogre

These are probably better than trying to get her top to fall off. What is that even going to do, really?

It's like there's no benefit at all. This was a dumb plan.
No. 596189 ID: 8b533b

...it made her drop her glasses? Maybe she needed those.

More seriously, it buys you a second. She's reacted to it, and let her hands drop. Those are connected to her spell-hands. This means you have an opportunity for a follow up attack. Take it, quickly.
No. 596191 ID: 256d52

Take a hostage! Grab those glasses!
No. 596192 ID: 9ddf68

wait a tick, something is distracting her, If you're going to do something I'd say do it now before she regains awareness. If you're going to ride the ogre see if you can't hit her in the eye or two to try and blind her.
No. 596193 ID: c22069

Grab those eyeglasses! You might be able to figure out if she is far-sighted or near-sighted by looking at them and then adjust your fighting style accordingly.
No. 596194 ID: 2fd516

Smack her with more magic!
No. 596195 ID: 9dd1ee

grab the eye glasses! that way if she smacks you to hard she'll risk breaking them,

meaning she'll have to be cautious giving you an edge
No. 596200 ID: a2f9bc

You're right, that isn't enough. Quick, shoot her belt while she's distracted!

If her pants fall down, her mobility will be severely hampered. Piling up disadvantages for your foe is the way of wizards.
No. 596202 ID: cee89f

Shoot her in the eyes!
No. 596214 ID: 3f0c1b

She is distracted, attack while her guard is down.
No. 596223 ID: 2f4b71

>It's like there's no benefit at all. This was a dumb plan.
Well duh; she started the fight by literally disrobing.
No. 596225 ID: 0d8ff4

You have the shred -all- the clothes, everyone knows that. Losing just the top literally only works on human girls and elves. They're weirdly sensitive about that.
No. 596234 ID: c5db20

Go for the eyes!
No. 596248 ID: a5bd6c

Geeze, you stabbed her in the back with magic and this isn't over yet? Don't they blow a whistle when you get a hit or something?

It's like the instructor wants to see you get dismembered or something. On the upsides it looks like she dropped her spell for a moment. Maybe... go for the eyes? Magic stab the eyes while riding the ogre, that sounds freakin awesome.
No. 596427 ID: 13ed30

She's almost certainly farsighted since she took the glasses off before casting. She'll be less likely to notice subtle effects on herself. Now it's time for the glue and oil spells. If she covers herself up make the hands stick. If she moves to get her glasses then make her slip. Extra points if you use low-power telekinesis to slide her glasses away or in between her legs as she reaches for them

Can you summon an elemental of some sort to do some fighting for you? I'm thinking air would work well here.
No. 596449 ID: ccd544

Whatever you do do not threaten the glasses for those that wear glasses for eyesight will enter into a homicidal rage if they are threatened or damaged.
No. 596451 ID: ccd544

The whole point of removing her clothes is to make a mockery of this "class" without insulting the teacher.

I hear nudity is good for female bonding. Makes gals open up to new people.

Ryhn has her Minotaur buddy, why not gain yourself an ogre buddy?! Just be a good sport about it after the fact and be honest with your intentions, and you'll get along in no time!
No. 596702 ID: 265534
File 141219735003.png - (249.21KB , 960x800 , 210.png )

>Whatever you do do not threaten the glasses for those that wear glasses for eyesight will enter into a homicidal rage if they are threatened or damaged.
I'm just going to quit while I'm still in one piece. Since she's more concerned about not showing off her boobs to a large group of people, I might be able to slink out of here.

"Geez... If you guys aren't going to slaughter each other, go back with the group and we'll give someone else a chance. But good agility whatsyername... kobold."


"Yeah, that. The power needs a lot of work and the exact opposite is true for the ogre, so get on that. NEXT!"

>The whole point of removing her clothes is to make a mockery of this "class" without insulting the teacher.
I think she might actually be seeing what all the new people can do and might actually be trying to carefully assess our strengths and weaknesses... or she wanted to see me get flattened.
No. 596704 ID: 2fd516

Alright slink off to the side somewhere and try to make your green light bigger.
No. 596706 ID: fe4bfc

I would go apologize to the big girl for embarrassing her.

Maybe you can make a friend and learn some of her fancy hand magic later.
No. 596708 ID: 436cdc

Apologize about that, something along the lines of "Best thing I could think of on the fly to not get squished"
No. 596711 ID: 16ad9b

No. 596733 ID: 0d8ff4

When you apologize remind her that the clothes shredding was only in response to to potentially being killed, which, even if the room is specially prepared for such, you'd rather avoid. Which the clothes shredding has 100% accomplished.

Its not personal, you like her glasses, etc.
+1 ogre friend.

Buy her some tea .. or something.
No. 596734 ID: 3b1c22

As long as we're being friendly, retrieve her glasses before she inadvertently stomps them.
Also, be prepared to dodge a very flustered ogre.
No. 596775 ID: 8b533b

Yes, steal glasses from the floor and return them.

Might be worth sticking around and seeing how the other students try to kill each other. Maybe you'll learn something? Or you'll get to see if the people not staying dead nonsense she was on about is bullshit or not.
No. 605214 ID: 265534
File 141688312647.png - (143.46KB , 879x900 , 211.png )

>steal glasses from the floor and return them
I pick up the glasses and return them to her. I don't steal them from the floor, because that makes no sense and would be super racist.
"Sorry. I was just trying to shoot you in the spine, not take your top off."
"It's alright," she replies. "I was showing off, so I deserve some humiliation."

I could mention how it might make her more popular now that a bunch of guys have seen her huge boobs, but I'm not going to push my luck with anyone that's like ten times my size.

"Hey, kobold! C'mere." says Atu.
Crap. Am I in trouble or am I awesome? This whole thing is kind of nervewracking.
No. 605215 ID: 07a835

Assume you are awesome until proven otherwise.
No. 605216 ID: 9ddf68

well if all else fails you can always fall back on your kobold skills and just run like hell. Anyways let's see what Atu wants.
No. 605218 ID: a2f9bc

Well, she looked pretty cool, if that makes her feel any better? Also, what's her name anyway?
No. 605277 ID: 2cd076

Go with it. Maybe she'll surprise you and act like a teacher all of a sudden.
No. 605351 ID: eda819

>Crap. Am I in trouble or am I awesome?
Who knows? Authority figures are weird. Sometimes you get in trouble for doing awesome things, sometimes they think your trouble is awesome. They're fickle.

Just go see what she wants and don't worry until there's something to react to.
No. 605432 ID: 44f38a

Stay on your toes, smile and try to keep your crazy teacher entertained so she doesn't kill you. Give her an amusing clever response that also implies that you are on the same side. Something like: "What is it my green-skinned mistress? Is it time to crush our enemies and drive them before us?"
No. 606143 ID: 265534
File 141714456301.png - (111.90KB , 710x616 , 212.png )

>what's her name anyway?
"That was pretty cool with a fists and the smashing, anyway. I'm Sika, what's your name?"

Now that I have that out of the way and didn't get smashed, I can see what Atu wants.
"So... You wanted to talk to me? Is it because I'm really great and have a ton of potential?"
She scoffs and waves her hand, probably to gesture that I'm pretty good.
"Pfft... You completely suck all kinds of ass, kid. Did you think your career choices through here?"
"HEY! I just started this magic crap like a month ago. I only know some stuff from books right now."
Calling me crappy just because I have no experience. I'll show her. I'm gonna be the best at magic in no time.
"That doesn't mean you don't suck, that just means I have a blank slate to work with. What are you going for here? You can jump around well enough."
"Well, I can make a green light and kind of shoot it out at things."
"It's a start, I guess. You just need to figure out what feels right, then make people explode with it. That's what magic is all about. You'll probably like Earth and Poison element stuff with illusions. Kobolds always love that shit."

Hmph... She's one to talk. I'm pretty sure goblins have the exact same stereotype.
No. 606146 ID: 9ddf68

thought we were going to look into conjuring?

Oh well fuck it, if she's tell us to try out all 7 schools of magic to see which one we like best then sure why not?
No. 606147 ID: 17a829

>You'll probably like Earth and Poison element stuff with illusions.
Tell her you were perfectly capable of throwing dirt at people or using poisoned weapons or sneaking up on people without magic. You want to learn to do stuff you couldn't do before.
No. 606148 ID: 9b57d3

Sounds like she's saying try a whole bunch of stuff until something feels right. For starters why not try out something that'll enhance your mobility. Maybe you can make the ground push your feet around? Or have the air push you? Or directly make yourself faster.
No. 606163 ID: 2ec61a

ask about invisibility spell so you can sneak up on someone and then shoot a fireball up their ass.
No. 606169 ID: cfe8e5

This, pretty much. You're a kobold, even if you're good at poison magic and illusion you'll just be doing what you could do well without magic anyway. Earth might be neat, sure, but conjuring is still the way to go. And it enhances your natural abilities! No one expects you to stab them in the back with a poisoned dagger when they're being mauled by a celestial lion or whatever.
No. 606173 ID: 17a829

Personally, I was on the Transmutation side of that argument, but yes, something cool and not that you already have is good.

And I don't want to make an illusion mage for the bazilionth time. We always do that.
No. 606178 ID: 91cfcf

Agreed. Transmutation and conjuration are great fun.
No. 606241 ID: 256d52

The little stabby light is conjuration, right? And the giant smashy fists? Could you make a mobile shield? Or you could pickpocket with a less smashy fist if you want to live up to filthy stereotypes.

Or try something with transmutation to stop having to fight things twice your size. Shrinking things is pretty entry tier.
No. 606271 ID: 44f38a

Well try out some conjuration first. Call on the green light and see if you can make some sand, some water or a tiny animal like a beetle appear. Try a couple of different methods like:
* Imagine a portal or tunnel where the other end sorts of searches through reality for something that fits your expectations and sucks it through.
* Think of it as sort of swapping spaces. You send a patch of air somewhere else and trade it for whatever was there.
* Try to just create the thing you want. It's the essence of magic. squeeze and form it until a solid object appears.

Try to avoid making that green light though. The light means you're wasting mana as radiation. Magic doesn't actually have a color, it's only green because you think it is.
No. 606637 ID: 265534
File 141730429541.png - (58.57KB , 626x484 , 213.png )

"If I wanted to throw rocks at people and poison them, I could do that without magic," I tell her. "I want to do cool stuff."

"That's really dumb. That's like saying wind magic is crappy because you can blow out with your mouth without magic. Who would say that? Some idiot who immediately gets their ass kicked by wind magic, probably."

I wiggle my little green light on the end of my finger to show of my magical prowess, "I want to learn something neat like conjuration or transmutation."

"Okay, here's what you do. You get a theme, then make a bunch of stuff based on that. That's how all the cool wizards do it. You learn all the basics, of course. But then you work on some theme and stretch it out to do what you want, like changing sizes, shooting fire everywhere or turning into monsters. It makes it easier to throw them out on the fly if they're similar too. It's the best way for a newbie like you to do practical stuff."

"Ah... Got it."

Themed magic. It makes sense. It's a lot easier to do something like something else you know how to do, than something completely different. What kind of theme would I even work on? Thinking about it makes me feel super generic.
I go to school, beat up my siblings, tease boys... Nothing that translates into awesome magical powers.

I guess I'll have to come up with something that makes me awesome and distinct.
No. 606639 ID: a19cd5

I would suggest dragon themed stuff, but then I realized that Rynh might take it as kind of racist AND there are probably a ton of people already doing that.

Uh, maybe golems? Golems are cool, just big monsters made of random shit that do things. Could work out some kind of radical golem launcher or some kind of golem chariot or something, I dunno
No. 606640 ID: 2ec61a

well you seem to have something with this green going on. perhaps summon some kind of poisonous plant monster?
No. 606641 ID: b88e47

Everything you do should be a green ball. Small ones, large ones, thousands of them, riding inside one, smashing people with them.

But no, healing magic to save on medical bills. And some counter illusion and trap detection. Rynh is the muscle in your group. If you ever feel like you are playing second fiddle, remember she is the one getting her ass kicked.
No. 606647 ID: a2f9bc

Snakes. Can work poison into that if you want to, and snaring/transformation/etc effects. Even some healing if you wanna stretch it.
No. 606652 ID: ec2e47

If a concept can make a theme rather than a mechanism than Traps might work, with things like summoning pit traps under people, making illusions of yourself that explode when hit, or coating the floor in invisible spikes.
No. 606654 ID: 86d5f3

transformation sounds fun, I mean you're already quick and in good shape so you'd probably struggle less then most wizards since transforming into a monster and tearing shit apart requires actual physical ability which even the goblin chick her said you have in spades. Healing could probably also be worked in there since there shouldn't be much difference in fusing flesh back together as shifting fleshing into so kick as monster.
No. 606663 ID: 115027

2 Words: Death Rays.

Nothing says "Fuck you, i'm a wizard." Than a ray of green light burning a Hole through theyr head.
No. 606792 ID: 2cd076

Play to your strengths. Become..
The Mage of Muggings.

All that 'healing' and 'protection' magic that's being suggested is fine, if its needed. The best part about being ruthlessly sneaky is dealing out the trouble without getting any back, right?
No. 606864 ID: 4c5cf2

Well. You've got your magic glowig dart thing. Maybe we could call it... a drone?

Drone based magic would be kind of neat. Conjure up a swarm of little glowing thingies, and make something out of them. Elaborate weapons, or a bigger spell made up of smaller moving parts.

Transformation would be throwing enough little green drones at something to rebuild it. Changing something into something else? Hard. Making a ton of tiny little chances? Way easier, especially if you have a lot of little things to make the changes.

Plus, the visuals would be kind of neat. A whole lot of those little light things interacting would look like some kind of elaborate crystal machine. Or 3D stained glass.

As for whole it relates to your life? It's about making something out of nothing, determination (that's you, damn it). It's about small things working together (kobolds). It's about building something (traps).

It's a million bullets more daka approach and shooting smart at the same time. Overkill and finesse. That's what you like about your people.

And it's damn well showing up everyone at school, a way to beat up boys, and tease people too, if you want.

tldr: Be the drone mage of a million little glowy pointy things you can do anything with!
No. 606951 ID: 265534
File 141736088341.png - (185.21KB , 892x710 , 214.png )

I could make a giant rock man to ride around on and smash things for me and open up holes in the ground for people to fall in. That would be awesome.


That's earth elemental stuff. Maybe Atu was right.
Oh well. It's not like there's a ton of kobold wizards out there already to seem unoriginal in comparison to.

I guess I never had a choice. My dad is a geologist and metallurgist for mining companies. He had to go to school for it, but dirt and rocks are in our blood, I guess.

Now I think I know what I want to do, so the main thing is to find out how to do it.
No. 606961 ID: 9ddf68

great... so would creating a golem be elementalsim, transmuting, or conjuring? I'm pretty sure it would be elementaiim but not entirely sure.
No. 606964 ID: 4c5cf2

Aw, what do little blips of light thingies have to do with golems.

If you're going to focus on rocks and stuff, at least be some kind of crazy metal-mage. Metal's better than rock. You can make people's own armor and weapons grow spikes and stab them to death!
No. 606982 ID: 1b0915

Fuck yea! become a earth bender! Rock armor!
No. 607037 ID: 8f01e8

When in doubt, assume that the person you've gone to a lot of trouble to get training from isn't a complete idiot with regard to their chosen subject, and take their suggestions on that subject seriously, *especially* suggestions that sound weird and dumb at first, because those are the things you wouldn't have tried by yourself.

Ooh! Malfeas themed! Make a giant rock man whose surface is constantly cracking apart and re-forming like it's molten inside, with spikes of toxic green light that come out through the cracks.
No. 607093 ID: 72f29a

This. Earth and stone is so slow and primitive. How about leaning towards metal and environment control with a bit of conjuration thrown in to make up for lack in materials? You could control flying blades, change the size and mass of weapons on the fly, make yourself more agile by telekinetically pushing your own armor and jewelry, command metal golems, summon deadly mercury and arsenic clouds, conjure water-reactive caesium needles, the list can go on...

Atu isn't necessarily correct so ask some other tutors what the truly great mages did. My guess is that they specialized somewhat, but mastered most or all of the basics.
No. 608440 ID: 265534
File 141765613069.png - (197.57KB , 1024x768 , 215.png )

One month later...

Alright, I'm here with my acquaintances Gustav Aldrick and Fiona Johan, who are humans, by the way, learning the basics of elemental magic. After some study and lots of practice, I now have the skill required to summon my battle golem.

Check this out.

"That's good, Sika." says Gustav. "But isn't it a little small to be practical?"

"You could have it fetch your stationary, I guess," adds Fiona.

The little golem just kind of stands there, since I'm not really versed in how to make it move much, but I have the earth element conjuring part down, kind of. I can shoot rocks at things and make little stone men. That's something.
No. 608443 ID: a19cd5

"I dunno, could be cool for stealthy stuff or fetching keys from drains. Or I could just make a lil' army of them later on!"
No. 608445 ID: a2f9bc

Can you make it explode? That'd be pretty practical.
No. 608450 ID: 687279

Make a bunch of them. Then have them stack up into the shape of a bigger golem!
No. 608454 ID: 88960e

Golem: punch Fiona in the tits. That'll teach her to make fun!

Seriously though, little golems could be used to set traps on people unseen? Or for swarming people. Especially if you made little rock bugs.

Can you make one out of metal? Metal's better than rock.

...can you make the golem shoot green things? Magic attack bots.

What do your looser acquaintances do, anyways?
No. 608463 ID: bb78f2

Make it jump down Gustav's pants.
No. 608540 ID: 2cd076

well, one that tiny could probably grab someone's ankle or something and put them off balance. maybe you can get it to grow a mouth or spikey bits to really inconvenience targets
No. 608607 ID: fdc30f

Could you learn to see through your tiny golem, perhaps some sort of implanted seeing stone in the face?

As to combat well, to control lots of tiny golems very well could be even more useful than a single large one.
No. 608647 ID: 265534
File 141769565987.png - (108.12KB , 820x744 , 216.png )

I'll need some practice to make a bigger one, but this is a good start.

Suddenly, another larger golem appears and smacks mine to pieces. This is a dick move and I think I know who did it...
No. 608648 ID: 265534
File 141769568393.png - (150.74KB , 859x569 , 217.png )

"Bundri, you wrecked my golem, you ass." I growl, confronting Bundri Hoptundle; giant prick and confirmed gnome.
"It's not my fault. I was just checking it's quality and it broke apart. It must not have been very good to break so easily," he says dismissively, shrugging the whole thing off.

I try to be nice to gnomes. I try not to obey the divine mandates of Kurtlemak that dictate that I should be trying to rip him apart with my teeth right now. A hundred years ago, I'd probably be doing that, but this is a more civilized time. I will show restraint and tolerance. Maybe.
No. 608649 ID: a2f9bc

Inform him that his gradeschool antics would be endearing if he were a kid, but there's better ways to show affection. Not that he has a chance, sorry.
No. 608652 ID: 2ec61a

"i knew gnomes could be mistaken for human children, but i didn't know they act like them too"
No. 608654 ID: aa1c2a

punch him in the sternum to remind him that even if your golems' weak your not.
No. 608673 ID: 4c5cf2

Grow more golems out of his golem. Avenge your golem by giving his golem golem-cancer.
No. 608676 ID: dccc95

Instead of being a dick bag, teach me how to make a better one.
No. 608719 ID: 72f29a

To be fair your golem wasn't that great if it breaks that easily. Therefore you should take his golem apart to see how it is made and how you can improve yours.

I'm guessing the trick has to do with structure and magical conductivity. Muscles, skeletons and exoskeletons. Also try to make your golems out of metal or some better materials. Stop playing in the dirt like a gnome. We want deathmachines, not little mud men.
No. 609079 ID: 265534
File 141778289451.png - (158.90KB , 871x768 , 218.png )

>teach me how to make a better one.
He's a student here too, I don't need to learn from someone else that isn't very good.

>punch him in the sternum
"It's not my fault you got knocked out, I was checking to see if you were a bitch. You must be if you went down that easily."

Bundri is crumpled on the floor and I stand triumphant as the superior fist mage.

"Ms. Nirskas. Is there something urgent that you feel the need to interrupt my class?"

Oh... Right. I was too caught up in messing around with the golem and kind of didn't think of how I'm in the middle of Ms. Tisalian's elementalism basics class.
No. 609085 ID: bb78f2

Just go "Oops, sorry, he interfered with my project. Had to deal with him."
No. 609090 ID: 2ec61a

"equal trade of services"
No. 609098 ID: 4c5cf2

>Is there something urgent that you feel the need to interrupt my class?
*cough*. No, professor. Sorry for the disruption.

...as you prop up the gnome and pretend he's not unconscious.
No. 609212 ID: a2f9bc

Sika, you are a woman of class and dignity. Keep up the good work.

Tell her sorry, you two were just working on quality control together.
No. 609523 ID: 265534
File 141791368196.png - (189.84KB , 583x731 , 219.png )

"Sorry. We're just working on some quality control." I say, propping Bundri against the desk so he looks less incapacitated.

"Just keep it down and try to pay attention." she replies.

The dark elf lady is Llorali Tisalian, our elementalism teacher. Her classes are really popular, especially with the boys. They probably want to learn to blow things up more.

"As I was saying, now that you all have some degree of skill in basic elemental channeling, we can start into advanced elemental planar matrices."

This goes on for some time. Basically how to make things catch on fire with your mind and how to make rocks out of thin air by concentrating really hard, then how to make more fire and rocks by wobbling things around just right.

"The elemental planes are extremely hostile environments, composed almost entirely of their namesake element in infinite amounts. However, we will be making excursions, starting with the least immediately hostile, the Earth plane. Anyone wishing to participate has two weeks to prepare. That is all for today. You are dismissed."

Ooh... I've never left reality before. That could be neat. A deadly dimension of infinite rocks. There's probably other stuff there too. I should practice some things to get ready for adventure, since that's my main goal here anyway.
I need some practical skills to compliment my stone throwing and rock mans.
No. 609524 ID: 2ec61a

suggest ability to move a lot of rock with your mind. cause casting a spell that makes stone tunnels at a monster made out of stone hurts them like fuck.
No. 609525 ID: 4c5cf2

>They probably want to learn to blow things up more.
Yeah, I can imagine what they want her to blow.

>I need some practical skills to compliment my stone throwing and rock mans.
Well, unfortunately, you can't stab rock monsters. And you can't make a big rock monster to crush other rock monster. Your only useful skill here is the ability to dodge rocks.

Maybe you should revisit you green light blips. If you could cut cloth, maybe a stronger one could cut or shatter rock.

Be sure to bring food and water. You can't eat rocks. And the plain of earth is probably dry.
No. 609526 ID: 528d7f

Being able to see and move through dirt and stone would be vital, I think. After getting a supply of food and drink to take with you... Actually, how long are you going to be there for? No point in prepping for like a week long trip if you're going to be there for a couple hours.
No. 609535 ID: e34972

In my opinion, the best first step of preparation would ask someone we trust how to prepare properly.

Will there be monsters at all? Will it be dust, stone or more like the thing beneath our feet? Water, food, air? 5 min, 2 day, 1 week?
We know too little to be prepared for anything at any time in my opinion.
So, can you ask the teacher? I doubt you actually have some trustworthy friends yet...

So, my vote is for: get further information.
No. 609573 ID: 265534
File 141792442397.png - (187.00KB , 787x654 , 220.png )

I'll ask her what I need to worry about. That's probably best.

"The earth plane has a series of tunnels, caves, galleries running through it in every direction. It's an infinite labyrinth of rock, dirt, sand and metal. The elemental planes to intersect in places, creating breathable air, underground rivers and lava flows. As for native life, there are all kinds of cave-dwelling and burrowing creatures, earth elementals. When I said it was the least hostile plane, I meant that it is the one that does not require special methods to move around or survive inside of."

Okay. So I don't need to learn to burrow or anything. I just need to not get killed by monster worms or moles or whatever else lives in the dirt.
That and not fall into lava or off a cliff into a hole thousands of feet deep.

This sort of just sounds like crawling through a cave full of monsters, but it's actually crawling through an infinite cave full of monsters in another dimension, which is way cooler.
No. 609575 ID: 788456

Find out how earth elemental natives tend to react to earth mages. Fear? Annoyance? Anger?
No. 609577 ID: a2f9bc

Rock climbing would be useful and is useful in adventuring. Whatever gear or practice you need for that would be a good investment. At least minor medical supplies too. Aaand you'll want to bring rations, even if that's not really a skill.

Picking up adventuring buddies for one-off adventures is basically a skill, maybe try recruiting a field trip buddy. Now, you're inherently unlikeable, so you'll need to find someone who is either equally unlikeable and no one else would go with or someone who is too shy to seek out the companionship of others but who is placid enough to get bullied into it.

That ogre girl, maybe.
No. 609579 ID: 4c5cf2

How do we get in and out? Is there a gate we need to keep secure? An escape spell you need to learn? A competent mage we have to keep alive?

Seriously, though, crawling through an infinite cave of monsters is no fun if you can't kill the monsters. Daggers won't work. Gotta learn a spell that shatters rock. Experiment with your green stuff!
No. 609638 ID: 687279

I think you'd better learn how to climb good.
No. 609645 ID: 2ec61a

magic digging spell can also open giant holes under enemies.
No. 609747 ID: 788456

Make sure Bundri got all that. If he's still out, write him a note. then make that note into one of those stupid cone-hats Gnomes like and leave it on his head.
No. 609807 ID: 265534
File 141799179339.png - (88.71KB , 487x429 , 221.png )

>How do we get in and out? Is there a gate we need to keep secure? An escape spell you need to learn? A competent mage we have to keep alive?

I'm just going to assume this is accounted for and not think about it.

>I think you'd better learn how to climb good.

I am a kobold. If I can't climb on some rocks, I'd be ashamed of myself. I can use my fingers and teeny toes to challenge the rock. It's no problem, but maybe I could get one of those climby pickaxe things. It could double as a weapon that would work better than a knife against stony monsters. I should go shopping for one.

>you're inherently unlikeable.


"Gustav, am I unlikeable?"

"You've been completely tolerable pretty much the entire time I've known you. Why?"

"It's nothing."

Everyone likes me because I'm adorable. Shut up.
No. 609809 ID: 687279

Ok then you should learn how to fight stony monsters. Practice against some golems or something.
No. 609810 ID: 2ec61a

yes, learn to fight big hard monsters. practice with thodren.
No. 609812 ID: 4c5cf2

You should learn to cast Shatter, or Lee's Rapid Deconstruction, or Dig, or something. Spells that wreck things made of earth.

A small pick or something isn't a bad idea.
No. 609977 ID: 01745f

Does earth magic work like normal on earth elementals? Could you make little golems horribly burst out of them?
No. 609990 ID: bb78f2

What a gentlemen, that Gustav is.

Make your tiny golem and keep punching it. Or maybe mix your clay with some sort of volatile solution to make tiny golem bombs!
No. 610050 ID: 788456

Reading up on the plane of earth is probably a good idea in general. Who knows how being there will affect your magic. Maybe it'll be way easier and you'll get a better taste of what you'll be capable of later on.

Still, get a partner as soon as possible for this. You probably don't want to have one chosen for you. Maybe Korcha? You know she's capable of defending herself.
No. 610805 ID: 265534
File 141835398178.png - (192.05KB , 1024x768 , 222.png )

I'm going to find out what the Earth Plane is like before I freak out about preparing to go there.

"The Elemental Plane of Earth consists almost entirely of an infinite expanse of mass composed of every conceivable type of mineral which is riddled with twisting, labyrinthine caves of every imaginable shape. Cramped passages, smoothly bored tunnels and galleries of immense size await the interplanar traveler.
The Earth Plane is not without dangers, as a host of creatures call this dimension their home. Elemental creatures devour metals or gems for sustenance and great worms swim through the solid stone as easily as fish swim in the sea."

Blah blah blah... Magma flows. Blah blah... Cave-ins, poison gas, monsters, giant cliffs, jagged crystals, sand holes.

Should be fun.

"Earth elemental magic operates at a substantially higher level of power."


I guess I'm going to be perfectly fine.
No. 610808 ID: 687279

Yep. Hey! You should learn how to identify valuable minerals so you can make the most of the trip.

Also get something to carry valuable minerals in. ...maybe you should just grab some gems or something instead of trying to get metal.
No. 610815 ID: 62cd81


Seconded, but also make sure you learn to tell similar looking stuff apart. You don't want to have something that looks precious, but is actually near-worthless clogging up your loot bag.
No. 610860 ID: b88e47

I'd recommend you not loot the place. That could piss off some people.... or things.
No. 610861 ID: 9ddf68

hey, if every type of mineral can be found here, what do you think your chances are of coming across a gold or diamond deposit? Just asking.
No. 610863 ID: c9f2af

>Earth elemental magic operates at a substantially higher level of power.
>I guess I'm going to be perfectly fine.
Sure, you'll get a boost. But remember that all the natives probably tap into the exact same thing, and they aren't beginner students.
No. 610928 ID: 788456


This means Bundri will also be enhanced if he comes along. Hopefully he'll just stick to pranks if he tries anything. 'outside reality' sounds like a really easy place to hide a body. Especially a tiny one. Like a Kobald's.

.. or a Gnome's
No. 611007 ID: 2f4b71

>Elemental creatures devour metals or gems for sustenance
Wear leather, cloth, etc. Avoid buckles. No shivs.

Be Not Tasty.
No. 611152 ID: 265534
File 141849338636.png - (667.33KB , 1024x1000 , 223.png )

Two Weeks Later...

So this is a completely different plane of existence outside of the physical universe. Just looks like a cave, really. But the cool stuff is probably not at the portal, since the cool stuff tries to murder you. It just wouldn't be safe.

I've spent the time learning some useful basics and improving my offensive spells. So now I have enough to survive, I hope. A list of things that can be called proper spells that I can do now would be:

Stone Missile: It's like throwing a rock, except at high speed and magical. It also just appears out of thin air.
Golem: I can make a little stone man that I can kind of control to do simple tasks, like punching things.
Earth Snare: Rock teeth that come out of the ground and catch things that step on them. I'm a kobold. I can't not do this.
Minor Heal: I can heal up cuts and scratches. If you lose an arm, don't come running to me.
Little Green Light: Makes green light. No need to try to force it into an offensive form anymore, since I can do something reasonably proper now.

I have a backpack with some food, water, rope and matches. I wonder if I could just magic up some fire. I'll pack some matches, just in case.

So, now that I am super magical, I can enter a hellish world of darkness and monsters and hopefully not die. Also the teacher is here and will probably save us if everything goes to crap, so it should be fun.
No. 611154 ID: bb78f2

Who is your party?
No. 611182 ID: c9f2af

Huh. You don't have a good spell for breaking rocks, and most of the baddies here are probably stone. Unless you can throw a harder rock at them with stone missile.

So we have have an objective here, or we just gonna wander around like idiots?
No. 611318 ID: b88e47

Follow the leader.
No. 611349 ID: 788456

Immediately attempt >>606951

Now is the time. Now is the place.
No. 611600 ID: 265534
File 141857066665.png - (164.61KB , 874x293 , 224.png )

A big chunk of the braver elementalist students came along.
Including the teacher and myself, there's ten of us.

From left to right is Gustav, who seems to favor ice spells for attack.

Fiona is sort of a generalist, but likes fire more than other stuff.

Rhisalia Viveldi is that really racist elf that I walked into my first day.

Bundri Hoptundle uses earth, but also screws around with annoying illusions, like rainbow sparkles and crap. So obnoxious.

Soken Niroi tries to do stuff makes him seem badass. You know the type?

Rugaz Nikirrat is a snot-nosed goblin that blows up everything. The alchemy lab was out of service for a week one time, now he's learning to blow things up spontaneously, without the need for chemical assistance.

Xochiyotl is a lizardman. I've never even seen one before, but she's the closest thing to another kobold in the school. Seems to like water element.

And Cysan Geddar hangs out with Soken, trying to be cool and edgy with him. It's like high school all over again.

These are my classmates. Just a bunch of weirdos. Not like me.

>You don't have a good spell for breaking rocks, and most of the baddies here are probably stone. Unless you can throw a harder rock at them with stone missile.

Of course I can. You can break rocks by smashing rocks against them.

>So we have have an objective here, or we just gonna wander around like idiots?

I am all for idiotic wandering. I want to check out the super fatal rock dimension.
No. 611604 ID: 9dd1ee

pick Zochiyotl and Gustav as team mates

you'll be able to do the best rock killing combos

Zoch can spray them with water which'll seep into the cracks
Gustav can then freeze all that water expanding the cracks
and you can finish the combo by shattering them with your rock throws!

as an added bonus it makes you look like the most important and most badass teammate as you are always executing the finisher.

(when in reality your powers are by far the least useful)
No. 611621 ID: c9f2af

>You can break rocks by smashing rocks against them
Just make sure your rocks are the harder rocks in that equation, so they do the smashing rather than getting smashed.

Gustav might be the most useful against rock monsters, offensively. Ice can turn the smallest crack or gap in stone into a much larger one. You might want to hang out with him and Fiona (generalists always have some use, even if they're not the best at killing specific things).

Ignoring the 'edgy' idiots. And the exploding goblin hazard.

Be sure to watch the elf and gnome, see if this place gives them their comeuppance.
No. 611651 ID: 9ddf68

Gustav and Fiona where the two helping you out earlier right? I'd say either one of them since you know they're not dicks but if you don't feel like hanging out with them then maybe Xochiyotl since she seems like the only other member in the group that isn't trying to be some emo punk or just an unbearable asshole.
No. 611912 ID: 82c018

>Just make sure your rocks are the harder rocks in that equation, so they do the smashing rather than getting smashed.
Actually not necessary; throwing harder rocks makes it easier, but you could be throwing dirt and still smash stuff if your throw hard enough.
No. 611964 ID: a2f9bc

Avoid the elf, the gnome, and the goblin; they're the most likely to kill you through accidents or 'accidents'.
No. 611976 ID: 788456

what makes Xochiyotl 'closest thing to a kobold'? Just the general physique, or do they have the attitude?

Stick with your lab partners for now. You have a lot of options between the three of you if anything happens.
No. 612418 ID: 265534
File 141875989112.png - (261.50KB , 1024x768 , 225.png )

>what makes Xochiyotl 'closest thing to a kobold'?
Lizardmen are draconic like kobolds, except they're big and scaly and we're small and fuzzy. They also don't like the cold or breed as fast, so they're kind of rare while kobolds can and do survive pretty much everywhere in huge numbers.

>Avoid the edgy idiots.
They're just trying to look cool. One of the main reasons to learn magic is to wear silly outfits, right? I need to work on that...

>Avoid the elf, the gnome, and the goblin; they're the most likely to kill you through accidents or 'accidents'.
I'm not that worried about that, but they probably wouldn't go to much effort to help if something went wrong.

I'll worry about splitting off with someone when I'm actually going to split off somewhere.
So far, it's just a cave, but it does feel strange underfoot, I can't tell how though.

I like the glowing crystals, very atmospheric. It looks like it's been moved here deliberately to light this corridor.

One of the offshoots is glowing orange, so that one's probably interesting. The others are kind of nondescript.

"Alright," says Ms. Tisalian. "Everyone can go out and look around. Just be careful and keep your bearings. No one has ever mapped this cave system fully. It may go on for thousands of miles in all direction. Try to find a blue shelf fungus; small, dark pink crystals and a grey-green moss and bring back some samples. They're all in different local areas, so you get to see the sights."

I think this is a ploy to get us to do her grunt work...
No. 612425 ID: b88e47

No. 612436 ID: 9ddf68

well you only got one way to go, plus even if this is grunt work you might find something useful or at least valuable down here.
No. 612562 ID: 2ec61a

roll a cave lore check to find the stuff.
No. 612616 ID: 265534
File 141878637869.png - (339.82KB , 1024x768 , 226.png )

>you only got one way to go

There's actually four ways to go, but who wants to argue semantics? Glowy bits, ahoy!

I don't know what I was expecting. It's a lava river and this area is stupidly hot. I feel like they should put a safety rail here or something, but it would heat up and burn everyone, so it wouldn't be all that safe in the end.

"Should you be standing that close?" says Gustav, sounding a bit concerned.

"It's fine. Actually, this is murdering me in the face." I tell him.
I'll probably pass out from heatstroke at this range, so I'm going to back up a bit. I just needed to get a good look and feel the tingly fear of knowing one false move will instantly kill me. Exciting.
No. 612619 ID: 9ddf68

>I just needed to get a good look and feel the tingly fear of knowing one false move will instantly kill me.
that or the explosion happy goblin to do something to cause the river to erupt or something. might not be a bad idea to hurry along before he can make that fear into a reality.
No. 612620 ID: a2f9bc

This seems like an ideal location to start messing around with your allegedly boosted earth magic. Like dropping chunks of stone into the lava river or something. I bet it'd look wicked.
No. 612622 ID: 687279

Small dark pink crystals spotted down by the lava. Summon a golem to climb down and get some.
No. 612643 ID: 82c018

Crystals, maybe the ones we want, are near the lava. Cast Earth Snare on the cliff wall (making purposefully large and blunt spikes if you can), then have a golem use the spikes as handholds to climb down and try and grab some.
No. 612670 ID: 185cb8

>One of the main reasons to learn magic is to wear silly outfits, right? I need to work on that...
The idea behind silly mage outfits is to announce the fact you're a mage. Command respect, or fear, whatever. Somewhat useful in a social or political fashion, and nice for the ego.

For dealing with actual threats? You're way more dangerous not looking like what you are. C'mon, this is traps and trickery 101. The most dangerous attack is the one no one expects to be hit with.

MMMmmm. Toasty.

...can we get a golem down to collect them that won't simply melt or fall apart in the heat?

Maybe if you cooperated with the ice mage, we could rig a cooling system on a crystal collecting golem.
No. 613216 ID: 265534
File 141903300125.png - (154.14KB , 768x688 , 227.png )

No. 613217 ID: b88e47

So how'd it go?
No. 613220 ID: 6aacb0

Send in more golems!
No. 613238 ID: 72d705

Part of me wonders if you could make a smaller spider-ish golem. Or maybe do something kinda like Earth Snare but raises stone teeth out for the golem to use as grip points so it doesn't fall...
Maybe if you can swing it, start the golem down there with the crystals so it can gather them then climb up, instead of having to make a golem that has to climb down and then back up.
No. 613248 ID: 687279

Okay second try. Manipulate the earth around the crystal to pull it up towards you.
No. 613250 ID: f562ed

try altering your earth snare spell a little so it makes some climbing handholds for the next golem. Oh have the earth snares keep a grip on it so it won't fall.

Or just look for an easier spot to get crystals from.
No. 613254 ID: 9ddf68

could you just use your stone missile spell to lightly hurl the crystals up onto the cliff? I mean just lift the stone under the crystal and make it big enough for the crystal not to simply fall off.
No. 613356 ID: 185cb8

Can't you form smaller golems? Everyone knows smaller things are more nimble and lighter and better at climbing. C'mon, you're a kobold, you know that.

All you really need to do is form a small golem right under the crystal, so the crystal is stuck to it's back. And then have it climb up rock snares.
No. 613451 ID: c22069

See if you can daisy-chain some smaller golems down to grab a crystal. Or alternatively if you can't summon multiple golems, see if you can find Fiona to help you make a Lava Golem instead to grab it.

The crystals are probably heat resistant anyway since they are so close to the lava so it should be fine. Just make sure you let it cool off before you touch any though, since they must be hot as fuck.
No. 613614 ID: 265534
File 141913186779.png - (119.14KB , 890x768 , 228.png )

>could you just use your stone missile spell to lightly hurl the crystals up onto the cliff?

That's not even how that spell works. It just shoots a magic rock out of nowhere, just like casting a fireball or lightning bolt or ice shards.
I'll just have the golem do it. That would probably be best.
So long, golem. You were the best one yet.

I feel a little bad about this, but not that bad, since they're not alive in any way.

Now I can take the shiny rock and put it in my bag. Later, when it's not blazing hot.
No. 613616 ID: 742b4a

Oh, it managed to stay above the lava long enough to get the crystal. Good job! Summon another golem to carry it for you so nobody can steal your phat lewt. Then go back and try a different path. Try the opening on the other side of the corridor.
No. 613617 ID: 1ae57f

Guard your rock till it cools down, so no one else takes your stuff! Golems died for that rock.
No. 613622 ID: 6aacb0

Its noble sacrifice won't be forgotten. Check how the others wizards are holding up. Bask in their admiration.
No. 613639 ID: a2f9bc

That really was the best golem. I'm going to call it T-2, since it was the first of the second tier of quality Sika managed to make. Rock on, you crazy automaton.
No. 613697 ID: 9ddf68

alright we got one part of this scavenger hunt down, only two more to go. So is anyone else you seeing going for the crystals or are you the first?
No. 613761 ID: f562ed

Boast to Gustav. See how he gets one.
No. 622800 ID: 3a1f17

We must make a golem out of crystals. Use our green light on it. Then we will have a RAVE GOLEM!
No. 622809 ID: 8f01e8

Rock temperature can be tricky to judge just by looking. Once it looks like it's cooled of, spit on it, and if the spit boils away or does anything else interesting, it's still way too hot to touch safely.
No. 623239 ID: 91ee5f

Form a rock glove around your hand to pick it up.
No. 623407 ID: 265534
File 142301202951.png - (165.39KB , 974x685 , 229.png )

>Make rock gloves
I don't want to accidentally smash my fingers, so I'll just make a new golem.

"Hey Gustav? Need some pointers? I mean, I'm just a newbie and all, but I have the crystals and you don't, so I figured..."

He just ignores me and tries freezing the lava. Maybe I should find more items on the list or go smug at somebody else.
No. 623408 ID: d958ad

Let's go find a new thing! Try the passage mostly-opposite this one.
No. 623409 ID: 88960e

Suggest he make an ice pillar or something to push a crystal up. Trying to freeze the lava will take forever.
No. 623432 ID: c22069

Caution Gustav that rapid cooling could cause the crystal formation to shatter. He might already knows this, but you should remind him just in case to be nice and show off your brain smarts.

Pick a new tunnel to explore but before you go, take a minuet to check out what other students are doing to get their crystals. You could learn more about them by watching how they solve a problem and maybe pick up some new tricks.

Either way, cast light on your new sweet crystal to make it look cooler and have a multifaceted light source.
No. 623456 ID: 9ddf68

hope that ice he's throwing around doesn't cause to much steam. It sucks dick to get burned by steam. If that crap is hot enough it burns like fire but since it's a vapor it gets into your pores and burns you from the inside out.

Anyways I say try to find the other 2 items first so then you can not only brag that you got all the items but you did it before anyone else did.
No. 623476 ID: 3181a5

Laugh at Gustav for trying to freeze lava in the earth realm then go look for more materials. Be sure to find a way to have your golem kick Bundri by accident.
No. 623516 ID: 265534
File 142307584851.png - (200.04KB , 960x768 , 230.png )

A bit of wandering down the opposite branch from the entry cave, I run into Soken, hanging out by some moldy rocks.
"Hey. You have some of those lava crystals, right? Fork them over. I don't want to singe myself screwing around."

"Go get your own, Soken." I tell him. "If you're so great, you should be able to figure it out."

"I have figured it out. I'll take yours."
No. 623517 ID: 0ee153

Introduce his testicles to your claws. "Either you back off or I take your rocks."
No. 623518 ID: 9ddf68

use earth snare to grab the moron and hit him in the nuts with a stone missile. then walk away and find the other things you need.
No. 623520 ID: 82efdc

Amateur. A good thief never announces it. And intimidation rolls don't work on ballsy belligerent types.

Speaking of balls, you're at the perfect height to punch his. He wants stones? There you go, you found some.
No. 623523 ID: f461c5

After you turn him into a castrato, remember to call him a lazy faggot as you leave.

This has two effects;
It reminds him that he is a lazy faggot,
And it makes him think that you cursed him, as the hormonal imbalances that ensue will cause him to lose drive and begin gaining weight.
No. 623525 ID: a20bb1

"This is the plane of earth, not handouts. Figure out how to deal with fucking lava now, or you're fucked when you have to do it for more than a good grade"
No. 623527 ID: 01745f

You could probably just make a pit under him.
No. 623535 ID: d958ad

Have your golem sit on him.
No. 623630 ID: 91ee5f

He should know better than to argue with someone who is at the perfect height to punch him in the balls. Proceed with said ball punching. In fact, punch him so hard his voice goes all high pitched and squeaky.
No. 623726 ID: 265534
File 142320395529.png - (167.35KB , 661x628 , 231.png )

I'mma punch him in the dick. That'll teach him to try robbing me.

"Where are you aiming at? That's not very nice."

Aw, crap! He's over there now. He's like some kind of wizard or something.
This could have gone better. I was kind of hoping he wouldn't expect me to try hitting him with something that's not magic.
No. 623727 ID: 9ddf68

use your earth magic to collapse the tunnel on his head. Trust me you're an earth mage. Worse comes to worse just use your golems to dig you a way out.
No. 623728 ID: d958ad

Hmm, now was that an illusion or a teleport? Either way, an area of effect attack is best here. Make the floor spiky except where you are. They don't even have to be big spikes.

Or, y'know, collapse part of the tunnel, after making a shield around yourself or just having your golem shield you with its body.
No. 623739 ID: b00646

Of course he's a wizard! So are you! Use your golem to punch him!
No. 623740 ID: b88e47

I don't like bullies. Break a few of his bones.
No. 623742 ID: 2f4b71

Check he hasn't magically pilfered your crystals. Because that would be embarrassing.
No. 623753 ID: 1b2972

Just… go away. Summon a golem to keep him busy while you do.
No. 623764 ID: 34fb4e

unfortunately, as long as you two are alone anything that happens is your word against his.

... hell, if the crystal's still burning hot, LET him try and take it.

Also, what do you know about defeating illusions? If that's his strong point its understandable why he couldn't get the rock himself.

.. on that note where is your carry golem? This could be a distraction while he tries to swipe it from your pet rock directly.

Call him out on his Gnome-tier illusion bullshit.
No. 623765 ID: 82efdc

Golem, now standing behind him: shove him in the knees.
No. 623818 ID: 05d909

throw the walls at him.
No. 623895 ID: c22069

The tunnel your in is pretty dark and he's probably using that as a combined advantage to his illusion or shadow magic.

Close your eyes for protection and conjure your Light Spell at its maximum level of luminosity if you can. That should either blind him or at least ruin his low light vision for a moment.

Also if he is using illusions, they are probably shit-tier and wont cast any shadows. So you might be able to find his real location that way.
No. 623960 ID: 265534
File 142336901839.png - (209.25KB , 946x768 , 232.png )

I'm just going to punch him with rock fists if he wants to- Hrrk!

"Come on now. This is more like a trade. I'm going to teach you how little you actually know and I get the rock in exchange. It seems fair."

I feel all tingly and I'm falling down. What a dick!

"I done with this school anyway. Just a little longer, then I'll show everyone I'm too good for this dump."
No. 623966 ID: 265534
File 142336968150.png - (75.58KB , 761x403 , 233.png )

He took my shiny rock... I guess this is just payment in advance for when I beat up a new student in the future after I'm super powerful, and the cycle continues.

I'm not sure what he was even talking about. Probably something stupid. I'm too adorable for this shit.
No. 623972 ID: d958ad

Did you actually... do anything?

Go tell a teacher what he said. You're too good for menial tasks anyway.
No. 623975 ID: 82efdc

Did he silence you? Your golem crumbled.

Pick up rock broken golem rock, and chuck it at him head.
No. 623985 ID: d90668

A bit of illusion and a paralyze spell can be a nasty combo. Well make sure you get your shit together so you do not get eaten by a rock monster.

And go get another crystal while you are at it. He might have stolen one but that's just because his magic sucks.

You know if he wants to try some magic nonsense with the crystal the best way to ruin his day would be to get a bunch and sell or give them to everyone. Then he cant be the only one with magic lava crystal crap. Hard to impress everyone with rare magic when everyone has one already.
No. 623999 ID: 3181a5

Go tell the teacher this guy is defiantly going to be evil.
No. 624018 ID: 91ee5f

Hey, Sika. There's an answer to what just happened to you. Start binge eating some comfort food and get fat. Trust me, it works and you will feel better about what just happened.
No. 624031 ID: c3dbb5

Go back to get another crystal. Tell freaking everyone you run into about that asshat.
No. 624050 ID: 01745f

Teleporters. Next time you see him, you need to shoot rocks from the wall to get him from behind.

Anyway, if Gustav hasn't succeeded and/or messed things up there were more crystal clumps back there. Next time you get one hide it inside a golem.
No. 624221 ID: 265534
File 142349540491.png - (86.61KB , 558x655 , 234.png )

I'm not tattling, yet. I have sixteen brothers and sisters, I don't tattle. I get even. You need to kick butts to keep them in line.
Besides, I didn't come here to learn how to run to the teacher, I came here to learn crazy superpowers. I'll get him eventually. It's fine.
I head back to gather some more crystals and plan my insideous revenge when Rhisalia interrupts me.
"What are you doing over here? You're going to burn up getting that close."

"It's fine. Kobold hair is a really good insulator and I need to get more crystals because Soken took mine, so don't worry about it," I tell her.

"Is that why you're sitting there like an angry cat?"

"Am not! I'm just thinking. Maybe you're just jealous that you don't have a limb growing out of your butt."


"Anyway, I'm trying to figure out what he meant when he said he'd show everyone how great he was soon."

Rhisalia turns up her nose and clicks her tongue "Tsk... That would probably be that tournament they have here in Belja every year. It started as local orcs getting into fights to pass the time during the winter months, then the humans turned it into an organized event over time, because they are all barbarians."

This is great. Now I can really show up Soken. And my golem hasn't fallen into the lava flow. Things are looking up.

"Perfect. I'll enter it, beat Soken and ruin his dreams. I just need to get better than him before then."

"He's been doing this for years, didn't you just start recently? You barely know what you're doing. It's not realistic."

"Realism is for suckers! I need to push myself to get better and beating up Soken might help me get better faster."

"You are mad at him, but you don't realize that you are both the same..."
No. 624231 ID: dccc95

No, I'm better.
No. 624232 ID: e6e219

Well he started it!

Ask her why she is studying magic.
No. 624238 ID: bcd997

Dare her to explain what you have in common with that asshole
No. 624245 ID: d958ad

You're not the same. You don't steal from your fellow stud- wait that's a good idea. If you see anyone else carrying around one of the items, you should steal it from them.

Oh wait you are the same. Maybe you can be friends after you beat him up.
No. 624263 ID: 89941a

Pfft, Soken doesn't have a tail. I think?
Not at all like him.
No. 624322 ID: 01745f

Am not. I don't tell people beforehand when I am going to steal from them.
No. 624324 ID: 82efdc

>He's been doing this for years, didn't you just start recently? You barely know what you're doing. It's not realistic.
Experience isn't everything. Sometimes you just need to the right thing to trip someone up. No one can be prepared for everything.

>You are mad at him, but you don't realize that you are both the same...
Like that's ever stopped jerks from going after each other. Sure, it's magic instead of actual backstabbing, but it's the same deal.

And I didn't backstab anyone I wasn't supposed to. Yet.

What's your deal?
No. 624326 ID: bfa142

Your similar not the same if she dosen't believe you show her by getting a bunch of people crystals (this will also help making allies). And if he's so powerful why did he have to steal a crystal instead of getting one himself?
No. 624352 ID: 91ee5f

Sika! You should be ashamed of yourself sitting like that! Imagine what would have happened if you were wearing a skirt while sitting like that!

So, does this mean kobolds are related to cat's somehow?
No. 624966 ID: 265534
File 142385231861.png - (71.89KB , 510x384 , 235.png )

"I'm not like him," I tell her.

"You're both impatient. That tournament is a gathering of all the brutes from the entire region. If that really is his plan, neither of you stand a chance of winning."

Pfft... What does she know? I may be completely new, underpowered, inexperienced... But that doesn't mean I can't win. If I can't beat a bunch of drunks at a sporting event, how can I deal with monsters and demons and all that stuff roaming around out in the world? I'm going to do it!

"When is this tournament exactly? I want to know how long I have to show that jerk up."

Rhisalia rolls her eyes. "It's generally early or mid-winter. They put out all the flyers and whatnot when it's close."

So I have a couple months to really crank things up. This'll work out just fine.

What? Kobolds are related to dragons more than anything. I'm not a cat and I sit how I want.
No. 624969 ID: 91ee5f

I know what will cheer you up! Just imagine how helpless and miserable Rynh's group is without your awesomeness to help them!
No. 624970 ID: fe4bfc

Hey your guy has your stuff. Make sure you don't burn the fuck out of yourself picking it up though.
No. 624987 ID: 256d52

Hey want to prove you're not like him? Offer to grab a crystal for Rhisalia if she doesn't have one yet. She might be able to help out getting one of the other items too.
No. 624991 ID: bb78f2

I think you should find a hyperbolic time chamber and train up!
No. 625011 ID: f5baae

You could always get back at that guy who stole your crystal by just simply mentioning to everyone that he did it. Don't make it too obvious, bring it up like you did in conversation a few minutes ago. If that dude wants to be edgy and cool, then maybe we can hurt his reputation in small ways.
No. 625030 ID: a91a24

ask Rhisalia how She plans on getting one of these shiny rocks.

Consider getting extras for personal shininess and possible value later.
No. 625107 ID: ecd0ab

Dragons are basically cats that can breathe fire and fly. And talk.
No. 625110 ID: 265534
File 142397107494.png - (163.79KB , 768x356 , 236.png )

>ask Rhisalia how She plans on getting one of these shiny rocks.
"Don't worry about me. I'm more than capable of moving some stones around."

Ugh... Okay. I'm going to get back to what I was doing.

>Just imagine how helpless and miserable Rynh's group is without your awesomeness to help them!

Hehe... Yeah.
No. 625111 ID: 82efdc

Yeah, I'm sure they're getting eaten by a dragon. And your brother isn't busy riding the (half) dragon.
No. 625117 ID: d958ad

Wander further down the main corridor. If you run into anyone carrying the moss, ask/demand to know where they got it.
No. 625161 ID: 91ee5f

I see you didn't imagine anything bad happening to Thodren, the minotaur guy. Is it because you love him and think he's perfect and nothing bad can happen to him? You're totally in love with him aren't you? ^_^
No. 625162 ID: d90668

While you are getting this crap make sure to save a sample or two for yourself. So if this is all for some awesome potion or spell you can have one of your own later.
No. 625324 ID: 265534
File 142412687452.png - (204.54KB , 1024x768 , 237.png )

Ahh! I don't want to think about them humping.

I'm just going to go over here and not think about that.

Staying near the central hub area with the portal, I take the path straight ahead into a huge cave with a big crack in the floor.

Gustav, Fiona and Rugaz are already in here.

"HA! What's the matter, nerds? Can't get over here?"
Rugaz is on the other side of the chasm somehow, taunting everyone else.

"How did you get over there in the first place?" I call back.

"I... uh... What? Do you expect me to remember everything I did three minutes ago? I have important stuff on my mind."

And they're letting him learn how to set fires with his brain... Anyway, I could probably get over there if I wanted, somehow.
No. 625330 ID: 82efdc

Use earth magic to make handholds off of the pillar(s). You can then jump and swing across.

Kobold agility with making your own environment to work in.
No. 625337 ID: d958ad

Just make a bridge. Then test it with a golem before you go across.
No. 625342 ID: d90668

Make a bridge out of golems. Then ride a golem across.

Honestly why you are not riding a golem around 24/7 I have no idea.
No. 625349 ID: ecd0ab

you could probably just continually create golems and have them walk off into the hole until they filled it.

not sure why that would be easier than just making a bridge, though.
No. 625352 ID: 91ee5f

Have a golem throw you across.
No, wait! I take it back! The Laws of Comedy dictate that in a situation like this, the golem throws you too hard and you hit the far wall on the other side with a painful "SPLAT"! Or the golem doesn't throw you hard enough and you go straight down the chasm to your death!
So I guess the best option would be for you to create an earth bridge that connects both sides of the chasm.
No. 625378 ID: 265534
File 142415376069.png - (199.64KB , 1024x768 , 238.png )

>Make a bridge of golems
What kind of crazy powers do you think I have? I'm super new at magic. Even making something stable over that kind of distance would be really hard for me.

I can fire rocks into the pillars, then use them as handholds to use as a kicking off point to get across. It's so simple and works with my superior kobold agility.

WAH! I kind of landed in an awkward position! Don't fall! Don't fall! Damn it!

"Oh yeah! I remember now! I jump on one of those things and it didn't like it, so it threw me off and I landed over here!"

No. 625379 ID: a2f9bc

Seduce it with your superior kobold charm and have it carry you across.
No. 625380 ID: ecd0ab

She probably does have superior charm when compared to Rugaz.

I don't think she can seduce giant blind earthworms with it, though.
No. 625381 ID: e403ba

Conjure a golem and make the thing choke on it!
No. 625382 ID: 01745f

Hold onto your handhold and make it shift upwards.
No. 625383 ID: d958ad

I think you should ride the worm.
No. 625398 ID: 0d9a8c

fill its mouth with rocks. it will either turn away, or fall under the added weight, or choke, or have its mouth too full to fit you, then.
No. 625434 ID: 05d909

OK, now here's the thing smartass, if you'd tried to create a rock bridge over to the big pillar, you'd only have to make it go half the distance, which would be easy even for someone as half assed as yourself. Then you could do the same on the other side.

Instead you have to put up with nightmarish worms eating you. Kill it with your green light, smartypants.
No. 625440 ID: d90668

This is the elemental plane of earth. That thing is made of rock and eats rocks. That is why it did not eat the gnome.

Drop a rock in its mouth so it stops trying to taste you.
No. 625469 ID: 265534
File 142423718598.png - (239.05KB , 885x708 , 239.png )


At least it can't eat me from here! Everything is rapidly going downhill!

This is what I get for thinking this place was kind of boring until now!
No. 625470 ID: 959f03

Jump for the wall and hope hope that your kobold skills can grip on something
No. 625472 ID: d958ad

Hold on until it starts swinging you around. Use the momentum to let it toss you to the other side, just like the goblin!
No. 625473 ID: d90668

Whatever you do try to look like you know what you are doing. That way when it gets pissed and tosses you off you can claim it was all part of your plan.

That or you will at least look impressive as it eats you. If you are going to die horribly you might as well look good doing it.
No. 625483 ID: 0ee153

Hey, is that a crystal in the wall behind you? Grab it.
No. 625488 ID: 256d52

You're in the rock dimension, it's probably not a meat eater. Just hold on.
No. 625494 ID: 88960e

It's not a lava worm, right? Because it would really suck if this thing decided to dive under the lava right now.

>what do
You're little blip of light spell! Use it as a lure to drive / ride the worm to the other side.

Nah, that's one of the handhold rocks she made.
No. 625518 ID: 265534
File 142428409576.png - (162.20KB , 1006x414 , 240.png )

No. 625519 ID: a2f9bc

Mission accomplished. Maybe? Are you even being launched in the right direction? Hopefully you land on Rugaz to break your fall.
No. 625521 ID: 0ee153

Well, if you're falling down, it's time to either take our advice re: a bridge already or die, I guess. You pick.

If we were just being thrown to one side I doubt the update would have paused in the middle of that.
No. 625526 ID: d958ad

Alright, stick the landing and try to make yourself look cool! You TOTALLY MEANT TO DO THAT.
No. 625566 ID: 265534
File 142430989394.png - (248.59KB , 705x1200 , 241.png )

>Alright, stick the landing and try to make yourself look cool! You TOTALLY MEANT TO DO THAT.

Of course I meant to do it. All of this is part of my plan. Skidding through the dirt is just to put it off guard.

Now that I am safely on the other side, I guess I... Oh my god, now that I look at that thing, this is the scariest thing that's ever happened to me in my whole life. How did I not die?

No. 625567 ID: 82efdc

Magic a rock in it's mouth, let it chock to death.

Or alternatively, fire some of your green pew pew things down it's mouth. They cut, and you can basically slice it up from the inside if you fire one (or more down it's throat). Bonus points in that it looks like you're doing almost nothing to kill your opponent horribly.
No. 625568 ID: 01745f

Its ok, you are on solid ground now. If it comes after you you now have stone to shape into a barrier of spikes for it to impale itself on.
No. 625570 ID: d958ad

Have a golem ride it. Instruct it to not let go. That should provide sufficient distraction for you to get away.
No. 625587 ID: 0d9a8c

Make another golem, and cast Earth Snare on it. Have it body block for you and go porcupine once the worm thing tries to eat it.
No. 625591 ID: a2f9bc

Awww, it's cute. Also, good job. I guess riding large dangerous beasts runs in your family.

Get up and dst yourself off, try to laugh, and loudly thank it, play it off like you're buddies.
No. 625602 ID: 8111b6

Look for cloaca. Touuuuch iiiiiiit...

But seriously though. I'd recommend moving. Living in the elemental plane of earth, it's probably able to burrow, so making some improvised shield would just wind up with you getting swallowed. If you're desperate enough, maybe you could make a golem to throw you out of the way or try diverting that huge hulking thing's path enough for it to miss.

On an unrelated note, was that little green light spell of yours ever looked at much? Is it just a little spell that makes green light, or does it have any types about it?
No. 625606 ID: eb959a

>How did I not die?
Because you're the main character of the storyyyy Imeanbecauseyouawesomeyeahthatsit.

I also recommend moving away while having golem distract it.
No. 625711 ID: 265534
File 142440368989.png - (177.93KB , 863x761 , 242.png )

>Magic a rock in it's mouth, let it choke to death

I don't know if I can make a rock that big and if I could, it looks like it might just eat it or something.

>Have it body block for you and go porcupine once the worm thing tries to eat it.

This would be really impressive if I had that level of control. I'll have to practice something like that when I get out of this.

>Have a golem ride it. That should provide sufficient distraction for you to get away.

Got it! Geez! Everything is getting crazy very quickly.

"Sika! Rugaz! Are you alright over there? I can't see a thing," Fiona calls across the chasm.

"Giant worm, trying to eat us. Can't talk!"

I forget that humans can't see very well in the dark. I guess they won't be very helpful.
No. 625715 ID: 82efdc

>I forget that humans can't see very well in the dark. I guess they won't be very helpful.
Fiona does fire, doesn't she? She'll be able to see what she's shooting at to some extent.

Or we could provide targeting / spotting for them. You could paint the worm with a little green blip so they know where it is. Assuming they have spells that could help.
No. 625720 ID: d958ad

Order that stupid goblin to shoot magic at the worm already.
No. 625792 ID: 91ee5f

Usually in this type of situation, when the hero (that's you Sika) gets backed into a corner (either literally or metaphorically) they suddenly (not to mention conveniently) develop a super power that only shows up when they are in danger of dying or get really pissed off (or both) that ends up saving everyone, but the hero (again that's you Sika) can't use that power whenever they want, so they begin training until they can use said super power whenever they want. In your case Sika you need to suddenly develop super magic powers to save yourself and then start training like crazy so you can use them anytime you want.
No. 625906 ID: 265534
File 142449187353.png - (170.05KB , 800x600 , 243.png )

I fire a little green light missile at the worm and yell to the others,

"If you could all just blast the green glow right now, I'd really appreciate it!"

A ball of fire explodes off the side of the worm and it lets out a hissing noise. Hopefully it will go away now.
No. 625927 ID: d958ad

Put more lights on it! If a problem doesn't go away, apply more magic.
No. 626000 ID: 82efdc

Stay back, see if the worm backs off or is dead. Don't walk up to it like an idiot to see if it still can attack you.
No. 626243 ID: 265534
File 142467653694.png - (130.24KB , 765x743 , 244.png )


Aw, nuts...
No. 626245 ID: 82efdc

Smack him upside the head before he makes things worse.

...or just dive for cover.
No. 626246 ID: ea0ad9

Big wall, all around you.
No. 626251 ID: d958ad

Get behind that rock.
No. 626257 ID: 01745f

Make some cover.
No. 626259 ID: b283c9

Make some cover... in front of him, if you get what I'm saying.
No. 626281 ID: 0c90bb

get away from the worm. and the ledge. and the crazyfuck gobbo.

Srsly how did THEY end up with Elf-tier lifespans?
No. 626357 ID: 265534
File 142475363724.png - (190.76KB , 1024x768 , 245.png )

I dive for cover, I hope everyone else does too.

"Secret killer technique! BIG B- SUPER... FUCK! I HAD A REALLY COOL NAME FOR THIS!"

No. 626359 ID: d958ad

...that's a lot of smoke. Is it dead? Stay on guard and wait for the smoke to clear.
No. 626362 ID: d90668

Come to the horrible realization that you are surrounded by idiot children. And that your magical school should probably have more classes relating to the real world. No wonder wizards live in towers in the middle of nowhere surrounded by summoned minions. They can't function in normal society.

If a normal person forgets to pay the heating bill they get cold. If a wizard does it fire elementals ravage half the city.

Ponder this while quickly escaping from that explosion.
No. 626365 ID: a2f9bc

Naw man, it's dead. Nothing could survive being obscured that much.
No. 626444 ID: 1324fc

Use magic to raise a small rock bump to trip over, if anyone or anything attempts to walk all out of the smoke all cool. You're not letting someone pull that cliched shit.
No. 626476 ID: 265534
File 142483019574.png - (202.18KB , 823x768 , 246.png )

>Realize you are surrounded by idiot children.

They're just a little eccentric... Oh my god, he blew his arm off.

"DID YOU SEE THAT?! That was fucking hardcore, man! That bitch is dead as hell!"

"Rugaz! Your arm is gone!"

"Huh? Haha! BLOOD STUMP. Damn... Where's my shoe?"

No. 626478 ID: 1324fc

Tell him he's an idiot, pick up a rock, hold it against his arm, and then reshape it into a tourniquet before he bleeds to death. Sure, having a ring of stone crushing the edge of the stump will hurt, but hey, heats death.

Hopefully the magic school has some kind of magic healing plan?
No. 626492 ID: d958ad

Tell the other students to alert the teacher that someone has been seriously injured.
No. 626497 ID: d90668

Man they could film this and show it to first years to teach them what happens when you use magic irresponsibly.

Well go tie off his stump so he does not bleed out. I bet they have someone back home who can regrow the thing.

And make sure that thing is dead or leaving. Don't need to get thrashed by a pissed off rock worm while you are first aiding people.
No. 626552 ID: 94b817

See if you can find his severed are and beat him with it, also inform him that that(english?) technique required two hands so he can't do it anymore.
No. 626592 ID: 0c90bb

cleanse wound with the burning power of salt.
No. 627396 ID: 265534
File 142530998906.png - (154.24KB , 800x600 , 247.png )

I use bandages on his wound, because smooshing rocks on his stump is dumb.

Some of the larger people have to help move him back to the portal and the trip is called off due to catastrophic injury. So it all went pretty much how I figured it would. It was short, but educational.

"So how long before you think my arm'll be grown back? No, wait! Can I make some cool magic arm out of spiked metal or something? That would be way better!"

Rugaz is unphased by his dismemberment.

"Thanks for a patch job, Siks. I got plans for this blood and I can't have it all leakin' out."

"No problem."
No. 627399 ID: 91ee5f

Hey, Sika, before you go through the portal, check to see if there is anything behind the portal. The moss that you haven't found could be back there. Unless the portal is in the wall, then just ignore me.
No. 627407 ID: ecd0ab

Okay I thought this guy was a jerk but now I'm pretty sure he's just an idiot. That's a step up from jerk, at least.
No. 627421 ID: d958ad

He seems alright. Make a slight effort to stay on good terms with him, you could use some allies in the school.
No. 627463 ID: 5db52c

Okay, you have a sort of friend who maybe owes you one and who's not afraid of catastrophic injury and can make things explode.

Could be useful, if you find yourself in need of a favor involving lots of firepower and disregard for self preservation.

Waaaay too dangers to hang out with on a regular basis, though.

>what do
I'm still kind of wonder why the elf took an interest before. What's her angle. Was she trying to help? Was she manipulating you?

Also, her observations about you going about things the brute or dumb way suggests she thought of what she considers a smarter way to go about it. Makes me curious.
No. 627574 ID: 0c90bb

Let's avoid sitting next to, or near, this one forever.

Still a crime that they could live for hundreds of years if they don't get themselves killed.
No. 628271 ID: 265534
File 142585559566.png - (157.70KB , 778x701 , 248.png )

>Okay I thought this guy was a jerk but now I'm pretty sure he's just an idiot.

He blew himself up as a first resort, so maybe he's not the brightest. Maybe using up all your brain power on spells makes your decision making suffer... or he's a goblin.

>I'm still kind of wonder why the elf took an interest before. What's her angle.

After everybody is ushered back to the real world and Rugaz is carted away to get his arm fixed, I ask Fiona and Gustav.

"I don't know. Risalia keeps to herself and is really snooty when she doesn't," says Fiona.

"I don't know if she has a grudge against Soken or not, so I couldn't say if she has some ulterior motives," says Gustav.

Dang... I still want to beat up Soken regardless, so I guess it doesn't matter. I just need to keep learning stuff so that I can when the time comes.
No. 628274 ID: ad7bba

The way I see it, there's two possibilities. Number one is that she has a crush on Soken. Number two is she has a crush on you. Only options, really.
No. 628300 ID: 5db52c

>Risalia keeps to herself and is really snooty when she doesn't
She wasn't as really snooty as I would expect, though. Which suggests she was up to something, or actually wanted to help for some reason?

>I still want to beat up Soken regardless, so I guess it doesn't matter.
I guess you could heed her warning that going head on might not work so well. Maybe we need a sneaky way to beat him up. A fair or straight fight is a bad idea, since he's been doing magic longer than you.
No. 628325 ID: d958ad

I say try talking to Risala some more. Get a better grip on her personality, see if you can trust her.
No. 628377 ID: 91ee5f

I think you should do some training to improve your golem skills. Like giving them some sort of shape other that what they are now, which can also be used as a sort of intimidation factor against enemies. For example, try making a dog/wolf golem that is weak but extremely fast and hard to hit. Or a big dragon golem that's slow but can fuck up anything it attacks. Or if you don't want to worry about changing the golem's form, then try to summon more than one so that you can beat your enemies with numbers instead. Because so far one golem at a time just isn't working.
No. 628636 ID: 265534
File 142603061068.png - (146.18KB , 769x685 , 249.png )

>Dragon golem

This is an incredible strain and it's doesn't look right.
I should probably work on something else.

As for Rhisalia, it's probably over thinking, but I'll keep an eye on her anyway in case she's doing something ridiculously evil in the shadows.

>two possibilities. Number one is that she has a crush on Soken. Number two is she has a crush on you.

Yeah, that's probably it. Mystery solved.
No. 628638 ID: 5db52c

>dragon golem
...makes golems of your friends. And have them act like idiots.

It's like mocking someone with sock puppets, only way better.
No. 628640 ID: 290660

Try working on that booby-trap golem idea from earlier. One that could erupt in pointy spikes when needed.
No. 628642 ID: d958ad

Hey, it's much bigger than you managed before! Keep practicing. Also, practice riding around on its back. Controlling it while also not falling off is different than just controlling it.

Also go hang out with other mages. Maybe find out what that jerk's magic affinity is.
No. 628644 ID: bb78f2

Aww it's so cute.
Ride it if it's stable!
No. 628647 ID: 82c018

How many golems can you have at a time, anyway? And could you speed up the process of making them by having a golem to sculpt the clay into a humanoid form for you to animate?
No. 628706 ID: 91ee5f

Good thinking! Make it look like it's cute and harmless, so that enemies are unaware of its power! And when they get close, it will go into "super, badass, fuck-you-up mode"!
No. 628762 ID: 8111b6

Have you considered having lots and lots of little golems instead?

It might be a tad stereotypical, but isn't that a kobold-ish strategy if traps and trickery don't work? Just throw lots of bodies at the problem?

Also, consider little glowy green light spell for golem eye aesthetics. Gotta be stylish, right?
No. 628770 ID: ecd0ab

It didn't look right, but it absolutely looked DIFFERENT, so I'd call that progress. Continue trying to make your golems in different shapes. Try something more like a mouse, maybe? Or a spider? Small and differently shaped rather than trying to make something huge and different? Try creating something that can grab things like a person and perform actions with more manual dexterity than your previous golems? What do you know about the actual limitations of this kind of magic?
No. 629063 ID: 91ee5f

Make fun of Rynh by making a golem that looks like a really fat version of her and pretend it's saying something like "I've become so fat and useless! Waaah! DX" or "I'm so fat I can't be the leader anymore, so I'm putting Sika in charge of leading the group because she's so much better than me!"
No. 629083 ID: e89427

How about an armor golem you can ride into battle and command 1:1.
No. 633863 ID: 265534
File 142873646840.png - (105.38KB , 610x540 , 250.png )

I've done nothing but summon golems all day and I think I'm golemed out. I think I'm not going to golem anymore today.

No. 633864 ID: 296917

No more golems? Okay how about you practice moving dirt around? See if you can surf on dirt. Or at least get it to help you jump really high.
No. 633865 ID: 256d52

You're looking pretty out of it. Maybe grab a snack and rest?
No. 633866 ID: ba4d41

Make a golem comprised of several smaller golems, you wuss.
No. 633874 ID: 91ee5f

Well, if you're going to take a nap, don't do it here! Someone dishonest could show up and mug you in your sleep! It could even be a pervert who also steals your clothes and underwear and leaves you naked! You don't want that to happen, right? DX
No. 633875 ID: 9297f4

Time for a shower to re-energize and then BACK TO WORK.
No. 633877 ID: 5db52c

What is there to do around here besides make golems?

Maybe you need to raid the cafeteria or something. You look pretty worn out. Or go find your actual bed. Sleeping in public is just asking for people to prank you.
No. 634300 ID: ecd0ab

Don't die in the middle of a field.

At least make it to a bed before dying.
No. 635230 ID: 265534
File 142941582180.png - (104.18KB , 726x768 , 251.png )

Nyaaaaaaagh... I cast a ton of golems today. I don't have unlimited stamina and I could be working on something other than golems. Using one spell over and over again seems like a terrible tactic.

I need to... turn things into turnips or... make some kind of invisible thing for stuff. Magic can do anything, so I can do anything. As long as I can figure out how and not overexert myself and pass out.
No. 635232 ID: 5db52c

>I need to... turn things into turnips
Being able to turn people into things makes them real easy to beat in a fight. Also, it's really funny.

>As long as I can figure out how and not overexert myself and pass out.
Every kind of mage has to worry about stamina. So if there are ways to help with that, the information should be readily available in a magic school.
No. 635235 ID: 9297f4

Time for magical dru-I mean supplements for your stamina.
No. 635237 ID: 296917

So you want to spread out your school of knowledge? Fair enough. Telekinesis is a handy multi-purpose spell to get a handle on.
No. 635253 ID: d90668

Sometimes you get more stamina for magic by using it all the time so you exercise your magic muscles. But you should check if that's true or not. There might be some tricks for increasing your mana supply at your college.

As for other stuff to work on you should come up with some magic to support your golems. You have already seen how useful disposable foot soldiers are. So for your next trick work on some illusion magic. Imagine how much trouble you could get into if you could be invisible. Or make yourself look like someone else.
No. 635290 ID: 6ac522


Perhaps you could dip into that poison magic stuff Atu mentioned. After all, poisons are the tool of the sophisticated social climber.
No. 635470 ID: 91ee5f

Sika, all you need to do is visualize success and it will happen. For example, remember when you were imagining Rynh's group getting eaten by a dragon? Well imagine you walking up to that dragon and using some sort of badass magic to save everyone and Rynh is so grateful that she agrees to be your servant. When she does that, you can make her do humiliating things for your amusement! That is the best sort of success to visualize, wouldn't you agree?
No. 635474 ID: fbc59e

magic ideas eh?
Part of me wonders if you couldn't take that little green light thing and learn how to make it bigger, if only for a moment, like a blinding flash!
No. 635520 ID: 680b49

How about you combine your illusion and earth magicky talents? Like, create golems of yourself then illusion them to look like yourself, while creating more illusions as body doubles. Might as well capitalize on your strengths rather than make up for weaknesses, right? Also make some armor from the earth (dirt jewels whatever) that is as light and strong as possible, in case someone decides to sweep all of you and tries to kill you. Although I doubt with your speed you'd get hit by an attack that powerful. You can also make your illusions and physical body doubles fire off spells too probably, as well as attacking and causing confusion. It's like having alot of kobolds, without the sex. Speaking of using what you know, you might as well learn a little fire magic, and get a Rynh golem too that can breathe fire and looks like her, right? Throden for strong golem. Your brother's pretty useless though...Probably the hugest flaw in my idea though, is your energy pool. Like, how can you increase that so you can become an overpowered fuck? Maybe use the mana battery Rynh has? Maybe store lots of mana batteries of yourself? It's uh, Earth and some tricksy magic that kobolds are most affinitied with, right?
No. 635619 ID: 8111b6

Stamina troubles?
Obviously an exercise regimen is in order.
No. 649897 ID: 265534
File 143493220367.png - (48.00KB , 450x414 , 252.png )

No. 649899 ID: 265534
File 143493222306.png - (409.58KB , 1100x1000 , 253.png )

A bit of time and now I have a decent grip on the basics, got better at rock mans and other stuff.
But, I don't have any classes for a while and I'm going to go relax a bit. I should go do something. Hanging around with wizards all the time can't be good for you. Some of them are kind of nuts.

What's fun in a giant city in the dark of winter?
No. 649904 ID: 9297f4

To the whorehouse!
No. 649908 ID: ab7529

Go crash your family, unannounced. Causing problems for family and messing up whatever they were doing is a standard for college kids coming home.
No. 649937 ID: ecd0ab

Bring home a terrible boyfriend who noone likes!
No. 649944 ID: d90668

Go home and show off your new skills to the family while telling them tall tails of your adventures.
No. 649946 ID: ecd0ab

what no, that sounds like they would potentially enjoy your presence. You have to bring home someone they hate!
No. 649948 ID: 9ddf68

see if you can't find your old friends and show off how much better you are then all of them... also hope you don't find out you're now an aunt seeing how Ryan and your brother were spending so much time together.
No. 649949 ID: 5f7625

How about you carouse about with Ryhn and the gang. you could make some extra cash to spend on wizard stuff you need doing a job and get valuable practice.

Surely by now Ryhn and Jehral have gotten it out of their systems.
No. 649963 ID: ad7bba

Hooking, you're dressed for it.

Or spooking kids with magically animated snowmen maybe? Or drinking in taverns.
No. 650075 ID: 084f2d


NO WAIT THIS, use magic to impress friends, annoy brother, make brother seem useless to group.
No. 650090 ID: 265534
File 143498701684.png - (112.09KB , 456x528 , 254.png )

What? I am not. I am adorable and appropriately dressed, you prude.

But I don't have a terrible boyfriend and even if I had some terrible candidates, why would I want one? A terrible one, that is.

I don't know where they are right now. They've been adventure-hoboing around. I'd have to track them down first.

Everything is very normal at home. Tachja is getting bigger, but I've been home recently enough. I don't need to go back right now.

>Go drink in taverns
This seems to be the only option that won't take hours or weeks to pull off, unless I do a really good job at it, I guess.
No. 650091 ID: 9ddf68

speaking of boy friends, you got your eye on anyone back at the school or are you leaving it open?
No. 650092 ID: 9297f4

No. 650105 ID: 9c6d36

Or get wasted and hook up with someone you don't know on purpose.
No. 650108 ID: 2edfb3

Make a rock golem but out of snow and not magic. Call it a snow man. Except instead of a man it's a woman and has rockin tits based on Korcha.
No. 650117 ID: 91ee5f

Hey, Sika! .....Uh, is it just me or do you look.....taller? Did you have some sort of growth spurt in the past 3 months? Because you look like you might be taller than Jehral now. Not as tall as Rynh, but you definitely look like you're taller than Jehral!

So, how has magic school been? Learn any new tricks? Been getting good grades? Do anything badass to 1-up Bundri and put him in his place? >:-D
No. 650139 ID: ecd0ab

Well, you don't have to hate them. The idea is for your FAMILY to hate the boyfriend. They don't actually have to be terrible at all. Just really get on Jehral's nerves or something.
No. 650140 ID: ab7529

>why would I want [a boyfriend]? A terrible one, that is.
Usually as an excuse to inflict him on others. It's like, a social weapon. One that gets past the usual security.

>Go drink in taverns
>This seems to be the only option that won't take hours or weeks to pull off
I don't suppose there are any winter festivals or anything similar you could crash?
No. 650185 ID: ad7bba

I like what you've done with your hair. Has that douchebag edgelord kid mentioned how adorable your hair is?
No. 650226 ID: af0783

Follow your adorable and appropriately sized nose. Winter tends to mean warm, tasty treats to compensate for all that cold blandness outside.
No. 652033 ID: 265534
File 143570676003.png - (116.69KB , 646x599 , 255.png )

Since I am here learning to be an adventurer, I should probably learn the most important part; ale and whores.

But... Drinking alone doesn't sound very fun. Maybe I should get someone to come along.

>got your eye on anyone back at the school or are you leaving it open?

Everybody is a human or other human looking thing and I'm a kobold and kobolds are a lot different than human type things. It makes me a bit self-conscious. Most races don't use 'hairy and vaguely dog-like' to describe their standard of beauty... except for gnolls, I guess.

I'm just worried some people might not appreciate how attractive I am, just because I'm a little fuzzy, lizardy thing.

>Has that douchebag edgelord kid mentioned how adorable your hair is?

No, I'm not really trying to appeal to him anyway. I mean, it's basically the only hairstyle I can manage other than being kind of shaggy. Kobold hair doesn't grow out really long like human hair does. It looks okay though, right? Not weird or anything? Hahahaha...
No. 652037 ID: 9297f4

Sounds like someone has a crush. Oh well, BOOOOOOOOOOOZE.
No. 652043 ID: 9ddf68

maybe you can find someone at the bar or at the very least pick up some news of what's happening in the world. Oh and as for who to invite... got any friends back at the college that you'd like to drag along?
No. 652051 ID: ab7529

>I'm just worried some people might not appreciate how attractive I am
As I recall, one of our theories for elf-girl's odd behavior was that she was into you.

>It looks okay though, right? Not weird or anything? Hahahaha...
The ragamuffin pomf works just fine, don't fret.
No. 652058 ID: bb78f2

Drink with elf girl.
No. 652063 ID: ad7bba

>It looks okay though, right? Not weird or anything?

No man, natural handholds.

In nay case, even if you're probably not most people around here's "type" physically, you're a hell of a charmer. There's nothing to worry about. Heck, school is a place people experiment at, and it's a magic school so it's gotta be even more true. I wouldn't worry about people not appreciating your natural beauty; you're in exactly the right place to find people willing, or even eager, to look past their preconceived notions.

After all, isn't that what magic is all about?
No. 652293 ID: d4a543

>Most races don't use 'hairy and vaguely dog-like' to describe their standard of beauty... except for gnolls, I guess.

So... go flirt with some gnolls?
No. 652662 ID: 265534
File 143587521120.png - (118.71KB , 728x509 , 256.png )

>Go flirt with gnolls

Couldn't I flirt with kobolds if I wanted someone somewhat similar to myself? Just sayin'...

>Sounds like someone has a crush.

I don't even know who to have a crush on. I bet it was simpler back in the old days. I'd have twenty kids by six or seven different guys by now, steal goats from human farms for a living and die at the ripe old age of seventeen when a bear monster eats the entire tribe.
I guess simpler isn't necessarily better...

>Drink with elf girl

She's like the least friendly person. I doubt she'd be interested in such lowly peasant type activities anyway. Yeah, I'd rather go bother basically anyone else. Snooty and judgmental is the least fun company.
No. 652665 ID: ab7529

>Couldn't I flirt with kobolds if I wanted someone somewhat similar to myself? Just sayin'...
Well sure, but then avoiding the 20 different kids is harder.

>She's like the least friendly person. I doubt she'd be interested in such lowly peasant type activities anyway. Yeah, I'd rather go bother basically anyone else. Snooty and judgmental is the least fun company.
Maybe she's better once she's a little drunk and loosened up.
No. 652669 ID: bb78f2

There's no kobold's nearby to flirt with. I think there was a gnoll.
Man, whatever, we can make a sex golem when we're drunk and regret it later.
Drink with insane goblin.
No. 652673 ID: 89941a

Look, just go get wasted. Getting blackout drunk is one of the best ways to start off a comedic sidequest.
No. 652765 ID: ecd0ab

Look, one of these wizards has to be entertaining to go drinking with. Just grab whichever one is most convenient.
No. 652768 ID: 38685c

Go with the Gobbos. They may not want to touch yer fluffy tail but they're always entertaining. If hazardous.
No. 652784 ID: 3db3cf

You don't have to go drinking with someone. You can wait to make decisions that you will regret later until after you've have a few drinks. After all, isn't that what drinking is all about?
No. 652841 ID: 2f4b71

By 'drink with', we mean 'challenge to drinking contest'. Unless you are a literal lightweight.
No. 652863 ID: 38685c

1. Gnolls big. Big in the pants? Quite possibly
2. Gnolls can't get you pregnant. I think
No. 652869 ID: ecd0ab

Were there even gnolls at the school? I don't remember seeing any gnolls.
No. 652942 ID: ad7bba

Let's not overthink this. Just pick up the first warm hunk of meat that's halfway bearable to look at and can get it up for a tiny dog lizard. That's what bars are for.
No. 652945 ID: 742b4a

Can't you just go bowling or something?
No. 653001 ID: d4a543

>Couldn't I flirt with kobolds if I wanted someone somewhat similar to myself?

Your previous statement "Everybody is a human or other human looking thing and I'm a kobold and kobolds are a lot different than human type things." implied that dateable 'bolds were in short supply, but gnolls were not. Widening the range of candidates being considered increases the chance that at least one will be of acceptable quality. Speaking of which, do you prefer guys or gals or are you willing to give both roughly equal consideration?
No. 656062 ID: 91ee5f

If gnolls are big in the pants, wouldn't it be better to avoid them? Because she's so small it would hurt if she did get one of them into bed with her. That and gnolls aren't known for being "gentle" if you know what I'm saying.
No. 657311 ID: 8d9368

Flirt with elves and humans and dwarves and dragons too then, why are you standing in the snow instead of flirting RIGHT NOW.
No. 671596 ID: 8e3aa1

Well, you don't necessarily need to have to hook up with someone to go drinking. Just find someone you can tolerate to a reasonable degree, like Korcha. That would be a reasonable choice, considering that she's more sane than quite a few of the others.
No. 679343 ID: 265534
File 144581047309.png - (169.94KB , 794x768 , 258.png )

I haven't been hanging out with Korcha much since stripping her in front of most of the year's new students. I'll buy her a drink, I guess.

"I don't think this is a good idea." she says almost immediately.

"Aw, c'mon. It'll be fun. When you're away at school, it's tradition to go out and get wasted sometimes, right?"

"I'm so large that drinking is too expensive."

"We don't have to get completely hammered up..."

"And aren't kobolds highly resistant to poison? Is this going to effect you at all?"

"Eh... Maybe not? I don't know. We're not very good at having a rowdy night out. You're really not living up to stereotypes. Do you know that story about the ogre wrestling a bunch of knights, and there's a mule... and some garlic or something..."

"The sequels were terrible."

This is terrible. We were both in the group that wanted to be adventurers, too. We can't be lame like this. I need to think of something crazy that gets us in a comical amount of trouble.
No. 679345 ID: ad936f

No. 679348 ID: 741634

"Should we try hallucinogens or wandering about looking for a fight or going on a date or finding somewhere to practice needlessly dangerous magic or something?"
No. 679351 ID: fbc59e

needlessly dangerous magic like mixing our magics with different spells and seeing what kind of pretty colours we make?
No. 679352 ID: 12b273

>I haven't been hanging out with Korcha much since stripping her in front of most of the year's new students. I'll buy her a drink, I guess.
Traditionally, you're supposed to buy someone a drink before stripping them naked, but I guess this works.

>And aren't kobolds highly resistant to poison? Is this going to effect you at all?
Yeah, but you're small, so it it evens out.

>This is terrible. We were both in the group that wanted to be adventurers, too. We can't be lame like this. I need to think of something crazy that gets us in a comical amount of trouble.
There's usually someone up to something evil during the winter holiday. It's like a tradition. So you can go out on an adventure to save winter-mass from whatever dastardly plan you encounter.
No. 679355 ID: bb78f2

Find the local kingpin's mansion, destroy the mansion and his entire crime empire.
No. 679362 ID: 19b117

If it isn't happening there's no need to force it. Just because you aren't going around having crazy adventures doesn't mean you can't have a good time. You can still hang out.

Especially since you haven't hung out with her yet, that means there is a lot of stuff to know about each other: like how school is going, why both of you want to be an adventurer, your previous experiences adventuring, other stuff that isn't just school/adventuring.
No. 679365 ID: 8371c4

wanna make out?
No. 679382 ID: 89941a

You clearly need some enchanted boozeahol.
No. 680402 ID: 8111b6

If you're both resistant, then obviously, you both need something that might kill someone that's not as awesome as the two of you, right?

Either that, or you can start a racket with drinking games.
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