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File 140989256434.png - (255.92KB , 908x680 , SlaveryQuest-1.png )
592625 No. 592625 ID: fb0f12

After her parents were captured by guilders their child a young Astranian was sold into a life of slavery. But for young Scarlett nothing could be more perfect she has a loving master a roof over her head and a brand new diamond studded collar, but something's missing in her perfect life...
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No. 592630 ID: fb0f12

So today's the big day normally master only has me serve drinks at small get togeathers but since I turned 17 he thinks I should be able to handle a larger party.
No. 592634 ID: 61da19

Well, better get shitfaced in preparation. Drink the contents of the tray.
No. 592636 ID: fb0f12

Filling up the drinks as we speak maybe if I'm good master will let me try some ^^
No. 592639 ID: fb0f12

Also I don't think drinking the wine master trusted me with would make him proud of me. I might get a spankin or worse squirted with the water bottle >////<
No. 592641 ID: 879a42

Well take it slightly slow, calm yourself. If you are careful and make no mistakes, things are bound to go great! No way anything could go wrong...right?
No. 592643 ID: 2fd516

So... uh... who's your master?
No. 592644 ID: fb0f12

Well master works for the government and is pages well but I don't like how other humans look at me like I'm a freak v.v
Oh well I'm sure it will be fine just hope the twins don't mess with me.
No. 592646 ID: 879a42

Tell us about the twins.
No. 592647 ID: fb0f12

Oh don't get me started I thought my name was Rat-face until I was five thanks to them. I earn every last thing master see's fit to give me while they just take and take.
No. 592649 ID: 879a42

And they just get away with it? Is it because they are never caught or no one cares that they mess with you?
No. 592650 ID: fb0f12

Well master yells at them if he catches them but they are his daughters so you know how that goes ^^'
No. 592651 ID: 9ddf68

so how many people are going to show up to this thing that you know of and what's the occasion? I mean even if someone is throwing a party for the sake of throwing a party there is always some reason they hide it behind... like you turning 17 or something.
No. 592653 ID: 879a42

Focus on the event, if this is an important event I'm sure they will come screw things up. How much left to do?
No. 592655 ID: fb0f12

Well I think he said something about 17 in all not counting himself and his hell spawn...breath deep keep cool. And I think I over herd him say something about showing off what a proper stranner should act like...oh and not that muc-oh master just called me!
No. 592656 ID: fb0f12
File 140989980747.png - (219.30KB , 908x680 , SlaveryQuest2.png )

I trot out to my handsome and kind owner as my bare paw-like feet patter against the marble floor "Yes my master" I said sweetly with a nervous hint in my voice as the twins eyed me coldly
No. 592663 ID: fb0f12

Petting my head gently yet firmly I'd almost blush as lots of humans and the twins watched me "This fine little lady is a perfect example of what those little fuzz balls were waring with should be" he chuckled.
No. 592664 ID: 879a42

He seems friendly :D, I'm sure the twins are jelly for your master liking you so much.
No. 592666 ID: fb0f12

I'm just a simple slave no reason to get um jelly I guess. As he spoke my tail began to wag from his petting making a few of the guests laugh.
No. 592667 ID: 879a42

I guess... get on with your job unless he needs you. Don't pass by the twins when leaving don't want them to 'accidentally' trip you.
No. 592669 ID: fb0f12
File 140990445750.png - (44.04KB , 276x323 , ScarletShocked.png )

After my master takes a sip of wine he gos back to chatting with guests leaving me free to serve drinks to the other guests. A few of them would thank me but most of the humans seemed to think less of me.Suddenly I herd Lizzy one of the twins call out "Rat-Face front in center"
No. 592680 ID: 53ba34

do what they say, but don't be scared to yell if something happens.
No. 592688 ID: ff27ad

No. 592690 ID: 879a42

Sidestep, then turn around. Politely ask what it is they need.

(Spoiled ass brats.)
No. 592691 ID: fe4bfc

They are going to try to embarrass you in front of the guests. Whatever they are planning do your best to keep calm and not make your master look bad in public.
No. 592701 ID: fb0f12
File 140993562636.png - (40.36KB , 281x316 , ScarletHappy.png )

I nervously turn a round and put on my best smile as I aprotch the twins "Yes m-mistress how may I help you" I say sweetly as the two little...er from my view point big monsters smile and Lizzy suddenly starts petting my head "Ya like that girl" Lizzy chuckled as my tail wagged like crazy
No. 592705 ID: 879a42

Ohhhhh I want this to end well but I can't see them being anything but total jerks to you. I guess just be polite...
No. 592710 ID: 8a3bad

Oh shit they're going to do something bad to your head!

I feel the need to point out that since she is an Astranian thus making this part of the Crash quest/lonelyverse the humans are called solars. you should know this seeing as you are LonelyWorld!
No. 592711 ID: fb0f12
File 140994056008.png - (39.21KB , 285x326 , ScarletAnnoyed.png )

"You know your just a pet right daddy's probily gonna replace you as soon as you get old and ungly...well you got ugly down" Lizzy teased as her sister Karin laughed making my wagging tail brissle in anger.
No. 592715 ID: 53ba34

stay calm, if you hurt them then everyone would get mad, but if they hurt you then master will yell at them, maybe even in front of everyone, that will make them feel super bad.
No. 592717 ID: 879a42

Yeah figured that would happen. Well either walk away and ignore them or bite them, but we know which the worse option would be. Maybe you could get them back later, but not now. Also, your master genuinely likes you so don't listen to these catty bitches.
No. 592722 ID: fb0f12

My tail would lift high as my ears perked up in anger "Well that's good to know also last week Karin was kissing your boyfriend...now if you'll excuse me I have some real work to do have a nice day" I'd trot away almost happily to serve others drinks
No. 592732 ID: fb0f12

Leaving the two bratty Solars speechless I began to serve one man who I overheard talking about how my kind were fighting hard
No. 592733 ID: fb0f12
File 140994701536.png - (42.18KB , 269x319 , ScarletScared.png )

General: And as I was sayin them damn fur balls hit us hard here the vexus secter but I'm sure we can push them back

I held up a try of drinks twords him and gave a light bow "Drinks sir" the look he gave me almost made me flitch as he snatch the drink from my tray and waved me away
No. 592747 ID: 53ba34

he's probably been shot at by someone that looks a lot like you. don't take it personally.
No. 592749 ID: fb0f12
File 140995242357.png - (43.31KB , 285x315 , ScarletWTF.png )

Alright also should I be concerned that voices in my head are giving me suggestions
No. 592752 ID: d90668

Well the head voices usually mean something big is about to change in your life. So get ready for some interesting times.

Keep up the good work with serving the drinks. The guests might be a bit grumpy and the daughters are brats but try to not let it get to you.
No. 592754 ID: fb0f12

Well thanks...I feel kinna better now but still I think I need a drink master keeps my juice in the fridge just one quick drink then I'm back to serving drinks
No. 592769 ID: 53ba34

sounds okay, if master asks where you went just say you got some juice to calm down because you heard the general guy talking about killing.
No. 592772 ID: d90668

Make sure to smell your juice carefully first. It would be just like those girls to slip you something to make you embarrass yourself in front of the guests.
No. 592781 ID: fb0f12
File 140996110415.png - (35.81KB , 281x316 , ScarletHappyy.png )

Sniff sniff....seems legit
No. 592782 ID: 879a42

I'll be honest yeah its something to be concerned about. But trust me when I say we will probably save your life at some point.
No. 592783 ID: fb0f12

I pore me a glass and begin to sip it gown slowly "Mmm strawberry nothing better to cleanse the soul"
No. 592786 ID: 53ba34

take just a moment to calm down then get back to work. don't want to give anyone a chance to complain about you slacking.
No. 592788 ID: fb0f12

Setting my juice back down I shook my lovely white and brown fur ready to strut my stuff but the I herd a banging from the food pantry!
No. 592789 ID: 53ba34

check it out, be ready to run just in case.
No. 592791 ID: d90668

Do you have any small pets around that might have gotten stuck in there while looking for food?

Oh or maybe its someone who came along with one of the guests. Out for a snack or something.

Either go check it out or let someone know depending on how loud the banging is.
No. 592808 ID: 59295a

She is the small pet. :0
No. 592810 ID: d8a627

Quiet, Lizzy.

Uh, does the Master have any bodyguards? If so, let one of them know you heard some banging from the pantry. If not, tell the Master himself.
Unless of course you were told at some point to not bother him with that, that any strange noises are probably just pests and you can go ahead and take care of them yourself, in which case, go check it out yourself.
Also: Strawberry juice truly is the best way to cleanse the soul :)
No. 592814 ID: fb0f12
File 140997351493.png - (38.98KB , 276x323 , ScarletShockedd.png )

I can deal with some animal myself I happen to know how to fight master thought I should know how...but I never tried before..um ok I can do this the voices are here for me! Kicking open the door I was ready for a solar or even a stray animal "Ahaa......."
No. 592815 ID: fb0f12
File 140997366235.png - (38.98KB , 276x323 , ScarletShockedd1.png )

No. 592830 ID: 53ba34

while it may seem dramatic stopping there is literally nothing to suggest here
No. 592835 ID: fb0f12

Their is a big rat digging in the food
No. 592836 ID: fb0f12

And its wearing rags and foot wrappings....its a A-Astranian oh god its going to lay its eggs in me I'm dead I'm dead 0-0
No. 592839 ID: d90668

Quick hide under a table or something.
No. 592840 ID: 53ba34

well it wont do THAT, but yeah if it's stealing then it's not gonna like being found out, quickly run to master and tell him there is someone stealing food, fewest words would be "thief, pantry!"
No. 592898 ID: fb0f12
File 141000665113.png - (37.49KB , 269x319 , ScarletScaredd3.png )

Before I could react the rat perked up and grinned as he saw me my body would freeze as he took a step closer
No. 592899 ID: fb0f12

Leaning against me the Astranian would smirk "So cutie did you get all dressed up for me" he chucked as he put on a pair of shades and wrap his tail around mine
No. 592900 ID: fb0f12
File 141000696701.png - (38.20KB , 285x315 , ScarletWTFf.png )

No. 592904 ID: 37aa84

I think he's trying to seduce you. If that bothers you you should scream loudly and slap him, if not you could just let him continue.
No. 592906 ID: fb0f12

"The names Alex De Nair thief extraordinaire and I've made more women swoon then 50 Astranians at a nude beach" ummm should I scream now or let him go on its corny as hell but this if the first time a male flirted with me...and I don't think hes going to try to lay his legs in me
No. 592908 ID: fb0f12

Wait hold the phone when I was younger Lizzy told me that male Astranians lay eggs in the females mouth then they burst out of the mothers stomach and spit acid....please tell me she lied to me.
No. 592909 ID: 53ba34

yes that is a lie, but babies are still incredibly unpleasant to make. not deadly just really painful.

tell him to wait here in the pantry, you need to go freshen up first.
then go tell master there is a thief in the pantry.
No. 592910 ID: 37aa84

I don't know much about Astranians but I don't know any mammals that kill their mother in birth either.
No. 592912 ID: fb0f12

Thanks for clearing that up "Um...I'm gonna tell...er freshen um so we can do..." Sitting down the rat would chuckle and wave his hand "Go on tell prove your a good little puppy or are you Astranian" he squeaked before tossing me his shades and winking at me
No. 592913 ID: 59295a

ur a puppy arf arf!
No. 592914 ID: 53ba34

being a true astranian means being angry at everything, and trying to kill anything you don't like. i don't think you want that.
No. 592926 ID: d8a627

Maybe you should get your master to teach him how to be a good Astranian like you!
No. 592935 ID: 59295a

Put the shades on and say "#swag"
No. 593005 ID: fb0f12

Putting on the shades I'd cocked my eyes and crossed my arms as I looked down at the rat "Swag" then at the top of my lungs I yelled "RAT RAT RAT!!!!!!"
No. 593008 ID: fb0f12

The rat would leap twords me punching me in the jaw as the back of my head hit the table then everything when blank
No. 593013 ID: d8a627

>I yelled "RAT RAT RAT!!!!!!"
...So, you get all upset over the Twins calling you a rat, and yet, when you meet an Astranian, your first instinct is to call him a rat? Hypocrite.
No. 593014 ID: fb0f12
File 141006767178.png - (182.18KB , 908x680 , SlaveryQuest3.png )

Picking the knocked out ferret up Alex gave a light chuckle as he took back his shades and opened the window leaping out with his prize
No. 593017 ID: fb0f12

I..can't move I think I'm OK but its dark and my arms and legs won't move....I should have lissoned to you guys and ran
No. 593019 ID: fb0f12

Also please no pointing out my many flaws yes I'm a Hypocrite sometimes but I'm also cute :3
But right now I can't really move...I think I'm hogtied
No. 593023 ID: fb0f12
File 141007293335.png - (170.28KB , 908x680 , SlaveryQuest4.png )

A cloth would be taken from around my eyes as that damn rat grinned at me "Sorry about that dear but can't have Solars catching me" he squeaked I'd notice then that he was wearing my brand new robe torn as rags as I was dressed in his old clothing and he was trying to pluck the diamonds from my collar!!!!!
No. 593025 ID: d8a627

>but can't have Solars catching me
But he's the one who told you to call out for them!
>"Go on tell prove your a good little puppy
Why would he tell you to do something opposite of what he wanted?!
>I'd notice then that he was wearing my brand new robe torn as rags as I was dressed in his old clothing
Why would he tear up the robes if he's trading clothes?! Tearing them up into rags makes them worse than a full robe!
>and he was trying to pluck the diamonds from my collar!!!!!
And now he's thinking he'll be able to fence off diamonds from your master?! This guy is clearly not some master thief, he just got lucky! He's an absolute idiot! The moment those diamonds show up anywhere he'll be found out!
No. 593027 ID: fb0f12

I know right...well I know my kinds not to fond of seeing other of their race nude but this guys an ass!
No. 593028 ID: c4f9a2

Diamonds are pretty fungible. I imagine Guilders and less than scrupulous Astranians and Solars will accept them.

That said, if the Solars are keeping one Astranian as a slave, they're likely keeping more. This fellow is probably an escaped slave.

He assaulted you, but apparently didn't permanently harm you. And he certainly didn't kill you. He's just desperate, not a degenerate. Probably.

For an escaped slave there's two goals. Survival, and freedom. Freedom, true freedom, means getting off this planet and back to Astranian civilization. Survival means doing what he is doing.

You're not going to be going home any time soon, put that out of your head. Too many questions will arise if you go home, and you're not too quick on your feet. It's in his best interest to keep you secret until he's got the resources to get away.

What do you know about the ships that leave the planet, and about places to get food and other things a person needs?
No. 593033 ID: fb0f12

Well this is a major trade city and guilders stop buy to trade blood clips to let my masters people use ray tech....but they keep there word...mostly and their are a lot of food store around here...are you guys sure I can't go home ^^'
No. 593034 ID: 53ba34

you can try, sure, but you are kinda tied up right now, so i don't think you will get far.
just play along until you get a chance.
No. 593035 ID: fb0f12

"So are you going to leave me tied here or are you gonna let me go...at least feed me!" I grunted hoping this 'wild' Astranian wasnt going to eat me his self. Looking at me he would give a light sigh and toss a piece of bread near my mouth "Sorry about the whole nabbing you thing hun your master slammed through the glass door trying to get me"
No. 593036 ID: fb0f12
File 141008188072.png - (36.87KB , 281x316 , ScarletHappyyy.png )

"Hehe master dose care about me guys"
No. 593037 ID: fb0f12

The rat would cock his eye at me as I spoke out loud "Great I got the crazy one oh well better than cleaning a factory all damn day
No. 593038 ID: 53ba34

well that is good news at least. if we can find a communications thing we may be able to contact him.

but for now eat and see what he wants.
No. 593043 ID: fb0f12

Munching on my bread I glared at my kidnapper furiously "Sorry about this again but i'm going to use you to get off planet I know this guilder his daughters been wanting a pet and you'll do perfect sell ya diamonds to should cover the trip cost and the harvest free cost as well"
No. 593052 ID: 53ba34

ask if you can at least have the collar back after he's done puling it apart.
No. 593053 ID: fb0f12

"Umm..can I have my collar back after your done with stealing my diamonds" I growled to the little thief who seems to be about to ruin my life! "Yeah i'm selling this collar to dear i'm sure your new owner will give you a nice shock collar"
No. 593060 ID: fb0f12

Yep I'm pretty much screwed here can I start crying now?
No. 593062 ID: 59295a

Are you an Anstranian or ARE YOU A PUPPY!? PUPPIES DON'T CRY!
No. 593063 ID: fb0f12

"Your right I am a god damn ASTRANIAN! I began to thrash about using my inner will power to try to break the binds that hold my arms and legs "I AM NOT A PUPPY!"
No. 593066 ID: fb0f12

The rat would look at me like I was insane before stuffing my mouth with one of his old foot wrapping "MMMMPH!"
No. 593069 ID: bb78f2

Why don't you just ransom her back to her master?
He's rich, he might have some attachment.
Reusing goods is dangerous. Selling to the guilder might get him caught and then he'll be affliated with you. Don't underestimate the Solar's here, they'll torture his ass and destroy his family for a chance of vengeance against you for the mere insult of stealing property.
No. 593078 ID: 53ba34

stop for a second. see anything pointy?
No. 593080 ID: d8a627

Okay, Scarlett, calm down, take a couple of deep breaths. "Alex, why is it so important to you that you get off the planet? Do you have a family out there?"
"With the attitude of some of the Solars, I can understand hating them, but I'm not a Solar, you realize. Why are you treating me so maliciously?"

If he's got a reason for going off planet, and his reason for being mean to you was that you were trying to sell him out or aren't a proper Astranian or something, then "Teach me. Show me what it means to be an Astranian. Then, I won't be your enemy, right? I'll help you get off the planet, but you have to stop treating me like I'm just another valuable. I'm a PERSON, dangit, and I will not be treated otherwise!"
No. 593086 ID: fb0f12

Well that would have been perfect to tell me before my mouth was stuffed with his old foot wrappings.
No. 593087 ID: d8a627

Just go "Bluh" a few times, it'll slowly push its way out. It's not like he tied a gag around your whole head, right?
No. 593091 ID: bb78f2

You can wiggle it out.
Use spittle if you have to.
Come on sock mouth stuffing doesn't work unless your deep throating the thing.
No. 593095 ID: fb0f12

Oh right...I'd spit that wrapping out and breath deep before giving him my cute eyes "P-please don't do this I wanna go home do you have a family is that why your doing this" I whimper as he looked at me almost blushing "My mother was a soldier and had me aboard one of the war ships while she was on duty..when I was five solars captured our ship and sold her to guilders as I watched the rest ether executed or sold as well and this guilder was the one she was sold to he's a blood harvester and i'm going to get her back...not that you understand family" he huffed
No. 593098 ID: bb78f2

Say that your parents were killed before you were sold into slavery.
Rat guy, this idea you have is a bad one. Come up with a better one. Selling someone else's property just create's ties. He doesn't even have a bill of sale where my master does. If you don't have that, he can just take you and even him for hesself, probably return you for a nice reward and turn him in to the police for a reward to.

A better idea would be to just break her out. He technically broke you out, and that was a kidnapping against our will!
No. 593099 ID: d8a627

>...not that you understand family
"I may not be related by blood but the Master has treated me the same as his daughters, and they have treated me as though I'm the unwelcome sibling. I have seen other solars treat their sisters the same way, they are my family. Why did you think he smashed through a glass door when I started screaming?"
Get a little huffy with this, Scarlett, a little bit of anger will go to back up your words! Just a little angry, though, there's no need to go shouting random things again.
No. 593110 ID: c4f9a2

What's a harvest free cost?

What's he intend to do if other Astranians ever learn that he sold you into slavery? What if his mother learned how he managed to free her at your your expense? Granted you were already a slave, but I can't imagine it's something they take lightly. I mean, he had a chance to free you and take you with him and instead he decided to sell you out. Like a Guilder or a Solar would.
No. 593264 ID: fb0f12

"I may not be related by blood but the Master has treated me the same as his daughters, and they have treated me as though I'm the unwelcome sibling. I have seen other solars treat their sisters the same way, they are my family. Why did you think he smashed through a glass door when I started screaming?" I huffed trying to found firm yet with a hint of anger making the rat soften his eyes but remain firm "I'm sorry little ferret but your my ticket out of here I'd be returned to that living hell hole if I'm caught"
No. 593267 ID: fb0f12

Drat anything else you guys think I should say...also he can't hear you :T
No. 593273 ID: d90668

So you are going to become a slaver to save your mother? I am sure she will be very proud when you tell her how you "rescued" her.

And do you think you can trust the Guilders to not betray you? One escaped slave trying to sell a stolen slave? They will probably just capture us both and sell us off again.
No. 593276 ID: d8a627

Are you willing to help him out, if he drops the selling-you-into-new-slavery part of his plans? Because I think it's worth helping him out, if he can drop that part. If you agree, then let him know that you'll help him, but only if he promises not to sell you into somebody else's... Servitude? I don't know what the slavery version of that word in this context is, so I'll just say servitude.
No. 593277 ID: bb78f2

We're NOT his ticket off his planet.
His idea is really bad.
It's not going to work.
Astranian's can't try and sell slaves to slavers, especially previously owned slaves with no bill of sale! The attempted seller will just end up as slaves themselves. Is he an idiot or what? What makes this guilder so trustworthy that this theoretical deal he's cooked up will work?
Getting him to not believe in his plan is how you get out of this situation. It's a stupid plan it should not be hard to convince him it's dumb.
No. 593278 ID: fb0f12

"Look I don't want to end up a slave to some metal brat so lets think of something else....i'm sure if you gave me back to my master I could tell him you were just scared...hell I think he would be able to get your mother back" I said in a sweet voice
No. 593279 ID: d8a627

Oog, I foresee skepticism... Might wanna offer up being his inside person if that comes up.
No. 593281 ID: c4f9a2

Ask him these questions: What's a harvest free cost?

What's he intend to do if other Astranians ever learn that he sold you into slavery?

What if his mother learned how he managed to free her at your your expense?
No. 594602 ID: fb0f12

"Ok can't we just work something out here I'm sure as hell know I'm not returning home anytime soon so can you tell me what a harvest free cost is!?!" I huffed as Alex stood up and looked me in the eye "A eye for an eye, how do you think humans and guilders use ray tech" I rolled my eyes at this "Only stranner blood......Ohhh so my bloods going to......HELP!!!!!!!!" Oh shit I'm gonna get milked...and not in the good way >////<
No. 595661 ID: d8a627

It's been mostly text anyways. Just continue using the faces you've been using and imageless posts. It'll work better with more descriptive text, though, but that's certainly optional.
No. 595732 ID: 61771b

With the few/repeating images and how much text it is (not to mention the art was in his style and him saying stuff about art for quests in his commission bit) I figured that might be the case.

Keep on going then, just don't feel pressed to pay him for more images to keep your quest going. (though I'm sure he appreciates the cash)
Try to paint a picture with words or use some internet pics as references. Good luck with it!
No. 595912 ID: fb0f12

It had been a whole week of me being tied up like some sort of prized catch by this damn rat I know were he's coming from in a way my own parents were never with me I don't know why most likely dead or worse but still being hogtied for a whole week leaves using the restroom up to your imagination. Just when I thought id stay like this forever I was suddenly thrown onto his shoulder making my sore joints throb in pain "Hay watch it!" I grunted to tired of trying to reason with him to fight back. "Sorry about this but today's the day" he said in an excited but nervous tone of voice before he carried me down into the back alleys towards were the Guilder ship was docked.
No. 595913 ID: fb0f12

Alex neared the ship with his ticket thrown over his shoulder weakly squirming while it pained him to do this it had to be done or he would never get off of this blasted Solar infested hell hole and his mother would soon be free thanks to this slave.
No. 595916 ID: fb0f12
File 141173860019.png - (315.87KB , 908x680 , SlaveryQuest5.png )

Standing ahead of him Alex was greeted by the man who had brought him to this hell hole Captain Ironback Grings. The Guilder gave a loud chuckle at the sight of the ferret stranner on his back as a young female guilder stood next to him with an excited but cool look on her face. "Aw why it be little Alex comin with his part of yea bargain" the older gilder grunted in a metallic voice making Alex gulping fear as two human guard appeared behind him pointing Ray tech blasters at him "H-hay we had a deal Ironback!" the rat growled. Ironback gave a gruff nod and leaned down looking Alex in the eye "Aye that be true I be a Man of me word yer blood wont be harvested and I be freeing your mother but what I failed to mention it be me pretty little flowers birthday" the female Guilder beside him smiled sweetly as Alex gulped and Scarlett couldn't help but grin.
No. 595919 ID: 879a42

(Yay slavery is back..............................wait)

Well you are in no position to make a move, so stay silent and look for an opening.
No. 595993 ID: bb78f2

Tell him you hate to say you told him so, but you told him so.
No. 596116 ID: fb0f12

Dragging the two stranner's inside the guards would unbind Scarlett and set the two in what seemed to be a girls room on account of all the dresses and pink sheets that decorated the bed. The captains daughter stept in and crossed her arms as she looked the two Astranians over "Mmm pa sure did a fine deal rats a bit dirty but with some lace and ribbons he'll make a pretty pet don't ya think ferret?" The Guilder asked Scarlett who grinned wide and nodded "Y-yes my mistress I'm sure we can get him fixed very nice"
No. 596117 ID: fb0f12

Stepping back Alex squeaked in fright as the two females pounced him dragging him twoards the bed "Rape rape!!!!!" He cried at the top of his lungs as they undressed him exposing his body. "Oh don't worry my little stran stran I don't plan on twitching you down their....at least for now" Garbash chuckled
No. 596118 ID: fb0f12
File 141184035777.png - (258.07KB , 908x680 , SlaveryQuest6.png )

1 hour later
"I told you so" Scarlett purred happily to the blushing Alex as his frilly dress made him look like a fancy little pet. Their new apparent owner Garbash squealed with delight at her two new pets all dressed up
No. 596119 ID: d90668

Hey Alex you might be stuck in a dress and a slave but at least you saved your mother. And we are not being drained of blood.

So things could be worse.
No. 596125 ID: d8a627

Holy crap you both look pretty like that.
No. 596157 ID: 879a42

Tell him how pretty he looks. Like a doll :3
No. 596159 ID: bb78f2

Say "I look fantastic master, you have such good taste!"
No. 596162 ID: fb0f12

Smerking Scarlett gave a curtsey and lowered her head to her new mistress "You have such good taste my mistress Alex here looks as pretty as a porslin doll" she said sweetly making the rat blush even harder. Garbash gave a sharp nod and turned to leave "I'd like to play but I have to get my little rat stran strand mommy" this made Alex cry out in a strange mix of happiness and embarrassment
No. 596241 ID: fb0f12

As the Guilder left I swatted Alex upside his head and crossed my arms "And this is what you get but im sure your mother will love to see her boy in a pretty dress" I teased as his legs shook "S-staaaap" he whimpered
No. 596254 ID: d8a627

"Hey, you got me into this mess when I lived a perfectly happy life with a great master, I think I have every right to tease you a bit."
But that being said, relent, you've already gotten your fill of teasing him. Now's a good time to work at finding a way to get the two of you out of here. If he's got a way to grab the attention of your old Master, you can easily claim that the guilders simply snuck in and grabbed both of you, and that Alex had nothing to do with it.
No. 596444 ID: fb0f12
File 141202675204.png - (79.96KB , 836x813 , dage.png )

"You know master you shouldn't be walking around I only have 32% of your body healed" Twisting his neck in pain Dage spit up blood as a familiar feeling shook that was left of his spine "I can feel her...set coarse to Solar space I need to feed...soon I will have her...."
No. 596445 ID: fb0f12
File 141202771432.png - (130.21KB , 1294x811 , dage2.png )

"Then I will rip out her h-heart ZEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH-herk!" rolling its eye the blue orb in beded in the creatures chest began to heal its master quickly "But first a quick nap its hard healing you when you get your self so worked up master"
No. 596499 ID: 879a42

Hi Scarlet, being magic voices and all I'm here to tell you that a disgusting abomination is vaguely implying that it wants 'her' heart. Probably yours. Don't ask how I know or anything but yeah be prepared. By which I mean oh shit things are bad.
No. 596500 ID: 879a42

Well not vague about wanting someone's heart, but who's heart. The fact that it came to my attention means its probably yours that 'its' after.
No. 596507 ID: d8a627

Well, either Scarlet's her new master's, or Alex's mother's. Either which way, it's bad news. I mean, I don't like people taking slaves, especially those who were comfortable slaves to somebody else already, but I dislike people's hearts getting taken even more.
No. 597727 ID: fb0f12
File 141281985522.png - (38.99KB , 276x323 , shocky.png )

"Say what now!?!"
No. 597728 ID: fb0f12

"Ok Alex sorry about laughing but I must say you look pretty with out those silly shades. Alex would roll his eyes and give a light huff before speaking "They were my dads but um I am sorry about what I did" Nodding I would look out the window as the ship was already in space "Their goes my home...I just have you and the voices" I mumbled
No. 597734 ID: 4f004c

Prooobably just a crazy nightvision. Pay it no heed! Well, some heed, like, be on your guard, but not enough to panic.
No. 597747 ID: 879a42

Well no definitely pay heed. Just try not to shut down in full panic, sorry Scarlett.
No. 597914 ID: fb0f12

"Well im glad you guys care, but im nervous about Alex's mom she might be pissed I don't want getting blamed for it...well not really my fault but my race is crazy. Ok deep breaths so whats next you've never steered me wrong"
No. 730228 ID: f50d96

Updates coming soon!
No. 730438 ID: f50d96
File 146626263599.png - (258.30KB , 908x680 , k5linLM.png )

The Quest continues!
No. 730441 ID: 502d35

Alright. Are we starting right where we left off, or has some time passed?
No. 730456 ID: 64af44

Yay, more friends!
No. 731338 ID: f50d96
File 146655906365.png - (192.66KB , 908x680 , 5vC3BzS.png )

The door to the Astranians room would open as the hulking figure of Garbash strutted in "Pops is a man of his word rat got yer mom nice and clean."

While Alex stood with a mix of fear and relief Scarlett would break from her trance...it felt like months since all of this had gone down...
No. 731348 ID: f55bc4

Give Alex a pat on the back. He got his mom free.
No. 731362 ID: 55e284

So what happens to her now?

Are they just gonna dump her from the ship while in space?
No. 731379 ID: dfdb1e

This master see you as her pets. Unless obedient slaves are very easy to replace she probable won't her play things.
You need to determine how sadistic her games are. When you get a chance try to talk with the other slaves about what is like to live here.
For now, if she order you to do anything, try to look polite but not too eager to please. You don't want to call necessary attention.
No. 731385 ID: b2d501

Take a few moments to focus. You can't do anything yet, so prepare for an opening in the next few moments. If you can't calm down, hone your anxiety into a crude adrenaline boost.

Talk to Garbash. Scan the room. Wait for the right moment. Just another minute in the life of... well, whatever you say you are right now.
No. 731513 ID: 15a025

Well at least he did get his mom back. Ask what kind of things you'll be doing around here?
No. 733777 ID: f50d96
File 146769712164.png - (271.54KB , 908x680 , 2SwPYiC.png )

Garbash would toss the half crazed Astranian rat on the ground as the pair ran over to help the elder up.

"Grahaha you three have fun i'll be back in a bit gotta check in with pop's."

With that the Guilder had left the room before Scarlett could get proper info but it was clear that she was indeed keeping them for at least a bit longer.

At the moment Alex was busy trying to get his mother to snap out of her daze while Scarlett figured she should help the older rat hadn't gotten her into this mess after all.
No. 733791 ID: dfdb1e

Give her water.
No. 733832 ID: 15a025

Ask if she's okay if she needs anything?
No. 733836 ID: d5b715

Is there a chair you can get for her so she can sit down?
No. 738634 ID: f50d96
File 146949165469.png - (252.92KB , 908x680 , shXMWkD.png )

Not knowing what else to do Scarlett would nod as she fetched a glass of water for the elder Astranian.

The older rodent would smile as she sipped the liquid in thanks. "Thank you child it seems that my son has good taste in females."

That comment caused Alex to panic while Scarlett Smiled weakly "...You could say that."
No. 738636 ID: 15a025

Jokingly tell her that Alex also has some good taste in fashion today as well.
No. 738637 ID: a8d153

What can we say, he really swept us off our feet and ran with us.
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