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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 140794682878.png - (510.43KB , 640x640 , something maybe.png )
589296 No. 589296 ID: 189a54

Man, I can't believe I drew the short straw. I'm not a babysitter...oh well, maybe if I just stand here he won't talk to--

>"So, uh...looks like rain, eh?"


>"Sort of? Uh, anyway...thanks for volunteering to be my guard for my tour here, you're really uh...really helping the...."

Thank goodness, he stopped himself. If he'd started asking shit I'd--

>"U-um...I, uh, I can see you're not a big talker but...maybe I could ask some questions?"


>"Maybe, uh...maybe I could ask you for your name?"
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No. 589301 ID: ef7fd2

Braggart Hammagan, general idiot and teller of tall tales.
No. 589302 ID: 6cb462

You might want to get your head below that stone fence first, someone might headshot you.
No. 589308 ID: 189a54
File 140795207274.png - (491.23KB , 640x640 , something 2 maybe.png )

>>You might want to get your head below that stone fence first, someone might headshot you.
Nah, this is the safest spot in all of West 3. Plus I really don't want to sit next to this guy...

>"Uh, please?"

Ugh, of all the questions to ask...

>"Fine, it's ERNGHBraggartHammaganAHEM."

>"Er, what?"

>"Just call me Bragg..."

>"Ah, okay. Uh, I'm Quinton Charles, Freemen News. Nice to meet you officially, heh."


>"Uh...um, so what section of the infantry do you work with? Recon or Assault?"
No. 589317 ID: a36601

No. 589326 ID: ef7fd2

>Not going full-on gunzerker
ASSAULT, obviously. Gotta shoot them dudes!
No. 589344 ID: a79844

Just to go against my usual judgement Recon
No. 589355 ID: 6cb462

No. 589361 ID: 00b2db

No. 589382 ID: 189a54
File 140800504054.png - (442.07KB , 640x640 , something 3.png )

>"Come on, can't you--"


>"What? That's a real--"

>"Ugh, no...Assault, of course."

>"Oh. Oh, uh...then, um...."

That shut him up. Thought he'd be following some Recon fairies on their rounds. Man, I hope he doesn't choke when we get to another meat grinder. It's hard enough worrying for your own ass in one of those, I don't need to be dragging some news guy around too...

>"Um.... Do you, uh...do you think you could, you know, introduce me to your squad, if you still have one--er, I mean, uh...."

No. 589408 ID: 6cb462

Ignore that question, tell him the mission instead and what he has to do. Tell him also to be as quiet as possible.
No. 589505 ID: 189a54
File 140807922125.png - (468.60KB , 640x640 , something 4.png )

>>Ignore that question, tell him the mission instead and what he has to do. Tell him also to be as quiet as possible.
Damned right, maybe reminding him just what it is he's doing will keep things quiet for a bit.

>"Look, be as quiet as you can for a bit, alright..."

>"Oh, oh okay--"

>"You know where you are, yeah?"

>"West 3--"

>"Yeah, West 3. Just short of the nasty part of it, with Assault 3. With kamikazes, man. Our job's to pick a point on the other end of the war front and keep fighting toward it until we're wiped off the map or the war's over. We've got a couple hours to waste and then we're heading out, and you're coming with us through meat grinders of every size and type to do your news shit. Has that sunk in for you?"




I think it worked! Thank goodness he stopped--

>"Uh, that out of the way though, you think you could, uh, you know? Your squad?"

No. 589536 ID: 6cb462

Tell him he'll meet them a bit later.
No. 589558 ID: 189a54
File 140812810265.png - (544.90KB , 640x640 , something 5.png )

Damn, it does look like it'll rain soon. We might as well get back to the others.

>>Tell him he'll meet them a bit later.

>"You'll see them later."

>"Oh, okay. Uh, I do have a few more--er, Bragg?"
No. 589561 ID: 189a54
File 140812950008.png - (521.24KB , 640x640 , something 6.png )

This little place can hardly be called a base camp, but it's all we got. Getting out of this heap is probably the only thing I'm looking forward to about this push...

>"There's the volunteer! You got our celebrity with you, Bragg?"

>"Yeah, yeah..."

>"Nice. Just keep the guy with you I guess, show him around or whatever. We're leaving in eight hours, the storm might hit in three."

Time to waste some hours, I suppose. I could always hack around at the shooting range for a bit, or just sit around in the hut we're calling our mess hall. Then there's always Tali down with the heavy crews...

>"Hey, uh, wait up please!"

And my squad's probably in the 'barracks.' Maybe I could get away with dumping Mr. Freemen News with them.
No. 589566 ID: 2ae3a6

Lemme help you out here QM- he's kind of fishing for us to design a squad, not normally my thing but I think I can get by in lieu of you guys missing it
There's SleepyDreamer, he WAS a recon fairy, but he manned up when he got transferred. Still kinda does the recon thing for us. Doesn't even mind his bad name!
Then there's Drinks, that is WaterDrinks, she's our med-BWAHAHAHA!!! Can never say that with a straight face. Best with a Bazooka in the whole Barracks, and tough as nails!
Last but not least is Pep, Peprally is the medic, just...No name jokes. A man's lost a leg doing that, don't ask how she didn't get canned, she won't tell.
No. 589637 ID: 189a54

I think I finally got my act together, suspending all the extra shit like this for a bit to actually finish a quest for once xD
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