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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 140589000988.png - (11.62KB , 417x265 , 1.png )
584932 No. 584932 ID: df793f

Hello ladies and gents, we have finally been funded to start this project of ours. What project? Well let me tell you! Our project is the 'Quest finishing,' we've been given a studio and some resources to see if we can't mully out an ending to all those quests that haven't been completed. It's simple, You are the director, I'm the producer, and the others are just... people who do things.... and together we will try to make an ending that is suitable for our broadcast spokesman. If he likes it, he will give us more funding for better people and things to make better and higher quality finales.
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No. 584935 ID: df793f
File 140589034198.png - (8.77KB , 417x265 , 2.png )

so far this is our pool of actors, from right to left.
Quinton- he's a cheap actor who is trying to start his career, he takes his job seriously and is partial to being the 'serious character' or villain.

Annabelle- this is my grandma, also no acting experience but she makes fine brownies.

Jack- this is a happy go lucky guy we took off the street, he wanted to be an actor in college... but never dropped out. He prefers being the upbeat character or hero.

Judith- this girl brings me coffee... no acting experience, she has no preferance for character.

Alright, shoot me a quest you want finished, i'll see if i can't write up a script for it's ending and then we will take it away from there!

No. 584940 ID: 22d852

Lunar Quest!
No. 584943 ID: df793f
File 140589281184.png - (11.78KB , 417x265 , 3.png )

alright, lunar quest eh? So this is what i have so far, saulanna and wordblood are super powerful and are going to become... super awesome super beings... but there is this bad guy who is the only thing in their way. There's an epic battle and they become gods and they make a world and then fnally lunar quest is over. You can take the liberties to change a few things, but if you like this idea all we need to do is choose who plays who in this.

No. 584944 ID: 22d852

Judith will be Saulanna, I guess, since grandma doesn't work. Quinton would probably be Peregrin or the mysterious bad guy, Jack can be a hero antagonist. Wordblood and Kairosa can be a puppets. Grandma can be, I don't know, Gaia or something.
No. 584992 ID: 9ddf68

Bad guy can be the ebony dragon since why the hell not, would say something else but you don't exactly have a very large cast here so I'm trying to keep it simple. Judith can be saulanna because one she's the only female lead she can fall into and two if she messes up her acting we can just say it's because saulanna has amnesia. I also agree with using puppets or CGI if you got it for the titans. Annabelle could play luna and maybe switch her around with Jack every now and then since luna is a shapeshifter.
No. 586235 ID: df793f
File 140650107433.png - (10.63KB , 417x265 , 4.png )

Alright, now that we finally have the costumes done and some of the stage set up it's now time to begin the shoot.
No. 586236 ID: df793f
File 140650130373.png - (8.05KB , 417x265 , 5.png )

[annabelle] Judith had a friend come in to make most of the costumes and the puppets, maria is a good girl and she's done a good job on the costumes, she is going to be the wordblood puppet aswell. As you can see I've made my own costume, not as heartfelt as maria's outfits but these old bones needed to busy herself. I do hope my outfit is nice enough...
No. 586238 ID: df793f
File 140650139023.png - (7.69KB , 417x265 , 6.png )

Alright, now it is up to you mister director to build the scene for us! Just come up with something off the fly and my actors will improvise.

No. 586268 ID: 53548a


does anyone know what Lunar Quest is about?
No. 586284 ID: 761017

dig through the archives.
No. 586298 ID: 53548a

No. 586319 ID: 6d3b18

Go win some crazy diplomacy battles! Or collect some titan fragments! Or... find some ghosts and argue about the morals of eating them for power. That's really the core of Lunar Quest.
No. 586320 ID: cee89f

It's worth it, but if you insist...

Lunar quest is a quest based on Exalted about an amnesiac who is turned into a champion of the moon and also has a Titanic fragment attached to her soul. Her name is Saulanna.

Saulanna spends the first chapter running from her original captor, then she fights him and gets him as her servant through a true name oath. In the second, she's confronted by a new pair of Lunars and starts making her second Titan Deva. A new death hero shows up and thoroughly trounces her and the lunars in social combat. It ends with all parties agreeing to cool down a bit before getting fully into various sensitive topics.

Then Saulanna rips her soul apart so she can birth a new deva. Said Deva is Kairosa, the most adorable time/feeding deva thing ever to tell you that it'll eat you at the end of your days.

They wake after the miracle of soul ripping to find that their physical body has changed, meaning that they can't hide that they're a titan anymore, which is bad.

In brief.

If you've ever heard of Exalted, it's basically that but farther into the timeline's future.

Director: Kairosa gets hungry for the sun, so she eats away the time between now and sunrise. the ebon dragon gets pissed and gets all up in Kairosa's grill. So Kairosa eats the sun and becomes the Uberdeva, and the world burns away to ash.
No. 586386 ID: e31ca1

Yeah, this one is quite a knot to untangle, but the Ebony Dragon isn't nessesarily the end boss. The Gods are! Sauliana unites with all the titan fragments, kills the Gods, and makes the world better for everybody (but mostly titans)
No. 591347 ID: dff0a8
File 140914721277.png - (6.72KB , 394x265 , 7.png )

[Quintin]So we were supposed to start shooting a long while ago, but our set hasn't gotten here yet. We've been going about rehearsing our lines and such, but if something doesn't get done i might just walk out.
No. 591348 ID: dff0a8
File 140914733832.png - (9.30KB , 394x265 , 8.png )

[Judith] so the set guys over there at the place haven't brought in our props and such, so we've been having lots of free time on our hands. Annabelle, the nice little grandma had made these awesome sun cookies as the theme for our script.

[Carey] 'I bet they aren't as good as my cookies'
No. 591349 ID: dff0a8
File 140914739843.png - (8.73KB , 394x265 , 9.png )

[Judith] these cookies blow yours out of the water

[Carey] y-you don't like my cookies?

[Judith] OH NO, i looooove your cookies!!!
No. 591350 ID: dff0a8
File 140914750947.png - (7.75KB , 394x265 , 10.png )

[Carey] too late, you stink butt

[Judith] I'm soooo sorry, will a kiss fix the problem?

[Carey] no

[Judith] smoochey smoochey?

[Carey] nyo, nuthin you do will cheer me up- cookie hater
No. 591351 ID: dff0a8
File 140914785445.png - (6.80KB , 394x265 , 11.png )

[Jack] huh? oh, it's one of them... whatever you call its- so... the studio had put an order out for some fancy pants studio set, with free hanging stars and a little bit of animated backdrops. That hasn't come in yet and so we haven't had much to do. I've been sorta put to work fixin all the mechanical stuff and running out to grab food for everyone. It's funny how much you learn from your co actors when you do that. Lessee, Quintin has a crazy fear of disorganization- like OCD but instead of tidying things he freaks out about them not being parallel or even. Annabelle is an amazing cook and was also in vietnam as a nurse in the field. And Judith is gay, Her and her friend are in a relationship.
No. 591352 ID: dff0a8
File 140914807063.png - (6.68KB , 394x265 , 12.png )

[Jack] That last one I found out by accident, I don't mind when you get jiggy in private but don't have sloppy makeouts by the tool storage. She hasn't told anyone, probably because she thinks it might get her canned, She hasn't figured out that I know either.

>Input in whole
No. 591362 ID: 487455

Looks like you'll need to find busy work for your actors while we wait for the set. Maybe put them on promotions?

Also, you might actually have time to write a script instead of making everything up on the fly.

>probably because she thinks it might get her canned
Then don't can her, doof! Easy fix.
No. 591383 ID: 3009b4

Give one of Annabelle's cookies to Carey and make her eat one. We shouldn't let Judith and Carey's squabbles interfere with production. If Carey is a really good baker then she might not LIKE being beaten but it may demonstrate that it's not because Judith dislikes her cookies.

I think you should intimidate Quinton -- if he's just trying to start his career a walk-out won't help it. You can either play hardball boss or tell him that his leaving will disorganize everything and it will be all his fault.

I don't know Exalted, but I think sun should give Kairosa terrible heartburn. Then we could do some product placement with antacids.
No. 591407 ID: b2c9e1

Don't can her, But let her know she should be a bit more subtle if she doesn't want everyone to know.
No. 591411 ID: 3009b4

Do NOT can her. That's a discrimination lawsuit waiting to happen. Besides, a little indiscretion isn't going to hurt her job performance so who cares?
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