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File 140497507522.png - (14.23KB , 300x300 , far1.png )
583593 No. 583593 ID: f974bd

. . .

this is my first quest so please bare with me if i make a mistake!
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No. 583594 ID: f974bd
File 140497510201.png - (10.83KB , 300x300 , 2.png )

there is someone outside of your door
No. 583599 ID: 5d2bf6

Oh, are you expecting someone?
No. 583603 ID: f974bd
File 140498029037.png - (19.64KB , 300x300 , 3.png )

you sit up.


no. you were sleeping. it's 3 in the morning and this is the first day of your parent's vacation. you stayed up all night last night once they were gone and now you're on the path to becoming a night owl

but that's not important right now

someone is in your house
No. 583607 ID: e6f437

Did they knock on your door or how do you know that there is someone there?
No. 583608 ID: f974bd
File 140498671757.png - (24.45KB , 300x300 , 4.png )

you swallow, grip the sheets, and try to ignore the pounding in your chest.


no. they didn't knock. but you can hear their footfalls. they're walking around in the hallway behind the door in front of you.
that's not the only thing, though.

they're talking. they're saying your nickname over and over again. your door isn't locked.

your mind's racing. your eyes dart around nervously, and you try to think of a way to maybe defend yourself.
No. 583609 ID: f974bd
File 140498673406.png - (24.45KB , 300x300 , 5.png )

on second thought, maybe just hiding in the bathroom is a good idea. it's the door behind you of course.
No. 583611 ID: a7520d

If there's a window you can safely get out of in the bathroom, go. Just run. If not, arm yourself. Do you have a baseball bat? Worst case, try to use the lamp behind you.
You probably won't be able to win an actual fight, being out numbered and possably less equipped. Quickly lock the door, grab something and get ready. If they have a gun or if there are too many, don't fight. If not, aim to get past them, and flee.
Why would they be targeting you, specifically? Is anyone close enough to hear if you yell for help? You don't have a phone in your room, right?
No. 583612 ID: 5c64ea

Give 'em the ol' razzle dazzle
No. 583613 ID: 5d2bf6

Razzle dazzle 'em. And they'll never catch wise!
No. 583614 ID: f974bd
File 140499198768.png - (21.50KB , 300x300 , 6.png )

>>583612 >>583613

That's just silly.
You guess it can be your last resort, but you're only doing it if you have the... required materials.(And also once you're relatively safe and or armed.)


You head to the bathroom, although your legs are really wobbly, and you're shaking really badly. Your room is on the second floor, and you'd rather not jump from the height from your bathroom ... You're sure you can find a weapon or something in there, though.
No. 583615 ID: f974bd
File 140499200390.png - (15.13KB , 300x300 , 7.png )

No. 583616 ID: f974bd
File 140499202531.png - (17.78KB , 300x300 , 8.png )

No. 583619 ID: 321d85

As it's your first quest, FYI: nobody's going to post a response to that update, because there aren't any choices to be made and nothing to respond to. But maybe you already knew that, and are preparing to post additional things or something.
No. 583620 ID: 5d2bf6

Ponder why someone might be out there looking for you.
No. 583621 ID: f974bd
File 140500074291.png - (114.49KB , 300x300 , 9.png )

You are now a ghost instead.
No. 583622 ID: f974bd
File 140500088151.png - (121.50KB , 300x300 , 10.png )

The leaves glisten with dewdrops. Deep gold grass fills the fields as well as sun yellow vines sprawl across the landscape. Budding plants and chipped pottery. Crickets croon and birds chirp.

This is too pretty to be a dream.
No. 583628 ID: f974bd
File 140500243881.jpg - (28.90KB , 300x300 , 11.jpg )

Well, besides that weird dark green mossy water.

You're searching for something.
No. 583630 ID: f974bd
File 140500319068.png - (22.67KB , 300x300 , 12.png )

It's a thing that does things! And.. The things that it does are very complex, because, well..

Actually ... You don't know what you're searching for.

What are you looking for?
No. 583631 ID: 879a42

This is now your reality. Embrace it. Are we searching for something specific? Because if we aren't I think our ghost needs a scarf. To keep that ethereal chill off our ghostly neck, we need a scarf, so find one. (I'm serious)
No. 583635 ID: f974bd
File 140500554820.png - (30.40KB , 300x300 , 13.png )

So ... you're looking for a scarf, are you?? Magnificent choice, but where are you going to get it fr-...

You just had the most brilliant idea! How about we go past the door into the human realm where we're not supposed to go where everything is less colorful and everything is strange, inferior, and foreign? Surely a lesser being will donate a scarf to your cause!

This is the best idea you've had in ages! Come on, let's go!
No. 583636 ID: 879a42

Charge! Into the human realm!
No. 583642 ID: f974bd
File 140500661460.png - (57.79KB , 300x300 , imlosingtrackofthesenumbers.png )

You're here! Hooray! Everything is well!

You pushed the door open a little. You didn't mean to, but ... You were a little startled when you saw another spirit ... He had mass. And he was completely black. Like.. tar. Tar black.

That's fucking weird.

Well, he didn't seem to see you. Moving on.. this is the room the door leads to?

It's so.. gloomy.. but it doesn't make you gloomy! Your mood is unmovable. You're always happy! That's what you felt like when you died, so that's what you are now!
No. 583645 ID: 638a22

>always happy cause that's how you died
Well, lucky you, then. Sucks for everyone who didn't die happy, and now are condemned to eternal pain or fear or uncertainty or whatever.
No. 583648 ID: f974bd
File 140500805637.png - (53.87KB , 300x300 , yeahghostywhatsyourdamage.png )


Mortals sure are sassy these days...

Enough of that horsing around.
Your name is Lorna, you are a ghost, and you are going to acquire the heck out of a scarf!
No. 583649 ID: 2c4eb9

Maybe ask the resident mortal if there's a scarf she/he wouldn't mind parting with, if you find her/him.
What's in that door there?
No. 583652 ID: 879a42

If the mortal can't hear you for some reason, (they must be deaf) acquire a Wigi board or a pencil and paper. You shall transcend failed communication to acquire scarf. Write SCARF, NOW. That will get their attention.
No. 583653 ID: f974bd
File 140500933044.png - (52.69KB , 300x300 , imansweringyourquestion.png )


Behind that door? A hallway! In that hallway there's some weird presumable tar demon ... you don't know ... blegh, it's gross either way. It used to be the entrance to the spirit w-


You realize that you are stuck in the human realm.
No. 583654 ID: f974bd
File 140500940026.png - (24.66KB , 300x300 , hideinthebathroom.png )

You are now this much less interesting protag.
No. 583655 ID: 879a42

Acquiring scarf is your only hope of getting home now.
No. 583656 ID: 879a42

As human protag, see if you can determine who is there, how many people are In the house?
No. 583657 ID: 0f158f

Have a strange urge to seek cleaning chemicals, particularly some that could dissolve a substance like tar.
No. 583660 ID: f974bd
File 140501060289.png - (13.97KB , 300x300 , wtfyouguys.png )


Like you said earlier, you're not going out there without at least a blunt object of some sort.


You .. have some Tar-Away under the sink, but you're not sure what good that would do in this situation ....

Looking around, there's a bunch of different things you could use.



>a bar of soap

>a spray bottle with water

>a toothbrush

>some hair scrunchies


>a hairbrush

What should you grab?
No. 583661 ID: 879a42

Hairspray, soap, and the tar away because it looks friendly.
No. 583662 ID: 879a42

If you find a lighter, you can make a flamethrower with the hairspray, and take the water and soap to slick up the floor near your main door so an intruder might slip.
No. 583663 ID: f974bd
File 140501217335.png - (18.60KB , 300x300 , inventoryyyyyy.png )


You add the BAR OF SOAP and the HAIRSPRAY to your inventory. You are going to go confront the person in the hallway now.

You hope you don't die.
No. 583665 ID: f974bd
File 140501312586.png - (7.24KB , 300x300 , ohgod.png )

You step out into the hallway.

No. 583666 ID: f974bd
File 140501324549.png - (16.70KB , 300x300 , shadow.png )

It mimicks you. It conforms to your pose. Like it's mocking you.

Like your own shadow.

This angers you.
No. 583668 ID: f974bd
File 140501451817.png - (23.50KB , 300x300 , are you ok there.png )

No. 583669 ID: f974bd
File 140501453757.png - (28.98KB , 300x300 , this is getting weird.png )

No. 583670 ID: f974bd
File 140501496291.png - (47.75KB , 300x300 , UM.png )

No. 583671 ID: 0dff17

u ok there
What's your name?
Are you magic ?
No. 583675 ID: 879a42

Well if thing is gonna mimic you then punch yourself in the face. If that doesn't knock the thing out cold, go get the TARD-AWAY. Surely it must have a use against this monstrosity, because you know, plot.
No. 583677 ID: f974bd
File 140501670409.png - (47.76KB , 300x300 , I AM CONCERNED.png )






No. 583678 ID: f974bd
File 140501671711.png - (16.09KB , 300x300 , bonk.png )

No. 583679 ID: f974bd
File 140501673711.png - (21.53KB , 300x300 , peer.png )

See what I mean by sassy humans?
No. 583682 ID: 879a42

Get wrecked, now Lorna possess that girl and get you a scarf.
No. 583683 ID: 2c4eb9

Hrrm. Sooo what was that creepy red thing? Hymn?
And...is there anything we can do to help?
No. 583687 ID: 879a42

Either human protag is dead or knocked unconscious. Either way our objective is to find a scarf suitable for our ghost friend Lorna. If human protag goes to ghost realm then Lorna might go with her, but where is the fun in that? No scarfs in the ghost realm.
No. 583693 ID: f974bd
File 140502276253.png - (24.75KB , 300x300 , yeahno.png )


She's just passed out, don't worry about it. You mean...

If she can withstand looking at her own demon, she's a tough macaroon.


She is your sister, after all.

No. 583726 ID: 879a42

Alright then, since possession is off the table, any way you can ask her for a scarf? I'm suggesting a wigi board. (Its for communicating with ghosts.) But I guess you should look after her until she wakes up. Sisterly love and all.
No. 584239 ID: f974bd
File 140542280005.png - (9.45KB , 300x300 , farch2.png )

fifteen years earlier
No. 584240 ID: f974bd
File 140542281363.png - (9.68KB , 300x300 , steps.png )

No. 584241 ID: f974bd
File 140542282516.png - (11.47KB , 300x300 , blood.png )

No. 584244 ID: f974bd
File 140542455665.png - (18.00KB , 300x300 , basement.png )

No. 584245 ID: f974bd
File 140542458337.png - (22.81KB , 300x300 , claws.png )

No. 584252 ID: f974bd
File 140543866001.png - (17.52KB , 300x300 , shadows.png )

It looks like the big bad wolf isn't so bad after all.
No. 584257 ID: 874468

I'm seeing something that looks like blood; should you be seeking medical attention urgently?
No. 584261 ID: b5130d

So... what's going on? Status report?
No. 584262 ID: 8a46f8

what is happen?
No. 584370 ID: 879a42

I believe this is prologue cutscene time. How Lorna died maybe?
No. 584703 ID: f974bd
File 140579299684.png - (8.66KB , 179x179 , blind.png )


Dead? No, but she will be in a minute or so.


Why would you do that? You brought Lorna here to kill her, not play doctor.

... What a waste, she's spit up blood.

Oh well.

>what is going on?

>what is happen?

You are Hymn, daughter of Giselle, high vampir, and you are about to end this dumb feud between your family and the Kovalevsky family.
No. 584704 ID: e3aff6

>end this dumb feud between your family and the Kovalevsky family.
You can't end a feud with a family by killing one of them unless you are absolutely sure there is only one left and nobody else cared about them.
No. 584707 ID: 22d852

Yeah, this is trademark perpetuating a feud. Carrying it out. Ending it would be letting it go.

What do vampires have to gain killing a little girl, anyways?
No. 584708 ID: f974bd
File 140579427427.png - (8.52KB , 179x179 , blind2.png )


Oh, here's the part you think the voices are going to be impressed by.

You know that Lorna is the treasured heir of the Kovalevsky "throne". You know if she were to be killed the entire little band of werewolves would collapse unto itself. You know.

How are you going to kill her is the question.
No. 584710 ID: e3aff6

"They will give up after a few losses" are famous last words. Is collapsing after losing their heir something that werewolf clans have actually done before?
No. 584711 ID: eb1d1d

who is to say they cant just pop out a few more heirs?
No. 584712 ID: 22d852

Because collapses are always cleanly directed inwards. Sure. Deterioration can never erupt violently outwards.

Question for you. If this is such an easy solution, why did none of your elders attempt it? Why are you here, and not your father? Why are you acting alone?
No. 584713 ID: 2fd516

Well you're a vampire, why not suck out all her blood?
No. 584725 ID: 879a42

Make it look like one of their own killed her. They will crumble twice as fast. Or write something cryptic in her corpse.
No. 584728 ID: f974bd
File 140580374870.png - (9.94KB , 179x179 , crappilydrawnback.png )


You can't say for sure-- you're uncertain if there are any other .. supernatural clans out there.


Lorna's mother can't have any more children-- she's troubled with a case of secondary infertility. They could adopt someone, but they'd be out of their minds to-- you can't exactly turn a human into a werewolf like you can sire another vampire.


That.. could be a solution, however you're pretty sure that if you consume too much of a werewolf's blood you may die. Also, it tastes disgusting.


Your father is a very sensitive topic, thank you very much.

You're acting alone because all of the other decent high vampires are blood-bank stealing cowards, that's what. You doubt they would be able to even push an old man into an alley to feed.

And your elders--ha. They may be old and powerful but they would turn into a pile of ash if they took a step outside in daylight.


Does it look like you have anything to "write something cryptic" in her with? On second thought.. you'll be right back.
No. 584733 ID: 22d852

Cowardice and caution can be the same thing, depending on the context. You never considered that they know something you do not?
No. 584752 ID: e6e228

Fun fact: We have it on good authority that her name is well-known in the future.
Now maybe this timeline thing isn't concrete, or maybe you shouldn't leave that body unattended...Or finish the job, if you haven't yet.
No. 584797 ID: 879a42

Hurry up and kill DAT bitch (get it), the time for vengeance and or just wanting to end the fued is NAOW. Time is wasting, finish her and do your cryptic shiz later.
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