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File 140479052674.png - (345.81KB , 700x600 , dont go into the forest.png )
583299 No. 583299 ID: 03a06f

Don't Go Into The Forest.

It was the Law, gospel, and a warning she had been given since she could walk. The Forest was a hundred yards from her village and had only one path disappearing into it's tall thick trunks. Two or three times a year a caravan teeming with guards would emerge from the thick branches and bring necessities that the village couldn't acquire on their own. No one else was allowed to even approach the edge of the forest.

But kids will be kids, won't they?
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No. 583300 ID: 03a06f
File 140479056596.png - (117.89KB , 700x600 , dg3.png )

Every so often the children of the village would sneak through a crack in the wall that surrounded it, daring each other closer and closer still to where the grass grew long and the tree branches stretched forward like claws. The bravest boys have nudged the long grass, but no one had dared to go further.

Until today.

Your name is Emma. You're thirteen. And you suddenly have a very bad feeling about this.
No. 583301 ID: 03a06f
File 140479059385.png - (124.16KB , 700x600 , dg2.png )

"You big baby!"

A group of the village children are a few feet behind the nervous girl. Some of them call out cruel words, mocking her and goading her forward inch by inch. For as long as she could remember, Emma wanted to be 'one of the boys'. Girls spent too much time sewing and sitting quietly trying to keep their dresses clean. It was much more fun to run and jump in the river, to roll in the mud and fight with swords made from sticks. Just as rough and tumble as the rest of the boys, Emma still constantly found herself in positions like this, forcing herself to be even more brave. She was just as tough as them, just as strong, just as fast and smart.
No. 583302 ID: 03a06f
File 140479061944.png - (164.16KB , 700x600 , dg4.png )

...But the forest was very very scary.

No one knew the real reason they couldn't go into the Forest, but the stories were enough to make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end. Ghouls, terrible shape shifting beasts, terrible huge fires that burst to life and disappeared just as quickly. And there was always the looming fact that anyone who HAD went into the Forest had never been seen again.

It wasn't too late to turn back.
No. 583310 ID: e05b1e

What are you, some kind of girly girl? Get in there!
No. 583316 ID: a43c73

Scan the trees, use your nose, I'd say listen out for anything out of the ordinary in there if you can hear them.
Just because the Forest is scary doesn't mean you can't keep an eye out for trouble and be ready to bolt if something goes south...And you yanno, don't HAVE to go.
No. 583327 ID: 53ba34

just touch a branch. anyone calls you scared after that just say "if i'm scared then you are even more so, you ain't even touch the trees"
No. 583328 ID: 0ee153

Don't go into the Forest.
No. 583329 ID: 9dd1ee

yeah just go a tad further than the record, and if they call you scared after that dare them to go further
No. 583334 ID: 9ddf68

if the furthest they've ever gotten was the grass you might as well touch a tree. You still don't have to go into the forest this way and still have gotten further then any of them ever had. So if they give you shit then you can just point out that you still made it further then any of them.
No. 583337 ID: ebe537

Walk straight into that dumb forest. Then walk around and come out another way so the other kids don't see you, sneak up behind them and scream as loud as you can. Now they are the big babies.
No. 583351 ID: 03a06f
File 140481443994.png - (152.47KB , 700x600 , dg5.png )

You. Are. NOT. A girlie girl.
No. 583352 ID: 03a06f
File 140481446504.png - (138.41KB , 700x600 , dg6.png )

Resolute to prove them wrong, Emma's fists balled and she strode confidently forward. She felt the never-cut grass tickle her shins but her eyes focused ahead - if she had noticed her boots crunching the underbrush she wouldn't have been able to keep from running.

Her hand reached out slowly, nails almost brushing the bark--


A howl. A wolf howl. Rising higher and higher, louder and louder from the Forest. Right there. Right in front of her.

But...it wasn't the time for wolves, they were never this close this late into summer. She moved without thinking. Her palm hit the tree hard and she ran. Or. Well. Tried to.
No. 583353 ID: 03a06f
File 140481448724.png - (216.80KB , 700x600 , dg7.png )

She couldn't move.

The world went foggy, hazy and dark but in that darkness was a blinding gold light. Eyes. Deep, deep eyes. The whole world was humming and her legs felt like jello. The howling was back too, vibrating in her ears so loud she couldn't think. Under the howl was a soft echo of words she couldn't quite make out. The bark shuddered under her palm.

She couldn't move. She couldn't move. She couldn't move.
No. 583355 ID: a43c73

focus on closing your eyes, to block out that golden light.
Then, cover your ears to prevent the howl entering them.
And with any luck, you'll be able to RUN LIKE THE DICKENS OUTTA THERE!
No. 583357 ID: 9ddf68

oh uh... focus on why you're here. You came this far to prove you're not a girly girl But for you to prove that you have to get back. Focus solely on that, block everything else out. You need to get back to prove that you are braver than any of them and nothing especially this damn tree, is going to stop you.
No. 583364 ID: 9dd1ee

close your eyes and look away
No. 583371 ID: ef7fd2

there be a favicon for ye up in http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/66907.html, gyarr!
No. 583385 ID: 2fd516

Focus on the words. What are they saying?
No. 583392 ID: 5973ff

Close your eyes and to get your hand off that tree.
No. 583393 ID: 879a42

Get your hand (Paw?) off the tree, maybe it is making hallucinate this. It seems a bit too well timed that your palm hits the bark just as you see eyes, and now you can't move. GTFOff DAT TREE.
No. 583497 ID: 03a06f
File 140490267463.png - (109.16KB , 700x600 , dg8.png )

She tried to block out that bright light, shutting her eyes so tight they ached. The howling stopped suddenly as she ripped her hand away from the bark and turned toward her friends, running for safety.

With her eyes closed it was almost worse. But without the howling she could hear those deathly soft whispers.

'You had one directive...Fool.'
No. 583498 ID: 03a06f
File 140490276884.png - (90.88KB , 700x600 , dg9.png )

"A-Ahh!" Emma gasped as she toppled over and scraped her knee, feeling the sting as blades of grass were crushed under her. But they were short and full of life - she had gotten further away than she thought.

What was that thing? That voice. Her hand was still warm from the tree trunk as well. Was it... the Monster?

There was no time to think about that, though her blood pounded in her ears and her heart beat loud along with it, nothing could stifle the hooting and hollering coming from her bystanders.
No. 583499 ID: 03a06f
File 140490279907.png - (86.19KB , 700x600 , dg10.png )

Her fear melted away and the little thing practically sprung to her feet, she WAS tough! She was the strongest kid in the village now! No one had even gotten anywhere near as close as she had! No one would be able to call her a baby ever again!
No. 583500 ID: 03a06f
File 140490283412.png - (90.93KB , 700x600 , dg11.png )

Yes. This was it. This was her moment and from now on she had nothing to prove, she could run with the boys and finally feel at home!

Emma's brow scrunched though. Why did they stop cheering? It was hard to make out exactly what they were saying from so far away.

"Em.....! Em.....th.....hind...!"

No, she couldn't make it out. Even if she strained her too-big ears she only caught a few syllables. "What?!" She called back, slowly walking back toward the crowd of children. What were they going on about?
No. 583501 ID: 03a06f


(Not really a spoiler)
...THIS IS REALLY COOL. But this is my first quest, how do I make this thing be a thing on my thing??? :O
No. 583504 ID: a36601

Emma, there's something behind you.

Also, the quest looks adorable.
No. 583506 ID: 321d85

Ummmmm maybe you should start running back to the group, even before turning around.
No. 583512 ID: 9dd1ee

RUN! run for the village as fast as you can
No. 583515 ID: 50338d

Scrapped your knee.

>what do
Something behind you. Just run, no hesitation, no looking back.

You don't, technically. You just okay it and then a mod gets around to applying it.
No. 583516 ID: 879a42

Turn around slowly and look at the almost certainly there eldritch abomination against everything holy in the eye. Prepare for plot to sweep her into the darkness.
No. 583518 ID: 53ba34

run back to the crack in the wall
No. 583521 ID: 9ddf68

hmm well we can't hear them because you're to far away so the obvious answer is to run towards them with all haste so we can hear them better and don't bother looking back at the forest, you beat it already so it holds no more for you. Now remember the quicker you run the quicker you can hear what they're saying.
No. 583546 ID: ef7fd2

make a post approving it in the disthread and lagotrope should install it soon enough!
No. 583552 ID: 7f1663

Book it towards the boys, kiddo, and don't look back. They're trying to warn you.

Swivel your ears behind you as you run though, so you can make sure they aren't just pranking you.
No. 583563 ID: 5973ff

Run to them, you can forget about the forest for now.
No. 583719 ID: cad45e

You should probably run as fast as you can up to them, you know, so that you can brag about being fast to.

Just... yeah don't look behind yourself.
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