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File 140440554603.png - (76.81KB , 600x700 , SWASHBUCKLERS!.png )
582629 No. 582629 ID: 103c51

"'Crashland the ship near the town, Magnus!' 'The townsfolk will be helpful, Magnus!' Yeah right. Worst idea since unsliced bread! If my crew ain't dead yet, I'll fuckin' strangle 'em myself!"
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No. 582630 ID: 103c51
File 140440556268.png - (42.60KB , 600x700 , WHOS THAT POKEMON.png )

You were the CAPTAIN of your ship, but you don't really have a functioning ship anymore, or a CREW. Now you're just the PRISONER. And if you've heard these degenerates right, you are about to be EXECUTED.
You have a NAME and a SKILL. It's not the only thing you're good at, but it's the thing you're BEST at. And today, you'll be using it to escape.
No. 582635 ID: e1609c

Megaman namagen, master of biting shit with those scary-ass chompers you stole off a shark
No. 582642 ID: ebc77d

Granit Xhaka
hand to hand fighting. Sure you can use a sword or a pistol, but your brawling skills are legendary. Most of the time during duelling, your cutlass is only there to block your opponents swings so you can get to punch the shit out/ smash his head into an convieniently close hard object repeatedly/ trip and stomp your boots' imprint into a forehead/ all of the above.
No. 582648 ID: 103c51
File 140441250828.png - (21.49KB , 600x700 , its granit namagen!.png )

Your name is GRANIT NAMAGEN, and your best skill is HAND TO HAND FIGHTING.

>Sure you can use a sword or a pistol, but your brawling skills are legendary. Most of the time during duelling, your cutlass is only there to block your opponents swings so you can get to punch the shit out/ smash his head into an convieniently close hard object repeatedly/ trip and stomp your boots' imprint into a forehead/ all of the above.
Aw yeah baby, vicious and bloody, that is how we do things!
>master of biting shit with those scary-ass chompers you stole off a shark
I gotta admit, biting shit sure does come second, but only because my mouth is too small to bite off necks. Sad, but true.
No. 582649 ID: 103c51
File 140441252537.png - (19.13KB , 600x700 , hot hot as a tater tot.png )

I hear footsteps and the faint jingle of keys coming towards me. Must be my jailer. He'll have to unlock the heavy, wooden door to even see me, though I guess he could pull back the latch on it to see what's up first. No doubt he's coming to escort me to be murderized, but that is not my jam today.
I feel like I should mention I'm supposed to be in shackles, but I totally lasered 'em off. No iron's gonna hold Granit Motherfuckin' Namagen. The only regret I have is that it completely emptied out my gun, and I doubt I could find a recharge in these backwater parts.
What do I do?
No. 582650 ID: d0a5ee

You were able to sneak a gun into there? Got any other useful things with you while you are at it?
Anyway, if you are supposed to be in view of the door, sit slumped in a corner like you are still chained and grab him when he gets close. If you were not in view of the door by default, wait next to the door.
No. 582682 ID: 483d7f

Your idiotic crew is still a resource: You probably shouldn't ever trust them again for thinking or ideas but if you're doing this badly they aren't likely to be doing much better. Rescue them and you've got either a low-quality crew to use or some slaves to trade at the next black market you find.
No. 582724 ID: 9ddf68

sit with your back the door and just hold on to the chain. When the jailer comes to get you smash his face in. If he has friends then knock him into them to buy yourself some time.
No. 582764 ID: c2b94d
File 140448702701.png - (25.13KB , 600x700 , leg so hot hot hot leg.png )

>You were able to sneak a gun into there? Got any other useful things with you while you are at it?
I sure did baby. Well, I don't know about useful - but I have a SCREWDRIVER in the hidden compartment of my boot, which I used to stab someone. Look, it's still bloody. In my other boot pocket I have A PACK OF CIGS, slightly crumpled but in good condition. However, no lighter.
Oh, and I have an empty MINI DEATH-RAY, it's what I used to solder off my chains. It is completely out of juice - it's more like a decorative hunk of metal at this point.
I don't know about you, but I count the outfit underneath this dress-thing as useful - sturdy and very hard to tear, unlike this dress. Though what can I say, I only stole it to blend in better. Next time remember to steal quality.
>Your idiotic crew is still a resource: You probably shouldn't ever trust them again for thinking or ideas but if you're doing this badly they aren't likely to be doing much better. Rescue them and you've got either a low-quality crew to use or some slaves to trade at the next black market you find.
Hey now doll, there's some people in my crew I consider family. One's like my little brother, and one...well, she's pretty to look at. One step at a time, however, one step at a time. First I rescue myself, and then my idiots.
No. 582765 ID: c2b94d
File 140448704741.png - (21.91KB , 600x700 , ROUND ONE MOTHERFUCKER.png )

>Anyway, if you are supposed to be in view of the door, sit slumped in a corner like you are still chained and grab him when he gets close
>sit with your back the door and just hold on to the chain. When the jailer comes to get you smash his face in.
I am supposed to be in view of the door - that's why the latch exists. Quickly, I slump in front of my chains, keeping my hands behind me so that he thinks I'm still bound. The jailer pulls back the latch, and then opens the door. He mumbles either 'bitch' or 'witch', but both are a compliment. He approaches me silently, keys in hand. He walks with a forced swagger to his gait, but by the trembling of his hands I know he's scared. Despite the need to lure him in, I smile in anticipation. Closer, clooossserrrrr.... Ahhh, there we go...
I jump, startling him completely, and headbutt his abdomen, grabbing onto him. He drops the keys and screams.
My fists find his stomach, his cheekbones, his lips. I lunge and bite, biting his cheek, biting his arms, scratching and kicking and kneeing...
No. 582766 ID: c2b94d
File 140448706506.png - (27.80KB , 600x700 , mine now.png )

He put up a fight, sure enough. A clump of my hair is in his hands, and I'll walk away with some bruises.
But he is overpowered. He is mine.
With my hand over his mouth - enough with the screaming already, I'll end up deaf! - I tower over him, reveling in my victory. I'm on him, my right knee at his crotch and my leg pressing on his abdomen.
And now...do I kill him or spare him?
And if I spare him, what do I do with him?
No. 582777 ID: 24dc7a

If we keep him alive but incapacitated we could potentially use him as a hostage later. As a master of hand to hand combat (and probably also with kidnapping skills because pirate), you probably know ways like a sleeper hold for knocking people out.
Then steal the keys and all his stuff.
No. 582782 ID: 50338d

Shanghai him, obviously. You've got the first (reluctant) member of your replacement crew.
No. 582798 ID: ebc77d

Knock the guy out obviously. Then you can take the keys and leave him in your cell.
No. 582802 ID: ef7fd2

"You fight well. Join me, and together we will rule the world!"
If its not obvious from the suggestion, bring him along. Anyone who can get a hit in on you is probably worth keeping around.
No. 582809 ID: 18958d

Steal him away, but keep a close eye on him. Don't want any funny business.
No. 582833 ID: c2b94d
File 140450899511.png - (20.29KB , 600x700 , I CAN SHOOOW YOU THE WOOORLD.png )

"You fight well enough. Join me, and together we will rule the world and command the stars!"
He stares, too shocked to say anything. I shake him a little, continuing, "Do you want to be a sad scrap of a jailer your whole life? Join me, and I will show you wonders. Together, we will rip out treasure from the Devil's claws!"
He looks really, really scared. "W-well..." he begins, but I cut him off: "And I will extend your life span!"
"B-by magic?!" he sputters, looking wide-eyed.
"No. By not killing you on the spot."
He nods. "Yes. Y-yes, I accept!"
No. 582834 ID: c2b94d
File 140450901861.png - (20.69KB , 600x700 , TELL ME RANDOM MOOK WHEN DID U LAST LET UR HEART D.png )

I take the keys he dropped, and motion for him to leave the cell first.
I still do not trust him enough to have him out of my eyesight. He looks frazzled and scared, which is appropriate for Ordinary People when they're around me, but not for my crew. Oh well, I gotta work with what I got.
>Talk to...wait, what's his name??? (about what?)
>Ignore him. He'll get used to your awesomeness soon enough.
No. 582835 ID: c2b94d
File 140450904131.png - (106.17KB , 600x700 , SHINING SHIMMERING SPLENDIIID.png )

The hallway your cell is in has no other doors. There are two other hallways branching off - the left is faintly lit by what looks like natural light, the right by light from a fire or a fireplace, you don't know.
>Go left.
>Go right.
>Ask the guy for his opinion
No. 582843 ID: 18958d

Ask his opinion, let him prove he's trustworthy
No. 582886 ID: 24dc7a

That seems like a good idea. If he tries to betray us and lead us to some guards we can go with our plan B of holding him hostage.
No. 582937 ID: c2b94d
File 140459844324.png - (34.22KB , 600x700 , book or die.png )

I turn to my new crewmate. "Okay there pal, what's the light at the end of these tunnels? And what should I call you, while I'm at it?"
He blinks. "My name is Joseph," he says, taking a deep breath before continuing. He is still nervous and I can tell, but he clenches his fists to steady his nerves.
"Don't go to the left. It's the exit to this buildings, but there is a mob, many guards, and a noose waiting for you. I was supposed to take you there so we could hang you. Don't go there, seriously. The right one is, well...I'm not all that sure. There are books and things...?"
"Any guards?" I ask, crossing my arms.
"No, who guards a library? There's probably the mayor, or someone. They kind of slink down here to read rare texts or whatever, I don't really care enough to ask."
No. 582938 ID: c2b94d
File 140459862718.png - (25.28KB , 600x700 , might still die tho.png )

Joseph might be pulling a trick on me. Wouldn't be the first time people end up ungrateful. I clap his back and give him a one-armed hug. "Joseph, sweetiepie...dearest, darling...If you just betrayed me I'm holding you hostage. If that doesn't work, baby, you're going down first."
He gulps and a slight shiver trails down his spine, but he nods again. "...I kind of thought so."
I'm in it to win it, baby.
Do I follow his advice, or do I do the opposite?
>follow joseph's advice and go right.
>no! he's tricking you! go left!
No. 582943 ID: ef7fd2

Head right, he's probably right about the mob.
No. 582945 ID: 7cbe45

Trust him! He doesn't seem like the sort to willingly give up his life just to get you captured again, and you've made it more than clear that this is what will happen if he's lying.
Additionally, make smalltalk while going down the corridor. It helps to get to know your new crewmember!
No. 582953 ID: a43c73

He's probably telling the truth since today is the day they WOULD be executing you, buuut you're awesome, so it's not happening.
Head on down to the library, maybe there's another way out of here. Or at least a place you might be able to hide until the mob goes away.
No. 582962 ID: 18958d

Head right ,but keep a close eye on him. He might bolt for it.
No. 582972 ID: 50338d

Now c'mon, babe, this wouldn't be much of a loyalty test if I didn't follow through. To the right we go.
No. 583046 ID: ebbab8

Ask if the library has any exits.
No. 583064 ID: c2b94d
File 140466088211.png - (26.99KB , 600x700 , walk walk fashion baby.png )


We go right.
"There are exits out, right?" I ask.
"Do you consider windows exits?"
"Of course! To a pirate, even a wall could be an exit, if it's wooden and breakable."
"So doll, what brings someone to jailing?" I continue, looking over to him. "Well, I wanted to be the blacksmith's apprentice but it didn't really work out. Too much heavy lifting and not enough excitement. And I'm the son of a barkeep, so I'm used to constnatly breaking up fights, and fighting. So when the mayor comes and says 'we need somebody to lounge around and occasionally ferry over criminals, and maybe beat them up if they try to escape', I said 'yes, this is the job for me'."
I laugh. "Haven't you ever thought of leaving this town?" A good sense of adventure is what my crew needs!
He blinks. "Well, it was always like 'oh yeah, I'll leave tomorrow, first thing' but I never...did. I liked going down to the docks to watch the ships, though."
"Ships?" I ask. This could be useful.
"Yeah, we are a port town after all. Where's your ship?"
"In the mountains," I wave my hand dismissivelly, and continue on. "Now tell me something really interesting or stealable about this town, oh and by the way, you didn't happen to hang my crew, did you?"
No. 583065 ID: c2b94d
File 140466090483.png - (26.55KB , 600x700 , im fucking lazy SUE ME.png )

Joseph shuffles his feet. "I don't know what a mighty witch like you would find interesting..."
Witch? "What?"
"I didn't hang your crew! We didn't catch them...we didn't catch anyone but you..."
WHAT??? "WHAT???"
Is he telling me my idiots all made it out, and I didn't???????
No. 583066 ID: c2b94d
File 140466093991.png - (5.27KB , 600x700 , black silhouettes brought to u by cat ripping out .png )

"shh!" he says, pressing a finger to his lips. We have reached the library door. Voices are coming from inside, muffled and many. 'this is bound to be some kind of sorcery...', 'why did you bring it to my library??', 'how do you really make this work?', 'I heard she turned men to dust with it...', 'yes but what do we DO with it...?'
"It's the mayor and his friends," Joseph whispers. "This is the only door though, and I think that by now the mob outside is anxious, we have to hurry..."
What do I do?
>Go in guns blazing...well, fists blazing, since we are both unnarmed.
>Tell Joseph to go inside to scout out the perimeter, they know him
>Tell Joseph to go inside and bring them outside so you can meet them fist-to-face
>Tell him to go first, and you'll follow
No. 583081 ID: 18958d

Go in and PUNCHPUNCHPUNCH! I doubt the mayor will put up much of a fight.
No. 583082 ID: 7cbe45

Send him in first to lure them out. That way you get to fight them on your terms! Of course, this does also puts Joseph in the perfect position to betray your ass with little to no risk to himself, so only do that if you a) trust him or b) have some way of threatening him from a distance.
If not, go in fist blazing. They DO have your gun, from the sound of things, but we know it's out of shooty-juice, so it aught to be a level playing field.
No. 583094 ID: ef7fd2

Kick the door down as hard as you can, preferrably with a leaping double kick so you can ride it into the room a ways for added effect. Grab whoever is nearest you when you are in for a hostage, and pull out your depleted gun and bluff the shit out of who is left for an escape path.
No. 583110 ID: 24dc7a

Supporting this. Burs in and say that what they do with it is put it down before it turns them to dust for meddling or you do so yourself.

>They DO have your gun, from the sound of things, but we know it's out of shooty-juice
No, its our secondary gun which is still on us that we ran out of juice, unless our other gun also happens to be out of ammo (which may be the case if we were captured).

> we didn't catch anyone but you...
> Magnus suggested this course of action
Is Magnus by any chance an ambitious sort? This is starting to sound like they set you up.
No. 583243 ID: ab400e
File 140475238628.png - (19.94KB , 600x700 , CURBSTOMP PARTY.png )

>Is Magnus by any chance an ambitious sort? This is starting to sound like they set you up.
Mangus didn't suggest this, he was the pilot at the time, and had this suggested to him by my first mate, Anika. Kind of serves me right to tell a one-eyed guy to pilot my ship. He's known me since he was five, I don't think he set me up. Anika on the other hand, is pretty ambitious herself...
I snarl, leap-kick the door down and am greeted by a wonderful chorus of "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH". It lands on someone, effectivelly knocking them out already. The gun is on the table, but it's out of juice so I don't bother. It clatters down to the floor. I lunge across the table, like a shark amidst a sea of frightened tuna, and grab the nearest person I can find.
No. 583244 ID: ab400e
File 140475240334.png - (28.44KB , 600x700 , HOSTAGE TRANSLATES TO DONT SHOOT ME YOU ASSHAT.png )

The glow of lamps flickers around me as I whirl to survey the scene and take in all my enemies. I scream "SURRENDER OR I'LL RIP HIS FACE OFF!", pressing my empty gun-barrel into the chubby man's neck. In the corner of my vision, a lanky figure reaches for his gun irregardless, eyes ablaze with anger.
No. 583245 ID: ab400e
File 140475242654.png - (26.65KB , 600x700 , POW MOTHERFUCKER.png )

Silently gliding into the room, Joseph knocks him the fuck out.
What a good man. Willingness to give someone brain-damage is also an important asset my crewmen need.
With everyone out of the way, it's time to look for ways out. Hopefully we can sneak away without the waiting guards and mob noticing.
No. 583246 ID: ab400e
File 140475244452.png - (17.64KB , 600x700 , oh fuck i fucked up.png )

"Oh no," whispers Joseph, breath hitching in his throat. "Oh noo oh no oh nooo..."
I turn to see what he's staring at and--
No. 583247 ID: ab400e
File 140475246490.png - (14.21KB , 600x700 , why cant the guards wait outside 4ever.png )


No. 583248 ID: ab400e
File 140475248645.png - (23.56KB , 600x700 , thecaptainisgoneTHECAPTAINISGONE.png )

=>You are now MAGNUS DEL SADE and you are FLIPPING THE FUCK OUT.
You don't know where your captain is, you don't know where the rest of the crew is, you don't even know where YOU are. In the brawl with the townsfolk you were separated from the rest, and then promptly turned tail and fled - not your proudest moment, but at least you're alive.
You have a POCKET COMUNICATOR, but no one is responding to your frenzied calls.
What will you do?
>There's a tavern in your line of sight, it's full of noise and merriment, maybe some of the crew slunk off there to 'hide'? Wouldn't be the first time...
>There's a path ahead of you, walk on.
No. 583257 ID: 18958d

Put the communicator away for now, but maybe check out the tavern? You can defend yourself in a fight, right?
No. 583259 ID: 505740

Would you even be able to pass as a local with the skull outfit and tattoos? If not you probably want to stay away from the tavern and go down the path.
No. 583356 ID: bfdaf0

Find something to cover your arms, try not to look *that* conspicuous.
No. 583387 ID: 7cbe45

Guys, this is a place where prison guards are dressed like 19th century navy admirals, I am pretty sure skulls and pirate tattoos are not that unusual. The real problem, blending-wise, is gonna be the FLUORESCENT GAY PRIDE BRACELET. FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE DO NOT WEAR THAT INTO WHAT INCREASINGLY SEEMS TO BE THE MIDDLE AGES.
No. 583389 ID: 7cbe45

Also, yeah, go to the tavern, it seems to be the most likely place to find your fellow pirates.
No. 583397 ID: ab400e
File 140484375046.png - (24.95KB , 600x700 , project runway.png )

>Put the communicator away for now, but maybe check out the tavern? You can defend yourself in a fight, right?
I stuff the comunicator into my trouser pocket. I can sort of kind of fight, yeah, but I have one eye - that means I have a huge blind spot people could attack, and also that I'm very bad at guesstimating depth perception. My job doesn't involve fighting - I'm the mechanic. I just sit tight and fix the ship when it breaks. Preferably, before it breaks down fully.
There's nothing wrong with my bracelet, but I take it off and put it in my coat pocket.
>Find something to cover your arms, try not to look *that* conspicuous
...Well, there are some clothes on a line there. I guess I could steal some, even though they're all gross. It's what Granit did.
No. 583398 ID: ab400e
File 140484376115.png - (14.95KB , 600x700 , I CRINGED DRAWING THIS.png )

>Would you even be able to pass as a local with the skull outfit and tattoos?
I like my coat...I don't want to toss it away, but the skull really does scream 'pirate here!', so I maybe...what if I inverted the coat so it doesn't show and wear it inside-out?
I look really stupid.
No. 583399 ID: ab400e
File 140484378116.png - (22.43KB , 600x700 , HELLO YES HELLO I KNO U.png )

I go to the tavern, and peek into the room from a window first. I mean, if it's full of...law-looking people or whatever, my friends wouldn't be here.
Oh hey there's Anika Saskian! I know her, she's the first mate, she's my friend!
No. 583400 ID: ab400e
File 140484380406.png - (13.49KB , 600x700 , OH LOOK A PERSON.png )

She's sitting by the window and drinking some water - poor dear is allergic to alcohol. I feel for her.
>Go in and say hi
>Sneak around and try eavesdropping via window
No. 583401 ID: ebbab8

Is she alone? If not, eavesdrop.
No. 583402 ID: ab400e

(oh yeah iforgot to mention but theres a discuss thread for this shabang http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/83407.html )
No. 583464 ID: 18958d

Say hello, but be on guard. Just be wary in general.
No. 583526 ID: 7cbe45

Well, you don't know that she's still a friend. After all, you did kinda run away, and last I checked pirates were not big on forgiving deserters. I suggest eavesdropping a bit first to get a general idea of what happened, and maybe of whether they're even aware you ran away?
No. 583531 ID: 60198a
File 140493679204.png - (18.69KB , 600x700 , blabber.png )

>After all, you did kinda run away, and last I checked pirates were not big on forgiving deserters.
IT WAS TOTALLY ON ACCIDENT I PROMISE. I didn't even think of that! ...I hope that's not the case.
I sneak up to the window and catch some of her conversation.
"--yes, with dreadlocks. And it's fluorescent for god's sake, you won't miss it!"
She is talking to a swarthy man in shabby clothing. "And you need that one badly?" he asks, leaning into her face. She makes a disgusted face before replying. "That one is essential. Others more or less. Remember, hmm," she paused, straightening out her back. A smile graced her face now, and she tapped the emblem on her chest before proceeding. "Actually, nevermind. I got it handled. Now, this skull you see here? Track down people with it. Ask them if it's theirs and ask them for their loyalty."
The man nodded before retreating back into his chair. "And if I do thisss...you will help me?"
"Yes," Anika smiled. "The power of lightning will be yours. Now leave."
No. 583532 ID: 60198a
File 140493681904.png - (13.57KB , 600x700 , oh shit.png )

When her companion left, Anika giggled. "And you know, Magnus dear, that you have never been very stealthy at all."
I kinda messed up.
"Join me," she said, not even looking at me.
>Join her
No. 583533 ID: 7cbe45

DO YOU REALLY HAVE A CHOICE. She looks like she's not in the mood for shenanigans. Better join her and try to see what's up.
No. 583535 ID: 2fd516

Go on.
>Join her
No. 583545 ID: ef7fd2

Join you for what? Captain's not dead yet, and until she is I don't plan on turning coat.
No. 583684 ID: 0dff17
File 140502042281.png - (20.75KB , 600x700 , an actual background.png )

"Join you for what? Captain isn't dead and I'm not turning coat!" I don't know what happened to Captain, but I don't think anything could really kill Granit Namagen - she'd refuse to die out of spite.
Anika snorts and puts her head in her hands. "Join me for a drink so we can figure out what to do next!" and I think I hear her mumble 'idiot' under her breath. Iii kinda misjudged that invitation.
"Okay," I say, and go around to the tavern door. The place is jam-packed, laughing ladies and leering men, a busy barmaid, and no one pays me any mind. I think I see the man she spoke with lounging in a corner.
"Bar wench, a beer for my friend here!" calls out Anika as she motions me to sit down.
"You say you aren't a turncoat, and yet here you are, your actual coat turned," she laughs, and I huff, embarrassed. It seemed like a good idea at the time.
No. 583685 ID: 0dff17
File 140502049966.png - (20.27KB , 600x700 , i dont see shit.png )

"I'm so glad you survived!" says Anika, giving me a wide smile. "I was really worried - for all our awesomeness we kind of got our collective arses kicked." I wouldn't know, but I don't want her to know I fled, so I nod.
I'm seated so my blind side is facing the entire bar, and my good eye is to the wall. I don't like it; years of piracy have taught me to always be either on my guard, or drunk (prefferably both).
"Do you know of any others? I've been trying to find them," she asks, and I shake my head. "Well, you're the one who we couldn't do without, Magnus, so I'm glad I found you of all people."
The barmaid brings my beer and sets it down on the table.
=>Talk to Anika:
>"Can we switch seats?"
>"Did you find anyone?"
>"Where's the Captain? Is she okay and how murderous is she?"
>"What did you talk to that guy about?"
>"Aren't you worried you'll get mobbed with the skull emblem?"
>Other?? ?
No. 583686 ID: 7cbe45

It's pretty clear from what she said that you're the only one she's found so far, so there's no point asking that, and I doubt she has any more of an idea about Granit than you do - or she knows and won't tell you, because really, if you know where the captain is, that should be the FIRST thing you say when you find a crewmate. I suggest first asking to switch places - she doesn't seem very trustworthy, after all - and then asking about that shady conversation you overheard.
No. 583696 ID: 2fd516

>"Where's the Captain? Is she okay and how murderous is she?"
It sounds like she talked to that guy about finding more crewmembers, so no point in asking that.

>"Aren't you worried you'll get mobbed with the skull emblem?"
No. 583935 ID: 094617

Ask to switch seats first, can't start getting lenient on security.
Then ask if Anika has found anyone yet.
No. 583944 ID: 89fda3
File 140518696828.png - (21.34KB , 600x700 , uuuuuuuuuuuuurgh.png )

"Can we switch seats?"
Anika looks at me. "Why?" I answer: "Because I can't see the rest of the tavern here? I don't like feeling blind."
She cocks an eyebrow and laughs: "Aren't I the view here?" I don't know what to say to that.
I go with "If someone attacks me now I won't react in time. Ani please, we're supposed to be outlaws here! And...everywhere else, to be honest..." She giggles again, but gets up so we can switch. I think I hear her mutter 'are you for real' but I'm not sure.
No. 583945 ID: 89fda3
File 140518703877.png - (23.66KB , 600x700 , you really are ridiculous.png )

"Speaking of outlawery, I hid my insignia, but you didn't...aren't you worried you'll get mobbed with the skull emblem?"
A satisfied smirk shows on Anika's face. "Ohhh, deary, it's like you're new to this job. Do you see-- oh, no, you don't, because we switched seats. Anyway, I am incredibly safe here. They fear me, you know." A small giggle escapes her lips. Her voice is as rich as honey, and she talks in the voice of a lover. "They're smart. The barwench and the barkeep tremble in their shoes, watching like hawks for any sign of my displeasure. If I'm cross with them, they know they'll burn. Free food, free drinks, hobbling across this town to find me the lost crew-members, all in the hope I might let them live out their pathetic lives."
I don't understand. "What?"
"Oh you don't get it? Of course you don't...Well...They believe I have the power to bring down this tavern around them, and walk unharmed. They believe I store lightning in a bottle on my hip." The laser rays! "And so I walk without fear, because they cower before me. They're mine. Of course, they're simple, like rats, but they have their uses. It sure is fun having minions, Magnus..."
"You're armed?" I kind of...lost my laser ray...
"Yes," she smiles, leaning back in her chair. "Are you?"
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I don't want her to know that I'm the WORST PIRATE EVER but I blank. "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." REAL FUCKING SMOOTH. She sighs.
I change the topic: "Um, did you find anyone yet?"
"Only you," she says, taking the final gulp out of her glass. "That's a good thing, because to be perfectly honest, only you are needed. Everyone else is more or less expendable."
>"Why is that?"
>"But what about the Captain, isn't she needed too?"
>"Thats.......really cold...I didn't expect that from you..."
No. 583948 ID: 7cbe45

Ask her why that is, because that is the shiftiest, most suspicious-sounding thing anyone has ever said in the history of piracy, and that's saying a lot.
No. 583957 ID: 874468

Anyone who is telling you that it is just the other people that are expendable is a shithead who already has a calendar date for your future disposal. The problem with dealing with such people is that they tend to be fairly aware of what they are doing and vigilant about people who notice they should never trust such a shit. This means we get to enjoy the fun game known as playing along. We need to learn what the fuck is going on, keep our own head attached to our shoulders as long as possible and watch for opportunities to take miss object lesson in sociopathy here down.
No. 584026 ID: 094617

Tell her how cold it is.
No. 584042 ID: 879a42

Tell her she's as cold as ice.
No. 584249 ID: 8a46f8
File 140543625679.png - (21.31KB , 600x700 , ICE ICE BABY.png )

"You're as cold as ice, Anika." She laughs, tilting her head back. "Thank you for the compliment, Magnus, but isn't a pirate's job to be cold?"
I want to say that I didn't become a pirate because I found an eye-patch in a cereal box, and that we have to stick together because everyone else wants to kill us, but...
....Yyyyeah, I don't want to turn her against me. So I smile and nod. "I see. I have to say I'm flattered, though. Why am I so important?"
No. 584250 ID: 8a46f8
File 140543632087.png - (601.38KB , 600x700 , SPACE THE FINAL FRONTIER.png )

"You are the mechanic, and the only one we have," she says, stapling her fingers together. "I'm not staying in this town more than is absolutely needed. We only came to seek help here. We were...rudely refused, and there will be consequences. But first, we have to make our ship space-worthy. I'm not staying on this planet forever. I'm a pirate! I belong in the sky, taking what's mine! I know it will be hard, but you only need to fit her for takeoff. That will not be a problem, right? Let's go."
Wait, we're planning takeoff already? What about everyone else? Is the Captain 'expendable' too?
>"Yeah! I can do it!" (I don't actually know if I can yet, that would be lying)
>"I think I lack some parts or materials...maybe we can snoop around town for them?"
>"I think we should focus on finding the crew, especially the Captain, first. She could be in danger!"
No. 584251 ID: 2fd516

>"I think we should focus on finding the crew, especially the Captain, first. She could be in danger!"
No. 584254 ID: ebc77d

>"I think I lack some parts or materials...maybe we can snoop around town for them?"
You can use this to buy time so that you can find the crew and the captain.
No. 584256 ID: 874468

"I think we lack parts and materials. Plus, even if you're content to maroon everybody else here in the interests of pragmatic loss-cutting we are wanted pirates you know: We need the rest of the crew and the captain to protect us once we get back off the planet. Don't be a moron, you know that without a full crew we're the victims instead of the predators out there."
No. 584268 ID: 7cbe45

That depends, really - how loyal are you to Granit? Cause if you're not particularly loyal, I see no reason not to high-tail it out of this dump ASAP.
No. 584279 ID: 55be95

No. 584346 ID: b519f1
File 140553216690.png - (37.21KB , 600x700 , D I A LO G U E.png )

Okay, here goes... "I think we lack parts and materials. Plus, even if you're content to maroon everybody else here in the interests of pragmatic loss-cutting we are wanted pirates you know: We need the rest of the crew and the captain to protect us once we get back off the planet. Don't be a moron, you know that without a full crew we're the victims instead of the predators out there."
Her face is blank. "I didn't mean to just ditch everybody, but it is a priority to get the ship fix--wait. Waaait." Anika's expression is curiously wooden. "The Captain?"
"Yeah," I say, "Who else? I mean, name one person who can fight like Granit Namagen!"
"oh..." her hands are trembling and her expression crumbles. "You don't know...you dont know, do you Mag?" She sounds like someone trying not to cry and I do not like the sound of this.
"Know what?
No. 584347 ID: b519f1
File 140553223541.png - (49.45KB , 600x700 , PLEASE DONT CRY ANI I CANT DEAL WITH THIS.png )

Tears well up in her eyes and she cries out: "The Captain was captured, and...the Captain was executed! She's dead!"
No. 584348 ID: b519f1
File 140553236948.png - (14.87KB , 600x700 , now back to psychopathy.png )

==>You are now GRANIT NAMAGEN again. Nothing has changed, you are still in the library holding the hostage guy and there are still a whole bunch of guards just in the doorway. They do not attack (possibly because of the hostage) yet.
>What do you do?
No. 584350 ID: 2fd516

Is there another exit out of this room? We should head there if so. Even if it's a window. Keep facing the guards with your hostage. Tell them not to make any sudden movements.
No. 584355 ID: 7cbe45

^I concur with the above.
No. 584365 ID: 879a42

Tell the guards not to move as you leave or you will kill the hostage. Also be very venomous and snarl your words a bit. The idea is to terrify them into inaction, also make sure that you get Joseph to follow.
No. 584391 ID: ef7fd2

No no no, they EXPECT that. What you should do is play to your strengths, I.E. terrifying gleeful murderwench.
Something along the lines of "So, which of you fine gentlemen is going to assist us on our way out of here? I COULD kill your friend and then YOU, here, but I would much rather get out of here than have to go through the hassle."
If they decide to charge in anyways, take advantage of your ability to pummel people and start bashing a hole though the defenses.
No. 585369 ID: f84622
File 140605511829.png - (32.65KB , 600x700 , big dumb update 1.png )

This doll knows what's up! I grin, overly cheerful expression as I sink my claws into the hostage's soft flesh. The man who seems to be the head of the guards -I'll call him not!Joseph, because they look freakishly alike- winces. My voice is sweet. "Well, I'm so glad the welcoming comitee isn't late! Such fine gentlemen too!" His blood welling up under my fingernails is pleasantly warm.
"I could rip off his face--" he squeaks at that "--and kill you all, but that's such a hassle, you know! I don't want to infringe on your hospitality more than needed, so which one of you charming gentlemen is gonna get us out of here?" The only sound is the crackle of lamps on the walls, and then a thud behind me.
"Don't shoot, men," whispers unJoseph - is there like one haircut in this entire town? Is there a timeshare on hairstyles?- , his voice heavy as lead. "The window is locked! Who locks windows??!" mutters Joseph, rattling the window some more.
No. 585370 ID: f84622
File 140605515335.png - (27.80KB , 600x700 , big dumb update 2.png )

The guards are armed with some kind of primitive rifle, and they're pointing the pointy bits straight at me, even though their hands tremble. I wonder if this is cause for alarm. "Don't be fucking stupid! Listen to Eric!" shouts Joseph. "She's too close! You only get one shot, she'll kill you!"
"Joseph, what are you doing?" asks unJoseph quietly - oop, how awkward, they know each other. UnJoseph takes a small step towards me, his eyes fixated on my smiling face. "Bad guardsman!" I say, in my best puppy-scolding voice. "You don't want to die, do you? Don't move sweetheart!"
No. 585374 ID: f84622
File 140605552766.png - (29.25KB , 600x700 , big dumb update 3.png )

Instead of replying, he quickly kicks up the discarded blaster cannon. I didn't realize that was there! "Drop the hostage or you all die, wench!" he snarls. No matter, because the gun's empty and useless, just like his threat! This is my favourite part, the part before they realize their fate. The part where they think they have a shot at winning, before I sweep the metaphorical rug from below them and topple them to the equally metaphorical floor. It's just so delicious. I drop the hostage and lunge towards him, and he fires. Joseph screams.
...I would like to strike my previous statement, it seems the gun was still good for something. It missed me, but I think there's a hole in the wall. I punch him into the guard behind him, taking them both to the floor. "Any more bright ideas?!" I bellow, leaping on the gaggle of confused guards. They were all pressed into each other, meaning I effectively collapsed them all when I colided with them. But, even though I can rip them all a new one individually, collectively they're quite something. I love fisticuffs, but this is a little bit much...I don't know if I'll win. I don't LIKE not winning!
>Wat do?
(accidentally posted a slightly different image first, oops)
No. 585375 ID: 0f4497

Since the cannon still has some juice left, grab it immediately and escape through hole in the wall (Enlarging it if necessary).
No. 585376 ID: 7cbe45

"Listen, guys, I'm a realist, and I think you are too - if this fight goes on, chances are I'll eventually get tired, you'll overwhelm me and take me back to my cell, and I'll have to do this all over again. BUT, the question you should all be asking yourselves rights about now is: how many of you am I gonna break into tiny, broken, bleeding pieces before that happens? Think carefully!" *grin*
No. 585379 ID: 2fd516

Yeah. Or shoot/break the window.
No. 585410 ID: ef7fd2

if the hole is big enough, leap away through it! Make sure we get Joseph out too, he's proven loyal and deserves to at least be brought along.
No. 585412 ID: 62c2a8

use the doorway. Keep them crowded together and bust heads while they're trying to loosen up. If they fall back, put a chair through the locked window and get outta there.
No. 585610 ID: f96b24
File 140621697258.png - (81.70KB , 600x700 , ohnoooooooooo.png )

I give them one last loving stomp to the face and run. I nab the gun and I turn to nab Joseph as well and oh are you KIDDING ME
The poor sod's hurt, but I think he passed out out of fear, not pain.
I just carry him out too, he's loyal and useful and kinda cute when he's not unconscious.
No. 585611 ID: f96b24
File 140621705776.png - (19.71KB , 600x700 , FUCKITYBYE.png )

No. 585612 ID: f96b24
File 140621708404.png - (40.80KB , 800x655 , character select.png )

===>PICK YOUR CHARACTER NOW! Who will you accompany on the next part of this adventure?
(Your choice is not final for the entirety of the quest. You'll get to pick again (more than once).)
No. 585615 ID: ef7fd2

magic moving-face-bite man
No. 585616 ID: e6e228

No. 585621 ID: ced646

Lets try Eric. See if the captain's love-bites are reliable and he finds himself infatuated.
No. 585623 ID: 2fd516

I'm gonna go with Eric.
No. 585627 ID: 7cbe45

Eric, because he's new!
No. 586277 ID: 0566f2
File 140651586233.png - (175.48KB , 600x700 , HATE.png )

>magic moving-face-bite man
((ahahaha fuck i fucked up omg))
Joseph is flattered that he was wanted despite not being an option!
Somewhere, Granit just thought of the best title ever.
==>Be Eric.
There was the pirate witch - a vicious, cruel one, really messed you up, and then there was my brother, and then there was pain and ow.
"God damn it."
No. 586278 ID: 0566f2
File 140651588202.png - (37.88KB , 600x700 , ow.png )

(idk what happened but im both sick and my tablet stopped having any pressure sensitivity? and i have NO idea how to fix it so wonkylame updates for a while as i adjust/fix it, sorry.)
I cough up some blood and heeeeeeey there look at that shiny gun! It's the small one, she must have dropped it. She took the big one - a shame. But I'll get it when I capture her! Speaking of OH HELL I HAVE TO GIVE CHASE I HAVE TO-- wait
>Arm yourself first! Take the gun from the unconcious guy in the corner and a rifle too!
>Wait, check on your underlings! And the innocent civilians!
>Hold up you're bleeding, bandage yourself.
No. 586280 ID: 6fe4c1

Do all of the above, in the following order:
Check underlings
Arm thyself
Give chase
Because giving chase alone, bleeding and unarmed seems stupid.
No. 586390 ID: 17ad20

Yep. Your first job is to check for the people you are guarding, then you need to make sure you can actually fight if you catch up with her.
No. 586392 ID: 879a42

The going plan so far seems fine, but can Eric gimme DETAILS? I need those for stuff and plan forming.
No. 588543 ID: bfdaf0

Check everyone in the room, check self, arm self, give chase.
No. 589713 ID: 66b87b
File 140822228967.png - (154.33KB , 600x700 , update1 copy.png )

>The going plan so far seems fine, but can Eric gimme DETAILS? I need those for stuff and plan forming.
Sure, but what details?
I pull myself together and go check on my underlings. They're....gonna live? I feel bad for them. They're rookies, and they're good people. They're worse off than me, so I rouse them and tell them to go disperse with the mob. Tell them it was canceled because bad weathe--fuck no. It was canceled because it was canceled. Wouldn't want her to run into people, that would cause more death.
I check on the two people unconcious - they're breathing, and on the fat guy held hostage.
He nearly spits in my face.
Something something 'AAAA YOUR BROTHER IS A TRAITOR AAAA' something. If only I could give a shit. I loom above him and cut him off - "Innocent until proven guilty. Or I walk." I don't want to think about Joseph partnering off with...with someone like HER. I hope he was forced. I don't want to arrest my brother, but I want to do the just thing.
No. 589714 ID: 66b87b
File 140822237633.png - (412.87KB , 600x700 , update3 copy.png )

I take the loaded pistol from the civilian and the fancy gun - I try it and it's empty. Sad. I tie the bastard witch's own shirt on my arm as a torniquet for her bites. It's kind of ironic. I like it. Her shirt is very soft. I hate her.
The hunt is on.
No. 589715 ID: 66b87b
File 140822239268.png - (90.57KB , 600x700 , update4 copy.png )

I must admit I sent them to do seemingly important shit because want to go alone. Because it's too dangerous for my guards and...I want to deal with her myself. Up close.
I duck out of the hole and see my surroundings - there's alleyways and - oh! There's a thick fire in the distance and there's shouting!! It's my job to see what the fuck was up - was it her? It was her I bet it was I bet she set it on fire because she's an EVIL TOOTHY BASTARD AUGH HOW DID SHE MOVE THAT FAST CARRYING A HEAVY MAN??? or maybe it wasn't her? do I check it out?
>wat do
No. 589717 ID: a5289f

Check out the fire, because no matter how much you wanna catch the evil toothy thing and exonerate your brother (also, you know, SAVE HIM), your job is to protect the people first.
Unless you don't give a fuck, in which case go for the toothy thing.
No. 589723 ID: 2fd516

It's your job either way. So go investigate.
No. 589724 ID: d1b7a7

Go for the fire, that witch is probably there. Or was probably seen there.
No. 589745 ID: e3aff6

It is likely her, and if it isn't her there is still the fact that you know where the fire is but not where she is.
No. 589817 ID: 66b87b
File 140827836828.png - (147.00KB , 600x700 , update6 copy.png )

Good point.
Okay, fire it is. I sprint onwards, mentally going through a list of places there. There's some clothing shops, a blacksmith, there's a bar nearby...
I nearly collide with a woman. She calls out my name - I'm the law, everyone knows me - "Eric! It's insane! Help!" I steady her and ask her what she means. It takes a bit to calm her enough to be coherent, and I'm not very good with people. (Everyone says I show friendliness by glowering in silence.) "It's one of them bluecloth pirates! Insane! He punched a door straight off the hinges! He said he wants to question the law!" She runs on, terrified.
I sigh. It's the witch's troupe. Why'd they have to pick this town? Where did they even come from?
I creep closer, I make no sound. If it comes to violence I want the upper hand.
No. 589818 ID: 66b87b
File 140827838294.png - (172.52KB , 600x700 , update5 copy.png )

he's frying sausages
No. 589819 ID: 66b87b
File 140827840243.png - (180.81KB , 600x700 , update7 copy.png )

He's frying sausages on the pyre of what was once the blacksmith's shop and he is whistling.
I have absolutely no idea how to react.
>the woman mentioned he wants to 'question the law', talk to him (say what?)
>she also said he was insane, shoot him (where)
No. 589820 ID: a5289f

Neither. Walk up and arrest him, because he just burned down half your town.
No. 589863 ID: 6868bc

I'm surprised the smith's shop was that... flammable. Isn't it just good sense to build a business that depends on intense flames out of non-flammable materials?
No. 589865 ID: 2fd516

I feel like you should shoot him in the arm that's holding the sausages.
No. 589908 ID: d1b7a7

It's probably a trap. A big distraction to bait you in the open, while an accomplice attacks you!

Shoot his right arm (he's obviously hiding something behind his back) and duck for the nearest cover.
No. 590056 ID: 66b87b
File 140839419510.png - (196.77KB , 600x700 , youre gonna overcook ur sausages.png )

>I'm surprised the smith's shop was that... flammable. Isn't it just good sense to build a business that depends on intense flames out of non-flammable materials?
I would say so! Only half of it is flat-out consumed, and I think that the house will be salvageable - oh. There’s broken glass all around it, and there’s a bar nearby...so that means he lobbed some bottles of burning alcohol on the roof.
Speaking of surroundings - we’re the only ones here. Everything is empty. There isn’t even anybody trying to put out the fire. The square is deserted, the shops empty, just me, him, some bottles on the floor, and the cart he’s on. What gives? This twerpling can’t be that scary, and he apparently did all this...alone? He doesn’t seem like he noticed me, either.
>I feel like you should shoot him in the arm that's holding the sausages.
I feel the same way, my friend.
No. 590057 ID: 66b87b
File 140839421186.png - (146.49KB , 600x700 , im gonna hurl.png )

I aim for the hand, but miss ever so slightly, only grazing him. I shoot him in the sausages.
“Hey, I would’ve shared!” he objects and how is this my life. What mistakes have I made to have to deal with this. What exactly is god punishing me for. If it’s for flipping off that nun one time I’m not sorry.
I take a step forward, brandishing my gun. “Hey, you’re under arrest for--” and I don’t get to end that sentence. I suddenly lurch forward, feeling dizzy and disoriented. I hear snippets of fragmented sentences. I feel sick. I feel sick. I feel like I’m going to dredge up The Ghost Of Lunches Past.
He turns towards me, and his eyes snap open.
No. 590058 ID: 66b87b
File 140839424812.png - (200.21KB , 600x700 , i feel furious.png )

WHAT in the name of FUCK IS HIS EYE
The noise increases upon spotting me. He screams out towards me, and his voice is howling, wobbly, like he’s about to either cry or commit bloody murder, maybe both.
“WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY CAPTAIN??!” I don’t understand.
“MY CAPTAIN! GRANIT!” Oh! He must be talking about the witch! “YOU KILLED HER! I KNOW YOU KILLED HER!” Man, I wish.
I point my gun at his head. “Stay back,” I warn. “YOU KILLED HER MY FRIEND SAID YOU KILLED HER--”
I still feel like throwing up and what is happening what do I say
>”Yes, I did.”
>”No, calm down!”
>”I wish I did.”
>”Buddy you’re under fuckin’ arrest.”
No. 590060 ID: a5289f

"I didn't kill anyone, and I would like it to stay that way, so BACK THE FUCK AWAY AND PUT YOUR GODDAMN HANDS IN THE AIR!"
No. 590065 ID: 2fd516

>”No, calm down!”
No. 590074 ID: d0864b

Close your eyes. He's being loud enough that you can keep tabs on him blind and it might help on the effect his eye has.

Say something like "You've been misinformed. No one's been killed. Calm down, please." Maybe add: If you're talking of the the crazy, pink haired, pointy teethed lady, I saw her alive and well just minutes ago.

He's being very emotional, but at least half of it's grief, so if you can remove his reason to rage there's a decent chance he'll break down in tears. Particularly if you make a show of compassion.

... then you can arrest him for arson.
No. 590147 ID: d1b7a7

>"I'm trying!"
No. 591436 ID: 1e0571
File 140917924629.png - (181.27KB , 600x700 , update10 copy.png )

Okay, I close my eyes. Oh shit, a show of compassion? I’m not sure I can do that, I’m a bad actor...
“You’ve been misinformed! No one’s been killed! Calm down!” I take a step back, the weird distorted sounds intensifying. They’re voices, talking about prototypes and conflicts and other shit I don’t care for one bit! Closing my eyes doesn’t help, but, at least I don’t have to look at his fuckin’ ugly mug.
“Are you talking about the crazy pointy tooth lady??? I saw her alive and well!” Her bites twang with pain. For a moment, I’m consumed by hatred, and I stagger back some more. “It’s okay!” I say, because that’s what people say when you’re hurt, right? That’s what people say and don’t mean and hope you don’t figure out their motives - and at this point I don’t mean everything’s okay because I’m gonna arrest him for arson. Somehow.
No. 591437 ID: 1e0571
File 140917926674.png - (234.79KB , 600x700 , update11 copy.png )

Closing my eyes just let him sneak up on me.
Not exactly sneaking up. More like strangling. Ow. He’s really strong for a pint-sized pirate??? UNFAIR. The sounds quadruple on contact, screaming and I get visual hallucinations for the briefest of seconds. I remember to open my eyes and regret it because now I see his weird eye again.
“AND IF THAT WAS THE TRUTH, YOU WOULDN’T HAVE HER GUN!” (Ohhhhhhhhhhhh shit RIGHT the gun in my belt it’s the weird witchy gun) he screams, squeezing his fingers around my throat
>what do
No. 591441 ID: a5289f

Well, okay, failing that just... try and get his hands off your throat for long enough to say "Please let me explain!" and then just... tell the truth, actually, because in this case the truth is really in your favour.
No. 591442 ID: 2fd516

She dropped it while escaping JUST NOW.

Shoot him a bit.
No. 591474 ID: 53ba34

shoot him in the arm, just push the end rght up against it.
No. 591733 ID: 4c37ad
File 140935075956.png - (184.90KB , 600x700 , 12.png )

YEAH, LETS SHOOT HIM A BIT! I wish I could see what I’m doing but the hallucinations are so vivid I--
I press my gun into his flesh - thank you for narrowing the range for me, pirate - and pull the trigger!
There’s a loud BANG and--------!!!
No. 591734 ID: 4c37ad
File 140935076852.png - (161.52KB , 600x700 , 13.png )

where am i
One minute I’m about to deliver some justice and the next one I’m...in a room? There’s a bed with someone sleeping in it - I can’t see because the covers are pulled up but I think it’s a kid. There’s some bookshelves and a table and AUGH WHAT IS THAT NOISE
This...this THING on the wall started SPEAKING at me!
No. 591735 ID: 4c37ad
File 140935080940.png - (150.92KB , 550x700 , 14.png )

I look out of the window and everything is exploding in infernal fire and there’s flying THINGS in the air! I have postponed my utter bewilderment at this predicament in favour of saving my ass right now. What...what do I DO?
No. 591736 ID: a5289f

Ask the wall-mouth for directions out of here!
No. 591737 ID: 2fd516

Go out the door. Away from the fire.
No. 591738 ID: d4da33

Hey. Hey buddy. Look at your hand real quick, you seem to be a bit see-through.
No. 591765 ID: 01745f

Wake up the guy in the bed then abscond.
No. 591965 ID: f03490
File 140949218140.png - (155.56KB , 600x700 , update15 copy.png )

I ask the…”wall-mouth”? That is beyond creepy. I ask it for directions but it repeats the same thing over and over so I flip it off. Rude wall-mouth.
right okay so I’m see-through what kind of infernal witchcraft is this and do I even want to know does the murderteeth harridan retain a horde of witches?!
not gonna panic not gonna panic not gonna-
No. 591966 ID: f03490
File 140949219830.png - (146.28KB , 600x700 , WHOOPSIEFUCK.png )

No. 591967 ID: f03490
File 140949224237.png - (155.88KB , 600x700 , draw me like one of your french girls.png )

Okay I have to say I am normally much more cool and collected I swear!
But I got this. I’m going to get out of this alive and relatively well (after all that happened to me today, I don't ask for much).
There’s another wall-mouth here, and it’s screeching at me to ‘FOLLOW THE GREEN ARROWS’ yadda yadda, but I’d rather it told me why this just happened.
And. Uh.
I feel like I should say something to this kid.
>what do/say
No. 591968 ID: be7578

uhh, kid, do you know where I am and what's going on right now?

And personally I'm for following the arrows. It's not like you've anywhere cooler to float to.
No. 591974 ID: a5289f

"Where the hell am I and why do you have mouths on your wall???"

Also, either follow the arrows or go in the exact opposite direction - for all you know, it could be a trap. Maybe just find one of the locals and follow them?
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