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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 140425029095.jpg - (134.35KB , 1024x768 , L2T 1.jpg )
582315 No. 582315 ID: 189a54

In which Tavern sucks at percussion.
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No. 582316 ID: 189a54
File 140425064967.jpg - (228.48KB , 1024x768 , L2T 2.jpg )

Tavern walks into his room. The thing is still there, being all evil and shit.

The book is a snare solo called Tornado, difficulty level Fuck You. It is 3 pages of pure bullshit, a mass of confusing stick patterns and difficult rudiments that have been so thoroughly raped by the author that their subdivisions have changed completely.

Tavern has to learn it and he has no clue where to start.
No. 582323 ID: 5c2478

You'll never get anywhere with those twigs you're calling your forearms
No. 582326 ID: 2fd516

Start with the first line. Do that line until you can passably perform it. Then move on to the next line. Just do it in pieces. After you've completed the last line, start doing a page at a time. Then try it all at once.
No. 582336 ID: 189a54
File 140425673710.jpg - (103.64KB , 1024x768 , L2T 3.jpg )

Tavern pauses in front of the book, suddenly self-conscious of his arms. Has his chops been limited by them? No change in diet or attempts at working out had managed to bulk them up before--is he stuck like this? Has he really done all he could, or is he lying to himself?

Does he even give a shit?

Tavern stops rambling. His arms have gotten him to be one of the best in the state. They'll be fine for this. Hopefully.
No. 582339 ID: 189a54
File 140425699556.jpg - (168.14KB , 1024x768 , L2T 6 PA 3.jpg )

Tavern's played tough pieces before. He decides he'll just go through bit by bit, like usual. He turns on his old Doctor Beet and sets it to the tempo. 130? Jesus.

The first line doesn't seem too bad. Tavern has it down alright rather quickly. The next line...oh god. Oh god. Tavern sets the Doctor Beet to simulate what 32nd notes would sound like at this tempo--
No. 582341 ID: 189a54
File 140425706794.jpg - (305.37KB , 1024x768 , L2T 4.jpg )


No. 582342 ID: 189a54
File 140425730209.jpg - (339.80KB , 1024x768 , L2T 5.jpg )

Mother of god what the fuck has he gotten into. Why the fuck are paradiddle-diddles turned into sextuplets and how the hell are paraddidles supposed to be played that fast. Tavern begins to have a small panic attack.
No. 582353 ID: 5c2478

You'll never make the corps with that attitude son. Turn Dr. Beat off cocaine mode and start a little more reasonably. Leave him at 8ths so you can subdivide your 16ths and your sextouples easier.
No. 582362 ID: e1609c

Looks like in order to do this, we must summon Satan and strike a deal. Go get some goat's blood, time to draw us a summoning circle.
No. 582384 ID: 2fd516

Maybe the solution is to have more than one stick in each hand at a time.
No. 582402 ID: 483d7f

The trick to quick and accurate muscle memory is to start slow, get it right, and gradually increase your speed while continuing to correct mistakes as they are discovered. Every so often you're going to have to record this to listen while you aren't playing as well, just to make sure you aren't listening wrong while you're distracted by trying to play.

Do you know anybody else that has done this, and is there anyone you could usefully ask for help here?
No. 582418 ID: 321d85

You could also check the internet, either for a recording (for reference) or a program (like MuseScore or something) into which you could enter the notes and it'll play it back for you; again for the purpose of learning what it sounds like.
No. 582465 ID: 189a54
File 140432884659.jpg - (130.87KB , 1024x768 , L2T 7.jpg )

Tavern lowers the Doctor BEET (he uses REAL brand names, not them knockoff brands) and starts again, slower. After a day of frustration he's gotten about half of the page up to 82. Attempts at anything higher than 115 have been embarassing--how the hell this is supposed to get to 130 he doesn't know.

Tavern eyes the dead horned thing he has bleeding into a tub in the corner, and the chalk beside it. It might not be a goat, but maybe it'd work...

Unfortunately, Tavern is a cowardly mofo when it comes to his sticks. His other pair is really fucking expensive, and he doesn't want to use them for everyday practice, especially when the piece he's practicing might make him want to break something.
No. 582468 ID: 189a54
File 140432950184.jpg - (110.51KB , 1024x768 , L2T 8.jpg )

Tavern gets onto his laptop and accidentally screws something up on his tablet, changing the world into a slightly different flavor of shit.

Accessing the internet, he deftly closes the most awkward-to-speak of porn tabs and starts looking for recordings of this solo online. What he finds is upsetting.

It looks like there's a lot more than bullshit sticking to worry about. There's also bullshit backsticking in there near the end, and a lot of it. Tavern feels a mix of fear, admiration and jealousy as he watches a ten year old play it like a badass.

While surfing the web Tavern's phone rings for the first time this summer. It's a reminder that today's parade practice. Tavern, having no life and no job, has no excuse to miss it. The drum line's official captain doesn't give a shit and definitely won't be there, so Tavern has to decide what parts the line's three freshmen will be having.
No. 582474 ID: 483d7f

Probably worth going. For one, talking to your fellow parade-folks might be a good opportunity to talk about your plans for the summer and learn the latest gossip: Too much focus sometimes hurts further progress. As far as stress-relief goes, band-geek girls can be surprisingly easy at times and may provide a supply of strange on the down-low. If you're good for making full use of it I'd say this is a good opportunity for you to get ahead on both music and happiness.
If you take me seriously about the intimate opportunities part of that make sure you have sufficient access to the required prophylactics of course.
No. 582694 ID: 189a54
File 140443452842.jpg - (59.21KB , 1024x768 , L2T 9.jpg )

Tavern wakes up at like 8:20 PM the next day feeling like shit. He takes a moment to marvel at how weird his extremities look. And how the rest of him looks. The one hour of the day that wasn't spent crashed into slumber was spent for a percussion lesson. Tavern has managed to get the first page down at around 90.

Tavern's a socially awkward fuck and hardly talked to any girl outside of his section. He did chat with one of the drum majors a bit...
Tavern takes a moment to completely overthink the implications of a conversation that lasted like two minutes.

Before can say "god dammit" his band schedule rams his practice schedule up the ass with two 4th of July parades. In between the two there's apparently going to be a mandatory pool party--Tavern has no friends that he'd be comfortable around half-naked and he can't swim. He considers whether trying to take part in the "fun" would even be worth it or if he should just bring Tornado along to practice.
No. 582702 ID: 874468

I'm terrible at drumming. Do you know why? It's not because I'm lacking musical or rhythmic aptitude. It is because I have nearly no practice at it. If you don't try talking to people you're never going to get the practice to be good at it. This means you will embarrass yourself while trying, suck it up.
No. 582713 ID: 9b57d3

Bring Tornado along, but only to show off what you're trying to undertake and maybe demonstrate how much progress you've managed so far.
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