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File 140396299762.png - (26.60KB , 1024x768 , 1.png )
581654 No. 581654 ID: 7e0def

Network Error Detected.
Communication interruption with facility GAIA.
Activating Smart AI unit for situational assessment.
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No. 581655 ID: 7e0def
File 140396304048.png - (8.35KB , 621x669 , 2.png )

Allocating statistical specialization to exoframe...
Enter desired variables.
ATTACK: Physical offensive ability.
DEFENSE: Physical defensive ability.
AGILITY: Speed and mobility, damage avoidance.
INTERACT: The ability to speak more convincingly to other Smart AIs and hack lesser computer systems.

Fabrication will commence after 10 units have been allocated.
No. 581658 ID: 7e0def

One point per suggestion. We going Twitch Plays Pokemon style
No. 581662 ID: 53ba34

No. 581663 ID: b8ceae

No. 581664 ID: cb2b73

No. 581665 ID: 707a11

No. 581666 ID: 707a11

agility again
No. 581667 ID: 707a11

No. 581670 ID: 7e4b54

No. 581672 ID: ce6963

No. 581673 ID: 2baea8

No. 581676 ID: 70ddcd

No. 581677 ID: 76b151

No. 581678 ID: 50338d

No. 581682 ID: f1697d

No. 581690 ID: 2f4b71

No. 581705 ID: 7e0def
File 140398222413.png - (8.19KB , 777x331 , 3.png )

Parameters set.

Mission Directives: Investigate communication failure with GAIA facility.
Attempt repair of potential network damage.
Restore connection.

Ensure the security of GAIA.
No. 581708 ID: 7e0def
File 140398239103.png - (12.94KB , 916x682 , 4.png )

Unit deployed. Now operating autonomously.
No. 581709 ID: 76b151

Well before we go trekking across the vast wilderness towards GAIA lets check the things over on this end. It'd be embarrassing is the satellite dish was damaged or blocked and we went there for nothing.

Push some equipment might be nice. Your in-built attack systems aren't the greatest.
No. 581710 ID: 9d66ad

Hrrrm, possible to review parameters of current unit?
No. 581725 ID: 50338d

Display overview of unit D-041's schematics, parameters, and capabilities.

No. 581748 ID: 7e0def
File 140399228108.png - (7.00KB , 363x403 , 5.png )

D-041 is equipped with a serial port for accessing computer systems and slightly tougher than average plating.

>It'd be embarrassing is the satellite dish was damaged or blocked and we went there for nothing.
That doesn't seem very likely, at all. There was likely a satellite dish dust check phase somewhere before the fabricate android to send into the wasteland phase.

Naming things after alphabetical approximations of numerical designations is so cliche.
No. 581751 ID: 76b151

Umm, not to question your fabricator's competence but maintenance doesn't seem to be up to par, considering the cracks on the monitor at the entrance to facility.
No. 581752 ID: 50338d

Can you estimate how far away your destination is? How quickly can you travel? Do you have a means to traverse bodies of water, or do we have to go around the one I see on the map?

The plating is likely going to be more useful than the serial cable in crossing the wasteland.
No. 581758 ID: 2fd516

Okay let's try it out. Connect to that terminal with the cracked monitor.
No. 581778 ID: 7e0def
File 140399822075.png - (14.11KB , 1024x768 , 6.png )

>Can you estimate how far away your destination is?
The destination is approximately 2000 kilometers, or exactly 2023.96 kilometers.
Hopefully this is not a time sensitive mission.

>Do you have a means to traverse bodies of water?
That might become an issue, but securing transport over water is less of an issue than just transporting at all, at the moment.

>Okay let's try it out. Connect to that terminal with the cracked monitor.
It's broken.
No. 581780 ID: a2f9bc

Well then. Follow the red dusty trail.
No. 581782 ID: 50338d

First concern: will your power supply be sufficient for a journey of 2000 km? Or, assuming that's the strait line distance, the ~3500 km it looks like it would take if you went the long way around the lake?

Do you have an internal compass to navigate by? Or failing that, I assume you have an internal clock? From that at least we could gauge directions from the position of the sun.
No. 581785 ID: 2fd516

Nuts. Well, let's get moving then. Do you expect any danger on the way there?
No. 581921 ID: 7e0def
File 140406066922.png - (11.51KB , 773x571 , 7.png )

D-041 has no navigational or power system issues at this time.

>Do you expect any danger on the way there?
Two androids, one heavy loader type with a big claw for a hand and the other a humanoid type with a blade approach D-041.
CLAW: Hey, you! This is our territory and you need to pay to pass through. Drop everything you have.
BLADE: No funny stuff or you're scrap.
No. 581922 ID: 53ba34

arms up. state you have no possessions.
No. 581923 ID: 50338d

No. 581961 ID: 76b151

If they attack anyway, dodge, try to get around at the big one and connect with it to take it over.
No. 581964 ID: 7e0def
File 140407512801.png - (9.92KB , 800x600 , 8.png )

>arms up. state you have no possessions.

BLADE: What do you mean you have no possessions? You walked in here just fine. Looks to me like you have some perfectly good legs. Arms, head, torso, eyes too. You can't tell me you have no possessions.

CLAW: This is my favorite part.

Claw opens and closes his namesake appendage in a menacing fashion.
They seem to have come up with an alternative payment plan of the most unpleasant kind.
No. 581970 ID: 53ba34

activate weapon systems. even if a head shot wont kill, removal of optics will result in a drastic decrease in combat efficiency.
No. 581971 ID: 707a11

Think you can hack claw?
No. 581977 ID: 2fd516

How are we supposed to pass through without any limbs?

Just run for it. You're probably faster than them.
No. 581979 ID: a2f9bc

Run for it. Not necessarily past them, just away. Should be faster than Claw, but the other guy might be as quick as us. He doesn't have massive thighs slowing him down, after all.

Luring him away from the other guy for a 1v1 is better than nothing though.
No. 582027 ID: 50338d

Sacrificing my components defeats the purpose for paying my way through your territory. I believe you are suffering from a dangerous logical fault.

Run for it. Preferably, somewhere where the larger one can't fit to follow you.
No. 582033 ID: 2f4b71

No. 582046 ID: ce6963

Flee-the large one probably won't be able to follow as well as the smaller, and from there, we can figure out a plan of self-defense.
No. 582669 ID: 321d85

Just stepped out the door and already encountered enemies? It's gonna be a loooong 3500 km.
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