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File 140349757845.jpg - (30.68KB , 200x200 , 132749864591.jpg )
580208 No. 580208 ID: 3a675e

I could taste the blood in my mouth as I ran. That disgusting, sharp copper taste let me know that I was still going in the thorn-lined maze of the world between home and Faerie. As my lungs began to burn, I could feel the points of the thorns pulling on my skin. It might have hurt, but not as much as staying behind would have. The brambles wanted me to stay with them, entangled for the rest of time in the madness of the world they bordered. My desire was greater.

Tumbling head-first out of some door in the tangle of green, I managed to slam my self headfirst into some mirror in an attic. It was like I had been born again and thrust back into a place I no longer understood. Just how long had I been gone? Where was I? What was I?

>What is this? A text-based quest based on the World of Darkness Roleplaying Game, Changeling: The Lost. Using a very simplified Storyteller system, you take the role of our character, fresh from the Hedge that Separates reality from unreality and free from being a slave to the dreadful True Fae. It's up to you to make sure this person survives and thrives.
>Who are we? A good question. Each person can should answer once as we put together our main character.

>True Name: Our name before we were taken.
>Sex: Male or Female.
>Age: Our age. How old are we after we’ve escaped? Both physically and chronologically? Being from a completely different era of time is quite bad for us.

>Prioritize the following for your Attributes: MENTAL, PHYSICAL, and SOCIAL. Which one is EXCEPTIONAL? Which one is SUPERIOR? Which is our AVERAGE?
>Prioritize the following for our Skills: MENTAL, PHYSICAL, and SOCIAL. Where does the core of our skills lie? Which one is SUPERIOR? Which one is AVERAGE? Which one is largely UNPRACTICED?
>Choose FIVE Skills that stand out amongst the rest. They could be our possible skill with WEAPONRY, or perhaps our OCCULT lore skills, or even our ability to PERSUADE someone.
>Choose FIVE things of Merit about us. These should be able to describe us in a narrative fashion. CHARMING would be shitty. STRIKING LOOKS is better, but not quite there. COULD SELL ICE TO AN ESKIMO or AWARD WINNING SMILE is great. Seemingly disadvantageous Merits can work too.
>Choose ONE of the following for our Seeming: BEAST, DARKLING, ELEMENTAL, FAIREST, OGRE, or WIZENED. How did our time in Faerie shape us?
>Our CLARITY is at 7 right now. Hopefully it stays this way.
>Virtue: Our human and compassionate side. When we fulfill our Virtue, we regain all of our spent willpower, and fell great and refreshed.
>Vice: This is the sinful and selfish side of us. It helps us feel better about ourselves and regain Willpower. It’s quick and dirty though, and may have some negative repercussions.

>Location: Just where in the world are we?
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No. 580312 ID: e791b7

Name: Wistera Salida
Gender: Female
Age: 25, 1953
Stats: Physical: Superior, Mental: Average, Social: Exceptional
Skills: physical: Average, Mental: Unpracticed, Social: Superior
Skills: 1. Acrobatics
2. Weaponry
3. Negotiation
Balance like a cat.
Comically fumbles blueprint instructions
Can read a man like a book.
She once fell from the back of an Elephant and landed on her feet.
Never one to turn down a challenge.
Seeming: Elemental
No. 580318 ID: 50338d

I like this, although I think we're short two skills.

Do we need to specify a subset of weaponry?

Do we need to choose a defining virtue and vice, or are those judgments that will be applied to our actions as we go?
No. 580326 ID: 3a675e
File 140354014407.png - (27.03KB , 235x235 , Broken Mirror.png )

>I will apply Virtue and Vice as we play and get a feeling for our character.

>Weaponry doesn't need a focus, since it covers all melee weapons

>DOUBLE WYRD CHALLENGE: Since we're short on a few things and it seems like we're doubling up on agility increasing merits, we've unlocked DUAL KITH MODE, in which our character gains a second Kith from any Seeming. To keep things sane, we're choosing from the Beast Seeming. We get non of the up or downsides of that Seeming, though. CHOOSE TWO OF THE FOLLOWING, ONE FROM EACH LIST.

> Airtouched - The Air, Clouds, and Wind - Can spend Glamour to add Wyrd to Speed or Initiative for the scene. Usable once per scene.
> Earthbones - Beings of Earth, Mud, and Stone - Can spend Glamour to increase non-combat Physical rolls at 1-to-1 basis
> Fireheart - Fire and Heat - Can spend Glamour to increase Mental rolls at 1-to-1 basis
> Manikin - Dolls and Mechanical Men - Can learn Contracts of Artifice, and make untrained Crafts rolls at only -1 dice
> Snowskin - Snow and Ice - 9-Again on Intimidation and Subterfuge rolls and can spend Glamour to reroll a failed Intimidation roll
> Waterborn - Former Lakes, Streams, and Ponds - Can spend a Glamour to breathe underwater and Swim at 2x Speed. Cannot breathe air until effect is over or Glamour is spent to deactivate.
> Woodblood - Animate Plants - 9-Again on Stealth and Survival rolls. Can spend a Glamour to hide in a normally unhideable area with decent foliage
> Blightbent - Living glob of Pollution - Once per day, spend a Glamour, breathe pollution. Roll Physical + Wyrd - target's Physical. Target takes one lethal damage per success unless they can defend. +3 to resist man-made poisons.
> Levinquick - Electricity and Lighting - Spend a Glamour, +2 to speed and initiative. Lasts for a turn per Wyrd.
> Metalflesh - Statues made of Metal - Once per day, spend a Glamour to get +1 to Physical or Mental for scene.
> Sandharrowed - Sand and Deserts - +2 on grapples and escaping grapples.

> Broadback - Beasts of burden - Spend Glamour for +2 to all Physical rolls for the scene.
> Hunterheart - Predators and Hunters - Deal Lethal unarmed damage.
> Runnerswift - Fast animals - Runs like the wind, gaining +2 Speed
> Skitterskulk - Creepy crawlies - Triple Defense when Dodging
> Steepscrambler - Climbers - +3 to Climbing
> Swimmerskin - Aquatic animals - Can swim at full speed and hold breath underwater as though Physical 7
> Venombite - Poisonous things with a poisonous bite - Once per scene, one can spend Glamour to make a poisonous Brawling attack that deals no damage. It delivers a poison with toxicity equal to the changeling's Wyrd. Target cannot avoid resulting damage from poison normal Physical + Mental roll.
> Windwing - Birds and flying creatures - Reduced falling damage. Spend Glamour to glide one minute per Wyrd dot.
> Cleareyes - Animals with keen senses - +2 to perception rolls. Spend Glamour to heighten senses.
> Coldscale - Cold-blooded beasts - +1 to Mental when resisting emotional manipulation, +2 to Physical when resisting poisons
> Roteater - Carrion eaters and scavengers - +2 to resist poison/disease, +3 if injested, and 9 Again on Mental rolls when scrounging for items.
> Truefriend - Loyal pets - Spend Glamour to grant an ally get +3 on a roll. You're mah bro, bro.
> Chimera - Amalgamation creatures - Spend Glamour, +3 on social rolls with Hobgoblins until end of scene.
> Riddleseeker - The wise/cunning animals of legend - Spend Glamour, for one scene, +2 to all Mental rolls except for Perception. Free Investigation Specialty.
No. 580331 ID: 50338d

Windwing would make sense with the limited background we established so far.

As for the element... I'm liking Levinquick or Airtouched.
No. 580345 ID: 3a675e
File 140354596280.png - (53.42KB , 235x235 , Broken Mirror.png )

>Much like Vice and Virtue, the remaining two dots of our Contracts will be allocated as we discover more about the world around us.

True Name: Wistera Salida
Age: 25, Born April 11th, 1953
>Physical: 4
>Mental: 2
>Social: 3
>Physical: 2
>> Specialties: Athletics +1, Weaponry +1, Survival +1
>Mental: 1
>>Specialties: Academics +1
>Social: 3
>>Specialties: Negotiation +1
>Agile as a Cat
>Read a Man Like a Book
>I like a Challenge!
>Construction Confounded
>DUAL KITH MODE: Avatar of Nature
Kith: Elemental
Seeming: Levinquick/Windwing
Wyrd 1
Glamour: 5/10
Blessings: Elemental Vigor, Gift of the Sky, Velocity of the Zephyr
Curses: Nature's Distance
Health: 9/9
Willpower: 5/5
Speed: 8
Possessions: Grubby clothes

>CHARACTER COMPLETED. Initiating Storyteller Mode...

For the first time in ages, I saw my face in a mirror rather than at the bottom of a brass cage. I still had some of the horrible features that the thing that had taken me away scuplted me with. A line of canary yellow feathers crowned my head and my hands and feet looked more like talons than anything else. I wasn't a thunder bird anymore, but a person. Mostly a person.

I guess my forehead was cut on the mirror because I'm bleeding pretty bad up there. Holding what's left of my clothes that weren't shredded by the thorns, I try to stem the bleeding. As bad as it was, the question burning on my mind was more about where I was than what I had become.

Looking around, I find myself in someone's attic. I don't know who, exactly, but I'm in their house. There's your usual amount of junk in here. Boxes with Halloween and Christmas decorations, some old steamer trunks, and a few antique items. Most of them look like cookware and stuff from when I was a kid...

What should I do now?
No. 580347 ID: 50338d

Is there a window? Can we tell what time of day it is, or what time of year? If we're in the country or a city?

I think our biggest immediately problem is if there are people home, they may not react well to a 'monster' coming down from the attic, as it were. Or someone appearing in their home at all, really. On the plus side, a home will may have medical supplies for the hole in your head, or a least a towel, a sink, soap. Plus stuff like food, clothes.

Dunno how common looking freakish in this world is. If we need to conceal ourselves, a hat or bandana or something over the head-feathers might work. Might be harder to find gloves or boots that hide talons.
No. 580348 ID: e791b7

Well, being in someone's house, I figure the thing to do is knock on the doorway down to get some attention- maybe they'll be friendly or at least willing to help with getting used to being human again...
No. 580352 ID: 3a675e

With a few artful rips and tears, I look less like a hobo escapee from the funny farm and more like on of those Thanksgiving Indians. On last look around reveals a small window in the room and looking outside reveals it's the middle of the night and there's the small rumble of thunder in the distance, but no rain. A shiver travels down my spine, the booming a reminder of my former service to the True Fae. Being part of a living generator using thunderbirds and glass lightning rods does that.

I open up the door and look down a dark hallway, the entire house seems quiet for the time being, despite my loud landing. With some gentle tiptoing, I sneak along and look for something better to patch myself up with.

>Storyteller rolls the dice for Wistera! Results: 4, 4, 1, 5, 1, 9. One Success!
>Storyteller rolls the dice for ???! Results: 3, 9, 1, 8. Two Successes!
>If Wistera continues her action, she's going to be found out! Spending Willpower is an option that will add three more dice to her actions, but deplete her reserve of Willpower points!
No. 580364 ID: e791b7

Let's be found out.
Wistera here is good physically, but if I'm right she's GREAT at the talking to people, so let's roll with that.
No. 580378 ID: 3a675e

I actually see a peel of thunder from the window at the end of the hall bright enough to blind me for a second. Suddenly, there's a loud boom followed by the breaking of something fragile. When my sight's returned, I can see what happened: I stumbled into a vase. Everything inside me tenses up as I look around, not at all eager to have a run in with the people that own this place while I'm looking like some sort of bird-woman. Everything seemed to run in freaking milliseconds as I spazzed out inside. Did anyone hear me? Do they have guns? Am I going to get out of this alive?

"Hello? Who's there?" someone calls out. He sounds wary, kind of like a hunter on the look out for something to shoot. I duck behind the hall table with the broken pottery, hands plastered over my mouth and heart beating like a drum. What should I do!?
No. 580393 ID: e791b7

Carefully grab a piece of pottery, and throw it back towards the attic. Then slip away in a different direction, after this fellow passes by you if need be.
No. 580399 ID: 88960e

Well, warry is a sensible attitude for someone with an unknown intruder in their home at night.

We invested in social and negotiation, maybe you should try talking? Worst case it doesn't work and we end up running.

...a timid hello? Maybe appologize for bumping into whatever you broke in the dark. Let your fear and nervousness show- present yourself as someone in need of help rather than an attacker.

How they'll react depends on the person, which we don't know anything about.
No. 580507 ID: 3a675e

I start to breathe heavy, my heart jumping into my throat. I really don't want to see if this guy is packing heat the hard way so I manage to squeak out, "P-please don't shoot, I didn't m-mean to..."

>Storyteller rolls 7 dice for Wistera! Results: 2, 3, 10, 9, 5, 1. Two Successes! Due to the Curse NATURE'S DISTANCE, Wistera does not re-roll 10's for additional successes for certain social skills.
>Storyteller rolls 4 dice for ???! Results: 1, 8, 7, 5. One success!

"Come out where I can see, hands in the air," he says with authority. Figures, he owns the place. I step up and out as the hall light comes on and I get a good look at him. He's pretty tall and lanky with black hair and a face that looks far too old for what I guess is a young man. In his left hand, he's holding some kind of pistol and got it aimed at me.

"Who the fuck are you and what are you doing in my house?" he asks.
No. 580652 ID: e791b7

Okay, honest explaination time.
"I'm Wistera Salida, and I came here looking for refuge. I know this looks bad but I honestly don't mean to rob you or anything."
No. 580683 ID: 3a675e

"I'm Wistera Salida, and I came here looking for refuge. I know this looks bad but I honestly don't mean to rob you or anything," I tell him as I take a step forward, "So, let's just be cool like Fonzie, okay? Show me the door, and I'll be outta here."

"Don't go quoting Pulp Fiction at me," he responds. "To your right, down the stairs. And don't think I won't call the police once you're out of here, you crazy rag woman."

I don't know what Pulp Fiction is, but I'm not very inclined to figure it out with this cat. As I move towards the stairs, he backs up a bit and follows me at a distance as I move down. I grab the door, discovering it was locked. My kind of captor raises an eyebrow at this as I nervously undo the deadbolt and the lock before running out into the night as a peel of thunder comes down.

So I still have no idea where I am, but at least I don't have anyone pointing a gun at me anymore. He didn't seem that upset by me looking like a bird woman as much as I thought he would be. For now, it seems like I'm smack dead center in suburbia right now. A lot of these houses look the same, like cookie cutter pre-fabs from back before I was taken. What now? Hopefully the police aren't on their way and they don't pick me up for being half naked.
No. 580701 ID: 50338d

Well, so much for getting help or sympathy from strangers. Although I suppose you can take a little pride in the fact you handled your first human interaction in years like a person, not a monster. You talked your way out of a mess instead of fighting or running.

>what do
What are your needs right now? Are you hungry, or cold? Does your wound need treating, or can it wait?

If your most pressing need is just to get out of the area, pick a direction and start walking.
No. 580814 ID: 3a675e

I stop to check my make-shift bandage for a second. Yeah, looks like everything's stopped for now. I guess head wounds just only look crazy when they start up. I head out of the yuppie estates as quickly as I can, my feet talons making this clicky-clacky noise on the pavement as I go. It's pretty odd, like the guy didn't even notice I'm kind of bird-ish. You think that would have been higher priority than "There's a crazy woman in my house."

You know, a lot of these places do look sort of familiar. A few old coats of paint, and some muscle cars here and there, and I could swear this was the neighborhood I grew up in before... You know. Have the years in Arkham really gone on without me? Doing a quick stock of my situation, I'm sort of hungry and it's thankfully a warm, sticky humid night. It's about August, I guess?

Thankfully, no one's out tonight. Seems it's pretty late. Otherwise, I look pretty much like someone homeless, all skin and bone and in nothing but rags. Downtown Arkham seems to have really, really changed. Like, since when did Reggie's Television and Electronics disappear? And I swear I've gone by like, three McDonalds on my way. Food seems tempting right now, but the thoughts on how to get it aren't very. I'm no dumpster diving hippie.
No. 580847 ID: e791b7

...There's gotta be a homeless shelter nearby?
Alternatively, robbing someone, but that just goes down a dark path...
No. 580859 ID: 91bb21

Let's see. You're basically homeless and penniless, but it's still better than being a living generator. Still, it does leave you with a whole set of problems.

Finding shelter and free food wouldn't be bad as a first step. In a pinch there's always asking to have anything decent they're throwing out--restaurants and the like pretty much have to ditch perfectly good food if it's not eaten by the end of the day. There're likely rules against giving that stuff away but you can always try persuading them.

But, like I said, in a pinch. Better would be finding a bath and seeing if you can try to get back to something like your old life. You're probably reported as MIA. Of course, explaining away your feathers would be problematic, but if people not noticing is a regular thing, that might not be an issue.
No. 580887 ID: 24dc7a

>It's pretty odd, like the guy didn't even notice I'm kind of bird-ish.
Maybe you have one of those effects where people don't usually notice the "impossible" things about you. We probably want to investigate that a bit more before relying on it though.
No. 580982 ID: 91bb21

Yeah, definitely investigate if others don't notice or it's just that one weirdo.
No. 580992 ID: f461c5

There are plenty of ways to get food, but stability and security comes first. You wont starve any time soon. Go find a homeless shelter, if its still open this late, or somewhere hidden to sleep.
No. 581017 ID: 50338d

>You're probably reported as MIA.
You were in the military, before?

That's potentially useful, or an added problem. If the authorities are aware of the fae and that this kind of stuff happens to people, potentially that's a safety net you can reach out to. If people getting spirited off to other worlds and getting freaky bird looks ain't so normal though, you risk disappearing into some government lab if you show up on their radar again.

>but it's still better than being a living generator
Can you still tap into that, at all? If you can still produce electricity, that's potentially a weapon, if you need one (and a non-lethal, stunning weapon at that if you have fine control over it, at that). Also might allow the use of electric tools or appliances without having to worry about cords or batteries.
No. 581039 ID: 3a675e

I stop by one of the McDonalds. Hunger was taking precedence over pride at this point and something sounded better than nothing at all. Lingering by the locked up dumpster, I just waited for my opportunity. Mostly because that thing had a freaky huge padlock on it and the last time I dealt with that, I was a bird.

Time just crawls by, and I get to recollecting. I wasn't in any way associated with the military, though my older brother went to Vietnam and he was scheduled to be withdrawn, but I never really got to see him come home before I was taken. Thinking a little bit, it seems I was made some sort of 'party of the second part,' to use some legal mumbo jumbo. I literally couldn't interact or survive without my former master, so he changed me this way. I don't think I really changed much but it made me think. Could I still use electricity like I did back then?

>Storyteller spends 1 Glamour and rolls 5 dice for Wistera! Results: 9, 9, 8, 10, 5. Rerolled 10 gets us another 9. Five successes! Since this is an exceptional success on Wistera's part, she is able to activate the second clause of the Contract of Elements (Electricity), ARMOR OF THE ELEMENTS, for the rest of the day for free.

Everything gets a little tingly, like small sparks jumping across my skin. When I look down, I do see literal bolts of energy arcing across my body like a bunch of jumping beans. I let out a startled cry, stumbling towards the dumpster and sparks arc from my hands to the metal cage around it, briefly lighting up the night. The sparks subside, but I can feel the juice still working its way around me, just waiting to be used.

I hear the sound of a large door opening and someone grunting. Getting a better look in the pale light of the small lamp overhead the back exit, I see a young black woman wearing a uniform with curls of wiry black hair poking out from under a baseball hat huffing and pulling a trash bag larger than she is. She couldn't have been older than sixteen, I guess. She looked up and stopped, eyebrow quirked at me. What should I do?
No. 581052 ID: e791b7

Help her out. Right now we really could use a friend, and maybe she'll repay our kindness. And with any luck we won't fry her.
No. 581078 ID: 88960e

>5 successes
Sweet. Now we just need an excuse to zap something.

>what do
Uh, hi. Need a hand with that?

Maybe being nice will net you some leftovers. Pay attention, see if she fails to react to your bird-bits as well.
No. 581089 ID: 3a675e

"Uh, need a hand?" I ask her. She looks me over once more and over her shoulder. A sly grin spreads over her face.

"You throw this in for me, and I'll get you a burger someone left," she replies.

Score! I run over, nodding, "Yeah, sure, anything to feel a little less hungry."

She sneaks back into the kitchen as I drag the bag over to the dumpster getting it there in what I assume to be record time. As quickly as I turn around, she's back with a paper bag that smelled like heaven itself. She unlocked access to the dumpster and I tossed the bag of trash inside. After the thing was locked up, I got my reward. Oh, how a burger never tasted so good.

"So, I'm Tameka," she tells me.

"Wif-tee-ah," I respond, my mouth full of admittedly still lukewarm food.

"You new around here? Usually it's Chester I got running bags for burgers."

I nod, despite the area at least being familiar. This is still Arkham, I guess. Not like it's Kingsport or Dunwich anything.

"Hey! Hey hey hey hey!" Someone says, trying to get our attention.
No. 581123 ID: 88960e

Turn, still eating, and see who's trying to get your attention.
No. 582217 ID: 82d00d

Turn to see who it is.

In the future, you might want to pick a stopping point where there isn't a blatantly obvious course of action like "turn to see who it is".
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