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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 140286125699.jpg - (11.85KB , 840x480 , 1.jpg )
578717 No. 578717 ID: bdb6cb

ok so i had this idea for a quest

so your this guy right and your all happy and everything
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No. 578718 ID: bdb6cb
File 140286126914.jpg - (19.76KB , 840x480 , 2.jpg )

but then you get hit by a car and you died
No. 578719 ID: 186341

No. 578720 ID: bdb6cb
File 140286129547.jpg - (19.99KB , 840x480 , 3.jpg )

but then you came back from the dad and now you want ravenge

what do you do
No. 578721 ID: 186341

No. 578722 ID: 186341

kiss a dude
No. 578724 ID: ac14c0

Shamble after the car.
No. 578725 ID: bdb6cb
File 140286159350.jpg - (45.37KB , 840x480 , 4.jpg )

ps your in a graveyard b/c you died and were buryed

what do you do
No. 578726 ID: bdb6cb
File 140286173150.jpg - (59.51KB , 930x480 , 5.jpg )

ok so u decide to kiss a dude (thats kinda gay but w/e)

so you use ur zombee powers to make the guys next to u come back from the dad also and they do

and u kiss john (ugh so gay) but only b/c it gives you more zombee powers, you dont kiss bobby b/c hes fat and gross

so now your a lvl 2 zombee and john and bobby r lvl 1 what do you do (the car is gone by the way it took along time for you to get buryed so u dont know who hit you)
No. 578728 ID: 0ee153

jump to the moon and eat it
No. 578732 ID: 410c24

Check your dead body for the imprint of a license plate, so you can track down the dude that killed you and eat his brains.
No. 578737 ID: bdb6cb
File 140286371329.jpg - (59.84KB , 930x480 , 6.jpg )

ok so u decide to jump to the moon and eat it so you jump
No. 578738 ID: bdb6cb
File 140286373991.jpg - (61.14KB , 930x480 , 7.jpg )

and u grab ur legs and pull rly hard
No. 578739 ID: bdb6cb
File 140286392170.jpg - (28.03KB , 679x362 , 8.jpg )

and you pull urself all the way to the moon

but you realice u cant eat the moon b/c its made out of chese and zombees only eat brains so ur gonna starve if u stay up here and theres no zombees up here either

you do notice that on ur forhead is a imprint of the license plate number of the car that hit you! but ur a zombee and cant read so u need to abduct a human who can help

what do you do
No. 578740 ID: 0ee153

Make the moon read it for you. Then eat its brains. Crash the corpse into whoever ran you over.
No. 582794 ID: 94da0b
File 140449667574.jpg - (54.16KB , 768x510 , douchekid.jpg )

"Make the moon read it for you. Then eat its brains. Crash the corpse into whoever ran you over."
No. 582795 ID: 94da0b
File 140449671034.jpg - (90.90KB , 697x428 , you.jpg )

"That's SO DUMB, Tommy! Why do you always have to ruin Chain Story Time? Misses Johnson, make Tommy stop being such a complete douche!"
No. 582796 ID: 94da0b
File 140449672409.jpg - (49.01KB , 300x199 , Teacher.jpg )

"I can't believe you'd use language like that, and in a Christian school! You get yourself up to the office, uh...um...what was your name again?"
No. 582799 ID: 0ee153

As Tommy, I choose to name this new character "Lucifer Judas".
No. 582804 ID: 94da0b
File 140449984138.jpg - (52.95KB , 615x345 , Angry Teacher.jpg )

"Oh, that's right, your name is Lucifer Judas. Get to the principal's office right this minute!"
No. 582805 ID: 94da0b
File 140449987711.png - (37.50KB , 300x250 , Slendersitter.png )

"M-M-Mr. Slenderman, why is her name Lucifer? She's a girl! And how did the teacher change clothes so quickly?"
No. 582806 ID: 94da0b
File 140449991714.png - (67.10KB , 900x675 , Slenderman Headshot.png )

"Those are rather good questions. It's because..."
No. 582807 ID: ef7fd2

She's secretly a stock photo
No. 582810 ID: 94da0b
File 140450110007.jpg - (42.41KB , 560x564 , Slendy.jpg )

"It's because...she's secretly a stock photo."

:Liddlegurl: "What's a stock photo?"

"Well, you remember your older sister, right? Before she died?"
No. 582811 ID: 94da0b
File 140450133904.jpg - (15.93KB , 294x260 , What You Need, When You Need It.jpg )

:Liddlegurl: "Oh, yes! Of course I remember her! She was so pretty!"

:Slendy924: "Well, she became a stock photo."

:Liddlegurl: "Are stock photos what people become after they've taken too many pictures of themselves?"

:Slendy924: "...Yes."
No. 582812 ID: 94da0b
File 140450148143.png - (31.65KB , 190x144 , Sister5479.png )

:Liddlegurl: "Can you tell me how she became a stock photo?"

:Slendy924: "Of course. It all started when your sister became involved involved a group of people dedicated to..."
No. 582817 ID: ef7fd2

The preservation of the cultural relevancy of internet porn
No. 582819 ID: 37aa84

Facebook friends.
No. 582821 ID: 0ee153

Seconding this.
No. 582825 ID: 94da0b
File 140450780233.jpg - (139.82KB , 747x585 , Preservation of the Cultural Relevancy of Internet.jpg )

:slendy924: "It all started when your sister became involved a group of people dedicated to the preservation of the cultural relevancy of internet porn."
No. 582826 ID: 94da0b
File 140450783491.png - (224.28KB , 625x338 , Moderator.png )

"Governor Romney, I'm going to have to stop you there. How does this anecdote provide an answer to the question, 'What is your biggest accomplishment in life to date'?"
No. 582827 ID: 94da0b
File 140450786532.png - (199.03KB , 569x324 , Romney Stunned.png )

"The question was what? Oh, sorry. Well, my biggest accomplishment in life to date would to have to have been the time I..."
No. 582840 ID: 37aa84

invented the McDonalds Dollar menu.
No. 582841 ID: 0ee153

"was elected President of the United States and invented time travel."
No. 582854 ID: dbe554

Turned myself into Barack Obama, and then back again. Proving I am capable of being everyone and everything.
No. 582858 ID: 0b2889

Ran the original Crysis with all settings maxxed out solely with computer parts 20 years out of date.

hahaha xD nice
No. 582896 ID: b58703

Implemented an anti-zombie catapult system and four years later saw its successful use, sending a potential zombie uprising harmlessly to the moon.
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