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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 140278581722.png - (12.35KB , 840x480 , Stranger Danger.png )
578614 No. 578614 ID: 3d0c9e

"Hey kid, you look lost. Need a ride?"
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No. 578617 ID: e1609c

"Sorry, mommy told me not to get in clown cars with strangers!"
No. 578618 ID: 186341

do you have 2 more wheels on the other side of that hot rod big poppa
No. 578622 ID: 0ee153

Why is there no sidewalk?
No. 578655 ID: 9bb135
File 140279750631.png - (13.20KB , 840x480 , Butthurt Guy.png )

Clown cars? This here's no clown car, kiddo--it's a legit 1952 Dorf Cool Cruiser, built especially for hip, happening rebel-without-a-cause types like myself.

Darn right I do, by golly! Couldn't drive without 'em!

Why would there be? What, are you some sorta weirdo? You think people need sidewalks to go places on? I bet you think smoking causes illness, too. Ha! Whackjob.

Anyway, kid, you're on the wrong side of town and at the wrong time of evening. It's a school night and everything, we gotta get you home. Hop in the back and I'll give you a ride.
No. 578656 ID: 0ee153

Kill him and take the car.
No. 578659 ID: ac14c0

Ask for a lift to The Malt Shoppe.
No. 578660 ID: 189a54

Oooooh, malts! Ask for this!
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