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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 140277992420.png - (10.46KB , 489x303 , 1.png )
578599 No. 578599 ID: df793f

Behold, we have finally come up with space travel. It has been a long time for our race to evolve to this point. We will find new races, explore new stars and hopefully find a new home to propagate our race out of scarcity.
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No. 578601 ID: df793f
File 140278007863.png - (10.94KB , 489x303 , 2.png )

This is our saviour, the Sol-Dynamo. It has taken many generations to finally capture a micro-sun and harness its energy to sustain our existence. Yes, the sun is our lifeblood; our air and meat for our people.
No. 578602 ID: df793f
File 140278022713.png - (13.23KB , 489x303 , 3.png )

Many have my people have offered themselves up to create the vessel I captain, all of my race gone dormant for the sake of seeding the new planet. Many linked by their heritage power, But based on my power alone they trusted me to be the lone representative of our species.
No. 578603 ID: df793f
File 140278041755.png - (17.01KB , 489x303 , 4.png )

"The Seed of spring," the ark of all the krobin race and a great plethora of cuddlebees aswell.
Built by the bodies of krobin race and propelled by the expulsion of oxygen from our leaves, we are the organics of space.
No. 578604 ID: df793f
File 140278055746.png - (9.96KB , 489x303 , 5.png )

Yes, we have sacrificed a great deal and-

"King here, I need help-"
No. 578605 ID: df793f
File 140278061531.png - (13.48KB , 489x303 , 6.png )

"Non natives have burrowed into the trunk with some strange non-organic vessel. I'm not sure how to proceed with these strangers!"

No. 578606 ID: 410c24

Attempt to communicate with the intruders, and prevent them from further damaging the vessel.

If they prove hostile or combative, we'll have to subdue the boarders by force.
No. 578608 ID: 53ba34

if it attacks then go for the eyes!
No. 578851 ID: f7aa74
File 140294733050.png - (8.51KB , 489x303 , 7.png )

"What do you want, why are you on the seed of spring?"

"We are taking over your vessel, enslaving your crew, and taking anything we see fit. Obey us or die-"
No. 578852 ID: f7aa74
File 140294741872.png - (10.76KB , 489x303 , 8.png )


King cuddlebee crushes the foreigners brains, splattering the guts across the wall.
No. 578853 ID: f7aa74
File 140294764617.png - (10.47KB , 489x303 , 9.png )

Creatures have somehow entered into the stage, the room in which the captain of the seed of spring is able to communicate with the vessel made of his people.

Being a stranger to the etiquette of an actual space attack, the captain is at a loss of how to proceed.

No. 578855 ID: 53ba34

they seem to have weapons. do not let them use them. kill them fast.
No. 578861 ID: 3c2443

They have weapons.

Furthermore, they have arms for which they wield these weapons.

Remove the arms, violently.
No. 578865 ID: 37aa84

There really isn't any etiquette involved in this kind of attack, eject them from your vessel by any means necessary and then find out how they boarded it in the first place.
No. 578866 ID: 1b75e6

If they want to enslave you and steal your stuff go ahead and enslave them and steal there stuff!
No. 578870 ID: e6f437

Can you have the people of the ship grab the invaders?
No. 578873 ID: 390735

These are clearly wretched invaders. They deserve nothing less than complete extermination. Kill them all and invade their ship as they have yours.
Long-term plans should include reverse-engineering their technology, and finding out where they came from so that a second attempt at communication can be made...or their extermination, if it comes to that.
No. 578929 ID: 410c24

>Being a stranger to the etiquette of an actual space attack
It's terribly impolite to allow wandering cannon fodder the indignity of injuring a captain.

The most respectful thing you can do to these red shirts is show them how awesome a captain you are by killing them before they get a shot in.
No. 578975 ID: df793f
File 140303030827.png - (12.60KB , 489x303 , 10.png )

"so terribly sorry... not really, but I'm hoping you have religious icons to take your souls to wherever you creatures originate."
The bodies of the invaders swiftly crumple into nothingness squirting red along the walls.
No. 578977 ID: df793f
File 140303060568.png - (12.58KB , 489x303 , 11.png )

"King, can you find the point of invasion and discern threat levels?"

"Already on it" King finds a helpless foreigner trapped in the wall.

"What is this!?"

"You are trapped because you tried to enter a living body. You cut a wound into the bark of the tree and it is healing itself."

"Release me, or suffer dire consequences!"
No. 578979 ID: df793f
File 140303075206.png - (6.91KB , 489x303 , 12.png )

"I shouldn't think so, your object of alien origin most certainly is being consumed as we speak. If you were going to harm the seed any further it will crush all of you."
No. 578982 ID: df793f
File 140303117556.png - (13.20KB , 489x303 , 13.png )

"Now the problem is what are we gonna do with your space machine and your crew..."


No. 578993 ID: e6f437

Ask what does it mean with "dire consequences!" Are there more of them nearby?

They were hostile so you might return the favor and feed them to the Sol-Dynamo.
No. 579045 ID: 37aa84

Capture them alive and destroy any weapons so they have no hope of escape. Begin examining their ship to gather any information on their species and its technology you can get, then interrogate them for additional information promising to let them go with just enough of their fuel not siphoned off and disposed of for reach a nearby inhabitable planet where they can send out as many distress beacons as they wish.
No. 579081 ID: 410c24

Attempt to negotiate, since we appear to have an advantage over these guys.

Surrender, and cease hostilities, before you force us to kill more of you and destroy your vessel.
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