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File 140010914878.png - (95.69KB , 600x550 , 1.png )
574421 No. 574421 ID: 0eaf76

It's a big, big world out there. Full of danger and peril. But some Pokemon has to have the guts to face the world head-on. Will it be you?
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No. 574422 ID: 0eaf76
File 140010916889.png - (4.45KB , 600x550 , 2.png )

Welcome, young Pokemon.

Before we start, let's get some information first.

Are you a boy or a girl?
No. 574423 ID: e1609c

>be mewtwo
No. 574424 ID: 53ba34

No. 574426 ID: 75d2e9

No. 574427 ID: 9ddf68

a ditto that learned to talk and is posing as a human because it secretly always wished to be one and therefor have no true gender.

...failing that, guy
No. 574428 ID: 75d2e9

I was just about too sugest ditto as a second option...
No. 574431 ID: 15e42e

No. 574433 ID: 5499c0

Ditto sounds surprisingly interesting. I say we go for it.
Of course there's still the question of GI.
No. 574437 ID: 0eaf76
File 140011268622.png - (53.28KB , 600x550 , 3.png )

You have chosen the Pokemon DITTO.

Are you sure this is who you would like to be?

No. 574438 ID: b9c596

No. 574439 ID: fe8b1a


>A ditto with aspirations of transforming into a human and becoming a trainer

can we derail this quest already?
No. 574440 ID: c170fd

We're supposed to be a hero, Ditto is kindof weak.

No. 574441 ID: fe8b1a


heroes start off weak and grow
No. 574442 ID: 9ddf68

but we're going to be a ditto posing as a trainer, basically a shape shifting trainer. Not seeing much of a down side here
No. 574444 ID: 2baea8

No. 574445 ID: 0eaf76
File 140011504970.png - (142.08KB , 600x550 , 4.png )

Well, today's the day! The day you've been preparing for! It's taken years of training to get to this point! You're finally ready to see if you can enlist in the Guild.

>Become a shape-shifting trainer.

You...aren't really sure what a 'trainer' was. But you sure as heck can shape shift! You're a Ditto! That's what they do! As of now, you are standing just outside the Guild. A huge, expansive wooden fortress with two torches standing on either side of its massive wooden doors. Legends were born and raised in this very building. You are standing on holy ground. The Guild was responsible for sending out exploration and rescue squads of Pokemon to trek into the wilderness, and seek out treasure. Your goal is to become a Hero. A world-famous doer of justice, finder of gold and endless riches!

Should you dare enter the Guild doors? It was too late to turn back now!
No. 574446 ID: 189a54

Ohhh, it's Mystery Dungeon rules. This'll be fun.

You got this, march (or however it is that Dittos confidently move) in there and ask to be signed up!
No. 574447 ID: fe8b1a


I was wondering why there was a pokeball for OP's post if it's mystery dungeon
No. 574448 ID: b2220c

Shapeshift into a cooler type of pokemon and strut in like you own the joint.
No. 574449 ID: 2bfcdf

>Mystery Dungeon as a Ditto
If we die do we get to choose a new pokemon? Because this is a disaster.
No. 574450 ID: 2bfcdf

It's a BADGE.
No. 574451 ID: 2ea27c

Shapeshift to Bellossom before you go in.
No. 574452 ID: e1609c

>Become Espurr
>Walk in, get people's attention
>Lift ears
>laugh at the panic
No. 574458 ID: 0eaf76

(( Since the whole Mystery Dungeon theme wasn't very clear in the beginning...I can allow you guys to change your Pokemon if you would like. If you are fine with being a Ditto, then it will continue. If not, then it can easily be fixed. Up to you guys. ))
No. 574461 ID: 0ee153

Assuming we don't get to be legendaries, or evolved pokemon... Charmander or Froakie. I'd prefer the latter.
No. 574462 ID: 189a54

If we can change, being an Espurr would be fun.
No. 574463 ID: 2bfcdf

I'm up for Froakie. Being a psychic hazard is for cheaters.
No. 574465 ID: 0ee153

Plus teamkilling autofails the dungeon until you finish the main plot, as I recall.
No. 574467 ID: 3e4b6e

Ditto all the way!
No. 574470 ID: 15e42e

I'm okay with froakie.
No. 574472 ID: fe8b1a


No. 574477 ID: 0eaf76
File 140012389173.png - (199.51KB , 600x550 , 5.png )

You transform yourself into a strapping, young Arceus. Ah, how could they refuse a GOD? As you approach the doors, you are stopped by a voice! "HALT, SIR! STATE YOUR BUSINESS." A Watchog came out from behind a tree and ran up to you with a stern look on his face. "Imposter! You are not the great Lord Arceus!!! YOU ARE NEVER ALLOWED BACK HERE EVER AGAIN! DISRESPECTFUL SWINE!"


You snap up from your bed in a cold sweat. Quickly, you look down at yourself to discover you are still a Froakie. No purple goo body here. Just blue legs and arms. Phew.

What time was it? Today WAS the day you were going to try and sign up for a spot in the Guild! Every young kid wanted to be a part of that place! They were super famous, after all. You couldn't believe that you would forget your application in the dream. On the table beside your bed there was a piece of paper that was filled with terms and conditions regarding the Guild, as well as various fields for filling in information. This was the mandatory application each individual had to turn into the Guild at the start of every interview. It contained your qualifications, age, talents...and your name! You almost forgot to write your name down! You scramble to find a wooden pencil. There were a few lying on the ground and you snatch one up real quick to write your name in the blank at the top of the page.

>Please enter a name.
No. 574484 ID: 2baea8

No. 574485 ID: 2ea27c

No. 574490 ID: 2bfcdf

Remember, you're gonna grow up to be a cool frog-ninja. So let's hope you have an appropriate name.

How about Gerolu?
No. 574505 ID: 9ddf68

Fritz, your name is Fritz
No. 574507 ID: 2baea8

Actually, I like this one. Changing vote to second this.
No. 574525 ID: 189a54

If you want to be a badass ninja one day, you'll need to start off with a novice ninja name like Teo. Once you become more badass you can add a bunch of titles and stuff to it.
No. 574530 ID: fe4bfc

Wait we never did figure out the whole boy or girl thing. Unless it just says ditto on all the forms for our gender.
No. 574534 ID: e8dce9

Guys guys guys...listen to me...what if we were a ditto who lives its live as a froakie? whats a better ninja ability than to transform? also solves gender issue
No. 574535 ID: 0ee153

Then we still have a shit moveset.
No. 574572 ID: 4d82d5

No. 574576 ID: e1609c

Blue Kermit
No. 574589 ID: fe8b1a

We're not playing competitive pokemon here.... if we were in it for a moveset we'd be kangaskhan. People were all over froakie because he's popular/smash bros/ninjas
No. 574605 ID: 6e1234

I also like this
No. 574618 ID: 2bfcdf

Well technically we'd have the moveset (and stats except hp, which would be rather low) of whoever we transformed into. Ditto is weird if you aren't limited by the traditional turn-based battles, especially if Transform lasts forever or doesn't require us to have someone in front of us to copy.

But personally I'd rather not rely on either gamebreaking (transform into anything anytime) or unreliable (transform into enemies temporarily, meaning even-leveled fights are a losing battle) gimmick play. The best use of Transform in the latter case would be transforming into our partner most of the time, I think, and transforming into enemies only when it's a better idea. Which would be kindof boring.
No. 574619 ID: 0ee153

Competitive, no. But we want to be able to survive dungeons. We usually don't get the luxury of grinding ourselves to high enough levels that we can steamroll everything, and healing is harder in multiple-floor dungeons. Movesets are more important than single-player Pokemon. And like that guy earlier said, Ditto is either useless or too good.
No. 574621 ID: 0eaf76
File 140019806938.png - (207.69KB , 600x550 , 6.png )

Fritz was your name. A spunky, energetic name. For a spunky, energetic Pokemon! Let's write it down on that paper and put that application neatly into your backpack.

"FRITZ. ARE YOU UP YET?!" Your father bellows from downstairs, his loud voice booming within your household. Being an Exploud, it was kind of obvious that he would be so noisy all the time. You quickly snap up your backpack and sprint downstairs to meet up with your eager parents.

They were both waiting in the living room. Your father was sitting by the window in his large chair, and your mother, a graceful Greninja woman, was leaning against the arm of his chair. "THERE YOU ARE." You wince back at your old man's enthusiasm. "WAS AFRAID YOU WOULD SLEEP IN LIKE THE LAZY PILE OF ROCKS YOU ARE." How eloquent.

Your mother was much more quiet when she spoke. "I'm so proud of you, Fritz. You've done a lot of work to get to this point. Do your best and impress the Guild with what you can do." She clapped her webbed hands and knelt down beside you. Unlike other Greninjas, your mother had no scarf. It would make it hard to talk with no tongue, wouldn't it? She kept it in her mouth, and often brooded about how unlady-like it was to have it flailing about like some wet noodle.

"Ooh, you're all grown up! My little Fritzy!" In reality, you were still very much a young Pokemon. You haven't even evolved yet... "Now hurry along now. If you wait too long they might not need you anymore!" Your mother shooed you along to the door. "If you need breakfast just pick out some berries from our garden in the front, okay?"

The door closed behind you. You are now standing on the front porch of your home. The Guild was on the outskirts of town and while you were in a rush to get there they didn't technically have a closing time, so you didn't need to get there immediately.

What should we do first?

>Eat breakfast.
>Go straight to Guild.
>Talk to the town locals.
No. 574624 ID: 53ba34

gab a handful of berries and eat on the way to the guild.
No. 574628 ID: 2bfcdf

Get some breakfast, then go to the guild.
No. 574629 ID: 9ddf68

no since in going in with an empty belly and have that distract you all day. Grab some food and then head to town.
No. 574638 ID: 0ee153

Eat some breakfast.
No. 574640 ID: 6e1234

Yep, food then guild sounds best
No. 574642 ID: 0eaf76
File 140021937949.png - (302.29KB , 600x550 , 7.png )

Yeah. You're starving! Thankfully, your parents have a berry garden at the front of the house. While running towards the Guild, you snatch a Persim berry off of a branch and stuff it in your mouth. Mmm! Sweet!

While you make your way to the Guild, several Pokemon wave to you as you pass. "Good luck, Fritz!" A few shout. You wave back and smile. You feel confident! You were great at making friends! Maybe you weren't the STRONGEST Pokemon out there...but that's what training is for right? You approach a large bridge that stretched across a huge river. It separated the main town from the Guild. The Guild had its own divided plot of land, due to how large it was.

The town you were born and raised in? Why, this town was none other than Clattin Town. A small, but thriving area of abundant resources and great atmosphere. It was a popular trading hub, meaning merchants from all over flocked here. But popularity comes at a price. Crime was also a big problem here...so that's why the Guild was formed. In addition to exploring new territories, members of the Guild were responsible for protecting justice and fighting off evil-doers! Pretty important!
No. 574643 ID: 0eaf76
File 140021941211.png - (410.38KB , 600x550 , 8.png )

The huge fortress that housed the Guild was seen through the trees. It was enormous! Protected by a high fence, it was truly a majestic sight. Two flags on both sides of the doorway had embroidered images of Xerneas and Yveltal, the Gods of Death and Life. You enter through the front gate with caution. Suddenly you didn't feel so hot...

"STATE YOUR NAME AND BUSINESS HERE." A voice called out from some unknown location. You snap your head to and fro, trying to find the source. "QUICKLY! QUICKLY!" Immediately, you blurt out your name. Fritz! Your name was Fritz! You were here to sign up for a membership! You had your application ready and you were eager to sign up! "FRITZ. PRESENT FOR MEMBERSHIP. YOU HAVE BEEN IDENTIFIED." The tall wooden doors at the front creaked open slowly. You were allowed in! Wow! You were starting to have second thoughts though...should you go in? Or stay out a bit longer? You supposed you weren't the BRAVEST Pokemon either...
No. 574645 ID: b9c596

Go on in. No reason to be waiting out here. You can work on your bravery as you go.
No. 574652 ID: 2bfcdf

Wait a moment, and gather your courage.
No. 574666 ID: 6e1234

Yeah if you need a second first then take one, but don't dilly dally too long.
No. 574667 ID: 53ba34

get in as fast as you comfortably can.
No. 574675 ID: e1609c

Take a deep breath, gather your thoughts, and march on in
No. 574679 ID: 95170a

I suppose it would not be very useful right now to point out to you that your mom is hot.
No. 574681 ID: 63252c

and she doesnt even have her tongue scarf out.....
No. 574684 ID: dbe554


Amen to that.

Regardless, enter on in. You want to be a shining beacon of courage! Courage means facing that fear and moving on anyways, and you want to brave through greater challenges! Be like the sun, and shine with incandescence!
No. 574688 ID: 9ddf68

sooner you get in there the sooner you can get this over with
No. 574697 ID: 2baea8

Clearly, the excitement is bubbling up to your head and making you nervous.

Walk in upside-down on your hands, that way the nervousness will float up to your legs instead. As a bonus, you can display your agility for the guild. Good first impressions and all that.
No. 574847 ID: 0eaf76
File 140037724763.png - (224.13KB , 600x550 , 9.png )

No. 574848 ID: 0eaf76
File 140037725719.png - (164.62KB , 600x550 , 10.png )

>Go inside.

You summon all of your courage and push open the doors to go inside. They creak open and you step inside. The walls of the entry hallway are decorated with more artwork illustrating various gods and goddesses of the world. Groudon and Kyogre, the continent builders. Entei, Raikou and Suicune, great powers of thunder, aurora and volcanic eruptions, and a few others. The hallway is fairly long, making the time it takes for you to walk through it build up more suspense. At the end, the hall opens up to a large, foyer-like area. An enormous statue of Arceus, the supreme god, lay right in the middle of the entire room. Pokemon hobble around, make conversation, and get where they needed to go. There are various other doorways to halls that lead to different parts of the building, with signs above each door. You have no idea which hall you should go to first...you could ask someone, but they all seem so busy! You're so nervous...

You could just suck it up and ask someone, or go around and read each individual sign.
No. 574850 ID: 53ba34

just say "excuse me" to the ursaring and mankey/primape right there, and ask for directions for new applicants.
No. 574851 ID: 189a54

That slakoth on the bench seems like a nice sort, you could ask him for directions.
No. 574852 ID: 9a281a

Wonder to yourself where the state-your-business person went, since they clearly weren't on the other side of the door.

Ask the arbok, there. They're closest, and he or she can't have much to be busy with without arms to do anything.
No. 574853 ID: 2bfcdf

We're near the left door.
No. 574862 ID: 9ddf68

ask the guy on the bench, he seems like he's in no rush.
No. 574863 ID: 6e1234

Yeah, he looks like the best person to ask, he doesn't seem like he's busy.
No. 574869 ID: 0eaf76
File 140039426060.png - (153.00KB , 600x550 , 11.png )

>Ask the Slakoth

That Slakoth looks pretty nice! Plus, he isn't busy at all! You walk over to him and hold out a hand. "Nice to meet you! My name is Fritz!" You explain the reason why you're here, and point to your backpack, asking where you should turn in your application. The Slakoth just puts on a lazy smile.

"You can call me Dusty." He shakes your hand with a lazy wiggle of his arm. Dusty's movements are very slow and gentle, and his eyes seem to droop a tad. "It's always nice to have new Pokemon come in." Dusty lets out a drawn out sigh, almost as if he was relieved..

"If you go through the hall over there," Dusty points to the doorway on the otherwise of the room, where a large Beartic was walking into. ", then you'll go straight to the Guildmaster. Mr. Reginald is very kind. A bit intimidating at first, but you quickly learn that he's actually really nice. And good luck." You graciously give thanks to Dusty before running towards the doorway.
No. 574870 ID: 0eaf76
File 140039427036.png - (240.77KB , 600x550 , 12.png )

You see the Beartic walk into the door, and stop. You wouldn't want to interrupt whatever business that large ice bear had. Making someone mad in this place was the last thing you needed.

But maybe it wouldn't interrupt anything? For all you know the Beartic just needs to pick up something real fast! What should you do?

>Go into the room anyways.
>Go back and make conversation with someone else.
>Wait patiently.
No. 574872 ID: 9ddf68

put your ear to the door and see if you can't hear talking, If you do then just might as well hang by the end of the hall and talk to anyone that comes by. That way you can meet new people and see when the beartic leaves the office. If you don't hear anything then you might as well take a peek inside.
No. 574873 ID: 2baea8

Let's go chat up the bat.
No. 574884 ID: 6e1234

Couldn't you just knock?
If they're busy and want you to wait I imagine they'd let you know.
No. 574888 ID: 05f838

knock first.
No. 574894 ID: 497ec2

knock first, and listen for a response
No. 574924 ID: 3e4b6e

Take a peek inside.
Alternatively, go touch that gastrodon
No. 574925 ID: 0eaf76
File 140043569968.png - (197.00KB , 600x550 , 13.png )

>Put ear against door.

You push the side of your head against the wood of the door. From inside you can hear muffled chatter. Something about a 'dastardly criminal' and 'stolen items'. From what you can gather, they're discussing an outlaw of some sorts.

>Knock on the door.

It would be polite to knock. Not quite interrupting them, but it gets their attention. You tap your fist on the door and wait. There's a few moments of silence before a low, but strangely whimsical voice calls out from the inside. "Come on in!"

You suck in a deep breath and push on the handle. In what you assume to be the Guildmaster's chambers, you can noticeably see how much more ornate this room what. There are more decorations, chests and baskets of assorted goodies, and a huge flag that hung on a perch on the back wall. "I've never seen you in my guild before, who are you?" A Stoutland speaks up, taking a few steps forward off of his plush pillow bed.

Your hands tremble at the mere sight of this enormous Pokemon! His mustache alone was enough to give you goosebumps. You introduce yourself as Fritz, and explain the purpose of being here.

"Fritz, eh? Well, it's a pleasure meeting you. My name is Reginald. I am the Guildmaster here." The Beartic standing off to the side looks a bit impatient, as he shoots a cold stare at you. "I seem to recall an application that one needed to fill out. Do you have that?" Reginald holds out a stubby paw. Fumbling a bit to open your backpack, you pull out the folded application and hand it to Reginald. He spreads it out on the floor and looks it over. "Mmhmm...oh...! You're the son of Dana and Richard? HAH!" Reginald lets out a bellowing roar of a laugh. "They used to be comrades of mine! What a thrill."

The Beartic clears his throat. "Hate to interrupt, but this is an urgent matter, Reginald. I need your best Pokemon to assist me in capturing this fiend. He's still out there! Probably making away with precious goods as we speak!" Reginald puts up a paw.

"I understand your concerns and I will get on that right away. In fact..." He turns to you, a devious smile crossing his face. "Fritz. If you would like to be a member of this Guild, it's imperative that you prove yourself worthy first! Would you be interested in embarking on this mission? Of course, it would entail hunting down the criminal and apprehending him but you won't be alone! I will pair you up with a small team of experienced members, and they can reflect on how well you do. Hmm?"

"R-Reginald!" The Beartic interjects, waving an arm. "I don't want to put my faith in a new member! This is extremely important!"

Reginald just chuckles. "Settle down, Ivan. He'll be with others who can hold their own. Put faith in the Pokemon! Energetic explorers have become so scarce these days...it's refreshing to see someone new. So, what do you say, Fritz? Are you up for it?"
No. 574926 ID: 9a281a

>So, what do you say, Fritz? Are you up for it?
Yes sir! I won't let you down.
No. 574928 ID: 3e4b6e

Of course!
Now hop to it
No. 574933 ID: 6e1234

Sounds good to me!
No. 574938 ID: fe4e0d

does an ursaring shit in the woods?
No. 575008 ID: 9ddf68

"well if you believe I can then I don't see why not"

Also Fritz what moves do you know?
No. 575100 ID: 0eaf76
File 140058720864.png - (155.85KB , 600x550 , 14.png )

>Move check.

You know the moves: WATER PULSE, QUICK ATTACK, BUBBLE, and LICK.

>"Of course!"

"SPECTACULAR!!!" You stumble backwards at the sheer volume of Reginald's outburst. He was certainly excited... "It's wonderful to see our youth so excited to go out and see the world." The large dog pads over to a small chest, and pops it open. "Now...you can't be a member of this guild officially yet. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't help you out." Reginald returns to his position by you and sets down a small map. "This is a map of the world. It's a bit small, and non-specific, but it will help you get to wherever you're assigned to. And as for your team... McKinley! Come here for a moment!"

A quick movement catches the corner of your eye. You swivel around and spot a tiny Noibat huddled up in the corner. "Yes, sir?" He hops into the air and flaps towards you.

"Escort this man to the others. Fritz, this is McKinley, my personal assistant, he will show you the team you will be working with. Try to get along, hmm?"

Before you can even say a word, McKinley is pushing you in the direction of the door with a tiny wing. "Come on! There's no time to waste." He has thick spectacles perched on top of his nose, and a sprightly, sort of uptight sort of attitude. He gives the impression of a strict rule follower.

"So tell me, Fritz, what made you decide to pursue being a Guild Pokemon? Once you're committed to this Guild, there's no turning back, I hope you understand."
No. 575108 ID: d6e000

"I'd never turn back!"

Do you even know why? Was it the fame?
No. 575112 ID: 9a281a

>what made you decide to pursue being a Guild Pokemon?
The plot told me to!

I wanted to get out there and do something. Make a difference. Have an adventure. The guild seems a good place to do that kind of thing!

>Once you're committed to this Guild, there's no turning back
An unusually dire pronouncement, considering the circumstances.
No. 575118 ID: 30e06f

"lots of things. I really admire and appreciate what the guild has done. And of course my parents are a part of it, so they inspired me too.. but most of all: we're Pokemon. We grow, learn, and even bond from conflict and competition. I want to fight for a good cause.
No. 575119 ID: 2baea8

>what made you decide to pursue being a Guild Pokemon?
Following in the parents' footsteps, I guess.
No. 575121 ID: 9ddf68

well my parents where a big influence. Even though my dad was kinda against the idea strangely enough. It was nothing against the guild really he just thought I would be better off doing something else, never said what thought. Mother was more or less on board.

Then there are the stories of the guild and everything it does to help other pokemon which also made me want to join. Along with a bunch of other things as well.

But mostly I wanted to join because I wanted to join. there's more to it then that of course but I don't want to bore you with my life story.
No. 575169 ID: 0eaf76
File 140064518372.png - (244.73KB , 600x550 , 15.png )


McKinley stays quiet. "...Mm. That's a good response. Most usually just want to be famous, or they want to earn money." He lands in front of a door, turning his head to stare at you. "I feel like you have potential. I've only known you for a few minutes, and yet, you have made a good impression! Don't disappoint me." McKinley warns, shaking a claw at you. He then knocks on the door lightly before pushing it open. Two Pokemon were sitting inside, relaxing on small cots. A Dratini and a Purrloin. "You two. This is Fritz. He will be accompanying you both on the mission." McKinley places a claw on your arm and gently tries to push you inside. "Introduce yourselves, and what not."

The bat flies off to do bat duties and you are left with two complete strangers. The Dratini speaks up first. "The name's Elvara. Don't drag us down, ok?" Not a very nice introduction...but, she doesn't seem like the "nice" type. Her stare was cold and unforgiving. The Purrloin on the other hand, has a much more affable personality.

"It's great to meet you, Fritz..." Her voice is soft, and gentle. Almost like a wave of silk. "My name is Olive. Are you new here?"
No. 575172 ID: 53ba34

"yes indeed. and i'm just itching to get out there, name's fritz"
No. 575174 ID: 16903a

The Purrloin looks fuckable cute, make your move.
No. 575188 ID: 2bfcdf

Just signed up a few minutes ago, and haven't had time to explore the place yet. What's it like here?
No. 575205 ID: a25861

No. 575233 ID: 9ddf68

just joined today, so yeah.
No. 575234 ID: 2baea8

Damn, first day and you're already rolling in ladies. Go ahead and introduce yourself.
No. 575237 ID: 0eaf76
File 140070755701.png - (185.65KB , 600x550 , 16.png )

>Make your move on Olive the Purrloin.

As you tend to be a bit...socially awkward at times, you only manage to send her a wave and a fairly unsuccessful attempt at a wink. You are not a ladies man. In case you haven't noticed, Froakies are kinda dorky looking.

Somehow, this manages to trigger a reaction out of Olive. She giggles into her paw and turns away sheepishly, a faint blush clearly visible. Elvara rolls her eyes and groans.

"Good lord..." She mutters.

>"What's it like here? I just signed up a few minutes ago."

"Why would they send someone as new as you on a mission like this...? This Guild isn't a place to play around, pal." Elvara hops off of her bed and slithers menacingly towards you. "It's hard work...tough...intense...horse play is simply not allowed here..."

You hear a loud THUMP from the room across the hall, followed by a synchronized "DUDE!!!"

Elvara's eye twitches. "I-Ignore the clowns across the hall. I don't even know how they got in...!" Olive rubs her paws together and slides off of her own bed. "Don't take Elvara too seriously, Fritz. She's um...short-tempered. Not really one for silly stuff..."

The Dratini girl slaps her tail against the wooden floor. "I am not short-tempered! I'm just responsible! I treat this Guild seriously! And you should too..." Her eyes narrowed and once again she's sticking her face close to yours, glaring with dark eyes. "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kick you off of my mission right now! I don't want you jeopardizing this..."
No. 575242 ID: 2baea8

"How about you tell me who we're going up against first, and we can decide if it's tactically sound instead of being unreasonably biased?"
No. 575243 ID: 189a54

You might not have the greatest looks or charm. But what you do have is a very particular set of moves, moves that you have acquired from some very accomplished parents. Moves that make you a nightmare for outlaws like the one you're after.
No. 575245 ID: 9ddf68

Because the guild master himself decide to put me on this team to see what I could do and thought since your team was one of the more experienced teams in the guild it would be a good way for some new blood to show what he's got without putting him into a fight that's way over his head.

whatever you say don't put any real emotion into, no anger, DIFFERENTLY no fear, just the type of tone you'd use in a normal conversation.
No. 575252 ID: 2bfcdf

Tell her that you were told this team was already more than qualified to get the mission done.(flattery!) You're just along to show the guildmaster if you can live up to your parents' legacy.(bragging!) Promise you won't get in the way- you'll take this seriously and do your very best.(reassurance!)
No. 575253 ID: 2baea8

This, but don't mention the parents. Instead say this is your test, and the two of them are to evaluate your performance. Bragging about famous parents makes you look like a douche.

I still think you should definitely ask about the who you're up against so you three can share moves and discuss tactics.
No. 575257 ID: e22313

This. Flatter and reassure them, but don't bring your parents up.
It will only lower Elvara's already abysmal opinion of you.
No. 575277 ID: 0eaf76
File 140072642719.png - (172.56KB , 600x550 , 17.png )

>"How about you tell me who we're going up against first, and we can decide if it's tactically sound instead of being unreasonably biased?"

"Y-Yeah, I think we should give him a chance, Elvy...We haven't even seen him in action yet...!" Olive kneels down beside her shoulder bag and lifts out a folded piece of paper. She carefully flattens it out and holds it up for you to see.

"People call him Mr. Present. He poses as someone who's nice and trustworthy, and even gives you gifts to try and gain your friendship. Then, he steals all of your possessions! Probably selling them off at some market..." Olive shakes her head, visibly disgusted. You stare long and hard at the Delibird's face. He definitely looks sinister. Probably wasn't like that in real life...at least not at first. No one would believe this to be the same person if he acted as nice as Olive claims.

"This criminal has been wanted for weeks now." Elvara pipes up. "You'll just get in our way!"

>"Then I just won't get in your way. I was assigned here to just be evaluated. I was told you two were a very experienced team, by the Guildmaster himself! Don't worry, nothing bad will happen."

Elvara quiets down for a split second. "He...told you we were experienced? Hmm..." That appealed to her better nature, and she simply let you off the hook with a cautious look. "Fine. You can sleep in here with us for the night. We're leaving tomorrow. To Mt. Frost. Apparently, there's rumor that our criminal's hiding place is there..."

Mt. Frost was a ways away from here. A steep summit with freezing temperatures! As a Water-type, the cold didn't bother you as much as other Pokemon...it would be worse if you were a Grass-type!

You feel a soft paw being placed on your shoulder. It was Olive. She points to the door. "You should go tell your parents the good news...! The thing about this Guild...is that most of the members stay in the dorm. So you really should let your folks know."
No. 575279 ID: 761017

"My parents already know. They had some friends join the guild a long time ago, but they never mentioned their names." (technically true)
No. 575281 ID: 0ee153

No. 575282 ID: 2bfcdf

I think telling your parents you were accepted is a good idea. You can also move some of your stuff to your new dorm room. Speaking of which, how do you know which room you're staying in?

On the way out you could see where the other corridors lead.
No. 575284 ID: 2baea8

Hm, the cold might give Elvara some trouble. I wouldn't tell it to her face, of course, but it's something to keep in mind. Wonder if there are any old items your parents have lying around that could help with that.

You should go tell them you're going on your first mission, ask for any advice, and see if they can help with the above problem.
No. 575285 ID: 9ddf68

place might also suck if you're a dragon type since they don't do well in the cold either.

But yeah you your parents know you were joining today and they were a part of the guild themselves so I'm sure they know how this works. I say we try and get a better idea of the guilds layout so we don't get lost.
No. 575286 ID: 53ba34

can you make bubble scarf and give to others? bubbles are surprisingly helpful vs temperature.
No. 575288 ID: 9a281a

>Mr. Present has a naivete based scam
>we're a rookie, it shows, and we're look kind of dorky looking.
>not known to be a guild member, yet
...which means we might be exactly what they need to catch him. Best way to catch a scam artist- give him a target. A 'sucker' to go for.

Float the idea of possibly catching the bad guy with a trap, using yourself as the bait.

She takes her job seriously. So long as we preform well when it counts, we shouldn't have a problem.
No. 575299 ID: ca0da5

So, stay out of the way by appearing to be in the way? Elvara might like that idea, but might also not. However, placing your trust in them should brighten her mood.
"I'm just a citizen" is the role you'll play--Who hired them to help with something. I dunno, they've got more experience, surely they would know what people get bodyguards for.
No. 576202 ID: 0eaf76
File 140117263571.png - (203.84KB , 600x550 , 182.png )

>"My parents already know. They had some friends join the guild a long time ago, but they never mentioned their names."

Olive just waves her paws and huffs at you. "You should at least tell them you were accepted!" This is a good idea. They'll be overjoyed to hear about your new life event!

Of course, the only thing you have packed with you right now is your backpack full of essential supplies. Food and medicine. That's about it. Going home to grab other important things would help too!

Maybe there'll be something at home that you can give to Elvara and Olive for the mission. Dragon types struggle in cold weather. You should pack with that in mind.

Having an A-class bad guy to think about wasn't lowering your stress at all either. What kind of strategies were your teammates going to use? You assumed they would have a better plan than to just walk right up to the suspect and hope for the best. Perhaps...

>Float the idea of possibly catching the bad guy with a trap, using yourself as the bait.

Exactly! You look naive enough to fit the role of a gullible citizen. If the crook goes after that kind of person, it would be great to disguise yourself as a target. You make sure to remember that you tell the two girls about this plan later. For now, you need to decide what to do.

You COULD go home and talk to your parents about this, ask for advice, etc. Or maybe your curiosity about the guild is still left unsatisfied? On your way out, you can meet a few more Pokemon or even explore the vast hallways of the guild a bit more. It is a huge building...you don't even know if this building was the only thing the Guild had to offer!
No. 576208 ID: 16903a

Yesss! Go home. So we can ogle your mother!
No. 576210 ID: 9ddf68

might as well go home. If your parents are as accomplished as everyone says they are they could have some useful tips. At the very least we have some time to kill before this mission starts and I can think of worse ways to kill time then spending it with family or at home.

Also what kind of gear do you think you'll need?
No. 576214 ID: 189a54

If you're headed home, don't forget to bring Olive along. If you awkwardly introduce her to your parents now, that's one less hurdle you'll have to jump later~
No. 576216 ID: 2bfcdf

Oh my word that is much too forward.

Make note of the signs on your way out.
No. 576238 ID: 363ecd

Pff. The girls were really trying to get you to leave the room. Consider the possibility that she just needed you out of the way for a while. Gotta move or hide something embarrassing if you're going to be staying there?

>what do?
I'd poke around the guild and talk to another person or two before running home for advice, supplies, etc. I mean, it's still morning, right? You've only been away an hour or less? You should have plenty of time to look around and visit home before coming back and sleeping in your guild bunk before tomorrow's mission.
No. 576277 ID: 2baea8

Might as well head home and get some advice/gear from your parents. After that you'll have all day to hang around the guild and get to know people.
No. 576919 ID: b9d767

I'd say the first thing you should do is make sure all your supplies for the trip are packed and ready. THEN you should go and see what you can find in the Guild's grounds.
No. 607030 ID: 0eaf76
File 141737600193.png - (224.56KB , 600x550 , 18.png )

>Head home and pick up supplies.

Good idea. If your parents are experienced explorers themselves, they'll definitely know what to pack with you on your long journey. You bid farewell to Olive and Elvara, for now, and dash out the door. Passing by everything on your way out, a strong sense of belonging can be felt. This'll be your home...these Pokemon will be your comrades...it sends shivers down your spine. You burst through the gates of the Guild fort, running as fast as you can back home. Passing Pokemon wave to you, thrilled by your excitement, especially the older ones. Over the bridge and to your house, you spot your Mother tending to the garden. She notices you and looks up, smiling.

>"Mom! Mom! I got sent on a mission!"

"Oh really? Already? Oh Fritzy!" She embraces you in a tight hug, giggling. "How wonderful! I wish I could go with you...but I'm much too old now, hehe. Oh! You need supplies! Come, come, I'll help you get ready. Where are you going?"

>"Mt. Frost."

"Ohhh, that's quite the journey, for such a small Pokemon too..."

>"It's ok. I'll be with another team, a team that's way more experienced!"

"Ahh, what a relief!" Your Mother ushers you inside, your Father reading the local paper. "Dear! Dear! Fritzy got sent on a mission! To Mt. Frost!" He looks up from his paper, chuckling.

"HA! IS THAT SO?! THAT'S MY BOY! GET RIGHT IN THERE!" He slaps his knee, obviously amused by this recent development. "WHEN DO YOU LEAVE?"


You enthusiastically respond, puffing your chest out. Your Mother takes your backpack and runs upstairs with it, returning a few minutes later. The backpack is significantly heavier...filled with various seeds, berries, elixirs, orbs, apples and such. "Oh this should be plenty. If you need anything it should be in here...food, tools, medicine...and here." She pulls out a green, woven scarf and wraps it around your neck. "It's a Defense Scarf. It'll protect you from attacks, while also keeping you warm..." She stands back up, placing her hands on her face. "Oh my little Fritzy...I'm so proud..." She wipes a few tears from her eyes, sniffling.

"AHH! STOP BEING EMOTIONAL, DANA...Y-YOU'RE GONNA MAKE ME TEAR UP!" Your Father stands up and picks up you from the ground. "DON'T GO DYING ON US, THEN."

"Richard!" Your Mom snapped at him, slapping his arm. "WHAT?! IT'S REAL ADVICE! GET OUT THERE AND SHOW EM' YOUR STUFF, BOY!"
No. 607040 ID: 2ec61a

excitedly salute and rush back out!
No. 607041 ID: 37aa84

Tell your parents about the two partners you'll be adventuring with even if you only know them a little.
No. 607043 ID: 9ddf68

already figured that one out ourselves but thanks for covering all the bases anyways.

Well if you have nothing better to do may as well stay for diner and then head back to the guild, or just head back if you don't want to stick around here any longer.
No. 608617 ID: 687279

Give your parents a hug and tell them you'll do your best.
No. 608634 ID: aa1c2a

ogle ogle ogle ogle ogle don't judge me.

do they have any advice about fighting a Delibird
No. 608936 ID: 330ce5

Ask for girl advice, also battle tactics verse Delibirds.
No. 609731 ID: 400eda

Hug your parents before leaving, telling them that you would be doing your best and you won't die.

(Then make a time skip showing a tombstone with your name on it)
No. 610330 ID: 0eaf76
File 141817403525.png - (228.04KB , 600x550 , 19.png )

You adjust your backpack, turning towards the front door, a determined look on your face. It felt like the entire world just opened up to you...brand new places to roam and explore. "Oh! Before I forget..." You bounce closer to your parents. "Got any advice on fighting a Delibird?" Father stomped his foot demandingly, getting right up close to your face. "BOY! DELIBIRDS CAN BE DANGEROUS, IF YA DON'T PLAY YOUR CARDS RIGHT!" Beside him you see Mother nod calmly. "Watch out for the Present attack. That's their main move. They hold a bag over their shoulder that contains gift-wrapped objects that they hurl at you. It could heal you up...but sometimes it contains a hidden trap that cuts you up real bad. Why do you ask?" You give a proud smile. "Well, my first mission is to apprehend a Delibird!"

"OH! IS THAT THE ONE EVERYONE'S BEEN TALKIN' ABOUT?! HE'S A JOKE! GO WHOOP HIS BIRD BUTT!" Mother places a hand on your Father's shoulder. "Well make sure you're careful, okay? Mt. Frost is filled with danger, I know you'll be fine though...you're a strong Pokemon." Giving one last goodbye to your parents, you run out of the house with a skip in your step. Present, huh? How hard can it be to just avoid those attacks! You're sure he has something else up his sleeve, though...if he's able to run rampant for so long...surely he has tricks for Pokemon like you. You'll be with strong Pokemon, though! All you have to do is try your best and stay out of their way for the meantime. As you were passing through the town square, you overhear a few tidbits of information being passed and forth that caught your ear.

"Did you hear about the disaster that hit Mt. Frost?"

"Oh yeah...how horrible! I hope no one was injured!"

"You talking about the avalanche?"

"I heard that a huge Pokemon caused it...they completely monopolized the mountain!"

"Oh dear!"
No. 610332 ID: 687279

Awwww maaaaan, that's where we're going, too. Ask for more details. Also introduce yourself, I guess.
No. 610337 ID: 9ddf68

huh, this actually effects us. Go up to them and ask them about what happened at Mt. frost. If they ask just tell them you have some business up there tomorrow and want to know what to expect.
No. 610338 ID: 330ce5

Time to get some info, be polite yet charming. Also be respectful and all that, building connections within the town is always a good thing.
No. 612136 ID: ca118c

Ask them about the accident and then go tell your teammates
No. 612674 ID: 3ed831

Ask what kind of pokemon specifically are common their as well, might as well know what to avoid and what we can take out we could also ask Olive and Elvara what their moves are later to formulate a basic strategy.
No. 614755 ID: 0eaf76
File 141939976742.png - (230.36KB , 600x550 , 20.png )

You approach the group, cautious at first.

"Has the Guild done anything about it yet?"

"I don't think so...it's only happened recently."

Finally you speak up and question them about the alleged incident. "Hey uh, what are you girls talking about?" They all turn to you, at first startled. The Bayleef spoke first.

"You mean you didn't hear? A monsterous Pokemon attacked Mt. Frost and won't let anyone in or out! Most of the entry ways have been blocked by avalanche debris..." What? Who would do such a thing? Immediately you begin to interrogate the group!

"Who would do such a thing?!" The Cottonee shook about angrily. "The nerve of them! Doesn't it make you mad?! I can't stand the thought of it!"

"I'm actually supposed to go there tomorrow..." You admit, rubbing your arm nervously. The Illumise cocked her head curiously. "Really? How come?" Here it was! Your chance to announce your new pride and glory!

“I’m supposed to go on a special mission for the Guild!”

They all stare at you, mouths agape. “R-Really?!” The Cottonee floated down to eye-level, fluff shivering. “How exciting! Please be careful, okay?”
No. 614757 ID: 9ddf68

>How exciting! Please be careful, okay
don't worry about me I wasn't planning on taking any more risk then necessary but thank you for telling me about this. I'm going to head back to the guild now and see what they know. thanks again and have a nice day.

Well if these guys know about it then the guild more then likely knows as well. Lets see what they are doing about it and see how this effects your mission.
No. 614762 ID: 742b4a

Hey don't just run off, introduce yourself! Maybe you can make some friends.
No. 615137 ID: 350a50

We don't want to be late, but at least introducing yourself and politely excusing yourself would be nice.
No. 615234 ID: 330ce5

Thank them for their kindness and introduce yourself after that you should get going.
No. 615298 ID: 395b09

Dude with the way they're looking at you I suspect being a member of the Guild means you're gonna get your dick wet often.
No. 615310 ID: 60700b

Pretty sure this is a SFW quest.
No. 615322 ID: a19cd5

Dude, he's a first-tier starter evo
he's like, ten in pokemon years
No. 615326 ID: dbe554


Considering that it takes power to evolve they can be first state for as long as they want to really..

But still, he is pretty young.
No. 618675 ID: 0eaf76
File 142064951029.png - (180.34KB , 600x550 , 21.png )

Their praise and adoration caused you to push out your chest, a sense of pride and belonging washing over you. You could definitely get used to this life! All your life you were just that awkward Froakie child that people protected or kept out of danger...but now you belong in the danger! It's scary...but exhilarating. You try and calm their fears with a confident voice. "Oh don't worry about me~ I won't get into any danger that I don't need to get into! The name's Fritz, by the way! It's nice to meet you ladies!" They turn to each other and begin to giggle.

"Oh you're so cute! Such a brave child to go out...it's surprising the Guild admitted you!"

"I do hope you make it back safely...Mt. Frost is a dangerous place!"

You let out a sigh, waving a froggy hand. "It's no problem! I'll be juuust fine! Anyways, I need to get going, thank you for the heads up!" They excitedly wave to you as you hop away. Just wait until you become a famous Guildmember! You'll be known throughout town as the Little Froakie That Could! You hurry back over to the Guild, getting through the gates no problem. As soon as you enter the main lobby, you're approached by a tall Pokemon. A Cacturne. He kicked you lightly in the chest, chuckling in a dark tone. "So you're the new Pokemon? Hmm~? Can't wait to see what you'll bring to the table~" You glare up at him with your two yellow eyes. "And who are you?" The Cacturne tipped his plant hat and struck a pose. "The name is Cavalier. I'm in Team Evergreen. What team are you in?" You gulped with a nervous expression, patting down your legs. "Erm, I haven't joined one yet..." Cavalier gave you a sympathetic shrug of the shoulders. "You're new. I didn't expect you to. If you have any questions about the Guild you can ask me~ In fact, you should ask me~ I'm the most reliable Pokemon in this joint~ Other than the Guildmaster, of course."
No. 618685 ID: 962eb4

yeah. who put a joltik up Elvara's ass, and why?
No. 618698 ID: 7d7f93

Easiest way to take out a delibird?
No. 618756 ID: 330ce5

Ask where the best place to train is and who should we avoid?
No. 618811 ID: 350a50

Guy seems like a douche. Tell him you're fine and go meet up with the girls.
No. 622062 ID: 3ed831

He is obviously not shady in any way. Make him source of info if not your friend.
No. 622063 ID: f94fe1

Inquire about the other teams in the guild but don't take his word as fact.
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