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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 139930285513.png - (208.39KB , 1052x744 , ak000.png )
573223 No. 573223 ID: 54d22d

This isn't my house! What's going on?!
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No. 573224 ID: a95b2e

You appear to be laying down in the dark. Not much appears to be going on.

If you don't know where you are, sit around and look around. At least as much as the dark allows.
No. 573225 ID: c12703

This is a classic beginning.

Don't worry, everything will be normal and fine if you just find a light source.
No. 573226 ID: f93bc2

Use massive chest to easily tear through the blockage.
No. 573227 ID: 34b5e1

find some light and we can work from there.
No. 573228 ID: 54d22d
File 139930600467.png - (116.33KB , 1052x744 , ak001.png )

There's no room!

There's this faint blue light next to this handle thing.

>massive chest
It doesn't help at all...
No. 573229 ID: a95b2e

Oh, you're in a box. Got the perspective wrong, I assumed that was a skylight.

Try manipulating the handle thing. Maybe it opens the lid?

Failing that, feel around the surface above you with your hands. See if you can find anything else.
No. 573240 ID: cee89f

Find any buttons or levers to push or pull.
No. 573242 ID: f93bc2

Slip your fingers through the slit and hope someone doesn't cut them off with pliers.
No. 573254 ID: 54d22d
File 139931892334.png - (323.29KB , 1052x744 , ak002.png )

>fondle the handle
I guess that's the obvi---



That nearly pulled my arm out!
No. 573258 ID: ca65e6

That cat seems oddly unphased. Stare at it.
No. 573260 ID: 88960e

Right. Examine surroundings. Do you know where you are? Do you know that cat?
No. 573268 ID: 012266

pet the cat
No. 573269 ID: 63629f

Check the content of your pockets.
No. 573271 ID: 876afe

Yow. Were there springs under that door, or explosive bolts or something? Harsh.

Let's see what we're working with. You have:
1 Empty locker
1 Locker door
1 set of shelves
1 cat (living or taxidermied?)
1 weird table-shelf thing, apparently this room is for a quite specific purpose that wasn't expected to ever change
1 door with bolt (lock or not?)
1 Turtleneck sweater
1 Unidentifiable black leg garment (?)

And yourself! Who are you, missy? What do you do and what skills do you have? Also, if you have pockets or other containers, please check them. Don't forget the cleavage inventory slot! The room you're in looks kind of bare and makes me think of prefabs, do you agree?

Also, admire cat's luxuriant fur.
No. 573327 ID: f12e94

Yeah, if that cat were a normal cat it would've already gone for cover before that lid went flying off. So we get to figure out whether it's a cyborg, or a spirit-familiar, or what.

At this point I think it would be healthy to reflect on just who it is you are, what you are good at, why you were packaged in that box wearing normal clothes, and what your physical status is.
No. 573329 ID: f2c8fe

is that a wall speaker ? oh boy !
No. 573345 ID: 54d22d
File 139939145790.png - (218.24KB , 1052x744 , ak003.png )

>stare cat
The cat stares back.
>pet cat
Let's not be hasty.

>Examine surroundings. Do you know where you are? Do you know that cat?
This seems to be a storage shed with a slanted roof and small windows at the top of the taller wall. The roof and front wall is corrugated steel, the other walls are plaster. The shelves are apparently all empty.
But I don't know why I'm here and I've never seen this cat before.

I don't have any. Unless you count... Ah, um, no. No pockets.

>who are you
I'm... Uh, hmm, that's... Crap, did it start with B, K, or R? Well, anyway, that's not important right now.

>Don't forget the cleavage inventory slot!
This isn't the time to start touching myself! But there's nothing there either way.

>why you were packaged in that box wearing normal clothes
No idea.

>is that a wall speaker
It's just a vent.
No. 573347 ID: 63fb25

unlock door.

how do you even walk around with those
No. 573349 ID: bbb906

>Name starts with B,R or K
...Does Kurwa sound familiar to you?

Either way, doesn't look like anything of note or use is here, let's leave this shed eh?
No. 573350 ID: a95b2e

Um, hello, kitty? (On the off chance we're in wonderland and it'll talk back).

Aside from the cat, and your prison, there doesn't seem to be much interesting here. Actually- your box. Are there are labels or marking on the outside? Maybe on the top of the lid?

You should also see if the door the shed opens. It looks like the lock is on the inside, but for all we know, it could be padlocked from outside.
No. 573376 ID: 6e79c1

That's the best quest title I've seen in a long time :D (Przepiękne, po prostu przepiękne)

Do you hear anything? Is it cold, or is it warm?
No. 573380 ID: ca65e6

Alright, see what's out the door.
No. 573392 ID: 54d22d
File 139940509140.png - (201.84KB , 1052x744 , ak004.png )

Opening the bolt opens the door.

>how do you even walk around with those
Normally. They're just large, not Havoc-powered, geez.

>Do you hear anything? Is it cold, or is it warm?
I don't hear anything I can't see, and now that I think about it, it's ever so slightly chilly.

>Does Kurwa sound familiar to you?
Not rea---

"Thank you for using for for for for for for for self destruct in ten seconds. Thank you nk nk nk ou self destruct. Seconds."
No. 573394 ID: 8971e7

Duck and cover!
No. 573395 ID: ca65e6

Run for it!
No. 573403 ID: a0267c

Pump those buns!
No. 573407 ID: 5bf190

Run! Follow the cat to safety! Unless the cat runs under those bushes in which case run across open ground and after ten no actually more like seven seconds now better make it five or six, after five seconds throw yourself to the ground preferably behind something, even a bump in the ground will do!

Also, when things have settled down, are you just wearing a sweater and stockings? And what is the last thing you remember before waking up?
No. 573417 ID: a7868d

since your running away from scary proclamations anyway, might as well run the same way the cat is.
No. 573423 ID: 54d22d
File 139941442440.png - (275.56KB , 1052x744 , ak005.png )


I'm not really equipped for this!

"Four, four, four, four, four, three, two..."
No. 573424 ID: d315b1

Duck behind the rock.
No. 573430 ID: 53ba34

yes, that rock looks like it's had this happen before. is blasted up.
No. 573436 ID: d6410a

Take cover behind that rock. Protect your head as best you can.

establish pants status once you're safe.
No. 573445 ID: f12e94

I have nothing to add to this.
No. 573450 ID: a95b2e

Drat. You missed you chance to check the box for writing or markings. It's gonna get blown up, now.

Duck behind rock, lament lack of pants and a proper sports bra for your size. You're really not equipped to run.
No. 573461 ID: 0ee153

Sounds about right, but I wouldn't worry much about pants right now. Pants are not important. Explosions and loot in remnants are.
No. 573488 ID: a2f9bc

That footwear looks impractical for running, yes.
No. 573499 ID: 54d22d
File 139945898606.png - (289.99KB , 1052x744 , ak006.png )

>Duck behind the rock.
There really is!

"...Four, four, four, four, four. Thank you for self self destruct."


>Pants are not important.
Good, since I don't have any.
No. 573500 ID: 53ba34

capture duck, break it's neck. can roast for food.
No. 573509 ID: a95b2e

Oh. A duck. Odd day for animals. Peer up over the edge of the rock, see how badly the shed was wrecked / how big the crater is.
No. 573516 ID: 0ee153

This may not be a good idea. Where there is one duck, there are many ducks. If you piss off one duck, all will mob you. It's like Legend of Zelda in real life. Only do this if you are absolutely, absolutely sure that you can kill it immediately and that you can make a fire. If you cannot do both, do not annoy the duck.

Also, if the forest floor is not too full of rocks and thistles, consider taking off the boots. High heels are likely to get your ankle broken, and if they are leather they can be eaten.

Before resorting to any of that, though, do wait for the explosion to subside and look at the remnants.
No. 573517 ID: 0ee153

Also, before eating any wild animal, check its liver. If the animal is diseased or infested by parasites, the liver will usually show abnormalities and the animal will not be safe to eat. If you do not know how to locate an animal's liver do not eat wild animals if you can eat absolutely anything else. Possibly plants.
No. 573522 ID: e3aff6

Do those heels make it hard to run? We will probably be running away from something else fairly soon, so if you would run better without them now would be the time to ditch them.
Inspect the strangely unperturbed duck, then go look through the wreckage for anything salvageable.
No. 573553 ID: 2860c7

In all seriousness, can you recall dressing yourself like this? Your clothing is ridiculously impractical, and kind of seems like it's designed specifically to cater to a bunch of creepy fetishes. Have you seen any cameras anywhere? Was this some sort of attempt at making a bizarre snuff film?
No. 573554 ID: 1f8505


Fashion bush into crude pants.
No. 573613 ID: 54d22d
File 139956946990.png - (215.24KB , 1052x744 , ak007.png )

>capture duck, break it's neck
Well, that was easy. Or lucky. Is there a difference?

And there wasn't a duck mob.

I don't have anything to cut with.

>if the forest floor is not too full of rocks and thistles
It's not extreme, but it doesn't look to comfortable either.

>Do those heels make it hard to run?
They don't exactly help, but I think they're better than the alternative for now.

>can you recall dressing yourself like this?
No. Can't see any cameras either.

I don't think there's anything worthwhile in the crater, so maybe I should just follow this path and hope it leads somewhere.
No. 573615 ID: 54d22d
File 139956952517.png - (158.80KB , 1052x744 , ak008.png )

>Fashion bush into crude pants.
Which bu--- Uh, I mean, that probably won't work anyway.

Pfeh, "crude"...
No. 573616 ID: a95b2e

Aw. Poor duck. ...the cat seems interested, at least.

Investigate the smoking ruins of the house. Maybe there's something salvageable? At least, there may be a piece of metal appropriate for fashioning into a knife. (We might have to sterilize it with fire before it's safe to cut up food with, but if we're cooking, we'll need to make a campfire anyways).

Be careful, as there might be sharp things to step on (or fall on), and the debris may be hot.
No. 573617 ID: 53ba34

tell cat "lead me and i will give you duck"
No. 573642 ID: 2f4b71

Sever shirt below midriff, slide down to form skirt.
No. 573646 ID: 0ee153

Nothing to cut with. Can you find some flint or other sharp rocks? Even if you do, duck is currently more important than pants. If you can't find a suitable tool with a little searching, just offer it to the cat in return for guidance.

Can you tell where the sun is and roughly what time of day it is? It'd be helpful for getting your bearings. Any idea what direction the local civilization tends to cluster or what hemispheres you're in? Northern, southern, eastern, western?
No. 573651 ID: f12e94

The cat is a weird cat, but I doubt it's a magical familiar unless you're a witch, so it seems unlikely that it'll do anything particularly helpful for you. Let's double check our assumptions though: Are you a witch? That could explain why an oddly unpreturbed cat seems to be following you closely and how you can even move at all in thigh-high spiked boots in a forest.
Since you don't have protective equipment to go searching though the hot wreckage for a sharp bit of metal more likely to cut things that aren't you than cutting yourself it seems that our best option is leaving this place and trying to find help.
No. 573695 ID: e3d894

Eat the raw duck meat.
No. 573703 ID: 54d22d
File 139963216984.png - (228.52KB , 1052x744 , ak009.png )

>Maybe there's something salvageable?
No. And I'm not going to look any harder.

>Can you find some flint or other sharp rocks?
No. How would I identify flint anyway?

>Can you tell where the sun is and roughly what time of day it is?
>Any idea what direction the local civilization tends to cluster or what hemispheres you're in?
No and no. The sky is just a uniform, somewhat bright-ish dull gray. At best I can guess it's not night.

>Are you a witch?
No. Why would you even...?

>tell cat "lead me and i will give you duck"
"Very well."
No. 573712 ID: 53ba34

ask to go to the nearest human town. and give duck.
No. 573713 ID: c99336

Ask the cat where will it lead you to.
Aand i suppose you should ask how it can talk and if it knows why we were in that exploding shed.
No. 573720 ID: a95b2e

Oh! It talks.

...what's your name?
No. 573721 ID: 012266

ask cat if you can pet it
No. 573726 ID: a2f9bc

Consider that, if the cat is capable of speech, it is possible that the duck could also talk and that you killed a being intelligent enough to do so.
No. 573729 ID: e607cd

Then remember that ducks are assholes, and it probably deserved it.
No. 573739 ID: 54d22d
File 139966330845.png - (247.58KB , 1052x744 , ak010.png )

>ask to go to the nearest human town. and give duck.
"Very well."
I give a duck.

>Aand i suppose you should ask how it can talk
"What do you mean how?"

>why we were in that exploding shed
"Because I could."

>what's your name?
I already told you I don't know!

>ask cat if you can pet it
And I do.

>remember that ducks are assholes, and it probably deserved it.
That's a relief. I guess.
No. 573740 ID: 53ba34

i think they meant ask the cat waht it's name is.
No. 573790 ID: a95b2e

Yes, I did.
No. 573791 ID: 0ee153

Ask if if there's anything else it cares to tell you. Keep an eye out for anything.
No. 573933 ID: 03c78a

Put cat into a homeless shelter, you clearly cannot take care of it.
No. 574090 ID: 54d22d
File 139990071613.png - (264.83KB , 1052x744 , ak011.png )

The cat eats duck before getting on with it.

>ask cat
>"So where are we going?"
>"So, uh, what's your name?"
"Viktoria the Twice-Eminent."
>"Anything else you care to tell me?"
"Ask what you will, but be specific."

>Keep an eye out for anything.
I can see trees and a dirt path.

>Put cat into a homeless shelter, you clearly cannot take care of it.
I'm not taking care of it in the first place! Not to mention I'd put myself into a homeless shelter first if that was an option!
Speaking of which, should I just keep going or try to find or build some shelter here? I can't tell the time of the day in this weather, so it's a gamble either way.
No. 574092 ID: 257051

Ask the cat if it knows or saw how you ended up in that box, because you can't seem to remember.

>should I just keep going or try to find or build some shelter here?
Ask the cat how far away where you're going is. Will we get there before dark?
No. 574096 ID: 53ba34

eh, stick with cat.
No. 574112 ID: e7295c

Ask cat: "What are the people in town like towards strangers?"

Last thing you need is a mob chasing you right back out of town again.
No. 574121 ID: 0ee153

Ask the cat if it knows of someone called Crazy Hassan.
No. 574338 ID: 54d22d
File 140007472562.png - (316.77KB , 1052x744 , ak012.png )

>ask cat
>"Did you see how I ended up in the box?"
>"So, um, how long till we get where you're taking me and can we get there before dark?"
"It is as far as you will go, but it is going to be dark after a while."
Now that it's mentioned, it does seem to be getting a bit dark.

>Ask cat: "What are the people in town like towards strangers?" Last thing you need is a mob chasing you right back out of town again.
True, but I don't remember any town being mentioned.
>"Are you taking me to a town?"
"I do not know."
>"Do you know 'Crazy Hassan'?"

The trees thin out and I see it's foggy out here.
No. 574341 ID: 53ba34

uh... towards farry?
No. 574354 ID: 2c00a9

Right hand rule! Go towards Swomp tode.
No. 574355 ID: 1c677c

Is there no sign? A Place like this and no proper directions. It looks like the same goes on if we go to farry, let's go right.
No. 574356 ID: 9a281a

Misspelled ferry and swamp road, maybe?

We could ask the cat if it knows what either of those places are, although I expect another noncommittal answer.

Failing better cat-advice, I'd head left.
No. 574366 ID: 0ee153

Sounds about right. Also ask the cat about the ferryman, if there's one.
No. 574374 ID: d36747

Who is this Swomp, and what sort of creature was it he rode? Go find out.
No. 574383 ID: e607cd

I am glad everyone assumes that is Ferry and not Fairy. There is no way that can go wrong.
No. 574385 ID: 54d22d
File 140009510194.png - (360.11KB , 1052x744 , ak013.png )

>"Is there a ferryman at the ferry?"
"I do not know, I came the other way."
>"Oh. What's that way like?"
"There is a very long road made of wood. Sometimes there is also a house with food."

Eh, uh, umm...

Which way should I go again?
No. 574388 ID: 0ee153

Well, sometimes food is better than the unknown. Ask her what the house and food were like and if anyone ever lived there. Take the swomp rode.
No. 574393 ID: c170fd

Let's go where we know there are houses.
No. 574411 ID: 1f8505


You still need pants.
No. 574417 ID: 012266

No. 574513 ID: 9a281a

I was leaning ferry before because that sounded like signs of civilization over a swamp. But if we know there are houses to the right, that seems the better way to go.
No. 574592 ID: 54d22d
File 140018494961.png - (140.60KB , 1052x744 , ak014.png )

It takes a while to get to the swamp. It's slowly starting to get darker too.

>ask cat
>"What's the house and food like?"
"The house is warm and the food is good."
>"Does anyone live there?"

...Ah. Now what the hell does this mean?
No. 574596 ID: fe8b1a


maybe it means fairy and someone just couldn't spell
No. 574598 ID: fe4bfc

It means something in the swamp is attracted to the sound of women's voices.

Its probable best not to think about what sort of horrible beast would target only females but you should be safe if you stay quiet.

Oh yeah and don't litter.
No. 574600 ID: 0ee153

Based off of that and the "don't drop shit in the water" I'm going to guess something aquatic with tentacles. Don't talk, walk across the bridge, do nothing except walk.

Does the cat sound like a woman and/or girl?
No. 574625 ID: 012266

go across the bridge as quietly as you possbly can
No. 574908 ID: 54d22d
File 140042200945.png - (96.45KB , 1052x744 , ak015.png )

>Its probable best not to think about what sort of horrible beast would target only females but you should be safe if you stay quiet.
>I'm going to guess something aquatic with tentacles.
Don't think about horrible tentaclemonsters don't think about horrible tentaclemonsters don't think about horrible tentaclemonsters don't think about horrible tentaclemonsters don't think about horrible tentaclemonsters...

This isn't working! Oh geez...

>Does the cat sound like a woman and/or girl?
Yes. Now that I think about it, it's pretty weird, isn't it? It sounds really refined, but I guess you just don't notice it because it's a talking cat.

I've been walking for a while now and I'm not seeing any houses or end to this swamp. It's really quiet too. Like really quiet. Like it's missing something.

>Its probable best not to think about what sort of horrible beast would target only females but you should be safe if you stay quiet.
>I'm going to guess something aquatic with tentacles.
Oh geez, oh geez...
No. 574914 ID: 53ba34

just keep moving and try to ignore any sounds.
No. 574918 ID: 9a281a

Just keep moving, and follow the cat. A swamp isn't a place you want to stay, and you don't have a reason to talk, anyways.
No. 574923 ID: e1609c

I imagine it wouldnt be very sanitary having swamp tentacles in you either, so yeah avoid noise.
No. 574927 ID: 30e06f

It could also be the Ed Gein of crocodiles
No. 577128 ID: 54d22d
File 140191310637.png - (129.54KB , 1052x744 , ak016.png )

Staying quiet, not thinking about tentacles, not thinking about crocodiles, not being afraid of the dark... Oh geez...

Well, there's a house.
No. 577131 ID: 3d177c

Go and knock.
No. 577136 ID: f28bf6

Just knock, and as we don't know if talking is safe here, do what you can manage via pantomining.
No. 577138 ID: 53ba34

nice decorations
No. 577141 ID: ef0e98

Ok, follow the cat's lead and don't make any noise (i.e. knocking on the door or calling out to see if anyone's inside) until after you're in the house.
No. 577148 ID: eee528

Keep walking. You're still in the swamp, so you still can't talk. Nobody likes mimes showing up at their door.
No. 577170 ID: 76b151

I think the question is of whether you stop for the night or not boils down to:

a) can you trust a stranger to not molest\rape\kill you when they have a nude female bust above their door


b) can you continue walking without rest for an indeterminate time.
No. 577176 ID: a2f9bc

Look at the interesting above-door decoration.

Then peer through the window a little bit before committing to knocking. Don't want to knock if the occupant looks like a total creeper.
No. 577179 ID: 0ee153

Follow the cat's lead.
No. 577182 ID: 012266

rub the statue
No. 577183 ID: c7a241

...okay, those are definitely not reassuring decorations.

Sneak up and peer though a window. No noise.
No. 577198 ID: 14faaf

I'm going to hazard a guess that this house may be where the threat to all people who speak with a feminine voice lives. If so it would be wise to keep our distance and avoid calling attention to ourself with sudden or suspicious movements.
No. 577201 ID: 4a20fa

Obey the cat in all things.
No. 578459 ID: 54d22d
File 140268266287.png - (158.64KB , 1052x744 , ak017.png )

Better safe than sorry, I guess. The left, front and door windows have curtains drawn, but maybe the right...

No. 578461 ID: e1609c

Eh, he already TALKS. this isnt much stranger than that really.
Get on in there.
No. 578473 ID: 37aa84

So is the door some kind of hologram or did the cat phase through a solid object?
No. 578522 ID: 4a20fa

Attempt to walk straight through the door as well.

I mean it's not like you're going to bump your face on it.
No. 578524 ID: 0ee153

The floor from now on may be illusionary, like the door is. From where you stand, lean forward and try to touch the door.
No. 578529 ID: c5e29d

Well that or, you know, back way away from the door so you're prepared to run if things go south, and wait for the cat's take on things.
No. 578551 ID: 410c24

Kneel, and poke the door. Does your finger go through it?
No. 578568 ID: 45e338

Touch the cat's tail as you follow it through.
No. 578744 ID: c0ca84

Don't talk. Don't drop anything in the water.

Look through the window. Can you see inside somehow? Maybe through one of the side windows? I think looking inside first will keep you prepred for what's inside.
No. 580739 ID: 54d22d
File 140364021573.png - (98.76KB , 1052x744 , ak018.png )

Well, the door seems solid...

Oh geez, I really don't know what to do. Crocodiles, Ed Geins, tentacles, interesting decorations... I don't feel comfortable trusting anything! If I have to, I can keep going too, but everything seems like the worst option now and I'm just too confused and nervous to even think.
No. 580741 ID: 0ee153

You can see inside, right? There's light through that window. What do you see?
No. 580862 ID: 4f0da9

The worst idea is not choosing.


oh god a d20 could this house be full of swamp nerds?
No. 580867 ID: dc4b80


Even worse its a D20 with a bunch of extra 1's on it. Means its a cheating Dm swamp nerd. Who really likes it when his monsters critically fail?
No. 580879 ID: 707a11

Wat. How strange.
No. 580905 ID: e791b7

...Given what the cat did...Why not just open the door and walk on through?
No. 581036 ID: c5f6d2

Because we'd be walking into a den of repressed, depressed male-nerd rage if we did that: The d20 in a skull is a warning sign. Theoretically we might be able to make the nerd's (or nerds') day if we hiked our not-even-a-skirt and offered to initiate them into the mysteries of adulthood. That sounds like a terrible idea though.
No. 581057 ID: 2fd516

It's a D20 with 1s and 20s on it. It's a Crit/Critfail die.
No. 581552 ID: c5e29d

More or less all signs point to this being the home of who or whatever the warning sign was referring to. You really should just back away, and continue along the bridge in silence. The cat'll catch up if inclined.
No. 581648 ID: b09476

rolled 11 = 11

Rolling. Because why not.

The cat is leading the way so you should probably try to follow.
No. 581681 ID: 50338d

Yes, look though the window before deciding.
No. 592498 ID: 54d22d
File 140984146596.png - (275.12KB , 1052x744 , ak019.png )

>You can see inside, right?
No, the curtains are drawn.

I guess following the cat is safe enouUAAAUUGH

No. 592499 ID: 53ba34

some kind of boob phantom. i guess say hi.
No. 592502 ID: ebbdd7

It's a trap to trick you into talking!

Pause, stare at the boom-phantom vaguely nonplussed, and hold up a hand and wave by ways of greeting.
No. 592508 ID: 0ee153


Try not to accidentally grab onto the tits, that's probably legally binding for something unpleasant.
No. 592512 ID: 9dd1ee

do not say anything
No. 592517 ID: 25813e

Better idea, wave hi to the...Being I guess?
This is annoying. Is this thing why females aren't supposed to talk around here? That limitation without knowing the restrictions of it is annoying to say the least!
No. 592699 ID: d4f173

Greet the person, but say nothing.
Maybe it's just the cat?
No. 592700 ID: 3009b4

Out of pure curiosity I threw this quest's name into Google Translate.

Ahaha translates from Moai into "Glade"

Kurwa translates from Polish into "Whore".

I do not know if this is at all correct but it is interesting.

>>how do you even walk around with those
>Normally. They're just large, not Havoc-powered, geez.

"Large" would be Dolly Parton or Cassandra Peterson. Hell, ThreeP. Those are beach-balls grafted to your chest. Each breast is approximately larger than the size of your head. Even comic-book supers would shake their heads and say "Dang, those are ridiculous". Roll how you want but a lampshade is better than a bare bulb.

No. 592734 ID: 54d22d
File 140994733189.png - (254.77KB , 1052x744 , ak020.png )


>It's a trap to trick you into talking!
Oh geez, OK, not saying a thing...
I don't think this is working as intended.

>Try not to accidentally grab onto the tits
Well, uh...

"Look what the cat dragged in!"
>do not say anything
Not saying anything!

"Cat got your tongue?"
>say nothing
Saying nothing!

"I like the quiet ones too."
She also very clearly likes petting cats, oh geez!
No. 592737 ID: 4e100d

...Okay, that seems to be a normal-ish woman.
Enough so that talking should be safe-ish.
Though she's probably also the reason for that sign!
Time to yell, and I'd say fight back before things go too far...
No. 592738 ID: 53ba34

slap her hands away. try to mime writing on something at her.
No. 592739 ID: 0ee153

No thanks. So, depending on your sexuality, you will either want to slap her hands away or slap her hands away, request writing tools, and then write that she should wait until after dinner.
No. 592740 ID: 88960e

Slap her hands, and push her away a little. No unwelcome touching, please.

And don't talk unless you absolutely have to.
No. 592741 ID: 0ee153

Kurwa is indeed a well-known Polish epithet, but in context I'd guess "ahaha" is just laughter. As for the breasts, that's just how the author rolls, not much point mentioning it or complaining. I just file it under suspension of disbelief like all the other magic stuff.

Also, is it just me or do the two of them have similar freckle patterns?

No. 592750 ID: 2fd516

Well she's a woman so uh, yes. Tell her to stop. Perhaps that sign was not saying what we think it was saying. You know what, ask what that sign was about.
No. 592971 ID: ccd544

Playing the part of the mute could be beneficial here. She'll regard you with the same regard one has for an amputee, which will mean she will drop her guard entirely.
No. 593111 ID: 54d22d
File 141012277225.png - (228.52KB , 1052x744 , ak021.png )

She seems genuinely surprised. I wonder if my miming is getting through.
No. 593112 ID: 0ee153

Try covering your chest before communicating. She seems fairly focused. Failing that, the cat mentioned she had food. Pantomime the cat and you eating? If she gets some food it might distract her long enough for you to look around and find something to write with.

If there's still no luck, whisper to the cat or the woman as needed, I suppose. Better to take a risk than to stagnate.
No. 593122 ID: 8b533b

Pull top back down, give her an apologetic look.
No. 593123 ID: 53ba34

try for a notepad.
No. 599420 ID: 54d22d
File 141434311615.png - (280.88KB , 1052x744 , ak022.png )

>Try covering your chest
I'm, uh, working on it... I can't really mime anything else right now.

>try for a notepad
I can't see any right now, I'd have to submit to her dress code to have a good look around either way.

"Oh hey, good timing, this mute girl needs something you can help with!"
No. 599422 ID: 4d85c5

Uh, I think there's a naked dude behind you now. Why is everyone here naked.
No. 599423 ID: 8bd2b1

Dem thighs. That's a lady.
No. 599435 ID: 2ec61a

gnash your teeth
No. 599549 ID: ab024f

push her away and look behind you, there is a dude!
No. 599555 ID: 0ee153

Whatever you do, still don't talk. If this is some kind of magic, there are plenty of stories of traps and tests to make sure people don't backslide in stuff like this.
No. 599560 ID: 89b2a2

It's probably okay to talk now, honestly.
No. 599593 ID: b88f04

Just want to point out one thing: everyone has been assuming that the sign has our best interests in mind only because we saw it first.
No. 599624 ID: 54d22d
File 141452786558.png - (315.21KB , 1052x744 , ak023.png )

>Whatever you do, still don't talk.
>It's probably okay to talk now
Uhhh... ehh... there's too much going on, everything is too confusing!

>push her away and look behind you
Whoop! Oh shi--- wha--- why--- Oh geez!
No. 599625 ID: a19cd5

Start gurgling disconcertingly at the phallus before you.
No. 599629 ID: 4754ce

Do not smack him in surprise. That'd be bad. You probably interrupted their fun, considering they're both naked.
No. 599634 ID: 277422

For them to remain friendly obviously you need to suck his dick.
No. 599635 ID: 0ee153

Get up calmly and composedly, then proceed to pick up the cat and apply it claws-first to them.
No. 599646 ID: 2ec61a

close left eye so you don't poke it out.

then just sit down on the floor and pout. can't do much to you while sitting.
No. 599675 ID: 486118

Explain yourself. Consequences for talking be damned.
No. 599698 ID: 4d85c5

Stop yourself from tripping face first into that dick and inadvertently skullfucking that dude. Do not want.
No. 599702 ID: 2b5958

I really want to see how far you can take this mute thing. I mean hey, the only thing you've talked to so far is a cat. Maybe you can't talk to people at all. You don't know.

First though, avoid that dick! Let your knees bend and drop you to the floor, then back away and get back up.
No. 599703 ID: a6610c

Vomit uncontrollably at whatever this horrible thing is.
No. 599715 ID: fef726

Probably the best suggestion so far.
No. 599882 ID: 8f01e8

Sit down and hide under the table. Then, if anyone tries to do anything you're not comfortable with, push the table around to hit them.
No. 599885 ID: a19cd5

punch him in his his diiiiiick
No. 599887 ID: 54d22d
File 141470155940.png - (191.52KB , 1052x744 , ak024.png )

>avoid that dick!
I've already failed!

>really want to see how far you can take this mute thing
Right now I'm just too embarrassed to say anything anyway. I really need to decide if I should speak or just stay quiet until I get out of here.

>For them to remain friendly obviously you need to suck his dick.
Well, actually...


...I really want to! It's right there and... I want it! Oh geez! I know I shouldn't but I just can't help it! I want it, and... Oh geez! This really isn't the time for this, but... auuugh!
No. 599888 ID: 2ec61a

close your eyes, it may be magic!
No. 599905 ID: 6e78b2

You're losing control of the situation. Establish dominance and take a rough approach. Grab the dark skinned girl by the neck rings and drag her down to your eye level. You're not putting just your own lips on this dick. That would be embarrassing; Get her to help out. From there on out you can take charge and enjoy yourself.

Keep an eye on that damn cat as well.
No. 599914 ID: 0ee153

Do this without putting your lips on his dick, then sodomize whichever one of them catches your fancy. The curtains should have a rod, if there's nothing else handy.
No. 599917 ID: 8bd2b1

Guys, I think she just really likes sucking dick.

Go for it, lady.
No. 599918 ID: ed69e2

At least look up at him first. Unless you're in a very specific environment it is really the done thing to look at someone's face before going near their genitals.

You should also check his expression, I mean maybe he doesn't want his dick sucked by you! Maybe he just already had a boner when he walked in here, because if he didn't then he got it up very fast. Maybe he is disapproving of you right now. Look up.
No. 599945 ID: 4754ce

Suck his dick, just the tip, then motion for the dark lady to do it with you. Build bridges.
No. 599998 ID: 1ce244

If you want to suck his dick, suck his dick.
No. 600093 ID: 486118

At least check the dude's face out first
No. 600215 ID: 53f127

Ooh, ooh, pretend like you don't know what a dick is and be all amazed and curious about it. Get a sort of Koko the Gorilla impression going. Maybe they will take pity on you for being some kind of feral human.
No. 600544 ID: 888a93

OK, you know what i just realized?
This is a porn quest.
We are playing it all wrong; everyone is too busy trying to make sure the main character "survives/wins" to respect the quest for what it is!
Go ahead and suck his dick!
No. 600558 ID: 0fb5be


No, you fool! You know not of what you speak!
No. 617683 ID: 54d22d
File 142029723884.png - (209.52KB , 1052x744 , ak025.png )

Uhh, what now? I don't actually know what to do here.
No. 617685 ID: 53f127

Blow into it.
No. 617688 ID: 2ec61a

pretend you are slurping a lollipop.
No. 617691 ID: 265534

Really work your teeth into it. Screaming means he likes it.
No. 617696 ID: e607cd

Cradle the balls, work the shaft, suck suck lick, other cliches.
No. 617707 ID: da224e

Looks like some sorta elfy chappy. Very suspicious. Keep an eye out for dirty elf tricks.
No. 617723 ID: 8f01e8

Second. Also, don't let go until you taste something hot and salty.
No. 617741 ID: 9396da


Thirding. Elf ejaculate is red, by the way.
No. 617769 ID: 724518

Nooooo, you guyyyys! Penises are very sensitive, you must treat them with care.

Basically, think of it like an inside-out vagina, where the head of the penis is comparable to the clit. Just slurp on it and work the shaft up and down the way you would want to have done to you, were your vagina suddenly to turn inside out.
No. 617772 ID: 91cfcf

This creature is a liar. Do not listen to it.
No. 617782 ID: 9dd1ee

this is clearly the best plan

it's just how things are done
No. 617817 ID: e3cf88

They all want you to hurt the elf. Don't do so unless he hurts you first.
No. 617853 ID: 91cfcf


Remember, men dripping hot, salty fluid is a sign of immense sexual satisfaction.
No. 617854 ID: b27da8

Work your mouth back and forth and don't use your teeth. Biting is bad, and remember you're OUTNUMBERED if you try to hurt them. You have no combat experience, and have been ambushed once before.
No. 617863 ID: 8f01e8

No combat experience? She caught and killed a duck with her bare hands, almost effortlessly!
No. 617873 ID: 337362

bite the dick
No. 617937 ID: 724518

The fuck is wrong with you people?
No. 617951 ID: 54d22d
File 142040605034.png - (235.18KB , 1052x744 , ak026.png )

Oh geez, it's obvious that's horrible! Why would I ever want to do that?

Besides, I... I really like doing this, even though it feel like I'm almost going to gag on it. Somehow I just want to keep doing this. OK, shaft, cradle, suck, lick...

And now the woman is fondling me! Maybe I should leave after I'm... uh, after I'm what? Is something supposed to happen? I somehow assumed I'd know what to do after I put it in my mouth, but I'm really drawing a total blank about everything here.
No. 617965 ID: 25d6ea

offer her the cock instead and while they are both destractd leg it
No. 617981 ID: 42443a

>I somehow assumed I'd know what to do after I put it in my mouth

Look, you've set yourself up to be a mute sex slave here. You don't have to plan for anything. Just with the flow.
No. 618006 ID: 724518

Just keep slurpin' it. When you feel him start to tense up, aim the dick at both your face and the other lady's and start stroking it really fast. Hopefully, we'll get a double facial out of this.
No. 618014 ID: 687279

You're probably being mind-controlled somehow. Maybe you should just leave right now.
No. 618243 ID: 87b67f

Stand up. Act like nothing happened. Ask them what’s up.
No. 618529 ID: 991a9a

Lean back, thank them for helping you clear your throat out.
No. 618548 ID: 724518

What's wrong with you guys? This is a porn quest.
No. 618557 ID: 0ee153

And? These NPCs aren't worthy.
No. 618560 ID: 751038

go on a quest to find a worthier dick yo
No. 618724 ID: 724518

The fuck's wrong with this dick? Nothing. She's enjoying it. He's enjoying it. The other chick's enjoying it. SOUNDS GOOD TO ME, FUCK HEADS.
No. 618841 ID: 69aef3

Pull him out of your mouth, turn around and present your bare ass to him while kissing the woman! There's no way you're not in control if you do that.
No. 618894 ID: 54d22d
File 142074925478.png - (295.03KB , 1052x744 , ak027.png )

>Stand up
"Mngkh hkkgh!"

Can't... breathe...!
No. 618895 ID: 54d22d
File 142074933828.png - (227.01KB , 1052x744 , ak028.png )

"If you're going to shove it in my face, I'll eat it the fuck out and I'm not taking no for an answer."

Oh geez, the ride just keeps going! What do I do?!
No. 618898 ID: 31e410

Let's just forget about the elf dude for now, I think she wants a kiss.
No. 618954 ID: 3c17ca

No. 618965 ID: 0ee153

Okay, these two have drastically misunderstood your relationship with them.

Grab their testicles and a breast. Pull and squeeze.
No. 618979 ID: 4754ce

Let her eat you out!
No. 619000 ID: 69ab8d

Really seems the best response. Unless you're suddenly uncomfortable after diving right in before.
No. 619044 ID: dfd266

Push her head down since she insists.
No. 620138 ID: 54d22d
File 142117679405.png - (241.01KB , 1052x744 , ak029.png )

>Let her eat you out!
>Push her head down
Oh geez, oh geez, oh shit, oh geez, shit, shit, fuck! I'm going to explode if I don't stop her right now!
No. 620141 ID: 768e0f

You already survived one explosion today, this one should be a cakewalk
No. 620177 ID: 46df9e

Wait, who is that a picture of to your left? It almost looks like you. Is it on a magazine cover?
No. 620196 ID: 0ee153

Wrap your legs around her neck.
No. 620292 ID: a18f15

>I'm going to explode if I don't stop her right now!
Explode all you want. Just remember, you have to stay quiet.

Not being allowed to talk is the best self imposed unnecessary challenge.
No. 620308 ID: c96925

Motion for the guy to get over so you can suck him off while you explode!
No. 620529 ID: 54d22d
File 142134575226.png - (437.74KB , 1052x744 , ak030.png )

>Explode all you want.
No. 620530 ID: a18f15

That's not exploding quietly!

Oh well.

No. 620531 ID: 768e0f

Consequences ahoy!
1. ==>
No. 620549 ID: e732a7

1. ==>
Welp, let's see what happens.
No. 620550 ID: 46df9e

We can't just run away from the consequences for our actions so ==>.
No. 620570 ID: 67ba5c

Noo, reverse!

No. 620577 ID: 0ee153

No. 620583 ID: 89941a

No. 620615 ID: 70fcfc

Apparently we can if we just say <-
No. 620632 ID: a203c7

Forward you cowards! ==>
No. 620635 ID: 49d676

Let's see what happens when I enter this!
No. 620940 ID: 13cd06

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