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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 139907994535.png - (59.33KB , 800x600 , Purity One.png )
572929 No. 572929 ID: d9bed9

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No. 572930 ID: d9bed9
File 139907996633.png - (76.55KB , 800x600 , 01.png )

Welcome to the Purity One Artificial Intelligence Self-Diagnostic.



Load complete. Booting p1vi.ai

AI Class: Commercial-/Shipboard
Name: Vi
Custom AI core inserted into Purity One by original owner.

run.spec Purity One

Loading specifications for Purity One

Vulcan class Frigate
Shipyard of Origin: CLASSIFIED
Modification Slots Available: 10/10
Engineering Slots Available: 2/5
--Equipped Engineering Mods: Tier1Engine, Tier1Scanner, Tier1Shield
Weapon Slots Available: 3/4
--Equipped Weapons: Tier1Autocannon
Cargo Space Available: 100/100 Tons
Captain's Cabin: Occupied
Crew Cabins Available: 4/4

For more information on equipped hardware and software, please consult your onboard AI.
No. 572931 ID: d9bed9
File 139907999166.png - (131.49KB , 800x600 , 02.png )

Loading Bio/Captain...


Name: Subject-113 "Apollo"
Species: Cyborg
--Origin Species: Fey
Planet of birth: CLASSIFIED
Augmentations: Pilot Augments located in wrist and frontal lobe, with amplifiers on sides of head. Jaw and lower torso/legs replaced with platinum/rubidium alloy of CLASSIFIED make and origin.
Occupation: Freelancer

Closing Bio/Captain.

Loading MissionLog...


Current Mission: Eliminate Jinfel Oros. Wanted Dead. Last known location: ~500km of station Kirumak orbiting Dwarf Planet Ceres. Reward: $50,000

Closing MissionLog.


You are the Artificial Intelligence of the Purity One.

Your name is Vi.

Please suggest an action.
No. 572934 ID: f18e5f

Dance a bit to test your motor skills
No. 572935 ID: e1609c

put your dick in that hologram
No. 572936 ID: f18e5f

alternate suggestion. Get the attention of the captain with the promise of food or some other prize!
No. 572937 ID: 4b5e9d

Pull up all known data on Jinfel Oros
No. 572938 ID: 53ba34

run sensor sweep.

and hit on captain
No. 572939 ID: 88960e

Review current ship status and location.

Scan ship's logs between the mission inception and current timestamp.
No. 572941 ID: f12e94

Suggest: Plot information gathering route to find the target and assess mission probability of success before engaging.

Review finances and other resources, because we may need better offensive and defensive capability to take on 'Jinfel Oros' even with surprise.
No. 572948 ID: 256d52

Good morning Captain, how are you today?
No. 573030 ID: fdd042

Find arms, equip immediately. Then do everything else suggested.
No. 573039 ID: cee89f

>Modification Slots Available: 10/10
Does that mean you have 10 total and 10 are in use, or 10 total and 10 are empty?

Greet the captain and say you're ready to begin.
No. 574559 ID: 543cd7

considering that just below that it says "engineering slots available: 2/5", then lists 3 equipped engineering mods, i think it's safe to say it's empty/total.

as for what to do, more info would be good. in no particular order:
what is the current date/time?
where are we currently?
how much currency do we currently have available?
how far away from current location is Ceres/Kirumak? how long would it take to travel there?
how long ago was Oros last seen at Ceres/Kirumak?
do we ever have to worry about any sort of fuel, or is that automatically taken care of at no cost to us(i.e. ion/ram scoops, zero point enery, etc)?
if we do, what is the current fuel status? how much is needed to get to Ceres/Kirumak?
what is the average price of fuel/equipment/crew by teir?

i also agree with:
>>572938 - sensor sweep

so basically, more info please.
There is no knowledge that is not power. -unknown
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