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File 139692338140.png - (114.31KB , 700x600 , 1.png )
569615 No. 569615 ID: 8dbc01


That must be my comblink - it's time for our squads to head out for daily rounds. Too bad I don't give a shit!
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No. 569616 ID: 53ba34

but what about that hot guy in your squad? you can't flirt if you don't show up.
No. 569617 ID: 2c6ff1

No. 569618 ID: 8dbc01
File 139692425929.png - (108.25KB , 700x600 , 2.png )

>>but what about that hot guy in your squad? you can't flirt if you don't show up.
Huh? Whaddaya mean, hot guy? This is a WOMEN'S correctional facility, ya dingus.

If I had a dime for every time I heard that, I'd have a hell of a lot more Galaxy Gulps on my hands.
No. 569620 ID: 53ba34

well then o it so you aren't the only one skipping and your squad gets pissed off and gets REVENGE.
No. 569621 ID: 2c6ff1

What are you reading?

Do you do anything else aside from drink soda?
No. 569622 ID: 125f4a

well what about that sexy Vortigaunt then
No. 569626 ID: 5869f6

So are you going to send them to die, or what? *deth*
No. 569627 ID: 88960e

Correctional facility? You a guard or inmate?
No. 569643 ID: 8dbc01
File 139692633976.png - (134.39KB , 700x600 , 3.png )

>>What are you reading?

Some prime material, my friend. Some prime material.
No. 569644 ID: 8dbc01
File 139692647356.png - (75.96KB , 700x600 , 4.png )

>>Do you do anything else aside from drink soda?


>>Correctional facility? You a guard or inmate?

Technically, we aren't "inmates." We're "citizens willingly and enthusiastically participating in mandatory self-betterment."

>>well then o it so you aren't the only one skipping and your squad gets pissed off and gets REVENGE.

What are they gonna do, shortsheet my bed? In a few weeks all these youngbloods'll be out of here anyway. Me on the other hand, my sentence keeps getting extended, so I know my way around way better than most of the folks who pass through here. It might have something to do with the fact that I keep skipping my service rounds ...
No. 569647 ID: 876044

Well with that attitude you must enjoy being stuck here. I would at least pretend to "improve" myself so I could get out.

Pretty good life though. Porn, soda, and laziness seem pretty fulfilling.
No. 569648 ID: d2995c

Well carry on doing nothing then.
No. 569651 ID: 0ee153

Looks like there's nothing we can do to help you. You've got it pretty good.

Next subject.
No. 569667 ID: 38df1a

why do they keep extending your sentence?
No. 569670 ID: 53ba34

she already said why, she skips the squad thing, so they keep her here until she does it.
No. 569671 ID: ffa549

I don't think you've got the "enthusiastically" part down.

Okay, so obviously it sucks, here. Is it even worth your time to try and finish your sentence, or is the real world even worse once you conform?

So titties and eye-stalks are your thing, then?
No. 569700 ID: 5bf190


Hmmmmm. Looking at your reading material... what about that hot GIRL in your squad? Flirting, et cetera.

Do they have correctional facilities for non-gender-binary species, by the way?
No. 569729 ID: 55bec4
File 139698109358.png - (120.14KB , 700x600 , 5.png )

>>Well with that attitude you must enjoy being stuck here. I would at least pretend to "improve" myself so I could get out.
>> Is it even worth your time to try and finish your sentence, or is the real world even worse once you conform?

Well ... that's kind of a trade-off. I mean, at least while I'm in here I don't have to pay rent or planetary taxes - still gotta do my galactic ones, though - and we have a pretty good amount of freedom when we aren't supposed to be serving our community service tasks. But it sure would be nice to be somewhere where I'd be allowed to wear whatever I want ... and go places ... and bang people ...

>>Do they have correctional facilities for non-gender-binary species, by the way?

Sure do. In fact, nonbinary facilities are MORE common than binary gendered ones like the one I'm in. But folks who aren't guys or gals also sometimes choose to go to gendered facilities, if the facility allows it - there's a few of 'em in my squad, in fact.
No. 569730 ID: 55bec4
File 139698110481.png - (104.90KB , 700x600 , 6.png )

>>So titties and eye-stalks are your thing, then?
>>Hmmmmm. Looking at your reading material... what about that hot GIRL in your squad? Flirting, et cetera.

Oh, NOW we're talkin' my language! Hell yeah - I like my ladies with a little more going on in the ocular department, if you catch my drift. Man, I tell ya, if I could meet some cute dame with like, five or six eyes, we would be in busine-
No. 569731 ID: 55bec4
File 139698111967.png - (122.96KB , 700x600 , 7.png )

No. 569732 ID: 55bec4
File 139698112976.png - (90.24KB , 700x600 , 8.png )

Oh god damn it.
No. 569733 ID: 55bec4
File 139698114372.png - (84.14KB , 700x600 , 9.png )

"Oh no! We are NOT doing this again!" Fuckity fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck "Get! Your suit! On! I am NOT gonna pick up your slack today! I have had ENOUGH!"
No. 569735 ID: 57a559

Lie and say We're not doing the tasks because we want to stay here
Just stop doing your chores lady too I mean come on look at the rentlessness and the planetary taxlessness.
No one said you have to pick up our slack anyway.
So don't.
No. 569737 ID: ca0da5

I see the way you're looking at her with your second eye. You like her, don't you? Sure, she may be small chested, but she's got four eyes among her two scleras.
No. 569740 ID: 88960e

Deadpan tell four eyes there she's kind of cute when she's angry.
No. 569741 ID: 2e8b76

she is a cutie! flirt shamelessly
No. 569753 ID: 6adc92

She's blushing quite fiercely. Is that a normal physiological indication of blinding fury in her species? Or are you two...complicated?
No. 569766 ID: 189a54

Cut her anger off with some surprise flirting, convince her to join your soda-and-porn party.
No. 569767 ID: 7dafb2

Do they actually have a set amount of work to do or do they work by the hour? I mean if it is per hour then it won't really make a difference if you attend or not.

So what are you in for anyway?
No. 569849 ID: 0d658b

punt her in the cunt.
No. 569852 ID: 256d52

Woah now, tell her to cool her jets. Offer her some of your Galaxy Gulp? That'll get her off guard or angry about something else at least.

What's involved in a service round anyway?
No. 569897 ID: 2c322d
File 139707822034.png - (99.19KB , 700x600 , 10.png )

>>I see the way you're looking at her with your second eye. You like her, don't you? Sure, she may be small chested, but she's got four eyes among her two scleras.

Hey man, two eyeballs is two eyeballs, no matter how many irises ya stuff into 'em. I'm not bitin'. Besides, that's not even MY eye, it's my parasite's! Can't you lot tell the difference between natural tissue and invasive tissue?

Trust me, this chica is NOT my type, and I don't think she would be even if she wasn't a freakin' banshee.

>>She's blushing quite fiercely. Is that a normal physiological indication of blinding fury in her species? Or are you two...complicated?

Man, when is she NOT gettin' all flushed and flustered over one thing or another? And star's sake, I TOLD you guys I'm not into her.
No. 569898 ID: 2c322d
File 139707823167.png - (103.28KB , 700x600 , 11.png )

>>she is a cutie! flirt shamelessly
>>Cut her anger off with some surprise flirting, convince her to join your soda-and-porn party.
>>Deadpan tell four eyes there she's kind of cute when she's angry.

That being said ... I'm never gonna pass up a chance to mess with her.

"Listen, sweetheart, as adorable as you are when you're angry, I'm gonna need you to cool your thrusters there." I take another very long, very loud slurp of my soda and wipe my mouth with the back of my hand. She wrinkles her nose at me. "Listen, who even says you HAVE to pick up my slack?"

"Oh, I don't know, maybe our SQUAD SUPERVISOR??" she shrills. "You know they don't care whether or not you show up, but they DO expect the remaining five of us to do the same exact amount of work even though you aren't there. It's not fair!"
No. 569899 ID: 2c322d
File 139707824665.png - (102.00KB , 700x600 , 12.png )

At this point it doesn't even seem like she's talking to ME anymore - once she gets started, she just rattles on.

"None of this is fair! I don't even belong here! Why should I be doing YOUR work when I don't even deserve to be in this horrible place anyway, you - you CRIMINAL!"
No. 569900 ID: 2c6ff1

What'd she do to get put in here?
No. 569901 ID: e1609c

Dook her gently on the head.
"Calm down you thick dope. Just join the dark side here with me, we have porn and soda here."
No. 569907 ID: 7dafb2

The work doesn't actually matter. Only the effort does. It's work for work's sake. It's NOT fair. If you were there they'd just come up with MORE stuff for you to do anyway. You're skipping out, consequences be damned! You know what you're doing.

You have a secret escape plan lined up anyway right? Right?

Pat her on the head and wish her a happy day.
No. 569909 ID: 88960e

Calm yourself, already. Life ain't fair. You'll pop something if you let that stress you out. Cope.

Pomp one of her dangly ear things as you're talking.

Hey, watch the slander. Insults don't fit with the fine upstanding citizen thing you want so badly.

Ooh, elaborate.
No. 569911 ID: 2c6ff1

Wait, parasite? Do you have a giant worm sticking out of your butt?
No. 569914 ID: 57a559

What, do you think you're the only person who thinks they don't belong here? You think anyone belongs here? What do you even know about the people around you?

If all five of us stopped doing work maybe they'd start doing something drastic or different, come on, slack off with US. Lazy people don't deserve imprisonment, they're just not doing something that's particularly likable. It's not criminal. Come on girl, join the lazy side.

You know what might be fun, making EVERYONE not do their work. Oh what will the facility do with no one to do their cheap labor? They'll panic, but realize they can't really legally do anything. I suppose they can elongate our sentences for laziness, but even then eventually the damage will be done and they'll let us all go because this'll turn into a failed project.

And all we had to do was do NOTHING at all for a period.

Don't work for the MAN, girl. Work for yourself.
No. 569916 ID: ca0da5

>[T]hat's not even MY eye, it's my parasite's! Can't you lot tell the difference between natural tissue and invasive tissue?
Considering the only time we saw you in color, we noticed the parasite appearas to have the exact same skintone (or is that a fur color? I can't tell) as you, exact same yellow sclera, and the exact same red iris.
Understand, we're voices in your own damned head-yes, we are in a way parasites, but does your galaxy really have parasites like us? I'm pretty sure we're from a different galaxy, especially considering how many people's heads we can be inside of at the same time. I mean, really, this same time I'm talking to you, I'm talking to this human who got teleported from one world into another one, as well as this orange imp in yet ANOTHER world who's kind of a nerd, even a Gnoll who's exploring some ancient tower place. I can't speak for the rest of the parasites in here, of course, we each inhabit different heads. I think (but I'm not sure) there's even a duality in one world where some parasites follow one team and others another.
Oh, but I can totally speak for the parasite called ArchiveMod. He gets around, believe you me. I tend to see him in most of the heads I end up in. I swear, I think the guy's stalking me. Think on that. You've got a stalker in your head, stalking somebody in your head.
No. 569919 ID: 189a54

Time to step up your game. I know she isn't quite your type, but if you take one for the team and cut her off with a kiss it'll make persuading her to join the soda-and-porn party a lot easier. Girls like her seem to go deaf to everyone but themselves if they're let to ramble on too much.

Also, when she's shut up remind her that she's in the exact same place that you are, so she might want to check herself before trying to sling the word "criminal" like an insult.
No. 569923 ID: 73cb92

hey, it seems like you've skipped workin before. i can understand taking a break once in a while, but it shouldn't be a regular thing. that's lazy, and just plain RUDE to your work team. how would you feel if they shoved their work off on you every time they just didn't /feel/ like it?
No. 569940 ID: 0ee153

Technically, we're in a mutualistic relationship- we get entertainment, she gets advice.

And fair warning: Porn will probably be made of you and various people you meet. It tends to happen.

Anyways, yeah, let's see if we can get everybody to strike. Totally can't bite us in the ass.
No. 569941 ID: e1609c

oh god I apparently have a reputation now
We need to calm her down, get her chill. It's very clear she's kinda messed up in the head just over being here, least we could do is TRY not to be an ass to her.
So, as stated before, shoosh her and bring her into the fold of diligent relaxation.
No. 569946 ID: 0d658b

you have a parasite sticking out your ass? ew, no wonder she hates you. you better get an ointment or something for that.

point out how totally uncriminal she appears to be right now.
No. 569947 ID: c2407a

Criminal? I thought you said your stay here was voluntary?
No. 569996 ID: f6101e

Why does she think she doesn't deserve to be here?
No. 570006 ID: ca0da5

Your only reputation is for being awesome. Seriously, you make great favicons. If I were a person of lesser moral standing, I'd be stalking you. I honestly don't know how I end up in the same adventures as you, maybe you just look into them all or maybe we just have the same taste in what's a cool adventure
You still haven't actually told us why you're in here to start with, anyways. What, is being a lesbian a crime in your galaxy? Or having a parasite?
No. 570019 ID: f6101e

I bet she was just the type of girl who just didn't care about rules- Look at her now, she's stubborn as hell and refuses to do any work.
No. 570149 ID: 2c322d
File 139726463707.png - (78.67KB , 700x600 , 13.png )

>>Parasite? Ooh, elaborate.
>>Wait, parasite? Do you have a giant worm sticking out of your butt?
>>You have a parasite sticking out of your ass?

No, you numbnuts, my TAIL isn’t the parasite – the parasite is IN my tail.
They’re called Vreeners. They’re pretty common – there’s only a handful of galaxies that don’t have them, and most of them have immigration and travel laws in effect to avoid contamination, but honestly it’s a lot of fuss for nothing – Vreeners are totally harmless, and they can’t transfer between species.
The way it works is you get infected with a swarm of Vreener larvae from the environment – usually through water – and as they mature, they pick up traces of your DNA and morph to match your biology so your body stops fighting them. That’s also why mature Vreeners can’t cross species – they’ve already conformed to one. Once they’re totally mature, they manifest physically – mine happened to do so by sprouting a new eye on my tail, which is actually pretty common for Gorgana like me.
The only REALLY annoying thing, in my opinion, is the telepathic communication that then gets set up between you and the Vreener colony – but my batch is pretty quiet. They normally keep to themselves unless they REALLY feel like they’ve gotta tell me something.
No. 570150 ID: 2c322d
File 139726465028.png - (116.60KB , 700x600 , 14.png )

>>What’d she do to get put in here?
>>Why does she think she doesn’t deserve to be here?

Zjaha here was caught a few months ago in the midst of a massive cheating ring at her academy, and she was the ringleader – guess she was so wound up about getting good marks that she decided to take matters into her own hands, up to the point of hacking into the school network. Because her academy was run by the X-91 system’s public government, it was considered an inter-planetary offense, but it didn’t quite qualify as cyberterrorism – not bad enough to chuck her in a real jail, but plenty bad enough to expel her and get her sentenced to a good chunk of community service.

As far as I know, she feels she got nailed on technicalities, and that the situation should’ve been handled by her school, not the system government – but something tells me that deep down, she honest to god doesn’t think she did anything wrong at all.
No. 570151 ID: 2c322d
File 139726471188.png - (116.41KB , 700x600 , 15.png )

>>calm her down and bring her into the fold of diligent relaxation

She’s still babbling to herself, but I cut her off by batting at one of her sensory dangles. She shrieks and spins around, grabbing it and glaring at me.

“Listen, sugar.” Damn, my soda’s empty. “You said it yourself, right? NONE of this is fair. So why should you even do ANY work if you aren’t supposed to be here in the first place?”

She starts to sputter an objection, but after a second I can see that she’s actually processing what I just said. “But – But we have to,” she finally whines.

“Says who?”

“Says – says everyone here! Says our squad supervisor, and the entire facility, and – and the X-91 system at large!”

“And what is ACTUALLY gonna happen if we don’t do anything?”

“They’ll extend our sentences!” She shrilled. “I just want to get out of here as quickly as possible, and the only way to do that is –“

“No. Listen to me.” I gesture at her to make eye contact. “What. Will ACTUALLY happen. If we don’t do anything.”
No. 570152 ID: 2c322d
File 139726472712.png - (79.65KB , 700x600 , 16.png )

She takes a moment, biting her lip. Then it seems to dawn on her. “N…..Nothing.” She looks up at me, still wringing her sensory dangle absentmindedly. “Nothing. Nothing! Nothing will happen!”

I’m pretty sure this is what the beginning of a revolution looks like.
No. 570153 ID: 88960e

Give her a pat. There you go. She gets it.

>Ringleader hacker over-achiever
>still thinks she didn't do anything wrong
>beginning of a revolution
Oh boy. We showed the person used to aggressively breaking the system for her own gain and to make herself look good that this system is completely broken. This is going to be entertaining to watch. She's totally going to overreact and take this too far.

So, did you just happen to get infected, or was this something you chose? Are there advantages besides occasional talkiness? Can you see out of its eye?
No. 570154 ID: 472da3

slap the dangle
No. 570156 ID: 2c6ff1

So what happens after they've manifested a colony in someone's body? What's the next step in their life cycle?
No. 570157 ID: dbe554

Get her to sit beside you, get her to calm down, and relaaaax
No. 570161 ID: cef479

Proceed with caution, she might have finally snapped.
No. 570178 ID: ca0da5

Wait, then where do the larva come from? It sounds like you're saying a matured Vreener can't have babies because it's no longer a vreener biologically, but a Vreener can't very well have babies before it matures, so in the end they should be extinct?
No. 570179 ID: eb10ea

See? She IS smart! She must be our protege in passively fighting the system.
No. 570180 ID: 0ee153

Given that it's only traces of DNA and they're only prohibited from crossing species, it seems like she's going to shit out some larvae every so often or whatever.

Also, I wonder whether we're the vreener in-universe. Are vreener usually this coherent?
No. 570187 ID: fce6ce

So now either she mellows the hell out, or gets physically violent. Probably the second one, so, prepare to roll with a punch.
No. 570188 ID: 75b8af

>Can't you lot tell the difference between natural tissue and invasive tissue?
>they pick up traces of your DNA and morph to match your biology
Geeze, you expect us to be able to tell apart stuff that's you and stuff that copied your DNA? Stuff your body can't tell isn't you?

If we knew you better than you know yourself, we wouldn't be asking all these questions. :V
No. 570198 ID: 189a54

Give her a congratulatory pat on the arse, offer her a seat and a porno mag. Perhaps look into getting some more soda, but if you have to risk getting caught by others in your squad just stick with the magazines.
No. 570530 ID: 321d85

It's fine; don't worry too much.

So, yeah, be a liiiiittle careful here on out; keep in mind that if the current system stops working at all...they'll probably change it, and probably for the worse. Who knows, though.
No. 570695 ID: 8dbc01
File 139751343408.png - (92.59KB , 700x600 , 17.png )

>>So what happens after they've manifested a colony in someone's body? What's the next step in their life cycle?
>>Wait, then where do the larva come from? It sounds like you're saying a matured Vreener can't have babies because it's no longer a vreener biologically, but a Vreener can't very well have babies before it matures, so in the end they should be extinct?

Well, infected folks shed dead Vreener the same way we shed skin cells, and we know that they can reproduce asexually to form more Vreener that are bonded with the host's DNA to replace those. Their initial reproduction must happen outside of hosts, though - to be perfectly honest we don't really know a lot about where they come from. They just kind of seem to be everywhere. Always. Forever.

Good thing they're absolutely harmless and have no adverse effects on their hosts at all!

>>So, did you just happen to get infected, or was this something you chose? Are there advantages besides occasional talkiness? Can you see out of its eye?

I just happened to, maybe around three years ago. I haven't noticed anything else, but having the extra eye is pretty cool. I can only look out of it if I consciously focus on doing so, though - normally the signals from that eye are disregarded. But the Vreener colony can't see out of my original eye.
No. 570696 ID: 8dbc01
File 139751344718.png - (79.11KB , 700x600 , 18.png )

>>Get her to sit beside you, get her to calm down, and relaaaax
>>Proceed with caution, she might have finally snapped.

Zjaha kinda looks like she's tweakin' out a little, so I plop back down and pat the spot next to me. "C'mon. The others in our squad will come looking for us in a bit, don'tcha think? And we can convince them to join us."

"Yes. Join us. Of course. Group effort," she mumbles.

"Uh. You doin' alright there?"

No. 570701 ID: 2c6ff1

Alright then I guess the most useful thing you can do right now is laze around.
No. 570703 ID: 57a559

What are you processing
We just got you through the most important bit a while ago
Not to be rude, I guess. But girl, you have got to chill, for your own good.
Don't process doing nothing.
Do nothing.
Stop thinking.
No, we got the important thinking done, unless you're currently going through a life plan after our doing nothing revolt bankrupts this community service place. Not like you can do much in a school setting though, none would take you. Better to just be a criminal, you're better at it. You got caught only once, and because you were inexperienced and unambitious, you weren't working in the right area.

She's a leader, eh? Imagine a profitable crime ring instead of a cheating ring. The working man is a sucker and she knows it the most, I mean, after all, why work when you can cheat the system?

Come on now, imagine all that thinking I just did in that moment, without having to focus on it or work out the details. That's because I'm chill, girl. The lazy succeed.
No. 570717 ID: 88960e

Process away, girl.

And then kick back and wait for her to come out of it. And hey, if she doesn't, best day you've spent in het company.
No. 570729 ID: 189a54

Pass her a magazine, say "The only information you need to know is right there, girl." If she doesn't chill out the party might get more uptight than fun.
No. 570731 ID: f290a2

extra eye, multiple eye fetish. hmmm.

when did you say this fetish started?
No. 570740 ID: 0ee153

She's not into two eyeballs, so it's not overly likely to be the vreeners.
No. 570768 ID: a2f9bc

Just be like, "Well sorry, I thought a bright girl like you could handle it."
No. 571071 ID: d31bd8

Man I bet the vreener were genetically engineered or something, and that someones lookin outta that eye rn. Bc...you said that As a colony, they talk, how the Hell do they talk?!
No. 571257 ID: ef5999

She clearly is new to the idea of "not being the best" so it might take her a little while to even consider not following authority. Sit back, relax, flip through your magazine while Screamy Lady processes it all. It might be a little boring but waiting for her to come around is better than pushing her over the edge.
No. 571258 ID: f12e94

We're dealing with an elitist bitch here who is busy trying to rationalize the conflict to her worldview. You've just poked her into reaalizing that the proletariat she expects to slave away can and will rebel whenever they are sufficiently abused, and that she is one of the proletariat.

"No, you're not processing shit, you're spinning your wheels. You've just realized that you're one of us on the bottom and things suck here beyond any valid and fair reason because of crap outside your control. Surprise, the moment you got arrested for computer crime you became one of us forever. 'Your application has been rejected because we have other applicants that aren't ex-con scumbags to pick from, you retard.'
"The real question you're facing is whether you want to give up on your notions of elite privilege or hold on to hope that you'll be rescued from your criminal record somehow. People like me who are guilty forever even without a criminal record know that this is a false choice: The moment you start being someone that can go to prison is the moment you stop being one of the 'good people.' 'They' have stopped being your friends and now they're a bunch of assholes who think you deserve every bad thing that happens to you, now and forever. Unless your family has money to burn and influence to spare that could make you a politician even with your criminal record you should let that go."
No. 571319 ID: 3b2373

This but also tug on the dangle.
No. 571625 ID: 55bec4
File 139796092027.png - (74.36KB , 700x600 , 19.png )

I'm trying to decide between ignoring Zjaha and psychoanalyzing her when the cabin door opens again.

"You guyyyyyyyys." Oh, here's another one. She's better than Zjaha, personality-wise, and pretty cute up top, but other than that she doesn't have much going for her. "We're due on deck, like, yesterdayyy."
No. 571626 ID: 55bec4
File 139796093076.png - (116.69KB , 700x600 , 20.png )

"We aren't going!" Zhaja snaps, before I can even say anything. "I refuse to participate any further in a system that has unjustly thrust me into these hellish conditions!"

I wave my skin mag at her. "I'm busy today."

"Uhm, that's great for you guyyyys, but if you don't go, me and the other two will have to work like, wayyyy harder. And I'm not gonna skip with you guys and leave it on the others, you knowww?"

Before you ask, yeah, she always talks like that. I've kind of gotten used to it by now.

"But if we ALL skip, there's no problem," I point out.

"I guess, but are we gonna be able to convince them? I don't know if they're gonna come looking or if they'll just wait on deck, and if they do that then our supervisors will come looking for us."
No. 571627 ID: 53ba34

"and? what will they do? demand we go?"
No. 571632 ID: ca65e6

Alright let's go track them down then.
No. 571633 ID: 3b2373

Is that a helmet? What are you actually supposed to be doing?
No. 571638 ID: 824f43

>but if you don't go, me and the other two will have to work like, wayyyy harder. And I'm not gonna skip with you guys and leave it on the others, you knowww?
Then it sounds like it's in your best interest to talk them into joining our lazing off rebellion.
No. 571651 ID: 57a559

Well, we're within our right to refuse the supervisors. They can't do anything legally. And I'm sure the other two will not do work rather than all of the work split between the two. That's near impossible.

So we'll just find them, let them that there's currently a work boycott going around and that they best not do work, because the current system is bullshit. And to spread this to others groups as well. BAM.
No. 571664 ID: 189a54

Let them come, I say. Anyone who steps into this room will be pulled into the gravity of our logic, soda and porn until the whole facility becomes one huge chillout house!
No. 571796 ID: 55bec4
File 139806261628.png - (89.77KB , 700x600 , 21.png )


Yeah. Most of our service revolves around cleaning up abandoned planets, or ones that are only populated during tourist seasons. We don't ALWAYS need the helmets, since most of the places we clean have breatheable atmospheres for most species, but regulations require us to wear them any time we're out in the field anyway just in case.

"Looks like we better go find 'em, then." I reluctantly get to my feet, nudging the magazine under my bed with the rest of my contraband. Neither of them protest.

Should I grab or do anything before leaving the room?
No. 571797 ID: ca65e6

Um... grab your comlink? I dunno what else you could grab aside from pants and I feel like pantsless is the way to go.
No. 571798 ID: 1f8505


Put on some pants.
No. 571799 ID: b8ceae

Put pants on.
Unless you have a REASON to want pants off. You lewd.
No. 571800 ID: e1609c

fashion pants into a makeshift rucksack for storage, wearing them like normal is just a hassle
No. 571817 ID: 824f43

Pants are for people who care. You're good.
No. 572049 ID: 206014

Get your survival kit.
No. 572987 ID: e6513b

Don't forget your soda. If you leave it, it might get warm.

The porn mag can wait, though.
No. 579226 ID: c3ad33
File 140314439660.png - (131.62KB , 700x600 , 22.png )

Fiiiiine, pants it is. I squeeze myself into a pair and trot after my squadmates into the hallway.

"So, uh, Skerz." I sidle up next to the youngest member of our team, pausing every now and then to take a nice big swig of a my Galaxy Gulp. "Since we're gonna be hangin' around here instead of goin' on duty, I was thinkin' -"

"Ohhhhhh my god, you're like, five billiiiiiiioooooon years ooooooold," she interrupted, rolling all five of her eyes. "No thaaaaanks!"

"Uh, I'm 25, and also that's not what I was gonna say." We check around the corner at the end of the hall for guards, then continue once the coast is confirmed clear. "I was thinkin', like, we should start thinking about how we can get more people to skip. How cool would it be if all of us just ended up, like, chilling all the time?"

"25 is reeeeeeaaaally old," she replies, barely stifling a giggle. "And uhm, I'm only gonna be here for like two more months soooooo? I don't really caaaaaare? But I guess I'll help out if you come up with a plan, like, by yourseeeeelf."
No. 579227 ID: c3ad33
File 140314440814.png - (126.34KB , 700x600 , 23.png )

Fuckin' hell. I don't know why I even try. I'm about to drop back by Zjaha to run the idea by her instead when Skerz holds her arm out and makes a shooshing noise.

"There's a couple CO's up there," she stage whispers.
No. 579228 ID: c3ad33
File 140314441979.png - (84.22KB , 700x600 , 24.png )

Well, this is what the hallway looks like. Orange doors require a staff beeper to open, blue doors can be opened by anyone. To the left is the mess area and general inmate recreation areas; to the right are more official things like administrative offices, equiptment rooms, and the hanger. The CO's coming down the hall are moving fast; I've marked our position on the map but I don't know if anyone else is around. Any bright ideas, brainiac disembodied voices?
No. 579230 ID: ac14c0

Duck into the Loser Dorm and try to recruit more slackers!
No. 579232 ID: 0ee153

That dumbfuck Skerz's stage whisper probably alerted them. Push her at the loser dorms; you two backtrack and go into the boring dorms.
No. 579260 ID: 45c6ca

Go in the loser dorm, you can probably boss them around easy.
No. 579319 ID: c3ad33
File 140317820296.png - (115.12KB , 700x600 , 25.png )

We dart into the loser dorms to avoid the COs, and wouldn't you know it, it's full of fucking losers. Only three of the ten people who live in the dorm are there, but we've gotten arguably the best bunch. And by best I mean the ones who most clearly exhibit why I have named this section the loser dorms.

Njhirari, the snotty-looking djihihi on the left, is in here because of some kind of civil disobedience crap. I dunno, she like, laid down on the hood of some politician's starskimmer and refused to move because she wants to save the super-endangered T-sector blooming night foxbird or something. Not what I would call cool. Picchi, the everesk next to her, has looked like that since day one. Nobody knows what she's thinking about. Nobody knows what's she's in for. All I know is that she's completely fucking useless. And the big ol' gorgana standing there is Tootsie. She's kinda like me - she's been here for way longer than what her original sentence was, but in her case it's because of outright poor behavior. The way the rules around here work, though, you can't get thrown in an actual prison unless you commit and actual prison offense. She must like how cushy it is here compared to real jail enough that she remains mindful of that line.

They're all just standing there, staring as us. Because they're losers. Come on, guys, it's not like I didn't give you fair warning.
No. 579320 ID: a16dc4

everyone kiss
No. 579354 ID: ca0da5

Okay, one: Njhirari is in the same boat as Zjaha. Believing she was doing the right thing, and didn't commit a crime, yeah? And Tootsie's in the same boat as you--Maybe a little more malicious about it, but she's definitely enjoying how cozy the place is.
These two can maybe be swayed by saying something like, "Too much energy using separate dorms" and just sitting there.

Picchi? She's too much effort, clearly. Unless she starts talking to you, don't bother with her.
No. 579375 ID: eaa372

Get Zjaha to sell the plan to Njhirari doing nothing as being civil disobedience. If you get the whole dorm to join in on this you get to do a whole lot of nothing while Zjaha and Njhirari get their idealogical rocks off. Everybody clearly wins.
No. 579413 ID: 784110

> tell 'em you wanna hijack this bad boy of a space ship, ask tootsie to knock out the COs. grab their little ID cards, run to the control room and take over. start running this fuckin' joint. take a vacation.
Or, maybe, greet them and make small talk, maybe tell them of your plan to just not work. Revolutions start small.
No. 579754 ID: a64819

Maaaaan, that green text's just too much work. And how would we get our porn and soda if we successfully take over?

The sharing of slack philosophy sounds good, though. ...but let someone else do all the explaining. Maybe just... kinda mention it. That way, Zjaha the uptight one can inevitably spew words at them or something, unless she's still trying to wrap her mind around it.
No. 580078 ID: c3ad33
File 140347985010.png - (117.53KB , 700x600 , 26.png )

Tootsie is the first to speak. "What are you clowns doing here? Isn't your unit supposed to be off-station by now?"

I shrug broadly. "Well, yeah, but we had other plans." I stop there - to be honest, even explaining things is a little too much work for me, and right on cue, Zjaha jumps in instead.

"We are on strike!" She stomps forward, slamming her little hooves down hard enough for her spindly legs to wobble. "We have had enough of the completely immoral treatment we all suffer at the hands of these government buffoons! The fact that I am even IN here is an act of injustice!"

Njhirari perks up a little at that.. "Ah, I feel the same," she mumbles in that dreamy, breezy way of hers. "Fight the power."

"Aaaand, uhmmm, GG kinda liiiiiiike? Pointed out that reeeeeaaaaally there's not much they can dooooooo if we all, just, liiike ... stop doooooing stuff, you know?" Skerz throws up all four arms in a noncommital gesture. "I don't really caaaare, I just don't feel like going on patroooool..."
No. 580079 ID: c3ad33
File 140347986446.png - (95.53KB , 700x600 , 27.png )

By now Zjaha and Njhirari have dissolved into a heated, hushed volley of their native language, Zjaha alternating between twisting her sensory dangles and gesticulating wildly while Njihirari occasionally shows her agreement with slow, languid blinks. Picchi has started drifting towards the far corner of the room whispering "I know" - Tootsie grabs one of her tentacles and yanks her gently back to a more reasonable height, clicking her tongue softly in disapproval. When she turns her attention back to me it's clear she's unconvinced.

"You're causing trouble. Don't act like you aren't the little ringleader."

"You cause trouble all the TIME!" I protest. She immediately takes a lumbering step forward, flexing her knuckles slightly.

"I can do whatever I want. I don't like little twerps like you causing trouble when I wasn't planning on it, though."
No. 580090 ID: bb78f2

"So, why don't you plan on it now? You're the same race AS me, you know we don't like doing anything that isn't properly entertaining. Come on, let's see what happens. They can't keep this place funded if no one does any work, and we'll all get early releases since nonviolent protest doesn't get anyone sent to real prison, just here at most. And if we just get sent to another place like this again, the philosophy spreads, and they all break down. No more bullshit half measures. Shit, no full measures. They'll have no place to send people like us, our crimes will be pardoned because they aren't worth real prison. You get to go home. I get to go home. No more bullshit. No more bitches. No more of this work. Just ourselves and whatever we want."
No. 580093 ID: e1609c

not much to add to this, this is a pretty well-built response.
No. 580096 ID: ca0da5

That seems excessively long for an explanation. Just tell her, "Why don't you take over, then? I'm already tired of this," and finish off with a lengthy slurp of your Galaxy Gulp.
No. 580108 ID: 685e9b

soooo... exactly! she's exactly right! we can all do whatever we want- that's the goal here. try to win her over on your side. maybe someone like her could even intimidate other people into joining in.
i mean, i'm not sure how much intimidation you need to make people NOT do work, but the more people you have the better.
No. 580440 ID: d0fe08

Convince her it's what she wants, plain and simple. Hell, imply she inspired your rebellion through her badassery. And yeah, tell her she can lead if that's what she wants. You don't care. You're along for the ride.
No. 581788 ID: 6b7ea4
File 140399994068.png - (105.33KB , 700x600 , 28.png )

I step back and make a sweeping motion with my free arm. "Then, by all means, this shindig's now yours." She gives me an incredulous look, and I expand. "You said you don't like when shit's going down without you in charge? Now you're in charge. Hell, I was kinda hoping you would be - the whole reason I got those two started on this in the first place is because I was thinking about the ways you've been raising hell around here."

Okay, maybe that was laying it on a little thick, but it seems to have worked. She's rubbing her chin with that hand that isn't tethering Picchi ("I know, I KNOW" the everesk is insisting quietly) and glancing over at the conspiring djihihi every so often.
No. 581789 ID: 6b7ea4
File 140399995277.png - (92.21KB , 700x600 , 29.png )

"HEY," she suddenly booms. Skerz jumps, and Zjaha and Njihirari look up languidly. "So are we gonna do something or not?"

"Uuuuuhm, I kiiiiinda thought the whole poiiiiint of this was liiike, NOT doing anything," Skerz says, rolling her eyes.

"Passive resistance is both the most ethical and the most effective," Njihirari intones. Zjaha just scowls.
No. 581790 ID: 6b7ea4
File 140399996422.png - (102.28KB , 700x600 , 30.png )

"Well, I say we go kickstart this little revolution," Tootsie grunts. Revolution? What revolution? I didn't sign up for a fuckin' revolution. Suddenly she lets go of Picchi, knocks over the side table next to her, and breaks off one of the legs over her knee, creating a jagged, splintery club. Picchi hits the ceiling with a squeaky noise.

"I say we go take out some CO's and get ourselves a keycard."

WHAT no no nono this is NOT what I wanted to do today
No. 581795 ID: 2fd516

...right. Okay, how about you pretend to go along with it, but when she starts the violence, ditch her.
No. 581797 ID: d8a627

Well, is there any role you want to backup? Like, staying behind and giving them all the alibi "We were all hanging out here."? I mean, you can just sit around to do that.
No. 581799 ID: bb78f2

Is getting a keycard the best kinda way to do this? We were hoping to bankrupt the institution.
I mean, maybe getting some blackmail material would be a fun time if that's the plan.

What's the plan toots, why get a keycard? What's the keycard for?

I think toots might be smarter than what we take her for. She might be setting us up for a huge fall here. So... we might have to get HER to fall first.
No. 581801 ID: e31ca1

wait until they go around a corner, then ditch them and go back to your cell. either they get the shit kicked out of them, and you don't get blamed because they all blame Tootsie there, If they don't happen to get the shit kicked out of them then still who cares, just lie around while they escape.
No. 581897 ID: a739dd

I bet they have more galaxy gulps past the secured areaaaassss
Okay but really, why not. you could get a whole lot more nothing done with no one to fucking lecture you.
maybe just lie down on the floor and tell tootsie you'll be here, holding down the fort, in case she needs backup. Tell her to have fun and all.
No. 582595 ID: 4e4379

Let her. Go return to your porn in the meantime.

Either that or ask the others what Picchi knows. Alternatively, ask Picchi herself.

Maybe remind that such a thing might get her shipped off somewhere less cushy. (Or don't if you'd rather be rid of her.)

On another note... did we ever catch your name?
No. 582643 ID: 8bf5d1

Even having that club might be enough to land her, and the rest of you, in real jail. Being sneaky would be way easier, and safer. Who knows what they're permitted to do if things turn ugly out there, after all?
No. 588403 ID: 88625f
File 140736356355.png - (133.98KB , 700x600 , 31.png )

"Man, you do what you want." I lay flat on the floor, right in front of her. "I dunno what you want a keycard for, but I'm not really that interested in stomping around knocking CO's out."

"I knew you'd be a little priss about it." Tootsie sniffs. She starts towards the door, but casts a glance behind her. "Well?"

"I am morally opposed to violence and, therefore, will be remaining in the dorm," replies Njihirari.

"You can't tell me what to do!" Zjaha shrieks.

"Uuuuuuuhhhhhhmmm, I'm good heeeeere, I thiiiink," Skerz says with an apologetic shrug.

Tootsie exhales loudly before glaring at Picchi. "What about you?"

"Nope," the everesk squeaks. She starts to float back towards the left corner of the room, bouncing lightly off the ceiling.

Tootsie makes a throaty, irritated noise and stomps off, illegal club in hand. Silence settles over the room.

No. 588412 ID: bb78f2

Eeeeeh, we're gonna need more people than this for passive resistance to work.
Tootsie's not going to do anything dumb like knock a CO out, that would get her sent to someplace more intense...
If anything I bet she was going to try and trick the others to get into trouble. Less focus on her.
...Which means Tootsie's taking your idea and is going to run it by other girls... shit, this really might wreck things.
No. 588413 ID: bb78f2

no wait, no FUCK, that club. Make sure your rooms locked. She might frame you.
No. 588441 ID: 571061

seconded, better make sure you can actually relax instead of getting busted.
No. 588582 ID: 100f65

Take bets on how long she'll last before the CO's subdue her.. hell, bet on HOW they'll take her down. There has to be something in place to deal with crazies.
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