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File 139633536950.png - (118.86KB , 800x600 , 1.png )
568290 No. 568290 ID: 8f7720

My head hurts.

Wait wait wait.
I've had this feeling before.
No. No no no no no no no no no no no no no no!
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No. 568291 ID: 8f7720
File 139633547880.png - (587.98KB , 798x567 , 2.png )



>"B-beep..? Saisai Sempai... Are you okay?"

"NO! I'm not fucking okay!"

>"Uhm... Y-you have to get ready for class, beep."

"NO! They said I would never have to do this again!"

>"I don't understand..."
No. 568292 ID: 53ba34

we really thought so too, before your adventure was someone else. so we expected to have a third person do it this time.
No. 568294 ID: ffa549

Huh. That's weird. We've never seen anyone get stuck in this twice.

Well, you already know how to get out SaiSai. Could be worse. Why don't you just find Alcarin for a encore? Like you weren't going to go there in your dreams anyways.

Or if you're really against sexy times this time, just go around murdering everyone until the dating sim breaks.
No. 568297 ID: 2c6ff1

Saisai, something is different. This is the BETA, not the demo.

Hmm... this time... skip school.
No. 568298 ID: d2995c

This time there should theoretically be Alcarin around somewhere, and visiting him seems like it would be alright.
No. 568300 ID: ffa549

...wait, before you get rid of her, see if game-A1's battle mode transformation works.

>"I don't understand..."
You could just tell her you're caught in a loop. She's a robot. She'll totally get it.
No. 568302 ID: 8f7720
File 139633709023.png - (535.82KB , 798x567 , 3.png )

I could end this all... I could end it right now. No more games.

Saisai grabs her spear and runs at A1. The robot girl sidesteps the attack and chops Saisai in the back of the neck. The knight falls, her body paralyzed by the severity of the attack.

A1: "And to think I actually liked you..."

Saisai can hear the shifting of metal and fabric tearing.

A1: "Beep."

Intense heat.
And then


No. 568303 ID: 8f7720
File 139633724254.png - (51.91KB , 700x500 , 4.png )


"Looks like you died, nya! It's okay. Everyone loses their first time playing these kinda games. Especially complete noobs like you guys. Luckily our hero has 3 continues. Well... 2 now since she fucked up, nya. Try not to let her die again! If she dies while she has 0 continues something bad could happen! Nyahahaha!"
No. 568304 ID: 8f7720
File 139633732025.png - (588.12KB , 798x567 , 5.png )

My neck hurts...

A1: "Saisai Sempai. Come on. We'll be late for class, beep."

"I... Yeah. I'll come."

>Follow her but sneak away.
>Go to school.
No. 568306 ID: 2c6ff1

Follow but sneak away. Let's see what extra-curricular activities we can get up to.
No. 568309 ID: ffa549

Well, that was slightly embarrassing. On the plus side, you now know what a functional and completed A1 will be like, eventually. Having that on your side is something to look forward to.

Look, just calm down, go find Alcarin, and end this silly thing enjoying what you just spent a week doing anyways. You know you want to.

Or heck, run around laughing at all the silly little caricatures of themselves everyone else has been stuck in. Really, you only suffer if you take this seriously.

>And to think I actually liked you...
Well, then you could have responded with non-lethal force! Discretion, robo-girl. When friends go crazy you're supposed to subdue them and take them in for medical or psych treatment, not instantly murder them.

Oh well. I guess from your perspective, Saisai, getting murdered and starting over is better than getting locked up in crazy-land's nut-house. That would just be even longer more drawn out torture. With brainwashing.
No. 568339 ID: 113912

Fondle the lovebot and invite her out on a date. Seriously, are we missing the 'Doki Doki' part of the title-card here?
No. 568365 ID: ffa549

Fondling is probably too forward for A1. That would just scare her off, like in the demo. (Or possibly provoke her into murder-mode, again).
No. 568394 ID: 53ba34

i think we should at least go to class once. can see what people are there to put the moves on and get out of here.
No. 568415 ID: 6abcd2

Equip toast in mouth while running.
No. 568422 ID: 2fbf20

You know what go to class.
No. 568450 ID: f996af

Follow her butt.
No. 568701 ID: 8f7720
File 139641099973.png - (562.04KB , 798x567 , 6.png )

I'll follow her. For now. I think I'll just have to play along with this stupid game or it'll never end.
Maybe if I'm lucky I can run into Alcarin...
I remember last time I had to win twice to finish.
So I guess I could just do him twice and win.

Along the way to their class they bump into another of Saisai's classmates, Morgan Grimm.

M: "S-saisai... A1... Are you guys late to...?"

A: "We're late, beep?"

M: "Y-yeah..."

A: "..."

A1 sprints ahead, leaving the two of them alone.

M: "She doesn't like being late..."

That uniform does not suit her. Isn't she a bit too old to be wearing that?
No. 568702 ID: 2c6ff1

Ask her why she isn't wearing a bigger shirt. Her huge tits are barely contained by that thing.
No. 568714 ID: 53ba34

gotta remember everyone in this is a student or teacher. so she got student gear which has a too small shirt.
No. 568722 ID: ffa549

So... which is it. Growth spurt, everything else was in the wash, you shrunk your shirt, or you're trying to show off to somebody?
No. 568724 ID: eaa372

Ditch school and go shopping for more sturdy
clothing with Morgan.
No. 568738 ID: ffa549

...breaking the game by ignoring the obvious romance hooks and helping people be more normal again is kind of appealing in a strange, twisted way. Take that h-game! She's not dressed like a slutty school-girl anymore!
No. 568823 ID: d24ac9

while they're distracted talking to each other, murder them both.
No. 568886 ID: ca0da5

Alright, let's take a look at the facts. This is described as being a Beta, while the previous runthrough was a Demo, correct? I was not a participant in the demo, so I cannot tell you much regarding that, but things can change a LOT in Beta versions. Alcarin might not be the end-game anymore. Try working up your friendships with the people around you.
A1: Keep active in school. You may end up being late on occasion, but late is better than absent.
Morgan: I don't know her inner personality, but she seems a bit shy. I rather doubt she enjoys having a six-sizes-too-small shirt. Ask if she would like to go shopping after school--but DON'T agree to skip school for shopping. If she asks you to, politely tell her you cannot.
Alcarin: "Him"? If that's the way you swing then go for it. Otherwise, just be friendly or whatever.
No. 568967 ID: 8f7720
File 139650825176.png - (332.94KB , 700x500 , 7.png )

I definitely swing that way for Alcarin. I swing so damn hard. I would be impressed if someone -didn't- swing for him.

Also, goddamn those tits are huge... I mean... Damn.
How does she not have a boyfriend in the real world? Seriously.

"Hey, is that shirt comfortable for you?

Morgan holds her hand up to her chest

M: "It... It isn't... B-but why are you staring at my chest..?"

[]Because your tits are huge. Why the hell else?
[]I'm concerned about you.

Wow, those options are terrible. I wouldn't say any of those.
No. 568968 ID: 2c6ff1

She's in Doki mode already. Well, if you wanna win quickly, I suppose you could try option B. If you'd rather go find Alcarin, then select option C and say "Because it looks uncomfortable. Have you seen Alcarin lately?"
No. 568969 ID: d6c045

[Because it looks like someone stole your clothes and replaced it with something three sizes too small.]Other
No. 568973 ID: 256d52

["It looks uncomfortable. You could use some new things. Want to go clothes shopping this afternoon?"]

Showing some consideration will get that doki doki going!
No. 568986 ID: ca0da5

This one sounds good. You don't have to get a relationship beyond friendship going with anybody just yet, but do be courtious and show some actual care towards her directly. Don't try and change the subject to finding Alcarin (you can find him later, I'm sure).
No. 568987 ID: e632fb

[] other-
"Well, that shirt doesn't look like it fits you that well. Maybe we can go shopping for something that does after school today?"
No. 568990 ID: ffa549

Other- because I'm your friend and it looks like you were crammed into an outfit three sizes too small.

Let's just play things strait instead of trying to bed everyone and see what happens. I'm interested to see how the game breaks. Will it get more and more obvious, trying to throw easier and easier lays at you? I suppose we'll 'lose' when it eventually resorts to throwing Alcarin at you, but hey, that's what you want.
No. 569692 ID: 8f7720
File 139694685283.png - (572.44KB , 798x567 , 9.png )

"Well, that shirt doesn't look like it fits you that well. Maybe we can go shopping for something that does after school today?"

M: "O-okay..."


Who said that?

Morgan and Saisai make their way to class, chatting along the way. The two have separate classes so they split off. After an extremely dull history class Saisai heads off to try and find someone she recognizes.
She bumps into her half sister.

E: "Sis! What are you doing!? You're gonna be late for Gym Class?"

No fucking way. Really, game? My sister? Do you know no shame?

E: "Sis? What's wrong? You don't look well. Should I take you to the nurse?"
No. 569693 ID: 256d52

No! No nurse!

You, uh, you think that gym is exactly what you need to help perk up. Lead the way.
No. 569694 ID: d2995c

We would probably feel better if we managed to stop being nearly late for all out classes.
No. 569695 ID: f290a2

nothing you do here will have consequences. free your mind and yourself enjoy this.
No. 569698 ID: ffa549

>an extremely dull history lesson
Any correlation to real world history, or was it all made up nonsense?

>Really, game? My sister? Do you know no shame?
Pretty sure by definition, most h-games don't understand shame.

At least it's your grown up sister, and not your kid sister.

You're totally not her type, anyways. You're no light elf dude who's going to get her knocked up.

Actually not the worst idea, really. The two of you get to complete in a somewhat less violent manner. And at least part of you must still want to kick her ass. Go work out some aggression.
No. 569710 ID: 7dafb2

Yes, let's go to the nurse and de-stress.
No. 569719 ID: 2c6ff1

No nurse this time, we already did that route.

Let's see who the gym teacher is. Tell her you're just gonna get some water before class.
No. 569736 ID: ca0da5

Ooh, I must have misunderstood something along the way. Didn't realize Saisai was a girl.
So, wait, this game is about lesbians?
The game might not show any shame, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't show some respect. Tell her you're just a bit dehydrated, get some water, and head to gym. Be a somewhat friendly competative rival for her. And if she DOES start to enter Doki mode, don't directly put her down, try something like "I'm sure you can find somebody better than your own sister... Really, I'm just trying to be friendly with everybody." and if she gets sad, you can let her know that things might change after you have a chance to spend some time meeting everybody and learning more about them all. She'll probably still be a little sad, but she'll also have some hope. Yeah, it'll be playing into the game's hands, but you're not promising anything at least.
No. 569754 ID: e0b19d

Nah, no nurse. Head to Gym with her.
No. 572494 ID: 8f7720
File 139858186403.png - (557.11KB , 798x567 , 10.png )

"No! NO! No nurse! Just... No. Let's go to the gym."

Eluria takes Saisai to the gym. A bunch of her classmates are doing laps or playing games. The teacher goes up to them.

Oh my god, it's Alcarin.

Al: "You guys are late."

E: "Sorry, sir. I was getting my sis. I'll go run laps as an apology."

Eluria runs off.

Al: "Saisai, what's your excuse?"

"I don't have one... You can punish me if you want..."

Al: "Eh... It happens to the best of us. It's not really your fault."

"But really, I was horrible. I was going to ditch if my sister didn't drag me along. I should stay after school for extra gym lessons."

Al: "Hmm... No. I really think you'll be fine."

Dammit. Seriously? Everyone is fucking throwing themselves at me but him?
No. 572495 ID: 53ba34

his age put him as a teacher. gonna need to find a weakness if you want him. who else is here?
No. 572496 ID: 57a559

Get dramatic and thank your Sensei a lot
Consider hugging him for being so understanding.
Are you in your bloomers?
Time to be tantalizing.

Though I fear that shower orgy might happen if you end up attracting the entire class. Well, at least that's an ending.
No. 572498 ID: ca65e6

Maybe this version of him is gay. Or maybe he doesn't get that you're flirting with him. You could get a bit more overt, or maybe if you show off your athletic skills he'll notice you?
No. 572517 ID: 824f43

Well, so much for getting to work out some of your competition. At least we found Alcarin .

>Dammit. Seriously? Everyone is fucking throwing themselves at me but him?
The game knows you don't like it.

Seriously though- you had to take the initiate with him in the real world. Meaning dropping hints about punishment probably aren't going to cut it here. You'll have to be more direct.

Also, you first got his attention in the real world by committing yourself to his training. You can probably do the same thing here. Excelling in his class is probably how you earn doki doki points with him here.
No. 572521 ID: 2fbf20

He's a teacher. Flirting with him is going to be like throwing yourself at a brick wall.
No. 572527 ID: 2fc3e9

Offer him a blowjob.
No. 572580 ID: f63577

You're going about this all wrong! You need to make him jealous. Try throwing yourself at your sister or something, that'll do it.
No. 573682 ID: 8f7720
File 139960657284.png - (570.75KB , 798x567 , 11.png )

What? No. That's being too forward.

"I'll do laps also. As an apology. And work really hard on the workouts."

Before Alcarin can protest Saisai runs off to the track. She sprints through it clearing a mile in moments. She then leaps over a bunch of stacked up boxes and ends it off with a few throws of a javelin. When she looks back at Alcarin she sees him watching her intensely.

+1 Doki Doki!!!

Oh yeah, that got his attention.
No. 573683 ID: 57a559

He's vulnerable to attack!
Adjust bloomers in his direction.
No. 573684 ID: 0ee153

Offer him a handjob.

Or just adjust gym shorts in his direction and proceed to work out really hard. Get the white (?) shirt wet and sweaty.
No. 573685 ID: ca65e6

It's working! Ask him if he'd like to recommend any further workouts. While doing some stretches.
No. 573686 ID: 57a559

Actually I'm thinking about this more and well, since he's a gym teacher it might be a bad end pursuing him. Cause gym teachers are creeps. So make sure if something happens you be the initiate alright? Al is a dom, you're a dom and these games hate the PC getting dommed too hard and consider that to be a bad end. Make it sorta romantic so you don't become a full sub.

These games are weird, creepy and about power and manipulation above all else, it just hides those factors with fake romance. So when a male dom is in the picture as a path or part of an ending it's usually a bad end.

So like, be careful if he follows you into the showers.
Gotta be the initiate.
No. 573688 ID: a95b2e

>Oh yeah, that got his attention.
There you go. You've been training how to be a warrior for years. Showing off and kicking ass in gym class is definitely something you can do.

Especially if that means you get some horn for a well deserved dessert when you're done.

Feel the burn, baby.

If you really want to show off, I suggest building to some kind of competition with your sister. She's the only one of your 'classmates' who can likely keep up with you, and outperforming her will be more impressive than just doing stuff solo. Gym is about winning, after all.
No. 573704 ID: e0b19d

I agree with this. Time for competition!
No. 577208 ID: 8f7720
File 140197716667.png - (113.31KB , 798x567 , 12.png )

Saisai adjusts her bloomers, making sure that Alcarin gets a good look at her. She then challenges her sister to a bit of a competition.
The two of them spend the better part of class sparring, climbing walls, and finishing off with a race.
In each event Saisai is able to just barely beat her half-sister.
By the end of it the two of them are winded but Saisai is feeling pretty good about herself.

"Not bad... I haven't had someone able to keep up with me in a while."

Eluria: "You're -huff-... Just too fast..."
No. 577210 ID: 8f7720
File 140197729452.png - (573.87KB , 798x567 , 13.png )

The bell rings and Alcarin dismisses the class.
Saisai goes to the showers and washes up but nothing happens... The man doesn't make a single move.

She sees him walking into his office as her sister tugs on her sleeve.

El: "Come on, it's time for math."

Shit... After all that work, he didn't even notice me?
No. 577212 ID: c7a241

>After all that work, he didn't even notice me?
Oh... he noticed. Look at that face. And he got up to 3 Dokis. If I remember right from last time, 4 is the tipping point. You're one push away. And it's not like he could make a move with a student with the whole class there, anyways.

Make an excuse to get away from your sister (you'll catch up at math, you need the bathroom, or left something in your locker).

Then double back to see your gym teacher after class.

...I'm half Eluria doesn't buy our excuse and ends up following us, leading to a threesome. :V
No. 577245 ID: ca0da5

Alcarin is prideful of the rules, if you want to keep his Doki up, you can't just skip out on classes. You'll have to see him after school, if that's possible. ...Although that would also mean breaking the promise to help shop for better clothing with Morgan.
No. 577249 ID: 3d177c

Ditch sister, follow teacher.
No. 577294 ID: 6507c5

Perhaps ask him if he can help you with [insert appropriate physical activity here] after school. After all, you've just shown you're quite the physical specimen, but one can never get too much 'practice'.

I'd recommend something with a chance of physical contact or awkwardly 'accidentally' falling into him. Gymnastics work, perhaps?
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