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File 139632593538.jpg - (22.17KB , 400x300 , d1.jpg )
568253 No. 568253 ID: 93706c

My name is Captain Duo. I have been taken prisoner by the Dominoes, and will likely be executed by the day's end. I need to get out of here.
Roll a 1d6 for action.
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No. 568256 ID: 155c28

Dont do that you need that head.
No. 568257 ID: 189a54

If you're a captain, you must've had some men. Check to see if any of your men are nearby.

Rolling (hopefully, I haven't done this before) dice 1d6
No. 568258 ID: 2c6ff1

rolled 1 = 1

Alright, look around and see if you can see anything odd about the room. Are any bricks loose?
No. 568264 ID: 53ba34

rolled 2 = 2

check for loose bricks
No. 568268 ID: 03fde2
File 139632863894.jpg - (23.85KB , 400x300 , d2.jpg )

My men captured with me and were put in separate cells. They have been pulled for interrogation, and none have returned.
I can only assume they are dead or worse.
The cell, despite years of use, still has strong mortar. On the far corner is the poop bucket. It was empty when you first arrived.
The walls are thick and we are underground, so no windows.
No. 568269 ID: 53ba34

rolled 1 = 1

keep bucket near you, when guard comes to get you out, slosh horrible waste into their face.
No. 568274 ID: 189a54

rolled 4 = 4

Don't give up hope that your men are alive. Keep the bucket close and gather your strength, you're getting out of here with as many comrades as you can.
No. 568275 ID: 42a482
File 139632995484.jpg - (41.96KB , 400x300 , d3.jpg )

You take the bucket into your inventory, readying it for the next patrol.
With you is a fork you smuggled, a length of twine taken from your clothing, and a fist size piece of brick.
you put dice 1d6 in the email
No. 568276 ID: 189a54

rolled 6 = 6

Time to show why you're the captain. Tie the fork to the piece of brick with the twine to create a stabbing weapon. The bucket can act as a shield.
No. 568280 ID: 5c4d60
File 139633291090.jpg - (33.79KB , 400x300 , d4.jpg )

"So just one more payday and I'll be able to finally pay for my kid's medicine."
"Oh man I'd love to see lil' Quarter's smile aga-"

No. 568281 ID: 252ef2
File 139633296002.jpg - (39.02KB , 400x300 , d5.jpg )

No. 568282 ID: c30da4
File 139633298953.jpg - (49.48KB , 400x300 , d6.jpg )

"Unlock the cell."
No. 568283 ID: 2c6ff1

rolled 3 = 3

Make sure he knows you mean business. Draw a bit of blood (or whatever's inside you guys)
No. 568284 ID: ba0a89
File 139633440756.jpg - (50.01KB , 400x300 , d7.jpg )

The guard hesitates for a moment before you scrape the fork against the side of his smooth face.
"O-Okay! Stop! Not the face!"
He fumbles with his pocket, pulling out a key ring full of keys and handing it to you
No. 568285 ID: ffa549

rolled 3 = 3

Right. Now choke him into unconsciousness and let yourself out of the cell.
No. 568286 ID: 53ba34

rolled 5 = 5

turn hold into a chokehold until he passes out. then take keys.
No. 568295 ID: 638532
File 139633577228.jpg - (40.74KB , 400x300 , d8.jpg )

Choking the guard out was of little issue. They've always had weak necks.

Stepping out of the cell, You are unsure of which direction to head towards. you were blindfolded when you were brought in. Only options is to the left, where the guards came from, or to the right.
No. 568296 ID: ffa549

rolled 2 = 2


And take the guards' weapons for yourself.

...and lock the unconscious guards in your cell.
No. 568301 ID: 2c6ff1

rolled 4 = 4

Since they were patrolling there's no telling where the exit is. Grab some equipment from the guards and try right.
No. 568308 ID: 5e98e9
File 139633786045.jpg - (34.76KB , 400x300 , d9.jpg )

You grab the guard's wooden swords. Obviously they're meant to injure but not kill.
Dragging both guards into the cell, locking it as you exit, You head towards the right.

You quickly find yourself at a doorway to a room, a single guard keeping watch at the far end. He appears to have an actual sword however.
No. 568310 ID: ffa549

rolled 1 = 1

Approach stealthily, and then apply wooden sword to the slot in the domino's head. That should knock him out.
No. 568311 ID: 2c6ff1

rolled 4 = 4

Knock on the wall to lure him over then ambush him.
No. 568322 ID: 4fc6cd
File 139633939484.jpg - (35.98KB , 400x300 , d10.jpg )

My hand rest on the handle of the wooden sword, making a sound to attract the attention of the guard across the room.
No. 568323 ID: 48ff7b
File 139633946041.jpg - (42.61KB , 400x300 , d11.jpg )

However, a second guard appears behind my wall, sword already drawn. The far guard is readying his own sword.
No. 568324 ID: 13ef94

rolled 2 = 2

Headbutt him with your migty head!
No. 568325 ID: 2c6ff1

rolled 2 = 2

Neck chop the new guard, steal his sword and use it to fight the original guard!
No. 568342 ID: 189a54

rolled 3 = 3

Crack the new guard across the hands, try to make him drop his sword. Grab the real sword after disarming and get to chopping.

Keep an eye out for a way that might lead to the interrogation rooms. If there's a slim chance to get some friends back for this escape you should go after it.
No. 568440 ID: ca0da5

rolled 4 = 4

Flip over that guy, grab hold of him, and fling him at the other guy.
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