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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 139544275337.png - (73.64KB , 700x500 , set quest.png )
567235 No. 567235 ID: edd9f8

Your name is Set, god of storms and vigour. You fend off entropy and protect the sun on its nightly journey through the underworld. You are vastly underrated, often demonized, and quite possibly a little gay.
What will you do?
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No. 567236 ID: 9ddf68

Start a storm to shake things up.
No. 567238 ID: f2507e

dude, you chopped your brother into pieces, no shit people demonize you.

I say go fix that right up.
No. 567241 ID: be48b2

You know what would show all of them? Quitting.
Just for a day or a two, don't protect the sun and don't bother fending off entropy. Just slouch on your couch or go to a bar or something.
No. 567242 ID: 189a54

Perhaps a break from your job would be just what you need.
Don't just sit around, though--it's Friday man, go out on the godly town! There have to be a few gods that share your tendencies and would gladly head out with you for some sacrifices or something.
No. 567245 ID: e1609c

Maybe see if you can pick up a date or two while you're out there.
No. 567249 ID: edd9f8
File 139545281933.png - (240.01KB , 700x500 , set quest2.png )

Yeah! You'll show them! You shrug off your duties, just for the night. It IS a Friday, after all. The sun barque will surely be fine without you, won't it?
No. 567250 ID: 823336

light up the night
No. 567251 ID: e1609c

Hell yeah, lets do this shit
No. 567252 ID: edd9f8
File 139545450133.png - (264.35KB , 700x500 , set quest3.png )

You use your sick ass god powers to show off, flooding the club with intense lightning while only blinding one person in the process. (That's a new record!)
No. 567253 ID: e1609c

Right on! Lets pull a Zeus now and get some dude preggers with some freaky mutant half-god kids
No. 567255 ID: 823336

Make a drunken mistake
No. 567256 ID: 9ec1aa

Find and feel up Horus, you need to get back at the little brat for forcing you to give head by proxy
No. 567257 ID: 1f1f36

Where Nepthys at?
Come on man you know she's real crazy into you!
rappreciatedforhisworkandyoualreadyrealyreallykilledthatdickbrofyoursdeadso) But anyway!
No. 567258 ID: 113912

You self-absorbed sissy-faggot, you do your job to protect the sun on the overnight journey because it's necessary. Let's go see if the sun is merely kidnapped or outright dead from your childish impertinence.
No. 567265 ID: aab6fc

Don't listen to this loser. You're your own god. Do some cool backflips to attract the hotties.
No. 567286 ID: 955dc5

So is it true that Horus ripped off your balls.
No. 567294 ID: 189a54

Forget this guy, it's time for some hardcore club moves. Use your amazing god skills to chat it up until the entire place is your harem!
No. 567304 ID: edd9f8
File 139550764352.png - (282.01KB , 700x500 , set quest4.png )

After many a drink, you decide it's time to backflip around in order to impress the lowly fools that surround you. As you go in for your final landing, you end up bumping into none other than that little brat Horus, startling him as you do.
No. 567305 ID: 57bab5

Now that you've lit up the night show him the city that the evil can't hide. The evil is your pants and the city's your penis.
No. 567306 ID: 823336

Is that a Pyramid in your pants or are you just happy to see me?
No. 567362 ID: 1b834f

Quickly pull him in to a dance because this kid needs to lighten up, seriously
No. 567373 ID: 9ec1aa

Seduce da momma's boy and this time you're going to be satisfied one way or another
No. 567374 ID: 7d8412

apologize about his pops.
No. 567425 ID: 286aee

Start a fight with Horus, what does a sky god have on you. You're way better than him, kick his ass.
No. 567443 ID: e1609c

Favicon for this is done, its in the disthread awaiting approval. good stuff so far, mate.
No. 567545 ID: 823336

we gonna get him good
No. 567546 ID: edd9f8
File 139563000175.png - (252.19KB , 700x500 , set quest5.png )

Horus's eyes widen as he speaks.
"Oh. It's you."
You snarl at him with distaste, but as much as you resent the kid for all he's done, you can't deny the attraction you have towards him.
Your eyes sneak a glance downwards.
"What do we have here? Is that a pyramid in your pants or are you just happy to see me, wHorus?"
No. 567578 ID: 286aee

Horus ain't gonna have none of dis. He killed your bro. Roundhouse kick him in the face. Set then must react with a roundhouse kick to Horus' face. In a really anime'ish scene they stop and glare into one another's eyes. You see where I'm going with this.
No. 567596 ID: a97618

Nah, wHorus is totally gonna live up to him name here. Reluctantly and nervously, but he's gonna give all the same.
No. 567602 ID: e1609c

take him out back, bend him over a dumpster, shove your obelisk deep into his burial pit.
No. 567609 ID: 189a54

I think now would be a nice time to lead the boy out back and run a thorough inspection of his "pyramid" with your body.
No. 567618 ID: 823336

Do they not have private rooms in a club like this
No. 567621 ID: 1f1f36

I'm a bit late, but.
No. 567622 ID: 2c6ff1

I have a better idea. Seduce him then leave him hanging.
No. 567652 ID: dbe554

It's best to get your vengence all up in him, SEDUCE HIM, and then take him for the ride of his life, and then let him desire more.
No. 567670 ID: 357d5f

Seduce him and then break his heart.
No. 567672 ID: 0ee153

Kill him and feed his corpse to his family.
No. 567676 ID: 823336

Bury yourself in his tomb
No. 567696 ID: 9ec1aa

Set, you like your nuts where they are after you lost them to the sky. Don't do these, make him have a reason to have more. Do these
Anyway what's Horus doing killing your bro?
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