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File 139535964116.png - (18.71KB , 718x504 , Ameriquest.png )
567138 No. 567138 ID: 43b81c

It is the year 2285.

After the Insider Trading War, the USA balkanized and resulted in the six standing powers we see today.

Which one do you call home?
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No. 567141 ID: 9ddf68

Kinda what to say the HSN mostly because the coasts and the south seem to easy but the fact that Florida is alone also makes me curious.

so the HSN would be my first choice
The DL for second
USA third
CA fourth
TX fifth
and CBC sixth
No. 567142 ID: a97618

Go blue.
No. 567143 ID: 753e50

FL? TX? CA? What is this unpatriotic bullshit?


We shall always be faithful to our TRUE AMERICAN ROOTS. Even if they aren't in the deep south where they clearly belong.
No. 567145 ID: be48b2

No. 567153 ID: 43b81c
File 139536271299.png - (51.14KB , 718x504 , Name Copyright Office.png )

As a member of the Unified Subsidiaries of AmeriCorp, or USA, you enjoy many rights. Also incumbent upon you are many responsibilities.

In accordance with the Infant Empowerment Act of 2165, you have been legally nameless your entire life, with only a Shareholder Designation to identify you. Today is your 18th birthday, the day you finally become an independent member and get to copyright a name of your own choosing. It is also the day your Financial Support Agreement with your parents terminates and you are kicked out of your house.

>“Well, Shareholder BRNX-845358291, it's your turn. What name will you copyright today?”

Oh, shoot. You're next in line. Give him a name, quick!
No. 567155 ID: e31ca1

No. 567156 ID: 2c6ff1

Steve Gristleheimer.
No. 567160 ID: 753e50

The Chosen One.
No. 567166 ID: 211a31
File 139537022083.png - (51.55KB , 718x504 , Name Copyright Office2.png )


>"Got it. Last name?"


>"Meh. Alright. Got a nickname?"

“Sure do. They call me 'The Chosen One.'”

>"Noted. Sounds like you lead a pretty autistic life, kiddo."
No. 567167 ID: 211a31
File 139537030198.png - (51.71KB , 718x504 , Name Copyright Office3.png )

>"Welp, here's your Certificate of Live Patent. You'll need that to prove you actually own anything you make, since you're emancipated now and don't have your parents' lawyers backing you up."
No. 567168 ID: 211a31
File 139537043095.png - (24.60KB , 637x389 , Certificate of Live Patent.png )

“Wh-what should I do now?”

>"Get a job, you lazy bum. It's your own damn fault you're poor. NEXT!"

Well gee, that was abrupt. You'd better do as he says and get yourself a job though, if you don't want to wind up in the poor house. HA, just kidding. There is no house, you get to sleep in a gutter.

At the very least, the font choice on your Certificate is hilarious. You're so glad that the Corporate Documentation Relief Act was passed seven years ago, which mandated all official corporate documents be printed in Comic Sans. The humorous typeface makes you almost OK with the fact that your stutters were recorded as part of your unchangeable legal name.
No. 567169 ID: 9ddf68

so what do you know how to do kid?
No. 567173 ID: a97618

Apply for the job of CEO of AmeriCorp.
No. 567182 ID: ca7ea1
File 139541362980.png - (11.34KB , 637x389 , Job Co.png )

You can't just apply to be CEO! You'd have to be elected first. The CEO of the Unified Subsidiaries of AmeriCorp is the highest office in the land, with only Board of Directors, Inc. or Supreme Corp. being able to overrule his decisions. The CEO is elected every four years by the people of AmeriCorp. You see, unlike in neighboring trade zones, the members of the USA have the right to vote using their shares of common stock authorized to them in their Certificate of Live Patent. That makes you one of the freest members in The World©!

“W-well, I don't really know what all my skills are...I'd better go test them down at Job Co.”
No. 567183 ID: ca7ea1
File 139541367861.png - (12.26KB , 637x389 , Get-A-Job Machine1.png )

“Wow, this machine looks a lot smaller up close. Oh well.”
No. 567184 ID: ca7ea1
File 139541372734.png - (5.02KB , 637x389 , Q0.png )

No. 567185 ID: ca7ea1
File 139541373854.png - (3.85KB , 590x336 , Q1.png )

No. 567187 ID: 37aa84

You're absences marks were rather high as I recall.
No. 567190 ID: ca7ea1
File 139541429009.png - (4.18KB , 590x336 , Q1R.png )

No. 567191 ID: ca7ea1
File 139541430551.png - (4.26KB , 637x389 , Q2.png )

No. 567192 ID: a97618

...secondary education? I didn't realize school went that high.
No. 567194 ID: 37aa84

The thrill
No. 567207 ID: 9ddf68

to watch the stock market and see if I couldn't find a pattern to pull ahead.
No. 567209 ID: f2507e

Fight Club.
No. 567215 ID: e73b69

No. 567226 ID: 0c7e5c
File 139544004864.png - (6.19KB , 637x389 , Q2R.png )

“Yeah, this'll impress the hell out of potential employers!”
No. 567227 ID: 0c7e5c
File 139544007979.png - (2.77KB , 637x389 , Blue Screen of Termination(C).png )

“Uh oh.”
No. 567228 ID: 0c7e5c
File 139544012166.png - (6.87KB , 637x389 , Piracy Notice.png )


You have violated copyright law. This is a severe offense, and upon conviction, you will owe your victim trillions of DigiDollars™ that you don't have.

Will you stay and let justice take its course, or will you try to evade capture somehow?
No. 567229 ID: 37aa84

The system can't handle how awesome you are, you'll make president for sure now.
No. 567230 ID: 37aa84

Well I guess you should run now shouldn't you. So what happens to criminals who can't afford their copyright violation?
No. 567239 ID: f2507e

point to the computer that it is now guilty of the same crime it accused you of committing and henceforth cannot be trusted to judge you on the matter of whether you have committed said crime or not.
No. 567244 ID: e1609c

Take the computer and flee. You're in this together, now. With his brains, and your... uh... legs? Lets go with legs. With his brains and your legs we can rise to the top all on our own.
No. 567247 ID: 88960e

Object that you aren't talking about fight club. The rules say nothing about inputting data about fight club into a keyboard.
No. 567376 ID: adc860
File 139553416049.png - (46.45KB , 904x472 , Job Co Entrance.png )

“You facilitated my piracy you lying fuck!”

The Get-A-Job Machine continues to display the Blue Screen of Termination© in silence.

“You're a co-conspirator! You distributed pirated material!”

The Machine's screen returns to its usual black, and it makes the kind of creaking noise computers make when they're thinking really hard.

Suddenly, the doors of Job Co. fling open, and you see a duo of fat, overpaid APTF agents standing there, hiding behind Anti-Personnel Barriers® and holding their Law Enforcement Sticks© at the ready.
No. 567377 ID: adc860
File 139553421439.png - (30.55KB , 818x389 , Stevie Runder.png )

The Get-A-Job Machine stops creaking and soundlessly displays the following message:

>“Run, Uhuhfuhsteve, and take me with you.”

Noting the Machine isn't actually attached to the desk and has no external wires, you grab it and make a mad dash for the side door.
No. 567379 ID: adc860
File 139553425289.png - (30.71KB , 818x389 , The Runder Years.png )

Now outside, you hurriedly run down the street, opposite the direction the cops came from. You go through the list of places you could go from here, striking down one option after another aloud until the Machine chimes in:

>“What about the Subway™?”

Making your way there, you invest DD5,000 in a Subway™ Ride Fresh© pass, and you hop onto the first departing Subway™ car you come to.
No. 567380 ID: adc860
File 139553429874.png - (51.48KB , 818x389 , SubwayTM.png )

“Great job, now we're fugitives.”

>“You input pirated material into my system. You started it.”

“Well I wouldn't have gotten caught if you had kept your big mou--...uh, wifi shut!”

>“This line of discussion is irrelevant. We will arrive at the subway train's first stop soon, and we will need a plan.”

“What's the first stop?”

>“We are currently on a circuit that runs through the tri-corp area. The first stop is a small town in HSN. The second stop is a major city in CBC. The third and final stop will be where we got on at, back in the USA.”

>“I estimate that I will be able to answer any two questions before we reach our first stop in HSN, at which time we will need to decide whether or not to get off there.”
No. 567385 ID: 37aa84

Any ideas for where we could get a fake Certificate of Live Patent. We'll need to copyright a new name to stop that LTD. we can't talk about from tracking us down.
No. 567388 ID: e1609c

Look up Crime LTD. They should be able to hook us up.
No. 567389 ID: eb10ea

Do the APTF agents have jurisdiction there?
No. 567402 ID: a97618

Ask him which stops will put you out of the jurisdiction of the people chasing you.

Also, he's the job computer. What's the best (legal or illegal) job for someone on the run for copyright infringement with the help of a job computer?
No. 567411 ID: adc860
File 139554255640.png - (54.12KB , 818x389 , SubwayTM2.png )

"Can Crime, Ltd. help us, like with getting a fake Certificate of Live Patent so LTD-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named can't track us down?"

>"Possibly. It would likely be very costly. We can only make arrangements for this if we ride the full circuit back to the USA station, which may or may not be teeming with APTF agents upon our arrival."

"Where can I go that the APTF won't have jurisdiction?"

>"Any other body corporate. In particular, the Healthcare Service Network, or HSN, and the Republicorp of Texico, or TX, have poor relations with the USA and will likely not respond to requests by USA Extraditions, Inc., a licensed subsidiary of AmeriCorp. The one place we can run where AmeriCorp will never be able to legally reach us is Disney Land, commonly abbreviated DL. They remain neutral in absolutely all affairs of other bodies corporate, and would never turn us over to USA Extraditions, Inc."

You feel your Subway™ car slowing down, and it eventually comes to a complete stop. The doors slide open, and the Machine displays:

>"We have reached our first stop, a small town in HSN. Will we disembark or stay aboard? Should we stay, we will have time for another two questions before reaching the next stop in CBC."
No. 567412 ID: 37aa84

Stop in the HSN and get plastic surgery to hide our identity. Then we can find our way to DL later.
No. 567438 ID: a97618

Disembark. We can always hop back on another train and continue further down the line if later if we wish.
No. 567544 ID: fa79e9

No. 567623 ID: 4cf1b6
File 139571141427.png - (15.36KB , 645x389 , In the HSSR.png )

You decide to disembark here, in HSN.

As soon as you exit the Subway™ car, you are assailed by many beautiful women. Well, not assailed, it's more of them just walking past you, but you pretend it's them flirting anyway.

You come to a room that seems to serve as a connecting point to other areas of the complex. An arrow labeled "Departures" points back the way you came. Two other arrows, "Deets" and "Outside," point towards the room's other exit.

All around you, you can see hordes of hot women. They don't make 'em like that in AmeriCorp! Some are in groups, some are alone, but all are strikingly beautiful. Most are busy tapping away at their Intelliphones©, completely ignoring their surroundings.

You think it would probably be a good idea to get plastic surgery to hide your identity, but you have no idea where to start looking for such services. You could try following the arrows to wherever they lead, or you could ask one of the Q-T-π girls around you. Or maybe you could just hit on them.
No. 567626 ID: b3a92e

they're probably all secret agents. go Deetsways.
No. 567627 ID: 37aa84

The woman obviously have had plastic surgery. Select the biggest group you can see and head in whatever direction they are coming from and continue just selecting whatever path has the most beautiful women coming from it. So is it only women your seeing, like no men at all? If you see no men be very specific with the plastic surgeon that you want to remain a man, unless your okay becoming a woman. I mean there's nothing wrong with that and it could help your disguise.
No. 567645 ID: a97618

We could try finding someplace where we can set up our computer and consulting it for information.

Or we could just go check out the Deets.
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