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File 139534943038.png - (328.96KB , 1000x800 , 1.png )
567119 No. 567119 ID: d33150

first chapter http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/409356.html#i409356[/spoiler]
Ahhhh! I'm flat! Oh, wait was just a nightmare...haha man, when I was younger I thought I would have remained flat as a board...pff I wonder how Marie's is doing...
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No. 567123 ID: d33150
File 139535048114.png - (300.17KB , 1000x800 , 2.png )

[fuck it!]
"Hey, there are flat girls in this room!"
L:" El! miss Elnora? I-I tought you would have been in the main roo- I-i mean..."
"Why would I?"
L:"No reason, nevermind, sorry for the flat chest thing...I just woke up and all"
Dal:" :< I was having a nice dream..."
Lir:"Aww, sorry" Liirial grab the tiny demon and squish her in a hug "Gaaaw, you are so cute now" the little demon looks bot happy and embarassed
EL:"whatever, we need to pack our things" she say a bit red, she most likely got what Liirial was about to said
No. 567124 ID: d33150
File 139535075368.png - (101.21KB , 1000x800 , 3.png )

before anything more get said Legion rush inside the room " what happened I heard a scre-" he get cut short by a pillow throw at his face, hard enough to make him lose balance
El:"Get out of the female quarters!"
You are now inside legion again, for some reason you can't sinc with him to know the events of the night "ouch"
No. 567126 ID: 53ba34

put pillow down somewhere. how are our supplies?
No. 567127 ID: 9ddf68

"alright fine, next time we hear screaming we'll wait till the killer walks out covered in blood before we go in to see if everyone is alright. Geez, talk about being grateful."

well if we have anything we need to pack might as well get it, if not lets find Necro and see what our other body that's going to guard this place is going to look like.
No. 567129 ID: b8ceae

Yea, lets go do other things.
So, how did last night go? Good? Super good?
No. 567130 ID: 6abcd2

Can we get a body and magic status please? I'd like to check what we can do and then prepare for combat and trouble.

So what are our current objectives? These are the things that come to mind:

* Save El's village.
* Find the slavers who enslaved the elf knight girl, destroy them, release her from the mind control.
* Resurrect Lamia mom.
* Piece together a fine-ass body for Dalil (and maybe the other demon minions too).
* Collect and make good use of body parts.
* Unlock Legions hidden ancient power.
* ???
No. 567131 ID: d33150

profit, update tomorrow, need to sleep
No. 567164 ID: 9ddf68

speaking of which, where the hell is the Lamia kid? Didn't we bring her back with us?
No. 567180 ID: b8ceae

We dropped her off with her relatives.
This is no place for a kid, but we make exceptions when anywhere else would be worse.
No. 567720 ID: 2e8b76
File 139586726636.png - (522.50KB , 1000x800 , 2.png )

"hmp...I may have overreacted a bit, there's no need to act like that! Now get out, we need to change"
Liirial is clearly trying to not laugh "Pff...Yeah, Dalil want to change dress? Legion, ask necro if he canmake something cute for her, If you please..."
Dal:"I-I'm not a doll..." Dalil say half pouting half revealed by the fact Liirial clearly does not resent her behaviour when they first met
Lir:"Oh, sorry, I didn't meant to say that..."
Dal:"Tough I would love a cute outfit too..."
Legion:"Heh, I'll see what I can do
No. 567723 ID: 2e8b76
File 139586821824.png - (261.02KB , 1000x800 , 3.png )

"It went...Hey, look at this bitching armour! Necro made this during night H-he just updated a bit the old one, but looks more solid and all the pieces that could get grabbed can be take off whit one movement..." Legion sprint toward Necro's lab
No. 567728 ID: 2e8b76
File 139587178740.png - (451.71KB , 1000x800 , 4.png )

As he enter Legion is welcomed by the sight of Necro's newly made undeads
"Ah! legion perfect timing! Like the upgrade I did to your armour?" you nod "Good, then let me show you in detail your new body and " putting his and on the undead girl head "Your assistant" he looks at you " You want to hear about the girl first, right? She is a semisentient maintenance undead, interesting thing about this is that there is a small chance they develop a real soul if they are made well enough,not that it could be of use for you now... anyway, this arm is not common in massproduced versions mad it allow the undead to cast basic repairing spells it will also help her defend herself, pretty much that's it, now your new host, this is a heavily modified version of a basic massproduced undead, much faster and stronger for once, but also heavy armoured on the most important areas"he take a breath" For now I have equipped him with a zweihander, but the final weapon is up to you." he looks at you waiting for an answer
No. 567730 ID: 53ba34

this is a defender body right? think a claymore would be good, is close to the same size but can be half-sworded for smaller quarters, like hallways.
No. 567736 ID: 9ddf68

so our second body we're going to be using to defend our home is basically and undead knight?

I liking this!

So regarding our body it's just the simple swish, swish, stab method of killing things pules whatever spells we bring to the table then?

Also our partner, not going to say we stick her in a fight but if she did happen to find herself in a fight what could we expect from her or would we have to play hero? Also how do they developed souls? Just being around long enough?
No. 567781 ID: d7050c

An undead landsknecht! I think the zwei is a fitting weapon but why limit it to a one weapon? If it is so strong can't you just strap a bunch of different weapons on it?
Like another sword on the back, a war hammer and a hatchet on the hips and so forth.
No. 567796 ID: 6abcd2

Is this the alternate stay-at-home body? It could be standing ready by a weapons rack so I would suggest starting prepared with a large spiked shield and something like a khopesh hybrid sword/axe. It would be hell to go against indoors because we can just tackle with the shield, chop and stab all we want. Good luck getting around it because fatigue isn't an issue. If a large monster or something drops by then just drop the shield and pick up the zweihander or a wide-bladed bardiche for max damage. Keep a few good war hammers and a poleaxe around in case heavily armored enemies turn up. Be prepared for anything.

Also keep some small throwing axes and javelins on hand. Maybe poison them? That would be a good start to a battle.

Can Necro make a little 'eye' scout body that can stay outside the lair in a tree or something and perhaps give a bit of warning if something approaches?

Tell us more about the girl. Is she not a potential body for Dalil or one of the demons? She definitely needs a shield and a camouflage cloak so she can both hide and avoid getting damaged if it gets down to action. Might as well give her a simple weapon like a short sword or spiked mace as well just in case... How does the arm help her defend herself and how does the repair function of the arm work? Does it only fix items and undead or can it heal the living too?
No. 568069 ID: 2e8b76
File 139621254794.png - (422.94KB , 1600x1200 , boh.png )

Carrying too many weapons will limit your movement, though a secondary weapon could be useful, like a warhammer, but that's it.
The idea of leaving this body next to a weapon rack it's good, tough.
>Can Necro make a little 'eye' scout body that can stay outside the lair in a tree or something and perhaps give a bit of warning if something approaches?

Necro:"That's a thing I was trying to do using sulpuddings,since no scrying works in this heavily corrupted environment, but the puddings takes some time to spawn...
No. 568070 ID: 53ba34

drats. oh well, can set it up to ping us if something 'knocks' on the door.

oh, and the girls are asking about clothes.
No. 568072 ID: 2e8b76
File 139621525148.png - (310.87KB , 1600x1200 , boh.png )

>Tell us more about the girl.
regarding the girl, she wont be very useful in combat situation, at best she could use an already loaded crossbow...so yeah, if she get involved in combat you will have to play the hero,I could give her a cloak and a shield, but you still have to save her;
the arm can create a magical barrier around her, nullifying any magic cast toward her; regarding the what she can do from the healing pint of view, while the mass produced ones could only fix other undeads, but she have the knowledge and the magical skill to work on the livings:she stabilize life threatening injuries and cure modest to light wounds...as for why they develop a soul, it's usually based on how well they have been built and how much you interact with them, this one is probably going to turn fully self aware in a couple of months" he say evidently proud of himself " more question or requests? We still have an hour before we have to move"
No. 568074 ID: 6abcd2

That's fine. She just needs to be able to hold off any attackers for a few seconds. We should probably give her a name as well so we don't have to call her "the girl". How about something healing and protection based like Aegis or Curia? We should also set our 2nd body to interact with her while guarding. I reckon we can teach her to play instruments, form an awesome undead band and have some life altering events that will form a solid basis for her burgeoning soul. Bet we can get her soul flowering in days or weeks, not months!

Is Liirial coming along or staying behind? If she stays then maybe she can have one of her seeker familiars scout around a bit and stay on guard outside. Otherwise I think we're ready to go. Who is actually coming along?
No. 568148 ID: 9ddf68

so how often do you want us to switch bodies and what happens to the body we're not using? I mean if it just falls limp we can always just say we're taking a nap so no one will bother us, or if they do we can just say we're a heavy sleeper. Oh and should we do anything with the dragon eggs while you're all away or should we just leave them be for now?
No. 568330 ID: 2e8b76
File 139634003409.png - (327.86KB , 1000x800 , aegis.png )

I will set a couple of them in front of the entrance and one inside the main room, this way they will contact me and I can send you to this body
Your current body as developed a will of his own a while ago :I" he glare at you,he is actually trying to show somemild dissatisfaction, but lack most of the face and looks scary as hell" din't you spent a whole night out of it? That's why you couldn't merge your memories, his will is very weak, but he can act on his own when you are out of him"
>dragon eggs
For now I left them in the garden in which I planted those two flowers, the corruption there is none and the mana will keep the eggs alive indefinitely, they need the presence of a dragon to hatch, we need to find one, know of two, but for now let's focus on the village saving
Din't we dcecide to carry anyone whit us? Liirial village is on the main island too, so..."
L"how fast can we make her develope a soul if we interact with her all day? can we call her Aegis or Curia?"
"I like Aegis, she won't get a soul faster then what i said before, but she could develope a better personality based on how you act towards her...I have all the dresses ready, minus the one of Dalil, call her here"
No. 568344 ID: a0267c

Alright barge into the female quarters again looking for Dalil.
No. 568380 ID: 53ba34

let's not :I

knock on the door and ask for dalil.
No. 568425 ID: e9e331

if we walk in there this time I'm pretty sure we'll get more then a face full of pillows. Best just knock and talk through the door.
No. 568832 ID: 6abcd2

Do we still have a headvoice connection with Dalil? If so then GET YOUR TINY ASS OVER TO THE BOSS ROOM OR WE'LL TELL NECRO TO MAKE YOU SOME BABY CLOTHES!
No. 568874 ID: 2e8b76
File 139646801739.png - (78.16KB , 800x600 , LastHope.png )

hmm, I can't connect to her, we need to look for her
Yeah...and i don't want to ruin what little improvment in our relationship I made last n-Oh looks I'm here" Legion knock at the door "I'm legion, can I enter?"
Liirial respond "Just a second, I need to cover my brests-"
El:"YOu could have said I need to put on a shirt"
"I-isn't it the same thing?"
You don't wear a bra? You had a cloth strip covering them when you arrived"
"It was the first thing i grabbed when the demon came in, I actually don't need a bra to keep them in chack, nor i have back pain of any sort-"
WHAT! that's the most unfair thing I ever heard!"
El"I-it's not your fault, but damn..."

Legion:"S-should I say something?
No. 568879 ID: 9ddf68

just knock again and say "just to let you all know I can hear everything you're saying out here. But just open the door when you're ready"
No. 569022 ID: 2e8b76
File 139655231934.png - (169.70KB , 1000x800 , aegis.png )

>"just to let you all know I can hear everything you're saying out here. But just open the door when you're ready"
suddenly silence
El:"S-so, w-wath do you need?" You are probably missing the greatest blushing in the history of mankind
Lir:"Pff, hahaah, I didn't know someone could become so red!"..."Sorry, I didn't meat ot be mean..."
EL:"it's fine..."
El:" Legion, what you need?"
No. 569037 ID: 53ba34

'if dalil wants an outfit she needs to see necro to get it.
No. 569046 ID: 9ddf68

Necro has your dresses ready for the trip, he just sent me down to let you girls know.
No. 569887 ID: 627832
File 139707202779.jpg - (34.76KB , 660x528 , 0.jpg )

Necro sent me here to tell you that your new outfits are ready and in the mess hall, also we are going to leave in an hour..."
"Oh also ,he needs Dalil to make her an outfit"
Dalil jump out of the room, eyes wide"Really!?"
You nod "yep"
Liirial head poke out of the room "that's great, isn't it?"
Dal:"Yeah! thank you lirial! You are so nice"
"gah! So cute!" she is about to get out, but a hand grab her shoulder just in time
El"calm down, you are still naked" El get out of the room" welp I'm going to grab your stuff too, lir, wake up Neve , Legion, with me." she say dragging you away
choose which character you want to follow:

No. 569896 ID: a485c7

well legion does have a will of his own but it's weak as hell, it would be very irresponsible of us to leave him to the whims of a mini demon I do believe.

so naturally I'm saying Neve because we haven't talked to her in forever.
No. 570174 ID: 7dafb2

I want to follow Legion some more and get shit done.
No. 570181 ID: 53ba34

sure' lets stay with our main man.
No. 570458 ID: 122f41
File 139741417868.jpg - (3.09KB , 101x101 , Trollking.jpg )

Update tomorrow
No. 571252 ID: 2f15e0
File 139776519218.png - (293.50KB , 1393x1126 , 1LfQHnL.png )

You are now inside legion
You enter the mess hall, on a bed you find the aforementioned clothes
El:"Nice!this one looks right about my size!" she turn towards you " look elsewhere, I'm putting this on"
No. 571256 ID: 9ddf68

it doesn't take that much effort not to peek just outside the room until they're done
No. 571262 ID: 53ba34

really want to take a peek, but don't because you are a gentleman. but you REAAAAAALLY want to.
No. 571558 ID: 5e3c6c
File 139793376535.png - (138.74KB , 800x600 , new outfit.png )

"...I-I wont "mustering all your will you manage to not peek even once, even when you here "oh new panties too?" ///
trust +1
:3 Elnore smile, so how do I look?
No. 571573 ID: 9ddf68

No. 571578 ID: 53ba34

then blush and mumble something about pants
No. 571599 ID: b8ceae

"Like a proper adventurer!"
No. 572788 ID: cc4180
File 139889504437.jpg - (62.94KB , 1050x750 , elhappy.jpg )

"y-you look lovely you say" blushing and mubling about panties , she smile, thank you, the panties thing was just a joke, you know...I changed in the girl room..." you get redder "a-anyway It really suit you, You look like a proper adventurer now..." she make a big smile "hehe, thakns...so...what now?
No. 572796 ID: 53ba34

now we should pack supplies. or hang out by the door if we already have things.
No. 572844 ID: b8ceae

Pack, or meet with the others if we're ready.

This end of the teleport system is all set up, right?
No. 572847 ID: 4d2517

"Let's go save your friends, baby!". Get going now. We've taken too much time.

Can you bring some tools along this time? Stuff like rope, wire, (flammable) oil, soap and booze.
No. 573494 ID: 7b3f2a

Now we pack supplies,tough my fourdimensional scabbard is filled to the brim with medical supplies, so we can save your people" El nods:" ok, oh! Talking about scabbard being filled-" she pause for a second getting all red"a-ah...I m-mean! T-thanks for the help when we first met, it would have been a pain to carry all my stuff if you hadn't put it all in it...y-yeah..."
Image when i enter home
No. 573495 ID: 7b3f2a
File 139945655762.jpg - (94.95KB , 1050x750 , elhappy.jpg )

No. 573534 ID: b8ceae

Pull her into a hug.
No. 573546 ID: 53ba34

too much.
just offer hand to hold.
No. 573578 ID: 7b3f2a
File 139952622629.jpg - (50.09KB , 964x831 , 0.jpg )

You are lewd!
update tonight
No. 573610 ID: 4d2517

Tell her she's free to ask anytime she needs help stuffing things into tight spaces.

When do we leave? I want to get going.
No. 574601 ID: a9807c
File 140018726642.jpg - (47.02KB , 800x600 , necroquest.jpg )

you hold her hands and smile "it's fine, now let's pack up lea-" you notice El getting bright red and leave the hand old "S-sorry..."
El:" N-no problems...soo...what was the scabbard thing about?"
"Ah, yeah, pretty much we can only carry so much supplies with us, so we need to choose carefully..."
"Hmm, just put adventurer equipments in it, we wasted enough time...we also need weapons right? what we have?"
" 4 swords 3 spears a massive bow, 2 warhammer and a pair of katars, but we can only carry 6 weapons after putting in the equipment"
"remeber my halberd"
No. 574602 ID: 9ddf68

ok before we pick, who is good with what? I mean we're good with hammers and the katars but what about everyone else who's coming? if we can only bring 6 might as well make sure they're something that our team can actually use.
No. 574603 ID: b8ceae

Bow, two swords, the katar, a warhammer, and her halberd.

Find some appropriate sticks or a cheap pair of training swords so we can train El in sword fighting while we're on the ship. While that technically puts us over the limit, we can leave them on the ship instead of bringing them with us.
Swords are a traditional weapon of knights and templar, so being able to wield one and being able to defend against them are both fantastically useful skills. More than that, it gives her other options for offense and defense; halberds are terrible in close quarters and urban environments, which is where short swords really shine.
No. 574613 ID: 53ba34

i really want to have 4 one handed weapons. so the pair of katars, two swords, halberd and bow.
(add spear if that counts as 5)
No. 574623 ID: b8ceae

Bows are two-handed.

We want to take a warhammer because it's as much a tool as a weapon, and out of all of the options it's the most effective against armored opponents.
We don't want to encounter a locked door or cage and have to force them open with our sword or our hands, and everything from chainmail to steel plate to chitin is far weaker to the crushing blows of a warhammer than the pierce or slice of a sword.
Our goal is to be able to be as effective as possible in as many situations as possible.

Also, Katar are by the pair. They count as one weapon, not two.
No. 574758 ID: 53ba34

yes and? picked 4 one handed, leaving room for other types.
No. 576983 ID: 6f52cb
File 140182734258.jpg - (31.96KB , 800x600 , boobs - Copia.jpg )

warhammer and 4 one handed weapons
El:"OK, what now?"
l:well..." as you try to get your arm around Elnora's shoulder you feel someone looking at you, as you turn you see Neve pouting with all her might
"How about the clothes you were tasked to deliver :I " <[small]"I-I've said it right?" "Yep, good job"
No. 576995 ID: 53ba34

okay fine.
No. 577071 ID: 9ddf68

best give into there demands now boss before they mutiny on us.
No. 578074 ID: 51df15
File 140243846406.jpg - (76.89KB , 1050x750 , alive!.jpg )

"Sorry, we got distracted a bit, here's your stuff" you handle her the clothes, she make a cute smile "thanks, back in a bit, then let's go show Necro our new outfits!" :3 "Lir, let's run!" Lir:"Aye.."
El looks delighted "Aww, that kid is adorable, Do you think there are at least a few chance to bring her mom back?"
No. 578076 ID: 9ddf68

uh, don't we need a body for that... or at least the soul? I don't think we have either of those.
No. 578093 ID: 53ba34

i'm not sure. the lamia's mother we have her body and her soul because had a pudding on us and her soul didn't start leaving yet. just get her body back into working condition and put the soul in it. easy. but for something where we can't do that... will need an artificial body and some way to get the soul from wherever it is. we'll try, but we should say anything until we know we can do it.

try to explain this.
No. 578111 ID: b8ceae

"If I wasn't sure Necro could do it then I wouldn't have said we would try.
Lets hurry and finish up getting ready. The sooner we leave the sooner we can get there."
No. 578742 ID: c0ca84

Get going! Time to move on. A village might be dying out there while we're playing with clothes.
No. 579304 ID: 0d98da
File 140316508323.jpg - (68.54KB , 833x600 , fredbday.jpg )

I'm actually not entirely sure we can, at least not in the immediate future, as we miss both her mother's body and soul, Necro said recovering a soul will be hard, but he didn't said he couldn't,for a body, I think he wont have trouble remaking one from scratch..."
"OH...I asked cause, despite how well she is masking it, I noticed how much she miss her...W-well, the fact we can bring her back is enough for now, I suppose..."
No. 579306 ID: 9ddf68

again that's assuming we can. don't count your chickens before they hatch and all that. I mean if he can bring her parents back that hot damn another thing for the list, but if not I don't want to get your or god forbid her hopes up only to have them crushed before they can get off the ground. No one disserves that.
No. 579307 ID: 0d98da
File 140316689044.jpg - (34.32KB , 833x600 , fredbday.jpg )

"For now let's finish packing and set off, I'll ask Necro if he is ready" she nods
El"Ok, I'll wait here"
As you enter Necro's lab a familiar voice welcome you "Legion! looks how cute this outfit is!" It's Dalil wearing a fluffy dress, she looks at you "Your dress is cool!"
Necro is not in the room, tough.
No. 579308 ID: 53ba34

ask her where he went.
No. 579316 ID: 0d98da
File 140317436774.jpg - (45.71KB , 936x636 , fredbday.jpg )

you kneel, to be at her eye level "Do you know where he went?"
"He went outside to set a few of those wards to protect the base and some puddings, he went out a bit ago..."
No. 579365 ID: 9ddf68

huh, want to come with us to look for him?
No. 579454 ID: b8ceae

"Alright. Is there anything else left to do before we leave?"

Keanu can take care of himself, and if something happens he can call us.
No. 581278 ID: 968d0d
File 140380799092.png - (295.61KB , 1036x1024 , necrochoice.png )

"N-no, I think we are ready to leave, let's call anyone, who's Keanu?" Before you can say anything else Necro call you with his mental link to you "Grab a blade and came out, shit's happening!"
There are few weapons in front of you: A large cleaver, a sword, some knives and the shovel you used to kill your first demon
No. 581284 ID: b8ceae

Sword and shovel.
No. 581313 ID: 53ba34

attach knives to belt, use cleaver as primary.
No. 581323 ID: 9ddf68

grab the shovel and something else incase the shovel isn't enough.
No. 582106 ID: 0b7ab8

Get the cleaver and shovel. Put sharpen and venom on the shovel beforehand. They'll never expect a thrown shovel to pierce and poison them.
No. 582660 ID: 159c08
File 140441667008.jpg - (134.12KB , 1280x1024 , necroquestbattle.jpg )

You grab the shovel and the cleaver, then enhance them
"Call anyone who can help. I'll go help Necro"
D:"Aye!" she grab the knives "I'll be back with reinforcement!"
You rush out, what you see it's unbelievable, Necro is fighting the mutilated upper body of the dragon you killed a few days ago
No. 582718 ID: 53ba34

shovel javelin! throw that thing at it's face. then charge in and slice something off. try to flank it so it can't focus on both of you.
No. 582720 ID: b8ceae

"Why is this thing undead?"

Cleavers are designed to hack through flesh and bone, and are VERY good at their job. Apply every magical buff you can to yourself, then chop off its limbs at the shoulder. No sense doing more damage to valuable parts than you have to, right?
No. 582725 ID: 9ddf68

persistent little fucker ain't it?

well it's not focusing on you now so see if you can't get a good whack in with your shovel. I say aim for the neck since it looks pretty thin there.
No. 582863 ID: bdfecc

Boss is in danger! Dash around her and jam the envenomed shovel deep into the dragons torso wound, then dive back out of its range and try to draw its attention with the ice arrow spell. Shout to Necro that you need to take turns hitting the flanks.

If possible use the cleaver to cut the dragon arm tendons so it can't move.
No. 583787 ID: a323d3
File 140510409779.jpg - (98.23KB , 1280x960 , necroquest.jpg )

Why is that thing undead?!
Dragon are full of magic, even highly corrupted ones, it has basically- " necro parry an impressive blow with is, probably enterely made of of steel, shield, then stab the beast hand
"It has rebuilt her corpse and created some kind of protosuol-" while the beast is distracted by necro's rambling you rush toward the side of the beast before you can try any aimed shot the beast notice you, you then opt to strike it's arm with the cleaver.
Thanks to the many enhancement you hit deep enough to reach and breaking the bones, but not enough to cut the arm off entirely and the cleaver get stuck
No. 583797 ID: 9ddf68

forget clever, go for eyes with shovel, scoop out it's eyes!
No. 584233 ID: a323d3
File 140541491570.jpg - (100.47KB , 1280x960 , necroquest.jpg )

You leave the cleaver And ready your shovel, before you can try anything necro shout
The beast, use her half chopped arm as a flail, throwing you a few feet away
the best start to move toward you, a shower of ice stop it and divert it's attention more effectively
No. 584234 ID: b8ceae

Ok, yea, we lack appropriate weapons to fight this thing.

Fortunately, it's slow (In spite of following us this far this fast) and too large for the cave entrance. Go fetch a sword, and maybe an axe.
No. 584235 ID: 9ddf68

well unless it can do anything with what's left of it's bottom half I say get behind it and approach form there, may get on it back or hell since you're a corpse yourself run inside the damn thing and tear it apart from the inside out... might need a change of clothes once your don though.
No. 584238 ID: a323d3
File 140541749310.jpg - (84.22KB , 1280x960 , necroquest.jpg )

it was not slow at all, it has just slammed your face before you could react with her broken arm, it's slow now that she has only one arm to move
No. 584265 ID: 53ba34

throw a pudding on it's back and have it inhale. maybe it will suck up whatever is animating it.
No. 584278 ID: 298d72

Ask Necro if he can sense any weak spots.

Can we multitask and call out our guardian undead body? (Legion II) If so have him bring a handful of spears and something big for chopping. He can just throw all the spears from outside its range to slow it down and then move up to protect and assist Necro.

There's no need to rush this fight now. This half dragon thing is crippled and outnumbered. Just use the speed enhancement magic to run faster and keep circling around it. Can you do the ice arrow spell as well? Get Necro some room to fire more spells or do a flanking attack. If you see a good chance to climb onto its back then you can hold onto those protrusions and start hacking away at the neck with the magic enhanced shovel.
No. 585527 ID: d141eb
File 140614504692.jpg - (32.26KB , 800x600 , nuuuu.jpg )

:< Mastha...why are you looking at me in that way...Y-you are not really planning on-
N:"But is sound legit..."
N:"Sorry, I was joking, don't cry!"
No. 585739 ID: 9d3593
File 140628865391.jpg - (252.45KB , 1600x1200 , bolsoldier.jpg )

Necro, can i use my body double to get a few spears?
N:"The weapon rack was not ready yet, but i can summon a few metal rods if you need them, I wish I could use some lighting spells..." as he say that the beast start to move in his direction turn his head toward him and you can hear a gurgling sound coming from the thing's mouth
No. 585747 ID: 9ddf68

watch out that things looks like it's about to do a breath attack or something. Also if this thing becomes much more of a pain in the ass I'm going to just suggest burning it.
No. 585760 ID: 53ba34

it may puke up horrible zombie slime/acid. watch out.
No. 585881 ID: b74d9a

Go full speed enhancement and spread out. Let it cough up its guts if it wants.
No. 585980 ID: b8ceae

Get above it, then use the sharp metal rods to pin it to the ground.
No. 586375 ID: 9d3593

Legion! Stand up!
The necromancer order give you a sudden burst of energy and you're back on your feet itn an instant, at the same time he cast the speed enhancing spell for not of you, not a second too late, from the dragon's mouth erupt a foul smelling reddish goo.
Necro dodge to the side opposite of where you stand, the beast turn his head toward him leaving you the chance to jump on it and pinning it's head to the ground with the steel rod you found I your hands after getting back on your feet
No. 586384 ID: 9d3593
File 140654784416.jpg - (84.77KB , 1111x800 , dunno.jpg )

No. 587329 ID: 8dbeff
File 140689026755.jpg - (148.73KB , 1111x800 , necroboobs.jpg )

second after necro behead the beast with the shovel you enchanted, then stuff a pudding in the corpse
N:"OK, this should prevent a new resurrection, let's justdrag the body inside, I will stop the decomposition and we can leave" as he say that Elnora and Liirial jump out of the entrance, we are here! " Dalil, all out of breath is on liirial chest " Master!, please don't be dead!"
As their eyes adjust to the light their expressions shift from worried to embarrassed "...oh"
No. 587385 ID: 9ddf68

future note kids, dragons are a pain to deal with so should you ever have to fight one make sure you finish it off for good before you leave. Or else you have to deal with crap like this.
No. 587468 ID: 53ba34

glad that's over. let's wipe the blood off so when we get to the town no one gets weird about being bloody.
No. 587830 ID: 2a5a5f

Just play the cool winner; tell them that you and Necro work fast together. Clean yourself up a bit, hug the girls and tidy up the front of the lair using the earth move spell before you head out.

Ask Necro if he can figure out why the dragon appeared here. Could it have tracked you? Was it attracted to Neve or something else?

Some good traps are needed at the base. We need to put that on the to-do list.
No. 590486 ID: bef9ac
File 140865651290.jpg - (152.94KB , 1050x750 , elhappy.jpg )

You smile and ignoring the fact they "thanks being for worrying about us, but we were much faster then anticipated, nothing to be embarrassed about"
Necro join too" Yeah, thanks and don't worry, were are both quite hard to kill...tough if you feel bad about not having make it in time you can help me fixing up this corpse once we manage to get it inside..."
Lir:"That sound interesting!"
Lir:"I-I'm just curious on how his magic works..."
No. 590488 ID: bef9ac
File 140865807232.jpg - (60.67KB , 1050x750 , elhappy.jpg )

hmm,I did promised to teach you and Neve how to use magic, indeed... like the new outfits?"
Lir:" Yeah they fit perfectly and the fabric feels great!"
El:" they fits quite too well, to be fair...how could you guess so well?"
No. 590491 ID: b0fc5f

Necromancers who live for millenia and make their own armor know a thing or two about making clothes...
If you don't mind a bit of embarrassment (both from a professional standpoint as well as a humiliating circumstance) you could imply that you've had to...Swap out parts as time passes, and thus learned how to fit a variety body types.
No. 590493 ID: 53ba34

after seeing a how a million bodies are put together you get a sixth sense about this sort of thing.
No. 590511 ID: b8ceae


So, who all is heading into town? Will El be sneaking in with us?
No. 591578 ID: bef9ac
File 140926324762.jpg - (49.76KB , 1050x750 , 01.jpg )

>you could imply that you've had to...Swap out parts as time passes
Have you seen my face and body? no one will believe I can do that...I can use the rest of the suggestion, tough
Well, I've lived millennia making clothes and armours for the bodies I've put together,I've pretty much developed sixth sense for those kind of stuff...
El:"Hmmm, if you say so...what now? we just leave?"
No. 591592 ID: 53ba34

well first neco seals the door, then we leave. make sure you have all your stuff.
No. 591804 ID: 439e61

Yeah let's go. It's way overdue.
No. 595737 ID: ba8686
File 141162698274.jpg - (80.72KB , 1123x944 , 01.jpg )

OK, everyone check another time all their stuff; I need to do one last thing
Necro get back inside and exit again wearing a long mantle , covering his whole body,
and seal the entrance
Time to go
Dalil start to fret, Master, what about my demon friends?
They are with me
she tilt her head "w-what?"
The necromancer open his mantle in it for pouch were hidden, three already filled with

the chibi group
Liirial:"Awwwww, that's so cute!"
hi ma'am
"it's stop their demonic energy from radiating, making them impossible to sense by
paladins and magic users
Lir"that's cool!" she move closer and whisper something to him, he whisper back and she
go grabs Dalil, who got closer "in you go"
Leg:"Well, I think we are ready, let's go!"
And so the group, after what feels like a year, leave the hideout
No. 595738 ID: b8ceae

Yes! Off to town!
El, stay close to Legion. If a paladin somehow detects you then use him as a meat shield while you get to safety.
No. 595746 ID: 2ec61a

pretty sure we/legion need to do the shopping. no offense to the boss, but i don't think shop keepers would react well to his face.
No. 595900 ID: 706747
File 141172275048.jpg - (104.78KB , 1123x944 , 01.jpg )

N:"None taken,it was never in my plan to go shopping in a paladin infested town, I was going to trade in the port district, which is actually a few kilometre from the main
town, there my face could even go unnoticed...the place is still under paladin
protection, but their presence is almost non existent: the official reason is the strong
lack of personnel, meaning there are barely enough paladins to guard the fortified city...yeah bribes... well who cares"
El:2 Have you just tricked us into listen to antipaladin propaganda with the excuse of explaining why we can access the boat undisturbed?"
N:N-no, what are you talking about, anyway...Legion, The shopkeeper is an old friend of mine, to avoid trouble we met once a month in the port area to exchange products, but the day we do so is still far, i need you to go talk her if you want El with you is fine, she wont really be attacked on sight,just eyed badly by anyone...
El frown :< "Legion, is fine if you prefer me to go with necro...I'm used to it anyway..."
No. 595903 ID: 2ec61a

hey hey hey, anyone messes with you, we can mess with them back. just let us handle it so they can't try anything stupid.
No. 595947 ID: b8ceae

El stays with us. Having somebody sneaky is extremely useful when inside a potentially hostile town, and we should be using the buddy system anyway.
No. 596430 ID: 13ed30

What do we need to do again? Is El's village not on this island? I forgot.

I would really suggest that Legion goes alone. He looks quite neutral and won't draw attention. If there IS any trouble then Necro can surgically alter Legion's face and body afterwards and there will be none the wiser. On the other hand if El gets identified as an undead sympathizer then she might have to spend her life avoiding paladins or something.

Sorry kitten. We'll bring you back a present instead.
No. 596618 ID: b8ceae

We are taking a ship to her town because it's on the mainland, not the island we're currently on.
The paladins already want her dead because her enire species is kill-on-sight, and she can make herself unnoticeable.

There's no reason for her to stay behind.
No. 596689 ID: 4d6ad1
File 141219371509.jpg - (76.37KB , 1123x944 , 01.jpg )

She is not exactly kill on sight, more of keep an eye on those filthy piece of manure as they are most likely up to something, don't help them if they are in need and if you can try to make their lives harder, kind of thing, tough yeah, if she can avoid paladins is better anyway...
No. 596695 ID: 4d6ad1
File 141219601212.jpg - (83.11KB , 1123x944 , splitting.jpg )

You say to El" I much prefer to have someone with me in the city especially if it's you-" el blush a bit:"Well, it's not like you can go with our boss in a paladin filled city, but...Hey, Necro!"
"Do you think they could actually spot me if I keep on the invisibility spell or should I just find a non magical disguise? like a robe with and a cloak to cover my ears?"
Hmm, well...this island is puny, so the chance of someone with enough skills to see trough your natural magic should be very small, a disguise is not a bad idea either, both have disadvantages, since someone may be tempted to ask what's under the hood...still not many will even think on doing so, since you will be in the shop district, which is not full of paladin as most of the city...Anyway the crossroad that lead to the port or the city is up ahead, I have enough fabric to mend what you asked for on the fly, I just need a few minutes
EL:"Hmm, Legion, what do you think?"
No. 596697 ID: b8ceae

Still, we don't look like we're undead, and the paladins can't detect us anyway. We're completely clean unless we undress in public and show off how we're made of multiple people.
El being in our company won't cause her any problems. It might cause us some trouble, which is why she might want to be invisible.

Necro: Can you make it so Legion and El can communicate without having to speak? El being invisible wouldn't work too well if El or Legion have to do some talking.
Also, how exactly does El's invisibility work? And what are the limits on it?
No. 596700 ID: 2ec61a

a bandana to hold her ears down would probably work best. and tuck in the butt rope.
No. 598171 ID: 7279e5
File 141324419723.jpg - (71.18KB , 1123x944 , 01.jpg )

how her magic works? Hmm, well first she does not really become invisible, as real
invisibility require a series of complex layer of magic, what she do is combining two
different spells...pretty much light curve around her making her nearly invisible unless
you know where to look and a second spell that move your attention away from her, you
will still know she is there, this was used to scouts an area in group stay unseen by
your enemy, but still be able to find out your comrade if in need the s-
El:"How the hell you know so much and in such detail how my magic works!?
I worked as one of the many necromancers of the felyne empire
Oh...Right, Legion told me a war was the cause of all the hate yesterday, but...damn,
really have to explain me this stuff in detail later!
Sure...Incidentally it's also one of the reasons my branch of magic is so hated by
paladins (that and the crazy mages screwing around with incomplete work and still alive
people, making dolls out of them)
Legion:"what about her ability to not be heard?
Sound is much easier to remove, just stop the air from vibrating around you and it's

done...on a side not, if she leave footprints they can notice her...
El:"I'm not a novice, you know?"
Necro shrugs:"just saying, I can just make the outfit now and you can decide what to do
before entering..."
No. 598174 ID: 2ec61a

well, a headband for the ears, somewhere to tuck the tail, and some kind of shoe things to disguise the shape of her feet.
No. 598306 ID: b8ceae

A hat to hide the ears, a cloak or robe to hide the tails, some loose pants to hide her legs, and some gloves designed to make her claws look like she's wearing clawed gloves or gauntlets.

I can't think of any shoes or boots that would both be comfortable enough to wear AND look normal, so we'll have to risk her feet.

We're clearly adventurers, so people shouldn't even notice she's dressed strangely.
No. 598997 ID: 2b1823
File 141382176665.jpg - (92.16KB , 1113x787 , 0update.jpg )

Eh, fine, hurry up, then
he nods, what should I do then?
Legion speak up well something to cover her ears like a bandana
Ah, It wont works, my ears ar both too big and to sensitive- F-for using a bandana I
mean...stop staring at me! Necro make a large hat instead!
Legion" something to cover the tail? Maybe a cloak?" You look at Elnora, she nods in
approval "then...really large pants? to hide the legs?"
_El"Do I really have to wear them?" :< "I mean, I know how much my legs will give away
that I'm a felyne, but...those things are so uncomfortable!"
Lir:" but she was wearing them when she went to bed? "
El:"I don't have to walk when I sleep !"
/// ....
Hmm, I know exactly what outfit to make now!
El:"W-what will it be?"
He smile, at least you think he did, kinda hard to tell with his face...
"you'll see"He take out a sewing kit from his cloak and cast haste on himself, the resulting speed is too great for you to understand what he is doing until he is finished and Elnora is fully dressed with the disguise...Oh...God...
El:"W-what the hell is this!"
No. 599003 ID: 2ec61a

looks good, think that will be plenty to get the stuff before anyone asks any hard questions.
No. 599047 ID: b8ceae

Looks great!
It's aesthetically pleasing, while still being strange enough that anybody wearing it is obviously an adventurer.
Adventurers are kinda like tourists; towns only like the money they spend and the problems they solve, and dislike everything else about them. Except worse, because tourists aren't known for killing things for fun and profit like a proper murderhobo.
Short version? Nobody is going to look too closely at you, partially because they aren't going to want to anger you, and part because they would rather not know.
No. 599584 ID: 894462
File 141449763411.jpg - (82.65KB , 787x786 , 0fight.jpg )

"It's not bad!"
El:"You really think so?" she ask a bit sceptic "Are you joking again?"
Leg:"NO,no! Really! I think it looks great on you...I mean, it's good looking but at the same time it's strange enough to mark you as an adventurer...
El:"I'm not so sure I want to be an adventurer any more...
Ncr:"It's just in vogue between the young ones, the more navigated adventurer tend to go for less fancy more practical attires, those who survive while wearing that...I mean...kinda hard to fight with the lateral vision blocked out by the hat..."
El looks upset, then shake her head
El: Fine, but once we are on the ship I'll change back immediately!"
You nod and after saying goodbyes the group split
No. 599586 ID: 894462
File 141449937575.jpg - (84.96KB , 787x786 , 0fight.jpg )

the walk to the city is uneventful and you soon reach the first circle of walls surrounding the city. A large wooden door block your way, next to that a small one is open, two guards one per side are there looking rather bored, one of them turn towards you, making no efforts to hide his boredom, asks
Unnamedguard1:"Can I help you sirs? We are not currently in need of a rat extermination"
the second one sinkers
El start to turn red and clearly upset
act fast beforeshe answer back!
No. 599610 ID: 2ec61a

"haha, good one, but we are here to buy some supplies, you know, potions, a new ten foot pole."

if they ask where the adventure is, say "dunno, got vague directions from a fortune teller, just gonna wing it."
No. 599674 ID: 9ddf68

"how bout people with cash needing to buy some gear?"

Try not to let El talk to much as I don't think she's thinking straight.
No. 599741 ID: b8ceae

Put a hand on El's shoulder to signal her to hold it in and hopefully calm her down.
"Ugh, thank goodness for small favors then. We're here purchasing supplies for a voyage; we don't have time for fodder anyway.
May we enter?"
No. 600789 ID: b0f9cd
File 141547761239.jpg - (74.98KB , 787x786 , 0necroquest.jpg )

you put an hand on El's shoulder, hoping to calm her down she feels less tense
"How about someone with cash he is going to leave in the shops of your town?"
The guard1 smirk and to buy wha-"
You cut him down before he needlessly talk more " Oh you know the usual, supplies gear a new

ten foot pole"
You smirk yourself "So,are you going to let us trough or keep on making cheap joke?"
G1:" MAybe I wil-"
sergeant:"If you have time to joke maybe you could go clean the stables"
G1:"S-sir! I-"
Srg:"Go!"G1 run away " Now, you two, state your reason for being here"
L:"We just need to make a purchase of good for a voyage, then we will leave"
Srg:"Good, money are always welcome, as long as the source of it wont cause trouble" He grins menacingly "Now go"
You Do as he say and enter the small side door leading insides the city wall
El:"Sorry, I almost blew our cover...I should try to keep my head cooler, but that stupid guard was so rude! He made me remeber how badly my kin get treated...Sorry" She puff up her chest "He got what he deserved, tough!" She looks around "Now what?
No. 600790 ID: 9ddf68

do what we said we were going to do, find that one guy Necro asked to and pay for his services. and don't worry about the gate thing, everyone has there ticks that sets them off, mine are unicorns. little bastards think they're so perfect, just a freaking horse with a cone glued to it's head and fell into a pile of glitter

then see how long it takes her to realize you're joking and then laugh.
No. 600797 ID: b8ceae

>buy DLC

Hug her.
"I'd be more worried if you didn't get upset when somebody was disrespecting you like that. It also means the outfit is doing its job.
How about this: If somebody starts causing problems, I'll handle them while you make sure it's not a distraction for a pickpocket or something. Sound good?"
No. 603190 ID: f772da
File 141623693027.jpg - (66.24KB , 787x786 , 0necroquest.jpg )

You hug her, then immediately retract as you can see her face turning red"S-sorry"
El:"I-it's fine..."
"Anyway!I'd be more worried if you didn't get upset when somebody was disrespecting you like that! plus anyone has something that thick them off, I hate unicorns for example fricking horse filled up with glitter and a cone glued to their head
El smile and PUNCH YOUR FACE! gently. "dumbass...thanks for trying to cheer me up, but You have kept your head cool, while I almost fucked up...I'll Try to work on my anger issue...I can't let something like that break my composure if I want to be an adventurer..."
You nod "Well at least we know the outfit is doing is job..."
:I "....Yeah, this thing sucks, btw..."
"....Anyway, for now let's get to the shop Necro told us about, keep an eye out for pick pocket, I'll handle anyone disrespecting you."
She blush a bit "I'm not a kid...I just need to focus more...Thanks, tough...Let's go"
You follow the directions Necro has given you, you head to the shopping district, the place is a bit crowded, but most try to keep themselves away from you
El:"Shit, the outfit is actually working..."
No. 603194 ID: 2ec61a

any clues to which shop we should go to? also what is that statue?
No. 603208 ID: 9ddf68

so what shop is our target, also I can't see from here but does the statue there have the same kind of hat as El? Because from here it looks like it has that triangle hat thing she's wearing.
No. 603232 ID: b8ceae

Take a look at that statue. Who is it modeled after, and why?
Find the shop after that. We're not in a rush, but we should get our task done first before we let ourselves get distracted.
No. 603241 ID: f772da
File 141626459953.jpg - (73.39KB , 787x786 , 0necroquest.jpg )

Le<looks like a lizard-like humanoid holding an halberd>
El:"Soo? were is the shop?"
Le:"Right, sorry was spacing out"
El:"No problem"
Le"It's to the left of the shopping district square, at the end of an hallway"
"Let's go then"
No. 603247 ID: f772da
File 141626590719.jpg - (64.61KB , 787x786 , 0necroquest.jpg )

you walk past the strangely familiar statue and walk inside the hallway Necro told you to visits, Its a surprisingly long hallway,only few shops at the beginning of it once you reach the end of the hallway you see the shop; it looks abandoned and unkempt
No. 603249 ID: 9ddf68

>looks like a lizard-like humanoid holding an halberd
could it be a paladin of some sorts who was NOT killed by a level one skeleton?

>t looks abandoned and unkempt
welp, nothing to do but barge in and yell to see if anyone is home. Makes since that the Necro would work in a shady spot to keep up his mean guy image as to keep his secret that he is just a big softy safe.
No. 603252 ID: f772da
File 141626661217.jpg - (76.86KB , 787x786 , 0necroquest.jpg )

E:"...I hope it's not really abandoned, otherwise I'll punch Necro in the face so hard he will look normal again!"
You do your best to not laugh, but fail "I'm not sure if I should wish him to get punched or not"
You bot laugh for a bit
EL"OK, for real ,what do we do?"
No. 603253 ID: 9ddf68

try this and if that fails call Necro
didn't feel like rewriting it
No. 603255 ID: b8ceae

You're both adventurers who are ridiculously overpowered for how competent you're pretending to be. Just walk in the front door and see if anybody is there.
No. 603261 ID: f772da
File 141626797231.jpg - (39.71KB , 567x450 , PuddOmegaicon.jpg )

No Problem, I actually added the third updated because I felt it was missing something
No. 605054 ID: 0a8cd7
File 141686951598.jpg - (79.08KB , 943x787 , 0storytime.jpg )

you snicker,El tilt her head "why are you laughing now?" You shake your head "Nothing I just tough that it make sense he will do business in such a shady spot: It's the only way for him to cover his secret of being a big softy!"
El giggle "Stop acting dumb now, this place seriously looks abandoned..."
"let's just enter! Maybe it's just badly unkempt, It's not like we are powerful enough to face monster already..."
El"Eh, It's not like we have much to loose anyway"

You enter the shop a badly lighted room with scaffold full of unlabelled potions and dust at the centre of it a woman, she is standing at the counter pouting "Well sorry my shop is not well kept or fancy! Do you have any idea how hard is to find someone willing to work in an alchemy shop? I can't keep the place in order while making the reagents!" She cross her arms, her outfit" So what do you want?"
No. 605059 ID: 2ec61a

you are here to pick up some supplies. for you know who.
No. 605082 ID: 9ddf68

our mutual friend sent us to pick up his supplies a bit ahead of schedule, hope that isn't a problem? Also the shop looks fine, you should see where we live.
No. 605109 ID: b8ceae

"We're here to pick up some supplies for an old friend of yours. Really old."
No. 606615 ID: c40006
File 141730123846.jpg - (59.54KB , 787x786 , 0necroquest.jpg )

You says "We are here to pick up supplies from you know who
she uncross her arms and take a position showing how unimpressed she is
Le"Y-you know...our mutual friend...he sent us to pick up his supplies a bit ahead of schedule, hope that isn't a problem? The shop actually looks fine, we live in a way messier place..."
She sigh let her arm rest on her hip
"Boy, have you an idea on how silly and generic you are being?"
El tap your shoulder and suggest you saying >>605109
"right, But we are talking about an old friend of yours. Reaaly old."
her expression suddenly change, her shoulders trembling
"Are...are you implying I'm old...boy?"
No. 606619 ID: b8ceae

"No, I mean him. Ugh, fine, Necro."
No. 606620 ID: 2ec61a

hand on face. sigh. and say "i really don't want to say his name in a town full of paladins."
No. 606621 ID: 9ddf68

of for the love of...

Necro damm it, he said all we had to do was just say mutual friend or some bullshit and you'd know what we were talking about. He's planning on going on a business trip and needs whatever he normally gets a bit earlier then normal... he didn't tell us what he normally gets either so if you don't know that one either there's your answer.
No. 608122 ID: 2ad39c
File 141762089029.jpg - (49.27KB , 787x786 , 0necroquest.jpg )


no no, I...sigh, Necro, happy now? I Just didn't want to say his name in a town full of paladin
"....I still have nothing? What kind of name is that? Listen, As far as i know you are a new paladin recruit trying to impress your boss by blowing the cover of an "evil" alchemist who sell weird drugs to the youth, so if you don't speak clearly and stop trying to act vaguely I'll just kick you out!"
El, touch your Shoulder "Necro is not his name, remember? He just said to call him what we please"
"damn it! He said all we had to do was just say mutual friend or some bullshit and you'd know what we were talking about. He's planning on going on a business trip and needs whatever he normally gets a bit earlier then normal... he didn't tell us what he normally gets either so if we don't know that one either there's your answer."
Glasses:"Ugh...this is stupid...Do you have at least a clue to make me understand who our mutual friend should be?"
No. 608129 ID: 9ddf68

do we have any way to contact Necro? Cause I'm starting to think this is bullshit and a little fishy cause I'm getting to the point where I getting ready to just walk out and say fuck it

as for her question say the guy messing half of his face.
No. 608401 ID: 2ec61a

he's got half a face, builds critters. has jelly slimes with spines.
No. 608485 ID: b8ceae

Roll up your sleeves and pull down your shirt collar to show where you were put together. There should be clear marks where different kinds of flesh were attached.
"Crafts people out of corpses, converts corruption into usable power, harvests souls from demons with soul puddings, is many thousands of years old, has a face that's mostly missing, wears floating back spines, his real name is probably 'Keanu', lives nearby, should I keep going?"
Then throw us over to her.
No. 609984 ID: cbea77
File 141803645612.jpg - (175.42KB , 943x787 , 0storytime.jpg )

We could actually have called him with the pudding form the start...
He is missing half of his face?
Go on
Build critters and jelly slimes with spines...he also have a rrandom extra spine anging from the back of his neck
"OH!Him!...D-do you have one of those pudding with you? Just to be sure we are really talking about the same person...
No. 609985 ID: 9ddf68

how many people with extra spines do you know lady?

If we have the pudding sure, let's show her. I mean worse comes to worse we just walked into a paladin sting but seeing as we're not really alive and that EL can turn invisible I'm not to worried we could probably out run anything that tries to hurt us.

And on that note maybe make sure you have a clear line to an exit just to be safe.
No. 609987 ID: 2ec61a

be ready to give her a thwap if she tries to take the pudding.
No. 610949 ID: 405392
File 141841058227.jpg - (148.89KB , 943x787 , 0storytime.jpg )

>how many people with extra spines do you know lady?
"M-maybe he is a really corrupted elf?...They will be closer to midless blob of flesh at that point tough..." she bite her lips"Can I just see the pudding? I just want to pet one...Your Friend doesn't let me touch them after the first time I did...."
No. 610950 ID: 9ddf68

...uh, why? what did you do?
No. 610956 ID: 2ec61a

"maybe, what happened?"
pull out the pudding and ask it what happened if she wont tell.
No. 610957 ID: e0ce0d

"What did you do? Try to eat it?"
She can look, but not touch.
No. 611102 ID: f886e5
File 141846800626.jpg - (201.75KB , 787x786 , 0necroquest.jpg )

"Nothing, I just petted it...I have no idea why he reacted so badly!"
Are you sure, you ave not tried to eat one, right?
What?! why would I try to lick a huge pile a of goo? That would be terribly irresponsible, even if they smell deliciously..."
"hmm" you take out the tiny pudding, it make its usual cute call as to ask what you need, then it see the shopkeeper expression.
The same maddened and distorted expression the necromancer had when he went berserk a few days ago "Hi little one...let my play with you a bit..."
Elnora put her hand on your, hiding the pudding "Lets get him away for now"
"Aawww, why?"
No. 611103 ID: 2ec61a

"because you still haven't given us our stuff. let's have those supplies."
No. 611151 ID: 9ddf68

look you know who we are now so can we please have our supplies?
No. 612960 ID: 129cf3
File 141894055914.jpg - (239.05KB , 943x787 , 0necroquest.jpg )

>"because you still haven't given us our stuff. since you have indentified us,let's have those supplies."

"Right I'll be back immediately, she walk inside the back room, she turn around just one second "Then I can pet that adorable pudding,right?"
No. 612962 ID: b8ceae

"Only if the pudding is ok with it. They ARE sentient, you know!"
No. 612968 ID: 9ddf68

question, why are you so interested in the pudding? They're cute yeah, but I don't see why you're obsessing over them to this level?
No. 612986 ID: 2ec61a

"we'll see, gotta check the stuff over."

as soon as you get the stuff RUN.
No. 619307 ID: 6c42b7

this was supposed to be a quick gag, but it feels lame now,so scratch it.
No. 619312 ID: 6c42b7
File 142092939407.jpg - (220.02KB , 994x894 , 0fight.jpg )

>show her the pudding
You take the pudding out, he make a cute sound.
SK"Cute...Why did you not showed me that from the start? Those little guys can only be made by him..." she tilt her head "Fine, wait a minute"
She disappear into the backroom for a while, Upon returning she has two crate filled with bottles in her arms" Ok, this is usualstuff, got the money?"
No. 619318 ID: 9ddf68

...Necro gave us money to by things right? I honestly can't remember but I believe he did. Anyways find our money ask how much and pay the lady.
No. 619345 ID: b8ceae

Did you get money for this? Pay her.
If not, explain he didn't give you any cash but didn't seem to think that would be a problem.
No. 625160 ID: 3836f6
File 142401420410.jpg - (153.44KB , 943x787 , 0necroquest.jpg )

You take out your money, pay up and stuff the few crates in your 4dimensional scabbard.
"Ah~!Nice scabbard~ Your boss sure is nice, giving away such useful item to neophytes like you...miss, buy a new outfit when you can...I don't get this weird trends with new adventurer"
El:"Me neither...Let's leave legion!"You stuff the few crates in your 4dimensional scabbard
"Legion? that's an interesting name you have, boy, I have not heard it in...a long time..."
No. 625174 ID: 9ddf68

we haven't been around in a long time, thanks for the stuff and have a wonderful day ma'am.
No. 625183 ID: b8ceae

"I am sure that is a complete coincidence and in no way related to being in Necro's employ.
Oh, and the rat-catcher dress is so people pay us no heed."
No. 631038 ID: f4096e
File 142737199438.jpg - (161.91KB , 1251x1180 , 0.jpg )

She smile "If you say so..."
El:"What is she talking abou-"
kyu! kyu!
She is cut short by the pudding
LEgion, Emerald, Hurry up, I have founda ship for us!"
No. 631039 ID: 9297f4

"Sorry to buy and run, but we got to go. Nice talking to you though."
No. 631043 ID: bd8b82

see ya.
No. 631061 ID: 9ddf68

hot damn time for us to earn our sea legs.

So Em you think the boat is going to be nice or crap?
No. 631070 ID: bd8b82

you mean el
No. 635450 ID: f4096e
File 142953303376.jpg - (236.34KB , 1060x1062 , =1.jpg )

Ah, well, let's run!
El:" :I You'll have to explain this to me later..."
You two leave the shop.
"S-so,what kind of boat do you think Necro has found for us?"
El:"Changing the subject? Eh, probably some creepy vessel, with the shadiest crew possible..."

CHOOSE! Want to see Necro's quest of finding vessels or Follow El and legion to the port?
No. 635451 ID: 9297f4

No. 635452 ID: b8ceae

El and Legion. I want the boat to be a surprise. :D
No. 635491 ID: 868314

Hey hey Lets go necro suru.Taisetsu na mono protect my balls!
No. 635493 ID: 739b70

Oh, you just want to flirt with El while imagining her ass bouncing off our dick.
No. 635867 ID: 329569

Responses are interesting
No. 636073 ID: 2f4b71

Legion and El making their way to the port

>Eh, probably some creepy vessel, with the shadiest crew possible...
Necro finds a totally legit pleasure boat with an actually competent crew. El manages to find something to complain about anyway
No. 641450 ID: f4096e
File 143203637794.jpg - (304.64KB , 938x885 , necro.jpg )

Legion of the dead, you synced with me? We finally can see the harbour's district entrance.
No. 641452 ID: 9297f4

Well, what kinda boats do we got?
No. 641458 ID: f4096e
File 143203912548.jpg - (203.84KB , 938x885 , =lewd.jpg )

[spoler]sorry, it was a two part update, but I had to leave midpost...[/spoiler]
There is a bit of a crowd in front of the doors and two guards are checking up some cart...how do we approach the guards? I have load of tiny demons inside my coat And I would prefer they don't try to make me open it.
No. 641459 ID: 9297f4

Do what all respectable people do

slip them a bribe.
No. 641475 ID: b8ceae

Tell them you're under a leprosy curse, and the coat is enchanted to keep it from spreading. You need to charter a ship to the mainland to get cured. Your face certainly looks the part.
You'll probably end up having to bribe them anyway.
No. 641497 ID: 9ddf68

don't the demons look like dolls anyways? could just have them hold still and pretend they're toys if it does come to them searching you.

Oh and do you know any illusion or invisibility spells? if so I say use one of those and just walk on pass without them even knowing you just get through.
No. 641559 ID: bd8b82

jedi mind trick "this isn't the cart you are looking for"
No. 650110 ID: fab78f
File 143499413384.jpg - (796.59KB , 1407x1327 , Necro is back.jpg )

the problem is, the demon emit a cursed aura for now.
There is a small chance there is a bunch of paladins around...
Let's go with this, if they don't bite I'll just do what most sensible people do and bribe them.
No. 650118 ID: fab78f
File 143499596556.jpg - (754.38KB , 1407x1327 , Ithinkhejustpeedhispants.jpg )

You lift up the face protection and approach the guards.
The man drones out and ask for you to stop.
he start to move closer to you.
"We are sorry sir, but we can't let you enter without an inspect-HOLYSHITYOURFACE!"
Ne:"Yes, exactly. You may not wont me to remove my coat, It's magically enchanted to prevent this to spread"
"I...C-can you wait for a second?"
He rush back to his fellow guard, they chat for a bit and he get pushed back in your direction.
"M-my superior s-says it w-will let you pass u-unchecked w-whit a proof o-of good w-willpleasedon'ttearmeapar!t"
You attempt a smile "Maybe a donation for the city patrol could help?"Liirial pop from behind you with a small bag of coins.
0.0"...".the other guard facepalm.
Guard2:"Just show it in his hand!"
No. 650120 ID: bd8b82

sigh... well you are in, get a boat.
No. 650123 ID: 9297f4

No. 650126 ID: fab78f
File 143499789965.jpg - (563.11KB , 1407x1327 , liirialmeany.jpg )

You leave the shocked guard to his traumas and move past the gates.
Liirial burst into laughters"Hahaha!So much for your appearence to not be to impressive around here!PFF"
N:"I meant with the visor..."
Neve hugs the sad necromancer"Aww, Liirial, don't be mean to papa because he look terrifying! It's rude!"
:<"thanks for the papa..."
Neve turn bright red."I-I"
Liirial hugs neve"You are so damn cute!"
Nevesquirms a bit while getting redder"Anywaywhatnow?!"
N"let's move to the harbor, we need to find a captain willing to cart us to the main island"
No. 650128 ID: fab78f
File 143499849647.jpg - (358.25KB , 1407x1327 , possibilities.jpg )

"OK, There are three places captain usually hang around, two are taverns, one is the merchant guild...sometimes on their boat if they are about to leave or just arrived, but we have to wait for Legion and Elnora, so we can't look for a ship about to head off..."
Neve"You really talk a lot Necro!"
Lir:"Ha, you are the mean one this time!"
No. 650129 ID: 9297f4

Taverns. We need booze heal these emotion scares.
No. 650130 ID: bd8b82

nearest tavern. keep the girls near you. be ready to punch someone in the face if they get frisky fingers.
No. 650131 ID: b8ceae

Merchant guild. Taverns are great for finding ships with captains that won't ask questions, but not so much for finding ships that won't attract the notice of the authorities.
No. 650133 ID: 9ddf68

hit the watering holes first. Seeder and less likely to ask questions... Just try to find someone who won't only take everyone but will also keep his damn mouth shut and nose out of our business. I don't know how long we'll be sailing but I'd rather not have to keep making up excuses to keep the captain and his crew away or have him start asking people about us bringing undo attention down upon us.
No. 660124 ID: e4abe1
File 143863385205.jpg - (195.43KB , 950x873 , =necroquest.jpg )

sniff, yeh, my heart is bleeding I need BOOOOOZE!
W-what was that?
Lir:"A-are you OK?, We were joking, you know?!"
Hm? oh, pff, i'm not really crying,my eys are fucked and they tear up at random sometimes...
Neve hugs you"S-sorry :<"
No!, seriuosly I- God you are fluffy!
Nev:"Hehe! thanks!
Anyway, to the tavern disrict!
No. 660129 ID: e4abe1
File 143863543242.jpg - (296.83KB , 950x873 , =necroquest.jpg )

The group walk all the way to the district without any major incident...the streets were not exactly bustling with life...
OK, we are here.
Lir:"For s port town it does not look so...uhh...active?
Well it's a really small island, there is not much here, besides a paladin academy and some moderately rare plants...
Lir:"Ah...why are you on this island, then?"
Mostly because of the reasons I've mentioned before? I was trying to lay low...
Lir:"It makes sense..."
No. 660131 ID: e4abe1
File 143863704084.jpg - (122.04KB , 950x873 , =necroquest.jpg )

Anyway, there are Three main taverns we can visit: The Kobold Tail, the wold head and the succubus elf-
Lir:"That's not a cow?"
Necro shrugs.
The succubus one is probably not suitable for Neve, tough...
Nev:"Uh? Why, what's wrong with it?"
Lir:"It's probably something to do with the owner being allergic to feather?
Nev:"Oh...poor owner..."
Yeah...Anyway, the kobold tail is owned by a dragonbold girl, the harrasment will probably low in there, but the clients are probably going to be more demanding and ask more questions...The wolf head is run by a retaired sailor...It's kind of a shady place but it's unlikely someone will ask other question but how much we are willing to pay...What place do you think it's better?
Nev:"The Sucubus Elf! I want to cure the owner's allergy!
...When we get back...I have to pick up some ingredient to help him cure his illness...
Liir:"Hhhhhhnng! let me hug you you adorable thing!"
Nev:" Sure! Hugs are nice!"
<So, yeah, Legion, which one?>
No. 660134 ID: 9ddf68

go with the wolf and just watch your coin purse. I mean we can probably handle anything they would throw at us if they try something either in the bar or out at sea. Questions on the other hand, those could delay us and even bring attention down from people who could actually pose a major threat.
No. 660193 ID: 3663d3

i agree. want this to be smooth, even if it costs a bit.
No. 660279 ID: b8ceae

Kobold Tail.
We're not trying to bluff our way past some guards here for a day in town. We're going to be on a ship with these people for awhile, so we really want to find a crew that'll be alright with our band oddities.
The kobold tail is the best place for that.
No. 674358 ID: e4abe1
File 144378851769.jpg - (134.28KB , 938x885 , =0.jpg )

anyway, let's enter, Liirial, keep an eye on Neve...
W-what about me?!
She show you her tounge(ho my that's a long tongue!)
Hehe, joking~
No. 674359 ID: e4abe1
File 144378901376.jpg - (175.83KB , 938x885 , =0.jpg )

The group enters the tavern, it's a crowded and noisy, but the atmosphere is not of the most livley.
Hmm, what should we do now?
No. 674363 ID: e4abe1
File 144379135031.jpg - (251.22KB , 938x885 , =0.jpg )

follow me.
The necromancer head towards the bar and start chatting with the owner, he order a beer and two milks-
Lir: I want a beer too!
Two beers and a milk, the bartender, then point them toward four different captains:
A very flamboyant kobold, very noisy and most likely very drunk.
A human male,restin near the enatrance, he looks relaxed and wary of his surrounding.
An Harpy, surprisingly young for a captain.
A large Lizard woman, with a hook and a peg.
the captain were decided douringa stream
No. 674366 ID: 3663d3

lizard, they seem tough.
No. 674370 ID: 2a7417

Slizzard, because ssssssss.
No. 674433 ID: 21210f

No. 674592 ID: b8ceae

Harpy. I want to hear the story behind their rise to captain.
No. 674615 ID: 2f4b71

Harpy. If she's young, she might be more naive and less likely to ask probing questions.
No. 674930 ID: e4abe1
File 144402608113.png - (260.61KB , 800x660 , =itq.png )

Lir:" two woman captains?"
N:" just one, That harpy is male, there is not much dimorphism between harpies."
He cover Neve with his cloak.
"And I don't like the way he is looking at neve..."
L:"...Lizard lady?"
N:"Lizard Captain"
Nv:"Whay the harpy captain is looking at me in that weird way?"
No. 674935 ID: 0ed6e9

tell her not to worry about it and keep an eye on her just encase someone tries something.

Now let's see where this lizard caption is going and if we can hitch a ride.
No. 674946 ID: 3663d3

parable. "beware old men in a profession where you die young" old captains know how things work, and don't do things stupid. sit down and ask straight up that you are looking for a boat to the mainland, and that if they happen to be going that way you can make it worth their while to have a few extra passengers.
No. 675290 ID: e4abe1
File 144424877860.jpg - (107.08KB , 800x660 , =itq.jpg )

you decide to approach the large lizard lady.
....How do I approach her? What do I say? to her?
She sees you and point her hook at the bench in front of her.
"State your business sir, I've got to leave before the sun goes down"
No. 675291 ID: 3663d3

"if you are going the same way we're going, there'll be some extra payment in it for you"
No. 675292 ID: 0ed6e9

>State your business sir, I've got to leave before the sun goes down
interesting, I do as well so I'll make this short. Me and a few others are looking to travel to the mainland quickly and without much fuss. Yes we can pay, no we don't have anyone chasing us, and no we aren't smuggling anything. We simply want to move sooner rather then later. If you're wondering why I'm here and not just taking one of the normal ships let's just say I don't have many friends among them and leave it at that. All I ask is are you willing to take us to the main land and if so how much will it cost?
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