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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 139488395096.png - (344.67KB , 600x600 , AWOL.png )
566374 No. 566374 ID: be48b2

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No. 566375 ID: be48b2
File 139488407789.png - (117.42KB , 800x508 , Branch.png )

Choose your military branch.

Navy is easy mode, army medium and air force is hard mode.
No. 566377 ID: eee074

Whichever it is they should be flamingly gay. I guess air force just because it's less cliché to be gay there?
No. 566378 ID: 53ba34

No. 566379 ID: 3ca413

Air force.
No. 566380 ID: 5fd94e

No. 566381 ID: 194586

To the air force we go!
No. 566383 ID: a97618

Air force!

That means we get the stargate, right?
No. 566386 ID: 4d7c4d

space army.
No. 566388 ID: 9ddf68

want to say navy for only one reason, they get the biggest guns.
No. 566393 ID: be48b2
File 139490707209.png - (63.07KB , 800x666 , airforces.png )

Air force it is! Choose your vehicle class:


Note: Logistics includes transport planes not just choppers.

The official stance of the Valeland government is that the 'space army' doesn't exist and is in fact product of enemy propaganda.
No. 566395 ID: 9ddf68

No. 566397 ID: a97618

No. 566400 ID: 1d0f06

No. 566403 ID: 5fd94e

No. 566409 ID: eee074

Mmmm, driving a mid-air refueling plane or a flying radar post sounds absolutely perfect for fucking off and going AWOL.
No. 566411 ID: cf7351

Bombers. NUKE EM!!!
No. 566412 ID: be48b2
File 139491601385.png - (133.75KB , 800x570 , Logistics.png )

Logistics! Choose your Vehicle and name your Pilot.

Also choose one value between 90 and -90
and one value between 180 and -180
No. 566416 ID: 5fd94e

Supply Helo, Keith "Easy" Rhyder

0 and 0
No. 566419 ID: a97618

rolled 43 - 90 = -47

Supply. Here's the first number...
No. 566420 ID: a97618

rolled 164 - 180 = -16

...and here's the second.
No. 566441 ID: 60fee2

Supply Helo since it is winning. By the way, was there any change if we had made the right choices that we could have gotten something similar to an AC-130?
No. 566535 ID: be48b2
File 139497821078.png - (144.30KB , 800x666 , Hfl.png )

You are Captain Keith "EZ" Rhyder currently taking part in a joint military exercise at Booths peninsula.

You are currently tasked with transporting
supplies to a nearby island where the marines are practising landings.

AC-130 wasn't a possible choice for the same reason attack helicopters weren't an choice. I forgot they existed.
No. 566536 ID: be48b2
File 139497833951.png - (771.12KB , 1200x1000 , 1.png )

You are currently listening your Door gunner Jeff depating with Crew chief Nathan about
personal philosophies on life.

Command informed you that today your side has the air superiority so there should be no trouble.
No. 566537 ID: be48b2
File 139497842665.png - (660.67KB , 1200x1000 , 2.png )

Aaaand then half the control boards warnings light up accomppanied with a cacophony of
warning sirens.

Your Co-pilot Hugo seems to be frozen in shock.

Jeff and Nathan have gotten off the intercom and you can just barely hear them shouting
something at each other over the warning sirens and the engines.
No. 566540 ID: a97618

Well, alright, stay calm. You've trained for this.

Have you lost control of the aircraft, or is there anything, well, observable to accompany those alarms going off? And what do the alarms say is wrong?
No. 566542 ID: 9ddf68

day's just started and things have already gone to hell. Anyways get your co-pilot to help you regain control and start yelling at the other two in back to see if they can't find out what the hell the problem is and fix it.
No. 566560 ID: be48b2
File 139499268735.png - (180.11KB , 800x800 , 3.png )

You test the controls and they are working normally. You slow down the chopper to a hover and check the altitude, stable at 1000 feet. You start testing the engines and electronics.

You turn to your co-pilot: "Hugo babe please tell me what we have and what we don't have."
No. 566561 ID: be48b2
File 139499273362.png - (88.67KB , 600x600 , 4.png )

"Uuh yeah uh sat nav offline, GPS offline, ENC blank." Hugo starts silencing the alarms as he mentions them.
"INS has gone haywire, RDF has gone silent infact i am not hearing anything on the radio."

Glancing out the windows reveals only clear skies.
No. 566562 ID: be48b2
File 139499280449.png - (135.87KB , 800x666 , 5.png )

You try to raise the rest of your crew on the intercom but are cut off by your tail gunner Noah.
"Captain! You won't believe this! The sea just changed color, I saw it and Jeff and Chief saw it too."

No. 566565 ID: 9ddf68

look out your window and see what he's talking about.
No. 566586 ID: a97618

>sea changed color
Oh. Worst case- that means we're suddenly somewhere else. A seamless teleport, of we fell into another world. (Not that you should voice that idea, yet).

Still, it's unlikely that every system that connects to outside communication failed all at once. Something just happened to cut you off.

Which means: currently we're above water, with no land in sight, and no means to confirm our position and course. Not good.

Do we have a compass at least? Is that acting up? How about fuel? How much is left in the tank, what's our range, and how far away was our intended destination?
No. 566590 ID: 2f4b71
File 139499750528.jpg - (152.52KB , 728x409 , 722_1.jpg )

You didn't happen to fly through an unusually thick fog bank, or see something like this did you?
No. 566599 ID: 9b786b

The sea changing color suggests some sort of aquatic event. Good thing we're not in a boat. Just keep going towards the destination. As soon as we see the island we can land without satnav, and maybe see if we can get repairs for the malfunctioning equipment.
No. 566603 ID: be48b2
File 139500300581.png - (169.90KB , 600x500 , 6.png )

The kid is right, the sea is now a lovely teal/light blue instead of a dark blue color. Ain't that something.

>"Maybe a nuke or and EMP went off over the horizon? I heard that nuclear weapons can change the color of the sea" Jeff comments.

>"We would have heard it or seen it if that really happened. Besides nukes change the color of the sky not the sea." Nathan retorts

>"The clouds did disappear!" Noah exclaims.

Hugo informs me that the systems seem to be working but they just aren't receiving any signals.
No. 566604 ID: be48b2
File 139500304470.png - (176.85KB , 800x666 , 7.png )

The compass seems to be working.

Hugo want's to keep heading north where our destination island lies.

Nathan says we should turn back south and return to the peninsula base. He thinks we might fly past the island.

Both destinations are about an hour away.

We have fuel for four(4) hours
No. 566605 ID: be48b2
File 139500305802.png - (42.49KB , 500x453 , 8.png )

Choose your heading.
No. 566607 ID: 2f4b71

He could be right. Button up, full CBRN drill.
No. 566608 ID: a97618

Hmm. How badly are the marines going to be in need of the supplies you're carrying? Especially if something big and bad went down that affects communications.

If they're non-essential supplies, and they'll be good to go for a while, and enough of our instruments are down that the risk of missing the island is real, it's probably safer to return to base.
No. 566616 ID: 9b786b

The safe option is to head back home, because we won't miss the peninsula. Let's do that.
No. 566625 ID: 113912

Is there any visible land on your horizon or any radar hits for anything at all? Your navigation is compromised if you don't have any signals or references to work from so our first priority is to find land. We also had massive system changes/failures of some kind so we should start prepping for an emergency landing because we don't know what's going to fail next.

Back where we came from is as good a choice as any, if we can get back there.
No. 566701 ID: 9ddf68

well since our systems are down I say head to wherever the bigger land mass is so we don't miss it. Without our instruments it's a very real possibility that we could get lost at sea and I'm pretty sure this thing won't float.
No. 566729 ID: be48b2
File 139506928447.png - (291.80KB , 800x666 , 9.png )

You turn south and start heading back to base.

Thankfully you weren't supplied NBC suits in this exercise but you decide to close the rear door just to be safe.

After some debate Jeff and Nathan decide to don their gas masks.

>"Aliens." Jeff suggests

>"..." Nathan lets the silence do the speaking.

You order Noah to make sure that the life raft and other emergency supplies are in working order.
No. 566730 ID: be48b2
File 139506933267.png - (337.93KB , 1000x666 , 10.png )

Hugo doesn't don a gas mask since he thinks there is no logical reason for anyone to be firing nukes.
Hugo resets the INS and keeps an eye on the choppers speedometer, clock and the compass to help with navigation while you fly.
No. 566731 ID: be48b2
File 139506941016.png - (227.89KB , 1000x833 , 11.png )

An hour passes.

Radio and sat nav are still silent and no one has seen any land.

You double and triple check the INS, speedometer, the clock and everyones watches and conclude that you have moved 270 clicks south.
and should be over the peninsula. At your current height the horizon is about 40 clicks away so you should see the peninsula and the continent.

You have fuel for three(3) hours.

Noah informs that the life raft and emergency supplies are in good condition.
No. 566732 ID: a97618

Okay. So the peninsula isn't where you left it. That, and the sudden change in ocean, and all your instruments crapping out, suggests that maybe you aren't where you think you are.

Meaning you don't know which way land is.

All we know for sure right now is that for an hour's trip north, there's water. Do have any means to determine where land might be from our current position? (Has anyone seen anything? Birds? Sealife? Stuff that might have washed off of shore?). Because if we can't be smart about this, our only real option is to keep guessing until we run out of fuel.
No. 566734 ID: 9ddf68

ok weird shit has officially hit the fan but until we can find somewhere to land we have bigger things to worry about. We can't really go back because we have no idea what's north other then an hour of ocean and then we have no idea so our best bet at this time is to keep going south. We have everything ready incase we need to bail so just have everyone looking out a window and have them yell if they see anything, anything at all. Also you have a radio on this thing right? Maybe give that a try and see if we can't get lucky.
No. 566746 ID: 9b786b

Start moving in a circular pattern until you're 1 hour north of your previous position. We don't know where anything is right now so we need to confirm the compass is working. This will unfortunately burn up about half our remaining fuel.
No. 566823 ID: 3ca413

>since he thinks there is no logical reason for anyone to be firing nukes.
Don't you have radiation sensors on the chopper?

>Land has buggered off.
Unless you can see some kind of indication of land, you may as well pick a direction and fly until you see something or run out of fuel.
Flying in circles is only going to decrease your coverage.
No. 566826 ID: 113912

Do we have anybody good enough at oceanography on board to look at the water under us and guess the depth and (if we're really lucky) find a clue which direction land might be? Our instruments seem to be fucked pretty hard so it seems that the only sane direction is straight, checking for radio contacts and so on. If we've experienced radio silence this long it's time for periodic maydays. What's the supplies we're carrying?
No. 566844 ID: 752026
File 139516321931.png - (207.04KB , 800x666 , 12.png )

Jeff starts rummaging through the cargo while Nathan starts reading the shipment info.

>"Adult diapers, batteries, blankets, binoculars, wet wipes, travel chairs, sleeping cots, spare boots, caps, boxers,
Energy drinks, MRE's, garbage bags ect. ect. Almost two tons all in all."

>"I found some MEG's!"
No. 566845 ID: 752026
File 139516327024.png - (149.55KB , 800x607 , 13.png )

So the navy is keeping up with the military tradition of smooching as much free stuff from the other branches as possible.

I start racking my brain for anything that might help with finding land. Remembering back to the training classes.
Uhh the sea breeze was to land at... Evenings? Or was it the land breeze?? And was it the mornings???

When asked about anyone seeing anything at all Noah says he thinks he saw some clouds near the horizon in the west during our flight here.
No. 566846 ID: 752026
File 139516333708.png - (31.67KB , 600x480 , 14.png )

Hugo has gone through the entire range of the radio and still there is nothing. He starts sending out distress messages.

-Choose a new heading or keep going south?
No. 566848 ID: 53ba34

the seabreeze is towards land during the day. heat rises and sucks in cool air under it. land gets hot during the day and cold at night.
No. 566850 ID: 9ddf68

well then can you find a breeze?
No. 566851 ID: a97618

>two tons of gear
Meaning that's way more than you can take with you if you come down over water (unless it's in containers that will float that you can tie to the liferaft?) Have your guys break it down into a smaller amount of useful stuff you can take, in the worst case where you run out of fuel over water.

>he thinks he saw some clouds
Could he make out kind? (There are clouds that form over land and sea, after all).

Hmm. It's a little difficult to stick your hand out the window and see which way the wind is going with the rotors, yes. (Unless we have an instrument for that?)

...maybe we could lower someone down with a strip of cloth to test the sea-breeze direction?
No. 566852 ID: 9b786b

Head for the clouds.
No. 566861 ID: 752026
File 139516804894.png - (49.10KB , 600x480 , 15.png )

When asked about the clouds Noah says they were the 'dunno just clouds' type.

With only INS working the wind speed and direction information is anything but accurate.
Nevertheless there seems to be light air movement which seems to alternate between South East and South West.

>"I wish you didn't draw on the screen"
No. 566862 ID: 9ddf68

might as well keep heading south then
No. 566863 ID: 53ba34

then south is still a good direction. also yeah, start breaking the stuff down. the MREs are a good thing to hold on to entirely. may not eat like kings but you will eat for a good while. and who knows, maybe it's the good stuff. one extra set of clothes for each person. some batteries can be good if there is any wire in the lot, can make a fie starter. maybe not actually break it down, but mentally so we know what to start chucking first.
No. 566870 ID: 9b786b

Try southwest.
No. 566893 ID: cef174

go south. fly up high.
No. 566922 ID: a97618

Well, let's go south, then.

Keep your eyes peeled as we go.
No. 566948 ID: 426581
File 139523913818.png - (178.67KB , 800x666 , 16.png )

You keep heading south and raise your flying altitude to 3000 feet.

Your crew starts stashing away anything useful from the cargo in case you run out of fuel before you reach land.
No. 566949 ID: 426581
File 139523915933.png - (139.37KB , 1000x833 , 17.png )

You spot something in the horizon and start flying towards it. It turns out to be a silhouette of an island.
No. 566950 ID: 426581
File 139523920507.png - (269.48KB , 800x666 , 18.png )

A tropical island. Which is weird. Because this morning when you woke up at the peninsula the closest tropical anything must have been over 2500 kilometers away.

According to the INS you have flown about 400 kilometers from your starting position.

Jeff says this looks like an paradise island.

Hugo says that this is messed up.

Noah says that he sees other islands further in the east.

You have fuel for two(2) hours.
No. 566951 ID: a97618

>climate looks tropical
Yup, you definitely aren't where you though you were. Hope it's just teleportation and you didn't fall into another world, or through time.

What's that brown dot next to the forest line on the far side of the island? Is that a burn mark from a fire-pit or something?

Can we estimate how far away the other islands are? (Need to weight fuel consumption against possibly finding a better island to be stuck on).
No. 566961 ID: 9ddf68

lower your altitude and fly around to the other beach, I think I see something.
No. 566964 ID: 51109e

land near that brown spot on the far beach. provided you don't spot any hostiles.
No. 566969 ID: 2c6ff1

Get closer to the ground and check out that brown spot. Is there anywhere clear to land? If that's a house or something you could ask for directions to the nearest friendly city.
No. 567071 ID: b30f36
File 139531901815.png - (234.55KB , 800x666 , 19.png )

You fly low to the other beach your rotors blowing sand everywhere.
The thing appears to be a boat turned into a makeshift shelter.

The other islands are about 30 minutes flight away.

It's nearly lunch time.

Land here or move to the other islands or some other direction?
No. 567078 ID: 5aa1fc

stay and dine. be on the lookout for hostiles. after you're done, try and look for tracks in the woods, if anyone in your group is competent in something like that. if not, well you probably got someone's attention anyway.
No. 567086 ID: a97618

Might as well land. If there are people here, you might be able to learn where you are.

Check if there's anyone nearby, what make the boat is, how old it appears, and what gear the owner left with it. Then, uh, maybe we have lunch while we discuss our options and wait to see if the owner of the boat-shelter returns.
No. 567087 ID: 1f1f36

What sort of infantry training do you all have? I'm afraid I'm not familiar with Valeland basic and logistics training regimens, so for all I know, you could be special ops droputs, grunts, or REMF specialists.
Keep a damn good eye on that jungle. It doesn't seem like there would be many people here, but there was at least one, and it only takes one person to pull a trigger. Wouldn't be the first time a bird got taken out by twitchy locals hiding in trees.
Form a perimeter and slowly advance to the boat. Give a shout, see if you can spot anyone. If no one responds, do not touch the boat. We are in unknown waters and jurisdiction, and diplomacy is key to surviving and returning safely to friendly territory.
No. 567092 ID: 2c6ff1

Land here, find out who the survivor is. Let's not assume they're nonhostile though. Meet with him/her while armed.
No. 567099 ID: 9ddf68

here's good as anywhere else and we can't fly forever. I say land here, set up a defensive parameter (just incase), make sure that distress beacon is working and unless something happens just wait here for help to arrive.
No. 567397 ID: 26c50e
File 139553778032.png - (229.12KB , 800x666 , 20.png )

You land your chopper, quickly shut down the engines and tell your men to form up in front of the helo. You jump out to the beach.
No. 567399 ID: 26c50e
File 139553782871.png - (130.83KB , 800x666 , 21.png )


The warmth envelops you. You feel a light breeze on your face. The only sound is the waves lazily hitting the beach.

Slowly the birds that were frightened quiet by the rotors begin calling out in the jungle.

Somehow you really are in the tropic.

You turn to your men and decide to take stock of your situation.
No. 567400 ID: 26c50e
File 139553787673.png - (364.36KB , 1200x750 , 22.png )

You are on an unknown island in the middle of an unknown sea with your crew of 4.

Your time spent in the air forces logistics have been really lax. And you suspect that the training
of your enlisted men have been just as lax.
You and Hugo have had excellent officer training, though for the last two years you have been
receiving only pilot training.

The men respect you and follow your orders readily. The morale seems to be high.

You have two(2) heavy machine guns and five(5) handguns with plenty of ammo.

Your chopper comes with basic tools and emergency equipment.

Your cargo seems to be a cornucopia of miscellaneous items.
No. 567401 ID: 26c50e
File 139553790879.png - (250.82KB , 800x666 , 23.png )

You carefully approach the makeshift shelter and find it abandoned. Any tracks have been covered by
the sand blown by your rotors.

Hugo checks the fire pit and finds that it is still warm.

You don't see anyone and no one answers your shouts.

>"Damn it is hot! And something doesn't smell right." Nathan complains.

>"I want to go explore the island!" Exclaims Noah.

>"I want to go swimming!" Jeff says.
No. 567403 ID: a97618

No swimming or relaxing yet. We're mysteriously in the tropics when we shouldn't be. That warm firepit means someone else is on this island, and we don't know if they're hostile yet, or if they can tell us where we are.

Before we explore further out, we should explore the closer area. And when we do explore, we can't afford to leave the chopper and supplies alone.

Do you recognize the bird species you saw flying by? Or any of the vegetation, plant species? Any of you know about that kind of stuff, or been deployed to the tropics before?

I think I see something buried under the sand in the upper right hand corner of that shelter.
No. 567404 ID: 53ba34

actually, noah has the right idea, exploring is useful, BUT we must enforce the buddy system. Nathan goes with him. they stick to each other like glue.

tell jeff to set up a campsite first, unless he finds the idea of sleeping in the sand after his swim and waking up with a sand EVERYWHERE, somehow pleasent.
No. 567405 ID: 2c6ff1

Something doesn't smell right? That could be an issue.

We can't leave the heli unguarded. Whoever's taking shelter here might be desperate enough to try to steal it. I say we mostly stay put and wait for whoever's here. With the noise the chopper made, they're sure to come over on their own.

Swimming could be a bad idea- we don't know what's in the water. Could be poisonous fish or something around here. I suppose we could walk a little ways inland, staying within sight of the chopper, and just check out the island a bit. However, keep the pilot at the chopper, so that we can leave in a hurry if needed. So, let's walk into the jungle and bring Noah and Nathan. There's shade in there, so Nathan should be a bit less uncomfortable.
No. 567414 ID: 53ba34

WE are the pilot of the chopper.
No. 567419 ID: 2c6ff1

Oh. In that case, let the co-pilot stay behind. That'd be the crew chief, right? Just bring Noah. Make sure he knows not to touch anything in the jungle. Pretty much anything could be poisonous.
No. 567428 ID: 0c1a69

Hugo, I believe, is the copilot. "We" are the Commanding Officer of this squad, the CO. Slightly superior in rank to Hugo, but if he has any calls he'd like to make, they should probably be considered.

Propose having Nathan and Noah explore together. Remind them not to touch anything, just make observations on what they can see. Tell them NOT to split up. Have Jeff work on making a campsite, would it be possible to produce a tent out of the supplies? If not, a perimeter will have to do, protecting the sleeping bags. Hugo can stay at the chopper, using binoculars to keep watch on the surroundings, including Jeff.

After suggesting that, ask Hugo if he has any alternate ideas he'd like to bring up. Like I said, his ideas may be just as useful.
No. 567429 ID: 2c6ff1

>with your crew of 4.
Yeah, okay, we are the 5th member and commander of the group.
No. 567430 ID: 9ddf68

think we should set up a defensive perimeter before we do anything. Even if we have nothing to fear it will still kill time and if something bad is on this island then we'll be ready. Once we get that out of the way I think we should have 1 person stay near the radio incase we get a call, one person watching the sea to see if they can see any ships, and one person watch the woods to make sure nothing comes at us from there. The last two can go explore the island to see if we can't find anything useful.
No. 567447 ID: 1f1f36

Hey, hey. The boat's been holed. Whoever's here might be as out of their way as you are.
Or not. That could be a body under all that sand, or it could be an elaborately hidden IED. That's a really weird shape and there's some kind of hole near the center. But whatever it is, someone had to bury it, so keep eyes up.
I understand it's hard to stay on edge in a place like this, but at least for the next few hours you absolutely need that mutterin voice of paranoia to keep you alive, at least until you meet up with friendly troops or civvies. You need to be a rock for your men. A sharp rock.
Anyone have survival experience? Come from a jungle/warmer climate? Hike as a hobby? Bring them. You need someone with a grounding in common sense and the will to learn.
No. 567496 ID: 26c50e
File 139560662022.png - (203.45KB , 800x666 , 24.png )

No one seems to have any experience operating in a tropical environment.

You assign Hugo to the radio and tell him to keep an eye on the horizon for ships.

You lower your helicopters rear ramp and assign Jeff to the rear machine gun. He can easily cover most of the beach and treeline.
You assure him that you can all go for a swim later if the island proves itself safe.
No. 567497 ID: 26c50e
File 139560664389.png - (196.46KB , 800x666 , 25.png )

You send Nathan and Noah to explore the island. You tell them not to eat or touch anything poisonous.

Nathan grumbles while Noah grabs a radio and they start heading down the beach.
No. 567498 ID: 26c50e
File 139560666614.png - (196.82KB , 800x666 , 26.png )

You return to the makeshift shelter and start shifting the sand. You discover three barrels buried under the boat.
There was also a plank under the sand with markings carved on it.

Jeff asks if he can put some music on from the helicopters loudspeakers.
No. 567501 ID: 2c6ff1

I don't see why not.

Keep digging out the sand, see if we have any tools to help. Once a barrel is totally clear, open it up and see what's in it.
No. 567502 ID: 53ba34

looks like boat owner has been here 38 days. assuming it's days and they started on the day they got here.

jeff can have some music but not loud or with any percussion.
No. 567504 ID: a97618

So long as he doesn't play anything particularly heavy or crazy sounding. (And so long as that isn't going to run our batteries or fuel down significantly).
No. 567509 ID: 765802

Go for it just don't blast the speakers.
No. 567532 ID: fa79e9

check if it's rum.

nobody drinks it if it's rum.
No. 567552 ID: d0e0a2

Sure, he can play some music. Just not loudly. And preferably something tropical as the first song.

Give each barrel's contents a sniff before digging one up. Pull the bungs - yes, that is the correct term - out, somehow remember basic chemistry safety and waft the scent from the hole to your nose with your hand instead of sticking your face against it.

Wonder why in this day and age these barrels are wood and not plastic. Outside of wine and maybe whiskey there aren't many things stored in wood barrels these days.

How's your knowledge of astronavigation and constellations? You might be able to figure out where you are after nightfall with that knowledge, or at least which hemisphere you're in. Maybe there's a navy guide with info on that in the pile of miscellaneous supplies.
No. 567559 ID: 113912


Ooo, check if the barrels are IEDs, nobody eats them if they're IEDs.
No. 567579 ID: d315b1

It just occurred to me that we can use our chopper's clock and the position of the sun to estimate our location within around ten degrees.
No. 567612 ID: d7050c
File 139570036728.png - (53.96KB , 600x469 , 27 weird stonk.png )

Jeff is given the green light and he disappears into the cockpit to get the music going.

You do a quick search around the barrels and find no wires or other IED parts.

The bungs get pulled and you take a careful whiff. It's alcohol, smells like a mixture of whiskey and beer.
The other two barrels have the same content.
No. 567613 ID: d7050c
File 139570041029.png - (240.98KB , 800x666 , 28.png )

You use the plank as a showel and dig up one of the barrels. It's small, 25-30 liters maybe.

You are amused by your current situation. You are on a tropical island, you got drinks and soon you will have music. All you are
missing is a net, a volleyball and some chicks and you would have a beach party.

You know only the basics of astronavigation, mostly just ways to figure out which way is north or south.

The thing about the helicopters loudspeakers is that they are meant to be used over the sound of the rotors.
So the settings only go from ear-splitting to loud.
No. 567614 ID: d7050c
Audio We_like_to_Party_(The_Vengabus)_.mp3 - (3.63MB , We like to Party (The Vengabus) .mp3 )

No. 567615 ID: d7050c
File 139570050429.png - (362.81KB , 1000x875 , 29.png )

Just as the musics starts playing you hear rustling in the nearby bushes.
No. 567616 ID: 53ba34

pull out sidearm and say "halt who goes there?"
No. 567617 ID: 2c6ff1

Silly Keith. That's not your alcohol, it's the survivor's!

Alright, stand up and be combat ready. No telling what's gonna come out of those bushes, but don't point your gun directly at it just yet. If you can yell over the sound of the music, tell Jeff to get back on the gun. If not, just wait for whatever it is to come out of the bushes. If it's human, say hello and ask if it can understand you.
No. 567620 ID: b3a92e

pull out your gun. be ready to fire a warning shot in the air instantly if things seem like they may get messy, that'll definitely be heard.
No. 567647 ID: a97618

Alright, stand be ready. Draw, but don't take aim. Make the handsign to cut the noise if Jeff can see you.

...and don't go breaking into the booze yet. It's too early and too uncertain to get drunk, and you won't ingratiate yourself much with whoever else there is on this island if you steal their booze.
No. 567660 ID: 9ddf68

ready sidearm and start backing up to the chopper and ask who's there.
No. 567684 ID: b30f36
File 139579525091.png - (196.01KB , 800x666 , 30.png )

You pull out your handgun but don't point it at anything yet.

Jeff is still inside the chopper.
No. 567685 ID: b30f36
File 139579527327.png - (178.42KB , 800x666 , 31.png )

You wait but nothing comes out of the bushes. You clear your throat and put on your officer voice.
"Halt who's there?" You bark at the bushes.
No. 567686 ID: b30f36
File 139579529859.png - (180.93KB , 800x666 , 32.png )

There is a moment of silence and then a hoarse voice answers you from the bushes...
You have no idea what they are saying.
No. 567688 ID: 2c6ff1

Oh god damn it, they're foreign. At least we know it's not a wild animal. Holster your weapon, I guess, and gesture for them to step out of the bushes.
No. 567689 ID: 9ddf68

make sure whoever is on the chopper's gun is paying attention to you an holster your weapon. Let them come to you and DON'T GO TOWARDS THEM. Seriously that's how horror movies start. If no one comes out stay next to the chopper and wait for the other two guys to come back so you can form a search party later without worrying about being jumped alone.
No. 567690 ID: 53ba34

put gun away and back further out into the open, maybe they just want their beer?
No. 567695 ID: b2db3e

point your gun at it, but don't be startled if it turns out to be some sort of weird creature. just back way, slowly and steadily.
No. 567705 ID: a97618

Seriously, if Jeff sticks his head out or looks this way, make the kill the noise gesture.

>not English
Drat. Do you know any other languages to try? Otherwise all we have to go off of is tone and body language, assuming they come out into the open.
No. 567711 ID: 1f1f36

Nice trigger discipline.
I think keeping your sidearm at a low ready is athe best idea, because we still don't know this person's intentions. Finding out these intentions may be rather difficult, however, so let's back off and give them a clean line of access to their booze stash. Keep your movements calm and maintain eye contact with where you believe this person to be.
Let them come to you.They should know you are armed and confident, but not hostile. They shouls have more to gain by being peaceful and friendly than angry and violent.
No. 567753 ID: b30f36
File 139588909376.png - (178.04KB , 800x666 , 33.png )

You holster your weapon and start backing towards the chopper in a calm manner. You start waving at the bushes hoping to draw whoever is there out. You turn around and motion to Jeff to kill the noise. He gives a thumbs up and disappears back inside the cockpit.

You try another language. You ask the bushes "Comment puis-je vous aider?" You get more of the unknown language as an answer.

But it looks like they are coming out! They rise from the bushes and step into the light.
No. 567754 ID: b30f36
File 139588911478.png - (309.91KB , 800x666 , 34.png )

No. 567755 ID: b30f36
File 139588913830.png - (158.48KB , 800x666 , 35.png )

You weren't quite expecting that.
No. 567756 ID: 9ddf68

... go to the chopper and get the other guy out here to see if he sees what you're seeing. Maybe radio the other guys if you can and tell them to get back here. she looks a little pissed so don't get to close what with the harpoon and all.

...Don't think we're in Kansas anymore Toto.
No. 567757 ID: 53ba34

don't shoot, there could be more then one and they will all throw spears at you if you start it.
No. 567758 ID: 2c6ff1

AN ALIEN! You're not on Earth anymore, buddy. Looks like you got sent to the planet of the dogs.

I think your only hope for survival here is to find out where this lady's home is and bring her there. That'll ingratiate you to the natives so you can live in peace, maybe.

Well... what information can we glean from this initial contact? Since she's wearing clothing and has what looks to be a well-made satchel and iron-tipped fishing spear, the technology level doesn't look that low. Medieval at least.

Go run over and tell your buddies that the survivor is a fucking talking dog-person. Don't shoot the lady, obviously.
No. 567759 ID: 2c6ff1

Oh I have an idea. Use the loudspeakers to call your buddies back, now that we know the situation is completely out of hand. Also warn them not to shoot the dog-people.
No. 567766 ID: 0c1a69

The proper term would be an Extra-Terrestrial. Or perhaps Extra Terrestrial Alien.

This may be a good plan, but the lack of music will hopefully draw them back anyways. You need to present yourself as non-threatening, perhaps draw some images for picture-based communication. Try and convey that you will use the "loud noise making hunk of metal" to simply bring your friends on peaceful terms.
No. 567767 ID: d2995c

So on the positive side it is some kind of person judging by the clothes, and they are holding their spear in a clearly non-threatening manner.
She won't understand it but say hello anyway to show that you want to talk (be sure to use a friendly tone of voice in case that carries over to here), and introduce yourself in the classic manner of saying your name while pointing to yourself. Don't grab your gun or shout unless she starts acting threatening, and similarly don't run back to the helicopter because that just looks suspicious.
No. 567770 ID: a97618

...Jeff, do you see what I see?

Don't draw your weapon or try to kill it. That's a fishing spear, anyways. Could be used as a weapon, but that's not it's predominant purpose. (Also, if she doesn't know what a gun is, brandishing one isn't much of a deterrent without actually firing).

Note that she looks more worried or concerned than anything else.

Uh, hi.
No. 567777 ID: 080676

keep backing away until someone sees you.
No. 567779 ID: 113912

Aaaa! Furries! Kill them! Stop them before they yiff again!

Okay, I've calmed down now. Seriously, you're looking at scary Island of Doctor Moreau stuff here. Chances are that whichever mad bioengineer is creating these beast-people values his or her privacy, judging by the fact that before we even got here we seem to have entered some kind of crazy jamming that acts like a really huge faraday cage. I don't even know how the heck that's possible since a faraday cage is usually, y'know, a cage.

So we are all kinds of screwed here since it's probable they would expect to cover up your deaths as a simple MIA by tossing stuff in the ocean. How do we cover up your arrival on this island from whoever's running the show?
No. 567790 ID: 86c859

Well then. Nothing in the books for this one.
I understand that saying "keep calm," is shouting in the wind at this point, but I can't really stress how important it is that you not freeak over the what the fuck is that weird thing standing over therre and it spoke and it's wearing clothes and oh god.
Because that would be bad.
First off, it's obviously intelligent, and possibly even more wary of you than you are of it. That's unlikely, but possible.
Second, it doesn't appear aggressive, and obviously pretty goddamn confident, because it just stepped onto a beach covered in armed aliens standing right next to their huge bloody aircraft.
You need to match that confidence. Swallow that terror and metabolize it. Stand straight, maintain eye contact, don't draw, but carefully and loudly instruct Jeff to slowly come to the rear of the chopper. Stand your ground. First impreessions, and all that.
Thirdly, it appears to be female. Appears. Consider this confusedly as your notions of femininity are unexpectedly challenged.
No. 567811 ID: 189a54

Try to call back Jeff. Once he's got you covered, attempt to somehow convey to her that you mean no harm. Make sure you keep your voice and actions as neutral as you can--there's no way to know how different of a culture she's from, so you don't know what tones of voice or body language she could find offensive or threatening.
No. 567826 ID: a0267c
File 139597346057.png - (261.82KB , 800x666 , 36.png )

Planet of the dogs, aliens or bioengineered beasts. Whatever it is you can deal with this. You holster your weapon and say hello to the native(?) She says something right back at you, didn't sound like hello.

Oh shes going over to her shelter.

You turn around calmly and casually shout at the helicopter: "Jeff, Hugo you better come out here and meet the... uh Extra-Terrestrial."

You pick up your radio and call Nathan and Noah tell them to head back to the chopper.

"We were just heading back and uhh. We might not be on earth anymore." Nathan reports.

When you ask what does he mean he says he will show you once they get back. You tell them not to shoot any dog-people and cut the connection.
No. 567827 ID: a0267c
File 139597350744.png - (132.15KB , 800x666 , 37.png )

She walks over to you but can't seem to keep her eyes off of the chopper. You note that she is moving kind of slowly and seems somehow lethargic. But she doesn't seem to be afraid or shocked by you. Has she seen humans before?

You point at yourself and put as much weight as you can on the word "Keith." She points at herself and says "Oira." Ok good this is progress.

Oh she is offering a shake?

No. 567828 ID: a0267c
File 139597356452.png - (139.93KB , 800x666 , 38.png )

>"I wasn't ready but it's filming now. HUGO GET OUT HERE OR YOU ARE GOING TO MISS THE FIRST CONTACT!"

Jeff seems really stoked by this whole thing.
No. 567830 ID: 080676

tell them to shut up and not do anything to panic the lady.

shake hands.
No. 567832 ID: 53ba34

just shake her hand and then tell jeff not to yell and possibly startle something.
No. 567835 ID: 9ddf68

look at Jeff for a second like he's an idiot, then continue to shake the dog ladies hand. If she doesn't do anything else wait for the other guys to get back and discuss how the hell you guys are going to get fuel for the chopper.
No. 567839 ID: 2c6ff1

Tell him to shush, he'll startle the E.T. Speaking of which watch out she isn't about to spear you. She seemed pissed off that you were messing with her alcohol, and someone shouting and pointing a strange device at her isn't gonna help her mood.
No. 567843 ID: 0c1a69

Give Jeff a glare before shaking her hand. My guess is that Oira has encountered humans before, her lethargic movement may suggest being tired of greeting them.

If she does not seem to have anything to say, in any form, then you should tell Jeff that her attitude suggests as much (not being first contact).
No. 567858 ID: 113912

If this is an extra-terrestrial how the heck did it get to Earth, or conversely how did we get to their planet? Us being on another planet is roughly as outlandish as the many-klicks-sized, invisible, faraday cage, so I'll try to roll with that.

The fact that you recognized the container as a barrel and the substance within it by smell as probably being whiskey and beer suggests that either you're still on Earth or the native biochemistry may not be TOO different. The blue sky suggets a nitrogen-dominated atmosphere just like Earth, which is one of the reasons why I did not consider the possibility that you're an extraterrestrial right now earlier.
It makes no sense without aliens that either scanned and reconstructed you and your craft from a distance or the power to break the speed of light. If this thing's walking around with a harpoon or fishing spear either it's a neo-primitivist playing at living from the land or this isn't one of the aliens responsible.

The fact that they don't speak our language suggests that the neo-primitivist angle is unlikely. I'm not sure if it understands you, or if an outstretched hand is asking for a pawshake, a customary gift exchange to signal a lack of hostile intentions, or something else entirely. Did the colour of the tube-top change or did the alien just come out of the shadows into sunlight showing that it's red instead of brown? I think handing the critter something unequivocally harmless but valuable seems like the order of the day, and then trying to figure out if it understands YOU when you speak.
No. 567866 ID: ffa549

>can't seem to keep her eyes off of the chopper
I wonder if she knows what it is. If I'd be marooned on an island for who knows how long, I'd have a hard time keeping my eyes off the only way out.

...even if we do have limited fuel and no idea where the mainland is.

>she doesn't seem to be afraid or shocked by you. Has she seen humans before?
Or worst case: she used to be human. Planet of something that turns you into dog-people.
Tell Jeff to calm down a little, and accept the hand(paw?)shake.
No. 567871 ID: 6695ba


This is too weird, as nice as it is to both find out that you're not alone and make first contact with a new form of life. Skin to skin contact with a completely unknown biology is really dangerous. Even if this isn't some kind of mutagen-viral contagion whatsit, she's been away from civilisation for a long time (or never seen it), and therefore away from civilised medicine.
No. 567872 ID: 6695ba

Oh snap, there's an idea. Continue making friendly gestures and keeping neutral body language and distance, even ask questions and point at things like the boat and spear, see if she seems to understand what they are and where they come from.

Have one of your buddies grab some dry -packaged- food (like biscuits or jerky, no chocolates obviously) and toss her that without showing her how to open it. If she was human and from about the time that we'd developed sailing and lifeboats and leather belts like that, she'd probably be able to open the pack without any kind of prompt and understand what's inside easily. Of course she could just be smart, but even then you've exchanged something and shown you're friendly without having to touch the weird alien dog person who's been living in the jungle.
No. 567882 ID: 0c1a69

Even if she does carry some form of disease, you need to show her some manners, anyways. Keith is part of the airforce, I'm sure he's undergone tests to ensure he can hold some level of immunity to foreign diseases.

Other than that... Giving her a Meal Revealing Envelope may be a good idea. If she offers anything in return, accept it, but don't be hasty about it. Place your hands out and let her hand it to you. Likewise, while handing her the MRE, don't push it into her, hold it out and let her either grab it or ready her hands to accept.

Yes I'm totally calling it Meal Revealing Envelope, it fits MRE so why not
No. 567928 ID: b40a79
File 139605678830.png - (68.28KB , 600x500 , 39.png )

You give Jeff 'the look' and tell him to calm down before he gets a stroke.

You shake hands with Oira, she smells like beer.

>"Man this is it, the most important moment in human history! We are going to be rich and famous!"

You mention to Jeff that she doesn't seem too surprised and we might not be the first humans she has met.

>"Well if she has met someone else they must have been as dumb as you almost were captain and forgot to film it. Or they got silenced. But we got evidence now!"
No. 567929 ID: b40a79
File 139605685790.png - (180.24KB , 800x666 , 40.png )

>jungle, mutagen-viral, contagion, danger turns you into dog-people.

... Those wet wipes better be antiseptic.

You try asking Oira how she got here and is the boat hers but she just stares at you. She doesn't seem to understand what you are saying. She glances at Jeffs phone but doesn't seem to understand what it is and loses interest. She goes to examine the helicopter.

Hugo comes out.

>"Hugo care to say a few words on this historical moment?" Jeff asks.


>"Short and non explicit. That's going on all the posters as a quote."
No. 567931 ID: b40a79
File 139605694928.png - (199.21KB , 800x666 , 41.png )

You go inside the chopper to wash your hands while Jeff and Hugo play documentary maker with the alien outside.

>"She looks kinda worn out, healthy dogs are supposed to have a shiny fur." Hugo laments.

>"Well she has been marooned an island. I bet she could use a hug" Jeff says.


You grab an MRE and go outside. You offer the Meal Rarely Edible to Oira. She takes it, turns it around, gives it a shake and a sniff and looks at you questionably. Jeff and Hugo start laughing.

>"Even aliens know that MREs are no good!"

>"Meals Rejected by ET's."

You see Nathan and Noah returning.
No. 567932 ID: 2c6ff1

Well it's wrapped, she probably doesn't know it's food. You might need to unwrap it for her.

Oh hey, the other guys are back. Ask them why they think you're not on Earth anymore.
No. 567933 ID: 1f1f36

Radio them, ask them if they're alright. You just met a talking dog woman, there's no telling what they ran into. Talking dog-men, possibly. I dunno.
This is a very relaxed first encounter. That's...good?
To be honest there really aren't many ways to fuck this up assuming you and your men don't start blazing away at the forest canopy in a drunken stupor. (Perhaps joined by this lady, after all, she appears to know the right way to spend her time while marooned on a tropical island. That is to say, piss-stinking-drunk) At least, few ways we can predict and prevent now. Which is a bit foreboding.
So for now I'd say sit back and watch how this pans out. Oh and get the lady a knife or a razor or something for chrissakes.
No. 567934 ID: 53ba34

how about a bottle of water instead?
No. 567939 ID: 0c1a69

The Magnificently Repulsive Entrée may not be all that appetizing under normal means, but there are methods of making it more appealing. Gesture for her to return the MRE so you can open it for her, for the time being it will help to know what type of diet she consumes.

Also: Alternatively to our previous thoughts, her reasoning for being lethargic might just be that she's got the same idea as us-not showing a neutral attitude may be seen as hostile. This means it's possible that this island is foreign to her as it is to you. Could some force be bringing various species together into a new world?
No. 567947 ID: 8dbfb4

greet those two before they go apeshit over meeting real-life furries.
No. 567955 ID: ffa549

Just remember not to offer her any chocolate.
No. 567963 ID: d315b1

Grapes, onions and garlic also aren't good for dogs, but the lethal dose for somebody of her size is way more than any MRE is likely to contain. My real concern is that she'll eat the gum; xylitol, the active ingredient, is very toxic to dogs.
No. 567980 ID: 9ddf68

she doesn't know what that thing is and even less on how to cook it, you should show her how to do that much at least. Oh and uh tell Jeff that the other two guys said you guy's are probably not on earth now so unless he has any idea how to boast our signal no one else is going to that we found life outside of earth. If he ask where we are just joke and say the twilight zone.
No. 568022 ID: be48b2
File 139614323279.png - (188.56KB , 800x666 , 42.png )

You delegate the alien feeding duties to Jeff and Hugo: "Take her inside the chopper and open up a MRE for her, sloppy joe looks like dog food so give her that one. Just take away the tabasco sauce and the gum."

You then jog over to Nathan and Noah who have stopped and are staring at Oira.

"So you weren't joking on the radio, planet of the dog-people." Nathan says.

"That or the twilight zone. Too early to say" you answer.

You tell Noah to go on ahead and meet the alien, you will look at the fruits they found later.
No. 568023 ID: be48b2
File 139614328450.png - (71.09KB , 600x500 , 43.png )

You ask Nathan to report their findings.

"There was nothing interesting at the beach, after a while we found a trail inland and started following it. We came to a small clearing where we found a single grave that had been dug up. We moved further inland and started finding different kinds of fruit trees and you can imagine how hot it gets when there is no ocean breeze to cool you. Then we both got a bad feeling about wandering further inland and started heading back. Noah claimed that we were being watched but i didn't feel nothing. We reached the beach and a little after that you called us up on the radio."

"Did you meet any dog-people? And why are you so certain that we aren't on earth anymore?" You ask.

"We didn't meet anybody, and remember that smell i complained about? It was actually a familiar smell that was missing. It was salt."
No. 568024 ID: be48b2
File 139614332101.png - (90.70KB , 800x666 , 44.png )

"See that ocean? You can drink it. It' all fresh water. Me and Noah already had a drink so i hope you guys haven't been pissing in the ocean."
No. 568027 ID: ffa549

...how the hell can a body of water this large be fresh water. Rivers wash salt into the sea. That's how it works!

Oh well. At least you won't be dying of thirst anytime soon.

Don't just eat the fruit. Check with Oira. If any of them are poisonous or dangerous, maybe she can identify them.

Then maybe... you can show her your map? Or draw one in the sand? Maybe she can fill in what you're missing.
No. 568028 ID: 2c6ff1

...I hope the edible flora/fauna here have some other source of sodium, because humans do in fact need sodium to live, and a freshwater ocean implies that creatures on this world have low salt levels as well.
No. 568030 ID: 2c6ff1

Wait shit I just realized, if there's low salt here, the MRE might have too much salt for our guest! Hopefully she can taste that and won't want to eat it. I mean, I have no idea how that would affect her.
No. 568031 ID: 53ba34

yeah discuss the fruits with your guest. point to the pile, then to your mouths, then make a "i'm dying" face.
No. 568032 ID: 53ba34

or... what if that's why she is sick looking? she too needs salt and this is not her native planet ether?
No. 568033 ID: 0c1a69

Well, if the planet does not contain much salt at all, or just not where running water can be found, the oceans won't be full of it. This definitely is NOT Earth, so the question is, is it the Dog's planet, or somewhere else entirely?
Oh, crap, you'd better run in and stop them.
It is possible, if there are any salt packets in the gear, you can spread a bit into a dish and place a pinch of it in your mouth, to show her to do the same. If she does not immediately spit it out (or, if she does, but seems to actually realize the need for more), then she needs sodium.

...Actually, we can get a feel for her diet once she opens her mouth, assuming it's something she'll be doing in company.
As for the fruits, be careful with them. Have somebody put on a gasmask while cutting them open, and have them do so away from camp--Some plants can carry toxic gasses inside themselves, and hopefully any toxic gasses won't be colorless. If they seem safe, try consuming only a small piece--Noah, especially, would be useful for this, due to his youth; as you get older, you lose an instinct that lets you recognize poisons as easily, and so he'll be repulsed or sickened a lot more easily than the rest of you, as well as having the metabolism to get over the sickness.
No. 568034 ID: 9ddf68

alright then, so how did we get here and how do we get back? I mean if we got in there has to be a way out, either through some kind of technology or hell even magic, I'll take magic at this point if it means a way back home. But the real problem (at least at this time) is we only have 2 hours worth of fuel left and no idea where to go. I mean if we can find a way to get the local to talk to us in something we can understand and get an idea on what's out there we could just B line it to however would seem to be able to help us the most. Till then we're grounded unless we can find more fuel or something else that can let us easily move island to island.
No. 568038 ID: 809b2d

try to ask her to lead us to her people. she's not a pet you guys, stop trying to feed her.
No. 568039 ID: ffa549

There's the possibility she's non-native too. (Or that might be one of the deficiencies making her look not so hot).

Still, even if it is more than she's used to, the effects of excessive salt aren't usually immediately life threatening. I don't think it's worth snatching away from her.
No. 568040 ID: 1583de

Dig out a pad of paper and a pen and draw out what happened to bring you here to show to Oira. If she seems to understand what your trying to convey then give the pad and pen to her so she can do the same for how she got here.

Unless there is a solar or hand crank charger in that pile of supplies, electricity to recharge your equipment is going to be damn hard to come by. Same goes for the batteries in heli. Running the engine to recharge them and possibly the other devices uses fuel which is in very short supply. Taking steps now to conserve battery use is vitally important.

Remove the batteries from everything that has removable batteries and cap their terminals to prevent discharge. Disconnect the heli's batteries to be sure they won't be drained by any electronics that might draw a stand-by charge. Devices without removable batteries, such as Jeff's phone, should be turned off when not in use. Turn all phones to "airplane mode" so they don't waste charge searching for a cell tower that'll never be there.
No. 568083 ID: 28fc01
File 139622667215.png - (103.94KB , 800x666 , 45.png )

This has given you a lot to think about but first you ask Nathan how is he holding.

>"Don't worry about me im fine. Hell ill just think this whole thing as a well deserved vacation."

Nathan is the only one in your crew who is married.

You are happy that your men are relaxed and even enjoying the situation. It is the leaders job to worry about the future and the fact that you might be forever stuck in this place.
The 2 hours of fuel mean a range of about 500 kilometers. You saw a group of islands further away before you landed on this island but you need to find the continent... If there is one.
No. 568084 ID: 28fc01
File 139622672815.png - (150.78KB , 800x666 , 46.png )

Inside the helicopter your crew is enjoying lunch with the alien.

>"I have never seen anyone eat an MRE so fast, or looking so happy after eating an MRE."

You ask Hugo if there was something Oira didn't eat or if the food seemed too salty for her.

>"What? No, she wolfed down everything we didn't take away from her. At first she didn't like the energy drink but now she can't get enough of it."

>"She has started talking, we can't understand what shes saying and she knows it. But if i had been marooned alone i probably couldn't shut up if i found someone to talk to." Jeff says.
No. 568085 ID: 28fc01
File 139622676457.png - (226.67KB , 800x666 , 47.png )

You present the fruits to Oira and with Noahs help you act out the dying after eating poisonous fruit.

Oira grabs the purple fruit and throws it the fuck out. Then instructs you to cook the fruits.

You inform the rest of the crew about Nathans findings and tell them to start conserving electricity. Batteries get taken out and phones get put on airplane mode or off. Hugo is against disconnecting the helicopters battery since everything but the radio has been shut off anyway. He figures that we might not be the only ones who ended up here.
No. 568086 ID: 28fc01
File 139622681538.png - (102.25KB , 800x666 , 48.png )

You grab some paper, a pen and a compass for Oira. She gets really ecstatic at the sight of the compass and understands how it works.

After showing her some some of your maps and some more acting from you and Noah she finally starts drawing what you hope is a map of your current location.


>"No way to tell the scale, she ain't a cartographer that's for sure." Hugo notes.

>"So are we in a lake after all?" Noah asks.

>"We flew over 500 klicks and at the altitude we were the horizon was almost a 100 klicks away. This is an ocean." Nathan comments.
No. 568088 ID: 28fc01
File 139622686025.png - (156.42KB , 800x666 , 49.png )

You act out how you ended up here with copious helicopter sound effects and then spend some time pointing at her and the boat and the island and finally she gets it and starts drawing.

The fudge in the middle is accompanied by wind sound effects.

You try coaxing more out of Oira but aside from some details this seems like the best that she can do.
No. 568090 ID: 53ba34

devouring it means she tasted salt and instinct took over, salt was indeed something she really wanted.

the boat in the picture has two people. ask if the pictured boat is the same one. and if the other person is dead.
No. 568092 ID: 2c6ff1

Alright then find out where she wants to go, and we can bring her there. I expect she'll want to bring the beer, and anything else she owns.
No. 568115 ID: ffa549

Depending on the time of day, it might be better to wait for tomorrow before we try and go anywhere else.

...where are we supposed to be on that map?
No. 568131 ID: 1f1f36

Okay, so freshwater thing slightly less worrying than before. If my reading of the map is accurate, we're on a huge inland body of water fed by a mountain chain to the north, where Oira presumably hails from, which feeds into the sea to the west. More Lake Ontario than Dead Sea or terrifying world-encompassing pond.
Or, she got pulled through the same way we did and we're nowhere near where she thinks we are. But, given she's managed to survive as long as she has here and knows the local flora pretty well, I'd say we can rule that out. On a related note, she seems to be a traveller or trader of some sort, because she's adapted pretty goddamn well to life on a deserted island a half continent away from home. You couldn't ask for a better alien to make first contact with than a merchant marine, at least as far as languages, survival, navigation, and local customs are concerned.
No. 568142 ID: 9ddf68

so from what I can make out of the map (the circle scribes are us right?) we're on a island between her home and a trading outpost and seeing how it looks like both are port towns trade is more then likely hot in both towns and we're probably not going to find a better place to look for fuel. But even if they have fuel unless there's something on the chopper we could trade for it we got nothing in the way of currency and to top it off unless someone in either of these towns speaks English it's going to be very hard for us to get someone to tell us where we can even find fuel.

Ok what time is it now? Because I think we should maybe see if we can't figure out a way for all of you to maybe learn some of Oira's language or at least see if you can't teach her some English. Don't think we can do this in one night but still think we should put any real plan making off tell the morning if it's getting late.
No. 568165 ID: 903f1e

uh... uhhh... go towards where she drew people?
No. 568186 ID: 0c1a69

So, the potatoes, the cucumbers, and the orange squashes are good, but the eggplants are bad. Fruitwise, I mean- they look like those vegetables.
Okay, if this is the real map, then we can't reach the larger landmasses. We flew two hours south to find this island, it will take at least four hours flight north or five hours east to find the larger land masses.
You wouldn't necessarily be in an ocean, but rather, a sea; a common term used for giant masses of water that aren't ocean. Freshwater seas are surprising, but in another world they may be commonplace.
No. 568210 ID: 185f1f
File 139630304625.png - (189.78KB , 800x666 , 50.png )

You and Hugo go over the map a few times to figure out what Oira is trying to tell you.

"Ok she set the compass deliberately here so i think north is up here and south down here."

>"First she drew the house so i think it means home?"

"Makes sense"

>"Ok then she drew this... Thing?"

"... A merchants stall?"

>"Yea sure, then the boat and the dashed line there. But on the way back home the dashed line gets into this mess."

"Wind? Storm? Hurricane?"

>"Probably yeah, and finally the dashed line continues down here where i think she means we are now."
No. 568211 ID: 185f1f
File 139630307539.png - (61.25KB , 600x500 , 51.png )

You take the map drawing back to Oira and tap at the two people drawn on the boat.
No. 568212 ID: 185f1f
File 139630310080.png - (126.03KB , 800x666 , 52.png )

She points at the boat on the beach, herself and the people drawn on the map. She says one word "Olle" and shakes her head.
No. 568214 ID: 185f1f
File 139630318735.png - (118.62KB , 800x666 , 53.png )

You turn to Nathan.

"You said something about a grave in the woods?"

>"Yeah we found a grave a bit inland but it had been dug up, probably by some wild animal since it wasn't a deep grave."

As for staying or moving on you think it's now 2 or 3 pm. You could spend the night on the island, roast some fruits, maybe catch some fish and swim a little. Since you plan on moving soon anyway you could listen to some more music, the helo has a big battery and it can be started even if the battery is depleted.

And you pretty sure you are obliged by the maritime law to help Oira off this island.
No. 568215 ID: 2c6ff1

Express your condolences in some way. Even if she doesn't understand the words, I think she would get the gist.

Okay, looks like we should head to 1. If we head northeast then follow the coastline north/west we should find the place. Try to make it clear we'll bring her there, and for her to get her stuff. Which is just the beerwine I guess.

Actually, ask if she wants to leave now or tomorrow. Maybe explain that if we leave now we might arrive after dark. ...come to think of it, we can't be sure this planet has a 24 hour day. It probably doesn't. The clocks will get fucked up after a while and we'll have to reset them while eyeballing the sun. Maybe we can make a sundial to circumvent that issue somewhat.

Also I find it interesting that she drew a question mark. You don't think about it much but that's actually an evolved element of written language. I wonder if her written language is similar to yours?

Write down your name and say it out loud to her, then gesture for her to write her own down. That'll give you a sample of their written language. You could even work on more words that match to easily explained, specific concepts. On the other hand I'm not sure how you'd be able to nail down grammar, but just getting some grammatically similar written words may be helpful.
No. 568218 ID: 95fea5

I say leave in the morning. We have no idea what's out there and this might be the only time you all get to relax so make the most of it. Once dawn comes around lets try following the "map". We just came from the north right? which means unless this land is only an hour away from where we entered this world there's no way in hell we're going to be able to make it all the way up there. But it does look like the eastern part of the map has land that goes all the way back to Olia's home and the port.

The way I'm seeing this is unless we find some way to refuel the chopper the best we can do is head east towards land and hope we reach it before we run out of fuel, then start walking north ditching the chopper. Oh yes I really think we should wait until morning as this trip is going to be a long trip unless we find fuel, a very very long trip indeed.
No. 568228 ID: 53ba34

i say southeast. south land should be the closest. and east will bring us towards their civilization.
No. 568239 ID: 0c1a69

Write down your name, point to it, and say, "Keith." Then, point to the next line, and say "Oira." Let her write down her name then, she should understand if you do that.
Yes, Southeast you should find land in about an hour. East would be about four, and north would be six or seven hours. You will not make it to your destination, but at least you'll be able to walk from there.

...On second thought, gesture to the forest, say "Forest." Point at the map, and ask "Forest?"
No. 568277 ID: ffa549

I say we wait till tomorrow before attempting to get to the mainland. (Or, at least, the land of the village of dog people). Try to coney that to her, if you can.

>And you pretty sure you are obliged by the maritime law to help Oira off this island
Even if you weren't, it would be a major jerk move to leave her here.
No. 568347 ID: e31ca1

Anyways, she's somebody who knows the local area and language. Even if we were jerks who didn't care about maritime law, it would still be a major advantage to take her with us.
No. 568491 ID: d0e0a2

With no scale on Oira's map we've got no idea how large the sea is to the south, or how wide it is east-west. Heading out over open sea is a bad idea when we don't know land is there. We'd better head to the island to the east instead. Maybe we're at the end of a chain of islands we can follow to the mainland. That way even if we don't reach the mainland we'll have somewhere to land instead of having to ditch into the sea.

When we do eventually take off it'd be a good idea to fly up as high as the 'copter can and have everyone scan the horizon with binoculars. Maybe we'll spot land we didn't see before.

Oira could have jumped worlds like we did, but it's looking unlikely. If she had both worlds would have had to have had fresh water seas, otherwise she wouldn't have drawn a map like she did. She's also likely to know how to navigate by the stars, so she would have seen any change in the night sky right away. Just to be sure about that, ask her about the stars and constellations after night falls.
No. 568505 ID: a0267c
File 139638938096.png - (38.19KB , 600x500 , 54.png )

You solemnly offer your condolences to Oira, she seems to understand your meaning.

You write your name down while saying it then you point at Oira and tap on the paper. She says her name and writes down some squiggles. You decide to have her also write your name.

If it comes down to it your gonna have Noah be the one who learns Oiras language, he is the youngest so he should have the easiest time learning it.
No. 568506 ID: a0267c
File 139638942531.png - (246.44KB , 800x666 , 55.png )

You decide to spend the night on the island and head southeast in the morning.

It takes a while but you finally get it across to Oira that you will be leaving tomorrow and taking her with you. Looks like she doesn't want to bum a free ride and gives you one of the 'beer' barrels.

Since you will be staying you put some music on and start working on a shelter.
No. 568507 ID: a0267c
Audio Beach_Boys-_I_get_Around.mp3 - (3.41MB , Beach Boys- I get Around.mp3 )

No. 568508 ID: a0267c
File 139638956805.png - (214.21KB , 800x666 , 56.png )

A shelter for six gets made from tarps, duct tape and sleeping pads.

Oira is tying a length of rope to her harpoon so you think she is going to fish. Jeff demands that the whole crew finally goes for a swim after working up a sweat. Nathan thinks we should have some courtesy and taste the 'beer.' Everyone is having a great time.

Except Noah who keeps claiming that he feels like we are being watched. No one else feels anything so you are inclined to ignore Noahs bad vibes.
No. 568510 ID: 2c6ff1

You're probably being watched by wild animals. Possibly dangerous ones. Someone should stand guard while the others go for a swim.

Of note is that from the map, this looks like a big-ass lake, that's why it's freshwater. So perhaps their oceans do have salt after all.
No. 568525 ID: 9ddf68

just to be safe have someone watch the beach on the chopper's gun just incase we have some unfriendly locals show up. Just switch off form time to time so everyone can have some fun. Also make sure we set up a watch at night as well. Better safe then sorry after all.
No. 568543 ID: ca0da5

>Except Noah who keeps claiming that he feels like we are being watched.
>"Yeah we found a grave a bit inland but it had been dug up, probably by some wild animal since it wasn't a deep grave."
Keep in mind, this was a wild animal who had the need to dig up a grave. It could have easily gotten fruits, but it spent more effort on getting the corpse. It's a meat eater, and you're the only meat on the island.

As suggested by 2c6ff1 and nothing, have somebody on watch at all times, switching them out. If Oira asks to take watch at some point, let her. She's trying to be fair, and it's only fair on your part to let her be.
No. 568574 ID: 53ba34

put up some snare traps.
No. 568718 ID: d0e0a2

Noah might not be imagining things. Something dug Olle's grave up, and going by the fact him and Nathan didn't see a 'dog-person' body whatever did dig it up drug it away and likely ate it. That means we've got a large hungry carnivore out there just waiting for a chance to score another meal from our numbers if we aren't careful. So nobody should go off on their own at any time.

Oira's been here for at least 38 days, so she'd know the most about the island. Best tell her about Noah's feeling of being watched and try to find out what she knows of the island; A drawing of the jungle edge with a pair of watching eyes in the darkness for Noah to show her would help here. And share that Noah and Nathan found Olle's dug up grave when they were foraging inland. She might have some idea of what dug it up.

Moving the camp away from the tree line would be prudent so nothing can jump us in our sleep. Since Noah is the one worrying he can do that. Putting it at the foot of the helicopter's ramp so we could retreat inside would make sense.

Nathan he can have some of the 'beer,' but only him, and only a cup. We don't know what's in it so he's going to be our tester for how strong it is and if it 'disagrees' with the human digestive tract before the rest of us have any.
No. 568762 ID: ffa549

It might be more of an omnivorous scavenger than a carnivore, but I suppose there's no reason to take dumb risks. We might as well keep someone on guard (rotate, obviously).

Still, Oira's been trapped on this island, alone, for who knows how long, ever since her buddy died. If there were someone or something dangerous watching, you'd have think it would have made it's move before.
No. 568815 ID: d24ac9

if Noah enjoys being paranoid, he can have the first watch.
No. 569023 ID: 7b33e8
File 139655268978.png - (215.21KB , 800x666 , 57.png )

You decide not take any risks and move the shelter next to the helicopter and have someone stand guard at the rear machine gun at all times.

Then you finally go swimming in the warm water. The discarded purple fruit floats so it gets turned into a football.

Nathan gladly becomes our beer tester.

>"Brownish-yellow, mildly hopped, warm, mildly fruity, i would guess the alcohol percentage to be around 5 - 10%. If this was carbonated it would actually be quite good."
No. 569024 ID: 7b33e8
File 139655275732.png - (205.93KB , 800x666 , 58.png )

After dinner you and Noah enquire Oira about the feeling of being watched and Olles dug up grave.

Oira starts talking excitedly and gestures towards the mountain and the eyes drawn on the sand. She thinks for a moment and starts to pantomime.

Ok shes walking, going to the mountain.

She is stopped or halted by...

Shivering? Fear?

And she has no idea what is living on the mountain.

>"She felt it too captain something is watching us." Noah says.

Eh maybe it's just an alien wild boar (space boar?) Anyway you are certain that your helicopters heavy machine gun can take care of anything that might climb down from the mystery mountain.
No. 569026 ID: 189a54

You should probably gear up the team and check out the mountain as soon as you can; having something that you don't know watching doesn't sound very safe. Leave Hugo behind with Oira if she's scared to come along.
No. 569029 ID: 2f4b71

Maybe she's being literal, and the mountain has some sort of crazy-ass thermocline?
No. 569039 ID: 2c6ff1

It's a mountain yeti, obviously. OBVIOUSLY.

I'm not sure if we should investigate or not. On one hand, we have guns so it won't be terribly dangerous so long as we keep our wits about us. On the other, what's the point? The only thing we'd gain is a bunch of meat if we have to kill it. Unless Oira has a reason for us to go?
No. 569043 ID: 9ddf68

well unless you want to go hunting for something we don't even know what it looks like in a jungle that we don't really know what's even in it go ahead, but it sounds like a bad idea to me and we're going to leave in the morning anyways so unless this thing comes to us to hell with it. But again be safe and have someone stand guard throughout the night.
No. 569045 ID: 9ddf68

and through out the night I mean work in shifts
No. 569166 ID: 461142

it's time to be big damn heroes. once you've eaten up, rested up, and geared up to the max, storm the shit out of that mountain.

think of all the furry fangirls you'll get.
No. 569219 ID: 2d6511
File 139666142496.png - (157.27KB , 800x666 , 59.png )

What are you, infantry? No way are you going hiking on a sweaty jungle mountain. There is a reason you joined the air force.

You spend the rest of the evening listening to music and playing cards.
No. 569220 ID: 2d6511
File 139666146264.png - (66.16KB , 800x666 , 60.png )

Darkness comes fast as there was barely any twilight. The alien night sky confirms that you aren't on earth anymore. There is no moon and there is one curiously bright star.

Your clock claims that it is now midnight. You arrange guard shifts, two hours each, Hugo takes the first watch, then Noah, Jeff, Nathan and you take the last watch.
No. 569221 ID: 2d6511
File 139666150629.png - (84.68KB , 1000x625 , 61.png )

You settle down into your shelter but after such a strange day everyone has trouble falling asleep and thus the banter starts.

>"What if we are stuck in this world for good?"

>"We got here somehow so logically we can get out of here somehow. It's like the third law or something."

>"No third law is that there is always an opposite reaction. So maybe we just got switched with something in this world."

>"So there might be some really confused dog-people wandering somewhere back home?"


No. 569222 ID: 2d6511
File 139666155151.png - (84.92KB , 1000x625 , 62.png )

>"So if we are stuck here for good does that mean that we will have to get dog wives or husbands?"

>"Jesus Jeff we haven't even been here for 24 hours yet."

>"Yeah you are probably right... On a completely unrelated note what is your favorite dog breed?"

>"Jesus Christ Jeff."

>"St. Bernard" Hugo whispers from his guard post.

The banter and giggling continue on but you are used to it and manage to fall asleep after a while.
No. 569223 ID: 2d6511
File 139666160724.png - (151.52KB , 800x666 , 63.png )

You are woken by Nathan for your shift and has nothing to report.

It is 8 am according to your watch and you already miss coffee.

How should you wake up the crew?
No. 569224 ID: 53ba34

the classic, revelry.
No. 569226 ID: 9ddf68

make sure you crank the radio when you play it.
No. 569230 ID: 189a54

Wake Oira as kindly as you can, then teach her how to activate the radio to wake the others. You can teach her a rather important skill and have some nice bonding time all at once.
No. 569236 ID: 2c6ff1

>curiously bright star
What if this world actually has a similar technology level to our own? What if that's a satellite or space station? Tonight, try to find the star again in the sky. If it's in a vastly different location then it's probably manmade. Actually, maybe you can spot it in the sky right now? There was also a strangely blue star, and an object in the sky that did not look like a star at all.

Once it's nighttime near/on land we can look at the horizon for evidence of lights.

I dunno, the normal way? It's not like you're a drill sergeant. Just like, nudge them awake.
No. 569239 ID: ca0da5

>What if this world actually has a similar technology level to our own? What if that's a satellite or space station? Tonight, try to find the star again in the sky. If it's in a vastly different location then it's probably manmade. Actually, maybe you can spot it in the sky right now? There was also a strangely blue star, and an object in the sky that did not look like a star at all.
Some stars are just naturally blue in appearance, but yeah, it might be something else. As for the line thing, that may have been a comet passing by, or a meteor burning up in the atmosphere. It is, however, worth seeing if they're still visible at all.
Yes, let Oira wake them with the radio. That way she isn't startled but they are.
No. 569241 ID: ffa549

>So if we are stuck here for good does that mean that we will have to get dog wives or husbands?
Well, if you swing that way. And if you aren't willing to resort to fraternization.

>bright star
I don't suppose we have a telescope or spyglass among our supplies? Might be too late for a good look if it's already oh-eight-hundred, though.
No. 569259 ID: ba72bf

there's a blue dot up there. you might want to check it out if you happen to possess a binocular.

wake the crew up with footrubs. no wait, coffee. no wait, with quotes from Full Metal Jacket.
No. 569304 ID: b7a896
File 139673050579.png - (181.77KB , 800x666 , 64.png )

It is already too bright to see the stars, you will have to binocular the sky the following night.

Unfortunately you don't have a bugle or any coffee with you. You pray that the coffee plant actually grows in this world and somebody has found it. You have never watched Full Metal Jacket.

You wake up Oira and take her to the cockpit and start teaching her how to use the laptop connected to the Helicopters radio/loudspeakers. It takes a while of poking at the screen and looking behind and under the laptop but eventually Oira gets the hang of using the laptops touchpad.

You decide to gamble the wake up song and direct Oira to the music folders. For a horrible moment you think she is going to click on Noahs folder but thankfully she clicks on Hugos folder instead. As the music starts you show Oira where to change the volume, you are pretty sure that everything on the island with ears has been now woken up.
No. 569306 ID: b7a896
Audio the_who__my_generation.mp3 - (6.15MB , the who_ my generation.mp3 )

No. 569307 ID: b7a896
File 139673064912.png - (187.86KB , 800x666 , 65.png )

You have a quick breakfast, pack up Oiras stuff and your shelter and leave the mystery island and it's bad vibes behind.

Oira seems to be glued to her seat in the center of the helicopter, but she isn't panicking.

You head southeast and start raising your altitude.
No. 569308 ID: b7a896
File 139673068681.png - (144.24KB , 800x666 , 66.png )

You fly for half an hour and reach an island chain. Off in the horizon you start seeing a dark shape and clouds, Hugo says that it must be the continent. It's about 100 klicks away so about another half an hour of flight.

You spot a village and some fishing boats on an island below you. You could land or continue towards the continent.
No. 569309 ID: 53ba34

get oira up here and see if she wants to stop here and keep going.
No. 569310 ID: 2c6ff1

Let's land and update the map. They should know where they are on it, which can give us a good idea of where to go next. Let Oira talk to them.
No. 569314 ID: ffa549

First consideration: if we stop at this village, how much fuel range / will we have remaining? How much would you expect to have left if you continue to the mainland?

Can you tell from here if the village is populated by more dog people?

And yeah, consult with your native.
No. 569320 ID: 189a54

Before you try landing, try and see how Oira feels about the village. If she seems to think it's safe, land at a respectful distance and approach on foot to request supplies and update your map. If she looks like she doesn't want to stop here, fly on.
No. 569392 ID: d80a0d

civilization ho!
No. 569449 ID: b7a896
File 139681573616.png - (151.37KB , 800x666 , 67.png )

You have one and a half hours(1.5) of fuel right now. You will have a little over an hours worth of fuel after you reach the mainland.

You ask for Oira to be sent over to the cockpit. She isn't loving flying apparently.
No. 569450 ID: b7a896
File 139681577196.png - (156.90KB , 800x666 , 68.png )

You point at the village below you and Oira awkwardly take a look while trying to lean away from the windows at the same time.

She sounds pissed and goes on what sounds like a rant?
You pantomime landing on the island and Oira waves her hands dismissively and heads back into the cargo bay.

You fly lower and have Nathan binocular the island.

"They look like more dog-people but they are all midgets, like really short."

Continue to the mainland or land on the island?
No. 569451 ID: 012266

No. 569452 ID: 2c6ff1

No. 569453 ID: 189a54

Keep flying, if Oira's against it it's probably for the best.
No. 569455 ID: 53ba34

lets keep going. sounds like she hates these guys.
No. 569457 ID: ffa549

Well, landing a helicopter among a bunch of strange people, who seem less technologically advanced, and who don't speak your language is always awkward. If they also don't get alone with your passenger, that's not going to help any.

Let's just go to the mainland and avoid the bad diplomacy. At least there hopefully there will be people glad to see you bringing her back.

Sucks that you're probably going to have to mothball the chopper after this trip, but chances of finding fuel, while low, are better on a continent to a small undeveloped island.
No. 569550 ID: d0e0a2

Actually, I think with adjustment gas turbines can run on a fairly wide variety of combustible fuel. Diesel, gasoline, kerosene, ethanol, etc. Heck, even vodka, if it's not watered down crap. So if the people on the mainland have the knowledge and technology to create distilled spirits then it's possible the 'copter could fly again on ethanol.
No. 569579 ID: d0f854

No. 569585 ID: a0267c
File 139691041648.png - (199.90KB , 800x666 , 69.png )

You decide not to land and keep flying towards the mainland.

"I wonder if anyone else got transported here" Jeff muses "Would suck to be a a fighter pilot that was transported here."

"Still nothing on the radio" Hugo reports.

You reach the mainland and see a road along the coast, you follow it south.
No. 569586 ID: a0267c
File 139691044957.png - (230.15KB , 800x685 , 70.png )

The helicopter turbines can use a wide variety of fuel, though usually it is recommended that the substitute fuels are mixed into aviation kerosene.

After a short flight you see a town and decide to do a fly by.
No. 569588 ID: a0267c
File 139691048662.png - (346.05KB , 800x666 , 71.png )

You ask Oira to come to the cockpit again, she indicates that you should land.

Should you land on the marketplace or in what appears to be a fortresses drill yard.

The people seem to be gathering to gawk at your helicopter.

"They look like humans!" Nathan shouts.

You currently have fuel for one(1) hour.
No. 569592 ID: 53ba34

the market. how would YOUR military respond if an unknown aircraft landed in the middle of your airbase? BLOW IT THE FUCK UP!

so obv we should avoid attempts at being blown up.
No. 569593 ID: 88960e

Ooh, civilization! That's nice. Although that possibly means there's a military or government getting ansy about your invasion of their airspace.

Let's look for someplace to land that's not right in the middle of town.
No. 569594 ID: e632fb

we really need fuel, so let's assume this time around that whichever place we choose to land this thing it's going to STAY there.
Now, my thoughts on the choices: Assuming whoever's there when we land will be friendly, we're better off landing in a more defensible position where we can't be swarmed, aka. Fortress.
However, I presume that we'll befriend the common people if we land in the marketplace, and since we're hoping to fly the helicopter on BEER POWER, that would probably get us closer to it, and recruit more allies due to greater exposure to individuals.
No. 569596 ID: d0f854

how about outside the city for now? otherwise you're gonna wreck everyone's shit and scare them witless.
No. 569597 ID: 2c6ff1

Can't we land outside of town? If there's nowhere with enough room... hmm. I'm not sure. Landing in the military complex sounds like a bad idea even if it would be less disruptive- they might think you're hostile, and using the loudspeakers is not guaranteed to work because they might speak a different language. Let's land in the market, I guess. We can always relocate it later.

On the other hand we could just sortof fly by the military area to see how they react. If they start running around and pointing guns at us then we should probably not land there. If they form up and one guy comes forward to gesture us down or something then we can land.
No. 569598 ID: 88960e

Actually, the biggest problem with landing in the market is people could get hurt. And we'd have to move later. The fort looks more open, and hopefully the people there are well trained enough not to run into our blades.

Our dog-person might be able to get us past language barriers.

...biggest problem is we don't know how these people will react.
No. 569606 ID: 189a54

Landing outside of the town sounds a lot safer than either of those locations. Landing in a main area of the town without any sort of clearance seems like a good way to get in trouble with whatever sort of military is based in that fort.
No. 569727 ID: ca0da5
File 139698045427.png - (234.42KB , 800x685 , AWOL 70 locations.png )

It looks like there's a large, open rock near the roadway. Would it be possible to land there? If so, again, we should keep somebody on guard while we check out the city. Heck, leave TWO people on guard, you never know what a curious person will do around a new machine.
For clarification sake, here's a guide to what spots look good for landing and what spots look bad.
No. 569750 ID: 2c6ff1

Let's land on the beach near the town, leave two people on guard, then go into town and try to contact the military so we can relocate the chopper to their base.
No. 569771 ID: 9ddf68

land on the beach away from the city. If this people have never seen a helicopter before it could cause a bit of an incident with the town's guard/cops. Best play it safe for now.
No. 569775 ID: 012266

land on the beach far away from the city so hopefully you aren't spotted and mistaken for some flying metal demon
No. 569781 ID: ca0da5

Landing at that location might leave you walking a good lengthy while to reach the town. Ask Hugo if he'd be alright staying at the helicopter, if not, have Jeff and Nathan to stay. If Hugo is alright staying, have Jeff come with you instead, but lets let Nathan stay behind for now. We're heading into a new town, so we'll want to have Noah with us, so that he can learn a bit more about these people's language, if they speak a foreign one, and having Nathan stay behind means he can determine what all you'll be able to trade in for what supplies. I know he's a Crew Chief, not a quarter's master, but he's the best suited to the job.
No. 569783 ID: e31ca1

Land on the beach nearer town, it will shorten the walk if there is danger.
If you do need to evac, it's best to be nearby so nobody gets stranded.
No. 569884 ID: d0864b

This seems like a good idea. The other beaches seem like they might be flooded at high tide and we don't really know how long it'll take us to negotiate relocation.
No. 569903 ID: b7a896
File 139708001667.png - (345.59KB , 800x666 , 72.png )

You decide not to land in middle of the town and instead meekly land outside the walls.

After the engines and rotors die down you can hear cacophony coming from the town. People shouting and horns being blown.
No. 569904 ID: b7a896
File 139708004547.png - (173.40KB , 800x666 , 73.png )

You have Hugo stay in the cockpit, Jeff manning the left door gun and Nathan watching the right side. Noah readies the rear machine gun while you and Oira get off the helicopter.

For a while nothing happens, the noise from the town starts dying down and you see movement in the windows above the gate and there are people appearing in the towers windows, but they all just stare at you.

Then the gates are opened and you see your welcoming committee.
No. 569905 ID: b7a896
File 139708007696.png - (214.39KB , 800x666 , 74.png )

So the planet of the dogs hypothesis has been overruled. Apart from the grey skin these look like humans.

About 15 people start marching towards your helicopter. No uniforms and no orderly movement, these guys look like militia.
No. 569906 ID: 53ba34

oira is your diplomat right now. have her take the lead, but cover her.
No. 569908 ID: 2c6ff1

Oh hey, a flintlock rifle! They know how to make gunpowder. If we can get precise enough tools to make blasting caps it might be possible to reload our guns by reusing shell casings. Unfortunately due to the grey skin I think we can assume they do not speak our language. I guess you can ask, but if not, Oira will have to do the talking.
No. 569910 ID: 88960e

So... don't point any guns at them yet. Body language. Smile and wave and say hello. We come in peace?

Uh, Oria, I hope you share a language with these guys.
No. 569912 ID: 6adc92

Please try not to act like friendly tourists.
You are soldiers in a foreign country and you're expected to be nice, but you have to put on a firm fucking face and meet them at the middleground. These are militiamen. They don't appear to have a uniform or a dedicated commanding officer and if you've ever dealt with militias before, you know that is not a good sign. Especially since the guy in the middle looks like some sort of person of power, a merchant, priest, nobleman, politician or somesuch, and that is bad news.
Once again, you need to make a solid first impression. You are not four stranded, confused, and easily overpowered foreigners. You are also not four boorish, strange, and terrifying men with ridiculous firepower and technology. You are four well-trained and well armed strange but amicable soldiers from a far-away country. I can't even count the number of ways this could fuck you and this community over, so let's try to make sure we fuck this up in the most peaceful possible way.
No. 569913 ID: ca0da5

The guy with the shotgun(?) looks angry, the guy with the crossbow looks a bit lethargic (possibly just doesn't care enough to figure things out one way or another), but the guy in the middle... He looks like he's carrying a mix of curiousity and agression.

Be assertive. Not agressive or passive, but assertive. Try first saying "Hello." and pausing a few seconds to see how he responds. If he doesn't seem to be about to say something, introduce yourself by name, maybe mention Oira's name questioningly, to denote for her to try talking.
No. 569920 ID: 189a54

Try to have your gunners not aim directly at the group. They look a bit tense, and if you start pointing strange weapons at them it could get scary. Attempt some small talk, first. If they don't seem to understand, try to have Oira say something and see if they'd understand that.
No. 569945 ID: 0d658b

as long as they don't point your weapons in your face, you don't need to either. be all friendly and shit. show 'em your pearlies.
No. 570920 ID: 5c2ccb
File 139760777443.png - (199.60KB , 800x666 , 75.png )

You decide to seize control of the situation and instead of letting them come right up to the helicopter you march confidently to meet them.

The group stops as you march towards them. You salute the short man who seems to be in charge, greet him and ask him if he understands what you are saying. He stares at you blankly and asks you something in a language that you don't understand but Oira steps up and answers the short man.
No. 570921 ID: 5c2ccb
File 139760780331.png - (174.80KB , 800x666 , 76.png )

The conversation sounds awkward and involves a lot of hand signs but the group seems to relax a little. The short man turns and barks some orders towards the group behind him and someone runs back inside the city.
No. 570922 ID: 5c2ccb
File 139760783083.png - (174.20KB , 800x666 , 77.png )

More people start coming out of the gates, these seem like curious civilians. Thankfully they keep their distance to the helicopter.

Then the crowd parts as a child dressed in rags is lead towards you.
No. 570923 ID: 5c2ccb
File 139760785773.png - (208.70KB , 800x666 , 78.png )

Holy hell this kid smells horrible.

The child is lead to the short man who says something to him. The child covers his mouth and speaks to you.

>"The short one wants to know who you are and warns you that if you are gods or spirits they know how to deal with your kind."

Looks like you have a translator.
No. 570942 ID: 2c6ff1

Well first off, ask how he knows your language. Second, say no, you're not gods or spirits, you're military men from what appears to be another world. You were traveling in your vehicle on the way to a military exercise when you were suddenly transported above the sea in this world. Show him the map.

Third, ask what that smell is.
No. 570950 ID: ca0da5

Oira looks... Kinda frustraded. As do the Short Man and the guy who led the kid out. I'm thinking that the scent has to do with whatever means he took to speak your language-and that he's not actually speaking your language, but has some sort of universal translator, possibly in the form of a bug or something (It's not too far-fetched to think a bug would have slight telepathic abilities and be able to speak directly to minds, is it?). Plus, it matches the fact that he's covering his mouth.
>Second, say no, you're not gods or spirits, you're military men from what appears to be another world.
Or rather, that you're soldiers, who were brought here by spirits and don't really know how to get back. While you'd fight to defend yourself, you'd prefer friendships.

Also, if it was Oira who suggested you might be gods or spirits, inform them it was a simple misunderstanding. Your vehicle (if he looks confused at this word, say "Carriage" instead) was low on fuel ("Energy"), so you landed at the island she was at, and decided to help her out, since she seemed to be stranded, and had more knowledge of the world than you did. As powerful as your vehicle is, it is not made by gods or spirits, but rather, the efforts of your species, and can only consume a very special liquid to refuel itself (Although, if he seemed to understand the other words, you could full-on say "It only accepts aviation kerosene").

Finally, he'll probably ask why you came here, you can show him the map for that, and explain that this was the closest point on land you could reach, therefore the safest to go for.
No. 570951 ID: d2995c

Say that you are the crew of this sky ship, which is from another world. Say that you are helping Oira to return to the mainland from a shipwreck, and are interested in trading for supplies. You would also like to inquire about the methods they have for dealing with spirits, since you suspect a spirit might have transported you to this world without your knowledge.

>Third, ask what that smell is.
If their culture is anything like ours that would be rather rude.
No. 570952 ID: 53ba34

sounds good. if asked about your weapons explain they are more powerful versions of what pointy helmet over there has.
No. 570953 ID: ca0da5

>which is from another world
I dunno, this may make you sound like spirits or gods or something. Let's avoid making them aggressive.
That being said, if they don't believe you that you're just ordinary people (exempting the helicopter), let them know they're free to think what they want, as long as they understand you aren't here on hostile terms.
No. 570954 ID: ca0da5

>more powerful
You kidding? That thing looks like a friggin shotgun. There variations on what it is, built to shoot quicker bullets, more bullets, and to work more easily.
No. 570956 ID: 2c6ff1

That is a flintlock rifle, near as I can tell. What sort of modern shotgun looks like that?

It could be rude, yes, but nobody else smells that bad, and I'm thinking it might be some sort of herb or tonic producing the smell that's necessary for his job. Or maybe he's in disguise and the smell is whatever he's using to make his skin grey.
No. 570958 ID: ca0da5

"Modern" shotgun? I was talking about the makeshift shotgun. http://www.deviantart.com/art/homemade-shotgun-184983946

It could be either or, really. Probably safe to assume it's the more dangerous form.
No. 570959 ID: 2c6ff1

If you weren't talking about a modern shotgun then it is not comparable to anything on the helicopter. No military man would use a homemade shotgun either, what is wrong with you?
No. 570960 ID: 53ba34

it is VERY VERY obviously a flintlock rifle.
No. 570964 ID: 2f4b71

You've seen SG1, right Keith? You're 'travellers'. Channel O'Neill.
No. 570967 ID: 824f43

You're not gods or spirits. You're just men who don't know how you got here or how to get home.

...how is it you know our language, by the way? (The fact he does is a good thing. It may mean the connection between wherever we are are home wasn't a random one time thing. That it's happened before, and we might be able to get back).

I'd avoid "other world" talk. We don't know 100% that that's true, and it's entirely too mystical sounding for people worried about gods or spirits.
No. 570999 ID: d45c9b

sing a song titled I'm Just A Man. there are like a zillion of them to choose from.
No. 571012 ID: 3a1f17

Take a moment to consider the famous quote "If someone asks you if you are a god, you say yes". Sadly as a sane member of the human race you will never get to answer this question in the affirmative. Explain that you are just a simple man with a flying machine and you are looking for a way home. You miggggght be a bit lost though and miggggght need a map to find your way home. You also might need some gasoline if they even know what that is.
No. 571075 ID: a0267c
File 139768344151.png - (78.75KB , 600x500 , 79.png )

You avoid talking about the "other world" for now and assure the child that you are just regular men, travelers who have lost their way and in need of some supplies.

You ask the child how can he speak your language.

>"I was born with the gift of tongues."

As he offers no elaboration so you ask what Oira is saying.

>"The white naki says that you are nobels from the far west. She says she is your liason."

Nobles? Liason? Why is she saying that?

Finally you decide to ask about the kids smell that has been bugging you, its like spoiled food or compost.
No. 571076 ID: a0267c
File 139768347167.png - (59.99KB , 600x500 , 80.png )

The child is quiet for a while before speaking again.

"What will you pay me to tell all this truthfully to the Short one?"
No. 571078 ID: 53ba34

"we have a large box of goods in our vehicle, i am sure something in it would be of interest to you, after we are done here you can look through it, none of our weapons though, i doubt anyone here would be too happy with that."

anyway, she thinks you are nobles because you appear to have valuable items compared to a lot of people. and liason in this context means inter-species communicator.

also answer the initial question, no you are not gods or spirits.
No. 571079 ID: 2c6ff1

I think Oira knows the culture of these grey men and claiming to be nobles would be in our favor. So respond by saying as a matter of fact you'd like him to support your liason's story, rather than telling the truth. Ask him what would be useful to him. Our currency would not be of any use, that's for sure. If we have anything he requests, we can fish some out of the now mostly useless supplies, but of course we would not want to pay him in front of the Short One.

Ask him for information about the city. They didn't seem to like him very much despite his gift, why is that? Do they have a barter system in the market or is it currency only?
No. 571084 ID: ca0da5

>She says she is your liason.
Liaison: 1 A channel for communication between groups
...Well, in a way, she is. She is the one who tells you what's safe and what isn't, and she communicates for you when a translator isn't present.

Let's avoid mentioning that we have a large box. Say that you probably don't have any proper currency for this land, but you may be able to come up with supplies, and ask if he's interested in anything in particular.
>"What will you pay me to tell all this truthfully to the Short one?"
Tell him that regardless of your status, you did lose the ability to return home-the vehicle that carried you here will not make it all the way back there as is. Just because you're nobles does not mean you cannot travel, and being lost doesn't mean you don't know the way back, just that you don't know of a working way to get back.
No. 571085 ID: 53ba34

that.... has nothing to do with his question.
No. 571087 ID: ca0da5

It's basically stating that both statements are true, neither is a lie. While Keith could certainly pay the child, it doesn't matter which the child claims is true.
No. 571091 ID: 6adc92

Oh god. This poor kid.
The gift of tongues.
Perhaps literally. God, so that's what the smell is. And the hand over the mouth.
Well done hero, you just pointed out that the goddamn orcale is blind as a bat. Don't do anything stupid like say, "OHMYGOD YOU DO ACTUALLY HAVE LITERAL TONGUES,!?!"
Or something.
But really, ask him what his stake in all this is. Does he want material goods? Knowledge? Or perhaps he wishes to see the world, though that may be difficult as this community evidently has some...strings attached to him.
"We're resourceful."
No. 571098 ID: 2c6ff1

The child is saying he wants to be paid or else he'll tell a harmful lie to the Short One.
No. 571112 ID: ca0da5

Oh. Ooooh. So he's trying to blackmail us.

If some kind of battle is started here, you could certainly defend yourselves, though you'd prefer to stay at peace, but I say stick it to the kid, tell him, "Kid, you see those weapons my guys got? They could kill you in one second from clear across the city. If you try to start something, I'll make sure you're the first one shot."
No. 571113 ID: ca0da5

In other words, "I'm paying you the chance to live."
No. 571125 ID: e3aff6

See this? This is the less bad things that can come of insulting magic people. Next time try to be more tactful around people with unknown powers.
Supporting >>571091

Lets not try to threaten someone who has a monopoly on our ability to communicate. Even if we make the very generous assumption that these guys pose no threat to us, hostility with them will still make things much more difficult.
No. 571148 ID: fdea40

>Kid wants payment
Chocolate bar. I mean come on, he's obviously not pampered (the smell), we don't have any local currency, and someone must have at least one bar hidden away.
No. 571153 ID: 824f43

>Nobles? Liason? Why is she saying that?
It's how she understands it, I suppose. That, or she sees an advantage to not representing your group completely honestly to these people, for some reason.

>What will you pay me to tell all this truthfully to the Short one
...geeze, I'm sorry if that was a rude question. (You don't have to resort to extortion).

Isn't the 'short one' (doesn't he have a name?) expecting you to translate honestly? Don't you have a vested interest in things not going terribly wrong due to misinformation being passed around?
No. 571154 ID: d315b1

Open up an MRE and give him the Charms. He won't even realize he's being insulted.
No. 571242 ID: a0267c
File 139775986628.png - (207.31KB , 800x666 , 81.png )

You are not going to threaten a kid! Even if they are blackmailing you.

"Payment for a service, sounds fair. So what do you want? Money? Goods? Sweets? Adventure around the world? Whatever you want we can hook you up. Also i apologize if i insulted you."

>"Money is no use to me since no one will sell me anything. I will trust you to keep your word so we will discuss payment later. If anyone saw you give me something they would steal it from me the moment you would turn your back."

"What is it with this city? Why are you treated so badly even though you have such a gift?"

>"The people say i was born bad and refuse to even acknowledge my existence unless they need something translated. As for the town, it exists only for fishing and trade. It's hollow."

"Would the short man really believe you if you told lies and wouldn't misinformation hurt your uh... profession?"

>"They usually take anything i say with a grain of salt. But now they are frightened and will trust my word over such a ragged looking naki 'liason'."
No. 571243 ID: a0267c
File 139775992510.png - (154.46KB , 800x666 , 82.png )

After being assured that he will be paid the child promises only to translate what you wish him to say.

You tell the kid to back up Oiras story, you are not gods or spirits but nobels from far away and she is your liaison. You are looking for some supplies and information (maps).

The child speaks to the short man and then translates his answer.

>"The small one wants to examine your air ship and test that you really are just a man. If you pass he wishes for you to fly into the fortress where there are less spying ears and eyes around. He offers you a feast to keep you from flying away before someone smarter comes to talk to you."
No. 571246 ID: ca0da5

Yeah alright, despite his previous threat I think the kid means well, he just wants to get something, he's surrounded by idiots who treat him poorly. I think we should definitely consider bringing him with us... If we can convince him to take a bath (Hopefully it's just that he's not allowed to right now).

Avoiding somebody smarter than the Small One is probably a good idea, as long as he agrees to let you keep one or two men behind on the helicopter. Also, you should probably ask if they have a similar diet to Nokis (Nokies?), since it seems your diet is similar to theirs. Oh, and ask the kid (but not to translate it for you) if he thinks you could convince the small one to allow him to feast with you, even if only after a bath (Again, no offense, I'm just saying that the short one might be offended by the scent, we can handle it just fine), or if we'll have to try and get some food to him in secret. This kid could wind up being damned useful, I say get him as an ally, convince him that not everybody hates him for his mutation.
No. 571248 ID: ca0da5

Also, I like how he keeps slipping bits of a smile at us. ...THough it does seem to show that his mouth is a lot wider than everybody else's. Maybe the gift of tongues means a wider jaw to fit the extra tongues, assuming it is literal.
No. 571249 ID: f12e94

Someone smarter, eh? That sounds like something we should have a conversation about. To cover for that I suppose we should talk about the main constraint on our flying vehicle right now, the fuel. The sort of questions translator boy would have to ask, and have to answer, about that should cover for us talking about other things for a bit, like what's everybody here going to want from us and whether they even have any information we'd be after.
No. 571250 ID: e31ca1

So uh this test.... does it happen to involve any kind of drowning or burning or other such lethal primitive religious nonsense?
No. 571261 ID: 2c6ff1

He keeps covering his mouth... I wonder what there is to hide. Or maybe his breath stinks and he's being polite about it? Hmm, now we know the dog people are called Naki.

I'm not sure we want to park in the middle of a military fort manned by people who don't trust us and want something from us. Giving powerful strangers a feast is usually followed by asking for their power in private, if not drugging them and stealing their shit.

Hmm, maybe you can ask the kid if these guys can be trusted not to try to steal from you if you land in their fort. Or, if we turn down whatever proposition they have would they try to press the issue?
No. 571299 ID: 53ba34

try to explain that it is low on gas, uhh, oil? fire water?
No. 571305 ID: ca0da5

We had fuel for an hour just before landing, I'm pretty sure we still got at least 45 minutes worth of fuel.
No. 571331 ID: 824f43

Yeah, I think the right course here is to treat the kid right. Everyone's apparently treated him like shit, and it's to our advantage to have the translator biased in our favor. I'll happily pay his price for that.

I mean hey, weird smell or not, you shouldn't treat people like crap and only use them when they're useful.

>test that you really are just a man
Nothing against the man, but tests of mortality don't sound terribly appealing. What did he have in mind?

>want to examine your ship
We'll give a tour, but I'm not giving them free reign to poke and prod it.

>before someone smarter comes to talk to you
I'll assume that's the kid's editorial commentary, rather than what the short man said. Is there someone in particular we should be worried about or expecting to show up?
No. 571346 ID: 9294dc

no way, man. don't let them touch Betty.
No. 571407 ID: a0267c
File 139787073457.png - (144.93KB , 800x666 , 83.png )

"Hold on first i want to know that they have everything i need, maps and uhh.. Benzine? Oil? some burning liquid."

"The short one assures that they will show you all the maps they have and will do their best to find what you need if you fly into the fortress."

"Alright when he says test does he mean..."
No. 571408 ID: a0267c
File 139787075621.png - (227.98KB , 800x666 , 84.png )

No. 571409 ID: a0267c
File 139787080858.png - (163.63KB , 800x666 , 85.png )

...Ok that happened. Is that a mobius ring he is holding?

"Is that good? Did i pass?"

>"The tiny being says that you have passed the test just as he predicted. His men will check that your ship is really made out of metal and he will believe that you are just men."

"So if we accept his offer we won't get drugged and have our stuff stolen at the fort right?"

The boy gives you a weird look before he answers.

>"You ride around in a flying ship, you walk up to a group of armed men without fear, you claim to be nobels. The short one won't dare to try anything."

"Ask him if you can join us at the feast too, and if you can get a bath."

The boy actually laughs before he starts translating. The short man looks quite pained when he gives his answer.

>"He says that i can join you if it pleases you, also i am starting to believe that you are nobels."

"Huh, so who are these people they are expecting?"

>"Most likely envoys of Hermes the Greatest. Big important men from the capital."

"Whats up with the hand in front of your mouth anyway?"

The child thinks for a moment before answering

>"Want to see?"
No. 571412 ID: 2c6ff1

It's probably something to do with his gift of tongues. It'll probably be freaky, but yeah let's see what it is.
No. 571418 ID: eb10ea

Would anything surprise you at this point?
No. 571470 ID: 7a750e

yes. yes, you would.
No. 571515 ID: ca0da5

Well, try to understand, it might not just be multiple tongues. It might be monsterous tongues. I mean, tongues that aren't entirely human and don't exactly resemble any animal you'd recognize. They might even be oddly colored or something like that.

It's also possible that it's something else entirely. Let him know that you might lose your composure for a few seconds, but that you would still like to see.
No. 571525 ID: ec2e47

Maybe his mouth is full of tiny snake heads or something. I would be curious to see that.
No. 571566 ID: 2f4b71

If it's Cymothoa Exigua, attempt not to freak out.
No. 571668 ID: f12e94

Different planet and the kid is a surface creature instead of a fish so it's not that exactly. I guess it could be some freaky parasite that ate the kid's real tongue and planted itself in its place, or it could be a mouth filled with multiple tongue, or who knows?
No. 571740 ID: 16863f
File 139804267382.png - (129.73KB , 800x666 , 86.png )

You kneel down and the child removes his hand. His mouth is unnaturally big.
No. 571743 ID: 16863f
File 139804270027.png - (151.21KB , 800x666 , 87.png )

Oh! So he has another mouth inside his mouth. It's strange but you were actually expecting something even stranger.

>"This mouth can do lots of things, like eat spoiled and rotten food without ill effects and..."
No. 571745 ID: 16863f
File 139804272573.png - (114.06KB , 800x666 , 88.png )

No. 571748 ID: 16863f
File 139804275804.png - (187.26KB , 800x666 , 89.png )

Oira just kicked that kid in the head!

And and now she is yelling at the short guy and the short guy sounds apologetic.

And the crowd is just laughing like this is some comedy and and...

What the fuck?
No. 571754 ID: d2995c

That is indeed not as crazy as I might have guessed. I was wondering about an alien version of that fish parasite that eats their tongue and takes its place.

Oira probably considers the second mouth thing demonic and/or extremely rude. Fortunately the crowd is just amused rather than being similarly hostile to him. Apologize to the kid and help him up, then ask him what Oira is yelling about.
No. 571755 ID: ca0da5

Try an calm Oira down. That's... Really all I can suggest right now.
No. 571760 ID: ca65e6

Superstition. Or well-founded fear... maybe people like him have been cannibals.

Try to convey to Oira that the sentiment is appreciated but she's your liason, not your bodyguard. Let's not use the kid for translation, though- she actively distrusts him now at the very least.
No. 571762 ID: ca0da5

>Try to convey to Oira that the sentiment is appreciated but she's your liason, not your bodyguard.
Oh, yes, this is a good thing to do after calming her down. Do you know of a good way to convey the message without translation?

Also: That stentch totally WAS rotten foods! Gross. At least it's harmless to the kid, though.
No. 571765 ID: 824f43

Hey, hey! Not cool!

If the feared noble shows displeasure, I expect the crowd will quite down fast.

Help the kid up, and try to calm Oira, down. I think she thought you were in danger, or maybe that he was threatening you. Kicking a kid isn't cool though, second set of teeth or no.
No. 571856 ID: 189a54

Yikes. Calm Oira down somehow, and try to get the kid to explain what exactly just happened.
No. 571858 ID: 23e893

be all like bitch why you trippin'
No. 571859 ID: ca65e6

Oh, I'd like to point out one serious mistake we could make here- taking the kid's side. Everyone hates him, so if we try to defend him we will lose favor with everyone present. We can just straight up tell him this since nobody can understand what we're saying but him.
No. 571860 ID: 53ba34

simple enough, explain that if the kid is incapacitated, we wont have anyone to translate to their boss. and we have to sit around for hours trying to dance our way through negotiations.
No. 571950 ID: a0267c
File 139820755259.png - (232.25KB , 800x666 , 90.png )

You help the kid up and apologize for your 'liaison.'

"It's alright i am used to it."

Christ. You ask the kid what is Oira shouting about to the short one and why is she so worked up.

"Oh she is just furious that a 'demonborn' like me has been allowed to grow up. The short one is telling her that i am their problem and they know what they are doing."
No. 571952 ID: a0267c
File 139820765819.png - (281.50KB , 800x666 , 91.png )

You turn around and loudly clear your throat, the crowd quiets down to a murmur.

"Please tell my liaison not to kick you anymore since i need you to translate for me. Sorry i can't really stand up for you."

>"It's fine I understand."

The child translates and then start translating Oiras and the Short ones speeches.

>"The short one says that there will be other translators with the envoys and apologizes for forcing you to deal with me. The Naki says that i should not be trusted for i am not a real child."

Suddenly Nathan speaks to you on your radio.

>"Captain these people are crowding around the helicopter, couple of the have been trying to sell some stuff to us and we have been keeping them outside the helo. But the crowd is getting bigger and Noah is starting to look anxious."

The short one speaks while glanzing at the crowd, the child translates.

>"The small one pleads you to fly into the fortress for the feast, he is paranoid about foreign spies."
No. 571955 ID: 53ba34

yeah, i guess. besides, not like anyone could steal it, and if they somehow figure out how to get it off the ground, they wont go very far. but civvies could break things or steal bits from it.
No. 571962 ID: ca0da5

Right... Once you get a chance to have the kid translate directly to Oira, tell her that where you come from, "Demonborn" are treated like normal people, your people just find ways to make them more normal. It's not exactly a lie, since there are "mutants", born with defects, and methods are studied to help them fit into society.
Uh, for now, though, have him translate that his enthusiasm is encouraging. He only showed you his defect because you mentioned not having seen such a person before, and wanted him to show it. The kid may be loyal to a fault, but he's loyal. How can the Short One promise loyalty from the next translators? After all, if they aren't demonborn, they have stuff to fall back upon, this kid doesn't, and failure to do his job as you have asked would just be detrimental to him.
No. 571964 ID: ca65e6

Yeah, this seems like a good time as any to fly into the fort.

As soon as we get another translator I'd like to find out what demonborn are. We're missing a lot of information and making judgements based on first impressions. It would be a VERY good idea to find out more about this world before we go trusting the kid any more than we do, which should be not a lot.

Hmm, that gesture Oira is making seems important, see if you can figure out what she's saying from pantomime. Do not rely on the kid to speak to Oira.
No. 572022 ID: d2995c

Make sure to have the kid tell the Short One to have people move away from our airship before we lift off.

>where you come from, "Demonborn" are treated like normal people, your people just find ways to make them more normal.
That would be inaccurate; mutants on earth don't have magical powers, or the possible side effects related to those.

From what we have seen so far from the kid, he is clever and self-serving, but seems to have good reason to be. The fact that he seemed willing to show and discuss what he can do are points in his favor, but independent information about him would still be very good to have.
No. 572023 ID: 53ba34

she's miming "gnashing teeth!"
No. 572044 ID: 824f43

I suppose moving the heli is better than letting the crowd mob it. They could damge something, or someone could get hurt. Make sure we get everyone back before taking off.

>I'm used to it
Doesn't make it right, kid.

We'll have to see if we can get Oira calmed down after that too. Maybe without using the kid, since he seems to set her off.

...hey, does he have a name?
No. 572051 ID: d0f81e

tell that dorf to get his peeps away from our shit. then fly it inside. and never leave it unguarded.
No. 572417 ID: ca0da5

Alright, we'll settle the matter of the kid later, though my advice is to "Ponder" on the matter for now. If the dwarf or Oira ask why the kid's coming with, "You still need a translator for now, and he's proven loyal to your orders enough to come along a bit longer."
No. 572459 ID: a0267c
File 139855373550.png - (242.48KB , 800x666 , 92.png )

"Hey kid, what's your name?"


You wonder what is Aaras agenda and why he is being treated so badly by everyone, maybe the envoys will be able to explain things to you. For now the kid is staying with you and Oira will just have to deal with it.

You tell the short one to get the crowd away from your ship.

You get on the helicopter and tell Hugo to fly you to the fortress. Then you explain the situation to the crew, namely that Aara is a translator with an extra mouth and that you are all now part of the nobility and have been invited to a feast.
No. 572460 ID: a0267c
File 139855384595.png - (249.22KB , 800x666 , 93.png )

As the engines roar to life the crowd quickly disperses around the helicopter.

>"If we are nobility do we get to choose our titles? Can i be a baron?" Jeff asks.

>"I wanna be a count!" Noah says.

>"You would have to own land to be a baron or a count. I think since we are flying a sea knight the title of a knight would be fitting." Nathan muses.

>"Wasn't your family actual nobility in the past captain?"

Ugh. Regrettably the Rhyders or Riders are an old military family yes, and you have been told that someone from your family was an actually Marquess at some point in history. But that was a long time ago and you have never really cared about your families history.
No. 572461 ID: a0267c
File 139855389145.png - (285.48KB , 800x666 , 94.png )

Hugo lands you in middle of the fortresses drill yard. You ask for a volunteer to stay and watch the helicopter.


Looks like you will have to pick someone to stay: Hugo, Nathan, Noah, Jeff or You(Yea right.)
You could just close the rear ramp and lock the door. It's a military vehicle so it would take something heftier than a crowbar for someone to get inside.
No. 572465 ID: ca0da5

You know what, let's just lock it up. We didn't before because we wanted to know everybody could be safe when split up, but this time we're all sticking together anyways.
No. 572479 ID: ca65e6

Yeah... just lock it.
No. 572503 ID: 2f4b71

The probably only vehicle that can get you home, a vehicle that is filled with somewhat delicate equipment (e.g. turbines) that you cannot repair with out modern machine tools, and want to leave it just lying around?
Heck, it's pretty much the most valuable thing on the planet at the moment. TWO guys should stay with it.
No. 572563 ID: a0267c
File 139863664028.png - (226.23KB , 800x666 , 95.png )

You decide to just lock up the helicopter and have everyone attend the feast.

After a short wait a woman comes to greet you and motions for you to follow her.
No. 572565 ID: a0267c
File 139863667695.png - (244.58KB , 800x666 , 96.png )

You follow your guide as she leads you under the fortress, you start making a mental map as you go on.

It's quite dark and as you move through the corridors you are assaulted by all kinds of smells from different doorways. Fish, spices, gunpowder, metal and something rotting.
No. 572566 ID: a0267c
File 139863673748.png - (300.81KB , 800x666 , 97.png )

Finally you reach a large room and the guide turns to speak to you and Aara translates.

"The feast will take time to prepare and your host won't be joining you until after the envoys have arrived to avoid talking through me. They have delivered everything that you have requested and now she want's to take me to a bath."

On the far wall you see another dog-person, oddly Oira spares him just a glance and then completely ignores him.
No. 572567 ID: ca0da5

Well, at least the Short One is sticking true to his promise to let Aara join you. I was going to say you should stick to your word and have him eat at the feast too, even if you got a new translator, glad to know you didn't have to stick it to them.
No. 572573 ID: 824f43

That tapestry on the wall. The style of ship depicted looks Greek. Like, The Iliad and the Odyssey old Greek. Might fit with you not being the first people from earth to get here. Hell, maybe there's a factual basis for the Odyssey here.

Check out the maps! Figure out where you are, and where the island was, and where Oira is from.
No. 572599 ID: d2995c

Or they could just have their own history of triremes-style ships; there are a number of similarities after all. (Besides, they don't seem to recognize us as any sort of mythical figure unless they are hiding the recognition for some reason.)
I agree with checking the maps though.
No. 572601 ID: 53ba34

they flat out asked us "are you gods?"
i am willing to be that "gods" from other worlds have appeared before.
No. 572602 ID: ca65e6

I wonder if the other dog being a servant is some sort of cultural taboo. That, or is there some sort of difference between the two dogs? Different tribes maybe?

Ask Oira about it.
No. 572603 ID: 53ba34

or... maybe let's not ask. she probably sees dogs often enough that there is really no point getting worked up about seeing another one.
No. 573072 ID: 11e68d
File 139921055288.png - (203.00KB , 800x666 , 98.png )

You start to ask Oira about the other dog-person but then have second thoughts, Aara is already being lead to the baths anyway.

Oira makes a beeline to the maps, you decide to inspect them too and grab the first map.
No. 573073 ID: 11e68d
File 139921058834.png - (440.45KB , 800x666 , 99.png )


Calling this thing a map feels like an insult to real maps.

You go over and look at what maps Oira is studying.
No. 573074 ID: 11e68d
File 139921063305.png - (400.94KB , 800x932 , 100.png )

This map seems slightly better. Oira starts talking to you while pointing at the map and you gather that:

1. is where you are now.

2. is where Oira is from.

When you ask which island she was stranded on she doesn't seem to be sure.

>"These barrels and bottles are filled with all kinds of alcoholic drinks. How about some Apéritifs while we wait for the feast and test how strong these spirit are." Nathan calls to you.
No. 573109 ID: ca65e6

I see two useful bits of information: 1, there's cat people around too. 2, there's PALE humanoids in the upper-right. I wonder if any other humans have come before we got here, and set up a civilization?

Can we figure out the general location where we warped in, considering we now know the scale of the map? The islands nearby aren't particularly scattered so we can get at least a vague area.
No. 573114 ID: ca0da5

Pale humanoids are in the upper left, too, of the first map. Maybe gesture at them and pinch your skin, then mention "Aara" (since he's the only grayskin who's name we know) while pointing at the gray skins. Throw in a shrug for good measure at convincing her it's a question.
No. 573119 ID: 6c6fbc

>"These barrels and bottles are filled with all kinds of alcoholic drinks. How about some Apéritifs while we wait for the feast and test how strong these spirit are." Nathan calls to you.
Seriously, don't. This is not a time for getting tanked.
No. 573121 ID: a95b2e

>When you ask which island she was stranded on she doesn't seem to be sure.
Well, we can kind of guess where we've been by following our own measurements backwards. We know the headings and distances we traveled, we're just limited by the accuracy of the map.

..this is probably a time for us to keep our heads. I mean, things seem to be going well so far, but I wouldn't let your guard down that much.
No. 573122 ID: 255949

someone needs to be sober for the meeting. I suggest you don't partake.
No. 573124 ID: ca65e6

Well, if someone stays sober and keeps the helicopter keys, then it should be fine to drink. I mean, otherwise someone may ask one of the drunkies for a tour of the heli... However they may want us to drink as a cultural thing during the feast. If we get drunk BEFORE the feast then we'll get EVEN MORE drunk during it, which would be bad for everyone.

On the other hand, knowing which drinks are strongest would be a good idea. We can either just take a taste to see how they rank up, or ask Oira in some manner.
No. 573189 ID: f88655

>How about some Apéritifs while we wait for the feast and test how strong these spirit are.
If we are going to get drunk (by an unknown amount, at that), I think it can wait until after the important diplomatic meeting rather than before.
No. 574037 ID: a0267c
File 139985632352.png - (332.14KB , 800x666 , 101.png )

You start retracing your flight path. You traveled from the island to southeast for 200 kilometers to reach this town, so the island is somewhere around there. And you got to the island by flying 400 kilometers south. So your 'warp' location is in the middle of the sea.
Using the known length of 200 kilometers you count that the distance to Oiras home is some 3000 kilometers... In a straight line...

You point at the pale dude on the first map and then pinch your cheek and try to ask if they are people like you and your crew. Oira points at the dog-person and the pale dude then points at herself and you.
Then she takes your arm and makes you do some kind of greeting gesture with her?

You mention Aara and point at the gray people on the map. Oira makes a dismissive gesture and blows air through her teeth. Guess She doesn't care for the grays much.
No. 574038 ID: a0267c
File 139985641989.png - (301.92KB , 800x666 , 102.png )

You go over to your crew and inform them that no one is allowed to get smashed.

>"Right-o Captain. We are sophisticated Nobles now who know words like moderation and self-control." Nathan explains.

>"We could spit some out like those really sophisticated wine drinkers do." Noah suggests.

You know your men, they might mess around a little but they know better than to get tanked in this situation. Still you ask them to have restraint since you might be served more drinks during the feast.

>"Less drinking, More thinking." "Keep the plug on the jug." "Don't be dumb, don't drink rum." "You Booze, you lose."

The crew has fun spouting anti-drinking slogans while they proceed to taste all the drinks. Most of the containers hold wines or beers and only one jug contains hard liquor that might be high enough percentage to be used as fuel.
No. 574039 ID: a0267c
File 139985649323.png - (436.17KB , 1000x856 , 103.png )

Eventually Aara comes back from the bath with new set of clothing and with a pleasant new odor.

He informs you that the feast won't be ready anytime soon so you have some time to kill. You could go exploring or wait here patiently.
No. 574048 ID: c170fd

Sounds like the pale humanoids are allies with Oira's people.

Ask Aara why Oira's ignoring the servant. Also, explore.
No. 574065 ID: ca0da5

Let's not mention names specifically. "It seems the servent here is ignored. Ignoring names, is there a particular reason you can think of, or just personal choices?"
No. 574084 ID: 53ba34

yeah don't name names and tell him not to ether. you want to know what's up. do they just not talk to eachother because clans or something?
No. 574098 ID: 257051

I'd ask if he knows what the picture on the wall depicts. See if that's a connection or clue or a just a coincidence of different worlds having similar looking ships.

>He informs you that the feast won't be ready anytime soon
Hmm. I wonder if they're hoping they can get us smashed, by stalling long enough. I suppose that's one tactic for getting information out of people.
No. 574182 ID: 166ec0

snoop through the building. go around opening doors and chests looking for useful loot and walking into rooms you kinda shouldn't but if you do people will be too confused to be angry at you.
No. 574268 ID: a9b245
File 140001676160.png - (231.60KB , 800x666 , 104.png )

You ask Aara about the ship tapestry and it's meaning. He starts reading the text from the bottom of the tapestry.

>"It depicts the sinking of the Mihirung and her crew in a storm. The story says that the island of Keri started to sink during a terrible storm. Brave volunteers from the town of Old-Vohma boarded the galley Mihirung and started ferrying people from the island to the town. They managed to save most of the islands inhabitants before the ship was capsized by a wave and everyone aboard drowned."

You can't remember the name of Odysseys ship but you doubt it was "Mihirung"
No. 574269 ID: a9b245
File 140001683218.png - (247.25KB , 800x666 , 105.png )

"Riddle me this Aara. Let's say that someone decided to ignore this servant. What would their reasoning on doing so be?"

>"...Because he is a slave?"

Oh. Yeah that would probably be it.
No. 574270 ID: a9b245
File 140001687291.png - (153.15KB , 800x666 , 106.png )

You poke your head out of the door and see a stairway leading up and a twisting hallway leading onward. You hear the distant rumbling of thunder through the window.
No. 574273 ID: 189a54

Take Oira up the stairs, have a nice time in the rain while you wait. Maybe you can get her to teach you some basic phrases to impress the other feast members with.
No. 574285 ID: 53ba34

that seems incredibly complicated. lets just wander the halls a bit with aara and see things out.
No. 574301 ID: b9c596

Thunder in the distance might mean a storm moving in. Ask about the weather around here and take any steps necessary to prepare your chopper for what might be coming.
No. 574316 ID: c170fd

Is it thunder, or just something that sounds like thunder? I want to see what stormy weather looks like here.

Ask Aara why they needed to confirm your helicopter was made of metal. (Oira seemed to be doing the same thing shortly after we met her...) Also ask what the "gods" looked like that showed up before and got driven off by the mobious strip thing. Ask what other magic tricks the short one knows.
No. 574334 ID: fb1059

Would that be the sound of thunder, or perhaps the sound of black-powder being applied to your helicopter?
No. 574517 ID: 9a281a

...yeah. If there's a rough storm coming in, we may need to take some precautions. Although our bird might be sheltered somewhat by the fort we landed in.
No. 574532 ID: a49316

a mihirung is an extinct relative of the ostrich, only bigger and fonder of the taste of meat.

go up the stairs.
No. 574743 ID: dc0200
File 140028137769.png - (195.10KB , 800x666 , 107.png )

You are confident that your chopper is safe inside the walls of the fortress from a storm. And there is no mistaking that low rumble of approaching thunder.
Aand you don't believe that any black-powder weapons or these people have could even damage a military helicopter.

You ask Oira and Aara to follow you and start heading up the stairs. Oira (who grabbed some new clothes) glares at Aara but thankfully refrains from kicking him again.

"So Aara, why did the short one need to confirm that my airship was made out of metal? Also has there been other gods around that have been driven off by the short ones 'magic'"

>"Spirits don't like to touch metal. And god just means a very strong spirit. The short ones trinkets might have worked on a regular spirit and driven it off. But if a spirit was strong enough to take a form of a mortal, touch metal and withstand the noise your air-ship made it would be strong enough to ignore the short ones commands. He was just putting up an act to impress you."
No. 574744 ID: dc0200
File 140028144052.png - (329.35KB , 800x666 , 108.png )

You reach the second floor, there are two doors to your sides and more stairs at the end of the room. You hear muffled talk coming behind the door on the left.

You ask Oira about any phrases that might make a good impression on the hosts.

>"The naki says that you should just do this greeting sign. It has something to do with the grays cripple god and they love it when some foreigner knows it."
No. 574747 ID: 2bfcdf

Cool. Wait a minute... I think Aara is messing with you. She's making a sour expression right? That suggests he asked her what you SHOULDN'T do. See if you can pantomime to confirm it's a good thing, but if you can't make things any clearer, let's not risk it. Ask him what he was about to say about his second mouth before Oira kicked him in the head.
No. 574755 ID: fdaa1c

Yeah, we better make sure we aren't about to get pranked by the translator like in Ace Ventura 2. Make sure with Oira directly that that hand sign is a GOOD thing, and not the local freeway salute.
No. 574788 ID: ca0da5

I think she's just making that face because she doesn't like their god, hence referring to them as a "Cripple" god. She feels uncomfortable making that gesture because she doesn't believe in that god.
No. 574807 ID: 4ddc02

ask Aara if she's lying.
No. 574811 ID: 3d8583
File 140034836248.png - (235.77KB , 800x666 , 109.png )

Something seems fishy, you try pantomiming to Oira that you are confused about the hand signs meaning. Oira seems to get that there is something going on with the translation and goes to fix the translator.

"Let's get this hand sign business cleared up, both of you are telling the truth right? Neither of you are trying to play me and get me to blow off the hosts?"
No. 574812 ID: 3d8583
File 140034840444.png - (185.11KB , 800x666 , 110.png )

Aara gets Oira to calm down and then starts talking to you.

>"The hand sign is good, it's good! Look there on that tapestry! The cripple god is making the sign himself!"

Oh. So it would seem.

"Earlier you were explaining what your mouth could do but you got rudely interrupted. What were you trying to say?"

>"Let's see, tongues, eating waste and... And i can perfectly mimic other peoples voices!"
No. 574819 ID: 2bfcdf

Hah, cute. I bet he's had fun with that. Ask him if he's pulled any funny pranks with that.
No. 574886 ID: 05f838

okay, okay, let's get down to bznzz. go left.
No. 574932 ID: 2bfcdf

Also uh try to call off Oira, obviously.
No. 574964 ID: e31ca1

You sure he's not flipping somebody else off
*in* the tapestry? Anyways, might be careful about using it unless they use it on your first.
No. 575562 ID: 21d0a5
File 140089899533.png - (218.69KB , 800x666 , 111.png )

There is no one else in the tapestry, though it might be that the god is flipping off anyone who is looking at the tapestry. Maybe you will just restrain yourself from doing any hand signs.

"So Aara have you pulled any funny pranks with that mimicry skill?"

>"Oh yes, i have had tons of fun and managed to get food and secrets out of people. Though nowadays the locals know better than to trust even a familiar voice if they can't see the speaker."
No. 575563 ID: 21d0a5
File 140089905226.png - (277.77KB , 800x666 , 112.png )

You open the Left door and find three men inside playing dice. An awkward silence fills the room.
No. 575567 ID: 53ba34

you play some dice? say you wish to play a round.
No. 575573 ID: 9a281a

Just wave and smile, and move on.

There's no good result to gaming with them. If you lose, you look bad. If you win, you're the foreign jerk coming into their game and they can't just kick you out.
No. 575736 ID: 20208d
File 140102775220.png - (190.71KB , 800x666 , 113.png )

You give a little wave and a smile and close the door leaving the three men in their confusion.

There is a door on the right and stairs leading up.
No. 575797 ID: 2bfcdf

Take the stairs.
No. 575910 ID: 53ba34

hmm... yeah sure.
No. 576063 ID: 20208d
File 140114919679.png - (90.14KB , 800x533 , 114.png )

You head up the stairs, they lead you up to the fortresses walls. You head outside.
No. 576064 ID: 20208d
File 140114922870.png - (446.74KB , 1200x800 , 115.png )

You spend a moment looking at the approaching storm and listening to the distant thunder.

Finally Oira breaks the silence.

>"The naki wants to know where do you really hail from. And why did you come here."
No. 576065 ID: 2bfcdf

You're from what seems to be another world, and you didn't choose to come here. It just happened. Ask how most people would react to that sort of thing.

Ask Aara if he had put any thought into what he wants as his payment. At this point he seems to have a pretty shitty life, so he's probably going to ask to come along and for you to protect him. Surely not every culture here thinks of him as a demon-child, though... Why DO they think of him as a demon-child anyway? Is that superstition or is it something close to the truth?
No. 576085 ID: 9a281a

We're from... very far away, I think. Maybe even another world. We were out on a routine mission to deliver supplies when the sea and sky changed. And when we tried to retrace our path, the land we left wasn't there.

I don't know how we got here. Or how to get back. We didn't come on purpose, and we're just trying to make the best of things.

(If we're up here for longer, you could fill in on more details. Like, you know, where you're actually from, what it's like, etc. Names, descriptions. Where'd you grow up?).
No. 576086 ID: 53ba34

maybe offer a guess that one of these 'gods' or 'spirits' perhaps pulled you here, but why? you don't know.
No. 576090 ID: ca0da5

From the fact that they didn't like the idea of spirits intervening with their stuff, it sounds like the spirits and gods are mischievious. While you certainly don't know much about them at all, they might have been somehow responsible for bringing you here.

You might have come from the stars, but then, you might have just come from very far away on this same planet, from another continent. Judging from the fact there are grayskins, whiteskins, and Naki, it's probably the former though. Despite the trouble caused by being pulled out of your own place, you've actually felt like things have been great--Oira's a good friend and this is a chance to learn about all sorts of new cultures and races.
No. 576245 ID: 20208d
File 140120731078.png - (268.68KB , 800x666 , 116.png )

You decide to tell Oira the truth, that you are from another world far away. You were flying in your world one moment and then the sky and the sea changed and you were in this world. Now you are just trying to make the best of your situation and learn more about this new world.

"Has Oira heard about this happening before? And could have some spirit or god pulled us here from our world?"

>"She says that she has never heard of something like this happening, but if it was some god it must be a terrifyingly powerful being."

Oira seems to fall into deep thought so you address Aara.

"Have you thought about your payment? Would you like to come with us? And what is a demon-child and would you be treated this badly everywhere or just here?"

>"I am bound to this place, otherwise i would have run away long ago. As for the demonborn title, often children are born dead or die very soon after been born. But sometimes a few hours after death the child seems to miraculously come back to life. Then it is considered a demonborn and usually the child gotten rid of by abandoning it into the wilderness, casting it away to the sea or throwing it off a cliff. This is the custom everywhere. My mother saved me but she died when i was 2 and i have been on my own ever since."


Oira snaps out of her reverie and starts talking again.

>"The naki says that since you aren't from this world she will try to answer any questions that you may have, she says that you need to learn fast so you don't get played by these envoys."
No. 576264 ID: 53ba34

need to know what nobles are like and how someone becomes a noble. and if there are nobles do they have a king/leader?
No. 576286 ID: 2bfcdf

What are proper table manners in this culture? What is the global political structure? Are there any taboo topics we should beware of?
No. 576307 ID: e3aff6

What in general is expected of visiting nobles, and of nobles in general.
We also need to think of a reason for being here. Would just saying that we are exploring work, or do we need something more noble-ish?

Ask what Aara means by being bound here. Is there some way that we could help him?
No. 576308 ID: 2bfcdf

Oh yeah, another subject to bring up is magic. There's no magic in your world, so a basic rundown of how it works here would be good.
No. 576338 ID: 363ecd

What about the country or kingdom or whatever it is, here? This town is part of something bigger, right?
No. 576347 ID: 20208d
File 140132432589.png - (429.34KB , 1000x714 , 117.png )

You ask about the global political structure, though it takes some explaining to get the idea across to Oira.

>"If you think the new-sea as the center you can divide the land into 4 parts."

>"In the west are the kingdoms of Men and Naki."

>"In the south lies the lands of Lidi (cat people)."

>"In the east are the Grays or Gray-men."

>"And in the north are the Gray hounds whom are hated by all. Also in the new-sea live the 'walking whales' but they are rarely seen and avoid contact with anyone."

>"Each land is further divided into countless states between different kings, princes and dukes."

You ask about this town you are currently in.

>"This town is called New-Vohma and is part of some Gray princes lands, your host will be a knight who is in charge of the town."

You ask about nobles. How does one become a noble? What is expected of visiting nobles and what should you say you are doing here.

>"You become a noble by being born into a noble family. Nobles are above the common law and can't be made into slaves. Visiting nobles are expected to bring gifts. The reason for you being here probably won't matter, the envoys will likely be most interested in your flying ship."

You ask about proper table manners.

>"Don't steal food from other peoples plates and don't fart loudly."
No. 576348 ID: 20208d
File 140132441470.png - (140.50KB , 800x666 , 118.png )

You ask Aara what does he mean when he says he is "bound here"?

>"When i was small the short one stole my hair and used it in a spell to bind me to a lead statue. Now i can't move more then a mile away from that statue."

"How does magic work? There is no magic where i come from."

>"Basic magic is simple, if you know the words and the gestures you can cast the spell. Some spells need certain ingredients or can only be done at a certain time or in a certain place."

"Are there any taboo topics that i should avoid?"

>"Spells. They are usually family secrets passed down, so asking about spells is usually considered taboo."

>"But you know, i could show you one spell. If you dare."
No. 576349 ID: e3aff6

Lets see it, though it might be a good idea to let Oira know what you are going to show off first so she doesn't think you are trying to pull something.

>When i was small the short one stole my hair and used it in a spell to bind me to a lead statue
...How large of a statue are we talking?
No. 576350 ID: 2bfcdf

If you dare? Is there some sort of risk involved? I suppose since we saw the short one's anti-spirit spell we might be able to replicate it with the same runes and mobius strip. Also how common is natural baldness among Grays? We've seen a few others without hair. Those aren't all people bound like he is, are they?

Oh, let's ask about the technology level present here. So far we've seen some low-level guns and crossbows. Do they have electricity anywhere, or steam engines? Any advanced gunpowder weaponry?
No. 576352 ID: 53ba34

hmm... perhaps we can ask the short one to give us Aara, if he refuses to just let him free we could ask to transfer the bind from the statue to our copter. they are both large metal things.
No. 576355 ID: ca0da5

No... You should not accept being shown a spell so directly. If it turns out to be something that would be harmless to both you and Oira, then you could see it, after explaining to Oira that you're interested in seeing how the magic works.

Also: make sure Oira knows that you are not familiar with magic. You certainly won't press her into explaining anything, though, as what she knows personally is her knowledge and hers to choose when to give.

...Something to ask, though, is if there's such things as enchantments that cannot be removed, such as food having an enchantment to give the consumer energy. We could totally pass off the energy gum as such a thing if so.
No. 576389 ID: 363ecd

>I could show you one spell. If you dare
...it's not going to make Oira start shouting demon and smack you again, is it?

>Visiting nobles are expected to bring gifts.
Maybe we should grab something from our chopper? Although we won't impress knights as easily with MREs, I'd think.
No. 576442 ID: 20208d
File 140140292441.png - (287.90KB , 800x666 , 119.png )

"It's not a dangerous spell is it?"

>"Oh i was just messing with you, it's a harmless spell."

"Well you better warn Oira before you do anything or she might start kicking you again."

>"Yes i will warn the naki."

After speaking with Oira, Aara Taps his elbow with two fingers, then his nose and finally points you with the fingers saying "Tsu! You feel an itch in your nose.


Spell learned - SNEEZE

>"Because Oira knew what the spell was going to be she was able to resist it's effects. If i tried this spell on you again you would be able to resist it too."

This spell is hella lame.
No. 576443 ID: 20208d
File 140140303798.png - (291.47KB , 800x666 , 120.png )

You ask Oira if there is anything else she is willing to tell you about magic. And could you replicate the short ones spell.

>"All spells originate from spirits and all currently known spells have been learned through trading, stealing or spying from spirits. And there might be more to the short ones spells than what you saw, he might have been carrying some important component or doing something with his feet."

"Are there enchantments? Like spells placed on objects suchs as food?"

>"Enchantments are done by capturing a spirit and imprisoning it into an object. She doesn't think that anyone has ever enchanted food. How would you even keep the spirit from escaping?"

You ask if the other bald people are bound here too.

>"They are just naturally bald."

You inquire about Aaras binding, the statue and if the short one would let you take Aara with you.

>"The statue is man sized and very heavy. The short one could break the spell but he is determined to keep me in this town. But your feasts host, Knight Sine. Could command the short one to release me."

You ask about known technology. Neither Aara or Oira have ever heard of electricity or steam-engines. Aara says that there are some cannons in that tower at the end of the wall.

As for the gift. Maybe you should give them something made out of plastic? It would be funny if they were awed by gift garbage bags.
No. 576446 ID: ca0da5

Ghost containers? Heh, that might surprise them. It's worth bringing up with Aara directly. Other than that, I suppose we hadn't gotten a good enough statement on what all the cargo is to suggest anything. They surely have telescopes, so binoculars aren't very efficient as far as gifts go, but maybe it's something they'd expect?
No. 576448 ID: eaa372

Forcing someone to take an involuntary action for a split second is powerful in small ways. You could potentially steal or plant small objects while someone sneezes. Ask whether you can whisper the incantation. As for passing off plastic stuff as rare goods say they're refined with special techniques from "black gold" instead of petroleum.
No. 576449 ID: 2bfcdf

Alright, so being from a magicless universe doesn't make us immune to magic. Can we actually cast it though?

Let's try it on your squaddies to find out. For now let's go to the copter and see what might be appropriate. We can also get Oira and Aara's thoughts on the supplies we have.
No. 576450 ID: e3aff6

Garbage bags actually would potentially be a neat gift, due to being lightweight and watertight. We should check out supplies in general though, to see what we have.
What determines whether an object is better or worse at trapping spirits?
No. 576460 ID: e31ca1

Hella lame? Dude, it's MAGIC! Plus, this is good for pranks on your friends and subtly pointing out people who don't want to be noticed.
No. 576495 ID: 363ecd

>But your feasts host, Knight Sine. Could command the short one to release me.
Not that I have a problem with helping the kid, or opposing what amounts to slavery, but we have to be careful about asking for favors like that if we don't have something ready to offer in return. We're already depending on their hospitality. Push our luck and we go from nice foreigners we hope will share stuff from us to mean foreigners you lock up and take things from.

Especially since we're going to need to secure a sound of fuel, and since anyone in a position of power (especially military power like a knight) is going to pretty quickly start imagining the ways a flying machine could be useful.

tl;dr- this is a delicate situation, and we have to be careful not to demand too much too fast unless we think we can get away with it.
No. 576512 ID: e3aff6

>we have to be careful about asking for favors like that if we don't have something ready to offer in return.
Well of course we can't just ask them to hand over their magic kid on a leash; what we should try for is trading some suitable item or bit of out-world knowledge for his freedom. Ideally this would be an item* that would be useful or impressive to them but less useful to us; asking Aara and Oira seems likely to help determine what might work for that.

* Out-world tech knowledge has no immediate cost to give, but I am not sure how much our characters have and in some cases it might be irresponsible in the long run to hand out the wrong sort info.
No. 576541 ID: 20208d
File 140149277269.png - (257.96KB , 800x666 , 121.png )

You will test your spell on your squaddies when you see them again.

"Can this spell be whispered?"

>"Yes and spells usually work better on unsuspecting people."

"How does trapping spirits work? What would be the best object for trapping one?"

>"The object must have an 'inside' space, like a box or a barrel or a room. Spirits hate metal so the container usually is made of metal."

You get inside the chopper and start digging through the cargo with Aara and Oira.

Oira marvels at the "high quality paper and clear mirror" inside a notebook, Aara plays around with a flashlight. You go through the cargo list.

Belts, Binoculars, Blankets, Boots, Caps, Compasses, Duct tape, Lights, Folding chairs, Foam rollers, Garbage bags, Knives, MEG's, MRE's, Notebooks, Rope (nylon), Sleeping pads. Multiple counts of everything.

Oira says that the bigger the gift is the better impression it will make. And food is not considered suitable for gifting.
No. 576549 ID: 2bfcdf

Binoculars or a flashlight sound good, but those flashlights are irreplaceable, at least until we can jury rig a hand-cranked or water-powered electric generator.
No. 576550 ID: e3aff6

Things to ask for more about the impressiveness of are the flashlight (we can't currently replace them, but we should have quite a few due to this being a cargo copter), the binoculars, the knives, maybe the compass though they probably have those. At some point we should also gather the crew to take stock of what useful science or engineering knowledge anybody might have to potentially trade.

About spirit trapping, I wounder if a battery would work to trap one in. Are spirits intelligent, animal-like, or some of each?
No. 576551 ID: 2bfcdf

Huh, hang on, ask if a flashlight would be perceived as being powered by a spirit.
No. 576559 ID: 53ba34

the knives would be nice, they are probably good steel compared to what they have.
No. 576600 ID: 363ecd

>The object must have an 'inside' space, like a box or a barrel or a room. Spirits hate metal so the container usually is made of metal
...do we have aluminum foil? Aluminum was rarer and more valuable than gold before chemistry made it cheap. And there's the added bonus that it could make anything into a spirit trap.

Biggest drawback of that kind of gift is the eventual backlash when the batteries die.
No. 576616 ID: e31ca1

Frankly, the notebooks are probably ONLY useful as a high-quality trading material. They're the perfect gift, because we have no use for them but the natives probably have nothing better than parchment. At best parchment half the quality of the paper in the notebooks we have. Giving away anything else is a bad idea because all the other things have practical use for us.
No. 576653 ID: 20208d
File 140156870782.png - (198.49KB , 800x630 , 122.png )

Sadly you there isn't any aluminum foil in the chopper. You ask more about spirits, are they intelligent? And would people think the flashlights is powered by spirits.

>"Spirits are like mortals in some ways. Some of them are smart and others dumb, some are good and some are evil. The envoys will definitely bring someone who can see magic when they meet you so they will know what is magical and what is not."

"I was thinking of gifting a flashlight but it will eventually lose power and won't make light anymore."

>"Well that's just life. Torches will burn out, lanterns run out of oil, and the sun sets. Anything that makes light will go dark eventually."

You ask Oira if the notebook, knives, binoculars, flashlight and compass would make a good gift.

>"Definitely gift the notebook and these 'binoculars.' Glass lenses and mirrors are really expensive and good quality paper is valuable, even if our host can't write. Flashlight and compass and anything else you can spare would be favorable, but i have to tell you a thing about gifting tools. Gifting knives to a knight would be acceptable but gifting any tools to other nobles would be an insult since they are above manual labor."
No. 576654 ID: e3aff6

Ok, so we know what things would probably make good gifts now. The other thing to factor into this is whether these gifts would be enough to get Knight Sine to sent Aara with us, or if we should come up with something more to offer for that (maybe a bit of knowledge).

>Anything that makes light will go dark eventually.
Yep, and if we have an estimate on how long these would last that could count as a selling point ("This scepter contains within it more than [time] of stored light.")
No. 576655 ID: 53ba34

does anyone know how to whittle? and do the knives have a hollow handle? if they have a hollow metal handle it could be good as a spirit fighting thing. while whittling with a small knife could just be shown as a hobby thing.
No. 576735 ID: 20208d
File 140163984372.png - (210.95KB , 800x666 , 123.png )

The knives have hollow handles to store small survival items, of course most people store smokes inside them. You could start carrying one of the knives with you should you suddenly need to 'whittle' someone.

The flashlights have a battery life of 20 hours.

You ask Aara if these gifts would be enough to get him sent with you.

>"I have never met this man so i can't tell. Still these fine gifts will surely make an impression."

Currently you are thinking of gifting a knife, binoculars, a compass, a flashlight and a notebook. All delivered inside a garbage bag lightweight, watertight "black gold" bag.
No. 576819 ID: 24dc7a

Sounds good. Carry on then.
No. 576837 ID: 53ba34

don't say anything about the gifts before we know what kind of noble it is.
No. 577639 ID: e6f437
File 140218759010.png - (227.02KB , 800x666 , 124.png )

You pack the gifts and head back to your crew.

>"...Don't know what they are called in our world. So you could hire a crier to walk in front of you to shout 'make way, real gangsta coming through!'"

>"Welcome back captain, the servant has been hovering about at the door so i think the feast is ready."

Your men seem buzzed but none are apparently drunk.

It's time to use 'that.' You ask your men to gather around.
No. 577640 ID: e6f437
File 140218762252.png - (198.39KB , 800x666 , 125.png )

You tap your elbow and nose and then point at your men and say the magic word.
No. 577641 ID: e6f437
File 140218767840.png - (218.44KB , 800x666 , 126.png )


It actually worked, guess you are a wizard now.

Your crew wants to know how did you do that and demands that you teach it to them too.
No. 577649 ID: 53ba34

laugh a little. and say it's just repeating what you did, elbow, nose, magic word. now let's eat.
No. 577652 ID: c7a241

Haha, show them how to be wizards too.
No. 577655 ID: eaa372

Teach them the spell and file away the option to stage a mass sneezing assault.
No. 577675 ID: 7f9410

Haha sure, teach them the trick. Then tell them in a stern voice that with great power comes great responsibility, and they should never use their magic powers for evil.
No. 577730 ID: e6f437
File 140224736651.png - (283.15KB , 800x571 , 127.png )

You agree to teach your crew the spell, but only after having them promise that they won't use their newfound power for evil. With power comes responsibility.
Then you show them that all they need to do is mimic what you did and BAM, they are wizards.

You start following the servant at the door, your crew tries their new spell on each other but like Aara said, if you know the spell you can resist it.

You are led to a dining room and seated.
No. 577731 ID: e6f437
File 140224744314.png - (270.86KB , 1000x619 , 128.png )

There is a bowl of hot water in front of everyone and eating utensils are a knife and a spoon, the food presented seems to consist of pastries, soups and fish. And for drinks there is beer or wine.

>"So are we allowed to put our elbows on the table?"

>"This reminds me of a vacation to the south. It would probably be best if we only eat hot food."

>"Or we could eat some MRE's afterwards, have the dyschezia even out the diarrhea."

No one else has showed up but Oira and Aara are starting to dine so you guess it's fine to start?
No. 577732 ID: 189a54

Ask Aara if it's alright before digging in. The last thing you need is for everyone to walk in and be shocked at the foreigners trying to eat before they're supposed to or something.
No. 577761 ID: ca0da5

Yeah, Oira seems more occupied with cleaning her fingers in the washbowl (nice to see they use that tradition) than eating, while Aara, who just had a bath, thinks he's already clean enough. Plus, he doesn't get much good food anyways, so it's possible he's forgetting or doesn't know his manners.
No. 577876 ID: 321d85

By the way, you should probably tell your team the other stuff you were told about magic, like how spells are normally kept kinda secret.
No. 577899 ID: 14faaf

Uh, I think Oira's playing *taster* now. Always be suspicious of aristocratic people who like your stuff that serve you something they aren't eating: Poisoning in human history was a traditional part of politics and I can't see why it wouldn't be here.
No. 578172 ID: e6f437
File 140250166704.png - (186.73KB , 800x599 , 129.png )

"So is it alright to start eating now or do we have to wait for the host?"

>"Why would we have to wait? Eating is first come first served, letting the food get cold would be an insult to the cooks."

"What about table etiquette?"


I guess these people have yet to invent strict table manners.
No. 578173 ID: e6f437
File 140250170973.png - (122.10KB , 800x448 , 130.png )

You observe as Oira takes a careful sniff of the different foods and then proceeds to stuff her face. so the food must be safe to eat.
No. 578174 ID: e6f437
File 140250176673.png - (165.72KB , 800x666 , 131.png )

As you begin to dine you share everything that you learned about magic and how it should be kept down low with your crew.

>"Hate to ask this but just to be safe. What is our plan if things turn ugly?"
No. 578181 ID: dc4b80

Well I guess it depends on how ugly. Minor stuff we try to smooth over and keep casualties to a minimum if possible.

Major issues though we can either try to run for it or try to take over this fortress. Neither are ideal in the least. If we want to keep our stuff running we need a source of fuel in the short term and parts in the long term. If we want to get back home we need to find out how we got here and if anyone knows about any other portals.

Do not say the part about taking over the fortress out loud.
No. 578194 ID: ac14c0

Well, our guns are better than theirs. If things get really bad we can probably just shoot our way out. Our rifles can even penetrate their armor, I bet.

However, if it just looks like things are taking a turn for the worse we can explain just how good our guns are, and they might back off and let us leave without bloodshed.
No. 578195 ID: 2f4b71

Pause to let everyone "Geht to dah choppah!" in sync, before elaborating.

I don't think taking over a fortress you are unfamiliar with is even feasible with only 5 men, no matter how comparatively well armed you are.
The only thing keeping from just up and running is Aara's statue-proximity thing. We can't bug out without him, but if things turn REALLY nasty we can grab him, do a quick hop above the city, and rain a little firepower on them while orbiting very closely, and land again. Try to aim for the centre of the courtyard (minimal casualties, and clears the LZ). Showing that you can beat them down with impunity and threatening to do it to the rest of the town if Aara's statue isn't provided should be a last-resort bargaining chip before moving to another town and starting negotiations again.
No. 578876 ID: e6f437
File 140296048389.png - (171.96KB , 800x666 , 132.png )

You go over some plans with your crew being careful about what you say out loud and using as much military jargon as possible.

You eventually conclude that if things go south you should hop on the chopper and run away while avoiding casualties as much as possible. Getting Aara with you would be a bonus but the statue-bind thing would have to be solved first. You could try intimidation since you possess powerful weaponry.

You dine in peace and eventually the servants start clearing the table. The door on the right opens and a voice announces something.

>"Here comes our host and the envoys." Aara translates.
No. 578877 ID: e6f437
File 140296050835.png - (114.10KB , 800x666 , 133.png )

>"The tall one is Knight Sine and the short one is Cleric Cosine"
No. 578878 ID: e6f437
File 140296055896.png - (176.83KB , 800x666 , 134.png )

>"These are the envoys of Hermes. Insi the builder, Leo of Rapla and Seer Okko."

Oh there is still someone coming...
No. 578879 ID: e6f437
File 140296058669.png - (133.15KB , 800x497 , 135.png )

>"Honored guests forgive us for being late, we had to go and see your magnificent flying ship before we came to meet you."
No. 578880 ID: e6f437
File 140296061503.png - (112.91KB , 800x800 , 136.png )

>"I am Tin. I will act as a translator in these talks so please, how may i serve?

It's a man made out of metal.
No. 578883 ID: 53ba34

"i mean no offense but what are you?"
No. 578885 ID: ccd544

That is a spirit trapped in a metal container the shape of a man.
No. 578886 ID: 1b75e6

Maybe there is a tiny guy running it from the crotch.
No. 578891 ID: ca0da5

You've got the Naki, the lions, grayskins and whiteskins, even a couple of guys named Sine and Cosine... And the one you're throwing a Tangent over is the man of steel? They already mentioned that Spirits can be bound to metal, it's not such a stretch to imagine a hollow humanoid statue housing a spirit--Besides, with spells to banish spirits and spells to imprison them, I'm quite certain there must be spells to control them or to even "convert" them.
No. 579029 ID: e6f437
File 140304549695.png - (135.98KB , 800x609 , 137.png )

>Throwing tangents.

Hey everyone else might have been weird so far but at least they have been organic. This metal man moves with a eerie slowness and its voice is coming from inside its chest. Plus it is almost two meters tall and jacked.
You dare not even imagine what lies under its breeches.

"No offense but what are you? A spirit in a container?"

>"That is correct i am the spirit of tin occupying this body, which is naturally made out of tin. I was Created in the likeness of my master Hermes the Greatest and i am a walking testament of his mastery over the transmutation of metals. Now i work as one of his envoys here in the south."

>"Ah but i find myself prattling again. Since we are all bursting with questions i suggest that first one side asks three questions and then the other side asks three questions. Since you are the quests you should asks first, and that question about little old me need not count. Everyone is always surprised when they see me at first and i have tried wearing masks or paint but none have been adequate."

>"Oh damn i am babbling now. Please ask your questions."
No. 579046 ID: 53ba34

hmm... how about the structure of nobility and who the people across the table are.
No. 579050 ID: ac14c0

We know who they are. Remember we need to ask questions that a noble would ask.

Okay we know we can't ask about magic. How about we ask how their country is doing? What would they ask in return for permission to take the statue Aara is bound to? Lastly, ask if they have any messages they'd like for us to pass on to our home country.

...oh shit we should've asked about the current state in the country we're supposed to be from. We have almost no information that lets us properly impersonate them!
No. 579057 ID: ca0da5

Well, any time they ask you about your country, wave it off to Oira. She already knows your secret, and she also knows the Whiteskins. She'll be able to bluff her way through the questions.

Let's avoid asking about the statue so early on. Ask about the state of the country, wars, and trades. If their answers bring up the whiteskins or the Naki, you can ask them afterwards if they want any messages brought over--Or at least leave it as a suggestion.

Try and get everybody in good spirits, and then maybe bring up the efficiency of having a translator. At that point, you could easily continue the compliment into asking if Aara could come with you. Let's keep it a secret that we know about the statue.
No. 579066 ID: ac14c0

Directing questions to Oira makes some sense considering she's supposed to be our liason.
No. 579726 ID: 38fe63
File 140331780653.png - (179.11KB , 800x587 , 138.png )

You ask about the country's nobility, wars and trade.

>"The nobles are a collection feudal lords who own most of the land and are all subjects to the Grand Prince Ellipt whom rules from the capital."

>"We are currently living in a prosperous time of peace, there hasn't been a real war in decades. There are of course pirates in the new sea and occasional raids in the north but they are to be expected."

>"With peace comes commerce, trade is flourishing both here in the south and in the west."

>"Now for our questions. Who are you? Where do you hail from and who do you serve?"

You deftly slide the questions over to your liason.
No. 579727 ID: 38fe63
File 140331785004.png - (286.53KB , 800x666 , 139.png )

Oira starts spinning some bullshit story about your group and it seem to satisfy the the envoys.

Seems like it is your sides time to ask questions again. Should you ask about Aara now or try to lighten the mood first?
No. 579738 ID: ca0da5

Is... Leo fliting with Oira?
Well, that's not so important. What is is Sine and Cosine. Cosine looks like he's growing easier, but Sine looks... Well, suspicious, I guess would be the word, of you.
No. 579767 ID: 321d85

Hmm, I'd probably try to lighten the mood, first.

Also, FYI, I believe it would be "who rules from the capital", rather than "whom", as "who" is for the subject and "whom" is for the object.
No. 580456 ID: e6f437
File 140357447202.png - (395.64KB , 800x666 , 140.png )

>Leo flirting with Oira?

Actually that Leo guy is looking over Oira at me but i don't think he is actually flirt... Except now he saw me looking and is winking at me, time to do something before this gets awkward.

After announcing that the questions can wait for now, i offer the bag of gifts to the host.

That is what i get when i go by ear and don't check.
No. 580457 ID: e6f437
File 140357451624.png - (413.68KB , 800x666 , 141.png )

The gifts seem to impress the host and the envoys, they all take turns marveling at the flashlight and feeling the plastic garbage bag. I try hyping the gifts even more by telling that the plastic objects are refined from 'black gold' and they are waterproof.

The mood has lightened up a little but still feels a bit formal. Maybe i should ask for more drinks.

>"Mister Tin man, sir?"

Speaking of drinking.
No. 580458 ID: e6f437
File 140357459010.png - (208.59KB , 600x525 , 142.png )

Noah is a lightweight and currently seems closer to drunk than tipsy.

>"I heard you talking about your face problem and i must admit that the lack of face is off-putting. But i have a solution called a marker. It is a pen that can draw on any surface and can be wiped off with water. So i want to gift this pen to you, but only if i can first draw you a face."

>"You people keep amazing us with these truly marvelous items, i would gladly do anything to make you more at ease. And will gladly accept that pen if you dare part with it."

>"Yeah sure we have like, thousand of these things."
No. 580459 ID: e6f437
File 140357464910.png - (30.46KB , 800x666 , 143.png )

Help Noah draw tin man a face.
No. 580490 ID: 189a54
File 140357890784.jpg - (10.55KB , 200x167 , in every situation.jpg )

A charismatic face, decorated with the war paint of our people's most famous hero.
No. 580494 ID: 9ddf68

just give him a black suit, a red tie, and paint his head pure white.
No. 580498 ID: d8a627

I'm fairly certain we're limited to black.
No. 580622 ID: e1609c
File 140359381353.jpg - (2.14KB , 200x167 , of course it was inevitable.jpg )

Onlly the SWEePTEST of fayces..... for the facny man......
No. 580623 ID: 2fd516
File 140359389875.png - (39.92KB , 800x666 , fakenose.png )

The perfect disguise.
No. 580625 ID: 2fd516
File 140359431697.png - (48.66KB , 800x666 , yaranaika.png )

Maybe he shouldn't do this.
No. 580630 ID: 2fd516
File 140359461282.png - (36.03KB , 800x666 , CAI.png )

The face of tragedy.
No. 580632 ID: 2fd516
File 140359585974.png - (38.36KB , 800x666 , kawaii.png )

No. 580633 ID: a36601

Is...there gonna be a single real suggestion? I would submit one but I can't art at all. I'd suggest an extremely simple face
Like this one. but instead of the grin there, a normalish smile with a slight smirk.
No. 580638 ID: d8a627

Actually, that was the CAI face from Asteroidquest. I only learned about it recently but it's =] and apparently shows up all the time.

Make it more of a :^) and I'll be happy with it myself.
No. 580639 ID: 2fd516
File 140359672859.png - (36.95KB , 800x666 , smiley.png )

If you say so.
No. 580749 ID: 65e647
File 140364264532.jpg - (10.51KB , 224x224 , theymad.jpg )

The only choice.
No. 580808 ID: 68bbc5
File 140365372243.png - (39.15KB , 800x666 , idealface.png )

It should be a face of confidence and good humor.
No. 581341 ID: 4d1168
File 140382425239.png - (188.32KB , 800x633 , 144.png )

Tin now has a face, he says that it looks adequate.

>"Mister Rider?"

The 'builder' guy speaks up for the first time.

>"This might be out of turn and bad form but i must insist on getting some answers, these gifts that you gave to our host only fuel my curiosity."

>"One. How does your flying ship fly? Okko said that she saw nothing magical about it."

>"Two. Why have i never before heard even rumors of this 'plastic' or about flying ships?"

>"Three. You don't seem to be talking the same language as your liaison? Why is that?"
No. 581342 ID: 4d1168
File 140382434185.png - (364.29KB , 800x666 , 145.png )

>"Four. What is that item on your belt? May i see it?"

This guy sure is curious, and now everyone else in the room seems interested in the answers too.

I had a good laugh at some of the faces.
No. 581351 ID: 53ba34

one, explain that you need to aska question of your own first to answer this, have they heard of aerodynamics? (if the word fails to translate, then probably not) next ask if they know how a bird flies. if they do you can work with that, even if not you amy be able to use the same explaination. each of the blades, the long thin things on top, are like wings, and instead of flapping they spin. to go up they spin faster, to go down they slow.

two and three "think one of your gods may have moved us from very very far away"

four, say when you were met outside the city gates one the guards with the uhh, short one, had a similar weapon, point and pull the trigger and it goes BANG. your weapon is a small one of those. then remove the ammo (and make sure none are chambered) and pass it over.
No. 581354 ID: dc4b80

If you show him the gun make sure to unload it fully before you hand it over. Tell them is a cultural weapon that your military carries. Almost never used but needed for ceremony and such. You can say it's a symbol of your rank or something.

As for your ship tell him that the land you come from has a special sort of wizardry called science. Its based on learning and taming all the natural forces of nature. Unlike normal magic it takes many many generations of "scientists" working with "engineers" to master the art.

The not hearing about us I am not sure if we should say we are from another world or say the land we come from is so far away its unlikely that anyone would have ever heard of it. Maybe we could say that we were testing a new science to let us travel great distances.

The language difference you can explain by saying that your old liaison retired and she is the replacement. Maybe show him some military hand gestures and say you have several languages that she has not fully learned your spoken one yet.
No. 581357 ID: 40935b

>"One. How does your flying ship fly? Okko said that she saw nothing magical about it."

The propeller cuts through air, kind of like a screw or drill through wood on a much faster scale. That movement is basically powered by small explosions. If that sounds to dramatic, just say it's conventionally stored energy.

>"Two. Why have i never before heard even rumors of this 'plastic' or about flying ships?"

Tell him you're still figuring that out. You similarly have never heard of many things you've seen here.

>"Three. You don't seem to be talking the same language as your liaison? Why is that?"

I suppose this could be explained as short notice- she was the first person you encountered, and you needed someone who knew the lay of the land quickly.

>"Four. What is that item on your belt? May i see it?"

If you want to remove the magazine and clear the chamber, it should be safe enough to give it to him. If people are offended that you brought a weapon, apologize and explain that you sometimes forget it's there- It's usually not used, anyway.
No. 581364 ID: 2fd516

I thought it was three questions?

Um. Wow, I think we're screwed... but let me give it a shot.

1. We can't tell you exactly how it works, as those are trade secrets- let's just say it operates somewhat on the same principle as a gun does- via controlled explosions.
2. They're new inventions. Part of the reason we arrived here is to see how they like them.
3. Let's let Oira answer this one, since it pertains to her.
4. Say it's a miniaturized rifle, but don't let him touch it or inspect it carefully. I think he would be able to tell very quickly that they don't have anywhere near the technology to make something like it on this world.
No. 581368 ID: 24dc7a

>"One. How does your flying ship fly? Okko said that she saw nothing magical about it."
Our ship is a device constructed by out metalworkers and scholars. It burns oil or alcohol for energy, which it uses to spin the blades on top with such force the air pushes it upwards like the wind pushes a ship's sails.

>"Two. Why have i never before heard even rumors of this 'plastic' or about flying ships?"
We were on a journey when we were suddenly above a different ocean. We suspect one of the local gods might have transported us here.

>"Four. What is that item on your belt? May i see it?"
On our belt is a weapon similar to the firearm one of the guards had earlier. It is a symbol of our status as warriors, though you may examine it. (I vote against unloading it before letting him look at it; he knows what a gun is and unloading it in front of him might be an insult and might also lead him to asking more about how it works without black powder which is the sort of information that is irresponsible to hand out.)

>"Three. You don't seem to be talking the same language as your liaison? Why is that?"
(Answer after question four:) We do not have translators such as Aara or Tin in our land. On that note, we would like to request the services of Aara as we continue our journey.
No. 581373 ID: 2fd516

If we're gonna let him handle it, which I disagree with, simply turning the safety on without him seeing would be fine. If it's not already on, anyway. Come to think of it, it should be on since it's holstered.
No. 581434 ID: d315b1

1. That's a military secret, we can't talk or our superiors will have our heads. I'm sure the nobles will understand.
2. The vessel is a new invention. Nobody knows what the deal with the plastic items is, that's the whole reason why you were carrying them.
3. We were never supposed to go out this far; we got pushed around by a storm, causing us to get lost. We don't know much about this part of the world, so we hired a local to act as a liaison.
4. That is my gun. Please do not touch my gun.
No. 581441 ID: d8a627

One: You ever notice how quickly the steam rushes out of a steam kettle? The top of our craft spins quickly through pressurized air, sort of like steam. The metal "blades" are angled at such a way that they grab onto the air and push it down; once it's spinning fast enough, it pushes down hard enough to push us up.
Two: Black Gold can be rare in some regions, while very common in others. It is surprising that you have not heard of it, but I cannot be the one to answer the why, now can I? Personally, I would believe the rumors would be about.
Three: Circumstance caused our group to be without liaison. Although we do not speak the same language, Oira was more than willing to assist us and become our liaison.
Four: This is a firearm, or a gun. I did see some of the people of the town carrying some, although this one is much smaller. The difference in size does not make it any weaker, though; simply by shaping everything carefully, we achieve stronger shot in compact form. Making things smaller is what our nation tries to do--except for things like the flying ship, we like having those at a steady, reasonable size. I can show you the gun, yes, but I would have to hold onto the ammunition to it while you take a look, and hold the gun if you examine the bullets. Needless to say, in such a small size, it is easy to accidentally fire it off if it had the ammunition inside it.
No. 581444 ID: d8a627

I don't like the idea of playing trickery on them, they might actually have science--they definitely do know of metallurgy.
>I thought it was three questions?
We'll take advantage of the fourth question as our chance to ask about Aara. Specifically, "It must be quite convenient to always have a translator available. I don't want to impose too much, but this child does not seem to be much liked here, could he come with us as our personal translator?"
>Tell him you're still figuring that out. You similarly have never heard of many things you've seen here.
Actually, I like this answer, too. Maybe a compromise? We'd think that people would be talking about the achievements of both your nation and this one.
No. 582293 ID: e6f437
File 140424264658.png - (182.87KB , 800x628 , 146.png )

"What does aerodynamics mean to you?"

>"... nothing."

"Alright then, you know how birds fly by flapping their wings to push themselves up? The rotors on our airship work as wings, though they work by spinning and not flapping."

>"Rotors... You mean the oars on top of the airship? But what power makes them spin?"

Oars? Well i guess the rotor blades could be thought as oars.

"The ship is powered by an engine. And an engine is uhh... Well it's a machine that does labor by burning fuel like alcohol."

This seems to give the builder a pause but before he can come up with more questions i remove the magazine and clear the chamber on my sidearm and hand it over to him.
No. 582295 ID: e6f437
File 140424274312.png - (193.46KB , 700x822 , 147.png )

"This is my weapon and a symbol of rank from where i am from. I actually saw a guard carrying a firearm when we first arrived and my weapon is similar to that except smaller."

>"Ah, so it's a pistol. Though i have never seen one like this before."

The builder seems to be absorbed in examining your gun and barely pays attention to my explanation about why they haven't heard about these new inventions before. But i make sure to mention that in the short time that i have been in this land i also have seen many new things.
No. 582297 ID: e6f437
File 140424279057.png - (188.87KB , 800x666 , 148.png )

"One of the new things that i was amazed by was little Aara here. We don't have such useful translators where we are from and since he seems to be uh, unwanted. I would like to request that Aara come with me as a personal translator."

Knight Sine is delighted by your request while Clerc Cosine seems shocked by it and they quickly get into a heated argument. Tin apologizes and says that he feels it is best he does not translate what is being said.
No. 582298 ID: e6f437
File 140424285102.png - (205.05KB , 800x666 , 149.png )

Insi eventually returns your sidearm.

>"I thank you for your answers and i have something i would like to give you."

He rummages through his pouches and finally produces two small drums.

>"These are translators of my own making, and since they have become mostly useless since Tin joined our group i would like to gift them to you. When you speak into one of the drums, whoever holds the other drum will understand your speech."

You take the drum, when you shake it you hear something rattling around inside it like small pebbles.
No. 582301 ID: ce6963

obviously we must use it to actually talk to Oira and communicate better than merely pantomimes and whatnot.
No. 582308 ID: 2fd516

Oh, are these powered by spirits? Tiny hollow metal balls inside the drums, perhaps?
No. 582309 ID: 513b21

It seems acceptable to try out the gifts, so go ahead and try it out with Oira.
Ask what range from each other the drums operate at.
No. 582319 ID: dd32d3

As tempted as I am to try out the new translator with a good old-fashioned "What hath God wrought?", let's just ask Oira if she can understand what we're saying.
No. 582417 ID: 321d85

Note: I suspect this to be an attempt to avoid needing to give us Aara, because we can't really claim to need 2 translators. Not sure how to counter it, yet.

Well, actually, this is Insi doing this, while the other two argue. Still not sure how to maintain a need for Aara.
No. 582426 ID: 53ba34

for talking to groups. the drum can translate to one person, but what if we need to tell 10 people something at the same time?
No. 582438 ID: d8a627

Likewise, having a translator for groups won't negate the usefulness of the drums. The drums will allow you to speak directly with an individual, when sometimes you don't want to address the whole group. Honestly, these are some very impressive things we're seeing.
No. 582540 ID: 9b57d3

Having the drums means we don't have to worry about Aara being unreliable in his translations. It would also let us talk to Oira in private and quickly.

...wait a minute how far away can the drums be? We could also use them like walkie-talkies.
No. 582623 ID: 23284f

Whats the range no them.
No. 582637 ID: d8a627

Let's not look a gift horse in the mouth, yeah? Just give it a quick test, such as "Testing, can you hear me, Oira?" and then show your gratitude.
No. 582698 ID: 857918
File 140443760857.png - (181.40KB , 800x615 , 150.png )

"Are these powered by spirits?"

>"Yes, there are weak spirits bound to teeth inside the drums."

"What is the range on these things?"

>"They have a short range, they might work from different rooms but they are meant to be used face to face."
No. 582699 ID: 857918
File 140443769659.png - (122.76KB , 800x753 , 151.png )

"Testing one two, can you hear and understand me Oira?"

>"I hear and understand."

The voice coming from your drum is quiet, almost a whisper.

>"It is good to finally be able to speak without any freaky translators."

Oira starts lowering the drum but then seems to remember something and speaks again.

>"You should propose a toast and we will get to taste their best drinks."

Tin reminds that he is willing to answer any questions we might have.
No. 582719 ID: 53ba34

a toast to friendship between our peoples.
No. 582792 ID: 9b57d3

Oh! That reminds me, we could use more fuel. Suggest a trade for a large quantity of their strongest alcoholic beverage.
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