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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 139373097141.png - (155.63KB , 600x500 , 1.png )
564852 No. 564852 ID: befc95

"Okay! One story before sleep, my dears. Which do you want to hear tonight? The Dog and The Snake? Maybe Muddyruffle and The Two Otters? I'm certain you don't want to hear The Lazy Dog and The Tree again. I can tell you whatever story you want my dears, but only one!"
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No. 564853 ID: 89c817

Muddyruffle and The Two Otters, that shit is off the CHAIN.
No. 564854 ID: 8750b6

No. 564855 ID: a5c85a

No. 564856 ID: aef453

The Lazy Dog and The Tree never gets old!
No. 564857 ID: 7895ad

No. 564858 ID: befc95
File 139373231351.png - (148.42KB , 600x500 , 2.png )


"Muddyruffle and the otters!!"

"The lazy dog and the tree never gets old..."
No. 564859 ID: 4a75fa

No. 564862 ID: befc95
File 139373282647.png - (99.97KB , 600x500 , 3.png )

Okay, Muddyruffle it is!

Once a long time ago, before Her Highest Queen Rex had become ruler, there was a stunning dog named MUDDYRUFFLE. His mother named him so because even on the day he was whelped, you could tell he would have a glorious ruffle.

He grew up into a stunning dog, there wasn't a bitch he'd pass who didn't stop to admire him! He was a very proud dog, none of the others born with him grew a ruffle, and his mother often told him how he was destine to be a Ruler!"

No. 564866 ID: befc95
File 139373323291.png - (123.14KB , 600x500 , 4.png )


You all remember, confidence is VERY important if you want to go anywhere in life. Muddyruffle took this to an extreme. While his littermates were digging and harvesting and working hard, Muddyruffle would parade himself around the tunnels, telling even the biggest of the other dogs how to do their job!

They were none too happy about it! Do you remember what they did next?"

No. 564867 ID: 8750b6

They... pushed him down one of the shafts, right?

Or was that another story?
No. 564870 ID: 0c1a69

I do believe that they tricked him into some pools of sap in this one.
No. 564872 ID: c65e49

They tricked him. They grew tired of him pradeing around and never working because of his looks so they sent him away. They made up a land that they claimed was full of others full if beauty and claimed that he should seak them out to show them his beauty. In true they just wanted him to leave and no land like the land they told mud about existed at all.
No. 564908 ID: 3ca413

They did... something to the food?
And then they blamed him for it.
No. 564909 ID: 37aa84

They all shaved their own ruffles and began admiring well groomed short ruffles.
No. 564928 ID: 72f86e

Tricking him into a sap pool seems like it'd make sense here.
No. 565068 ID: cad45e

Oiled him up, lit him on fire and lobbed him down a ravine.
No. 565087 ID: bd48c5

Aye, poor little bugger. It was a deep ravine too. Some say he survived, burned and broken, but alive, and that he haunts these lands still, a terrifying specter of vengeance known only as the Burned Dog.
No. 565099 ID: 1f1f36

Wow these are some dark suggestions for a kid's story.
You carry on a proud tradition. Continue.
No. 565100 ID: d90d89

there Germain fairy tales
No. 565106 ID: 71b8cd

Original German Brother Grimm's fairy-tale "Wie Kinder Schlachtens miteinander gespielt haben" (part 2):

Two young brothers (children) watch their father butching a pig. Later on they replay that when one brother butches the other one. This is witnessed by a mother who is bathing her child nearby. She gets into rage and kills the other one of the two brothers with the knife. Meanwhile her child drowns. She falls into sorrow and hangs herself. That evening her husband comes home and dies "because of sorrow".

Und die Moral von der Geschicht'...
Don't know... Don't kill your brother... don't give knifes to your children... watch your children if you value your neighbours...
No. 565107 ID: 71b8cd

also within the old version of "cinderella", "Aschenputtel", one of the sisters who try to fit into the shoe hacked away her toes and heel to fit. That's why the bird sings
"Rucke di guck, rucke di guck, Blut ist im Schuh!"
No. 565108 ID: 0c1a69

And what does that mean?
No. 565135 ID: 71b8cd

Well, in the original, there is a bird telling everyone including the prince, that the shoe doesn't fit.
"rucke di gu" was the imitation of a pidgeons call, I guess...
"Blut ist im Schuh" is a rhyme to that and means
"There is blood in the shoe."

But the main point of my post was the hacking-part. As examples for cruel german fairy tales (RIP struwel-peter, zappel-phillip, Max & Moritz).
I thought I would mention some parts of currently more popular fairy-tales, like cinderella...

or that in original snowwhite the hunter kills a young boar to protect snowwhite. He has to deliver lever and lung to the step-mother, who eats them, thinking they're from snowwhite...
Also at the end, the step-mother is invited to the wedding of snowwhite and her prince... Though she has to dance within glowing iron shoes until she dies...

What else... In Rapunzel the prince get thrown out of the tower, falls into the dorns and gets both eyes destroyed. He wanders around until he finds Rapunzel again and get healed by her tears.

Also nice is the story of the wolf and the seven young goats... To get into a house of a goat-family, a wolf uses some tricks and finally get in while the mother is away (father not mentioned) and eats 6 of 7 goats. The seventh get's their mother which comes up to the wolf while he is asleep. he gets his stomach slitted open, all goats are still alive, and gets it refilled with stones. Afterwards he is sewn shut and gets tossed into a well to drown.
No. 565681 ID: 3e4b6e

They stole his ruffle to wear themselves, that they could be magnificent in the eyes of the ladies and rulers of the land.
No. 568134 ID: 8750b6
File 139623587189.png - (248.77KB , 750x750 , doge frame 1.png )

That's correct! You're such smart pups.

One day his littermates, who you remember were always working their hardest to earn their place, tunneled into a GIANT root system! It was the biggest any of them had ever seen, and the materials harvested from it would make them very notable indeed.

Late that night they took to cutting and pulling the roots, all the while collecting the sap. We can't use sap, it is too thick and sticky and sugary, that's why you don't eat it, right Geode?

R-right Mother....
No. 568135 ID: 8750b6
File 139623589939.png - (279.70KB , 750x750 , doge frame 2.png )

Good. This was when Muddyruffle found his brothers and sisters. He hooted and hollered about their great discovery, saying how he would surely be dubbed Ruler when he brough back the roots. His brothers and sisters had had enough. The oldest and biggest brother hatched a plan. He slung his massive arm over Muddyruffles shoulder and led him down the path a ways, distracting him with talk of their big success. All the while the smaller brothers and sisters dug a shallow pit and filled it with sap, until the ground looked even, then they called him over.

"Muddy, oh Muddy!" they called, "Can you please help us lift these heavy roots? We are just not strong enough!"

No. 568136 ID: 8750b6
File 139623591882.png - (148.43KB , 750x750 , doge frame 3.png )

Muddyruffle, felling quite confident at his older brothers words, rushed in to help them, grabbing the smallest root in the front. His siblings, knowing he would go fo the smallest piece, had placed it on the sap.

As soon as Muddyruffle grabbed it, he sunk right into the thick, unforgiving sap.

"Help me!" he cried, "Someone help, I'm stuck!"

But they would not help him. The oldest and biggest brother grabbed the roots and left with his siblings in tow. Muddleruffle was alone, stuck fast to the ground. Surely he would perish here, and no one would miss him.

But he didn't die here, did he pups?

No. 568140 ID: 9ddf68

nah, he got lucky and manged to grab a nearby root and pull himself out but he was completely covered in sap. So he tried to remove the sap from his beautiful coat but whenever he removed some sap he also removed patches of his fur. Naturally he freaked the fuck out at this.
No. 568157 ID: ffa549

He eventually pulls free, but by time he does, it is very late. He is tired, and hungry, and alone. And in his distress he makes several wrong turns and realizes he is very, very lost.
No. 568174 ID: 4a6676

Oh yes, Muddyruffle climbed out of that pit, but his hair was haggard with tar and muck, clinging to his skin and fur.
But by this time it was growing late, and the woods were dark as the deepest caves. Muddyruffle's hair stood up on end, and did not sit back down. It rose and stuck straight out and back, like so many tarry razors. He tried in vain to remove the stuff comb his hair back into place, but at most it would shift, and cling to his fingers.
No. 568424 ID: cad45e

No, i'm pretty sure he did die.

I mean nobody just gets out of sap right, stuffs stickier than the word sticky.
No. 568427 ID: d6e000

He loses all the fur below his ruffle to the sap, leaving him naked, of course.
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