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File 139040094406.png - (25.16KB , 700x500 , UpdateCase1.png )
559023 No. 559023 ID: 13f7a6

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No. 559024 ID: 13f7a6
File 139040096496.png - (13.10KB , 700x500 , Update1a.png )

:AdjutantLookingAway: "…"

:AvatarNeutral: "Excuses, ma'am. I am looking for…"

:AdjutantNeutral: "… Hm?"

:AvatarThinking: "Er, I am looking for, how you say… There is someone I am looking for. This is public records, correct?"

:AdjutantThinking: "Public records are housed in this building, sir, but citizen records are kept under lock and Clerk Patientia holds the key. Find him behind the last door at the end of the left corridor, and he shall guide you further."

:AvatarThinking: "Ah, er… Last door on the… ?"

:AdjutantLookingAway: "Last door at the end of the left corridor, sir. Is that all, sir? I am waiting for someone and would hate to miss her while distracted in conversation."

:AvatarSmirking: "Ah! Of course. Gratitude."
No. 559027 ID: 13f7a6
File 139040222183.png - (14.62KB , 700x500 , Update1b.png )

:AvatarThinking: [Now, it was the last door on the… left?]

:OldManNeutral: "Hail, son."

:AvatarGrinning: "Ah! We speak the same language, you and I! Well met, sir. It is wonderful to meet a kindred spirit like you so far from home!"

:OldManNeutral: "…"

:AvatarGrinning: "Er, was there something you wanted to say to me?"

:OldManNeutral: "…"

:AvatarSmirking: "Grandfather?"

:OldManNeutral: "…"

:MysteryScreamer: "AAAAAAGH!"

:AvatarLookingAway: "Ah! That was a man's cry, from down the left corridor!"

:OldManNeutral: "… There was something I was to tell you…"

> [Wait patiently for the old man to finish his thought.]
> "I'm afraid I don't have time for this, sir! Good day!"
No. 559035 ID: 4a75fa

I'm sorry, hold that thought, I have to make sure they're all right!
No. 559067 ID: 99ef3c

wait patiently.
No. 559068 ID: 5f5afc

Have some respect for your elders fool and listen what he has to say. You can find out what the screaming is about later.
No. 559077 ID: 0b54f4

I'd go more with "One moment, I'll be right back!"

Though he's probably going to say "Oh, yes, now I remember: you're in grave danger from the ninjas invading the building, and must leave immediately," or something to that effect.
No. 559179 ID: 13f7a6
File 139051766882.png - (11.73KB , 700x500 , Update2a.png )

:AvatarNeutral: "Ah, I'm torn, but…"

:AvatarLookingAway: "I must go see if that man is alright!"

:OldManNeutral: "… What was it? I'm certain I knew what it was a second ago…"

:AvatarGrinning: "Just one moment, grandfather, and I'll be right back!"

:OldManNeutral: "No… wasn't it…"
No. 559180 ID: 13f7a6
File 139051771186.png - (9.02KB , 700x500 , Update2b.png )

:AvatarNeutral: "Salutations, sir! I heard a man's cry!"

:OnnestShocked: "T-t-that, I-I… !"

:AvatarNeutral: "What is the problem?"

:OnnestShocked: "H-he! He!"

:AvatarNeutral: "What do you point at?"
No. 559182 ID: 13f7a6
File 139051782376.png - (14.90KB , 700x500 , Update2c.png )

:AvatarLookingDown: "Ah. That is what you point at."

> A: "Go for help, sir! I will stand guard!" [Begin Investigation]
> B: "Wait here, sir! I shall bring help!"
No. 559199 ID: d2995c

A. We don't want to actually touch anything, but we might want to look around.
No. 559214 ID: 38c95a

I vote for option B. We don't wanna be anywhere near that body when the cops arrive.
No. 559248 ID: 5f5afc

A since this guy seems pretty freaked out by the body and probably wants to get away from it anyway.

First check if it really is a body and not a person dying while you gawk about.
No. 559250 ID: 4a75fa


So... are you a freelance private eye kind of wizard detective who the authorities are going to be annoyed or angry to find at their crime scene, or are you an official wizard detective on the wizard police wizard homicide squad?

First thing to do is check if the victim is still alive. If they are, they need help. If they aren't, this isn't a murder, and you should not disturb the crime scene in any way. Learn as much as you can by observation.
No. 559450 ID: 13f7a6
File 139068676106.png - (11.70KB , 700x500 , Update3a.png )

> A

:AvatarLookingAway: "Go for help, sir! I will stand guard!"

:OnnestSad: "…"

:AvatarGrinning: "Worry not! I know what to do here."

:OnnestNeutral: "O-okay! Thank you!"

:AvatarLookingAway: [And there he goes. He seemed relieved to leave the situation in my hands.]

:AvatarSmirking: "I get to work now."
No. 559451 ID: 13f7a6
File 139068678269.gif - (10.23KB , 700x500 , Update3b.gif )

:AvatarSmirking: "Hmm… Is he dead? Or sleeping? I will check."

:AvatarGrinning: "ARE YOU WELL, SIR?"

:AvatarNeutral: [He does not stir! I do not think he will mind if I check if his heart still beats…]

:AvatarSmirking: [I cannot feel his veins throbbing when I take a pulse, and his skin is cold when I touch. This man is well and truly dead, and he has been for some time.]
No. 559452 ID: 13f7a6
File 139068679788.png - (16.27KB , 700x500 , Update3c.png )

:AvatarLookingDown: "But how did he die?"

:AvatarLookingAway: "My curiosity must be slaked! I have this scene to myself, for a time at least. I will have a look around! No touching, of course."

> [What to Examine?]
No. 559456 ID: 5f5afc

Well first take a look at the possible suicide note under the lamp on the windowsill. Then move on to the picture on the wall and the shredded thing in front of it.

Do you smell anything unusual?
No. 559477 ID: a87e3a

Well, it's obvious he was shot with that gun. Don't touch it- you should not ever put your fingerprints on a murder weapon.

Definitely check that note under the lantern. Then that strange... sliding block puzzle?
No. 559482 ID: 4a75fa

>This man is well and truly dead, and he has been for some time.
But he was killed with the gun lying there, and no one heard the shot? Usually gunshots in the public records part of town wouldn't go unnoticed.

Look at the note on the windowsill to your left, and then look at the stuff on the desk, then check out that broken thing on the table to the right of the desk.
No. 560167 ID: 13f7a6
File 139112083520.gif - (9.61KB , 700x500 , Update4a.gif )

:AvatarLookingAway: [What is this I spy, perched on the windowsill? It is a lamp. And a note!]

:AvatarLookingDown: "Does this note show me the meaning of the man's death? I will try to read, but the paper is warped and the ink is runny."

[To Clerk Patientia,
I have refilled your lamp with fuel as you requested, but I seem to have missed you. Please seek me out and thank me tomorrow at your convenience.]

:AvatarNeutral: [Fascinating. If I recall, it was raining all last night, which may have gotten this note wet, sitting on the open windowsill like this.]

:AvatarLookingDown: "… What is this? The lamp is switched on, yet no fire burns?"
No. 560168 ID: 13f7a6
File 139112086189.gif - (13.30KB , 700x500 , Update4b.gif )

:AvatarNeutral: [There is a crate of official records sitting next to the desk. The desk itself is unremarkable. A carrying case has been placed on it, but without touching it I cannot ascertain its contents. There not much else of note…]

:AvatarSmirking: "… except this this puzzle box! A toy looks lonely here on the work desk."

:AvatarNeutral: […]

:AvatarSad: [How disappointing! This beautiful mosaic has been ruined! One of the tiles has been shattered into many tiny pieces.]

:AvatarNeutral: "… Ah! A mirror in one hand… An hourglass in the other… An ouroboros circling overhead… these are all symbols of the deity Veritas, a common subject of worship in this land."


:AvatarSmirking: *Inhale* "Ah! It feels good to discover things!"

:AvatarSmirking: "…"

:AvatarThinking: *Sniff* *Sniff*

:AvatarNeutral: [Should not dead bodies smell? The stench of death is absent here; this man must have died less than twenty-four hours ago.]

:AvatarLookingAway: "Is there anything more I want to look close at?"

> A: [Anything More to Examine?]

> B: "I will wait patiently for the proper authorities to appear!" [Finish Investigating]
No. 560172 ID: a87e3a

The man was killed before the lantern burnt out, for he would have turned it off in that case. The fact that the lantern was on at all implies that he was killed during the night. The fact that the lantern burnt out simply means that the body has been here at least as long as the oil would last. Or does it still have oil, but the light was blown out? Is it possible for this lantern design to be blown out or extinguished by the rain?

Investigate the shattered tile- does it look like any pieces are missing?

There's some sort of satchel on the desk. What is it?

Does the body's wound look distinctive? Perhaps the exit wound is on the front? Look at the wall in front of the body to see if there's a bullet hole.
No. 560283 ID: 773e2d

What about blood spatter? If he was shot standing up, there would be some kind of spray, either behind him on the wall, or on the floor - possibly where he fell.
No. 561239 ID: 13f7a6
File 139174644152.gif - (19.78KB , 700x500 , Update5a.gif )

:AvatarSmirking: [This is a metal carrying case on the desk. I have no idea what is inside, and there is nothing to indicate what may be in there. Likely it is just used to carry records and reports; boring!]

:AvatarThinking: "… This case is familiar to me. Why… ?"

:AvatarNeutral: [… Moving on, I do not think the lantern could have been extinguished by the rain; the wick is encased by glass. Wind could snuff it out, but it would need to be very harsh. If I opened the lantern, I could check the amount of oil left and remove all doubt of what put it out.]


:AvatarLookingDown: [How Gruesome! The man's wound does not match what a blade or arrow could do... Is it related to the tool left on his chest?]

:AvatarSmirking: "I have never seen this tool before… Ah! Is it a firearm? It reminds me of one, but looks much different from what I know."

:AvatarLookingAway: "Ah! If it was a firearm, then there is a bullet hole!"

:AvatarNeutral: [I can not tell whether the wound is an entrance or exit. wound, so I do not know what direction he may have been shot from. I have looked extensively, but I see no bullet hole anywhere in the room.]

:AvatarLookingDown: "And also, I do not see a blood spatter! If a man is shot, there is an explosion of blood but here is only a calm pool formed after the fact."


:AvatarNeutral: [There is some aspect of this broken tile that does not feel right to me… As far as I can tell, though, all the pieces are there. But can I be sure of that unless I were to put the tile back together?]

:AvatarLookingDown: "… Ah! What is this?"

:AvatarSmirking: [Have I found something profound? There is one piece of debris that does not belong with the others. It looks to be of metal, where the others are stone…]

:AvatarLookingDown: "… and is coated in… blood?"

> A: [Anything More to Examine?]

> B: "I have no more to find." [Finish Investigating]
No. 561281 ID: 773e2d

That's really strange. If there's no blood spatter and no bullet hole, it suggests he was shot lying down, or shot somewhere else and moved here. This is unlikely, however, since there is no blood trail, yet there is a pool of blood. Can you just maybe take a peek underneath him for a bullet hole on the floor? Or perhaps that impliment is some kind of drill?
No. 561302 ID: a87e3a

The bullet hit the tile, shattering it and stopping the bullet. That's your "bullet hole".

The lack of blood splatter implies that something caught the splatter then was removed from the scene. Or maybe his robes caught it.

Check out that crate of books next to the desk. Aside from that I can't think of anything else to examine.
No. 561308 ID: c04e3e

Take a quick look at the victims fingers and fingernails for signs of struggle like hair, skin or blood.

After that i think you are pretty much done. You should go and see if the old man is still in the hallway.
No. 561309 ID: 53ba34

i bet there was a cloth or something over the tiles. this cloth is now covered n blood, and missing.
No. 567700 ID: 13f7a6
File 139581467456.png - (14.28KB , 700x500 , Update6a.png )

:AvatarLookingDown: "Was there a struggle? I see nothing like blood or skin under his nails to indicate such."

:AvatarSmug: [Did he already know the man who shot him? Or perhaps he did not even fear death… ?]


:AvatarNeutral: "A place to place things is a place to place clues. Was a clue placed in the crate with books?"

:AvatarSmirking: [At a glance, I would say no. There are only books in here. "Financial Records, 200 P.I." "Financial Records, 201 P.I." "Financial Records, 202 P.I." Financial records up to the current year, 207. Unless someone dropped a critical clue between volumes 205 and 206, I think this crate of no import to me.]


:AvatarLookingDown: "When I take another look at this tool… it is still a gun to me. It can be nothing else. There is a hole in this side that bullets would eject from. What else would eject from there?"

:AvatarNeutral: [Could he be hiding any clues of his own? Under his body, perhaps? If I could lift his body for just moment…]

:AvatarSweating: "No, I can not! If someone asked me, "Did you touch anything?" I could not stop myself from telling the truth! I am too principled to do anything but! I also can not tell a convincing lie. If I do, I sweat profusely, like I am in rain."


:AvatarSmirk: "Have I uncovered all the truth that has been obfuscated? I think I have enough. I will step outside; maybe that old man has not left yet…"

:OnnestSad: "Yes, in this way!"

:AvatarNeutral: [Ah! Apologies, grandfather. You will need to wait just a while longer, if you have not left yet.]
No. 567701 ID: 13f7a6
File 139581468228.png - (14.47KB , 700x500 , Update6b.png )

:AdjutantNeutral: "Sir! How fares the victim?"

:AvatarGrinning: "Hm? Ah, him. He is dead."

:OnnestSad: "H-huh? No…"

:InquisitorClosedEyes: "You seem sure."

:AvatarSmirking: "I am! I made sure he was dead."

:AdjutantSurprised: "Y-you! You mean you admit… ?!"

:AvatarLookingAway: "Yes! I checked his pulse and heard for breath. There was none. I admit I poked his body to do that. But only a little amount! It was necessary! You can not prove I did anything wrong!"

:AdjutantFlustered: "… O-oh?"

:InquisitorNeutral: "The scene remains otherwise undisturbed?"

:AvatarGrinning: "True!"

:InquisitorClosedEyes: "That is fortunate. Wait here until we take your testimony."

:AvatarSad: "Ah, must I?"

:InquisitorNeutral: "You must."

:AvatarSmirking: "A-ah, if I must…"

:InquisitorClosedEyes: "Excellent. Benevolentiam, let us go."

:AdjutantNeutral: "Inquisitor!"
No. 567702 ID: 13f7a6
File 139581469680.png - (9.30KB , 700x500 , Update6c.png )

:AvatarGrinning: [Wasn't that Inquisitor man fascinating! He exerted an aura of boundless resolve! His force of will felt so strong, I feel as though I could never say no to his any request! The short lady he was with was much less remarkable. I've already forgotten her face.]

:AvatarLookingAway: [Ah! It is the man whose scream I heard! This is excellent; I have the chance to ask him about what he saw as I wait for the Inquisitor to come back from the scene. And who is this tall folk he is with?]

> [What to ask whom?]
No. 567706 ID: b30f36

Well go over and introduce yourself to the them. Strangers are just friends you haven't met!

Be sure to get the screaming mans name and ask if he can confirm that the dead man is clerk Patentia.

Also Are you a wizard? Can you do magic?
No. 569095 ID: 13f7a6
File 139658287392.png - (12.18KB , 700x500 , Update7a.png )

:AvatarGrinning: "Good morning, good morning everyone! Introductions!"

:OnnestNeutral: "… Oh, you are man who helps me."

:AvatarNeutral: "Ah! The frightened fellow! I can recognize by the effeminate voice you have."

:OnnestNeutral: "Hm? Eh-feh-meh-nett?"

:AvatarGrinning: "It is a word meaning, 'as like a woman'!"

:OnnestNeutral: "No, it is man who was hurt. Not woman."

:OfficerNeutral: "Sir, be there a reason you're bothering Ambassador for?"

:AvatarLookingDown: "Ambassador? You are an ambassador?"

:OnnestBeaming: "Ambassador! Yes! Ambassador Onnest Onschulding of Republica Magi. In your servitude. Good to make your friendship."

:AvatarNeutral: "Republica Magi? Then we speak the same language you and I?"

:OnnestNeutral: "Oh my, that we do, my good sir! Fancy that, meeting a fellow Magician expatriate by complete chance on my very first day here as ambassador. What brings you to this country? I hear many are coming to practice magic. There has been an increase in local demand for the arcane talent as of late."

:AvatarAw: "Ah, I am afraid the gift of magic eludes me; my brother took my share of it and left me with none. I am here, actually, in search of him."

:OnnestSad: "My apologies for assuming. I can sympathize with, actually. I too had a brother who was the only one of us to inherit an affinity for magic. He was sent away by our parents when I was still young, and now I do not know how I might find him."
No. 569096 ID: 13f7a6
File 139658289555.png - (9.28KB , 700x500 , Update7b.png )

:AvatarThinking: "Ah, er, I had questions more serious to ask…"

:OnnestBeaming: "Question? I am ambassador. I answer question!"

:AvatarNeutral: "That man you found… do you know who he was?"

:OnnestSad: "… Yes. Man is Clerk Patientia."

:AvatarLookingAway: [… he was privy to the victim's identity? Very noteworthy! It invites furthering questions. What more secrets might he hold? It is time now to unlock them!]

> [What questions to ask of the ambassador?]
No. 569131 ID: 2d6511

Both missing brothers and apparently you don't need to be a wizard to represent the Magi Republica.

Ask how well did the ambassador know clerk Patientia and of course offer your condolences if they were close friends. Ask if he knows if Patientia had a habit of working late and if he had any apprentices or helpers who would have refilled the lamp.

Also ask who is that tall masked person, ambassadors bodyguard? Another inquisitor?
No. 569189 ID: 2c6ff1

Ask if he knows if there is anyone that would have wanted him dead, or if anything odd happened last night. Did anyone hear any gunshots?

Also are we not supposed to be talking to the large fellow? Is he a bodyguard? You introduced yourself to only one person, here...
No. 596148 ID: 40c185
File 141185087409.png - (182.80KB , 700x500 , Update8.png )

:AvatarAw: "You did know him, then? How well, if I can inquire?"

:OnnestNeutral: "Oh, not well as I wish. I arrive in city yesterday. When I am lost yesterday, man named Patientia begins speak to me."

:OnnestSweating: "A-and then he directs me to hotel, where I stay all last night and we never meet again."

:AvatarSmirking: "Until this morning."

:OnnestSad: "Maybe… but I meet him dead."

:AvatarAw: "And all he did was give you directions to your hotel? You never came here with him? I would have many questions for a witness who might know what occurred here last night…"

:OnnestSweating: "No! Yesterday Patientia tells me where I find hotel. And that is all. No time for talk because… he needs oil. Yes, Patientia, he says to me, 'No time to talk, I get oil for my lantern,' and then we never meet again."

:AvatarLookingDown: "…"

:OnnestSweating: "I-is that sound not plausible?"

:AvatarNeutral:Is that not sound plausible? Well, I can certainly say to you that I think it sounds—“
No. 596149 ID: 40c185
File 141185090016.png - (70.14KB , 500x700 , Update8b.png )

:AvatarLookingAway: "… Ah! My good sir! I admit I did not see you there until just now. You are so big, it is difficult to notice you, yes? Introductions! My name is… never mind. Er, who might you be?"

:AdjudicatorNeutral: "I am Adjudicator Aequus."

:AvatarThinking: "Adjudicator? Apologies, might you explain to me what that means? I am not from around this place, you see. We do not know Adjudicators where I am from.”

:AdjudicatorNeutral: "The Adjudicator is the eyes and ears of Truth. He witnesses and oversees the investigation into any crime and hears the assertions and arguments of all who put them forward, and he determines what facts we may be certain of, and who we know is guilty of what crimes."

:AvatarGrinning: "Ah! You dictate guilt and innocence! Say, might you be here on account of the incident in one of the offices here? It occurred just down the hall there?"

:AdjudicatorNeutral: "Yes."

:AvatarSmirking: "Of course! Why else would you be here? But if I may ask, why did you not go with those folk who went ahead into the room? You said it was your duty to oversee the investigation?"

:AdjudicatorNeutral: "I am watching them.[b]"

:AvatarAw: "You are? But you are here?"

:AdjudicatorNeutral: "[b]You had something to say to Ambassador.

:AvatarThinking: "I had something to say… ?"

:AvatarNeutral: "Ambassador, do you recall what I was going to say to you?"

:OnnestSad: “W-what? I-I…“

:AvatarLookingAway: [I must now look back to the past and see if I can’t pick out a memory of what I saw, heard or read in that room that I can use here!]

:AvatarLookingAway: [… Or if he said something that is wrong either way, I suppose I could call him out on that, too…]

:AvatarGrinning: “Of course! Ambassador Onschulding…”

>A: “… said something that didn't sound quite right. Allow me to explain…” [Find A Contradiction]

>B: “… did not say anything suspicious that I heard!” [End Conversation]
No. 596246 ID: 7e981e

A: Ask ambassador Onnest if he is forgetting something about his meeting with Patientia.
The note said that Clerk Patientia had requested that someone else fill the lamp for him.
Besides i have a feeling that a clerk wouldn't leave a rookie ambassador to wonder around in a foreign town with just directions to a hotel.
No. 598474 ID: 40c185
File 141341226375.png - (257.27KB , 700x500 , Update9a.png )

:AvatarGrinning: “Ambassador Onnest, you said something that did not sound right by my ear. Allow me to explain…”

:AvatarThinking: “Patientia was a clerk who worked in this office. He was employed by the government; is it not incongruous of him to meet you, a rookie ambassador, and desert you in a foreign place with no more than directions to a hotel? I would think it be in his duty as a civil servant to stick around for a small time longer…”

:OnnestSweating: “Oh, ah, yes, it is very not normal that he does not stay…”

:OnnestBeaming: “B-but, he has good reason! He seems very wanting for oil. It is for his lantern, you see. Without it, he has no light to see! Work is difficult in dark, so he is eager for having more oil.”

:AvatarAw: “Then this raises a question that is intriguing! Why would Patientia abandon a foreign dignitary so he could fetch oil when he had already asked someone else to do the fetching for him?”

:OnnestNeutral: “Hm? Someone else fetches? How do you know this?”

:AvatarSmirking: “I read the note left behind by the person who refilled Patientia’s lantern for him. This perplexes me! Why would Patientia abandon you to get oil when someone else was fetching it for him?”

:OnnestDamage: “Eep!”

:OnnestSweating: ”Very not normal. What I say is not normal.”

:AvatarThinking: “Yes, not normal. Patientia’s actions confuse. He leaves to find oil that he already had someone else finding? Why would he do that?”

:OnnestSweating: “Y-you see, he… Oh! I know! T-that is, I mean…”

:OnnestNeutral: “T-thank you, sir! You help me to remember! Seeing… him… right now makes me not well. So I remember things wrong a little. You see?“

:AvatarNeutral: “Understandable. Confrontations with death have potential to be traumatic.”

:OnnestSad: “… ?”

:AvatarAw: “Er, what is it you have remembered?”

:OnnestNeutral: “Patientia tells me where to find hotel, but this is not all he does. He hears me say I am ambassador for Republica Magi, and wants to tour me this city.”

:OnnestBeaming: “He answers all questions I give him, takes me to any place I ask; he is very patient. We talk much on much things, and then he takes me back to his—”

:OnnestSweating: “I-I mean, he takes me back to the hotel. And then I never see him again!”
No. 598477 ID: 40c185
File 141341234380.png - (216.90KB , 700x500 , Update9b.png )

:OnnestNeutral: “… I left behind so many things to come here as an ambassador. I was chosen to represent my people to the Order in the Veritasian City; an immeasurable honor! But the trip here was long, and arduous. And when I finally arrived here yesterday, I was all alone in a new place, with only strangers for guidance, and my family and friends and all that I knew so far away… when this man walks into my path and shows me more kindness in a day than have some people who I knew for my entire life.

:OnnestSad:A-and now he is gone, so quickly. It is as though I never even met him…

:AvatarNeutral:I empathize. My brother was my closest companion among my scornful peers, but he then went missing, and I felt I had lost a piece of my very being. We often found ourselves alone together when we were still home, but now as I scour these strange lands, I find myself simply alone.

:OnnestSad: “… How long have you searched for? Has a man any chance to find his brother when only he alone is willing to search? … How can such a man have left any hope to see his brother again?”

:AvatarLookingAway:Hope? Friend of mine, hope is one thing that I will not ever not have left any of! A man who has no chance may be a man with no hope, but a man with hope is a man who has chance! Maybe I never find my brother and die alone, but I die knowing that I will find my brother!”

:OnnestSad: “…”

:OnnestBeaming: “… Thank you. You help me. I feel better.“

:OfficerNeutral: “Be excusin’ me, sir. Inquisitor’s ready to be takin’ your statement whenever you’re ready.”

> [What to do?]
No. 598829 ID: b5aa3f

It might be useful to talk to Onnest some more later. He shouldn't be hard to find since he is an Ambassador.
But now you must go talk to the Inquisitor.
No. 598927 ID: ee0beb

Indeed! To the inquisitor! Perhaps we can even convince him to give us a better understanding of this criminal action. Or perhaps we could petition him to give us some investigative authority on this case. After all we've already made some key observations.
No. 598988 ID: 436cdc

Favicon up for approval over in /questdis/! Also: a small animated bit of fanart
No. 599009 ID: 40c185
File 141383363341.png - (150.84KB , 700x500 , Update10.png )

:AvatarLookingAway: “I knew this time would come, and now it does. Ambassador Onschulding, apologies. I take leave of you, if you will allow me. Do stay close, though, as I will like to speak with you more.”

:OnnestBeaming: “Yes, I will stay here right now. I like talk with you. It makes me feel greater.”

:AvatarSmirking: “Now then! If you are kind enough to point me to the Inquisitor, policeman, do so!

:OfficerSkeptical: “… Inquisitor’s hangin’ about right down the hall there. Right behind me. Where you already be facin’.”

:AvatarGrinning: “Gratitude! I see now. Your head is too large and in my view. Farewell!”

:OfficerNeutral: “…”


:AvatarGrinning: “Greetings! Introductions! The day treats us well, does it not?”

:InquisitorClosedEyes: “A man is dead today.”

:AvatarAw: “Maybe I mean the weather more than I mean all things about the day.”

:AdjutantNeutral: “Would you fight to defend that sentiment? When you spoke to me just outside, the sky was swelled and looked to threaten rain, by my judgement.”

:AvatarLookingDown: “You spoke to me? Apologies; have we met?"

:AdjutantThinking: "Uh… yes! Not half of an hourglass's turn ago, you inquired as to where you could find Clerk Patientia, and I pointed you here, to this office."

:AvatarThinking: "Ah? Er, hm. Hmmmmm…"

:AdjutantNeutral: "You do not recall?"

:AvatarAw: “Er, ah, hm. It is possible your name will evoke the memory?”

:InquisitorClosedEyes: "Benevolentiam."

:AdjutantFlustered: "Yes, Inquisitor!”

:InquisitorClosedEyes: “You did not tell me that you had met this man before now. Why did you not disclose your prior relationship the moment you became aware that he was involved in the case?”

:AdjutantSweating: “P-p-prior relationship? Oh, no, no, no, Iustitia, it’s nothing as intimate as that! I was waiting for you outside the archives building when this guy just showed up from nowhere and asked me where Clerk Patientia was. I told him where his office was, he left, and that was it! That was the first and only time I had ever met him! You know what, the exchange was so brief, let’s just pretend it never even happened…”

:AvatarSad: “I agree! I am already not able to remember the occurrence of this alleged meeting!”

:AdjutantAngry: "…"

:InquisitorClosedEyes: “Then we will do the meeting over. My name is Inquisitor Iustitia.”

:AdjutantAngry: “… And I am Benevolentiam, Inquisitor Adjunct to Inquisitor Iustitia. You may address me as Inquisitor, Inquisitor Adjunct, or Adjutant Benevolentiam.”

:AvatarNeutral: “It is wonderful making your friendships, Inquisitors. I speak with you now to offer my expertise! Solving intellectual challenges is a thing that I enjoy. Criminal investigation is an intellectual challenge. You conduct a criminal investigation… Are you seeing my meaning?”

:AdjudicatorNeutral:A woman may be the greatest liar, but if she asserts that two and two together make four, we will believe her. She who speaks Truth speaks Truth. So in all places where the Authority of Law rests with the Veritasian Order, any individual who puts forth an assertion of fact regarding a crime, together with sufficient evidence to support that assertion, will be heard by the presiding Adjudicator.

:AvatarSad: “But I am not a woman? Does this mean I cannot participate?”

:AdjutantExasperated: “No, he doesn’t mean… Adjudicator Aequus is a sage, and they just like to answer questions about specific instances with these grand general statements on morality and stuff. He may have used the word, ‘woman,’ but he meant all people, including you.”

:AvatarThinking: “So he does not mistake me for a woman?”

:AdjutantNeutral:Ahem. Sages and Adjudicators are the two wisest and unprejudiced type of people to exist, and the Adjudicator is both; I would venture to claim that he does not care whether you are a man or a woman, even if he were to admit to something so insulting as mistaking which you are.”

:AvatarSmirking: “I understand. So this, ‘Adjudicator,’ allows me into the search for the rascal who did this? This is wonderful! Where is he? I have so many arguments to make!”

:InquisitorNeutral: “Yes, the Adjudicator has a duty to hear all relevant arguments, but I fear that I must question your motivations. Allow me to explain…“

:InquisitorClosedEyes: “A man asks directions to the site of a murder and then denies having done so, and when he arrives orders the only other witness to leave him there alone… Actually, sir, you have yet to tell us your name, though we have told you ours.”

:InquisitorCritical: “And furthermore… have you an alibi for yesterday night?”

:AvatarNeutral: “…”

> [How to Respond?]
No. 599016 ID: 2fd516


We don't know either of those things. Are we supposed to make shit up? How about:
Fennel Yorksen, and you were sleeping last night in your room. I expect most bachelors would not have an alibi so late at night! Is that when she suspects the murder took place?

...ah! I just realized. The carrying case on the desk is the same that Benevolentiam was carrying.
No. 599076 ID: b5aa3f

Do names have power or is there some other reason you haven't used your name yet? Well if you need a name how about Theodor Reuss?

As for the alibi, if there is no one who can confirm it i doubt it has much weight.
But you haven't done anything wrong so you don't need to suffer these false accusations meekly.
No. 599204 ID: 1e7c27

The question she should be asking is if we have a motive, and furthermore, if there's anything that links us to the crime itself directly. All she has so far is circumstantial, for there is no definite proof that we are even related to the crime in question other than simply wanting to be a good Samaritan who wants to find out the truth! Who's to say she isn't the killer, hm? As far as we know, she has just as much of a motive as we do to kill this man, which is to say absolutely none. In fact, if our evidence is other people's actions that seem suspicious, she would be just as much of a candidate. Making an almost immediate accusation such as this could considered shifting the blame away from oneself, would it not?

Ah, but alas, it is not her own fault that one would make such an assumption of one's actions, for that is just human behavior! No one will blame her for such actions, but let us be careful as to not do that to another in the future, for all are innocent until they are proven guilty, and should be treated as such.

Now then, our introductions. If we are to make a name and alibi, our name might be Adilet Nejem. As for where we were on the previous night we were merely taking rest, the local inn is quite... homely to say the least.
No. 599401 ID: 40c185
File 141431320985.png - (226.18KB , 700x500 , Update11a.png )

:AvatarThinking: “Alibi? For last night? Why is it that you are needing to know such a thing? … Does the time frame of last night possess importance to the mystery?”

:InquisitorCritical: “Answer my last question and then we will get to that. What is your occupation and name?”

:AvatarLookingDown: "My name?"

:AvatarSweating: "My name is… irrelevant."

:AdjutantAngry: "Sir, we must inquire as to your name…"

:AvatarSad: “Must you require me to say it out loud? What if some malicious warlock hides nearby and overhears it? If he knows my name, he becomes capable to hex me!”

:AdjutantExasperated: "Sir, no warlock will hex you. There lurk no warlocks here to hex you.”

:AvatarLookingDown: “I am not so certain! I met an especially sorcerererly-looking fellow not so far ago…”

:InquisitorNeutral: “Even so, you will not be in danger. Dark magic has been against the law to practice on persons for two hundred years. If someone should threaten your safety, I will raise my sword personally in your defense.”

:AvatarThinking: “Hm… well, if you have a sword…”

:AvatarNeutral: “I suppose I will tell you my name is Adileta Nejem.”

:AdjutantThinking: “That is your name? I really must confess my honest surprise; you do not look like you would have an eastern name. I could have spent a lifetime guessing before I would have ever landed upon something so foreign-sounding for you.”

:AvatarAw: “It is the name they gave me. Regarding my occupation, I do not possess one that is conventional. I suppose I will tell you I am a wanderer. I search for my brother who has been lost for many years and I have no time for other time-taking activities like jobs.”

:InquisitorCritical: “So we will call you Wander Adileta Nejem. Now, we may go on to your alibi…”

:AdjutantLookingAway: “The man has dodged questions on beyond enough occasions that at this point we may as well arrest him now, to save time before we discover the evidence which he is attempting so desperately to evade divulging to us.”

:AvatarLookingAway: “Now let us stop right there, so that I may tell you that I am resenting you and your baseless accusations! Where do you possess evidence of motive? Or any wrongdoing? Do you know anything I have done which no other good samaritan would have done in the same circumstance? You interrogate me for an alibi, but I interrogate you now instead! If an absolute absence of evidence is becoming evidence of guilt, then who is there to say that you did not kill this man? It is the tactic of the criminal to shift the blame so fast, do you think not? May we go on to your alibi?”

:AdjutantSurprised:What? Do you really think you have any room to pull the, ’no, you!’ card on Inquisitor?”

:InquisitorNeutral: “No, Benevolentiam. He is right. What little evidence that could indict Wander is purely circumstantial.“

:AdjutantFlustered: “… Inquisitor?”

:AvatarSmug: “Ah, but alas, I am magnanimous. I will not blame you for your error, for error is what humans do. But let us be careful to not err like this again. For all are innocent until—“

:InquisitorClosedEyes: “—Until they are proven guilty. I have read the Book of Truth. Yes, you are absolutely right.”

:InquisitorSmiling: “You are sharp, Wander. I think we can trust you.”

:AdjutantSurprised: “… Trust? Oh!”

:AdjutantDetermined: “I see, Inquisitor, you were testing him! It was all a ruse!“

:AvatarThinking: “Testing? Rusing? So I am not suspected, in the end?“

:InquisitorNeutral: “I never suspected you of anything. After all, the accusation was entirely baseless. I asked as accusingly as I did to see how you would respond, whether you would be reasonable enough to prove your use to us… and to simply get the question of your alibi, and your status as a suspect, out of the way.”

:AdjutantThinking: “Speaking of which, I am about as prepared as I will ever be to finally know whether you have one or not.”

:AvatarGrinning: “Ah, I do! I took rest all yesterday night, at the local inn.”

:AdjutantExasperated: “‘Local inn?’ There exist myriad ‘local inns’ in the city that is the center of the Illuminated world!”

:OfficerSkeptical: “If you’ll ’scuse me, be you meanin’ an establishment named The Local Inn? It’s nearby? For that be the name o’ the bar me n’ the kids patronize after shifts. T’ain’t an actual inn, though, they just serve drinks and the like.”

:AvatarGrinning: “Yes! That is the place. The owner possesses no rooms to rent, but the attic is very spacious.”

:AdjudicatorNeutral:Send an officer to corroborate Wander Adilet Nejem’s story.

:OfficerNeutral: “Sure, ‘Judicator. He won’t be takin’ long.”

:AvatarThinking: “Now with this entire alibi business resolved, may I ask why it must be for this last night?”

:AvatarSmirking: “You think this is when the murder was committed?”

:AdjutantLookingAway: “Oh, my. How sharp you are, Nejem. Only a man as intelligent as you have proven yourself to be would possibly be able to make the monumental inference that an alibi for a certain time would indicate that we are suspecting that the crime was committed at that time.”

:AvatarThinking: “So that is yes?”

:InquisitorNeutral: “Yes. Based on the state of the body, we believe he was killed last night, possibly at around midnight.”

:AvatarSmirking: “Ah, wonderful.“

:AdjutantAngry: “… Excuse you?”

:AvatarGrinning: “This means that I was right!”

:AdjutantExasperated: “…”
No. 599402 ID: 40c185
File 141431322996.png - (280.05KB , 700x500 , Update11b.png )

:AvatarLookingDown: “I am not capable of keeping myself from noting that case you carry, Benevolentiam. It looks very much like the case I noted was on the Clerk’s desk.”

:AdjutantThinking: “Please just call me Inquisitor, or Adjutant. And this? This is the case that was on Clerk’s desk.”

:AvatarGrinning: “Ah! This is fortunate. I was not able to open it, because that would mean to disturb a scene of crime! But now my burning desire for knowledge will be quenched! Commence cracking the case, please!”

:AdjutantLookingAway: “You cannot be sincerely thinking that I will open this case just for you. I am Inquisitor Adjunct; only Inquisitor Iustitia orders me to do anything.”

:Inquisitor: “Open the case, Benevolentiam. If we want Wander to help us, he must know what we know.”

:AdjutantSweating: “… Very well, Inquisitor. Let’s see, where’s that latch…”

:AdjutantNeutral: “There we go. Does this please, Nejem? Is it all that you had hoped to find?

:AvatarLookingAway: “Yes! What this is is very intriguing. What does a grown man do with a carrying case filled entirely with pointless wooden blocks?”

:InquisitorNeutral: “This is a case of puzzle cubes.”

:AvatarThinking: “Puzzle cubes? I passed a woman selling wood block stacks from a massive cart in the marketplace today. Is that what those were?”

:AdjutantNeutral: “There is a high probability. Puzzle cubes are a very popular tool of recreation here. If you discovered a random puzzle cube in any given country in the Veritasian sphere, the odds are high that it was originally crafted here in the Veritasian City.”

:InquisitorClosedEyes: “Children enjoy playing with simple ones by taking them apart and putting them together, while adults enjoy the challenge of tinkering with more complicated cubes.”

:AvatarSmirking: “Ah, interesting.”

:InquisitorClosedEyes: “Clerk may have been more than a casual tinkerer. This is a limited edition carrying case manufactured by the premier woodcraft company in the city. Each puzzle piece provided with the case is exactingly cut from mahogany and finely sanded. There exist only one-hundred of these puzzle cases in the entire world, and they each contain an entirely unique set of puzzle cubes. Yes, Clerk must have been a true enthusiast to have gone to the lengths it would have taken to acquire this carrying case.”

:AvatarAw: “Uh, interesting.”

:InquisitorSmiling: “The case itself is quite fascinating. The numerous puzzle cubes provided with the case may be taken apart and solved individually, but each solved cube is itself a piece of an even larger puzzle cube, which itself fits perfectly within the confines of the carrying case, so that every inch of space is taken up, and no extra space is left over. How many days must he have spent, working in silence on all those puzzles, I wonder? How many times did he solve the metapuzzle and then take the entire thing apart to solve each puzzle again? How many…“

:AvatarAw: “[You know very many specific facts about this obscure enthusiast product…]”

:AdjutantExasperated: “[Inquistor owns two.]”


:InquisitorNeutral: “… Have I answered all the questions you have, Wander? There are some things I would like to discuss with Ambassador.”

> A: “There may be more questions I have to ask you…” [What to Discuss?]

> B: “I have heard enough.” [Talk to Onnest]
No. 599405 ID: 2f4b71

For such a valuable and portable item to be left, the motive for the murder could not have been theft.
No. 599410 ID: 61771b

Is it possible that this puzzle box-
(top left)was also part of the same set? And if the "every inch of space is taken up, and no extra space is left over" statement is true then that means there is a space left inside the case somewhere. The only reason I can see for that box being left out while the rest of the puzzle appears complete is to hide something within it.
This is of course under the pretense that they match up.

Also ask if there were any items on his person that seemed unusual for him to be carrying with him late at night.

Maybe also mention the elderly man you passed by when you came in? He seemed unperturbed by the cry which led you to the scene of the crime. I doubt that he is directly related, but the overlapping of strange events in cases should be investigated.
No. 599426 ID: 2fd516

We were told that he had the key to the records Wander was looking for. Does he still have it?

What's with that sliding puzzle? Would that top tile fall down on its own or was it moved after the bullet destroyed the middle tile? Is there anything interesting in the space the middle tile was?
No. 599633 ID: e31ca1

Wuh oh, a tile is gone? Inquisitor, that means someone has to take it all apart and put it back together again! BUT WHO WOULD BE CRAZY ENOUGH TO TRY?
No. 599656 ID: 89b2a2

Is it not possible there is a message written on the puzzle, made whole, and then dismantled again?
No. 600138 ID: 40c185
File 141490510358.png - (232.36KB , 700x500 , Update12a.png )

:AvatarThinking: “In this city I have passed peddlers peddling puzzles across the street from each other, and now I learn cases of nothing except puzzles are popular products…”

:InquisitorNeutral: “Several workshops will produce their own series of annual collector’s edition puzzles, aside from the standard puzzles they produce year-round.”

:AvatarGrinning: “You city folk appreciate puzzles, do you not? A sentiment that I suppose am capable to understand!”

:InquisitorNeutral: “We do. Puzzles have a significant symbolic history with the Order of Truth, going back to when it was still just the Illuminati.”

:AvatarSmirking: “So it is a shame the symbolic damage was done to the sliding puzzle in the Clerk’s office.”

:AdjutantThinking: “Sliding puzzle? Oh, you must be referring to Clerk’s altar mosaic.”

:AvatarLookingDown: “So it is not a puzzle? Then this is my mistake.”

:AdjutantThinking: “Well, I would suppose that the artist’s choice of large tiles as the medium of expression for the art is intended to evoke the concept of a puzzle, but the actual piece is intended to be engaged with with one’s eyes alone, and not physically interacted with as one would with a traditional puzzle.”

:AvatarSad: “I do not comprehend. It is not a puzzle, but it is a puzzle?”

:AdjutantExasperated: “… It’s artwork made to look like a puzzle.”

:AvatarThinking: “So it is not a puzzle, but if I desired to slide the pieces like a puzzle, it would be possible to? Is this why the top piece is moved to the center, because someone attempted to solve the mosaic?”

:AdjutantNeutral: “It would be overwhelmingly more probable that the tile simply fell because the center tile was shot and shattered, and could no longer support the weight of the tile above it.”

:AvatarGrinning: “Ah. So there is nothing exceptional about that tile? Or the wall behind it, such as, perhaps, a secret panel which would open when the puzzle is solved? Or some other exceptional thing?”

:AdjutantThinking: “I doubt Clerk had the requisite authority to have any such thing installed on government property.”

:AvatarNeutral: “Fair. It disappoints, but is fair.”


:AvatarThinking: “You talk very much about the carrying case, but I hear no mention of the puzzle left loose near it. Is it part of the set as well?”

:InquisitorClosedEyes: “We considered the possibility, but after a closer look we do not think so. The puzzle is made from a different type of wood, so it is probably separate from the set.”

:AvatarSmirking: “Ah. So then it is not possible that there is something hidden in the puzzle set?“

:InquisitorNeutral: “How do you mean?”

:AvatarSmirking: “It derives from what you say about the entire space of the case being taken up exactly. If the loose puzzle is of the set, and it is outside of the case, there becomes extra space to stash an object in.”

:InquisitorClosedEyes: “That is a perceptive observation.”

:AdjutantAngry: “It may be perceptive, but I would call it equally implausible. What criminal in his right mind would labor to take apart the puzzle, fit an object in place of one of the pieces, and put the puzzle back together, all when the object he intends to hide away will still remain a yard from the body?”

:AvatarThinking: “I believe I have heard a saying that relates to what we discuss…”

:AvatarGrinning: “It goes, ‘the greatest place to hide something is where no one will find it!’ Or something that is like that. “

:AdjutantExasperated: “Yeah, ‘where no one will find it.’ I guess that’s true at the most basic level. And where exactly do they say that?”

:AvatarLookingAway: “That is an irrelevant question. What is relevant is the question who will be derang— er, dedicated enough to take the puzzle all apart and put it together again! To ensure that there is or is not something hidden in there, you see.”

:AdjutantSurprised: “I don’t think any of us have the time for that…”

:InquisitorSmiling: “I suppose I will try my hand.”

:AdjutantFlustered: “I-Inquisitor… Is that practical? Can you contribute to the investigation while you’re doing that?”

:InquisitorNeutral: “Perhaps not as well as I could, but I believe I can trust you to pick up my slack, Benevolentiam.”

:AdjutantSweating: “O-oh, well, I guess I can try…”
No. 600139 ID: 40c185
File 141490514588.png - (225.69KB , 700x500 , Update12b.png )

:AvatarNeutral: “I did not possess the privilege to close examine Patientia, so my curiosity still burns for him. Did you find anything not correct about him? Maybe he has something with him that he should not?“

:AdjutantThinking: “One might expect to have found some scandalous evidence on him, considering how peculiar it would be that Clerk was still at his office so late after-hours. But, the only irregular characteristic regarding the state of Clerk’s body would most probably be that fact that he has been posed and the weapon has been left on top of him; undoubtedly the killer’s doing. Otherwise, we were incapable of discovering anything particularly out of the ordinary on his person. What he did have with him were numerous keys, labeled with words such as, ‘office,’ ‘records,’ ‘front door,’ and so on…”

:AvatarAw: “I suppose one would expect a clerk who works in this building to possess keys which permit him to navigate it.”

:InquisitorNeutral: “… There was one more thing we found.”

:AvatarLookingAway: “How outrageous! Someone has vandalized this book!”

:InquisitorClosedEyes: “We found this as well as the keys in Clerk’s breast pocket, directly in front of his wound. I believe it was his personal journal.”

:AvatarNeutral: “Ah, so the bullet still passes through to Patientia? Why did the book did not absorb it and save Patientia’s life in a miracle?”

:InquisitorClosedEyes: “No such luck. The journal was nowhere near thick enough. The bullet tore right through.“

:AvatarSad: “What unfortune! His name is already being set for mention in tomorrow’s newspaper, but how close it was to be for a much happier reason.”

:AdjutantAngry: “The headlines might turn out to say, ‘Government Worker Killed,’ but they will follow with, ’Killer Apprehended.’ We will bring the villain who did this to justice.”


:AvatarAw: “Ah, I comprehend if all of you think I am odd when I ask if any of you passed an elder man with a flowing beard and carrying a large curved staff wandering the building on your way in, but… have you passed such an elder man? I did, and I believe he seemed suspicious. It is possible that he possesses no relevance, but…”

:AdjutantLookingAway: “This is your, ‘warlock,’ I presume? No, I do not believe anyone has encountered such a man as you describe, Nejem. And if I shall be perfectly honest with you, I do not think it will be a productive use of our precious time to go on what will likely be an ultimately fruitless chase for a man who does not even exist.”

:AvatarSmirking: “Ah, but do you not think that such not ordinary events as a murder and a suspicious old man who appears nearby deserve consideration together?”

:AdjutantAngry: “And what I am saying is that one of those events did not even happen! Adjudicator, can you sense any residue of magic? The only way this mysterious old man could avoid detection by nearly a dozen people each with the express intent to look for abnormalities, would be if he were a wizard who could convey himself from the building, or perform some other magical feat.”

:AdjudicatorNeutral:Allow me a moment…

:AdjudicatorNeutral:I feel nothing. The air is stale and void of magic.

:AdjutantDetermined: “So you understand, Nejem? We are not being fooled by your extravagant proclamations.”

:AvatarSad: “…”

:InquisitorClosedEyes: “Benevolentiam, temper yourself.”

:AdjutantFlustered: “B-but, Inquisitor! Are you taking his side?”

:InquisitorClosedEyes: “I am on the side of fairness.”

:AdjutantAngry: “I mean, fairness is cool and all, but I think the guy’s already had his fair chance. Adjudicator said there’s no old wizard!“

:InquisitorNeutral: “He said he felt no magic here. I understand your concern, but perhaps there is some other explanation for what Wander saw and what we did not. We must keep our minds open, and I believe he has proven himself trustworthy enough that we can safely entertain him on this point.”

:AvatarAw: “Ah! What may I say, but that I am touched that you possess so much faith in me!”

:AdjutantFlustered: “… Ugh.”

:AvatarLookingAway: “To business! The mind struggles to comprehend this criminal’s motive. A valuable collector’s product is abandoned in plain sight… he possesses nothing abnormal on him… he misses nothing on him… if this was a thief, they were not good at thieving. Why did they do what they did?“

:InquisitorNeutral: “It the Inquisitors’ responsibility to find the answers to that question.”

:AvatarSmirking: “And what is the answer you have found?”

:InquisitorSmiling: “That is the frustration of being an Inquisitor. At times, all of the answers cannot be inferred from the first pieces of evidence we find. We must be patient. Our officers are out following leads, and looking for Clerk’s coworkers to question. I will ask them to keep an eye out for the bearded old man you describe; it is, after all, our responsibility to be vigilant in our search for the truth.”

:OfficerNeutral: “That be an affirmative, ‘Quisitor. We’ll be on the lookout.”

> “Wonderful! That is all of my concerns addressed. Except, before we speak with the Ambassador…” [What to Ask Before Going to Onnest?]
No. 600170 ID: 61771b

Speaking of keys, you were originally heading to the Patientia's room to get his key for the record rooms, right? You might want to ask for permission/the key to go to that.
The Adjunct said she was meeting someone(a woman) when you stopped by her this morning, is the woman she was waiting for the one who stands before you now?
Also, wasn't she carrying a bag when you met her the first time? If the bag she holds now was from Patientia's room, what happened to the one she was holding before?(she can also be seen carrying a case before entering the scene of the crime)>>567701

Thank Iustitia for being so open to your words. She has been very respectful and answered all of your questions as though you were an equal.(or at least, someone close to the same status as her)

The book would explain the lack of a blood spatter; it must have slowed down the bullet enough that it only pierced him from one side(the front I assume since it would be odd to carry a lone book on your back) and caused him to bleed out in a slower manner.
No. 600238 ID: b5aa3f

So it is unusual for a clerk to stay at work late into the night? I thought that Patentia might just be a workaholic. And since he asked for his lamp to be refilled he was planning on staying late.
You need to speak to his coworkers and find out what kind of a man Patentia was.

That Adjudicator is a big guy. Ask him if he takes off his mask will he die?
No. 600387 ID: 1e7c27

...Should we ask for their alibi? We never really got an answer from either of them when we originally asked, even if it was in the middle of a rant regarding motive. It's good to know all the fact, and while said facts may not be important, they COULD be.

Then again, do we really WANT to ask? We don't have an actual reason to. If anything, asking now would be invasive and would make it seem like we're suspicious of them, which I'm pretty sure we aren't. Perhaps we should wait until we have actual reason to ask, because at this point what they did last night is irrelevant, and even if it is it's not like we could prove it.

Hmm... decisions decisions... Let us only point out that they didn't share their alibi, and that for now we won't inquire as we not only have an ambassador to question. Perhaps set up a time and place to not only discuss their alibi, but also whatever information the other has found.
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