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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 138897595974.png - (130.19KB , 1004x622 , Afterlife 1.png )
555404 No. 555404 ID: 4f909d

"Get in there Citizen" The guard says as he shoves you into the cell. Your face and left arm feel numb, you have just been through a brutal beating.
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No. 555405 ID: 4f909d
File 138897600597.png - (47.80KB , 358x398 , Afterlife 2.png )

You glare angrily at the guards before they close the door. Great. Another day under the authority of this city. Just as you were working on a way out.
No. 555411 ID: 4f909d
File 138897675678.png - (45.46KB , 551x295 , Afterlife 3.png )

But first. What is your name and class?


Pick 5 traits.

-Handling: Weapons are less likely to jam on you and require no training
-Easy Fix (Engineer only): Fixing mechanical items costs less materials
-Survivor (Soldier only): Rest and Food and Drink are less important to you.
-Eureka (Scientist Only): You can explore anomalies with less damage to yourself.
-Oath (Medic only): Healing yourself and others is far easier.
-Scavenger: You are capable of finding loot better
-Charm: You are relatively friendly with people who aren't hostile towards you.
-Friends In High Places: You have a mysterious ally who watches over you, but only on high rolls.
-Animalistic: Mutants and other animals do not attack you on first glance
-Spy: Your footsteps are always silent and in shadows you are unnoticed
-Drone Signal: You can jury rig broken drones
-Backpacker: You can carry +100 blocks of weight to your standard inventory. (Standard is 100. Current Inventory is 20)
-Endurance: You can withstand more pain than the average person. (+50 to health, current health 100)
-Dual: You lose no accuracy to Weapon stats when dual wielding (Only applies to Pistols and One hand SMGs)
-Overclock: Vehicles and other pilot capable machines work longer and better.

Current Stats:
Health: 73.
Hunger: 0
Hydration: 2
Stamina: 100
No. 555414 ID: 4f909d

Oh. Damn. Forgot to mention, Charm helps lower prices in trade for supplies and weapons.))
No. 555419 ID: 627d94



Handling, Eureka, Charm, Spy, Scavenger
No. 555433 ID: 5fd94e

Thomas Greenfield

Easy Fix
Drone signal

Let the machines do all the work.
No. 555474 ID: 379075


I like both of these options actually.
I suspect Jonah Jackson Phd. is more likely to survive social situations intact though, and prison/arrest/capture/shanghaiing is a social situation.
No. 555480 ID: dbbfc7

Amborise Talbot


-Friends In High Places

The tank build
No. 555506 ID: cf49fc


No. 555530 ID: 0b54f4

Well, I vote for Animalistic and Spy, at least - particularly if not having Animalistic means we DO get attacked at first glance by stuff we might be encountering frequently.

Hmm. It might help if we knew what your "way out" is.
No. 555615 ID: 4f909d
File 138905635307.png - (75.20KB , 551x295 , Afterlife 4.png )

Your name is Jonah Greenfield. You are a scientist, or rather, you were until this shit happened.

Current Traits:
Drone signal
No. 555622 ID: 4f909d
File 138905677561.png - (106.42KB , 1064x686 , Afterlife 5.png )

You were planning on paying for a local mercenary band and a vehicle to leave this city and travel to one of the neighboring cities across the wastes. Sadly that is not a option as you were placed under house arrest, with no reason given to you.

You then decided the less civil approach and studied up on drones, planning on contacting the mercenaries and rigging public service drones to cause a distraction while you and the band left the city.

That never happened either as police raided your home, and took you here. For no adaquetly explained reason either, you never even got past planning with your plan B.

So now you are stuck in this large and relatively empty cell.
No. 555624 ID: 98b1f5

Dang. Any chance they'd discovered your plans? Both times?
No. 555628 ID: 4f909d
File 138905788824.png - (106.47KB , 1064x686 , Afterlife 6.png )

Not likely strange disembodied... voices... shit maybe I was arrested for insanity... No no it can't be that. The guy running the city is certifiably insane.

My home was literally a 2 story house with only 3 rooms, and a large empty basement. It's unlikely they could have wire tapped me. Well, maybe they did. I don't know. You've got me thinking over this.
No. 555633 ID: 5fd94e

Say hi
No. 555635 ID: 4f909d
File 138906022664.gif - (63.50KB , 1064x686 , Afterlife-7.gif )

>Say Hi?

"Hi?" To who? Is there someone else here?
No. 555636 ID: 7bbaae

Oh, is that guy dead? Check what he wrote on that paper.
No. 555637 ID: 5fd94e

Can you not see the person in front of you or is he just dead?

If you can't see him what do you see in the room. And maybe try touching the floor about 6 feet in front of you.......for science.
No. 555661 ID: b31a53


Hm..from what I can see, the subject's mouth has rotted away, cause unknown. It's lower limbs are missing, possible from self afflicted cannibalism, or possibly was already missing them. It's left arm is rather abnormal, compared to the rest of it, possibly due to...repeated strenuous activity out of boredom and stress. Possibly male, due to previous hypothesis. Well, those are my guesses anyway, you're the one with the PhD, right? There seems to be a journal of some sort near him. There's also what appears to be some newspapers near your right.
No. 555791 ID: 4f909d
File 138914882999.png - (92.44KB , 727x556 , Afterlife 8.png )

You/I/We... yeah we... check the body and go for the journal.

"Doooon't touuuch it..." a wheezy voice comes from the body. Shit he's not dead! You get a better look at his abnormal left arm. It's mutated. Shit he's a infected, they tossed me in here with a infected!

We back away slowly. He continues to ask us to leave it alone, pour soul, still thinks he's a regular person not prolonged to a painful death, or worse, the days as a being that only wishes to rip our guts out.
No. 555792 ID: 4f909d
File 138914887798.gif - (1.03MB , 1064x686 , Afterlife 9.gif )

We inspect the journal, a few details about his days here. Mostly that he got food when the guards opened the door, water was supplied from a dripping tap, and how he spent the time writing this journal or talking to any other inmate that got in here.

Ah there we go! The journal mentions about a stash of sorts in the hatch in the room! Something for emergencies!

Sorry about the gif! My programs wouldn't respond. Photoshop said it was too big. Any gif animator I got just put it out of order, this is the best I can do.))
No. 555797 ID: b2c9e1

Yeah umm...maybe you should just toss it back into his lap...We don't want to anger our new roommate
No. 555811 ID: 0b54f4

Yeah, man, don't look through other people's stuff. Particularly not when they're right there. Asking you not to.
No. 555819 ID: 4f909d
File 138918331008.png - (104.74KB , 1064x686 , Afterlife 10.png )

Typically I would argue whether or not if he's even still self aware at this point. But you guys raise a good point. I shouldn't be doing this. Invasion of someone's privacy is what got us locked away.

So, we return the journal, the Infected seems to calm down.
No. 555854 ID: 345a7e

See if you can open the hatch and get the loot. I have a feeling that your cellmate won't be needing much without legs.
No. 555857 ID: 627d94

Did the journal mention his injuries? Would have been useful to know if he was like that when they threw him in, or if he was infected and de-legged after being imprisoned.
No. 555914 ID: 4f909d
File 138922031235.png - (100.93KB , 1064x686 , Afterlife 12.png )

I didn't think to much about it. Not very scientific of me to not at least hypothesize. Okay, let's give it a shot.

He was infected but thrown in, as his journals couldn't have been written in clear print if he was mutated and rotting then. So he must have mutated during his time here, and during some of the more painful mutations, asked the guards to remove his legs.

From there he deteriorated.

*click* Ah there we go! got the hatch open, it wasn't even locked!
No. 555918 ID: 4f909d
File 138922064130.png - (58.41KB , 460x572 , Afterlife 13.png )

We open the hatch. Well... that's depressing.

Normally a gun would be a good thing. This isn't the sign of a good thing. This is a standard suicide pistol, given to groups of 6 or infected in case life gets to be too much for them. They have the option of ending it and leaving. The 3ND.

You have to place it against someone, at least some point on their head. The box probably holds at least one other magazine of 6. 3 scratches on the the ND pistol... 3 deaths. 3 shots.
No. 555924 ID: 7bbaae

And the other stuff?
No. 555928 ID: 4f909d
File 138922222551.png - (109.39KB , 1064x686 , Afterlife 14.png )

It's just some spare pens. And the circle seems to be nothing more than a aesthetic feature of the inside of the hatch.
No. 556106 ID: 53b858

Take the 3ND with you it's better than nothing. Then look at those discarded papers on the floor.

Use one of the pens to write "Greenfield Waz Here" on the wall.
No. 556107 ID: 0b54f4

Well, maybe you should ask the guy first, and see if he responds.

I mean, what if your health and sanity were slowly draining away, and some jerk comes barging into your cell, reads your journal, and steals your stuff?
No. 556130 ID: b2c9e1

I'm tempted to say that you should play tic-tac-toe with the infected guy...but you'd have to get a bit too close for comfort...also Could you use the gun on whatever is locking you in, or is that a bad Idea?
No. 556635 ID: 3f9061
File 138947472805.png - (114.43KB , 1064x686 , Afterlife 15.png )

> I mean, what if your health and sanity were slowly draining away, and some jerk comes barging into your cell, reads your journal, and steals your stuff?

You have a very good point there. I'm not one of the City Watch or the City Guards.

We try talking to him, he just keeps saying "End... End... End..." Now. I figure he means the 3ND pistol, so we hand it to him and step a safe distance back.
No. 556636 ID: 3f9061
File 138947473571.png - (119.28KB , 1064x686 , Afterlife 16.png )


No. 556641 ID: d9bed9

Freak out in a suitable manner, then get back to business. It's always business for you now on.
No. 556647 ID: 87e6c2

Congratulations you have now seen some shit. Use your new-found 1000 yard stare and gun to ambush incoming guards, should they care enough about gunshots in a prison cell to check.
No. 556652 ID: 3f9061
File 138947601282.png - (121.76KB , 1064x686 , Afterlife 17.png )

*Gurk* Good idea... They should come to investigate or something, I'll try to pocket *hurk* the 3ND pistol, as soon as my body stops feeling like *gurk* it wants me to lose the entire contents of my lunch.
No. 556658 ID: 74c4ad

What did you expect? He asked for a suicide pistol and you gave it to him.

What's more worrying is that marks the fourth time that pistol has been used. Are they just going to leave you in here till you start considering it the better alternative than staying put?
No. 556659 ID: 3f9061
File 138947733530.png - (208.43KB , 1064x686 , Afterlife 18.png )

Alright, we grab the pistol, I'm still in slight shock but we should be fine.


Well there goes that idea, we put our hands behind our head as a guard steps forward, Assault Carbine drawn.

Current Stats:
Health: 73.
Hunger: 3
Hydration: 4
Stamina: 96

3.25/20 blocks
No. 556661 ID: 74c4ad

An ambush, but correcting anyone who has a gun trained on you isn't the best plan.

Let's... work on not getting shot for now.
No. 556665 ID: 53ba34

wait. follow orders slowly and calmly. if we are lucky he will move forward to take the gun instead of asking you to take it out. then STRIKE when he has his only one hand on his gun and it isn't pointing at you.
No. 556688 ID: 5fd94e


There are other guards, I highly doubt that even if we disable this one the other ones will let us collect his weapon and engage them.
No. 556689 ID: 53ba34

this is a NOW OR NEVER chance.
No. 556697 ID: 7bbaae

Combat does not match our skills. It would be better to use Charm to talk our way out or Spy to sneak out.
No. 556701 ID: 74c4ad

We've been in here for minutes. We aren't desperate enough to try killing our way out with what is, effectively, a melee weapon.

We're better off seeing if there's any chance of release, and if not, manufacturing an escape more in line with our skills.
No. 556741 ID: 5fd94e

Quick question, does the gun just use small pellets to insure close range use only? If so you may be able to pry open the socket and disconnect some wires and depending on bullet material and wattage be able to melt the pellets into a single slug, which might expand the range to at least a few feet.

After the guard leaves mind you.
No. 556859 ID: 379075

Striking a prison guard who probably has backup right behind him. They're also part of a prison system that doesn't care about sanitary conditions and isn't above severe brutality. Accordingly TRYING to kick the guard's ass is not a great plan.
We are screwed unless someone lets us out or rescues us I think.
No. 556939 ID: 3f9061
File 138955920792.png - (49.45KB , 564x297 , Afterlife 19.png )

"Step out" The guard tells us. We comply and the other guard points his gun at us. "Walk down the hall,"

Well here we are. Being marched off. Probably to our death.

"You are being demoted from political prisoner to murderer,"

Wait I was a political prisoner?

"You will be put with the others in the containment zone, Good luck on not being torn apart,"

... shit...
No. 556940 ID: 74c4ad

>You are being demoted from political prisoner to murderer
He shot himself, really! You can even check- there will be GSR on his hands but not mine.
No. 556945 ID: 7bbaae

Yeah why would you kill someone who was already half-dead an immoble? That's ridiculous! Also the gun is made to be really difficult to murder someone with.
No. 556949 ID: 53ba34

don't actually say any of that.
No. 556951 ID: 3f9061
File 138956153620.png - (25.20KB , 369x317 , Afterlife 20.png )

Political prisoner. Apparently I was doing something that would have upset the Cabinet... No doubt they were waiting for me to be there when the Infected died so they could blame me and get me killed and make it seem like circumstance.

Yeah that's the idea I'm getting, get framed, get tossed, let me get ripped limb by limb because of the guys they got in there.
No. 556952 ID: 74c4ad

Right. So... what are options for getting out of here alive, then? Going along with what they have planned will get you killed slowly, and trying anything with those two guards at your back will get you killed fast. And either gives the people who put you here an excuse or justification for your death.
No. 557079 ID: f062cb

You will have to find the boss of this cellblock and either make yourself useful to him or use your charms on him.
No. 557698 ID: 3f9061
File 138983528044.png - (32.99KB , 363x419 , Afterlife 21.png )

Yeah we better meet up with the boss. Present what we can do. Maybe a the drone signal can help us with the ration units. Or hell, spy and charm can help us smuggle in-

"Keep walking"

No. 557699 ID: 3f9061
File 138983536816.png - (61.11KB , 565x570 , Afterlife 22.png )

Ow... that hurt. We look up. There is one of the inmates, rather skeevy and stereotypical looking...

"Welcome to Cellblock E mate... What can you do and why shouldn't we gut you?"

Shit he might be the boss.
No. 557702 ID: 53ba34

lay on the charm and

"can sneak up on anything in the dark. problem is the lights are on right now."
No. 557719 ID: 5fd94e

Warn him the ground under his feet could collapse at any moment...>>557702 or this could work as well.
No. 557732 ID: 379075

"We all want out of here, get me dead drone parts and I can get them working again."
No. 557780 ID: 4a75fa

Turn on the charm here, we're going to need it.
No. 557827 ID: dbbfc7

Tell the nice man that he won't need to gut you because you are going to escape soon anyway.
No. 558471 ID: 3f9061
File 139017788326.png - (74.03KB , 520x412 , Afterlife 23.png )

We stand up and look at him, man he is tall!

"Look I am just looking to escape as soon as possible. I can offer up my abilities of fixing drones to-" "Escape huh?"

That... should be a good sign.

"Well it just so happens we were looking to break out ourselves. Tell me, do you think you could fabricate a escape for everyone here in Cellblock E? We can find you the supplies,"
No. 558472 ID: 9abf86

"I don't know enough about the prison to say for certain, but if you can get me broken drones I could probably rig them into something useful."
No. 558473 ID: 53ba34

"maybe, depends on what we can get and what kind of security there is"
No. 558474 ID: 4a75fa

>do you think you could fabricate a escape for everyone here in Cellblock E?
...uh, that depends on what security we're up against, and what supplies we have to work with. It would certainly be harder to break out a whole cell block rather than a few people. We wouldn't be able to sneak out, or count on no one noticing we were missing for a few hours.

Doubtful it could be done without violence, or losing some people.
No. 558517 ID: 87e6c2

>Do you think you could fabricate a escape for everyone here in Cellblock E?
Let's find out.
No. 558518 ID: 4a75fa

Oh, wait, duh. Obvious question: how many people in the cellblock?
No. 558629 ID: 379075

"I need more information on what I'm up against and what my supplies are to say for sure, but it's a genuine possibility: I'm a scientist, and we always have to improvise and fix our own gear so I can definitely build bombs and a number of other devices."
No. 558862 ID: 3f9061
File 139033983490.png - (71.42KB , 478x468 , Afterlife 24.png )


"Well then," the skinny man says. "Good to see we have someone smart.


"Around 80 people," he responds. "Well I can't get them all out the sneaky way, some of them may die,"

"I can deal with that,"

That's good to hear. So close. "We need a map of the Prison complex, supplies, and weaponry, see what you can get,"

Alright we are off to a good start! Why do I feel it won't last long?

Current Stats:
Health: 73.
Hunger: 9
Hydration: 4
Stamina: 96
No. 558864 ID: 4a75fa

>Why do I feel it won't last long?
...because you just signed on to planning a large scale prison break? Even if the best case that's going to be bloody and violent. And if you should fail, there's going to be harsh retribution from both criminals you let down and the guards you rose up against.
No. 559102 ID: 3f9061
File 139044161496.png - (11.79KB , 140x168 , Afterlife 25.png )

You know strange voice that's really damn accurate as to why it won't last long.

"Hey! Cabron! We got the map!"
No. 559105 ID: 3f9061
File 139044186984.png - (271.66KB , 1663x1376 , Afterlife 26.png )

Wow! They got a map! Alright then from here we can work out a basic attack plan, which ones become viable are based on what supplies they can grab.

Okay this map is extremely colourful... What does that say about the guards then if they need this much colour to understand everything.

Hm. We got a few escape routes...
No. 559119 ID: 5fd94e

Hmmmm, if you are able to have somewhat free mobility ask the guards to let you see the library, or else have this guy hit you at least hard enough to split skin so you can survey the medical ward.
No. 559120 ID: 53ba34

we can give just enough supplies to the other blocks that they think they have a chance and stage a mass riot. meanwhile E will wait until the guards leave for the other blocks before making their move.
No. 559122 ID: 4a75fa

If we can incite a mass right, that would help. Let the other cell blocks draw attention and fire while we make a coordinated break for it.

...what do we have to work with for supplies? That kind of changes what we can plan, a lot.
No. 559201 ID: 379075

Flour or powdered sugar should be good for making either incendiaries, explosives or smoke-bombs. Anything we can purify powdered carbohydrates from is a good start on something that burns nicely, but I don't know what our local food supply is like.

Convincing the other blocks to riot seems like an excellent idea but we need the supplies and communications to try that.
No. 559559 ID: d4ae76
File 139075233211.png - (348.70KB , 1663x1376 , Afterlife 27.png )

There should be items within the cafeterias that we can use to make makeshift explosives. Good idea voices. And communication with the other cellblocks seems like a good idea, a mass riot, they won't be able to keep all of us down.

"Hey! Can we talk with the other cellblocks to relay a plan?" "Hm? Oh yeah Cabron we can do that, easily,"


"Hey! Cabron what about weapons?"
No. 559560 ID: d4ae76
File 139075247998.png - (361.97KB , 1663x1376 , Afterlife 28.png )

Hm? Oh yeah, the guards will no doubt have guns. So a co-ordinated strike on the armory seems like a plan. Get the guns, force our way out.

"Say what is your name anyway?" "Just call me T Cabron," You know what I'm not going to bother questioning the murder on that.

Okay we got a goal, get guns from the armory. Anything else we should cover within the prison first?
No. 559611 ID: 4a75fa

I still think we need to know what materials we have to work with, here. After all, just attacking the armory with a mass of bodies by itself isn't a great plan.
No. 559616 ID: 379075

Do we have any clue what or who is in the armoury, and what its exterior defenses and the alarm system is like? We can't plan around unknowns so well.
No. 559620 ID: 6fd270
File 139077814345.png - (53.67KB , 518x294 , Afterlife 29.png )

"Hey T," "What Cabron," "My name is Jonah. Jonah Greenfield," "Whatever," "What do we have for supplies?"

Okay apparently T's contact, who I think he's shaking hands with... can get us vodka, broken nightsticks, dirty rags, and there are crates of food, with items such as sugar, salt, flour, coffee. Which if I recall correctly in 10th grade I read a book about makeshift explosions... Don't ask too much about that I ended up in detention.

Okay then. Hm? Defenses?
No. 559621 ID: 6fd270
File 139077828077.png - (380.86KB , 1663x1376 , Afterlife 30.png )

This map outlines the defenses pretty well for the Armory. Here, I'll mark them in Pink. We got 4 gunner nests and apparently the only way in is through catwalks, the lower floor is electrified.

Hm... Molotovs, we can make basic incendiaries and toss them at the gunner nests. It's something.
No. 559668 ID: 5f5afc

Yeah molotovs for the gunners nests and some kind of makeshift shield for the narrow catwalks? What kind of tables are there in the cafeteria or the library?
Also electrified floor shouldn't be a problem since cloth does not conduct electricity, just wrap rags around your feet and your good to go.
No. 559764 ID: 379075

Sufficiently-finely-powdered white flour is explosively flammable all by itself if well mixed with oxygen, careful with that. This can be useful for setting charges if you can keep it dry enough, and then air-inject it well enough to do that.
No. 559839 ID: 5fd94e

Think you could rig up any smoke bombs from medical, or possibly even cafeteria supplies?
No. 560023 ID: 008180
File 139104064007.png - (113.83KB , 825x530 , Afterlife 31.png )

Hey got a Quest Discussion for this and my other quest over here! http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/79313.html Feel free to ask whatever!

Well that could work! Oh and I still got that 3ND, so we got a weapon if anyone gets too close. "Hey T!" "What Cabron?" "We can make some Molotovs and Smokebombs to deal with the gunners, with tables as makeshift shields, and for those on the ground below, rags around the feet to negate electric shock,"

"I knew there was something different about you Mr. Greenfield," "Say, don't the guards care about what we are saying?" "Care? Why would they care?" "The Guards must be crazy. We've been talking about a breakout in the open, where they can easily hear,"

T laughs a bit, it sounds a bit strained. "Cabron, this is my last chance to escape, I've been here 11 years. Over 8 I have seen 25 different escape attempts, been in 11."

I attempt to keep our focus on the map. "So... what about the supplies?" "they are here, I'll get my informant to let the other Cellblocks know," "Well that was fast,"
No. 560024 ID: 008180
File 139104064227.png - (44.83KB , 368x343 , Afterlife 32.png )

"Cabron we have had these supplies for a long time. Hell every-time it's become routine. The Guards await breakout attempts, they just give us the food supplies. Something about "Dying in a blaze of glory" or "Entertain me criminal scum," I swear there is something wrong with them,"

We remain silent.

"I've known people. I've seen them die. Gunned down like common mutants. Did you think I started out blind in my left eye, that I got this scar from dirty work on the street? I was a low level thug in a gang. In here on my 6th try, a guard got a little too excited and brought a knife to my face!"


"So Cabron. Are you sure you want to do this?"

I want to get out of this city. "We are leaving,"

"Okay then Cabron, once we break out of the jail, where do we go next?
No. 560037 ID: 379075

"I'm better than most for surviving an anomaly, but I get the feeling that leaving the city is a bad idea without a good plan and good supplies to survive that. Do we have enough people and enough friends on the outside to either convince the cabinet to leave us alone or make a move for it?"
No. 560099 ID: 6aee1d

Contact a mercenary group, get a vehicle and get the fuck out of the city.
It's simple and leaves room for improvisation.
No. 560110 ID: 4a75fa

...the guards are expecting a violent breakout?

That tells me maybe we should shift gears. Is there anyway we can use the resources we've been left in an unexpected way? Don't give them the fight they want, or expect.
No. 560146 ID: 008180
File 139111407541.png - (405.69KB , 1663x1376 , Afterlife 33.png )

"Well Cabron. No. At most if we find some underground location to hole ourselves in we should be relatively fine, I can make contact over radio with the gang," Well that soun- wait... "Aren't you coming with me?"

T laughs, "Sorry Greenfield, but the wastes just ain't for me. Got any ideas where we can hold up?"

Hm... The Metros! We can escape into the Metros, I can get out through the city via the old lines, and you guys can take a station to make a new base. "Sounds good Cabron,"

"Also we should shift gears, the guards are expecting a breakout? Let's give them one they won't typically expect," "What do you suggest?"

>End Plan for Prison. The Plan you choose cannot be changed, from here goes the escape.

>Current Stats:
>Health: 74.
>Hunger: 6
>Hydration: 8
>Stamina: 92
>3.25/20 blocks
No. 560223 ID: 4a75fa

>End Plan for Prison. The Plan you choose cannot be changed, from here goes the escape.
...what? But we've barely started planning. We haven't figured out what drones or stuff we can build from the resources we have, or how to best apply those resources. We've just, in general, sort of sketched out targets of interest. Against an enemy who's reader and waiting, (eager, apparently), for us to attack.

This is prison, for crying out loud. If there's one thing we're not short on, it's time. Take the time to plan this right, not to rush into a bloodbath.
No. 560275 ID: 008180
File 139119164020.png - (70.99KB , 555x384 , Afterlife 34.png )

Excellent point! That's why we need a plan!

"T! We can't go rushing in just yet, we need a complete compiled list of our resources!" "What do you mean Cabron," "We have no real plan, we need to allocate our resources. Do we have enough? Can we get our hands on drones? Can we get Medicine? How are we going to do this? Are we just going to run in protecting ourselves with tables? Are we going to throw molotovs? We don't have any clear idea, We need a plan,"

T's face saddens a bit.
No. 560276 ID: 008180
File 139119253339.png - (30.09KB , 348x228 , Afterlife 35.png )

"You're right Greenfield. We don't have a concise plan. So I say it's time we lay out what we got and go from there."
Good idea. I'll make a list.

>Escape Supplies So Far:
-3 small cases of 12 bottles of Vodka.
-1 pile of 100 dirt rags
-2 barrels filled with 25 broken nightsticks.
-1 full magazine of 6 3ND rounds complete with primer and powder
-2 bags of flower

And that's just the stuff here. "Say T, can we get the tables from the Cafeteria?" "Yeah Cabron, why?" "Metal or Wood," "Metal... How long have you been here?" Excellent! Metal tables, now they won't fully stop bullets but they should buy some temporary protection!

Okay I got a plan down.
>3 Teams.
>Team A takes the food supplies and while the guards are distracted with the raid they use makeshift bombs from the flower and 3ND rounds to blow open the front doors, and they head for the Metro. Biggest and strongest members take this role.
>Team B takes the high road and attacks the catwalks to head for the armory, using the Tables as makeshift shields and push their way forward.
>Team C takes the lower route with rags around their feet tossing molotovs at the gunners nests.

It's not a perfect plan, has holes in it. This is where you guys... voices... come in. Any of you have any alternatives?
No. 560372 ID: 379075

I remember a story of a particularly embarrassing prison break: There was a prison baking event, and the prisoners fed the guards chocolate chip cookies made with chocolate laxatives. While a substantial chunk of the staff was racing for the washrooms or trying to deal with their business in the washrooms and the mess a very large fraction of the prison population just walked out of the prison.

Now I'm not suggesting that it's likely the guards will eat special brownies that we bake for them, but surely there is something we can do to distract, demoralize or impair the staff before we even start our distractionary prison riot?
What do the guards eat, where do they go, and is there any possibility of sabotaging their equipment, water supply, or food before the event?
No. 560649 ID: 008180
File 139137970188.png - (59.19KB , 359x384 , Afterlife 36.png )

Distract or otherwise incapacitate the... Oh my god! "T I got something!"

"What is it Cabron?" "The Radio sets! Each Watch member has a radio headset with their own frequency in their helmet!" "Oh my god Cabron... How are we going to do that?"

"We grab a repair drone. Program it to go to the radio station-" "-And then we have it alter the controls to send out feedback noise to incapacitate the guards while we run out and grab the supplies! Brilliant Cabron!"

Voices I am so glad you guys are on my side! Any reason why you are helping me anyway?
No. 560650 ID: 53ba34

we don't decide who we get paired with, if we got sent to you, then it's destiny, so we do our part.
No. 560651 ID: 6aee1d

Oh you probably got infected somewhere along the way and we are a mutation in your brain, just talking for now but soon we will be able to control parts of your body and then...

Naw im just fucking with you and don't know jack.

But the plan sounds good so far, since you need the tables i guess the time to start the escape plan would be during supper.
No. 560666 ID: 5fd94e

Eh, you seem like an alright dude.
No. 560668 ID: 379075

In my case it's mostly a problem with hostile, violent and oppressive authority. I'd say your society is ripe for some direct-action democracy, or at least some personal liberty.
No. 560887 ID: 008180
File 139155184752.gif - (40.98KB , 184x195 , Afterlife 37.gif )

Awesome! Well then! I'll get started I hope we can ta-...

(Gah! Dumb gif animator!)
No. 560888 ID: 008180
File 139155187593.png - (671B , 184x195 , Afterlife 37-6.png )

No. 560889 ID: 008180
File 139155189448.png - (19.50KB , 237x233 , Afterlife 38.png )

No. 560891 ID: 53ba34

No. 560895 ID: c04e3e

T was body snatched by an alien! Run away!
No. 560896 ID: 008180
File 139155362155.png - (19.58KB , 237x233 , Afterlife 39.png )

>glllgklgiii...Iiiiilll have you pathetic beings know that I am Earth booorn... I have intercepted your psychic signal... Just what weeeereee yoooooou taaaaalking toooo?
No. 560900 ID: ae5fc9

Hrrm. Well, a Prisoner who from what we could tell, was unjustly incarcerated. Does that concern you?
No. 560901 ID: 379075

"Seemed like another human, taller than myself. Why do you need to know?"
No. 560978 ID: 008180
File 139161815562.png - (35.51KB , 424x337 , Afterlife 40.png )

>Hmmmmmm... If he can interpret psychic signals he might just be a fi-
No. 560979 ID: 008180
File 139161824395.png - (1.33KB , 424x337 , Afterlife 4-1.png )

No. 560980 ID: 008180
File 139161830681.png - (14.03KB , 184x195 , Afterlife 41.png )

Hello? Anyone? Guys? Guys are you there? It's been a few hours!

Gah! Uh... Hi? Is it you guys? Are you guys okay?
No. 560985 ID: 53ba34

we were intercepted by something with tentacles. not sure how to describe it in more words.

let's focus on the now, how are things?
No. 561001 ID: c04e3e

I foresee a dark tall tentacle stranger in your future.
Anyway how is the riot going? Down with oppressors! and all that jazz.
No. 561047 ID: 008180
File 139164420137.png - (34.96KB , 336x365 , Afterlife 42.png )

The Riot hasn't broken out yet. We just got into the Cafeteria. I just got this little baby finished... Don't ask how T got him, I don't know myself, T just said "It involves a Rubbery Ducky and a lot of tape. You do not want to know,"
No. 561048 ID: 008180

((Sorry for it being so off model here!))
No. 561049 ID: 53ba34

cool, are we ready for the next step?
No. 561132 ID: 379075

Mmhmm... without knowing the rest of the details of the plan to poke at their communications network I can't predictively-troubleshoot here. If you're not worried then shall we proceed?
No. 561895 ID: 5150f4
File 139206579949.png - (32.03KB , 352x320 , Afterlife 43.png )

Holy shit it just burst through the window! I didn't tell it to do that! Did you guys?

Wait can you even influence anything in the world? Sorry for getting philosophical.
No. 561908 ID: 53ba34

nope, bot just went nuts
No. 562126 ID: 379075

Well, don't know for sure because we haven't really tried. There may also be other observers at work that don't communicate as directly. Do you want me to risk trying to influence things?
No. 563529 ID: bc43e6
File 139284896832.png - (27.46KB , 370x242 , Afterlife 44.png )

Mass of tentacles? Were you guys talking to some sort of biomass mutant? How can biomass even communicate, it's supposed to be nothing more than non-sentient flesh.

*Snap Snap* "Hey Cabron! Snap out of it! I need you here, not spaced out!"

What? "Oh sorry T, What is it?"

"Well the guards noticed the maintenance drone fly right through the window, nice signal for the riot to start by the way,"
No. 563533 ID: bc43e6
File 139284911178.png - (37.10KB , 627x226 , Afterlife 45.png )

"Stop right there criminal scum!" Uh oh. "Explain what you were doing with the Maintenance Drone right now!"

Guys it's time to bullshit!

>Current Stats:
>Health: 75.
>Hunger: 0
>Hydration: 0
>Stamina: 98
No. 563571 ID: 379075

"Nearly getting run over by it, is it supposed to almost take out my face flying around in here?"
No. 563572 ID: 4a75fa

>How can biomass even communicate
Dunno. How are you communicating with us, Mr Biomass? Or how are we communicating with anything, for that matter?

>Explain what you were doing with the Maintenance Drone right now!
...maintenance. What else? I'm a work detail, and I have a background with drones. Beats digging ditches or making license plates.
No. 563599 ID: 796ddb

You were bored and tried to make the drone play some MUSIC!
Hopefully the gods of timing are on your side and as you finish that sentence the guard will be blasted with the static feedback.
No. 564629 ID: 982818
File 139354237112.png - (47.35KB , 613x278 , Afterlife 46.png )

"Seriously why did that happen?"
"I was bored and I was just waiting for some MUSIC!"

... any second now... aaaaaaany second now...

"Citizen you have 15 seconds to comply or you will be sh-"
No. 564630 ID: 982818
File 139354237362.png - (38.67KB , 613x278 , Afterlife 47.png )



No. 564631 ID: 982818
File 139354237622.png - (44.53KB , 490x426 , Afterlife 48.png )

He... Just dropped. Timing was not on my side. But hey that means the drone made it to the radio tower!
No. 564632 ID: 982818
File 139354237882.png - (58.08KB , 490x426 , Afterlife 49.png )


Way to put it T.
No. 564634 ID: 379075

Disarm guard, depants, handcuff with own cuffs, take keys and otherwise loot, proceed.
No. 564658 ID: 4a75fa

Well, that worked. Here's to not getting filled with bullets.
No. 564672 ID: fd5c20

Grab the gun and glue yourself to T's ass. Stay close to him and you will stay alive.
No. 565623 ID: ad2254
File 139429451169.png - (40.33KB , 324x348 , Afterlife 50.png )

> Loot Guard and take gun. You find 6 extra bullets.

HAHA YES! Now I have the gun and they are lying on the ground in pain!
No. 565624 ID: ad2254
File 139429462319.png - (166.23KB , 1197x933 , Afterlife 51.png )

>T and Jonah run through the halls to the armory as the riot continues, guards are incapacitated so no combat is initiated.

>Options for what to do with armory
>1. Molotov the gunner nests, make sure nothing can get back up and start shooting
>2. Rush to the armory and force it open
>3. Overtake gunner nests themselves
>4. Other, choose your own path
No. 565643 ID: 12529e

Survival is always the top priority so molotov those gunner nests!
No. 566039 ID: 6765a8
File 139463567381.png - (56.04KB , 659x354 , Afterlife 52.png )

Alright then! "LET THE FIRE REIGN!"

There we go. The nests are now on fire. Quick! Into the armory!
No. 566040 ID: 6765a8
File 139463604175.png - (39.25KB , 389x363 , Afterlife 53.png )

Alright, we're inside, everyone else is looting boxes and crates. I decided to take this locker. It should have some armor and a gasmask. But it's locked, I'm should just shoot it off, but what about shrapnel? Any other suggestions or should I just risk it?

>Current Stats:
>Health: 75.
>Hunger: 3
>Hydration: 7
>Stamina: 98

>Weapons knowledge

>Please select 3 other weapons for standard use. Keep in mind that this will be permanent and cannot be changed no matter what.
>Carbine/Assault Rifle
>Machine Gun
No. 566042 ID: be48b2

Is it a combination lock? Try the most simplest of combinations on it before you try to force it, like 1111 or 1234. You could also tell someone else to shoot the lock off if it comes down to it, maybe someone who looks like a gun nut.

As for weapons:
>Carbine/Assault Rifle

You got your generic all-rounder, the fun option and the out of ammo option.
No. 566044 ID: a97618

What, you can't just science the lock off? ...or check if the combination is written on the backside?

Actually, if those are the cheap locks we had when I was a schoolkid, you don't need to know the combination. Just twist right left right reversing each direction when you start to feel resistance, and bam, open.

This weapon config works.
No. 566106 ID: 379075

I'm tempted to say that once we leave the prison we'd be better protected by a reasonably-fitting set of inconspicuous, civilian clothes and a full wallet than all the guns in the world. What's multipurpose and/or concealable?
No. 567484 ID: 49ab95
File 139560353603.png - (34.86KB , 344x303 , Afterlife 54.png )

Alright so we got close range, long range, and specialized.

Alright, I've jostled it a bit, funnily enough, it came off, probably was a fake one for a emergency... Ha. Not going to help them now.

I'm getting out of this city. That was always the plan. So we're darting out into the tunnels, and from there. I leave this city. I'm going out into the wastes.
No. 567495 ID: 26c50e

Well then don your armor and gas mask and join the final push to freedom!
No. 568905 ID: be45a8
File 139648561224.png - (40.14KB , 378x368 , Afterlife 55.png )

> Jonah puts on Gas Mask and padded clothing.
> No dangerous gasses, Gas Mask filter will remain at 100% until entering dangerous areas. 5% decay every post.

Alright! Padded clothing, it's kind of like armor but it's a lot less heavy!

>Backpack on. Inventory now active.
>15/200 blocks used!
> Rifle - 5
> Spare Rifle Mags - .50
> 3ND - 3
> 3ND Spare Mag - .25
> Revolver - 4
> Revolver Loader - .25
No. 568906 ID: be45a8
File 139648565522.png - (298.15KB , 1663x1376 , Afterlife 56.png )

> Jonah and T head for exit. Face no resi-
No. 568908 ID: be45a8
File 139648606263.png - (42.08KB , 339x342 , Afterlife 57.png )

> Guard Encountered!

> Afterlife Combat system initiated.
> Each party gets one move, Posters vote on any attack they can think of, majority rules.
> There will be a dice roll to determine damage multiplied. A second roll will determine if attack is successful, must reach in 50% to succeed.
> Current Weapons:
> Carbine
> Atk: 18 Burst, 6 single
> Mag: 30
> Revovler
> Atk: 12
> Mag: 6
No. 568909 ID: be45a8

(D'oh! Forgot to add, you can in fact choose certain body parts to attack!)
No. 568958 ID: ffa549

Shoot the guard in his weapon holding and/or trigger arm before he can fire on you.
No. 568966 ID: 113912

Don't get fancy, you're not a trick-shooting marksman. Use whatever weapon is already in hand QUICKLY aiming to make the enemy dodge or score a hit before they react. IF you are currently not holding a weapon you can point and use immediately get behind cover and take out one.
No. 568989 ID: 113912

Alternatively, you could complain to the guard that your radio still isn't working right and ask where the rally point is. IF you think you can pull that level of bullshit off. If you're not confident you can then just shoot 'im though.
No. 571395 ID: 204a00
File 139786434227.png - (64.63KB , 370x383 , Afterlife 58.png )

"Well my radio is broken so I was going to-"
No. 571396 ID: 204a00
File 139786436660.png - (79.98KB , 570x380 , Afterlife 59.png )

No. 571397 ID: 204a00
File 139786468302.png - (50.48KB , 464x426 , Afterlife 60.png )

> Guard is caught unaware. Sneak Multiplier x2.
> Damage Roll = 3
> Current Damage: 72
> Success Roll: 4
> Guard is Shot directly in head. 1.5 Damage multiplier.
> Total Damage: 108
> Guard Drops dead.

"Uh... What. Did I... Did I just? Uhm... Should I... I'm-I'm just going to stop questioning this,"
No. 571399 ID: 204a00

(Did this once just to advance the story. All future encounters will be met with less Deus Ex Machina. I apologize for this.)
No. 571400 ID: 2c6ff1

Was that damage roll supposed to be 36?

Anyway steal his radio and gun and maybe his rations too and let's keep going.
No. 571420 ID: f12e94

Well, you're a blooded murderer now. Congratulations on popping your intentional-murder cherry. Time to make with the triage-looting and the moving on. Why are you separated from the other prisoners in your block anyway?
No. 573275 ID: 6dd09c
File 139932850530.png - (29.97KB , 464x544 , Afterlife 61.png )

His radio was broken. Which makes so much sense every other guard collapsed because of the radio feedback. Aaaaaaaaaaaand... Ah! here we go!

> 2 (.50) spare magazines of ammunition found.
> 1 Canteen found (1 Block)

Split up, cover all exits, and you know, I'm still feeling funny but... less sick than I was earlier when I saw the infected shoot himself.

Anyway T should be down here and up ahead, He said we can take what food supplies we need. It's mostly canned and such. After that we head out and leave the city... Now about that thing... any better description of that thing that contacted you guys other than, "Tentacles"?
No. 573326 ID: f12e94

"[...]I am Earth booorn[...]"
Freaky looking thing with eye-tentacles and a bit of a slur in its speech. Don't worry, if it's important it'll kill you later. For now we should probably work on improving our odds of escape and survival by actually making the most of this opportunity.
Is there anybody you would take with you out of this town, or is it just you?
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