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File 138351976169.png - (9.25KB , 800x600 , Stage 2.png )
546528 No. 546528 ID: d9bed9


Previous Stage: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/527959.html

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No. 546532 ID: d9bed9
File 138352227992.png - (21.65KB , 800x600 , 045.png )

You find yourself in a glade in the middle of a forest of bamboo, an ancient manor sprawled before you. Sunlight filters down through the branches.

A rather distressed bunny comes out to greet you.
No. 546533 ID: d2b9fe

Introduce yourself, and what business you have here. You're Reisen, right? ...is something wrong?
No. 546534 ID: dbe554

Don't look her in the eyes, else insanity may take you.
No. 546538 ID: 53ba34

point at your eyes then at the little bunny.
No. 546572 ID: b4d289

Introduce yourself.

...if that is indeed Reisen (let her introduce herself to you as well), decide if you want to give her a heads up on her debt situation. Reisen did have a debt collection job, didn't she? At least she'd have warning on if someone would be coming after her. Or she could go pay it off herself.
No. 546602 ID: c1f19a

Yes, this covers sane things.
Also, don't make the, "I'm watching you," gesture at that bunny but do look at it long enough to be noticed looking at it.

Is this serious? If so I suppose we should follow this warning.
No. 546656 ID: d9bed9
File 138360381232.png - (103.67KB , 800x600 , 046.png )

You bow slightly, making sure not to look her in the eye.

You: Hello, my name is Rayne Sutherling. I understand that I am to be working here?

Reisen: I'm Reisen Udongein Inaba. But to you I'm just Reisen, please. And yes, you will be taking a management role here for the next few weeks.

You: ...Are you alright, Reisen? You look exhausted.

Reisen: My, uh. I had borrowed a bit of money about a month ago, and I shouldn't have, because I don't really make enough to pay something like that off, and the lender herself came to talk to Lady Eirin, and she mentioned it, and I hadn't told her that I was in debt, and she, uh, well. I'd rather not talk about it. If you'll come this way, I'll show you to your room.

You have never seen a more beleaguered and stressed person in your life.
No. 546672 ID: 53ba34

awww. we should help her... 'ease' that stress.
No. 546674 ID: d2b9fe

I wonder if we'd taken that job earlier, if things might have gone better for her. Maybe she could have arranged some way to work off her debt without Eirin getting involved.

Maybe just offer some vague reassurances (or even just a reassuring smile) and accept her offer to show you to your room, for now.

Maybe if we're supposed to manage things here (are the mistresses away?) we can make things a little better for her later.
No. 546695 ID: c1f19a

Bunny girl taking us somewhere private... do we have to be worried about stereotypes regarding rabbits of compatible gender here? This bunny girl seems more impulsive, dangerous and stressed than sexually attractive or solicitous so far.

"You seem very stressed about, 'your, uh, you.' I don't know what all the problems there are exactly, but if I'm supposed to help with that it would help me to find out more about the problems, usually.
"For now, I'd like to know about who and what else is around here, what the normal and special problems are, and what I'm supposed to do."
No. 546709 ID: b2c9e1

Give reassuring pat, And...try not to freak out, but I think we might be going nuts...Well We already are a bunch of headvoices, so would that even work on us?
No. 546746 ID: 2f4b71

We warned you about stares, bro!
Sorry, couldn't resist the obvious
No. 546838 ID: d9bed9
File 138375330282.png - (19.52KB , 800x600 , 047.png )

Reisen stops at the second door.

Reisen: This will be your room. Any accommodations you need will be handled by Tewi or myself. ...On second thought, better not ask Tewi for help. Also, Lady Eirin would like to introduce herself before you turn in for the night. I think she already has an assignment for you.

You: You know, if I'm to take a management role here, then your workload should be a little easier to, well, manage.

Reisen: Yeah, I'd noticed that... Maybe Lady Eirin thinks I need a little vacation.

Making conversation is a bit awkward when you are trying not to look her in the eyes.

If you had gone to collect the debt Reisen owed, you wouldn't have gone through her boss. You realize that what you do and do not do may have consequences down the road, for you or for others.
No. 546840 ID: fc937d

Well, I suppose if Eirin wants to see us, we should go see her. Where can we find her?

>Making conversation is a bit awkward when you are trying not to look her in the eyes.
She'll need some lunatic gaze blocking shades.

Well, we have a new criteria when considering jobs then. What gets worse if we don't take a hand in it?
No. 546921 ID: c1f19a

"Please forgive me for not looking you in the eye, but I heard a rumour that it would be dangerous for me to look you in the eye. Is this true?
"And thank you, do we have something I'd recognize as a kitchen with regular meal times here or would food be a special arrangement?"
No. 546929 ID: b2c9e1

Let's be polite, shake her hand and tell her "if there's anything you need, just let me know" or something along those lines before going to see eirin
No. 546930 ID: 53ba34

give her a hug.
No. 547021 ID: d9bed9
File 138386703958.png - (86.31KB , 800x600 , 048.png )

You hug her slightly, and tell her that if she needs anything that you'll be happy to help. The two of you stop in front of the door at the end of the hall, which Reisen indicates is Eirin's office. She knocks twice, then steps aside for you to enter.

Your first impression is one of cleanliness, of order. All of the books are alphabetized, the decorations sparse. A picture here, a small bonsai tree there. The woman herself was an imposing figure, several inches taller than you, with a steely gaze to match. You bow slightly, and introduce yourself.

You: Lady Eirin, my name is Rayne Sutherling. It is a pleasure to meet you.

Eirin: The pleasure is all mine. I've heard much from Mamizou about how you operate, and your professionalism impresses me. I'm happy to say that most of your assignments here will be handled very similarly to your previous employment. So nothing absolutely life-changing, unless that's what you want~. I'm assuming you haven't met Yukari?

You: Not personally, no. I did have an enlightening conversation with her shikigami, Ran.

Eirin, smirks slightly, and paces around her office. Slowly. Deliberately.

Eirin: Then you don't know why you're here? It's just as well. She's not quite ready to make her move, and if she hasn't told you anything, it's because she doesn't want you to know. Just know that we have a mutually beneficial agreement with several very powerful beings here in Gensokyo. That being said...

She loses her smile altogether.

Eirin: We are not without enemies. YOU are not without enemies here. They might not even know it yet. But I heard of the fight you had with the firefly, and while good for a newcomer, you need to step up your game. Go get some sleep, and first thing tomorrow morning, your task is to go to the library within Scarlet Devil Mansion. Speak with the gatekeeper, ask to see a woman named Patchouli Knowledge. She will teach you danmaku interaction, and more advanced spellcard theory. She's quite an expert in her field. Oh, and take this.

She hands you a silver pocketwatch.

Eirin: That is a device from my home, called a Luna Dial. It can temporarily stop time, and give you some time to breathe and think during battle. I need you to keep a cool head while you are under my employ, are we clear?

You: Yes, ma'am.

Her smile is back, and you are dismissed.
No. 547026 ID: c1f19a

Wait, wait, wait, our *job* is to practice the art of tearing people, and reality, a new one?
What about other sources of knowledge? Apparently that miko knows things about the use of magic and danmaku that seem quite useful to learn as well. Is she amongst the enemies, or the non-aligned, and therefore someone we can't risk figuring out the plot?
No. 547032 ID: 53ba34

reimu is RAW TALENT. she has no fucking idea how she does half the shit she does.

patchy on the otherhand has books upon books of information and according to sources huge tits under her very very baggy outfit
No. 547034 ID: fc937d

Way to make Eirin look creepy and manic.

>timestop pocketwatch
...let's not ever let Sakuya see that we have that. Or be dumb enough to use it on her. I imagine that won't go well. Probably not a good idea to use it near the mansion at all.

Bid her goodnight, and then let's get some sleep.
No. 547082 ID: b2c9e1

Timestop watch? Holy shiiiit, OUR PILE OF LOOT HAS SWELLED...Well, not quite a pile but...yeah. Let's get on that shit sleep and all that
No. 547170 ID: b4d289

Well, if we ever wanted to go the Sakuya shipping route, at least there would be plenty of opportunities to spend time together?
No. 547183 ID: c1f19a

As a professional technical documenter I would have to say that a bit of practice can easily be worth any number of badly written manuals. I grudgingly accept the point that a teacher with workbooks and references is generally worth more than one without workbooks and references.

After asking a sysadmin associate about "Touhou titties" I was told to avoid the topic because of the cartoon boobies, silly cosplayers and pedophilia. He suggested that if I needed Touhou titties for a specific reason to search the "danbooru" website for "fakepucco" and "touhou."
I lack sufficient curiosity to actually try that.

No. 547235 ID: b2c9e1

Also, I'd like to ask what exactly she meant by life changing...for curiosity's sake...Maybe we can get a laser cyborg eye >:3
No. 547246 ID: d9bed9
File 138403804361.png - (15.31KB , 800x600 , 049.png )

You sleep well that night, the Lunarians favoring full beds instead of those floor blanket things they had back in the village. Morning was brief, but pleasant, Reisen having cooked eggs for herself, Eirin, and you. Their conversation hints at a mysterious fifth inhabitant. The flight to the mansion was uneventful, the morning air brisk and bright.

You have been spotted.

What do you do?
No. 547250 ID: fc937d

Land, approach, and ask to see Patchouli Knowledge.
No. 547264 ID: b2c9e1

SHOW NO FEAR and walk right up to her.
say "I'm here to see patchouli." in your most bad ass sounding voice.
No. 547292 ID: 53ba34

she's a guard. surprising she isn't asleep again.
No. 547334 ID: c1f19a

Can't we use our mincing faggot voice instead, just this once?

Seriously though, let's not make an ass of ourself with unnecessary posturing. It would be bad if this became more of a confrontational relationship than it has to be since (apparently) we're going past her each day to enter the library of this place. Engage the pissing-contest nonsense only if it's absolutely necessary.
No. 547335 ID: 7bbaae

Uh, guys, this is the same chick who launched us flying and got a facefull of bullet in return.

We should approach expecting her to react violently again, but make it plain that we remember her and are here on official business this time.
No. 547435 ID: d9bed9
File 138412604664.png - (64.90KB , 800x600 , 050.png )

You decide that if you want to just walk into the mansion, you shouldn't upset the gatekeeper.

Meiling: Halt! What is your business here?

You: I'd like to study under miss Patchouli Knowledge, and use the library.

Meiling: Patchy didn't say she was expecting guests today... Well, that doesn't sound too bad. Just know that you will be watched, and Sakuya will forcibly remove you if you choose to be a problem. Clear?

You assure the gatekeeper that you will not be a problem, and she leads you into the mansion. The interior is heavily decorated, fancy paintings and vases and sculptures lining the walls. You make your way down several flights of stairs, and you step into a dimly lit room. Absolutely massive bookshelves fill the gargantuan space. A small light flutters ahead, and you see the librarian herself. Rather short in stature, and wearing what appears to be pajamas, she wanders along the shelves, absentmindedly tending to her collection. You call over to her, and she floats your way.

Patchouli: ...Yes? Who are you? Why did Meiling let you in?

You: My name is Rayne Sutherling, and I've been told that this is the greatest magical library in Gensokyo. If you'd let me, I'd like to study here.

Patchouli: This isn't some lending library, the books stay here. So long as you understand that, I don't have a problem with you being here. Just out of curiosity, what are you studying?

You: Danmaku theory and shot types.

Patchouli: ..........Let me see your spell cards.

She snatches your cards out of your hand, and rummages through them.

Patchouli: Hmmm. It seems you know basic spellcard theory, at least. Knives, bullets, hmm. Hmmmmm. It's decent, but they could be so much better. Listen, I'm going to teach you a bit about shot types. I'm what you'd call an elementalist, a one-week wizard. They call me that because I have a shot type for every day of the week, see? You've got fireballs, waterballs, leaves, stones, steel, sunlight, and moonbeams. These are all natural things, and thus will interact with each other in predictable ways. Steel and fire make magma, leaves and water make vines, water and steel make mercury, that sort of thing. These elements can vary in intensity and complexity in higher-level danmaku duels, and can generally be mixed however you'd like, with the exception of sun and moon. These will not add unique properties to your spellcards, but will serve as a supplement to your other elements. Unless it's like a really, REALLY high level duel.

She hands you several books, and some blank spell cards.

Patchouli: Look over those, I'm going to go grab some things.
No. 547439 ID: e57f62

Well that sounds quite useful. Would make my suggestion of a spellcard that switches between the patterns of our other spell cards much, much more complicated though.
No. 547447 ID: fc937d

Hmm. Well, if can throw fireballs and knives, I suppose that means we already know how to use elements of fire and steel? Not sure what element that laser we finished wriggle with would count as.
No. 547473 ID: 53ba34

you should put the spell card ref in here too people are weird about using other threads for refs
No. 547487 ID: d9bed9
File 138413699651.png - (85.09KB , 500x600 , Spell Card Template.png )


Spell Card Template.
No. 547490 ID: d9bed9
File 138413703605.png - (127.03KB , 500x600 , Card01.png )


...And example.
No. 547491 ID: c1f19a

Hmm... can we really use more elements than 'steel' and 'fire' though? The thing we finished wriggle nightbug with was a pattern of fire as far as I know, not a laser. I'd hope we're capable of using sunlight because it seems like it should combine really well with fire, and being unable to use it would shoot a big damn hole in our fiction of being a solar yokai.
Get started with the tables of contents/indexes of the books first (if any exist) because knowing what's in each book is a good first step to figuring out which one to read through or look up specific things in.
No. 547501 ID: c1f19a

It does occur to me that we lack a specifically defensive spellcard, can we have a Fibonacci spiral that explodes that number of shots outwards (in a full-circle ring once we've reached 8) at every point it reaches a new number in the sequence?

No. 547508 ID: 982487
File 138414054344.png - (110.39KB , 500x600 , Spellcard-Wild Splashes.png )

Wanted to develop our elemental capabilities, since that seemed to be the next focus point of where we were going-basically, this is a constant stream of bullets, that explodes out several smaller bullet streams that rotate in small arcs, but more or less cover the field, in time.
The idea is to invoke the image of the droplets that go flying when a raindrop hits the ground, basically.
No. 547546 ID: 53ba34

magic doesn't need to come directly from the center. imagine he holds his hands out. can have it 'rain' from each of his limbs. each foot and hand. giving us 4 times rain drop density.
No. 547570 ID: b2c9e1
File 138419398539.png - (121.40KB , 500x600 , SPELLCURD.png )

No. 547571 ID: d9bed9
File 138419433894.png - (88.71KB , 800x600 , 051.png )

No. 547572 ID: d9bed9
File 138419444861.png - (83.40KB , 800x600 , 052.png )

You feel a wide-brimmed hat shoved onto your head.

You have obtained a new hat/outfit!
The Magus Knight outfit has been added to your wardrobe!

Patchouli has brought over more books on advanced spellcard theory, and hands you more cards. She starts nosing through the ones you've filled out while she was gone.
No. 547575 ID: fc937d

Hahaha, that's great.

Level 1 hat acquired! Does it come with any added effects?
No. 547580 ID: b2c9e1

Oh god, my heart...TRY NOT TO BLUSH AT HER (by which I mean blush with all your...blushing things)
No. 547611 ID: c1f19a

Oh my, she's dressing us. Depending on the woman that could be *extreme OCD* trying to make us look like we fit in her library (she is in charge of a library in an apparently chaotic world here), a means of affecting us with enchantments (probable enchantments are mostly mind altering to boost concentration, discourage theft/mischief impulses, or perhaps influence us in other ways), or relatively subtle flirting. Does anybody know the meaning of what she said?

Suggested query to help clear that up: "Uh, thank you. I guess it sometimes gets cold in this library judging by your outfit and you providing me with this robe and hat?"

The thing I'd like to ask her about is how most folks gain facility with other elements, and which ones are available, but we have been unexpectedly dressed!
No. 547623 ID: b2c9e1

I say subtly flirt with her...Nothing big...unless she starts dropping hints...if everything goes well, we could end up with a very intelligent ally/waifu.
No. 547625 ID: fc937d

The obvious thing to do is thank her.

>Does anybody know the meaning of what she said?
It's a nonsense onomatopoeia. Kind of a half groan half sigh thing.
No. 547703 ID: c1f19a

>It's a nonsense onomatopoeia. Kind of a half groan half sigh thing.

Ah, another obnoxious Japanese cartooning thing a female says to be more 'cute' like the infamous, "Uguu," from Kanon.

I can't condone hitting on a woman with serious brain damage, so let's *not* try to romance the creepy librarian lady.
No. 547704 ID: 53ba34

blush and stammer
No. 547747 ID: b2c9e1

Fuck you,

No. 547748 ID: b2c9e1

By the way, LOVE how you draw eyes man.
No. 548044 ID: d9bed9
File 138446390078.png - (76.22KB , 800x600 , 053.png )

Your furiously blushing face is hidden by your new and magnificent hat.

You: Um, I guess it gets cold in here? Thank you for the robe and hat. I mean, I don't feel the cold, because I'm a youkai and all that, but it was really thoughtful of you!

Patchouli: This library is much too valuable for me to let the elements in. (Ha!) The entire room is environmentally controlled to a specific temperature and humidity to protect the books. Oh, and don't try and fool me. I know exactly what you are. But it'll be our little secret.

She twiddles with her hair for a moment, before turning back to your cards.

Patchouli: These look pretty good. Lots of water, good... hmmm... Well, the thing is to keep practicing.

You can either stay here with Patchy for a while longer, or you can report to Eirin.
No. 548045 ID: fc937d

Don't think we're done here yet.

I think we should talk more about how this elemental stuff works. Our past experience would seem to indicate we know how to work with steel and fire. Can we just start using new elements, like water, in new spell cards and have it just work, or do we need to practice and learn how to use new elements?

>because I'm a youkai and all that
>Ha! Don't try to fool me!
No. Bad faux-youkai. Don't do that again. You're supposed to just let people assume what they want. Not explicitly lie about it.
No. 548049 ID: 86c259

Agreed, holy mother of fuck, do we have to instruct in the 100-level of how to tell a lie by omission?

"So how'd you find out? What sort of return favour is customary for all of your help?"
I sincerely hope our social *ineptitude with lying* didn't just cause us to be a blackmail victim. If we really can't do better than that I think we really should skip this magic crap and go to the more important lessons in how to lie.
No. 548239 ID: b2c9e1

Seriously though, it's cute, and given the body language, she seems to be at least somewhat attracted to us. Begin awkward flirting.
No. 548489 ID: 86c259


>"So how'd you find out? What sort of return favour is customary for all of your help?"

Already taken care of with my hypothetical response. If you want to be more explicit about the flirting substitute 'would you like' for 'customary,' perhaps.
No. 548599 ID: 60fee2

If these are ok, how can I make them the best?
No. 548897 ID: d9bed9
File 138480750508.png - (12.08KB , 800x600 , 054.png )


Patchouli: Hey.. hey! Stop that! I already knew, dammit! But if you really want to blend in here, I probably wouldn't even SAY the word youkai to people.

You: Wait, you already knew I was human? What else do you know?

Patchouli: I know what you are, what you'll become, and what your fate is here. All of which is completely secret, of course. Can't risk altering the plan. Not when it'll affect us here. Just... don't worry about it. Forget the subject ever came up. Everything will make sense in due time.


Patchouli: Only practice will make you better. I can already see that you're trying to stick to one element in your cards. But I think you'll find that they are soooo much more complex when you use two or three different elements in a spellcard~!

It's late, and you've spent all day with Patchy in the library. You've learned a lot about how spellcards can be arranged, and the basic elements that can go into them. You give your goodbyes for the night, and promise to visit again soon.
No. 548898 ID: 53ba34
File 138480831061.png - (105.19KB , 500x600 , apocalypse.png )

the earth quakes and splinters and it rains fire. go to low and you get rocked, too high and you are likely to get burned.
No. 548909 ID: fc937d

Haha. Okay, fair enough, but for future reference there are plenty of ways to embarrass yourself without lying.
No. 548917 ID: b2c9e1

You were supposed to flirt aaaaaaaaaa

I suppose we shall have to find another waifu to court...or, you know...put it off for a day.
No. 548919 ID: 53ba34

we shall court all the waifus!
No. 549018 ID: 36c336

Waifu? Is this some strange spelling of waif?
No. 549081 ID: b2c9e1

...google it.
No. 549156 ID: 36c336

>Weeaboo for "wife". Don't say this word ever, please.
>Japanese for "wife". Outside of Japan, it is seldom used by anyone but weeaboos to display their unhealthy attraction for fictional anime characters. See: faggot.

Ah. *backs away slowly*
No. 549494 ID: d9bed9
File 138515410590.png - (293.30KB , 800x600 , 055.png )

The two of you totally flirted and you DID say you'd come visit soon.

The flight back to Eientei is uneventful. You fiddle with the Luna Dial during the flight, and discover that while it does stop time for everything around you, it makes you feel decidedly uncomfortable. You suppose the best way to put it would be to say that it draws upon your stamina. It's not something you feel you can measure, but at least it's not debilitating, at least when used moderately.

Evening again. You are welcomed warmly, and chitchat with Reisen as you make your way through the labyrinthine halls. Dinner was just made, some kind of dumpling, white and perfectly round. Eiren is already at the table, as well as a second rabbit girl. Much shorter than Reisen, she has an aura of mischievousness.
No. 549495 ID: 53ba34

word of warning, everyone not human is probably way older then they look. so be do not underestimate anyone because they look like a child. tewi specifically is possibly 3000. she is also a compulsive liar so take nothing of what she says at face value.
No. 549496 ID: fc937d

Huh. The hat magically comes with a whole wizard's robe / outfit? Nifty.

Anyways, do your polite hellos and join them for dinner. Tewi's a practical joker, so be observant, but I wouldn't expect anything serious or lasting from her.
No. 549813 ID: d9bed9
File 138541709166.png - (13.32KB , 800x600 , 056.png )

Dinner goes well. You report to Eirin what you've learned, and she is rather pleased with your progress. Reisin is chatty and upbeat after Eirin handed her some anti-depression pills. Tewi is rather snarky, and you think she notices you keeping an eye on her. After dinner everyone heads off to their rooms for the night. Before she goes, Eirin hands you a slip of paper with a list of possible assignments for tomorrow.

---Missions available---

Venture under Youkai Mountain to Old Hell, and train under the oni, Yuugi Hoshiguma.

Alice Margatroid has requested some assistance in gathering alchemical reagents. She also seems rather curious about the rumors surrounding you.

A Trial of Guts
No. 549814 ID: 53ba34

hmmm... would guess yuugi would give you bonus to power, while alice would give you a bonus to control.
third looks like... Mokou.
No. 549831 ID: 53ba34

oh right, that is info, not a suggestion.

would say alice, not only would we get some insight but we may be able to have her spread some counter rumors to anything bad.
No. 549832 ID: fd6ae9


You can practice not making a fool of yourself under questioning.
No. 549834 ID: b2c9e1

YUUGI, I VOTE YUUGI, she can make us beefy.

No. 549840 ID: dbe554

Yuugi! For we must become strong! IN THE MOUNTAINS.
No. 549845 ID: f9fc9d

Yuugi. Seems most likely to upgrade our stamina.
No. 550394 ID: d9bed9
File 138584118190.png - (14.99KB , 800x600 , 057.png )

Eirin's Notes: To get to the ancient city beneath youkai mountain, you need to go to the hotsprings. Enter the cave and keep moving. The youkai down there are fierce, prideful. Most are friendly, and will not turn you away. The path itself is very straightforward, until you find the bridge.
No. 550395 ID: d9bed9
File 138584122720.png - (22.82KB , 800x600 , 058.png )

Eirin's Notes: Not all of the youkai down there are friendly, however. You will probably have to fight your way to the ancient city from here. Just remember what you've been taught so far and you'll be fine. Yuugi herself is an oni. Oni are very strong, fond of drink, and value honesty. Before she teaches you anything, she will want to test you, so be ready to fight.
No. 550396 ID: d9bed9
File 138584129632.png - (40.40KB , 800x600 , 059.png )

Walking the Streets of a Former Hell

Eirin's Notes: A rowdy welcome for a rowdy guest, as they say. Good luck.
No. 550397 ID: 53ba34

introduce yourself. if she asks who you are just give her your name, if she asks WHAT you are, then admit to being human. oni are notoriously good at spotting lies. but not telling the whole truth can still work.

explain to her you wish to train under her, since her strength is so great.

would guess earth and maybe fire would be good in this area. the sun and moon types probably weaker due to lack of skylight.
No. 550400 ID: fd6ae9

>value honesty
Then don't lie to her. (Although not answering what isn't asked is different).

>what do
Approach openly, and make your intentions clear. Then fight.
No. 550650 ID: b88ea8

Make sure to be calm, at least LOOK calm. Maybe ask her if she'd like to share a drink first? Oni like booze, right?
No. 551144 ID: d9bed9
File 138651819194.png - (76.81KB , 800x600 , 060.png )

Yuugi: Who are you? What are you doing here?

You: My name is Rayne. I'd been told that you were strong, and I wish to be strong as well.

Yuugi: ...You want to learn how to use danmaku to punch things?

You: Yeah, that sounds about right.

Yuugi: Well then, show me what you've got! Don't hold anything back!

The red and blue orbs surrounding her immediately focus on you.
No. 551145 ID: 828582

Wild Splashes or Twisted Skeins is pretty good if you want focused attack power, let's try those.
No. 551202 ID: 7bbaae

Start with Wild Splashes.

I think adding in some buffetting wind and ice to Twisted Skeins could be interesting.
No. 552185 ID: d9bed9
File 138714498108.png - (17.36KB , 800x600 , 061.png )

You immediately whip out your water spellcard and summon two rainclouds. The spheres orbiting the oni spin, and fire lasers and bullets in an indiscriminate arc in front of her. Using the Luna Dial, you avoid the onslaught. Indigo bullets are launched from the clouds, homing towards her while you fling knives at oblique angles, hoping the ricochet will catch her off guard. Unfortunately, her drone shield catches every shot you send her way. But she seems impressed so far.
No. 552216 ID: fd6ae9

>Drone shield
Hmm. Serrated Tempest might work with that, if we time it so the bullets are exploding right on top of her sheild- the drones shouldn't have time to correct for and intercept all the fragments.

...or if that spell card is too simple, we could include our on the fly ability to work the same tactic into a more complex one.
No. 552253 ID: b2c9e1
File 138717198016.png - (275.46KB , 1343x534 , Explosive Aggression.png )

Pause, and make this shit before using it, We are trying to impress her, So why not use something new!
No. 552626 ID: d9bed9
File 138741485124.png - (44.53KB , 800x600 , 062.png )

You momentarily stop time to doodle up a new spell card designed to break through her shield.

You name it Wrath Sign 「Explosive Agression」
No. 552630 ID: d9bed9
File 138741503398.png - (40.96KB , 800x600 , 063.png )

The variety of bullets you are throwing out cuts down the defensive wall of drones protecting her. The scythes of water shields you from her danmaku and lasers, the fireballs breaks up her patterns, and the knives slip through her shield all together. Unfortunately, this puts you dangerously within her striking range.
No. 552670 ID: b2c9e1

Dash forward and give her a light tap. "Got ya"
No. 552671 ID: 53ba34

full power! want to hit her hard. she needs to be impressed
No. 552676 ID: b2c9e1
File 138742526484.png - (129.19KB , 674x600 , Stone fist.png )

Also Completely unrelated, I made a new spell card to add to our repertoire. Kinda shitty, but whatever.
No. 552716 ID: fd6ae9

This is probably the part where she tries to punch you. Laser to the face?
No. 553619 ID: b2c9e1

Optionally we could use the new spellcard to pummel her up close...I dunno.
No. 553621 ID: 3fc613

I kinda feel like Twisted Skeins might not be a bad idea- even if it IS fixed in attack patterns, it's still a powerful, focused attack we can use at further away.
No. 553874 ID: d9bed9
File 138819156623.png - (20.41KB , 800x600 , 064.png )


Yuugi: Ha! You've got spunk kid, but if you think you're gonna get out of this without taking a few hits, you are SADLY MISTAKEN!

No. 553875 ID: d9bed9
File 138819169961.png - (18.34KB , 800x600 , 065.png )


You use the inertia of the timestop-teleport to imitate one of the earlier attacks you saw, slamming your fist into the oni's back. She stumbles from the blow, but not a single drop spills from the bowl of sake she holds.
No. 553917 ID: fd6ae9

...she won't let go of the sake, and is always holding it aloft, huh?

Lightning bolt her right in the conductive, flammable fluid.
No. 553973 ID: 9b57d3

Press the offensive!
No. 553987 ID: 285160

are you insane!? destroy an oni's drink? do you want her to kill us?
No. 554022 ID: 28218e

No. 554083 ID: b625ce
File 138829297230.jpg - (61.10KB , 786x1030 , 12_29_12_55_41.jpg )

I dont know if this can work
No. 554085 ID: b625ce

(The gray is steel blue is water and the very light gray is water going fast enough to cut stone. You do not want to be in there way)

(And the black is the trajectorys of the items)
No. 555617 ID: d9bed9
File 138905638545.png - (26.35KB , 800x600 , 066.png )

You press the offensive! The two of you continue trading blows and raising a ruckus. After what feels like hours, Yuugi motions for you to stop.

Yuugi: Alright, alright! Kid, you've got some fight in you! Alright, I'll tell you a bit about winning fights with danmaku.

She leads you through the ruins of the city. The houses are ramshackle, the roads pockmarked.

Yuugi: Now, if you ask people how to win a fight, most of the time they're going to say something like, 'shoot lots of bullets! Use big, swirling patterns!' And for the most part that's good advice. But I have this little technique I call the Danmaku Suckerpunch. Y'see, the thing most people up there don't know is that the bullets and lasers and whatnot, these don't have to originate from your body, or anywhere near you. Always know your battlefield! Keep an eye on your surroundings! Spatial knowledge is the key to victory!

She takes a sip from her plate, then drops a heavy object in your hands.

Yuugi: Here, take this. That there is an Oni Gauntlet. If you hit something with that, they're not getting up for a while. It should also help you keep your momentum going, and in the heat of battle, sometimes that's all it takes to win. I don't really have any use for older artifacts like that, so you can have it.
No. 555618 ID: d9bed9
File 138905647971.png - (110.68KB , 800x600 , 067.png )

You have obtained the second half of the Magus Knight outfit, the Oni Gauntlet!

When designing new spellcards, using purple danmaku will indicate a physical strike.

No. 555623 ID: 96c03f

Ooooo water cannons!
Is there more of this outfit?
No. 555796 ID: b2c9e1

Now that the fighting is done, we should drink together...Well, WE should have A drink, she'll probably chug the rest.
No. 555799 ID: 627d94

Pff. We Blastoise now.

Also, we attracted an audience.

>new gadget
Thanks, per usual, are in order.

>ruins of the city
That, uh, wasn't due to our fight, was it? Not sure we were watching where all that danmaku went, and causing massive collateral damage isn't really the best plan.
No. 556657 ID: d9bed9
File 138947704464.png - (23.81KB , 800x600 , 068.png )

The first part is the hat+cloak.

The city was in ruins long before you arrived in Gensokyo.

The watchers apparently decided not to stick around, and have disappeared into the maze of buildings.

You thank Yuugi for the gauntlet, and the two of you chatted and drank for a while, but eventually it was time for you to head back home.
No. 556722 ID: d9bed9
File 138949221058.png - (22.12KB , 800x600 , 069.png )

You know, now that you think of it, the bamboo forest itself may be alive. The path back to Eientei seems easier to perceive. Perhaps it recognizes you, or some entity told it....

...Huh. You wonder who that could have been.
No. 556729 ID: 53ba34

that was technically the boss of Eientei, but she doesn't leave the place very much. odd. continue.
No. 556918 ID: d9bed9
File 138955660637.png - (20.85KB , 800x600 , 070.png )

No. 556923 ID: 74c4ad

...let's not get in the way of the immortals' eternal kill-each-other-fest. They can't really hurt each other, permanently, anyways.

Shrug and move on.
No. 556944 ID: 7bbaae

Can't we at least watch? A bit of battle study can't hurt.
No. 556954 ID: dbe554

Specially with an all powerful lunar and angry phoenix. Watch the fightin!
No. 557023 ID: 3b5a6b

My votes for this
No. 557378 ID: d9bed9
File 138973382731.png - (56.65KB , 800x600 , 071.png )

Eiren: Welcome back, Rayne! How was your trip to the underworld?

You explain to her the events that happened while you were gone. You kind of trail off at the end, due to the spectacular multicolored fireworks patterned across the night sky.

Eiren: Oh, that? Every now and then Princess Kaguya likes to indulge in this little rivalry with Miss Mokou over there. It's really not as bad as it looks, they can't really DO anything to each other, and my guess is that they get some kind of catharsis from fighting. They've been going at it for, what has it been, some fourteen hundred years?

Eiren turns to Reisen and tells her to go make some tea.

You try to wrap your mind around the patterns in the sky, but their complexity is beyond you.
No. 557829 ID: 4a75fa

Well, there's worse ways to spend a night. Join Eiren for Tea and watch the pretty colors. Free fireworks.
No. 558055 ID: 7400f2

Maybe rather than trying to understand the whole pattern, try seeing if there're any bits you can figure out for use in your own patterns?
No. 558056 ID: 53ba34

yes try only following one or two of the bullet types at a time.
No. 558120 ID: d9bed9
File 139000654062.png - (31.73KB , 800x600 , 072.png )

Not a bad end to the day at all.

---Missions available---

Alice Margatroid has expressed interest in meeting with you, but her motives are a mystery. She has knowledge of using danmaku as shields, and of controlling magic drones through various means.

Eiren has suggested seeking out Satori Komeiji, the mind reader. It's possible she would be willing to share her insight on the workings of the mind, and predicting the actions of others.

Reisen mentioned that one of the river kappa, Nitori Kawashiro, is usually willing to work with humans, and is a genius with mechanical devices. Given your heavy reliance on gadgetry and magic items so far, speaking to her strikes you as a good idea.

The mission with Fujiwara no Mokou has expired.
No. 558129 ID: c480f4

I suppose we can build on our item-user theme, and it might be a decent cover for our own special abilities, provided we make an authentic-looking trinket that has the special power we ourselves have.
No. 558132 ID: 88960e

...personally, I'd prefer to go meet Alice, but insight from a mind reader after having our head messed with, or gadgetry help when we've got several gadgets are probably the smart courses of action.
No. 558138 ID: 53ba34

not just for her advice, but she has a connection with the other super powerful human, marisa.
No. 558160 ID: dbe554

Satori, who knows what we will learn from her.
No. 558287 ID: 60fee2

No. 558771 ID: 47c2d5

Can you hit up more than one in the same trip? Such as one, then another after?
No. 559082 ID: d9bed9
File 139042829226.png - (19.98KB , 800x600 , 073.png )

The Gensokyo the Gods Loved

Eiren's Notes: The Kappa can be complicated to deal with. One one hand, they're rather friendly, so long as you don't get in the way of their latest project. On the other hand, their main settlement is right at the foot of Youkai Mountain, which is Tengu territory. Even more dangerous is the god who lives at the top of the mountain, Kanako Yasaka. Keep a low profile and you should be fine. Good luck.
No. 559124 ID: 4a75fa

...I'm not even sure if giant bullet hell battles count as low profile or not round here. I mean, they are kind of a regular occurrence.

Maybe ask directions from a friendly kappa? That could get you where you're going while avoiding the more obvious traps.
No. 559168 ID: d9bed9
File 139051411066.png - (25.63KB , 800x600 , 074.png )

You decide to descend in the hope of finding someone to ask for directions. Soon enough, you find a kappa beside the river, smacking an unidentifiable piece of metal with a wrench.

You: Hello there! I'm looking for Nitori Kawashiro. Can you-

Kappa: (Get down! Do you WANT them to see you?)

You: I don't know what-

Kappa: (What are you, human? Magician? You DO know this is tengu territory, right?)

You: Youkai, actually. And I don't see what that has to do with-

Kappa: (Shhhh! Fine, I'll take you to see Nitori, just stop talking so loud!)

The kappa leads you down the river to a lake at the base of the mountain. A massive waterfall dominates the scenery. Several kappa work on various projects, none of which show any signs of completion. Your guide takes you over to one by the river.

Kappa: Hey 'tori! This youkai says he's got business with you!

Nitori: What do you think you're doing, Masin? You KNOW what the tengu'll do if anyone tries to go near the mountain! Whatever, I'm busy at the moment.

She turns to you.

Nitori: And what do YOU want? If you need something, make it quick. I'm busy, and the tengu won't allow anyone to loiter near the mountain. Got the whole area under a lockdown, see. No humans or magicians or whatever allowed. Apparently orders from Kanako herself.

You: Well, I was hoping you could take a look at some of my gear. I've heard from a friend that you're really good with magic items and mechanics and stuff.

Nitori: Well, given the circumstances, it won't be cheap. Trust me, you've only got enough money for me to upgrade ONE of your gadgets. And that's pushing it, I don't want the tengu coming down on me too.


Ring of Flight: Increases speed, allowing you to catch up to almost anything that flies.

Oni Gauntlet: Increases strength, granting you power comparable to the oni themselves.

Luna Dial: Increases priority. This will synchronize your place in time with anyone around you who can also control time, thereby negating their powers.
No. 559174 ID: dbe554

Ring of flight sounds the most versatile for our kit.
No. 559177 ID: 53fda7

Ring of Flight!
if we can move and dodge about with precision and skill, we'll be able to dodge more shots in a Danmaku fight!
No. 559194 ID: 3f5cd3

Upgrading the Luna Dial is very tempting, but it's also rather circumstantial. Yeah, go with the Ring, Mobility always has been a key thing... Maybe we can/should try to come back and visit again later when we have more funds.
No. 559887 ID: d9bed9
File 139094557717.png - (26.81KB , 800x600 , 075.png )

Nitori: A ring of flight, huh? I haven't seen one of these in years. Should be easy enough to optimize it for your use. ...You sure you're from here? Most youkai here don't need this sorta thing to fly. Whatever, pay up so I can calibrate this thing.

(This upgrade will consume 100% of your wallet.)
No. 559914 ID: a87e3a

Tell her you just want to use it to augment your own ability. So that you can go faster!

Uh, don't they all cost 100%?
No. 559915 ID: 53ba34

you can fly OR shoot without it. being able to do both at the same time is a plus.
No. 559967 ID: 4a75fa

Accept. Speed means we have the options of catching people, of running or escaping certain situations, and gives us better ability to dodge.

A strength upgrade will be less useful (close combat, and moving / carrying stuff, I guess) and a sync ability on the lunar dial is only useful if we piss off Sakuya or something. And sure, we'll be broke for a bit, but we're living off patrons anyways, and money is only as good as what you use it for.

Remember to thank her for her work, when she's done. Maybe you'll have more business for her in the future, under less inconvenient circumstances.

Any idea why they want the mountain under lockdown, anyways?

>Tell her you just want to use it to augment your own ability.
I thought we were trying to only lie by omission with the whole not-youkai thing.
No. 560758 ID: d9bed9
File 139146270288.png - (26.70KB , 800x600 , 076.png )

You start to tell her that yes, you want a speed enhancement, when you notice the girl trying to sneak up on Nitori.

You: ...

Nitori: ...

Suwako: ...

Nitori: ...

Suwako: Have you considered the fact that you'd get more sales if you offered discounts? Your prices are very steep for the services you provide.

The kappa sighs heavily.

Nitori: Yes, Lady Suwako. I have considered selling at a discount. I considered it the last time you told me, and the time before that, and surprisingly, I have yet again come to the conclusion that I refuse to offer discounts to every random youkai that comes beating down my door.

Suwako: But he obviously came a very far way just to see you!

Nitori: And that is why I'm fixing his kit at all, instead of sending him away.

Suwako: ...

Nitori: It's very rude to ignore a customer, Lady Suwako.

The girl turns towards you and stares at you. Her hat also seems to be looking right at you.

Suwako: Hello there! I am Suwako Moriya, the- ahem, one of the gods of this mountain. Who are you, traveler?
No. 560759 ID: 88960e

Introduce yourself to the frog god. (Don't claim to be youkia or human or anything else).
No. 560761 ID: 2380bd

Resist the urge to get into a staring contest with the hat.
No. 560765 ID: dbe554


The hat would win anyways, but do not decline it's offer! Lasting a long time against it shall provide us power.
No. 561057 ID: d9bed9
File 139165303157.png - (190.95KB , 800x600 , 077.png )

You fail miserably. You look at it, and it looks back. You can feel those eyes watching you. Following you. It sees you.

You blink, and everything is normal, and the hat is just a hat. Nothing to worry about.

You: My name is Rayne. It's a pleasure to meet you.

Suwako: Such manners! I'm sorry I wasn't able to get a discount in your favor, but Nitori here is set in her ways. Anyway, I'm going to have to ask you to leave once she's done with your trinket. My... partner, Kanako, wishes this mountain and the area around it kept clear, and the tengu listen to her, regardless of my wishes.

You: Why is that? Wouldn't a god benefit more from having worshipers in closer proximity to the shrine?

Suwako: You'd think that, but she's been incredibly paranoid as of late. You're a threat, that shrine maiden is a threat, magicians, youkai, vampire, it doesn't matter, you're all a threat to her very existence. Maybe I'll be able to talk some sense into her. Maybe you could help me!

She laughs at what she apparently thought was a joke.
No. 561058 ID: a87e3a

Tell her your services are at her disposal.
No. 561059 ID: 53ba34

i am not sure we should try to talk to her. could go ASSASSIN! and try to blow us up. i mean, she is being SUPER paranoid right now.
No. 561065 ID: dbe554

Which is why we have Suwako go in first. But yes tell her that we'd be free too.
No. 561095 ID: 4a75fa

> Maybe you could help me!

Although I have a hard time imagining exactly what would be a threat to a god's existence.
No. 561341 ID: d9bed9
File 139181288381.gif - (16.94KB , 800x600 , 078.gif )


You: I'd be more than happy to help, though I'm curious as to why a god would be so worried.

Suwako: Ha ha! You see, there's a funny story behind that, and I'm not telling you right now. As for helping me, I appreciate the offer, I really do, but you are nowhere near where you would need to be to tangle with Kanako. She's strong! But hey, if circumstances change in the future, I'll be sure to look you up.

Nitori starts waving at you.

Suwako: And besides, I think your trinket's done.
No. 561346 ID: 88960e

Thank Suwako and bid her fairwell. Then let's see what Nitori has for you. Be sure to thank her, and give it a test run.
No. 561347 ID: 53ba34

protip. despite her looks, suwako is a granny. possibility that she shrunk as her worshipers decreased.
No. 569748 ID: d9bed9
File 139698725803.png - (19.42KB , 800x600 , 078.png )

You pay Nitori, and head back to Eientei.

The tweaking she did to the magic ring really shows as you shoot off like a missile. Behind you, you see angry looking clouds gathering around Youkai Mountain.
No. 569756 ID: 0df3a1

Hang on. Turn about. Check out those clouds.
No. 569758 ID: d9bed9
File 139699025210.png - (13.17KB , 800x600 , 079.png )

Large clouds spiral around the mountains peak, seemingly unaffected by the gusts of wind that have been blowing all afternoon. You see tengu swarming aggressively near the top. You doubt you'd be able to get back to the mountain without a fight.
No. 569760 ID: 53ba34

huh... neat.
well on to the next activity!
No. 569762 ID: 0df3a1

Yeah, it's probably Kanako acting up with all those Tengu. Let's leave.
No. 569764 ID: d9bed9
File 139699102486.png - (88.37KB , 800x600 , 080.png )

The tense atmosphere of the mountain fades away, replaced by the idyllic hills and plains, and finally the hushed forest of bamboo. You have two tasks remaining, and you may only choose one.

Path A: Alice Margatroid is still interested in meeting with you. She has knowledge of using danmaku as shields, and of controlling magic drones through various means.

Path B: Satori Komeiji lives deep underground, back where you sparred with Yuugi. It's possible she would be willing to share her insight on the workings of the mind, and predicting the actions of others.

Before you leave Eientei, is there anyone you'd like to speak with? Reisen, Eiren, Kaguya, and Tewi are all available at the moment.
No. 569768 ID: 88960e

As much as I'd like to say hi to Alice, Satori might be more relevant with our memory problems. ...then again, why snub the one who actually invited us? We could accept Alice's invitation and feel out Satori later.

Let's check in with Reisen before we go.
No. 569774 ID: dbe554

Satori, she would help us most
No. 569778 ID: 0df3a1

Guy is right, Alice DID invite us. We should probably go there first and then check Satori out later.

As for Eientei eh... Check in with Reisen and Tewi, see if they're up to anything.
No. 569782 ID: 2c6ff1

No. 569787 ID: 53ba34

satori probably got told by yukari not to tell us memoy stuff.

so to Alice we go!
No. 572944 ID: d9bed9
File 139908550101.png - (19.98KB , 800x600 , 081.png )

You decide to check in with Reisen and Tewi before you get ready to go. You know Reisen usually starts her morning in the kitchen, so that's where you head first.
As you predicted, she's sitting at the table with a cup of coffee and the local newspaper. The surprising thing is the other person at the table; Kaguya doesn't normally get up this early, if at all. Reisen mumbles good morning as you grab some coffee for yourself.
No. 572974 ID: e6513b

I'd say Alice. After all, it's rude to ignore an invitation for too long. And its not like you can't wait on the other.

Perhaps you should bounce the idea off of those two. Or, maybe they have some ideas on how to make some money.
No. 573002 ID: a95b2e

Mumble morning back before you take a sip of coffee.

Anything interesting jump out from the headlines of that newpaper in front of you? (It's probably all sensationalist salaciously made up and exaggerated, but hey).
No. 573047 ID: 53ba34

i thought the tengu made the newspaper?
No. 573051 ID: d9bed9
File 139916582715.png - (282.97KB , 800x600 , 082.png )

The newspaper is delivered by tengu every other day, or when there's an incident or something like that.

You sleepily mumble good morning to the group. The coffee here is better than back at Mamizou's place, you decide. The headlines is something to do with falling work ethics among shrine workers, with some implied violence. Sensationalist nonsense.

Getting dressed for the day is nothing special. First the cloak, then the hat. On your way out the door, you're stopped by Kaguya. The two of you haven't spoken often, but she's always polite and reserved.

Kaguya: Well then, have you decided where you're going today?

You: Yeah, I'm off to see Alice Margatroid. She actually invited me to go looking for reagents and magical stuff. Not the sort of thing I know a lot about, but hey.

Kaguya: I believe you made the right choice, to ignore an invitation would be rude. You know, I shall be sad to see you go.

You: ...I'm sorry?

Kaguya: Your contract with us was for two weeks, and that ends tonight. Miss Yakumo will be payed for your services, and you will leave us to stay with a new employer.

You: You know, nobody told me how long I'd be here.

Kaguya: As I understand it, humans tend to harbor feelings of trepidation when there is a known deadline looming, especially one so soon. To keep you in the dark was to save you undue stress.

She looks up at the sunrise, a wistful look on her face.

Kaguya: Tonight is a full moon, you know. The rabbits will be making mochi, and Udonge will have dumplings made by tonight. It's a special occasion, and I'm happy that you will be here to enjoy it with us.
No. 573053 ID: a95b2e

>special occasion tonight
I'm looking forward to it, then. I'll do my best to make sure I'm not late.
No. 573113 ID: ca65e6

At about what time should we show up? We should try not to be late.
No. 573217 ID: ac90bc

Well, it's not like we won't be around, right? Paths can still cross and whatnot. Visits are a thing as well.

I suppose you might as well get used to this style of employment.
No. 575527 ID: d9bed9
File 140088468709.png - (20.70KB , 800x600 , 083.png )

You say your goodbyes and head out.

The sun is shining brightly, still rising in the east. The wind is blowing harder than usual, and you can see storm clouds in the distance. The rain will be here in a few hours, at most. Plenty of time to meet with Alice.

Speaking of which, you pull out the profile Eirin gave you.

Eirin's notes: Alice Margatroid is one of the few 'pure' magicians in Gensokyo. She was originally a human, but through self-training and an ideal scenario, she became a magician youkai. She makes dolls as a hobby, and uses them to battle for her as marionette analogues. Also, I have reason to believe that the grimoire she carries contains very high level magic. Alice is a loner at heart, though she does socialize with other magicians and the like. It's actually encouraging to see her reaching out to others like this.
No. 575577 ID: 9a281a

Well, introduce yourself, naturally. Leave it up to her if she wants to talk now, or if she wants to do introductions by danmaku.
No. 576032 ID: 53ba34

say hello and "you wanted to see me?"
No. 576185 ID: 6507c5

Say hello, be nice, introduce yourself, and mention the invitation.

I guess you could flirt a bit if you wanted, but one wouldn't want to get too much of a reputation as a metaphorical lady-killer. After all, how many powerful ladies have you crossed paths with already?
No. 576280 ID: d9bed9
File 140123079057.png - (89.49KB , 800x600 , 084.png )

You make your way through the forest of magic until you find an old house. A woman, presumably Alice, sits on the front porch, flanked by two armed dolls. She smiles as you land in the clearing.

Alice: Well look who it is! I was beginning to wonder if you were going to show up. I'm Alice, Alice Margatroid. And you must be Rayne, the newcomer! We don't see new faces around here very often, you see.

You politely introduce yourself. You notice that her face and accent are slightly European, as is the make of the house.

You: So, what was it that you wanted help with? Something about gathering reagents or something?

Alice: Yes! You see, there is a rare mushroom that I have located deeper in the forest that I want to use as a spell component. However, harvesting it would be much easier with two people instead of just me, so I'm glad you're here to help!
No. 576396 ID: 363ecd

>I was beginning to wonder if you were going to show up.
Sorry about that. There are surprisingly many people with demands on a newcomer's time.

>mushroom harvesting
Well, so long as it doesn't shoot back, and even if it does, I doubt one mushroom can put up too much trouble...
No. 576408 ID: 53ba34

No. 576608 ID: 6507c5

Joke: Hopefully it's not huge, mobile and with a craving for flesh, huh?

Help the lady out. Also, find out what to expect.
No. 576877 ID: d9bed9
File 140174892142.png - (18.55KB , 800x600 , 085.png )

You: Sorry it took so long to visit, everyone seems to have something for me to do. Also, just out of curiosity, where are these mushrooms? Like, will I know it when I see it?

Alice: The mushroom we're looking for grows on another kind of mushroom, one that's large, mobile, and the villagers claim that it craves the taste of flesh. That last part is nonsense, of course.

You: ...Of course it is.

Some time passes as the two of you make your way through the forest. Alice seems to know where she's going, so you just follow her lead.

Alice: So, you're a magician, right? Or at least an aspiring magus. So where's your grimoire? Have you not made one yet?
No. 577656 ID: c7a241

...is a grimoire something I should have?

Sorry, I've been kind of playing things by ear since I got here. There's been far too much to take in and learn to plan very far ahead.

Possibly this is someone you can reach out to, since she presumably had a similar experience to yours. As an outsider coming into this land. If you can get her talking about her own entry, that could be valuable.
No. 578627 ID: d9bed9
File 140279053495.png - (24.63KB , 800x600 , 086.png )

You: What exactly is a grimoire? I've been playing things by ear since I got here, and haven't had time to sit down and really do some research about my, well, career path.

Alice: I absolutely understand, went through the same thing when I came here. Well, I didn't sell my services like a mercenary, but you seem to be doing fairly well for yourself. As for a grimoire, it's a book that a magician creates that holds spell memory. If you have a grimoire, you only need to collect spell components and the like once, and the book will remember the essence of the spell and allow you to cast it at will in the future. I can help you make one when we get back, they're really handy. ...Oh look, there it is!

You: Which part are we supposed to grab?

Alice: You're going to need to cut off the stalks on its back. Try and grab 3 or 4, but as I said, they're valuable, so the more you get the better.
No. 578633 ID: dbe554

I don't think we really need one, we've been doing rather fine without it.
No. 578637 ID: ac14c0

Time for some knife-based spells. Utilize that extra speed from the flight ring to catch it and cut off the stalks without getting hit by a counterattack.
No. 578638 ID: 410c24

>Well, I didn't sell my services like a mercenary
Playing mercenary does provide a convenient excuse for meeting people.

>what do?
Yeah, knife based spellcards could be useful, especially if we combine with the speed boosted flight ring.

Could some of her dolls provide a distraction? I would think it would be a lot easier to zip in and snag some stalks if it's attention was focused elsewhere.
No. 578674 ID: 0b1913

On the other hand, I think it could prove surprisingly useful. Just wanted to provide a countervote.

Also, this >>578638 seems like a decent plan.
No. 581804 ID: d9bed9
File 140400651106.png - (81.11KB , 800x1800 , 087.png )

No. 581830 ID: 50338d

Well, good work on the defense, Alice.

Of course, we're kind of screwed if it goes for her, now.

Priority is now getting away with out ill-gotten gains. If we actually beat this thing down at full force that kind of defeats the purpose of the slash and grab tactics.

I think we need a really big flashy spellcard, now. Blind this sucker with as much cover as we can throw up, and then we and Alice take the chance to get away.
No. 581904 ID: 53ba34

speed boost away
No. 581996 ID: 2fd516

Can you use your mastery of steel or earth to make some spiky barriers to hinder the monster's progress?
No. 582145 ID: d9bed9
File 140416580703.png - (28.68KB , 800x1200 , 088.png )

You can't use spellcards outside of a duel!

You can, however, bend some of the elements you learned from Patchouli to create a similar effect. Water and Steel make sound, Sun and Moon make Light. Compress it tight, and you've created Disorient bullets, a grenade filled with light and sound.

You speed away with your ill-gotten loot, and the two of you make your way back to Alice's house. You chat idly for a while, as she makes a smallish book, which you now recognize as a grimoire. You will now be able to use more complex magic outside of spellcard duels.

Unfortunately, the time comes for you to leave and head back to Eientei. You were happy to have spent time with Alice, though. You think she's one of the few people you've met here who don't seem to have an ulterior motive for you.
No. 582206 ID: 50338d

All right then, say your goodbyes and thank yous to Alice, and head back to Eientei.

Keep her in mind for a repeat visit, I suppose. A lack of ulterior motives is nice, and you two actually seem to have stuff in common.
No. 582496 ID: d9bed9
File 140434288060.png - (113.49KB , 800x600 , 089.png )

Loose Rain: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VR6TDTSqWDY
This is probably one of my favorite tracks in the series.

It looks like you aren't going to miss that storm after all.
No. 582531 ID: 53ba34

use some of that water power to make a water umbrella
No. 582572 ID: 50338d

An umbrella to block rain isn't the worst idea.

And summon up some knife bullets and set them rotating a safe distance away from you. You want metal decoys to draw nearby lightning from hitting you.
No. 583280 ID: d9bed9
File 140478139736.png - (24.76KB , 800x600 , 090.png )

Your rain umbrella made of rain works less than well, but your shrapnel shield keeps the lightning off you while you fly. The flight itself is uneventful, but the cracks of thunder and lightning are getting closer together.

You arrive at Eientei soon enough, and are almost bowled over immediately.

No. 583282 ID: 53ba34

after her! and watch out for master sparks!
No. 583303 ID: 50338d

Fake her out. Move as if you're throwing yourself out of the way, or backing off to blast her- then crank your speed ring to max and sucker punch her with the oni-gauntlet. Marisa's about crazy laser blasts- not tanking.

...Alice might be annoyed with us for this later, but oh well.
No. 588750 ID: d9bed9
File 140753785007.png - (63.17KB , 800x600 , 091.png )

You immediately launch yourself after her. Thunder booms, the rain comes down in sheets, and lightning splits the sky. Fierce winds buffet you as you soar after the sneaky witch thief. Thankfully, that upgraded ring allows you to catch up to her. If you hadn't, this chase would have been much, much more difficult and drawn out. You call out to her, raising your voice to be heard above the cacophony.

You: HEY! Hey witch! Return what you stole, and I won't blast you from the sky!

The witch turns to face you, seemingly irked that you were able to catch up to her.

Marisa: And what's it matter to ya? You youkai live so long, isn't it more like borrowing? You can take these books back when I'm DEAD!
No. 588757 ID: 88960e

Smirk. And reply you guess you're just impatient, then.

Seriously, she wants to borrow anything? She needs to ask. Even libraries require cards. Now, is she gonna return those or not?
No. 588799 ID: 53ba34

pull a wind blast from in front of her towards you.
No. 588823 ID: 874468

"How about you return them and negotiate to read them in the library they come from? Making enemies is stupid compared to making friends, and the fact that you almost did steal them means you have talents to negotiate with as a counter-offer."
No. 588980 ID: d9bed9
File 140770504751.png - (40.41KB , 800x600 , 092.png )

You: I guess I'm a bit impatient, then. But seriously, Eientei isn't a lending library. Although, way I hear it, you steal from the library too. So, how do you want to do this?
No. 589040 ID: e28723

Have the watch hidden in one hand, you'll probably want it for her probable attack. And don't let down your guard if she seems to go along with it peacefully.
No. 589077 ID: 4b571b

>So, how do you want to do this?
Aren't we still waiting for Marisa's response? We gave her an ultimatum and she hasn't answered yet.

Well, she's a sneaky thief. Expect her to turn down the offer by try to hit you with a master spark. Be ready to dodge and counter attack as soon as she makes it clear she's not surrendering the books.

Distribute the lighting-rod knives. When the battle starts, reassign them in an offensive formation. You're not just deflecting lighting away from yourself now, you're directing it at her. Bonus attacks from the environment.
No. 589147 ID: 1f2a28
File 140782540133.gif - (106.65KB , 500x600 , Vines Everywhere.gif )

Potential spell-card for a vine-entrapment sort of thing.
No. 589234 ID: d9bed9
File 140788838892.png - (50.60KB , 800x600 , 093.png )

Marisa: ...How do I want to do this?

She gives you a nasty grin.

Marisa: With violence, of course! It's been a while since I had a good danmaku duel, so come on! COME ON! DON'T YOU DARE HOLD BACK!

The storm intensifies around the two of you, and stars spiral away from her, accelerating to form a chaotic storm of her own.
No. 589235 ID: d9bed9
File 140788846370.png - (423.50KB , 391x457 , stardust reverie.png )

Love Colored Master Spark https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RBJ4NMOBV0

No. 589242 ID: 53ba34

i say we take a chance and get up close, using our enhanced speed to stay between the tracks of the stars.
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