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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 138254422216.png - (28.34KB , 867x786 , Intro.png )
545071 No. 545071 ID: c608b0

Ashes to ashes . . . Dust to Dust . . .
From whence we came . . . to return we must . . .

You see before you, in your pre-existence, a tree. Deeper than blood, looking to have long since died, a firm appendage pressed against it confirms a flowing feeling. It lives. But it doesn't breathe. It simply is.

There is nothing definitive of the dark sky above. You can see neither the ground you walk nor the sky to guide, but the light that the blood-dried tree before you gives. More specifically, the light from the strange fruits left upon it.

It's odd. But you feel as if this tree is familiar somehow.

A voice, softer and sweeter than the skip the stone makes in the pond, funnels through your mind.

You have been brought here for a reason, Starbourne.

You have no need to fear. None of you do. I mean no harm to you.

I have brought you here for a reason.

You feel yourself nod. That's all you can do for now, you feel no instinct to run, no instinct to hide. Only listening to the calm rippling of the voice communicating.

Fate . . . has been torn asunder. Due to events that could not be avoided, it has fallen to a cycle of endless repetition. Endless death. Endless failure.

This must not be.

In order to return your universe to balance, the seeds of new fates must be sewn. The seeds of fates fed by stars, never to have been touched by Gods in their birth. Fates that carve their own roads, that defy the maps of fate sabotaged.

You must choose between the remaining fruits you see before you. There are six, but only three may you harvest. The other three must remain, as keystones in the progression of fate's design.

These fruits may look strange - perhaps even tacky, to the minds of the young - but they are far more powerful than you could ever imagine.

They are as follows;

The Red Boulder. A fruit harder than any rock, yet it melts like water into the mouth, into the soil. It's juices taste of the sparks of battle, of gunpowder, guillotines, and the sweet soil caked into the tracks of machines.

The Blue Titan. The largest and most prominent of these fruits, this fruit drains the most energy from the tree to support itself. Its weight varies from carrier to carrier, it is said. In one hand, it will feel lighter than air, while in another, it would break the arm upon attempted lifting. It is a dry, sour fruit, tasting of freshly harvested Gnurian tomatoes and strong scotch, and the sweat of working hard in confined spaces. It smells like dead wood and alcohol.

The Green Match. This fruit is small, but feels most rough, especially over it's raised triangular markings. It doesn't break, but a pore in the bottom is unsealed for easy drinking of its fluids. It can be slid across any surface to strike a flame. It tastes of Cinnamon, hot chocolate, and candy. Its fluids bring to mind severe hallucinations, premonitions some call, but leaves the being foul-tempered and starving after consumption, as if spoiled, wanting more.

The Golden Plum. As it's name suggests, it may be small, but is juicier than all of the other fruits combined, and messier still. However, despite it's vibrant coloration, it leaves an awful taste of guilt and tears in the mouth, and the seeds are very fragile. It's also explosive, and if bitten wrongly, detonates in an awfully smelling cloud.

And The Nightshade Runt. Despite being the smallest, least noticeable of the fruits, this fruit has the toughest skin, and regenerates after each bite. It feels like downy feathers and powdery petals, and even with it's dull coloration, it gleams brilliantly under certain light. It does, however, smell of awful medicine and aromatherapy sachets. It only has one seed, looking to be made of glass. Some interpret its medicinal odour as that of roses or lavenders, but none are sure, as it's normally too awful to keep close to.

As mentioned, you may only pick three to harvest the seeds of.

Choose wisely. Take your time. Time has no passage here, leaving you no deadlines or worries.

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No. 545077 ID: 53ba34

you only listed 5 fruits

tentatively suggest the runt, the match, and the boulder
No. 545079 ID: d2b9fe

>There are six, but only three may you harvest.
>The other three must remain, as keystones in the progression of fate's design.

Does this mean the fruit we chose to harvest influence ourselves, while the fruit we leave behind influence and shape the world we will find ourself in?

That would mean this isn't a simply choice of choosing what we want, but more assigning resources where we think they'll work better.
No. 545080 ID: c608b0
File 138255019021.png - (8.14KB , 867x786 , Intro2.png )

And for the reference on the last fruit, it has no name. As it wasn't mentioned with the others, I shall direct you to look at your feet.

A most bittersweet fruit of dry, pulpy meat and little to no juices, but it fills the stomach upon the smallest of bites. It tastes tarnished, however, like rotting bananas, moldy bread, and prison iron, shocking those lured in by it's beautiful scent of lemon meringue pie.

It fell prematurely, so its seeds are unnaturally small and misshapen. This is your Sixth fruit.

No. 545081 ID: c608b0

The fruits you have chosen will act as those whose fates shall be changed. Those, whom you may or may not label your ' heroes.'

A broad title, meaningless in larger scale. The other fruits will dictate the remaining lives to be met, dictated and directed as your fates are further changed. The seeds you sew yourself will be your tools to change the world. The other fruits, dictating the remaining lives, will be no doubt found by others. Their fates will change as well, but only by the consequences and blessings of your own adventures.

Those who are taken are saved. They are given direction. Those left behind are left to chance.

There is no wrong choice.

No. 545082 ID: 393e01

The Green Match.
The Red Boulder.
The NightShade Runt.
Those three I choose. Will the others choose the same?
No. 545084 ID: d2b9fe

The Green Match
The Nightshade Runt
The Nameless Fallen
No. 545085 ID: 9ddf68

I choose the same
No. 545089 ID: 7bbaae

If these fruits correspond to heroes, then I shall analyze them in that way.

The Red Boulder: Some sort of tough military man.

The Blue Titan: Some sort of miner. Not sure what the 'weight' thing refers to.

The Green Match: A firebug that is very tough but with a weakness of some sort. Greedy and with a foul temperament. Uses drugs to tell the future? I wonder if 'juices' are magical talent. In that case it's not use of drugs, but a fortune teller.

The Golden Plum: If juices are magical talent, this is a mage with a tragic past, as if they are responsible for atrocities. Possibly a skunk?

The Nightshade Runt: An extremely tough regenerating hero fond of herbalism.

Nameless: No juices, so... no magic? A conman, beggar and thief, sounds like... A pretty face with a bad personality, that scrapes by with little.

I can't tell what the seeds symbolize.

I'm interested in the Green Match, the Nameless Fallen, and the Red Boulder. That will give us a wide range of resources to work with.
No. 545097 ID: 5fd94e

Red boulder
Nightshade Runt

Nameless seems interesting so I shall go with that as well.
No. 545176 ID: 60fee2

Red Boulder
Nightshade Runt
Nameless Fallen
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