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File 138163785321.png - (165.68KB , 800x600 , 1.png )
544078 No. 544078 ID: f3e001

Wiki Page: http://www.tgchan.org/wiki/Forsaken
Quest Discussion: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/71156.html
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No. 544079 ID: f3e001
File 138163789492.png - (197.43KB , 800x600 , 2.png )

You're awake.

Your leg hurts like fuck, your left shoulder is difficult to move and feels stiff, every muscle in your body aches, your hair is a mess, your fur is matted, and you reek of blood, sweat, and fear.

You're not sure you can honestly call this an improvement from yesterday.

If you can't think of anything better to do, you're going to grab your new clothes and go for a limp to the bathroom.
No. 544084 ID: 0f6f63

Hey, you're not dead, and you don't have a day of running for your life to look forward to. And you know where your next meal is coming from. That's something.

Cleaning up and tending to your wounds is probably the best you could do.

Curiosity would prompt me to look out the window, first. Have conditions changed since yesterday?
No. 544085 ID: 9ddf68

look out window, grab breakfast, clean yourself and your wounds up, and get dress. We can figure out what to do from there.
No. 544088 ID: 7a843b

Hey, you're not freezing, hungry, thirsty, or being chased by a ravenous FLYING FUCK. All in all today is a grand improvement over yesterday.

Look out the window to see where the edge of the world is now, grab a bit to eat and drink, throw on the clothes then visit the bathroom. Maybe you'll be lucky enough that it'll have a bathtub and you can wash that blood, sweat and fear off.

Check on your leg wound while you're in the bathroom. You're gonna need to see about getting that proper medical treatment real soon. The last thing you want right now is to end up losing your foot to an infection or something.
No. 544089 ID: 7bbaae

Stuff something in your mouth first.
No. 544095 ID: 279f18

Looks like you have food still sitting about. Check the window to see if the end of the known world has creeped any closer.

Also after cleaning up you better see if one of those curator golems can lead you to the master of this place.
No. 544279 ID: 5a5dd4
File 138180002168.png - (118.69KB , 800x600 , 3.png )

You limp over to the desk, eat some more food, and take a look out the window.

The sun's near the horizon. You have no idea which direction this window faces, so you don’t know if that means it's just past sunrise or just before sunset.

Everything below you is obscured by cloud cover, but, even with a complete lack of landmarks, the outside looks to be about the same distance out. It seems that the Lands will endure, at least for the foreseeable future.

Reassured of your temporary safety, you grab the clothes and head off towards the bathroom.

Unlike you, the new clothes aren't filthy, and you'd prefer to try to clean yourself up a bit before you put them on.
No. 544280 ID: 5a5dd4
File 138180006201.png - (117.43KB , 800x600 , 4.png )

The halls are uneventful, and even with your limp, it doesn't take you long to locate the bathroom.

You're not entirely sure what you were expecting, but it wasn't this.
No. 544281 ID: 53ba34

luxuriate a little. just soak in it. and relax a little
No. 544282 ID: 7bbaae

Nice, a spa. Find the soap and towels! I doubt you're supposed to just dunk your dirty self in the pool and ruin the water for the everyone else that isn't here, so those side rooms are probably more for washing up before entering the pool.
No. 544283 ID: 0f6f63

Huh. That's a big bath. Are there supplies in any of those alcoves? Like soap, shampoo, towels? Rubber harpy-duckies?

Does this room appear to open into any others? If this is meant to be a communal bath, presumably the other doors might lead to other rooms. Which you'd expect to be empty, but who knows. Not really the time to go snooping, yet, though.

Might as well enjoy a nice bath, and wonder idly if the no swimming rule applies here.
No. 544291 ID: d2995c

Huh, it just occurred to me that the sun still exists. I wonder if the stars are still there (or for that matter what the stars even are in this possibly one-world-centerd cosmology).
No. 544295 ID: 9ddf68

great this will work out well for cleaning your wound. How is the leg by the leg
No. 544370 ID: 5a5dd4
File 138189820401.png - (139.38KB , 800x600 , 5.png )

A quick inspection reveals that the doors do, in fact, lead to a number of small side rooms. It also reveals that you are alone in the baths.

One of the many rooms contains stalls and toilets, which you use with little fanfare.

A more in depth search of the other rooms reveals a wide variety of bathing equipment and supplies. You gather a towel, washcloths, soap, and shampoo, but you cannot find any bath toys.

There is what appears to be a wash room, which you guess you're supposed to use before you get into the main bath.

Undressing with a foot and wing out of commission is little awkward, and cleaning yourself in such a state is a pain and a half, but you get the job done.

With the fiddly nonsense out of the way, you ditch your clothes and gathered bath-stuff by a pillar and slip into the main bath.
No. 544371 ID: 5a5dd4
File 138189823338.png - (156.97KB , 800x600 , 6.png )

Holy fuck, this feels amazing.
No. 544372 ID: 0f6f63


...also, without panicking or overreacting, turn to see who or what that is opening that door behind you.

Totally not breaking the rules. You're soaking. Bathing. Not swimming in the library, nope.
No. 544373 ID: d17222

Might as well ask - can you swim at all?
No. 544374 ID: 735f4f

Sorry to interrupt your bath time but you have a large white visitor at the opposite door. Not something we have seen yet as far as I can tell.
No. 544376 ID: 7bbaae

Pout at it, but follow its instructions if it gives any.
No. 544394 ID: 5a5dd4
File 138191156005.png - (175.04KB , 800x600 , 7.png )

You can swim well enough to not drown in a bath.

Contrary to popular belief, harpy wings don't work very well in water.

You hear a soft rustling at the door.
No. 544395 ID: 5a5dd4
File 138191158029.png - (174.58KB , 800x600 , 8.png )

No. 544396 ID: 7f3f68

Umm...any chance he/she's just taking a bath, too?
No. 544397 ID: d17222

I'd hope so because running out of the library or around the library naked would not be as fun for her as it would be for us.
No. 544398 ID: 7bbaae

Oh god, a well-dressed fluffy wyrm. That's the person who wrote the letter, isn't it.

An exclamation of surprise seems appropriate here, alongside backing away. Is it just me or is it bleeding from empty eyesockets? Is it heading directly for you? Maybe it's blind. If you wanted to stay hidden, keeping still and not making noise would be how you'd do that.
No. 544399 ID: 5bf190

This person must need a lot of room in the bath. Make some space. No sudden movements. They might be blind and not realize someone's here, so the soft sound of the water moving could alert them without being shocking. Then if they ask if someone's there, you can say hello.
No. 544402 ID: 0f6f63

Uh.... hello?
No. 544403 ID: 001618

um, don't panic?

It's waring clothes so I'm guessing that it's another Liberian. I hope so anyways otherwise the othersiders or whatever they're called just go a new tailor
No. 544421 ID: f83b2b

no sounds! figure out if it's hostile before you alert it to your presence! if it's heading straight for you, run for the door and hope it's too large to fit through it. don't waste valuable time trying to talk with it, if it's friendly it'll talk and calm you down.

if it seems to be unaware of you, try to slink away unnoticed, without any noise.
No. 544422 ID: 9ddf68

is it... is it coming at you or just kinda wondering aimlessly more or less?

Cause since your in water, have a jacked up wing and leg, and that thing has yet to even come fully within the room I don't think you're going to out run it anytime soon.
No. 544433 ID: eaa372

Say hello and ask if you can help it. This thing has a well defined outline and it isn't showing any teeth so chances are it's one of the constructs in the library, possibly the letter writer.
No. 544437 ID: c23ab0

That thing is freaking long.

Maybe he doesn't see you. Maybe he won't notice you. Maybe you broke the rules oh no!
No. 544476 ID: 7a843b

Alright, you're gonna have to assume the creature is from the Library and not hostile, 'cause otherwise you're 37 flavors of fucked.

Considering how huge and obviously magical it is, it's likely the ruler of the Library; The head or chief librarian or some such. And if it isn't it'll have been sent by the ruler. So say hello and ask if it's here to speak with you about that "wonderful gift" that you brought here yesterday.
No. 544503 ID: 3bb4f9

Well, yeah, longmonster is long, duh!

Ahem. Maybe retreat (quietly) into the mist a little more, get better placed for a speedy escape. If possible.
No. 544523 ID: b8ceae

QUIETLY back away to the edge, then get out of the bath. THEN find out if it's intelligent.
"Sorry, did I interrupt you?"
No. 544559 ID: 5a5dd4
File 138208274118.png - (153.09KB , 800x600 , 9.png )

You quietly back towards the edge of the bath and squeak out a greeting. "Hello?"


"Or, rather, the bath next to my library. What sort of VERMIN would build a bath in a library? Certainly not one of my librarians!"

"IT IS GOOD TO SEE YOU WELL! Or intact, at the very least. You mortals always seem to break so easily."

"But we have things to discuss! So many things! And such little time for pointless blather!"

"FIRST! You must have a name, yes?"
No. 544560 ID: 7bbaae

No. 544562 ID: 279f18

Do not babble incoherently and/or try to argue that you're indecent to the clearly higher being.
No. 544569 ID: f83b2b


(i'm kidding. i'm voting Myotis, or Myo in short)
No. 544573 ID: f20dba

No. 544575 ID: 75a612

Sounds good to me.

And you are...?

...could you speak a little quieter? You're rather larger than I, right next to me, and the acoustics in here give you an echo.

Pff. This thing isn't mortal, there's plenty of water and steam, and it doesn't have eyes anyways. No need for bashfulness.
No. 544588 ID: 9ddf68

I like it.

Also I have feeling that with this guy it would be best to keep your answers as short as you can unless he tells you to go into detail.
No. 544617 ID: 7a843b

Hmm... I'd rather have "Kyri," but "Kyreli" is good enough.

And tack on a "and please speak quieter; You're hurting my ears" after saying your name.

Subconsciously fold your wings in front of yourself, even though this being almost certainly doesn't care one way or another that you're naked.
No. 544674 ID: 7f3f68

Oh, good, he's actually friendly.

Hmm, I kinda like Maybell, except, it sounds, like, too human or something. Whereas Kyreli sounds more like what it ought to be, but doesn't have quite the same ring. Hmmmm. If I had to choose between the two (and I'm coming up short on better ones) I'd probably go with the latter.
No. 544703 ID: ce1217

I have a feeling nobody else is gonna go for Flying Notfuck so throwing my lot in with kyreli.

Also do not correct it's volume. It is our host and like unto a diety in the abscence of the gods. So it can be as loud as the hell it wants.
No. 545314 ID: 5a5dd4
File 138274649361.png - (124.61KB , 800x600 , 10.png )

"Kyreli" you respond. "Could you speak a bit more quietly, please? I'm right here, and the bathroom is making you echo."

"I." the Librarian begins. "Yes, my apologies. I do not often find reason to speak, and I may have overdone it."

"Anyways, Kyreli. We have much to discuss, and I feel that it would be best if you were properly informed before we move on to more important matters."

"Given the circumstances, I suspect you have no idea what you dragged into my library. Or, I suppose it would be more accurate to say it dragged you in."
No. 545315 ID: 5a5dd4
File 138274652130.png - (210.01KB , 800x600 , 11.png )

"That thing was no mere beast."

"You see, for all their differences, mortals and immortals bear one vital commonality: a spark of the Gods' magic. Well, Immortals have a bit more than a spark, but that's not the point. Normally, we are the only things save for the gods themselves to carry such power."

"And yet, this beast, this abomination, carried a flame of its own."

"Now, I have a theory. Granted, with everything the way it is now, it's not a theory I can test, but it seems to fit well enough."

"See, you mortals breed like vermin. There were millions of you, before all of this!"
No. 545316 ID: 5a5dd4
File 138274657357.gif - (1.41MB , 800x600 , 12.gif )

"Millions of tiny flames, ripe for harvest!"

"And as insignificant as those embers may be alone, in their vast numbers, they held great power. And perhaps, if something out there were to collect enough them, they could work a mockery of the ancient rites and make themselves real. Such a act is unprecedented, and would imply new and exciting things about the nature of the Outside, but it’s the only theory I have."

"All this leaves us here, in the lands of the Gods, host to the brightest flames in existence, and surrounded by an untold number of mindless beasts now made real by the systematic extermination and consumption of your people!"

"And where millions of embers were served to the outsiders on silver platters, they now flock here to render the same fires unto me!"

"I've never dreamed of such an opportunity."

"Never before has such power been at my disposal!"


The librarian pauses.

"But I'm getting ahead of myself." It continues.

"I think it's fair to assume that you have some questions about all this, and I'd say you've probably earned a few answers."
No. 545317 ID: 53ba34

yes, will this place last against the outside? having more of the power of the gods put into it's construction, at least for a while.
No. 545319 ID: d2b9fe

>think of the possibilities!
...um, the first possibility that jumps to mind is that doesn't sound very good for survival. We're surrounded by ravenous beasts, who number on the order of the population of the entire world, all closing in on us as their last remaining sustenance?

I'd think we'd need some kind of fairly significant defense before we could consider harnessing or using that power.

...although, if they're bringing all the raw fire of creation to us, that could be useful.

What's our host's name, by the way? Or title, if librarians don't use names.

(Also, look at us, all naked and casually discussing philosophy in the baths. We're classy intellectuals, now. :V)
No. 545346 ID: d2995c

Who else lives in the realm of the gods? We should take stock of our new neighbors / hopefully allies.
No. 545347 ID: 07a342

...What the librarian means is basically? All of Magic's power is about to be concentrated into one place, for everyone left with any inkling too, reach out and take it.
I smell impending bad guy with what he just said. However, we've got the little kobold mage-wanna be down in the valley. If she lives and makes it, she probably will be the best suited to take him down
No. 545355 ID: c23ab0


Welp, you're boned.
No. 545356 ID: 7bbaae

Well, first off, what is the Outside, and why did the gods leaving trigger its invasion?

As ominous as the "possibilities" are he's talking about, what could he possibly even do? He seems to like you despite comparing you to vermin (it could be just a perspective thing?), and the world is already pretty much destroyed. If anything I imagine he would want to do some weird stuff like make better golem servants or travel to other worlds.

Ask him if that last part is possible. Escaping this world is a pretty decent option I'd think, though you would want to bring up the issue of bringing the library along to the other world as well. Can't leave such a trove of knowledge behind, of course. Another option would be permanently securing the surrounding area so the Outside can't destroy any more stuff. But uh, you could also tell him that comparing you to vermin makes you a bit nervous about his intentions.
No. 545357 ID: 53ba34

also for the possibilities bit "you would need a way to harness it though, and i doubt the gods gave that to anyone"
No. 545375 ID: 2f4b71

The first possibilities I can think of are "too good to be true" and "trojan horse".
No. 545376 ID: 7bbaae

Oh, let's not forget you have to fill out those requisition forms for the library card.
No. 545380 ID: 9ddf68

Does he know why the outside consuming everything, and what exactly is the outside, All we really know is it really sucks to get caught on the other side of that thing and it's eating the whole world.
No. 545382 ID: b8ceae

"Where did the gods go, and why?
Also, can this place hold out against the outsiders without deific support?"
No. 545431 ID: 0b54f4

Hah, I suppose that's a good point - the world's already gone, it's not like any plans he has can actually be that nefarious.

Besides, I kinda like him.

Either way, it may not be the best idea to directly voice suspicion of his intentions. Just ask whatever questions first, and then I'm sure he'll elaborate on the "possibilities."
No. 545567 ID: cc5002

Wow, Longbrarian is nuts. Might be useful to play audience for him before be write him off as totes evil, though. Maybe ask him to expand on these plans? If he is an evil mastermind in the making, he'll love to go on and on.
No. 545763 ID: 7bbaae

Kyreli: Realize that if the Outside things have been eating people and taking their sparks... the Flying Fuck may have taken some of yours from that bite. Look inside yourself to check, if you can.
No. 546078 ID: 5a5dd4
File 138319938406.png - (108.71KB , 800x600 , 13.png )

"What possibilities, exactly?" You ask.

"Why, anything you can imagine!" The librarian cackles. "The most raw application is quite literally manifesting your will as reality! There are obviously limits with regards to the amount of power needed, but this is the same power the gods used to make the world."

"And what do you plan to use it for?"

"What exactly I end up doing will largely depend on how many of the flames I can collect. While I have no doubt the beasts will flock to the land, both the number of beasts and the efficiency at which they consumed power - and thus, the amount of the total amount of power they bring - is entirely unknown."

"How would one go about using this power?"

"Well, gathering it is so simple even a child could do it! Though, if memory serves, it was one of the many magics that the gods explicitly outlawed. I should have a book or two on the subject; I'll have them sent to your room."

"Oh, thanks! Is there any way we could use the flames to leave? Travel to some other world that isn't falling apart? Maybe even bring along the library or as much of Lands is possible?"

"Such a thing would be entirely feasible, if we had a valid destination. Trivial, even! Such a thing is also entirely impossible, given that we know nothing of other worlds!"

"So, this whole situation, what with the horde of ravenous beasts descending upon us, sounds rather dangerous, but you seem very confident about it. How can you be sure we'll survive this?" You ask.

"While they may be threatening to a mortal like yourself, their power pales in comparison to the might of an immortal. Even the constructs wouldn't have trouble with them." The librarian seethes. "They are no army. They are disorganized and chaotic. They are lambs to the slaughter."

"Well, if the beasts aren't a problem, will this place hold up against the Outside?"

"The Library. WILL. NOT. FALL."

You wait for the librarian to elaborate.

It doesn't.
No. 546079 ID: 5a5dd4
File 138319942432.png - (51.29KB , 800x600 , 14.png )

A long silence follows.

You decide to breach other topics.

"So, uh." You say. "I don't think I ever caught your name?"

"I have been known by many names and titles in my time, but recently most have taken to calling me the Blind Librarian, for obvious reasons. Frankly, I couldn't care less what you call me. Make up a nickname, if you wish."

"Speaking of names, you sort of keep implying that I'm vermin; it’s making me nervous about your intentions, and I would appreciate it if you stopped doing it." You say.

"I call them as I see them, Kyreli."

You don't really know how to respond to that, so you switch topics again. "Who else is here, in the lands?" You ask.

"Well, with the gods absent, the only real inhabitants are my fellow immortals and our constructs. And all the wildlife the Iron Gardener keeps in the gardens, I suppose. There's also a farm around, somewhere? I certainly hope so. It'd be such a shame if the butchers were poaching in the gardens all this time."

"Anyways." The Blind Librarian continues. “To be a bit more specific, The lands are inhabited by Me and my Librarians, The Iron Gardener and his Gardeners, The Toxic Chef and her Butchers, The Immolated Sentinel and his Gargoyles, The Luminous Seamstress and her Servants, The Tourmaline Boilerman and his Grunts, and The Frigid Dreamer and her..."

"Uhm." The Blind Librarian pauses.

"You know, I don't think she ever did make any constructs. She always was a bit of an odd one."

"Oh, and I suppose you probably aren't the only mortal to have dragged themselves here. I would guess there are at least a few others scampering around somewhere." The librarian finishes.

"Why did the gods leave?"

"Well it certainly wasn't because of anything that happened here!" The Blind Librarian says. "I'd suspect it was something to do with mortal affairs, but you'd know more about that than I would. It's hardly important, though. They made it fairly clear that they would not be returning, and we have far more pressing issues to concern ourselves with!"

"If you don't have any more questions, I'd like to move onto other things. I have a ... proposition, if you will."
No. 546080 ID: 53ba34

i guess we can hear it out. it must be important if it needs to ask a mortal to do it.
No. 546083 ID: d2995c

Sure, we will hear it. Does it involve the acquisition of reality-flames?
No. 546103 ID: d2b9fe

>While they may be threatening to a mortal like yourself, their power pales in comparison to the might of an immortal.
...well, we are talking about the combined power that went into creating almost every living being in the world. That's a lot of the power of the gods. Seems to me enough of that is a threat even unto an immortal, or the library (since logically, both are less than the gods).

Worst case though- there's a fuck for every soul in there was in the world, the consumption efficiency was 1, and they all come at once. The place will be overrun, and strong constructs and/or immortals will fall to numbers.

I wouldn't press the point out loud, at the moment, though. I think it'll just make him angry again. He's got a certain level of arrogance, and the protection and continuation of his realm is a sore spot.

>list of other immortals
Once you get your library card, you should probably look these people up. Useful to have at least a general idea of who you might be dealing with.

>other mortals scampering around
If he hears anything more concrete about other survivors scampering around, would he mind passing that information along? You might be interested, and it would be a shame to, ah, let the last few mortal specimens be destroyed by their own ignorance.

>I have a ... proposition, if you will.
I will hear your proposition.
No. 546120 ID: 001618

what is it
No. 546131 ID: 7bbaae

Are any of the other immortals hostile to mortals?

On that topic, it looked like the construct you first spoke to was going to take you somewhere different at first, then changed its mind or got confused. What was up with that?
No. 546155 ID: cc5002

Let's hear longbrarian's proposition, and be prepared to figure out a way to weasel out of it. I rather suspect it'll be somewhat Faustian.
No. 546814 ID: 5a5dd4
File 138372817695.png - (168.41KB , 800x600 , 15.png )

"I do have a couple more questions, if it's not too much trouble." You say.

The Blind Librarian sighs. "Ask what you will."

"If you learn anything more about any other surviving mortals, could you pass it along?" You ask.

"Given the circumstances, I expect I will be rather busy in the coming days. However, if any more of you mortals stumble into my library, I'll do what I can to let you know." The Librarian answers.

"Are any of the other immortals hostile to mortals? Should I worry about running into any of them?" You ask.

"Hrm. It would probably be wise to avoid the Sentinel. He is the one tasked with defending the lands, of course, and he has taken liberties with what could be considered a 'threat' more than once. The Chef, Gardener, and Boilerman are all somewhat ... singleminded. They'll leave you be so long as you don't interrupt their work. The Seamstress and the Dreamer are not strictly hostile, but they are crafty. You'd do well to watch yourself around them."

"On a related note, it looked like the first librarian I spoke to was going to take me somewhere different at first, but then changed its mind or got confused. What was up with that?" You ask.

"I." The Blind Librarian pauses for an uncomfortably long moment. "Yes. My constuct must have been confused. It happens."

"Alright, that's all my questions. What is your ...'proposition'?" You ask.

"Well, as I've already mentioned, I have much to do to prepare for the coming beasts, and I fear my absence from the library could prove disastrous. Even being here now is a calculated risk, and one that I am not particularly fond of. Simply put, leaving my library for any great amount of time would be spectacularly unwise, and my librarians are too valuable here to be sent off on menial tasks."

"This is where you come in. There are some books that were borrowed from my library that are now ... overdue. It would not do to let such an affront stand."

"I need these books recovered."

"I want you to go get them." The Blind Librarian continues.

"It should be a trivial task, with the borrower now absent, but I understand that you would expect compensation for such a deed. Now, I am in no position to offer anything in reward, however..."

"You seem to lack many of the things other mortals have brought with them to my library. In fact, it seems like you didn't bother with anything more than the clothes on your back!"

"But that would be foolish, wouldn't it? You seem intelligent enough, as far as mortals go, but even the wisest of us lose things now and again. Perhaps you lost your things at some point?"

"If you were to agree to aid me in this matter, I could have one of my librarians escort you to the lost and found, to look for your lost belongings. To my knowledge, nothing has been 'found' recently, but Gods know I can't be bothered to keep track of you mortals. Who am I to say if anything in there isn't yours?" The librarian cackles.

"The books are located in the tower above the gardens. The round trip from here would likely take most of day. I will give you a list of titles if you agree to assist me."

"Do we have a deal?" The Librarian asks.
No. 546815 ID: 7bbaae


On a side note, I think the construct you first spoke to was leading you away to get rid of you at first, because you're Vermin. The Blind Librarian found the Flying Fuck and decided he was in your debt, so he changed the construct's orders.
No. 546821 ID: c23ab0

Agreed and thank you for answering my questions.
No. 546825 ID: 0b54f4

Longbrarian, ahahaha

Also, yes, totally agree to go. Maaaybe ask if there's anything in particular you should be aware of....
No. 546828 ID: 56447c

thank him and agree
No. 546833 ID: fc937d

>The Blind Librarian pauses for an uncomfortably long moment.
Either he is uncomfortable about you noticing a flaw with his creature, or he does not wish to tell you what the librarian would have originally done before he sent it new orders. (Ie, it was originally going to dispose of you before he intervened).

>recovering overdue books
May I ask who these books were originally lent to? (I assume one of the gods, from his 'they're not here anymore' line).

I'm kind of surprised the library allowed books to leave the premises. Or that the longrarian didn't already have constructs devoted to recovery (Don't point out such a failing out loud. It'll just annoy him). Otherwise, it seems a reasonable proposition. We should probably accept.

Before we set off on this expedition, I would take the time to file the paperwork for the library card. And to do rudimentary research on the territory we will have to travel to reach the books, and the immortals who we may encounter on the way, as well as the god or goddess who borrowed the books. Planning a route and knowing what dangers or risks there might be in advance would be helpful. (Studying first gives you a little longer to rest your injury, too).

...also, how's your foot? I assume this involves a good deal of walking. Even if you can fly up to the tower (risky, since flying fucks may spot you- who knows how many are out there), you'll likely be exploring on foot.
No. 546946 ID: d2995c

We will need some way to carry the books back here as well, as we need our feet for walking and I suspect carrying them with our tongue is not the best idea.
No. 546950 ID: eaa372


Research is good. We might get an idea about which immortals we could turn to for help as a contingency plan if we stop being useful to the Longbrarian.
No. 548845 ID: f5de8a

an adorable book bag must be aquired.
No. 549068 ID: 5a5dd4
File 138485734166.png - (107.52KB , 800x600 , 16.png )

"Yes, I think we do." You reply.

"EXCELLENT!" the Blind Librarian exclaims. "A librarian will be waiting outside to give you further instructions. Now, I really must be off. There is so much to be done! Farewell!"

And with that, the Longbrarian squeezes back out the door before you get a chance to ask more questions, leaving you alone in the bath.

You are not entirely sure what to make of all this, but you guess you are now running errands for giant fluffy librarian wyrm-thing that is probably crazy, in exchange for being able to raid the lost and found.

Why not.

You finish bathing and put on your new clothes. They are boring but functional.

Your foot still hurts, but you’ll be able to walk on it well enough.

You are more or less ready to head out, but you are unsure if you want to bring anything with you.

Your old clothes are filthy and the pants are missing part of a leg. You are tempted to leave them here, given that they are mostly worthless and you don't really have a good way to carry them.

There are a wide variety of bathing supplies here, including towels, buckets, soaps, and sponges. You're not sure if any of it is worth taking, or if anyone would care that you're taking things from the bath.

And of course, you're expecting to get new stuff from the lost and found. The Library has been around for a very long time, and there aren't exactly a lot of repeat visitors, so you imagine that there has to be a fair amount of stuff for you to take. Some of it might be incredibly old, though.
No. 549070 ID: 53ba34

look for a weapon of some kind. perhaps magical.
No. 549071 ID: 7bbaae

Take a towel. Specifically, the one you used. If pressed you can just claim that you want to reuse it. It's not really stealing if you're gonna bring it back later and use it again for its intended purpose, and nobody else is here anyway. A towel is useful.

Leave your shitty clothes behind. Hang on a second... could you carry a bucket to hold things in?
No. 549084 ID: fc937d

I'd stash your old clothing in your room. You don't have much immediate use for them, but you're going to be short on materials up here. You might find a use for them, later.

A bucket might be useful, on the off chance you can't find anything better to carry supplies with in the lost and found (you need a satchel or backpack or something to carry the books down at least, especially if there's a fair number of them to recover).

>You are more or less ready to head out
Don't forget to file the paperwork for your library card before leaving. And if possible, I'd really prefer to use the library to look up where you're going first. Forewarned is forearmed, and all that.
No. 549119 ID: e9e331

I say get a bucket and some soap so you can wash your clothes later at your room, I mean we don't really know what is in the lost and found and even if we do find more clothes there they might not even fit and I'm sure you don't want to wear the same clothes day after day. other then that head on out.
No. 549217 ID: a7be7d

I'm tempted to suggest wearing a bucket as a helmet, but you're not nearly drunk enough to go through with it. A shame since that would have been amusing to see.

Keep your old clothes, just in case your new ones get damaged. No telling how easy it'll be to get clothes that fit harpies here. Perhaps you could even get a librarian to repair the leg at some point, if you can't do it yourself.

For now make up a bucket of warm soapy water, place it out of the way, then dunk your filthy clothes in it and leave them to soak. It'll make washing them up much easier when you get back.

Since you don't have a proper pack or satchel to carry stuff you ought to take an empty bucket with you. You ought to be able to at least carry that with your wings if you hold it tight. Oh, and if you tie the ends of a long towel in a loop to the bucket handle then you could put the loop over your head to carry it by your neck if you need your wings free. Though hopefully you'll get a real pack soon, but this is just in case you don't.

It'd be a good idea to also ask the next librarian you see if you're allowed to take items from the bath out of the bath area, just to be sure about that.

The bath is near enough that it'd be a hell of a lot easier for her to launder her clothes here than hauling a bucket of water to her room to do it.
No. 549233 ID: 2f4b71

Always know where your towel is.
No. 549363 ID: 57504b

Bring your hat. Your hat is adorable. Enquire about book bags as soon as possible.
No. 549456 ID: 5a5dd4
File 138511366156.png - (152.77KB , 800x600 , 17.png )

Of course you'll bring your hat. How could you ever for-

Wait. Where the fuck is your hat?

You were using it as a hat bandage, and then. And then.


Did a fucking librarian steal your hat?

A librarian stole your fucking hat!

What the fuck!

Enraged and saddened by the loss of your hat, you grab a towel and a bucket. You have no idea what you could possibly need them for, but you're taking them anyways. And wearing them in the most stylish way possibly, because your arms are still sore.

So stylish.

You also cram your old clothes in a filled bucket to soak while you're off adventuring. With any luck, you'll live long enough to need a clean change of clothes, even if they are a bit torn up.

Present business dealt with, you leave the bath.

A librarian waits outside. Upon noticing you, it gestures for you to follow and begins to walk away.
No. 549457 ID: 7bbaae

oh my god

Just follow the librarian and try not to embarrass yourself completely.
No. 549467 ID: 53ba34

follow along with much grace, so cute, wow.
No. 549483 ID: fc937d

Follow librarian. I suspect he's going to lead you to instruction- where you need to go, and the list of books to be recovered.

Did you already fill out the library card request form? I'd take that with you, so you can file it.
No. 549490 ID: 9ddf68


just how old are you by the way.

Anyways nothing to do but follow the librarian.
No. 549501 ID: 887884

Enquire about the state of your hat.
No. 549886 ID: 5a5dd4
File 138546098587.png - (146.25KB , 800x600 , 18.png )

With as much grace as you can muster, you limp after the librarian.

The library card form is still back in your room and completely blank. You guess you'll have to deal with it later.

You quickly lose your sense of direction in the labyrinthine hallways of the library, but you arrive at your destination quickly enough.
No. 549887 ID: 5a5dd4
File 138546100746.png - (23.49KB , 800x600 , 19.png )

The librarian opens the door and gestures for you to enter.

The room beyond is dark.


Oh, fuck.
No. 549888 ID: 5a5dd4
File 138546106399.png - (75.01KB , 800x600 , 20.png )

Rows and rows of shelves fill the room.

You can hardly make out the far wall.

The shelves are filled with neatly sorted adventuring equipment.

Most of it looks to be of harpy make and wear.


You guess you should probably get an outfit that doesn't consist of a bucket, towel, and what you think are supposed to be pajamas. With the selection in front of you, you are fairly sure you could put together any outfit that is even remotely adventure-ey.

You just.

You're going to do your best to avoid thinking about how all of this got here.

You'll keep an eye out for anything useful while you're looking for things to wear.
No. 549889 ID: 5a5dd4
File 138546112587.png - (62.29KB , 800x600 , 21.png )

>Paperdoll time!
>You have free reign with anything that could even remotely be considered adventuring gear. This covers everything from wizard robes to full plate and ragged leathers to embroidered finery, so have at it.
>Remember that Kyreli's wing membranes attach along her sides and arms, and any clothing or armour she finds will have to fit around that.
>Bag or pack suggestions are also welcome. Kyreli is going to have to carry all this sweet loot somehow.
>Actual equipment like weapons and rope and whatever will be handled later, just worry about the outfit for now.
>Please leave all outfit submissions in the questdis thread: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/71156.html
No. 549941 ID: 60675d

it has been posted twice in the questdis...
No. 549964 ID: 5a5dd4
File 138551395628.png - (61.53KB , 800x600 , 22.png )

>Back view of the paperdoll, as requested.
No. 550977 ID: 5a5dd4
File 138637709694.png - (202.79KB , 800x600 , 23.png )

Piecing together an outfit turns out to be more effort than expected. All of the outfits you find are missing parts or components. Everything else is in good condition, though.

You're going to keep not thinking about that.

Eventually, you end up with two clothing options.

The first is a set of armour. You couldn't find a complete set, so you dug up some pieces of layered mail and leather from a make of armour that you're fairly sure you've seen in a museum, a harness and shin-plates that you are almost certain were custom made, and a padded layer consisting of pants and a poncho/serape/tabard thing. All in all, it fits surprisingly well, it feels rather protective, and it's lighter than you would have guessed. If your shoulder wasn't all sore and messed up, you could still fly in the armour and still be able to carry some other stuff.

The second is a comparatively simple set of clothes. You manage to find a poncho, tabard, and pair of shorts made of sturdy fabric that fit comfortably. You throw in some strappy footbinding things for fun. It is certainly less protective than the armor, but it's far lighter, and you'd be able to fly faster while carrying more stuff.

You also find some more questionable outfits, but you're going to think about those even less than you're already not thinking about other things.

In any event, each outfit has advantages, and you are unsure as to which would serve you better.

You mean, they certainly didn't serve the last people ve- not thinking about that not thinking about that not thinking about that.
No. 550978 ID: 5a5dd4
File 138637712720.png - (83.81KB , 800x600 , 24.png )

You also found a table off against one wall. You are pretty terrible at detecting magic, but by the way the table was separated from the rest of everything and by the general quality of the items on the table, you guess that this is "the good stuff".

The most notable thing on the table is holy fuck healing potions!

Healing potions are incredibly rare and expensive, but also fucking awesome! You never really had much interest in alchemy or chemistry or whatever, but if you remember right, there was really only one guild that could ever make the things right, and even then they only ever made tiny quantities of them.

And these are the real deal! And there are three of them! You could chug one right now and your leg and shoulder and everything would be fine in minutes! Seconds, even!

The rest of the table is significantly less exciting; it's a collection of enchanted items.

If you had even the slightest magical ability, you could probably feel out all of the enchantments with a fair degree of accuracy, but as it is, you just have to live with guessing, which isn't really as bad as it might seem.

The whole business of enchanting is a bit odd. Basically, designing an entirely new enchantment is very difficult and time consuming, while enchanting an item with a practiced enchantment is comparatively easy. Between that, the tendency for people to like equipment that has been proven effective by years of history, and the frequent recycling of less-than-useful enchanted items, a set of "standard enchantments" has emerged.

The most common is improved durability or indestructability, depending on how much money you want to sink. Blades that never dull, chains that never break, that sort of thing.

Enchantments of returning were also very popular. These needed a pair of items, like a sword and a ring, and would allow the user to teleport the first item back to themselves as long as they had the second. It's useful for getting a dropped sword back, firing the same five arrows hundreds of times, or for keeping heavy items (like a tent) handy without actually having to carry them.

Fire enchantments are quite popular on ranged weapons, but not on blades or the like. As it turns out, lighting someone on fire when they are right next to you is actually a pretty bad idea.

Telepathy/sending stones were also fairly common. They were generally made in pairs and allowed the user to "speak" telepathically with whoever was holding the other one. More complicated networks of stones proved incredibly effective for commanding armies and other organized efforts. This kind of enchantment generally went on stones or jewelry. You're not entirely sure why.

Magical compasses are about what you'd expect, but with more arrows than just the standard "north" variety. Most of the time the extra arrows will point to significant locations, like major cities or the user's home.

Magical lanterns or torches are magical lights. So fancy.


Magical iceboxes were also pretty common, though not entirely relevant to the situation at hand. Same goes for magical carriages, music boxes, and those cool glow-ey signs that some stores had.
No. 550979 ID: 5a5dd4
File 138637719630.png - (103.86KB , 800x600 , 25.png )

Anyways, the stuff on the table. For everything you know about standard enchantments, You can't tell much about most of the items on the table. You could probably learn more about the weapons by testing them on something, but you aren't sure that it'd be a good idea to just cut up a bunch of random stuff.

On the table, there is:

A fancy spear which, given the matching anklet, you assume has a returning enchantment. It likely also has some sort of durability enchant on it, as most weapons beyond mass-produced military equipment do, and maybe something else? It doesn't look like the sort of thing that was produced en-masse, so it really could have anything on it.

A straight sword. It is entirely undecorated. It stands out on the table for how simple it is.

A cruel looking curved dagger, Inlaid with a teardrop shaped ruby.

A slightly scorched wooden crossbow with 10 bolts. The crossbow is engraved with stylized flames, as are the heads of the bolts. There is a button on the crossbow that returns the bolts to the quiver. You think that the enchantments on this one are fairly obvious.

A set of Harpy legblades. You aren't exactly trained in their use. To be fair, you aren't trained in the use of any weapons.

A large-headed clay doll. It's featureless face turns to track you. A bit of experimenting reveals that if can follow simple orders.

A magical compass. Five arrows point off in all three dimensions. Two seem to be relatively level, pointing off towards the horizon, while the other three have greater variance in vertical angle. It looks like you'd be able to reset some of the needles to point to new locations without much trouble.

A golden tiara with an attached eyepiece. Fiddling around a bit reveals that nothing looks particularly different through the lens.

A dented silver crown.

A lantern. Shiny and golden. It emits a magical light when turned on.

A rubber d- Oh gods why the fuck would anyo-not thinking about it. nope. nope. NOPE.



If you had to put things into an arbitrary measurement of encumbrance, and if you included the bags you'd need to carry stuff and the books you need to deliver later, you could carry 15 units with the armor or 25 units with the clothes.

Enchanted Items:
Spear - 7 units total, only 1 if the anklet is taken but the spear is left behind.
Sword - 5
Dagger - 3
Scanner - 2
Crown - 3
Crossbow + bolts - 5
Legblades - 4
Clay doll - 4
Compass - 1
Lantern - 1
NOPE - 2
Healing potions - 1 per potion

Standard Items:
Rope - 1 per 20 feet
10 foot pole - 4
Flint, steel, and tinderbox - 1
Frying pan - 3
Pot w/lid - 3
Bedroll - 5
Tent - 5
Shovel - 3
Sextant - 2
Empty notebook + pen - 1
Pornography - 1
Dank weed - 1
Canteen - 1
Bottle of mysteriously well-kept alcohol - 2
Cigar box - 2
An oversized sapphire - 1
Bag full of money - 1
Large bag full of money - 3
Gold bar - 7
Grandfather clock - 13
The clothes you were wearing before -2
Bucket - 2
Towel - 2

You could also go and look for more stuff if you think of anything you haven't already listed.

You guess you need to decide if you're going to take the heavy or light outfit, and what other stuff you're going to take with you.
No. 550982 ID: 828582

Hrrm. See, problem here is that I've no idea on how well our protagonist can use the spear, given the whole 'no arms' thing Harpies have going for them...
Plus, there's equipment specially made for her kind-the leg blades. Let's take those first of all, since she's going to need to learn to use whatever weapon we pick out.
Latern because SOMEONE has to provide the light-it'd be best if it was the person with no arms, and probably shouldn't be fighting in the first place.

Beyond that...I'm a bit unsure, so here's my thoughts on what to pick:

1.Clothing outfit-25 unit maximum.
Rope-3 (60 ft.)
Healing potions-3

Armor outfit, 15 units maximum
Healing potions-3 (all three)
Rope-1 (20 ft.)

Of the two loadouts I have here...I like the clothing one better. Yes, it's not as good for combat, but I figure our protagonist isn't going to be much of a fighter anyhow.
No. 550983 ID: eaa372

Use the light outfit, so far our current survival has been guaranteed by running/flying like hell. Take one of the healing potions now so we can regain the ability to fly properly.

Inventory Suggestions
(2 units) -40 feet of rope, because rope
(2 unit) -2 healing potions
(1 unit) -canteen
(4 units) -legblades, good to have something to fight with while your wings are occupied with flying
(1 unit) -anklet, try to leave the spear out somewhere open where you won't get injured by teleporting back
(5 units) - sapphire, cigar box, and alcohol we need nice things to trade with since I doubt gold retains its value in the apocalypse
(1 unit) -notebook w/ pen, need to take notes and/or copy down eldritch text for translation
(1 unit) -magic compass, being able to track multiple land marks would be good in this place
(2 units) -old clothing,for repairing our own when it enevitably gets damaged
(1 unit) -flint,tinder, tinderbox fire is good
and we should be able to scavenge some flammable goods to make torches along the way

Could leave the 5 spare units open for whatever we encounter along the way, or take the money, or grab the tent but shelter shouldn't be a problem in most parts of the library.
No. 550988 ID: 7bbaae

The anklet teleports the spear to the user, not the user to the spear.
No. 550990 ID: f44ca3

I know you feel nervous about taking the NOPE with you but you know that's going to end up being good for something down the road. So pocket that and ignore it until it somehow becomes useful.
No. 550994 ID: eaa372

Mistake on my part. But pulling a spear out of nowhere sounds great too so holding onto the anklet is a good idea.
No. 551000 ID: e607cd


Okay, so in a world where a giant beast of unreality has already tried to eat your leg, I think there is a strong argument in favor of the armor, but I could live with either option.

Try on the crown, see if anything interesting happens.

I am willing to bet the leg blades are going to be easier to learn that the other weapons. Grab those for sure.

The anklet for the spear is a light way to have access to something cool. that is hard to pass up.

take the lantern, the alcohol, the sapphire, and the notebook. Drink one healing potion, grab the others.

That makes: Armor (15)
leg blades 4
anklet 1
lantern 1
alcohol 2
sapphire 1
notebook and pen 1
potions 2

Which leaves 3 arbitrary units to play around with. Need some place to stuff the things we pick up later I suppose, but that doesn't mean we can't stash things in our room now. (On that note, I can't see a reason to grab a bedroll, this place is big, but it isn't THAT big.)

I am a sucker for extremely ordinary looking magic swords. They are often plain because the people using them are beyond the need for showing off, and those people have some good shit. That said, I still can't really justify her taking it :<
No. 551004 ID: 9ddf68

how long do you think it will take for you to heal up without one of those potions? cause I don't want to waste these thing needlessly if there so rare, especially since it seems the only people able to make them are now dead, that's even more reason why we shouldn't just use them because of convinces sake and not have them when we really need them.

But based on weather or not we take a potion also decides what you should wear in my opinion. If you don't take a potion then I say go with the armor since you wont be as mobile and could use the protection but if you do go and heal up I say since you're going to be acting as a courier you may as well go with the lighter, faster, and let's you carry more junk uniform.

As for what to bring with
With Armor
-all 3 potions (duh)
-leg blades (these weapon seems to be the most harpy friendly so it would be kinda dumb not to take them)
-canteen (who knows where we could restock on fresh water around around here)
-bag of money (just because it's the end of the world doesn't mean there wont be someone trying to make a quick buck)
-sapphire (if we find someone who can enchant things this could become a lot more valuable, also more money incase we come across the greedy asshole)
-notebook and pen (we are here to research how to stop the end of the world)
- the sextant ( incase we need to make maps or something)
-spear's ankle bracelet (hey if it doesn't take up much room why the hell not)

Without Armor
-2 remaining potions (duh)
-spear anklet (a flying harpy can probably build some good momentum with a spear for one hell of an attack)
-leg blades (even if we don't get into a fight it would still probably be better to have them along, just incase)
-canteen (still useful)
-bag of money (again, greedy bastard)
-sapphire (could be useful)
-Clay doll (to hold the magic lantern)
-Lateran (for the clay doll to hold and to help with light night studying when we're trying to solve how to stop the end of the world)
-magic compass (well since we need to find some things it could help us track them down)
- sextant
-notebook & pen

Both leave some room open incase we find something useful we want to carry with us later.

Also what does dank weed do? and on the topic of what does what, why was the 'Nope' with the other magical items, what the hell does it do to make it magic? and why does it take 2 slots? how big is the damn thing? Oh and if you do take it just drop it off in your room... and might as well grab a pornography in that case because why the fuck not at that point.
No. 551006 ID: 7bbaae

I like the idea of taking all 3 potions, taking the spear-summoning anklet but not the spear, wearing the armor and the scanner-circlet. The doll seems very useful too. Take the lantern, obviously, and the compass. Point the compass at this room, first off. Set your room as a second point of interest.
12 units.

However, this could change depending on if the crossbow auto-loads itself fast enough. Fire it at something nonflammable and sturdy while wearing the quiver. If you don't have to load it yourself, and it fires quickly enough to compensate for your untrained aim (also using it while flying is really hard even for a trained archer) that's good.

For other supplies, take the canteen, regular bag of money, and 20 feet of rope. The canteen can be used for a variety of liquid-related things. The bag of money would be good for perhaps bribing people or even buying things if there are shops here. The rope is just overall useful.

15 units total. I plan on using the spear to summon it to impale someone as a surprise attack, then leaving it behind to summon it again later. If the crossbow auto-loads, and QUICKLY... Take that instead, and leave behind the doll. It's good for messing with dangerous things at a distance or holding things, and having a servant is good in a lot of other situations, but the other stuff is more important.

I want to find out what the dildo does. Try squeezing it. Or stroking it. Or examining the base for a button or something.

My reasoning behind using the spear instead of the other weapons:
1) It is, effectively, the lightest weapon, due to the recall anklet.
2) It can double as a pole for poking things.
3) It has a long reach, which is important if you're not a skilled fighter.
4) We know basically how it's enchanted, so we know it's good.
No. 551014 ID: fd6ae9

>A rubber d-
Dang it, for a moment I was hoping / expecting the rubber ducky we didn't have before for bathtime.

[25] I prefer maneuverability to armor, personally.

(7) The spear of returning is a must. It's too cool not to take, and a throwing weapon you can recall could be very powerful for a flier. No need to carry the spear initially if you have the charm, but remember to leave room so you won't immediately be encumbered on calling it.

(4) The doll is potentially very useful as a remote drone or scout, or getting into small spaces. Remember to name it, if it doesn't have a name already.

(3) A dagger is a good utility option and tool. Whatever enchantment it has is just a plus.

A teardrop shaped ruby sounds like a drop of blood. Are you familiar with any standard enchantments connected to that? A vampiric or draining blade of some kind?

(3) potions. Only drink one now if you think your speed will really be impacted by your injury. Otherwise, I'd rather save them for emergencies. Make sure to pack them so they won't break easy (wrapped in cloth, maybe inside the cigar box or something).

And utility stuff- grab the lantern, a bedroll, canteen, small gold, notebook.
No. 551017 ID: 2f4b71

The tele-stick (that happens to also be a spear) is too useful to leave behind, even if never used as a weapon.

I'll also put a vote in with the armour. Throw the outer layer of the other set on top, to keep you warm (and less shiny) though. Metal armour gets cold. Hella windchill.

Munchkin-experiment! Put the anklet around the doll (as a tiara?), and order it to summon the spear. Be holding the spear at the time. Do you get teleported too?
No. 551034 ID: d2995c

Things to definitely take:
- The spear's anklet. An (effectively) lightweight reinforced telephoning poking-stick is full of use even if we don't use it as a weapon.
- The compass. Immediately mark this room with one of the needles in case we need to get back here for more stuff at some point when the librarians won't or can't lead us.
- Healing potions
- If possibly, have the golem follow us out carrying some stuff after seeing how much it can carry.

Things to probably take:
- The scanner hat. It probably does something pretty rad.
- Rope
- Canteen

Check if the golem can wield a weapon, particularly the crossbow.

>Be holding the spear at the time. Do you get teleported too?
I would hope not. One of the best parts of a teleporting spear is the ability to retrieve it if it gets grabbed and/or stuck in an enemy's ribcage.
No. 551046 ID: fce8ce

hey, would they let you come back here? you might need some of this stuff for later and if you won't have access to this room you're gonna have to stash it somewhere (maybe underwater? maybe in your room? will it still be your room?)

you should definitely smash some junk with stuff to figure out what they do, your inventory space is limited after all and you will always wander why was that sword on that table if you won't.

as for what to take i'm gonna separate it into two cases:

no access to anything later ever
the idea is to save as much valuable stuff as you can and manage with the rest later. you should make the doll walk behind you, too.
1 - spear bracelet thing
1 - magic compass
3 - potions
4 - leg blades
3 - crown
1 - lantern
2 - scanner

with light armor add:
5 - crossbow
3 - dagger
2 - rope

you'll be able to restock later
the idea is to best outfit you for what's to come without worrying too much about leaving behind priceless magical artifacts that we will probably never see again but will desperately need.
1 - spear bracelet thing
1 - magic compass
1 - potions (stash the rest for later)
4 - leg blades
2 - rope
1 - lantern
1 - paper + pen
1 - canteen
3 - crowbar (i'm guessing it's 3, if it's 2 grab some more rope, if it's 4 take the shovel instead)

in light armor add:
2 - scanner
1 - saphire
5 - crossbow
and use the space you have left for potions and rope
No. 551080 ID: 0bc6d2

I'm thinking we should go with the light clothing, since I doubt the armor will help us deal with anything we've been facing so far.

As for the items I'd favor these items:
4- The leg blades; pretty self explanatory the only weapon we can feasible wield.
1- The spear bracelet/anklet; its light and useful if nothing else we can drop it on something from above or have it teleport into a target.
3-1-healing potions; (obvious reason, I also think we should drink one right away so we can fly and walk properly)
2-scanner;(we can actually use the head items and I have no idea what the crown might do)
1+1-Magic Latern & Magic Compass; both are lgiht and useful.
So 4-14 units left for whatever everyone else thinks is useful.
No. 551113 ID: 5a5dd4
File 138648465652.png - (74.78KB , 800x600 , 26.png )

You decide to muck around a bit more before you make any final decisions.

You don't think you'd have a huge amount of trouble getting back if you took the compass, but you don't really think unrestricted access to all this stuff was really in the spirit of the deal you made. You don't really want to push your luck with the Longbrarian. Speaking of the compass, you aren’t sure you’d want to overwrite all the arrows. I mean, they have to be pointing at something worthwhile, right? And at least three of them look like they’re pointing at somewhere within the lands.

You obviously aren't trained in the use of any of these weapons, but you do have some knowledge of how they're supposed to be used. Basically, harpy combat involves holding whatever weapon with your feet and a lot of hopping and swooping. Really, it ends up being more similar to cavalry combat than the infantry combat of other races.

The spear would be used in a manner resembling air-jousting. Like, you'd swoop in, plant the spear in someone, then fly off and recall the spear.

You'd use the sword for slashing at enemies from above.

You figure you could probably wield the dagger with either your mouth or feet, and you'd fight with it much like the sword.

You grab the crossbow and wander off to a wall that doesn't look too flammable. Loading the crossbow is actually quite easy; the draw is significantly lighter than you expected. You really would be best off firing this while flying, but you don't really have the room for that in here. You manage to make do by propping the crossbow up with your wings and pulling the trigger with your tongue. The bolt flies as expected, landing with a solid thunk. Pushing the button on the crossbow causes the bolt to explode into a large fireball and reform in the quiver.

You return to the other items after making sure that the fire didn't spread.

A cursory inspection of the nope reveals no buttons or uses aside from the immediately obvious. You are becoming rather curious as to why it’s important enough to be on the table with all this other magical stuff, but, like...


A bit of testing shows that the clay golem can carry 2-3 units, depending on the items. The same testing reveals that it is not particularly well coordinated, but is capable of repairing itself. You’re not sure you’d trust it with any of the weapons or anything fragile. Having the golem follow you instead of carrying it is certainly an option, but you'd run into problems if you ever had to fly, or even just run or climb stairs. It's not particularly Fast or agile.

Going overweight either by summoning the spear or by other means would render you unable to fight, fly, or flee effectively. You don't think it's a situation that you really want to be in.

You also manage to find a crowbar amidst the rows of shelves. You’d say it would take up 3 units of encumbrance.

You think you need to decide whether or not you're going to drink one of the potions before you can really decide on anything else.

On one wing, your shoulder will prevent you from flying for at least another day; your foot injury has left you limping and likely won't heal in the near future. Drinking a potion would fix both of these problems, but, on the other wing, the potions are good for everything up to and including lethal wounds, if you can manage to drink one in time. Using one on a limp and a sore shoulder seems like it might be a waste.
No. 551115 ID: fd6ae9

Save potions.

The spear is still the best weapon choice I think, but don't take so much that summoning it would encumber you.

Does swinging any of the other weapons around like an idiot reveal their enchantments?

...it there's no means of activation, that means you'd probably have to test the nope to determine the enchantment. Which would be ill advised right now, even if it weren't cartoonishly large.
No. 551116 ID: 53ba34

another problem is it could be something horrible, like when used it shoots out spikes.
No. 551117 ID: 7bbaae

Dooooon't drink the potion!

Even if you wind up not wearing the armor, at least take it with you out of the room and store it in the room given to you. Then you can wear it at some later date. Heck, you could take a bunch of stuff out of here and store it for later use.

I really wish there was a bag of holding or something in here.
No. 551119 ID: 7bbaae

I doubt it. Someone took it with them on an adventure- there's no point in carrying around a cursed item like that. It's probably just the best goddamn dildo money can buy. Using it would be a magical experience. The epitome of pleasure.

This is a really fucking good dildo and she may be the last harpy alive. As far as she knows she's the last mortal alive.

I think that's one of the items worth stashing in her room.
No. 551128 ID: 9ddf68

well if we're not taking a potion I say go with the armor since we can't really fly we might as well get some protection.

As for gear, can't we just grab it and drop what we aren't using in our room? as for what to grab, what weapon seems the most natural for you to use? cause if it's all about the same I'm having a hard time deciding between the spear for it's light wight when we're not using it and the cross bow since you don't seem like much of a close combat fighter anyways. So I say grab one of those, the compass to find our way around, pen & notebook since we came hear to research things in the first place, the potions of course, and I think we should grab the clay doll and the lantern just for our room so we can study at night and have somewhat of a helper. so if you take the spear the total units would be 16 but if you just took the anklet and had the doll carry the lantern and compass you would only be using 3 units. if you took the crossbow you would be carrying 12 units total but if you had the clay doll carry the same stuff you'd only be carrying 6 units. Just go to your room when you're done and drop them off there so they won't way you down and just keep whatever weapon you're going to use, the compass, and maybe the notebook and pen just to wright down notes or little reminders while you're playing loan shark for the langbrarian.

Also if you head straight to your room to dump things off so you won't be as encumbered later take the bag of money with you and your old clothes to wear in your down time so you have more then one pair (even more so if you go with the armor). Also the 'Nope' is really freaking bothering me as to what makes it magic so I kinda tempted just to bring that only just to figure out what the fuck it does, hell might be something to study if we ever hit a wall with the saving the world research and you need something to take your mind off of it or anything really. and, uh... if you plan on field testing it might as well bring a porno along. If you do bring this extra stuff to drop off at your room you'd be carrying 9 units with spear (if you only wear the anklet and have the doll carrying things) and 12 with the crossbow (with the doll carrying things)
No. 551130 ID: 2f4b71

Don't drink a potion -> be unable to flight or flee effectively -> get injured (or killed) -> have to drink a potion anyway (assuming said injury doesn't prevent that)

Drink a potion -> be able to fight and flee effectively (and access places requiring flight or gliding) -> don't need to drink another one except for exceptional circumstances

Drink the damn potion.
No. 551139 ID: d2995c

>Pushing the button on the crossbow causes the bolt to explode into a large fireball
The crossbow suddenly became a lot more attractive. Remote explosives are pretty great.
Out of curiosity, does the bolt have to go through the crossbow to explode properly or could you theoretically place or toss them and still get the effect?

What is the lantern made of? If it looks solid it would probably be a good item for the doll to carry, otherwise not so much. We should definitely have it follow us with something, as having to leave it behind wouldn't be particularly worse than not having it to begin with.

With the compass, how many arrows are there total and pointing at things in the Lands? (If we have a non-Lands arrow to spare, I still think we should mark this room, as I kind of get the feeling that our arrangement with Longbrarian has a significant chance of not lasting through one way or another.) Also, could we get one to point at something mobile like a person or the doll?

We probably shouldn't get the notepad and pen now. They would be useful, but I feel like they would be fairly common around here so taking them now would be a waste of encumbrance.
No. 551166 ID: 9dd948

This guy's right. Drink the potion.
No. 551248 ID: 3eea40

Regarding the NOPE: it being where it is means it has to be magical. This is a room filled with things taken from adventurers. Odds are the NOPE is something other than what it appears to be, or at least it probably has some highly specific purpose which makes it invaluable to an adventurer. The nope is small, compact, easy to carry, and should therefore be brought for later identification or experimentation.

I mean it's just logical.
No. 551273 ID: 0b54f4

On the other hand, we're calling it the NOPE.
No. 551469 ID: 2c6934

I wonder if there is another way to heal before leaving. What with all those powerful beings nearby. Maybe even some librarians know healing magic?

I suggest pocketing all three potions and drinking one shortly before we leave if we still need it then. This way we will be guaranteed to be healthy on our mission without wasting a potion should another way of healing present itself beforehand.
No. 552552 ID: 2a1897
File 138735471312.png - (193.85KB , 800x600 , 27.png )

After a bunch of waffling and indecision you chug a potion. It tastes like cherries and fills you with sickly, gooey warmth. Within moments, everything is okay forever. Or at least, your foot is healed and the rest of you isn't sore anymore.

Reinvigorated, you grab the amour and suit up.

It takes a while to find a place for everything, but between the many straps and belts on your amour and a small pack you found, you end up carrying:

2 potions of healing
Spear anklet
Magic lantern
Magic compass
The nope
20 feet of rope
Scanner/ circlet

You think you look pretty great.

You also gear up the clay doll with some rope, a notebook, and the over-sized sapphire and tell it to follow you.

You think it looks pretty great.

With everything picked out, you take a moment to clean everything up and leave the room.

Outside, the librarian is waiting for you, now holding a letter. It gestures for you to follow it.
No. 552554 ID: a9737c

You look quite dashing.

Just follow the librarian then I suppose.
No. 552555 ID: 7bbaae

Alright, no side stops then. Onwards, to ADVENTURE!

You can wield the NOPE with your tongue, right? We've got to hit someone with it at some point.
No. 552569 ID: c5c3fc

how do you even attack with those things?

also why in all fucks did you take that NOPE thing?? what are you planning to use it on!?

anyhow, follow the guy to adventure i guess. also read letter.
No. 552571 ID: fd6ae9

I would complain that strapping potions to your chest to act as ablative armor isn't always the best plan. (Inventory and wight capacity management, unidentified enchantments, a vault of loot we can't necessarily return to to pick through, gold versus gems, healing now versus healing later, and consumable item destruction. We so roguelike now). Although I suppose it's for easy access in the case of horrible injury?

I would still stuff the 'normal' clothes in your pack, along with the nope. You're going to have to stop off back at your room to drop the nope off anyways (ie, to hide it forever). You don't know how long you're going to be living in the library, and you might someday want a non battle outfit.

Anyways, go with the librarian. The letter probably contains your instructions- where the missing books should be, and what volumes you're looking for.
No. 552573 ID: e9e331

ok, we're geared up, look awesome, and now have to follow our new tour guide to our next destination, loots hope we can stop by our room soon to drop off some of the less important item's soon as I would like to have some free space incase we need to grab more things our have to use the spear for whatever reason.
No. 552593 ID: d315b1

What AREN'T we going to use it on is what you should be asking.
No. 552795 ID: b9d767

That's a good idea. We can drop some of the things we aren't going to use *cough*nope*cough*, and then continue on our appointed task.
No. 553166 ID: e0c233

On the other hand, do we really want to risk NEVER figuring out what the nope does?
No. 553218 ID: 761017

Applying the nope to an incapacitated enemy monster or guardian will solve that mystery.

Protagonist: Convert the nope into a club or flail with wood and leather cording.
No. 553474 ID: 3beea2

What if it's like a full heal or an outrageous buff or something though?
No. 553742 ID: e5cc49
File 138812515402.png - (158.95KB , 800x600 , 28.png )

You attack with the leg blades by kicking people with the sharp bits. It's really not that complicated.

You have the potion on your chest so it is within tongue-reach in event of horrible injury. Considering the value of its contents, the bottle itself is probably unbreakable (or nearly so) but you guess you could move it if you think it's going to be a problem.

With little hesitation, you follow the librarian, TO ADVENTURE!

Or to one of the library's roof entrances, you guess.

The librarian hands you the letter. You quickly tongue it open.


Well that didn't really need to be in an envelope. The letter lists three things.

The Dog on the Log - A children's book.

The Complete Works of Ser Laustro Fant - A poetry collection, maybe? You've never heard of the guy.

Advanced Thaumic Field Theory: 4th Ed. - A textbook on magic, probably.

You guess these are the books you're supposed to collect?

The librarian points at a tower in the distance, which you guess is where you're supposed to find the books. It then turns and leaves.
No. 553743 ID: e5cc49
File 138812521671.png - (312.83KB , 800x1300 , 29.png )




You are fairly certain you could navigate back to your room from here.

You guess you could go drop some stuff off, if you really wanted to? Anything you left in your room would obviously not be able to assist you in adventure.

On the other wing, you could just fly over to the tower if you didn't have to worry about your golem buddy following you around on foot. Though, just flying straight there might attract unwanted attention.

You could always travel on foot, but that would take more time, and you'd risk running into constructs or other denizens of the Lands. Walking on the roof would leave you exposed to the skies and later take you through the Iron Gardener's gardens, while walking through the halls and tunnels would remove your advantage of flight and probably take you through another immortal's domain.

You probably should have asked which immortals are where.


Do you head back to your room, and if so, what do you leave there?

Do you travel via the skies, the roofs, or the tunnels?
No. 553746 ID: 53ba34

let's walk. while we may be better right now we do not want another flying fuck coming after us.
No. 553749 ID: 955dc5

Go into yonder woods. Worst case scenario you hook it up a tree and fly the fuck out of there through the canopy.
No. 553795 ID: 9b57d3

We've been told the Gardener won't care about us so long as we don't mess with his shit. So just go over the roofs. It'll be fine.

As soon as you find something innocuous that would be good as a training dummy, try hitting it with the legblades to see if they have an activated effect when they strike something. Hit it with the NOPE to see if that has one too.
No. 553803 ID: fd6ae9

>the bottle itself is probably unbreakable (or nearly so)
>is this going to be a problem
You could test how unbreakable the empty potion bottle is. If it doesn't break when you throw it against a wall or a stone or something, you can be reasonably sure the one on your chest isn't going to shatter easy.

>what do
Go back to your room, finish filling out the library card request form, and file it before you leave. That way you can get your library card now, or at worst, they'll have it ready when you come back.

I suggest dropping off (hiding) the nope in your quarters. Looking at >>552552 it appears to take up a ton of room in your pack. Enough that you might have difficulty cramming books in there when you find them. ...and really, you don't want to be experimenting with it anywhere that's unsafe / unsecured, anyways. Too big a potential distraction and/or embarrassment.

>You probably should have asked which immortals are where.
I highly suggest trying to look this up before we try to leave. The library must have maps or books about the rest of the area, right? Knowing who or what we might encounter where is a huge potential asset, and would give us the benefit of planning. You're sitting in a temple of knowledge. Make use of the power rather than choosing blindly.

(If I had to choose blind (which I don't want to) I would pick the route that gives us the option of fight, but not flying strait there. We don't want to be trapped in the skys or on the ground if something finds us again).
No. 553828 ID: 96b823

Okay, after seeing this I gotta ask: How the heck do harpy scholars handle documents without getting either saliva or stuff they tracked on their feet all over them? Waterproof "tongue socks?" Wash their feet every time after they've touched the floor and before they touch the documents? Or do they all have magic foci and know short-range fine-control telekinesis?

This makes me wonder: Are there magic foci out there "tuned" so it can only do one effect but do it very well and very efficiently? 'Cause I imagine harpies would be all over one of those made for telekinesis. And if they do exist then it's a shame we didn't think to look for one in the Lost and Found.
No. 553837 ID: 9ddf68

go back to your room to refill the canteen with some water and drop off the clay doll and all it's holding (because if we get to an area where we have to fly for whatever reason that thing will slow us down big time, plus I kinda wanted it more as a personnel helper around the room more then anything), and the nope. We can study the nope later but now we need to get those books first so we don't get thrown out of our room or whatever.
No. 554021 ID: e3aff6

First lets check the compass, recording current positions if necessary. We want to get some triangulation done as soon as possible.
Then head back to the room to deposit some stuff.
No. 554095 ID: fb4e93

Agreed with most of the above. Drop off stuff. See if you can set the compass to point to the room (preferably using a useless needle, like one pointing to a place that no longer exists - though my packrat instincts cry out against deleting even one of those). I might favor flying much of the way, but at least stick to places you COULD fly from, if needed. You could also just fly, sticking close to a surface. Also, research is likely warranted.

Also, does her tongue have freckles or something? I find that...oddly attractive.
No. 554096 ID: fb4e93

Also, good idea about the empty bottle.
No. 555457 ID: 2a1897
File 138900223134.png - (117.18KB , 800x600 , 30.png )

You didn't actually bring the empty potion bottle with you. You figured it wouldn't be important.

With little fanfare, you turn around and meander back to your room.

It looks exactly like you left it.

You fiddle with the compass a bit and set one of the horizon needles to point to your room instead. As it turns out, the other horizon needle is unchangeable, so you guess it points north.

You hide the nope under your bed-couch-thing and command the doll to stay here.

You'd like to be back here before nightfall, so you're thinking it'd be best to leave as soon as possible and save filling out forms or finding books and studying for later.

Are you ready to head out on adventure, or is there anything else here that cannot wait until later?
No. 555464 ID: 0b54f4

>figured it wouldn't be important.

This is one reason I basically never throw anything away. On the other hand, that's also tied to why my room looks the way it does.

Regardless, I have yet to think of anything else you need to do before heading out. So, unless anyone else has any input.... Tally-ho!
No. 555493 ID: 9ddf68

nah, we dump off things so we can now actually fight if we get into a fight and carry more crap for when we have to move the books we pick up back.
No. 555504 ID: 7bbaae

You coouuuld... find out what the nope does wink wink nudge nudge.

Other than that let's go. I'd like to also keep the doll following behind. It's got our money, extra rope, and notebook.
No. 557069 ID: 2a1897
File 138960775754.png - (138.34KB , 800x600 , 31.png )

You don't really have time to experiment with things right now, so.

Yeah. You're ready to head out.

You decide it'd be best to stick to the roofs, so you heft your pack, muster your courage, and start walking.
No. 557070 ID: 2a1897
File 138960779088.png - (225.39KB , 800x600 , 32.png )

In the lands far below the adventuring harpy, a Kobold and a Dwarf awaken from a hard-earned slumber in the quite halls of the pilgrim's dormitory.

But you are neither the Kobold nor the Dwarf.

You have not earned the right to rest.
No. 557071 ID: 2a1897
File 138960782608.png - (151.50KB , 800x600 , 33.png )

You fucked up.

You fucked up bad.

Are you the Mer or the Elf?
Are you male or female?
Is there anything distinctive about your appearance?
Would you die for your beliefs?
No. 557072 ID: 256d52

You are the elf. You are male. You are the tallest. You would die for your beliefs. That's a problem.
No. 557074 ID: 4a9321

male elf, tall;
lean, maybe a bit too thin... not much to eat and hunt lately...

Of course, everyone should have enough resolution to die for their believes!
No. 557077 ID: c83296

Male Elf, tall with looooooong horns, counting the horns, you're one of the tallest elves around.
Would you die for your beliefs? Yeah, you would.
No. 557086 ID: 0c8bd0

No. 557097 ID: 74c4ad

Male Mer.

And no, you wouldn't, if you could help it. Make the other guy die for his beliefs. You'd rather live, thanks.
No. 557116 ID: a87e3a

The resolution to die for your beliefs is what wars are founded on. No man should believe that strongly in any one thing.

Male Mer, missing half one ear.
No. 557126 ID: 8ea63b

heavily scarred elf male. you would definitely die for your beliefs.
No. 557150 ID: 0b54f4

Well...this has a chance of becoming extremely angsty, but I'll just throw this out there.... What if you had thought you would be willing to die for your beliefs, but when it actually came down to it, you lost your nerve? And now you're dealing with the emotional backlash?
No. 557168 ID: bbee3d

Male Mer.

You don't have the resolution to die for your beliefs, but you have the resolution to live for them, which is harder.
No. 557169 ID: 53ba34

i agree
No. 557270 ID: 4129a1

scars across his body and his face
once but not anymore
No. 557307 ID: 1c677c

The male elf, blood-spitting, brave, tall, gets into trouble
No. 557310 ID: 39cc45

Being willing to die for the belief that nobody should be willing to die for their beliefs sounds kind of interesting. Totally realistic level of hypocracy, if that person never has time to stop and think.
No. 559009 ID: 2a1897
File 139039383457.png - (129.77KB , 800x600 , 34.png )

After the end of the war, when the world was still whole, you packed your things and left for the Lands to beg forgiveness.

You arrived here two days ago. Those who would absolve you had long since fled.

You don't know what to do.

You want to make up for what you've done, you want to fix this, but.

You don't know how.

You drag yourself into an upright position on the undersized bed. It creaks in protest.

To the best of your knowledge, you were the only mortal to reach the Lands, but you think you may have heard something last night. It was probably just a servant making more noise than usual, but it's possible that someone managed to make it here with the end at their heels.

You think it's about time you got off your ass and did something, even if it is only looking for the cause of a mystery noise.

You're also kind of hungry.
No. 559012 ID: 53ba34

if you cannot save the world, then you can at least help those that can.
No. 559015 ID: 17ac98

you're an elf, right? the noise probably was food.

get your hair in shape, you messy bessy.
No. 559033 ID: 4a75fa

>You want to make up for what you've done
I'll ask the obvious question, then. What did you do?

Also, where are you, in the lands? And what, if anything, did you encounter on your way here?

>You're also kind of hungry.
What do you have in the way of supplies? It would be regrettable if your search for what might the only other remaining mortal turned into a literal hunt.
No. 559039 ID: e9e331

well you can start off the day by seeing if any other mortals made it here, if that turns out to be nothing but false hope we could always wonder around this place and maybe see if we can't find something that can at least hint a way for us to fix things.
No. 559070 ID: 0b54f4

Well, then, time to get up and fake energetic-ness until it becomes semi-real! Go look for food, the noise, and a way to make things better!
No. 559133 ID: 2a1897
File 139046554862.png - (140.97KB , 800x600 , 35.png )

You don't know what you did. Not exactly, anyways.

It was a spell.

It didn't feel right; it didn't feel like it would work.

But it did, just like they said it would.

For the briefest of moments, the horizon burned with the light of a second sun.

And then it was over.

You killed a lot of people, you think.
No. 559135 ID: 2a1897
File 139046567240.png - (82.60KB , 1000x400 , 36.png )

You're in the pilgrim's dormitory. Food isn't exactly hard to find here; there's a cafeteria on the floor below you.



You weren't thinking about eating anyone. You're just kinda hungry.

You want breakfast or something.

Your hair is a bit of a mess, but that happens when you sleep on it.

You should probably tie it up or something before you head out.

Select a hairstyle or suggest your own!

Please submit any image suggestions to the discussion thread.


No. 559136 ID: a87e3a

What spells are you practiced with?

I like B.
No. 559137 ID: 17ac98

I like B, too.

advance cafeteriaways.
No. 559140 ID: 4a75fa

I like A or B.

So... you didn't invent the spell? You were just the poor sod picked to cast it?
No. 559141 ID: d6e000

I vote afro
No. 559157 ID: 0da00a

No. 559165 ID: 2f4b71

Style B, keep it out of the way a bit.
Atomic Mage, fuck yeah! Though this does mean facing a Godzilla-Fuck...
No. 559203 ID: 91e607


Also, guys, I think he caused this thing that's unraveling reality.
No. 559205 ID: a87e3a

No that's definitely caused by the gods leaving.
No. 559206 ID: a87e3a

Changing my vote from B to A because it's less likely to get tangled up in things.
No. 559216 ID: 38c95a

I like A.
No. 559331 ID: e31ca1

I bet the gods were actively preventing someone from setting off some kind of chain-reaction spell which consumes life in its quest to consume life. And this guy was just the guy to cast it first.
No. 559773 ID: 4129a1

I'll vote for the Pompadour
No. 559986 ID: 8ea63b

i vote for a single giantass tail-like braid
No. 560713 ID: 2a1897
File 139142437038.png - (167.34KB , 800x600 , 37.png )

As you begin to comb out your hair, you are granted a vision of the most gloriously spherical hairstyle. Thoughts of a flawless, radiant follicle-orb dance through your mind.

And yet, despite your best efforts and considerable magical talent, you cannot make your vision a reality.

In the sickening gloom of failure, you lazily tie your hair such that it is mostly loose but stays out of your face.
No. 560714 ID: 2a1897
File 139142439851.png - (127.05KB , 800x600 , 38.png )

Hair sorted, you dress yourself, squeeze through the undersized door, and amble down to the cafeteria.


You guess someone did show up last night.
No. 560715 ID: 34381a

mmm, something smells nice.
No. 560718 ID: c04e3e

It's not the afro on the outside that matters, it's the afro on the inside!

Go greet the ladies, they must have been through a lot to get here.
No. 560719 ID: 53ba34

greet them and ask if they need help with anything.
No. 560723 ID: 0d8a94

how long have you been here again? maybe you could ask them if they've seen anyone else in there travels here. Not much else we can do but socialize right now.
No. 560725 ID: 4a75fa

Well, you may as well go and talk to them. It's a pretty big snub to avoid someone when they're literally the only other people in the world.
No. 564525 ID: 2a1897
File 139347780261.png - (113.44KB , 800x600 , 39.png )

Yeah, even though there's not really any food out, it does smell kinda nice in here. The kitchen must be somewhere nearby.

The lady by the door is a Servant, and you don't think she'd say much even if you tried to converse with her.

The Kobold, on the other hand.
No. 564526 ID: 2a1897
File 139347784432.png - (200.32KB , 800x600 , 40.png )

You think you hate everything.

Your hands are shaking, your head is pounding, and you aren't entirely sure you're going to be able to keep down the food you just ate.

And, of course, everything you have ever owned, save for what you could cram into a bag in a few minutes, is now gone forever. Including your house.

You are almost entirely sure this is the worst morning you've ever had.

Things could be worse, you suppose. You guess the dwarf saw fit to haul you up the pass, and, while you weren't exactly a frequent visitor, the dorms are not entirely unfamiliar to you.

In your miserable state, you fail to notice the elf sitting down across from you.

"Hey" he says.
No. 564527 ID: 53ba34

elves are good with magic right? maybe can help you get through your burnout, or whatever doing too much magic does.
No. 564533 ID: a87e3a

Ask if he's seen a dwarf around.
No. 564536 ID: 9ddf68

...well here's some good news at least, it's not just you and the dwarf lady who got away alive so there's that. Anyways the elf seems to be chatty so maybe we can figure some things out from him. Ask him if he knows if anyone else is here besides the servants.
No. 564544 ID: 4a75fa

>Your hands are shaking, your head is pounding, and you aren't entirely sure you're going to be able to keep down the food you just ate.
Why? Aftereffects of pushing yourself too hard with your casting? Did you catch a cold collapsed in the snow? It it just nerves and stress from fighting monsters and living through the end of the world?

>You guess the dwarf
I take that to mean you haven't seen him since you awoke.

>"Hey" he says.
Give a strained greeting in response, and then apologize for not being in the best shape this morning.
No. 564555 ID: 9d6b36

Whatcha reading? Is that a book you took from your house or one you picked up around here?
No. 564565 ID: 5d023d

ask the elf if he knows more about what's going on.
No. 567703 ID: 2a1897
File 139582158581.png - (122.32KB , 800x600 , 41.png )

"Hey" you respond.

The sight that awaits when you look up almost makes you pause, but you’re too distracted by your throbbing head to be phased by the mess that is this elf’s face.

"Elves are good with magic, right?” You ask. “I threw a bunch of bolts at a giant monster, passed out, and woke up feeling like shit. Can you do anything about that?"

"Uh." he replies, his smile fading slightly. "Yeah, that's definitely burnout, and that's not really a thing that you can just. You know. Yeah. You're kind of stuck with it. Shouldn't last longer than a day or two, though."


"You seen a dwarf around, then?" You ask. "Tall, white, and fluffy, with this weird pink hair-bow? Covered in bloodstains, maybe?"

"Nnnnnnnoo. Bloodstains?"

"Have you seen anybody around?" You ask.


"Do you know anything about why everything was falling apart?" You ask.

"I." He pauses. "No, not really."

"Do you know anything useful?" You ask.



You hate everything.

You slump forward on the table in a mix of defeat and nausea. An uneasy silence sets in.

You don’t think you’re even good to stumble back to your room, and this dude is just sitting there quietly.
No. 567704 ID: 2c6ff1

Well, explain how you got here, I guess. Ask about him, why is he here? How'd he escape the apocalypse?
No. 567707 ID: e9e331

ask why he's here then and maybe say why you're here, might get your mind off your headache.
No. 567708 ID: b30f36

Ask him if there is any alcohol in the kitchen or cafeteria and if there is could he kindly fetch it for you, it should ease your headache.
No. 567710 ID: a97618

Sigh, and apologize, weakly. Sorry, not really having the best day, here. I shouldn't be taking it out on you.
No. 567748 ID: d0e0a2

May as well introduce yourself and ask his name to fill the silence.

Wave vaguely towards his messed up eye and ask if he was in the War.

Maybe muffling your senses will help a little bit with the nausea and headache. Try laying down on the bench, covering your ears and closing your eyes.

Because adding booze on top of nausea and the resulting hangover on top of everything else will go so well.
No. 569128 ID: 2a1897
File 139660866235.png - (99.32KB , 800x600 , 42.png )

"Alright, fuck." You grumble under your breath.

"Yesterday, everything was fine and then the end of the fucking world shows up on my doorstep with this dwarf and we went on a jolly fucking adventure and nearly got killed by not one, not two, but three different giant murderbeasts."

"I think I killed one of them, maybe. I dunno."

"Then I passed out and woke up here."

More silence.

"So." You say. "What's your deal? How’d you get here? What’s up with your face?"

"uh." He says. "I walked? Sometimes I jogged, I guess, but yeah. I've really only been here for a couple of days."

If you felt well enough to move, you'd have to resist the urge to punch him. As it is, you stay face down on the table.

"It took me quite a while to get here." He continues. "I left before this whole mess started, I think. Yeah, before I heard anything about it, anyways. I was kinda worried that nobody else would make it here."

"Uhm. My face was." he pauses, rubbing his scarred cheek thoughtfully.

"I think it could have been healed, when it happened." He continues. "But it wasn't. It was supposed to be a reminder, I think."

He laughs.

"Can't remember what for, though."

"Right." You respond. "Whatever. You got a name? I'm Raine."

Suggest a name for the elf.
No. 569150 ID: e632fb

Raisenharf Dilupula.
Maybe not a typical elf name, but at least you didn't get any successful derogatory nicknames as a child. People stumbling over your name became common enough that you answer to Rai, though.
No. 569151 ID: 2d6511

Told Curkey
No. 569152 ID: 461142

Aegidius. or Giles for short.

yeah, I'm naming him after the patron saint of outcasts. sue me.
No. 569163 ID: 9ddf68

No. 569172 ID: ffa549

No. 569203 ID: 9ccb59

No. 569218 ID: 2a1897

You guys can also make normal suggestions. Like, conversation topics or questions or whatever.
No. 569227 ID: 9ddf68

ok, "so what are you hoping to find here, since you said you came here before the world fell apart not to sure it would be sanctuary"
No. 569240 ID: ffa549

...so anything happen here in mystical godland the last few days? Or only land left, land.
No. 569252 ID: f290a2

"why are you naked?"
No. 569269 ID: d0e0a2

Ask if he knows what you could do to better handle using magic so you don't get burnout like this again. Like, is it just a matter of pacing or can you train to handle more or are you just stuck with how much you can do?

Also ask what's the recovery slope for burnout. Is it gradual over the day, so you'll feel somewhat better by lunch and even better by dinner, or are you going to feel this terrible all day?
No. 570601 ID: 2a1897
File 139746739407.png - (190.65KB , 800x600 , 43.png )

"Senharf Toussaint." He says.

"So, wait." You say. "Why did you come here, if you set out before everything went to shit?"

"I." He says. "Well."

Something clanks against the table. You glance up to see a servant placing a plate of food before Senharf. It's... a pile of raw meat. Raw meat that you cannot identify as belonging to any animal you know about. Wonderful.

He grabs what you assume was once a part of something's limb, takes a bite, and thoughtfully chews for a moment.

"Same reason as anyone else, I guess." He finally says. "See the sights. Try to meet the gods. Eat the free food."

He shrugs and takes another bite of the meat.

"Has anything happened in the few days you've been here, then?" you ask.

"No, not really." he says.


You're pretty sure you aren't going to get any useful information out of this guy, and you're still not feeling well enough to get up and walk away, so you guess you're just going to lie here for a while.
No. 570602 ID: 2a1897
File 139746747375.png - (531.98KB , 800x1800 , 44.png )

Walking is boring. The roofs are boring. Adventure is boring.

You've been trudging along for an hour or two, with only the occasional hop up or down to a different roof to interrupt you and only the foreboding new horizon to keep you company.

You sang some silly songs to entertain yourself for a while, but then you ran out of songs.

But you are finally at the edge of the Gardens. The tower isn't particularly far away now.

The Garden paths seem well kept enough that you figure it'd be easy enough to get to the tower using them. Or, you could just fly over the Gardens entirely and try to land at the base of the tower or something.
No. 570610 ID: 876afe

Well, on the one hand, those trees look like something could come flying up out of them. On the other hand, at least you'd see them coming, which you might not if you were in amongst them. Also, the Librarian mentioned ill ease at the idea of someone "poaching" in the gardens, so it may be they're off-limits in some way or some fashion, or sections of them. There's something you can do in there you're not supposed to, in any case, and you don't know what they are or aren't.

Flying over something doesn't count as trespass, though. Usually. Does it? Anyway, you're not optimally built for closed-in environments. So, just fly over.
No. 570612 ID: 1cbcf1

Adventure is a lot like war.
Long periods of doing just about fuckall, periodically interrupted by frantically trying not to die ignominously and horribly in some hole for damn near no reason.
But adventure is fun!
And I agree. If it were a no-fly zone it should have been labelled as such. Just keep a sharp eye on the canopy for any adventurer-hating ruffians, like angry flowers or something.
No. 570620 ID: 2c322d

always up for flying
No. 570621 ID: 75b8af

All right, let's fly.

What are we gonna do with the little doll golem? Is it gonna follow along the ground?
No. 571004 ID: d45c9b

don't strain yourself, now. you gotta let the leg heal. unless flying is easier on a leg than walking. I don't know, I've never flown before.
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