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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 138148044678.png - (127.48KB , 800x600 , 1058.png )
543724 No. 543724 ID: 8f7720

"It's pretty... What does it do?"
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No. 543725 ID: 8f7720
File 138148062672.png - (143.33KB , 800x600 , 1059.png )

>Styx: "Well, it is made out of one of the drops from the chaos thing that Fluffy defeated. It seems to have similar properties to the Overlord. I've been tinkering around with it and from what I can determine this necklace, when worn, focuses the attention of the universe on the wearer. No idea what it means but I figured it would be interesting to try it out. Do you feel anything odd? Is your mind being torn asunder?"

"Hmm.... Nope."

>"Interesting. Well, I'll let you borrow it for the day. Be sure to tell me if anything interesting happens."
No. 543726 ID: 53ba34

hello? universe here.

naw just kidding, we are the bits of the overlord that tell hm to do things.
No. 543727 ID: d17222


No, seriously, sup.

How many people have you hugged today?! o uo
No. 543728 ID: 761017

The Overlord Is The Universe!
No. 543753 ID: 2f2cd6

Hey, is Meagan dragging Fluffy off there? That's hardly fair, she didn't even do anything in that battle!

Geeze, test the construct for getting torn asunder, why don't you. It's okay, you can always stitch her back together. Jerks.

No. 543761 ID: c4e054


No. 543775 ID: 62a3c2

Just kidding.
Soooo...Focuses the attention of the universe on the wearer hunh? That implies some VERY curious things, but you should hand us over to Styx, but do say it's safe...If only because the Overlord more often than not is under the effects of this necklace, as is fluffy. Then say "Don't ask, the voices you will hear don't really get it either."
No. 543776 ID: 2baea8

Hello, we are Chaos. Or the voice of Chaos. Or something. Basically, we're the voices that control the Overlord most of the time.

How's he been since Fluffy brought him back? We haven't been sent back into his head yet.
No. 543777 ID: 9ddf68

well people say that the life is chaos makes seance that the universe is as well.

Oh sorry Emily did you want something?
No. 543787 ID: 16c47c

Hey what's Meagan up to?
No. 543790 ID: d6eebb

Yay! We can has a host that actually likes hugs now!
No. 543824 ID: e57f62

Well, not so much as control as influence. Regardless, I'm honestly surprised it took Meagan this long to get curious about Fluffy. I mean for crying out loud she's been constantly gaining the physical aspects of those she encounters, Silva being the most noticable.
No. 543825 ID: e57f62

Ok jumped the gun on the "Gaining physical aspects of those she encounters". I mean that she's been changing into the same two halves thing that Silva has but still.
No. 543826 ID: 2baea8

I'm pretty sure she's always had the chest hole thing.
No. 543832 ID: 5c89cb

But has sword arms....
No. 543835 ID: d6eebb

I don't see why sword arms would make her not like hugs.
No. 543852 ID: 5c89cb

Sword arms don't prevent liking hugs, they just make it rather hard to do them.
No. 544213 ID: 8f7720
File 138174597407.png - (129.18KB , 800x600 , 1060.png )

Oh! I can hear you guys! You're Overlord's friends? Hi~!

None, yet! No one wants to hug me for some reason! Rose does but that's about it!

He's my universe~

Noooo! I just got you guys!

>Styx: "... Emily..? Are you okay? You're making a lot of curious faces."

"I gotta go!"

>Styx: "What..? Wait, Emily-!"

Emily flies away.

Eeeee! I have the Overlord's voices with me now! This is the best thing!
Where is he now, I should probably tell him!
And hug him!

Ah, there he is. Oh, he's talking to 'her' again. That's all he's been doing lately...
They're talking about Beatrice and what to do with her. I said we should let her join us like Silva but Overlord thinks she should just be kept in the dungeon. Short Girl think she should be put in prison for almost destroying the everything but I think she'll be fine if we just wipe out her memories.
It's like having two Styx's~
No. 544216 ID: 57a559

I advise keeping her in the dungeon
She can hurt us a lot Emily. She can hurt them a lot if she goes with them.
She's much more volatile than Silva. And we have another one of those wines to even do that with?
There's her mental illnesses to worry about too.
No. 544217 ID: 53ba34

silva always liked the overlord, that was why she was with him before. but when he stopped blowing things up she got upset and left, thinking he changed.

but beatrice was always crazy, it just got too bad for the overlord to deal with her so he locked her away. erasing her memory wont remove any natural craziness. and her magic eye is too complex to remove safely i think, and with that she is a security risk since only golem types and fluffy seem immune.
No. 544224 ID: f64e84

Dungeon. The trouble is, she's too willing to try and game her way out of whatever we try to do to make her agreeable, and she's too selfish/evil to work with as is.
No. 544228 ID: 0f6f63

>No one wants to hug me for some reason!
They're just nervous of your hands. If you miss your hug, they'll get poked by the pointy bits!

Which just means you need to practice so you give the best and most accurate hugs around.

>memory wiping
...uh, prefer to avoid that, really. Even if it makes things easier for us, that's kind of a really cruel thing to do to someone. Honestly, we sort of regret doing it to Silva (even if she was crazy mean before and okay now), and her discovering the truth has been a problem a few times.

>dungeon or recruit
I'd let the Overlord work with her for now. Maybe she can be redeemed, but he's talked to her more than you or us, and if he thinks she's not safe to let out yet, he may know what he's talking about.

...maybe a hug would speed up the process of her becoming a good trustworthy person?

So she can just slowly go crazy until she escapes again, like last time?
No. 544233 ID: 53ba34

look into getting sheaths for your hands, then people wont be so scared.
No. 544235 ID: c23ab0

That necklace is dangerous, Emily. If it works as advertised, then it means the universe is paying attention to you all the time, and you're not doing exciting things all the time. Sometimes you're sleeping, or just waiting for something, or doing chores. The universe gets bored Emily. You won't like what happens when the universe gets bored.
No. 546956 ID: 8f7720
File 138381584795.png - (76.54KB , 450x431 , 1061.png )

I would just let her join the team... It's really not my choice though, the Overlord doesn't listen to me too much.
Also, there's no way I'm giving you guys up! You can like talk to me all the time and it'll be just like the Overlord was talking to me and it will be awesome!

Emily flies off, humming to herself. As she floats around she sees someone strange walking around the castle.

An intruder! I need to make sure they aren't a threat!
And if they are I must eliminate them!

Emily flies towards the stranger. Once she's close enough the person turns around and greets her with a short bow.

???: "Excuse me. Is the Overlord here?"


The person reaches into her bag and hands Emily a letter.

???: "It is very important that this reaches his hands. It is a message from the Lord of Pain."

"Hmm? Okay."

Without another word the woman leaves Emily.

A mysterious letter from a mysterious woman.

Perhaps we should take a peek?
No. 546957 ID: 7bbaae

Sure, read it. She didn't say you couldn't read it, just that you had to deliver it.
No. 546959 ID: 53ba34

lord of pain is like, technically fluffy's dad.
i would be careful, it could have a magic trap.
No. 546971 ID: fc937d

What if it has magic disappearing ink so it can only be read once, or something?

Deliver the letter to the overlord. Via air mail.

(And then read over his shoulder).
No. 546981 ID: 2baea8

No. 547017 ID: b2c9e1

say "I polite to introduce yourself before asking questions~" Also, you should tottally put your hair in a ponytail sometime~ It'd be cute~
No. 547018 ID: b2c9e1

Whoops, didn't read the whole thing sorry
No. 551199 ID: d57f2c

REad the letter.
REad it read it read it.
The overlord prolly won't like it but he might not tell you what it's about, either.
No. 551205 ID: 828582

Nahhh, let's not read it- Overlord's letter is Overlord's letter. It should go to the Overlord I think.
No. 551312 ID: 8f7720
File 138665177434.png - (117.36KB , 700x500 , 1063.png )

Hmm... I guess it would be rude to read it... Alright, to the Overlord!

Emily flies and hands the letter to the Overlord, making extra sure to not peek at it. He thanks her for the delivery and opens it. Emily peers over his shoulder.

It would help if I knew how to read...

Overlord: "This is not good."

"What is it, my lord?"

Overlord: "It would appear that the Lord of Pain wishes to meet with me in his castle..."

"Yay! The great demon lord wants to meet with you!"

Overlord: "No, Emily. That's bad. We're trying not to be bad. Remember?"

"Oh. Right. Bad."

Overlord: "Hmm... I will have to think about this. Thank you for the delivery."

"No problem Overlord~"

Ah, he's walking away from me again...
Perhaps I should surprise him with a hug from behind?
No. 551314 ID: 7bbaae

Sure! Just be careful of your blades.
No. 551316 ID: 53ba34

i don't see why not. if he gets grumpy about it we'll tell hm it was our idea later.
No. 551317 ID: 57a559

Can you give him some advice from us?

We don't explicitly know the Lord of Pain is bad.
He really just might be the Lord of... fun type of pain? Some people do like receiving pain. Pain isn't explicitly evil. It isn't just well liked. Like Chaos. Please remind the Overlord of this. I mean, the Lord of Fun or Lord of Pleasure could totally be a bad guy. Look at Lilith's Mom, totally about all the fun but we know she's quite a bit evil.
No. 551331 ID: 2baea8

Not to mention Abel, the supposed Champion of Law, who is really just a total douchebag.

But we digress. Hugs!
No. 551333 ID: fd6ae9

That's a good point! Does he know pain is bad? Because we've seen good chaos and bad laws and who knows what pain is doing.
No. 551336 ID: 8f7720
File 138665677743.png - (148.86KB , 700x500 , 1064.png )

Good, bad. It's all so subjective. Words given meaning by the norms of different societies. What some may consider evil others might see as good...
Anyway, hug time!

Emily dashes forward, her arms outstretched, ready to embrace her beloved Overlord. However, at that exact moment, Kassandra steps in front of her. Before Emily can react there is the sound of blade meeting cloth...

Kassandra stands in front of her, trembling in fear as her outfit hangs in tatters.

Kassanda: "Emily, why!?"
No. 551338 ID: fd6ae9

Deflate a little. Oh... I'm sorry. I was trying to surprise hug the Overlord and you just walked out there.

Then perk up, and drag / fly her off somewhere to get her clothes fixed. (Who does your stitching? Someone around must know needlework).
No. 551339 ID: 53ba34

say sorry. and explain you were aiming a hug at someone else, and so you missed.
No. 551340 ID: 57a559

"I wanted a hug
I'm so sorry I get carried away sometimes."
No. 551341 ID: 7bbaae

Accident, sorry! At least she's not hurt. Do you have spare clothes anywhere?
No. 551358 ID: 8f7720
File 138666553962.png - (165.00KB , 700x500 , 1065.png )

"I just wanted to hug the Overlord... I'm sorry."

Kassandra: "It... It's fine. I just need to get this fixed... All my bonuses are on it..."

>Then perk up, and drag / fly her off somewhere to get her clothes fixed. (Who does your stitching? Someone around must know needlework).

Megan can do science!

"I know who can fix it!"

Kass: "You do?"

"Yes! Come on, let's go!"

She picks up Kassandra and flies to Meagan's lab. She hears panicked cries coming from within. She busts the door open and plops Kassandra down.

"Meagan! I need you to science her clothes back together!"

Meagan: "Hmm? I'm busy right now. Perhaps later?"
No. 551359 ID: 7bbaae

Okay! Ask what she's doing. Can you watch?
No. 551360 ID: 53ba34

uhh... STYX! styx makes stuff too.
No. 551362 ID: fd6ae9

What's with those arm things and Fluffy? Are they hugging? We'll help hug too!
No. 551410 ID: 34b2f2

Then what if you helped her with what she's doing so then she's not busy so she can do science.
No. 557289 ID: 8f7720
File 138968938102.png - (144.48KB , 700x500 , 1066.png )

"If I help you will you help me?"

Meagan: "Huh? Oh, sure. If you could just grab her for me. She's squirming too much."


Emily grabs Fluffy from behind as Meagan moves closer with her odd mechanical claws.

Fluffy: "W-wait! Emily! What the hell!? Why are you doing this!?"

"The voices in my head told me to help Meagan!"

FluffY: "No! Bad Emily! Let me go! Let me goooooo!"
No. 557290 ID: 8f7720
File 138968940217.png - (71.23KB , 530x472 , 1067.png )


Helping is fun.
No. 557291 ID: 8f7720
File 138968944454.png - (100.33KB , 700x500 , 1068.png )


Meagan: "So you want me to get Kass a new outfit? I 'could' make one. What kind do you have in mind?"
No. 557292 ID: 53ba34

not a new one, get the torn one fixed because all the magic is in it.
No. 557296 ID: 92c81e

Wow, Meagan is so handy. I mean she's a demoenologist, but can do all this other stuff too, like sewing.

Ehhh, I don't know if Kass would want the tattered old clothes, even if they get fixed up. I bet she would love a new pretty dress.
No. 557331 ID: cc212d

Aw, why isn't Fluffy happy? There was so much hugging, between you and the metal hands and everything!

(Part of me is surprised Meagan is still willing to take these liberties with her after seeing her blow that thing away last chapter... ).

>What kind do you have in mind?
Well, we wanted to get her old thing fixed. But maybe if we more than fixed it and made it even better than it was before she'd be really happy? (Obviously it need to keep the mouth hugging thing. That's important to her, for some reason).
No. 557343 ID: a87e3a

Why was there blood?
No. 557382 ID: 8f7720
File 138973482463.png - (117.42KB , 700x500 , 1069.png )

"I didn't know you could sew, Meagan! Kass would love a new outfit! Hopefully one that's got all the same powers!"

Meagan: "Hmm... Well it's less sewing and more like summoning."

Meagan pulls out a rather odd article of clothing.

Meagan: "This should be just her size. If you could tell me her reaction after she puts it on too that would be great."

I think it's wiggling.
No. 557383 ID: 53ba34

ask if it has the same powers. cause if it doesn't then it would be silly to trade a good thing for something worse.
No. 557393 ID: 88960e

...I don't think she'd find that very comfortable. Too wiggly.

Can you summon anything that can sew?
No. 557400 ID: b8ceae

Go put it on her.
If it doesn't have the same abilities, take it back and make Meagan do it right.
No. 557401 ID: 7510b6

Wiggling makes things work better. Go deliver it and see how much better it is.
No. 557406 ID: d17222

No. 557444 ID: 2baea8

Clearly the wiggling bits are so the clothes can hug Kass super lots! Let's go give her the new outfit!
No. 557449 ID: 1f8505

This is a bad idea. Let's find something else that isn't wiggling.
No. 557451 ID: a87e3a

Ask her what it does, first.
No. 557452 ID: 34b2f2

Eh, might as well. Already got it ready and everything. If the abilities aren't as good we can still try to get the other one fixed, not like trying the outfit breaks the old one more or anything.

Up to Kass though.
No. 557467 ID: 8f7720
File 138975188394.png - (68.17KB , 486x474 , 1070.png )

Yes, of course it has all the same enchantments and stuff! It's good, if a bit wiggly.

"Thank you, Meagan!"

Emily takes the outfit and flies off to find Kass. She's in the barracks by herself and covered in a loose cloak.

"Kassandra, I got you a new cloak! Meagan made it!"

She shoves it into Kassandra's hands. She holds it well away from herself.

Kass: "Uhm... I appreciate it Emily but it's uh... Rather slimy... And some of the bits look like they're trying to grab me... I don't think I can wear this."
No. 557470 ID: f44ca3

Give her a really sad look and tell her if she does not try it on how will she know if it works?

Just because something is new and strange does not mean its bad.
No. 557471 ID: b8ceae

She's just being skittish. Help her put it on!
No. 557472 ID: a87e3a

Aw. Oh well let's bring it back and say she wouldn't put it on.
No. 557473 ID: 53ba34

she doesn't seem to want to wear it.
No. 557474 ID: d17222

Sad face! And ask her just to try it on. After all, if it's really terrible, she can bathe and have wasted naught but time.
No. 557498 ID: 34b2f2

Aww, that's a little mean to Meagan and the cloak, it looks like it wants to be worn. Buuuuut it would be meaner to force her to wear it so if she doesn't agree she doesn't agree.
No. 557521 ID: f776e2

Make her put it on!
No. 557525 ID: 2baea8

No. 557529 ID: b8ceae

"Meagan put a lot of work into it! You should at least try it on!
Otherwise you'll hurt her feelings! D:"
No. 557533 ID: 4a75fa

Oh right, and it doesn't come with a mouth-cover thing. She likes those. No wonder it won't work!

Well. Maybe it's still a step in the right direction. We could trade it for new clothes? Or trade it to someone in exchange for fixing her other clothes?

...or maybe we could use it in the alchemy thingy?
No. 557542 ID: 2baea8

Oh yeah, let's go to the alchemy thing! Maybe if we combine it with the scraps of her old clothes it'll come out as a special better magic outfit.
No. 557619 ID: 92c81e

I don't think it would be very nice to fuse her items without asking. And if she doesn't want to wear it, she doesn't have to. We should find Styx to help.
No. 559212 ID: 3f5514

Let's ask her!
No. 559215 ID: 4a75fa

She might object to completely losing her damaged dress completely to alchemy (there's still a chance it could be repaired, eventually) but there's really nothing to lose trying to improve the dress Meagan made she doesn't like. Worst case, we still have nothing to give her. Best case, we change it into something she likes.
No. 559251 ID: a2cfb1

don't mention it's a summoned creature by Meagan. because she's probably sane enough to not put any Meaganware on.

make cute puppy eyes at her.
No. 566904 ID: 8f7720
File 139520101687.png - (132.62KB , 700x500 , 1071.png )

"But Morgan put so much work into making it for you... If you don't put it on she'll be sad."

Kassandra: "But it's... Okay, okay. But just for a second, okay?"


K: "Emily! Emily help me take this off!"

"But I don't have fingers."

K: "Emily, please! It keeps squirming! There isn't even any buckles on this!? Oh god, I think it's stuck! Emily, do something!"

She looks like she's having fun.
No. 566906 ID: 9ddf68

him maybe if we give her a hug that would help.
No. 566907 ID: 2baea8

A careful hug. We wouldn't want to shred her pretty new outfit like the old one!
No. 566908 ID: 2c6ff1

Go get Meagan to help her with it.
No. 566909 ID: f44ca3

Quick go find someone that has hands to help!
No. 566913 ID: a97618

Yes. Clearly a hug will work. It'll calm her down. Because sensitive tentacles instinctively know to move away from the touch of sharp metal. ...or worst case, we just repeat the cutting out of her clothes from earlier.
No. 566914 ID: 8f7720
File 139520509624.png - (144.92KB , 700x500 , 1072.png )

"Aww. Looks like someone could use a hug~"

K: "Emily, no! No Emily! Don't!"

The golem takes Kassandra into a big tight hug. The girl fidget's and trashes, her breath catch a few times. The tentacles on her clothing move about, clearly uncomfortable about being so tightly embraced. About 30 seconds into the hug Kassandra suddenly shudders and gasps loudly. Then she goes limp.

Oh... I think I hugged her too much...

The door to the barracks opens.

Nix: "Oh, Emily. The Overlord wanted to see you."

"He does!?"

I wonder what it's about!

Emily flies off, the necklace snapping off and bouncing onto the floor.
No. 566916 ID: 8f7720
File 139520512212.png - (53.43KB , 700x500 , 1073.png )

Hmm? What's this?
No. 566917 ID: 2c6ff1

"I've been tinkering around with it and from what I can determine this necklace, when worn, focuses the attention of the universe on the wearer." At least, that's what Styx thinks.

Aren't you the Overlord's most elite unit?
No. 566918 ID: a97618

...well. Emily is 2 for 2 in unintentionally putting people in uncomfortable sexual situations.

Hello, Nix. Voices of chaos here. How are you?
No. 566920 ID: a2f9bc

A necklace of spooooky voices. Mind checking what's up with Kassandra there? I think she might have had a hug-related accident. Very serious stuff.
No. 566924 ID: 9ddf68

hey Nix, uh, how's Kassandra doing right now?
No. 566930 ID: 2baea8

Yeah, you should probably get Kass a healing potion and take her to Styx.
No. 566942 ID: 256d52

Long time no see, Nix. What have you been up to?
No. 566965 ID: 51109e

it's an amulet of trustworthiness. that means you should trust everything it tells you.
No. 567000 ID: 76b151

I don't think she needs a healing potion.

Maybe a cigerette?
No. 567100 ID: 6abcd2

Hey Nix, what's going on?
No. 567109 ID: 57a559

AAnnnd maybe a morning after pill
Gotta be safe
No. 571162 ID: 8f7720
File 139771945872.png - (93.96KB , 700x500 , 1074.png )

Oh, well. Hello there. It seems you already know who I am. Styx creates the most interesting things.

>Aren't you the Overlord's most elite unit?

You flatter me. I wouldn't say I'm the most elite but... Well, he does use me a lot.

Not a whole lot. Once the Overlord returned to us things have been fairly calm. There was a letter that was delivered not too long ago but that's about it.


She turns and sees Kassandra lying on the floor, dazed, while a flesh cloth rests over her.

That doesn't look like something she would normally wear... Did Meagan create that? She seems like the type. She looks really flushed.
I would take her to our medic but... Yeah.
No. 571164 ID: 53ba34

remove the thing and check if she is bleeding anywhere
No. 571165 ID: 2c6ff1

Yep, Meagan made it. It's very wriggly, and Kas wasn't wearing anything under it. Looks like it let go. Maybe you can get her a sheet or something?
No. 571197 ID: 824f43

...how about you just put her to bed, then? That's the cure people without medics rely on. Rest. Move her, toss a sheet over her, and hang the thing Meagan made in a closet somewhere.
No. 571232 ID: 9ddf68

well she did just survive a hug from emily so if you just threw her in her room she should be fine once she wakes up.
No. 571239 ID: 2baea8

This followed by
No. 571349 ID: 9294dc

it's okay, she probably just got raped by the tentacles. happens to everyone at some point.
No. 577211 ID: 8f7720
File 140197897930.png - (128.92KB , 700x500 , 1075.png )

Nix removes the odd garment from Kassandra. The girl seems to be perfectly fine. No blood but plenty of sweat and other things.
The warrior picks her up and carries her off to a bed and makes sure she's comfortable.

The tentacle cloth begins to make a move towards Nix so she simply tosses into the back of the closet.

I swear... Sometimes I worry about our Demonologist...

So, you guys are the Overlord's voices, right? That means you must be really wise about things. Do you think you could help me with something?

I'm trying to get the attention of a certain someone and...
I'm not sure how I should do it.
He's such a kind gentleman and I don't have any memories of romance...
We have been friends for some time and I think that perhaps he might have romantic feelings for me?
I can't tell.
No. 577217 ID: c7a241

>Moving tentacle cloth locked in closet
...so now Kass can't get dressed without that jumping her again. We're stuck with either naked-cleric or tentacle-cleric.

>So, you guys are the Overlord's voices, right?
>That means you must be really wise about things.
>Do you think you could help me with something?

>trying to get Lun's attention
>not sure how to go about it or if he has feelings for me
Hmm. I think we need more information to make a good plan. What do you guys do, as friends? What do you talk about? What's he like? (what do you like?) What did he do or say that makes you think he might have feelings for you?

Not trying to turn your question back on itself, or give you the third degree or anything. Just trying to see him from your eyes (and imagine you from his).
No. 577237 ID: 2baea8

I'm sure she'll get used to the tentacles eventually.

Anyways Nix, do tell us more about this fellow. Oddly for a bunch of chaotic spirits, we haven't had much interaction with Lun and his random deck of many things.
No. 577238 ID: 57a559

Isn't Lun that demon child we rescued from the torture ball?
How old is he?
How old are you?
No. 577247 ID: 3d177c

If you're gonna do romance with anybody you probably need some sort of poison-immunity ring or something to give to him. I mean your saliva is poison, so kissing is dangerous... is your body poisonous in general? Other forms of intimacy might be dangerous too.
No. 577360 ID: 9ddf68

Well first you got to tell us what you know of the guy and then we need you to go talk to him to see if the pitcher you've painted of him matches up with the real deal and then we can start on a plan.
No. 579089 ID: 4fde35

Describe his attitude towards you. Is he attentive to your needs more so than others are? Has he made any gestures of affection towards you, or in general? If so, it may be that he does in fact have romantic feelings towards you.
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