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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 137740123436.png - (6.31KB , 700x700 , 000.png )
537242 No. 537242 ID: 0046c5

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No. 537243 ID: 0046c5
File 137740124279.png - (9.57KB , 700x700 , 001.png )

No. 537244 ID: 0046c5
File 137740126326.png - (9.88KB , 700x700 , 002.png )


Something feels very, very wrong.
No. 537245 ID: 2baea8

It's a bear!
No. 537248 ID: bd48c5

No. 537252 ID: 735f4f

Quick inflate your throat sack and extend your frills! Start hissing and if anything grabs your tail detach it and run like the wind!
No. 537254 ID: 0b15e7

What sort of wrongness? If you are referring to the constant chatter then I'm afraid there isn't too much you can do.
No. 537258 ID: c23ab0

Oh no you're a lizard! What happened?
No. 537259 ID: 96c896

Is it the feeling of your life ticking away second by second, coming ever closer to your inevitable death?
No. 537261 ID: 41690e

Poof up your frilled ears!

...and look around and smell the air. Try and determine what the wrongness is.
No. 537295 ID: 9ddf68

wrong as in you feel a presents with you or some other kind of wrong?
No. 537300 ID: 0006f5

that witch turned you into a newt !!
No. 537307 ID: 761017

Go back to sleep.
No. 537309 ID: 5eb200

Can you be more specific? Does your body feel wrong? Is it the presence of a bunch of voices in your head? Are you experiencing a creepy sensation like something unseen is about to attack you?
No. 537310 ID: c23ab0

I think we scared T- away.
No. 537485 ID: 0046c5
File 137746827051.png - (11.00KB , 700x700 , 003.png )

I just feel--

>It's a bear!
A bear? What?

>Open fire!
Open fire? What??

>That witch turned you into a newt!!
Witch?? Why am I thinking of witches?!

>Inflate your throat sac and extend your frills!
Throat sac?!

Okay, I'm definitely not supposed to have a throat sac.

... what--

What are these?

Am I me?

I'm-- this is not a kobold body! What am I? How did this-- what?!
No. 537488 ID: 96c896

Alright, what's your name, bro? Look around, maybe there's a clue to why this happened to you.
No. 537493 ID: 5fd94e

Observe the immediate area for threats, then we can try to figure out your physical abilities.
No. 537498 ID: 41690e

Alright, explain who you usually are, as you examine your new body.

Then take a look at your surroundings.
No. 537502 ID: 0006f5

examine your newt body. thoroughly. with copious kneading
No. 537503 ID: d88f69

Well this is what happens when you wish you were a dragon. Careful what you wish for etc
No. 537505 ID: e1609c

Congrats, yer a lizard now. Also, you have freaky headvoices. Enjoy those, they will be getting you in a lot of trouble from here on in.
No. 537521 ID: cad45e

Well son, it seems you've fucked up now. You've got a bad case of "I was an cunt with an witch".

Now don't be afraid, we're professionals you know, and as headvoices we clearly got an fine book on how to solve these problems.

Now the first thing you want to do in an witch related accident is to say your name, age, race, yadda yadda daa you get the idea right? This is to find out how pissed the witch were before and after you were a cunt to it. This is also good for those times when an extra pissed witch took your memory away.

Second, assess your surroundings and find out what kind of basement/spooky woods/horrible cavern you've found yourself in, this is to see how much time has passed since you were a cunt to the witch. If you are in say "a murky, dark, mud cave" then the witch may either have been using you as it's new familiar or thrown you in there. The closer you are to a hideous cackle and an kettle, the less time have been spent since the BaCI. This will also help understand what kind of witch you were a bitch with, since most cases of BaCwW do have an sudden case of memory loss.

Third,Connect the dots. Witches are often lazy and rather ill tempered when it comes to littering, as such, finding clues how you might've been a cunt to the witch/witches that caused the incident.

Fourth, go on an epic quest to slay said witch with your newfound knowledge about the witch. If this guide did not give you the sought knowledge how to solve your BaCwW problem, please seek out your nearest witch hunting bureau and give them your complaint (WARNING: Complains may be overshadowed due to monstrous proportions and looks, being a cunt with the berau, complete loss of sapience and communication skills, BaCwW of an witch which we just happen to like)

Fifth, the chapter for those that have bought our very special edition of "Help, i was an arse to an witch, what do?". In this chapter we will tell you how to properly solve any witch related problems in the most efficient way possible, this comes with simple cures and helpful advice on how to best your rightfully wronged witches. You to can be an proud owner of the special edition for only 999.9 (insert local currency here).
No. 537549 ID: 12c19f

Unconsciously inflate your throat sac and extend your frills in reaction to the complete and utter shock and stress.
No. 537604 ID: c23ab0

Lick your own eyeball.
No. 537617 ID: e1609c

Dafuq you talkin about?
I have no idea what is going on here, but unless you got some evidence it was any of what you just said you best sit your ass down
Now, first thing's first: Come to terms with the fact you are a lizard of presently-indeterminable size.
After coming to terms with your lizardyness, find a reference point for how big you currently are. There are awesome bits and drawbacks to each size leve, with the smallest being easily eaten and weak but agile and hard to snatch, medium ones being just big enough to actually have a chance at securing a normal life, and the massive fuck-off ones being a bit hard to squeeze through doorways, but at the same time can have a bit of a laugh trampling small villages and the like.

Once we are done with that, we focus on getting a grip on figuring out what we do next. If you need suggestions, I say we try and get topside so we can find us a town that might be able to help us get un-fucked, if by then we dont decide "Hey, being a scaly bringer of death is kinda badass" by then.
No. 537651 ID: bc8d67

Run back through your most recent memories before you woke up to see if there's any clues to how you ended up here and in this form.

There's what looked like a puddle of water next to where you woke up, so look at your reflection in that to see if you recognize your new form. Try wriggling your frills while doing that, and open your mouth to see what kind of teeth and tongue you have.

Move around to get used to your new body as well, and look back at yourself to see how big you are.

How much light is in this place? Because if there isn't any light sources, or very dim light, that'll at least tell you that whatever you are has some kind of no-light or low-light vision.

Your new hands don't look dexterous at all. Do you even have opposable thumbs anymore?
No. 538024 ID: 0046c5
File 137765350650.png - (10.16KB , 700x700 , 004.png )

>"I was an cunt with an witch."
I really don't remember dealing with any witches! Ever! I'm not even sure I know what a witch is!

>Unconsciously inflate your throat sac and extend your frills.
I DON'T HAVE A THROAT SAC and I'm really not used to having frills. They're just kind of doing whatever they want right now. It's freaky.

>Explain who you usually are.
>What's your name, bro?
Usually I'm a kobold, and my name is--


I have no idea what my name is.
No. 538025 ID: ec0bf5

See when you say things like that it sounds more like you're a delusional lizard than a person who changed into an animal.
No. 538026 ID: 76b151

how about establishing your gender first. Then we can pick a temporary name for you until you learn or remember your old one.
No. 538028 ID: 41690e

>I have no idea what my name is.
...what do you remember about yourself, then? Anything besides being a kobold?
No. 538029 ID: 2baea8

Your name is now Palimpsest.
No. 538030 ID: ec2e21

Wait do you even chare that you have head voices? Thats new
No. 538032 ID: 9ddf68

What's the last thing you remember before waking up here?
No. 538038 ID: ec0bf5

Yes, check your gender. It might not even be the same as the one you're used to.
No. 538045 ID: 0006f5

yer a palimpsest
No. 538046 ID: 5fd94e

Lizbeth if female, Kervros if male
No. 538048 ID: 6f89f7

No. References are not automatically humorous. Especially when you misspell "Kevros".

Palimpsest it is.
No. 538057 ID: bc5290

check gender, receive (new) name
No. 538062 ID: c23ab0






Any of these ringing any bells?
No. 538067 ID: 5fd94e


.............very well
No. 538071 ID: 369097

yer names jackson
No. 538091 ID: 96c896

No. 538096 ID: 60fee2

Ok, it looks like you picked up a bunch of half-crazed magic voice in your head. It also appears that you have been transformed into some kind of lizard. Just take a deep breath and try to be calm.
No. 538100 ID: 32e092

The good news is, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experiment with a whole new set of genitalia!
No. 538200 ID: c23ab0


Technically twice in a lifetime. Most people get at least one new set of genitals to experiment with, when they're born.


(by the way genitals means nose)

(and by that I mean rub your nose)
No. 538211 ID: cad45e

WEll then, you are just gonna have to tell yourself that it was witches.

That's what all the cool kids does today, blame it on a witch.
No. 538581 ID: 0046c5
File 137796567007.png - (9.12KB , 700x700 , 005.png )

>What do you remember about yourself?
I... I was a kobold... and I was out scouting, and...

... that's... that's about it.

That's not good.

>Experiment with a whole new set of genitalia!
Look I don't think I need to "experiment" to know everything is still where it's supposed to be.

Even if it feels a little weird.

>New name.
I dunno about that.

No. That's just nonsense.



I don't think so. That doesn't sound like a name.

Okay that's more like it.


That'll do.

What do I do now?
No. 538584 ID: 96c896

Wander around your general area to see if you can see anything vaguely interesting.
No. 538585 ID: ce5271

Find mushrooms. Eat mushrooms.
No. 538586 ID: 9ddf68

find out where the hell you are
No. 538590 ID: e73b69

then trip balls
No. 538591 ID: 37aa84

Find yourself a water source and check out your new forms reflection. Maybe you can identify which species of lizard you've been turned into.
No. 538592 ID: c23ab0


Too late for that.
No. 538600 ID: b32a14

>What do I do now?
Uh, look around your general area, I suppose.

Also, if you remember heading out to scout, do you remember what direction you came from? You might be able to find other kobolds back that way. Who remember who you're supposed to be.

Although convincing them you're one of them without a memory might be a problem. Uh, can you even speak in your current state, or just make lizard noises?
No. 538617 ID: 2baea8

Find a weapon. Are there any suitably sized rocks nearby that you can grip?
No. 538636 ID: cad45e

Like really, why haven't you taken a look around yourself? Sure names important but you don't know where you are, just right now you could be in terrible danger. So do kindly take a fast look where the fuck you are right now.
No. 538713 ID: af5011

Find something with a regular established size from which to work out if you have been transformed into a tiny little lizard or a giant one, or just lost your bipedal statue. If you were carrying anything like a spear and it's still lying around still, that'd be pretty good.
No. 538800 ID: 196d1b

Look around you. You appear to be in a cave, so it might be useful to find the exit.
No. 539080 ID: 0046c5
File 137814365615.png - (8.02KB , 700x647 , 006.png )

>Look around your general area.
I'm in some kind of cave. There's really not much to see in here.

>Find mushrooms.
Don't see any.

>Find yourself a water source and check out your new form's reflection.
There's a puddle here, but the water isn't very reflective. Maybe it's too murky?

>Are you a tiny little lizard or a giant one?
I have no idea. I can't tell if this cave is tiny or giant, either.
No. 539082 ID: 07e3a8

Well... a cave with a tiny puddle of murky water ain't much of a place to stay.

Pick a direction, and move out. Eventually we'll at least find something you should recognize, and at least you'll know how big you are.
No. 539089 ID: 96c896

Nothing here is vaguely interesting. You have failed me.
No. 539097 ID: 9ddf68

well if there's nothing here then I guess we should move on to somewhere else.
No. 539101 ID: 9dba7d

dig down with your lizard claws
No. 539106 ID: e73b69

Smell the water then drink it and the trip balls
No. 539113 ID: efa330

Drink water. Dehydration is no laughing matter!
No. 539114 ID: 4be0b0

Amid the torrentuous waterfall of information rushing through your mental faculties, it is important to calm down and realize that you have learned a number of things.

Among them:

You have vague memories of being a 'Kobold' and a 'Scout'.

> This means that at some point you may have been good at 'yapping', eating mushrooms and cave wildlife, and the numerous survival tasks that a 'scout' might need. Try to remember your training, or at least trust your gut instinct when dealing with such circumstances.

You're currently some sort of cute longish lizard-like tube with tiny limbs.

> While not a dragon, you may have hidden talents or abilities a normal Kobold may not. These may not be readily noticeable, but it may be important to take notice of anything new and/or interesting that you can do.

You're currently in a confined dark space with a tiny puddle of murky water, possibly unfit for consumption.

> Does this mean you survived a cave in, were you magic'd here, or were you taking shelter from outside complications? Are there any 'exits' to speak of? Do you smell anything off (besides yourself, of course.)?

Your own yap suggest that you investigate these matters and gain a proper situational awareness, so that you can properly plan your new life goals. Will you seek to become a Kobold again? Find out who or what happened to you? Stay as you are now and revel in your unknown and possibly grandiose powers of being a cute frilly lizard tube? Other?
Once we know more, your yap can guide you.
No. 539118 ID: 4be0b0

So basically, go left, young lizard-tube.
No. 539125 ID: ec0bf5

You're pretty long, so turning around sounds like more work than just walking forwards. Head forwards, lizard fellow.
No. 539126 ID: c23ab0

How long are you?
No. 539127 ID: 1b3db9

Keep going, until you find daylight.
No. 539144 ID: cad45e

Can you see and or get your face up to your lower end?

Vital part to see how changed our anatomy is now, yep.
No. 539146 ID: 5fd94e

Can you see any area that appears slightly brighter than the rest, if so head in that direction.
No. 617385 ID: c9f250
File 142017195012.png - (7.17KB , 700x700 , 007.png )


No. 617386 ID: c9f250
File 142017195442.png - (7.87KB , 700x700 , 008.png )

How long?

Okay water was a bad idea. What next?
No. 617391 ID: dd4ed3

>What next?
Explore. No point in staying in a cave next to a toxic puddle.
No. 617392 ID: 687279

Go left.
No. 618784 ID: 8a9edc

Seek out fluffy things to hug!
No. 618790 ID: f5baae

Go in the direction of the breeze, that should lead you to the cave entrance!
No. 618796 ID: b0b069

follow the tastiest scent.
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