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File 137644334915.png - (157.55KB , 712x512 , 172.png )
534197 No. 534197 ID: 2ae1fb

PREVIOUS THREAD - http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/476554.html

???: I'm recording this for the assistants. Show it to them the second you meet the young heroes.

UNCLE REMUS: Yes, Ma'am.

???: You are to tell them more about the multiverse. Where it came from, why it exists. You may say whatever you like about your own role. But leave me out of it for the time being. I'm extremely busy, and I can't be bothered to explain myself.


???: Yes?

UNCLE REMUS: Well... If I don't mention you, then how am I gonna be able to talk about--?

???: Don't. Not yet. Things may change, but the current plan is to wait until we have the entire team assembled.

UNCLE REMUS: Wasn't that--?

???: Yes. But I've decided that they need to know now. It may actually help the assistants. Not that they haven't been doing well, but...

UNCLE REMUS: I understand, Ma'am. I ain't too sure how Mickey's gonna take it. He wanted me to tell them everything, since he's none too keen on doing it his own self.

???: I know. This is going to be hard for him. But remember, Remus, you answer to me.

UNCLE REMUS: Yes, Ma'am.

???: I'm shutting down the recording. Remember, keep talking to them as if nothing happened. It's just for the assistants. Oh, and... the less said about them for now, the better.

UNCLE REMUS: Right, Ma'am.

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No. 534198 ID: 5869f6

No. 534200 ID: 2ae1fb
File 137644345285.png - (230.79KB , 712x512 , 173.png )

NINO: Err... How do we... What?

UNCLE REMUS: How you come on? What, don't nobody say that anymore? Then, "How do you do?"

NINA: Oh! Well... I suppose we're doing well.

NINO: Pretty okay. Uhh... How you come on?

UNCLE REMUS: Pretty good, sure as you're born, Honey.

NINA: So... Are you the one who's supposed to tell us what's been happening?

UNCLE REMUS: Reckon I might be. But it's an awful long story. Yes, sir, mighty long. And I ain't exactly sure that I can tell it all in one telling. I'm an old man, and I ain't so full of energy as I used to be.

NINO: We don't mind. Right, Nina?

NINA: Well, no... But we have so many questions.

UNCLE REMUS: Don't know if I can answer 'em. But, let's see now....

He sits back in his rocking chair and closes his eyes for a moment.

UNCLE REMUS: Why don't you children settle yourselves down?

He gestures to a bench off to the side of the porch.

UNCLE REMUS: Y'all can sit on that if you move it a might bit closer.

Nino grabs the bench and drags it in front of Uncle Remus' rocking chair. We sit, and the old man slowly opens his shining eyes.

UNCLE REMUS: Well, sir, it all started long, long ago. I reckon the story don't get started for a while yet, but as far as I know, the story starts in the year 1866... It was one of those zip-a-dee-do-dah days...

NINO: Zip-a-dee-do-dah? What's that?

Uncle Remus smiles at Nino, and when he opens his mouth, his voice is lower, softer. It's almost hypnotic, really. I feel as though I'm floating...

UNCLE REMUS: Well, Honey, a zip-a-dee-do-dah day is the kinda day when you can't open your mouth without a song jumping right out of it. Normally, I'd sing right along with it. But this story's long enough as it is. And so, on that beautiful zip-a-dee-do-dah day in 1866... I saw a rabbit hopping down the road. But it weren't no ordinary rabbit. This here was Br'er Rabbit, the most bodacious critter that ever lived.

The light of the sun itself starts to go dim, as if watching a scene on film. I see Remus standing at the head of a dirt road, a rabbit wearing a pink shirt and blue pants hopping down the road in front of him.

This is so trippy and weird! His voice is super-faint, and when I hear him speak again, it's the Uncle Remus from the vision.

UNCLE REMUS: Br'er Rabbit? How is this possible? I thought you was just a story!

BR'ER RABBIT: That I is!

UNCLE REMUS: Now I knows I ain't nothing but a foolish old man. If you's just a story, then how come you hopping down the road, real as you please?

The rabbit seems confused... What is even happening?

BR'ER RABBIT: Now, that I don't rightly know. But I suspect you's got something to do with it.

UNCLE REMUS: Me? What did I do?

BR'ER RABBIT: You tell the stories like no one ever told stories before, Uncle Remus. Crazy as it sounds, I suspect you's the one what made me real.

UNCLE REMUS: Made you real? But that ain't even possible.

BR'ER RABBIT: Don't shoot the messenger, Uncle Remus. 'Course, I suspect that means old Br'er Fox and Br'er Bear are real, too, so I gotta take my foot in my hand! So long, Uncle Remus!

The rabbit hops along down the road, leaving Uncle Remus looking confused.

Faintly, the real Uncle Remus' voice continues.

UNCLE REMUS: I sure didn't know what happened, but I aimed to find out. So I kept telling my same old stories. The children loved them, especially little Johnny. Him and Ginny and Toby, they started seeing Br'er Rabbit, too. So, I reckoned I couldn't be too crazy if those sweet children were seeing him, too.

The scene changes. I can see Uncle Remus sitting in a cabin with three little kids. It's weird, but they almost feel like old friends.

I can see them: Johnny, scratching desperately at an uncomfortable-looking collar; Ginny, fussing unconsciously with the tattered ribbon in her hair; Toby, grinning from ear to ear and stretched out leisurely on the floor; and Uncle Remus, sitting in his rocking chair like a king among his faithful subjects.

JOHNNY: Come on, Uncle Remus, tell us another story!

UNCLE REMUS: Another one? Honey, it's getting awful late. I know Miss Sally said you could stay out tonight, but what about Ginny? Shouldn't she be getting home?

GINNY: Momma doesn't mind. One more, Uncle Remus?

TOBY: Yeah! Tell us the one about the tar baby and the briar patch! That one sure is my favorite. I suspect Br'er Rabbit's the cleverest critter that ever lived.

JOHNNY: That's a good one, Toby! Tell that one, Uncle Remus.

GINNY: I'm not sure I've heard that one, yet. Tell it, Uncle Remus.

UNCLE REMUS: Alright, Honey, alright. I suspect we's got time for just one more. And since you're all so keen on that one, I reckon that's the one I's gonna tell.

JOHNNY: Oh, boy!

UNCLE REMUS: Well, sir, once upon a time... Not your time, nor yet my time, but one time.... I was going fishing... And I was just thinking how the flowers and critters was curious things. They can look in your heart and tell when it sings. If it's whistling a tune or singing a song, they all say "Howdy" when you come along.

Suddenly, a flood of beautiful, translucent butterflies pour into the window of the cabin. The children stare, transfixed, while Remus smiles as if it's the most natural thing in the world.

BUTTERFLIES: Howdy, Uncle Remus!

UNCLE REMUS: Good morning! Good morning, Girls!

The scene fades as the butterflies begin to sing, and I can hear Uncle Remus still telling his story.

UNCLE REMUS: I reckon my stories was better than ever. I was getting mighty old, though. One day, I... Well, I reckon I can't say exactly what happened, but I found out that my stories weren't just foolish old stories. They was mighty special. And I stopped getting any older after that.

NINA: What do you mean, you "stopped getting any older?"

UNCLE REMUS: I reckon it means exactly what it sounds like it means, Honey.

NINO: Uncle Remus, you said you were an old man in 1866.

UNCLE REMUS: What year is it now?

NINO: Uhh... 2013? So... are you actually 200 years old?

UNCLE REMUS: I reckon I might be about that old. Maybe a little older.

NINA: But that's impossible. How did that happen?

UNCLE REMUS: That's a story for another day, children.

He settles back in his chair, as if the conversation had never happened.

UNCLE REMUS: If'n I remember correctly, the children never questioned it. I reckon they thought I'd never die. Not when Miss Doshy died... Not when... when Tempy died...

He sighs sadly, allowing everything to go dark for a moment.

UNCLE REMUS: There were good times, too. Johnny and Ginny up and got married, and moved to Atlanta. It was the most beautiful wedding you ever seen. Some of their folks raised a bit of a ruckus, 'cuz Toby was the best man. But I reckon it didn't bother them none. They was best friends until the end. And Toby, after he got married, he wanted to learn all my stories to teach to his children. I sure didn't expect him to learn them like he did, but sure enough, he could make Br'er Rabbit appear just as you please. He taught his children, and I reckon they taught theirs, and I reckon they taught theirs. Why, I reckon they is still telling those stories to this very day!

He falls silent for a moment, smiling mischievously, and lights his pipe. He blows steady smoke rings, before continuing.

UNCLE REMUS: But I reckon that's a story for another day. I wasn't planning to, but I lived longer than Johnny, Ginny, and Toby... And soon I realized I didn't know nobody no more. Things was happening fast, and I say those inventors and tinkerers sure must have took their foots in their hands. Flying machines, radios...

He pulls a cellphone out of his pocket, smiling and shaking his head. It's not even that good of a phone! It's, like, an ancient flip-phone from '05. But he stares at it like it's some kinda alien device.

UNCLE REMUS: Even things like this. I reckon y'all know what this is. Well, sir, I didn't know what to do about it. I changed my name, I stayed indoors. Every day I saw the world change all 'round me, and I didn't know which way was up. Everyone on Miss Doshy's farm moved to the North, or to Atlanta, and I was all by my lonesome. I'd never lived nowhere else before. But one day, some young fella bought the land, and I hopped on the first train I could find. Soon, I was all the way out in California. I reckon that was about 1940. But soon, I met the most bodacious critter, excepting Br'er Rabbit, that anyone ever heard of.

A scene appears, and I see Uncle Remus sitting in a diner across from a much younger man with dark hair, a large nose, and a little mustache.

???: I still find it hard to believe you're who you say you are, Mr. Baskett.

UNCLE REMUS: Well, Sir, I reckon impossible things might be the most fun.

The man laughs and smiles a warm, genuine smile. There's something oddly similar about the two of them, despite the fact that they look nothing alike.

???: I've always believed that to be the case. Did you ever consider that your stories would make a great movie?

UNCLE REMUS: I can't rightly say. I've never been much for moving pictures.

???: Why not? You're an actor, aren't you?

UNCLE REMUS: Yes, Sir, but that's just what I do to stay fed. I reckon I'm just a foolish old man, but I like my old stories best.

???: I like them, too. Movies are wonderful, Uncle Remus. They breathe new life into old stories, and make them last forever.

UNCLE REMUS: Sure would be nice to know my stories would really last that long. But forever's a powerful scary thing.

???: Well, if you've been alive this long, I guess you've already met...

Suddenly, the scene goes completely silent and disappears.

NINA: What happened, Uncle Remus?

UNCLE REMUS: I'm sorry, Honey. I suspect I just don't remember that part of the story as well as I ought.

NINO: Who was that man?

UNCLE REMUS: Why? He look familiar?

NINO: No... But everyone else you showed us, it's like I knew them already. But... it's like there's something in my mind that doesn't want to recognize that guy.

NINA: I know exactly what you mean! It was the same for me!

UNCLE REMUS: That man...

Uncle Remus laughs, shaking his head, as if at a funny memory.

UNCLE REMUS: I was afraid of the new-fangled stuff, but that man loved 'em all. He saw that I was suffering, and he gave me a place to stay.

NINA: Here?

UNCLE REMUS: That's right, Honey. Right here.

NINO: I don't understand.

UNCLE REMUS: That man created the entire multiverse. His name was Walt Disney.

NINA: Disney? I've heard that name before.

NINO: Yeah! The head-voices mentioned it!

NINA: Nino...

UNCLE REMUS: Don't worry, Honey. It don't surprise me none.

NINO: It don't? I.. I mean, it doesn't?

UNCLE REMUS: No, I can hear 'em, too. I can't tell you much more than that, but... It's the truth.

NINA: So... you're from the same world as we are? And so was this Disney?

UNCLE REMUS: Yes, Honey.

NINO: How did some guy make an entire multiverse?

UNCLE REMUS: I suspect it's the same way one foolish old man can tell stories and make a rabbit appear, sure as you're born. But that's a story for another day.

NINA: So... What happened?

UNCLE REMUS: I didn't want no attention like a motion picture. But it was the only way I could live here. So, we made a little deal. He made his motion picture, and I told my stories. When those two things came together, it made a kinda door, and I walked right on through. I never went back. But there ain't no place for a foolish old man like me no more. I made sure my stories lived on in Toby and his family, and had Mr. Walt lock up the motion picture forever. Least, he said he would.

NINA: He didn't?

UNCLE REMUS: Well, it would have looked mighty suspicious if he never showed it to nobody. So, he treated it like any other motion picture. Said he'd re-release it at least once before he died, too. But then they'd pull something clever, start a rumor so's people wouldn't even want to see it no more. Once Mr. Walt died, everyone who worked for him said the motion picture weren't no good for new-fangled audiences. Just a foolish old motion picture about a foolish old man who don't know how to talk proper and don't represent modern ideas. I'm sure some people still watch it somehow. Mickey told me about something he calls the "Internet," but I don't rightly understand. But I don't care. So long as no one pays me any mind.

NINO: I still don't get it. Why don't you want any attention? You must be lonely!

UNCLE REMUS: No, Honey. I've lost enough friends. Here, I gots friends like myself who can't die. Friends like Mickey and Donald and everyone else. And once y'all save the multiverse, all my other friends can come back.

NINA: What do you mean?

UNCLE REMUS: Well... Used to be that the multiverse was all connected. People could go from one world to t'other right easy. But when the danger started, Mickey suspected that all that hopping around would make it spread faster. So, he put walls down between 'em all, and erased almost everyone's memories of all the hopping. Even my friends who was here before me, like Snow White, Peter Pan, Alice... they don't remember me none. But once you've saved all the worlds, things'll go back the way they was.

NINO: What about us? If this guy Disney made a bunch of cartoon movies, then how come I don't remember them?

UNCLE REMUS: That ain't the same. I can't tell you any more right now, not yet. Gotta wait until you're all together. You got three more friends a-coming. But once you've saved the multiverse, all your memories'll come back, sure enough.

I have so many questions, but I don't know where to begin. I guess he won't tell us everything, but... this is a lot to take in all at once.

This is super-scary! Is he saying that I might have lots and lots of friends that I just don't remember? This is super-cray!
No. 534204 ID: ab1da0

It's...Well, I don't think you two would be effected, by what I understand at least. That said...Well. Just as Uncle Remus here is well over 200, some of these stories are themselves older then they may look at first glance.
No. 534280 ID: 76f779

Sounds like these stories are older than anything.
Even you guys!

Sure, he might have been telling stories since 1866, but what about the 'old' stories? The mighty myths, the legions of legendary heroes, the titanic tall tales, the famously forgotten folk tales?

I doubt Uncle Remus was the first proper "Speaker", but all the good stories are retroactive, right?

It stands to reason that the Multiverse always existed, since some "Speaker" must've told a tale that took place long long before the first *tick* or *tock* of the physical reality you know!

Ol' Uncle Remus was just a man of the moment, so his stories came to life in the now of "Today", as opposed to being lost in the forgotten events of "Yesterday" or the misty roads of "Tomorrow"...

The other stories were already out there when Mister Disney made his multiverse, so they all just moved right on in when Walt opened up the doors of imagination! An old Multiverse of worlds, living in the historical shadow of Disney's World, found a new life in this newly-immortalized Multiverse you fight to preserve!
No. 534281 ID: c23ab0

Oh good. For a moment there I was afraid you'd get trapped in an endless recursive loop of flashbacks.
No. 534352 ID: 2ae1fb
File 137649648125.png - (158.02KB , 712x512 , 174.png )

Uncle Remus frowns for a moment and puffs his pipe.

UNCLE REMUS: Now, that I don't rightly know nothing about. Maybe I'm just a foolish old man, but I can't quite make out heads nor tails of this.

NINA: You're... talking to the voices in our heads?

NINO: He said he could hear them.

NINA: Still... that's a little strange.

He laughs, suddenly cheerful again.

UNCLE REMUS: I suppose it might be, Honey. I suppose it might. But, I guess I should say... this ain't the only multiverse.

NINA: What do you mean?

UNCLE REMUS: Lots of folks make 'em, with a little help. Mr. Walt did. But it ain't easy, and it ain't cheap.

NINO: What do you have to do?

UNCLE REMUS: Hmmm... Sounds like another story for another day. But this here multiverse is just Mr. Walt's, and everyone who worked for him. Still growing, too.

NINA: But... if Walt is dead, then how is it still growing?

UNCLE REMUS: Well... I guess that's part of the story for another day. But when I got here, there was only a few worlds in the multiverse. This big one in the middle, Snow White's world, Pinocchio's world, that fancy concert world, Dumbo's world, Bambi's world, the worlds with Donald's friends that one makes sense and one don't, and another concert-y type world that's less fancy. That was it. Hmm... Now you mention it, I guess I been here longer than Miss Alice and Mr. Peter. I guess I'm just so used to seeing 'em around and telling 'em stories, I can't remember what it was like here before them....

NINO: Oooh! Oooh! I recognize some of the things you mentioned!

UNCLE REMUS: You do, Honey?

NINO: We already saved the worlds with Donald's friends, and Nina saved Dumbo before I joined her!

NINA: But other than that, I have no idea what you're talking about.

UNCLE REMUS: Don't worry. You'll see 'em all. Now, it's getting a might bit late. Next world you go save, they probably be trying to eat their supper. Come on inside, I'll fix you up something nice.

NINO: Food?

NINA: That would be lovely. It's been a while since we've had a proper meal.

UNCLE REMUS: Why don't y'all children take turns washing up? I got a tub out back, and a rack to hang your clothes, keep 'em dry.

NINA: You want us to... bathe outside? Why, that's...

Well, I suppose a proper English lady is never rude, especially when someone is so generous. I know that I must be filthy; I haven't bathed in a long time. Still, it seems so improper!

NINA: That's very kind. Is it... Is it very private?

UNCLE REMUS: No one much ever comes out here, Honey. Never you worry.

NINO: Me first! Me first!

I go around the back of the cabin, and there's this, like, old-fashioned tub thing. There's a bar of soap on a little table. Dude, this is actually really fun! And it feels SO good to be clean again! I hate being all gross and stuff.

After we've bathed, Remus sets the table and serves some ham, corn bread, and a rather spicy spinach-like vegetable.

NINA: What is this vegetable called, Uncle Remus? I don't believe I've ever eaten it before!

UNCLE REMUS: Them's collards, Honey. Eat up, it's powerful good for you.

NINO: I love it! More please?

Uncle Remus throws back his head and laughs again.

UNCLE REMUS: It sure is nice to have a child around with a healthy appetite! Eat up. Plenty more where that came from!

We eat and laugh, and it's wonderful.

After the meal, Remus starts pulling quilts, sheets, and pillows out of a chest in the corner of the room. He makes little cots on the floor.

UNCLE REMUS: It's getting mighty late, and y'all are welcome to stay the night.

NINO: Wooo! Sleepover!

NINA: Shouldn't we head to the next world awhile? That is, if Uncle Remus doesn't have anything else he needs to tell us.

UNCLE REMUS: You'll have much more energy in the morning, and it might not be too welcome to try and save a world in the middle of the night. Folks might be trying to rest.

NINO: See, Nina? We should totally just stay!

UNCLE REMUS: Y'all children can head out first thing in the morning. I ain't got much else important to say this time. Come back later, when you've got more folks on your team, and I'll tell you more.

NINA: Alright. Let's get some sleep.

NINO: Yay!

We lay on our cots, which are really, really comfy and curl up. Uncle Remus is so nice! He's so cool for a really old guy. He might have even cooler stories than Eddie Valiant! Plus, he's totally immortal, which is super-neat! Also, he can hear you guys talk, which is weird, but pretty cool I guess. If you have anything else to say to me, say it now, 'cuz I'm totally falling asleep!

I'm not sure how well I can sleep. There's just so much going on. I feel like I have so many questions, but I'm not even sure where to begin. Uncle Remus also keeps mentioning the other three heroes that Mickey and his friends are trying to contact. But I don't know anything about them! What if we don't get along?

And what about all the worlds in the multiverse? I'm sure that whatever Mickey did is helping to keep them safe, but... it's sort of frightening. I've been so confident that I'm learning so much about the multiverse and saving so many worlds, but now I'm not so sure. I suppose I don't know as much as I thought.

I also get the distinct feeling that, as sweet and as helpful as he is, Uncle Remus is hiding something from us. I trust him; I don't think it's anything malicious... But it still worries me.

Can we talk a bit before sleep? I really want to know that you're there. Sorry if I'm rambling a bit, only... I just can't sleep. I don't suppose random voices in my head would understand that feeling, but... it's maddening. Thanks for listening to me.
No. 534356 ID: ab1da0

Hrrm...Would you believe that we actually can sorta somehow 'pick' who comes in next?
I think the others chose you first because you seemed the type to pay off the best when you were around for a while.
Nino was chosen afterwards to compliment your style of combat, since that crops up from time to time.
Next, we're getting a healer-accidents have kinda been increasing as of late, and you've taken the brunt of them as a result...We'll do our best on that end, but that will hopefully help out.
And...For all that Uncle Remus has mentioned, I haven't heard anything too much to worry about as far as you guys and your actions. We HAVE made progress! Donald's pals are safe, Dumbo's safe, Lilo&Stitch...More than a few worlds are fine now! So if we play our part, things will be just fine. It probably feels like we don't have the whole picture, but that's also because other people are working on this, from other angles we don't know about.
No. 534382 ID: a7fa71

My guess is that the thing he's hiding is something like this danger having occurred multiple times before, and each time the previous heroes drove it back at great cost without quite permanently stopping it. So kind of what we have already seen, except repeating every so often.
No. 534401 ID: c23ab0

Yes he's hiding something from you, but Uncle Remus is always hiding something from you. That's what a storyteller does, a good one at any rate.

Truthfully Nina, you probably don't come from this multiverse. Think of all these worlds like spokes on a wheel, call it the "walt disney" wheel. There could be a second wheel out there, with all its innumerable spokes, and it might even intersect the first, like the way two gears mesh together. Every virtual instinct in my nonexistent body is saying you don't come from any of these spokes.

Mickey's probably just upset because he thinks only those from a different wheel can fix his wheel, so to speak. He won't have much power over the other wheels though, like the way he stuck playing cards in his to block the spokes from each other. So that means your grandma is probably worried about you now and there's nothing he can do about it. He can only find people where the gears mesh, so to speak, at just the right moment, so instead of lengthy negotiations and bargains, he just sort of had to snatch you. That's just my guess though, but whatever it is I'm sure Mickey's heart is in the right place.

Nino's an odd case in that he seems to know these people, at least some of them, but... somehow not? I don't know if he's from the same wheel as them, or you for that matter. By wheel I mean multiverse of course. I wonder what the others will be like.
No. 534722 ID: 2ae1fb
File 137661563302.png - (139.24KB , 712x512 , 175.png )

Hmm... Well, that's all very interesting... But I'm afraid I don't understand much of it. Maybe I just need a good night's sleep. It's been an absolutely exhausting day.

We wake up to the smell of bacon and eggs.

UNCLE REMUS: Good morning, children! Hope y'all like breakfast, 'cuz I figured you might be needing it.

NINO: Wah?

Dude... it's so early... I hate mornings, they're the worst, and... wait... is that... bacon? Awww yiss, gonna get me some BACON!

Faster than I can blink, Nino goes from lazily rubbing his eyes to sitting at Uncle Remus' table, fork and knife in hand. Unbelievable.

NINO: Thanks, Uncle Remus! I'm starving!

NINA: Yes, that is very kind of you.

He really is a good cook.

UNCLE REMUS: I packed y'all some lunches, as well. Don't know where you is going next, and I sure would hate to have to send you there without no food.

He hands me a large metal bucket with a lid. Inside are two handkerchiefs, two glass bottles of milk, two pork sandwiches, two large chunks of corn bread, and a peach pie.

NINO: Uncle Remus! You're the best!

UNCLE REMUS: Aww, I wouldn't say that, Honey.

NINA: You are very kind, though. And we really do appreciate it.

UNCLE REMUS: No, Honey. I'm just a foolish old man. There sure is a lot of things I forgot to tell you.

NINO: Like what?

UNCLE REMUS: Well... I couldn't help but listen to the voices you been hearing last night. Remember that they care about you children, they do, but sometimes they gets a little mixed-up.

NINA: Mixed-up?

UNCLE REMUS: They just don't knows the multiverse the way they thinks they knows it. Y'all is both from the same world, the same one I's from, too. And anyway, I want you to remember something important. Every world in this here multiverse is completely different.

NINO: Like how?

UNCLE REMUS: Well... time might work different. Or folks who ought to be dead maybe ain't necessarily so. In some worlds, that's no good, and a sure sign of the danger. But in other worlds, that's just the way things be.

NINA: But, Uncle Remus, how will we tell the difference?

UNCLE REMUS: Just be very careful, and don't be jumping to no conclusions. You might get yourselves in a heap of trouble that way.

NINO: We will, Uncle Remus!

UNCLE REMUS: Now, you children best be off. Got lots and lots of worlds left to save. That is... unless there's something else you wants to ask?

I'm not sure I even understand the things he's already told us. But if there's anything else we ought to know, we should definitely ask. I just can't think of anything right now.

Welp, I've got nothing. Anything else we should do before we go to the next world? 'Cuz I'm ready to save the multiverse! Wooooo!
No. 534725 ID: 96c896

I can think of one very important thing. The enemy. What are we fighting against? What are they trying to accomplish? What little communication we managed only made it sound like they were trying to destroy EVERYTHING.
No. 534730 ID: c23ab0

More like consume everything. Like they were some kind of plague or creeping swarm. But they have a single personality, no matter how many of them there are! It's like some malevolent giant sticking his fingers into your worlds and only pulling them back when he gets pricked. And for some reason, when he leaves there's the sound of a vault door closing. What are these vault doors? Is it a colliding wheel that we have to break away from one sticky spoke at a time?
No. 534958 ID: 2ae1fb
File 137670142637.png - (227.57KB , 712x512 , 176.png )

Before I have time to ask, Uncle Remus just shakes his head.

UNCLE REMUS: Sorry, Honey. That's a story for another day.

NINA: But... but wouldn't it be helpful to know what exactly it is that we are fighting?

NINO: Yeah! How can we fight it if we don't know what it is?

UNCLE REMUS: Well, y'all be doing just fine so far. I can't tells you no more about it yet.

NINA: So... I guess we're leaving, then.

UNCLE REMUS: Just a second, Honey. I got one more present for y'all.

He closes his eyes, and breathes deeply for a moment. He slowly exhales, and snaps his fingers. When he opens his eyes, he looks around and smiles.

UNCLE REMUS: Yes, sir! That sure is might satisfactual.

NINA: I don't understand, Uncle Remus. What did you do?

NINO: Something's different, but... I dunno what it is.

UNCLE REMUS: I guess it ain't a present for you children so much as for the ones what's helping you.

NINO: The head-voices? You gave them a present?

UNCLE REMUS: Sure did, Honey. Just helped 'em to see better, that's all.

NINA: ....Okay... Well... we'll be leaving, now.

UNCLE REMUS: Take care, children!

I take Nino's hand and use my ring.

NINO: Hey... I've seen this room before.

NINA: So have I.

We're in a small room, just like the one that I found myself in before heading to the world with the Windigos. Just the same as the last time we were here, there are five doors with telly screens over them: one with my face, one with Nino's, and the other three blank. Again, the pre-recorded message plays.

MINNIE: This is a pre-recorded message. This world requires that you change your shape. Our automated system will allow for the most pleasant possible transformation experience. If each of you would report to your designated changing room, we'll get the process started.

The doors slide open.

NINO: Wait... Nina! How's your arm?

NINA: Huh?

NINO: Your arm. Didn't you hurt it during the fight with that horse-y thingy?

NINA: Oh... It's still a bit sore, but it's definitely much better. I haven't even noticed it since we left that world. I guess it wasn't much of an injury after all.

NINO: That's good.

We head to our separate rooms.

This room is much simpler than the one I saw last time. Only the computer terminal stands along a wall.

DAISY: Hello, Nina. This message has been pre-recorded. In this world, you may keep all of your items. Please input a valid animal species.

A blinking cursor appears on the screen, and the touch screen displays a keyboard.

This is strange. If I am to become an animal again, why may I keep my items? And why was I not given limited choices this time? I must say, I don't like it. The possibilities are endless! Whatever shall I become?

Oh, well. At least I get to keep my clothing.

This is totally weird, guys! There's just a computer-thingy with a touch screen.

DAISY: Hello, Nino. This message has been pre-recorded. In this world, you may keep all of your items. Please input a valid animal species.

Huh... Would I not be allowed to keep my items in some worlds? That would suck!

Wait, did the one message say transformation!? Like turning into an animal? Like, any animal I want!? DUDE! That's freakin' sweet! Huh... decisions, decisions....

No. 534962 ID: 01531c

yay for color! Does this mean a change in the mood of the story? The greyscale shading made things feel more grim and gritty.
No. 534980 ID: 96c896

Oh, we're going into an anthropomorphic animal world. Could be the world of Robin Hood... Word of advice: pick something with arms, legs, and fingers. There's no guarantee it'll supply you with missing limbs. It might be a good idea to pick something sturdy, too, but bulk can be a problem. Sorry, I'm not much help, I have a hard time choosing when there are so many options.

I wonder when we're going to finally revisit Christopher Robin's world to save it? Oh, that reminds me. Nina, are we short on ammo? Do you think we need to replenish our supplies via the box in Donald's house? Teleporting directly to the box would be wise if so.
No. 534997 ID: ab1da0

Well, Nina did a fox last time, but I kinda feel like something more...'Proper' would fit her. What comes to mind is an owl. If I wanted to be funny, I'd make her a Spider.
As for Nino...Hrrm
I think something silly. But what, I cannot decide. A rabbit? Possible. A mole would be funny to see, though maybe less fun for him to be. A Lion or Bear or Bull also would be funny, but for different reasons. Also not sure how he'd handle that...
I think a Ferret, ultimately fits Nino best.
No. 535004 ID: e3aff6

I think Nino should be a monkey, because its time to get down to business. Monkey business

For Nina, I guess an owl would be a traditional spellcaster, or a black cat.
No. 535045 ID: cf49fc

Nina should be an Owl, like Bubo. A classical choice.

Nino should be a Frill-Neck Lizard. Its' absurd appearance would suit him greatly.
No. 535977 ID: 2ae1fb
File 137698043626.png - (186.42KB , 712x512 , 177.png )

...Well, this could be a problem. I don't have any ammo left at all, now that you mention it, and my ammo box is in my backpack. It's empty. Hopefully, there will be a way to obtain ammo in this world. I certainly hope I can get some more before I need it again, at least.

As far as Christopher Robin is concerned... I don't know.

Alright, let's give this a try.

I type in "Owl," and a silhouette of an owl appears on the screen. I tap it.

DAISY: You have selected "owl." Is that correct?

I tap the green button that appears.

DAISY: Remain still.

Again, a hot beam of light runs from the computer across my body. I can feel feathers sprouting from my skin, and my arms morphing into wings. My face changes shape, and I can feel my nose and mouth becoming a beak, my teeth fading into the larger structure. It doesn't feel quite as strange as becoming a fox, but it is still quite unusual.

Oddly, my clothes seem to have transformed as well. They fit rather well!

DAISY: You are now an owl-person. Prepare to enter the next world.

The computer terminal slides away, revealing an identical portal to the one leading to the world with the Windigos.

DAISY: Please step into the portal.

I close my eyes and step through.

Hmmm... those are all really good suggestions, but I'm gonna have to go with the MONKEY! Monkeys are ALWAYS funny, it's the rules.

So I type in "Monkey," and there's a picture of a monkey on the screen. POKE!

DAISY: You have selected "monkey." Is that correct?

Two little buttons that say "YES" and "NO" appear. Uhh.. yeah? Duh! I wanna be a MONKEY! MONKEY ME UP!

DAISY: Remain still.

So, there's this, like, laser-beam thingy and it scans me I guess? Anyway, it's so WEIRD! I can feel my arms getting longer and my legs getting shorter. I'm, like, super-short now. And my ears keep getting bigger and I'm growing fur, and... Dude! I have a tail! WEIRD! But... AWESOME!

DAISY: You are now a monkey-person. Prepare to enter the next world.

The computer-thingy moves by itself, and there's a big black hole in the wall behind it. Let's see what's on the other side! WHEEEE!

It looks like a really tiny boring town. There's a bunch of shops and a big grassy area with trees, and a big building with a dome and some fancy-looking columns. It looks like the towns you see in movies where there's a lot of rules and everyone gossips about everyone else and no one's allowed to have any fun until some sorta city dude shows up and shakes things up and...

Dude! That could be me! I'm gonna be the dude from "Footloose!"

Hey, that big owl-lady looks awful familiar.

NINO: Nina? Is that you?

NINA: Oh, hello! So... you decided to go with the monkey?

NINO: Yeah! I know everyone told you to be an owl... Jeez, Nina... You kinda... gained a lot of weight.

NINA: No, I just have large feathers. A lot of them. Everywhere. It makes me look much fluffier than I am.

NINO: Whatever you say, Nina.

NINA: Anyway, this looks like a nice, pleasant little town.

NINO: ...Yeah, that's exactly what I was thinking.

NINA: What do you suppose is going on over there?

Standing at the top of the steps of the large, stately building at the end of the lane is a turkey wearing a suit, surrounded by fluffy dog-people in black suits and sunglasses.

I think this is a town full of furries! Neat!

NINO: Those dudes look like the secret service!

NINA: Hush, Nino. Let's get closer.

The turkey looks rather nervous, and we can see a crowd gathering at the foot of the steps. There's a tall fox-woman with her hair pulled back in a brown pony-tail, holding a framed photograph of some sort in her paw-like hands. A small goose-girl in a red dress stands beside her, along with an angry-looking but rather small bear. Other animal-people in the crowd hold signs with phrases such as "Justice for Foxy Loxy" and "Save Oakey Oaks baseball." The fox woman begins to speak.

???: Mr. Mayor, we demand justice! Two years ago, my little girl had her brain scrambled by those aliens that you and so many in this town are working to protect! We demand that she be put back to normal when they return for their yearly acorn harvest in three days. You must demand that they do it! If you don't agree to help us, we will notify the press of their existence.

NINO: She sounds pretty upset. Think we should go find out what's going on?

NINA: Maybe we should just wait here. I'm sure they'll explain more.

NINO: But I think everybody already knows what everyone else is talking about here! They won't tell us unless we ask.

NINA: We can't just barge into the middle of the crowd! We have to blend in.

NINO: That sounds boring! Head-voices, I'm right, right? We should totally just ask!

NINA: No. I'm sure that they'll advise caution, as they are sensible.

NINO: Oh yeah? We'll just see about that!
No. 535979 ID: 96c896

I have to agree with Nino on this one. We'll have to ask someone what's going on. It's not like you two can blend in- people in small towns all know eachother and will pick you out as strangers. HOWEVER you can do so quietly, to attract the minimum attention.

This world appears to follow the story of Chicken Little. One of the more recent, high-production tales. It was done entirely in 3d computer graphics! Let's see... the original plot involved Chicken Little discovering a cloaked UFO, which had pieces falling off it. At first he thought the cloaked piece was a piece of the sky and became the laughingstock of the town by claiming the sky was falling. Eventually he and his friends uncovered the entire UFO and tried to call the village but the aliens ran off. They left one alien child behind by mistake though, which they had to return later to find. They basically invaded the village to recover the kid and were using teleport guns on the town to basically uproot everything and everyone... Foxy Loxy got her brain scrambled accidentally during that bit of drama, turning her from a mean girl into a southern belle. Chicken Little managed to return the alien kid, saving the town. That's where the story ends. It's been two years since then apparently. Dunno what the acorn harvest thing is about.
No. 535988 ID: cf49fc

First off, on the subject of your incarnation's appearance: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

On the subject of this world, I remember this well! It was poorly written and dull. Something something alien invasion something something who cares about source material something something chicken.

I don't actually think anyone watched this film, it was just sort of shown to them. Whatever's here will likely be exceptionally dangerous, as it will have access to flying saucers and disintegrator beams. Move in towards the Turkey Mayor and query the local circumstances.
No. 536001 ID: c23ab0

>> feathers
>> everywhere
>> ifyouknowhatimeanwinkwinkrimshotdottiff
No. 536020 ID: d2ad4a

Two years ago, my little girl had her brain scrambled by those aliens that you and so many in this town are working to protect!

In other words, our info is two years out of date. So, as far as people to check out...Well, keep an eye out for a REALLY small chicken fellow, 'watch your step small'.
No. 536236 ID: 2ae1fb
File 137706385469.png - (365.32KB , 812x512 , 178.png )

WHAT? What what!? How... How dare you? I...

I am chastising the voices in my head for making inappropriate comments about my body... Maybe I am a bit mad.

NINO: See? I KNEW they'd like my idea!

NINA: Alright. We should talk to the mayor. But how can we do that quietly? He's surrounded, and everyone seems to be paying very close attention.

NINO: Hmm... Do we have to do it quietly?

NINA: Oh, no... What exactly do you have in mind?

NINO: I mean, we could just get his attention. Like, we could be all like, "HEY MR. MAYOR! WHAT'S GOING ON? WE'RE TRYING TO SAVE YOUR WORLD!"

NINA: No no no no no! We aren't doing anything even remotely like that.

NINO: Oh yeah? Then what do you suggest?

NINA: Well... if we can't get to the mayor just yet, we could always pull aside some random bystander and ask them what's happening.

NINO: That's boring! But... I guess they didn't really say we had to talk TO the mayor, just move in closer.

NINA: Right.

We walk down the street towards the angry crowd. One black-suited dog raises a sign that says "WHAT KIND OF THREAT IS THAT?" The mayor reads the sign, and then addresses the mob.

???: What kind of threat is that?

The fox woman smiles nastily.

???: Mr. Mayor, don't you understand? If the outside world knew that there really were aliens in Oakey Oaks, we'd be overrun by tourists in no time!

The crowd murmurs anxiously just as we reach them. A rabbit woman standing by a pram is in the back of the crowd, craning to see what is going on.

NINA: Excuse me, Ma'am. We were wondering what all this is about?

The rabbit woman gasps and pushes her pram away, shooting suspicious glances at Nino and myself.

NINO: Rude!

The woman leans over toward a jaguar man nearby and whispers something, pointing towards us. He passes the whisper along, and soon the whole crowd is buzzing. It parts, and we notice that everyone, including the fox and the mayor, have turned to stare at us.

NINO: Uhhhh... Hi?

The black-suited dog holds up another sign: "INTERROGATE THE OUTSIDERS." The mayor reads the sign and turns back toward us, anger in his eyes.

???: Who are you, and just what are you doing in Oakey Oaks!?
No. 536247 ID: 96c896

...hmm. Baseball fans. You heard about their team and wanted to watch them play in person.

You guys might need new names to fit in here. How about Nina be Annie Hooten, Nino be uh... I can't think of any monkey names nearly as good... how about Harry Harlow. Very nerdy reference there, I doubt either of you will get it.
No. 536250 ID: 5869f6

I agree, besides, they're a bit paranoid about outsiders no doubt due to any strange co-inky-dinks. Best to come up with a cover and lay low.
No. 536251 ID: 5869f6

Oh, and if they question you about your...
Disfigurement, spin a tale involving a traumatizing accident and subsequent experimental facial reconstruction surgery in your early years.
No. 536491 ID: c23ab0

We're aliens! :D Hiiii
No. 536547 ID: 2ae1fb
File 137714962720.png - (161.77KB , 712x512 , 179.png )

NINA: Oh, we're just here for the baseball. We've heard that Oakey Oaks has a wonderful team, and we'd love to see them play in person.

NINO: Yeah! My name is Harry, Harry Harlow, and this is my friend...

NINA: Annie Hooten! It is a pleasure to meet you.

The fox woman seems to soften for a moment, and shakes my outstretched wing.

ROXY: My name is Roxy Loxy...

She pulls her paw away, staring hard at my face, her eyebrow raising.

ROXY: That eye...

NINA: Oh, well... When I was a child, I was in a terrible accident. Traumatic, really. I don't want to talk about it. But the surgeons performed a wonderful operation, very experimental.

ROXY: Huh. I didn't know that sort of technology was available on earth. Are you sure you aren't here about anything else?

She folds her arms, as if waiting to hear more.

NINA: Well... No, we're really just here about the baseball.

ROXY: Hmm... From the sounds of it, you're British or something. How did you hear about the Acorns?

NINA: Acorns? No, we're just here about the baseball.

She grins nastily.

ROXY: But, Annie, the Acorns are our baseball team. If you've heard enough about them to come here all the way from England, why don't you know their name?

The little goose girl makes a strange honking sound, and Roxy nods.

ROXY: The two of you aren't who you say you are.

NINO: I'm sorry, my friend must be just a little jet-lagged. I mean, she DID just fly in from England and everything.

ROXY: Oh, yeah? You here for the baseball, too?

NINO: Well, duh! I was the one who told Annie all about the Acorns! They're the greatest! I'm just from... uhh... a few towns west of here.

ROXY: I've never seen you at a game before.

NINO: Uhh... I'm really short. You probably just didn't notice me.

The skinny bear starts to laugh.

ROXY: What's so funny, Coach?

COACH: Relax, Roxy. Fans are fans. And even if they are here for... other things...

He turns to us, his face suddenly serious.

COACH: They're outnumbered. Anyway, we're up against Spud Valley in three days. But, if you really are a loyal fan, Harry, I guess you already knew that.

HARRY: Well... yeah! Stupid Spud Valley! Those guys are a bunch of bums!

Roxy seems to stand at ease for the first time since we've arrived.

ROXY: Well... here's hoping we have a chance. Goosey here's good, but she can't carry the whole team herself.

The little girl nods and honks again.

ROXY: You remember how last year went, Harry. I just don't know if we can do it this year.

COACH: And next year, Foxy would be on the high school team! I just know she'd be a shoo-in for varsity. This would have been her last year on the middle school team, and she's missing it, thanks to those... those...

Goosey honks again.

COACH: Hey, watch your language, young lady!

Roxy turns from us and starts walking up the stairs to the town hall, until she’s almost snout-to-beak with the mayor.

ROXY: Don't you get it, Turkey Lurkey? These people came all this way just to see a little league game, and now they're going to be disappointed! THIS is the kind of publicity you should want for this town: our legendary baseball program. But if you refuse to help us, the only thing Oakey Oaks will ever be known for is alien invasions! Do you want to become some tasteless tourist trap? Watching a bunch of filthy outsiders standing around, staring at the sky like a bunch of morons? Or do you want a few really good ones to come and see some kids play nice, wholesome baseball?

One of the dogs holds up a long series of signs bearing a few words each, and the mayor reads off of them, his eyes flicking back and forth nervously.

TURKEY LURKEY: I suppose you have a point, Ms. Loxy. But I'm not sure I can make the aliens fix your daughter. They're really powerful, and what if they don't want to?

ROXY: You make them understand. I'm sure THEY don't want outsiders to find out about THEM, either. Would make it very difficult to gather acorns, wouldn't it?

You know what? I still don't have any idea what's even going on here. What the heck are we even supposed to be doing?
No. 536559 ID: cf49fc

Their rampant xenophobia is a sign of corruption. And why would a MAYOR have BODYGUARDS in this little podunk town eh? They're partially the source of this corruption, I'm sure of it.
No. 536560 ID: c23ab0

I still think you should have just said you were aliens up front. It's true!!
No. 536568 ID: 96c896

Not sure yet. Keep a nose out for that vinegar smell, or any people acting really weird.

It looks like those bodyguards are controlling the mayor via their signs...
No. 536570 ID: 96c896

Oh, uh, for now I think you should ask what the aliens are like.
No. 536583 ID: d2ad4a

Ask them if anything weird has occured in the last two years. Even by their standards, is what I'd LIKE to do...But right now the spotlight is on us. We should probably back off for the time being, and then at a later date or in less tense circumstances ask around about it.
No. 537030 ID: 2ae1fb
File 137733679359.png - (281.90KB , 712x512 , 180.png )

NINA: Ms. Loxy, you said that the incident with your daughter happened two years ago. Has anything strange happened since then?

ROXY: Yes. Every day has been "strange" for the past two years. Every. Single. Day.

NINO: What do you mean?

ROXY: Foxy just... isn't Foxy anymore.

She falls silent, and rejoins the rest of the crowd at the base of the stairs.

COACH: So, if you're gonna be in town for the next three days, where are y'all staying?

The crowd seems to get closer, more hostile, waiting for a legitimate response. Suddenly, a voice from behind us cuts in.

???: Oh, there you two are! I've been looking all over for you! I mean, you weren't at the deli, and you weren't at the library, and you weren't at that cute little shop with all the knick-knacks... Well, I was getting kinda worried!

Standing behind us is a very large rooster-man in a nice shirt and pants. His eyes look rather nervous, but his smile is very reassuring. Roxy raises an eyebrow.

ROXY: You know these people, Buck?

BUCK: Know them? Why, Harry here's been my friend since I used to play for the Acorns. Which is probably why, you know, he likes the Acorns so much. Right, Harry?

NINO: Uhhh... Uhh, right?

ROXY: Isn't he a little... young? I mean, he doesn't look a day over 20.

BUCK: Nonsense. Good genes, you know. His mom's quite the looker, still!

Uhhh... Uhhh.... What? Is this guy CRAZY? He doesn't even KNOW my mama! And he can't talk about her that way!

COACH: Then... Why haven't we ever met him?

BUCK: Well... He only comes to town for the games. And, you know, we're all real busy then, so.... Anyway, I can see that you're all real busy already! So, you know, we're just gonna get in the car, and it's gonna be fine. See? Everything's fine!

He never breaks eye contact with Roxy, but he starts gesturing us towards a car.

Normally, I wouldn't get in the car with such a suspicious character. But the crowd really does seem to be getting sort of agitated.

This is weird, and totally crazy! We can't just...

Nina's getting in the rooster's car? What, is she stupid or something? Oh, well, may as well go after her. Who knows? It could be fun, like a.... crazy adventure! Yeah...

Once we're in the car, Buck drives away quickly, and gives a loud sigh of relief. He looks a lot calmer now.

BUCK: Are you two alright? That was a pretty hairy situation back there!

NINA: Oh, yes... But who are you?

BUCK: Who, me? I'm nobody, really. But... I don't really like the way Roxy's been lately.

NINA: What do you mean?

BUCK: Well... look, it's complicated. Do you have kids, Annie?

NINA: WHAT!? I'm 18!

BUCK: Oh, sorry, sorry! It's just... Being a parent is difficult. And I'm not sure Roxy's doing a great job is all. Don't tell her I said that.

He shakes his head, as if trying to clear his mind.

BUCK: Look, I'm not like the rest of those guys. This town... I've lived here all my life, you know, but sometimes the people are like... wild animals, you know? They like to pounce on every juicy little piece of gossip they can get their grubby hands on. And... I used to be part of that. But not anymore. I'm a new man, now. And that's why I've gotta help you guys out.

NINA: What do you mean?

BUCK: Well, you're clearly not from around here. But I figure you've gotta have a good reason to be, since you came up with a lie like that. I don't know why, but I trust you. So, whatever, you need a place to stay? I've got it! We've got a real nice fold-out couch, you know, the fancy ones? That turn into a bed and everything? Man, it's great! Anyway... I just didn't want to see you guys run outta town. And you know something? If you do have something to do with those aliens? I've met them! They're great! They're just... well, they're just a normal family, too! Just like anyone here in town. So I can definitely understand....

Jeez, this guy just won't shut up! Nina seems to trust him, but I think he's fishy.

BUCK: Anyway, here we are!

He drives up to a house that looks like an immense chicken coop.

BUCK: Kids are probably out back playing. Anyway, I still have a few more errands to run. Make yourselves at home, give me a call if you need anything.

NINA: How?

BUCK: What, don't you kids have cell phones? Jeez, I thought all you kids had 'em nowadays with all the texting and the... the MySpace, and... awww, I dunno. Well... I'll be back in less than an hour. But for now... me casa is... is you casa? I guess?

NINO: Tu. Tu casa. "Mi casa es tu casa."

BUCK: Oh, well look at that! That's... that's pretty great! Learn something new every day! Hey, maybe you could help Chicken Little with his Mutton homework? He's not really much with, you know, the foreign languages and all, so... Yeah...

NINO: ....What!?

BUCK: Well... Bye! Or... uhh... Adios! I gotta go! See you soon!

He leaves before we have a chance to say anything else.

NINO: Jeez, would you believe that guy? What a spaz!

NINA: He sort of saved us, Nin-er, Harry. We should be grateful.

NINO: I dunno, I think he's crazy. And probably hiding something. And also a douche.

NINA: Wow, you're in an uncharacteristically bad mood today.

NINO: That guy’s just... I don't know, Nina. He bugs me.

NINA: It's Annie as long as we're here. It's too late to change it now. I say we make the best of things. Maybe watch a little telly? Either way, I think we should wait for Buck to get back. He knows this town, and can help us out.

NINO: I don't like it. We've gotta do something, Annie. This town is kinda freaking me out.
No. 537038 ID: 5869f6

Don't worry nino. Buck's a good guy, err.. rooster.
He's just trying to help. As well as trying to do his best as a father.
Also, what did you mean by the town 'giving you the creeps'?
No. 537039 ID: 96c896

It's starting to sound like the entire town is being influenced, not just the mayor. Also, two major events are happening in 3 days... that's probably the time limit.
No. 537046 ID: d2ad4a

Ok, two questions for you.
1. How does this world feel as far as your abilities go?
2. Did it feel like you were 'dampened' when you were near Buck? Normally I'd say trust him but, I'm wondering what's up that you don't.

It might JUST be a hunch, but...Well, here's the story. Buck used to be married, but his wife passed away. And two years ago, his relationship with his son, Chicken Little, was really strained from that. Two years ago, that was overturned...But I'm thinking that possibly, the corruptive force is offering Buck the chance to get his wife back...The problem here, is that it would distort the story of this world. Normally I wouldn't think this, but I figure there's probably SOME reason Nino doesn't trust him-I'm thinking Nino might be getting the impression of a fast one being played on you guys, and there's no reason the corruption can't start 'cutting deals' with people, so to speak.
No. 537218 ID: c23ab0

How could this town not give anyone the creeps? Just... just look at it!

You need to find Little. Fast.
No. 537926 ID: 2ae1fb
File 137759123914.png - (267.01KB , 712x562 , 181.png )

Well... Actually, this world feels pretty good. Not like the last few, but still pretty good. My joints are real supple, I bet I could squash and stretch pretty good!

But the people here are just so serious! I don't get it! This FEELS like a Toon world, but everyone acts like it isn't. And that's just kinda weird.

....And Buck is super-awkward and made some crack about my mom. And then he had to be all like "blah blah you casa blah blah." What an asshat!

Oh, my.... I hadn't even considered that. So... do you think that Nino's right not to trust him? He really seemed like he was trying to help.


Oh, right, you mentioned a "Chicken Little." He's Buck's son, right? So, he should be in the back yard.

NINA: Do you want to check out the back yard?

NINO: Well... It's something to do. And the head-voices want us to talk to the kid, right?

NINA: Exactly.

We walk past the stairs, into the kitchen, and through a screen door into the backyard. Suddenly, five children drop whatever it was they were doing before we came outside and turn to stare at us. There's a huge pig boy, a fish with a helmet full of water, a duck girl with little ponytails, a fox girl with long, curly blonde hair, and a tiny little chicken boy with huge glasses. I'm assuming that that's Chicken Little.


NINA: Oh, umm... Hello. Your dad invited us in.

The pig boy looks nervous.

???: Uhhh... Uhhhh.... I... don't think I've ever seen you around here before. Strange adults! Strange adults! We're all in danger!

The duck girl rolls her eyes and sighs.

???: Runt, relax, OK?

RUNT: Sorry! I'm really paranoid and have lots of social anxiety in awkward situations.

CHICKEN LITTLE: Look, Abby's right. My dad trusts them, right?

The fish gurgles happily and hops over to Nino, doing a strange, happy little dance.

NINO: So.... has anything strange been going on in town recently?

ABBY: Really? You're just going to ask us questions when you haven't introduced yourselves?

NINA: Right, sorry. My name is Annie Hooten, and this is my friend, Harry Harlow.

ABBY: Abby Mallard. These are Chicken Little, Runt of the Litter, Fish Out of Water, and Foxy Loxy.

NINO: Okay, we know each other. Anything weird happening?

RUNT: Yes!

NINA: Like what?

RUNT: Uhhh... Or no?

ABBY: Runt!

RUNT: SORRY! I'm really, really, really indecisive.

FOXY: My mother's been making a right spectacle of herself lately. Why, I can hardly show my face in public! But other than that, it's business as usual in Oakey Oaks.

CHICKEN LITTLE: Your mom being crazy isn't weird, Foxy.

FOXY: But she's been worse lately! Why, just last night she said she was going to Town Hall to intimidate the Mayor!

ABBY: Why the Mayor?

FOXY: She thinks she can make him force the aliens to... to... No, I can't say it, it's too horrible.

NINA: Please, Foxy? We're here to help.

FOXY: Well... My mother liked me better before... It's too weird. I can't tell... people who aren't from Oakey Oaks.

RUNT: Well, we like you just the way you are, Foxy!

He grabs her paw with one of his little hooves and kisses her on the forehead.

FOXY: Thanks, Runt.

NINA: Chicken Little... Has your dad been acting strange lately?

CHICKEN LITTLE: Strange? Like how?

NINO: Like... wrong. Just wrong.

CHICKEN LITTLE: Hmmm... No, same old dad.

ABBY: I haven't noticed anything either.

So, I think I'm starting to understand more of what's happening here. The kids obviously don't know that we know all about the aliens, but I suppose that's fine. I'm just not sure what to do now. And I'm also not sure what to make of what you said earlier about Buck. Chicken Little would have noticed if his father was corrupted... right? I'm just not sure what to do now.

These kids are pretty cool! Especially that fish dude! He just dances around while everyone else is being all dramatic and serious and stuff. He's my kind of guy! Too bad the grown-ups can't be more like that.
No. 537936 ID: ddd0ce

Hrrrum. Next person to check out would be Foxy Loxy's mother- I guess I started barking up the wrong tree there, woof, woof!
Seriously now, what the kids said about Roxy Loxy sounds consistant to someone that got corrupted, I think I had the right idea, only the wrong target-Roxy might be either compulsed or willingly going along with the corruption's schemes.
No. 540672 ID: 02bd5c
File 137927455040.png - (276.99KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest182.png )

NINA: We did run into your mother, and she was at town hall.

FOXY: Goodness gracious!

NINO: Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go talk to her!

FOXY: You really don't want to do that. My mom is really, really scary.

RUNT: She's right!

ABBY: But, Foxy... talking to her might help with whatever's going on. It's important to keep the lines of communication open, so...

FOXY: Thanks, but no thanks, Abby. I can't talk to her anymore.

NINO: Don't worry! We'll talk to her, and figure out what's going on!

NINA: Shouldn't we wait here for Buck? He'll wonder where we went.

NINO: No, we shouldn't. We should go talk to Foxy's mom right now!

NINA: So you're saying we run back to town hall right now and talk to her? That's stupid.

NINO: Maybe, but I can't think of anything better.

FOXY: We could always go to my house. She'll have to come home eventually.

CHICKEN LITTLE: And you probably don't want to bother her while she's talking to the mayor.

RUNT: She'd bite your faces off!

ABBY: And she'll probably have Goosey Loosey with her. She's stronger than she looks.

Hmm... So we could wait here for Buck, we could go to town hall and risk our necks, or we could go to Foxy's house. I do feel like waiting for Buck would be the sensible decision. He was kind enough to help us, and I'd hate to worry him. At the same time, we might not want to waste any time with this. Decisions, decisions.
No. 540679 ID: f3d1de

I remember that mob Roxy had behind her. We want a 1 on 1 confrontation-she won't lose face in front of the townspeople that way, and won't have to 'stick to her guns' as a result. Sooo let's wait around a bit.
Come to think of it, this whole mess is over Foxy getting her brain scrambled, supposedly...But what's to say Foxy can't still play baseball like she used to? I mean, she was awesome at it at one point, as I recall...
No. 540681 ID: 5869f6

Hurm, perhaps we can, at least, wait a while. Then see if Roxy is home later. Hopefully Buck will be back by then.
No. 540803 ID: 2ae1fb
File 137937815303.png - (278.35KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest183.png )

NINA: Alright, then we definitely don't want to meet her at town hall. Why don't we just wait for Chicken Little's dad to come back, and then we'll head over to Foxy's mother's house and talk to her.

FOXY: You'd really... talk to her? You're crazy!

ABBY: No, they're not! Talking out your problems is the only way to solve them. It says so in Modern Mallard!

FOXY: I don't care what Modern Mallard has to say! I'm not talking to her.

RUNT: Stop it stop it stop it! You're tearing this family apart!

FOXY: ...Are you OK, Runt?

RUNT: Sorry, sorry... I just have a lot of anxiety when everyone's fighting like this…

ABBY: We weren't fighting, Runt.

CHICKEN LITTLE: Maybe we should all go talk to Foxy's mom! Safety in numbers, right?

NINO: I'm not sure that's a good idea.


NINO: It might be dangerous! What if there's something wrong with her!?

NINA: Harry…

FOXY: He's right! If they want to risk their necks trying to talk sense into my momma, then let them. But I'm not going.

ABBY: Foxy…

Suddenly, from inside the house, we hear Buck's voice.

BUCK: Hey, everybody, guess who's home! ...Uhh, it's me! I'm home! Annie? Harry? Where are youse guys? Chicken Little? Kids?

CHICKEN LITTLE: We're out back, Dad!

ABBY: Great! Your dad can give us a ride to Foxy's mom's house!

FOXY: We're not going!

CHICKEN LITTLE: Yes, we are!

NINA: Well, come along if you like.

NINO: Annie, they can't!

NINA: Why not? It sounds like they're involved.

Ugh, why won't she listen to me! If Roxy's infected or corrupted or whatever, we don't want those kids going anywhere near her! This is cray!

What is wrong with Nino all of a sudden? If the children want to go, then that's up to them. Besides, I think they probably know the situation better than they do, especially since, as you said, Foxy is probably at the heart of the whole conflict.

But then, Foxy doesn't want to go…

So, what do we do?
No. 540836 ID: 3d1a76

I'm honestly kinda tempted to follow Nino's lead here. This seems like an arena he'd do well in...And honestly, I'm pretty much nearly out of ideas on how to handle this.
No. 540865 ID: c23ab0

So split up. For safety!

goddamn why are you so large Nina
No. 540967 ID: d2995c

It would probably be best for Foxy not to come, as that would likely lead to a major confrontation before we know enough. Maybe some can come with us while others stay behind?

It seems like everyone here is either huge or tiny, really.
No. 545590 ID: 2ae1fb
File 138290519699.png - (382.36KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest184.png )

I'm not large! This is all mostly feathers. I'm not quite used to it myself, and I suppose it is a little strange... But that's no reason to be rude!

NINA: Alright. I suppose if you don't want to, you don't have to go, Foxy.

FOXY: Thank you.

NINA: Would any of the rest of you still like to come?

ABBY: You know what? Forget it. If Foxy can't talk to her own mother, then there's no way any of us can get through to her.

FOXY: That's right!

CHICKEN LITTLE: Come on, everyone. Let's just go to Abby's house for some karaoke or something.

RUNT: YES! Karaoke! Never gonna give you up...

ABBY: No, no, no! Anything but that one!

The other children laugh, and they walk out of Buck's backyard without a care in the world.

Buck stands at the back door.

BUCK: Oh... Where are the kids?

NINA: They decided to go to Abby's house.

BUCK: Aww, man... I was gonna make 'em those little sandwiches. You know the ones, with the lettuce, and the... Well... I guess Abby's mom can take care of them. Sheesh...

He looks really disappointed.

Why are we standing here listening to this guy ramble on and on about friggin' sandwiches? This is ridiculous.

NINO: Hey, Buck, we were wondering if you could give us a ride to Roxy's house.

BUCK: What? Why would you want to go there? Do you two wanna get run outta town? Is that it? 'Cuz I'm sure she and her gang would be happy to do it. I mean, you saw the way those folks looked at you.

NINA: We really need to talk to her about Foxy. It's extremely important.

BUCK: Well... I sure hope you guys know what you're doing. I mean, I'm sure it's important and all, but come on...

NINO: Are you driving us there or not?

BUCK: Take it easy! Yeah, sure, okay, I'll drive you!

FINALLY! We get back in the car, and drive to a kinda weird house. It's all earth tones, with some grass on the roof. I guess it's supposed to be a fox den or something, but it's not really that cool. I just... Why is this world so freakin' annoying? It seems like it's supposed to be fun, right?

BUCK: Alright, this is the place. Do you... do you need me to come with you? Because, you know, Roxy knows me better than she knows you, we went to school together. She won't listen to me, but, you know... moral support? Safety in numbers?

NINO: Nah, we're good.

NINA: Thanks for the offer, Buck, but I think we'll be fine.

BUCK: Alright. I'll just... I'll just drive over to the corner, then. I mean, it's not like I'm scared she'll see me or anything, but... Well, maybe I'm a little scared. When you're done here, I'll give you a lift back to the house.

NINA: Thanks!

NINO: ....Sure.

He waves and drives away. Great! I thought he'd never shut up!

We go to the door, and Nina knocks.

NINA: Ms. Loxy? Are you home?

I can hear her in there, her footsteps getting louder as she approaches the door.

Oh, goodness. What do we say? What if she's angry? I'm really not sure how to handle this situation.

I'm not sure Roxy's the kinda lady to appreciate a good burla. But there has to be something we can do to make this whole situation just go away or something? Honestly, I'm still not entirely sure what we're supposed to be doing.
No. 545859 ID: 02bd5c

Firstly, butts.

Secondly, I would be cautious, she might come out swinging a shovel or something wildly 'cause she seems kinda nuts. Maybe try and fain concern over her daughter, maybe lie about how you think her behavior is not normal (Even though it is), how the aliens seem like a bad thing etc (they are not they just like acorns, the nuts not the baseball team. Basically her daughter used to be a bitch and got turned into a nice girl via teleportation when they were looking for their own kid who accidentally got left behind when collecting acorns, it was for the best).

Thirdly, butts.

Also cheer up Neno, humor in this world works via people who are horribly socially awkward, so that is why it is different, and why Chicken Little's dad is so friggen terrible at talking and manages to say the wrong thing every time. (It doesn't use that much slapstick as far as my knowledge serves).

Lastly, jiggly butts.
No. 545981 ID: c23ab0

> terrible mother produces a spiteful hellspawn who makes everyone's lives miserable
> aliens fix that by accident
> terrible mother can't deal w/it

She probably feels guilty like she made her daughter be a bad person or something. That Foxy turned a 180 in personality just makes Ms. Loxy feel guiltier, because she can't just blame a bad nature in her child.

Which is all sort of foolish because good mothers raise bad children all the time. What happened to Foxy was not natural, even if it turned out for the best. Before that Foxy may indeed have been a "bad seed" so to speak, not to take culpability away from her mother, who really is a terrible mother.
No. 546077 ID: d2995c

So, lets review the leads we have seen. Roxy has been hostile so far, and is possibly influenced but possibly just a jerk who is upset for kind of understandable reasons. The other lead is the mayor's guards, who appear to be controlling what he says through signs, possibly due to influence or possibly due to being Men-In-Black types in a cover-up operation. Since we are here, we should try to get her help in investigating the mayor by telling a story close to the truth.

Tell her that she was correct in noticing that we are not who we said. 'Explain' that we are not from this world, but are not associated with the aliens she is familiar with and are in fact investigating this incident. In particular we are looking for a shape-changing criminal who is known for seemingly senseless acts of malice, and who we believe to be hiding in the area, possibly in disguise among the regular aliens. We should say that since she noticed who we are she might have noticed other evidence that might in our investigation, and ask if she is willing to share any. If she asks about the mind scrambling, say that the reports he have heard said it was accidental but we have not yet ruled out the criminal being involved in some way. In particular we should ask what she has noticed about the strange recent behavior of the mayor and his guards.
No. 546085 ID: 2ae1fb
File 138320161079.png - (440.56KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest185.png )

...Excuse me? I... I don't understand why... Why would you...? Just... So improper... You are making me extremely uncomfortable.

Ha! Hahaha! You said "Butts!" Dude, I think I love you.

Huh. Socially awkward? I've never been socially awkward in my life! I'm too smoooooth! So... are you saying that, in this world, I'm... I'm... NOT FUNNY!? I... I don't think I can handle that...

NO! I have to try! I WILL be socially awkward, even if it kills me!

...Well, maybe not if it kills me.

Suddenly, Roxy swings the door open, staring down at us.

ROXY: Oh. Hello, Annie. Harry. What brings you two here? I thought you left with Buck.

ANNIE: Oh, yes, well... we did. But we happened to meet your daughter there, and...

ROXY: Of course. Come inside.

She gestures into a pleasant, but slightly dark living room, with baseball paraphernalia all over the walls.

ROXY: Have a seat.

She seats herself in a large armchair, and we sit across the room from her on a sofa.

ROXY: Make yourselves at home. I have some lemonade in the fridge if you want some.

NINO: Yes! I'm super-thirsty! Go get it!

What? Why is he being so rude? I nudge him subtly as Roxy gives him a pained expression and heads to the kitchen. He just looks at me and shrugs, whispering:

NINO: Gotta be socially awkward!

NINA: This is neither the time, nor the place.

If I don't do something funny I'm gonna go BANANAS!

Ha! Bananas! Like... like a monkey! With bananas!

Roxy comes back into the room with two tall, cold glasses of lemonade and gives them to me and Nina.

ROXY: So, I take it that you saw the sorts of children that my daughter has been associating with.

NINA: Oh, well... Yes.

ROXY: Isn't it just disgraceful? Sure, the town loved them after the whole alien thing happened, but they're basically pariahs at Foxy's school. And now she's one of them.

Jeez, what a bitch!

NINA: Yes... Her behavior does seem rather... strange. We think it's just terrible what those aliens did to her mind.

NINO: Oh, uhhh... yeah! She was a total pro at baseball, so... it's so... sad that she wears old dresses and acts all southern and stuff. What a waste. Uhh... yeah.

ROXY: So glad you understand. Nice to know that someone's on my side.

NINA: Oh, Ms. Loxy, the whole town is on your side! Even outsiders like Harry and I can see that.

ROXY: I guess you're right. Well, it's nice to have two more, anyway. I'm sure we'll get the mayor to force the aliens to turn Foxy back into Foxy.

NINA: And just how are we going to do that?

ROXY: Oh? I thought I already made my plan perfectly clear. Three days from now, the aliens are going to have their annual acorn harvest here in Oakey Oaks. They'll probably stop by to visit Buck, like they do every year, and maybe do some shopping around town. When they come, I plan to have every reporter in the county here to get it all on national television, unless the mayor does the sensible thing between now and then and gives in to our demands. That's why I haven't called them yet... But it isn't like they have anything better to do than come the second I call.

NINA: And if the mayor does give in?

ROXY: Then we, as a town, band together and take the aliens hostage the second they step out of their ship. Their guard will be down, and they won't have any means of communication on them--that's all in the ship. We refuse to let them go until they turn my daughter back.

NINA: How easy do you think they'll be to convince?

ROXY: Easy enough. Without their big fancy weapons, they'll be helpless. And it gets better--they've got a little kid, too. Threaten the kid, and the parents will fall in line quick enough.

NINO: Threaten the kid? Doesn't that sound kinda harsh?

ROXY: Harsh? Hardly. They took my daughter from me, so why should I care about their brat? And besides, we wouldn't really hurt it. But they sure as hell aren't going to call our bluff.

She leans back in her chair, sighing.

ROXY: Of course, if we fail, the town will be ruined, I know that. Those reporters certainly won't help Oakey Oaks at all. But it was the only threat big enough to get the mayor involved, and besides... I don't care. I have nothing left to lose. I... I just want my daughter back.

This bitch is coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs! What the hell are we supposed to do? I mean, sure, we figured out what her plan is, and I guess we should maybe save the town or something? But then, maybe the whole getting-lots-of-outsiders-here thing would be good for Oakey Oaks. But... I dunno, it sounds kinda like a big deal in this stupid, awkward, weird-ass world.

I don't know what to do. I feel really bad for Roxy, but... Foxy seems happy. And Roxy did seem a bit unpleasant about Foxy's friends. They all seemed like decent kids to me. A bit strange, maybe, but... Oh, I don't know. Who are we supposed to even be saving here? Roxy? Foxy? The town? The aliens? I... I'm so confused.

And whoever we're supposed to save... How are we going to do it?
No. 546086 ID: 2ae1fb

Your suggestion couldn't be included. Sorry, post was written many hours ago, and drawing took forever for this one.
No. 546087 ID: c23ab0

You can't try to be socially awkward you- it- uggggh
No. 546094 ID: a5188f


I guess the question is where do we stand on this...

Here's my take on this... Oakey Oats being a small town is not a bad thing, just a different thing. Same with having aliens there. That to me, is sort of the point of that small group of friends- they stick together DESPITE not going with the herd that the rest of the town becomes sometimes. It's a question of bending to peer pressure versus doing what works for you/being who you are...I think.
No. 546097 ID: 5869f6

Oh god...
Look guys, in a strange, twisted way. She really does want to get her 'old' Foxy back. Except, from what we can remember, Foxy's old personality. Was kind of... well, you know that kind of alpha bitch in most stereotypical high schools, with all the friends and the center of attention. Who picks on the losers? That was foxy. I'm thinking that loxy was teaching foxy to do whatever it takes to get to the top. Even if she has to use others as stepping stones to do it.
And Nino: J-Just stop. If I had a face, I would have a broken and bloody nose from PUNCHING myself by now.
No. 546098 ID: 5869f6

(Ohgoddamnitshitfuck, I thought Roxy was Loxy and Loxy was Foxy and FoxyLoxyRoxyGODDAMNIT! Just imagine I said their names right.)
No. 546160 ID: 2ae1fb
File 138326765725.png - (435.35KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest186.png )

But... But... But I GOTTA be funny! I just GOTTA! If I'm not funny, then what the fuck good am I!?

I guess you're right, though... being socially awkward is haaaarrd....

Oh, yeah? Well... Well... Fuck you, too, Buddy!

I guess you're right. She does love her daughter. Who are we to judge something like that? Maybe... Maybe we should help her after all.

NINA: So, what exactly are we supposed to do?

ROXY: We continue to picket daily until the game against Spud Valley. If the Mayor gives in, we meet up at the Spud Valley game and wait until nightfall, when the aliens arrive. If he doesn't, then I have some phone calls to make that evening.

NINA: Right. Got it. Thank you, Ms. Loxy, it's been a pleasure speaking to you.

ROXY: Anytime. I'll see you two around.

She rises and moves towards the door, gesturing for us to go outside.

Phew! We're finally outta there! And she didn't kill us after all!

NINA: So, Harry, I've been thinking... Maybe we're supposed to help Roxy get her daughter back?

NINO: What!? But we met Foxy! She seemed happy!

NINA: Yes, but... Well, you heard the head-voices. Roxy wants her daughter back. Maybe that's what's wrong here. Maybe we need to get the old Foxy Loxy back.

NINO: Why the fuck would we do something like that?

NINA: Well... Splitting up families seems like something our enemy would do, right?

NINO: But, Nina, that happened two years ago. If that were the problem, something would have gone really wrong by now.

NINA: Maybe you're right. But I can't think of anything else. Do you have any better suggestions?

NINO: Well, maybe we should just let the press get here. It might be good for this little podunk town after all!

NINA: Come on, Harry... There's nothing wrong with Oakey Oaks. And it's like Roxy said, I don't think anyone would be happy if this sweet little town turned into some sort of gaudy tourist-trap.

NINO: Okay, okay, maybe you're right. But we gotta do SOMETHING!

NINA: We help Roxy. She's the only person who's given us any sort of direction since we've come here.

NINO: Really? I thought you were "Team Buck" all the way!

NINA: Buck has been incredibly kind, and he did save us earlier. But he hasn't exactly given us any real ideas.

NINO: I really don't think we're supposed to do what she says. She wants to kidnap some alien kid!

NINA: She's bluffing, and she's desperate.

NINO: Yeah, but she's totally CRAZY!

NINA: Maybe. But... She just misses her daughter. And besides, it's not like you have any better ideas.

NINO: I don't. But the head-voices might. We should just wait for them to tell us what to do.

NINA: They haven't given us much direction in this world.

NINO: Well, no.... But, I dunno, I think we're out of ideas.

NINA: Too right. I suppose we'll just have to side with Roxy, then. As I said.

NINO: NO! We. Wait. For. Suggestions.

Buck is waiting at the corner, and we walk towards the car in silence.

Nino isn't thinking clearly at all. We can't wait forever. We're going to have to come to a decision sooner or later, and it seems to me that you voices have already ruled out the possibility of letting Roxy call the journalists, and you clearly understand that she loves her daughter. Please make him see reason!

Come on, guys, Nina's lost it! She's just as crazy as Psycho-Bitch-McFox back there! We can't help her, we've gotta find some other way to fix this world... Whatever's wrong with it.... Ugh, whatever happened to the good old days where we could just fight zombies and I could get laid and life was simple and stuff?
No. 546165 ID: 5869f6

Look, guys,please don't fight! We really do want to help you, we're doing our best.
W-We just...
We really do care guys, we're thinking of actions and consequenses and all that and...
A-And we're trying our best to form a plan! But if something goes wrong and one of you gets hurt or-
Nina? Remember when you were disfigured? Saving Nino? I was... Scared! Scared that you were so hurt! In so much pain! And don't think I forgot about you nino! You're a funny guy! Why I bet you could be great one day! Have your own show! W-What I'm saying is. We really care guys. Even if the other head voices don't say so, We really do. Please guys don't fight. Mark my words, we'll come up with a plan yet!
(Oh god, we need a plan now!)
No. 546167 ID: a5188f

I know right!? This feels like we're on a wild goose chase! Fix the daughter or fix the mother or fix the town or what is even up!?
I really don't know WHAT gives, but...Hrrrm.
Ok, Foxy's deal is that she like, got her brain scrambled from...AH! Mass alien abducting in them searching for their son...
And Roxy was thinking of triggering that again!?!
Okay. So, if I understand this right...And judging by how this particular world works...I think it's mainly that Roxy and Foxy don't get along anymore because Foxy went from 'prom queen' to 'weirdo', and somewhere in there Foxy got off playing on the baseball team.
BECAUSE of this, that made things really tense between Roxy and Foxy-it's not just 'oh I can't connect with my daughter anymore', there's a side of 'noooo we're gonna lose to the Spuds and it's all because of her!' and that's making things worse!
So...Here's what I think. Talk to Roxy, ask her if it's really the upcoming game as well as Foxy's changes weighing on her mind, and try and help her through that, somehow? If that doesn't work, we could also talk to Foxy and try to see why she quit baseball-last i recall she was REALLY good-like straight home-run record good.
Sooo those two things we can try, for now. HOPEFULLY if that doesn't deal with it, it will at least get us closer to finding out just what we're actually supposed to be doing.
No. 546188 ID: d2995c

We are in a bit of trouble for ideas, but we do have three days to investigate things. Finding some way to reconcile Foxy and Roxy is almost certainly part of this, but first I am kind of tempted to suggest we investigate the mayor in the meanwhile because those sign holding guards are really suspicious.
As for a plan about Roxy and Foxy, I am starting to form an idea about how to approach that. I think we might be able to make an argument about how we were thinking about how bad it was that Foxy's personality was rearranged against her will, but making the aliens try to reverse the process would essentially be doing the same thing to her again. What happened to Foxy wasn't fair then, but would re-changing be any more fair to the Foxy who is here now?

...You know, while there is an actual disagreement at hand, I find it notable how it has gotten quite severe quite quickly, much like all the disagreements we have seen among the natives. They are similarly caused by a complex and emotional situation, but I have to wonder if a certain something is subtly amplifying every conflict around here. (Perhaps we could ask the kids if they have noticed a recent increase in number or severity of arguments?)
No. 546380 ID: 7bbaae

Hey, maybe we should end all doubt and ask the spirits for help.
No. 546387 ID: 2ae1fb
File 138343004062.png - (422.43KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest187.png )

Wow... I guess I never really thought about it like that. You guys really do care, huh? And what the hell am I doing getting so mad at Nina? If it weren't for her, I'd be super-dead by now.

You're right. We need to stop bickering. Thank you for always having our best interests in mind.

NINA: I'm sorry, Ni... Harry. You're right, we shouldn't just latch on to the first idea to come our way. We have three days to figure things out.

NINO: I'm sorry, too. And I'm sorry I called you a psycho bitch.

NINA: That's alright, I... Wait, you never called me any such thing!

NINO: Oh... Well, I was thinking it. Sorry.

NINA: What if the head-voices are right? What if it is our enemy that is making us fight like this?

NINO: Yeah, they might be on to something there!

NINO: So, what's the plan?

NINA: We go back and talk to Roxy again...

NINO: Won't that seem weird? We just left!

NINA: Desperate times call for desperate measures. Then, we find Foxy and her friends and talk to them.

NINO: Only if talking to Roxy doesn't work?

NINA: Even if it does, we can ask them about the arguments, as the head-voices suggested.


Whooo! It feels SO good to have a plan! Feels like everything's back to normal! Well, as normal as stuff ever is for us...

We turn around and walk back to Roxy's house, knocking on the door again. She opens it, confused.

ROXY: Oh, well... Hello again, you two! Did you forget something?


NINO: Yes.

NINA: Well, yes and no. We didn't leave anything here, but there was something else we wanted to ask you about.

ROXY: Oh, I guess that makes sense. Come in.

We sit back down on the sofa.

NINA: Well, about the Spud Valley game...

ROXY: Yes... I'm really not looking forward to it.

NINO: Huh? Why not? I thought you were super-jazzed for baseball!

ROXY: I am! But, Harry, you're an Acorns fan. You understand that... that crushing disappointment that comes from losing, especially to the Taters.

TATERS? Waitaminute waitaminute waitaminute... The big, bad team the Acorns are so afraid of is called the TATERS!? Oh. My. GOD! That's just... that's just priceless! Why can't I stop laughing?

ROXY: What's so funny?


ROXY: I don't see anything particularly funny about the Spud Valley Taters. You know they've been our rivals for years, and that they aren't a joke. You act as though you've never heard of them before.

Her eyebrow raises, her entire appearance suddenly becoming guarded. Stiff upper lip, Nino, please! If he cannot control himself, our alibis will completely fall apart!

NINO: No, no, it's not that... I just... Those guys are such stupid bums. Sure, they're tough, but the Acorns'll take 'em. If they're not a joke yet, they WILL be after the big game!

She sighs, at ease once more. Jolly good save!

Phew! That was CLOSE!

ROXY: I wish I could be as confident as you, Harry, I really wish I could. But you know the team hasn't been the same since Foxy...

NINA: We know. But, Ms. Loxy, isn't that part of the problem?

She suddenly snaps to attention, her eyes narrowing. What did I say?

ROXY: What do you mean?

NINA: Well... You love the game. You're a passionate fan. I understand that it hurts to see your team lose. Since your daughter was the Acorns' best player, they've been losing a lot more often lately, right?

ROXY: ...That's true... Just what are you getting at?

NINA: What I mean to say is... Could it be that part of the reason that you're so upset about Foxy's... behavior... is that you've had to watch your favorite team suffer for it?

ROXY: The Acorns' decline has been hard to watch, yes. But, Annie, that isn't half of it. You really don't understand, do you? She's my DAUGHTER. I LOVE her. I MISS her. She isn't the same little girl she used to be, and it's killing me. Yeah, I'm the biggest baseball fan there is. But this isn't even about baseball, Annie. This is about getting my baby girl back.

NINO: Are you sure?

NINA: Harry...

ROXY: Sure? About what?

NINO: That this isn't about baseball? I mean, she IS your daughter. She's still your daughter, right? But you've been talking about her like she's dead. She's not dead. Actually, I think she looked just fine.

ROXY: She may as well be dead! Sure, she SEEMS fine, but she isn't herself anymore!

NINO: I get it, I really do, and it's not fair that what happened happened. But... But if you make the aliens change her back, then wouldn't you be losing your daughter all over again? She's someone new, now. Why do you want to kill the new Foxy?

ROXY: That is NOT my daughter. My daughter was tough, a champion. She was confident, and well-liked. She was a good student, a great athlete, and an even better daughter. She was everything a mother could ask for, and we used to have so much in common. Now, I can't even talk to her. She's become some silly little girly-girl. She spends all her time with that pig and those other kids, and she's turned her back on everything she used to love... And me, too. Whoever that girl is, she isn't my daughter, and I don't care what happens to her. I just want MY daughter back.

NINO: What if you could talk to her? What would you say?

ROXY: We have nothing to talk about.

NINO: Bullshit. What would you say?

ROXY: I guess... I guess I'd ask her why... Why she can't just be the girl she used to be. I'd ask her why she can't just change back by herself. I'd ask her if Foxy, my Foxy, was still in there somewhere. I'd.... Wait. Why the HELL am I telling you this!? You can't talk to me like that in MY house! Out! Out, both of you!

NINA: But, Ms. Loxy, we're on your side! We're just asking...

ROXY: I don't care if you're on my side, or the aliens' side, or the goddamn Prime Minister of Japan's side! I want you OUT of my house! And if you don't get out of my house right now, I'm calling the fucking cops!

Quickly, Nino and I run for the door and down the street, and right into Buck's car.

BUCK: Whoa, whoa, whoa! What happened? I saw you come out, go back in, and now you're running like there's a fire!

NINA: We just had to ask her a few things, it isn't a big deal.

NINO: She threatened to call the cops!

NINA: Yes, well... You were rather disrespectful...

NINO: Annie, she needed to hear it.

NINA: ...Maybe.

BUCK: Well, is there anything I can do to help? I mean, I know the cops in this town. They're great guys! Lots o' fun. Love them some coffee. Used to play baseball with some of them. If you need me to explain anything to them, I could...

NINA: I don't think that's necessary, Buck, but thank you. You could do us one rather important favor, though.

BUCK: Say, anything you want! I mean, you know, within reason. Because, like, I'm not sure it's really possible to promise ANYTHING anything. Like, if you wanted me to drive you to the airport, that's one thing, but I'm not going to balance little cakes on my head for your amusement. Because that would be silly. And I'm not sure I have any little cakes. And...


NINA: Harry!

BUCK: Well... Gosh... I... Why didn't you just say so? I mean... Yeesh, sure I could do that, sure. I... I didn't know I was bothering you. I... Uhh... I'll just drive.

We drive the rest of the way in silence. Nino really IS in a foul mood. Poor Buck, he was only trying to help.

I don't know what came over me, I just... He just... He's like the thing that wouldn't shut up! I... I feel like a douche.
No. 546388 ID: 2ae1fb
File 138343011658.png - (380.99KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest188.png )

We pull up to a house decorated with a pattern that looks a bit like cat-tails, with small ponds all around the front yard.

BUCK: I'll... Uhh... I'll just wait here for you. If, you know, if you want me to.

NINA: It really is kind of you to do all these things for us Buck. I really do appreciate it.

NINO: ....Yeah. Sorry I kinda blew up at you.

BUCK: No... No, it was my fault. Don't worry about it.

We knock on the door, and Abby opens it.

ABBY: Oh, hey! Guys! It's Annie and Harry! They must have talked to Foxy's mom!

Suddenly, Abby grabs us by the hands and pulls us inside, shutting the door. She ushers us into the living room, where a large telly is displaying the lyrics to some song that I'm not familiar with. Runt is holding a microphone, but is silent, staring at us. All of the children seem to have frozen in place, waiting to hear what we have to say.

FOXY: Oh, thank heavens! Y'all are alive! I was worried she'd gobble you up!

CHICKEN LITTLE: Oh, come on, Foxy, you're mom isn't a cannibal!

RUNT: Technically, cannibals only eat members of their own species... And Annie's an owl, and Harry's a monkey, and owls and monkeys aren't the same species as foxes.

ABBY: I think you missed the point, Runt.

FOXY: What did my momma say?

NINO: She's crazy, alright!

FOXY: I knew it!

NINA: But what's important, here, is that we need to ask you some questions.

FOXY: Oh... umm... alright.

NINA: Have any of you noticed that there have been more arguments in Oakey Oaks lately?

RUNT: I haven't noticed any.

CHICKEN LITTLE: What are you talking about, Runt? Everyone's been at each other's throats!

RUNT: Well... I dunno about that... Everyone seems normal to me...

CHICKEN LITTLE: That's because you've been too busy listening to your old Spice Girls CDs to notice anything!

Abby just shakes her head and shrugs.

ABBY: I think that answers your question.

RUNT: Oh, no! Sorry, sorry, sorry!

CHICKEN LITTLE: I didn't mean it, Runt.

RUNT: We're good.

NINO: Also... Foxy, I'm curious... You used to love baseball. And you were really, really good at it! So... why did you stop playing? You can still play, right?

She just shrugs.

FOXY: I don't know. I haven't tried. I guess I still could.

NINO: Then, why don't you? It would solve a lot of problems.

FOXY: I just don't want to. It doesn't sound like fun anymore. It's just so... so boring! A lot of running around, and sweating, and for what? I mean, sure, trophies are nice and shiny, but... I'd rather play with my friends! And sing, and dance! And I don't want to wear those hideous, tacky uniforms anymore.

ABBY: Well... she does have a point, there. Those uniforms are pretty lame.

RUNT: Besides, she shouldn’t have to do anything she doesn't want to do!

He crosses his tiny arms and makes the most determined-looking face I think he's ever made.

NINA: I agree, but Foxy... I think that that's part of why your mother is so upset. She doesn't understand, and she thinks that you aren't you anymore.

FOXY: But I am me! I'm a better me! The old me was horrible!

CHICKEN LITTLE: She's right!

ABBY: She was a bully.

RUNT: She used to say hurtful things to us all of the time!

CHICKEN LITTLE: She and Goosey Loosey used to beat me up!

FOXY: I'm sorry...

ABBY: Don't be! You're different now.

RUNT: And I love you just the way you are, Foxy!

FOXY: Awww, Runt, you're so sweet!

NINA: I understand all of that. But she doesn't understand why you don't love the same things you used to. I think she's scared.

FOXY: I don't understand it either, but this is who I am now. And my momma's never been afraid of anything in her whole life.

NINA: You're wrong. She's scared that she's lost you.

NINO: She thinks you don't care about her anymore.

FOXY: I... Well, I never! That's a lie! She doesn't care about me! If she did, maybe she'd still treat me like she used to. But she doesn't talk to me anymore. She doesn't care, and she doesn't want to hear how I feel. So, we don't talk, and it's not my fault.

RUNT: No one blames you, Foxy.

ABBY: You can talk to us, Foxy!


Well, this is a cluster-fuck. They won't talk, and they won't listen. And between the baseball-nazis and Foxy's gang, they've been totally convinced that they're right. But I gotta say, I agree with Foxy. Her mom's a complete bitch! From the sounds of it, turning Foxy back is the stupidest thing ever. We have to do something... But first, we gotta eat something. I haven't eaten since breakfast, and lunch time was like an hour and a half ago!

What do we do? What do we say? They're both hurting so much. Foxy can't even understand that her mother is hurting, too. I doubt she's even considered the possibility. I mean, it sounds as though the old Foxy had many flaws, you've all told us much the same thing... But her mother painted a completely different picture. And the new Foxy isn't perfect, either. I'm so conflicted, and I wish this whole thing were less complicated.

And I'm STILL not sure what any of this has to do with saving the world.
No. 546392 ID: 5869f6

We really need a plan here... hurm, why don't we grab some lunch? Maybe a bit of food will help us think of...
Of something. Do you still have the bucket Uncle Remus gave you, Nina? Or does Nino have it.
No. 546420 ID: ff22de

Hrrrm... Most confounding!
Even IF we're beyond the reach of this world, this is an ethical quandary enough to even get to us!
Something that might be a good idea is to try to step back, calm down and think carefully before speaking.
Now, we have two individuals who are...
Has Foxy TRULY changed? I do think that while her interests have changed, she's still Foxy, underneath them!
I think the issue is that her and her mother is too hung up on the differences!
Like how Chicken little is more of an intellectual person while Buck is/was a jock! But it's not the differences that we should focus on! Whether you're girly or a tomboy, a nerd or a jock, a Toon or a Witch! When you get down to it, you're there for each other! Mother and Daughter, Father and Son, or even Best Friends!
No. 546423 ID: 7bbaae

I again suggest we use that spirit-contacting spell so we know exactly what we're supposed to be doing here. We need to know who our enemies are.
No. 546427 ID: d2995c

As for saving the world, my guess would be that the main disaster happens when Roxy's group attacks the aliens, things escalate, and things go in one of many possible unpleasant direction from there. So I think our general goal is probably to prevent that from happening, though reconciling Foxy and Roxy is still probably the best way to do so if we can manage it.
No. 546440 ID: 2ae1fb

Firstly, (again) butts.

Secondly, I don't know why you get uncomfortable when I say butts, you have a very cute one when you are human :P.

Thirdly, cute butts.

Fourth, I have a plan guys, first, get Nino to wear tinfoil on his head (like a nut) and call the media prematurely about the aliens and basically act like a nut spouting horrible conspiracy theories (Dale Gribble level of conspiracy theories, Neno I am sure you have heard of him). Basically remove all reliability from anyone claiming there are aliens by being 'the boy who cried wolf'. Then while Neno is doing that, Nina could be trying to patch things up between the mother and daughter, seeing as that seems to be the main visible problem, outside of the increased arguments, and the cause of those arguments will probably become apparent through that discussion. I would suggest getting Buck in on it and bring up the 'he was a jock but Chicken Little is a brainer and he is okay with it' angle, as well as the other kids and how she used to beat on them and she never had any real friends etc.

Fifth, bu-bu-bu-butts!

Sixth, I know that people get hung up on things, but the Dogs that are the mayors secret service have cue-cards are not some sort of insidious group with mallevolent intent, turkeys are just that DUMB. He NEEDS to be helped out like that. (It was a joke from the movie).

Butts, butts, butts, butts, butts, butts, jiggly (again) butts.
No. 546575 ID: 2ae1fb
File 138353861111.png - (377.49KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest189.png )

Aww, thanks! I mean, I KNOW I do, but it's nice to get a compliment every once in a while! I don't get uncomfortable, though. I think it's hilarious!

Oh... That wasn't directed at me, was it? Oh, well.

That tinfoil hat idea is BRILLIANT! Super-funny! Only... I don't know have the reporters' numbers like Roxy does, and she probably wouldn't give them to me. So... I guess that kinda rules that out.

......No. No, that's it. I won't stand for it. I'm not going to stand here and be harassed by voices in my head. I told you that I was uncomfortable, and yet you continue to behave in such a rude manner. If it doesn't stop, I'm through listening to you lot. Disgusting perverts! What sort of girl do you think I am, anyway?

Whoa... Nina looks really upset... I think she might actually cry...

ABBY: Hey... Annie? Are you alright?

NINA: Me? Never better. Why do you ask?

ABBY: You just look pretty upset.

NINA: Yes, well... I just... Harry and I were wondering if you would mind terribly if we used your kitchen. We brought our own food, but we're terribly hungry, and would like somewhere to eat it.

ABBY: Sure! It's right through there.

NINO: Thanks!

We go into the kitchen, and the children resume their karaoke. I don't think they can hear us.

Dude, is that ABBA!? These kids are cool!

We open the pail that Uncle Remus packed. This is delicious! It's quite a lot of food, but between the two of us, we manage to finish it all.

Uncle Remus is the best cook ever. I wonder if we could hit him up for food all the time? Don't wanna be rude or anything, but that was AWESOME!

I throw the empty milk bottles, the handkerchiefs, and the bucket into my bag. I don't really know what else to do with them, and I don't want to leave a mess for Abby or her parents to deal with.

Nina was really quiet for the whole meal. Like, more than normal quiet. Kinda shaky, too. Jeez, overreaction much?

NINO: Are you okay?

NINA: I'm fine, I just... I feel a little ill.

NINO: From the food?

NINA: No... But the head-voices have become rather offensive. This was just the last straw, after that comment about my feathers. Isn't it mad? Being… harassed in such a manner by the voices in your own head? I... I don't know if I can continue taking advice from voices that clearly don't respect me.

NINO: Annie, chill! They were just joking! And besides, we kinda need their help.

NINA: You don't get it. You don't get it at all.

NINO: No, I really don't.

NINA: You'd probably enjoy it if they made some sort of disrespectful comment about your body.

NINO: It was a compliment! Embrace it, girlfriend!

NINA: NO! I don't want that sort of compliment. I just feel... violated.

NINO: We'll worry about that later, OK? Right now, we gotta come up with a plan. Can we just focus on the other things the voices said, please?

NINA: I guess... I guess you're right. I'm completely overreacting, aren't I? Stiff upper lip!

NINO: Exactly! Try to think about the nice things they've said!

NINO: Like, we don't understand each other all the time, I get it. But, you know something? With all we've been through together? I think the head-voices might be right. We DO need to stick together! You get on my nerves sometimes, with your boring stick-in-the-mud prudish prim-and-proper act, but you know what? I think you might be one of my best friends, Nina.

NINA: Annie.

NINO: Seriously? You're just gonna be like that? I know, yeah, alibis, whatever. But no one can hear us, and you just completely ruined the mood.

NINA: Sorry, but I'd rather not be run out of town.

NINO: Whatever, Annie, whatever. And, hey, you were talking about the head-voices OUT LOUD just a minute ago! But I meant what I said.

NINA: I guess... I guess you're right. It's just....

NINO: What? What's wrong?

NINA: I mean... I've never had a... A "best friend" before. I mean, I had friends at school, but they all got jobs, or moved to London, or off to uni. I haven't spoken to any of them since graduation, and I'm sure none of them miss me much. I don't particularly miss them.

NINO: Dude, harsh!

NINA: No, not at all! I just... I was fine by myself. And I wasn't really alone; I had gran.

NINO: Yeah, well, you've got a best friend now, so deal with it.

NINA: I guess I have.

He breaks out in a huge grin and spreads his tiny monkey-arms wide.

NINO: Come on, Annie! Don't leave me hanging!

Oh, Nino... He's so silly. But I suppose it would be rude not to humor him. He means well.

Dude! She hugged me back, no way! I was totally expecting her to just shake her head at me!

NINA: Alright, then. That's quite enough of that.

Same old Nina! But she's right. It's plan time!

NINO: So, we get Foxy and Roxy to talk, right?

NINA: You make it sound so simple!

NINO: Well, one of the head-voices seemed to think that Buck could help.

NINA: Oh, that's right! We should get him involved.

NINO: I'm not sure how he'll be able to help. He's super awkward!

NINA: Yes, but he means well. And I think he may be able to speak to Roxy better than we can at this point.

NINO: What about Foxy's friends?

NINA: If they want to come along, absolutely. I think they may help our chances. But either way, the most important part is to get Foxy and Roxy talking again.

The last time I used that spell, it didn't go very well. But it might be worth a try. It worked in Prydain, right?

NINA: There's just one more thing I want to do before we talk to the kids again, Nino.

NINO: Alright. I'll wait.

NINA: Serpents and spiders, tail of a rat; call in the spirits, wherever they're at. Rap on a table; it's time to respond. Send us a message from somewhere beyond. Goblins and ghoulies from last Halloween: awaken the spirits with your tambourine. Creepies and crawlies, toads in a pond; let there be music, from regions beyond! Wizards and witches, wherever you dwell, give us a hint, by ringing a bell!

This vision is... strange. I see a movie theater, nearly empty. On a small stage in front of the screen stands Chicken Little and Buck. Buck is pulling on Chicken Little's hand, and then they suddenly look up at something past my head. Chicken Little pulls his hand out of his father's grip, and suddenly, I can hear them, as well.

CHICKEN LITTLE: You're never there for me!

BUCK: What?

I can hear Abby's voice from somewhere far away, but it's clear that the spirits want me to focus on what is happening on stage.

CHICKEN LITTLE: You're never there for me. I mean, you were there when I won the big game, but not when I thought the sky fell, and not at the ball field, and certainly not now! You... You've been ashamed of me ever since the acorn thing happened, and we have to talk about it, because Modern Mallard says avoiding closure can lead to molting, and I'm already small, and on top of that I don't think I could handle being bald!

I wish I had some idea of what on earth they were talking about! This vision is one of the clearest I've ever had, though, almost like the visions that Uncle Remus made.

BUCK: I... I... I... Didn't realize, Son. I... I... I never meant to... The acorn, the sky, I mean, the whole...

He sighs helplessly, seemingly lost for words.

BUCK: You're right. You're right! Hm. You.. Your mom. She... She was, you know. She was always good with stuff like this. Me? Ha! I'm gonna need a lotta work. But you need to know that I love you, no matter what. And I... And I'm sorry I... And I'm sorry I ever made you feel like that was something... you had to earn.

Buck wraps Chicken Little in his huge arms and lifts him up, and the two embrace... And the vision ends.

NINA: Well... that was strange.

NINO: What did you see?

NINA: Chicken Little and his dad. They were... I don't know.

NINO: Why them? What were they doing?

NINA: I don't know. It looked like they were... reconciling. They were talking, and then Buck said he loved Chicken Little, and they held each other. It was a touching moment, but... I'm afraid I don't understand why the spirits showed me that.

Nino snaps his fingers, his eyes suddenly wide with realization.

NINO: That's why the head-voices want to get Buck involved! What you saw must have been the past!

NINA: How would the head-voices know about that?

NINO: I don't know, but we have to get Foxy and Roxy to be all huggy and stuff, too! It's like the head-voices said, we need to reconcile them! The spirits were confirming it!

NINA: So, then, what's the plan?

NINO: Well, I guess we convince the kids to come with us, get Buck to drive us, convince him to come talk to Roxy with us... And then we bombard her with feels until she can't do anything but hug her daughter!

NINA: In the vision, Chicken Little did most of the talking.

NINO: Well then, I guess we have to get Foxy to do the talking here!

NINA: Foxy? But she doesn't want to. On top of that, are you sure that's a good idea? I'm afraid she won't be able to get anywhere diplomatically; she believes that her mother is mad.

NINO: We have to try!

He gets out of his chair and goes back to the living room, and I follow. The children immediately silence their karaoke machine and turn to look at us.

NINA: Foxy, would you do us a huge favor?

FOXY: Me? Why, sure, Annie, but I'm just not sure what I could....

NINA: We need you to speak to your mother.

FOXY: No! I've already told you, I can't do it! I just can't!

NINO: It might be the only way to make your problems go away. You gotta face them!

FOXY: No! She won't listen!

ABBY: They're right, Foxy. It's time to stop the squawk, and start the talk.

CHICKEN LITTLE: Trust me, I know from experience. Don't be afraid. She's your mom, right? She loves you!

FOXY: No, she doesn't! She hates me, and I am NOT talking to her!

The fish makes a sad gurgling noise, and Runt crosses his arms, his face red. His eyes have a determined sort of expression, and he is using his massive size to loom threateningly over the rest of his friends. His voice is still the same as it was, gentle and soft, but there's an edge to it that wasn't there before.

RUNT: Come on, guys. Calm down. Foxy's scared, okay? And I don't blame her! Her mom is scary! Don't make her do this. You... You can't make her do this.

FOXY: Oh, Runt, my hero!

ABBY: Runt...

CHICKEN LITTLE: You're not helping, Runt...

RUNT: I. Am. Helping. My. Girlfriend. She doesn't want to talk to her mom, and she doesn't have to. I won't let you force her!

Jeez, REALLY? Now we have to calm the pig down, too? What the hell, dumb furry world!?

Alright, we need to calm down Runt and convince Foxy to go with the plan. But, what do we say? If we tell her the world is at stake, she may not believe us... If we tell her who we really are, we could get run out of town... And if we don't say anything, I doubt we'll be able to save this world.

What do you say to someone who thinks there's nothing left to say?
No. 546580 ID: c23ab0

Runt has a point though. Buck is not Roxy, and it would break Foxy's heart (and probably the universe) if she got yelled down (again) by her mom. The vision you had says reconciliation is the key, but maybe for Roxy that more means being tough than asking for attention. It means being confident, not taking no for an answer. It doesn't mean being nasty and hurtful; being a champion means when someone pushes you, you stand firm and don't let them hurt you or others. What I'm saying is Foxy needs to reconcile with her mother by kicking her ass.
No. 546582 ID: d2995c

[Nina]: Sorry about that other voice, Nina. I wish I could say that one is because of a sinister influence but honestly a few of us are just jerks with an immature "I'm not toughing you" sense of humor. Rudeness and harassment like that is an understandable thing to be upset about, though unfortunately that probably isn't the last we will hear from that voice.

[Nino]: Try not to encourage the rude voices. I know it isn't offensive to you, but different things are offensive to different people. For comparison are probably some things that specifically offend toons, like some guy who repeatedly interrupts your jokes with booing and undercuts punchlines with pedantic "well actually" speeches about why the punchline doesn't work.

Anyway, tell Runt that he is right that we won't and shouldn't force Foxy to go to a conversation she doesn't want. We do think they should talk eventually, but that won't go anywhere if Foxy has to be okay with it for there to be any chance of it working.
This one >>546580 has an idea that seems worth exploring, but it is risky if someone's emotions get out of hand during the conversation (from either the normal stress or the influence).
No. 546597 ID: c23ab0

Also butts.
No. 546598 ID: 7bbaae

If it's possible to bleep out all utterances of "butts" from us to Nina, I would like to do that.
No. 546607 ID: 5869f6

Sorry about the other voices Nina. But they don't mean to insult you or be rude, just trying to lighten the mood some! You know?Like, certain words are funny, others are not. Lettuce is not funny, cabbage is funny! C'mon Nino, you can back me up on humorous linguistics, can't you? What I'm saying nina, is that they're just trying to get so much as a giggle out of you.
No. 546682 ID: 2ae1fb
File 138362370643.png - (506.16KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest190.png )

Guys, this joke is getting kinda stale, don't you think?


Oh, yeah, I agree! Some words are just awesome! Like "butts!" But Nina doesn't get it... She's not very funny. I guess we just kinda have to be patient, she just really doesn't understand the concept of "funny."

No. It's not funny to me. If that voice thought that it was, then it doesn't know me very well. Do I look like some sort of tart? I don't "giggle" when I've been harassed, I won't stand for it.

Huh, I guess you're right. I never thought about it that way. Man, it has to suck being so easily offended, though! Oh, well. She's my friend, and I really should stand up for her, huh?

Okay! No more butts! Or, maybe, we could just talk about MY butt instead! I don't mind!

NINA: It's alright, Runt. You're right. We can't force her to do anything she doesn't want to do.

RUNT: Really!? Oh, uhh... I mean, yeah! You can't!

NINA: But, you know, Foxy, you're going to have to talk to your mum sooner or later. If you don't, this will never get any better, and you'll spend the entire rest of your life wishing your mother would understand you.

FOXY: NO! I'm not speaking to her.

NINO: But we already talked to your mom. She misses your confidence, and your strength, and all of the things that made you "you" before. But you still have those things, right?

FOXY: Of course! I'm still me. I'm just a better me. And my mom can't see that!

NINA: How can she if you won't show her?

NINO: Yeah! We're not saying you need to sit down and have a nice long touchy-feely talk-session.

ABBY: You're not?

NINO: Nope! Just... stand up to her! Demand her attention! Be strong! Be... Be a champion! It'll prove to her that Foxy hasn't gone anywhere after all, she's just grown a better fashion sense and stopped being a bully!

FOXY: Well... maybe...

RUNT: Are you really going to?

FOXY: Well... I... No! I can't! I can't do it!

She starts to cry, and sits on the sofa in the living room. Her friends all gather around her, comforting her. Runt sighs and turns to us.

RUNT: Sorry I kinda... freaked out. Maybe you guys should leave, we'll see you later.

NINA: Yes, I suppose that would be best.

We get in the car with Buck, and return to his home in silence.

The chicken-coop house feels rather empty. Buck goes upstairs to his room, I suppose, and invites Nino and I to watch telly in the living room.

I feel useless. What are we supposed to do? It's late afternoon, almost evening, and I feel like my hands... er, wings... are tied. We spoke to Roxy, we spoke to Foxy, and we can't get either of them to cooperate. What on earth do we do now?

And you had better not say anything inappropriate this time. I... I really mean it.
No. 546683 ID: 5869f6

[Sighs heavily] W-Well, I guess we could maybe. Talk to the mayor? Or some other people around town at least. Gathering some more information should help us come up with a clear plan.
No. 546685 ID: d2995c

Maybe we can check if anyone has a way to contact the aliens? I suspect they aren't actually able to change Foxy back, and it might help if we can get them to explain that.
No. 546687 ID: c23ab0

OK let's all cut out this bawdy profanity. It's really upsetting Nina. I'm very serious about this. It needs to stop. No if's and's or but's
No. 546696 ID: bd48c5

Are you lot tormenting crippled war veterans again? Classy. You get her shot in the face, horribly maimed and then you mock her. A real step up in taste, well done.
No. 546703 ID: 6924b8

Let's search around town, and if we don't find anything...Go somewhere really secluded, and fly straight up, but carefully...
Let's just say I think the sky is worth investigating...And we REALLY can't afford to be caught if we do the flying thing.
Maybe Nino can set up a comedy show of some sort? His normal routines, that is, as a cover while Nina checks out the hunch I have.
Before, the opposition has ALWAYS had to send in some sort of opponent or force we could find...I know, it's probably different, but let's check to be sure the opposition can't influence worlds without some sort of Beacon or 'foothold' in the world.
No. 546777 ID: 2ae1fb
File 138370521187.png - (392.29KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest191.png )

Thank you very much for trying to help, but I am not crippled! This eye is considerably better than my old eye ever was. I also can't seem to recall ever having been shot in the face, or having been involved in a war.

NINO: Hey, that's a great idea!

NINA: Won't it take time and planning to stage a comedy show for the entire town?

NINO: Hmm... good point. If we started planning now, maybe we could do it the day before the big game!

NINA: If we don't get this world sorted out by then. And I sincerely hope that we do.

NINO: Yeah... I guess you're right.

NINA: We should go talk to the mayor, though. If anyone can contact the aliens, I'm sure he would know. He is in charge of this town.

NINO: Should we go get Buck?

NINA: Actually, I think we can manage to find Town Hall on our own. I'd hate to bother him again.

Sure enough, Nina leads us to Town Hall. We go inside, and there's a big room with a desk in it. The adorably fluffy dog-lady at the desk smiles and says "hi" and then goes through the big double doors behind her. And then we wait...

And wait...

And WAAAAIIIIT! Ugh! This is so boring!

The receptionist comes back and waves us through the door.

Inside the next room, the mayor is sitting behind a large desk, and his bodyguards are standing at attention all over the room.

TURKEY LURKEY: Oh! Uhhh... Hello!

He looks vaguely behind us, as if reading from something.

TURKEY LURKEY: I mean, uhhh... How can I help you?

NINA: Well, Sir, we came to ask about the alien invasion.

TURKEY LURKEY: Oh, you did, did you?

Suddenly, I feel a furry paw on my shoulder.

Hey, what gives!?

The bodyguard speaks with a soft, yet firm voice.

BODYGUARD: Mayor, this woman is armed.

TURKEY LURKEY: Armed!? Armed!? Why is she armed? Is this... an assassination attempt?

BODYGUARD: Ma'am, I suggest you come with us. You too, Sir. Your audience with the Mayor is concluded, and we'd like to have a word with you.

Oh, no! My rifle! Of course they would notice it! What on earth do we say? I feel like we were starting to make progress, but now it looks like we're going to be arrested! This is not how I imagined this going at all!

We need to come up with some sort of alibi without ruining the ones we already have... My goodness this is getting tangled.

What the FUCK!? I KNEW I hated this town! We're trying to save them! Why can't we just tell them? At least then we'll have a chance! I'm sick of all the bullshit!
No. 546778 ID: 7bbaae

Nina, relax. Just say you forgot you had it, as you've been carrying it all day, and you're perfectly willing to leave it outside.

Also personally I think if our goal here is to reconcile Foxy and Roxy then we have no reason to keep the world-hopping thing secret. This isn't the same sort of situation as on the ship. Might as well tell them.
No. 546781 ID: 5869f6

Tell them that it doesn't make sense that you would be carrying a weapon openly if you were an assassin.
Say that you are perfectly willing to leave your rifle outside. So long as you get it back when you leave.
Nino: Don't fault the Guards for doing their job Nino,they're supposed to keep the mayor safe.
As for the mayor himself, from what we know, he's a rather jittery fellow. Very nervous and usually prone to making decisons based on the people's agenda due to pressure. As well as trying to maintain a high reputation in they eyes of the public.
No. 546852 ID: 16dc0c

Let them take the rifle off your shoulder and put it where they want, don't try to take it off yourself.
No. 547047 ID: 2ae1fb
File 138387987413.png - (396.48KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest192.png )

NINA: I'm so sorry! I didn't realize. I forgot that I was carrying it.

BODYGUARD: How do you forget an M1 Garand strapped to your back?

NINA: It's complicated. I promise that I'm not an assassin. If I were, I wouldn't be carrying such an obvious weapon, though, would I?

The guards all whisper among themselves, then turn to me and nod.

BODYGUARD: Even so, we're going to have to confiscate it.

NINA: Alright. But I would like it back.

BODYGUARD: As soon as your audience with the mayor is over, you can have it back.

I raise my arms... er, wings... above my head, and they slide the rifle gently off.

BODYGUARD: What about the broom?

NINA: Oh, I suppose you can take that as well. But I would like it back, as well.

TURKEY LURKEY: So... What can I help you two with today? I see you're new around town!

NINA: Oh, well... We're not staying long.

NINO: Three days at the most!

TURKEY LURKEY: Three days? So, you're here to see the baseball game, aren't you?

He nods his head, as if prompting us to say yes.

NINO: Yeah!

NINA: No... No, not really, Sir.

NINO: Errr... no, no we're actually not, sorry.

TURKEY LURKEY: Really? But I thought...

NINA: That was a lie, Sir.


He stares helplessly at his bodyguards, but they just shrug.

TURKEY LURKEY: Ummm... So.... What are you really doing here?

NINA: My real name, Sir, is Nina Bradley, and this is my colleague.

NINO: Nino Johnson, at your service!

TURKEY LURKEY: Why the fake names, then? Seems a little fishy, doesn't it? And aren't you friends with Buck Cluck?

NINO: Not really.

NINA: He's been terribly kind, but he doesn't know why we're really here, either.

TURKEY LURKEY: Huh. Then.... Why are you here?

NINA: It's very complicated, Sir, but try to understand. We need to reconcile Roxy and Foxy Loxy.

TURKEY LURKEY: So, let's see if I got this right. Two outsiders with fake names come to Oakey Oaks, armed, to fix a mother-and-daughter relationship.

NINA: Basically.

TURKEY LURKEY: That's kinda weird, don'tcha think?

NINA: It's more complicated than that. We think it could be the key to saving your entire world.

TURKEY LURKEY: What!? Save the world? From what? The aliens? Because they're not...

NINO: No, it's not them! There's this thing, and it makes zombies, and stuff happens, and people are fighting, and it's really really bad!


NINA: And your world is just one of many. We go from world to world stopping this... "thing," as my friend put it, from destroying the worlds.


NINO: And we need your help! Anything you could tell us to make Roxy and Foxy love each other again so that the bad thing will go away and everyone will stop fighting and Oakey Oaks will be nice and safe again!

TURKEY LURKEY: Hmm... Do you two want some Tic-Tacs?

NINO: Yes, please!

Aww yiss, peppermint! I LOVE Tic-Tacs!

NINA: No, thank you.

The mayor shakes a small white mint into Nino's paw from a plastic container before sitting back down.

TURKEY LURKEY: Maybe you two should just.... go take a nap or something? You'll feel better in the morning.

The mayor is smiling blankly at us, with something like pity in his nearly-vacant eyes. The bodyguards are all just sort of standing about, scratching their heads and watching us with raised eyebrows.

My goodness, they think we're completely mad!

NINA: If you could at least point us to someone who could help us contact the aliens, Sir, we would really appreciate it.

NINO: Maybe they would be able to know what's going on! Or at least help!

TURKEY LURKEY: Sorry, kids. The aliens are waaaay outside of any cell phone carrier's plans. Can't talk to them until they get here.

NINO: But we can't wait that long! Roxy Loxy is going to try to take them hostage or something if we don't do something!

NINA: That is, she will if you let her, Mr. Mayor. If you do not, she plans to call the press.

TURKEY LURKEY: Yeah, we know. Don't worry, kids, everything will be fine! Oakey Oaks is the safest town in the world!

NINA: But it won't be if we can't reconcile Roxy and Foxy!

TURKEY LURKEY: Don't worry, kids, everything will be fine!

The bodyguards open the door and gesture us out, handing me back my rifle and my broom.

NINO: Well, THAT was a pointless waste of time!

NINA: I can't help but agree. It does sound sort of mad, though, when you think about it.

NINO: Well, duh! Of course, it's completely nuts! So what do we do now?

NINA: Well, the sun's setting. Maybe we should go back to Buck's house, unless the head-voices have any other plans for us.
No. 547054 ID: 5869f6

Perhaps we sould go back now. Maybe Opprotunity will show itself tomorrow.
*Sighs* I-I just feel like I've failed you two, for now being able to come up with a decent plan. And for that, I'm truly sorry. But maybe tomorrow something will happen, hopefully. We just have to see. Well, on the plus side, sleepover!
No. 547069 ID: d2995c

Well you could always try proving you aren't crazy by using magic. It would be kind of strange to go back in and do that now though, so we can try that tomorrow if we don't find any other options.
No. 547169 ID: 2ae1fb
File 138397810440.png - (408.29KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest193.png )

Don't worry. I'm sure we'll come up with something. Besides, we still have three days.

We walk back to Buck's house. By the time we arrive, the sun has set. Buck answers the door and lets us in.

BUCK: Hey! Where were youse guys? You left without saying anything!

NINA: You were in your room, and we didn't want to disturb you.

BUCK: It's alright, I was just worried. Chicken Little and I ate dinner already, but I figured you'd come back, so there's leftovers in the fridge if you want them.

NINA: Thank you so much, Buck!

NINO: Yeah, that's actually really nice!

BUCK: Yeah... no problem. It's.... uhhh... a lot of corn. We really like corn. And potatoes. So... it's basically corn and potatoes.

NINA: Sounds lovely!

We go into the kitchen and heat up the covered plates in the microwave.

NINO: You know, maybe I was wrong about Buck. He's alright. Just... really, really awkward.

NINA: I'm so glad you've finally noticed.

NINO: So... we still don't have any leads?

NINA: No, but I'm sure we'll think of something in the morning.

We finish our leftovers and watch some telly with Buck. Before we know it, he stretches and heads up stairs.

BUCK: Goodnight, guys! Do you need help with the couch-bed-thingy?

NINO: The futon? No, I've got one at home. I can do it.

BUCK: Oh, great! That's great! Well, goodnight!

We unfold the futon, and Nino curls up on one side of it.

NINO: Goodnight, Nina!

Within moments, he's snoring. I have no idea how he manages to get to sleep so quickly!

I lie down on my own side of the futon.

....My, but this is awkward! Oh, well... I shall try to ignore it. After all, Nino is asleep. And besides, he knows my opinions perfectly well. And he certainly isn't the type to abuse my trust.

Eventually, I close my eyes and manage to sleep.

I am awoken to the sound of the doorbell. It is morning. Nino is snoring peacefully, curled up into a ball on his pillow. I don't think that Buck heard the doorbell, I can't hear him upstairs.

Strange as it is in a near stranger's house, I answer the door.

Standing there, her eyes full of fear, is Foxy Loxy.

FOXY: I must be crazy, but I just had to find y'all before I change my mind.

NINA: Foxy? What is this about?

FOXY: Well, I've been thinking about what you said yesterday... And I don't want any of my friends to know, 'cuz they'll just tell me how they were right all along... But I think I'm ready.

NINA: Ready?

FOXY: To talk to my momma.

Well, this is quite the development! She seems to be in a hurry. What should I do?
No. 547188 ID: 5869f6

Wake Nino, if she really is ready we need to get going.
No. 547193 ID: dbe554

We shouldn't rush off quite quickly though, get everyone up and head off.
No. 547236 ID: e3aff6

Maybe we should discuss what she plans to say?
No. 547300 ID: 2ae1fb
File 138405687868.png - (443.15KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest194.png )

NINA: Nino! Nino, wake up!

He mumbles something, and just rolls over.

NINA: No, Nino! There isn't time for this. Wake up. Now!

He sits up and yawns widely, rubbing his eyes with his tiny monkey fists.

NINO: Nina? What...?

NINA: Come on, we have to go. Now!

NINO: But... Can't we have breakfast first?

NINA: No! Foxy wants to go talk to her mum, and we have to be there for her.

NINO: Oh.... OK. As long as we can get breakfast afterward?

NINA: Nino, if this goes well, we can have whatever breakfast you like. But, for now, try to ignore it.

Ignore breakfast? Is she CRAZY? Oh, well, I guess it's time to go save the world!

We follow Foxy to her house. She opens the door without knocking.

FOXY: Momma? Momma, where are you?

ROXY: I'm in the kitchen, Foxy.

Oh, yes she is! I can smell those... those beautiful sausages...

Foxy looks like she might be sick.

FOXY: Well... I was just wondering if I could talk to you about something... kinda important.

ROXY: Whatever it is, Foxy, could it wait until after breakfast?

FOXY: Oh... Well... Uhh.... No! No, it can't.

She marches into the kitchen, and we follow. Roxy looks up from her pan, fury creeping into her eyes.

ROXY: You two? I told you not to come back here...

FOXY: No, Momma. It's OK. They're my friends.

ROXY: Friends? Foxy, if you think those people are really looking out for your best interests, then you're crazier than I thought.

FOXY: I'm... I'm not the one who's crazy, Momma!

ROXY: And just what is that supposed to mean?


She stands with her feet apart and hands on her hips, a steely determination in her eyes.

ROXY: Oh, you are, are you?

FOXY: Yes.

Foxy's determination wavers for a second, and she looks back at us for reassurance.

NINO: Come on, Foxy! Tell her what you told us!

FOXY: Well... I'm... I'm still me. I don't like baseball anymore, but...

ROXY: But MY Foxy loved it.

FOXY: I know. But... I don't want to get sweaty, and run around, and wear such a hideous uniform.

Roxy throws her head back and laughs a cold, cruel laugh.

ROXY: Oh, Foxy. Poor Foxy. See? You're not the REAL Foxy. It's like I said. MY daughter was a champion. You? You don't have the guts.

FOXY: I do have the guts! I'm... I'm standing up to you, aren't I? But... I don't want to play baseball. I want to sing, and dance, and play with my friends...

ROXY: Those kids AREN'T your friends. Goosey Loosey is your friend. Whatever happened to her?

FOXY: She started throwing things at me the second I started dating Runt.

Roxy's face falters for a moment, but she composes herself.

ROXY: Maybe she's... she's just trying to tell you what you SHOULD already know. About your place, Foxy.

FOXY: My place is where I want it to be! I MAKE my own place! I AM FOXY LOXY, and no one controls my place but ME!

Foxy's chest is heaving, her eyes as enraged as her mother's had been.

Damn, this room got super-quiet! YOU GO GIRL!

FOXY: I... I don't want to be a bully, Momma. I want to... to be free. To love, and be happy, and... And...

She starts to cry.

Without hesitation, Roxy runs to her and holds her.

FOXY: Mom... Momma?

ROXY: It's... It's you. My Foxy. I've never seen you so... so determined. So strong. I was... I was wrong about you.

FOXY: You... were?

ROXY: Baby, I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry, I... I've been an idiot.

Foxy just laughs.

FOXY: Yeah, you have. For two years!

ROXY: I know, I know... And I'm sorry, Baby. We have... We have a lot to talk about. And I don't get it. I really, really don't get how you can have more fun putting on make-up than playing baseball. It sounds... really really stupid.

FOXY: That doesn't matter, Momma. But... If you listen to me, and I listen to you, maybe we could understand each other better?

ROXY: I'll try, Baby. I'll try.

She looks up at us.

ROXY: Hey. Annie? Harry? Thanks. Now get out. I have to talk to my daughter.

We leave without a word.

And.... CLICK! It's that vault sound! We did it, we did it!

NINA: That was all we had to do?

NINO: Yeah, I guess so.

NINA: I feel like we hardly did anything.

NINO: Did you see their faces? Do you think they would have had that conversation without us telling them to? I think we kinda fixed things, Annie.

NINA: I guess you're right.

NINO: So... breakfast?

NINA: Absolutely.

NINO: Hmmm... but where should we go for breakfast?

NINA: I don't know. Perhaps we should ask the voices? Besides, they probably have other things they want us to do before we go to the next world.

NINO: Okey-dokey. As long as I get breakfast, I don't care what we do next!
No. 547302 ID: 24e612

Hrrrm... I dunno, really. Part of me thinks it might be nice to hang around here and see the game, but another part is excited to see what world is next!
I'm thinking as far as breakfast goes... Hrrm, Runt's place might be fun, though we could head back to Buck&Chicken Little's home for breakfast.
No. 547389 ID: 13cf39

Aren't you guys sick of this place? Tell you what: teleport to Lilo and Stitch's universe, but go to a city called Los Angeles. There's a great sandwich shop on a street called Larchmont Boulevard, they'll make you a delicious, gourmet sandwich for $8.50, it's called The Larchmont Village Wine and Cheese Shop. Give it a shot.
No. 547398 ID: 7bbaae

Do we have the funds? Stay here for a little while longer and we get a free meal.

Oh, and when you're about to leave after the meal, tell everyone thanks for the help, and their world will be safe now that Foxy and Roxy have reconciled. Though you're not sure why that was what you needed to do. Then shrug and teleport out in full view.

Give them something to talk about.
No. 547457 ID: 4954d5

I wanted to see if they could travel to a real-world location. Plus, I love Wine and Cheese. Great spot.
No. 547472 ID: 5869f6

They would have reconciled, but it would have been, at worst, years, growing distant and bitter. But all they needed to make up was a little push, I think.
We can go back for breakfast, then leave this world. I'm sure we could come back to check up on things anyway.
No. 547515 ID: 2ae1fb
File 138414226746.png - (382.68KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest195.png )

Larchmont Village!? No way! I love that place! We should TOTALLY go there!

Hmmm... Good point. I don't think they take gold pieces. I think we have 7 left, but I'd have to ask Nina.

We do have 7 gold pieces, but a free meal sounds lovely to me. Besides, it would probably be a good idea to say good-bye to Buck.

By the time we return to Buck's house, he and Chicken Little are already eating breakfast.

BUCK: Oh, hey there! I didn't hear you all get up, and I was wondering where you went so fast. Did you sleep okay, on the futon, I mean? I haven't tried it recently, so I'm not sure if it's very comfy...

NINA: No, it was lovely.

NINO: Really comfy!

BUCK: Good, good. Glad to hear it. So... you want some breakfast? We have plenty! It's... uhh... mostly corn. And potatoes. So... corn and potatoes.

For breakfast? Lame! We should have just gone to Larchmont Village!

NINA: Thank you, Buck.

We eat our corn and potatoes. It's quite good.

NINO: Anyway... We're heading out.

BUCK: Oh, alright. Where you headed? I mean, you just got back and all.

NINA: No, Buck. We've done what needed to be done in Oakey Oaks. We're leaving.

BUCK: Oh. So... So what happened?

NINO: Well, for some stupid reason, we had to make Foxy and Roxy start talking again. And now they're happy? I guess? So, the world is safe, and we can leave.

CHICKEN LITTLE: They're talking!? Oh, that's awesome! I gotta go tell Abby!

He jumps out of his chair and runs off, through the front door.

BUCK: I don't understand.

NINO: It's alright. You don't have to.

NINA: Thank you for all of your help, Buck. You've been so kind to us.

BUCK: Well, gee... Thanks. I mean, I tried. I'm sorry if I was... you know, annoying or...

NINO: Nah, don't worry about it!

NINA: So, shall we go, Harry?

We link hands and I activate my ring.

Suddenly, I am standing alone in the white room with the monitor. Daisy's pre-recorded voice plays, just as it did before.

DAISY: Welcome back, Nina. Press the button on the screen to resume your human form, then continue through the door to your desired destination.

I press the button. Oh, it's so wonderful to be human again! Those feathers were rather uncomfortable. I head through the door.

Wait, is this the next world? Where am I?

DAISY: Welcome back, Nino. Press the button on the screen to resume your human form, then continue through the door to your desired destination.

Oh, right! Now I know where I am! This is where I turned into a monkey. Oh well! Time to turn back. I push the button...

WHOA! I feel HUGE! Aww, man... no more tail! Oh, well...

I walk through the door.

Nina's already there, looking around in awe. This is... actually really neat. It's like we're in a scene from some kinda history textbook! There are these tiny little houses and buildings made out of tree bark or something, and everyone's wearing deer-skin dresses and loincloths. It's a village! It's a real-life Indian village!

The women are tanning hides or whatever, and I can see some dudes fishing, and there's an old man with really long hair telling stories to the children around a fire.

Oh... Oh, my... I've never seen so many people walking around wearing so little before. I mean, at least the women are mostly... sort of... wearing respectable dresses. But all of the men are just... walking around in loincloths. I suppose it's normal for them, but that certainly doesn't make me feel any less uncomfortable.

Uh-oh, I think they noticed us. I see some people who look really confused, and one lady runs to a pretty big bark house. This dude comes out, and he's wearing big feathery-crown thingy. He's got really long hair on one side, but he's bald on the other. He's totally tall and muscle-y, and is super intimidating, like some kinda king. He folds his arms and looks at us, his eyes suspicious.

???: Who are you, Strangers, and what brings you to our village?
No. 548371 ID: 1f8505


Greet them politely, and see if they happen to know about painting colors with the wind.
No. 548372 ID: 7bbaae

Say that you're traveling warriors that are fighting evil demons. Ask if they've noticed anything really... wrong, or otherworldly.
No. 548399 ID: 5869f6

The man you are talking to is the chief, head of the village. Tell them you are fighting evil spirits and if they've noticed anything unnatural. Be respectful. In a way, this will be easier to explain since they also belive in spirits and the like.
No. 548835 ID: 2ae1fb
File 138475910752.png - (454.49KB , 712x512 , Disneyquest196.png )

NINA: Hello, Sir. We are travelling warriors, fighting evil spirits.

A whisper spreads through the village, and the chief stands a bit straighter, his eyes widening.

NINO: Mr. Chief, Sir, we were wondering if you've noticed anything unnatural happening around here lately.

The whisper gets even louder, and the chief holds up his hand for silence.

???: You appeared quite suddenly, Strangers. We were not expecting you.

NINA: No, Sir. It's... It's how we travel.

???: Your ways are unknown to me, but we are familiar with strangers with strange ways.

The chief suddenly smiles warmly, moving his arm in a semi-circle, with his hand extended.

POWHATAN: I am Powhatan, Chief of this village. Welcome, Strangers. If you have business with spirits, you ought to seek the advice of Kekata.

He points towards the old long-haired dude telling stories.

The guy looks over at us, suddenly, then says something to the kids around him. They all run off, and he comes over to us.

KEKATA: Strangers, I have known of your coming. You wish to return the land to its former vitality. Our crops have been failing, and the animals have not been giving themselves in the hunt. I tell you these things, for I know you will not take advantage of our destitution. You come to help.

Powhatan smiles and nods at us, before walking away.

NINA: Yes.

NINO: How did you know we were coming?

KEKATA: The spirits reveal things to me. They have been... distant lately, but your coming was a beacon in the darkness. The one who bends spirits to her will, and the one who calls to the laughter in all things... I was uncertain who would be coming, but surely it is the two of you. The spirits told me of others, powerful warriors as well. But the two of you should be able to put right what has been wrong.

NINO: Whoa! You're awesome.

The old man chuckles.

KEKATA: I am only using my natural gifts, Great Warrior, as you do.

NINA: Do you know how we are supposed to make everything right again?

KEKATA: Sadly, the spirits have hidden this knowledge from me.

NINO: Oh, right! We were supposed to ask you, ummm.... Do you paint with the colors of the wind?

The old man throws back his head and laughs.

KEKATA: I have heard that one many times before! A great wisdom, the gift of the spirits... I have heard it called this before. If you want to paint with the wind, Warriors, you should speak to our beloved princess.

NINO: A princess?

KEKATA: The daughter of the great Powhatan.

NINA: Where can we find her?

KEKATA: She goes wherever the wind takes her, as did her mother before her. Now... Before you set off on your quest, is there anything else you would like to know?

I wonder what else this fellow might know. I can't think of anything else to ask him, but perhaps it would be wise to use him as a resource. He's certainly very old and very wise, and he did predict our arrival. Perhaps he can help us, even if he does not know exactly what we are supposed to do here.

Sounds like we got a princess to track down! Maybe she knows more about what's going on than this old dude. I mean, she knows that wind thing you guys were talking about, whatever that means.
No. 548837 ID: 7bbaae

I wonder if he knows any spells you can use?

Knowing a bit more about the local goings-on would help. Any dangers in the wilds?
No. 548860 ID: 5869f6

Perhaps you can ask if he has any spare healing powder, or similar stuff. Their methods may seem primative, but trust me, they know what they're doing.
No. 552133 ID: 2ae1fb
File 138711104290.png - (354.46KB , 704x512 , DisneyQuest197.png )

NINA: Yes, we do have a few more questions, actually.

KEKATA: Then, I have a few more answers.

NINA: Do you happen to know any spells?

He looks at me for a moment, confused.

KEKATA: You have a powerful medicine, Warrior. It is as my visions foretold, you bend the spirits to your will. But my medicine is a different one. I have nothing to teach you, I'm afraid.

NINA: Are there any dangers in the wilderness that we should be aware of?

KEKATA: As far as I know, there is nothing out of the ordinary. As long as you do not get lost, or washed away in the river, or fall from a great height, you should have no trouble.

NINA: We may require some sort of... healing powder of some sort on our journey, if we get injured.

KEKATA: Oh, yes! Thank you for reminding me, Warrior. I have prepared this for you.

He hands me a small leather pouch.

KEKATA: This healing powder should be useful.

NINO: Ooooh! How does it work? How does it work?

KEKATA: Simply rub it on your wounds. It should completely heal minor wounds, and could help with more serious ones as well. It should ease pain, and prevent the wound from worsening.

NINO: Neat! Thanks!

NINA: How much should we use?

KEKATA: There are three doses in that pouch.

NINA: Alright. Thank you very much.

NINO: Where can we find this princess girl?

He smiles, and his eyes sparkle playfully.

KEKATA: I have no idea. As I said, she is a free spirit. It is impossible to predict where she is at any moment. She could be anywhere in the forest, or out on the lake, or on the river.

NINO: Oh. Well... thanks, anyway.

KEKATA: Take care, Warriors.

He bows his head to us for a moment, then walks away. Other villagers cast glances in our direction, but none of them come to speak to us.

NINO: So, are we going to look for this princess girl now?

NINA: I suppose that would be the next logical step. But how do you propose we find her?

NINO: Huh... I dunno. Don't want to end up getting lost in the woods. There's probably wolves, or bears, or spiders...

NINA: Spiders?

NINO: I don't know about you, but I don't want to get spiders in my hair! EWWWWW!

NINA: So, the next thing we need is a decent plan for finding the princess.

NINO: Yup.
No. 552269 ID: d2995c

If she is on the river or lake she would have taken a canoe, and that probably would have been seen by the fishers. We can ask them to check that option before worrying about the woods.
No. 552551 ID: 2ae1fb
File 138735467606.png - (381.58KB , 704x512 , DisneyQuest198.png )

Great idea!

We head down to the edge of the river, where the dudes are fishing. Nina looks pretty uncomfortable, hehehe....

NINO: Hey, guys! Did you happen to see the princess around? Kekata told us to find her.

They kind of look at each other and smile, then look at us. They're keeping straight faces, but I'd know the look of laughing eyes anywhere!

???: Good luck finding her.

???: Yeah, she took a canoe out a while ago.

???: She could be just about anywhere.

NINO: Oh. Well... thanks, guys.

Alright, we have our information. I don't really care to speak to anymore men in loincloths at the moment.

Nina starts walking away from the river.

NINO: So... what do we do now?

NINA: Hmm... Well, I could get on my broomstick and try to spot her from above, or I could use my spell to contact the spirits...

NINO: Or we could grab a canoe and follow her. She's probably out on the lake, or heading down the river.

NINA: Do you even know how to pilot a canoe, Nino?

NINO: Well... no. But it would be fun! And I kinda always wanted to learn!

NINA: Really?

NINO: Yeah. Well... Always since five minutes ago. But come on, Nina, please? Besides, if you just take your broomstick, how can I go with you?

NINA: Well... that is a good point, I guess. Still, it seems dangerous to attempt to use a canoe when neither of us know how.

NINO: Maybe the headvoices could explain it to us? Or maybe we could get someone in the village to help us?

NINA: But who? Nino, you really haven't thought this out at all. We will wait for the voices to guide us, like we always do.
No. 552566 ID: acb7da

Nino, can you twist your legs up around eachother and then unspin them so that they propel you forward like propellers on a boat? Nina can steer by grabbing your nose and pointing your feet where they need to be.
No. 552957 ID: 2ae1fb
File 138762080381.png - (632.51KB , 896x672 , DisneyQuest199.png )

That sounds absurdly complicated. I can't even really quite picture it.

Oooh! That could work! That could REALLY work! I just need to work up a burla. There are a lot of people here, so it shouldn't be that hard.

I reach into my bag and pull out... an empty milk bottle? What's funny about that? Hmm... Maybe with something else? I reach in again and pull out.... my big hammer? Well, I could smash the bottle, but I'm not sure how funny that would be. Let me try one more time.... an apple? Awww, come on! No fair, retrying again! For real this time! And.... it's an umbrella.

Alright, that's it. I'm done trying. Let's see.... Got a glass bottle, an apple, a big hammer, and an umbrella. I just can't think of a good burla with these things!

A few of the villagers have started coming closer, watching Nino get more and more frustrated as he pulls random objects from his bag. They are whispering to each other, and seem to be fascinated by Nino and his bag.

NINA: It's alright, Nino. I'm sure you'll find something useful if you keep trying.

Wait, she might be on to something here! Everyone's watching me like I'm already doing something amusing.... OK, then! I'll keep pulling! I guess the key is the frustration.

So, I keep pulling: my riding crop, a banana peel, another banana peel, freaky-looking cactus...

Oh, yes... I can hear some people chuckling at that one! I'm gonna try not to get too excited... Act flustered, keep pulling... another apple, another banana peel, inflatable bra, handkerchief...

The chuckles are getting louder... I'm not sure it's good enough to pull off something as crazy as the good old leg-propeller trick, but it's something. Time to pull out the big guns...

I grab the bag by the bottom and let out a huuuuge shout!


What on earth is he doing? He just screamed and dumped everything out of his bag into a large pile, and now he's rolling around in the pile like some sort of dog. He rolled directly on top of one of the banana cream pies, getting banana cream all over himself.

Ack! My suit! Nonononono.... Oh, the sacrifices I make for comedy!

The villagers are all laughing openly now. Suddenly, Nino springs to his feet, scoops everything (except the destroyed pie) into his bag again, and leaps very far in the air.

Oh, goodness! I didn't know he could do that! He barrels towards me in mid-air, grabbing me with one arm. We both land in the bottom of one of the canoes by the river bank.

NINA: You could have given me a bit of a warning before doing that.

NINO: Come on! We gotta hurry before the laughter wears off! I got a lot of it, though.

I twist my legs up real tight like a pair of noodly-noodles, and climb half-way out of the canoe, holding tight onto the boat.

NINO: Grab my nose to steer! Alright! Hold on tight!

This is so strange... His legs look like they ought to be broken. I tap his nose gently and.... Goodness! We've taken off! His legs unwind slowly and we speed down the river.

NINA: Nino! There's a fork in the river! What do we do?

NINO: I don't know! Just steer!

One of the forks is wide, smooth, and inviting. If I had to choose myself, I would recommend that one. The other one seems craggy and much more perilous... But I don't know. If I make the wrong decision now, we could miss the princess completely and be lost in the woods.

We don't have much time; we're moving very quickly, and I'm not sure Nino can slow down!
No. 552958 ID: 7bbaae

I'd say go with the safer one right now. If that doesn't work out, turn Nino into a frog and carry him in your pack while you fly on your broom to find our quarry.
No. 552999 ID: e3aff6

Try the wide one. Getting lost isn't that much of an issue because (a) We are on a river, so we can find our way back by going upstream and (b) you can fly upwards for a bit to get a bird's eye view of the area. Crashing our boat would be more troublesome and kind of rude because it isn't really our boat.
No. 553223 ID: 2ae1fb
File 138778983185.png - (155.90KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest200.png )

I grab Nino's nose and turn him to the smooth branch.

We continue down the river for a while.

NINO: Hey... Do you smell that?

NINA: Oh, no.... What do you smell?

NINO: Oh, it's not vinegar or anything. It just smells like ocean water. I think we're getting close to the beach! I wonder if the princess is having a beach party?

NINA: Don't be silly. Besides, we don't want to get swept out to sea in a canoe like this. We need to get over to the bank, now!

NINO: Turn me! Hurry up, my legs are almost outta juice!

I grab his nose again, and we bump against the bank. The canoe settles onto the mud, and Nino's legs completely uncurl.

NINA: Alright, Nino. You heard the head-voices. Are you ready?

NINO: Yep! This is gonna be fun!

NINA: Alright....

I point my finger at Nino.

I'm gonna be a frog! I'm gonna be a frog! This is gonna be hilarious!

NINA: Enough of this!

Blue lightning shoots from my fingertips, and Nino turns into a frog.

Whoa! Dude, this is AWESOME! I'm a frog! Don't know where my stuff went, but I guess I'll get it back when I turn back.

Nina opens her backpack and I hop in. There's some random crap in here, but it's not really that uncomfortable.

NINA: Lackipo nikrif scrumpet leech!

I rise quickly and soar above the treeline. I try to keep low to the trees, but they're very thick. I cannot see all the way to the ground.

Suddenly, I see some smaller trees and brush shaking at a distance. I fly over to investigate, when suddenly, a woman appears above the treeline, her head sticking out of the top of a very tall tree. She is silent, but her eyes are wide with fascination.

NINA: Oh... Uhhh... Hello. Are you the princess?

???: Follow me!

She disappears as quickly as she appeared.

I lower my altitude slowly, careful not to get stuck in a tree. I watch as the woman climbs down the tree as quickly and nimbly as a squirrel. It's rather impressive, and hard to imagine how she doesn't fall to her death.

We finally reach the forest floor. She is tall, with long, flowing black hair. She is barefoot, which just makes it even more impressive that she managed to climb such a large tree without injuring herself. Her skirt is rather short, but on the whole, her outfit is not as scandalous as I feared it might be.

Before saying anything else, I pull Nino out of my backpack and set him on the ground. I hold my palm towards him.

NINA: Come here, Nino!

The pink mist envelops him, and he becomes human again.

NINO: Whoa, Nina that was so cool! It was like an airplane, only I was a frog and it was super dark, and I.... Oh... Uhh... Hello. Are you the princess?

She's gorgeous! That hair... I wonder how she keeps it so silky-smooth? I want whatever products she's using!

POCAHONTAS: Wingapo, Strangers. My name is Pocahontas, and yes, I am the daughter of Powhatan.

NINA: Oh, excellent, then you're just who we're looking for.

She stares at us for a moment, and then her face lights up.

POCAHONTAS: A red bird, and a strange shell....

NINA: I'm sorry?

POCAHONTAS: I had a dream that my land was saved by a red bird, and a strange shell.

She walks closer to us, and gingerly brushes her hand against Nino's hair.

POCAHONTAS: Red bird....

She walks over to me, and gently taps my control panel.

POCAHONTAS: ....and strange shell.

NINA: Err... yes, well.... I'm Nina. And this is Nino.


POCAHONTAS: I would have so many questions for you if this were any other time. How you fly with the birds; how you can turn into different creatures. What your village is like, where you come from.... But maybe there will be time for that, later. First, you must meet my Grandmother Willow.

NINO: Dude, that would be cool! We'd love to meet your Grandma!

She smiles.

POCAHONTAS: Then, follow me!

She takes off into a sprint through the woods, a hummingbird, a raccoon, and a dog trailing close behind.

NINO: She is so awesome! Like some amazing nature princess!

NINA: Right now, we just need to worry about keeping up with her!

We manage to catch up, and find her sitting on a massive stump. She stands and offers a hand, helping us up. Next to the stump is an old, withered-looking tree, its brown and dead leaves falling all around us, making a sort of sheltered, but creepy, grove.

POCAHONTAS: Grandmother Willow! I found them, the red bird and the strange shell! They're here to help.

The bark on the dead tree seems to ripple on a smooth spot, and the face of an old woman appears.

NINO: Whoa.... that's awesome.

The old tree-woman chuckles weakly.

GRANDMOTHER WILLOW: I'm glad you think so. I would be much more awesome if I were as strong as I should be.

The dead leaves stir and brush gently against our faces.

POCAHONTAS: Grandmother Willow is very old, and very powerful. She can restore this land, and make the crops grow, and the hunting and fishing plentiful.

GRANDMOTHER WILLOW: But I can't do it alone.

NINA: Just tell us what we can do to help.

NINO: Saving the world is kinda our specialty.

GRANDMOTHER WILLOW: I will need to borrow your spirits. But only for a short time.

NINO: Whoa whoa whoa.... what does that even mean?

GRANDMOTHER WILLOW: You two will sleep and dream.... And while you do, I will restore the world. But you must get through the dream, first. You will each face an enemy greater than any you have ever encountered before. While you do, I will borrow your spirits to replenish this place.

NINA: That sounds dangerous.

GRANDMOTHER WILLOW: You must not fight with weapons in your dreams, but with greater strength. That is what I need from you. There are spirits all around you, my children. They just need your strength.

NINO: I still have no idea what we're supposed to do.

POCAHONTAS: Just trust Grandmother Willow. She knows what she's talking about. I'll watch over you the whole time, I promise.

NINA: Alright. What do we have to do?

The dead leaves gently wrap around our bodies, and lift us off of the stump. They seem fragile, but they are surprisingly strong.


I feel my eyelids starting to get heavy. I can't resist sleep any longer, and I find myself drifting off...

I'm super sleepy all of a sudden! These leaf-branch-things are really comfy. This is probably gonna be super easy. Good night!
No. 553224 ID: 2ae1fb
File 138778988513.png - (181.09KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest201.png )

Whose dream will you assist with first?
No. 553235 ID: acb7da

No. 553297 ID: fa2b3e

This should be interesting.
No. 553433 ID: 2ae1fb
File 138788388398.png - (317.50KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest202.png )

I'm standing in the middle of a clearing in the woods. It's really quiet. Like, way too quiet.

Suddenly, I see a dark shape slowly walking through the woods. Oh no! This has to be the enemy! He looks huge....

NINO: Come out! I see you!

The shape stops moving.... This is totally freaky!

NINO: You're... You're my enemy, aren't you?

The shape laughs.... I don't like the sound of that at all! Normally, laughing is my favorite thing ever, but this guy doesn't sound like he as anything to laugh about. It's more like an ironic bitter laugh. I HATE ironic bitter laughter.

???: I'm not your enemy, ese.

The guy comes into the clearing with me. He's actually not that big. I mean, like, tall big. He isn't any taller than me, and I'm kind of a short guy! He's kinda huge, though. He looks like he lifts like a champ! And he's got lots of tats... Not much fashion sense, but he looks like he could really mess me up if he wanted to. I'm scared, guys!

???: I'm you. Just... not a pussy.

Sweet mother of armadillos! How am I even supposed to respond to that?
No. 553439 ID: 9b57d3

Looks more like he's trying too hard. A poser.
No. 553450 ID: fa2b3e

Part of me is imagining him punching you in the face only for you to just bounce back afterwards with no harm done.
Another part thinks that he's sort of an evil clone of you, and works off fear instead of laughter, somehow.
But as far as practical plans go? Dunno, but I suspect Tom & Jerry shenanigans are the way to go here!
No. 553473 ID: acb7da

Remember, guys, she explicitly said no weapons. I think we're supposed to embrace this side of Nino, accept him. This is some damaged internal part of you, friend. Let him know he has no need to put his defenses up around you.
No. 553547 ID: 9b57d3

Well in that case Nino should ask for combat training. Learn how to be TUFF.
No. 553923 ID: e3aff6

>I'm you. Just... not a pussy.
Well good for him; "Burly McMusculine" can make for a number of decent comedic archetypes. Is he looking for a position as a straight man perhaps?
No. 554181 ID: 2ae1fb
File 138835959888.png - (298.10KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest203.png )

Aww, man! So you're saying this is some serious, psychological something-or-other? Ugh, boring! Aww well, guess I better play along.

NINO: Oh... Uhh... I'm sorry you feel that way about me. Maybe you could... uhhh... teach me how to be tough like you? That could be fun.

He kinda smiles and shakes his head. Man, I don't really like this guy.

???: Teach you? It's not that easy, ese. I can't just teach you. It's all about the thug life, you know?

NINO: No, I don't know... But I'm a fast learner! Just try me! Teach me how to fight!

He reaches into the pockets of his baggy jeans and pulls out two switchblades, and tosses one to me. Hey, doesn't this break the "no weapons" rule?

NINO: Are you sure it's a good idea to use these?

???: Just like I thought. You're just a little pussy, pretty boy. What, you wanna run home and cry to your mami, 'cuz mean old Nino tried to teach you how to use a knife? Bitch.

NINO: You leave mama out of this.

???: Aww, did I hurt your little feelings?

NINO: And what about you? You're me! We have the same mama, right?

???: Yeah, I guess that makes sense.

NINO: So, if I'm such a bitch for wanting to run home and cry to her, then what the hell does that make you? When's the last time you even talked to her?

???: Hey! Shut up, ese! You don't know nothing about my mama!

NINO: She's MY mama, dumbass. And yeah, I know a hell of a lot about her. She goes to Mass every Sunday, and her favorite color is blue. She's the best cook in all of California, and probably the entire world. She's secretly scared of clowns, and her guilty pleasure is telenovelas. And more than anything, more than anything in the whole world, she loves her son. She's always been there for me, and she always calls to make sure I'm OK. And yeah, it's annoying. But I. LOVE. MY. MAMA.

???: You're crying? You're seriously crying? Over your mami?

NINO: And what about you?

???: Me? What about me?

NINO: Don't you care about her at all?

???: Of course I do. But I'm not a little bitch, ese. And I wouldn't want to break her heart.

NINO: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

???: Mama's a good woman. But it's like Tio Guillermo and Tio Esteban always say, right?

NINO: Shut up.

???: How can a big pussy protect Mama? When her husband left...

NINO: I told you to shut up.

???: No. You gotta hear this. See, that's the difference between you and me, ese. When that man walked out, you became Mama's little girl, didn't you? Let her protect you and spoil you and fuss over you, like the little bitch you are. But I made a promise to Mama that I would become ten times the man that THAT son of a bitch ever was. I toughened up. And besides... You know she wants you to settle down with a nice girl, ese. Now, me? I'm not ready to settle down yet, but I could have any bitch in LA if I wanted. You? You even like girls, ese?

NINO: OK, well, there's an awful lot of problems with your little speech, and...

???: Answer the damn question, ese.

NINO: Not yet. First of all, women aren't "bitches" or whatever, and neither am I. Second of all, I'm not ready to settle down yet either, so what the fuck makes you any better than me? And third... if you're me... then you're lying to yourself, home-boyyy.

???: Never told a lie in my life, ese.

NINO: Sure you have. Must have. You know I like girls, you're me. Duh! But... you don't JUST like girls, do you, Captain Muscles?

???: What? Me? No. No way. I'm not some kind of... of...

NINO: Come on, "ese." You've been all "bitch" this and "pussy" that since we first started talking. But you can't say the F-word, can you? You can't say it, even though you'll talk all kinds of other insulting trash. Why not? Hit you too close to home?

???: I'll cut you! I swear I will!

NINO: I have a knife too and, since it sounds like YOU don't hang out in Toontown, I'm faster and more agile than you'll ever be.

???: Ese, you've never had to dodge the 18th Street Gang.

NINO: And you've never had to dodge the Warner Brothers assholes.

???: What kinda shit are you talking about? You mean those Looney Tune kiddie show things? Ese, you really need to grow a set of cojones.

NINO: If you don't think toons are dangerous, you've clearly never met any. I could take you any day.

???: What's this? A bit of machismo? Didn't know you had it in you, ese.

NINO: You don't have to be an asshole to be tough, Dude.

???: Still... here I am, pretty sure I can kick your bitch ass whenever I want. We gonna have to settle this, ese?

This douchenozzle is really getting under my skin! I don't think I'm supposed to fight him, but I don't know what to say to him! I don't even WANT to accept this guy. How the hell is he some part of me? I HATE him, and that's really not helping me stay calm around him.

I gotta diffuse the situation, and somehow.... ewwww... "embrace" him. Ugh, if only Nina were here. She'd know how to handle this!

No. 554189 ID: 7b3268

That's what this comes down to, frankly. And each Niño only has it part-way right, in my opinion.
[Thug Niño]
You're tough. You're armored. But you have no kindness or empathy. You might be a Man for your Mama, but how often do you leave her worrying for your safety? That Niño across from you probably doesn't make her fret nearly as much.

[Toon Niño]
You might have the courage and willingness to stand up to danger and opponents, but you don't SHOW it, which is why Thug Niño over there dislikes you. You play the fool and endure the laughs and suffer for your art, and you probably aren't taken seriously as often as you'd like, for it.

[Both Niño]
You have different views, but there's one thing I bet you have in common. You're both tough and soak blows, Thug probably could just take a punch and say "Is that all you've got!?" While Toon'd get socked and he'd bounce back with that same happy smile.
Regardless of HOW you show your toughness, it's an integral trait to who you are, Niño.
No. 554224 ID: e3aff6

It is normal for people to be self-critical in some ways, and I suspect that thug!Nino represents a subconscious anxiety like that rather than a direct reflection of some part of your personality.

>What kinda shit are you talking about? You mean those Looney Tune kiddie show things?
...He acts like he isn't aware that toon powers are a thing. Ask him if he is aware of what has been going on recently, and start pulling things out of your bag and piling them on the ground. If my theory is correct, he will have no idea how the hell you are doing that, and moving him from angry to confused would be a decent first step.
From there ask him if he is aware how he got here. Does he think he is dreaming and picking a fight with a figment of his imagination? That would be silly.
No. 554782 ID: 2ae1fb
File 138870455099.png - (310.32KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest204.png )

NINO: Whoa, whoa, whoa.... let's just slow down a second here.

???: What? You chicken?

NINO: That's not it, it's just... you really don't know what I can do, do you?

???: Some stupid-ass kiddie tricks. Yeah, whatever.

NINO: Just watch me for a sec, OK?

I reach into my bag and pull out... a glass bottle?

???: Ooh, scary. I have a knife, ese. You think you can scare me?

NINO: Just shut up and watch!

I pull out a handkerchief, an apple, and a banana cream pie.

???: You having a picnic or something, ese?

NINO: No. I'm showing you my awesome bag. You don't have an awesome bag, so it sucks to be you.

???: Come on, really, what the fuck are you doing?

I pull out another apple, my umbrella, and my riding crop.

???: Ewww, come on, ese. I don't wanna see that shit.

NINO: No, you're not paying attention. How did all of this junk fit in my bag?

???: I dunno. It's kind of a big bag?

NINO: No! See, you're not so smart! It's a toon bag! I can carry lots of things in it!

???: Oh, I get it. So... your superpower is having a magical purse. Did I guess it?

NINO: Well... Kind of? There's more to it than that, but... the point is, my bag can break the laws of physics. And so can I!

???: Well... I guess that's kinda cool. You're still a pussy, though.

NINO: You know what? How the hell did you get here? Are you dreaming? How do you know I'm not just a figment of your imagination?

???: I know exactly how I got here. I came out of your bitch-ass head. I'm you, ese, or who you could be. Or who you SHOULD have been, maybe. I'm what you are deep, deep down. You're just too much of a pussy to admit it. And that's why I'm even bothering to talk to you right now. You need someone like me to tell you everything that's wrong with you.

NINO: I... I get it! You're me. I mean, I know you're me, but you're not just some stupid version of me that sucks. You're like... You're like the head-voices said. You're my subconscious anxiety, or... Or something.

???: What is this, some kind of revelation? That's what I JUST said!

NINO: Yeah, but... strength. Can you hear the head-voices?

???: No. I'm not some pussy who needs dumb voices to tell him what to do.

NINO: OK, well, I'll tell you what they said.

???: I don't wanna hear that shit, man.

NINO: You SHUT UP AND LISTEN! You're tough. You're armored. But you have no kindness or empathy. You might be a "man" for mama, but how often do you leave her worrying for your safety?

???: What the hell?

NINO: She doesn't need to worry about me!

???: She doesn't? What if you catch some disease or something, ese? And you know how mama feels about...

NINO: Well... what she doesn't know won't hurt her. And I always use protection, anyway.

???: Protection? You ARE a pussy!

NINO: See what I mean? You put yourself in danger all the time. I'm smart enough to avoid it. How would mama feel if you get shot, or stabbed?

???: It... It would break her heart.

NINO: More than sleeping with every man this side of Toontown?

???: ....Probably. Hey! Shut up! You're gross, ese.

NINO: I'm just as tough as you are, Dude. I just don't need to show it. I've gotten into and out of plenty of scrapes. And when things get tough, I stand up for myself. But I don't need to get myself into danger just to prove I'm strong. I play the fool and stay happy because... well... it gives me joy. What gives you joy?

???: I... I don't know.

NINO: You're so busy being tough, you don't even know what makes you happy, do you? Look... you're right. Maybe I need to stand up for myself more. Maybe I SHOULD care whether or not people can take me seriously. I mean, I have a lot of worlds I need to save. But... I won't become you. I can't become you. I'm... I'm happy being me.

The other me is silent for a really long time.

???: I guess... I guess I have a lot to learn, huh? But... But what about mama?

NINO: She's fine. When she's sad, I cheer her up. When she needs to talk, I'm there to listen. What about you, Dude?

???: I guess I just make her worry. I guess I'm too busy to listen.

He suddenly locks eyes with me, and smiles for the first time. I mean a real, genuine smile!

???: Ese, you're alright. For a pussy. Just... Take care of mama. And save the world!

There's, like, this really bright light, and he's gone. I feel... different somehow. Like, as if all the little tiny bits of him were really little tiny bits of me all along, and we're kinda the same person. But I'm the cool half.

So... I guess there's nothing left to do but wait to wake up. I hope Nina's doing OK with whatever she has to do in her dream.

No. 554783 ID: 2ae1fb
File 138870459907.png - (391.77KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest205.png )

It looks as though I am back in the woods. It's eerily silent and still.... No, not completely still. There appears to be someone, or something, moving through the trees. Could this be the enemy? And what am I supposed to do if I can't fight it?

NINA: Who's there?

???: Mmmm... you finally decided to show up, Sweetie.

Strange... that voice sounds a lot like mine. But slower, deeper.

She steps out of the shadows, and...

Oh, no. Oh, no no no no no no... This is unacceptable. I won't stand for it.

It's me, but I would NEVER be caught DEAD wearing... THAT. She looks like the absolute worst sort of tart, and she's wearing entirely too much makeup. Even her broom is somehow... vulgar. She also doesn't have my scars or my new eye, and certainly not my restraint or sense of decency.

???: Whatever's the matter, Sweet? Expecting someone else? I must say I'm rather disappointed to see you looking so down.

NINA: Who are you? Who are you and what do you want with me?

???: Oh, my dear, sweet little Nina... Don't you recognize me?

NINA: Well, you look uncannily like me, only...

???: Ah, you've guessed it. I AM you, Sweetie. The REAL you.
No. 554784 ID: ce2306

Tart or not, gotta admit she's prettier than you. Even if we didn't...Well, assuming you hadn't ended up with scars from this adventure...
Ask her how much magic she knows. She's pretty, but getting to look like that probably takes a fair bit of time, am I right?
No. 554785 ID: b8ceae

"Uh huh. Yea, no, we're not doing this."
Walk away and focus on things that are less stupid than people saying "I'm the REAL you".
No. 554787 ID: 5869f6

Oh dear lord...
First of her clothes, where did she get them, a thrift shop? And the fishnets, ugh, SO out of date. I mean, what is this, the 80's? And that color, red? Really? It doesn't fit you/her at ALL. Secondly, that makeup. Putting on that much is CLEARLY trying too hard.
No. 554789 ID: 9b57d3

Alright, you're seeing a representation of your insecurities that is using a flawed approach to solve them. That getup she's wearing makes her look more ridiculous than attractive and nobody would take a witch seriously that looked like that. She is not Maiden, Mother, nor Hag.

However, sexuality is something that makes you uncomfortable, and she has no problems with it whatsoever. You need to address that issue during this. Ask her why she can stand wearing that. Also, why does she wear it? Does she go around sleeping with lots of men? If so, why? What's the point? Is that really what it takes for her to be happy, to feel good about herself? Do you need that? Surely you have a different approach that works better without risking pregnancy and STDs.

Also, point out that your ugly face is due to sacrificing yourself for your friend. You wouldn't trade that for his life, would you? Did she?
No. 554893 ID: 2ae1fb
File 138877683157.png - (382.02KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest206.png )

NINA: No, sorry. I don't have time for this.

I turn my back on her and walk away through the trees, until I finally come to another clearing.

???: Back again, are you, Sweetie?

What? How did she...?

???: You can't escape, you know. This is your dream, Sweet, and you're not getting out until you deal with it.

NINA: Oh, joy.

And your point is? Why should I care if she is more.... attractive than I am? At least I have a sense of modesty!

NINA: Alright. Let me see now.... I have to deal with you before I can escape, do I? Tell me, how much magic do you know? If you're as much of an empty-headed trollop as you appear, I'm guessing you aren't terribly capable, are you?

She sighs, and gives me a sickeningly sweet grin.

???: Well, let me think, Sweet... I can turn people into rabbits temporarily, I can fly on a broomstick, I can enchant objects with the famous Traveller's Spell, I can give bad luck to my enemies and take it back whenever I want, I can contact the oh-so-unreliable spirits to help me solve mysteries, I can turn people into frogs and turn them back whenever I want, I can enchant ammunition with fire and with electricity, I can take the wounds of others onto my own body to heal them, and... wait... no, I think that's everything. A modest list, I'm afraid, but what would you expect from an empty-headed trollop like me?

NINA: But that's.... that's impossible. That's the exact same list of spells that I know!

???: Oh, is it, Sweetie? Looks like we're both idiots, then, aren't we? Still, it certainly is nice to be a confident, vibrant, desirable idiot rather than an idiot who dresses like someone's gran and sees about as much action.

NINA: Dresses like someone's gran?

???: If Nino hadn't been there to pick out that new outfit for you, you'd still be wearing that horrible sweater and skirt set.

NINA: I made that sweater myself!

???: Give up knitting, it doesn't suit you.

NINA: But I'm good at knitting! Gran told me I was.

???: Maybe so, but you have your whole life ahead of you, Sweetie! You can knit once you've retired.

NINA: It keeps me busy, and I think it's fun. Certainly better than wasting time putting on a face every morning.

???: Ooooh, you wound me, Sweet! Besides, it doesn't take that long once you've gotten a bit of practice. It's only hard for you because you haven't tried since you were twelve.

NINA: Yes, and it looked horrible and I never did it again.

???: You would have gotten better at it.

NINA: It doesn't suit me. I'm not a tart, and I don't need to be... attractive.

???: You don't have to be a tart to wear make-up. Gran used to wear make-up, you've seen the photos.

NINA: Yes, but she was young and foolish, then. I'd much rather be as Gran is now.

???: Silly Sweetie! Everyone needs a chance to be young and foolish. You've skipped it completely, I'm afraid, and you'll wither and fade before your time.


NINA: Yes, well... I think you're trying far too hard. The problem isn't that you're using cosmetics, but that you're using far too much. Your clothes are cheap and horrid, and red isn't our colour at all. And fishnets haven't been in style since before we were born.

???: Where are you getting this from, Nina Dear? You know perfectly well that you don't have any sense of fashion at all.

NINA: I know I don't. But neither do you.

???: Exactly! I AM you. I know my clothes aren't exactly Louis Vuitton... but they were affordable and comfortable, and I feel confident when I wear them.

NINA: What about the make-up?

???: I rather like it. It makes me happy.

NINA: Either way, you look ridiculous.

???: Sticks and stones, my sweet, sticks and stones. But you know you like it.

NINA: Err, no, I most certainly do not. You hardly look like a proper witch, do you?

???: And I suppose you do?

NINA: Well.... yes? Besides, what are you? You aren't Mother, or Maiden, or Hag, or...

???: Oh? Which are you, Nina?


???: You're a paradox, Sweet. A virgin, poor dear, so I would be tempted to say Maiden. You're only eighteen, so that phase of life suits you. You're young, and have all of the time in the world to discover and explore... But you don't. If it weren't for Mickey Mouse, you'd still be sitting on the sofa with Gran, watching "Doctor Who" and eating Blue Ribands, becoming the wise hag who wastes away to nothing. You can't just gain wisdom from sitting on your arse. You have to gain it by living it up now.

NINA: Living it up? Is that what you call it?

???: Oh, absolutely.

NINA: But why do you feel the need to wear an outfit like that?

???: Hmm... I suppose I never really thought about it. It just makes me happy. I feel confident, and beautiful. Some people like it, and some people don't, and it's all the same to me.

NINA: You... I'll bet you... errr... that is to say....

???: Sex?

NINA: Yes. That. You....?

???: Well... seeing as how I'm a construct of your mind, I suppose I haven't really gotten any more than you have, eh Sweetie? But, yes... I want to. I'd love to. All of the beautiful people walking about... men, women... a whole world, really. And I know I'm attractive, too. And I know how good it would feel.

NINA: What? Whoring yourself out to the entire world?

???: No. Well, maybe. That's not the point. I want sex, yes, I want it badly. But, more than anything, I just want to feel real.

NINA: Real? What on earth are you talking about? I thought you were "the real me" or some such nonsense?

???: Nina, Nina, Nina... I only said that to get your attention. But, in a sense, it is true. You've hidden me away, you naughty thing. You're embarrassed to look at me.

NINA: Well, that's your own fault, it is. Dressed like a tart, and...

???: Look past that for a second? I am a part of you, Nina, whether you like it or not. The blush that rises to your cheeks when you see someone you rather fancy...

NINA: Stop it.

???: Those weird dreams you have where people you've met, total strangers sometimes, take off their clothes, and...

NINA: Stop it!

???: The desire that flashes across your mind for just a moment before you smash it down with your giant hammer of prudish, Victorian values...


She is silent for a moment, and then she flashes a horrible, triumphant smile. I loathe her.

???: That's who I am, Nina. That's who WE are.

NINA: Well... I have news for you. I'm NOT you. Look at you. Look at your face.

???: Yes. As a mental construct, I have no need to actually reflect your physical reality.

NINA: I know, I can see that.

???: Looking at my breasts, were you? Not surprised, Nina dear, though I know you'll convince yourself you weren't looking at all. They are rather nice, don't you think?

NINA: Shut it. Just look at me.

???: Yes, I know... the scars are rather hideous, that can't be helped. But, Nina, you're still....

NINA: NO! Just listen! I got these scars saving Nino's life. I don't regret them. I would do it again. But... I wonder... Would you? Would you sacrifice that pretty face to save him?

???: Don't act so grand. You had no idea that would happen. In fact, the head-voices told you it wouldn't. They told you nothing bad would happen to you; that the acid only affected him because of his powers.

NINA: I...

???: Besides, THEN they told you that Jumba could fix you. Well, he certainly did that, didn't he? But he never told you you'd come out looking like a B-movie villain, now did he? You blundered your way into that hideous face of yours. Nothing heroic about it.

NINA: Maybe. But... But I still don't regret it. I don't care, do you understand! I've NEVER been ATTRACTIVE in my life! Why should I start caring now?

???: Oh, Nina. My poor Sweet. Lying to yourself again.

NINA: What do you mean, lying?

???: Never attractive? Sweet, that's part of your problem. You were beautiful. And I am the part of you that always knew it.

So, she's clearly mad. And I think I want to smack her more than I've ever wanted to do anything in my life. If she's a part of me, then I must be mad, too. What on earth am I supposed to say to her? I'm worried I'll say something foolish if you don't help me.
No. 554894 ID: b8ceae

"I find it hard to take advice on attractiveness from somebody dressed as a candied whore. You're trying much too hard."
No. 554896 ID: 9b57d3

Nina, I think you ARE in denial. You're a virgin so sexuality is even more awkward for you than your Victorian sensibilities require. Look at her. You used to look just like that, under the makeup. You were pretty, before the accident. I'm sure we can eventually fix that, though. You'd have to give up the cybernetic eye, so maybe you can have it fitted to a set of goggles instead? It's worth looking into if you ever find a magical method of healing your wounds. Like back in the Cauldron's world. Could be expensive though, and money has been a consistent problem for us.

Anyway, tell her what the eye can do. Isn't that worth having instead of a pretty face? What you need now is strength, not beauty. However, you do still need to realize that sex is normal and healthy, especially for someone your age. You're not your Gran. The other you is right, you should be a Maiden. Uh, you probably shouldn't be waving around a dildo-broom though.

I think the right approach is somewhere between you and her. There's nothing wrong with keeping a modest outfit but you need to loosen up a bit, girl. Ask her for advice on how to overcome your insecurities. I mean, we can't even say the word "butts" without you getting offended.
No. 554900 ID: 5869f6

What I see is the problem that you're a bit prudish, and need to loosen up. But your refection is TOO loose. So much that she's succumbed to the pursuit of pleasure.
At your age, Nina, it's perfectly normal to talk about sex. To know about it. As long as you aren't vulgar about it. Do you understand Nina? Perhaps, in the future, we can find a magical way of restoring your sight. As, to our knowlege, there are very powerful wizards, witches, and mages in disney's multiverse. It would be easy for the higher-tier ones to heal you.
No. 554903 ID: ce2306

On the one hand, you're well-read, well-bred, and well-mannered. Sensible.
On the other hand.She's over the top, in your face and unapologetic about it, with the sexiness thing.
But while that's the dominant point of view...Consider, for a moment, what she represents.
If she was real? She'd have seen so much more. That's a Nina that might have learned how to speak another language, or perhaps she played soccer and possess an agility adn athleticism you don't.
Granted, you're probably easier to talk to and deal with, thanks to your manners...But you're kinda shut-in, and in a sense, making yourself more of a wallflower, perhaps, with the sense of 'these are not my people.' I'd wager if you talked about Doctor Who to well, anyone you've met out here, you'd be lucky if you got anything more than a vacant stare...
Basically, right now, by treating her like the 'bad twin' you deny that you have those traits yourself, and thus deny a part of yourself.
No. 555003 ID: 1a06cd

How can you look in a mirror with such contempt.

or perhaps I should say jealousy.
No. 555020 ID: 34b2f2

I think she has points that are definitely valid in theory, but because your feelings on these issues are so black and white, she isn't equipped to make a more compelling argument. She only knows what you do, and your feelings on these matters are extreme.

She's not right, not really, and is even a little naïve... but only because you were first. Her current manifestation is a direct result of the lifestyle you have chosen to lead, whether you are willing to admit it or not. Her underlying points that taking risks isn't bad, experiences are required for personal growth, and that confidence in yourself is valuable -and warranted!- are all valid. But that doesn't mean her path is the way to express those sentiments, not if you don't want it to be.

And Nina, you were beautiful. Accepting that you were doesn't diminish you as a person with other merits, or mean you are any less now than before you were injured. Living without regretting injuries you suffered in saving someone else is noble, even if you didn't intend to be injured, because it means you look at your loss and consider the cost worth it for shielding someone else. But that only works when you admit you've lost something, acknowledging that you were attractive, that there was something of value to lose, and still saying it was worth it, that's true beauty.
No. 555047 ID: e3aff6

>I suppose I never really thought about it. It just makes me happy. I feel confident, and beautiful. Some people like it, and some people don't, and it's all the same to me.
I find that to be a fairly valid point, and can't really judge her for that. However, her whole 'you need to loosen up' argument is essentially a similar judgement of 'improper behavior' for a very different definition of proper. If she wants to dress provocatively that is her decision, but by the same principle if you want to wear a homemade sweater that is your decision.

I kind of feel that you do have an issue to address, but it isn't an issue of how you do or don't behave so much as how you tend to quickly get angry at the mention of doing certain things differently. Getting angry is itself not necessarily bad, and is sometimes more appropriate than not, but try to hold off anger about something until you have specific reasons why it is wrong. It is alright to disagree with things, but an immediate "Shut up" is almost never an effective way to do so.
No. 555137 ID: 2ae1fb
File 138888395997.png - (420.74KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest207.png )

Restore my sight? But I can see perfectly well. In fact, my vision is better than it has ever been.

Jealousy? Why should I be jealous of her!? She... She looks ridiculous. She IS ridiculous.

NINA: I find it hard to take advice on attractiveness from somebody dressed as a candied whore. You're trying much too hard.

???: Maybe I am.

NINA: Besides, if I was beautiful before I got my scars, then wasn't I beautiful regardless of what I wore? Why should I dress like a tart? Wasn't I beautiful in my skirt and jumper?

???: I... I suppose.

NINA: Why do you feel the need to dress as you do?

???: I don't really need to. I just do it because I want to. Why do you dress as you do? Why do you need to cover everything, Sweetie?

NINA: Well, I... It wouldn't exactly be proper to be exposed, would it?

???: Proper, improper... What does it matter? Wear what makes you happy, Sweetie.

NINA: I feel perfectly happy when I'm covered up, thank you very much.

NINA: You don't know what my eye can do, do you?

???: Well, I suppose I don't, as you've never really taken much advantage of its abilities.

NINA: It can see in the dark, it can see through solid objects, it can track heat patterns, and it can zoom in on distant sights.

???: Very impressive, Sweetie.

NINA: Isn't that more useful than being beautiful?

NINA: Look... maybe you're right. Maybe I was beautiful. Maybe. But I gave that all up to save Nino, and I'd do it again. Even if I didn't know it was going to happen, I would still do it again. I'd give up beauty for strength any day, and that's what I've done. That's what I need to do if I'm going to save the world.

???: Can't you do both? Be beautiful AND save the world?

NINA: My beauty isn't skin deep. If I am beautiful, it's a different sort of beauty.

???: Ahh, but you acknowledge that that is what it is?

NINA: What is that supposed to mean?

???: True beauty. Not a shallow sort of beauty, but beauty nonetheless. Are you beautiful, Nina?

NINA: Well, I...

???: Answer the bloody question, Sweet.

NINA: I... I am.

???: You are?

NINA: I am beautiful!

???: Fabulous! I certainly am glad to hear it.

Her face shimmers for a moment, and she copies my eye and my scars.

???: A tad awkward, perhaps, but I think I could grow to love it.

NINA: What are you doing?

???: I'm you, aren't I? If I'm going to reflect your beauty, I may as well reflect your REAL beauty.

NINA: I... I still don't quite understand.

???: What, Sweet?

NINA: Well... The head-voices. What if they're right?

???: Right about what, Sweet?

NINA: How can you stand it? You talk about... about...

???: Sex?

NINA: Yes. That. ...Thank you. You talk about it as if it were... well... no big deal. If you are me, how can you... how can you do that?

???: You're eighteen years old, Sweetie. The fact that you CAN'T never ceases to amaze and disgust me.

NINA: Disgust? Do you want to know about disgust? All my life, I've wanted to be just like my gran. She doesn't get into any shenanigans like the silly young people in town. She's proper, she's wise, she's wonderful. Why can't I be just like her? Why does everyone expect me to be like Nino, or like you?

???: I think you know what's wrong with that, Sweetie.

NINA: What? What are you talking about?

???: Gran is in her eighties, Sweetie. When she was your age, she wore make-up. She had boyfriends. If one of them hadn't become her husband, and if she hadn't slept with him, you wouldn't be here. She's wise and proper because she's tired, Nina, and you know that. She's tired and happy from an exciting youth. If you don't have an exciting youth, you won't have anything to be tired and happy about when you're as old as Gran. And the saddest part? If you didn't already know these things, I couldn't be telling them to you now.

NINA: So that's it, then? You want me to become a tart, like you? And that's how I have an "exciting youth?"

???: Silly Sweetie! I'm only a part of you. The part of yourself that you are the cruelest to. I don't expect you to be exactly like me. Only spare me a thought now and again?

NINA: Spare you a thought?

???: Yes. You don't have to be so prudish, you know. You're a young woman with a healthy sex drive, Nina, and pretending you aren't only hurts you.

NINA: Now you sound like the head-voices.

???: Maybe there's a reason for that.

NINA: Look, you know perfectly well why I don't... don't like to think about things like that.

???: No, Sweet. I'm afraid that's one thing I don't know.

NINA: Relationships, dating... They were never for me.

???: And why not?

NINA: They were only for the beautiful people. Boys are only interested in pretty girls.

???: Then, who needs boys?

NINA: I... I'm afraid I don't know what you mean.

???: Your blush tells me otherwise, Sweetie. I'm only suggesting you keep your options open.

NINA: ...In any case, no one would be interested in me.

???: I thought you said you were beautiful.

NINA: Well... I am.

???: Then... Why not give it another go?

NINA: Well, I mean, I WAS beautiful. Now I'm not.

???: That's not what you said earlier, Sweet, and I think you're just making excuses. If you really want to be just like Gran, then be as she was at your age. Date, have fun, do what makes you happy. Have all the sex you want, it isn't 1900, Sweetie! And if you find someone special, then that's even better. Hold onto that.

NINA: That sounds... perfectly horrid.

???: Oh, come on, now. No it doesn't. Your vision is great, Sweetie, and I know you do an awful lot of looking.

NINA: Besides, you're wrong. I'm not some sort of pervert. I don't go about ogling people.

???: Oh, really? Tell me how uncomfortable you were in the village today.

NINA: Well... it's just that... everyone was dressed so... improperly.

???: Very revealing. Very sexy, right, Sweetie?

NINA: Shut it.

No... Wait... I can't just dismiss her like that. Not if I want to get out of here. And as you said, being angry won't do me any good, at least not with such an immediate response.

NINA: Maybe... maybe you're right. I'm not blind. Maybe I do look at people now and again. I try not to, I know it's horribly improper, and I know that nothing will come of it, but...

???: Why nothing?

NINA: Because I won't let it! I. Am. Not. A. Tart!

???: You don't have to be a tart, Sweetie. Just a healthy young woman.

NINA: Even... Even if that is true. Why? Why should I listen to you? Why should I listen to anyone? Why should I change my life? I'm happy! I'm PERFECTLY happy!

???: Sweetie....

Her whole body shimmers, and she is suddenly me. Just me. Not dressed as a tart, no fake breasts. Just me, as I am.

???: If you're perfectly happy, then why are you crying?

NINA: I... I don't know. I just am!

???: So, you save the world. And you go back home to Suffolk. Then you sit and watch "Doctor Who" and knit and eat Blue Ribands. And then, in maybe ten, twenty years...

NINA: Don't say it!

???: ...When Gran dies...

NINA: I said DON'T!

???: Sweetie, she isn't immortal. Then, you'll be all alone. And I assume you'll do much the same until you die, as well.

I... I can't do this anymore. I want to wake up. I don't even want to look at her.

Because... Because she has a point.

NINA: I... I will never be you.

She shimmers and returns to her old form, pretty face and all.

???: I know that. But I will always be a part of you. You can choose to accept me, or you can deny me.

NINA: Will you always be in me? I can't... I can't get rid of you?

???: I'm sorry, Sweet. I'm afraid it can't be done.

NINA: What happens if I deny you?

???: Nothing changes. Your life continues just as you seem to want it to. Cold, lonely, desperately dull.

NINA: And if I accept you?

???: I don't know.

NINA: What do you mean you don't know?

???: Who knows? Maybe you'll suddenly be filled with violent lusts, and jump on anything with a pulse that happens to get near you.

NINA: Not. Bloody. Likely.

???: Ooooh, temper, temper! No... More likely, your good English temperance and modesty will kick in again. You'll still be you, Nina. Just a bit less shy. And maybe a bit more honest with yourself about sex.

NINA: You'd like that, wouldn't you?

???: I would. But then, I'm you. So, make of that what you will.

NINA: I suppose it isn't really much of a choice, is it?

???: None whatsoever, I'm afraid.

NINA: I guess... I guess you are me. You're a part of me, and you aren't going anywhere. We are a beautiful, healthy young woman, and... And I guess I'll figure out what to do about that myself.

???: Good show, Sweetie.

There's a bright flash of light, and she is gone. I feel... different. I feel better. I feel as though a weight has been lifted off of my chest. I suppose I am rather beautiful, aren't I? And maybe... Maybe I will lighten up. Just a little. Maybe.
No. 555138 ID: 2ae1fb
File 138888403692.png - (325.03KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest208.png )

I blink and yawn. Am I still dreaming? I still see trees everywhere.

No, I must be awake. The vines are still encircling my body, and I see Nino hanging beside me.

NINO: That was a nice nap!

NINA: You're awake already?

NINO: Yup! Just woke up a second ago!

NINA: Yeah... me too.

NINO: So... did you meet a totally weird version of yourself, or was that just me?

NINA: No... No, I did, too.

NINO: Oh, cool! Mine was like, this total jerk gang member dude. But then we had a nice talk and everything was OK. What about you?

NINA: I... I don't really want to talk about it.

NINO: Come on, Nina! Please!?

NINA: Well... she was a very saucy little tart, and insisted that I lighten up a bit.

NINO: Oh. Well... did you?

NINA: I don't know yet.

NINO: So... Are we going to get down from here any time soon?

GRANDMOTHER WILLOW: Just a moment! I think I'm ready!

Suddenly, it is as if a bright green light explodes out from Grandmother Willow's roots. The whole forest seems to grow stronger, and all of the leaves brighten. I can hear bird song again, and Grandmother Willow herself seems to strengthen and grow.

POCAHONTAS: You did it! This land is restored!

Come on come on come on... CLICK! Woooo! Another world saved!

The vines that hold us put us down gently, and we're back on the wooden stump platform thingy.

GRANDMOTHER WILLOW: It seems as though you both had excellent dreams.

NINO: Yup!

NINA: I guess so.

GRANDMOTHER WILLOW: Sometimes, it is not enough to listen with your heart. You must also listen to your heart. Isn't that right, Pocahontas?

POCAHONTAS: Of course, Grandmother Willow. And thank you, strangers. Thank you for all that you've done.

NINO: Any time! All in a day's work!

So, I suppose we ought to head to our next destination now?
No. 555140 ID: fb3bc5

Hrrm...I think we've done everything there is to see here, personally. Let's move on! I'm curious which world we'll hop to next.
No. 555142 ID: 5869f6

Everything seems in order. Well then...

Onward! To adventure!
No. 555186 ID: 7bbaae

Nina, wait! Your gun still has no ammo. We have to fix that before we go to the next world; there's no bets on it being as peaceful as this one.

Also it'd be nice to visit one of the worlds that knows you guys saved it, so we can maybe get some monetary rewards? We have a serious money problem right now! Be sure to mention that small items of intrinsic value are preferred, since worlds have different currencies and trade systems. Don't ask for much, of course. We just need something.

Oh, specifically mention that we can get to a medieval world that uses gold coins for currency and they seem to be pretty common, so if they want us to we can sell something there and bring back coins. It would have to be something that the medieval world would be able to recognize and want, of course.

On the other hand if you don't want to ask for handouts you could just go visit the Cauldron world and find a bowyer, then tell them we can enchant arrows for a price. Let them name their own price, because honestly I don't know how valuable that service is. 10 gold or something per arrow? Be sure to describe accurately how the enchantment works.
No. 555351 ID: 2ae1fb
File 138895915023.png - (301.16KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest209.png )

NINA: Right, then. Let's head to the circus. Ring, take us to Dumbo's circus!

In a flash of color, we're there. I see Babs walking between two tents in the distance. I walk towards her, and she answers without turning around.

BABS: Hey, kids! What brings you back to my neck of the woods?

NINA: Babs, I'm out of ammo. I was wondering if you could help?

BABS: Perfect timing! Just got a new shipment of Springfields in today! You taking care of that fancy rifle of yours?

NINA: Yes.

BABS: More importantly, is it taking care of you?

NINA: Well...

She turns around and her mouth opens in shock.

BABS: Odds bodkins! Kid! What happened to your face?

NINA: Well, to make a long story short...

NINO: I lost my eye and she did some magic to save me! But then, her eye fell out. And then, this alien guy fixed up her eye and gave her a science eye, with super powers!

BABS: I'm sorry, but that all sounds like Greek to me! Sounds like you got your scars in battle, though. Wear them proudly. Besides, there's good money in the side-show business, if you're looking to settle down!

NINA: Oh, joy.

BABS: Hey, I didn't mean it like that. Lots of great people work in side-shows.

She turns around and picks up a small crate.

BABS: You still have the ammo box I gave you?

I pull the empty box out of my backpack.

BABS: Alright! Here's ten more rounds. Come back whenever you need a refill.

NINA: Thanks, Babs.

BABS: Anything else I can do for you?

NINO: You said something about money?

BABS: Oh, sorry. Our circus doesn't have a side-show. I don't know why, but the boss doesn't like freak acts.

NINA: That's fine. I... I can't say as I'd really like being in a side-show, anyway.

NINO: Oh, I would! It would be hilarious! I'd twist up my arms and stuff, and then I'd...

NINA: No. I have another idea. Goodbye, Babs!

BABS: Bye, kids! And stay out of trouble, won't ya?

We wave goodbye, and I use my ring again.

NINA: Ring, take us to the castle in the Shire of Prydain.

Wheeee! A castle! I never got to see the caste; I was kinda busy with Orwen. Oh, wow, I bet it's gonna be super-cool!

And it is! We're in a big room with tapestry-thingies all over the walls, and there's a pretty blonde girl on a throne. There's some dude next to her, too.

EILONWY: Nina? You're back! How... How did you do that?

NINA: I have a magic ring of teleportation.

EILONWY: Extraordinary! Taran told me that he received word from Dallben that the two of you, despite the odds, managed to defeat the Horned King and prevent his return.

NINO: Yep! We sure did!

EILONWY: So, it seems you were right to trust the Witches of Morva after all. The two of you must be great warriors to have protected Prydain so completely. For this action, I bestow upon you the highest honor that I can grant. Please, kneel. Tell me, what is the name of your village?

NINO: Village? Uhhh.... Los Angeles?

NINA: I'm from Framlingham.

EILONWY: By the power invested in me as Princess, and acting ruler of the Kingdom of Prydain, I hereby name thee Lady Nina of Framlingham, and Sir... Sir... I'm sorry, what did you say your name was?

NINO: Uhh... Nino, Your Highness.

EILONWY: Thank you. Sir Nino of Los Angeles! Knights of Prydain, you may rise.

Dude, I'm a knight? This is SO COOL!

EILONWY: An official knighthood in the kingdom of Prydain comes with a weekly allowance of 30 gold pieces. Taran, would you be a dear and fetch the gold?

TARAN: Sure thing, Eilonwy.

Taran runs out of the room and comes back with two small bags of gold.

TARAN: One for Lady Nina, and one for Sir Nino.

NINA: Thank you so much for this honor, Princess Eilonwy.

NINO: Yeah, thanks! You're awesome!

EILONWY: The pleasure's all mine. Now, if you don't mind telling me... However did you manage to destroy the Horned King?

NINA: With a complicated combination of Nino's powers and my fire bullets.

EILONWY: Fire bullets? What on earth is a fire bullet?

NINA: Oh, well... a bullet is a projectile that fires from a gun. Which is... sort of like a bow. Except louder.

EILONWY: And yours are.... fire bullets?

NINA: Yes. They are full of fire magic, and burst into flames.

The princess sighs and shares a smile with Taran.

EILONWY: If only Prydain's army had weapons such as that! We wouldn't have to worry about outside threats ever again!

NINA: Actually, I might be able to help with that. Where do you keep your arrows?

EILONWY: In a barrel in the armory.

NINA: May I see them?

EILONWY: Taran, would you be a dear and fetch the arrows, please?

TARAN: Of course, Eilonwy!

He runs off again.

EILONWY: Taran is such a sweetheart, don't you agree? I think he'll make a great prince someday. Don't you dare tell him I said that!

He comes back a few minutes later, carrying a very large barrel full of arrows.

TARAN: These are all the arrows we have right now.

NINA: Alright. Here we go.

I put my hands on the barrel.

NINA: I charge thee with the element of fire!

The arrows all begin to glow, and the barrel becomes quite warm. The tips of the arrows have smoky red wisps under the surface, just as my fire bullets do.

EILONWY: Amazing! And these are... fire arrows?

NINA: Yes. They should be rather effective.

EILONWY: A service this valuable deserves some compensation, as well. How does... 15 gold pieces sound? Taran...

TARAN: I know, I know.

He comes back with a very small bag of gold. With my 30, plus Nino's 30, plus the seven we have left over... We have 82 gold pieces. What wonderful news!

We're in the money! We're in the money!

NINA: Thank you very much, Princess Eilonwy.

EILONWY: Again, I am the one who should be grateful. Tell me, my wonderful knights, is there anything else you require?

NINA: Not at the moment. Thank you for offering, but we really should be going.

NINO: Lots of others worlds to save!

EILONWY: Other worlds? My, you certainly are busy. Go, my brave knights, and represent Prydain!

NINA: We certainly will.

Without giving it instruction, I use my ring.

Suddenly, we are standing in the middle of a rather modern-looking living room. It reminds me a bit of Donald Duck's house. A small door on the side of the room is completely encased in solid ice, and from another doorway, Mickey Mouse appears.

MICKEY: Oh, good! I'm glad I got a hold of you!

NINA: Mickey? What's happening?

MICKEY: Oh, nothing. Just had to interrupt your adventures for a minute. Something pretty important just happened. Come on, Minnie made lunch.

NINO: Actually, I was starting to get kind of hungry.

NINA: Wait, what happened to that door?

MICKEY: Oh, that's just my closet. The less said about that right now, the better. We're trying to calm them down, not stress them out.

NINA: Calm them down? Who are we talking about?

MICKEY: Come into the kitchen! Lunch is waiting!

Sitting around the table are Minnie, Daisy, Donald, and Goofy, as well as two women I've never seen before.

There are some pretty ladies here for lunch! There's a really tall woman with blonde hair that's almost white, wearing the most fabulous icy-blue dress I've ever seen. Sitting next to her, there's this girl with reddish hair and freckles, who looks like she's dressed for a cold winter day. It IS actually pretty cold in here!

MICKEY: Nina and Nino, allow me to introduce you to Her Majesty Queen Elsa of Arendelle, and Her Highness Princess Anna of Arendelle. Ladies, these are two of the heroes who are here to save the multiverse.

The woman in blue gives Mickey a very measured smile, as if attempting to keep her emotions under control.

ELSA: That's all well and good, Mickey. But what of Arendelle?

The other young woman gets to her feet, the annoyance obvious on her face.

ANNA: Are they gonna save Arendelle? And where the heck even IS Arendelle? You still haven't told us!

MICKEY: I'm gettieng to that. And you know Arendelle is under quarantine. We have to stop this... this corruption from spreading.

ANNA: So, what, we're just gonna be stranded here? Until these two can fix whatever's wrong with the whole multiverse?

MICKEY: Well.... yes. Unfortunately.

MINNIE: Nina, Nino, please sit down.

Minnie points us toward three empty places at the table with heaping plates of meatloaf.

NINO: Who's the third seat for?

MICKEY: That's part of the reason I called you all here. These two are not the only ones tasked with saving the multiverse, Princess Anna. If we're going to be able to open Arendelle again and allow all of its citizens to return home, we're going to need all five of the heroes that we've been trying to contact.

MINNIE: We've finally managed to contact the third, and he or she should be here any minute now!
No. 555352 ID: 2ae1fb
File 138895921983.png - (99.72KB , 512x512 , DisneyQuest210.png )

Choose your character:

The Bard weaves stories unlike any other. These stories are alive, these stories are a part of the fabric of the world. With each new experience, new stories awaken.

The Nanny cares for children above all else. To aid in this noble cause, the Nanny uses magic both practical and whimsical. With each new adventure, more adventures can be had.

The Apothecary brews up potions, poisons, elixirs, and more. An expert at the sales-pitch, the Apothecary gathers ingredients to create new and exciting concoctions. With each new recipe, more discoveries can be made.

Which do you choose?
No. 555354 ID: 1e9bd6

Bard. We need a better understanding of the underpinnings of the stories we're trying to repair.
No. 555355 ID: 386df6

Hrrrm...The Bard, who can actually tell us what's up with a story? Tempting...

The Nurse. This one I think would be a REALLY good idea-we could use someone with healing capabilities...

And then there's the Apothecary. potions and whatnot. I'm neutral towards this one, but I'm not sure exactly what this hero brings to the table...

Personally, I'm picking them in this order:
Nurse > Apothocary > Bard.

Soo yeah, I wanna get to say "HELLO NURSE!!!"
No. 555357 ID: 7bbaae

Nanny, not Nurse.
No. 555360 ID: 5869f6

This Bard fellow sounds like a useful person to make aquainttance with.

(Can we choose the gender? If so, male.)
No. 555366 ID: 7bbaae

Last time we chose the gender after choosing the role.

Apothecary would be interesting for some true healing via potions, and some area of effect damage via explosive bottles. We can even buy ingredients now. So I'm leaning towards that. I'm not sure exactly what Bard is capable of at this point. Summons? Buffs? I'd rather go with the sure bet.
No. 555432 ID: ca4118

How about a Bard? Sounds like a fun choice, and useful given that you're on a quest to unravel stories that have been damaged.
No. 555441 ID: acb7da

Apothecary. Maybe he'll even be able to fix Nina's eye, or at least make it look normal.
No. 555519 ID: 2ae1fb
File 138903357671.png - (178.71KB , 607x513 , DisneyQuest211.png )

You are a bard. You have the power to sense the underlying narrative structure of a world, and the power to call upon the tales of your ancestors for aid. Your powers expand in worlds with malleable narratives.

Are you a boy, or a girl?

What is your name?
No. 555528 ID: c7ab83

Uhh...Fun choices. Yes. Fun.
Male Bard. He shall sing the tales of his people!
No. 555531 ID: 7bbaae

Well I dislike the Female design the least, let's go with that. Christ, that hair, those tattoos, the shoes, the bowtie... ugh.

Name: Rita
No. 555555 ID: 5869f6


No. 555557 ID: 88960e

I can back that.
No. 555674 ID: acb7da

Female. Rita. Word.
No. 555789 ID: 2ae1fb
File 138914626947.png - (330.80KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest212.png )

Suddenly, there's another young woman in the room. She looks around for a moment, silently, her face changing from shock, to confusion, to acceptance very quickly.

Is that our new teammate? She looks awesome! I mean, yeah, maybe her fashion sense needs a little work, but at least she looks like she has one! So, yay, fashion buddies! And I LOVE that dress! Eeeeee!

Okay... So, I'm obviously in another dimension. Sapient animals, fairy tale princesses, and two kinda normal-looking people. I'm not sure what happened to that chick's face, but I'm sure it isn't good.

RITA: This is some kinda hero quest or something, right? Tell me I'm wrong.

MICKEY: Uhhh... No, that's exactly right.

RITA: Okay. Well... Figure I can't resist a call to action. What is this? Got a ring that needs destroying? Or maybe a Dark Lord that needs vanquished? Or... Or maybe it's something more than that. Some kind of... spreading corruption. Am I close?

She speaks with a kind of slow drawl, as if she was completely expecting this to happen.

She's Southern? Huh, that's kinda neat, I guess.

MICKEY: Uhh... yes?

RITA: Well, I was in the middle of an exam in Nineteenth-Century English Literature, but honestly, I've never really understood the point of exams for survey courses. The mouse in the red pants is in charge, here, correct?

DONALD: Basically.

RITA: Cool. So, what are we doing?

MICKEY: Slow down! We've summoned YOU! We're supposed to be the ones asking the questions.

RITA: Oh, right, right.

MICKEY: You are Rita Jebediah, correct?

Jebediah? What the heck kind of last name is THAT!?

RITA: Sure am.

MICKEY: You are the great-great-great-granddaughter of Toby Jebediah, who learned the tales of Br'er Rabbit from Uncle Remus himself?

RITA: That's how Dad tells the story.

She's connected to Uncle Remus? Fascinating!

MICKEY: Great! In that case, please have a seat. There's a space for you right next to Nina. Eat up!

MINNIE: It's my best meatloaf recipe.

RITA: Well, that sounds heavenly. Had to skip breakfast this morning, since I kind of overslept. This should be a nice break from my semester, I think.

She looks at me and Nina and smiles.

RITA: But I'm not the only person you've summoned, am I? My name's Rita. You must be Nina, and you're...

NINO: Nino! Nino Johnson.

RITA: Nino?

NINO: Well... it's short for Antonio. Hey, where'd your last name come from, anyway?

RITA: Oh, that? Legend has it that that's what Old Toby put on his very first census form. No one knows why he did it, but the name's been passed down in the family ever since.

NINA: Where are you from, Rita?

She eats her meatloaf very politely, and waits until she's swallowed her current bite to speak. Commendable.

RITA: Atlanta, Georgia. You're English, aren't you?

NINA: Yes. I'm from Suffolk.

RITA: Awesome! And you, Nino?

NINO: I’m from LA!

RITA: Neat-o. So I guess we’re gonna be going on adventures together, huh?

NINO: Yup! We’re gonna be the best team ever, and it’s gonna be so cool! You’re going to love hanging out with us! We could stay up late, and have pillow fights, and do each other’s hair, and…

NINA: Errr, no, we probably won’t be doing any of that.

NINO: Awww, man. The first thing you gotta know about hanging out with us is that Nina is a party-pooper.

NINA: What? No, I most certainly am not!

She’s actually laughing! I mean Rita, not Nina. Awesome! She has a sense of humor. That’s actually really, really helpful!

ANNA: Great. So everyone's met each other. Cool. Meanwhile.... WHAT THE HECK ARE WE GONNA DO ABOUT ARENDELLE!?

RITA: Uhhh... Could someone fill me in? I'm a little lost.

NINA: It's alright, Rita. Nino and I were both completely lost at first, too. Though, I'll admit, I'm still not exactly sure what's happening here.

NINO: Yeah... Mickey, what's going on?

MICKEY: Well, you see, the corruption is attacking every single world in the multiverse, except the one's you've already saved of course.

RITA: Already saved?

NINO: Yup! We've done it a bunch of times, and Nina did a few before I even came!

NINA: There are probably many more to go, though.

MINNIE: Yes, there are.

MICKEY: So we have to be really, really careful about adding new worlds to the multiverse.

NINA: New worlds?

DONALD: Didn't the Storyteller explain?

RITA: The Storyteller?

NINO: Uncle Remus.

RITA: Wait... You've MET Uncle Remus?

NINO: Yeah, he was super-cool!

NINA: Yes, he told us about how you put walls between all of the worlds, and erased the memories of all of their inhabitants, to stop the corruption from spreading.

MICKEY: Yes. Unfortunately, the corruption means that it's dangerous for new worlds to become a part of the multiverse. Queen Elsa and Princess Anna are the rulers of our newest world, which is completely under quarantine, to keep the corruption from devouring it while it is still so young.

ELSA: That's why we have been told to stay here, in this larger world, until you save the multiverse and Arendelle can be opened again.

ANNA: And I don't like it.

ELSA: Anna...

ANNA: Well, we're all trapped here, and it's not exactly pleasant. I want to go home.

MICKEY: It may be some time before you can go home, Princess.

ANNA: And we have to wait for these three to save ALL of the worlds before we can go home?

MICKEY: Unfortunately.


She gets up from the table and runs into the other room.

ELSA: Err, please excuse my sister. She's just a bit upset. And frankly, so am I.

Is it just me, or did it get colder in here?

ELSA: It puts me in a rather... awkward position. As you know, Mickey, I've only been Queen of Arendelle a very short time, and so this isn't exactly the best timing for all of my subjects to be homeless. I... We can't stay here forever.

GOOFY: Well, gawrsh, it won't be forever! Just until our heroes save the multiverse.

ELSA: I know that, but... I'm still frightened. And what if they fail? Will Arendelle be destroyed? What will become of my people then?

RITA: I'm sorry, Queen Elsa, but... your meatloaf.

Minnie gives a small gasp before grabbing the queen's frozen plate of meatloaf and placing it in the microwave oven.

MINNIE: We'll have it thawed out in a jiffy, your Majesty!

ELSA: I'm... I'm sorry. I'm going to go check on my sister.

She gets up and follows the princess into the other room.

MICKEY: Would the three of you go check on them? I'm worried that we may have a rather unstable situation on our hands.

RITA: The Queen's unhappy, her people are unhappy, and there's nothing y'all can do about it, because to let them go home would be to allow this.... corruption, was it? This corruption to destroy their home. But to make them unhappy may compromise their ability to live in harmony with y'all, and it's especially terrifying because the Queen's a powerful ice mage.

MICKEY: Well, yes.

How on earth did she figure all of that out so quickly?

I like her! She's really smart! I bet we're gonna have a really easy time saving worlds now!

MICKEY: They also have their world's villain frozen in the closet, and that's not exactly healthy for anyone. Though I guess it is sort of satisfying.

NINA: Huh. Good to know.

RITA: So... we need to calm down the Queen and the Princess, while not upsetting the Queen so she accidentally freezes us all to death?

NINA: Sounds as though it will be good practice for the sorts of situations we often have to deal with when saving the worlds.

NINO: Welcome to the team, Rita!

Alright, so... I can feel you guys in my head. I'm not sure how y'all got there, but I know you're there to help me, and I know Nina and Nino can hear you, too. Any suggestions y'all could give would be great right about now. I've spent a lot of time discussing, analyzing, and theorizing about the Hero's Journey... but I never thought I'd end up on one myself. This is... this is both awesome and terrifying at the same time.
No. 555793 ID: 0c2931

Welcome to the gang! I'm sure your insight will come in handy quite a bit for the upcoming trials.

Hrrrm...Ugly situation they're in. Can't go home lest the corruption gets to them, but can't stay here, do I have it right?
The Queen, at least, is a powerful ice mage...I wonder...
Something to do besides sitting on their rears and getting homesick might help pass the time until we wrap up all the worlds that need saving.
No. 555801 ID: d2995c

Hello there!

How many refugees do they have? The scale of the issue is relevant to what we might do about it.

>Something to do besides sitting on their rears and getting homesick might help pass the time until we wrap up all the worlds that need saving.
Hmm, that raises the question of whether there are any other corruption fighting measures going on aside from our group.
No. 555870 ID: 5869f6

Hello Rita! We're here to offer support and plan, er, plans! Good plans!
We also bicker with eachother a lot.
No. 558124 ID: a87e3a

Ask if it's safe for the princesses to visit other worlds you've saved. I'm sure they'd like to hang around in the Cauldron world, it's similar to their world.
No. 558295 ID: 2ae1fb
File 139009743348.png - (326.10KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest213.png )

Alright, good to know! I'm sure we're gonna have ourselves a pretty good time.

NINA: How many refugees are there?

DONALD: Good question.

GOOFY: Tough question!

MICKEY: Well, let's see... There's the Queen and the Princess, the Princess' boyfriend, the villain, the snowman, the reindeer, that other guy, a whole bunch of trolls...

NINO: Trolls?

MINNIE: Yes! They're adorable!

MICKEY: And then there's all the foreign dignitaries and entire kingdom's worth of random people. They're not exactly essential personnel, but that doesn't make them any less precious to the Queen, or to us.

DAISY: Without extras, a world may as well be empty.

RITA: Is there anything they could do that could help fight the corruption?

MICKEY: Other than staying here and keeping their people under control while we oversee your adventures? Not really.

NINO: Do they have to stay here, though? Couldn't they hang out in one of the safe worlds, like Prydain?

NINA: We could probably even ask Eilonwy to allow them to stay in the castle.


DAISY: Allowing world-tied characters to freely explore other worlds, even safe ones, allows for the possibility of re-contamination.

NINA: World-tied?

MINNIE: People that live in specific multiverse worlds. The five of us are from the central world, so that doesn't include us. And the three of you are from completely outside of the multiverse, so it doesn't include you, either.

RITA: Makes sense.

NINO: Glad it does to one of us!

NINA: Maybe we ought to go have a talk with Queen Elsa.

We all leave the kitchen and head to the living room. The two royals had been talking to one another, but they quickly look up as we enter the room.

ANNA: Are you guys gonna go save Arendelle now? Because, like, we could really, really, really use your help.

NINA: Yes, but, first... What will the two of you do until we can save your kingdom? It might take a while.

NINO: There's a lot of worlds that we need to save!

ANNA: What the heck are we supposed to do until then!?

ELSA: Anna, patience... If there is anything at all we can do, anything that will help...

RITA: Mickey said that the two of you have to rule your people while we take care of the multiverse. It sounds like you have a lot of citizens, so it's up to you to keep them under control, Your Majesty.

ELSA: I have no power here.

Dude! It's frickin' COLD in here! That door covered in ice isn't helping me feel any warmer, either!

RITA: With all due respect, Your Majesty, are you queen or not? You have a responsibility to your people, whether you're at home or not. It's up to you to make sure they're as happy as possible, and that they're coping okay.

ANNA: I just want to go home....

Suddenly, the room becomes warmer, and a determined expression settles on the queen's face.

ELSA: You're right, Rita. I have to be the queen my people need.

ANNA: But what about Arendelle?

ELSA: Anna, we need to stay away from Arendelle to protect it.

She gives her sister a meaningful glance.

ANNA: ....Seriously? Elsa, that's...

ELSA: This is different. It's true, this time. But this time, we do it together.

ANNA: Oh, Elsa!

The sisters embrace.

Looks like our work here is done!

But all of a sudden, a weak, cold-sounding voice comes from within the closet....

???: Who's out there? Is someone out there? Will someone save me? That... that monster has me frozen in here. They want me dead, please, you have to save me, I've done nothing wrong!


ELSA: Anna, it's alright. He can't get out.

???: Please, please.... I think I'm dying. I'm... I'm so cold...

ANNA: Oh, please, you've been in there for less than an hour!

???: So... so cold...

The sisters just roll their eyes at each other.

RITA: Mickey said it wasn't healthy to keep your villain frozen in a closet.

???: Villain? Who's a villain? I'm no villain!

Huh. Voice sounds a lot stronger now. Had a feeling that was the case.

NINA: You should probably think about letting him out, whoever he is.

ANNA: Nope. Not gonna happen.

ELSA: Well... We'll think about it.

ANNA: But he's probably staying in there.

NINO: I'm sure they'll sort that out themselves. Can we PLEASE go to the next world now? You've got bullets, everyone's happy, and it's time to take Rita on her first-ever world-saving trip!

RITA: I'm really looking forward to it.

NINA: I guess. Unless the head-voices have anything they want us to do first.

I am pretty excited... But I'm also a bit unsure. Why does Nina need bullets? I guess we're going to be doing some fighting? But I don't know how to fight at all! I hate violence. There has to be a better way, but then, I have no idea what to even expect. Reckon y'all could explain it a bit better...
No. 558300 ID: a87e3a

There doesn't always need to be violence, Rita. Often the corruption is passive and can be solved through talking to people or merely getting to the right place through environmental hazards. Sometimes though, the corruption attacks us directly, and we are forced to fight. Thus, Nina needs bullets. She is quite good in a fight, actually. We've developed a general strategy for encounters... Still gotta work on using Nino's powers though. Maybe if he had the hammer out all the time, he could flail it around with rubber-arms for mid-range attacks. Rita, if you're not going to be able to fight, then you need to at least protect yourself. Do you have any special abilities? Well, I guess we could just turn you into a frog for the duration of battles.

I'm sortof tempted to go spell shopping but eh. Most useful thing would be invisibility, I think.

Do we have some food packed still? I forget.
No. 558304 ID: c5987e

Right. Combat is a thing, and we generally handle it well. As for what happens when screw ups happen?
Nina is currently something of a cyborg because of those screw ups. Few and far in between, yes but...Yeah.
Anyhow, you're a non-combatant? Hrrm. The BIG issue with that is having to leave someone keeping an eye on you so some thug doesn't jump you. That said...Nina has a REALLY useful spell, the Travelling Spell I think it was called? And it's how we move about from one world to another, as well as within that world. I'm thinking we put it on that...Uhh. Bandanna? Around your neck, you turn that three times with your destination in mind, and off you go! So when danger rears it's head, you get going to a safe place!
...Also, sorry if I just jinxed it.
No. 558379 ID: d2995c

>Why does Nina need bullets? I guess we're going to be doing some fighting?
Sometimes. Our goals in the worlds range from 'experience emotional self-discovery' to 'fight an acid-blooded demonic zombie apocalypse'. (Does it still count as violence to you if it is the latter situation? I ask because different people have different approaches to pacifism.)
No. 558507 ID: 2ae1fb
File 139019312445.png - (394.14KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest214.png )

Hmmm... I guess not. I mean, don't get me wrong, I don't really have a problem with killing zombies. You gotta do what you gotta do to survive. I played the heck outta "The Walking Dead." ....Oh, no. Is this gonna be like "The Walking Dead?" Those moral choices were hard enough in a completely virtual setting!

Special abilities? Well... I guess I'm pretty genre-savvy. But other than that? Well... there is this one thing I can do. I just kinda figured it out one day when I was bored. I was just reciting a Br'er Rabbit story, just to make sure I remembered the whole thing. My family loves those old stories, and kinda always made a big deal about keeping them in our minds.

Well, I was alone in my room, telling this story to no one, when all of a sudden, Br'er Rabbit himself was sitting on my bed! I was completely shocked, but... well, I guess I sorta got used to it. It happens from time to time, but when I want it to, it almost always works. I don't know how that helps, since I don't think Br'er Rabbit's much of a fighter. But if I called him to help me with something, he probably would.

Never told anyone else about that before. They might think I was completely nuts! But... I guess it may end up being relevant sooner or later.

Keep my hammer out? That's a pretty good idea! I reach into my bag and pull out... a banana peel? Uhh... let's try this again.... Another banana peel? Oh, come on! Uhhh... banana creme pie? ANOTHER banana creme pie? An apple? A glass bottle?

RITA: What's he doing? And how is he keeping everything in the bag like that?

NINA: Oh, he calls it his "Toon powers."

RITA: Oh! It's a hammer-space bag! He's supposed to be some kind of old cartoon, right?

NINO: You got it!

Nino continues to rummage through his bag, until he triumphantly pulls out his giant hammer.

NINO: Aha! Got it!

I stuff all of the rest of my stuff into my bag. To answer your food question, yeah, we've got two banana creme pies and four apples.

As far as spell-shopping is concerned, I suppose it can wait. If it isn't that important, then I suppose we're ready to travel.

NINA: Oh, right. One more thing. Rita, may I see your... neck accessory?

She unties it and hands it to me.

NINA: Hellebore, henbane, aconite, glowworm fire, and firefly light!

My little bandanna glows pink, and then goes back to normal. She's a witch, right? That's really, really cool.

NINA: There. Now, if you want to teleport somewhere, you just tell your... thing...

RITA: Bandanna?

NINA: Yes. Tell it where you want to go. As in, "Bandanna, take me to..." and then, wherever you wish to go. Then give it three taps and a sharp quarter-turn to the left.

RITA: Neat!

NINA: Alright. So, I guess we're ready to go?

NINO: Let's DO this!

RITA: I'm as ready as I'll ever be.

ELSA: Good luck. Save the world.

ANNA: We're counting on you!

NINA: Take Nino's hand, Rita.

Once we're all linked, I activate my ring.

Whoa! This is insane. There are colors and shapes... it's indescribably beautiful. It feels like we're flying!

And then we land. It looks as though we're in some sort of comfortable den. There are animal skins everywhere, and a lot of rustic furniture... I think we're inside a tree. I get the sense that there's a lot of magic here, but it definitely smells like adventure... swashbuckling, I think?

All of a sudden, six young boys dressed as different animals spring out from several different hiding places. There's a loud ringing sound, like a tiny jingle bell, and a tiny blonde woman (who I'm pretty sure is a fairy, or maybe a pixie) flies out of a small hole in the wall. She looks at us, jingles at the boys, and then all of the boys grab various simplistic weapons, shouting about intruders and pirates or something.

Oh, no. We're not going to fight children, are we? They're definitely not zombies!

No. 558508 ID: a87e3a

Tell them you're not pirates! This is Peter Pan's world. Strange, though, it doesn't sound like Peter Pan is here right now. These are just the Lost Boys and the faerie Tinkerbell.

Nina, if they attack anyway you can cast your shielding spell.
No. 558960 ID: d2995c

Say you aren't pirates. Pirates don't have bow-ties.
No. 559466 ID: 2ae1fb
File 139069007408.png - (335.76KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest215.png )

NINO: Whoa, whoa, whoa! We're not pirates! Who said anything about pirates? Besides, I have a bowtie! Pirates don’t have bowties!

RITA: Which is kind of a shame, since bowties are cool.

NINA: What? Do you watch “Doctor Who?”

She says nothing, but points her head towards the boys that are currently threatening us. Right. Now is probably a bad time. Still! We’ll certainly have a lot to talk about later!

These furry dudes are NUTS! The tall boy in the fox suit lowers his weird slingshot-rifle-stick-thingy.

???: Not pirates? Then why'd you break into our hideout?

NINA: We didn't break in.

The fat kid in the bear suit folds his arms and makes a grumpy-cat face.

???: Then how'd you get in?

RITA: It was magic.

Suddenly, we hear the sound of a door opening, and a boy dressed entirely in green strides into the room.

???: What's this?

The short boy in the rabbit suit runs over to the new dude.

???: Peter, Peter! We don't know what happened! But these people are here! They say they aren't pirates! What do we do with them?

PETER: Calm down, Nibs! It's just Wendy.

NIBS: It's Wendy?

All of the boys suddenly become very excited.

???: Wendy's back!

???: Oh, boy!

???: Tell us a story, Wendy!

The fairy flies very close to my face, and raises her eyebrow. She makes a confused jingle sound.

PETER: What are you talking about? Of course that’s Wendy!

The fairy just shakes her head angrily, kicks the air, and flies away.

PETER: Awww, don't let old Tink bother you, Wendy. The rest of us are awful glad to see you! At ease, men.

NINA: Me? You think I'm this... this Wendy person?

PETER: Well, you sure talk like Wendy. And I recognize John, too! And... And I don't know who that other girl is, but I guess she's another new mother, right Wendy?

The other boys immediately crowd around Rita.

I sure wish I knew what was going on. The tall boy dressed in a fox skin extends his hand to me.

SLIGHTLY: Hi, new mother! I'm Slightly.

RITA: I'm not your mother.

The short, round one in the bear skin speaks next.

CUBBY: I'm Cubby, and I know a new mother when I see one! You're here to tell us stories, right?

RITA: Stories?

NIBS: Yep! Peter brought Wendy here before to tell us stories, but she left. Now she's back, and she brought her brother John, and she brought you, too!

NINO: John?

SLIGHTLY: I almost didn't recognize you without the glasses, but Peter says you're John!

The identical boys in the raccoon skins nod aggressively.

TWIN: And that means you must be John!

TWIN: Must be John!

The tiny boy dressed as a skunk comes very close to me and gently tugs on my skirt.

NIBS: Awww, Toodles is happy to see you, too, Wendy!

PETER: Come on, men, leave Wendy and John and new mother alone! They must be really tired from the flight!

As if someone had flipped a switch, all attention in the room turns towards Peter, and we seem to be mostly forgotten.

NIBS: What did the mermaids say, Peter?

SLIGHTLY: Yeah, what'd they say? What'd they say?

PETER: Aww, those mermaids are silly! They're mad at the fairies for some reason, so they're awful boring to talk to. Didn’t even want to hear about the cool thing I saw the other day. They always love to hear about me!

CUBBY: Uhh... why are they mad?

PETER: I don't know. I didn't ask. It's probably a dumb reason. The mermaids are just sorta like that.

NINA: Excuse me... If you don't mind my asking, where are we?

PETER: Oh, come on, Wendy! You recognize Neverland!

RITA: Well, unlike Wendy and John over here, I've never been to Neverland. Care to elaborate?

PETER: You mean Wendy didn't tell you? Shame on you, Wendy!

Rita appears to be trying very hard not to laugh. I do believe she's enjoying this! I wish I weren't so confused.

NINA: It must have... slipped my mind somehow.

PETER: Well, new mother, Neverland is the most wonderful place anywhere. We got all kinds of neat animals, and there's friendly Indians, and fairies, and mermaids. Also mean pirates. And then there's my loyal men, the Lost Boys.... And then, there's the most wonderful thing about Neverland.

RITA: Which is...?

PETER: Me, of course! I can fly, and I'm really good at fighting, and I'm an honorary Indian and stuff. Also, you don't have to ever grow up on Neverland, and I think that's also the best thing.

NINO: Never?

PETER: Never ever!

NINO: This place actually sounds really, really cool!

PETER: See, Wendy? John remembers Neverland!

So, apparently I'm John now? Who even IS that!? This place does sound really cool, and I kinda want to go look around and meet these fairies and mermaids and everything... But these kids are kinda creeping me out.

Should we bother telling them that we aren't whoever they think we are? Would it even be worth it? I have a bad feeling that this child is going to be almost as insufferable as Winnie the Pooh. Really, if we could just figure out whatever is going on here and get out, I think I would be extremely happy.

I haven't quite decided whether this is adorable or creepy. If they want me to tell them stories, then I figure I'll do it. And I guess it is actually pretty funny. But I'm not really sure how we're supposed to save the world, and I'm also not 100% comfortable with this "new mother" thing. Is this situation normal, or was this a really unlucky first adventure? Because I'm pretty confused.
No. 559469 ID: 53fda7

This is uhh, not what I was expecting, to be honest. Seems like lately we've had tricky cases where something is a bit off, but not in an obvious way. Like Nina being mistaken for Wendy. That's probably not a good sign...

I...Don't really know, maybe one of the others will? But I don't particularly see any reason why it should be as bad as Winnie the Pooh. Still, it's probably not going to be a happy world for you. The 'perks' of this place are probably not really your thing, as you can already fly and never really seemed that enthusiastic about the joys of childhood, so an eternal one...Yeah.

This place definately would be a playground for you, I'm betting your toon powers could do more than normal here or easier. As for who's John...I dunno.

Okay, first stop is the mermaids, because I highly doubt the fairies will be easy to find, and that sounds like what we're looking for, that thing with the fairies and mermaids not getting along.
No. 559474 ID: a87e3a

Well the last time we were greeted with a case of mistaken identity it was necessary to keep up the charade until we saved that world. So let them think what they want for now. Besides, these are all children, aside from Tinkerbell. I doubt they'll react well if they find out the whole world is in danger. They might even think you're lying to them and trying to trick them. You guys might want to tell Tinkerbell in private though, to make sure you have her support.

Nina, ask Peter what the cool thing he found was. ...hmm, if the Mermaids are agitated they might know what the problem with this world is. We should visit them soon.

Rita, you should consider telling stories to the Lost Boys to keep them out of our hair until we find out what's going on here.
No. 559605 ID: 2ae1fb
File 139077302314.png - (423.17KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest216.png )

I guess that makes sense. Besides, it kinda solves the problem of me having no idea what the heck I'm supposed to do. Telling stories is kinda my thing.

RITA: All right, y'all! It's story time!

The Lost Boys all cheer and throw things in excitement. Slightly fetches me a big chair, and they all crowd around it.

RITA: Hmm... Now let me think... Once upon a time, there lived a very old man who loved to read....

Alright, while Rita keeps the Lost Boys occupied, Nino and I will go talk to the Mermaids. But first, we should probably talk to Tinker Bell.

PETER: What are you looking for, Wendy?

NINA: I was just wondering about the, errr…. the cool thing you found, Peter.

PETER: Oh! That! Well, there I was, flying around the jungle. Suddenly, I saw something shiny… Turns out it was a shiny rock! Probably the third or fourth shiniest rock I ever found. The Mermaids usually like shiny things, so I tried to show it to them. But they didn’t even care. Stupid girls. Oh, well. At least I have my shiny rock. So, so shiny. You wanna see it?

NINA: Well, err… maybe later. We were also looking for Tinker Bell. I'd really like to speak to her.

PETER: Oh, Wendy! Don't you know Tink hates you?

NINA: Oh, errr... Yes, but...

NINO: She wants to make it all up to her. And then they'll be friends! And that would be awesome!

PETER: You're right, John!

He whistles loudly.

PETER: Come here, Tink!

Tinker Bell flies out of a small hole in the wall, and flutters around Peter's head.

PETER: Now, you listen to me, Tink. I've got a story to listen to. But you're gonna make up with Wendy, and become best friends, so we can all play together and it won't be weird. Alright?

Tinker Bell looks exceptionally confused for a moment, and then nods, jingling.

PETER: Good. Sorry for interrupting, new mother. Keep telling the story!

NINO: Wait! One more question! Where do the Mermaids live?

PETER: Huh? Oh, they live in Mermaid Lagoon, of course. But you don't want to bother them. They're being really dumb.

NINA: Alright. Thank you, Peter.

PETER: Of course! Sorry again, new mother. I mean it, you can tell the story, now.

RITA: That's OK, Peter. Anyway, as I was saying... One day, the old man decided that he wanted to go on a grand adventure, just like all of his favorite heroes....

NOW all the Lost Boys look like they're really listening to the story. Man, I wish WE could stay and listen to stories. This sounds like a good one!

Don Quixote? Unusual choice, but I suppose it's certainly long enough for our purposes.

Tinker Bell looks toward the Lost Boys, then gestures to us, flying towards a cave-like opening in the side of the room. She leads us into an underground corridor, with sunlight filtering in through a... a pond? Full of fish? Above our heads? Why, that makes absolutely no sense at all!

Yep, I think I like this world!

NINA: So... Hello, Tinker Bell. Err... I'm really sorry about the confusion, but my name isn't Wendy. I'm Nina.

NINO: And I'm Nino! I don't even know who John is!

She laughs, a tiny little musical sound, and just nods her head. Huh. Guess she already figured it out.

NINA: We're here because Neverland is in serious danger. You must not tell Peter.

She looks reluctant for a moment, and then makes a motion as if "sealing her lips."

NINA: Good. We really don't have the slightest idea what exactly is wrong, though.

NINO: What's up with the Mermaids and the Fairies?

Her eyes narrow for a moment, and she crosses her arms. She is completely silent for a moment, before shrugging.

NINA: You don't know?

She shrugs again, more insistent this time.

NINO: But... Aren't you a Fairy, Tinker Bell?

Whoa... that's a really, really sad face. She just shakes her head, and flies back towards the Lost Boys.

NINO: Well, it sounds like there's a story there!

NINA: Hmm... Well, I suppose we can deal with that later. At any rate, we really should go speak with the Mermaids. Ring, take us to Mermaid Lagoon!

Suddenly, we're standing on a tiny outcropping of rock. Sheer cliffs with waterfalls surround us, and in the distance, a large island in the shape of a skull is distinctly visible. Grasses and all sorts of other lovely plants line the rocks, and make the entire area very beautiful. The rock that we are standing on is completely surrounded by clear, beautiful water.

Of course, the only problem is that I can't swim. Oh, dear.

NINO: Whoa... this place is awesome....

???: Who are you? And what are you doing here?

Whoa! There's, like, this blonde girl with a red starfish in her hair just chillin', poking her head out of the water! I'm gonna guess that she's a Mermaid.

NINO: Oh, hi! We're, uhhh... we're here to save the world.

???: Save it from what?

NINA: We don't know yet. But we thought it might help to ask you some questions.

???: Me? Why me?

NINO: Well... We just kinda want to know what's going on with you Mermaid guys and the Fairies.

???: Oh. Well, why didn't you say so? It's simple! See, we just don't like them.

NINO: Well, that's specific.

NINA: Is this a recent development?

???: No. We've never liked them. But we only decided we want to drown them last week.

NINO: Wait, what?

NINA: Why do you want to drown the fairies?

???: Hmmm... I don't know. We're just kind of tired of them. Mermaids are prettier, and more interesting, and much more fun to be around than Fairies are. And Queen Eewee is much more beautiful and kind and wonderful than Queen Clarion is. But the Fairies think that their stupid queen is better. And that's dumb. So... We hate them. And it would be pretty nifty if they all died.

NINO: Isn't that a little harsh?

NINA: Could we, perhaps, speak to this Queen Eewee of yours?

???: What? Why do you need to talk to her? I thought you came here to see ME!

NINO: Well... We just needed to talk to a Mermaid, and you were there, so...

???: I'm not GOOD ENOUGH for you, am I!?

She leaps out of the water like some kinda crazy dolphin... and wow, she isn't wearing anything over her boobies but a flower necklace. Wow. Uhh... She jumps towards our rock and grabs Nina by the ankle.

No! No, she's trying to pull me off of the rock!
No. 559612 ID: be60a1

Well I think we have what we're looking for! Something happened to the mermaids!
Toad her! Or rather, toad yourself-if we're going underwater that might be better. Or is it a frog? I forget...
I think you can bonk her on the head with your hammer and knock her out. As far as getting underwater...I THINK Nina's toad spell might work, but if that doesn't you might be able to work up a burla and use it to go underwater I think?
No. 559613 ID: a87e3a

Nina, turn her into a frog. Then turn her back, and tell her to behave herself or she won't STOP being a frog next time.

Hmm, sounds like the mermaids have been corrupted somehow, and they've all gone mad. This goes beyond their quarrel with the fairies. I wonder if we can make dire enough threats to convince the mermaid to fetch her queen?
No. 559614 ID: 5869f6

Sweet jebus on a pogo stick, what is with these mer-women?
Last 'I' recall seeing them was when Wendy was first here.
They tried to drag her into the water, but not to cause her harm! They're usually known for being playful. Not exactly known for malice. Perhaps something is wrong with the faries as well.
No. 560679 ID: 2ae1fb
File 139139378672.png - (353.83KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest217.png )

NINA: Enough of you!

I point my finger at the Mermaid, and she suddenly becomes a frog. She flounders about in the water, croaking miserably.

NINA: I can turn you back, but you had better not try anything like that again, do you understand?

NINO: That's right! Nina can turn you into a gross, slimy frog whenever she wants! And she doesn't have to turn you back if she doesn't want to. And she can't turn you back if you hurt her!

The frog floats pathetically in the water, nodding slowly.

NINA: Alright, then. Come here!

I hold my open palm towards her, and she returns to her normal appearance.

???: Jeez, you didn't have to do that! I was only trying to have a little fun.

NINA: No, you were trying to kill me.

NINO: Yeah! What's fun about that?

???: You can swim, can't you? It would have been funny to watch you get wet and angry.

NINA: I can't swim at all! I would have died!

???: Oh.

She shrugs, as if the idea means nothing to her.

???: Anyway, I guess you can talk to Queen Eewee if you really want to.

NINO: Great. Can you go get her and bring her here, please?

???: Ha! No. Queen Eewee doesn't hang out on the rocks with the rest of us. She only sees guests in the Wind Room in the castle.

NINO: You guys have a castle? Where is it?

???: At the bottom of the lagoon. Where else would it be?

NINO: So... how are we supposed to get down there?

???: Swim, of course!

NINA: I already told you that I can't swim!

???: That's not my fault, ugly human.

NINA: My name is Nina!

WOON: And my name is Woon! Nice to meet you.

NINA: Errr.... yes. Nice.

NINO: So.... uhhh... what's the plan?

NINA: I can't go to the Wind Room, but we need to talk to the queen. Couldn't you do that thing you did at Lake Titicaca? With the water bubble?

NINO: Yeah... but I'd have to leave you behind! How am I supposed to talk to some kinda fancy mermaid queen all by myself?

NINA: I don't know. I'm sure you'll think of something.

WOON: Queen Eewee will love you! She is the best queen ever.

NINO: Can’t you just turn yourself into a frog or something? Maybe that could help!

WOON: Besides, once you get to the Wind Room, you can breathe. It’s just like the air up here. Mermaids need dry air to keep our gills from getting sore.

NINA: Well, I suppose I could try.

I point directly at myself.

NINA: Enough of this!

My finger sparks with blue electricity, but nothing happens.

NINA: I suppose I can’t actually perform the spell on myself. I’m afraid you really do have to go alone, Nino.

WOON: He won’t be alone! I’ll be right there the whole time!

NINA: Oh yes, because that makes me feel so much better.

WOON: Yay!

NINO: What will you do while I’m talking to the queen?

NINA: I don't know. There must be something else I can do to help.

I have to go talk to this Queen Eewee chick without Nina? But Nina's soo much better at doing the talking than me! What the heck do I even say? How do I approach this? And should I really even be thinking about doing this without Nina?

It is a bit upsetting that I cannot accompany Nino to the Mermaids' castle, but I'm sure he'll be fine on his own. I just don't want to sit here and do nothing while he talks to her. Surely you must have some idea of something I could do to help!

Sounds like Nina and Nino have landed themselves in a whole mess of trouble. Does that happen a lot?

I've been telling the Lost Boys about Don Quixote. They seem to like it. But if there's anything else I can do to help, I sure would appreciate it. Not that I'm not having a great time, because I am. I'm just feeling awful guilty about sitting here telling stories while the others fight Mermaids or whatever it is they're doing.

No. 560686 ID: 3bb36a

Everyone plays their part. Nina and Nino do theirs, and you do yours. And it varies, this time you might be telling tales with the lost boys, but next time you might be the one out doing great things! Never know what's coming next eh?

...That Traveller's Spell might just do the trick I think!
Nino goes down to the Wind Room area where there's air, warps up and gets Nina, and then warps back. I THINK that might work?
No. 560691 ID: a87e3a

Rita, you could summon someone to send off to help Nina and Nino. Then you could help in both places at once. Nina would have to come fetch whoever it is, though.

Nina, it's a good thing you can't turn yourself into a frog, because you wouldn't be able to cancel the spell! Unless croaking while meaning to say the counterspell works? Well, you could teleport down there but unless there's air in there you'd still drown. Meanwhile, I suppose you could visit the faeries to ask if they've noticed anything unusual.
No. 561103 ID: 2ae1fb
File 139166194671.png - (396.51KB , 713x554 , DisneyQuest218.png )

NINA: ....Wait a minute. Woon, did you say that we would be able to breathe in the Wind Room?

WOON: Of course! Why would we call it the Wind Room if it was full of water? That would be really dumb!

NINA: How on earth could I have been so dense!?

I can't believe it. I cannot believe it. Of course! My ring! We don't have to swim at all!

NINA: Nino, why don't you take Woon to the Wind Room with your hair? I'll meet you there once I've checked in with Rita.

NINO: Alright! Now we're in business!

WOON: Uhhh... What did she mean about your hair? I like your hair. It's pretty, like Peter's.

NINO: Oh, I'll show you!

I take Woon's hand.

NINO: Hair, take us to the Wind Room in the Mermaids' castle!

NINA: Ring, take me to the Lost Boys' home.

I find myself in the dark room filled with roots. It takes my eyes a minute to adjust to the darkness.

CUBBY: Come on, new mother! You've gotta tell us more!

SLIGHTLY: What happened to Don Quixote?

RITA: Oh, there'll be plenty of time for Don Quixote and Sancho Panza later.

PETER: This is wrong! You can't stop in the middle of a story!

NIBS: Peter's right! You stopped at a really exciting part!

RITA: And that, children, is called a "cliffhanger." See how excited y'all are? That's a good thing. Hold on to that. The best part about stories is that they'll always be there, just waiting for you to get back to them. In the mean time, y'all can use your imaginations to try to imagine what happens next.

PETER: Hmmm... That's a good point, I guess.

The boys are all chattering excitedly about Don Quixote, arguing with one another over what sort of adventures he might get into next. Rita look up at me and smiles.

NINA: The Lost Boys seem to be enjoying the story.

RITA: Well, sure! It's a classic!

NINA: So... The, err, the voices said that you could...

RITA: Don't worry, I was just about to call in my dear old friend, Br'er Rabbit.

NINA: Br'er Rabbit? You mean, Uncle Remus' Br'er Rabbit?

RITA: There's only one Br'er Rabbit!

NINA: Oh... Of course.

RITA: Once upon a time... not our time, nor yet our grandparents' time, but one time.... There lived a bodacious critter that went by the name of Br'er Rabbit. One day, Br'er Rabbit took the notion in his head to pay me a little visit, and he said...

BR'ER RABBIT: How you come on, Sis Rita?

Goodness! I blinked, and suddenly he was there! How on earth did she do that?

RITA: I'm doing just fine, Br'er Rabbit. And yourself?

BR'ER RABBIT: Oh, mighty fine, Sis Rita, mighty fine! Who your friend?

RITA: This is Nina. We're... well... We're sort of saving the world together.

BR'ER RABBIT: Oh, of course! Uncle Remus done told me all about that. Howdy, Sis Nina! How you come on?

NINA: Oh, err... I'm doing well, thank you.

BR'ER RABBIT: Now, I suspect y'all be needing my help for this world-saving, else I don't rightly see why y'all would of called.

RITA: Nothing gets past you, Br'er Rabbit! You have to go with Nina, and help her and our other friend with... whatever they need your help with.

BR'ER RABBIT: Hmmm... Well, I suspect I don't got nothing better to do for a time. I'm gonna have to leave round about supper-time, but I suspect I can help y'all 'til then.

RITA: Great! Thanks!

BR'ER RABBIT: Pleasure's all mine! Now, come on, Sis Nina! We gots to take our foots in our hands!

NINA: Err... right. Ring, take us to the Wind Room in the Mermaids' castle.

Suddenly, we are sitting on a large slab of rock next to Nino. We appear to be in some sort of beautiful room with walls made of delicate-looking iridescent material. There is no floor, only rocks sticking out of a large pool of water. Under the water, there seems to be even more delicate, beautiful carving, and I can see mermaids swimming back and forth.

NINO: Hey, Nina! It's really pretty down here, isn't it? Mother of pearl EVERYTHING! And Woon said that the rest of the castle is even more beautiful, 'cuz this is the only room with walls. She said almost everything else is made of mother of pearl and whale bones, and... is that Br'er Rabbit from Uncle Remus' flashback-story-thingy?

NINA: Yes, it is.

BR'ER RABBIT: You must be Br'er Nino! How do you do?

NINO: Pretty good. You?

BR'ER RABBIT: I'm doing might fine. Say, this sure is a fancy house! Who live here?

NINA: The Mermaids.

BR'ER RABBIT: Now if that ain't the most bodacious thing I's ever heard!

NINA: Where is Woon, Nino?

NINO: She went to get the queen.

BR'ER RABBIT: Say what, now? Sis Rita didn't say nothing about talking to no queen! I ain't used to such big and uppity folks as all that!

NINA: Do you think you can handle it?

BR'ER RABBIT: I'll try my best, Sis Nina, but if I go and make a fool out myself, I suspect I's gonna be feeling might humble-come-tumble.

NINA: I'm not sure we can afford a serious mistake. This castle is full of Mermaids. I'm not entirely sure they'll react well if we accidentally offend their queen.

NINO: No time to discuss it! Here she comes!

Woon is swimming through the water under the Wind Room, and there's another Mermaid following her, with gorgeous hair covered in pearls and shells.

Woon comes up into the Wind Room, poking her head above the surface of the water.

WOON: I present to you Her Royal Highness, Queen Eewee!

Woon swims away, and the queen gracefully pulls herself onto a large rock across from ours. Other than her rather elaborate jewelry, she appears to be wearing… nothing. Only her hair is covering her chest. Oh… goodness. I don’t see how I expected any different.

QUEEN EEWEE: Hello. You must be the ugly human and the human with pretty hair that wanted to speak to us. And, this is your pet? Charming. We are called Queen Eewee. Welcome to our beautiful castle.

Huh. She seems like kind of an asshat. What the heck are we supposed to say to that? I kinda don't want to screw this up, and now we've got a rabbit to deal with, too. I think Nina's gotta be just as worried as me, since she's not talking, either.

And... uhh... just so we know, I'm the human with pretty hair, right? Right?

No. 561104 ID: a87e3a

Ah. Well, Nina, you could turn Bre'r Rabbit into a frog for a while, if he'll consent to it. Or just ask him to be quiet for a while and let Nino handle this.

Nino, I want you to introduce yourself and the others, and say that you heard they were having trouble with the faeries and you wish to offer your services as a problem solver. Just generally be polite and perhaps even flattering, and try to get some information out of her about when and why they became hostile to the faeries. You might also ask if they've encountered any foul-tasting/smelling water/air or any unusual objects.
No. 561138 ID: d2995c

Introduce yourselves, thank her for seeing you, and ask about the faerie problems that they have been having recently. Nino should probably start the introduction since they seem to like him a bit more.
No. 561633 ID: 2ae1fb
File 139197513976.png - (307.88KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest219.png )

I give Br'er Rabbit a look and hold my finger to my lips. He nods vigorously, and gives me a thumbs-up.

Me? Well, okay... If you're sure.

NINO: Well.... Uhh... Hi, Your Highness! Thanks for seeing us, we, uhh... we really appreciate it. Yeah.

QUEEN EEWEE: As, indeed, you should. We do not often give audiences to humans. Most of the humans in Neverland make for exceptionally dull company. The Pirates are atrocious, the Indians are boring, their princess is insufferable, and, except for Peter Pan, the Lost Boys are rather annoying. Tell me, pretty-haired human, which of these factions you belong to?

NINO: We don't belong to any of them, Your Highness. We just... came to Neverland. To help.

QUEEN EEWEE: Help? With what?

NINO: Well, we're problem solvers. And we heard that you were having a little problem with the Fairies, so we thought we'd come and solve your problem for you. Or help you solve it. Or whatever.

QUEEN EEWEE: How marvelous. Except, we don't need any help. We can flood Pixie Hollow whenever we want to.

NINO: Yeah, see, that's kind of the problem. Queen Eewee, you're.... great. You're beautiful. And smart! So... why do you want to kill a bunch of Fairies? What's the point?

QUEEN EEWEE: The point? Why does there need to be a point? We just hate the Never Fairies. That's all the point there needs to be.

NINO: Yes, but... maybe we can solve the problem without violence.

QUEEN EEWEE: Silly boy. Violence is the best solution to all problems!

NINO: Uhh... maybe. But... we could always try something else first. We're professional problem solvers, after all.

QUEEN EEWEE: Hmm. I suppose if you are indeed professionals, then we have no choice but to listen.

NINO: Great! So, uhh... when did this whole thing with the Fairies start?

QUEEN EEWEE: There was no beginning, but there will surely be an end.

NINO: Uhhh... could you run that by me one more time?

QUEEN EEWEE: We've always hated them. It has always been so. It is simply the way things are.

NINO: Yes, but... but why?

QUEEN EEWEE: For one thing, they think that they are incredibly special, because they have pixie dust, and because they can fly and go to the Mainland. Mermaids have no need of such silly things. We are far more beautiful and graceful than fairies, and far more interesting because we can swim. Fairies cannot swim. For another thing, they think that they are too good for us. They never come to visit, nor do they ever submit to my will. They are easily offended. For example, they become very upset if one of our Mermaids tells them that they are ugly. This is not a statement of an opinion, this is simply a fact. Fairies are extremely ugly, because all creatures are ugly when compared to Never Mermaids. In fact, if there are Mermaids on the Mainland, which I doubt, I would be willing to assume that they, too, are ugly when compared to the loveliness of a Never Mermaid.

NINO: ....Wow. Well.... I mean, uhh... You are very lovely.

QUEEN EEWEE: Of course I am.

NINO: Yes. Uhh... Another question! Have you seen anything weird lately? Like, really gross water or air? Or maybe something really strange?

QUEEN EEWEE: Hmm... not that we can think of. No other Mermaid has reported anything strange, lately.

NINO: So... uhhh... Woon says that you only decided to drown all the Fairies last week? Why is that, if you've always hated them?

QUEEN EEWEE: We don't know. We only had the idea in a dream last week, and it seemed marvelous. We are the only beings in Neverland, except for some of the dumb animals, that know the location of Pixie Hollow. The Pirates have been searching for it for a long time, but they will never find it without our help, and we hate them, too. The Lost Boys and the Indians don't care either way about the Fairies, and no one will miss them when they're gone. We can drown them if we want to, and we have suddenly decided that we would like very much to do that.

NINO: Do the Fairies know anything about this plan?


NINO: Really?

QUEEN EEWEE: Of course! It would be silly to just drown them suddenly when they don't even know about it! So, whenever one of our Mermaids see some Fairy by the edge of the water, she shouts, "Hey, Fairy! We will destroy you!" And then, according to our Mermaids, the Fairy panics and flies away. Fairies are very nervous, stupid creatures. Either way, they have been leaving Pixie Hollow less, lately. They're probably scared. Which is good. They should be.

NINO: Uh-huh. Well....

She's freakin' NUTS! Completely NUTS! I'm not allergic to nuts, but I think she might be some new kinds of nuts I've never seen before that I might just be allergic to! It doesn't sound like there's any reason for ANYTHING! I don't even know if I can get any information from this lady! What the heck am I supposed to ask her? Or should we just give up and try something else? This is really, really weird.

Nino seems to be handling this rather well. I knew he would. I'm just not entirely certain that he's getting anywhere with Queen Eewee. She seems a bit unreasonable. Still, I get the sense that we're learning an awful lot about this world from speaking to her.
No. 561650 ID: c34021

...Fairies are easily offended...And all creatures are ugly in comparison to Neverland Mermaids?

I think I get it.

She, like the other Mermaids, are proud of their beauty. And the fairies are touchy so when the Mermaids brag about how beautiful they are, it causes a problem.
...Perhaps the Mermaids could display better manners? Given that Fairies are easily offended, be courteous to them so that they don't get so upset, and we'll go tell the Fairies things have been smoothed over somewhat.

I DON'T think it will be so easily solved as that, and we don't know what the Fairies think about this, or why they've become so reclusive. I've a feeling it's not Mermaids scaring the Faries though...
No. 561660 ID: a87e3a

Yep, she's gone nuts. This is the corruption's angle, they twisted the emotions of the mermaids.

Nino, you should play into her desires to kill the faeries and make yourself look like a better way of dealing with them: We could try suggesting that we go "persuade" the faeries to submit to the mermaids. Also you could tell them that maybe the faeries are planning something, and you can go check it out to make sure the flooding won't backfire somehow. Lastly, you can even say that you could deal with the horrible faeries on your own, allowing the mermaids to keep all their water to themselves, undirtied by filthy faerie corpses.

Then she'll hold off on the flooding, and you can teleport to Pixie Hollow. We don't actually need to know where it is, but if she tells us where it is that might make things easier anyway. I mean, what if we teleport there and it's a hidden entrance we can't find?
No. 562159 ID: 2ae1fb
File 139221367345.png - (361.17KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest220.png )

NINO: Don't worry, Your Highness! As professional problem solvers, it is our job to help you! We could go convince those pesky Fairies to obey you.

QUEEN EEWEE: That would never work. They won't listen to you.

NINO: We've still got to try! And, besides, we should go check on them. They might be planning to attack you right now!

QUEEN EEWEE: I... We never thought of that! They wouldn't! They COULDN'T!

NINO: But what if they are? And if they are, we'll just have to take care of them for you.

QUEEN EEWEE: We are perfectly capable of taking care of them ourselves, thank you.

NINO: How many fairies are there?

QUEEN EEWEE: Too many!

NINO: Think about this! After you flood Pixie Hollow, where will all the water go?

QUEEN EEWEE: It will flow down Havendish Stream and back here, of course.

NINO: And then there'll be dead Fairies all over Mermaid Lagoon! Eww! They'd get everywhere, and it would be totally gross! They'd probably float all the way down here and make a big mess of your lovely castle, too.

QUEEN EEWEE: Why, you're absolutely right! I'm sure this is why you are professionals. Very well, you may take care of the Fairies if you wish. We will call off the attack. For now. Of course, you'll have to find them, first.

NINO: Could you do us a huge favor, Your Highness, and tell us where Pixie Hollow is?

QUEEN EEWEE: Of course! Everyone in Neverland knows that Crocodile Creek is the river that flows into Cannibal Cove. But no one realizes that there's a tiny fork of Crocodile Creek, at the bottom of one of the waterfalls, that flows right through the jungle and into the Mermaid Lagoon. That's Havendish Stream, and it goes right through the middle of Pixie Hollow!

NINO: Thanks!

QUEEN EEWEE: You just take care of them, now.

Without another word, she throws herself from the rock and dives down into underwater castle.

NINA: I told you that you would be able to speak to the queen just fine on your own.

NINO: Aww, shucks!

BR'ER RABBIT: That sure was some fancy speechifin', Br'er Nino, sure enough! But now I suspect we've got to take our foots in our hands?

NINO: Yeah, see, I heard Uncle Remus say that a few times, too. What the heck does it mean!?

BR'ER RABBIT: We gots to get a moving! And fast!

NINA: Right. Let's. Ring, take us to Pixie Hollow.

We arrive in Pixie Hollow, and... just... wow. It's really magical-looking. From where we're standing, it looks like all four seasons are happening at once! I don't even know how that's possible? How come nobody ever found this place before? I feel like it would kind of stand out.

NINO: Whoa, Nina! Check out the tiny little buildings!

BR'ER RABBIT: This whole place is mighty little! You big folks best be careful not to step on nothing!

NINO: Hey! What about you?

BR'ER RABBIT: Aww, I won't step on nothing, Br'er Nino! I's mighty careful, mighty careful!

NINA: So, where exactly are all of the fairies?

NINO: Psst, Nina! Look behind you!

I turn around to find a huge tree, glowing faintly golden. In its branches, I see hundreds of tiny people with wings, all peeking out from behind leaves and over branches. It's a bit like being in the Fair Folk's cavern in Prydain, although these fairies are considerably more human-looking. They appear to be whispering to one another, pointing at the three of us. It sounds like many small bells ringing softly.

Suddenly, one Fairy flies towards us. She looks nervous.

These Fairies are so CUTE! This one's got a long, dark braid, and is wearing an orange tunic and brown pants, all made of leaves! She flies to Br'er Rabbit, and starts gently patting his head, jingling.

BR'ER RABBIT: Oh! Well, my name's Br'er Rabbit. How you come on, Sis Fawn?

NINO: Wait, you can understand her?

She looks up at me, and jingles as if trying to explain something. That's no fair! Why can he understand them and we can't?

BR'ER RABBIT: Sis Fawn says she got a special talent to talk to critters, and since I's a critter, I can talk to her just fine. Course, she can understand you plain as day, 'cause Fairies talk just the same as folks. Just different, is all.

Fawn smiles and nods.

Alright, so we have a way to talk to the Fairies. Now we simply have to decide what to say to them. I'm not sure that we can get them to obey the Mermaids, or even if that is a wise idea. I also don't think killing them is the correct response. Of course, we should probably determine whether or not they're plotting against the Mermaids themselves, but I'm not sure how to ask them about that, especially if they are as easily offended as Queen Eewee suggested.

Why the heck would Queen Eewee say the Fairies were ugly? They're super-pretty! Probably just as pretty as the Mermaids are! I wonder what else she was lying about?
No. 562160 ID: 2ae1fb
File 139221375831.png - (287.37KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest221.png )

RITA: ....Of course, poor Sancho knew now that there wasn't any such person as Dulcinea, but he didn't want his friend to be upset! So, what do y’all suppose he did?

PETER: I'm hungry!

SLIGHTLY: Me, too!

CUBBY: Yeah, me three!

NIBS: You're always hungry!

CUBBY: Am not!

NIBS: Are, too!

PETER: Quiet, men! Is that any sort of way to behave in front of your mother?

NIBS: You're right, Peter. Sorry, Mother.

Nibs elbows Cubby in the ribs.

CUBBY: Yeah. Sorry.

RITA: It's alright, y'all. I think it might be time for a break, anyway. I'm real thirsty. So, what do y'all have to eat around here?

NIBS: Cubby at the last of the food last night!

CUBBY: Hey, it wasn't my fault it smelled so good!

PETER: It doesn't matter whose fault it was! We gotta go get more food. So, what'll it be, men?

CUBBY: Rhino!

TWIN: No! We want tiger!

TWIN: We want tiger!

NIBS: We could catch a bear! That's good eating!

SLIGHTLY: We should let Mother pick!

RITA: Oh, well... That all sounds... lovely. But... uhh... couldn't y'all just find some nice... salad?

SLIGHTLY: What's "salad?"

NIBS: Don't be stupid, Slightly! Salad is when you take a bunch of birds and stuff 'em inside each other and eat 'em all at the same time!

SLIGHTLY: No, it's not!

NIBS: Is, too!

RITA: No! Sorry, Nibs, but that's not a salad at all! Oooh, y'all know what would be perfect? Some nice steaks!

CUBBY: Buffalo steaks!

TWIN: Yeah, let's go kill a buffalo!

TWIN: Kill a buffalo!

NIBS: Can we, Peter? Can we? We haven't had buffalo in a real long time!

PETER: Alright, men! Let's go kill a buffalo!

RITA: Wait! Aren't they endangered?

PETER: What does "endangered" mean?

RITA: It means... you know what? Never mind.

They're going to go kill a poor, defenseless animal? Just like that? What kind of children ARE they? I mean, I guess they have to eat somehow, but it just seems so... barbaric.

SLIGHTLY: Well, gee, Peter... Didn't the Chief say we should ask next time before we go after a buffalo?

PETER: Come on, Slightly! You know the Chief and I are heap big pals! He won't mind if Chief Flying Eagle takes just one itty bitty buffalo to feed his braves and squaw!

RITA: ....Squaw?

Oh no no no no, I don't think I like where this is going. I don't think I like where this is going at all.

PETER: Come on, men! Let's go hunting!

The boys all fetch their weapons from different hiding spots, and run towards different doorways in the room.

RITA: HEY! What about me?

PETER: Aww, come on, Mother! Girls don't know anything about hunting!

RITA: Just because I've never been hunting before doesn't mean I want to be left alone down here. And besides, I could go hunting anytime I want to. I just don't, because it's inhumane.

PETER: But girls really aren't supposed to....

RITA: Oh, yeah? Girls can do anything boys can do, and y'all had best not forget it.

It takes a lot to make me angry, I'll tell you what. But I'm starting to get pretty upset. These children don't understand how oppressive the patriarchy is, and I don't know how I'll be able to change their minds. And what on earth was all that about “squaws” and “braves,” and...

Shit. This is an adventure kind of story, isn't it? So of COURSE all the boys are sexist, and... And if we meet Native Americans, I have a bad feeling they're going to have really, really, really colonialist underpinnings.

And now I gotta go hunting? But I don't even have anything to hunt with! And I don't want to hurt some poor animal, either. What the heck am I supposed to do?

Man, I thought I was bringing imagination and literacy to these children, but... I'm really starting to dislike this world. Hope Nina and Nino are having more fun than I am.

No. 562250 ID: d2995c

[Nino and Nina] We shouldn't mention Tinkerbell, since apparently they don't currently like her, but maybe we should say that we had heard from Peter Pan that they were having trouble with the mermaids recently?

[Rita] It is an adventure story and a fairly old one, so yeah. Neverland is a sort of dreamland-like setting, so I am not sure if agriculture is a thing, or even domesticated animals for that matter, so I wouldn't know of a food source for them other than hunting. Now that I think about it, in some versions of the story the food is powered by belief, though I don't know if that is the case here. They might have a spare bow or something if you are sure about going hunting, but that is up to you whether you would find it worthwhile (and it might not work out if this is one of the food-run-by-belief versions).

By the way, about the whole Don Quixote thing, you might want to go with one of the versions with the less cynical endings. As mentioned above some things (especially faeries) here literally run on belief so that is a thing to be careful about.
No. 562251 ID: a87e3a

Rita: If the Lost Boys are distracted by hunting you could rejoin the others, at least for a while. They're in Pixie Hollow. All it would take is admitting that you have nothing to hunt with, and you're gonna go exploring instead. Alternatively, you could go visit the indians. Unfortunately, we do not know their exact location. Hmm. Maybe something like "outside the Indian camp" or "near Indian territory" would work? Then again you could use this opportunity to work on your combat skills. You said you wouldn't mind fighting, but what sort of fighting are you skilled in? Oh by the way, Br'er rabbit is turning out to be quite useful as a translator since he can understand the Faeries.

Nina, Nino: Ask about their situation with the Mermaids. Assume nothing, merely explain that the Mermaid Queen is acting strange and wants to flood the Hollow but you convinced her not to, and you're here to ask the Faeries if they've noticed anything strange going on just before the Mermaids' behavior changed. Also ask if they've seen or sensed anything strange, maybe if anyone they know is acting strangely aside from the Mermaids? Oh, and while you're here you could ask what their way of life is like.
No. 562435 ID: 2ae1fb
File 139234075865.png - (408.79KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest222.png )

Don't worry, I got this under control. Why do y'all think I picked something so episodic? I can just keep making up new adventures for our favorite delusional knight forever! We can just pretend the ending never even happened. Trust me, I understand that different demographics have different story-telling needs. Figuring out just what kinda story is needed is one of my specialties!

RITA: You know what, Peter? I think I'm just gonna go check on Wendy and John, if that's alright.

PETER: Good choice, Mother! See you later!

And just like that, he disappears. Now he's gonna think I didn't go because I'm scared or something. Great. Oh well, I guess I don't really care what he thinks. I'd much rather go check on the others.

RITA: Bandanna, take me to Pixie Hollow!

That rush of light and color... I'm not sure if this is actually teleportation, it seems more like a "fast travel" ability. Everything goes by so fast, and in such psychedelic colors....

Whoa! Pixie Hollow's gorgeous! I see Nino, Nina, and Br'er Rabbit right away.

RITA: Hi, y'all!

NINA: Rita!

NINO: Hi, Rita! Did the head-voices tell you to come find us?

RITA: Kinda. I mean, it was one of the options they gave me. And I didn't really want to go hunting with the Lost Boys, so...

Fawn laughs, like a little bell. Fairies are SOOOOO cute!

BR'ER RABBIT: Sis Fawn says she reckons there ain't nobody who'd want to go hunting with the Lost Boys!

RITA: Why not?

Suddenly, Fawn's face becomes serious.

BR'ER RABBIT: She says that them Lost Boys are mighty stupid. They ain't kind, and they ain't pleasant. They's just rude and altogether unsatisfactual.

NINA: Well... She isn't wrong.

NINO: Ouch! Harsh, Nina!

RITA: Nino's right. They're just kids, after all.

BR'ER RABBIT: But Sis Fawn says that they's going to be children forever. She says they've always been children, and they ain't never getting older.

NINA: Perfectly horrible.

RITA: Hmm... That would be a problem, huh?

NINA: Fawn, we're here because Peter Pan said that you were having trouble with the Mermaids, and we would very much like to help.

Fawn suddenly flies very close to my face, points her finger at me angrily, and then flies away.

BR'ER RABBIT: Sis Fawn says that if'n you're here on account of Peter Pan, you best just get.

NINO: Huh? Why?

BR'ER RABBIT: She didn't say why. I suspects she don't like him, though.

Whoa! A new Fairy just flew out of the tree so fast I almost missed it! She's pretty, too, with a dark ponytail and dressed in purple leaves and feathers... but she looks really, really angry. She puts her arms up in the air with the palms towards us.... What is she doing?

Suddenly, a gale force wind rushes towards us, almost blowing me over. Leaves and twigs fly from the ground and scratch at our faces.

A few other Fairies rush forward and grab the Fairy in purple by the shoulders, speaking in little jingle-bell chimes. Meanwhile, the wind continues to rush forward, gaining speed until I actually have to shift my pumps into the mud to stay on my feet!

RITA: Br'er Rabbit! What are they saying!?

BR'ER RABBIT: Don't know. I can only understand Sis Fawn. Oh, Sis Fawn just said, "At least let 'em explain, Vidia."

If we want to stay on our feet, we best start talkin'. And fast!

What the HECK!? Is everyone in this world CRAZY!?
We need to ask them all of the things that you listed. But it looks as though we made need to help calm this one down, first.
No. 562438 ID: a87e3a

Say you're not with Peter Pan, you're from another world!
No. 562485 ID: d2995c

That, and say that you are here to prevent the mermaids from attacking. That might get their attention.
No. 564206 ID: 2ae1fb
File 139329354834.png - (385.17KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest223.png )

NINO: We can explain! We're not with Peter Pan at all, we really just met him!

NINA: We aren't from Neverland, either. We're from another world!

RITA: We're here to stop the Mermaids from attacking you!

The wind stops, and Vidia looks uneasily at us, and at the small group of fairies around her. She raises an eyebrow and frowns before flying back to the tree.

BR'ER RABBIT: Sis Fawn says don't pay her no mind, she just upset about something. She also says they wanna hear what y'all have to say about these here Mermaids.

NINA: We know that you haven't been getting along well with the Mermaids, and we know that they are planning to attack you. We'd like to help you, if at all possible.

The Fairy in a pretty yellow sunflower dress points off towards the cherry trees. Between where we're standing and the trees, there's a small ravine, full of Fairies dressed in green leaves. They're building something big out of bits of wood. The Fairy in blue flies into the ravine, and pulls out a scrawny male fairy wearing tiny goggles. She jingles at him, and he shows us a teeny-tiny leaf with a teeny-tiny drawing of a trebuchet.

NINA: Some sort of catapult?

NINO: How is that gonna stop the Mermaids from flooding Pixie Hollow?

BR'ER RABBIT: Sis Fawn says that Br'er Bobble says that the Tinkers are trying their hardest, but they ain't got their most cleverest worker no more.

A heavy-set Fairy in green flies out of the ditch and grabs the one in the glasses, pulling him back into the ditch and handing him a very small hammer.

Suddenly, Fawn nudges the Fairy in blue, who whistles towards the tree. Many other fairies wearing blue suddenly appear, and they fly to the tiny stream behind us. A soft, golden powder pours out of their hands, and they lift a huge amount of water out of the stream.

BR'ER RABBIT: Sis Fawn says Sis Silvermist and the others can handle them bodacious Mermaids. Fairies surely do have some powerful strong mojo.

Hmm... That was pretty impressive. If the Fairies and the Mermaids go to war, I'm not sure who will win. I haven't met the Mermaids yet, so I can't really judge. There's just gotta be a better way.

I guess the Fairies aren't really helpless! They seem kinda on-edge, but that's probably a good thing if they're in so much danger. I mean, they probably know the Mermaids waaay better than we do, and we know them enough to know that they’re completely koo-koo for Cocoa Puffs! Who knows what they could do!?

I'm not sure whether or not the Fairies need help defending themselves. Do we need to take a side? Is there actually going to be a war? I feel that there are too many things that we just cannot know about this situation. Communication hasn't been the easiest, and I'm still worried that this could go wrong. Where do we go from here?
No. 564210 ID: a87e3a

If we are uncertain about our goals, this is a good time to contact the spirits. Just keep in mind they may send us on a wild goose chase.
No. 564212 ID: e0fa20

Hrrrm...Have the Fairies always been this on edge? I mean, granted the Mermaids have been crazy lately but...Wait, they mentioned their best Tinkerer was missing.
Maybe that's related to this whole situation somehow?
No. 564829 ID: 2ae1fb
File 139369950539.png - (386.54KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest224.png )

NINA: Excuse me, but... Bobble said that your best tinker was missing?

NINO: Yeah! What happened there?

The fairies gathered around us make mournful expressions, looking at each other and eyeing the four of us up carefully. Finally, Silvermist puts a hand on Fawn's shoulder, and Fawn begins to jingle, slow and sad.

BR'ER RABBIT: Sis Fawn says them bodacious Lost Boys took her away, and now she real different. Won't even come to Pixie Hollow no more.

RITA: Why would the Lost Boys kidnap a Fairy?

BR'ER RABBIT: Sis Fawn says it weren't no ordinary kidnapping. Least, it don't seem like it. She says it happened a long, long time ago, too. But since that time, the Fairies can't build like they used to.

Alright. I sit on the grass, and contact the spirits.

RITA: What is she doing?

NINO: Oh, this spell is great! You'll see! But... it's not always right.

RITA: How does she know?

NINO: Well... she doesn't. So.... Yeah.

NINA: Serpents and spiders, tail of a rat; call in the spirits, wherever they're at. Rap on a table; it's time to respond. Send us a message from somewhere beyond. Goblins and ghoulies from last Halloween: awaken the spirits with your tambourine. Creepies and crawlies, toads in a pond; let there be music, from regions beyond! Wizards and witches, wherever you dwell, give us a hint, by ringing a bell!

I see Tinker Bell, hammering pieces of metal together to form large war machines. I see the Fairies using them to defend their home. The Mermaids try to drown them, and they are driven back by the massive artillery. A man dressed as a pirate comes close to Pixie Hollow, and he is shot. I do not see any more attacks on Pixie Hollow. Their defenses are too strong, and they are left in peace.

NINA: I think we need to get Tinker Bell and make her come back to Pixie Hollow. It sounds like she is the missing tinker, and her militaristic inventions can protect Pixie Hollow. If Pixie Hollow can defend itself from all threats, there will be peace.

The Fairies gathered around us nod emphatically, but Rita does not look so sure.

RITA: Nino said that spell doesn't always work...

NINA: Well... he isn't wrong. But it can't be wrong again, can it?

RITA: I'm sorry, Nina, but... I think it is.

NINA: What makes you so sure? You've never even seen me use this spell before. How can you tell?

RITA: I don't know! I don't know how I know, but... I know. The spirits lied.

NINA: In what way?

RITA: Well... I can't be too sure. But it seems to me like forcing Tinker Bell to come home to build weapons can't be our real goal, can it? It just seems so... unnecessarily violent. This just doesn't feel like the kind of puzzle that can be solved with big guns.

NINA: How many puzzles have you solved?

RITA: Well... plenty! I mean, none with y'all, but you get where I'm coming from! Look, I ain't even mad. I understand why you don't believe me. I guess this IS my first rodeo, after all. But I know stories, and we're in one right now. It's not knowledge in the same way I know the sky is blue, it's... it's more of a feeling. And it just doesn't feel exactly right.

NINO: Nina, calm down. It sounds like Rita knows what she's talking about.

NINA: And I don't?

NINO: No, no! I never said that! But, like, we don't know exactly what her powers are yet. This sounds like some deep meta-level shit, Nina. Maybe she can sense things that we can't. We all have to work together!

NINA: I... I suppose you're right. I'm sorry if I snapped, Rita.

NINO: Yeah, she's SUPER insecure about that spell!

NINA: Hey!

NINO: It's not your fault that spell is dumb.

RITA: It definitely feels like an exterior force causing it to show lies. It has nothing to do with you, Nina. At least, I don't think so.

NINA: Well... if you're both so sure.

Before anyone has time to say another world, a human girl runs through the maple trees toward us, fallen leaves clinging to her hair. She wears animal skins and moccasin boots, and her long, dark hair is pulled into braids. She wears a blue headband, and a red-and-white feather sticks out from behind her head.

Oh, no... Please. No. If she opens her mouth and something stupid comes out, I might just be done with this world.

The girl runs toward the large tree where all the Fairies are gathered.

???: Please! Fairies must listen. Father take-em paleface Lost Boys. Lost Boys violate-em hunting treaty. Father heap angry! If Fairies no help, Father kill-em Lost Boys!

Rita shakes her head and mumbles something under her breath.

RITA: I guess I didn't expect anything different.

The Fairies peek from behind the branches of the tree, looking at the girl and at one another. I do not think the girl has noticed us, yet. What should we do?
No. 564830 ID: 947d2d

hunting treaty...And now the lost boys are...Waaaait a second here.
Crazy theory here, but I think I've got an idea of what's going wrong with this world.
It's missing it's NORMAL source of conflict- Peter Pan and the Lost Boys, versus Captain Hook and his pirates. And instead...The story's trying to compensate, but well, it's not quite working out!
The mermaids didn't have a reason to be after the fairies, so there was a disconnect there. As for the Lost Boys well...
I'd think Peter Pan would have remembered about the treaty, but this seems off as well.
Normally things are...Okay I dunno how much MORE peaceful, but everyone's not supposed to be up in arms at each other like this, and it's weird we haven't seen any sign of Hook, as well.
No. 564884 ID: d2995c

I am pretty sure Rita is right about this one; an arms race is unlikely to help things in the long run.

That definitely seems worth looking into. For now we need to head over to the Indians' place. Maybe we can convince the faeries to come as well if we say that helping the Lost Boys might convince Tinkerbell to help them.
No. 564889 ID: a87e3a

Wouldn't it be weird if, to save this world, we had to help the villains?
No. 565260 ID: 2ae1fb
File 139399029712.png - (242.79KB , 712x512 , Disneyquest225.png )

NINA: Can we do anything to help?

TIGER LILY: Paleface squaw want help-em Lost Boys? Tiger Lily heap glad!

NINA: Tiger Lily?

TIGER LILY: Haau! Tiger Lily daughter of Chief. Chief leader of all Indians. Tiger Lily friend of paleface Lost Boys, no want father burn-em at stake!

RITA: I have an idea! Why don't we all stop talking and go help?

TIGER LILY: Yes! Save-em Lost Boys! Tiger Lily know Fairies hate-em Lost Boys. Tiger Lily also know Fairies love-em Tinker Bell. Tinker Bell love-em Lost Boys! Tinker Bell no want-em Lost Boys dead! Fairies help-em Lost Boys! Please.

RITA: No, I meant, like... stop talking. Really.

TIGER LILY: Darkface squaw sound-em heap grumpy.

RITA: ...Excuse me?

NINO: She's right, Rita. Are you feeling okay? 'Cuz, like, your eye keeps twitching.

TIGER LILY: Brave right. Eye twitch not sign of good health.

NINA: Are you sick, Rita?

RITA: What the heck are you two doing? Y'all are agreeing with her? It's like, y'all keep talking to her like she's a normal person. Native Americans are a highly intelligent people! This... this... this grotesque caricature is, quite frankly, disturbing.

NINA: Grotesque caricature? She's a little girl!

NINO: And she's... uhhh... kind of right here.

TIGER LILY: Ugh! Why darkface squaw say heap mean things? Tiger Lily want-em help friends. If darkface squaw no help, darkface squaw get-em out of sight of princess. Indians heap intelligent! Tiger Lily heap intelligent!

RITA: Then why are you talking like some sort of bad stereotype?

TIGER LILY: Tiger Lily no understand. Tiger Lily use words of tribe. Heap important custom. Darkface squaw heap culturally insensitive. Ugh.

RITA: What!? But... But... That's... Then, what's with all this "darkface squaw" talk?

TIGER LILY: Darkface squaw no Indian. Also, no paleface. Tiger Lily no see darkface human before. Only some fairies. What else darkface want be called?

RITA: How about my name?

TIGER LILY: Tiger Lily no know darkface squaw name. This first time we meet-em. Heap rude, not to tell-em name. Ugh.

RITA: Oh... Uhh... It's Rita.

TIGER LILY: Haau, Rita.

NINA: My name is Nina.

NINO: And I'm Nino!

BR'ER RABBIT: I'm Br'er Rabbit!

TIGER LILY: Haau, Nina. Haau, Nino. Haau, Br'er Rabbit. New friends follow Tiger Lily! Fairies, please help-em Lost Boys.

The nearby Fairies, who had simply been watching the conversation passively, suddenly all jingle at once.

BR'ER RABBIT: Sis Fawn says...

TIGER LILY: Fairies, we heap friendly. Please, help-em!

NINA: You... can understand them?

TIGER LILY: Yes. Tiger Lily only Indian understand-em fairy speech. Silvermist say Fairies no help-em Lost Boys. Fawn say Lost Boys steal-em Tinker Bell. Rosetta say Lost Boys break-em Indian treaty, Indians should punish. Iridessa say Fairies no want-em war with Indians.

NINA: But, if you help save the Lost Boys, perhaps Tinker Bell would be persuaded to come back to help against the Mermaids?

NINO: Yeah! If Tinker Bell likes the Lost Boys, and you help save them, she'd be totally grateful!

TIGER LILY: Right! Tinker Bell heap intelligent. If Tinker Bell no want go with Lost Boys, Tinker Bell no go with Lost Boys. Lost Boys no steal-em Tinker Bell!

The fairies simply jingle.

TIGER LILY: Tiger Lily princess of Indians, heap friends with Fairies. Tinker Bell beloved of Fairies, heap friends with Lost Boys. Can befriend-em other factions. Ugh.

RITA: Listen. We're trying to help everyone, alright? I reckon I don't know what I'm doing yet, but I'm trying to figure it out. I think we need y'all to help. If we help the Lost Boys, maybe they'll help us. I don't know where the Mermaids fit into all this, but I'm sure we'll figure it out. For now... we could use all the help we can get.

NINA: Well said, Rita!

The Fairies all look at each other, and slowly form a circle, their hands in the center. All of a sudden, the Fairy that caused the huge wind-storm flies out of the big tree, and joins the others. She looks at us and smiles grimly, and all five fairies jingle.

NINO: What did they say, Tiger Lily?

TIGER LILY: Faith. Trust. Pixie Dust.

NINA: Are we heading to your village, Tiger Lily?


RITA: I... I take it that's a "yes?"

TIGER LILY: Rita, you funny squaw. Yes. Tiger Lily mean "Yes."

NINO: Come on, everyone! Hold hands!


NINA: Magic.


Nina, Nino, Tiger Lily, Br'er Rabbit and I join hands, and the five Fairies seat themselves on the princess' arms.

NINA: Does your village have a name?

TIGER LILY: Indian Village.

RITA: Convenient.

NINA: Ring, take us to the Indian Village.

We fly over Neverland in rainbow colors, faster than light, and...

Of course. Tipis everywhere. Where the hell else would they live?

Nope. Nope, gonna try to stay positive. I wonder if I could engage the princess in a debate at some point? It could be mutually educational... But I have a feeling it would be made of insane troll logic. She'd probably go out of her way to TRY to break my brain.

All the Native Americans are covered in war paint... of course... and a chief in a massive warbonnet sits in the middle of the village. The Lost Boys, minus Peter, are tied to a large pole.

TIGER LILY: Father! No burn-em paleface Lost Boys!

CHIEF: Daughter? Princess no have authority to tell Chief no burn-em treaty breakers!

TIGER LILY: Ugh. No. No need authority, Father. Brought friends.

CHIEF: Friends? Why bring-em strangers to village, Daughter?

TIGER LILY: Convince Chief to free-em Lost Boys. Or...


TIGER LILY: Fight-em Chief if necessary!

The Fairies look as shocked as I feel. We don't have to fight this guy, do we? He looks pretty strong, and he probably has a lot of really tough warriors at his disposal. Oh, man.... Hopefully we can do this without violence, but... how the heck do we convince a bunch of racially-insensitive "savage" stereotypes NOT to burn someone at the stake? Isn't that... kinda their thing?

Sure would have been nice to know she wanted us to fight her dad before we agreed to come! He looks really, really serious. I wonder if there's a way to release some tension here? This is totally lame....

Is she... staging a coup? What on earth? She seemed like such a sweet little girl, too. And I'm still not sure where the Mermaids fit into all this, or the Pirates everyone keeps mentioning. I think we could fight the Chief if we needed to. We have magic on our side, and superior technology. I would prefer not to do things that way, but if it comes to blows, we should be fine. Still, there must be some way we can address the situation without it coming to that.
No. 565261 ID: ae43f7

We're missing something, I know we are, but I can't tell what!
It seems like everyone here is crazy! Or at least they get crazy when we're close to them or something!
Tension...Tension...A good burla of some sort could do that, at least for a bit, but it doesn't explain how we settle this...
Maybe we could try sitting everyone down and discussing things?
What IS the treaty the Lost boys broke, and how exactly did they break it? They might have been easily distracted, but I didn't think they were that forgetful.
No. 566010 ID: 2ae1fb
File 139458649811.png - (325.36KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest226.png )

NINO: Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa... no fighting will be necessary! Can't we all just sit down and talk?

CHIEF: Who you?

TIGER LILY: Father, these strangers Nino, Rita, Nina, and Br'er Rabbit. Strangers come to save-em Lost Boys.

CHIEF: Save-em treaty breakers? Heap unlikely!

NINA: What sort of treaty did the Lost Boys break exactly?

CHIEF: Hunting treaty. Lost Boys say they no hunt buffalo in Indian territory. Lost Boys lie! Hunt-em buffalo today!

RITA: You boys never said y’all weren't supposed to hunt buffalo!

SLIGHTLY: Uhh... guess we forgot.

NINA: Where is Peter Pan, anyway?

CHIEF: Peter Pan member of tribe. No kill-em Peter Pan. Just take prisoner. Him eating in tipi of Chief.

RITA: Eating? Why is he eating at a time like this?

CUBBY: Well... uhhh... he said the Chief was just kidding.

SLIGHTLY: I always said the Chief was a great spoofer!

NIBS: He'll turn us loose for sure!

CHIEF: Lost Boys heap stupid. Chief already told them he no spoof-em.

NINA: Is there any chance we can all talk about this?

CHIEF: Lost Boys violate-em treaty for last time!

TIGER LILY: Father! Lost Boys need eat too! Buffalo most delicious meat! No deny-em Lost Boys hunting rights!

CHIEF: Lost Boys hunt-em plenty other animals. Buffalo not meant for paleface Lost Boys.

RITA: ...He has a point.

NINA: Rita, you can't be serious. He's going to burn these children at the stake.

RITA: I'm not saying that's right. But... the bison is a sacred animal. The Lost Boys acted in a colonialist and insensitive manner.

CHIEF: Darkface squaw understands!

RITA: My name is Rita.

CHIEF: Chief heap apathetic.

TIGER LILY: Father! We no eat-em all buffalo ourselves! Must share with Lost Boys.


NINO: Can't we just make a new treaty? Because I don't think you guys should kill these dudes. They're just kids!

RITA: They'll probably just keep breaking the treaties until all the bison are dead.


NINA: Whose side are you on?

RITA: I'm not on a side! We need balance here. We can't just let the Lost Boys run around and break promises they made. These people were here long before they were.


NINA: I thought you said they were just caricatures?

RITA: Maybe. But this situation is uncomfortably similar to actual events in the history of our world.

NINA: This isn't our world! You said yourself, we need a balance!

RITA: We can't side with the Lost Boys.

NINA: Right. And we can't side with the Indians.

NINO: Uhh... guys? I think Vidia's trying to say something...

TIGER LILY: Vidia say she no care about treaties or buffalo. Vidia say Fairies want-em Tinker Bell.

SLIGHTLY: Tinker Bell?

CUBBY: What do you want her for?

NIBS: She's an honorary Lost Boy!

TWIN: Yeah! Tink's one of us now!

TWIN: One of us now!

CHIEF: Chief no care about fight between paleface Lost Boys and Fairy squaws.

Vidia simply jingles, a cruel smile on her face.

TIGER LILY: Vidia, no!

CHIEF: What Fairy say, Daughter?

TIGER LILY: Nothing!

CHIEF: Heap big lie! What Fairy say?

TIGER LILY: Vidia say... She say... If Lost Boys no give back Tinker Bell.... Fairies no stop Chief from kill-em Lost Boys.

CHIEF: Fairies want alliance with Indians? Heap strange! But also heap mutually beneficial.

TIGER LILY: Fairies my friends! Lost Boys my friends!

CHIEF: Princess no bother with politics. Politics for Chief and important braves only.

NINO: Come ON! We can't just sit down and... and talk it all over? Share a peace pipe?

RITA: Nino!

NINO: What?

CHIEF: No share peace pipe until peace come. Chief speak-em to Peter Pan. No need for squaws. Brave from strange mainland tribe welcome to come.

RITA: Excuse me?

NINA: So... you want to talk to Nino? But... you won't talk to us?

NINO: Oh, man! You're serious!? That's ridiculous!

CHIEF: Brave better at negotiation. Squaw get-em firewood.

RITA: That's just not gonna happen.

NINA: We should play by his rules. He probably has an army.

RITA: You're just gonna let him disrespect you like that?

NINA: Well, no... but...

NINO: Look, dude. These ladies are waaaay better at speaking intelligently than me! Like, they're both kinda serious. I'm just... well... I'm a pretty silly guy. Like... I don't think I want to talk politics. Politics are SOOOO boring!

CHIEF: You right. You pretty dumb brave. You stay with squaws. Chief speak to Peter Pan alone.

Without another word, the Chief leaves and enters one of the tipis.

Tiger Lily turns towards the rest of our group, tears in her eyes, and addresses the Fairies.

TIGER LILY: Fairies Tiger Lily's friends! Why no help Tiger Lily? Father big windbag, new friends no help, and Fairies turn-em traitors! Tiger Lily hopeless!

The princess turns and runs far away from the camp, disappearing into the dense jungle in the distance.

So, here we are. The Lost Boys are tied up, the princess is missing, and the Chief's a sexist asshole. How are we even supposed to deal with these people?

We can't let the Lost Boys get away with treaty-breaking. That never works. They'll just keep marginalizing the Indians more and more, and it would be irresponsible to let Neverland turn into yet another colonial holding. Nina and Nino do have a point, though. We can't let the Chief kill children. How do we get through to them?

Hold on, I'm confused. Let me talk it out, okay?

So... the Mermaids and the Fairies hate each other. The Fairies hate the Lost Boys, so they're friends with the Indians now, because the Indians hate the Lost Boys, too. But Peter IS an Indian, and also the leader of the Lost Boys. Still not sure how that works, but whatever. Tiger Lily's the Indian princess, but she's friends with the Lost Boys and the Fairies, but now that all three of her groups are in this big mess, she ran away. I hope she's okay...

We can do this, though! And, hey, Nina and I have dealt with sexist douche-nozzles before! I bet this one won't be any different. I think Nina turned the last one into a frog and we saved the world behind his back. I don't know if that will work here... Everyone was pretty sick of the Captain in that world, but the Chief seems to be a bit more popular with his people. Except Tiger Lily, but I'm not sure she's a big help.

So... we need to get everyone to talk, but no one wants to talk. How the heck do we do that?

I'm terrified. This might be one of the most complicated situations we've ever had to deal with. It doesn't help that this is Rita's first adventure, either. I'm not sure she understands how this works. This is not our world, and we cannot treat it as such. She seems like a wonderful person, and I'd love to get to know her better. I'm only worried that she seems rather volatile, and it could be quite easy for her to become uncooperative.

Either way, no one in this world appears to be getting along. There must be something we can do to help. You mentioned pirates, earlier. How on earth do they fit into all of this? I have a bad feeling this will only become more intricate and difficult. Wonderful.
No. 566017 ID: ae43f7

...Hooooly this is getting crazy. But I think I can see where this goes though!
What the aim here isn't necessarily to be progressive, much as you might not like it, but to 'preserve' to return this world to a 'stasis' point, so to speak, so that it can be properly sealed away...
Imagine, if you will, if Don Quixhote ran into a mysterious stranger who somehow managed to convince him of how ridiculous he was being and talked him into going back to his life before, and then the story was locked like that. It'd suck! It'd be nice for him, maybe, but it'd suck as a story, and wouldn't last as well. That's more or less our job- to head off said mysterious stranger before he strikes and ends the story of Don Quixhote, so the story proceeds as it should. It's okay that you want to change the tale up...But for now, let's make sure there's still a Peter Pan story TO change up!

Yes, I think I'm understanding better how this is changing up, or at least I have a theory on what's going on.
Simply put? The lines of friend and foe are being re-drawn.
The Lost boys are losing their friendships with the Fairies and the Chieftains, and possibly might befriend the Mermaids as a result. Sure, the Mermaids are crazy, but it's not like the Lost Boys have many other friends they can reach out to, unless Hook decides he wants to save them which I don't think will happen...But unfortunately, this voice is more familiar with the story as it revolves around Peter Pan, but it looks more like this story might be from the later ones focused on TinkerBell, instead, which this voice doesn't know about!
But generally...Somehow, the old friendships are changing and shifting. It's almost like someone's trying to manipulate the Lost Boys and Peter Pan out of the story...And with the Mermaids going nuts and opposing the Fairies, and who are now aligned with the Indians, but I Could see the Mermaids aligning with the Pirates to balance things out, possibly. Or right about now the Pirates are about to swing in and shake everything up(Look out for flying Pirate ships, btw).
But for now...Hope Peter Pan has a plan, because right now the best plan I can think of is buy time by turning all parties involved into frogs!
No. 566032 ID: e3aff6

Actually, looking back at it, the Lost Boys weren't forgetful or completely apathetic about the treaty. They did have misgiving and being it up, but Peter Pan assured them that bison hunting would be ok. From that, the Lost Boys won't admit it out of loyalty, but the source of the treaty trouble is Peter Pan's refusal to take anything seriously. For that, there is something that the Indians might do to get Peter to pay attention for once: not to burn the Boys, but to disown Peter from the tribe until he repays them for breaking the deal.

About the faeries, I feel like we have more leverage with that situation, since there is the option of talking directly to Tinkerbell and convincing her to talk to the other faeries. If she is indeed staying with them of her own will than the demands to "give her" back loose any reasonable justification.

>so the story proceeds as it should
Whether or not it is a good story is more of an indicator that the main thing we are worried about here. Remember that the end reason behind this is that some supernatural force is invading these worlds through various ways. While we haven't actually seen what happens if the force wins, considering the effects we have seen so far (from global progressing amnesia and decay to zombie outbreaks) it is highly unlikely that results will be anything short of apocalyptic. So we should do the best we can for the future of each world, but to do so we first need to meet the world's meta-narrative requirements to ensure there is a future.

>Or right about now the Pirates are about to swing in and shake everything up(Look out for flying Pirate ships, btw).
Honestly at this point the pirates showing up would make things easier, since barring some drastic changes they are a solid common enemy.
No. 568015 ID: d731ff
File 139614006284.png - (399.34KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest227.png )

Reckon that's true, but it still gets under my skin. I can't stand being socially irresponsible. Problematic situations need to be addressed!

And anyway, that is pretty much what happens in "Don Quixote," and the death of his dream kills him. I think I understand what you're trying to say, but I'm still pretty sure it's a bad example.

NINA: Where's Tinker Bell?

SLIGHTLY: Back at the hideout. Why?

NINA: I was hoping to speak with her.

CUBBY: Nah, she doesn't usually come hunting.

Fawn seems to breathe a sigh of relief.

BR'ER RABBIT: Look, Mr. Chief's coming back!

The Chief appears from one of the tipis, Peter Pan walking alongside him.

PETER: I already told you, we don't care about your dumb old buffalo.

CHIEF: If Little Flying Eagle no care what happen to buffalo, then Chief no care what happen to paleface Lost Boys.

PETER: Say that again and I'll gut you like a trout!

CHIEF: Ugh! Big attitude no save-em friends. Just get in heap more trouble. Little Flying Eagle burn, too.

PETER: You'll never burn me! You'll have to catch me, first!

NINA: Please, stop! Both of you!

PETER: Oh, hi, Wendy!

CHIEF: Wendy? This no look like Wendy. Wendy heap young, and heap pretty. This squaw... Ugh! She not Wendy!

PETER: Shows what you know! She's definitely Wendy!

CHIEF: Suit-em self. Heap unimportant. Squaw no have authority to boss-em Chief!

NINA: I'm terribly sorry, but my friends and I had an excellent idea.

CHIEF: What you mean?

NINO: Well, the Lost Boys really need to be punished, right?

CHIEF: Heap punished, yes.

RITA: Right. But y'all can't just go around murdering children.

CHIEF: But Lost Boys no ordinary children!

RITA: Still... Do they really deserve to die?

CHIEF: What else can Chief do?

NINA: Peter Pan is an honorary member of your tribe, correct?

CHIEF: Yes. His name Little Flying Eagle.

RITA: Why don't you just excommunicate him?

NINO: Yeah! And don't let him be a member of the tribe anymore, either!

NINA: ...Oh, Nino.

NINO: What?

CHIEF: Ugh! Heap good idea! From this day forward, no more Little Flying Eagle. Peter Pan paleface only.

PETER: So... I'm not an Indian anymore?


PETER: But my friends and I are free?

CHIEF: Lost Boys can go. No come back.

PETER: That's alright, then. Untie them!

???: Not so fast!

A small crowd of Native Americans has gathered to watch the drama unfold, and all of them gasp and take hold of bows and tomahawks. We turn around to find a group of men, most of them filthy, coming closer. Leading the group is a well-dressed, mustachioed man with long, curly black hair. In place of his left hand is a hook, and on the end of that hook is the Princess Tiger Lily, dangling above the ground by the back of her shirt, a sheepish look on her face.

PETER: Captain Hook!

CAPTAIN HOOK: How very nice to see you, boy. And on your last day, too. My, how marvelous!

CHIEF: What you doing here, Pirate?

CAPTAIN HOOK: Oh, I was just in the neighborhood, when I heard your piercing voice, Chief. I happened to pick up something that belonged to you on the way, and thought I should return it. For a price, of course.

PETER: "Just in the neighborhood?" Yeah, right!

CAPTAIN HOOK: Well... if you must know... I was on my way to your little hideout. Today is the day we end this, once and for all. I just happened to find you here, instead.

PETER: You don't even know where the Lost Boy hideout is!

CAPTAIN HOOK: Have you forgotten? Your little pixie told me all about that years ago!

SLIGHTLY: Yeah, remember? They left a bomb and everything!

PETER: Oh, yeah. But I survived, then I beat you up anyway! I'm just that awesome! Why would today be any different?

CAPTAIN HOOK: Chief, I see you've already tied up the Lost Boys.

CHIEF: That not Pirate's business. Chief about to let-em go.

CAPTAIN HOOK: Oh, of course. Carry on. I suppose I'll just be taking the little princess, then. She'll make a lovely playmate for those empty-headed Mermaids, don't you think? Of course, I suspect she won't be a very lively companion. Do you know, Chief, how long your daughter can hold her breath?

CHIEF: No drown-em princess! No path through water to Happy Hunting Ground!


CHIEF: Let Tiger Lily go.

TIGER LILY: Father, no!

CHIEF: Chief give-em Lost Boys to Pirates. Only... only let-em Tiger Lily go.


CAPTAIN HOOK: Pleasure doing business with you!

A Native American man unties the Lost Boys from the stake, but they are all still tied together, and more-or-less helpless. He pulls them toward the pirates, as Captain Hook holds the princess out toward the Chief.

CAPTAIN HOOK: We'll make the exchange on the count of three.

CHIEF: No tricks.

CAPTAIN HOOK: None. Just commerce. One... two...


Peter leaps into the air, a drawn dagger in his hand. He stands between Captain Hook and the Chief.

CHIEF: Stop-em, Peter Pan. Need save daughter.

CAPTAIN HOOK: You don't want your princess to get hurt, do you, Little Flying Eagle?

CHIEF: He no brave of mine!

CAPTAIN HOOK: You mean... the brat is no longer under your protection?

CHIEF: No. Chief kill-em Peter Pan before he let-em Tiger Lily be hurt!

TIGER LILY: No kill-em, Father!

CAPTAIN HOOK: Shut up, girl!

The Chief draws a tomahawk as well, and the Captain unsheathes a rapier from his side with his one hand. All of the pirates are wielding glinting steel.

CHIEF: New allies, help-em Indians.

The fairies begin to flutter, golden dust pouring from their hands. Drops of rain begin to gently fall, while the sunlight begins to glare more brightly. A gentle breeze begins to blow a bit harder, and the plants themselves seem to grow into larger, more threatening forms. Flies begin to buzz madly through the air, adding to the overall chaos unfolding.

CAPTAIN HOOK: Now, now, Chief. The boy is mine! I WILL be the one to kill him!


Everyone has weapons! Are the Indians and Pirates going to fight each other over Peter? Or is everyone trying to kill Peter? I don't even know exactly what's happening anymore!

If we don't do something immediately, someone is going to get seriously hurt, and I'm not sure who. We need to act. Now.
No. 568042 ID: d2995c

For future reference the point when only one of the hostage takers has a weapon drawn is the best time to turn them into a frog. Fortunately the pirates only seem to have swords rather than guns, so this is still workable.

So the obvious response is to frog Hook since he is the one in arm's reach of the princess, but if we startle the pirates too much they might start attacking anyway and we don't want that. Therefore, my plan is this: Rita, shout for them to stop, and declare that if the pirate leave we will transform Hook back from being a frog (before we have actually cast anything). Then when they are focused on responding to Rita by pointing out that Hook isn't a frog, asking who we are, or making counter-demands, Nina casts the spell to actually turn Hook into a frog before he finishes talking (if possible, do so quietly enough that they cannot hear that it is you doing the casting).
Our backup plan if they manage to grab the princess again is to rabbit her so she can get away.
No. 570722 ID: a32d59
File 139752504961.png - (176.45KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest228.png )

RITA: Would y'all just STOP!?

The tension's so thick you could cut it with a knife. Every head slowly turns towards me. I sure hope Nina's ready.

RITA: If y'all Pirates leave, and let the princess go free, then we'll turn Hook into a human again, instead of a frog?

HOOK: Oh? I'm a frog, am I? And who exactly are you?

I try to move my hand as subtly as possible to point toward him, as I actually need to shoot the spell directly at him. I can whisper, but it's still going to look like lightning.

RITA: We're here to save the world.

I can see his eyes darting over me, with perfect clarity. Thanks to my improved vision, I can see his every little facial movement. I think he's already noticed me. His eyes dart toward the barrel of my rifle. I only have one chance at this.

NINA: Enough of this.

Before anyone has time to react, blue lightning pours from Nina's fingertips. Hook moves the princess in front of him, like a human shield, and she becomes a frog faster than you could say "Croak."
No. 570723 ID: a32d59
File 139752508565.png - (15.14KB , 512x252 , Disneyquest229.png )

With one, swift, fluid motion, Captain Hook pulls an old-fashioned flintlock pistol out of his coat and points it directly at Nina. We hear the gunshot before anyone's even had time to move.
No. 570724 ID: a32d59
File 139752516443.png - (353.61KB , 512x712 , DisneyQuest230.png )

He... he shot me... I... Everything's getting cold.


I've failed, haven't I?
No. 570725 ID: a32d59
File 139752521084.png - (160.73KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest231.png )

Dios mio dios mio dios mio dios mio she's not moving. She's not moving. She's just laying there. There's so much blood. I'm going to be sick.

He killed her. That FUCKING BASTARD killed my BEST FRIEND.

I can't believe this is happening. She's dead! Like, she's actually dead. I just watched someone die. I... This is nothing like in the movies. I don't know how to feel at all.

Before my eyes, her body seems to glow with a bright white light, and she is gone. There's a huge bloodstain on the ground, but other than that, there's nothing left. No clothing, no items. Nothing. That was... really strange.


HOOK: Get them!

The Pirates turn to us and attack, swords drawn. The Fairies and the Indians stand back, watching. I don't think they know what to do. And neither do I. I just feel numb.

I don't know if it's what she'd want... And I don't know if it's right... And it doesn't even feel like me... But I can't help how I feel. I don't care what happens now. I want that son of a bitch's head. And I'm not even joking.
No. 570726 ID: 5869f6

No, no shit NO!

Th-this can't happen, we- I-


I don't want to lose you, Nina...
No. 570727 ID: 5bbbc0

Nino, listen. Do you think you could close the distance before you were shot too? This...This was terrible, but we will only lose you too if you surrender to your rage now.
...Rita, I have an idea. A foolish foolish idea, but... you know how you can summon Br'er Rabbit? Could you do that, could you directly manipulate this story here? Re-write the tale as it should be? I fear we've overlooked your abilities true scope but...What and how to use it was something that I didn't know.
No. 570738 ID: d2995c

Shit, how the hell did I never notice the visible lightning effect when it is mentioned multiple times when I check back now. And how can I ever make any plans at all when I can't notice things that are plainly and repeatedly stated...
I did specify to cast before he finished talking which wasn't followed, but that wouldn't even change anything with the visible projectile form that I somehow never noticed once when reading any of the previous times it was used.
And I have even less of an idea of how to use any of the other power-sets.

No. 570928 ID: a32d59
File 139761044022.png - (427.63KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest232.png )

....You're right. I kinda hate to say it, but you're right. I just.... Fuck, man. Nina... I can't believe this. And now all these pirates are running toward us, and we're probably gonna die anyway.

CHIEF: Princess Tiger Lily frog now.

The chief's statement is simple, but he says it loudly. Loudly enough that the pirates are distracted. They turn to look at him, as he watches the small frog hopping helplessly around.

CHIEF: Ugly squaw turn-em my daughter into frog. Ugly squaw heap dead. Now, Pirates turn-em back.

CAPTAIN HOOK: Stupid redskin! That's impossible. No one can turn a frog into a little girl!


The Chief begins walking toward Captain Hook, his tomahawk raised above his head. The Pirate Captain throws aside his spent pistol, drawing his rapier again.

While they're distracted, I may as well try to do what you said. Br'er Rabbit is standing by my side, watching everything unfold. I try to remember how it feels to call on him. I close my eyes, and take a deep breath...

Whoa... This is pretty wild. I can feel the pulse of the world, like it's a living, breathing creature. But... it's sick. I can feel the sickness, like grease sliding over the surface of water. I can feel five greasy spots... Captain Hook, Peter Pan, the Chief... and two others, but they seem farther away, more detached. I can feel the infection, as if the world was wounded. It's gone completely nuts, like... I can sense that this world is fun. Dark, but fun. The fun is what's been poisoned. Peter Pan seems to be the least greasy, but he's infected, too. Everyone's taking themselves too seriously.

This world is rancid, and it makes me want to cry. It would be so beautiful, a well-crafted story. But it's in ruins. Is this what they've all been like?

I imagine the entire world as a story, and try to... to fix it somehow. I reach somewhere deep inside myself and... I don't know... I guess I touch on a sort of power. I feel it coursing through me, pulsing in time with the story's pulse.

But I don't know what I'm doing. This isn't like summoning Br'er Rabbit. This isn't inside of me; it's external. How the heck am I supposed to fix it? I can sense what's wrong, but I can't fix it. I can't just write a "happily ever after" and call it a day. We need to do something. Something to do with the five corruption points. But it's gotta happen soon.

What the fuck is Rita doing? She's just standing there with her eyes closed! She's missing everything! The pirates aren't even attacking us anymore, they're just standing there, staring at Asshole McFuckface. The Indians aren't doing anything, either. No one is. It's pretty much just Peter Pan floating around like he's trying to decide what to do, while the Chief walks slowly towards Captain McFuckface, looking like he's about to bash his stupid face in.

Rita turns to face me, whispering.

RITA: Nino, we have to stop him!


RITA: What? Nino, I think we need the Captain alive.

NINO: I don't.

RITA: Yes! We have to save the world! I know you're pissed, and I'm not happy either, but we have to do something!

NINO: You don't care. You didn't even know her! And how the heck do you know we need him alive?

RITA: I just do, Nino. You have your powers and I have mine. Trust me, please!

NINO: Well, what the fuck are we supposed to do?

RITA: I don't know.

Come on, voices. You... you were always on my side before, right? Or, well... almost always. You liked my ideas best, and.... Oh. Nina... Look, you guys get it, right? We can't save this stupid asshole. He got the princess turned into a frog and... I don't think there's any way to turn her back. This whole thing is his fault. Hell, I dunno, maybe killing him saves the world or something. Just... please. I'm not as angry as I was, you were right. I'm just... I'm just tired. I don't want to do this anymore. This isn't fun anymore. I want Nina here to argue with me. Rita isn't the same. And I don't like this anymore.

He has a point. What am I supposed to do? It's like... As soon as I showed up everything went to Hell in a handbasket. It sounded like they were doing just fine. And... yeah, I didn't know her, yet. I wanted to get to know her. We could have done the whole Whovian fangirl thing together, I think. It would have been real nice. But she's gone, and I figure Nino just about hates me now. I'm lost, y'all. I'm as lost as I've ever been.
No. 570957 ID: 5bbbc0

Okay, Rita, I think the forth and fifth points of corruption is the Fairy and Mermaid Queens, respectively.
And you say the trouble is they're taking themselves too seriously?...
The plan, effectively, is a fusion of your talents. Rita, you need to lighten things up, but you can't simply write 'and they lived happily ever after' and call it a night. But this isn't a book, these are people, and I think if we can lighten the mood for a bit here, you could use that to push back, and perhaps push out the corruption all together. And that, is where Nino comes in.
This is...Probably the hardest thing you will ever have to do as a Toon, Nino. But I think...I think you can undo the frogging of Tiger Lily with one of your burlas, I'm thinking some sort of act with a magicians hat, or something to stand in for that. Frogged Tiger Lily goes in, Normal Tiger Lily comes out.
Think you can manage that?
No. 571019 ID: 824f43

>I'm just... I'm just tired. I don't want to do this anymore. This isn't fun anymore. I want Nina here to argue with me. Rita isn't the same. And I don't like this anymore.
I know exactly how you feel. I understand the weariness, the desire to stop, of having had enough.

...but we can't really afford to stop in this world. We can't let what happened to her here be meaningless. For nothing.
No. 571419 ID: a32d59
File 139787458138.png - (179.92KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest233.png )

....You're right. Nina would want me to be strong and keep going. I need to be strong for her, and I need to save this world.

I don't think I can do that! I mean, I've never tried, so I guess it could work. Hey, there's nothing wrong with trying, right? The only problem is, I'm going to need to build up a lot of laughter. Oh well, may as well give it a shot.

NINO: Wait! I think I know a way to turn the princess back!

That certainly got their attention. Everyone turns to look at Nino, and the Chief is so startled, he nearly drops his tomahawk.

CHIEF: Stupid brave turn-em back daughter of Chief?

NINO: I don't know, maybe? But it isn't going to work, unless...

CHIEF: Unless?

NINO: Unless everyone laughs.

RITA: Nino?

NINO: That's how it works, Rita.

CHIEF: This situation heap serious. Nothing to laugh at.

CAPTAIN HOOK: I hate to say it, but he's right. I believe we were about to engage in a life-or-death battle?

CHIEF: Nasty Pirate take-em words right out of Chief's mouth.

They're gonna fight again! No, we gotta think fast. Hmm... let's see... Banana peel? Alright, here goes nothing! I throw the banana peel at the ground between the two guys. The Chief gets to it first, and begins to slip. He goes sliding forward, right into the Captain! He's so big, he knocks him right over, but they fall down together.

For a long moment, there's a stunned silence. Suddenly, one of the Pirates starts to chuckle. Soon, the entire crew is laughing uproariously, and even the Indians begin to chuckle. Peter Pan floats in mid-air, holding his sides and crowing, and even the trussed Lost Boys are cackling madly. Barely audible under the sound of the deeper laughs, the gentle ring of Fairy laughter can be heard. This is awesome! I don't know if it's the tense situation or what, but I guess banana peels really are pretty funny...

Whoa, that was easier than I thought! Even Rita and Br'er Rabbit are laughing! This is good, this is really good. Okay, I think this might be enough laughter to do a good deal of stuff. I run over to the frog Princess, spinning my legs like a whirlwind. I grab her while everyone's too busy laughing to notice me.

...Crap. I don't have a magician's hat or anything like that. But... as crazy as this is, I kinda have an idea. With the power of all of this laughter, I reach into my bag and pull out my inflatable bra, and throw the princess into the bag. Before anyone has time to notice me, I slip on the bra and start to dance.

What? What the heck is he doing? Why the bra? Why is he dancing? Is that supposed to help us somehow?

Oh... I don't even believe this. How is he doing that? He made his outfit look like Tiger Lily's dress. He didn't put on a different outfit or anything, he just kind of... pulled on it, and that happened. He's even pulling his hair into black braids. Again, I don't know how! He just kind of... ran his hands over his hair and did it! He hasn't done anything to his face, and he still has his bag, but... it's kind of convincing somehow. This is hilarious!

How long can he keep this up?

Gotta keep 'em laughing or I'll turn back, so... Let's see what's in the bag! ...A handkerchief? Uhh... Uhh... I wave cutely toward Peter Pan. They're about the same age, right? He look up at just the right moment, and turns beet red!

PETER: Look, Chief! That guy turned Tiger Lily back!

The Chief stands and brushes himself off. If I'm not imagining things, I think he may be chuckling, too.

CHIEF: Daughter of Chief human again?

The Chief looks down at the somewhat-dazed Captain, and smiles.

CHIEF: Ugh. Thanks, Pirate. Break-em fall of Chief.

His deadpan delivery makes the other Pirates laugh even harder, and even Captain Hook smiles sheepishly. That Nino's a miracle worker! I can't help but feel that all of this communal laughter is doing wonders for the world. I take a deep breath, and the corruption feels less-intense now. The Queens' infection hasn't changed at all, but the other three feel much... fresher, now. Less greasy.

I really hope Nino has a plan. I have a bad feeling that this could go very, very wrong when the Chief realizes he's not Tiger Lily.

No. 571424 ID: 49b933

Hrrm, Okay, so Rita, you're right in that this act of Nino's won't go over well at all once he's found out. But! That's only if he finds out!
I think right now we should try and steer the attentions of everyone towards the trouble with the Mermaids and Fairies- that's not exactly going to occur without problems for either Hook and his pirates or Chief and his braves, and away from Nino.
Once the spotlight's off him, we search that bag as fast as we can to get Tiger Lily out of there, and then swap her out with Nino while they're not looking!
How to do this...AH!
Rita, this might be asking too much of you out of the blue, but maybe there could be a massive stampede of buffalo nearby if you reached out to the world like you did before? I think you can do things like that, have things happen, and not just passively sense the corruption.
No. 571531 ID: ec2e47

I feel like with a few more laughs you could potentially turn the princess back if you have enough laughs by saying you will kiss your hero, taking out the frog, and kissing her to turn her back into the princess dressed as Nino.
Rita, I have been wondering, would Bard powers work for giving classic tropes (like the maiden-kissing-frog-transformation) a bit of an extra push?
No. 571616 ID: a32d59
File 139795854572.png - (148.44KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest234.png )

Hmm... you know something? That's just crazy enough to work. And I think I know how to do it!

RITA: All right, y'all! It's story time!

Peter Pan and the Lost Boys perk right on up at that, and Peter cuts his gang loose. They all run over to me, sitting at my feet. The Indians and Fairies follow, and soon, even the Pirates are watching us. Nino's dancing furiously, trying to keep them laughing. I think they're starting to die down, though, so let's see if I can make this quick. I just hate to tell the short version of "The Frog Prince," but I don't think I have time for the whole thing.

I try to focus on the way it feels when I summon Br'er Rabbit, and I start the story.

RITA: Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess.


They laugh! Good, good! Keep it up, Rita!

RITA: One day, the princess was walking in the woods, and she saw a frog.

I reach into my bag... I don't know if they're laughing enough for this to work... but Rita kinda looks at me me and nods. Is she helping me stay in costume, or what? How the heck are we doing this?

I reach in and pull out Tiger Lily on the first try. It feels like Rita's guiding my hand or something.

I put her on the ground.

RITA: The princess was disgusted by the slimy critter, but he told her, "You must not judge a book by its cover, fair maiden! I may appear to be a loathsome frog, but I am, in fact, a prince!"

NINO: No way!

Nino makes exaggerated faces of disgust, and everyone laughs. This isn't how I operate, but I think it's helping. Everyone's really, really into it!

RITA: The frog told the princess that, as a prince, he had great wealth and power. He promised her that once he regained his human form, he could give her anything she asked for.

NINO: How about a pony?

RITA: "Yes, Princess. Even a pony!"

NINO: Aww, yeah!

RITA: There was just one condition. To break the spell, the frog needed one thing... A kiss from a princess.

NINO: Eww!

RITA: You want that pony, Princess?

NINO: Is it really the only way?

RITA: Just shut up and kiss the frog already!

This is GREAT! Rita's hilarious! We've got 'em eating right out of our hands!

This is ridiculous, but I've gotta admit that it's kind of fun. A little sillier than I'm used to, but if the audience loves it, then the tale's done its job.

I make a big show of picking up Tiger Lily, mugging at how gross the slimy frog is. I give her a kiss, and...

RITA: And just like that, the prince was human again!

As suddenly as I can blink, just like when Br'er Rabbit appears, Tiger Lily is standing right in front of Nino! But... Oh, wow. She's dressed up like a storybook prince! It's PERFECT!

RITA: And they lived happily ever after!

Holy crap, did you SEE that? What did we just do? How the heck did we do THAT!?

TIGER LILY: Tiger Lily heap confused. Why Tiger Lily wear-em strange clothes? Tiger Lily no frog!

CHIEF: Daughter!


The two of them run towards each other and embrace, and our entire audience--Lost Boys, Indians, Fairies, and Pirates--erupt into applause. With the laughter completely gone, Nino and Tiger Lily morph back into their normal clothes.

I feel as though the corruption has been more-or-less purged from Peter, Hook, and the Chief. But the other two are still pretty gross.

You're right. We gotta take care of the Queens. But how?
No. 571617 ID: a32d59
File 139795859379.png - (178.89KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest235.png )

I've never felt so messed-up in my life. I'm on an adrenaline high, psyched about my teamwork with Rita, and totally jazzed about just about the best burla routine I've ever pulled off. Why the fuck am I happy when I hurt so much? How the hell is this happening to me? I just want to lay down and cry. I'm proud of what we've done, but... But I really wish Nina could have seen it. It's like I'm still expecting her to pop in with her ring, you know? But... but she's gone. She hasn't even been dead for half an hour, and Rita and I are laughing and excited and shit. This is wrong. This is just gross, and I think I need a break.
No. 571634 ID: 49b933

It's basically dancing on her grave. I wasn't kidding when I said this would be hard, since I basically asked you to forget your friend died for a moment there, and act like a toon. You did great Nino, and the same for you Rita.
Anyhow... I think we could use a moment alone, now, to grieve. Forget our mission for the time being- I don't think it's good for any Toon to have to wear a smile when he wants to cry...
No. 571636 ID: ec2e47

I can see where you are coming from, but on the other hand being a toon for a bit was part of making sure all of this wasn't for nothing. I agree with >>571634 that you could take a rest though; perhaps ask the faries to meet with you at some point a few hours later or something.
No. 572094 ID: a32d59
File 139829435680.png - (297.90KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest236.png )

Before anyone has a chance to say anything, the Pirates just get up and start walking away.

CAPTAIN HOOK: I'll get you yet, Boy! Not today, and maybe not tomorrow. But I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE!

PETER: Good luck with that, you old codfish! Now come on, men! Let's go find something to eat and call it a night.

CHIEF: Lost Boys heap hungry? Lost Boys eat-em with Chief.

SLIGHTLY: You mean it?

CUBBY: Gee, thanks, Chief!

PETER: Does this means we're friends again?

CHIEF: Little Flying Eagle one of us. We more than friends.

Tiger Lily grabs Peter by the hand and leads him into a tipi.

CHIEF: Storyteller squaw and funny brave hungry?

RITA: I know I am. How about you, Nino? It might be good to get something to eat.

NINO: Well.... I guess so. But I kinda want to go take a break and just not be around anyone from this world for a little while, if that's OK?

RITA: Sorry to trouble you, Chief, but do you think we could maybe get some food to take with us?

The Chief nods and goes into the tipi, coming back with two little bags made of buffalo skin.

CHIEF: This pemmican. Heap nutritious, heap delicious. Chief make-em gift.

Hmm... this smells like beef jerky! I hadn't really thought about it, but... I guess I am kind of hungry.

RITA: Thank you, Chief.

NINO: Yeah, thanks!

CHIEF: You heap welcome.

Without another word, he vanishes into the tipi with the rest of the Lost Boys. How many of them are in there? It seems too small for them all to fit. Oh, well.

The Fairies all stretch and flutter past, heading toward Pixie Hollow.

RITA: Wait!

They stop and turn towards me.

RITA: Would y'all mind terribly meeting up with us in a few hours? I don't know my way around Neverland, but we can meet wherever y'all want.

Fawn jingles an answer, and Br'er Rabbit responds, yawning hugely.

BR'ER RABBIT: Sis Fawn says y'all can meet down at Cannibal Cove. They got a mighty fine beach, and she suspects it's easy enough to find. But this critter is dead tired, Sis Rita. I'm going to bed; it has been a long day, sure as you're born.

RITA: Alright, Br'er Rabbit. Goodnight.

And just like that, Br'er Rabbit disappears. The Fairies fly away, and it's just Nino and I in the middle of the Native American encampment.

I don't really like the sound of this "Cannibal Cove," especially if it's anything like the rest of this world. But I guess it's gonna have to do.

RITA: Should we head to the beach awhile? We can eat our pemmican and rest.

NINO: Yeah. I guess that sounds good.

He holds out his hand, and I take it. His voice is sad, and his eyes are far away.

NINO: Hair, take us to Cannibal Cove.

He taps the base of his ponytail three times, and turns it a little. That's really weird. I mean, it doesn't look physically possible. That Nino sure is full of surprises, isn't he?

The rainbow colors are back, and it's like flying through the air, just like last time. Well, almost.

Soon, we're on a beach. The sun is low in the sky, and paints the sea in a pink-and-orange glow. There are palm trees all around, and tiny bits of random junk scattered across the sand. The stars are starting to show up in the sky. I think this is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. I sure hope Nino and I can save it.

I open my pemmican and scoop some out. It's messy, but it's delicious. It's also surprisingly filling. Before I know it, I've eaten the whole bag. Nino eats his too, his eyes on the sea.

The food's okay, I guess. I don't know. I just don't know how to feel about anything anymore.

RITA: Nino? If you don't want to talk, that's okay. But I want you to know that I'm here if you need to say anything. I'll listen.

NINO: Sorry, it's just... Nina and I were best friends. It's weird, 'cause like, we didn't have that much in common. But we saved a bunch of worlds together, you know? And even if we disagreed a lot, it was kind of fun. She saved my life, you know.

RITA: Really? What happened?

NINO: Well... I did something really stupid. I got my face all covered in acid. I think my eye melted off or something, I don't know. I passed out. I could have died. But she knew a spell that healed me, but it somehow got all my wounds on her face. And then some mad scientist alien dude gave her that eye. She did that for me, and I wouldn't be here right now if it weren't for her.

RITA: Wow.

NINO: And... I just... I just feel so useless, because... well...

He starts to cry, the tears flowing freely. He pulls his whole body in close, like a lonely child, his hair drooping lifelessly across his face.

NINO: Because I couldn't do the same for her. Why did it have to be her, Rita? She was the one who was good at all this hero stuff. I'm just... I'm just me! I can't save anything alone!

RITA: Nino... You're not alone.

He lifts his head, turning his tear-filled eyes towards me, looking completely helpless.

NINO: Rita, I didn't mean...

RITA: I know. But we're a team now, right? And we're damn good! I mean, I didn't know Nina for very long. And maybe we're not as good at this as she was. But it was you and me who got Captain Hook and the Chief to stop fighting, right?

NINO: Well, yeah, but...

RITA: And it's you and me who turned Tiger Lily back, when we thought we couldn't, right?

NINO: Rita, I know, but that's....

RITA: And it's you and me who are gonna save this world, Nino.

NINO: OKAY! We will TRY! And I KNOW that already! And you know what? Maybe we WILL do okay. Sure. Great! Congratulations! We're gonna do a GREAT job! But it's not. The. SAME! Nina's DEAD, Rita. She's dead, and she'll never get to see us save the world. And it's more than that... It's not even really about saving the world.

RITA: What do you mean?

NINO: She won't be there to argue with me, or be all serious. She won't be there for me to tease and stuff, either, and that's no fun. She won't be there to stop me from being an idiot, or calling me out when my plans don't make any sense. She won't even be there to call me a manwhore anymore, and I think I'll miss that most of all!

RITA: ....What?

NINO: Never mind, it's not important.

RITA: Look, I'm sorry. And you're right, I know you guys were friends. And I know I will never, ever replace her, and I'm not going to try. And we don't know each other very well yet, anyway. But, if you need a friend, I'll be right here, Nino.

NINO: Thanks, Rita.

She's right. We make a good team. And I'm sure we can be friends. I just... I just don't want to feel like I'm replacing Nina. There's no one who could ever take Nina's place, and I'm not looking for a new best friend. Either way, I'm glad Rita's here. If it were just me, I don't know what I would have done by now.

Besides, we're gonna save this world, and we're gonna save all the other worlds. And we're gonna do it for Nina.

I just don't know what to say to him. I've never lost anyone close to me before, and I can't imagine what he's going through. What do I even say? We're gonna be here for a couple hours until the Fairies show up, and I'd appreciate any advice y'all might have. About anything, really.

I guess I just wanna prove to him that I can do this. But I kinda also don't want to make it about me. I get the feeling he kinda needs me right now. We all need somebody to lean on.

Oh, and if y'all could stop me when I'm about to make some cheesy old song reference, that'd be great, too.

No. 572152 ID: eb10ea

One of the first things Nina was told when she entered this whole 'saving the multiverse' business was that sacrifices may need to be made. She knew it was a possibility, one that became very real when she lost her eye. Now that she's made the ultimate sacrifice, the most we can do is make sure it wasn't in vain.
No. 572237 ID: a32d59
File 139838027363.png - (145.32KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest237.png )

He wipes his face on his sleeve and looks at me, his eyes swollen from crying. Suddenly, his tear-stained cheeks begin to dimple with the tiniest hint of a crooked smile.

NINO: The voices are right. Nina sacrificed everything to help save the multiverse. She's gone, but we're still here, and we can finish what she started. It's what she would have wanted.

RITA: Exactly.

NINO: And, you know what? The two of us DO make a great team. It's not replacing her to think that. It's.... it's practical. And Nina was all ABOUT practical! She would want us to work together and be awesome and restore these worlds. And we're damn good at it!

RITA: Absolutely!

NINO: Man, with my awesome burlas and your.... whatever the heck your crazy-meta powers are, we're completely unstoppable!

RITA: Yeah! You know, I kinda wonder... How the heck do you do the things you do, anyway? It's like the laws of physics don't really apply to you or something.

NINO: They kinda don't. See, I grew up in LA, and I spent a lot of time in Toontown.

RITA: Toontown? Never heard of it.

NINO: It's where cartoon characters go to hang out. Anyway, I was there a lot, ever since my mama finally trusted me to leave the house by myself. And I picked up a few things. I don't know how I do it. I just kinda do.

RITA: That's how it is with me, too! I just... I have a knack for stories. It's been passed down my family for generations, and I don't know how it works yet. But I'm starting to.

NINO: What do you mean?

RITA: Well... the voices told me to try to manipulate the story.

NINO: What story?

RITA: "Peter Pan." The one we're in right now.

NINO: Oh, right! Like... all of these worlds are actually movies or something. I think that's what Uncle Remus said.

RITA: Really? You know, I'm still super-jealous that y'all met Uncle Remus.

NINO: I'm sure you'll see him someday. He's like our awesome old mentor dude or something.

RITA: It's just... he's the one that taught my ancestors how to use these "crazy-meta powers." So it's like... everything I am, I sort of owe to him. I've always dreamed of meeting him, but I assumed he was dead.

NINO: I think he's immortal or something.

RITA: Hmm... When do you think the Fairies are gonna be here?

NINO: I have no idea.

RITA: I told them to meet us in a few hours, and we've only been here for about forty-five minutes.

NINO: Ugh... I just wanna save the world and move on to the next one. Why do we have to wait so long?

RITA: Well... I don't know. I just told them what the voices wanted me to.

NINO: Looks like we have a lot of time, then.

RITA: Yup.

NINO: Hmmm... Well, maybe we should talk a little more and get to know each other, now that we're gonna be the dream team saving the multiverse?

RITA: Alright. You first.

NINO: Let's see... My favorite color is pink, I like pie, I'm more of a cat person than a dog person really, and someday, I'm going to be the greatest stand-up comic that ever lived.

He speaks quickly, but there's something far-away in his eyes, as if he's only half-present.

RITA: I think you'll definitely be a great stand-up comic someday.

NINO: Thanks, Rita. Anyway, it's your turn.

RITA: Oh, well... I'm an English major at Georgia College, and I grew up in Atlanta. I love books more than almost anything, but I really like anything creative. Art, film, fashion, music... I was the lead singer of a band once.

NINO: What, really?

RITA: Yeah... we weren't very good, and we never got out of the garage. But it was fun. Hmm... I also like cats, pink, and pie. I guess what I really want to do is teach.

NINO: Like... high school?

RITA: Never! College, for sure.

NINO: Wow. You must be really, really super-smart.

RITA: Well, I don't mean to brag but... I guess I'm pretty smart.

NINO: That's good. I'm not, really.

RITA: Aww, don't say that!

NINO: No, really! I make stupid decisions all the time! And I have a really short attention span kinda. I like fashion and stuff too, but I'd rather party than read.

RITA: Yeah, I can't identify with that at all! But I do like to party.

NINO: Really? You have time to party?

RITA: Well, not too much. But I do go to parties every once in a while. I just don't like to stay out too late, or I feel like crap in the morning.

NINO: That's funny. I'm usually the one that makes them crazy! Toontown has a killer party scene.

RITA: I can dig it. Maybe someday I'll have to check it out. Hey, are you on Tumblr?

NINO: What's a Tumblr?

RITA: It's a blogging website? Lots of artsy-types hang out there?

NINO: Nah, I don't really spend too much time on the interwebs. I like the funny pictures of cats, though.

RITA: Wow, LOLcats? That meme's kind of played out...

NINO: Hey, don't disrespect the classics!

There's silence for a moment. I'm not sure either of us know what to say. Suddenly, Nino starts to laugh. I can't help it, it's absolutely infectious. Soon we're both laughing like a couple of hyenas, laughing until we cry. Laughing like it's the only thing keeping us sane.

RITA: Nino, you're a pretty fun guy.

NINO: Thanks, Rita. UGGGGH! How much longer until the Fairies get here?

RITA: It's still only been a little over an hour.

NINO: Damn it! I'm getting restless. They'd better get here soon.

RITA: We could just hang out until they get here. This isn't too boring, is it?

NINO: Nah, this is actually kinda fun. I'm just... not really used to doing nothing anymore. Or just hanging out and talking. It was always kind of serious business back when.... before.

RITA: I know. But I feel like we have a lot in common. Nothing wrong with taking it easy for a little while.

If Nina were here, she would want us to do something in the meantime. Like, I dunno, go talk to the Mermaids or something. Or some kind of planning at least! Rita's really cool, and I think we have a lot in common, and it's really nice to just chill for once. But I feel really guilty. Didn't we just say we were gonna save the world now? Because I feel like I'm just wasting time and that's no fun, either.

I'm sure the Fairies will be here before too much longer. If we go do something else, we might miss them. He did say he had a short attention span, but I thought he was enjoying just talking. At least, as much as he can enjoy anything right now. Did I say something wrong? Am I being insensitive? I just... I think we really hit it off, and maybe he needs to just relax for now. Take his mind off stuff, you know?
No. 572339 ID: 49b933

We did tend towards a practical 'let's get this job done ASAP' view of things, but I figure if you guys explore or something it should be okay as long as you get back in time...
No. 572409 ID: d2995c

Exploring a bit in the near area seems like a good idea; not too stressful but still something to do.
I am also curious about trying out the story sense a bit. Does it just work for corruption, or can you sense the presence or status of things like the world's primary protagonist?
No. 572636 ID: a32d59
File 139872732973.png - (223.73KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest238.png )

Hmmm... let's see...

This world's protagonist is... huh, that's funny. I've never seen that girl before. She's very far away; I can't see her very well. Peter Pan is very important, too, but I get the sense that it's this other girl's story more than his. I know he thought Nina was some girl named Wendy. Is that her?

But the weird thing is... I feel as though Tinker Bell is tied into this as well. She isn't the protagonist, but she has some protagonist-like leanings...

The more time I spend looking at this world's structure, the more I'm starting to think that this isn't just one story. There are layers, here. Maybe... something to do with an extended canon? Pixie Hollow feels... fresher, somehow. As though it were added in later. It doesn't have anything to do with the corruption, but I have a feeling that this world still has an evolving sense of canon.

NINO: So... what do you think?

RITA: Hmm? Oh, I was just testing out my powers for the voices. They wanted to see what all I could tell about this world.

NINO: Learn anything interesting?

RITA: I don't know. It's probably not all that relevant.

NINO: Oh. Let's go exploring!

RITA: Okay, Nino. But we shouldn't go too far. We want to be back in time.

NINO: We could just walk along the beach, I guess. I mean, it's something to do. And I guess that's as good as we're gonna get.

RITA: Sounds like a compromise. We don't wander off, but we don't just sit here doing nothing. I like it.

NINO: Yeah, I guess it sounds alright.

We walk up and down the beach for a while, finding random things buried in the sand. It's mostly junk, but Nino picks up a few shiny coins and a pocket watch. He pockets his small treasures, and keeps digging in the sand.

RITA: What are you doing?

NINO: I thought I saw something shiny... Aha!

He pulls something out of the sand, and it sparkles in the moonlight. It looks like an earring in a really sweet vintage style. Victorian, maybe. But it looks really new! And there's a huge gem in it. It could be a real diamond, but I don't know.


RITA: It really is.

He holds it out to me.

RITA: Huh?

NINO: Take it. I can't wear it anyway. I never got my ears pierced.

RITA: Really?

NINO: Yeah. I figured you'd like it. Plus, it'd be a shame to leave it behind.

RITA: Thanks, Nino.

I slip it into my right ear. I'm so used to just my coral one on the left, I'm not used to feeling the weight on that side. It really is a lovely thing. That was pretty sweet.

Aww, jeez, that doesn’t match at all. Like, her other earring is coral or something? But... I figured she’d like it. She doesn’t seem to care that much about matching anything. I dunno.

It doesn’t really matter. It looks really pretty on her, anyway. I’m pretty sure it’s real diamond, too, and you really can never go wrong with diamonds!

We walk in silence for a long time, except for the incessant, gentle lapping of the ocean against the sand. It's perfectly tranquil and lovely, and I wonder if all of the worlds we'll visit are as beautiful as this.

We turn around to walk in the other direction, and see glittering, golden lights in the distance. The Fairies!

We run towards them, and they spot us, meeting us half-way.

Uh oh. I just realized we don't have anyone with us anymore who can understand Fairies. I have no idea what they're saying! Also, what are we even supposed to say to them? 'Cause I don't have any ideas!
No. 572642 ID: 49b933

Hrrm. That could be a problem.
Okay...Understanding the fairies...We didn't really solve this one last time either now that I think on it. We just lucked out in that one of them could talk to Br'er Rabbit.
Hrrm...Okay so this is probably going to be a stretch of an idea, since I really really dunno how exactly Rita's powers work but...Part of me wants to try and...Story tell some sort of magic conch shell that could let us talk to the fairies.
Another thought is to ask them to 'trace' out what they want to say via flying but I dunno how tiring that would be for them, and generally it seems like it's possible to read their body languange I think?
No. 572680 ID: d2995c

Do you think Br'er Rabbit will be rested by now? Ideally I think we would want to try and get them to have a conversation with Tinkerbell, but that might go badly if we can't understand what they are saying. Maybe we can ask them if they know someone who can translate?
No. 575089 ID: a32d59
File 140056537557.png - (271.12KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest239.png )

I don't know. He's probably still sleeping. I wouldn't want to bother him just yet.

RITA: Hi, Fairies! You know, it just occurred to me that we can't exactly understand what y'all are saying. Do y'all know anyone who could translate for us?

They jingle back and forth to one another, and Vidia raises a tiny eyebrow at us, looking annoyed. Wait a second...

RITA: I remember now! Wasn't Tiger Lily talking to y'all?

They all nod. Vidia looks almost disgusted that it took me this long to remember. Well, excuse me for being a little preoccupied with saving the world, Sassy!

NINO: So... we have to go back to the Indian Camp?

RITA: Looks like it.

I gesture for the Fairies to climb onto my arm, and they do. Nino and I link hands, and he takes hold of his ponytail again.

NINO: Hair, take us to the Indian Camp.

When we get there, it looks as though every Native American in the encampment is seated in a large circle, except for a few who are dancing in the center. A calumet pipe is going around, of course, and the sound of drums echoes among the tipis. The Princess is seated next to her father, with Peter Pan on his other side.

The Chief notices us, and waves us hover.

CHIEF: Haau!

RITA: Haau, Chief. We need to speak to your daughter.

CHIEF: Very well. Daughter, speak-em with storyteller squaw and funny brave. Party no stop-em until long into night.

TIGER LILY: Yes, Father.

She stands and walks toward us, and we all walk a short distance from the encampment, so the sound of the drums is distant and muffled.

The Fairies swarm around Tiger Lily, and she greets them quietly.

TIGER LILY: What you need, friends?

RITA: What we need is a translator. We have to speak with the Fairies, only we can't understand their language at all.

NINO: And you can!

TIGER LILY: Yes. Tiger Lily understand-em Fairy speak. It heap beautiful language.

RITA: I'm sure it is! We need the Fairies to talk to Tinker Bell, if that's alright. And we'd like to help.

An uncertain jingle ripples through the small swarm of Fairies.

TIGER LILY: Rita make-em good point. Fairies need-em reunite with Tinker Bell. Tinker Bell heap important, and heap good friend. Tiger Lily come, too.

RITA: Peter Pan said that Tinker Bell is back at the Lost Boys' hideout.

NINO: Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go!

We all grab hold of each other.

NINO: Hair, take us to the Lost Boys' hideout!

Just like that, we're back in the dark, warm room under the roots of the tree.

The Fairies are suddenly dead silent, floating gently in the air.

NINO: What's wrong?

TIGER LILY: Fairies heap nervous. No talk-em to Tinker Bell in heap long time.

Sounds like this is going to be one awkward conversation. I'm at a loss for how to handle this. We've figured out how to talk to the Fairies, but we still don't know what to do now that we can. How do we approach this?
No. 575104 ID: 497ec2

Hrrm. It's been awhile?
Then I guess we just need something to break the ice! Like what's the latest news with the Fairies, or how are things going with the Lost Boys?
No. 575212 ID: a25861

Something to break the ice sounds good, though maybe not with mentioning the Lost Boys in particular since that seems to be a sore spot. Some kind of joke would help, though I can't think of any topical ones at the moment.
No. 578761 ID: a32d59
File 140287612925.png - (193.91KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest240.png )

That's a great idea! Only... I kinda can't think of anything either, right now.

NINO: Come on, guys! What are you so afraid of? She's your friend, right? Does she bite or something?

A few of the Fairies break into nervous laughter, but Vidia just glares at Nino. From a small hole in one of the walls, I can see a faint golden glow. Tinker Bell peeks out of the hole slowly, as if both desiring and dreading this encounter.

RITA: Hello, Tinker Bell! Your friends just wanted to stop by and talk to you. Aren't you curious about what they've been up to?

She just jingles, a stubborn-yet-sad glint in her eyes.

TIGER LILY: No. Tinker Bell no curious. Tinker Bell heap indifferent.

RITA: I don't think that's true. Isn't there any news or something she wouldn't know about?

The other Fairies all start to jingle in unison.

RITA: Tiger Lily, how can you even understand what they're saying when they all talk at once?

TIGER LILY: It heap easy. All Fairies say same thing.

RITA: What are they saying?

TIGER LILY: All of Pixie Hollow heap upset. Tinkers no invent-em or build-em good things anymore, because Tinker Bell best tinker. Zarina use-em tinker dust, make tinkers better. But it not same thing. Also, Terence and Periwinkle both heap distraught. Terence no focus on job now, him cry whole heaps. But Periwinkle even worse! Periwinkle no eat-em, no make-em frost. Only lay-em in bed.

NINO: I don't think I understood any of that!

TIGER LILY: Long story.

RITA: I think Tinker Bell gets it, though. She looks real upset, so I guess they're getting to her.

TIGER LILY: Tinker Bell say, "Tinker Bell no care. Tinker Bell Lost Boy, now. Tinker Bell no abandon friend Peter Pan."

Vidia zips toward Tinker Bell so fast that she's nearly invisible, and grabs her roughly by her shoulders.

TIGER LILY: Vidia say, "Tinker Bell already abandon-em many friends. Abandon Silvermist, Rosetta, Fawn, Iridessa. Abandon Terence. Abandon Fairy Mary, Bobble, Clank. Even abandon Periwinkle, sister of Tinker Bell. And Tinker Bell abandon Vidia. What one more friend?"

Tinker Bell sinks to the ground, holding her face in her hands. Everything is silent for a long moment. Suddenly, a faint jingling disrupts the quiet.

TIGER LILY: Iridessa say, "Also, Pixie Hollow under attack. That important news, also."

Tinker Bell looks up, her eyes wide with fear and her face streaked with tears.

TIGER LILY: Tinker Bell say, "What?" Silvermist say, "Mermaids." Fawn say, "Tinkers try-em build weapons, but it heap difficult."

NINO: We tried to talk to the Mermaids, Tinker Bell! Their crazy queen said they wouldn't attack Pixie Hollow just yet. But she's completely nuts! We're going to need a more permanent solution, I think, but I don't know what!

RITA: It's clear that something around here's broke, and it needs fixing.

The jingling seems to grow to a roar. Was it something I said?

TIGER LILY: Heap smart, Rita.

RITA: Huh?

TIGER LILY: Tiger Lily think that just what Tinker Bell need. Rosetta say, "Tinker Bell hear lady." Fawn say, "What Tinker Bell have say now?"

Slowly, but resolutely, Tinker Bell joins her friends.

TIGER LILY: Tinker Bell say, "Tinker Bell tinker. Tinkers fix things."

All of the Fairies hug. This is awesome! We finally got them talking again... But we're still going to have to deal with the Queens. I wonder what we ought to do next?
No. 578777 ID: 8ce85b

Weee gotta fix up the mermaids!
Easier said then done, they and the faries never liked each other...
I'd think a simple comedian act mixed in with 'no need to fight/Is it really worth the effort?' Could do it...
Anyone know a good joke about war being dumb or something?
No. 578923 ID: 24dc7a

There are two general ways I can think of that we could go about this. First, we could try calm both queens together, which has the risk of them fighting or taunting each other but has the advantages of keeping an eye on them and feels like it would fit better from a meta-narrative standpoint (with the themes of not being divided and hostile). The other option is to try and calm each queen separately, which has the advantage of the queens not directly interfering with eachother but might insult one of them or leave us open to the second one causing trouble while we deal with the first one (though that could be mitigated if we spoke to the mermaid queen first since the other faeries can keep their queen from doing anything rash).
I think I am generally leaning towards the calming together option, though maybe Rita can get a feel for whether we can realistically get them to meet without a fight immediately breaking out. The vague concept I have for a plan for this is to ask for the queens to meet with us to discuss their differences, and them make fools of ourselves at the talk so they are too busy laughing at us to be overly angry with each other.
No. 579067 ID: a32d59
File 140305956472.png - (357.43KB , 712x612 , DisneyQuest241.png )

Hmmmm.... Let me see if I can figure anything out. I concentrate on the story, as I did before.

I'm sensing... tension between the Fairies and the Mermaids. I mean, y'all already knew that, so there's nothing new there. Anyway, the rotten stuff is just making it worse. I think... I think we might be able to get them to talk without killing each other. This isn't for sure, but it's an educated guess, and that's really the best that I have right now. I get the sense the queens don't talk much. Or maybe they've never talked, that part's... fuzzy. But with a little bit of diplomacy, I think we could make this work out alright.

RITA: Alright, so it sounds like we need to get the two queens to talk to each other. The question is, how are we going to do that?

Silvermist jingles softly, a worried look in her tiny eyes.

TIGER LILY: Silvermist say, "Fairies no swim. Mermaids no come to Pixie Hollow."

NINO: What about the Wind Room? It's full of air, and we can just teleport in and out, right? What if we went and got the Fairy Queen, and then took her down to talk to Queen Eewee? I mean, we'd have to get Eewee to talk to us, first. I don't think she'd really appreciate us just barging into her Wind Room. She's really, really touchy. But how else would we make this work?

RITA: Hey, that's actually a really good idea, Nino!

NINO: ...Wait. You're just... agreeing with me? Just like that?

RITA: Well... yeah! What other choices do we have? Besides, that'll probably work.

NINO: Wow! Yeah, okay! Let's just do that, then! You know, normally, we would just have to leave it up to the voices, and...

Oh. Right. Everything's different now. These past few hours... I keep forgetting. What the hell is wrong with me?

Rita gently puts a hand on my shoulder, and gives me a tiny smile.

RITA: Come on, Nino. We can do this. Let's head back to Pixie Hollow.

We all join hands, and the Fairies land on our shoulders, this time with Tinker Bell in tow. Nino twists his hair again, like he did before.

NINO: Hair, take us to Pixie Hollow!

We sail through the air on a storm of colors again, and land exactly where we landed on our last visit to Pixie Hollow.

Tinker Bell immediately flutters away from our group, looking around, as if re-familiarizing herself with this place. Eyes follow her from the branches of the huge trees, and I can hear the faint, whispered jingles of the stunned Fairies.

She jingles loudly, intensely. I don't need to know what she said to know that she said it with purpose.

TIGER LILY: Tinker Bell call-em Queen Clarion.

NINO: You think the queen will actually come out?

TIGER LILY: Yes. Queen Clarion wait-em long time for Tinker Bell return. Queen Clarion good Chief, never ignore-em common Fairies. Tinker Bell no common Fairy. Tinker Bell very rare talent. Best Tinker of all time, so say-em Fairies.

In the darkness of the night, a fine golden mist comes from the branches of the immense tree. Fine golden particles race together, lighting up the darkness. A hush falls over Pixie Hollow, and even the sound of the wind seems to fall silent. The sparkling dust forms the shape of a tiny person, taller than the other Fairies, but still so delicate. Her massive wings are not the dragonfly wings of the other Fairies, but ornate butterfly wings that appear crafted from the magic dust itself. Her golden outfit, also, seems crafted of light. She looks every inch the Fairy Queen, and her voice sounds bright and clear, like the clarion call of a church bell.

TIGER LILY: Haau, Queen Clarion.

The regal Fairy smiles benevolently at Tiger Lily, gesturing a greeting, before looking us over.

TIGER LILY: Queen Clarion say, "Me hear-em of three strange humans. Me see-em two."

Tiger Lily swallows hard as she translates, looking away from us.

NINO: It's just us, Queen Clarion. We're... all that's left.

RITA: Nina was killed by Captain Hook.

A gasp sounds across Pixie Hollow. Nino's staring off into space, like he wants to be anywhere but here.

TIGER LILY: Queen Clarion say, "This violence heap unacceptable. What happen Neverland? First, Mermaids threaten Fairy home. Now, Pirates kill-em outsiders."

RITA: We know, Your Majesty, but that's why we're here. We're trying to save Neverland from all of this pointless violence! The Pirates, the Lost Boys, and the Native Americans have all parted in peace.

Queen Clarion raises an eyebrow, as if not understanding exactly what I said.

TIGER LILY: Rita talk-em heap funny, Queen Clarion! Rita mean "Indians."

RITA: What? No, I don't!

NINO: Rita... I don't think Neverland is even in America!

RITA: Well, no, but... You know what? Forget it. But, anyway, as I was trying to say before y'all interrupted me... All we need to do now is try to negotiate peace between your people, Your Majesty, and the Mermaids.

TIGER LILY: Queen Clarion say, "That heap easier say-em than do. How you do this?"

RITA: Your Majesty, please come with us. We're going to request an audience with Queen Eewee.

The Fairies closest to us all gasp, and eye their Queen nervously. The Queen herself simply laughs.

TIGER LILY: Queen Clarion say, "Mermaids no want-em peace. Fairies never hurt-em Mermaids. No want-em Fairy friendship. Mermaids heap selfish, heap vain, and heap aggressive. Me no discuss-em anything with Queen Eewee."

NINO: But, Your Highness, you have to! If you don't, Neverland won't be safe anymore! This is the only chance we have!

RITA: It sounds crazy, Your Majesty. But it's true. I've seen the fabric of the world, and it's being attacked by... something. The only way to fix it is if you would talk to the Mermaid Queen.

TIGER LILY: Queen Clarion, Tiger Lily want-em say something. Outsiders want-em trade. Outsiders get-em Tinker Bell come back home. Heap difficult task! Tinker Bell home, now. Tinker Bell build heap useful things for Fairy tribe. Tinker Bell fix all broken things. Tinker Bell talk-em to sad friends, make-em happy. Terence work-em again, make-em more Pixie Dust. Periwinkle work-em again, bring-em winter to Mainland. Tinker Bell come home, everything get-em better. Queen Clarion must help-em Outsiders. Queen Clarion owe-em heap gratitude.

The Queen is silent for a long moment. Finally she smiles, and nods at Tiger Lily. She elegantly chimes at her, and Tiger Lily simply beams and looks away, as if embarrassed and proud of whatever the Queen said to her.

Tiger Lily holds her hand out towards the Queen, and the Queen gently nestles herself into Tiger Lily's palm. Tiger Lily looks at us and nods, and Nino prepares to teleport us again.

NINO: Hair, take us to Mermaid Lagoon!

Mermaid Lagoon is really pretty at night, but...

It's weird to think that I was here just a few hours ago with Nina. I'm... I'm never going to see her again.

No! No time to be sad now! Gotta save the world. Gotta do it for her!

Rita's looking around like... oh, wait, that's right! She really hasn't been here before. She's never talked to the Mermaids before at all. That sucks, because she's a lot better at talking than me.

Woon's laying out on a rock, and so are a few other Mermaids.

Tiger Lily's holding the teeny-tiny Queen in both her hands, kinda like how kids hold fireflies on TV. I guess it's so that the Mermaids can't see her. Probably a good idea! I wouldn't have thought of that at all!

WOON: Hey! It's you guys! Hi, again, human-with-pretty hair! And... Wait... You...

This Mermaid's staring at me really hard, like she has some kind of problem with me. She better not say something dumb-as-hell, or I'm going to seriously lose it.

WOON: You got prettier all of a sudden! I mean, you're still not as pretty as me. You're just not as ugly as you used to be. Good job!

What the fuck does that even mean? I...

Oh. Right. Dammit, she thinks I'm Nina. That's really rude!

NINO: Woon, this is serious. We have to talk to the queen again!

WOON: Twice in one day, huh? Did you kill all those nasty Fairies? Wait... Why did you bring HER with you?

NINO: Who, Tiger Lily?

WOON: Yeah! What are you doing here, Princess? Thought you didn't like to get wet! What's a matter, catfish got your tongue?

Tiger Lily eyes Woon warily, but does not speak. I hadn't really thought about it before, but it's clear that she doesn't want to have anything to do with the Mermaids. I wonder if this has anything to do with the "Happy Hunting Ground" thing I heard the Chief mention earlier?

WOON: Ha! Indians really are stupid! Whatever. I guess I can't stop you from coming along. Can't guarantee the Queen will let you leave, though.

The other Mermaids just laugh, and dive off of the rocks they were sitting on. You know what? I really, really dislike Mermaids. I've just decided. They're really horrible.

WOON: Alright. Use your silly magic to get into the Wind Room. I'm sure Queen Eewee will come to see you when she feels like it.

I grab Rita and Tiger Lily.

NINO: Hair, take us to the Wind Room in the Mermaids' Castle!

Wow! This place is gorgeous! I've never seen so much mother of pearl in my life! But it's the entire wall! Wow... This is making me want to design a whole outfit around this castle. It really is a shame that such horrible things as Mermaids live here! This would be such a nice place to live! You know, if it weren't completely underwater.

Before I even have time to ask Nino about the Queen, a Mermaid with the most elaborate hairstyle I've ever seen rises from the water, seating herself delicately on a large slab of rock across from us. She's completely decked in jewelry and stuff. It would be gorgeous, if she didn't look like she just smelled something bad. She just looks really unpleasant. And from what I know about Mermaids so far? I'm really not expecting anything better.

QUEEN EEWEE: Woon was right! You did get less ugly, less-ugly-but-still-not-beautiful human! Well done! And I'm glad to see that your hair is still as pretty as ever, other human. But look who you brought with you this time! Never got to meet you face-to-face before, Princess. How fortunate you are, to finally get to meet me in person! You're just as stupid-looking as I suspected, though. I knew you were insufferable. But I'm glad to see you're really plain, too!

Tiger Lily just looks down, grinding her teeth together in frustration.

QUEEN EEWEE: Well, I don't know why you dragged this into my palace, but I guess it's slightly better than the mangy animal you brought last time. I trust you bring good news about the Fairies? Are they all dead yet?

And now she's trash talking Br'er Rabbit? Oh, no. Oh, HELL no. If we weren't trying to negotiate peace, I'd give this problematic bitch a piece of my mind.

NINO: Huh? No! We never said we were going to kill them.

QUEEN EEWEE: What? Yes you did. You said, "Yes, Your Majesty, the most beautiful and intelligent creature in the world! We will crush the Fairies one by one, and we will do it in your most wonderful name!" I heard you with my own ears. Or are you accusing me of lying?

NINO: Look, we're just here to negotiate peace. Remember? We're professional problem solvers.

Come on, gotta think of a joke. Gotta get her to laugh... I reach into my bag, and pull out... A banana peel? Hmmm...

I drop the banana peel kinda sneakily on the ground near my feet, and kinda move like I'm gonna say something super-dramatic.

NINO: I mean, when you really think about it, the issue is....

And... the banana-assisted prat-fall, with a combo-slip into the water!

NINO: ...Really just a lack of communication, and... WAAAAAH!

Nino slipped on his own banana peel, and slid right off of the rock and into the water! He... He meant to do that, didn't he?

Well, the Queen sure thought it was funny.

QUEEN EEEWEE: Stupid human! The rock is slippery! And the fruit is slippery, too! Humans are so stupid, with the feet, and the big, dumb... Hahahahaha! You're all wet, now!

I climb back onto the rock. Man, this can't be good for my outfit. I need to let it dry or something... Wait, where's my hat? Aww man, I think I lost it a while ago... I guess I just didn't notice it.

No! Focus, Nino! Worry about your outfit later, dude!

Wait... why is the Queen looking at Tiger Lily like that all of a sudden? She's smiling, clearly still in a great mood from Nino's little stage dive.

QUEEN EEWEE: What is that in your hand, Princess? Something shiny? Is it a gift for me?

Oh, no! She can see Queen Clarion's golden glow from between Tiger Lily's fingers.

QUEEN EEWEE: Don't keep me waiting! Give it to me, Princess!

Sheepishly, Tiger Lily opens her hands, and reveals Queen Clarion sitting on her palms.

QUEEN EEWEE: Oh, how delicious! What a lovely little toy you've brought me! I shall keep her as a pet... She can't exactly leave this room without getting her wings wet!

RITA: What do you mean?

Tiger Lily whispers quietly, without taking her eyes off of Queen Eewee.

TIGER LILY: Fairies no swim. Fairy wings hold-em water, get-em heavy, drown-em Fairies.

Queen Clarion pulls herself into a standing position, looking regal and brave on Tiger Lily's hands.

The two Queens eye each other, neither one blinking.

Nino's joke put Queen Eewee in a good mood, but she still sounds really nasty. Maybe I made a big mistake in bringing Tiger Lily and Queen Clarion down here. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea...

But we have to negotiate peace somehow. The question is: how?

No. 579182 ID: 24dc7a

Ok, here is a general plan for what to say:
Rita:To start off with, say to Queen Eewee that we remember how she said that the faeries never visit, and as she pointed out wings don't work underwater, so our we have shown her two impossible things. As mere humans {Nino: who are only occasionally royalty}, we are sure that a mermaid queen can do a third and even greater impossible thing that we cannot: to have cooperation between the mermaids and faeries. Even humans can fight and bicker (Nino: "no we can't" followed by Rita: "yes we can" back and forwards ending in a duck-season-rabbit-season switch).
Nino:...What were we saying again? (At this point you can gauge how convinced Queen Eewee is by how she responds.)

If Queen Eewee is still unconviced, further points to potentially bring up include:
- The mermaids have the entire ocean compared to one small island, so they don't need to fight the faeries.
- If they start drowning people, there will be less people left to be superior to.
- The pirates are always trying to attack their enemies and look how undignified they look doing it.
No. 579476 ID: a32d59
File 140323151578.png - (240.97KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest242.png )

RITA: Your Majesty, we didn't bring Queen Clarion here as a gift! Think about it. You said that Fairies never come to visit, right?

QUEEN EEWEE: Of course they don't, stupid human girl. Fairies can't swim!

RITA: Exactly! And it's also true that a Fairy can't be underwater, because of their wings.

QUEEN EEWEE: And what exactly is your point?

RITA: Look! Queen Clarion has come to visit you! And, she's underwater, because she's in this castle, and the entire castle is underwater.


RITA: Those are two impossible things! We have shown you two things that shouldn't be possible. And do you know what else is impossible?

QUEEN EEWEE: For any living creature to be more beautiful and intelligent than myself?

RITA: ....Other than that?

QUEEN EEWEE: Don't waste my time with stupid guessing games! What are you playing at?

RITA: It's impossible for Fairies and Mermaids to ever cooperate, and have peace.

QUEEN EEWEE: Precisely! Perhaps you aren't as stupid as you look, after all.

RITA: But, you see, we've already shown you two impossible things, and we are mere humans!

NINO: Right! We're not even royalty, like you are, Your Highness! Except, I did dress up as a princess earlier, and that actually was pretty fun. But that's not the same thing as being some sort of big fancy awesome-sauce queen lady, right?

QUEEN EEWEE: You are correct. The two of you are inferior to myself in every way imaginable.

RITA: ...Exactly right, Your Majesty! And so, if puny beings like us can do two impossible things by bringing the Queen of the Fairies to see you in your underwater palace, then we are absolutely sure that a wonderful creature like you can do one single, tiny, insignificant impossible thing, like burying the hatchet and making a peace agreement with the Fairies.

NINO: Whoa, Rita! I'm not so sure about that! It IS kind of a big deal! I don't think I could really believe that even someone like Queen Eewee could do something so hard! Even she couldn't do it!

RITA: Oh, yes, she could!

NINO: Oh, no, she couldn't!

RITA: Yes, she could, Nino!

NINO: No, she couldn't, Rita!

RITA: Could, too!

NINO: Could not!

RITA: Could, too!

NINO: Could not!

RITA: Could, too!

NINO: Could not! Wait... what were we talking about again?

QUEEN EEWEE: You were having a stupid childish argument as to whether or not I am wonderful and magnificent enough to do an impossible thing.

NINO: Oh, right! Well... are you?

QUEEN EEWEE: Well... I am! I most certainly am! I am the most wonderful and magnificent thing there is! But... But I just don't feel like it. That's all. I don't want to make peace with the Fairies, and no one can make me.

RITA: We aren't trying to make you do anything you don't want to do, Your Majesty. We just don't think you actually want to go to war with the Fairies.


RITA: No! I mean, look how beautiful your castle is! And think of how huge your kingdom is! Why, I'll bet you rule the entire ocean, don't you?

QUEEN EEWEE: I... Of course I do!

RITA: Well, the Fairies only have a very small, pathetic kingdom, bless their hearts! Don't you almost feel sad for them?

QUEEN EEWEE: No, no I don't. I think they're gross.

NINO: Exactly! And you know what? That's a good thing! You should want to have more gross people around!


NINO: Well, like... It's really, really obvious that the Fairies aren't anywhere near as cool as you and your Mermaids! And you know what that means? More people for you to feel superior to! Like... if you see the most gorgeous seashell on a beach, and you think, wow, hey, this is really pretty! But... you still kind of ignore it? Because...

RITA: Because you have no frame of reference! But if you put that seashell next to a really ugly rock, then the seashell looks even better! It isn't just a gorgeous shell anymore. It's a gorgeous shell that's even more gorgeous than the measly rock!

NINO: Yeah! The more people enter a contest, the better first place looks!

QUEEN EEWEE: Hmmm... So you're saying... I will look even more beautiful if I keep the ugly Fairies around... Because I'll have more competition to completely outshine?

RITA: Exactly!

QUEEN EEWEE: That does sound very tempting. But what's done is done. I've already made up my mind, and I won't change it just for that reason!

RITA: Well, you see.... that's not the only reason.

QUEEN EEWEE: It isn't?

NINO: Nope! Queen Eewee, who on Neverland always attacks their enemies?

QUEEN EEWEE: Just those horrible Pirates.

RITA: Are the Pirates beautiful? Are they glamorous? Are they regal and dignified?

QUEEN EEWEE: Ewww! They aren't any of those things! They're ugly and stupid and gross and smelly and mean and I hate them! They're even worse than the Fairies. At least the Fairies aren't also big and loud and scary and push stupid boats all over my beautiful kingdom!

RITA: Exactly! If you attack the Fairies, people might start saying, "Look, it's the Mermaids! They attack their enemies just the same way that the Pirates do!"

QUEEN EEWEE: Blasphemy! Treason! How dare you say such thing?

RITA: Oh, I'm not saying them. But people might! Tiger Lily, what do your people think of the Mermaids?

TIGER LILY: Oh, Indians heap apathetic. Mermaids heap beautiful, but Indians no like-em water. Stay heap far away!

RITA: And what do you think your people would think of the Mermaids if they attacked Pixie Hollow?

TIGER LILY: If Mermaids attack-em Pixie Hollow, Mermaids ugly like Pirates! Mermaids vicious and cruel and heap petty! Mermaids heap dishonorable.

RITA: You see? All of your dignity, and all of the respect that all of Neverland has for you, all of the evidence that yours is the best kingdom in the entire world? It will all crumble to dust if you act out of anger, here. You must be the bigger person, Queen Eewee. You must be the noble, gracious Queen that all of Neverland knows you to be.

QUEEN EEWEE: I am! I am noble, and gracious, and beautiful, and perfect! And that's why I had decided not to attack Pixie Hollow before you even came here! You simply reminded me of why it was such a good idea in the first place.

Queen Clarion relaxes a bit and rings softly.

QUEEN EEWEE: I appreciate the gesture, Queen Clarion, of you coming to my palace to grovel. Of course, I shall grant your boon. Let there be peace between our people for the rest of eternity!

The Mermaid Queen extends her hand. Steadily, nervously, Queen Clarion flutters away from Tiger Lily, and places her tiny hand between Queen Eewee's fingers. Queen Eewee delicately shakes the Fairy’s hand, with surprising gentleness, so as not to injure the other queen.

Whoa... what's happening? My mind fills with images of the story of this world. The dark film seems to peel away, purged in a glowing light. Suddenly, the images go dark, and I can hear the sound of an immense, metallic door swinging closed.

The sound! Yes! We did it we did it we did it!

I just wish Nina could have been here to see this. We did it for her. Her death wasn't in vain. We saved the world. Rita and I make a damn good team. It's what Nina would have wanted. I just....

I just don't know what to do, now. Like... saving this world was literally the only thing I felt like I could actually work up the strength to do. I feel drained. It's late. I'm tired. It's been the longest day of my life. I want to curl up in my own bed at home and sleep for a year.

What do we do now, voices? You've always been there for us, since before I started this adventure. Where do we go from here?

No. 579492 ID: e791b7

Now? We go...Hrm.
We don't particularly have a place to stay and sleep, do we?
Part of me wants to say that here in Neverland wouldn't be a bad place to spend the night...
No. 579693 ID: 24dc7a

Staying here would be for the night would probably work. I think we will want to talk to Micky, but after getting some rest.
No. 581012 ID: a32d59
File 140370469506.png - (193.70KB , 712x512 , Disneyquest243.png )

NINO: Okay! Looks like it's time for us to go!

QUEEN EEWEE: Yes. It's exhausting having visitors twice in one day. Now, leave.

We all huddle together, and Nino uses his hair to teleport us out of the castle.

NINO: Hair, take us to the Indian Camp!

Just as the Chief had said, the party is still going strong, several hours later. Queen Clarion makes a deep curtsy, and makes a soft, deep ringing sound.

TIGER LILY: Queen Clarion say, "Thank-em strangers for peace. No could do without help."

NINO: No problem, Your Highness!

In a flash of gold, the Queen erupts into shimmering, golden dust, and blows on a sudden breeze toward Pixie Hollow.

TIGER LILY: You heap clever. Queen Eewee heap stupid and rude. You know-em just how manipulate her. Heap good job.

RITA: It was no trouble at all! I'm just glad we managed to get her to agree to peace, bless her heart. I think our work here is done.

NINO: Wow, you're been really nice about that psycho, Rita.

RITA: Nah. "Bless her heart" is just my way of saying "She can eat shit and die."

NINO: Oh. Makes sense.

RITA: No, it really doesn't.

TIGER LILY: So... You leave-em Neverland now?


NINO: Well, we should probably just stay the night.

RITA: Really? Don't we have worlds to save or something?

NINO: Yeah, but even legendary heroes need to sleep. Sometimes we gotta stay over night. It's hella late. Would you really want to barge into some other world at this hour? I mean, no one would probably even be awake! And then it would just get kinda awkward...

RITA: Oh. I guess you're right.

TIGER LILY: You stay-em with Tiger Lily! Tiger Lily daughter of Chief. Live in heap big tipi. More than enough room for Father and Tiger Lily. Father think you heap wonderful! Love-em have you stay overnight! Eat-em heap pemmican for breakfast. Have heap leftovers!

NINO: Thanks, Tiger Lily! That's super nice of you!

The princess walks through the throngs of revelers, and they part as she approaches. She eventually finds her father, and he nods enthusiastically. She comes back over to us.

TIGER LILY: Come! Look-em heap tired.

She leads us to a huge tipi, and follows us inside. It is surprisingly spacious inside, and there are two large, hide mats on the ground. Tiger Lily pulls out two additional mats from a massive basket on the far side of the tipi, and lays them down near the basket.

TIGER LILY: Good night! Tiger Lily return-em to party. Rita and Nino, get-em rest.

She smiles at us, and then leaves us alone.

NINO: So? How does it feel to be a big damn hero?

RITA: Well... pretty good, I guess. Not as different as I thought. I mean... I don't really know. Today was rough.

NINO: ...Yeah.

RITA: I'm sorry. I... We should just sleep. We'll talk in the morning, okay?

NINO: Sounds good. I... I just need to sleep right now.

RITA: Good night, Nino.

NINO: Good night, Rita.

Maybe it's a stupid thing to think about, with all that's happened, but... I wish I could plait my hair, and I wish I had my satin night cap. I have a real bad feeling I'm just not gonna be able to take care of my hair at all during this journey. Ugh, it's going to be so stupid-looking tomorrow! Maybe I should just change my hairstyle... But I've taken such good care of my afro for so long! This sucks. I don't even have a pick.

Oh, well. I have bigger things to worry about, now. Good night, voices.

I can't sleep. Last night, I was sleeping on Buck Cluck's futon, next to Nina. Since then, we've gotten a new team member, saved three worlds...

And Nina died.

Rita's super-clever, though, and I trust her. We've gotta finish this adventure together. I can't give up, or just curl up and cry. I have to be strong. I have to be tough. I have to... I just have to keep it together!

I'll.... I'll try to get some sleep.

I awake with the sun streaming through the flap of the tipi. Nino, Tiger Lily, and the Chief are all sleeping around me. I really wish I had my dream journal with me, though. I had kinda weird dreams all night!

It's weird to think that, just yesterday, I was worried about exams. Now, I'm in the middle of some sort of adventure. I'm not sure yet whether or not I'm some kind of Campbellian archetype just yet, but it's a really surreal feeling.

After a little while of laying on my mat, thinking all of this over, I look over and find that Tiger Lily's awake, too.

TIGER LILY: Haau, Rita!

RITA: Good morning, Tiger Lily. Your dad and Nino are still asleep...

TIGER LILY: Yes. Father heap heavy sleeper. Always sleep-em until after breakfast.

RITA: Looks like Nino's kind of a heavy sleeper, too.

TIGER LILY: You want-em breakfast?

Suddenly, like something from some kind of cartoon, Nino sits bolt-upright and wobbles slightly.

NINO: Did someone say "breakfast?"

Tiger Lily hands us each a small pouch full of pemmican, just like last night. This stuff really is pretty good.


RITA: Alright. We should probably go talk to Mickey, now. I mean... We should probably tell him... Or, at least, talk to him about... you know.

NINO: Yeah. I guess... We probably should do that.

TIGER LILY: Goodbye, friends.

RITA: Goodbye, Tiger Lily.

NINO: ‘Bye.

I take Nino’s hand. He’s shaking. He really doesn’t sound like he wants to talk to Mickey at all. I guess that would make it too real. Still, we have to do what we have to do.
No. 581013 ID: a32d59
File 140370473994.png - (139.77KB , 712x512 , Disneyquest244.png )

NINO: Hair, take us to Mickey’s house.

We’re suddenly standing in the middle of Mickey Mouse’s living room. It’s a lot warmer than last time we were here, and the ice is off of the closet door. Clearly, the people who were here yesterday found something better to do with their time.

MICKEY: Just the two adventurers I wanted to see! I was actually about to summon you. See, we have some really, really important stuff to talk about.

RITA: Yeah, we do. Mickey, Nina...

MICKEY: I know.

NINO: Wait... You know?

MICKEY: Of course. We’re monitoring your progress, remember?

NINO: You know.... But you’re so... casual about it? No, “Gee, I sure am sorry your friend died,” or “How are you doing, Nino?” Just... “I know?”

MICKEY: Look, it’s complicated.

NINO: Complicated? What do you mean “complicated?” You send us all on this batshit insane quest to clean up all these worlds, and when one of us dies, you just say it’s “complicated?”

MICKEY: Listen, Nino. I know you’re upset. And you should be. You went through something really, really difficult. But it’s not exactly what you think...

NINO: What.... What are you talking about?

MICKEY: Things in the multiverse are... fuzzy. And my friends and I have a good deal of power over what happens here. Even with all the worlds under attack, we have a good deal of power. We’re not really miracle workers, you see. And there are some things that just... well...

NINO: Come on! Tell me!

MICKEY: There’s a fail-safe. It’s been in place since the beginning.

RITA: Fail-safe?

MICKEY: Yes. We knew how dangerous this quest would be. We knew you could... get hurt. Really badly. And we didn’t tell you about the fail-safe, because, as I’ve already said, we’re not miracle workers. Take Nina’s eye, for example. There was nothing we could do. And, if you knew about the fail-safe, you might get... irresponsible.

NINO: Just what are you saying?

MICKEY: Don’t get your hopes up, okay? The corruption.... Well, some things will never, ever be the same, no matter how it looks. But... you know, why don’t you see for yourself?
No. 581014 ID: a32d59
File 140370479955.png - (193.25KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest245.png )

Fail-safe? What the fuck does that mean? My head’s spinning, my heart’s racing, there’s no way he means what it sounds like he means...

He points toward the kitchen, and I run in there. I... I don’t know what to say.

This can’t be possible, can it?

Sitting around the table, eating breakfast, is Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, some sort of cow-person I’ve never seen.... and Nina.

No. 581018 ID: 50338d

>Nina's not dead

She really is the Doctor, folks. Dies saving the world, only to regenerate in time for breakfast.

[to Nina]
You have no idea how happy we are to see you again. And for what's it worth, no, you never failed. We might have failed you there for a bit, though.

[to Nino]
> I... I don’t know what to say.
I would think whoops of joys, generally flipping out, and hugs would be appropriate.

[to Rita]
>This can’t be possible, can it?
Seems it is, somehow. I guess the story isn't done with her, yet.

>boring practical concerns
Wait, did we grab Nina's stuff? Did it respawn here with her? Or did we leave it behind or bury it with her... um. Wait. Did we even do anything with the body?
No. 581019 ID: 40935b

Her body disappeared near instantly.

Try not to celebrate yet- something's off. Mickey said some things would never be the same. That could include her not remembering you, having a different personality, or being some kind of alternate universe Nina- meaning all of the above.
No. 581020 ID: e791b7

hello Nina? Can you hear us? We're...Well, we're REALLY sorry about what happened in NeverLand, but it's nice to see that you're alright...
And well...Sorry. For always taking the brunt of our mistakes.
Your eye, your leg, your death...You've paid the price when we've messed up. It's something we regret has happened. With any luck, this will be the last time we fail you.
No. 581023 ID: 2ff89f

Alright! I had my suspicions, but I didn't want to get people's hopes up if it wasn't the case. (Also, metanarratively speaking counting on immortality is the surest way to lose it.)
Sorry about the getting shot thing, that was very careless planning on multiple levels.

...So does the failsafe cover death but not injury, or is the difference that the previous injury was directly caused by corrupted material?
No. 581030 ID: 5869f6

Nina, you're alive!
[Joyous sobbing]
No. 582359 ID: a32d59
File 140426415980.png - (141.67KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest246.png )

You... You're back! I was wondering where you had gone. Last night was sort of a blur... But I missed you. Is it strange, that I'm happy to have voices in my head again? It was strangely... quiet, without you.

And it seems like you are happy to be back, as well! That certainly is some comfort!

I most certainly can hear you again! I certainly am glad to hear that you do not believe that I failed you. I actually was rather worried about that. Don't worry. We can get better at this together.

The Doctor... I suppose you're right! I suppose I just keep getting more and more like him by the day...

My equipment is all currently in Mickey's bedroom. He let me borrow it for the night. Everything's there, except for my clothes. There was blood everywhere. All over my clothes, my hair... I'm sure there's some on my backpack as well, but I don't think it was enough to ruin it.

When I woke up yesterday, Mickey and Minnie wrapped a blanket around me, and told me I was alright. They let me take a shower, and Daisy came over to give me a haircut. The blood was matted into my hair, and it had to come off. I... I actually miss it. My head feels so light... I'd been growing my hair out for years!

This morning, I met Clarabelle Cow. She brought me some clothes to wear, as she is much closer to my size than Minnie and Daisy are. I actually rather like this outfit. Still, it's a shame that I had to throw out the old one.

Hmmm... "the story isn't done with her yet." What an interesting way to phrase that. You mean our story? Or something else? Either way, I'm glad to see her again. Though I don't think I'm as glad as Nino is!

It's her... It's really her...

I don't think I've ever been this speechless! But... you're right! That's the only thing there is for me to do!

As if someone flipped a switch, Nino's tear-streaked face contorts into a huge, genuine smile. He gives a hearty, healthy laugh, and turns a triple-cartwheel, right there in the kitchen! I'm honestly surprised he wasn't acting like this right from the jump, but I guess this was a little too emotional for even Nino!

He throws himself unceremoniously in Nina's lap, and gives her a huge hug. Nina's hard to read, though. She looks happy to see him, but also kinda uncomfortable.

NINA: Nino....

NINO: Oh! Personal space. Sorry. Hehehe... I just really missed you. I thought I was never gonna see you again!

NINA: I was fine...

Her hand goes to her chest, and I can see pain in her eyes.

RITA: Are you sure you're okay, Nina?

NINA: Yes... My chest just hurts a bit. I guess it's still tender where I was shot.

She's hiding something from us. I know she is. I don't really want to say anything, though. Don't know how everyone else in the room is going to react, especially Nino. Actually, except for him, everyone looks kinda worried. Well, except that cow. She's just staring at Nino with this weird look on her face. It's actually kinda creeping me out.

See... that's what I'm worried about. She seems the same as before. But... Yeah, she's definitely not telling us everything.

Hmm... actually, they never explained to me exactly how the fail-safe works, now that you mention it.

NINA: Minnie? What exactly is the fail-safe? You never told me.

MINNIE: No, I didn't! You weren't in any shape to talk about something so important last night! Besides, Mickey thought we should wait until you were all together again to explain it.

Mickey joins us in the kitchen, and simply nods at Minnie.

MINNIE: Clarabelle, do you mind stepping out for a minute? This is sort of official business...

The cow breaks her steady gaze at Nino, focusing on the mouse instead, her brow furrowing.

CLARABELLE: I'm surprised at you, Mickey! How many times do I have to go over this? I've been here longer than Donald, or Daisy, or Goofy! I have as much a right to know what's going on as any of them, if not more! This is my home, Mickey. Just because you're the boss doesn't mean you can just... throw me out when you feel like it!

MINNIE: Mickey... She has a point. Besides, we did ask her to come over this morning.

MICKEY: Yes, to bring an outfit for Nina.

MINNIE: Now, Mickey Mouse...

MICKEY: Okay, okay. You win, Minnie. Clarabelle, you can stay. But do not breathe a word of this. I don't want to see it in your gossip column, I don't want to hear Clara clucking about it, and I certainly don't want Horace spreading it all over the place. Nothing leaves this room. Understand?

CLARABELLE: You got it. Boss.

MICKEY: Alright. Essentially, the fail-safe is a measure that I put into place before your adventure began. It only applies to the three of you, as well as to the other two heroes that we're calling in. If the world can no longer detect your life signals, it is to immediately transport you to my location.

RITA: The worlds themselves can do that?

MICKEY: Yes. They may be corrupted, but they're still a part of the multiverse. Now, when this happens, the fatal wound is healed, using some of the same power that keeps the worlds alive in the first place.

RITA: And that power is...?

MICKEY: Classified. For the time being.

RITA: Why?

MICKEY: I'm not the one you need to ask about this. You'll learn when the time comes.

RITA: Ah. Hero's Journey type thing. Fair enough.

NINA: So... I'm alive because of Neverland itself?


NINO: Wait... if the worlds can heal wounds, why didn't it cure me when my face got all melty, so Nina wouldn't have to?

MICKEY: It only applies to wounds that are actually fatal.

NINO: So... you're saying that... If Nina had just let me die... We'd both be alive, AND she'd still have her eye?

MICKEY: Well... Yes. That's one way of looking at it.

NINO: That's not fair! You should have told us! I...

MICKEY: No. You don't understand. That would have been very, very bad.

NINO: Doesn't sound bad to me!

MICKEY: The fail-safe is an emergency measure. It's less than ideal. If it wasn't for the fact that it's absolutely necessary to keep you all alive, I wouldn't have even put it into place.

NINA: But... why?

MINNIE: Nina, maybe you should... Come finish your breakfast. It's getting cold.

NINA: What about Nino and Rita? Shouldn't they have breakfast, as well?

RITA: No. We already ate breakfast in Neverland. You just... go enjoy your food. We'll fill you in on whatever you miss, okay?
No. 582360 ID: a32d59
File 140426425435.png - (258.94KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest247.png )

Nina looks at me like some sort of caged animal. Her eyes are cold as ice, and her mouth is a hard, stubborn line.

Whoa... I never saw Nina look like that before... What's happening? Is she okay?

NINA: What are the three of you planning?

NINO: Planning? Nina, we're just...

NINA: You're all going to talk about me behind my back. What is this?

MICKEY: Nina, calm down. We're just...

NINA: Did you have fun without me? You saved Neverland without me, so you're clearly perfectly capable. You're going to leave me here, right? And Mickey's going to send the two of you off with his blessing. Because I'm defective. Right?

RITA: Whoa! Just hold on a minute! Without you, we...

NINA: What?

NINO: I missed you! Who cares about saving the worlds anymore? NOTHING was the same without you! Nina... why are you acting like this? Why are you treating us like this?

Nina shakes her head, as if dislodging a particularly nasty mental image. She winces and touches a hand to her chest, looking at us like a wounded puppy.

NINA: Yes... Quite right. Sorry, I just... I don't feel so good this morning. I'm... I should go eat my breakfast. Just... promise me you'll tell me whatever it is Mickey has to say?

RITA: Of course, Nina. You just eat. You need your strength. You've been through... more than anyone else has, at least anyone alive.

NINA: I suppose you're right.

Nina returns to her seat, her legs shaking. Mickey leads Nino and I into the living room, and motions for us to have a seat on his sofa.

MICKEY: I think you saw for yourselves why I don't really like the fail-safe very much. See... it has to draw in life-force from the world around it...

RITA: ...But the world around it is corrupted, right?

MICKEY: Exactly. Whatever corruption was in that world, it's a part of Nina now. Even after you save the multiverse.... I can't really say for sure that she'll ever be the same again. So... tell me. What was Neverland like?

RITA: Everyone seemed... on edge. The corruption mainly affected the leaders of each faction.

MICKEY: That's what I thought. Paranoia, distrust, a desire to hold onto a position of leadership and relevance...

NINO: Wait! Are you saying Nina's crazy like Queen Eewee now?

MICKEY: No! Well... not exactly. Queen Eewee was never the most stable to begin with, from what I understand. Nina's still Nina. Just... a little different.

RITA: What should we do?

MICKEY: That's really up to you, and your assistants.

RITA: Assistants?

NINO: The head-voices, Rita!

RITA: You know about them?

MICKEY: They're a vital part of your quest. That's all I'm really allowed to say. Still, I would recommend being gentle with her. You need her and her abilities to succeed, and you won't want her getting too mad at you.

RITA: That's a good point. Though Nino and I are a pretty good team! I think we could handle ourselves, in the worst-case scenario. I mean, we thought Nina was gone forever, so...

NINO: Yeah, but I still wouldn't WANT to do it without Nina. She's still Nina, Rita! She's still my best friend in the whole world, or universe, or multiverse, or whatever!

MICKEY: That's right, Nino. No matter how paranoid she gets, no matter how power-crazed she seems... Nina IS still in there. Hold on to that thought. You might need it. Now... I shouldn't keep you any longer. She may start to worry that you're planning to mutiny, or something.

RITA: Oh, yeah. That's not terrifying at all.

Nino shoots me a pained expression, before heading to the kitchen. I know she's his best friend and all, but... Honestly, if she's going to act like one of the giant toddlers in charge of Neverland, she may actually be kind of a liability. I mean, it's not my place to say, and I know y'all really care about her, too. But... This sounds like it could actually be kinda dangerous, and I don't know how to handle it.
No. 582361 ID: a32d59
File 140426431346.png - (201.96KB , 712x512 , Disneyquest248.png )

I follow Nino into the kitchen. Simultaneously, as if they had planned it all out in advance, Nina and Clarabelle rise from the table completely in sync. Clarabelle walks over to Nino, and Nina herds me into the other side of the kitchen. Minnie and Daisy just eye all of us nervously, before simply walking out of the kitchen.

NINA: So... Rita. What all were you and Mickey discussing in the living room? Also, would you mind filling me in on what I missed in Neverland? I can't help but feel a little... out of the loop.

What should I say? I'm worried the wrong answer will just make her even angrier... But I don't know whether a lie or the truth is riskier!

This simply isn’t fair. I’m the leader. This was my adventure, before either of them showed up. I am the Doctor, and they are my companions. Right? They should tell me these things. I have a right to know...

You’re also my companions, right? You’ve always been there for me, and now you’re finally back where you belong! Help me make Rita tell me everything.

Or... You could just tell me. That might actually be easier, honestly. What were they talking about? Rita may lie to me... But I know that you never would. Actually, if you tell me whatever these two are keeping hidden from me... I might just tell you what I’m keeping hidden from them. They may be related. You really cannot afford to leave variables unaccounted for. Right?

Not if you actually plan on getting any better at this, at least.

While Nina and Rita have a conversation on the other side of the kitchen, I guess this Clarabelle lady really wants to talk to me!

CLARABELLE: Nino Johnson! Long time, no see! I mean, I knew that they were calling in heroes from your world, but I guess I just didn't put two and two together! I mean, of COURSE it's you! No one else from your world can DO the things you do! It's amazing. You always were... Did you miss me? I mean, it's been a little while since the multiverse got sealed off, and I haven't been down to Toontown in such a long time... Of course, I'm back together with Horace, at the moment, but who knows how long THAT will last? Hahaha! I'm sorry, where are my manners? I guess I've just rambled on and on, and I haven't let you get a word in edgewise! What have you been up to? Uhh... other than saving the multiverse, I mean!

Oh. Oh, no... What should I say? I mean, I remember Uncle Remus said that we couldn't remember anyone from the multiverse. I knew something like this would happen eventually... I've met so many Toons over the years! Of COURSE some of them are from here! I think we were friends... But I can't remember ever seeing her before in my life!

AND I wanna know what Rita and Nina are talking about, but I can't just be rude to Clarabelle! What should I say? She's so happy to see me... But I have no idea who the heck she is! This sucks.

No. 582366 ID: ce6963

Nina just asked Rita what we just discussed. I figure she should know since her streak of misfortune is probably gonna break sooner or later, hopefully with a flat end but we might not be so fortunate...Simply put, the Doctor never came back quite the same as before, right? It's the same deal here.
Or, to be more accurate...You are restored via the world's life force, but if the world is corrupted, that also gets in you, and changes you to it's affliction. Which means given enough failures...I'd like this to be the first, and last time this happens.
Now, Nina, in your case...Your 'corruption' thanks to us, and I can't say it doesn't fit...Is Mistrust. Paranoia. A desire to retain leadership and relevance. Being open with you should keep down the mistrust, and as for leadership and relevance...Leadership is practically yours due to your experience, and even if you don't get to lead the way, you'll be relevant for the same reason.
THAT SAID, I doubt it's going to make THAT much of a difference, it seems to even be something you can shake off with enough mental effort, and it's only a drop in a bucket-who you are at your core won't change so easily.

Hooo that was alot to say.
How to handle this...Well, maybe it's just me, but I think I can tell when the corruption starts up, and when Nina, is being Nina. And with any luck, given enough time, you'll be able to as well.
Hrrm. Maybe...Explain the multiverse thing Remus told you to Clara? I don't see any reason not to be honest with her about it.
No. 582368 ID: 24dc7a

Nina, the others don't want to anything from you; that was Mickey's decision. He might have some reason for his secrecy like the corruption getting stronger from people knowing more about it, but we aren't going to get anywhere if we can't be open with our own team.
Remember that world with Chicken Little, where the corruption made everyone easily angered? Because we messed up, you are more or less under a similar effect now due to being healed by a partially corrupted world. We have dealt with it before so I know that you can handle it, though it is still unfair that you have to.
No. 582393 ID: 707a11

We probably should be able to heal her corruption similarly to how we heal a world's corruption, right? I mean, I don't see how this is any different than that.
No. 582396 ID: 50338d

[to Rita]
You promised you'd be honest. And really, actually lying to her is just going to validate and foster her paranoia when she realizes it. Best thing to do is confront it head on, and try to provide enough trust to counter the effects. If she's aware of it, she can also try to resist.

Short term, she might deny it, or the corruption might make her react badly, but long term honesty is a better way to cope than trying to hide things from her and inevitably having them blow up in our faces.

Tell her the trust, and we'll confirm.

[to Nina]
>This was my adventure, before either of them showed up. I am the Doctor, and they are my companions. Right? They should tell me these things.
Tsk, tsk. Like the doctor never kept secrets. You're even fessing up to doing it right now!

...regeneration always came at a cost. The Doctor survived, but he was never exactly the same as he was before. That's what Micky was warning your friends about- the cost you paid. If they're nervous or unsettled, it's because they're worried about you, and the part of you that isn't the same as it was.

The Doctor had time-energy. Your regeneration? Fueled by world-energy. Specifically, the world you were in when you died. ...a world that was touched by corruption. Leaving you somewhat touched yourself, now. That's why you went off on them, before.

You're now left in the unfortunate position to have to watch your own reactions. To make yourself be the strong person who trusts her friends and does what's right, and doesn't let darkness or suspicion derail that. Rather... too much like the Doctor I'm afraid. You have a dark side, now. You have to trust others to be your humanity, when you can't always trust yourself.

>We probably should be able to heal her corruption similarly to how we heal a world's corruption, right? I mean, I don't see how this is any different than that.
This is a legitimate point. If corruption can be removed from a world, why can't it be cleansed from a person?
No. 583713 ID: ccd544

If Nina dies in a pure world, it will overwrite the corruption.
No. 583718 ID: 4ee074

Maybe. Or maybe the corruption will stay, and more power will just be poured in. I don't think it will actually fix anything. Maybe even make more problems.
No. 584395 ID: a32d59
File 140556234008.png - (139.08KB , 712x512 , DisneyQuest249.png )

RITA: Look, Nina... I'm not your enemy, okay? We're on the same team. Which is why I'm not going to lie to you, no matter what Mickey wants. You've been corrupted. The darkness that was in Neverland--the paranoia, the lust for power--it's a part of you, now. And that's something you're going to have to deal with. Something we're all going to have to start dealing with.

...Thank you. All of you. This is an awful lot to take in. It would make sense, though. These intrusive thoughts... I keep thinking about Nino and Rita deserting me, or secretly hating me. It hurts.

And I probably should tell you. There's a mark where the bullet wound was. It looks corrupted. I suppose that this explains that, as well.

NINA: Thank you, Rita. I'm glad you told me the truth.

RITA: Of course! What are teammates for?

That's a very good question.

It seems pretty risky to try something like that, since we have absolutely no idea how this works.

RITA: You know, Nina, I think we should go ask Mickey about this corruption. Maybe we can find some way to cure it?

NINA: That would make sense. Perhaps we should do that while Nino and Clarabelle are having their conversation.

RITA: I don't know. Shouldn't Nino be a part of this?

NINA: Well, I suppose we could wait for him, if the voices want us to.

RITA: Yeah. Let's just wait for their input.

NINO: Clara? Look, I'm sorry, but...

CLARABELLE: Clara!? It's Clarabelle! Nino, are you feeling alright?

NINO: Yes! Sorry, Clarabelle. It's just... do you know what's going on with the multiverse?

CLARABELLE: No. Mickey won't tell me anything.

NINO: Well, apparently something happened to people's memories of the multiverse. Uncle Remus didn't explain that part very well, other than that whatever happened to my memory isn't the same as what happened to the memories of the people in the worlds we've been saving. But... I can't remember anyone from the multiverse that I've met before this adventure. I'm sorry, Clarabelle. But I can't remember you at all. I think it has something to do with whatever it is we're fighting. But I just don't know.

CLARABELLE: Oh. Well. This is... sort of awkward, then.

NINO: Sorry. I guess it is! I mean... have I known you for a long time?

CLARABELLE: Well... time passes differently here, but when we met, I think you said you were fifteen.

NINO: Oh! That was like six years ago! So we HAVE been friends for a while!

CLARABELLE: Yeah... You really don't remember anything about me? Anything at all?

NINO: I'm really, really sorry.

CLARABELLE: I mean, I guess it's not your fault. But I can't help but be a little upset! Mickey didn't tell my ANYTHING about that!

NINO: Were we close friends?


NINO: ...Oh.

CLARABELLE: Yes... I had just broken up with Horace, you see. But I wasn't really ready to get back together with Goofy yet, and... well, I guess you don't remember how that goes anymore.

NINO: No! Not really!

CLARABELLE: Well, it's complicated. But anyway, you were there, and you were such a good listener! It was a party, you know. But that was back when you were a lot younger! In fact, I think it was your first real Toontown party, and...

NINO: Wait. Was this at Roger and Jessica's house?

CLARABELLE: Huh? Oh! Yes, of course you would remember them. I almost forgot they're Toontown-native! Yes, it was.

NINO: Oh. Oh! Shit, I uhh... I don't really know what to say! I mean, I usually just kind of talk and let words come out anyway, but this is... I mean, you know. Because it's starting to sound like you were, well... Anyway, I'm sorry! I'm really, really sorry that I can't remember you! I mean, it's not my fault. I don't really know what happened, but I actually had been wondering why I couldn't remember that specific detail about my life!

CLARABELLE: Yeah, well. Now you know.

This might be the single most awkward conversation in my entire life! I mean, I don't have any reason NOT to believe that she was the first person I ever slept with! She's cute and all, but it sounds like we were actually friends, and I feel really, really, REALLY guilty that I can't remember anything about her at all! Like, seriously, what the fuck is wrong with me? This is weird, guys. Like, really weird! What am I even supposed to say to her?
No. 584430 ID: 22d852

>There's a mark where the bullet wound was. It looks corrupted. I suppose that this explains that, as well.
Well there we go. Almost keeping the same secret from each other.

>You know, Nina, I think we should go ask Mickey about this corruption. Maybe we can find some way to cure it?
While part of me thinks that helping people can't be any harder than it is to help cure entire realities, I wouldn't expect him to have easy answers. He wouldn't be acting the way he was if he thought this would be easily resolved.

Of course, he has tended to lay things on rather more heavily than was necessary in the past. His being gloomy or cautious isn't really out of the ordinary.

>Nino, what say
Okay, first check, is this actually some kind of freaky amnesia-thing and not you just being uncomfortable because you forgot someone in your past? A person you meant a lot more to than they meant to you? I mean, plain old cruel selective memory is a good deal more common than reality-hopping mind-wipes.

Assuming the amnesia angle: just roll with it. You remember feeling happy that you got Nina back? Well, you just got back a friend you didn't even know you lost. And she's apparently glad to see you, and she was there for another friend of yours when you couldn't be.
No. 584574 ID: 9a2b15

>I don't know. Shouldn't Nino be a part of this?
I think we should have everyone there at an important discussion like that. When we do talk to him, if he still won't tell us we might at least get him to say why we wont tell us.
No. 595733 ID: a32d59

Bumping this to keep it out of the graveyard. I'm certainly not ready to give up on it yet!
No. 599025 ID: 330ce5

[Nina & Rita]: You might want to wait for Nino, I mean this conversation you are planning sounds very important. So wait for him a bit, I believe he should be joining you shorty.

[Nino]: This is so heavy stuff man, I think you should step back from this, a lot of things have happened in a short amount of time. You need to digest what you know now and keep moving, like it or not there are a lot more people who need you right now.
No. 600471 ID: 330ce5

Girls just leave him, nino has other things to do right now.
No. 618891 ID: a32d59
File 142074687961.png - (289.79KB , 1036x663 , DisneyQuest250.png )

No way, Dude! I don't forget my friends like that. I mean, you know, not on purpose or anything! Besides, it sounds like we were super-close, and I know that something happened to my memories. Even Uncle Remus said so!

NINO: I'm really, really sorry, Clarabelle! You seem super-cool, and I'm really glad that you were there for Nina while Rita and I took care of Neverland. I can't remember you right now, though. It's not because I don't want to! It's some kinda weird crazy magic shit, you know?

CLARABELLE: ...I guess?

NINO: What I'm trying to say is, I wanna get to know you all over again! And maybe I'll even be able to remember you after we're done saving the mutliverse. But for right now, I'm actually super-busy. Plus, it looks like Nina and Rita need me right now. They're kinda looking at us.

CLARABELLE: I understand. I'll let you get back to whatever you're doing for the big mouse in charge. Well, if you're ever in the neighborhood, look me up.

She gives me a small wave and heads out of the kitchen, and I hear the front door open and close. I guess she's gone. Welp. That was certainly a thing that just happened!

Perfect timing! It looks like Nino's done talking to Clarabelle. That felt like it took a long time. I don't think it actually did, though. I don't think more than a minute's passed. But something isn't quite right. I don't know if the others noticed it, but time seems a little off, for some reason. Oh, well. I don't think it's anything too important.

NINA: What was that all about?

NINO: Oh! Hehehe, nothing! It wasn't about anything. Why would it even be about anything?

He looks a bit troubled, but I don't think he wants to talk about it.

NINA: Really?

NINO: Yeah. Just, you know... personal things? Like... the kind of thing you wouldn't actually want me to tell you about, even if I did want to talk about it, and I kinda don't, because I've lost a crap ton of my memories apparently and it's super-uncomfortable?

NINA: ...Oh.

Nina turns redder than a tomato. I definitely feel like I'm missing something here, but I don't really have time to ask. Besides, we've kinda got bigger fish to fry.

RITA: Alright. So, now that we've got our whole party together again, let's go ask Mickey about the corruption.

NINA: An excellent idea, Rita.

I don't know what the girls were talking about, but it must have worked! It looks like they're getting along and stuff! Yay!

When we return to the living room, Mickey's sitting on the sofa, along with Minnie and Daisy. A boy I've never seen before with messy, black hair is slouching in a recliner with his legs over one arm, playing with his phone. The mice and duck look at us, then at the boy, then back again. Something weird is definitely going on, but I'm really not sure what.

MICKEY: So, I guess you're off to save another world, right?

NINA: Actually, Mickey, there was something we wanted to ask you first.

MICKEY: ...Okay.

NINA: The assistants were wondering if there was any way to cure my corruption.

RITA: I know they proposed specifically the idea that, if Nina dies in a pure world, the purity would override the corruption.

NINO: Which totally make sense! Good triumphs over evil, right?

RITA: Exactly, Nino!

MICKEY: Well... It makes sense in theory. But it won't work.

NINA: Why not?

MICKEY: For the same reason that we can't allow passage between worlds in the multiverse until everything's been purified! There's a possibility of recontamination.

NINO: Whoa, whoa, back up! Does that mean that if Nina dies in a world that we've already fixed, it could mess it up all over again!?

MICKEY: I never said that.

MINNIE: I think Mickey just doesn't want to take that chance.

DAISY: Besides, Nina's already been through enough dying once. Would you really want her to have to go through it again?

Nina's eyes widen, and her hand moves to her chest.

NINA: If it would fix me, then wouldn't it be worth it?

MICKEY: But it won't, Nina.

Suddenly, the boy looks up from his phone, as if concerned about the topic of conversation.

???: What's even happening?

MINNIE: We're just discussing the corruption of the multiverse with three of our chosen heroes. Remember, Hiro? We told you about them.

The boy just nods and goes back to playing with his phone.

NINA: Is he another refugee, like the queen and princess who were here last time?


The boy, Hiro, gives a little half-wave, but doesn't seem terribly interested in any of this.

RITA: And you told him all about us, in just the minute or two that we were all in the kitchen?

Mickey looks a little cagey, if you ask me. This is weird.

MICKEY: We did. Now, please. Go and purify the next world. There are still so many left to go, and time is of the essence.

Alright, then. I suppose we really should do as the mouse says. Besides, the sooner we finish saving the multiverse, the sooner we can take care of the refugees, and return home ourselves.

Wooo, adventure time! Anything we should take care of before we move on?

Something here is really bothering me, but I'm not sure how important it is. We could just keep moving forward, I guess. Maybe it'll be relevant later.
No. 618896 ID: 095da8

Hrm. Not sure what Rita's sensing here...
But if I had to guess? That kid- his name is Hiro, and he's probably the source, as in, like Anna and Elsa from earlier... But then again, he tends toward being proactive I think, so I dunno for sure...
No. 618909 ID: 330ce5

The time will come when we can help the guy, for now you need to keep moving.
Rita: you are probably feeling the every expanding story, I'm guessing not everything is as Mickey tells it. Leave it for the moment, I don't think there is much that can be done right now.
No. 618948 ID: 01745f

Before we go, maybe we can ask Micky if he can tell us why he needs to keep some things secret?
No. 619031 ID: a32d59
File 142080243143.png - (182.83KB , 819x819 , DisneyQuest251.png )

Hmm.... No, I really don't think it's coming from him. At least, it doesn't seem to be. Whatever it is, I think it's on a bigger scale. Not sure what that means, though.

Whoa, is she sensing stuff? Her powers are super-cool! She's like some kinda magic psychic person or something!

What exactly are you talking about?

Yeah, that sounds plausible. Oh well, I reckon it's not that big of a deal. Besides, if there's nothing we can do about it, then there's no sense in wasting an awful lot of worry over nothing.

NINA: I still don't quite understand why exactly you need to keep so many things secret from us, Mickey.

Mickey looks mildly uncomfortable, as if he's debating with himself internally.

MICKEY: For one thing, we don't know exactly how any of this is happening. You'll get better information from other sources.

NINO: Other sources? But I thought you were the big cheese around here!

DAISY: He is. But it's complicated.

MICKEY: Don't worry. The Storyteller will call you again when he has more to say.

Oh, wow! Rita looks super-excited. I guess he's kind of a big deal to her, huh?

This is so frustrating! I suppose that he just doesn't want to tell us. Still, I'm sure we'll find out everything we need to eventually.

NINA: Well, if that's the case, then it doesn't seem as though we have anything to gain from staying here.

Nina heads upstairs and returns with her backpack, broomstick, and rifle on her back. The two mice and the duck wave bid us goodbye as we all take each other's hands, and Nina uses her magic ring.

We seem to be in a small room, with five doors against one wall. Over each door is a screen: two blank, and the other three each bearing one of our faces. A familiar voice comes from the speaker in the ceiling.

MINNIE: This is a pre-recorded message. This world requires that you change your shape. Our automated system will allow for the most pleasant possible transformation experience. If each of you would report to your designated changing room, we'll get the process started.

NINO: Oh boy! I can't wait to see what kinda super-cool things we get to be this time! I hope I can be a monkey again!

And just like that, the doors slide open, and Nino dashes into the one under his own image.

RITA: What on earth?

NINA: Don't worry, you'll get used to it. This is the third time I've been here. Just follow the instructions on your terminal, and you'll be fine.

And now Nina's gone, too. Oh, well. When in Rome, I guess! I head into my own room.

Inside, there's a computer terminal against one wall, and a closet with empty hangars, and a small chest with a sign on it that says "Jewelry and other miscellany." A small sign says, "Rita, please keep your handkerchief on your neck. Deposit all other items, and they will quickly be returned to you upon your return to your human form. Thanks!"

So... it looks like we really will be shape-shifting after all! Neat!

I take off my clothes and leave them in the closet, putting my earrings in the tiny chest. Suddenly, the terminal springs to life and, another pre-recorded message starts.

DAISY: Hello, Rita. This message has been pre-recorded. After depositing your items, please select one of the following forms.

The screen displays two images: a mouse and a bluebird. This is going to be pretty interesting. I'd be lying if I said I weren't a little nervous about it, but I guess I've just gotta roll with whatever happens.

Oh, no. I see the clothes closet is back. I suppose there's no keeping my items this time, is there? There's the same little sign as before, instructing me to keep my ring. The terminal switches on, and the same messages plays that played in the world with the Windigos. I place my rifle and broomstick on their respective racks, and my clothes in the closet. This time, there are only two choices on the terminal. It looks like... a bird and a mouse? The question is, which one should I choose?

Whoa, there's a closet this time! The computer thingy turns on again, and Daisy's voice comes out.

DAISY: Hello, Nino. This message has been pre-recorded. After depositing your items, please select one of the following forms.

Depositing my items? Wait, does that include my bag? Oh, no! What'll I do without my props? Oh, well. I leave my clothes in the closet, but I leave my ponytail holder in, since the sign says "Nino, please keep your hair in a ponytail. Deposit all other items, and they will quickly be returned to you upon your return to your human form. Thanks!" That's pretty good! I like my ponytail!

When I go over to the screen, though, there are just two big buttons instead of a keyboard. It looks like I only get to choose between a mouse and a bird. Oooh, those are both pretty neat choices! Uhhh.... I don't know which one I should pick!

No. 619037 ID: 330ce5

Nino you should choose mouse, Rita and Nina you two should be birds.
No. 619048 ID: 69ab8d

>What exactly are you talking about?
Rita noticed things don't seem to quite sync up when we're there. Mickey's apparent conversation in the other room seemed to wrap up too quick, and Nino's uncomfortable conversation seemed bigger on the inside (longer for him than for outside observers).

It could be some weird property of that universe (conversational relativity?) or something more deliberate (making sure you have enough time to talk before you're interrupted strikes me as very convenient for someone as secret prone as Mikey).

Our problem remains that we have too little information to draw conclusions, and Mikey and his cohorts are largely unwilling to enlighten us. It would be really helpful if we could find some other reliable source of multiversal knowledge in our travels.

In case you're wondering, all three of you were given the same choice.

I'd guess we'd want at least one person in each shape, as they have different advantages.

Nina, I'd suggest your taking on wings. You've already got flight experience (if by another means), which should help.

Nino, you probably want to go mouse. You'd still have hands (sort of) which would facilitate your abilities better, even if you're limited to what you have on-site to work with rather than props.

Rita, I don't see as strong a bias for, although I suppose their is a storyteller archetype associated with birds. (Plus, two birds might be able to carry one mouse, if needed. One bird carrying two mice is less likely).

>mice and birds
...here's hoping you don't suddenly feel like eating each other on the other side.
No. 619058 ID: 01745f

Supporting this choice of forms.

>For one thing, we don't know exactly how any of this is happening. You'll get better information from other sources.
So he won't tell us why he is keeping secrets; that is bad news (though on the positive side he seems to be evading rather than outright lying). I think that means that either the enemy gains some advantage from us knowing about it or that he thinks that if we knew too much about the plan at this point we would not go through with it. We don't currently have any viable options other than continuing as before though, since we can't just not save worlds.
No. 619068 ID: 095da8

Hrrm. Aside from him being stressed/painful options...How, exactly, is he locking these realms?

And yeah, Bird Rita&Nina, along with mouse Nino.
No. 620991 ID: a32d59
File 142163124828.png - (318.08KB , 1092x686 , DisneyQuest252.png )

You're right. Best thing to do is just keep on going, and hope we figure out just what's going on around here soon enough.

I press the button with the picture of the bird, and the pre-recorded voice plays again.

DAISY: You have selected BIRD. Is that correct?

So, I tap the green button.

DAISY: Remain still.

A beam of light comes out of the computer terminal and begins to scan my body and... whoa. I can feel myself shrinking down, little purple feathers bursting out of my skin. It doesn't hurt, but it feels so strange! My lips lengthening, hardening into a beak, my arms transfigured into wings. I give them a little flap, and find that I easily lift off from the ground.

DAISY: You are now a bird. Prepare to enter the next world.

The terminal slides out of the way to reveal a vast, dark portal. I guess it's not actually all that vast, though. I'm just really, really small! I flutter through it to the other side. Flying really isn't that hard. Maybe I got the instincts to go with my new body, too? I don't know, but I figure it kinda does make some sense.

I repeat the exact same procedure from the last two times that I've done this, turning into a little red bird. It's funny how something so extraordinary can become normal, after you've done it enough. It is strange to be so much smaller, though, even smaller than when I was a Fox! My ring has shifted to my ankle, where I can use it easily with the claw of the opposite foot. The control panel is still on the side of my head, though. I suppose it doesn't transform along with me, under any circumstances!

I fly through the portal.

Okay, okay, I remember exactly how this works! Hit the mouse button, hit the green button, turn into a mouse! Whoa! I'm super super super tiny! Everything in the room looks so big!

I dash through the big hole, and there are these two birds on the other side! I guess that's Rita and Nina!

So, it looks as though were all on a windowsill or something. On the one side, there's a long way down, looking over a bunch of trees and pretty little European-style homes. Maybe 18th century? Yeah, let's go with that. On the other side is a very small, simple room. At least, it looks like it'd be small for a human. To me, it looks pretty big. Anyway, this is definitely a classic fairy tale. Very structured, very archetypal. Hopefully that means that purifying this world is gonna be easy!

NINA: Peep, peep. Chirp-chirp peep?

NINO: Huh?

RITA: Chirp chirp chirp, peep. Cheep cheep chirp cheep peep.

NINO: What?

NINA: Peep, peep peep chirp?

NINO: Sorry-sorry, but... What?

RITA: Chirp?

NINO: Rop-a chirping, Ninanina! Rop-a chirping, Ritarita!

NINA: Chirp chirp peep, cheep.

RITA: Chirp chirp chirp, peep. Chirp chirp peep cheep cheep cheep!

WHY WON'T THEY TALK TO ME!? And why the heck is everything I'm trying to say coming out SUPER-wrong!?

This is ridiculous. Why is Nino talking like that, and why on earth is he so confused? Rita and I can understand each other just fine! It seems as though this world is going to be rather difficult...

Alright, so I can understand Nina, Nina can understand me, Nino can't understand either of us, and he's talking really weird. Can you understand what we're saying? I'm not actually sure if that's relevant or not, though, since you can actually hear our thoughts...
No. 621011 ID: a18f15

Haha, whoops. Apparently bird and mouse are different languages, here. Odd. In the wendigo world we had different kinds of animals talking fine.

Sorry, Nino. Didn't mean to leave you the odd one out. We can still hear you guys when you talk to us though, so we can relay messages around the language barrier.
No. 621026 ID: 330ce5

Birds can talk to each other in bird, and mice appear to have a vocal handicap but can still get the point across to birds. If either of the girls want to give Nino a message they will have to do so through us.
Also Nino you are now a mouse and i'm willing to bet that humans aren't going to be found of you. You need to find other mice, so look around the room for a mouse hole. Also be on guard, i believe there is a cat in this house.
No. 621223 ID: 01745f

So birds can speak mouse but mice cannot speak bird, and speaking mouse sounds weird. Perhaps the language barrier thing will be part of some social allegory theme.
Anyway, lets start looking around. Is Rita picking up anything yet on her story senses?
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