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File 137636794416.png - (289.59KB , 855x738 , DoS1.png )
533980 No. 533980 ID: 67bfa9

a maze of puzzles where only the cleverest of minds, and determined of spirit can escape unscathed.
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No. 533981 ID: 67bfa9
File 137636798505.png - (491.63KB , 725x840 , DoS2.png )

Princess Sulshi: "Wake Up, As your future queen I ORDER IT!!!"

Gluben is awoken by the shrieks of a noble he's never much cared for.
asleep on the job again . . . Gluben isn't sure how this keeps happening.

Princess Sulshi: " I SAID WAKE UP!! you HAVE to listen to ME!"

gruff voice: "shut yer damn trap ya harpy! can't ya plain well see the blasted runt is dead as a door nail."

Gluben doesn't recognise this voice, deeper than any fishman he's ever heard

Princess Sulshi: "HE IS NOT DEAD! he can't be dead unless I say so!"

jovial voice:" what's the matter pretty little fishy? all your little tin soldiers gone? all alone against the DEEEmonssss? you scared?"

Another voice Gluben doesn't recognize, who are these people?
Gluben is feeling oddly dry

Prince Sulshi: "How DARE you speak to me in this manner! do you have ANY idea who I am?"

jovial voice: "Tonight's dinner? I'm a bit peckish you know"

dry voice: "you're all giving me a headache"
No. 533982 ID: 9ddf68

uh, open your eyes and look around? discreetly if you can pull it off.
No. 533983 ID: 41690e

I'm not sure what I'm looking at. You're being attacked by a giant spider? Sitting on a giant hand? You arm has something tied to it? ...or feeding on it?

Snap out of it man, and figure out your surroundings. Something definitely isn't good here.
No. 533988 ID: 888df6

Sounds like an adventuring party maybe. Though why they're here is a mystery.

Also nice giant necromantic construct hand/chair you've got there.
No. 534017 ID: e3aff6

So, priorities:
- Escape captivity
- Stop demons (or whatever they are)
- Maybe save the jerk noble if you don't have anything better to do by that point

Is that thing around your left wrist bladed, or just odd looking?
No. 534139 ID: 67bfa9
File 137643230377.png - (432.03KB , 849x652 , DoS3.png )

jovial voice: "Silverse! you're alive! I thought you'd died of starvation days ago!"

sullen voice: "what is day? day means nothing now"

>uh, open your eyes and look around? discreetly if you can pull it off.
Gluben opens one of his eyes a sliver to peak around,he's in open air and in some sort of vertical tunnel
there's a weird light source dangling in the middle, there are six other creatures in the room.

jovial voice: "days or not, this is beautiful. Silverse can you give fancy fish a little shock, we could all use a laugh"

dry voice: "I'll pass . . . "

>Sounds like an adventuring party maybe. Though why they're here is a mystery.
theres a dwarf, a human and an elf, Gluben feels these could definitely be adventurers
there is also and orc and a gnoll which has been snickering the whole time, these are probably not adventurers Gluben feels
Gluben has always hated adventurers they murder his friends and rob his peoples temples

Princess Sulshi: "WHAT?! D-Don't you dare hurt me! the whole BLADEFIN EMPIRE has sworn to protect me! you so much as touch me and-"

gruff voice: "SHUT UP! shutup! NO ONE cares!

>Also nice giant necromantic construct hand/chair you've got there.
Gluben doesn't like it, it twitches and flexes ever so slightly, the other creatures are also sitting in them.

Princess Sulshi: "My bloodline is DIRECTLY drawn from the sea goddess herself NO ONE has the right to tell me what to do! NO ONE!"

jovial voice: "Oh I can't wait till you tell THAT one to the demons! I bet they'll cower in fear I do!"

>Is that thing around your left wrist bladed, or just odd looking?
Gluben's left wrist hurts . . . some sort of fleshy rope is tightly attached to it.
No. 534145 ID: eaa372

Ask if anyone has tried to escape yet. Know any ways to calm down ranting fish nobles?
No. 534147 ID: 41690e

Huh. Everyone else seems to have a wrist-wrap, too.

Can you identify which voices go with who? ...and maybe ask someone what's going on?
No. 534150 ID: 888df6

If I were to guess I would say that the Jovial voice is the human, the Gruff voice is the dwarf, the Dry voice is Silverse the elf. Sullen might be the orc.

I'm probably stereotyping.

Anyway, it might be a good time to suggest we stop tormenting each other, or do they enjoy doing our captor's work for them? We're all in this together whatever our feelings about that may be. Try to calm Sulshi.
No. 534152 ID: bf54a8

your teeth seem sharp, and your neck is long, can you gnaw through your rope?
No. 534153 ID: 9ddf68

So what the hell is going on here, If I had to guess something bad happened and your all prisoners now, or you all died and went to hell or something.
No. 534182 ID: 3ef4c4

Who are you, buddy? You look like you're wearing armor. Some sort of guard, maybe?

What's the last thing you remember before this place?
No. 534195 ID: cf49fc

My money's on "Died and went to hell". See if you can find a green helmet and some spiked knuckles, this is gonna be one hell of a fight.
No. 534449 ID: 67bfa9
File 137652433028.png - (293.79KB , 538x629 , DoS4.png )

>Try to calm Sulshi.
Gluben opens his eyes and tries to speak . . . the dry air is too much for him and he just sputters.

gruff voice: "Well I'll be a monkey's uncle, the runt's only half dead"

Prince Sulshi: "I TOLD you he was still alive, my divinity give me foresight!"

>Can you identify which voices go with who?
Gluben Thinks about it . . .
>If I were to guess I would say that the Jovial voice is the human, the Gruff voice is the dwarf, the Dry voice is Silverse the elf. Sullen might be the orc.
Gluben feels this is right, the gnoll hasn't spoken yet

jovial human: "you sure it wasn't your disgusting shrieking and sobbing for hours that woke the dead? or maybe it was all of your magic tears that brought him back to life?"

Princess Sulshi: "I have NOT been sobbing for hours, I've not been sobbing at all!"

jovial human: "so you admit to all the shrieking?"

Princess Sulshi: "What!? don't you-"
>Know any ways to calm down ranting fish nobles?
Gluben tries to speak again
Gluben: "Your highness . . ."

Princess Sulshi: "you are my servant don't you DARE interrupt me, if you-"

Gluben: "forgive my rudeness, divine one but your makeup appears to be smudging."

>your teeth seem sharp, and your neck is long, can you gnaw through your rope?
Gluben thinks he could, he's not sure if he wants too though it looks like raw intestines . . .

Princess Sulshi: *GASP* "the enchantment! it's worn off, has it really been hours?!"

jovial human: "If you're worried about your face looking pretty, here's a tip: wear a bag"

>Who are you, buddy? You look like you're wearing armor. Some sort of guard, maybe?
every one in his home village knows Gluben as "Ugly face" he used to think he got his job as a royal guard for his expert stabbing skills and keen eyes, but a couple months ago his best "friend" told him the real reason the princess picked him is that because he is so ugly that she would look prettier by comparison.
Gluben feels that Princess Sulshi is very pretty and doesn't need him around to look more pretty . . .
Gluben thinks this makes sense, but he knows everyone thinks he's ugly so his friend is probably right.

Princess Sulshi: " I'LL HAVE YOU-"

Gluben: "Forget the clown your highness he speaks only in jest"

Princess Sulshi: "y-yes, you're right"

>What's the last thing you remember before this place?
Last thing Gluben remembers is accompanying Princess Sulshi on one of her coral-flower trips, there were a number of handmaidens there and other guards as well, while Sulshi was picking flowers all of a sudden there was a swirling whirlpool strange bony creatures began pouring out tearing appart tearing many handmaidens and guards to pieces, Gluben then hit his head and as everything began to fade he remembers is the bony creatures materializing bags and ropes and Sulshi screaming

jovial human: "CLOWN!? c'mere and say that to my face bug-mug. I'll show you just how funny of a clown I can be! in fact-"

gruff dwarf: "THAT'S ENOUGH LUCAR!"

Sulshi calms down and composes herself
Princess Sulshi:"I would most graciously ask that you please forgive my uncouth actions, I've had a very frightful day and my nerves have gotten the best of me."
No. 534452 ID: bf54a8

ask what is going on, they sai something about demons?
No. 534453 ID: 41690e

Huh. Princess doesn't seem to have a wrist thing.

All right. So you, and presumably these other creatures have been captured. For what end?
No. 534454 ID: 1f8505


Start scanning the room for a possible exit.
No. 534464 ID: 9ddf68

so... anyone got any clue where we are and why? The princess I can understand but unless either the elf, dwarf, or human were some kind of noble or something not seeing why they'd be kidnapped, some with the orc and gnoll.
No. 534476 ID: cf49fc

Ask her Highness, Princess Sulshi to kindly clamber over here and get your knife to remove this disturbing tentacle from your arm, since she appears to be the most mobile of your crew.
No. 534491 ID: 6a694e

And if she complains of the filth or something, do remind her that there is no other way out unless she is assisted and that you are the only trustworthy person here.
No. 534496 ID: f3734a

What!? You can't ask the Princess to clamber around where she could fall, much less perform such base manual labour!

Look, the thing you're tied by doesn't even look tied, it's just looped over itself. If it's tight, then that means it's probably alive or magic or something and is clinging to itself. If I'm mistaken, disregard that, but have a look around. Those eyes in the middle of the room are probably watching you all to make sure you don't try anything funny. Look up and down and make sure there's somewhere to try and go before you set off some sort of alarm by cutting the bindings.
No. 534785 ID: 67bfa9
File 137663448544.png - (398.73KB , 849x652 , DoS5.png )

>Huh. Princess doesn't seem to have a wrist thing
Gluben finds this odd, why doesn't she have a wrist thing?

Gluben: "Where are we?"

gruff dwarf: "we were grabbed through portals, unless ya got here a different way I figure good money's on the pits-o-hell"

Silverse: "I feel inclined to agree, the magic in this area . . . it feels wrong some how."

>What!? You can't ask the Princess to clamber around where she could fall, much less perform such base manual labour!
Gluben feels much the same, also he feels that her dress is too snug around the thighs for her to do much in the way of climbing or jumping, but that's only right princesses shouldn't have to do such things.

Gluben: "Why are we here? wouldn't demons want to torment us?"

gruff dwarf: "ya could spend years tryin to figure the why and why not's of demons, I don't even bother"

sullen orc: "I been in lots of game, this feel like game, they watch us kill self for fun"

jovial human: "actually yeah, I COULD see demons doing that, pleasant bunch.

>Start scanning the room for a possible exit.
Gluben finds one rather quickly
No. 534786 ID: bf54a8

the gnoll seems to find his chair delicious. ask if anyone has tried the big ass hole right there.
No. 534796 ID: 96c896

Ask the gnoll if he wouldn't mind eating the restraints off the rest of you.
No. 534832 ID: 9ddf68

ask if anyone has any clue what's pass the hole in the wall.
No. 534862 ID: 41690e

There's a thorn-y vine thing across the hole. I think you'd have to remove that if you don't want to get scraped up squeezing under it.

Can you get the thing off your wrist without chewing it off? You're not going anywhere tied up. At the very least, you should examine your bonds more closely.
No. 534868 ID: fd7eca

Hm. How are you still alive, if it's been days? How do you get water? For that matter, how about food? Aren't you hungry? That gnoll is eating something, but it doesn't look like something he's supposed to be eating.
No. 534888 ID: 91c1b3

Actually, that hole almost looks like a giant closed eye. Try to get out of your cuffs and ask the gnoll why he's still there if he could just eat his cuff.
No. 535064 ID: 67bfa9
File 137672483311.png - (289.99KB , 574x652 , DoS6.png )

Gluben: "Mr.Gnoll could you chew off my restraints?"

dismissive gnoll: "nah, don't feel like it"

>you should examine your bonds more closely.
Gluben examines his bonds . . . it appears stitched on to his hand, Gluben feels ill.

Princess Sulshi: "is it really a good idea for him to be eating that?"
Sulshi points at the gnoll.

Silverse: "Almost definitely not"

Sulshi looks nauseous

Gluben: "has anyone tried going through that big hole?"

gruff dwarf: "nope, want to be the first?"

>How are you still alive, if it's been days? How do you get water? For that matter, how about food? Aren't you hungry?
Gluben is pretty sure he's only been here a couple hours . . . he IS really thirsty though.

Gluben: "you guys have been here a couple days right? what have you been doing for water and food?"

there is a silence where no one speaks, nobody looks Gluben in the eye . . . he feels very awkward.

Princess Sulshi: "my guard asked a serious question! answer him at once!"

the dwarf just smiles at her, Sulshi slinks back in her hand seat looking confused and dejected

gruff dwarf: "anyways, me and the gang have a long standing custom, the one who points out the plan has to lead the way"
Gluben doesn't understand
No. 535066 ID: 9ddf68

he's saying since you where the one to point out the hole in the wall you're going to have to be the one that goes through first. If that is the case then ask him if he has any idea on how to remove your restraints. Kinda hard to lead when your stitched to a wall.
No. 535067 ID: 96c896

He means you brought up the escape path, so you get to go in. Try pulling at your restraints.
No. 535089 ID: b6178d

Well, don't we have us a surfeit of clever minds and determined spirits? Eh, the pits of hell are a good fluxing agent, I'm sure.

>Suggester of plans must enact them.

Haha, no. First off, you're bound; no movement without solving that particular puzzle.

Secondly, what the dwarf said about nobody having attempted escape through the hole seems off. He's either somehow lying (likely), or they're so new here that nobody's bothered to tear from their restraints and make an attempt at it yet (much less likely, given that it's been days at least, with hunger and thirst to contend with). Maybe a few examples have been set already, dispiriting the survivors from future escape attempts and making them their current morbid selves.

Thirdly, an exit just besides where you're held up? That's way too easy if you're stuck in a demon dungeon and they are (/we are) watching you for their (/our) amusement. If something looks like the only possible way, it's probably a death trap (note the gnoll, freed, isn't taking the route, and it's been here longer than you).

Look up and down, try to get a better lay of the land. Poke at the flesh layers sewed in the walls; perhaps one or more of them are just like a canvas.

Also, you have assets that might not be obvious, but some could be risky to use.

Not sure, but it looks like you may have a fanny pack still on your belt? Anything of use in that?

Princess, being unbound, might be able to move between pillars if the guys on the receiving pillars help her, (mind you, if any of them are inclined to shove her into the pit, they probably will) and/or she removes or modifies her dress.

Silvenar, seeming to be a mage of some stripe, can at the very least 'zap things' if you can convince him to do so, but he's mentioned that the magic is 'off' around here so this might not work or it could have an adverse effect on him.

Also, you've yet to get any information out of the orc and gnoll (as opposed to 'minimal/misleading information' out of the rest). They seem to have been here the longest and some wisdom from earlier attempts at getting free might be gleaned. If you can somehow coax it out of them, that is. Everyone in hell is crazy, standoffish or reticent, go figure.

People status: The gnoll seems the most 'accepting' of its situation here, given what it's eating, seemingly with relish, and doesn't appear to be giving much of a damn. Be wary of that one. Hell, be wary of everyone, but mainly that one.

The sullen orc seems resigned, and I presume he's been here for as long, or longer, than the adventuring band.

Silvenar seems incredibly weary, perhaps something to do with the 'off' magic here. Or just him not having a good constitution and the lack of food and water (or whatever substitute is at work) is fucking him over. Or, and I'm not sure, but whatever the others have been doing to subsist might be something he's passed on, and is weaker due to that. Lucar seemed surprised at him still being alive, after all.

The gruff dwarf seems to be the de-facto leader of the adventurers from how he shouted down Lucar. He seems grim and at least somewhat resigned to his fate.

Lucar is either going crazy or was crazy from before, although he might just be trying to amuse the demons so he doesn't get torn apart and used as wallpaper. Probably just going crazy, though, and taking it out on everyone else.

The gnoll is laughing at quarreling and eating stuff from the pits of hell. Probably evil. Maybe crazy and evil.
No. 535096 ID: fd7eca

>looks like raw intestines
>appears stitched on to his hand
>asked about food and water, no-one answers or makes eye contact

Uh oh. Um, ok, so, brace yourself a bit... I think this may be the demonic equivalent of parenteral nutrition. That is, they're feeding you through that. Straight into your blood. So, when you cut it off, it'll probably hurt, and it'll be a problem for you staying healthy. But you'll probably be unhealthy in different ways if you keep it on, demons being demons. And that may explain why the princess doesn't have one. Being descended from the sea goddess, what fraction of divinity is in her blood may prevent the demons from using such methods on her.

It's either something like that, or they've been eating their fleshy surrounds. Or the prisoners who were here before you. Don't accuse them of that, though.

Tell the dwarf you're still taking stock. Look up and down and see what the ceiling and floor are like, and see what you have on you, in that belt pouch of yours for example. Ask the others, if they want you to go on with your "plan", to tell you any objects they have with them aside from clothes, and any special skills they have.

Ask the princess the same, but separately and more politely. Assure her that you will ask nothing of her save for the ultimate cause of her own safety and/or liberty. You have a duty, as her last guard.
No. 535119 ID: 91c1b3

> the one who points out the plan has to lead the way
Well we obviously were not the first to notice the giant obvious hole and suggest using it as an escape route. So what happened to the previous leader? Can you feel the restraint moving, beating, or pumping anything at all? Finally, check inv.
No. 535137 ID: eaa372

Before you try cutting the intestine rope you may want to think about getting something to tie over your wrist and prevent any potential bleeding after you disonnect yourself.
No. 535896 ID: 67bfa9
File 137696934447.png - (372.41KB , 661x580 , DoS7.png )

Gluben: "I can't go anywhere, I'm stuck to the wall"

gruff dwarf: "jes give the cord a tug"
Gluben does so and the cord pulls free from the wall, it is still connected to his wrist on one end and onto some manner of harpoon like object on the other.

Gluben: "I'd still like to look around and take stock a little more first"

gruff dwarf: "suit yerself"

>Not sure, but it looks like you may have a fanny pack still on your belt? Anything of use in that?
Gluben takes not of his supplies (10) kelp cakes, (5) salved bandages, (2) flares and a loadstone compass. all of Gluben's supplies are good both underwater and in open air.

Gluben: "Do any of you surfacers have any equipment other than clothing or any useful skills?

Gluben's question is met by silence

Lucar: "well I swiped this here branding iron, from one of the stupider demons. might serve as a decent bludgeon."

>Look up and down and see what the ceiling and floor are like
Gluben looks up, the ceiling is high and get's dark before he can see the top. the floor he can see the bottom of however there seem to be writhing masses of flesh down there.

>Ask the princess the same, but separately and more politely.
Gluben: "You're highness, if you have anything of use that would help save us now would be a good time to let me know"

Princess Sulshi: "I-I think I dropped my handbag back at the coral reef"

>Poke at the flesh layers sewed in the walls; perhaps one or more of them are just like a canvas.
Gluben pats the flesh wall behind him. !!! the wall feels like the canvas of a drum! the wall behind him must be hollow!
No. 535903 ID: 96c896

Use the harpoon to pierce the wall.
No. 535948 ID: 9ddf68

see if you can't cut through the wall then.
No. 536746 ID: 67bfa9
File 137722594858.png - (412.26KB , 849x652 , DoS8.png )

>Silvenar, seeming to be a mage of some stripe, can at the very least 'zap things' if you can convince him
Gluben feels this surfacer might actually be a girl, though he's always had trouble telling.

Gluben takes the bizarre boney harpoon and with a little work cuts through the flesh-like canvas behind him.

gruff dwarf: "I don't believe it tha fish's found a secret door!"

Lucar: "You found it, might as well check it out!"

Gluben crawls through the hole and finds himself in a short hall, a sickeningly sweet smelling green slime coats the floor, he sees a structure built into the far wall, a door perhaps?

Gluben also hears a continuing series of moans, cries and screams coming from beyond the walls . . .
Gluben cannot tell if these sounds are sounds of suffering or "something else entirely"
Gluben feels confused and uncomfortable
No. 536747 ID: bf54a8

it's a door/ears. and you really don't have many options. ask if anyone has a way of attacking at range, and for them to be ready to use it when you open the door.
No. 536748 ID: eaa372

Open the one of the doors a crack and check if the screaming gets louder. If it doesn't seem like the screaming originates from beyond the door go back and get everyone over to the door. If the screaming gets louder when you open the door stick your head in and see if you can get eyes on the source of thes screams.
No. 536750 ID: 1f8505


Agreed. Open that door a little and check for the noises of suffering.
No. 536751 ID: 01531c
File 137722775757.jpg - (55.24KB , 742x600 , delete.jpg )

You are inside of a giant body, floating in the void.

That void is called Hell.

A place of true nothingness, pre-creation, pre-existnce, pre-physics, an infinitely small area of space, purposefully forgotten during Creation to fulfill it's eventual purpose as a prison for eternal beings of evil that are forbidden to be part of existence!

Nothing exists naturally in Hell!
Well, except for things that are placed there on purpose or dragged there by other forces to be forever trapped within the event horizon of absolute non-reality!

Only spritual-magical beings possess the ability to naturally traverse the Void.

In their madness, the demons have warped the soul-flesh of the dead into building materials, to perversely "create" a realm of their own.

Space is meaningless here, Time is meaningless here, Distance is meaningless here, all those things were never defined, leaving it to the arbitrary whims of the demonic lords to infinitely redefine.

None of these things can ever 'stick' in this lawless space; demons often bind other demons into their creations, and force their mind's sentience to maintain the 'enchantment' of the desired physical properties for their master!

This place is powered by the souls of the dead, an their suffering is the eternal torment of self-deception, to eternally feel their very essence be trapped motionless, senseless, yet infinitely aware of the nothingness of the Void, save when Demons come claim them for their own infernal devices!

The sounds you hear are merely channeled energies of those screams of agony, perceivable by the demon-possessed-pillars of this place's superstructure, causing it to interact with those soundless noises to translate it into twisted vibration by dysfunctional laws of physics!
No. 536753 ID: 9ddf68

this still sounds better then a time share

as for what to do, peek through the door and hope nothing bad is on the other side. Get your 'weapon' ready just incase
No. 536759 ID: 12c19f
File 137723037065.jpg - (4.96KB , 120x120 , 120px-Awesomesmilie.jpg )

Okay you're not helping.

We're probably not the first to try and escape Hell and we're probably not going to be the last. Redemption is a thing you just need to fight for it.

Hell's a funny place like that when it doesn't even let you know what you committed to get you in here to begin with.

No. 536761 ID: cf49fc

Reminds me of sitting through a concert. Only not as bad because people don't complain when you scream and claw out your eyes.
No. 536766 ID: 41690e

Well... it's not as if you have many other options. Take a peek.
No. 536767 ID: bf54a8

what? we were physically sucked here through a portal, we aren't a soul sent to be tortured for sins.
No. 536775 ID: 12c19f

Makes no difference to a denizen of this place.
No. 536802 ID: c23ab0

It's obviously an orgy.
No. 536823 ID: 888df6

This shouldn't have to be said but don't touch the green slime. If you can't cross the hallway without sliding into it, then cut a small hole in the hallway to drain it or something. I don't trust goo.
No. 537557 ID: 67bfa9
File 137748257391.png - (403.01KB , 672x590 , DoS9.png )

>This shouldn't have to be said but don't touch the green slime.
Gluben steps around the slime

>peek through the door and hope nothing bad is on the other side.
Gluben does so . . . !!!

Gluben sees two unnatural looking creatures doing "things" to each other . . .
Gluben takes note that the creature's howling is the source of the noise

watching this scene Gluben feels a strange, a tingling sensation runs down his spine.
Gluben is disgusted yet somehow also intrigued . . . he feels compelled to continue watching.

Gluben hears faint voices from a distance behind him

Princess Sulshi: "What's he doing?"

gruff dwarf: "Znagg, STOP. sit down!"

dismissive gnoll: "Nah. fish dude must've found sompin good, I wanna see"

Gluben is surprised, the two creatures don't seem to notice any of this

gruff dwarf: "OR he's dead, sit down and follow the plan!"

Lucar: "Whats the matter Orion? your pawns rolling off the table? your plan falling you?"

Princess Sulshi: "what plan?"

gruff dwarf: "Shut up Lucar!"

Gluben turns his attention back to the creatures he'd rather focus on them performing their vile actions
No. 537561 ID: bf54a8

punch yourself in the face. it's a trap.
No. 537563 ID: 5eac9a

Man, didn't you get discretion training as a royal guard? You don't intrude on private affairs. Unless you can see a way to sneak around them while they're distracted, this ain't none of your biz. Just because they're demons doesn't mean you aren't polite about it.

In any case, you need to go back and make sure your fellow prisoners aren't doing anything stupid, and that the princess is still ok.
No. 537579 ID: 41690e

>your plan falling you?
...the plan being to let the new people walk ahead and trigger traps for him?

>transfixed by the foul creatures
Obviously this is some kind of trap. The monster's mating is meant to ensnare the weak willed. You need to resist. Look away, close your eyes, turn your back, slam the door, whatever.
No. 537582 ID: 96c896

You should probably close the doors rather than be a pervert. What would the princess think?
No. 537592 ID: 44d1ec

You may not think much of your own looks but trust us, you don't have to stoop to this level to indulge your curiosities.
Leave them.
No. 537692 ID: 593f45

No. 538013 ID: 67bfa9
File 137764696690.png - (321.95KB , 849x652 , DoS10.png )

>Obviously this is some kind of trap. You need to resist. Look away, close your eyes, turn your back, slam the door, whatever.
Gluben shuts his eyes, pulls back and closes door. his whole body feels exhausted and in pain.

>You may not think much of your own looks but trust us, you don't have to stoop to this level to indulge your curiosities.
>You should probably close the doors rather than be a pervert. What would the princess think?
Gluben knows that no women would ever care for him, but even so it is still his duty to protect the princess

Gluben then hears a moaning voice

Demon: "dooooon't goooooo sweeeet thiing, weee liike wheen iit whaaatchees, pleeaase cooooome baaack."

Gluben feels the voice sounds so genuine and honest, he feels he cannot refuse it, and is about to open the door when he is startled by a second voice.

dismissive gnoll:"What's behind the door."

Gluben recognises the gnoll from earlier.
No. 538017 ID: 0e92e5

Focus, Gluben! Honor! Duty!

Also, hey gnollfriend, seems there are demons getting it on in there. Denizens of the lower planes, amirite?
No. 538018 ID: 96c896

Demons. They drain your lifeforce by making you watch them have sex.
No. 538019 ID: 5fd94e

Probably best, we don't want to piss him off by lying and we want to warn him so he doesn't get trapped.........or so we gave him a fair chance to avoid being trapped.
No. 538023 ID: 41690e

>"What's behind the door."
Demons, mating. It's some kind of trap, it makes you weak just to look at them.
No. 538037 ID: 9ddf68

The source of the noise

Also you're looking away right now so don't look back. For the love of god DON'T LOOK BACK
No. 538060 ID: 593f45

>his whole body feels exhausted and in pain.
Obviously he was jerking it too hard. Stop it.
No. 539152 ID: 67bfa9
File 137816891281.png - (371.23KB , 849x652 , DoS11.png )

>Also you're looking away right now so don't look back. For the love of god DON'T LOOK BACK
Gluben realizing he's accidentally pried away his gaze. not wanting to waste what might be his last chance Gluben bolts from the room as fast as his webbed feet can carry him!

>we want to warn him so he doesn't get trapped.........or so we gave him a fair chance to avoid being trapped.
Gluben calls back as he runs
Gluben:"IT'S A TRAP!"

>Obviously he was jerking it too hard. Stop it.
Gluben wasn't doing this but the idea seems somehow appealing right now . . .

Gluben staggers back onto his hand, his mind still feels fogged and confused
Gluben finds the other five people in the room all looking up
Gluben looks up as well to see what they see.
What Gluben sees is some manner of spider like creature crawling down towards them from the ceiling
Lucar then cracks a smile

Lucar: " . . . and the spider returns to collect her flies!"
No. 539166 ID: 07e3a8

Ready your weapon. If a spider has come to feed on the princes, you'll need to fight it.

...I sort of hope it's some kind of demonic messenger just come to taunt you though. You'll have to see as it gets closer.
No. 539169 ID: 9ddf68

while keeping your eye's on the spider as what does he mean by that.
No. 539184 ID: 1b3db9

You must save the Princess, glubtil. The others too, if you can, as they might be useful, but the Princess first. Your honor and duty is your only shield in this unnatural hellscape.
No. 539486 ID: 034b75

Examine SPIDER.

No. 539731 ID: 67bfa9
File 137858123706.png - (325.43KB , 849x652 , DoS12.png )

>Examine SPIDER.

Gluben stares at the spider
. . .
he watches it's movements
. . .
unnaturally graceful
. . .
descending in a perfect pattern of carefully placed steps
. . .
it's multitude of legs flowing through-

dismissive gnoll: "HEY! I said move fishman, I wanna see what's going on!"

Gluben is startled, he sees the creature looming over princess Sulshi, the princess looks wide eye in terror yet frozen in place unable to scream or move

Gluben notices the creature singing to itself

Demon: "hungry spider tiny fly, soon the others wish to die, but this morsel gets better fate, brought before the eye-man's gate, sheltered mind clear of eye, a tasty toy he can't deny . . ."

Gluben then realizes, he knows this thing, it's the same kind of boney creature that grabbed him and the princess from her homeland!
No. 539733 ID: 07e3a8

...okay, whatever this thing has planned for the princess doesn't sound good.

It seems to have three eyes. Could you put your spear right though the center one? If this demon has anything like sensible anatomy, I'd expect the brain to be behind it.
No. 539735 ID: bd48c5


If you're not going to take our advice, we're just going to leave.
No. 539747 ID: 034b75

Steel yourself and kill the hell out of it. Her platform was near yours, right? Can you jump to it? Do so and stab.
No. 539751 ID: a36601

Apparently the demons in the other room weren't the only thing that could charm their prey. It would certainly explain how they got you to come here. The best thing to do in my mind is to toss the harpoon at its middle eye and then go to grab the princess without looking if it connected. It's probably not the music that charms if the gnoll is not under its spell.
No. 539809 ID: 8eb1e2

Stab the demon. Rescue the princess. Hero time.

Also, try not to look at it. It seems things that enthrall their victims by sight are quite common here.

Besides, if she really is decended from a goddess she might be the best hope any of you have to ever see another plane.
No. 539949 ID: 67bfa9
File 137869934081.png - (474.61KB , 849x652 , DoS13.png )

Gluben leaps over and stabs the demon

Princess Sulshi awakens, startled
No. 539950 ID: 96c896

She's about to fall, you better grab her!
No. 539952 ID: 07e3a8

Damn! Nicely done!

...now the important question is if the demon is actually dead or dying from that injury. You and the princess are at risk even if those bladed limbs keep twitching, or the the body falls upon you.

But yes, catch her with your non spear hand, if you can.
No. 539999 ID: e1609c

Grab her wrist, its time to put those reflexes of yours to use. Sling her up and onto the platform, and be ready for any counterattacks spidertwit there might have for you.
No. 540031 ID: 78e57e

If you have to let go of the spear to catch the princess, do so.
No. 540036 ID: e1609c

Actually, use the momentum from the stab to swing your other half over to princess fishface. make it SMOOTH
No. 541124 ID: 67bfa9
File 137960664585.png - (293.58KB , 849x652 , DoS14.png )

>She's about to fall, you better grab her!
Gluben quickly reaches out and grabs princess Sulshi's wrist
Princess Sulshi's descent stops with a pop, her shoulder takes an unnatural position and the tunnel is filled her screams of pain.

Gluben feels awful . . . he didn't want to hurt the princess . . .
the impaled creature stirs

gruff dwarf: "NOW this is getting interesting!"

Lucar: "got a halfer on the demon killin em both!"

the gnoll starts cackling madly with delight.

gruff dwarf: "I'll take ya up on that, I figure only girly get's offed and the other get's dragged to some blasted pit"

sullen orc: "why elf no help!? you right there! you have magic!"

Gluben looks up to see Silverse, she looks stares ahead at nothing with dead looking eyes.

gruff dwarf: "mind yer own buisness orc"

sullen orc: "ELF! help them!"

>Sling her up and onto the platform
Gluben's not sure he can do this,
Gluben's afraid he'll drop her or hurt her more

Silverse: . . .

Lucar: "don't bother, Silverse is a true adventurer like us she only fights for profit!"
No. 541125 ID: e1609c

Ah, so she's less adventurer and more mercenary. Ah well. And as for the princess, there isnt much we can do except try and get a better grip on her then re-set the shoulder.
Get her to safety regardless of how painful it might be, her overall safety is far more important that whatever pain a dislocated arm might cause her, and with the proper medical attention later on she should come out of this with no more than a slightly gimped shoulder at worst.
Be the hero, Fishfart. Slay the demon and save the princess.
No. 541127 ID: 001618

main priority is the princess. As such I think you should pull her back into the tunnel you found if for no other reason then to not have to worry about getting knocked into the pit by the damn spider thing.

Also if you feel like telling the dwarf he's a prick feel free to tell him you never knew just how big a cowards adventures really where, I mean you had an idea but he just really sent the message home.
No. 541141 ID: e1609c

now here's an idea: let's NOT pick a fight with the only even part-way potential allies we have in this place. They've probably heard this shit before and dont give a shit, so assume you are gonna have to barter with them.
They are businessmen, and as such they dont do nothing for free, which is honestly probably the only reason they are still alive. Heroes probably dont live to prosperity very often, if this is any indication.
No. 541142 ID: 07e3a8

>didn't want to hurt her
Well, a dislocated shoulder is better than unimaginable tortures at the had of a demon. You're doing what you can.

...I'm slightly more concerned that the thing isn't dead yet, and we're using our only weapon and one hand to pin it down, and the other hand to hold the princess. We have no good way to help her or finish the thing off.

>she only fights for profit!
The only way any of us will live to see a profit, or anything else, is if we fight back. There's no survival in watching the demons kill us one by one.

And if selfish self interest isn't motive enough for the mercenary, royal families tend to reward people who help princesses, you know.
No. 541203 ID: af5672

Remind the elf that Sulshi is a princess. Aiding her could prove to provide a pretty penny, if they ever get out. As for that, money wont matter unless we get help out of here
No. 541226 ID: e1609c

See, now THAT is an argument. Appeal to their self-interest, not their decency.
No. 542586 ID: 67bfa9
File 138050388963.png - (304.04KB , 849x652 , DoS15.png )

>Be the hero, Fishfart.
Gluben's never thought about it before but feels he must smell, surfacers always talk about how much fish smell.

Gluben: "Princess Sulshi is very rich, help her and you'll be rewarded!"

Silverse: "escort quests are never worth the effort"

gruff dwarf: "Girl knows her stuff, yer better off to kill the quest giver and loot the corpse"

>Well, a dislocated shoulder is better than unimaginable tortures at the had of a demon. You're doing what you can.
Gluben knows he HAS to save the princess, he lets go of the spear and pulls the princess she screams in pain.
Gluben tries to tune it out, he hopes this is for her own good.
Gluben sees the demon begins to move
>main priority is the princess. As such I think you should pull her back into the tunnel
Gluben manages to pull her onto the hand shaped construct, but he can't get to the tunnel, there is a gnoll in the way.

dismissive gnoll: "I'll help you, if you let me taste her after"

Lucar: "It's a good offer, I'd take it"

Princess Sulshi is lying on the ground moaning
No. 542588 ID: e1609c

yeah, I am definitely not supporting that plan. I have thought this through a bit, and even if we decided to betray his gnoll ass later on he very clearly is a much higher level character much stronger and probably more skilled than us
No. 542589 ID: 7bbaae

Oh just do it yourself. The princess is on the hand again, you can stab the demon some more. Try to knock it down to the bottom of the pit.
No. 542590 ID: bf54a8

another offer "help us and i'll help you get out with us, or you can sit her until the demons decide to do something horrible to you."
No. 542596 ID: a36601

>I'll help you, if you let me taste her after
Fuck No.

Turn around and try to get a bead on the demon. Never look at its face directly, only look with your peripheral vision. Don't lose heart; you don't have to kill the demon, you only have to make yourself seem like you are more trouble than you are worth.

Get a weapon, either the branding iron Lucar offered before or one of your flares.
No. 542607 ID: 9ddf68

yeah no, you'll get out of here on your own if everyone in that fucking room is just a useless sack of shit that pretends to be mighty adventures just to cover up the fact that they're all useless bums that have already given up.
No. 542635 ID: 1cf691

Time to show all these people that we are not fucking around and we are not to be fucked with.
Tell the gnoll that you agree to his terms and ask him to hop over to help with the princess.

When he hops push him to the demons grasp.
No. 542648 ID: e1609c

That is a PHENOMENALLY stupid idea. Don't do that.
>DM: slap some sense into the players with some falling rocks
No. 542651 ID: bfbe79

I think it's an excellent idea. Fuck all these assholes. They're going to be useless to us as things stand, and they all seem to think this gnoll is tough shit, so show otherwise. Only addendum I'd make is don't even let him get to the other side. Wait for him to get ready to jump across, then push him away from the platform and into the pit when he's unbalanced.
No. 542656 ID: 5fd94e

I'm going to have to veto this one, if just to not make the demons happy

>I been in lots of game, this feel like game, they watch us kill self for fun

Gluben, any chance you can get her to the orc quickly? He seems the most likely to help her, or if you cant get her to him shout for him to help you. We might be able to remove the weapon from it's head and go for it's closer legs and make it retreat.
No. 542717 ID: 2f2cd6

Yeah, you can't afford to barter like that. Give the gnoll a hard look before turning back to the demon. You either need to finish it off or knock it down the shaft.

I'm starting to wonder if the rest of these jerks belong here. Seriously, the only hope of survival is some kind of group effort. Sitting back and watching the others suffer and get killed pretty much ensures the same will happen to you.
No. 545626 ID: 67bfa9
File 138296523624.png - (264.77KB , 499x597 , DoS16.png )

Gluben scowls at the gnoll, the gnoll responds with a laugh

>Try to knock it down to the bottom of the pit.

Gluben tries to get it off the wall but it seems stuck really good.

Gluben tries spitting acid at the wall to make it more slippery . . . but hits the demon by mistake!

it's bones begin to crackle, and Gluben feels it give a little
No. 545631 ID: 0624b1

Wow you can spit acid? Awesome! Keep doing that while grabbing the other end of the harpoon and start twisting it until the demons head snaps loose.
No. 545635 ID: 2e4b00

You spit acid? This is good to know. From now on whenever you have a problem or run into an obstacle, spit acid first and ask questions to the partly disolved quivering possibly screaming "problem" second.
No. 545660 ID: 279f18

In case of danger: Squish the fish.
No. 545666 ID: 9e0723

you can spit acid!? Any more natural weapons you didn't told us about?!
No. 550154 ID: 67bfa9
File 138566167291.png - (384.66KB , 849x652 , DoS17.png )

Gluben snaps off the demon's head and chucks it down the pit
the Demon's body jumps off instinctively grasping for it's head

gruff dwarf: "Ha HAH, a fool an his money are soon parted"
Lucar: "no, wait for it!"

>Any more natural weapons you didn't told us about?!
Gluben considers his poisonous wrist spines, he also thinks about his razor sharp teeth that can cut through bone, and his ability to emit sonic-

gruff dwarf: "nay lad, your bet was for both fish getting fried"
Lucar: "my bet was for the demon killing em both!"

Gluben just realizes his arm is still attached to the harpoon

Lucar: "And both is what we're getting, it's killing it self and herofish!"
gruff dwarf: "no way in hell you meant that!"
No. 550161 ID: 53ba34

it way be gross but bite it off of you.
No. 550174 ID: fd6ae9

You either need to get your harpoon back or sever the cord before you're dragged to your death.
No. 550175 ID: 955dc5

No. 550345 ID: e15621

Swing the demons head out of its body's reach and then desperately scramble for a handhold.
No. 552971 ID: 67bfa9
File 138764809785.png - (250.87KB , 849x652 , DoS18.png )

Gluben doesn't feel it is too bad to die this way.
Gluben feels it is better than getting killed by some crummy adventurer

Princes Sulshi: "GLUBEN!"

Gluben is inspired by Princess Sulshi's concerns and spins into actions, grabbing onto a ledge with his right hand and biting off the flesh tether on his left.

Princess Sulshi: "He's alive!"

gruff dwarf: "Hah! let's see you talk your way out of this one!"
Lucar: "Joke's on you I don't have any gold- hey who's that?"

Gluben sees a jet of black smoke fill the chamber above him completely concealing the people on the flesh hands.
Gluben watches as a moment later the smoke clears.
Gluben's fellow prisoners are all slumped against the walls, silent with an empty look in their eyes
No. 552974 ID: fd6ae9

...knockout gas? Some kind of automatic security measure that kicked in because you resisted / killed that demon.

(At least, I hope it's knockout gas, and not poison, or something worse).

Climb back up to the hands, I guess. The princess is still up there. Be ready to hold your breath or drop back down if there's a second blast of gas.
No. 553055 ID: fb4e93

Maybe wait for a moment before climbing back up - something or someone may enter the chamber. For that matter, if there's a position you can shimmy into that's more concealed, perhaps you should do that.

Also, any chance the spider demon got eaten by the mouth or whatever at the bottom?

Also, I find it quite interesting that both of the images of mindtrap demons were, in fact, rather captivating. Also:

Friggin' mindtraps. Be on guard.
No. 559319 ID: 67bfa9
File 139061710295.png - (223.91KB , 540x652 , DoS19.png )

Princess Sulshi is now under your corrupting influence
W-what's going on?

gruff dwarf: "HAHA! neva seen a shot so good, blew tha demon's head clean off! not even Silverse could magic a monster so well!"
Silverse: ". . ."
Lucar: "Indeed AND you earned me a solid half gold!"

Oh that's right I've used my prayers to defeat that demon . . . must've been a fluke I've never been able to produce more than a sparkle or sooth a pain before

Princess Slushi: "Oh course, simply my brilliance and divinity at work!"
gruff dwarf: "this is well worth tha lost gold, hell let's find another demon to blast!"
dismissive gnoll: "yes magic is so pretty and colourful, more is good!"

I need to keep up the illusion of power, Adventures are fickle known to use weaker beings as bate or trap springers . . .

Sullen Orc: "You have all power Princess, tell us what to do!"
No. 559323 ID: 53fda7

Wait a second. Where's Gluben? It's nice to have the impression that you kicked the demon's butt. It's BETTER to have someone loyal to you around, especially a friend like Gluben.
No. 559324 ID: 53ba34

mass illusion, everyone is now in their own fantasy world.
No. 559329 ID: 9ddf68

hows your arm?
No. 559356 ID: 4a75fa

...or their own hell.

Where's Gluben? Actually loyalty is a lot more valuable than fickle tricked loyalty.

How does your arm feel? (If Gluben's perspective was real, and this is a smoke induced dream on her part, then it should still be dislocated).
No. 559384 ID: f7d778

order Gluben to kill that gnoll for his disgusting offer earlier. there's too many people here that could turn against you, so you better start reducing their number and/or scaring them all shitless.
No. 562255 ID: 67bfa9
File 139225180895.png - (404.46KB , 849x652 , DoS20.png )

>hows your arm?
I must've injured it somehow in the scuffle, fortunately I was able to sooth the pain with a prayer.
though that's done nothing for the actually injury I can lift nothing with the arm not even it's own weight.
however I must not let these adventurers see weakness.
Adventures are know for exploiting the weak at every opportunity and in all ways imaginable.

>order Gluben to kill that gnoll for his disgusting offer earlier.
>there's too many people here that could turn against you, so you better start reducing their number and/or scaring them all shitless.

The way he leers . . . if we were back at Bladefin Palace I'd have him publicly executed immediately. now though . . . I'll have to be careful my resources are limited and a single wrong move could lead to untold retribution.

come to think of it where IS Glubben?

Princess Sulshi: "where has my guard gotten to?"

gruff dwarf: "panicked at the first sign of trouble, tripped off his hand-chair"
Lucar: "fell to his miserable death he did! and a good thing for my purse he did!"

that's one asset I'll have to do without . . .

sullen orc: "I have him"
Lucar: "damn!"
No. 562263 ID: afc0e6

thank the orc and have Gluben remove some more of the, uh, wallpaper.
No. 562280 ID: 53ba34

seems to be a note lodged in his back.
No. 562323 ID: 4a75fa

Yeah, that seems worthy of note. After all, who stuck it there, and when?
No. 566452 ID: 67bfa9
File 139493464834.png - (371.66KB , 849x652 , DoS21.png )

oh! there is a note upon his back! how could it have gotten there,I swear it couldn't have been there earlier.

Princess Sulshi: "Guard! on your back, there's a note."

Gluben removes the note

Princess Sulshi: "What does it say?"

Gluben: "looks like a poem:

Defeated by mortals with luck to dodge claws.
Now bound to speak truths by infernal game laws.
By tablets unfound will bring mortals great dread.
Their hearts laden heavy, and their dreams filled with lead.
Truths having been spoken the damned are set free.
It will do them no good for doomed still will they be."

Princess Sulshi: "forced to listen to bad poetry, the evils of hell truly never cease."
gruff dwarf: "It's a riddle."
sullen orc: "I don't get it . . ."
No. 566456 ID: e1609c

Eat the poem. Gotta get some fiber in that diet, after all.
No. 566530 ID: 53ba34

asking us to tell the truth about.. something. have you ever lied about anything? if so then admit it and say the truth.
No. 566533 ID: be48b2

Well i guess you have to find those tablets before they bring you "great dread."

Ask Gluben if he still has his loadstone compass. Since you don't know which way to go you should follow where to compass leads.
No. 566544 ID: a97618

If that is a riddle, I'm not seeing anything immediately illuminating.
No. 566568 ID: 0c1a69

A tablet I speak through of unusual sorts
My message to you, delivered through ports.
Through truths and through lies I do your thoughts lead
But even in lies, the truth may still feed.

It is simply referring to the use of the voices' communication with you. Doomed if you follow our words, and doomed if you don't, but at least you can postpone your doom through words of wisdom. After all, all who live will die eventually, it does not mean you are doomed for listening to us.
No. 572842 ID: 9dd1ee
File 139897607341.png - (200.78KB , 638x490 , DoS22.png )

Lucar:"perhaps we are the damned and are set free when we speak the truth?"

Silverse:" more likely the whole riddle is some manner of devlish trick, I'd not even bother wasting the effort

gruff dwarf:"hmm maybe, I get the feelin it's still important"

Well if it's a riddle I can make no sense of it, perhaps clarity will come with time. though I must not admit to this aloud lest they think me unwise.
Princess Sulshi:"I find myself in agreement with Miss Silverse, we have more pressing matters then a scrap of paper.
Mister Glubben as a royal guard a loadstone compass is supplied with your survival kit, do you still have it?"

Gluben takes out his compass

Gluben:"Yes divine one, but I'm afraid it'll not be much help."

Princess Sulshi:"Why is that?"

Gluben:"Your highness, the compass is broken. it only ever points towards the whole"
No. 572843 ID: fe4bfc

Just watch out for anything the riddle spoke of as you explore. While hell is a horrible place demons have odd rules and laws. They like to give there captives one slim chance to escape to keep hopes up. It's no fun to torture someone who has no hope of escape.

That being said the chance for escape if there is one would not be easy to find. Also is probably fairly lethal and not very fair.

As for the compass if it always points one way you can use that as "North". If you can make a map that point will be at its center.
No. 573068 ID: 11e68d

You should start moving before more demons crawl down.
There is that giant hole on the wall, order Gluben to go through it but follow close behind. He is the only one you can truly trust.

If you find yourself in danger can you spit acid too?
No. 573111 ID: ca65e6

That's not exactly useless. We can still use it to see our orientation to this room.

We should explore. See if any of the other walls lead to passageways. That demon trap looked hard to get past, we should find another way.
No. 577737 ID: 9dd1ee
File 140225055890.png - (482.92KB , 849x652 , DoS23.png )

Princess Sulshi:"Try to use your brain you simpleton, if the needle always leads to one specific location we can use that as reference point"

Lucar: "Oh I get it! the compass is still pointing north; the rules for north have just changed here!"

Silverse:"Appears to be the case"

gruff dwarf:"To bad we've no way of making a map"

Gluben: "oh divine one you are so wise . . ."

>Just watch out for anything the riddle spoke of as you explore.
best keep my eyes open just in case.

>See if any of the other walls lead to passageways.
the others seemed to check their walls after Gluben found his passage, if they've found anything they haven't told me.
My wall feels solid in any case.

>You should start moving before more demons crawl down.
the pit alone is enough to encourage me out of this horrid room.

>There is that giant hole on the wall, order Gluben to go through it but follow close behind. He is the only one you can truly trust.
there appears to be two large holes in the wall, Gluben should be able to reach the far one, as for me the gnoll appears to be blocking my path.

dismissive gnoll:"See something you like shiny one?"
No. 577836 ID: e1609c

Your teeth. They'd make for a fetching necklace.
Nah but seriously antagonizing the gnoll is probably a bad idea.
No. 577846 ID: 7f9410

Tell him you're not into gnolls but you can't help but notice his interesting scars. I'm thinking a warrior like him would be proud of them, so go with flattery like that and he'll likely both leave you alone and let you past.
No. 577851 ID: dc4b80

Yes I see that hole behind you that appears to be one of the ways out of here.
No. 580743 ID: 9dd1ee
File 140364147041.png - (320.91KB , 849x652 , DoS24.png )

Princess Sulshi: "Not as such, gnolls are not really my type"

dismissive gnoll: "you never know until you try"

his sly grin tells of the predatory cunning that lies within his mind, he'll not make an easy dupe I think.

Princess Sulshi: "those scars, seems you've been in quite a many glorious battle I'd imagine"

dismissive gnoll: "Life is battle in the Redstone peaks, you take what you want and you take what you NEED"

Princess Sulshi: " oh would you-"

dismissive gnoll: "you want to play games to get past me? then let's"

Princes Sulshi: "I beg your pardon but I don't understand"

dismissive gnoll: "If you win the game I let you go by"

Princess Sulshi: "What's the game?"

dismissive gnoll: "whatever game you like"

Princess Sulshi: "and if I lose?"

dismissive gnoll: "what do you think should happen?"
sullen orc: "careful! Znagg have sharp eye,smart and kill cheaters"
Lucar: " oh this is gonna be fun, I've got two crowns on tha fish!"
gruff dwarf:" you're on, oh AND she still counts as losing if tha gnolls just rips er head off"
Lucar: " . . . deal"

I better be careful . . .
No. 580747 ID: bb78f2

How about a staring contest?
No deceitful means to get the other to blink. Any interference whatsoever is a disqualification. We simply must stare at each other until one can't stand to keep their eye's open no more, and one eye blinking still counts as a full blink. Hands stay at the side , no feint headbutts, no blowing into eyeballs, feet will be only used to support one's weight, no huge motions etcetera etcetera

You're a fish. He's a gnoll, this will be an easy win if he doesn't cheat himself.
No. 580786 ID: 79391f

Aren't fish eyes meant for water? Meaning they'll dry out faster on land, requiring a blink?

I think a game of riddles would work better than that. You're a princess, he's a commoner, you should have this.
No. 580825 ID: b6178d

You could use a game the gnoll can think it has an all but certain chance of winning, so it will be confused that you picked it, and surprised when it doesn't win. Surprise and confusion tends to make people more inclined towards doing as they're told, as long as the order is reasonable and the whole thing doesn't make them feel cheated and angry.

Potentially a game that mystifies it, but leads it bemused or distracted enough to let you pass.

If you can pull it off, a game that evidences strength and/or smarts, which the gnoll may then respect, although the former would be difficult at best considering your elegant physique.

If you are to cheat, despite what the orc said, you have to cheat in a way that is not blatant or, strange as it may sound, unfair. Fair cheating may even earn respect. Rules-lawyering may count as such, if the rules being lawyered are simple and lead to a revelation, an insight that makes one go 'oh, fuck me, that's a damn clever way of looking at it'. Smug cheating, 'ah, but you did not consider a trivial detail I mentioned in passing', not so much. Head-ripping ensues.

Znagg is not your, or anybody's, friend, but he seems to desire entertainment, at least a certain twisted kind of such, so if you can keep him amused with this game he will probably allow you to proceed, for now, in the hope of future amusements.

As for loss options, you might be able to turn even this to your advantage if you make it something that will make Znagg, cunning that he is, inclined towards doing something. Like, say, start cooperating with you and the others. F'example:

"If I lose, I will give you a boon, an action I will perform or attempt to perform to the best of my ability in this place as long as it is not suicidal or prevents my escape, or to be traded for my weight in pearls once we are free of here. If pearls aren't of interest, some other substance, hard to get, or take, in the Redstone peaks, of commensurate worth. Have you ever tried whale meat, Znagg? Or do you wish to scrap for fun with some worthy seabeast from my kingdom's menagerie? You seem the type to relish that kind of challenge; bored and violent."

Game options:

-Riddles (bah, kind of boring, but traditional, could spice it up with having the spectators coming up with the riddles so neither of you can be said to have the advantage).
-Game show, with the other people, not counting Gluben since he's clearly on your side, as 'impartial' judges. Each of you do things to impress the others, and at the end they each give their vote in order. Potentially messy, but kind of fair.
-Some generic contest of skill or physical ability (coordination, balance, strength, etc., you're likely to lose, though, unless you have some plan or ace up your sleeve).
-Hey, you already killed one, right? So... first one to next kill a demon wins. You'll even let him have a head start down that hole you wanted to go down... if he wants to be the first to enter dangerous unknown territory. Of course, anything Gluben does counts towards your killing a demon. Having a royal guard is part of a princess' fighting capabilities, after all.
-Debate game: pick a topic with two sides, talk it through, have the others vote on which one presented the better arguments. Bonus: If there's any game Znagg is likely to be poor at, it's interpersonal or diplomatic ones. He might be clever, but he's not likeable.

Also, Orion the dwarf spoke of there being no way to make a map; untrue! You have the back side of the note parchment with the poem and an ample supply of, uh, bodily liquids and bones which can be cracked to make primitive pencils.
No. 586237 ID: 9dd1ee
File 140650131414.png - (296.91KB , 849x652 , DoS25.png )

>If you find yourself in danger can you spit acid too?
I think so, though never in my life thus far have I had to do something so lacking in class . . . is it hard I wonder?

>You have the back side of the note parchment with the poem and an ample supply of, uh, bodily liquids and bones which can be cracked to make primitive pencils.
The horror of this place must be effecting me worse than I imagined for such vile thoughts to be cropping up within my mind.

Princess Sulshi: "If you win I will give you a boon, an action that I will perform to the best of my ability as long as it doesn't risk my life or my chance of escape"

Znagg: "I agree! Hahaha you may come to regret such a promise! what will the game be?"

No doubt I would . . . If I had any intentions of losing!
Princess Sulshi: "It will be a game of riddles, a battle of wits. we take turns posing riddles against each other first to get a riddle wrong loses!"

Znagg: "Riddles huh? Well you picked the game so I get to go first!"

Princess Sulshi: "very well"

Znagg: "here's my first Riddle!"
"I hold down a house, against evil I fight,
I'm part of the risk, I am dinner at night,
who am I?"

No. 586239 ID: ef7fd2

Stakes are weapons, hold down tents (house), steaks get eaten, and when a thing is risky it's got "high stakes"
No. 586241 ID: 6d3b18

I think he's got it.
No. 586288 ID: 53548a

Man I hate riddles.
No. 586645 ID: 9dd1ee
File 140666238284.png - (235.77KB , 849x652 , DoS26.png )

Princess Sulshi: "A Stake"

The fool is completely staggered by my immediate response, he must be used to peddling his puzzles to simpletons

gruff Dwarf: "Ya blasted flee ridden idiot at least TRY to think of something a child couldn't solve!"

Znagg: "?!"
He still seems staggered by the ease of my guess.

Princess Sulshi: "I believe it is my turn to pose a riddle."

he is off balance, now is the time to strike with a strong riddle, of course I must also have the answer ready to correct him when he gets it wrong.
No. 586647 ID: 2fd516

Imagine four balls on the edge of a cliff. Say a direct copy of the ball nearest the cliff is sent to the back of the line of balls and takes the place of the first ball. The formerly first ball becomes the second, the second becomes the third, and the fourth falls off the cliff.
What works the same way?

(The answer is "Time".)
No. 586658 ID: 9ddf68

When you do not know what I am, then I am something. But when you know what I am, then I am nothing. What am I?

A: A Riddle
No. 586669 ID: ec9d8b

It is in a rock but not in stone,
It is in marrow but not in bone.
It is in a bolster but not in a bed.
It's not in the living, and not in the dead.

The letter R
No. 586671 ID: 510e81

This reminds me of this: "I am flora, not fauna. I am foliage, not trees. I am shrubbery, not grass. What am I?"

I am bush.
No. 586715 ID: b6178d

Well now. Perhaps there are other helpers about.

I wonder...

We speak our minds so know them well,
While stuck here in this crudish hell.
They've been raised high and then laid low,
If used too much, no more they'll show.
While strange to me it almost seems,
As the walls would wield their extremes.

They'll catch you with a prayer's fancy,
And flee with every breath made chancy.
To think, among us, you've all failed,
To use yours well while we've been jailed.
To wield them true and seek escape,
To use them joint and flee this jape.
I'll seize mine now and strike a blast,
Repeat me this, what are we, what are we...

...now echoing what's past?

No. 586723 ID: 707a11

Best, I think.
No. 588609 ID: 9dd1ee
File 140745060675.png - (356.92KB , 849x652 , DoS27.png )

Princess Sulshi:"Here is my riddle

We speak our minds so know them well,
While stuck here in this crudish hell.
They've been raised high and then laid low,
If used too much, no more they'll show.
While strange to me it almost seems,
As the walls would wield their extremes.

They'll catch you with a prayer's fancy,
And flee with every breath made chancy.
To think, among us, you've all failed,
To use yours well while we've been jailed.
To wield them true and seek escape,
To use them joint and flee this jape.
I'll seize mine now and strike a blast,
Repeat me this, what are we, what are we...

...now echoing what's past?"

Znagg:"argh! . . . gaaaaah!"

Princess Sulshi:"Your answer Mister Znagg?"

Znagg:"This game is no fun! none of you are any fun!, I'm getting out of here!"

Znagg climbs away through the upper passage.

Lukar:"Haha! thank you your highness, you'll make me right rich indeed!"

Orion:"Bah, s'what I git fer bettin an a dirty gnoll . . ."

well now I have the choice of going through the upper passage following Znagg, or the lower passage on the hand.
Oh no!
there appears to be a three foot gap between the hands . . . I've never leapt that far before, in fact on land I've never leapt at all.
Is jumping difficult? It's such a long way down and with my right arm injured I'll not be able to grab onto anything if I don't make it . . .
I loathe physical Exertion What a frustrating obstacle!
No. 588610 ID: 2fd516

Get a hand from your protector.
No. 588675 ID: a19cbe

Have him peer down each passage before you chose which to take. Does anything distinguish them, besides their height and the gnoll's exit?
No. 591942 ID: 9dd1ee
File 140946139617.png - (371.98KB , 849x652 , DoS28.png )

>Get a hand from your protector.
Of course, my servant why do I have him if not to perform tasks? this place must truly be affecting me.
Princess Sulshi: "Gluben, come here I require your assistance"
Gluben: "Yes elegant one!"
He makes easy progress hopping from hand to hand getting to the hand across from me with ease, how DOES he do that?

>Have him peer down each passage before you chose which to take.
Princess Sulshi: "Take a look down those passage ways, tell me what you see"
Gluben: "You're highness I've already been down this one"
Gluben indicates to the lower passage
Princess Sulshi: "I don't recall anything of the sort"
Gluben seems confused
Princess Sulshi: "Look down those passages guard!"
Gluben nods and obeys
Gluben: "I can't! there is some sort of ink cloud! I can't see through!"
Princess Sulshi: "Ink clouds don't form in dry land you dolt."
Silverse: "It's a darkness enchantment"
I turn to notices the elf speaking, she seems to know a fair bit about magic.
Gluben: "oh, magic . . ."
Gluben looks at his feat in shame.
Princess Sulshi: "Don't sulk! I'll not have a servant of mine behaving in such a manner!"
Gluben immediately straightened and stood at attention

Princess Sulshi: "now help me get across, It is against protocol but you must hold me tightly and ensure I do not fall, do you understand"
Gluben: "Yes divine one"

He holds me tightly by the arm and waste, tightly and a little painfully but I'd rather the pain then risking his grip to slip

And he hops . . . and lands! both of us safe and-
Gluben: "Whoops!"
Princess Sulshi: "!!!"
his foot slips and we topple into a heap onto the hand.
I am left in a down right humiliating position! how could he do this to me! and in front of all these foreigners! they'll think this is a mating ritual of some kind for sure and-
Princess Sulshi: "OH! OH NO!"
He is still gripping me tightly but now in a very different location, A COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE LOCATION! I am heir to the throne of the Sea Goddess! and he dares treat me like a common harlot! I'll flay his hide, he'll spend a hundreds years of torture in the dungeon!
I just- I am so filled with outrage I have no idea what to do!
No. 591943 ID: d6f8c9

>You're highness I've already been down this one
>I don't recall anything of the sort
Doesn't that strike you as odd? Peasant he may be, but it's not in him to make something up, or lie. Is this the work of this hell at work? Has it made you forget? Did it make him remember something false?

...if someone were using magic that affected the mind, would they target the servant, or his mistress first? I think you know who's the bigger target.

>I just- I am so filled with outrage I have no idea what to do!
Act like nothing is wrong! Like you meant to do that. Can't show any weakness in front of these ruffians. You didn't make a mistake, you didn't lose control of your subject.
No. 591951 ID: 1f8505


Slap him for his perversion.
No. 591952 ID: 436cdc



Alright, stay calm there princess. Gluben caught sight of a pretty donked-up lust demon thing. Normally gluben is kind of a depressed sack, he wouldn't have the self-confidence to really go at it like this without outside influence. He might be riding a high from saving your life earlier, but personally I just don't think he's that kinda guy.

Smack him out of it, by all means, but be aware that this is very likely not HIM doing this right now, but the effects of said demon-thing messing with his head.
No. 591953 ID: bb78f2

A princess is suppose to have class
And having class is restraint
So, like, just get up and be straight with how disrespectful that was to you as a person, and not just because your a princess, but because you're a person. You don't know him that well for that be acceptable at all and that he really should learn some manners!
Then drop a bomb that treating royalty like that is also really fucking stupid on so many levels.
Just the stupidest, goddamn thing ever.
If I was his friend I would be like "The fuck you doing? Your stupid ass thinks that gonna fucking work"
Be straight, be honest. We really can't do shit about it right now anyway. We still need him to get out of this place. And torturing your rescuer is almost as stupid as him touching your ass and sends so many awful messages about you.
No. 591982 ID: 2fd516

Slap his shit.
No. 592010 ID: b6178d

Huh. Gluben finds you attractive without your magic face-paint.

...have you met many who have thought you beautiful un-enhanced?

At any rate, throwing a hissy fit is not particularly regal or wise; I doubt the adventurers will know how inappropriate Gluben's obvious attraction towards you is. Besides, they're adventurers. Even if they told your people what happened here, who'd believe them? Are they really of such big concern? They seem intelligent enough. They'd realize that this was a matter of a stumble, and not some awkward mating ritual. They'd realize Gluben's attracted and taking the opportunity for a cop.

Some of them will, however, likely cheerfully take advantage or sport in it should you appear to be put too much out of sorts by minor lewdness. How you handle this will determine how they think you will react to taunts about it. Get righteously angry and they might draw all the more pleasure from putting you out of sorts with future comments. And really, do we have time to get that kind of sidetracked right now?

Not to mention, despite him doing something wholly inappropriate, you do need Gluben. He can do all that 'Physical Exertion' stuff, and happily so.

Anyway, in lieu of being all outraged, perhaps if you told Gluben, in a mild, yet menacing tone, that flattering though his attentions are this is hardly the time or place to start mooning over a beautiful princess. You know? The whole stuck in hell bit?

And if that fails, suggest that if he doesn't remove his hand and help you up so you can get on with the business of escaping this horrid place, his odds of continued employment as a royal guard will rapidly diminish, along with any hypothetical chance of getting a hero's reward for rescuing a royal personage from hell.
No. 592099 ID: 6e85c8

BACKHAND HIM! Remind him of his place!
No. 593679 ID: 9dd1ee
File 141041991935.png - (285.73KB , 849x652 , DoS29.png )

>Slap him for his perversion.
>BACKHAND HIM! Remind him of his place!
>Smack him out of it
>Slap his shit.

I need to get him off me!
Princess Sulshi: "Get your hands OFF me!"
I shriek in his face, he instinctively let's go.
I stand and give as hard a slap as I can manage straight across his face.

Princess Sulshi: "If you EVER touch me again, I'll have you strapped to a rock on the surface and let you BURN in the sun!"

My wrist stings a fair bit now . . .
>At any rate, throwing a hissy fit is not particularly regal or wise;
oh, well, hmm . . . I suppose it's not

Princess Sulshi: "Gluben I will forgive your transgression this one time, but you must understand grabbing a woman's backside is completely insensitive and impolite, and performing such an act on one of my station could be punishable by death were I not so merciful."

Gluben: "I understand divine one"

>Huh. Gluben finds you attractive without your magic face-paint.
>...have you met many who have thought you beautiful un-enhanced?
Suitors come from all around just to look upon my perfection! the make up is only so that my beauty can be appreciated at the long distance my admirers are forced to view me from!

Gluben finding me attractive is hardly surprising, him assaulting me in such a manner however is extremely shocking!

>Get righteously angry and they might draw all the more pleasure from putting you out of sorts with future comments

Orion: "Get a move on ya lazy fish! or we'll figure out if ya make better meals than scouts!"
Well they don't seem to have taken much interest in our encounter . . . though I suppose I should decide which of the two passages I should travel down, and whether I should go first or send in Gluben first?

>but be aware that this is very likely not HIM doing this right now, but the effects of said demon-thing messing with his head.
This has me very concerned, Gluben is very strong, if he became fully under the effects of these demons I'd have no way of over powering him and would be at his mercy . . .
No. 593681 ID: 2fd516

Go down the one with darkness enchantment on it. Him in front, because I mean he's your guard.
No. 593686 ID: 879a42

You are brave and royal, show an example for your subject and go first! If need be he may step in the front at any time to protect you.
No. 593826 ID: 436cdc

why not hop in at the same time? Definitely wide enough, and would be a good show of camaraderie.
No. 594338 ID: 9dd1ee
File 141088505854.png - (376.66KB , 849x652 , DoS30.png )

I explain the best course of action to my servant
Princess Sulshi: "We shall traverse into the unknown together."
Gluben : "Together?"
the way he looks at me makes me want to claw out his eyes
I decide to practice restraint.
Princess Sulshi: "Gluben just crawl through the blasted passage!"

the passage extends into a dark hall almost pitch black, however having to live in the deep sea we are able to make out some shapes slightly.

Currently I cannot see to the end of the hall, I'm too far away and it is quite dark.
No. 594342 ID: 8b533b

Well, the only options are to approach or retreat, and we gain nothing by retreat.

Move closer, until you can see what those shapes are.
No. 594353 ID: 2fd516

Nothing to do but press onwards.
No. 599171 ID: 9dd1ee
File 141403174375.png - (364.19KB , 849x652 , DoS31.png )

Even used to the murky depths of the ocean floor the darkness seems to close in, I can barely see a thing
the subtle light charms on my amulets give me enough light to find my way but little else.

I walk forward down the long corridor at it's end there is a doorway
there are hundreds of twitching appendages within it's frame.

There is a plaque on the wall, I have to strain my eyes to make out the letters
it reads:

The doors' grasping hands
like to feel things that are new.
give them nothing to feel
and they'll feel something from you.

No. 599172 ID: 2fd516

Okay, you have to make a path by giving the hands things to grab that aren't you. Are there any bits you can take off your clothes like gems or whatever? It kindof looks like you can. You can minimize the sacrifice by handing off stuff to hands near the bottom of the door, then crawl through.
No. 599182 ID: d90668

So the hands like to feel new things? And if you do not give them something to feel you might get groped in a bad way?

Might want to test the waters by handing off a small piece of your wardrobe and seeing what happens. You have plenty of jewelry and it would be a small price to pay to continue on.
No. 599187 ID: a6610c

Yeah, definitely try throwing your jewelry and stuff in first. Don't got crazy, just make sure it works, first.
No. 599192 ID: 879a42

Give them nothing to feel, and they will feel something from you?

I think what that means isn't physical but emotional, so maybe don't walk through there afraid, but try walking through there with a positive emotion that you shouldn,t have to fake, hope. Try building up a sense of hope and walking through. Trust the hands. (I rarely trust things in quests to trust me guys this is gonna work. But do take precautions though.)
No. 599217 ID: fe4bfc

That's probably the trick to it. The feel its talking about is emotions.

So if you do not give them a strong emotion to feel they will physically "feel" you.
No. 599226 ID: 8bd2b1

I'm sure they've felt horror, hopelessness, and dread plenty, so see if you can give something different.
No. 600007 ID: 9dd1ee
File 141477822662.png - (320.28KB , 849x652 , DoS32.png )

Give them something to feel? as royalty my noble bearing and perfect demeanour shall create a beacon of joy that none can withstand.

I need only focus.

I step through the doorway practising ideal poise and most serene demeanour and the hands coil away, leaving me free to pass

one step after the other I make my way . . .
only a few steps more and I'll be through . . .

Gluben: "your Highness help! they've got me!"

Ahh! that fool is ruining my focus, the hands are beginning to twitch and grasp towards me!
No. 600008 ID: 2fd516

Keep your mind clear, make those few more steps. Once you're safe then instruct him on the mindset needed to pass. Hopefully once he clears his head the hands will let go.
No. 600055 ID: 879a42

This. Focus. Hope. Calmness.
No. 600057 ID: 4d85c5

He should be focused on... devotion and servitude, perhaps?
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