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File 137538291038.png - (62.96KB , 408x292 , 00.png )
530334 No. 530334 ID: bcdce8

A boy awakens, unsure of who or where he is.
His mind filled to the brim with questions about many things...
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No. 530335 ID: bcdce8
File 137538293175.png - (53.99KB , 408x292 , 01.png )

No, wait, false alarm, the boy sitting there is Spencer Alric, and he's riding a train to Cerabellum.

Now that he's awake, maybe you could talk to him?
No. 530338 ID: beeca1

Hey, no one wanted to sit next to you.

Any idea why?
No. 530342 ID: 9ddf68

so what's your story kid?
No. 530343 ID: bcdce8
File 137538410893.png - (43.10KB , 408x292 , 02.png )


"Hopefully not because I talk to myself sometimes.
I really don't mind, I'm not very good at conversation or anything socially oriented for that matter."

He whispers to himself, he's a bit agitated it seems.

An automated announcement that the train will reach the next stop plays over the speakers.
No. 530351 ID: 9ddf68

that your stop there kid?

Anyways, what's your plan as in why are you heading on over to Cerabellum. Schooling, family, pleasure, running away, what?
No. 530359 ID: bcdce8
File 137538592315.png - (116.39KB , 408x292 , 03.png )

Spencer looks out the window as the train comes to a slow and steady stop.

The city is beautiful and the sound of rushing water drowns out most of the chatter on the train. the city of waterfalls is just as magnificent as people say it is.

I'm here because my family kicked me out. I guess they got sick of looking after a drop-out like me.

The passengers begin to disembark, guess it's time to go.

A friend of the family said she'd rent me a room if I went here and honestly, this was way better then my parents option, although more costly.
No. 530366 ID: b5df96

All right, time to find your friend.

What you carrying? Anything useful?

...know anyone named Kit? Or Medusa?
No. 530377 ID: 91c1b3

What do you think of her? Is she nice?
No. 530379 ID: bcdce8
File 137538757203.png - (83.39KB , 408x292 , 04.png )

Well, I've got basic stuff, you know, clothes and money and...

okay, no, I don't have money, but that's a bridge to cross later. I really only have a couple sets of clothes.

And I have heard about that Medusa character, wasn't she that one who began that war some 15 years ago? No idea, I never payed attention in school.
No. 530382 ID: a23afd

Got a job lined up yet? If not, what skills do you have?

Looks like there's a sort of reptilian guy over there, what kind of variety of peoples do you have around here?
No. 530390 ID: 9ddf68

Tell us what you're good at and what your interests are and we'll help you find a job from there, unless you have one lined up already.
No. 530391 ID: bcdce8
File 137538844130.png - (44.49KB , 408x292 , 05.png )

There's all kinds of people, the most common or probably humans or beast-kin, but again, all kinds of people.

And if talking to yourself counts, one skill.
No. 530395 ID: bcdce8
File 137538892191.png - (40.07KB , 408x292 , 06.png )

Iunno, I liked burning stuff, that was cool.
I don't think that's a really marketable skill though. I really didn't do much besides be an idiot as a kid, guess that's why my parents got sick of me mooching off them.
No. 530401 ID: c23ab0

Don't worry you get skills by practice, so that means you can do whatever! You're kind of skinny and small, so maybe talk to pipe layers, or construction workers. People backstage at the theater, electrical workers. Even miners though the prospect of there being a mine right next to a dense urban area is kind of low. You look like you've got good eyes for seeing in dark crawlspaces and stuff. You're real housing inspector material.

...you are fully grown, right?

How is your nose and reflexes? You could cook stuff for profit if you have a good sense for what other people like to smell. Food carts are a great way to get started at any city.

Those huge ears look promising too, though you can't really think of any specific applications.
No. 530402 ID: a23afd

Oh boy. Well, at least you can take a job flipping burgers or something.

Hey, fuzzy guy at twelve o'clock.
No. 530404 ID: b5df96

Maybe your friend will have some ideas?

Or maybe you can get a job at the local incinerators.
No. 530405 ID: 9ddf68

someone's behind you.

Ok so we have an untrained and socially awkward kid on our hands. So we have to find you something that isn't to hard and doesn't have you dealing with people to much. hmmm, I'm going to have to get back to you with that one kid.
No. 530406 ID: c23ab0


Admittedly burger flipping does involve burning stuff, if you like that sort of thing.
No. 530408 ID: bcdce8
File 137538963458.png - (64.70KB , 408x292 , 07.png )


Oh, it's her.

"Uh, hi Sasha..."

She's friends with my dad apparently, don't know why, my dad's always been a real strict man, and she's always been-

"Ah, this is so exciting, Spencer, I've been giddy all week so I waited and waited for you and Scott told me to come home cause he was worried, but I couldn't wait to see you so I stayed out here and-"

"Wait, how long have you been waiting here?"

"I dunno, about five days."

She's kind of a nut, but she offered to rent me a place, so I guess she's a nice nut.
No. 530415 ID: b5df96

Well, humor the nice nut! She's been nice to you and is glad to see you, after all.

And if she's been waiting 5 days you might as well get a move on. She must be pretty sick of this place by now.
No. 530419 ID: bcdce8
File 137539058399.png - (55.47KB , 408x292 , 08.png )

Sash drags Spencer off, rambling about this and that, mostly how excited she is to have him staying there, but not how she'll be taking it easy on him or anything and so on.

Spencer is dragged along town with Sasha, it seems like she forgot where she lives in excitement.

Honestly, he's pretty excited too.
This is a new chapter, a clean slate.
Where he was a screw up back home, he could try to be something here.
No. 530421 ID: 9ddf68

ask where she lives and what it's like... I mean until you get there you might as well talk to her. Like what does she do for a living... and if she's in trouble with her job because she waited for you for five days.
No. 530424 ID: 01531c

Is she cute?
No. 530425 ID: b5df96

All right! City exploring time, looks like.
No. 530430 ID: bcdce8
File 137539278203.png - (34.00KB , 408x292 , 09.png )

"Hey, uh Sasha?"


"Wouldn't waiting for five days mess with your work schedule, assuming you work of course, I mean, not that I don't think you have a job or anything but-"

"I don't work, Scotty does."

No. 530433 ID: bcdce8
File 137539320825.png - (53.77KB , 408x292 , 10.png )

She looks back.
"Scotty is my husband. Sorta."


"We've never really been married, but it feels like we have..."

"Oh, any kids?"

No. 530435 ID: 9ddf68

So how long have you 2 been together for. and what does he do for a living?
No. 530436 ID: a23afd

Say they should get married and have lots and lots of babies!
No. 530437 ID: bcdce8
File 137539369171.png - (32.13KB , 408x292 , 11.png )

She lets go of my hand and her pace slows noticeably.

"You guys should get married and have kids, isn't that what couples are s'posed to do?"



Maybe that wasn't the best idea.
No. 530440 ID: a23afd

Err, that was meant to be in jest. Change the subject and ask what there is to do for fun in this town.
No. 530441 ID: 9ddf68

shit, well say your sorry and drop the subject.
No. 530450 ID: bcdce8
File 137539494611.png - (48.71KB , 408x292 , 12.png )

"S-so anything to do in this place? I heard it was famous, a city of scholars or somethin."

Sasha regains a bit of her pep and answers.

"...Yeah, this place is always full of people studying Anima. The Grand Library is a pretty big tourist attraction. other then that, it has pretty much what most cities have."

By this point she's about back to her cheerful self.

"You know! Parks, stores, and pubs- You're over 18 right?"

"I'm 19 years-"

"And pubs!"

I better make a mental note that children are a bad subject with her.
No. 530451 ID: b5df96

>someone being nice to you for no reason
>respond with unwarranted relationship advice out of the blue
...smooth, jerk.

We don't know anything about her situation!
No. 530454 ID: 91c1b3

Do you like pubs?

Ask if there is any place that you(Spencer) could find a job. I mean, you have to find one eventually.
No. 530455 ID: bcdce8
File 137539593071.png - (88.77KB , 408x292 , 13.png )

She stops in front of a house that seems big for two people, I guess this is the pl-

"This is the place!"

This is the place.
No. 530458 ID: a23afd

What's Anima?
No. 530461 ID: bcdce8
File 137539669398.png - (41.02KB , 408x292 , 14.png )

Spencer looks up at the house feeling a weird way.
It feels like something is starting, something big in his life, maybe he's just thinking about it to much.

This is just a simple start to a simple story.
No. 530464 ID: bcdce8
File 137539738411.png - (41.51KB , 408x292 , 15.png )

That's a good question.

The truth is, no one is really sure what it is.
I think that's what that big library is devoted to, the study of Anima. all I know is it's what makes things work. Maybe we could visit that library tomorrow or something.
No. 530466 ID: 91c1b3

Sounds cool. Let's go inside to meet Scotty and set up.
No. 530468 ID: 01531c

His self-described history, lack of skills, lack of social considerations, and overall demeanor matches the textbook description of a [spoiler]USA-born high-functioning aspie.[/spoiler]
No. 530470 ID: bcdce8
File 137539914392.png - (65.74KB , 408x292 , 16.png )

It seems like I'm interrupting something.
Three men are talking to one another in the middle of the room, too absorbed in their conversation to notice me.

The one in the back with the robe and eye-patch is the first one I hear.

"...And not a single soul survived the ordeal, but the church is working on finding the ones that escaped."

The human speaks next.

"And they think it's here? In the city?"

Should I just ignore them?
No. 530471 ID: 91c1b3

Listen in. The whatever-it-is in the city seems like something you could run into. Introduce self once they notice you.
No. 530472 ID: a23afd

This sounds pretty important. Listen.
No. 530477 ID: bcdce8
File 137540106155.png - (38.61KB , 408x292 , 17.png )

"They know it's here. Of course if the public knows, there might be a huge panic."

What the heck are they talking about?
No. 530478 ID: bcdce8
File 137540146426.png - (62.58KB , 408x292 , 18.png )

"Spencer, head upstairs, first room on the left."

Sasha urges you away, clearly she doesn't want you to listen.

"Yeah, okay."

Spencer heads upstairs to his new room.
No. 530479 ID: a23afd

You realize you're totally gonna get mixed up in this, right?
No. 530481 ID: 91c1b3

It seems like there was some kind of a massacre by a group that is trying to get an item (that is probably related to Anima) Some of them escaped before the church caught them all. I may be wrong though.

Examine new digs and claim them as your own. So what does your room have in it?
No. 530484 ID: bcdce8
File 137540255214.png - (48.82KB , 408x292 , 19.png )

Nonsense! I'm sure that would never happen.

Probably best if I forgot that whole thing.

Looks pretty bare right now, nothing but a cot and a shelf full of books.

There's a closet too, but I bet it's empty.
No. 530485 ID: 9ddf68

well you never know till you look, also what kind of books?
No. 530487 ID: a23afd

Check in the closet, there's probably a plot twist in it.
No. 530490 ID: 6d5e30

You need a job, right? Maybe you can get a job at that library. You said you'd wanna be someone here, seems like that's a good place to start.
No. 530491 ID: 91c1b3

Open your closet to hang up some of you clothes, check out the book titles, then flop on your bed and ruminate on your life.
No. 530496 ID: 01531c

Why is there no computer?

No. 530506 ID: b5df96

See what we got to work with. Check closet, check books, check under the bed.

Then we can think about what you're going to do while you're here.
No. 530508 ID: b9d767

Test the bed out, go over everything in the room to familiarize yourself with it.
No. 530589 ID: e1609c

There's a favicon awaiting your approval over in the favicon thread in /dis/.
No. 530600 ID: f45e95

You should turn your bed into a coffee table.
The mattress doesn't need the structure for you to sleep on it after all.
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