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File 137488598396.png - (96.13KB , 800x700 , title.png )
527929 No. 527929 ID: a5d4fb


DISCUSSION: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/73617.html
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No. 527935 ID: a5d4fb
File 137488629866.png - (286.80KB , 800x700 , i1.png )

By the year 2020, humankind had finally realized the science of enhancing their own biology with technological implants. Our fragile blood cells became metallic vessels with a 20-hour retention of oxygen. Our fingers became telescopic digits capable of manipulating magnetic fields. Our skin became frictionless and pale, then coarse and ferrous with the advent of cloaking technology. We supplanted our vision with lenses and overlayed our sight with data feeds... our eyes became cameras, and our brains became supercomputers.
No. 527936 ID: a5d4fb
File 137488630034.png - (67.15KB , 800x700 , i2.png )

Transcendent of our biological constraints, we turned to our bodies, the ancestral home of our species, and saw that they only limited our consciousness. So we razed them. We grasped the beckoning artificial hand of our evolution, and created an entirely new species of organism; an entirely new definition of life. Its name, given for the harmony between the biology of our former selves, and the technology by which we were reborn: Synthesis.
No. 527937 ID: a5d4fb
File 137488630473.png - (76.42KB , 800x700 , i3.png )

The Synthesized strove to spread across the Earth, to further the perfection of their form. Idealists, scientists and elitists fled to them with open arms from the filthy, tainted reality of their world. Their numbers grew.
No. 527938 ID: a5d4fb
File 137488630866.png - (291.52KB , 800x700 , i4.png )

But their strength was not without resistance. The Roman Catholic Church was among the very first to condemn the Synthesized as demonic heralds of the End Times. As Pope Francis emphatically wrote in 2022, "A digital mind lacks the free will upon which salvation hinges. Brothers and sisters, this so-called 'Synthesis' is the Dark One's most sinister and successful plot to date." Other predominantly Christian demographics rallied with the Catholic Church in their resistance of the Synthesized, framing themselves the last bastion of hope for what was now Old Humankind.
No. 527939 ID: a5d4fb
File 137488631287.png - (199.79KB , 1000x700 , i5.png )

A total of seven countries joined the rebellion against the Synth: Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Poland, the United States, and Italy. These nations scrambled to pool their military resources and, backed by the United States' already massive budget following the Syrian War of 2015, created a series of six massive compounds spread across three continents and Antarctica. Fifty square miles apiece, these bases served as weapon factories, personnel training and lodging, and so forth. They would serve every other function this new defensive force could ever require. Donning the name Legiones Sapientium, this army in six parts began to prepare for the most daunting confrontation in human history: the war against evolution; against themselves.
No. 527940 ID: a5d4fb
File 137488631651.png - (66.04KB , 800x700 , i6.png )

Some non-Catholics resisted as well, for fear of the emerging Synth offensive. Droves of otherwise secular populations flocked to the protection of the Sapientium - while others submitted themselves willingly to the Evolution. The remaining humans were caged; vast numbers of them were sent to "reservations" in chambers under the earth's crust. The few who escaped these death sentences had to survive in a world inhabited by exponentially populating computerized life, a task which proved nearly impossible. Millions perished.
No. 527941 ID: a5d4fb
File 137488632107.png - (211.34KB , 1000x700 , i7.png )

However, the wealthy military commanders of the world, their armies, and their families were diligently working to repel their eerie, glowing aggressors; years of persistence had transformed Australia, Africa, and central North America into "fortress continents". The Synth, content to allow these colonies to exist as long as it contained the human resistance, blockaded these areas with 24-hour weaponized perimeter drones.
No. 527942 ID: a5d4fb
File 137488632569.png - (33.56KB , 800x701 , i8.png )

Unresisted, they continued to propagate across the face of Earth. By 2100, Synth bases has sprung up on the Moon and Mars. Their dominion advanced seemingly without limit.
No. 527951 ID: a5d4fb
File 137488735399.png - (57.71KB , 800x700 , q1.png )

_____…..--- - - Powering up.


Your hibernating system activates your higher-order thought circuitry. Multisensory software begins to function once again. In a fraction of a second you experience heat, several g-forces, and a marked lack of air pressure.

You need a second to adjust to the sudden bright light, and the fact that your brain has been in a coma for the past forty-eight hours.
No. 527955 ID: a01b62

Cycle your discs, get them warmed up, and free up your processor, 'cause we're going on an adventure!
No. 527957 ID: a5d4fb

Prologue: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/521196.html
No. 527960 ID: 9ddf68

time to wake up, we got to see where they dumped us.
No. 528043 ID: 360a3c

Well, look up our damn schedule and contacts list. Chop, chop: Someone's probably waiting on us already.
No. 528052 ID: a23afd

Wait a minute, is that some kind of weird alien thing standing in front of you?
No. 528595 ID: a611d6

Run internal diagnostics, lets see how your body is holding up.

I believe that is his skull. He's one of those *synth* heretics.
No. 528721 ID: 2f4b71

>In a fraction of a second you experience heat, several g-forces, and a marked lack of air pressure.
We just got fired out of a space-cannon?
No. 529414 ID: a5d4fb
File 137515130973.png - (57.20KB , 800x700 , q2.png )

STOP, THE NOISE, JUST -- just give me a second, alright? WWE eeee--+_+==== zzzz
Alright, fine, okay, we’re awake. Cripes. What’s the --
No. 529415 ID: a5d4fb
File 137515134879.gif - (108.56KB , 800x700 , q3-anim.gif )

No. 529417 ID: a611d6

Shit, put your legs back on man. I guess we're dropping now.
No. 529418 ID: a23afd

Time to jump!
No. 529422 ID: 5869f6

Well, shit. looks like we got conscripted.
Oh well, get ready.
No. 529424 ID: 2baea8

Those guys next to you are still asleep, poke them before they get dumped.
No. 529445 ID: 9ddf68

well this should prove interesting. GET READY TO JUMP.
No. 529474 ID: a5d4fb
File 137517003708.gif - (128.12KB , 800x700 , q4-anim.gif )

- blustering wind -
No. 529475 ID: a23afd

...did nobody else jump? Oh god, were we not supposed to?! Can we survive the fall!? OH GOD!
No. 529478 ID: bf54a8

i think this explains why the machnes haven't won, they have super advanced tech but they are all DUMBASSES. who the hell yells to deploy when you aren't supposed to be deploying? unless it's like, stuck on. in which case it says that maintenance is a crap shoot around here.
No. 529484 ID: 9ddf68

ok next faze of the plan
No. 529549 ID: a5d4fb
File 137519700277.png - (32.15KB , 800x700 , q5.png )

We were the last to jump. You can see the other plummeting 306 series to the left, in black. Sorry if that was unclear.

- kshhhhhh -
No. 529550 ID: f208be

It would seem you sucessfully avoided a critical existance failure. Pick yourself up, evaluate status, and then go see about the others. You all aren't freshly decanted are you?
No. 529560 ID: a5d4fb
File 137520114431.png - (32.19KB , 800x700 , q6.png )

Of course not. You've been with me this whole time, haven't you?

-- … Right. -whirrrr- The dust is cough mostly cleared out of your systems. A violent coughing fit seizes you, in spite of the fact that you don't have lungs.

1. Establish Models 490-PY and 427-PX (both units are located in your dorsal cargo bay) within COMPOUND 49, such that they can regularly, safely and invisibly record significant, classified exchanges between high-level onsite authorities.
2. Return in 128 hours to retrieve 490-PY and 427-PX.
3. Determine capabilities and weaknesses of the Sapes.
4. Avoid other units.
5. Pickup in 00:06:23:49:32 at [31.224878, -106.508007].
No. 529561 ID: f208be

Sooo get in, set camera drones, get out?
No. 529563 ID: a611d6


Okay, which direction is the Sapes stronghold? Also, what are the other Synths doing here?
No. 529590 ID: a5d4fb
File 137521200949.png - (35.92KB , 800x700 , q7.png )

Scanning nearby surroundings, please wait.


Scan detected 3 anomalies within range.

No. 529592 ID: a5d4fb

OMNI has a task for each of them. But since those aren't 306-DZ models, I can't access their command feed.

The bulky model sitting near us on the carrier was a 306-EY, designed for durability and strength in small- to medium- sized organism combat. The more svelte model to our left was a 306-TR, a type of long-distance siege unit. There was another 306-DZ on board with us, too, but beyond that, I have no idea what orders any other units have been assigned.
No. 529596 ID: 9ddf68

the oasis we can probably cross off and the magnet field might screw a few things up on you so let's start with the abnormal terrain and go from there.
No. 529611 ID: a23afd

In what direction is the pickup point?

Abnormal terrain generally means civilization. A powerful magnetic field means technology, but it could be a bit dangerous. Let's head for the abnormal terrain first.
No. 529623 ID: 2baea8

Sapes need their water. Check the Oasis, you might find a clue.
No. 529835 ID: a611d6

Abnormal terrain, if nothing there then head to the oasis
No. 529931 ID: a5d4fb
File 137529591765.png - (24.33KB , 800x700 , q8.png )

We arrive at the concentration of Abnormal Terrain without incident. It looks like this... thing... is a tunnel of some kind that leads directly underground.

This black substance is composed of various oxides and carbonates along with a substantial mixture of minerals and trace organic molecules. It appears to be obstructing the mouth of the tunnel, and has mixed with the sand on the ground.
No. 529932 ID: 735f4f

Does this desert have any giant burrowing worm creatures? Might want to watch out for that.
No. 529949 ID: a23afd

Sounds like an exhaust pipe for an incinerator. Dig in there to see if the blockage thins.
No. 529957 ID: 9ddf68

oh hey there's a ship over there, can you tell if it's friendly or not.
No. 529969 ID: a5d4fb
File 137530690242.png - (76.06KB , 800x700 , q9.png )

Sorry, I'm not programmed to respond to smart alecks.

I don't recognize its make; it isn't Synth. It's too far away to determine an alignment. And before you ask, its scan range is probably orders of magnitude larger than mine.

I was able to clear a path inside. It looks like the output flap had fallen off and blocked the flow of ashes.
No. 529970 ID: a23afd

Let's head in, but don't go any further if at any point you can't climb back out. It would really suck to fall into an active incinerator.
No. 529977 ID: 9ddf68

well lets see where it goes.
No. 529980 ID: 2baea8

Is climbing into an incinerator really a good idea?
No. 530019 ID: a5d4fb
File 137531317214.png - (54.31KB , 800x700 , q10.png )

"Active" being the key word here. I'm not sensing any heat or wind currents from below.

The valve extends straight downward for ten feet, then slopes to the left slightly. My best guess of its length is about half a mile.
No. 530023 ID: 2baea8

Because it is not active does not mean it will remain that way while you are traversing the pipe. Does it lead in the direction of one of the other points of interest?
No. 530025 ID: a23afd

Wow, how far can that arm extend?

I am nervous about this, but we can probably get down there before the incinerator starts back up again. We only need to get down far enough to cut an opening out the side of the exhaust pipe, really.
No. 530026 ID: 9ddf68

does it look like it's been used recently? If not let's take it and see where it goes, if so... just follow the general direction it goes from the surface so we don't end up on the wrong end of a BBQ
No. 530039 ID: a5d4fb
File 137531756750.png - (41.98KB , 800x700 , q11.png )

Well... sort of. All that we know about Compound 49 is that it was built underground. And the pipe doesn't seem to lead in any direction but down.

My upper limbs can extend to a length of 5 meters, with a slight loss of structural integrity at near maximum extension.

I'm with you on the backup escape plan, though. Sand should not be too hard to pierce with my laser, especially since we were outfitted with an upgraded Phi-tier laser during our second birth. See Prologue.

We won't quite be able to follow it from the surface, since it runs pretty much exactly perpendicular to the horizon. If there had been anything on the surface, in the direction that it seems to slope, we would have detected it.

I inspected the remnants closer, and found some ashes no more than four days old. No traces of discharge more recent than tha -- !!

I hear something outside. An engine?! And the ground, it's --

No. 530040 ID: a23afd

Quickly look outside to see what's going on. If it's something we need to run away from fast, jump down. If it's something that's attacking this place, like drilling into the sand or something, then we can assume the Synth already know of this location and are taking it out. In that case we should flee the general area and head for one of the two other points of interest.
No. 530043 ID: 2baea8

Don't fall.
No. 530052 ID: 9ddf68

don't fall and go see what's happening. but don't be seen.
No. 530059 ID: bc8d67

Aw, crap, that's a bright light shining from outside right at you. Take a very quick look back to see if it's obviously non-hostile, but assume you're going to have to get down the pipe ASAP otherwise.

The pipe looks corrugated and small enough in diameter that you could brace yourself to climb down. Jump over the edge, stick your legs out so they catch in the soot coated side, and extend your arms out in a wide "V" to the other side. You should wedge yourself into the dips in the corrugation.

From there you could use your laser to cut a gouge large enough to get one hand in, jam a hand in there, hold on and swing down while extending that arm. Then turn around, cut another gouge, stick your other hand in that, and swing down. Repeat until you're not in the vertical section.

However, if you wish to conserve battery power (which you probably should,) shimmying down the pipe would be a slower alternative.
No. 530101 ID: a611d6


I'm gonna support this one here. Check to see if what's out there, but try to get out of possible line of sight ASAP
No. 530439 ID: a5d4fb
File 137539386875.gif - (247.32KB , 800x700 , q12-anim.gif )

The rumbling's lessened just the tiniest bit. It might be safe to check.


That's a Sape vessel. Ambition model, mark... two? It's a mid-range All-Terrain Vehicle. This one looks like it's carrying an electrical shield. Too risky to try to determine its strength,; we'll undoubtedly be discovered at this close of a range.
No. 530443 ID: 9ddf68

well crap, that just made your decision a lot easier, time to follow the pipe.
No. 530445 ID: c23ab0

Where's Jayce when you need him.
No. 530447 ID: a23afd

Alright, stay hidden and observe until it's out of detection range. Possibly use your cloaking device. After it's gone, follow its tracks back to the origin point to find out where it came from, assuming it's nearby. We're looking for a secret entrance or something, basically. If there's nothing nearby we can go down the pipe.
No. 530482 ID: cf49fc

Dig through the sand, you twit.
No. 530661 ID: a5d4fb
File 137545474655.png - (102.38KB , 800x700 , q13.png )

I suspect that any entrance it emerged from is going to be either heavily staffed, obscured from scanning software, or nonexistent (i.e. an air drop), not to mention extremely difficult to break into.

As it stands, we really couldn't care less about a stray ATV. Our orders are first, to AVOID DETECTION (which, in pursuit of a multi-ton enemy unit, is virtually impossible), and to plant our models 490-PY and 427-PX within Compound 49. If you have trouble remembering even that, it's doubtful I even need to keep you around, Spare AI.

Now, about this exhaust pipe...
No. 530679 ID: a611d6

Will you be able to get back up here if you try scaling down the pipe?

If so, give that a shot.
No. 530689 ID: a23afd

Gosh, I didn't forget, man. It was just some extra intelligence to nab before we went down there. I guess you're right that it's a lower priority, though.

You can hold onto the ledge here with your arm and rappel down to the spot where the pipe turns, then look further in before we drop.
No. 530699 ID: a5d4fb
File 137547085361.png - (8.40KB , 800x700 , q15.png )

Sorry. Forgive my outburst, but we need to stay focused.

The corrugated walls of the pipe do allow us to scale easily up and down its length.

I've found something. Where the pipe slopes off, a cylindrical metal protrusion has been built into the wall.
No. 530712 ID: a23afd

It's a landmine, isn't it. Any way you can tell if it's gonna blow us up? You could just shoot it.
No. 530726 ID: 9ddf68

scan it and report your findings. more information will be given once we have an idea of what we are dealing with.
No. 530749 ID: a5d4fb
File 137547549022.png - (28.72KB , 800x700 , q16.png )

It's a hinge. Completely harmless.
No. 530754 ID: 735f4f

Hmm a hinge means this opens up to two different exhaust pipes at this junction. Or it could be the entrance to a maintenance tunnel. A back way for someone to come in and clean out the soot.
No. 530757 ID: a611d6

Give it a tug.
No. 530759 ID: 2baea8

Seems logical. They would need a way to clear out blockages.
See if you can move it at all.
No. 530771 ID: a5d4fb
File 137547788369.png - (8.89KB , 800x700 , q17.png )

It resists a bit at first, but gives out with a crack and a sudden jerk.

This end seems a bit... greasy.
No. 530773 ID: a611d6


Greasy, okay well I'd avoid this one then.
No. 530778 ID: 735f4f

Oh so one end is the incinerator chute and the other is the sewer or something. Might be best to stay with the soot.
No. 530787 ID: 2baea8

We're a machine, I doubt we can get sick.

All the same, the greasy slope would make it nearly impossible to climb back up. I agree in going the sooty way.
No. 530792 ID: a5d4fb
File 137548292177.png - (8.62KB , 800x700 , q18.png )

The floor is a grate of some kind, and it looks like the far wall has a coating of some Pretty Nasty Shit. Mostly organic. I'd tell you how it smelled, but we still don't have that blasted olfactory apparatus installed. Robotgrumble.
No. 530902 ID: a23afd

You should be grateful you don't have it installed. The far wall is probably where the hatch is. See if you can get it open.
No. 530926 ID: 9ddf68

I think I see another hatch down there so lets see where this takes us.
No. 531097 ID: a5d4fb
File 137555925237.png - (9.32KB , 800x700 , q19.png )

We were able to remove some of the Nasty from the hatch with a bit of scrubbing, some love, and a little spit-shine. Not that I have salivary glands, or can feel emotion, but I certainly wasn't raised in a barn. Author's note: Actually, he was synthesized in a bio-farm.

There is a detectable amount of noise from the opposite side, though it sounds like it might be coming through a few layers of material. Frequency range ~100 to ~700 Hz, and traces of some obstructed higher frequencies. Hmmm...

A brief analysis confirmed my suspicions. Those are Sape voices. They seem calm for now.
No. 531100 ID: bf54a8

can you tell how far they are? can you move this hatch without them noticing?
No. 531104 ID: 9ddf68

are they getting closer, further away, or what? if they're coming closer wait till they pass, us your invisibility thing if you have to, if they're getting further away wait for it to dim a bit more then open the hatch, and if they're just standing there... open the hatch and then hide. If they come to investigate try and sneak around them, if they do nothing go through the hatch and see what's on the other side.
No. 531150 ID: a5d4fb
File 137556700802.png - (17.75KB , 800x700 , q20.png )

The voices fade in and out, as though the Sapes are irregularly pacing around a room.

The hatch is tightly closed. From this end, I can open it by forcing it open, or by using our laser. Forcing it might make a bit of noise, but burning through it might take a little longer, and it will consume battery power at a rate of 1% decay per minute. (Normal rate is approximately 1.68% an hour. Rate while hibernating is 0.1% per hour.) Burning through the steel should take 1044s/m2, or 261s for 0.5m2. (I can squeeze through a 0.5m2 hole.)

Alternatively, we could wait for a Sape to deposit some waste in the chute, activate our cloaking device, and sneak out that way. Or we could try something else; we do have some time to kill before our remaining time is up. (125.8 hours left to complete primary objective.)
No. 531152 ID: a23afd

Can't you just burn through whatever's keeping it closed? That should be fairly quick.
No. 531153 ID: 2baea8

No. 531226 ID: a5d4fb
File 137557673771.png - (13.79KB , 800x700 , q21.png )

Oh. ... I hadn't even thought of -- cough Well. You can forget my remarks from earlier concerning your utility.

As for the door, it might be hydraulically sealed, so we'd have to melt a hinge into the side and push it open. You'd like to do that?
No. 531230 ID: a23afd

Hmmm... sure.
No. 531238 ID: bc8d67

Only if you could do it without it being obvious from the other side, 'cause otherwise the Sapes'll see that and it'll raise quite a bit of suspicion, and possibly alarms.

Otherwise the only other option that leaves minimal to no indication you were here is to wait for them to open the hatch and attempt to slip through while cloaked. ...Uh, how much heat can you take? 'Cause if they fire up the incinerator before loading it...
No. 531282 ID: 9ddf68

if we got nothing better then sure why not.
No. 531538 ID: a5d4fb
File 137567436019.png - (69.83KB , 800x700 , q22.png )

If the furnace were activated, the superheated temperatures would definitely melt me. My body is partially organic. But we would probably have enough of a warning to escape in time!

I decided to wait until a Sape tried to activate the device, or the room cleared out. The voices persisted sporadically for 119 minutes, at which point an electronic voice from farther away called out, and the other voices stopped. We picked up some low-frequency vibrations through the metal, and then, silence.

There is a ~98% chance that the room is empty. Activating Phi Laser.
No. 531539 ID: a5d4fb
File 137567438836.png - (32.58KB , 800x700 , q23.png )

Behind the door is... another door. Reinforced Plexiglas.
No. 531548 ID: a23afd

We can probably just force that one open.
No. 531553 ID: 9ddf68

can you get through it?
No. 531668 ID: a5d4fb
File 137572534560.png - (31.34KB , 800x700 , q24.png )

The secondary door opens easily with a little bit of pressure. Inside the medium-sized room which sprawls before you, you see two heaping piles of black waste bags, another hatch labeled "WASTE COMPACTOR", a metal container of some kind, and a door in the far wall. The floor is slippery with a coating of... well. Not even you can divine what eldritch terrors lurk in the squelchy scum between your talons. Also of note is the existence of trash bags in the 22nd century. You guess that, for Sapes, tossing used shit away is still the easiest way of disposing it.

There are no Sapes in the immediate vicinity, but if we want to be recording classified conversations, we'll probably need to find a more valuable location.
No. 531676 ID: bf54a8

close the door behind you, make it less obvious something came through.

check out the nearest door, listen and sneak out if empty.
No. 531687 ID: 9ddf68

well then lets head south and see what we can find.
No. 531699 ID: a23afd

Nowhere to go but out. Listen at the door a bit first of course.
No. 531700 ID: 2baea8

Watch for security cameras.
No. 531795 ID: a5d4fb
File 137575770586.gif - (40.29KB , 800x700 , q25-anim.gif )

Well, there's - !


It hasn't seen us yet!
No. 531796 ID: a23afd

Engage stealth mode!
No. 531804 ID: 9ddf68

scan and tell us what it can do
No. 531924 ID: a5d4fb
File 137579936886.png - (42.85KB , 800x700 , q26.png )

We are VERY RAPIDLY running out of time to make a decision.
No. 531929 ID: bf54a8

fire laser right at the little stem holding it to the ceiling.
No. 531934 ID: 9ddf68

either take out the thing that is keeping it attached to the ceiling or whatever lets it aim
No. 531992 ID: 2baea8

Target the stem, then hurry and try to catch it as it falls to minimize noise.
No. 532038 ID: a23afd

Don't shoot it, they'll know you're here! Dash under it, it can't see directly below itself!
No. 532047 ID: a5d4fb
File 137582097041.gif - (114.54KB , 800x700 , q27-anim2.gif )

You want me to catch it? I'm far too far away to -- !!!


... well. That could have gone better. Remember, scanning objects, especially unknowns and hostiles, is not instantaneous. Next time we need to make a snap decision, let's not waste half of it doing the extra credit.

You can't hear anything from the next room when you listen at the door. A few cautious taps on the surface and some careful listening lets you know that this next room should be much larger than your present one.
No. 532059 ID: a611d6

Scanning isn't a free action? Next thing you're going to tell me is that crafting and inventory shenanigans doesn't freeze time.

Anyways, lets keep moving. If the camera called reinforcement to this area we want to be gone as soon as possible.

Seriously digging the animations btw
No. 532060 ID: a23afd

It saw us? We've failed directive 0. I really hope it wasn't hooked up to a security network.

We need to get out of this room immediately, so that if someone was alerted and investigates, we won't be caught. Get out, find cover, look for other exits and watch out for more cameras.
No. 532203 ID: a5d4fb
File 137585302576.gif - (78.23KB , 800x700 , q28-anim2.gif )



It would seem there is nobody here. That's probably for the best. Not much larger than the previous room, this one seems to hold a counter of some kind, a few industrial-strength insulating doors, and a few sinks.
No. 532205 ID: a23afd

I wonder why these green lights are flashing.

I thought you said this room would be much larger? Well, whatever, check for cameras. If none are around we can just go right for the exit, engage stealth mode right before leaving, and enter the next room safely.
No. 532208 ID: 2baea8

Are those carrots on the table? Perhaps this is a kitchen?
Also, sweep the ceiling for more cameras or turrets.

Maybe that vehicle above is giving us an unintended distraction?
No. 532209 ID: 732d7f

Looks like you are in a kitchen of sorts judging by the tools, that line of doors opposite the benches might be a series of storerooms.
The doors marked "In" and "Out" probably lead to a cafeteria or something, that room is probably surveilled so be sure to avoid knocking or moving the doors if you can avoid being detected by any cameras in that room.
Otherwise, yeah just keep an eye out for cameras and especially anything else attached to a wall.
It probably is, dunno if those lights go to any alert higher than green so we should still be cautious.
No. 532219 ID: bc8d67

...From now on, don't EVER bust through a door like that! There coulda been more cam-turrets out here for all you knew! Honestly, I'd swear you're lookin' for an early demise if I didn't know better.

Quick visual sweep for any more cameras or cam-turrets watching over this area. If there are any about to swing your way, quickly slip under the metal counter to get out of its field of view.

By the insulated doors that presumably lead to refrigerated rooms and the lack of stoves and ovens, my best guess is this is a prep area for a kitchen that's through those swinging doors back there.

Alright, lets get a map of possible exits from here and line up our options. There's likely a maintenance door, and we should take a peek in the refrigerated rooms, just to see if they have doors at the other end for loading we might be able to take.

We should also keep in mind that we're on a much shorter clock now. Once the next shift of Sapes comes to the waste disposal room they're gonna notice the slagged cam-turret and sliced incinerator door, put two and two together and raise the alarm.

A couple questions: What can block the view of an x-ray camera, and was it the x-ray or the infrared on that cam-turret that made cloaking ineffective? 'Cause if there are cam-turrets or cameras like the one back there all over, we're going to need to know what can hide us.

That vehicle was a Sape one, and it rolled through about two hours ago, so it's highly unlikely to be related to anything happening down here right now.
No. 532313 ID: a5d4fb
File 137589578985.gif - (10.76KB , 800x700 , q29.gif )

Okay, so we might have carefully snuck through the door, meticulously sweeping the area for cam-turrets on the way out and making sure we aren't seen. But that's so boring to just tell you. Besides, there are no cam-turrets in this room. We can't have been detected.

Our cloaking covers the Sape visible light spectrum, some lower bands of the ultraviolet, and most of the infrared. X-ray scanners are what I can't hide from, though they are much rarer. I suspect that the cam-turret in the Disposal room was specially outfitted with an X-ray scanner to monitor for cloaked units, since the incinerator chimney is probably one of the few paths into the facility from ground level. It's unlikely that cameras deeper within the facility will be outfitted as extensively. If they are, we'll have no way of concealing ourselves from them outside of destroying them from a blind spot, or avoiding their fields of vision altogether.

The swinging doors, which lead into a wider room, slightly misled our limited acoustic analysis.


On this map, a yellow bar signifies a swinging door, and an orange bar represents a metal door with a latch.

The northern doors are labeled "MESS (IN/OUT)" and "FOOD STORAGE", respectively.
No. 532335 ID: 2baea8

A mess hall might be a good last-ditch place for a spy bug, if we can't get to a command area. People tend to gossip with friends while they eat.

For now though, we should explore further. Peek through the in/out door on the far side of the room.
No. 532343 ID: 9ddf68

eh, unless you think putting one of your cameras in the mess hall to hear gossip would be useful I say just head south and see if you can't find somewhere better to plant the cameras.
No. 532357 ID: a23afd

"significant, classified exchanges between high-level onsite authorities" will not happen in the mess hall. However, the mess hall is likely connected to the rest of the base. Let's go out through there. Cloak up at the door and sneak out.
No. 532454 ID: 2baea8

Just saying, if we mess this up and end up needing a last ditch attempt to get some kind of result, it might be an option.
No. 532525 ID: a5d4fb
File 137594371179.gif - (121.05KB , 800x700 , q30-anim2.gif )


You activate cloak, and cautiously make your way out of the southern doors.

Warning: objects in .gif are less obnoxious than they appear

This room, oblong and rectangular, holds a variety of tables, an extended... (nutrient-dispensing? What is this stuff, even?) counter of some kind, and a floor refrigeration unit. Two doors in the back smell like they lead someplace unholy (or at least, they would, if you could smell), while a third double-door to the southwest leads out into a hallway.

Your ambiguously artificial instinct is going haywire to think that this entire room is empty. A million minute details of the room indicate that it was until very recently filled with hundreds of organisms.

There are two cameras mounted in the southwest and southeast corners of the room, but their simple structure indicates they can detect far fewer wavelengths than the disposal room's cam-turret.
No. 532526 ID: c23ab0

Maybe they're afraid of your brawnly might, and fled as soon as they heard you coming!
No. 532529 ID: a23afd

Well the base is still in green alert so I doubt they know you're here.

The cameras won't see you if you keep stealth active, so we may as well. What exits are in this room?
No. 532530 ID: 9ddf68

what is it with you and bursting through doors?

anyways activate cloaking and head for the hallway if the cameras can't see us. Since we'll probably have to come back this way to get back out we can place a camera here if we can't find anywhere better to put them.
No. 532627 ID: a5d4fb
File 137598394365.gif - (11.02KB , 800x700 , q31.gif )

The exits are marked in yellow bars, and the security cameras are blinking yellow dots.
No. 532653 ID: a23afd

Those two doors are bathrooms... Yeah, let's just stealth over to the door on the far end. If you're feeling gutsy you could keep an eye on the cameras and deactivate stealth when they can't see you, so that we can move faster and use less energy.
No. 532702 ID: a5d4fb
File 137600255764.gif - (408.31KB , 800x700 , q32-anim.gif )

For your information, Synth do not have intestines. We are never "gutsy".
We quietly stealthed out of the swinging doors without causing a disturbance.

Two hundred meters of hallway on the other side.
No. 532708 ID: a23afd

Sigh. And there's stuff at the end of it. Time for a long, stealthy walk.

How does Synth biology work? Surely you don't just power your brains with electricity?
No. 532789 ID: 00300f

Don't you need to deal with that camera? Or is it not like that last one we shot?
No. 532843 ID: a5d4fb
File 137602896150.gif - (64.20KB , 800x700 , q33-anim.gif )

The cameras in the Slop Hall were insensitive to X-ray frequencies, so there was no need to destroy them.

Oh... stealthing. -sigh- fine.

Synth biology? Eurgh, do I really... alright, since you're asking, I guess whatever glitch caused you to appear in my system is also preventing you from accessing our database of basic knowledge. You get some free exposition, on me.
No. 532844 ID: a5d4fb
File 137602896702.png - (48.63KB , 800x700 , q34.png )

Every Synth begins its life as a genetic "seed" that contains the organic blueprints of its nervous system. The genetic code varies widely between different models, with less variation between models that share a hundreds place value.

This immature seed is incubated and cultured into a fully functional central nervous system, similar to that of Homo sapiens antiquus. However, our genetic code has been optimized for efficiency, durability, and integration with the electronic upgrades that we all receive in the second stage of the incubation process.

The brain itself will receive a variety of implants and modifications in order to ensure its fitness for integration with a model chassis. Following that procedure, the spinal cord is outfitted with a special set of electro-sensitive transmitters which will improve the receptiveness of the artificial chassis.

Once the prepared nervous system has successfully inserted into the proper chassis, the unit will re-enter incubation until its services are needed. (Our incubation tank was ruptured shortly after this point in our maturation. See Prologue.) Usually, units will undergo some functional renovation after emergence from this stage for their specific role. They have then officially been given life as a member of the Synth.
No. 532845 ID: a23afd

I see. So, what's all that on the walls?
No. 532847 ID: c23ab0

That begs the question, why are there cafeterias in the future?
No. 532980 ID: a5d4fb
File 137608363489.png - (24.91KB , 800x700 , q35.png )

You carefully proceed down the hallway.

It appears that there are words painted on the walls. Some more are up ahead, but we can't read them from this angle.

Because the Sape and the Synth are two drastically different species. Their kind have very little, if any, biological modifications, and no artificial birthing processes whatsoever. For the most part, they rely on supplements, (very minor) genetic engineering, and advanced medicinal treatment to supplant their longevity, durability, and brainpower. They do still need to consume organic matter in order to metabolize energy. And besides, the *vast* majority of their collective resources over the past century have been dedicated exclusively to military research. They don't want to waste money trying to fix something that isn't broken.

You sense some commotion on your radar. Further down the hallway, a few bodies begin to move in your general direction.
No. 532985 ID: c23ab0

Military must be destroyed at all costs, for their threat to science!
No. 532990 ID: a23afd

Priority 0 is to avoid detection. They can't see you, but they must know by this point that the security camera has been destroyed. Come to think of it, if they come down this corridor they're probably going to just bump right into you.

Can you get up higher when they get nearer? Or maybe they're just gonna shoot down the corridor hoping to hit you blindly... We might be in serious danger here. Or maybe they're just coming to get lunch.
No. 533335 ID: a5d4fb
File 137617081317.png - (45.69KB , 800x700 , q36.png )

You manage to make down the hallway a bit more before latching onto a light fixture on the ceiling.

A pair of armored Sapes carrying some electric weaponry jog past you. Briefly, you speculate on the magnitude of the forces that you will have to elude in order to complete your task... If you were able to eat, knew the date of your birth, and cared about trivial anniversaries, you would say that your mission was definitely not shaping up to be a cake walk. Unfortunately, you are not that much of a party animal, and also despise that particular Sape tradition. "Birthday"? Everybody has one! What makes it so blinking special?!
That might just be the Sape-Hatred Subroutine kicking in, though.

The pair of aggressive Sapes have passed on for now. However, two still remain at the entrance to the hallway, and it seems there is a party of four approaching at a moderate pace. You can't tell if they are going to pass by your corridor.


You sense a few weak tremors in the earth. They seem to have originated near ground level, and must have been quite strong for you, a unit not specialized to detect seismic activity, to have picked them up. The waves were too weak for a Sape to feel on its own, though.
No. 533342 ID: a23afd

I'd like to note here that your extra AI does not have a sape-hatred subroutine. But it's probably best we not argue about sape-hate. That might trigger a safety mechanism of some sort. Why has the war not been won yet? It sounds like the Synth are superior in every meaningful way. Are the Synth just not trying to wipe out the Sapes? That seems like a reasonable approach, actually. I mean, they are still people, despite their stubborn clinging to religion that impedes their evolution into more perfect beings.

This situation is turning sour quickly. Not much we can do aside from keep going down the hallway and try to elude the forces at the far end of it. Of note is that we already know there's a valid escape route- there's a second incinerator somewhere we can climb out of.
No. 533587 ID: 360a3c

We still haven't dropped our surveillance bundles, and these sapes don't seem to have figured on your being right above them. The trick will be to get past these into a more worthwhile part of the sape reservation here.

Please, detail our secondary objectives and mission parameters, are we to attempt to remain undetected to the best of our ability or are sape casualties acceptable? It seems like the sapes have already figured out that there is an infiltrator; this means the potential intelligence profile for our surveillance efforts has already shifted (what they'll be talking about and how they act).
No. 533621 ID: a5d4fb
File 137625859362.gif - (26.60KB , 800x700 , q37-anim.gif )

You gradually clamber along the ceiling fixtures, making your way to the end of the hallway and surveying the surroundings. Far ahead of you in the distance, the last of a few vehicles of... some kind... are disappearing up a massive metallic ramp. Armored and uniformed bodies flit between and behind them, and through the various doors and hallways that you can see open up to this larger corridor.


Oh, this isn't one of the Synth-built Antiquus-containment Reservations; although those were built underground, too, this would be a Sapientuim Compound. You remember its official moniker is COMPOUND 49. What makes this Compound dangerous is twofold:
- Until recently, it was entirely hidden from Synth knowledge.
- Its designation is 49. There were only 6 Sapientuim Compounds built on the surface at the onset of the Sape aggression, so there must be at least 42 other hidden Compounds across the globe, eluding the Synth and preparing a potentially dangerous assault against our kind.

Here is a little more detail regarding our most important COMBAT OBJECTIVE.
The Compound should never be made aware of your presence. Should you fail to remain completely hidden, it is acceptable to...
- destroy surveillance hardware
- selectively terminate observant organisms
- covertly destroy portions of the Compound
- (in extreme cases) self-destruct via Protocol 80-BB, or such that your remains would not be salvageable
... GIVEN that any such actions would not make your presence more known.

Good. I'm not very fond of "arguing" at any rate. For nearly every problem, there is a single, best solution.
The words you chose to describe this conflict are of interest to me, specifically "war", "won", and "people." The Synth are not fighting a "war"; we are preventing the potential loss of Synthesized life by thwarting the aggression of the Legiones Sapientuim. We cannot "win" this conflict; we can only stop future conflicts from happening. The Synth are currently incapable of exterminating the remaining Sapes - in spite of their vastly inferior morphology and brainpower, they have almost the entirety of the Old World's explosives, military vehicles, and assault weapons at their disposal, as well as the results of a century's worth of exclusive research and development into warfare.

Until recently, our priority was to exist separately from the Sapientium, as they would not engage us in combat provided we did not enter their domain. But when a series of carpet bombings by the Sapes obliterated a coordination center on the Antarctic continent, we were forced to shift our containment paradigm.

But these primitive beings -- ZZKKRKR are not "people". Any semblance of their personhood was eradicated when they chose to resist the Enlightenment that We provided them. We are Human. They; the Apes of the rotting Old World. ...

No. 533632 ID: c23ab0

Remember chimpanzees? Of course you don't. Sad story, that. Remember silverbacked gorillas? How about the ringtailed lemur? Lot of things that might have been worth saving.

By the way you're crackling. Is there a short in your wiring or something?
No. 533638 ID: 360a3c

Looking at the signs I have picked out directions for three places we would likely want surveillance of: Labs, offices, and the hangar.
I suggest following the directions to either the offices or the labs, whichever seems easier to get get to undetected since we want to improve our local knowledge before we attempt the harder targets.

And the strategy of containing territorial advancement on Earth sucks: Run away to the rest of the solar system and throw occasional rocks/bombs/lasers at where the sapes might try to launch extraterrestrial missions from. Seriously, they're unwilling to reconstruct their biology for space adaption and unlikely to trust sentient-level AI if they're sensible. That doesn't leave them much ability to bother you once you've gotten outside Earth orbit.
No. 533665 ID: a23afd

These sapes sound like real shits. I still don't like the sape-hate subroutine since it appears to manually override your thought processes but it sounds like we have the moral high ground for the most part. Your internal affairs could use some work, but the sapes have no reason to attack you guys aside from possibly overpopulation problems in the limited space they're given. Which I kinda doubt.

The offices seem like the best place to put the spybots. From the sound of things, we want to spy on their administration, not their research. Or maybe stealing their tech would be better? I am not sure.

I agree. Leaving the planet and keeping them contained there somehow seems like the best long-term solution. After a few hundred years of not having to live on the same planet as us, they might even calm their shit.
No. 533821 ID: a5d4fb
File 137632841487.gif - (68.36KB , 800x700 , q38-anim.gif )

Crackling? I don't know what you're talking about.

We do not need to steal any of their "tech". Most of it is weaponry, anyway. What use do we have for that outside of the conflict?

But, I doubt that the Sapes would "calm their shit", even after centuries of peace with us. ZZKR Their poorly-tempered species allows its base emotions to fester, like sores on their filthy, fleshborn backs. KKRK


You make off for the slim yellow sign in the distance labelled "OFFICES", and pass a side room on the way there.
No. 533822 ID: 735f4f

Do you have some sort of racist Ai module that starts up whenever you think of Sapes?

I mean yeah they suck and all but having a random voice in your head that's programmed to start ranting like a racist grandpa whenever you think about them seems a bit brainwashy.
No. 533825 ID: bf54a8

not only that, but it's ironically getting emotional while ranting about how sapes are bad because of their emotions.
No. 533837 ID: 360a3c

You know what the difference between an ICBM and a surface to orbit launch rocket is? Mostly a change of payload and a slightly different route path. We want to know what weapons the sapes have for a lot of good reasons:
-What their range and effectiveness for attacks is, to help us figure out what their likely tactics and strategy is;
-An assessment of what their overall production and R&D budgets are so you can make an accurate assessment of their strengths, weaknesses and general economic capacity;
-Many weapons have secondary non-destructive uses, which human society could make profitable use of, and most importantly;
-You wouldn't be bothering with this shit if their weapons tech were stuck at the bronzeworking level, you need to know what they've got to figure out IF YOUR SIDE HAS ALREADY LOST YET.
No. 533847 ID: bc8d67

Guys, could we at least offer up actionable suggestions for the current situation along with our banter?

Whatever is in that electric cage looks at least partially organic, and quite big. Could you scan that for us? Then take a look at that huge table as well and see if you can ID some of what's on it. It looks like there's a lot of oversized items on it. Then continue on to the Offices. Sneak onto that cart if it's going your way.

Hmmm... We know the Sape's stance on altering their own species, but what is their position on drastically altering other species?
No. 533849 ID: c23ab0


Well alright, but get yourself checked when you return home! It's probably just a loose wire.
No. 533850 ID: 2f4b71

OK, THIS is a place to deploy 490-PY or 427-PX.
No. 533856 ID: d3d2a9

Hey. Is that big red thing a Synth captured in a crazy force-field thing?
No. 533859 ID: 2baea8

These appear to be scientists, working on some sort of machine. This may be a good place to gather information.
No. 533928 ID: 96c896

What the hell?! That's a Synth in there! They captured a Synth, those bastards! I think we'd better do some scanning so we can tell what they're doing with it.
No. 534026 ID: a5d4fb
File 137637853910.gif - (269.89KB , 800x700 , q39-anim.gif )

Blast. Your fears were correct; that red signal was a Synth unit! No wonder it seemed so familiar. Strange... I would have suspected an allied signal to be much stronger at this short of a range.

The unit in question is a formidable Model 810-YR, known throughout the ranks for its legendary melee combat capabilities. Your Basic Knowledge database includes a short Cognito-Clip of a Model 810 obliterating a golden Sapientium tank with its gargantuan tentacles. Screams of a few Sape legioners fleeing the monstrous figure are clearly audible, until a high-pitched cracking noise breaks into silence. So feared were its lashings, that...

actually, to think that an 800 series - much less an 810 - has been captured by the Sapes is beginning to baffle you. It just shouldn't be possible. ZZKKZ

Your subconscious ends that thought string before you waste any more time attempting to argue with reality.


After a short while, some of the Sapes exit the vicinity, and only the two scientists remain.

You manage to scurry over to the large grey platform in order to get a closer look at the hardware sitting on top of it.

You find:
A massive jar of Synth biofluid.
A machine that appears to be designed to extract certain compounds from biological matter.
Several machines that seem to analyze said compounds.
Miscellaneous jars of artificial substances. You identify these as having originated within a Synth chassis.

Further down, there are:
A rack of dozens of test tubes, each containing 0.25 L of biofluid.
Several angular metallic tools of indeterminate purpose.
A multiscreen electronic terminal.
A sealed plastic box.
A cylindrical container holding a highly basic solution.

At the platform's end, there are components of a desiccated Synth unit of indeterminate model on display in a case.


The weak signal reaching your mind grows slightly stronger as you linger near the Model 810-YR.


The electrical shield hums.
No. 534028 ID: bf54a8

explain you are a simple scout unit, and ask if we can help it or prevent the sapes from learning anything from it.
No. 534029 ID: 96c896

Can we speak to it without revealing our presence to the scientists? If so, do so. Ask how it got captured, and if it knows anything about what the Sapes are doing here. Specifically, details useful to the Synth cause.
No. 534032 ID: c23ab0

Ask him how he feels.
No. 534081 ID: 360a3c

I'm going to speak up for the need to be totally cowardly: How do we know that the sapes haven't somehow compromised this thing's mind or started rebuilding it as a carrier for info-warfare? The very fact that they have managed to capture something like this at all suggests they have capabilities you do not know. Further, even if they have not done this your conversation with it would be happening in a place with sufficient instrumentation that you could be giving a free lesson in synth communications security and protocols if you engage in a conversation with this thing. Most importantly, the very fact that it has hailed you in this manner may have already tripped an alarm.

Run away you fool, you are one little scout unit facing evidence that the sapes can and will capture synths far more capable of self-defense than yourself. Try dropping a surveillance package somewhere nearby and get somewhere you can give a secure status update to home base, they may want to withdraw your mission or update your mission parameters in light of what you have just found.
No. 534100 ID: a5d4fb
File 137642245224.gif - (225.64KB , 800x700 , q40-anim.gif )

We need to exercise great caution here. This model outranks us five times over; if it senses the slightest hint of disrespect from us, we will lose the privilege of communication.

306-DZ: ... accepted.
306-DZ: We were dispatched to this location on a reconnaissance mission.
306-DZ: Old one, you speak as though our victory is uncertain.
306-DZ: ... Forgive us. We are only a 300 series. Is there a way we can be of service to you, powerful one? A way to prevent the Sapes from learning from you?
306-DZ: Why do you fear this?
306-DZ: Is that what they are producing, here? Corrosive gas?
306-DZ: Old one... how do you feel?
810-YR: HOW DO I "FEEL"? ...
306-DZ: What do you --
No. 534103 ID: bf54a8

RUUUUUUUUN he's gonna self destruct!
No. 534111 ID: 96c896

I think he would warn us before blowing up? I think it's more likely he just killed himself.

Can you determine what was in that other large green-stained area by the size and spread of the stain? It may be time to move on to the offices, to place the bugs, then check out the labs on our own. That seems optimal, as the labs require only a momentary analysis.
No. 534142 ID: 735f4f

Looks like the Sapes have a lot of anti Synth weapon tech. They might be behind you in a lot of fields but in weapons they have the upper hand.

We need to find out as much info as we can about these new weapons. If they have some stuff that can take out a war machine like 810 here then you need to get samples to bring back home so they can work on counter measures.

This looks like a place they test stuff on captured Synth's so once you wrap up your conversation with the big guy start looking for computers that might have weapon data.
No. 534290 ID: a5d4fb
File 137646164391.png - (18.01KB , 800x700 , q41.png )

The neurosignal of the 810 grows dim, fading into the noise of the background. At length, it ceases to transmit entirely.
You wait by its side until you are certain that the model's life has ended.


The green stain, on the floor next to the scientists' platform? That was a mixture of Synth biofluids, grime, and several salts. The late Model 810-YR was most likely administered some sort of cruel treatment at that location. It does seem to have been cleaned up to some extent, so it's impossible to tell for sure the extent of what happened.
If you wish, we can Fast Travel to the location of the offices. This will have the effect of immediately transporting us there, with the drawback of skipping over the environment on the way. We might save a good amount of time on the trip, but we might also miss a vital detail.

There was a terminal attached to the platform adjacent to us, but judging by the contents of the display, it contained only biological experimentation data. We will have to look elsewhere if we wish to find more useful terminals.


You get the impression that you have gleaned most of the useful information from the C Bunkers. As you make your way down the main corridor, a final glance around the area reveals.... nothing of interest.
No. 534291 ID: a5d4fb
File 137646165991.png - (18.90KB , 800x700 , q42.png )

"BUNKERS B", the floor reads. Much less is happening in this area, aside from some idle chatter among the Sapes. Two of them are busy repairing a vehicle of some kind, across from a row of opaque containment cells built of a sturdy polymer.
No. 534293 ID: bf54a8

ah, the labs. also check out the cells, request a comm and explain you are scout model, and if the have any information that would be useful to be returned to base.
No. 534377 ID: 2baea8

Eavesdrop if you can understand them.
No. 534505 ID: a5d4fb
File 137654408423.gif - (292.81KB , 800x700 , q43-anim.gif )


Firing a salutatory signal in the direction of the cells, you attempt to contact the units in containment.

306-DZ: Request dialogue.

454-KK: accepted
???-??: Accepted.
338-BV: Accepted

I can't recognize that third unit. Its model... it's classified. We should --

???-??: We are gaining on them, then?
306-DZ: -- Oh! Uh... m-my humblest apologies, Revered One, we were simply --
???-??: Come, there's no need for such formality. In the kinship of the Synthesis, we are all equals... you may call me Elair. Friend, we here noticed your inbound signal some time ago, and feared that our captors had apprehended another of our rank. And yet, you walk free among them. So tell me, we must surely be advancing swiftly upon victory to dare to dispatch a such a standard -- er, outstanding force of recon units to the heart of their base of operations?

You pause for a moment, to ponder your answer to the unit's rather weighted question. Your hesitation causes the other units to grow tense, anxiously awaiting their first hint of news about the outside world.
No. 534509 ID: 01531c

Omni-Command explicitly sent a force of recon units to this area. Our mission is to locate sensitive areas and deploy camera drones.

The surface is nothing but wasteland and desert. Sape vehicles have hidden their movements from our long range sensors by individually drilling through the sand dunes to surface wherever desired. All Sape waste isentirely incinerated to base combustion products, and vented to the surface through miles long exhaust vents to dissipate all detectable heat.

I can only assume Omni-Command has somehow obtained knowledge of this facility's general location or purpose, for the purpose of countering this cloaked branch of the Sape offensive.
No. 534510 ID: 96c896

Tell them what you know, I guess. The general picture, not specifics. Perhaps it's possible that the Sapes have cracked their communications protocols, so we shouldn't reveal any sensitive data. Ask them about this lab, what's going on here. How did they get captured?

Hey, how's our battery doing?
No. 534511 ID: 360a3c

"Sorry, opsec bids me to say nothing the sapes could possibly use against us if they understood it. I'm sure that you as my seniors with greater enlightenment than myself understand this need more profoundly than I do.
"Do you know of other synth people around here or have particular information about the purpose and contents of this installation?"
No. 537007 ID: 74cac3
File 137732830677.gif - (395.34KB , 800x700 , q44-anim.gif )


306-DZ: Please, forgive my guarded speech... Elair, but Universal Operations Security Protocol 1.1 bids me to reveal no information that the Sapes could intercept. All the same, I do not even know enough about the situation to answer your question. A low-series unit like me only gets a little basic instruction.
???-??: Ah... I was afraid you would say that. Very well, then. My faith in the Synthesized will not waver.

You pause for a moment to gather your thoughts. In spite of the silence, no other unit speaks up to you. You get the impression they are very, very tired.

306-DZ: Your chassis... did you all suffer these wounds in battle?
454-KK: negative / we were unharmed during initial containment
The bulky unit pauses.

The model's candor shocks you. To imply that any unit, especially one as disposable as yourself, desired a reward beyond a fully completed list of objectives, was utterly unethical. In your short lifetime, your only motivation has been the will of OMNI Command, and your only comfort was their service. Er, serving them, you mean -- they don't serve you, even -- blast. Why are you still thinking in a language with the possibility of such ambiguities? You fail to breathe a sigh of exasperation with the lungs that you do not have.

How do you respond?
No. 537008 ID: bf54a8

and how will you withstand the same thing they used to capture all of them?
No. 537010 ID: 2baea8

Personally, I think this Eclair sound suspiciously like a Sape trap.
No. 537013 ID: 96c896

Changing your chassis to one of combat now, and engaging in open warfare with the personnel of the base, would destroy any chance of completing our mission objectives. We are here to gather intel, not kill sapes. Starting a prison break will be likely to trigger a lockdown on normal base activity, which would be bad for intel as well.

On the other hand, can't we unlock Elair's cell after the mission objectives are complete? By my understanding, we are supposed to plant the spybots in a good spot, then retrieve them after 128 hours have passed. At that point, we would just need to ensure we could leave the base for pickup. Being a combat monster and killing sapes would actually be to our advantage then!
No. 537085 ID: 360a3c

The sapes do not *need* weapons tech advantages if they are capable of convincing synths to do something that compromises their security sufficiently that a cattle prod will do to take them out.
This is a dangerous situation here. Carry out the mission instead of giving in to what may, or may not, be a sape ploy to manipulate synths into becoming their captives. The directive is to gather intel, this situation and the existence of these captives (or possibly "captives") is intel, knowledge of it MUST BE BROUGHT BACK AT ALL COSTS.
Aside from that you are not equipped to run S&R in hostile territory, you are equipped for stealth recon. Perform that mission.
No. 538949 ID: 74cac3
File 137808670310.gif - (569.82KB , 800x700 , q45-anim.gif )

306-DZ: I apologize, you who have been contained. Your offer is gracious, but... I may enact only the will of OMNI Command, even above my own and that of all others.
???-??: ... I understand, friend.
813-AG: ...
454-KK: ...
338-BV: .

You sever the neuro-conduit with an uncomfortable mixture of reluctance and relief. The battered units do not attempt to reestablish the communications line.


Weeeeeeell, I think that about does it for this area of the com -- wait. Are you sure we're done here?
No. 538951 ID: 96c896

Not necessarily. I mean, there's that door over there that says LABS. We could go nose around in there.
No. 539373 ID: bf54a8

if the LABS are sealed then yeah move on.
No. 539717 ID: 74cac3
File 137857152284.gif - (12.98KB , 800x700 , q46-anim.gif )

Swiftly, you make your way over to the edge of the room. Behind the fifth cage, you discover a --

wait. Fifth cage? There's clearly an entity inside of it, but it's not broadcasting a neurosignal. ...

Anyway. There's a concealed door marked "MAINTENANCE" that you find behind the cages. Nearer to the Laboratories entrance, two scientists are engaged in heated discussion. If we want to break in, we're going to need an alternate route, or a distraction. You do observe that the doorway has a vent running through its upper corner.
No. 539722 ID: 96c896

Not broadcasting a neurosignal? But it WAS on the map before. There were clearly 5 red dots. It sounds like it went quiet once it knew you were there. Suspicious.

Going through the vent seems like the most straightforward approach, assuming we can get into it without revealing ourselves. Any sort of distraction would likely reveal your presence as well... What are the scientists talking about? The maintenance door is out of view from most angles, so to get in we'd probably just need to get the scientists to move away.

What was that big thing in front of the cells? Maybe we can like, mess with it to make it seem like something malfunctioned, for a distraction.
No. 540075 ID: f39bbc

Why make a distraction? If your mission parameters allow sufficient time for it you may wait a few hours for a more appropriate opportunity: Humans have limited effective time before they must cease activity, generally in a designated place for it, which will be elsewhere in the base (not in the lab). Judge their activity levels by movement and metabolism, are you familiar with the human metabolic states of 'awake' and 'asleep'?
No. 541422 ID: 74cac3
File 137979371794.gif - (318.42KB , 800x700 , q47-anim.gif )

They do need to rest periodically, don't they? Let's wait a few hours and see if their numbers thin.


Activating infrared vision. ... The door to the labs appears to be electronically locked. A small screen on the wall reads:

__________________________ / \ | | | AUTHORIZATION REQUIRED | | | | SWIPE CARD OR SCAN | | RETINA TO ACCESS LAB | | | \__________________________/
No. 541423 ID: 7bbaae

Well there went 30% of our battery. Go sneak up and steal a card from one of the scientists.
No. 542130 ID: 74cac3
File 138016779991.gif - (848.43KB , 800x700 , q48-anim.gif )

Alright. If you want to try and find the Sapes' resting place, we'll need to do a bit more --


454-KK: psst
454-KK: attention / model 306-dz
454-KK: confirm / you are having trouble with the sapientium security systems ?

306-DZ: What! I, um! --

454-KK: relax / this neuro-frequency is encrypted / the others cannot tell i am transmitting to you
454-KK: now then / in case you were unaware / the 400 series' area of expertise is data / transmission / storage / interception / et cetera
454-KK: that explains the model numbers of your payload / does it not ?
454-KK: anyway / my area of expertise happens to be E-WAR / that is / electronic warfare / advanced hacking / signal scrambling / and a slew of other capabilities in combat
454-KK: what i am attempting to communicate is / even though i have failed my own mission / i can still help you complete yours
454-KK: my locomotors have been compromised / so the most i can do at present is offer assistance from range / but that should be sufficient to grant you access to the sapientium laboratory
454-KK: but / if you can locate a cloaking module for me / the possibilities are infinite
454-KK: i will hack the door's electronic lock for you
454-KK: on the condition that you return with one such module / and some legs / those would be nice to have
454-KK: confirm / do you accept my offer ?
No. 542135 ID: 2baea8

Alright. It'll be good to both complete our mission and get out of here with another Synth; without shady deals for power.
No. 542138 ID: 7bbaae

This seems like a good deal.

Also, ask him what's with that fifth prisoner who's not transmitting anything.
No. 542140 ID: 4f1dac

Filed under supporting objectives. And where would we find these legs and cloaking devices stored helpfully for our use in a fucking sape pit like this? I'm finding it remarkably hard to grasp what the hell we're doing here if an active infowar unit were already spying on the base and feeding intel outwards for Synthesized use.

Counter-query: We have listening pods to drop, recollect and return to command. If this mess is as ripe for a S&D op as I'm hoping it is getting us through our mission faster gets you out of here in a better shape more reliably. Do you have useful suggestions for such locations?
Supplemental query: Yours is not the first, or second, apparent synth communication we have heard from within this facility. Do you have useful analysis of further objectives within this base? It seems to me that command sent us in to get intel because they're already planning a follow-up op on this place. I need some fucking strategic insight to figure out how much shit I'd be in if I tried to collect all the broken synths and made a jailbreak while I'm here, would that hose us?
No. 542256 ID: 70fa25

Yeah, you'll accept, but I say be slightly peevish that 454-KK didn't pipe up earlier, before you wasted all of 30% of your battery charge sitting here.

You also can't guarantee you'll be able to find a cloaking unit, or even working legs. For all you know the complete working parts are stored in a locked vault and the only ones out in the labs are half-disassembled or damaged ones. Still, ask for a list of part numbers for 454-KK compatible cloaking units and legs, if this 454-KK knows one.

Also mention that if you do get the parts to 454-KK that you're going to need its help to falsify the Sape's records to cover that the parts were taken and that 454-KK isn't in its holding cell anymore. Otherwise this base is going to go into full lockdown over the possibility of a cloaked 454-KK E-warfair model running loose in it.
No. 542582 ID: 74cac3
File 138049572368.gif - (852.83KB , 800x700 , q49-anim.gif )

The virtual representation of the scrawny unit perks up at your agreement. His mood (so to speak) seems to be noticeably higher.

454-KK: brilliant / ah / this is wonderful / for the briefest horrible microsecond / i had begun to doubt even the greatness of our glorious race /// now i see the error in my fears

454-KK: hmmm / so many questions

454-KK: our late compatriot was a 190-VD / he sacrificed his remaining capacitor charge to sustain the batteries of us four survivors

454-KK: the sapientium have taken the majority of their prisoners into the laboratories for dissection
454-KK: nearly any mid-sized limbs you manage to find should work / among size classes / a majority of basic chassis components are completely interchangeable in that respect
454-KK: as for the cloaking module / you will need to locate a recon unit similar to yourself / the module is located within the dorsal hardware mount

454-KK: regarding escaping / my absence from the containment unit would be conspicuous / i admit my plan has its shortcomings / should you figure out a solution / kindly do not hesitate to elucidate / otherwise / we shall hope that the empty containment unit will be overlooked until we have already absconded

454-KK: why are you here when i am clearly /// such a capable e-war unit ? well / i was captured on the battlefield following a decimation of our squadron / in my injured state / i can only execute the most menial of tasks / such as hacking a simple E-ID locking interface / but my higher order functionality is all but nonexistent

454-KK: other search and destroy operations within the base ? do not concern yourself with too much else / that said / you may have a deal of time to idle after your primary has been completed / i trust your judgment / that said / exercise discretion / all is not as it seems

454-KK: oh dear / excuse me / my battery is acting up /// stay alert / let me just / open the -- HIBERNATING...


__________________________ / \ | | | AUTHORIZATION GRANTED | | WELCOME BACK | | | | ~ GREAT ARE THE WORKS ~ | | | \__________________________/
No. 542583 ID: c23ab0

Fuckin fundies, blaring propaganda every time you open a door. Oh well, locate cloaking module! And legs...
No. 542584 ID: 2baea8

We'll want to find something to charge 454-KK's battery too. Maybe our own as well; how are we doing for battery life?
No. 542585 ID: 7bbaae

Alright, get in there and scope out the area.
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